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So will SNL do the Stewart/Cramer face-off?

So will SNL do the Stewart/Cramer face-off?

Bush Men on Cspan telling their version of 9-11 Day.

Bizarre, Unusual Question to Business-Minded People

I passed by a house with plywood propped against it that said, "We Surround You" and

Press Release: Midtown Bar Refuses Gay People


Has the stimulus trickled down?

Has the stimulus trickled down?

Independent UK: It's about time the US had some 'union tyranny'

Ann Comptom just said " Norad scrambled planes immediately after first plane hit tower"

For all the Garrison Keillor and Molly Ivins fans

Lambda Legal Urges Federal Court to Reject Gay Defamation Claim

Gay couple wins right to adopt foster son

Gay couple wins right to adopt foster son

7.5 out of 10 on the Weird-Shit-o-Meter

NY-Gov: Another Disastrous Poll for Paterson

"Content downsizing" (prices same or higher) of grocery products

Opposition to HR 875 being astroturfed by Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty

Rec this if you want to get rid of ALL cable news...

What's in an avatar?

"View" skit coming up on SNL

Fun Fact. In College Basketball, the women play with smaller balls than the men.

Then what's the definition of a double dribble?

Just so you have it straight

Will Ferrells You're Welcome America is funny shit

I'm waiting right now for SNL - in a few minutes I hope they will

PRINCETON: Rep. Holt re-files battlefield, anthrax bills

"The Economist" Hits on Alan Greenspan on Housing Bubble: "He had the power"

I Knew I Saw This Guy Somewhere Before.......

I Knew I Saw This Guy Somewhere Before.......

LA Times: Conservative talk radio on the wane in California

How about we discuss the quality of our schools before we discuss the quantity of the schooling?

This "Big Love" sketch on SNL is a riot

The sickening republican strategy of turning American against American intensifies.

Well-known opponent of missile defense system has a better idea

Quick! Next Friday Marks........?

If you have HBO... "A Final Night with W"

Clinton signed repeal of Glass Stegall because it was holding up Citigroup Merger Ambitions?

Will Ferrell as W...

Looks Like The CNBC Gag Order On Stewart vs Cramer Extended To SNL......

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Iraq War For $500"

The Reason Why I Keep Watching SNL

The Party of NO

Pakistan ex-PM ignores 'arrest'

My girls got accepted to magnet school

Washington Journal: The AIG bonuses

Some thoughts about schools (long post)

As Oil and Gas Prices Plunge, Drilling Frenzy Ends

One neighbor said that he told her that he was "itching to kill somebody"

One neighbor said that he told her that he was "itching to kill somebody"

Let's stock the shelves of The Goerge M Bush Liberrarry

Let's stock the shelves of The Goerge M Bush Liberrarry

Medical marijuana charges pit Californians against DEA

Important Breaking News!

Hunger Strike against AIG

Another $hithole to pour money down

Bush policy institute ‘unlikely’ to ‘emphasize’ the Iraq war

Why can't the stimulus money for the states be an "all or nothing" deal?

The Govt needs to start selling pieces of AIG off.

Sundy morning quotes with your coffee - Corporatism and Democracy

ExxonMobil making a play for Iraq oil deal

Classic: Watch a Republican Lie

Deputy Attorney General of Pakistan Has Resigned in Protest Against Torturing Lawyers

Gunman who murdered 2 ranted about killing people in government and those who "renounced God"

Some most excellent news in AZ.

AIG, Problem Child

TIME: Can Marijuana Help Rescue California's Economy?


DON'T take me to TVLand....because it SUX!!!

Surgeries stop at Sri Lanka's war zone hospital

Alabama prepaid college tuition plan not bound by an explicit guarantee

WJ showing Jon Stewart and Cramer

Publicity is the method of control for the political system, or rather, the money to get it.

The "Next Top Model" riot - a desperate grab at the brass ring -

Time for today's lesson: You can't judge a teacher based on what she writes on DU

Let Me Chew My Coca Leaves

Believe it or not, Fox News is criticizing Jon Stewart

Local shipment of golf gear headed to Iraq, Afghanistan - Surfboards next?

Dora the ... Streetwalker?

What a morning - Stephanie Miller, Fugger Carson on CNN

Meet the 14-year old wunderkind of conservative US politics (Jonathan Krohn)

Cheney the war criminal is on CNN

Death Squad Cheney: Obama's policies have made the country less safe

I am an expert on education because...

“U.S. reconsiders its '2-war' readiness strategy”, up S*** creek without money to buy a paddle.

New Mexico Abolishes the Death Penalty

If we legalize POT how would it work? Some Questions.

Listening to Mitch McConnell on This Week this morning....

C-SPIN: Do You Trust Business News???

