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How power has changed

Are the Republican Governors, by rejecting the Stimulus Money that would extend

Ira L. Sorkin - Bernard L. Madoff - attorney

Ira L. Sorkin - Bernard L. Madoff - attorney

Limbaugh isn't all that

Limbaugh isn't all that

"Go Fuck Yourself"...;Remember when Cheney Said that to Sen. Leahy?

Pandering for Palin: SarahPAC Makes First Sales Pitch

Keith is going further into the white card teams

From Please sign petition demanding end to tax loopholes for big oil.

'Socialize' it? Bi-partisan bill would see Oregon gov't. grow, tax and sell medical cannabis

Madoff is better than Bush...

Chicken philosophy to be considered in today's political clime.

Arizona House Decides Women Don't Have Brains; Approves Abortion Restrictions

Right-Wing Tool Called out in my Constitutional Law Class

Remember Pádraig Pearse

faster than speeding bullshit... it's Super Journo...

Conservatives can never debate issues. They would much rather go for the personal

"Chairman Steele needs to re-read the Bible!!!!!!111"

This song by Steve Earle could have been about Cheney's JSOC assassination squad

Do you realized that if this were the Bush Presidency he would have been gone 24 days by now?

Michael Steele Is Pro Choice

TDS DVR warning: May run long tonight.

Before we go much further on the "Madoff in Jail" thing .......

Steele is supposed to attend an anti-choice dinner in April (with Palin!)

Where can I find a news article about how Obama personally made the Dow go up 500 points in 2 days?

In 1992 ......

I cannot find the video of Stewart nailing Cramer and CNBC from a few nights ago

Keith is talking Sy Hersch and Execution Squads tonight.....

3 hots 'n' a cot for Ponz-Master-B. Start saving your smokes, Bernie. You can use them as currency.

Citi Group is using tax payers money to campaign against the

Citi Group is using tax payers money to campaign against the

AP article on tonight's Daily Show (**SPOILERS**)

AP article on tonight's Daily Show (**SPOILERS**)

Downhill at Six Flags

Downhill at Six Flags

They are LITERALLY throwing tea into the river!

Michele Bachmann, pariah of pork

Remember James Connolly...and fight for what he wanted!

Schwarzenegger declares CA drought emergency

Posting Mugshots of Johns online: Good Idea or Bad Idea

Is Randalls about to go under or something?

NY Times: The Met Plans Major Layoffs

Come get warmed up for The Daily Show (Awaiting auth for OFICIAL THREAD status)

Report: Special ops raids halted last month

Gee. Why do COMMUNISTS even have health care?

Yahoo - "Stewart Hammers Cramer on 'The Daily Show'"

Ann Coulter's Book Sales Head South

Rachel is RIPPING the Fake Democrats right now

The Crisis of Credit Visualized

Great Equal Rights Rally in Olympia, Washington today

Laura Ingraham mocks Meghan McCain as being ‘plus-sized.’

Meghan McCain:‘I Just Don’t Understand’ The Economy but I Think A Second Stimulus ‘doesnt make sense

DNC anti-Rush billboard in Palm Beach County = EPIC FAIL

weekly most annoying republican poll

Buffett’s Berkshire Has AAA Debt Rating Cut by Fitch

Do you have enough cold beer and snacks for the big Stewart-Cramer fight tonight?

Jon Stewart is our new financial newsman. Vive Comedy Central! Die CNBC. nt

Would the world be a better place without Republicans?

Will John Stewart Make Cramer Cry on TV


Stewart just served up the best one-two punch I've ever seen.

Freeper-type is going off the deep end!

Favorite part of interview: Stewart: There's even a show named "Fast Money";

I took my dad (97 years young) shopping today

psst...there's a movement going on in the lounge

Silvertein purchase and reinsured the WTC before 911. Now it is the Sears Tower.

This is the song Jon Stewart mentioned in tonight's beat down....

For conservatives, politics is waging war against liberals, not about what is best for the nation

Would the east-coasters please do everyone else a big favour tonight?

Stewart hammers Cramer on 'The Daily Show'

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The Associated Press's Board of Governors - Where's Rupert Murdoch?

SPOILER POLL based on TDS slaughter.

Hope you will join me in e-mail to Daily Show, rah rah rah for John ..

Methodically, he dismantled him.


is there video of stewart stomping cramer yet? n/t

Pentagon Intelligence Developing a $400k 'Revolutionary' Blimp

I drove by a new townhome in my town today...

Jim Cramer may have to resign after this shit. Stewart isn't even attempting to be funny. . .

You think Cramer will call Jon just a comedian

Cramer was on all fours with his tail between his legs

So, will Jim Cramer be indicted tomorrow or not?

Change of venue GRANTED in racially charged Texas dragging-death case

I work in the public sector labor field

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

ALMOST ready to launch - DU opinions needed!

Colbert at the Correspondents' dinner and now Stewart with Cramer...

Ok who watched the "entire" Stewart v. Cramer interview?

Leno: the reason why the Bristol Palin Levi Jonston relations never evolved

Cramer...being served, and swallowing, his own shit. Amazing. Write the Daily Show

TURN ON THE DAILY SHOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UN says world population to hit 7 billion in 2012

Stewart/Cramer-FULL interview will be available tomorrow. 8 minutes were cut for time

Canceled Palin Wedding Becomes a Public Matter

The obituary of Jim Cramer's TV personnae

Is tonight's Daily Show available anywhere yet on line..(no cable.. unemployed)

Do you like your Governor?

CBS's Chip Reid Asks Gibbs About 'Ugly Democratic Heads'

WOW, is anybody watching this???

Freepers in mom's basement watching Stewart vs Cramer.

For those with no idiot box , summarize what happend on the daily show

Praise be! A good rain is falling in Texas. Stand by, FL, and east.

I am watching the rerun of the DS w/ Cramer

It's 12:30!! Jon Stewart beatdown of Cramer is on RERUN!!!

Madoff solidarity thread, MCC alumni check in!

Cramer acted like a guilty man...

Cramer vs stwart West Coasties


KO just said that we 'paid' for the Afghanistan which sentenced a man to 20yrs. for blasphemy

Madoff's new home: Cell the size of walk-in closet

I'm Shitfaced....but....Frank Gaffney said we were right to invade Iraq...WTF?

The Peacock and The Financial Crisis

Monkey 'kills cruel owner with coconut thrown from tree'

Microsoft executive tapped for Homeland Security position

Here's a perfect example of how the SC legislature and Gov.Sanford act.

Calling Rick Santelli ... now it's your turn to face the mighty Jon Stewart.

Why Are They Allowed to Talk-up Their Stock?

Assuming that 'talking' is a function of thinking & aforethought; why aren't Dems fast enough...

Well, one thing in Cramer's favor---he had the nerve to go on Jon's show.

Talk about Scrounging Hard for Bad News!

Surveillance video shows robber's final moments

Jon Stewart has the biggest balls on television.

Can someone explain the right's idiotic concern about US military personal being under

Admiral Mike Mullen on Charlie Rose. FYI. nt

Did bush & cheney have people, (including U.S. citizens) murdered?

Rush Limbaugh Vs. Jim Cramer

Grover is groveling for the anti-government scumbags

New problem for Norm Coleman

Is Palin pro-choice also? Interesting choice of words here...

A quiet American is Australia's richest person

Crossfire 1982-2005 = Mad Money 2005-2009

Iraqi cleric calls for shoe thrower's release

Representation of Muslims

New Words For The English Language: Cramer; Cramed, Craming.......

There are no journalism or entertainment awards good enough for Jon Stewart.

Hidden Homeless: U.S. families living in motel rooms

I bet Steele's love of Hip - Hop went over good with the true believers

"So we have to get a feud going with some other network" - CNN

All You Need to Know About Bill Kristol's NY Times Replacement

Tomorrow-We surround them! (the portapotties?)

