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Advance warning to people with weak digestive tracts ...

What's wrong with this picture?

Josef Fritzl to tell court he was ‘good father’ to dungeon family

Feds looking to freeze Ruth Madoff's assets-NY Post

CNN: UPDATE:Wal-Mart Confident Congress Won't Pass Pro-Union Bill

Remember the old movie Trading Places? What if Jim Cramer

Lawyers in $11 billion Wal-Mart case counting on embezzler's testimony

AIG Issues Fraud Warning

So the bastards at corporate have found a new way to cut health benefits

Stronger unions, better jobs: Why middle-class families need the Employee Free Choice Act

EDIT: Delete, sorry, dupe

Most Immigrants In Detention Did Not Have Criminal Record

Whatever happened to the RSS feeds from DU?

Alternate Route: Bypassing the G.O.P.

BREAKING: AIG Releases List of Counterparties, 65% To Foreign Banks

BREAKING: AIG Releases List of Counterparties, 65% To Foreign Banks

Teacher's Unions protect... good teachers cannot be fired for bad reasons.

Question, have any Republicans rejected the tone or substance of what Cheney says?

Does AIG and the insurance companies have pre existing condition?

New Scientist pulls story on creationist code

Red Cross Described Torture at CIA Jails-Secret Report Implies That U.S. Violated International Law

Police don't want Olson in St. Paul

Obama needs to have Geithner and Summers drop-kicked from the White House

Boy .... those car CEOs are like Larry, Curley and Moe ......

You did it DU--Just ten votes behind!!

Confidential’ Red Cross torture report details ‘suffocation’ and head-smashing of detainees.

Cheney's Stay-Out-of-Jail Strategy

Pelosi, Feingold Demand AIG Renounce Bonuses

America is not a conservative nation, so why do Democratic polticians act like it is?

AIG's bonuses...from the horse's mouth.

Leaked-Int'l Red Cross Report-CIA Techniques "CONSTITUTED TORTURE-With Intimate Involvement Of WH"

A Teacher....

Anyone catch the Simpsons subtle slam on O'Reilly?

Depression could end tomorrow if all unemployted people were called "self" employed.

Conservative talk radio on the wane in California

Levi Johnston details breakup in TV interview(GMA Monday)

Corrupt assets tax.

AIG, CIti,'s all sick/sickening......

Would SOMEONE please tell Dickhead Cheney

Jail them or forget about it all and move on?

At what point will the media be declared an enemy of the state?

NASA Watch: Shuttle launches OK - Astronauts have trouble with "firewire" camera connection.

Missouri report on militias, terrorists draws criticism

I would be so happy to see a basketball star's salary go to a teacher.

Ron, Ron the Neo-con is dead--Ron Silver dead at 62

I was just thinking about santelli

Evo Morales calls for legalization of coca leaf chewing--NYT op-ed

Media Matters: CNN's King asked Cheney several leading questions, inviting him to hammer Obama

My poor kitty has a tooth ache. He's going to the doctor tomorrow, but

LTTE - Sanford stalks his own corridor of shame

Is This Last Gasp for the Israel Lobby and the Neocons?

I want to turn Conservates into an odd curiosity that tourist pay to see

Meet the Gulabi Gang: Truly 'Fighting' For the Rights of Women and the Poor in India

TPM: AIG bonuses worse than thought - $450 million to 'products division'

Wasn't Goldman the most profitable company this decade?

Americans Are Rearing for a Fight with Corporate Power

A bigot is a bigot is a bigot.

Josef Fritzl hides his face after holding his daughter captive for 24 years

Josef Fritzl hides his face after holding his daughter captive for 24 years

$28M- nice house sure but what about the neighbors???? ;-)

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

A good series on the scuttling of the middle class...

Just a quiet memorial (stonewall if people want)

Ok here is one that may make some people uncomfortable, AP ran

My Morning Prayer - I realize Barack Obama cannot fix everything immediately

Twittering. Here's what some think of it.

C-SPAN 9 am EDT - going after money in SWISS BANKS

The Nation: The USPS Still Matters

Actor/Activist Ron Silver Dies-Succumbs to Cancer at age 62

Mourning MoFo's Pat and Joe Scum's meme today:

WTF? Caribbean Banking Centers Now a Top Holder of US Debt.