The U.S. DOES Torture-Voices from the Black Sites-Int'l Red Cross's Confidential Report (NYT)

The U.S. DOES Torture-Voices from the Black Sites-Int'l Red Cross's Confidential Report (NYT)

What Sells in a Recession: Canned Goods and Condoms

Good Morning

The Culture Warriors Get Laid Off-By FRANK RICH

Cheney: ‘Stuff happens’

Economic Forecaster Predicts "Greatest Depression" ABC

"I think the best kind of journalism is business journalism." -- George Will on ABC's "This Week"

Oh My - It's Dana Perino on Washington Journal

Washington protester who outlasts presidents (28 years. Every day, twenty-four hours a day.)

Protest meets health insurance lobby

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Stop Wall Street Loan-Sharking

In praise of class warfare

In praise of class warfare

I wonder where all the nursing home inspectors are???

A New attitude should cure ailments at FDA

If we were going to give merit pay to parents

Downturn could kill 400,000 children, warns Margaret Chan

Downturn could kill 400,000 children, warns Margaret Chan

Please help contribute to the bush Presidential Library

Student Barred From Wearing Obama Mask In Show

Prosecutors target assets of Madoff's wife

I Think Michelle Obama Is Sexy As Hell

A question on taxpayer funded AIG bonuses

Dick Cheney: There is only word needed to describe him.....

"10 things to hate about me"

Summers just gave us one hell of a snow job on Face The Nation

Boy Banned from Wearing Obama Mask in Skit

+++ 4,258 +++

Sammy Davis Jr.'s widow dies at age 65

Cost of the proposed Bush Library: $300 million. A counter-Bush library? Less than $10,000

In These Times: The Future of Transit

OMG, the AIG bonuses are to the Derivatives shop that tanked the company?

OMG, the AIG bonuses are to the Derivatives shop that tanked the company?

Obama ends slaughter of sick cows for meat (another hooray)

CommonDreams: The U.S. Is Facing a Weimar Moment

TIME: Tough Times Force 'Economoms' Back to the Job Market

Rep. Frank wants to recover AIG bonuses

Cheney: US less safe under Obama

Roland Burris appears to be toast.

Why are Republicans scared of competition?

a US Renaissance for Green Farmers and Gardners is revving up

CULTURE NEWS: Pol wants sex classes axed

Obama Takes US Closer to Total Ban on Cluster Bombs

Protests Against Pakistani Government Turn Violent

City of Phoenix killed big batch of swarming honey bees on Friday.

General Petraeus planning 2010 visit to Iowa

At the end, Will Ferrel says that they initiated illegal wiretaps "months before 9/11."

Has anyone ever "sat in" for Jon Stewart on the Daily Show?

If a company goes bankrupt - do they have to fulfil contractual obligations to employees?

Fareed's GPS: Chas Freeman on the Israeli lobby controversy

Holy Shit: Madoff worth more than $820 million, document says

Tucker Carlson Attacks Jon Stewart

True or False?

True or False?

Former pro wrestler found dead in Tampa

HBO...You're Welcome America..on now.

Jon Stewart puts spotlight on CNBC and meltdown

Barry Goldwater's influence on American conservatism

Darth Cheney on State of the Union with RW Tool John King tonight

Tucker Carlson's Cry For Attention

Growing pollution leads to "global dimming"

Pakistan's Long March Is 'Prelude To Revolution': Sharif

Kansas Late term abortion doc trial set to begin.

San Francisco Chronicle: Foreclosures hit city, renters

Summers: AIG Bonus Bombshell 'Outrageous'

Summers: AIG Bonus Bombshell 'Outrageous'

Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 15

Ala Shooter used TWO Assault Weapons... fired over 200 rounds .... TEN Dead....

If "" is so free, how can they afford so many f**kin' commercials?

The Bush years of self deception (toon)

According to a recent discovery, apparently the poor didn't really like Robin Hood (yeah, right...)

Is there a worse interviewer than John King?

NASA Watch: Shuttle Set to Launch at 743PM tonight from KSC..

How many of the "birthers" would celebrate if it was discovered that Obama was born via c-section?

South Florida cities act to prevent blight in foreclosed homes

Why does Campbell Brown annoy the fuck out of me?

Why does Campbell Brown annoy the fuck out of me?

Secretary of Education Duncan: Obama doesn't want to continue NCLB

My mom just received this forwarded email from an asshat I've tangled with before....

Associated Press has launched Propaganda Blitz

'The Daily Show': Jon Stewart-Jim Cramer showdown nets big ratings

Cheney: Not happy we 'left Scooter sort of hanging' (CNN)

U.S. Ranks #8 In Global Innovation Index

AZ Republic: Arpaio story reports "Conyers, like Holder, is Black."

Crisis may raise financial literacy for many

" Semtex theory 'scientifically implausible' in Pan Am 103 explosion"

Are you willing to send an email in support of Siegelman's Civil Rights? ... and YOURS?