Tomorrow-We surround them! (the portapotties?)

Key GM And Chrysler Supplier American Axle May Go Under

Do you think the banks want to make "redlining" an 'acceptable' practice again?

I love Gingrich's new idea. Pay teen girls not to have babies! Wonderful idea!

Critic: CNBC Has Attention Span of a 'Fruit Fly'

C-Span is doing a hatchet job on President Obama

Switzerland eases banking secrecy

I have a slightly different 'take' on the Cramer 'interview'...

'Socialize' it? Oregon may grow, tax and sell medical marijuana

Cramer Tried Exactly The Same Defense Journalists Tried With The Iraq War....

Did C-SPAN Journal GIVE the entire hour to that vile POS, Grover Norquist?

Raped and killed for being a lesbian: South Africa ignores 'corrective' attacks

China condemns US warship deployment as tensions mount

Obama's Economic Saviour (Geithner) Savaged as Keating lets rip

I have figured out how the Republicans and the media spew their propaganda and get away with it

See the Jon Stewart / Jim Cramer interviews here!

Gawddamned Grover Norquist is on CSpan now

The local Freeper actually got published in the paper today! (re: Obama, Rahm, and Rush)

Another Victim: 6 Flags...

12 hours after CNBC gets smacked down . . HEY, let's put Dick Shelby on!

Has anyone in NBC/MSNBC/CNBC family commented on last night's WHOOPING Cramer took from Stewart. . .

Schools should be safe, fair, dependable, open, trustworthy, deliberate.

So DID Mornin Ho say ANYTHING about the Cramer beat down today?

My mother, the staunch Repub,

Cramer vs Stewart - reminded me of a dog in its submissive pose.

Hold off on that obituary for the repub party

Cramer was the soft, fluffy target

How Obama Will Handle U.S. Attorney Posts Still Unclear

The Republicans are in real, real trouble now.

a modest proposal -- 0% (and 100%) tax rates

Jon Stewart = Edward R. Murrow (The Atlantic)


Journey to Chavez' Hellish Jails

Why right-wing propagandists get the morning shows?

Are Frank Gaffney, Ari Fleischer and other repuke apologists "unemployed"?

FYI - "Canada's Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Program "

We need more like this (A CEO with a head and a heart)

You know why I LOVE Jon Stewart?

stock markets the media must be cheering President Obama? right?

peggy noonan is that aunt that you hate to have at every family gathering...

IRAQ CAN DESTROY US IN 45 MINUTES!!111! REALITY: UK officials JOKED about Iraq's imaginary WMDs

10 Kids Drink Windshield Wiper Fluid at Ark. Day Care, Given to Them As Kool-Aid

Luksik To Challenge Specter In Primary

You likely know about AFM (angel food ministries) -- but did you know about "SHARE" ?

10 kids drink windshield wiper fluid at daycare

A failing grade you can believe in

HPost: Truth or Reconciliation?

Mr. President, that soft knock at the Oval Office window is Robert Reich.

It's ON! Jon Stewart v. Jim Cramer CNBC "financial wizard!?!"

We did not see ALL of the Daily/Cramer is full show llink.

UC to monitor Right wing groups

Interesting background on Cramer from a Kos Diary

After Being Eviscerated By Jon Stewart, Cramer Skips Morning Show Appearance

My dear media darlings .........

UPDATE 5-China may spend more to get growth, worries over US

What's the longest your pet kitty has been gone and then come back?

Shrub's cesspool keeps on giving: Tom SCHIEFFER runs for Guv AS A DEMOCRAT!1

Amazing dolphins at play...........

Fight Night: Cramer vs. Stewart


In today's where are the weasels now segment: Tom Feeney back in Tally as a lobbyist.

Ooh, they are talking about the uptick rule and possibly

Check out this poll re: the CNBC Stewart-Cramer tete a tete

Closing arguments going on in Franken/Coleman contest

Clyburn accuses SC gov of 'playing race card'

New UK Memos Support ‘Sexed Up’ Iraq Dossier Claim

After Being Eviscerated By Jon Stewart, Cramer Skips Morning Show Appearance

Poll ratings of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, GOP leaders, etc:

Cuban-American travel OK'd; Americans must report whom they see/account for every dollar spent

What's with the Jim Cramer is a democrat meme?

Battle Brewing Over Iraq Ambassadorial Nominee

Coulter's book - "Guilty: Liberal 'Victims' and Their Assault on America" - is a flop!

So Wall Street economics give Obama a failing grade, well how do they stack up?

Ann Coulter's next literary masterpiece.....destined for a bargain bin near you......

Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 13

Sacramento Tent City Is Just One of Dozens in an Ailing America

I love Orly Taitz.

Jon Stewart may have become the force that makes people look at CNBC and Wall Street suspiciously

"Douche-borough" it is...Doucheborough it shall be....

Why do we have bubbles?

SIX MONTHS: Texas islanders hold out hope despite Ike, economy...

Jim Cramer's got his ass handed to him last night - along with CNBC's and Wall Street's.

Police: U.S. teens were hit men for Mexican cartel

Police: U.S. teens were hit men for Mexican cartel

Why is Mark Sanford so completely vile, evil, and loathsome?

Should we taxpayers bail out Madoff's investors ?

Big Box stores and their reuse...

New women's political party launched

New women's political party launched

Glenn Beck's Second Cry for Help, Projecting his Frustrations onto Alabama Gunman

what the Defense Barons do to keep Congress in their grips

Cramer said he thought Bear Stearns was honest. HOW?

NY man accused of beheading wife pleads not guilty

Condi on Iraq war: "The cost was very high...but I would still do it."

Border agency draws fire for weapons traffic to Mexico

presser - just asked about the stewert v cramer Gibbs: I enjoyed it thouroughly!

It Ain't Your Father's Revolution

A weird, passing fantasy...

Women Farmers Launch International Declaration for Equality

We thought it was bad when they were playing the sycophant for king george,

We really should not be surprised that Jon Stewart called out CNBC

Dear CBS: FIRE Katie Couric and HIRE Jon Stewart to do the evening news and 60 Minutes!

John Stewart : Rush Limbaugh as...

Vice President Joe Biden attends event announcing funding for Amtrak - pics

Life in prison a fate worse than death?

Obama on spot as rulings aid gay partners

Cramer vs. Kramer: Which would you trust to give you a stock tip more?

Teachers geeting laid off? What happens to the students?

Jim Cramer to be on "Street Signs" on CNBC, first appearance today after last night.

John Dean: Cheney is guilty of 'murder' if Hersh claims are true

John Dean: Cheney is guilty of 'murder' if Hersh claims are true

China "worried" about US Treasury holdings

I usually don't follow Anne Coulter and her exploits, but I did trip over the origins of her hate

Bone headed DEMOCRATIC Illinois legislator offers Olympic funding in exchange for conceal carry. .

another well paid propagandist Grover Norquist was on W. J. this a.m.

Christian salt seller hopes to shake up market

McCain Objects To Interior Nominee Because He Once Compared Ronald Reagan To George W. Bush

Michael Steele clarifies: " When I said a woman absolutely has the right to an abortion, I meant ...

Glenn Beck is Losing His Mind

Glenn Beck is Losing His Mind

Please wish freshman progressive Democrat Alan Grayson (D-FL08) a happy birthday today!

I tuned into Jon Stewart tonight...and there was NO Cramer appearance...

Anybody listening to Ed Schultz? If so, someone needs to key in KO

Jon Stewart is not just a comedian tonight!

Jon Stewart is not just a comedian tonight!

Heads up! IBM wants to manage your water. (And electric grid.)

Madoff is the front man & will at some point receive a "Get Out of Jail Free" card.

Welcome Home, Bernie

Jim Moran (D-VA) Stands Up for Equality

8 Dems Join GOPers To Defend Right To Filibuster Climate Bill

Calling For Steele To Step Down From RNC ........

Who owns all these we surround them sites?