Looking for stuff made in the USA?

24 - Interesting Interview Cherry Jones(Pres Taylor) on Torture

President Obama to be discussing the economy with Jay Leno

On exactly what date was Bush's shadow government deactivated?

Besides the executive bonus blast,

Besides the executive bonus blast,

Let The Thing Be Pressed

The Nation: A Post-Capitalist Future is Possible

Backdating the Recession: A Report by Media Matters for America; Release date: May 3, 2004

Barney Frank On AIG: "Maybe It's Time To Fire Some People"

Bracing for a Bailout Backlash

A.I.G. Lists Which Banks It Paid With U.S. Bailout Funds

AIG Apologists - Let's See You In Court

My letter to Feinstein

A Plea for a Return to the Marketplace

Taxing health care benefits

Freeps revel in 2012 Dream Team fantasy: "Cheney for President. Palin for Vice President."

How much money would taking Jim Cramer’s advice have cost you?

Need a laugh, time out , if you will? this..

David Sorota Hosting All Week

Serious question for those bashing Ron Silver. . .

Serious question for those bashing Ron Silver. . .

Don Imus says he has prostate cancer

Don Imus says he has prostate cancer

Are you uncomfortable joining with Repubs to fight the bailouts?

Isn't paying for the CDS on *toxic* assets what we wanted AIG to do with bailout money?

The Dow Jones is up again today, so far....

Glenn Greenwald: The sanctity of AIG's contracts

Megan The Plus Size Model

Megan The Plus Size Model

WorldNutDaily vs. Wikipedia

Gossip site flogs John KING/CNN for not asking CHEENEE about his death squads

msnbc from white house to capital hill 'pure outrage' ....they are gonna feed this fire all day long

we are all wrong...cheney says bu$h* is NOT responsible for the economic crisis

Corporate meltdown leaves renters in limbo - Really sucks.

Prosecutors will seek Madoff’s wife’s money

Are we being setup for the Nationalization of AIG? Will we make Credit Default Swaps good...

Time to End Business as Usual for Toxic Coal Industry

Patriot or crackpot? Seattle man's mission to prosecute Bush ("Bob" from Malloy's "Moment with Bob")

Bush Assumes His Place In History

Will the Stewart/Cramer dustup be the catalyst for a CNBC renaissance?

Will the Stewart/Cramer dustup be the catalyst for a CNBC renaissance?

lest we forget.....AIG got their bailout money from bu$h* & cheney not President Obama

What's the difference between General Discussion Presidential

My idea for Stimulus II: A debit card

"Give me a fucking break!"

what a teacher makes

Vt. hunter busted for bolting antlers on dead doe

Breaking: Pa State Sen. Vincent Fumo convicted.

Trillion: It's the new billion

What do you think Obama should do about AIG and the bailouts?

Ron Silver once said...

Time to gather FBI/CIA files on the Right Wing in 'Murika?

Time to gather FBI/CIA files on the Right Wing in 'Murika?

Face of Jesus appears in pleats of church cushion


How can the MSM be held accountable for having the same tired

AIG ships billions in bailout $$$$$ abroad

Scooter Libby: The Movie

Does Obama Working Group Portend an FDA Breakup?

Would a military operation tasked with capturing the Sudanese Preisdent be justifiable?

If you live in an apartment complex, and it goes into're fucked.

Swiss banks to cooperate with tax cheat investigation.

Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 16

The new network show "Kings" ought to get some fundies panties in a wad.

What Do You Think They Will Do On The Daily Show Tonight?

So, I Ripped My Supervisor a New Orifice Friday

So eager to call CNN 'Communist News Network,' Fox fudges name of Latin American leader

Is your paycheck less because of the stimulus?

Smith to Seek Clawback of Executive Compensation for Corporation's Coffers

Dow up, Freepers "frustrated"

Gary Sinise,actor,musician,asshat.

Nobody has yet explained to me why a bottom up "bailout" would be less effective than

In Connecticut And Elsewhere, More Debtors Choose Personal Bankruptcy

So when do we get to have our Bastille Day?