TC = 0

Key House Democrat: AIG "Trying to Play the American People for Fools"

See how Minneapolis Star Tribune tries to spin a Re-Do for Norm Coleman

Homes of the Billionaires.

Spend Your Money!! Stop Saving!! (Daniel Gross in Newsweek)

I'm kind of confused - S. Hersh revelations and Bob Woodward...

CNN toy store

CNN Poll: Do you agree with Dick Cheney that policies by the Obama administration 'raise the risk' o

ABC This Week is gonna ask: On the economy, did the journalists fail? (Cramer v Stewart)

So Shitstain Shoots-Guy-In-Face has risen up out of his....

Greenwald: "There's nothing unique about Jim Cramer"...

How are American Idol, Survivor and the Main Stream News Media different?

Even Atheists Follow the Christian God

If Cheney had secret assassination rings over seas...

‘Confidential’ Red Cross torture report details ‘suffocation’ and head-smashing of detainees.

Reject NAIS (animal ID basically designed to break small operations), comments due by March 16

Eric Cantor is a LIAR

Mexico, US carry out exchange of 36 inmates

An early St Paddy's day treat

Will Ferrell's George Bush Farewell: Condi Rice Gets Down and Dirty With W

Comedian Randy Credico considers challenging Schumer

Daily Kos: 10 Republicans vote against Pi (Day!)

AIG has released it's CDS counterparties. Will it spook the markets?

You know, we are being robbed, spied on, and poetically speaking raped

Teach the Controversy tees illustrate other important "scientific controversies"

Bernanke on 60 Minutes

Bernanke on 60 Minutes

Dana Perino: Bush deserves credit for recent market uptick.

Treatment for Peanut Allergies Shows Promise

The World's Smallest St. Patrick's Day Parade!

Murder suicide leaves 5 dead in Miami FL

Transsexual City Manager Finalist For New Job

Will Farrell as GWB was OUTSTANDING on HBO. Anyone see it?

Local news called Cincinnati Tea Party gathering "bi-partisan"

GOP still believes there is a train from Disney to Vegas in the Stimulus

Bow Tie Boy Carlson: "Stewart's doing Obama's bidding. It's that simple."

Glenn Beck is batshit insane.

Bush to break post-presidential silence in Calgary,Protesters promise to be out in full force.

Where are the treads about this Obama

Retailers are demanding price cuts from food makers

"How to Maintain Your Mental Health in Tough Economic Times."

Obama should have put Panetta at Treasury, not CIA

Why is it that people who work hard, strive to excel, and show aptitude keep getting kicked in the

NC, $2.2 billion shortfall, state tax refunds delayed

in which we bury the dead

Ex-Cal Tree Sitter Injured In West Bank Protest

Space Shuttle getting ready to launch in an hour:

I'd like to say to my Kids, and their Kids, and even their Kids.

I'm getting damned annoyed with the limitations of non lead paint.....

Is Geithner the best Obama can get for Treasury?

Schools need to be free to get rid of chronically bad kids

Bill Maher's show Friday 3/13

Bernanke talking. Right out of his ass.

Evil is Alive and Well

Which group is the biggest target of the GOP?

Wake-up call for organized religion

Which Risk Is The Greater?

Language... and capitalism... or other political systems

Frank Rich: The Culture Warriors Get Laid Off

Hawaii Soldier Charged With Stealing $400K In Afghanistan

MSM says we must not forget the Palins. They all get interviews

Science on Hold (Living on Earth)

Olbermann Addresses Decision Not to Cover Cramer/Stewart Interview

Obama scapegoats teachers, continues Bush education policies

The Abu Zubaydah Experiment - Emptywheel

Why I Worship Teachers.

The shuttle just launched.

Michelle Obama on Paula Deen's cooking show today

It CAN be hard to dismiss a bad teacher. I've seen it happen before.

No Atheists in Foxholes

AIG Motherfuckers A.I.G. Planning $100 Million in Bonuses After Huge Bailout

Calif. Cuts Health Care For Illegal Immigrants

When a subculture becomes a different race. Hippies. Now Liberals.

The Catholic Worker movement is worth a look.

Play Jim Cramer's Crashteroids Game - Rescue Cramer From His Most Fearsome Enemies!

Why Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio must go - and soon = Petition

Why Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio must go - and soon = Petition

A.I.G. Planning $100 Million in Bonuses After Huge Bailout

They Serve At The Pleasure Of The President

Amazing display

US shortchanged -AIG releases list of recipients of bailout money.

Hippies' revenge as hardscrabble Hardwick goes organic (why my town is doing well)

"This might call for a full Colemanectomy"!!!

Joe Biden's mother admitted to hospital after a fall

Looking for Clothing Union Made in the USA?