Roland Burris out-smarted all of us

Thank God Jon Stewart didn't apply current MSM "journalistic standards" to CNBC..

If you agree with 7 out of 9 "Principles".......

I think Jon Stewart made some good points and some bad ones.

Most important news story of the week (ending March 13, 2009)

Nice quote from JFK showed up in a puzzle today...

Nice quote from JFK showed up in a puzzle today...

Matthews does it again..."Oh God, Cramer"

Jim Cramer: An Urban Legend In His Own Mind

Jonah Goldberg Offers Seminar On Rewriting History

Department Of Justice Withdraws 'Enemy Combatant' Definition For Guantanamo Detainees

Mexico pours troops into border city stricken by drug war

What a bigot!

What do you think of people who still question the reality of climate change?

Grade Jim Cramer's appearance on The Daily Show

Brewton pharmacist launches homegrown economic stimulus with $2 bills

Jesse Helms attacks America from beyond the grave

Jesse Helms attacks America from beyond the grave

A Dirty Pun Tweaks China’s Online Censors

FYI: Tomorrow night/HBO/Live. Will Ferrell:

FYI: FEC filings for Bernie Madoff.

Italy Says All 3 MSF(Doctors Without Borders) Hostages in Darfur Free

Damning new evidence ; Secret emails show Iraq dossier was 'sexed up'

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Should governors who reject stimulus money be willing to slash their own salaries?

Should governors who reject stimulus money be willing to slash their own salaries?

Wonkette: McCain-Stephanopoulos ‘Twitterview’ Sure To Be Wretched

SC Political Protest Facebook Group

"Enemy Combatant" - Obama administration dropping the term, but not the concept?

Sales of guns, ammo still high - Hoarding causing a shortage

I enjoyed it thorough..somebody asked a lot of tough questions and I'm not surprised video of it

I enjoyed it thorough..somebody asked a lot of tough questions and I'm not surprised video of it

Can Michael Steele ever catch a break? (Offends conservatives... again)

Can Michael Steele ever catch a break? (Offends conservatives... again)

SC unemployment rate second highest in the nation, (Sanford set to reject stimulus)

Insemination fight ends in wife's arrest

As South Carolina's governor-R plays politics, his state has 1,033 "structurally deficient" bridges

Who Should Jon Stewart and/or SNL take on next?

Kevin Drum on Glenn Beck

Please DU this CNN poll

Don't believe the naysayers: HR 875 is a good bill

CNN: Stewart seen as winner in showdown with Cramer

I just watched Jon Stewart vs. Cramer - and everyone else is right: its historic.

Call / write Congress whenever you get around to it about Complete Streets

Shoe thrower poll needs some DU love

On Stewart v. Cramer...

Larry Kudlow is worse, Charlie Gasparino is worse, Joe Kernen is worse, Erin Burnett is worse


Howie Dean on Tweety discussing Steele

screw you welch

No more "Enemy Combatants"

Sen. Kay Hagan Says North Carolina Underrepresented on Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

Walmart will NOW do "IT" to the Hispanic Mom and Pop stores...

Republican governors rejecting money for their citizens

Detroit's hard edge -- and dirt-cheap real estate -- attract artists from around the world

PDT 3.14 1:59 coming up!

Cramer's show is on next on CNBC.

Wingnuts vandalize Obama Sr's wiki page with citizenship BS

Bachmann caught lying again: claims to have never taken "earmarks" for her district

It seems that personal responsibility is a dirty word around here.

Randi Rhodes: Any news??

White Collar Criminals are everywhere....

Supreme Court vacancy?? - Justice Ginsburg quote today:

Supreme Court vacancy?? - Justice Ginsburg quote today:

Holder Calls Bush Detentions Illegal?

FWIW, just my little prediction: Joe Scarborough will throw Cramer under the bus

Claims of assassination ring helps Truth Commission

After one night in the jail Madoff's lawyers are asking an appeals

S Carolina student Ty’Sheoma Bethea’s hopes dashed by Sanford’s decision to reject stimulus funds

S Carolina student Ty’Sheoma Bethea’s hopes dashed by Sanford’s decision to reject stimulus funds

Bill Maher tonight?

Can Pepsi take some form of legal action against the American Family Association?

a different take on Stewart/Cramer from Huffpo:

Crab research earmark for Alaska?

The fourth estate are a fifth column,

Jon Stewart's message to Cramer was not directed at Cramer

Right-Wing Idiot King: Who's the most idiotic of the right-wing idiot blowhards on the airwaves?

ACLU: Justice Department Adheres To Key Elements Of Bush Administration Detention Policy

This week's moral of the story: If you're making a prison break don't draw the search lights

Second story on ABC Evening News - Stewart takes Cramer to task

Glenn Greenwald: There's Nothing Unique About Jim Cramer

Disturbing facts about the Alabama massacre. . Why he did it.

Are Obama's lawyers threatening your right to habeas corpus?

I Agree With Merit Pay And I Don't See What's So Damn Hard About Determining Who Is A Good Teacher

Life is rarely fair

Who's Watching Cramer Right Now?

Toxicity. The interview of the year and MSNBC seems to be strangely quiet about it. (Cramer/Stewart)

John Dean: Cheney may be guilty of murder

Watch the Repugs' Meltdown, lol!

Michelle Obama talks about military families

Cramer admitted to CRIMES. How many other Hedge Fund managers manipulated markets?

Jon Stewart ROCKS!


OxyRush has reached the point of desperation.

Dealing With Relatives who listen to Rush Limbaugh and think he is great.

Rochester (MN) Post-Bulletin EFCA Poll needs some DU love

Dear M$M - want to be relevant, high ratings and profitable once again

maybe I'm unpatriotic, but why would it be so bad if Tx. became it's own country?

Why do people watch CNBC?

The nonsensical spin on Obama's signing statement begins

All of the region-bashers here can fuck off!

McConnell: Coleman fight should go to federal court

MSNBC: Let's just pretend the whole Cramer-Stewart-Daily Show thing never happened.....

A huge thank you to the DU er who included this site in recent posting

So who's going to a local "We Surround Them" location to see the Fuster Cluck?

Jon Stewart, Jim Cramer The Brawl UNCENSORED VERSION

Republicans call it class warfare, Liberals call it fairness.

Cramer Is Reborn! He's a Whistleblower Against Hedge Funds, He's Curing Cancer & Now...

FL Gov. Crist names moderate to Supreme Court, sending Jeb Bush conservatives on warpath

What the hell ever happened to the Pentagon/ Rumsfeld/ Cheney "OSP" (Office of Special Plans)??

So Bernie Wants Out? Then Cough Up The Info & Cash

Seatmates from hell......

White House approves of Cramer smackdown (CNN)

The New Credit Card Hustle

Anatomy of our economic collapse - a few MUST READS

Do you think the world will miss the conservatives who carry out their plans of "going Galt"?

Our parents might have used "damned" or "God damned" but Stewart's choice of adjective intensifier

Re: the Madoff scandal; WTF is up with making comments about the victims?

What Are The Odds That Morning Joe Scar Will Make An Issue Out Of The 8 Minutes Cut From TDS ......

For those who like to savor RW delusional systems, I present--

Lou Dobbs poll...

They're Busting The Unions. GM Doesn't Need Bailout Money. Ford Freezes Wages.

Media Matters: The Media's Deliberate Stupidity

Fox News is next

Being identified with Bush’s agenda ‘freezes the blood’ of some SMU professors.

Give Cramer Some Credit

Maple-Syrup Cocktails, Beyonce Diet Push Vermont Price to $70

Media Matters: CNBC's Kernen, Bartiromo Falsely Claimed Obama Promised To Eliminate Earmarks

Happy Friday the 13th, DU!

Don't Republicans remind you of the little jerks you wanted to smack in Junior High School?

We surround you... The Timothy McVeigh incubation project!