Exec Who Brought AIG Down Still Living High (paid $1 million/month)

Who's to blame for economic crisis?

Madoff’s top expense since December: Security

Let the Thing Be Pressed-By Marc Ash

Let the Thing Be Pressed-By Marc Ash

Where are the Abu Gharib photos?

President Obama Orders Treasury Chief to Try to Block A.I.G. Bonuses

The World's Billionaires Where The (Still) Rich and Single Mingle

Obama’s Approval Rating Slips in CNN Poll as Economy Takes Toll

Meanwhile, Citi sayuz 'Look over there at AIG'

"What did Tim Geithner know and when did he know it? "

A Thief will act like a Thief...

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate President Obama's defense of the Constitution so far?

Why Cheney gets away with his lies

The Rude Pundit: John King's Abdication

"The economy is fabulous, JUST FABULOUS!" PR campaign?

Why did drudge stop posting the dow?

Don Imus has prostate cancer... breaking

One face keeps popping up....


So two anorexic skanks are calling John McCain's daughter "fat"

okay -- explain this to me - executives LOSE 45 BILLION dollars in CDO's

The World's Billionaires Where The (Still) Rich and Single Mingle

Three Card Monte and the Feigned Outrage Against AIG

Quit Talking About My Weight, Laura Ingraham by Meghan McCain

cheney Asserts Obama Has Raised Security Risks

cheney Asserts Obama Has Raised Security Risks

Every time I hear a "conservative" spout off talking points

Red Cross says CIA tortured captives -- Secret report suggests international violations

US Consul General Says Awaiting Israeli Report on IDF Shooting of American Citizen

US Consul General Says Awaiting Israeli Report on IDF Shooting of American Citizen

Santelli's Winners: the Homeless

How Congress can make sure the AIG bonuses do not get paid...

Here's an idea for Geithner.....

How much money is M$NBC making to sell the Camero today?

From Penthouse to Big House: Inside Madoff's 7.5x8 foot cell

Our company health insurance rate just got jacked up 25%.

NY AG Cuomo is demanding a list of bonus recipients and amounts by 4pm today

The problem with corned beef and cabbage

Holt Bill Would Create Commission to Probe 2001 Anthrax Attacks

Levi Johnston on GMA: "I'd like to get back with her...I don't know what she's thinkin'"

Mrs. Greenspan asks: "Can Obama Learn From Reagan?"

"Why so angry?" Why??? Because I want BLOOD!!!!

The Future of PBS NOW = A Special Message

, "Honoring contractual commitments is at the heart of what we do in the insurance business."

AIG stock up 84% so far today.

In case of AIG bonus payments, some contracts made to be broken

In case of AIG bonus payments, some contracts made to be broken

Iraqi soccer player shot dead attempting goal

Say, whatever happened to that second lawsuit Valerie Plame

Second Poll Finds That Approval For GOP Leaders Has Plummeted — Among Republicans

Can someone explain why all 401K funds are subject to risk while others can be FDIC insured?

Unions Launch, Linking Bailout Protests to Employee Free Choice

ABC News Source Close to AIG: 'Everyone Gets That This Doesn't Look Good'

The economy is finished (Time Mar. 27, "The Next Crisis")

"Contract Issues"

Here is the thing, regarding AIG, CDS's, and market collapse

Chaplin Statue in India Draws Protests

Gareth Porter: U.S. Plan to Split Taliban Won't Work - Will Ultimately Commit U.S. Even Further

Gareth Porter: U.S. Plan to Split Taliban Won't Work - Will Ultimately Commit U.S. Even Further

Meghan McCain to Laura Ingraham: "Kiss my fat ass!"

When how did the White House reporters get so AGGRESSIVE concerned probing?!1

Jane Harmon ......

How would you grade Ben Bernanke as Fed chairman?

When we bailed out AIG at. al., were there absolutely no strings attached?

Why progressives can't seem to ignore Rush Limbaugh, no matter how hard we try.

McClatchy Newspapers: Obama should offer public health insurance to all

Obama CALLING OUT AIG, Right Now

The current Top 10 conservative idiots list is a hoot!