The Financial Terrorists of Wall Street - The Truth Behind a Curtain of Silence

Let me get this straight. Olbermann consistently BASHES the right/GOP/FOX yet folks cry foul . . .

Garrison Keillor is ignorant.

I liked Obama until he called for lengthening school year.

Complete the Jon Stewart quote: Tucker Carlson will end up like...

Gov't reaction to Wall Street meltdown like ''punishment'' of Prescott Bush for hiding Nazi money

Seymour Hersh speaks of Cheney's hit squads on MPR at 6pm CST

*** DUzy Awards for weeks ending March 6 & March 13, 2009 ***

Toons- as random as my thought process

Even More than Race, the South Is About Exploiting Workers

60 Minutes 3/15: Alice Waters/Chez Panisse/Slow Food/The Edible Schoolyard/A Delicious Revolution

We can create a new form of Currency. One based on an Hour of Labor equalling a unit of exchange.

Credit card companies are cutting people's limits below their outstanding balances without notificat

Why the fuck isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

For those who want to keep Peter B Collins radio show going....a message from Peter B:

A warning of creeping totalitarianism in U.S

When is DU's Birthday? - and where can we find other DU info?

Just another Fox "News" typo, no doubt...

52 Catholic churches to close in Cleveland

Dick Cheney dismisses the idea that Limbaugh is bad for the GOP

It WAS Bush's Fault

Children born to older fathers may have lower IQs

Tucker Carlson, Jon Stewart will end up like Lenny Bruce CNN

For those who might be interested: "Religulous" is streaming free at this site:

Robert Reich: The Real Scandal of AIG

Resident Evil Racism




ANOTHER long time store is closing (SEARS in Bellevue, Ne) THANKS WAL-MART

$160M bonuses < 0.1% of $170B bailout -- wake up and smell the red herring!

DUzy Awards for the past two weeks are up in GD

I hate rude behavior in a man

woah, Brown's WR Dante Stallworth hit and killed a pedestrian

I may need to create DUcky awards for stupid ass shit that we do in the lounge

I'm racsist

"Last House on the Left" vs. "The Hills Have Eyes."

Screw it. In 2012, I'm voting

How Do You Put On Your Socks and Shoes?

Anyone here seen the movie "The Whole Shootin' Match"?

Don't Play With Your Food?

What's the best MOVIE of the last 20 years

Will the drug cartels put up


"Time heals all wounds." True or false? How long does it take?

Oh, this is bad.....we don't have a drinking topic forum....

Farscape or Firefly?

Shooting Star

Now I know I'm getting old

Central Catholic Raiders: 2009 Massachusetts girls basketball state champions!

How come the blasters on Star Wars

I just watched Rachel Getting Married

So is SNL worth watching tonight?

Happy Ides of March

Kath & Kim

Time for another "Name that DU Lounger!"

I find the damndest things between my legs.

I wanted to watch that Will Ferrell comedy show with him doing Bush - but I couldn't

I have two serious questions about men's underwear.

I find the damndest things between my legs.

I find the damndest things between my legs.

OMFG, this guy was posted earlier this week

I saw Miss March tonight...

People that let their dogs run loose to wreak havoc S.U.C.K.

was anyone watching Comedy Central a few minutes ago?

I've woken up in Scranton on the Ides of March.

The new Facebook layout sucks

Today is my Grandfather's 88th B-Day

Does this qualify as a political video?

Happy Birthday to Sly Stone

Disney's "Imagination Movers" - like The New Monkees, but with worse music.

Should waitresses at the Olive Garden recieve merit pay for breastfeeding their octuplets?

Why do some CFLs take so long to warm up?

Tonight on DU.... Teachers who let their dogs run loose...

Do not enter this thread, All trespassers will be shot...

Why does the act of crossing back over from Canada...


I just can't do it

Gawsh, Fergie (the ex-royal) is on the Graham NORTON show

MccTaTas called me a doozer??


Good Morning

Question Re: High School Sports


People here are sometimes more attentive and real than

Do they make sleeping pills for cats?

Lookin' cool.

Does your ducky dance? (56k warning, animated pic)

It's NYC_SKP's Natal Day!!!!

i'm a bit delirious right now

What does this story say about me?

I love Flavored Tootsie Rolls

I'm leaving. Really!

I no longer desire to be awake

Rec this thread if you enjoy clicking on "OK" buttons

Oh great, it's the Wolfman's Brother.


Rick Astley is never gonna.......

Things I would do if I were a Bond Villain...

Why do people allow their chickens to free range?

Space Shuttle Repaired and Ready again LOL (cats)

How do you put on your underwear?

GAACK! I just saw Coach K of Duke on TV making the case.

Going to see Watchmen today....question

Dammit! Two of my favorite home magazines are gone.