Police: Woman drugs boss's coffee so he'll 'chill'

Should we hire Cheney to waterboard Bernie Madoff?

OH. SNAP. Both ABC and CBS Nightly News air detailed segment on Stewart v. Cramer.

No, dumbasses--WE surround YOU.

China to SOS Clinton: "Washington must stop meddling in China's internal affairs."

Oh boy the nuke by a neo nazi breaks the MSMS news

Advocates worry Obama easing human rights stand

Excellent (if not downright scary as hell) article

children drink windshielf fluid at day care

This is EXACTLY why merit pay will never work as a means to improve schools

Can marijuana help rescue California's economy?

NAACP: Banks steered blacks to bad loans

Surgeon reveals Barbara Bush now has a little bit of pig in her.

Surgeon reveals Barbara Bush now has a little bit of pig in her.

Troubling portrait of Alabama gunman emerges

Oh My - the market is up four days straight and

Mother Bush .....

Dubai: "Manly" women considered menace to society

Jindal budget plan will devastate LSU

Pat Lang: "Is Admiral Blair next?" (Will the neocons go after Obama's DNI?)

Isn' t today the day Chuck Norris "takes our country back?"

Turn on FOX quick. Glenn Beck is CRYING!

Glenn Beck-was the 912 "california meetup" a joke?

Lieberman to run as a Connecticut Democrat again in 2010???

Obama's education speech back in September

Wtf? Obama Signs Law Banning Federal Embryo Research Two Days After Signing Executive Order to OK It

What is a "Reagan Democrat" and where did this term come from

OMG newest wacko email

Elected United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

The Daily Show has consequences......

Stop the Presses? Many Americans Wouldn't Care a Lot if Local Papers Folded

Stop the Presses? Many Americans Wouldn't Care a Lot if Local Papers Folded

Jim Cramer a Creature of Alan Dershowitz and Marty Peretz

Rush Limbaugh = Lonesome Rhodes?

this is snarky. What is it with this poindexter look male conservatives seem to strive for?

Merit Pay

Bloomberg Story Links To Democratic Underground

43 rainy and Cold in Texas.

So, I know I grew up sheltered, but just how does one "find" a drug dealer. how do they get prescri

Corporate ownership of media -- the reason we don't see real journalism

I am 61 years old and witnessed something tonight I haven't seen in decades....

Looks like Ed Schultz is being GROOMED for the 10pm MSNBC slot

WJ this morning: Grade Obama Administration on Economy (sic)

Madoff stole from his victims

We're liberals because we understand that truth has a liberal bias

PTC and AFA are upset at Family Guy: "Bestiality, orgies and babies eating sperm..."

Many Boston teens surveyed say Rihanna is at fault for assault

Woman finds hungry calico cat hiding in $27 couch

"it was a riveting half-hour, something almost completely unlike anything else ever seen on TV"

Horrific story on migrant workers in Florida...

I just saved 2.5 pounds of CO2 from going into the atmosphere

Quiet Philanthropist - Here's to one of the best....

Cramer admits to market manipulation on video - being investigated - Bush admits to illegal wiretaps

U.S. Army Soldiers Deployed on the Streets of Samson, Alabama

Domestic Violence, Warfare, & Salt

Freepers deal with Bristol/Levi split

HORTON: The Obama Justice Department "Standing Firm for Injustice"

Aw shit, Mr. O

Sullivan on Stewart vs Cramer: "To Catch a Predator"

John Dean: Cheney is Guilty of 'Murder' if Hersh Claims Are True

Please Sign This Single Payer Petition

An open letter to Meghan McCain

An open letter to Meghan McCain

Just paid my bills and it is disgusting how much has to go out

Rushublicans stinking up the Internet -- a RANT

Rushublicans stinking up the Internet -- a RANT

K & R if you are loving Jon Stewart right now.

John Stewart made strong case for Media Re-Regulation NOW

Palin's War on Wildlife Continues -

Mediabistro: MSNBC Producers Asked Not To Highlight Cramer/Stewart

I was just listening to some old singing groups on youtube and...

"We all remember Bush v. Gore."--Senator Mitch McConnell, urging Norm Coleman

The Rude Pundit: Bernard Madoff Is Our Sin

The Rude Pundit: Bernard Madoff Is Our Sin

Pulp Friction

'National Pi Day', how are you celebrating 3.14

Obama's Plan for Afghanistan

For anyone who has never heard of

"Corrective rape" increasing in South Africa

"Joe" the "Plumber": 1) "America, get off the government tit"; 2) "I know Obama is lying"

America isn't the only one that has an issue with oversexualised children..

Who is the worst "white collar" criminal in recent history?

Raise all teacher pay to the level of a living wage

U.S. Democracy in Crisis

Merit pay opponents:

I did not vote to throw out Bush so a fucking Democrat would issue SIGNING STATEMENTS! Did you?

That religious fundamentalists try to persuade or recruit me ISN'T the problem I have with them.

Citigroup screwing customers. AGAIN

A New Species of DU Troll

A glance at US mass shootings in recent years

Vatican sides with Brazilian bishop against mother and doctors and of raped 9-year-old

Florida state senator Ronda Storms mockingly calls Obama "the messiah"

** Petition: Support a Truth & Reconciliation Commission = 82,818 signed **

Robber Shot, Killed By Pizza Deliveryman In Irmo

Please DU this poll--Governor Goodhair rejecting stimulus money

Jon Stewart crossed the line last night.

Proof that insanity isn't just for Republicans (Medical Marijuana)

Food Bank Friday! March 13, 2009!

I need your help - ideas for an article about guns

I need your help - ideas for an article about guns

I seriously need to continue the Sawyer discussion.

Why does my wireless phone have a world clock?

I'm just putting this out there, but

I'm just putting this out there, but

Is there a new set of Lounge rules or something?

Where is sniffa?

May the wind take your troubles away

The Daily Show at 8pm was a rerun --this is a scam

Hey, jobycom!!!! I'm going to Costco tomorrow. Wanna come with?

DS1 -----> master of the understatement.

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG - ER **** spoilers****

I saw a new word today....dramedy..???

I re-watched a documentary on Mrs. Roosevelt tonight and realized why 'Retha sang what she sang at

MOTHER PUSS BUCKET!!!! i just got sniped in an online auction!

Anyone here live in the Northampton/Amherst MA area?

So , when do you think the mods will nuke "the thread that never dies"

Almost bed time, and I'm craving chicken wings.

*sniff* I love movies!

So, the new Golden Boy in my department at work

ok PUI!!!! ask me anything till I

When the remake or knockoff is better than the original

Anybody ever gotten a bacterial throat infection and then mono shortly after?

Psst...don't look now, but GD is on to us.

BIG upset in High-School Hockey

I left my carp in Sam Frank's Crisco

Woot! Just booked Baby Hawk's first flight...

self delete

self delete

Breast cancer foundations and donations

I discovered this band , they are like really good

Ok, just so I'm clear on this. Midlo and Flvegan are lounge deities?

ALMOST ready to launch - DU opinions needed!

I AM A GOLDEN GOD!!!! So Let That Be Known

Dying. This sucks....

If you watched "30 Rock" don't google "Hot richard"


Syracuse beats UConn in SIX overtimes!

Yes! Got the web cam working! (My first DU posted pic of me)

Kellogg's sacks another spokesperson.

Remember when Hannibal attacked Rome?

OMG has anyone played Geometry Wars?!

I happen to like most if not all of y'all.

Literal Video: Billy Idol "White Wedding"

Good Night, DU.

BIG upset in high school smoking weed under the bleachers.

I swear The Daily Show is more probing than 60 Minutes


Can one (re)learn a musical instrument after 46 years?

Used couch for 27 Dollars, cat included

Attn Lounge: You have four more shopping days until my birthday.

Hey guys...

Dolphin rings.

I Left My Harp in Sam Clam's Disco.

How do I find a URL for a PowerPoint slideshow to post here?