Ed Schultz getting a call-back from MSNBC


We need clear rules on dissolving the bailout companies

Seattle Post-Intelligencer To Go Web-Only Wednesday

Who Did Cheney Have Murdered?

White House: Dick Cheney next most popular member of the 'republican Cabal'

white house responds to cheney.....'i guess rush limbaugh was busy'

CA Right-Wing Radio Becomes Victim of Right-Wing Conspiracy

Hey R/W'ers w'ere gonna drag you kicking & screaming into peace, prosperity, justice & human decency

"AIG Can Move To A Cheap Corporate Office Park In Jersey" LOL!

Any indications on when the Court will rule on Al Franken's Senate seat?

Hersh: "They're killing "bad guys." Secretly"

Obama, a socialist? As if...

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) on AIG: 'One of Those Times We Have to Amputate'

any sites debunking that alex jones piece "obama deception" thanks n/t

How sexist is this?

Hate-filled Coulter and Ingraham are pathetic!

Gibbs calls Cheney ‘the next most popular member of the Republican cabal’ after Limbaugh

Daycare Owner Gives Up License After (accidently) Served Kids Wiper Fluid

Rove v. McCain in BuzzFlash contest

Record number of American say Afghanistan war is mistake

O NOEEEEES!!!111!!! More calls to boycott!

One of the best golf courses I have ever played.

MSNBC: NY Attorney General office to subpoena AIG over bonuses

MSNBC: NY Attorney General office to subpoena AIG over bonuses

The worst part for the Madoff victims? They had to pay income TAXES on fake earnings

Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation announces Jan unemployment in FL hit 8.6% up 1% from Dec

Monday, 3/16/09, 3:41 pm - MSNBC offers live coverage of White House press briefing. On FoxNoise ...

Gibbs takes swipe at Cheney, 'Republican cabal'

New Jersey To Outlaw Bikini and Brazilian (Genital) Waxing

more than 54,000 grassroots Democrats have stood up to tell Rush Limbaugh and the Senate Republicans

Is the Obama administration setting up AIG for nationalization?

more than 54,000 grassroots Democrats have stood up to tell Rush Limbaugh and the Senate Republicans

Mexico Slaps Tariffs on U.S. Exports as Retaliation for Congressional Action

Terrifying New Ride Coming to Six Flags this summer: The Poorhouse

The president is an attorney, most in Congress are attorneys, why are they so surprised

If Only Jon Stewart Had Interviewed Dick Cheney...

Obama fails to halt AIG's $165m bonus payments

Obama fails to halt AIG's $165m bonus payments

Who Was The Bigger Dick?

State Department Issues Travel Advisory: Don’t Let Your Kids Visit Fox News During Spring Break

"Obama Fingers" on sale in Germany

Star Wars scientists use laser gun to kill mosquitoes. A new WMD...

When the President claims he's powerless to stop the bonuses, there's something to be learned from


Would you like to see a FROST/BUSH interview?

President Obama rejects SC gov's bid to use stimulus on debt

President Obama rejects SC gov's bid to use stimulus on debt

Oregon jobless rate soars to nearly 11 percent

PA Dem. St.. Sen Vince Fumo guilty on 137 charges

Without Steve Jobs, is Apple Sony?

NY Mag's Caitlin Flannigan: Michelle Obama cuts a pretty figure in her big & tall gal ready-to-wear

If you were a Republican what period would you say was America's most productive

Latin American, Caribbean migrants sending less money home

The Inquirer should not publish op-eds by war criminals (Or Any "Legit" News Source)

If you missed Tweety, Pat Buchanan and Joe Trippi

The Daily Show Overseas Disclaimer

Dear Mrs. Greenspan ......

Alright, I'm going to put on my flame-proof suit...

Depression is painful.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS CHART-Guess WHO The US Borrowed The Most $ From-You Are NOT Going To Like It!!!

Ford takes Chrysler’s side, opposes GM deal with CAW (Canadian Auto Workers)

Shuster on the Red Cross expose about torture

If there was ever a "man".....

I had a nightmare last night.

Will Ferrell's GWB: I cried at the end

So has everyone voted in the AFA poll on Michael Steele?

I believe that insurance should be provided by our government.