I want to create a thread that dies immediately

Miniseries to sit through?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/15/09 (language warning)

'Quantum of Solace' review - warning: No solace to be found here.

I don't care for Tracy Morgan.

Crêpe Suzettes I'm Hungry On Sunday Afternoons!

Best bowler ever - Jason Belmonte

My left arm hurts!

Floridians, night shuttle launch at 7:43.

Was shopping at the local Kroger grocery today.

Beer makes a much better Cough Suppressant than Nyquil

How .... how come "monkey" and "donkey" don't rhyme?

Man Dressed As Joker Gunned Down

The Ripple Effect

I'm Back From Target...

I bought a fancy turntable Scrabble game today and the box said

Cripes I'm Lazy On Sunday Afternoons!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/15/2009)

today I saw a car I thought was a Ranchero

Cleaned the garage, organized the tools,

Joy Division vs. Iggy Pop's "The Idiot"

Wanna see some nekkid pics of Bristol's Baby Daddy Levi???

Not embarrassed to talk babytalk to the cat; embarrassed that I sound like Miss Carol Channing

Iggy Pop's "Mass Production" - Jesus FUCK this is Brilliant!

Best ever episode of "Roseanne"!! Roseanne has to pay her taxes!!

The boys at Something Awful take on Thomas Kincade

What is up with this ADD tonight?

29th Anniversary Today

More things I have no words for....

Go Utes, beat Arizona!

Go Utes, beat Arizona!

The Simpsons - spoof on Da Vinci Code and National Treasure tonight

I'm leaving DU. But not until Friday.

Mother*!$#@ing Earworm! ARrrrg!

DU Docs (or anyone else): Question about Robin Williams' heart condition and "Why"?

OK, I have two croissants, some walnuts, and some honey

NASCAR fans: so what do you guys do while you're waiting for them to stop going around?

The Selection Sunday/College Basketball Thread

She's back! She's coming back! On Tuesday!!!

She's back! She's coming back! On Tuesday!!!

Is there a 6 month anniversary gift?

Today, I am officially the mother of a teenager.

Old Navy clothing sets off the alarms at Barnes and Noble

My thoughts on the NCAA tournament bracket

Do you sit through any TV shows or movies you hate just because your SO likes them?

I just lost 20 IQ points....Watching Hole in the Wall

Eggs over easy,

Near riot breaks out at America's Top Model screening in NYC

** Sunday Pic Thread **

I saw a car today that looked like an El Camino, but it was a Ford

I am letting my sketti sauce simmer all day!

have we had a photo thread this weekend? i'm starting one anyway....

My 14-year old daughter is off

kitten picture of the day for sunday march 15

Well, I'm home from DC.

The "Next Top Model" riot - a desperate grab at the brass ring -

Acid Trip III

DU Scientists and Engineers: How does the methodology of the Mythbusters measure up?

DU Scientists and Engineers: How does the methodology of the Mythbusters measure up?

So how much, exactly, are cigarettes going up in price?

This is a beautiful dress, and I want it.

Have I met your avatar??

DON'T take me to TVLand....because it SUX!!!

So much for finding the good in people...

So I have an unopened block of Monterey Jack cheese that expired on March 12th. Can I

What kind of dipshit writes in a library book?

Pictures of the AWESOME prom dress. I decided it needed its own thread

For those in troubled times, a poem by Robert Burns

15 ways to keep life interesting

Charter schools are a tip of the hat to deregulation supporters.

Post things your pet has chewed on:

OHAI Sunday LOLcats (SalmonChantedEvening's computerz still in shops all bein has sickies) DialUp

O.K. who knows how to use the new Facebook?

Lisa Lampanelli on Leno -R RATED-really funny!

Yard Butts, yes or no?

Editorial Cartoonist seeks your support! Lets kick this!

And the Big East champs are....NOT UCONN!!

Flying my Nerd Flag - Got New Eyeglasses...

Barack Obama as a Community Organizer-in Chief

Thai Obama sings to a different tune

Anybody watching Will Ferrell's "Final Night With George W. Bush"?

SC Governor Sanford putting his house up for sale for 3 1/2 million....

Obama policy of being inclusive in an interfaith way seems to help blunt any voices of opposition.

Barack Obama - Stamping Out the Evils of the World. And I mean like LITERALLY

"Obama is looking more and more bush lite every day".

Conservative "Human Events" emails give me hope

The banks are not pillars of responsiblity

Obama to Announce New Help for Small Businesses

Obama to unveil proposals to help small businesses (AP)

This Week's Roundtable has "Obama Unfocused?" on for ten minutes

you dont fund something you want to get rid of.

At A.I.G., Good Luck Following the Money

Obama vows support for free markets

Obama aides change their rhetoric on economy

SERIOUSLY, When the HELL is Al Franken Gonna Be Seated?

The world that never was.