Hey DUers. DUer Ignis is getting Married Tomorrow.

The Weekly MLB Spring Training Check-In Thread.

I Found a Giant Car!

Post your theories as to why some people in GD hate teachers so much.

bigwillq just asked me if had orange juice for breakfast. What do you suppose that means?

Best Title Ever? "Krod Mandoon & the Flaming Sword of Fire"

I think I got bit by the tsetse-bug. 1 hour, if that, and I'm back to bed.

For the love of the FSM

I do not think it possible to loathe an inanimate object as much as...

Used Couch for 27 Dollars, cat included

What's for brekkie this morning, DU?

Windshield wiper fluid mistaken for kool-aid at daycare!

I'm going to see the Saw Doctors in NYC tonight! Anybody else here going?

The Lounge is way better in the morning

Sea kittens exist! (picture)

anyone want some dogs?

How do you pronounce "apricot?'

You know it's going to be a good day when...

Electric juicy slo mo acid attack part 2 shot in a very tight budget

I'm going to be away from the computer tommorow. What plans does 3.14158675309 have in store for us?

Holy crap11 Kelly RIPA is wearing a satiny blouse with drapery that looks like

So Who is John Galt?

Sofa surprise: Cat found inside $27 used couch

Images from the Peace Wall in Berkeley, Calif.

Between UCONN's lose and the Bristol-Levi breakup

for Redqueen & Symarip

I have no buddy list, and I have no one on ignore! How boring am I?

What's the longest your pet kitty has been gone and then come back?

CreekPuppy and I are NOT womanfolk!

What time does tonight's extra special BSG start?

The Lounge was only good at 2:00 am - 2:59 am on Sunday, March 8, 2009

A song for the married ladies out there

Buddy List. How many people do you have on yours? Yesterday the question was about the "Ignore"

I need to vent about a couple of bad exercise programs.

No Breakfast in Heaven

Oh, FFS: "Taking the Job out of Blowjob" Now I've seen everything. Likely NSFW

So I just looked out the window

Presenting Sarah Palin...Barbie Style :rofl:

Chili - Skyline or Wolf Brand?

Today is Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious?

Remember the song "Lida Rose" sung by the Buffalo Bills in MUSIC MAN?

You wanna know what good service is?

In case I'm not on DU tomorrow, HAPPY PI DAY Everyone!!

Amazing dolphins at play...........

Hey, check out my Madoff dollar.

10 kids drink windshield wiper fluid at daycare

Kentucky can put away its dancing shoes ...

Will this thread end up in the lounge too?

I won money AND a car!!!!

What's the musical term for the part John Flansburgh sings in TMBG's "Dead" from Flood?

I hate interviews!

Hey, What Is The Secret To Posting In LBN, And NOT Getting Locked Or Moved

I saw some EPIC parenting last night.....

I don't care what anyone says, It's Raining Men is the most heterosexual song ever made.

Weird or PUI?

Skyline. Is it chilly, or not?

I haven't seen a "MadeInMaryland Appreciation Thread" in a while.

Quite possibly the most beautiful music ever written. For your Friday enjoyment!

Have you ever had a Mentos?

Smileys on boats

my sister and i are hitting the road tomorrow

Peter B Collins Show to end - just announced on his show

Some Great Guitar Music Available Online (Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck Together Live)

Liquor stores next to high-end strip clubs...a gift from the gods?

Liquor stores next to high-end strip clubs...a gift from the gods?

I am the Admin of all the people!

Not Bigfoot, but another unspeakably horrible creature found in East Texas!

Do your kitties play fight?

Uh-oh!! CreekDog is at it again...

Have you ever had a mentor?

12-year-old arrested in bar robbery

BIG upset in College Basketball

'Star Trek' violates San Francisco's zoning ordinances

Imitation crab meat is the greatest food since White Castle burgers. n/t

PayPal question.

This stuff they use instead of psesudoephedrine, to keep people from making

Skyline Chili. Is it chili, or not?

Symarip Appreciation Thread

Stuck on desert island question

Should I buy this?

Took my Tech Skills Final today. NAILED IT! One down, four to go...

I just received a dead baby squirrel as a gift from Hatchet Head

Name your imaginary band.

trof appreciation thread

trof waits appreciation thread.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/13/09

Some guy at work used the word "colored" to describe people.

On hold with Garmin customer support. 11 mins so far.

"Most atheists I know see nothing morally wrong with having sex with a family member"

Flight of the Conchords: Yea or Nay?

I will NOT click on the "Man kills girlfriend over beer" thread.

Man kills girlfriend over beer, tries to have sex with her corpse.

So I enjoyed a beautiful day off...until I got home!

Bigfoot sighting in East Texas! Could this be the real Bigfoot?

"My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" - How the phukk did I miss this one???

I Found A Giant Jar!

Nietzsche Family Circus

Is this the stimulus kicking in?

Men who survived the 1980s, check in here

It's only been seven years in the making...

surgery went well

I think my dog has lost his mind. Or he's stupid. Or drunk.

Syracuse sucks. EOM. Sorry bigwillq.

Life is rarely fair

OMG! Octo-mom brand caviar!

Not every football player is a sculpted athlete

Basic vegetable poll

Ladies in the 1980s: WTF was up w/your strippers?

tom waits appreciation thread

help...... I have discovered FLAIR on face book

The new FB layout is totall suckage

Happy Birthday, kentauros!

kitten picture of the day for friday march 13

Anybody been to one of those home gold parties?

Hello Miss Honeychurch.

Dog, Cat and Rat. You GOTTA see this!

For the record: post your favorite NCAA b-ball team (for trash talk purposes!)

PSA: using the *reply all* in email to make yourself look good only makes you look like a total ass

Heading off to the Mexican Riveria

Neverland Ranch property inventory: "boy sitting on bricks," "2 boys sitting on a sunflower"...

Animal Popularity Contest: lions vs. tigers

Question for those who survived the 70's - How did people do that much coke?

Attention pervs! D.E.B.S is on LOGO right fucking now!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/13/2009)

How big does a hemorrhoid have to be before naming it?

SEC Football Poll (Pick A winner)

Questions For A Rainy Friday

Why do people open up their heart to you when they are drunk?

Insult me, but only if you can make it sound like you really mean it.

Do you floss? Some monkeys do...

Scarlett Johansson to play Black Widow in Iron Man Sequel (with pics)

Woman Injured in Power Tool Sex Toy Encounter

I know it's early, but the University of Hawaii leads the Fulmer Cup standings???

Hell, Why Not? Let's do another SIX DEGREES OF MR SCORPIO


White House talks tough again on stimulus

I'm going to debate a republican on President Obama's economic policies

Duncan Defends Proposed Education Overhauls

Citi doesn't need more government capital: Parsons

stewart vs cramer on now. nt

Fuck Evan Bayh

Associated Press - Asserts Rise In DOW Unrelated To Obama Administration! No Sources Cited

Nobel Prize winner recommends sending economic aid to poor countries

How many Repubs do you think actually agree with Steele's abortion position?

Steele 'choice' gaffe sparks GOP revolt

good policy is like a sandwich

Obama Says U.S. Can’t Afford ‘Bubble-and-Bust’ Cycles

How Many repubs Do You Think Actually Agree With arne duncan's merit pay Position?

When's the Stewart Cramer rematch?

keith olbermann discussing cheney hit squad.

MSNBC has a poll up about Obamaʼs performance

OMG... Stewart is just devesatating with the populist anger re: Cramer

NY-20: Panic! At Tedisco

Is the Tammy Duckworth nomination in trouble?