Jon Stewart's Epiphany. Has a Comedian Just Saved America?

Ruth Madoff needs a new plan

Cheney's Stay-Out-of-Jail Strategy

Rachel Missed Asking An Obvious Question to Megan McCain

Why Does The Corporate Media Call Reactionaries "Moderates"?

chris matthews replayed part of frank gaffney interview from last week

Random acts of kindness. They kick ass and please K&R the thread linked here

South Carolina county hits 23% unemployment

If you can't stand Charlie Gibson - Please contribute to the cause!

MM: CNN's King asked Cheney several leading questions, inviting him to hammer Obama

A question.

Re: Obama... "He is in office, but is he in power?"

"Real Time" Has Been Pretty Boring So Far This Season

The Louder the Faux Poutrage the Less the Real Action (AIG)

The Louder the Faux Poutrage the Less the Real Action (AIG)

Father Martin

FIX CNBC petition:

Malibu residents upset at Bob Dylan's Port a Potty

When a company releases a new product in a medium

Question for Dick Cheeeeeney (thanx Chris)

Can someone hook me up with the stem cell "choice" graphic? You know, the one that

hey, pat b. - there is no possible way to demean dick cheney....

We were paid this weekend using the new tax tables under the ARRA of 2009!

Someone famous died.

Ronald Reagan

I am blown away by Jim Cramer's tone ....the vigor and noise is reduced by 75 percent

GOP 'trackers' stalk Dems in hunt for 'macaca' moment

Red-light cameras raise some red flags

Rachel Corrie died 6 years ago today; from a friend who was with her when she died:

Wonder if the ATF knows about this Looney Tune Glenn Beck "Cell" Member????

As far as I'm concerned, Cheney is inviting another attack

T-shirt to wear if attending an April 1st Teabag Party...

T-shirt to wear if attending an April 1st Teabag Party...

Quick-fix to "The Bonus Problem."

'Borat' star fools Alabama National Guard, trains in uniform

Medicare Advantage Sellers Trick Elderly Into Giving Up Benefits

What has the higher likelihood ......... ?

MarketWatch: Whodunit? 27 'villains' planning 'Doomsday 2011'

DU Lawyers: Why can't the government simply seize the assets of these banks under the RICO statute?

Dumb and dumber-Michael Steele on global warming...

Former Cook County GOP Chairman beaten by wife for prostitutes

Glenn Beck Watch: The Results of 'Beck Friday' Are In

OMG: "Obama's Ponzi Scheme" - Fox News would rather see President Obama in jail than Bernie Madoff?

How is it OctoMom, Murderers, Rapists of Chidren, More Pedophiles and others

Antibiotic resistant bacteria killed healthy teen in just 5 days

Rape legislation would require DNA link be noted in suspects' criminal histories

Mr. Fish has a certain way with religion

Tonight's Daily Show is the 1st show post -Tucker Carlson!

Help please--has anyone heard of the Congressional Student Leadership Conference?

The Children of the ____ (People mag cover this week)

Local Freeper suggests people use facts, be fair, and not hate. Seriously.

If you knew your neighbour is an undocumented immigrant

Anyone else think this nurse whould have checked the palate FIRST?

Mrs Cheney in hospital in Philadelphia

With all this talk about how poorly CNBC did ...

Wrong Cheney Hospitalized in Center City (Philadelphia)

Okay ....... let's talk about contractual obligations ........

South Lake Tahoe considers ban on dog, cat sales (by pet stores)

Who said there were no terrorist attacks during Bush's regime? Whatdaya call WALL STREET?

Our Treasury Secretary...the one that No One Likes...R or L....on Charlie Rose..

No wonder we aren't out with pitch forks and torches... "You know who I feel bad for?"

My husband won't be getting a bonus this year despite meeting

Pat Buchanan is getting to be an interesting turncoat....and that is not a bad thing

CA: Surge in anti-gay hate crime cases

Looney Tunes Pat Boone wants to be President - overthrow Obama

My 2 year old grandson is going through his republican phase

Florida Legislator Wants Random Drug Tests For The Unemployed (And They Will Have To Pay For Them)

Wow.. Lynn Samuels pimping the birther crap on her show today.

poor kitty

A Special Request From Josh Marshall

Glenn Beck's Friday Special is #1 For the Month

Are the large food manufacturers screwing us?

oh noes...Bush and Rice coming to SW MI...heads up michiganders

I really hate the term "illegal immigrants"

India's Gulabi (Pink) Gang

Since Dec 29, FOUR people I personally knew, have died in a hospital.