Now THIS is what a dead-ringer to our President looks Like!

Post-Rush: Obama's message war (starting Sun., will use all power to show Pubs are purely political)

Darth Cheney: Obama decisions are putting country at risk

Talkingpointsmemo's Josh Marshall: Just Gets Worse (AIG)

Anyone find the Meme: Pres. Obam is doing too much, a farce.

Background on President Obama's personnel choices and tactical decisions for financial

NYT Editorial Must Read: Following the A.I.G. Money (Warning! It will make you very angry.)

KY-Sen: Chandler "Seriously Considering" Running; Bunning Plays Up Regional Divide

The Poster Child For 'Crazy As A Shithouse Rat':

Anything on the morning shows worth watching?

MSNBC performance poll was freeped now doing OK:)

Sanford’s White house chances

Biden sees signs economic confidence returning

Family matters in the West Wing

Vice President Biden's mother hospitalized.

WTF??? Can a Magazine Publisher get put in jail for inciting treason?

OH NO - Local Atlanta News is Reporting That Reverend Joseph Lowery was Rushed to the Hospital

So Cantor defended voting for bloated Bush budgets with the need to fund the war...

"Bobby" Jindal: The Story They Don't Want You to Read

Obama Raids the Hill — Again

AIG still paying bonuses. Oh wells.

Why hasn't Obama and Geithner simply nationalized AIG, kicked out its top dog crooks

I had x great teachers growing up

"Obama plans to boost small biz"

Cash bonuses were part of the UAW's 2007 contract with Ford, but these were given back

"Obama Doing What Obama Does" But dammit, is he doing it right?

CNN Money: AIG Finally Names Names

Please do not start threads and get into hissy fits based on rumors and anonymously sourced stories

Ridiculous and illogical aspects about the belief that Obama was born in Kenya.

Unity '09: Dem groups quietly align

Obama's No Socialist. I Should Know.

Long time no see! Nancy Pflugelhorn is on CNN.

We joined a small, local organic food co-op this past week

Obama never promised to eliminate earmarks!

Rick Perry (Texas Gov) is just playing politics as usual by turning down stimulus help...

Death by a Thousand Cuts- A Strategy to combat Change

Obama Team To Ramp Up Attacks on Repugs - Aggressively Defend Policies, Plouffe Designed Strategy

I listened to the Morning Talking Heads.. and the result is...

Why Repubs are so afraid of EARMARKS -- and we shouldn't be.

What has President Obama done Right as of today as President?

Cantor lies about W's deficits, while Gregory sits with his thumb

Robert Reich Must Read: The Real Scandal of AIG

Ok, I'm done. CNN lost me with this crap Cheney interview

"Bush kept us safe after 9-11" I'm sick and tired of hearing this non-point

Do you think any of these would make or not make for good alternatives to the FairTax?

Without a Pastor of His Own, Obama Turns to Five

Movie Talk: Which movie isn't as bad as they say, and which movie isn't as good as they say?

Jackie Mason: Obama's a "Schwartza"

3 Foreign Aid Workers Freed in Darfur.

Obama should better ties with Cuba, says Lula

Using tax dollars to turn lives around is money well-spent

Moderates in Congress win clout

Insurance giant AIG to pay $165 million in bonuses

The Heights Traveled to Subdue Tibet

Maldives president vows carbon neutral nation

After more than 40 years, family unearths clues to missing Texas soldier's fate in Cambodia

Mass Demonstration Defies Pakistani Government

Sri Lanka Fighting Displaces 36,000 Civilians, Red Cross Says

Judge appointments are Obama's chance to shape California courts

Obama calls Arroyo on VFA (Philippines)

Bomb kills 4 US soldiers in Afghanistan's east

Pakistan arrests opposition leader Nawaz Sharif

Prosecutors target assets of Madoff's wife

Obama he has 'unique' chance (re Latin America)

Kuwait explores nuclear cooperation with France

Mexico says 'emo' youths face discrimination

OPEC Ministers to Stick to Current Output Levels

El Salvador’s Former Rebels May Gain Presidency in Vote Today

Madoff worth more than $820 million, document says

Northeast US to suffer most from future sea rise

Georgia Peace Corps worker killed in Africa

Sri Lanka rejects UN charge of possible war crimes

AIG to cut future bonus payments

Obama to unveil proposals to help small businesses

Bolivia leader redistributes land

Man kills 4 at gathering in Miami, then kills self

Cheney: We did 'nearly everything' we planned to in Iraq

Jittery Pak instigated Bangla mutiny?