Obama Makes Overtures for Cooperation of CEOs on Tax Cuts (WSJ)

As A Poster (A Teacher) Said In A PM To Me

Wall Street Set to Extend Gains Again

Even CNBC has to admit: Consumer confidence in Obama skyrocketed in past month

Switzerland breaks with tradition on tax evasion


Why is unemployment done at a state level

Every 70 years or so, the right leader comes along

Eugene Robinson: A Bad Fix Would Be No Fix

research shows

Market Sentiment is like Love (new import/export data)

Jim Cramer On "Daily Show": Jon Stewart Hits Hard - says CNBC willfully ignores corporate dishonesty

I too am a Grass Mud Horse - Cao Ni Ma!

What happened? Look at these headlines

DUPE - please delete

Summers: White House Stimulus Action May Have Stabilized Consumer Spending

90 Days Without A Senator For Minnesota

Flashback! September 2008 - McCain Suspends His Campaign! - Why Obama's Approach Is Sound

Gibbs Knifes Cramer and CNBC in Press Briefing

Gibbs Knifes Cramer and CNBC in Press Briefing

A Progressive Moment

Please wish progressive Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL08) a happy birthday today!

Republicans whining about cap and trade provisions MAKE ME SICK

LOL - Check Out the Picture on the Home Page of the HuffPost

America's Mom!

Fear or Mistrust?.........

Mark Sanford is SCUM.

Article - Roubini Plainly Says What Obama/Summers Only Hint At Regarding Ponzi Economics

Forthcoming Book: THE PERSECUTION OF SARAH PALIN - (No Kidding!)

Brad Blakeman claiming the Steele controversy is "the next diversion of the Democrats..."

so what did the stem cells over at Morning Joe say about Jon Stewart?

As former school board member can someone explain how "tenure" is a good thing?

Absurd Columbus Dispatch LTTE: Obama brings fear, new taxes

Smart Ass McConnell-Obama has "courage" to continue the b*sh Admins policies on Iraq and Afghanistan

I think there is only one good argument against merit pay for teachers.

White House economic adviser Larry Summers... or Yoda?

What will Moron Joe say on his show about Jon Stewart interviewing Jim Cramer?

Romer Seems To Break With Geithner On Cause Of Crisis


Kerry email to support Dem running for Gillbrand's Congressional seat

Please DU this poll...

PEOPLE! You have youtube and video know what to do

LA-Sen: Perkins Won't Run

Obama Justice Dept. defends Rumsfeld in torture case

U.S. drops 'enemy combatant' term for Gitmo detainees

Trans Women Included: President Obama Announces White House Council on Women and Girls

Let's talk about the ubiquitous phrase "WAKE UP AMERICA!!!"

Citigroup says it's now profitable....GM says

DUers! Submit Comments On MSNBC/First Read Asking Where Is An Entry On Stewart/Cramer?

Debate over banks repaying bailout money early

"U.S. Arranging to Send (Gitmo) Prisoners to Saudi Arabia"

SOS Clinton: Womens History Month speech and discussion. Fantastic!

Please tell me this is a joke. Anyone have more info on this?

Stewart continually shames "journalists"at their craft.

The Employee Free Choice Act: Another Reason Harry Reid Must Go

Tweety and guests just blamed REAGAN AND THE DLC for this era of GREED

"Patriotic" Beck Jokes About Jimmy Carter Being Worse Than Hitler

Is Jindal any less of a dumbshit since he is only rejecting $98 million of stimulus funds?

Is Jindal any less of a dumbshit since he is only rejecting $98 million of stimulus funds?

Birther bill hits Congress

Who is more injected with Botox and Silicone, Orrin Hatch or Andrea Mitchell?

MSNBC Producers Told Not To Talk About Stewart's Demolition of Cramer/CNBC!

“Before, we had too much greed and too little fear. Now, we have too much fear and too little greed.

Smart lady lawyer embarasses Sean Hannity

Obama's education speech back in September

Senator Kerry Joins Vice President Biden to Announce Rail Funding

U.S. Drops Use of "Enemy Combatant" (updated)

Please DU Lou Dobbs poll.. What an arrogant pig Lou is..

I am on youtube

Talk of LEGALIZING WEED has finally hit the airwaves in a big way...

We've got it exactly backward.

Ginsburg: Possible court opening soon

The President's Salary

Will MSNBC Censor Maddow and Olbermann Re Cramer's Appearance On The Daily Show?

Instead of healing the fractures in the GOP, Steele has only succeeded in exposing them

Progressive blogger rips KO for claiming Gingrich endorsed child prostitution

That more and more coporations say they will not need money from the

I love Jon Stewart but I don't think he knows what he's talking about.

They will never give Obama and the Democrats credit for anything.

Redefining black female stereotypes

Faux news utterly laughable right now, talking about President Obama's falling poll #'s

FiveThirtyEight responds to WSJ: "Yes, Obama's Approval Ratings Are Declining. What Did You Expect?"

PHOTOS Let's hear it for the White House's Hottest - Reggie!

Attacks on First Ladies not new: Rachel Jackson hounded to death

Teachers who teach in 'poverty areas' should be given the most pay

Useful Idiot Michael Steele - He Does Do One Thing For Republicans

I haven't seen a "Symarip Appreciation Thread" in a while.

Some background on why I am concerned about charter, choice, or magnet schools.

I'm thinking of starting a blog, combined with a Twitter account

Secret Service

McConnell: "We all remember Bush v. Gore”

American International Group (AIG) Sues Government Claiming It Paid Too Much Taxes!!!!

Obama will release March Madness brackets

Contempt Conviction of 'Peanuts' Actress is Voided (Classic 'Lucy' is Animal Rights Activist)

A quiet American is Australia's richest person

Used couch for 27 Dollars, cat included

Defense rests in Phil Spector murder retrial

Obama takes US closer to total ban on cluster bombs

Switzerland eases banking secrecy

Jet lands safely after hitting birds near Atlanta

Lord Stern on global warming: It's even worse than I thought

Secret emails show Iraq dossier was 'sexed up'

(Delta) Jet lands safely after hitting birds near Atlanta

Court papers: Nuclear feud at Fla. plant

GAO cites fraud in Medicare in-home services billings

Binyam blames UK for mistreatment (wants to see Bush put on trial)

Lieberman backs Dodd, three years after bitter election rift

NPR Cancels All Newspaper Subscriptions

Late Cambodian monk's poems detail homeland terror

China "worried" about US Treasury holdings

Obama's chief information officer on leave

Secret emails show Iraq dossier was 'sexed up'

Dutch judge orders teens to visit Anne Frank House

Mock Gun Confiscation Drill

Coulter's book sales off

How Obama Will Handle U.S. Attorney Posts Still Unclear

Probable Carcinogens Found in Baby Toiletries

Madoff fraud investigation widens

Amazon rainforest at risk of ecological 'catastrophe'

Summers: 'Excess of fear' must be broken

Obama Admin Defends Pick for Ambassador to Iraq From GOP Critics

Lieberman open to reunion with Democratic Party

Michelle Obama Begins Advocacy As First Lady With Meetings With Fort Bragg Soldiers, Families

Iconic NJ beach house ready to sail to NY

Contractor (KBR) Claims Not Responsible For Soldier's Death

Documents show Madoffs worth more than $823M

Wal-Mart looks to Hispanic market

Lord Stern on global warming: It's even worse than I thought

Hidden dangers of 'healthy' cigarettes

U.S. Stocks Rise, Capping Best Weekly Gain Since November

Stewart hammers Cramer on 'The Daily Show' (AP)

Congressman recovering from heart scare

Bill Proposes Restrictions on Raw Milk Sales (Connecticut)

Obama appointee takes leave from job (fall-out from FBI raid of DC office)

Florida: Lawsuits Over Pinochet Money

Appeal says juror sent 'tweets' during $12.6M case

ExxonMobil making a play for Iraq oil deal

Rep. (Maxine) Waters denies wrongdoing in bank bailout

10 kids drink windshield wiper fluid at Ark. day care

Progress in Mexico drug war is drenched in blood

Franken rests

Stiglitz Enabled Obama With Nobel Ideas to Scorn Them (Update1)