McCain flip-flops on AIG bailout one more time: We never should have rescued them.

Why is being racist worse than being sexist?

President Obama received donations from AIG's PAC in 2004 during his Senate campaign.

Is the PC name game the latest victim.... Hermaphrodite.

Instead of testing students to decide teachers' pay, what about testing the teachers themselves?

Breaking: NY AG (Andrew Cuomo) Issues AIG Subpoenas !!!

MoveOn: This is Rediculous! The media has been obsessing about President Obama's plan ...

MoveOn: This is Rediculous! The media has been obsessing about President Obama's plan ...

El Salvador Elections in Photos

Credit Cards and Their Current Dirty Little Secrets

Checkout alert system for recalled foods sought

Here's A Good One For The Not-Racist-Never-Racist Nativists Among Us!

Mr. President, distinguished Congresspeople, American media...

Federal Bill Would Fight Sexual Abuse in Schools

Is it my imagination or has Rush Limbaugh become very low key as of late?

If auto workers contracts can be re-negoitated, why can't derivatives traders

SteinMart Ad gives a shoutout to Michelle Obama

NC: youth pastor charged with rape of 14-year-old is rearrested on 19 more charges

How are we going to rebuild the regulation apparatus?

Mustang, Challenger or Camaro?

Feds Zero In on Bernie's (Madoff) Inner Circle

Mafia references and being an Italian American...

American citizen brutally murdered in Mexico

Minnesota legislators tell California: We don't want Sara Jane Olson

bringing back the idea of america

Was the AIG $ from taxpayers or the Federal Reserve?

DNC Blasts Boehner For Claiming GOP No Longer Plans To Legislate

It's just dumbfounding to me how folks can continue to say the bank bailout has helped

"WE OWN YOU! We will own your children, just like we owned your parents."

TPM Book Club - Juan Cole : Engaging The Muslim World

Now the Navy is laying off sailors?

Americans Are Not Spending Because They Are SCARED SHITLESS About Losing Their Job


The giant Ponzi scheme that is Florida

Do we American citizens have any protection from the Wall Street Mafia?

My family friend is Acting Secretary of the Navy

Why is media perpetuating the myth that if you dont pay big money/ bonuses- banks will lose talent?

Goddmit! - Are We REALLY A Country Of Laws?

A Fun Look At Glenn Beck's 9 Principles (Help Me Come Up With Something For # 9!)

Tucker Carlson Calls Jon Stewart A Hack

GOP 'trackers' stalk Dems in hunt for 'macaca' moment

Great "tweet" from David Shuster

I just want to say, that if I wanted health insurance to be taxed, I would have voted for McCain.

Teacher's are just them like such

Four Essential Human Freedoms

HIV/AIDS Rate in D.C. Hits 3%

Nixon's statements in 1973 -- very much like those of Bush, Cheney, et al.

'The Washington Post Is a Neocon Propaganda Sheet'

Today at work I backed into the boss's car with a forklift, but he

Simple solution to the AIG bonus issue

This Coffee House Needs A New Name - Suggestions Please

This Coffee House Needs A New Name - Suggestions Please

Moyers/PBS Needs Our Help NOW!!!

Attention, All Current & Potentially Unemployed DUers - Do this asap!

Are you tipping less nowadays are just avoiding having to tip at all?

TYT/XM Fans: The Young Turks are doing an hour every night 8-9PM ET (XM 167 - America Left) &...

Seattle man's mission to prosecute Bush

Progressive liberal people to do not express glee...

I, NanceGreggs, US Citizen ...

Torture Revealed Yet Again

BBC: Cheney has $85 Million invested in a private PRISON compay

WH Bracing for a Bailout Backlash

Are our troops fighting the Taliban to defend against threats to our security or to secure rights?

A mentally disabled man just broke my back...