Afghan NATO supply terminal attacked in Pakistan

U.S. missile attack kills 5 in Pakistan

Two tons of shark fins on Taiwanese boat

India may vote for untouchable leader Mayawati Kumari

Battle Brews Over Bush Library

Taiwan renews push for modern U.S. F-16 fighters

Administration Is Open to Taxing Health Benefits

Cheney unhappy Bush did not pardon former aide Libby

Rep. Frank wants to see if AIG bonuses recoverable

NASA fuels Discovery for mission to space station

26,000 CA teachers to get pink slips

New Scientist pulls story on Creationist Code words

Conservative talk radio on the wane in California

President Barack Obama Inauguration slideshow to Charice Pempengco's God Bless America

Michael Moore: Iraq War Vets Go From Tanks to Tanking Economy

Good News Flower Hour

Bush's Inner Circle Remembers September 11th

Dangerous decisions in Afghanistan

Rachel Maddow talks with Norm Coleman Web Site Sleuth

Cheney's Excuse For Failures: 'Stuff Happens'

McConnell: No Alternatives To Budget

Cheney fearmongers: Obama is ‘making some choices’ that ‘raise the risk…of another attack.’

Glenn Beck Recycles "X-Files" Plot to Spread Fear of Obama

Cheney on Scooter Libby and Rush Limbaugh

CNN: Credit Crisis for Dummies and why the banker bailouts can never work

Some things you can only do with a pet. (00:31)

Maddow w/ Jonathan Turley: Just what IS an 'enemy combatant'?

Barney Frank and Chris Wallace Tangle

Andy Card: What Did You Whisper In Bush's Ear On September 11th?

Cheney claims waterboarding "programs" prevented attacks?

TYT: Warrick Dunn In Studio Discusses Mom's Murder, Community Work & NFL

The Week In Cartoons 03/14/09

Erin Burnett thinks people aren't looking for jobs until their unemployment expires

TYT: Guess What % Of Iraqi's Think The Shoe Thrower Is A Criminal?

SNL vs. WIll Ferrell

ABC Panel Discusses AIG Bonuses - ponders the helplessness of the government

Tucker Carlson is attacking Jon Stewart

DNC ad highlights incredible Boehner quote

Rachel Maddow's post-mortem on Stewart/Cramer confrontation

Earmarks Are A Model, Not A Menace

HORTON: Enemy Combatant, Rest in Peace?

Tombstone thrower headed for boot camp.

A Lesson in International Gamesmanship By Scott Ritter

Cuba's surrogates

Porn in the USA: Conservatives are biggest consumers

Using tax dollars to turn lives around is money well-spent

Tim Geithner, CNBC and the second coming of known unknowns

Trillions of Dollars for This?

The State (Columbia, SC): Paying down debt won’t stimulate economy; jobs will

Conservative talk radio on the wane in California

The Heights Traveled to Subdue Tibet

Washington Post to Combine Business and Comics Sections

Time to quit Afghanistan (Eric Margolis)

Tales From Torture’s Dark World

Indian IT Group Frets over H-1B Reforms

President needs to stiffen spine

Obama Signals Readiness to Further Militarize Drug War with Potential Deployment of National Guard t

AIG to Geithner: “Go Screw Yourself. We’re Paying the Bonuses.”

Obama Reverses Opposition to Mexican Trucks - Goodbye Jobs………………

America cheers as satirist delivers knockout blow to TV finance gurus

Frank Rich:The Culture Warriors Get Laid Off

Administration is open to taxing health benefits

Now is the time for a less selfish capitalism By Richard Layard

Hillbilly Economics

"What has happened between 2001 ane 2009

Danny Schechter: Is the Hunter Being Captured by the Game?

Why We Need a Federal Military Family Leave Act: Oh, What a Difference the Draft Makes

Robert Parry: WPost Is a Neocon Propaganda Sheet

How to blow your credit limit - without spending. This will scare the shit outta you

(93,000+ Views @ Huffinton Post) Cenk: The Real Problem With CNBC



Americans care about global warming, but don't see how it connects to other environmental problems

Warming to make N.Y. vulnerable to storms-study

Science on Hold (Living on Earth) {xpost}

NOAA: Ninth warmest February since 1880

Dollars from dirt: Economy spurs home garden boom

As Oil and Gas Prices Plunge, Drilling Frenzy Ends

CUBA is most sustainable nation on the planet - Cuba, an energy model

VW's USA head Stefan Jacoby: EVs are 35 YEARS away

CUBA is most sustainable nation on the planet - Cuba, an energy model

Obama should better ties with Cuba, says Lula

Another El Salvador election blog to check in on

US finds large coke stash on yacht in Puerto Rico

Navy deployed to Venezuela airports, seaports

Good vibes to El Salvador's Election thread.