Citi Execs Make Killing On Stock Surge

NAACP says bank giants steered blacks to bad loans

US energy future hits snag in rural Pennsylvania

IDF Chief Heads To Washington To Stress Iran Dangers To U.S

Swiss Zoo Has One Too Many Hippos, So Little Farasi May Have to Go (and be EUTHANIZED)

Anna Nicole Smith's boyfriend Howard Stern, doctors charged

Ginsburg: Court Opening Coming 'Soon'

Cocaine link to violent behaviour

Senate Dems Squabble Over Which Homeowners To Help

Biden Announces Stimulus Funds For Amtrak

Student will face 'justice of mob' if released early

Bankruptcy possibility looms for Six Flags

Madoff files appeal to get out of jail

Obama lawyers: Ex-Guantánamo detainees have no rights


U.S. drops "enemy combatant" as basis for detention

Sinn Fein leaders attend shot policeman's funeral

Signing Statements Reappear in Obama White House

Sony Workers Hold Execs Hostage Over Pay

Supporters of Hugo Chavez plan line of Venezuelan action figures

Obama Justice Department Urges Dismissal of Another Torture Case (Rasul v. Rumsfeld)

Reviews are in! Jon Stewart eviscerates Cramer and CNBC, establishes himself as a populist hero.

Hardball: RNC Chair Steele's Terrible Predicament

My show of sympathy for incarcerated Piggie Bernie Madoff...George Harrison, Live, London 1992

Countdown: Coulter Book Sales Plummet

Kucinich: Banks Are Loaning Our Money to Foreign Govts Instead of Americans

The Beatles - Piggies

TYT: Will Republicans Be CRUSHED In 2010?

Michael's Plan B

Countdown: Sy Hersh Assassination Ring PT. 1 w/ Howard Fineman

The Man Who Sold The World - Ronald Reagan Pt. 1

The Best of The Oracle - 13 March 2009

Chris Matthews Response To Ari Fleischer And Iraq

Countdown: Sy Hersh Assassination Ring PT. 2 John Dean 'Potentially a War Crime... Outright Murder'

The Man Who Sold The World - Ronald Reagan Pt. 2

The Crisis of Credit Visualized - Part 2

Hannity Says Christianity Allows Torture

Utah Phillips: "Making a Living, Not a Killing"

Gibbs implies CNBC ashamed of Cramers interview

Obama Signals Readiness to Further Militarize Drug War - Democracy Now

CBS News: A look at the peace movement circa 1970

DNC Ad: Stop Playing Politics (Sanford)

TYT: Couric Wins WC Award---Why Are Conservatives Pissed?

Millions on Terror Watch List

Effectively Martial Law Declared in Juarez, Mexico - 7000 Troops

Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer One on One (PART TWO)

TYT Fun Clip: Should This Racy Ad Be On TV? (EAR-MUFF THE KIDS!)

Ghost Town

Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer One on One (PART ONE)

Countdown: John Dean on Sy Hersh Claim of Cheney Assassination Ring (SHORT VERSION)

Who Leads The Republican Party?

CBS News: The Death of Bertrand Russell (1970)

WOW! PBS Uses "911 Visibility" To Raise Money!!! (Denver)

Crashing the tea parties

Michelle's first interview as First Lady

Michael Parenti on Capitalism's Self-Inflicted Apocalypse

Jon Stewart Jim Cramer Interview

Oracle tweetcast #5 - Cramer, market manipulation and the newly profitable banks

Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer One on One (PART THREE)

Shep Smith mocks 'Glenn Beck Friday' (and his ego, paranoia, and crying jags)

Laura Ingraham attacks Meghan McCain's weight, calls her "plus-sized"

Michael Steele's Most Stunning Admission Has GOP Reeling

I Couldn't Eat Another Bite, I'm...98 Percent Empty?

How many of us have awakened from political/social phantasmagoria and seen The Beast?

Jim Cramer Issues a 'Mea Beaten to a Pulpa'

Workplace Massacre in Alabama: Did Endless Downsizing and Slashed Benefits Cause the Rampage

David Sirota: For Competition Before They Were Against It

Joe Conason: From Frozen Minds, a ‘Spending Freeze’

US warships head for South China Sea after standoff

COVER of America: Truth and Prosecution

Glenn Beck's "We Surround Them"

Britain’s Contacts With Hezbollah Vex U.S.

Scary Numbers for Our Safety Net: 100,000 Non-Profits Wiped Out in the Next Two Years?

Edwards: 'Where is America?'

Robert Reich's Blog

Nawaz Sharif: A return to extremism and instability

Jim Cramer and Jon Stewart: The Brawl Unedited Version

Inability to offer leases is killing Big Three volume - Tom Walsh, DFP auto columnist

Glenn Beck thinks 'political correctness' is driving people to shooting rampages

On This Day In 1968: RFK 'Reconsiders' Presidential Bid

Earmarks for New Jersey. Thank you. Thank you.

John Dean: Beyond the Pale: The Newly-Released, Indefensible Office of Legal Counsel Terror Memos

It’s Glenn Beck’s “We Surround Them” Friday!

Revenge of the Nerd-Rachel Maddow on Obama, Pope Benedict, and Prince Harry.

Vanity Fair: How Madoff Duped His Closest Friends

The FBI is Number ONE!

So, Glenn Beck is delusional enough to believe himself "principled"?

A Your Papers in Order?

US Islamophobe Losers Find New False Prophet in Feert Wilders

Op-Ed: Hillary Clinton’s Troubling Transformation

Santorum Follies

Weekend Economists Double Whammy Weekend! March 13-15, 2009

Canada Should Bar or Prosecute Bush: Type in Google; “Calgary Canada Bush” and Watch the Results


Polar bears 'will not survive without urgent action'

Bernie Sanders Brings Home The Solar Bacon

George Monbiot:Time to change 'climate change'—The more we know, the grimmer it gets.

New way to farm boosts climate, too—‘Organic no-till’ combines best of two methods…

ODAC Newsletter - 13 Mar

Ozone levels raise respiratory death rate: study

Aptera to go to Washington to fight for DOE loans

Guardian UK: Stern attacks politicians over climate 'devastation'

Coal May Be the Goal for Most Legislators at the Kansas Statehouse but Where it Goes, Nobody Knows.

Massive Saudi water-power plant nearly ready

Malaria Immunity Trigger Found for Multiple Mosquito Species

Liberia Facing Second Invasion Of Crop-Munching Caterpillars - AFP

Rising Seas May Push Perth's Shoreline Back By 100 Meters Or More by 2100

Top nuclear operator resigned because he felt his bosses were demanding an unsafe restart

I'd never heard of Destiny, Florida

xpost: Natural Gas drilling sickens family in rural PA

The Anti-Coal Movement's SF Nerve Center—CoalSwarm

New Madrid fault system may be shutting down

Nanocups brim with potential—Light-bending metamaterial could lead to superlenses, invisibility …

Wheat At $5.25 On Concerns That Rains In Southern Plains Will Not Materially Help Crops - Bloomberg

Toronto's Ash Trees Will Likely All Die Within 10 Years, Thanks To Emerald Borer

Fast words on warming; snail's pace on whales (BBC Earth Watch blog)

Massachusetts Energy Board Votes to Approve Cape Wind ‘Composite Certificate’

Anyone want to see an unpleasant side of DU when it comes to environmentalism?

What do you prefer- Cap'n'Trade or Carbon Tax

Action needed to avoid world water crisis, U.N. says

Stainless steel replaces platinum to produce hydrogen

Spain Sets Wind Power Generation Record

Einstein Researchers Develop Novel Antibiotics That Don't Trigger Resistance

How Much Coal Remains?

HAITI: Thousands More Take to the Streets Demanding the Return of Aristide - pics

DOD honors Americans held 5 1/2 years in Colombia

Mexican drug lord makes Forbes list

Venezuela Accelerates Land Reform

Florida: Lawsuits Over Pinochet Money

BOREV: House Republicans to Kill One Salvadoran Each Day Until Country Votes Right

Gender advance in Venezuela: a two-pronged affair

New photo of former Cuban President Fidel Castro:

Cuban Official Rules Out Any Obama Preconditions for Improved Relations

Aerial Assault on Colombia's Farmers and Ecosystem

US Army PsyOp against Venezuela exposed

Venezuela Turns Women's Affairs Office into a Full-Fledged Ministry (a real good news story)

Howard the Coward: The Day My Boss Ran Away

The Employee Free Choice Act: Another Reason Harry Reid Must Go

Byron Williams: Act would make American workers too big to fail

French Sony staff release CEO, talks resume

Wind Farms Need Techs To Keep Operating

Rochester (MN) Post-Bulletin EFCA Poll needs some DU love

WVU ahead entire game;

WVU 36 over Pitt 34 at halftime.

Friday March 13 Schedule

DU this SEC poll in the Lounge...

Dear Lindsey Vonn,

Fucking Whores!


Golfer takes off pants. I'm sure the fundies are going apeshit!!

Ky. Derby Trail: Second Wave Lands

Why Soccer Sucks

Army fired 11 soldiers in January for being openly gay

SF Archbishop to Teens: Take Your Gay Play and Go Home

May 17th - Join the “International Day Against Homophobia”

Stewart slings barbs face-to-face with Cramer

And it's about time...

“It’s Raining Men” Greeting To Haters at U of C.

A very chilling statement

Raped and killed for being a lesbian: South Africa ignores 'corrective' attacks

Did I forget to add anyone else to this?

I think more than 10 people have agreed to support the activism group

Palestinian rights group releases Cast Lead stats

Dissident Brits

Nationalist Rising Fast in Israeli Politics

After the neocons

The U.S. and Israel

2 Qassams hit Negev day after Hamas condemns rocket fire

U.S. citizen critically hurt at West Bank protest

Sources: Israel agrees to free all 450 Hamas prisoners for Shalit

US national badly hurt in anti-fence protest

Mark Sanford should be ashamed of himself

Tax havens offer concessions on bank secrecy

The best trading systems won't work with fear

Hoping for Failure!?

CITI Bank and Bank of America use bailout money from taxpayers to conference call against Card Check

Obama in Hot Seat Over Partner Benefits

Pssst... excellent time to send thoughts re: Cramer revelations to........

AIG Sues Government Claiming It Paid Too Much Taxes !!!

Haircut Time for Bondholders

China's premier worried for U.S. investments (CNN)

Programmers Guild Calls for a U.S. Job Preservation Fee of $60,000 per H-1B visa

The media's involvement in the economy's failure is bigger than Jim Cramer.

Nasrallah: We'll never be able to recognize Israel

Mark-to-Market: The Bogeyman of the 1930s Is Back - BUT - it's not a "must-use" rule.

Interchange is No Laughing Matter

Link to Picture of the Bush depression train: this is how Bush rode off into the sunset.

What We Should Learn from Jim Cramer vs. the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart

Why are Tim Geithner and the Media Playing Dumb About What Happened to Our Money?

Obama Tax Break added to my check this week.

David Horsey cartoon: "He's perfectly fine!"

Fraud found in Medicare billings-Home care costs up 44% over five years

Drug Trial Company Finds Itself Under Scrutiny

Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Colds

Bill aims to conceal weapons permits (OR)

Germany says gun laws adequate

gate also ran....

This morning.

And three more doors

Giant Jar

Perfect day, perfect place - Birds

SUBMISSION THREAD for the MARCH Photo Contest. Theme: Gates/Doors

Unused doors from yesterday

FBI: GI was in Joker makeup when shot by police

Obama calls for more military talks with China

GAO: FCS program faces cost overruns

More 4th ID soldiers arriving home from Iraq

2 USAREUR medical units going to Afghanistan

Campbell reaches out to families about suicides

Lawmaker: Army fired 11 in Jan. as openly gay

Sour economy slows privatized housing plans

Researchers urge sweeping TBI care changes

VA’s IG waves caution flag on new GI Bill

Advocates call for larger pay raise in 2010

Suspected U.S. missiles kill 7 in Pakistan

DoD child care tops 50 states, report says

Top lawmakers warn against defense cuts

Nassau, Comfort, Stiletto headed to 4th Fleet

Navy names LCS 4, but won’t say more

Surveillance ship in scrape now has DDG escort

Recruiter charged in child prostitution sting

Sailor acquitted in detainee abuse case

SecNav stepping down Friday

First lady visits soldiers, families at Bragg

Feds: Toxins normal near California ghost fleet

2nd Tanks Marine dies in Anbar accident

CBS will not have to hand over Hadithah tapes

UAVs will go to Hill for major repairs

GAO: F-35 program faces cost overruns

Oubaidy market seen as gateway to progress in eastern Baghdad

Iraq works to find jobs for ‘Sons’

Nighttime Photography

Military update: Obama budget draws cheers, jeers from vets

Eielson, Malmstrom housing get stimulus funds

Off-road MRAPs a hot topic in Congress

C-130J arrives in Germany

Report: Planners mull using routes in Iran for NATO supplies

Chinese, Iraqi oil deal seen as start

Prescriptions now needed for Naples ‘cold packs’

New Kaiserslautern Military Community Center targeted by vandals

Marines repair landing strip

Half-Attack’s equipment, gear prepared for move to Carson

Pacific briefs: Protest planned near Yongsan on Saturday

Servicemembers due millions in tax refunds

Army Builds Electronic-warfare Teams

Heavy Loads Injuring Combat Troops

Navy Reduces Re-Enlistment Bonuses

Retiree on Trial: 'Hero or Fraud?'

No Margin for Error at Bomber Shop

Failure Not An Option

Marine Held in Threat to Bomb Plane

Corps Sees Dramatic Spike in Suicides

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Conflicting Stories on Soldier Suicides

DoD contracts for 3/12/2009

Sailor in herbal tea case may stay in Navy

Wounded Bragg GIs Punished More Often

Survey: 90% of airmen happy with their jobs

China Demands US End Navy Surveillance

Brain-injured GIs Could Number 360,000

COMMENT THREAD for the MARCH Photo Contest. Theme: Gates/Doors

Where does the Yin Yang Symbol come from? Did you know it comes from Ancient Chinese Astrology

New Physics, New Ideas

Cycle of Awakening Commences

Violence in current-day media

Hubble Provides New Evidence For Dark Matter Around Small Galaxies

'Supermodel' satellite set to fly (BBC) {to study Earth's gravity}

USM develops polyurethane coating made from a substance found in shells - Self Healing Surfaces

American Adults Flunk Basic Science

Pi Day, and ‘American Pi’ (CNN) {for those who like this sort of thing}

"One priest, two faiths, and lots of questions" Can you belong to more than one religion?

Afghan student journalist facing 20 years in prison (sentenced for blasphemy)

Are there 3 Abrahamic religions or are the Mormons #4?

Any reason to save whey?

Article on a crepes restaurant in today's paper...

A new food site

OMG, I'm an idiot

Nepalese again today

Oh, dear..........

What's for dinner? ~ Friday the 13th edition!

Today is Mozzarella day

Self delete

Where are the intel agents?

United 93...what was its target? What would have happened

Silvertein purchase and reinsured the WTC before 911. Now it is the Sears Tower.

Ryan Mackey and the Physics of 9/11 on Hardfire

First Responders of 9/11 Needed for Dissertation Study

Democrats will push to overturn Perry move to reject some stimulus funds

Harper attacks Liberals, Obama in private speech to party

Merge PDF documents

I can't make TurboTax2008 run on my computer....

This is majorly not good. Maxine Waters should have known better.

John Kerry and his work preventing internet crimes against children

John Kerry not to push for the Fairness Doctrine

Oy, what a day!

New Kerry email - that my husband got and I didn't