Live online radio in ENGLISH from El Salvador

Eva Golinger: PSYOPS Against Venezuela

check out two latests post on cispes blog

Mexico says 'emo' youths face discrimination

Anyone watching rabs online tv? I just walked into my room,

From magbana's election blog: Credentials to stop spread of 200 observers from Guatemala

Today in labor history Mar 15 Supreme Court approves 8-Hour Act under threat of a national strike

“Mexican truck project may return”. Congress ends Bush’s cross-border trucking program but Obama

5 ways to turn your layoff into an opportunity

Former pro wrestler found dead in Tampa

Congratulations Mississippi State!

Is it possible we are about to see the awarding of the most undeserved #1 to the most overrated team

WTF!? Cal Bear Women lose to USC? Worst. Call. Ever. (EDITED)

Galloway signing confirmed (Patriots).


A Gay couple wins right to adopt foster son

Iowa: "gender-neutral marriage bill" dropped from agenda.

OUR Herstory: The Van Dykes of The 70's

D.C. rally held in protest of don’t ask, don’t tell (xpost from Veterans)

Likud leaders: Livni's insistence on rotation is blocking unity government

Israelis 'firing live rounds' at West Bank protesters

American in stable condition after seriously hurt in West Bank protest

2 Israelis killed in shooting attack

A message to President Obama

Landmark event: 'LA Times' publishes a Jew embracing anti-Zionism


Treatment stops for Palestinian patients

Bernie Madoff, what's the "rest of the story" ?

#$@!%*&%!!!! Countrywide.

Money and the Turning of the Age

Abbas aide: Israel never offered a serious two-state proposal

Does it annoy you when people use the term "credit card company"?

Another article on the issues facing credit unions that I came across, fyi

What % of US GDP comes from our financial industry?

Traditional Chinese Therapy May Help Ease Eczema

GM mosquito bred to destroy malaria

Alice Waters on 60 Minutes 3/15

Is our dollar the next bubble waiting to break?

Gunfire exchanged at car dealership in Sulphur

(German Chancellor) Merkel urges stricter gun checks after shooting

The new moral panic: "Smuggled American guns and Mexican gangs"

Ammo gone from WalMart shelves

Issue of Gun Rights Still Holds Sway

Out of curiosity...

Local views clash on carrying guns in public (CA)

Few more gates

~~~ MARCH Photo Contest Prelims posted in GD ~~~

need opinions

This isn't my photo, but I love it...

Sometimes getting the right angle is all it takes :)

HDR done right

F-35 Air Combat Skills Analyzed

Ceremony allows early look at museum

Cargo UAVs considered for supply delivery

NASA hopes repairs will permit shuttle launch

Report: Russia could put bombers close to U.S.

Iraqi native returns home as U.S. soldier

Iraqi security leader calls for intel boost

UN chief: 2009 is critical for Afghanistan

U.S.-Afghan raid targeting bomb-maker kills 5

Petraeus: No Iraq-style surge in Afghanistan

Gates to skip NATO summit, citing budget work

Agency charged with long-term health of ships

Navy extends comment period on Ore. training

Japan joins U.S.-led anti-piracy mission

Family readiness officers go high-tech

Rise in Marine suicides prompts new training

Ex-Marine offered deal in staged disappearance

Panel says cadet should be restricted to base

Warren’s 90th passes nuclear inspection

DODDS' School Advisory Committees form a bridge between families, educators

D.C. rally held in protest of don’t ask, don’t tell

Hohenfels soldiers training troops at Fort Bragg

USAFE drops Extreme Summer program due to low interest

Camp Lester to temporarily shift eye care for some

Soldier's murder trial starts March 30 at Vilseck

JAG warns against March Madness office pools

Okinawa cabbie awarded $290K in damages

C-130s slowly returning to service

Can You Explain These Photographs? (new web site)

New Job-- which one?

For FirstLight

The Theory of Mind

Sixth Sense game changing wearable tech

Science on Hold (Living on Earth) {xpost}

'Peking Man' older than thought (BBC) {new isotope dating method!}

The Religious Violence of "Defending Marriage"

Nine year old rape victim excommunicated

Raised Catholic but never got the "sacrifice" of Jesus's death

Even Atheists Follow the Christian God

Okay, I give up. I don't bake. What is this Ain5 shit everyone keeps posting about?

One more variation on the Ain5 bread: cinnamon rolls!

MotherEarthNews: Chocolate: The Best of the Best Organic Fair Trade Chocolates

Preheated Oven Popovers sounds like y'all will enjoy!

An amateur needs help

A Chef's Bounty - Superb Cookbook

Blueberry Scones

Cookie of the week.

Crepe Expectations

Crepe report

What's for dinner? ~ Sunday the 15th Edition

my 1st chicken & dumplings with my very own bird

I love you all

Alice Waters on 60 Minutes 3/15

Corporal Punishment for Children

The Pledge

Got this from Montgomery County dem's- need your help with poll !

Arrests After Melee at TV Casting Call

Altovise Davis Dies

Fire fox vs. Chrome (pic heavy)