So what would happen if most Americans would just turn off their TV, en masse -

Cenk: Fake Outrage By Politicians About AIG Bonuses (A Top Rated Diary @ DailyKos)

Few Ripples From Supreme Court Ruling on Guns

Lead Attorney in Hollister v "Soetoro" responds, claims Judge is trying for Supreme Court

The Full Read (20 pgs.) - US Torture: Voices from the Black Sites - Mark Danner

Let AIG know how much you support them in their darkest hour!

"There Was a Fever Over the Land". Let Them Atone. (Pic heavy, graphic)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Obama so far?

Newspapers failed because they stopped reporting real news in favor of meaningless fluff.

Being a veteran doesn't make you immune to being called an asshole when you are one

FMLN has won in El Salvador. Let's remember the years and the dead

AIG bonus bullshit: How to get around the "contract" problem

FWIW - Batshit Glenn Beck's 912 Project Website is Up

Are you okay with the feds going after Madoff's wife?

Here's A VERY Nice Article On How Newspapers Got Pwned By The Intertubez....

Deep Capture does Jon Stewart. The most important article yet.

For Those So-Called Journalists Who Were Just Wonderin' ...

Things are ugly....Columbus Ohio

Bruce is on Palladia right now!

I find Caprica Six the most interesting (and favorite) BSG character

Blackberry driving me nuts...

Do you spit or do you swallow

I wanna know, and I wanna know now!!!!!

Okay, alright, clue me in. Give me the secret decoder ring.

Container gardening.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty."

costume in poor taste, I suppose...but LOL!

costume in poor taste, I suppose...but LOL!

And thats why they call it the blues !

Ok , if "Watchmen" is the best graphic novel

Is there such thing as OCD surfacing after you are thirty years of age?

Bluetooth on a budget

DU Yahoo NCAA Pool

SPRING BREAK YES>>>usually we go on a cruise during this time but not this year

I want to create a thread that dies in 3 hours and 59 min exactly

I am worried graywarrior's never ending thread will create a black hole

Why do people allow their balls to free hang?

Could someone remind me to eat dinner tonight

I started a blog - please read and look at my artwork!!

I really can’t cope with Sunday afternoons

Ron Silver dead at 62

Polls are so anonymous. Do you feel anxious at this moment?

that which doesn't kill me

Breaking!!! Avocados may prevent prostate cancer!

Have you ever tried to "eat" electricity ?

Disapproving Narwhal (woot t-shirt): you need this, only $10

Dayton is in the NCAA and I'm PUI! Ask me anything!

John is in KMM and I am FHJ , put according to RDSE procedures....

Natural Harvest - A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes

Forbidden Planet or others?

I assume that cellular modems will work with desktops too...

STOP Corprat fascists from taking over our food supply - STOP NAIS!

What emotions does this picture evoke from you?

Camaro rated at 29 mpg, more than GM expected

Tonight's shame: I'm enjoying the Larry the Cable Guy Roast.

For those filthy rich and not afraid to show it...

Happy Buzzard Day!

Mornin' Mr. Radio... Mornin' little Cheerios... Mornin' sister Oriole...

"Vanilla Sky" was hugely underrated when it first came

The Police are knocking on my door , what should I do ?

Damnit!! I was sound asleep until stalker cat showed up

My husband is now claiming he is a cylon

Man mistakes woman for a monkey, shoots her

I think Family Guy has run out of ideas.

Up next for Sean Penn: Let's hope he can do to Joseph Wilson what he did for Harvey Milk

I have emerged from my kooky weekend of

"non-alcoholic strip club" ... does not compute ..does not compute

As grateful as I am to have violin insurance, may I say that it sucks?

Liverpool 4 United 1

This morning's AWWWWWWWW

"Top Model" Stampede: "Streets littered with head shots and high heels"...

Happy Birthday Pale Blue Dot!!!!!

I start truck driving school in a week!


Ever seen a sympathy card for someone who got downsized?

A Plea for a Return to the Marketplace

As grateful as I am to have vision insurance, may I say that it sucks?

Question: How to fund a $1 trillion buyout of toxic "assets"

Is it a bad thing if I make a request for my own recommendations on a GD post?

The dog stole my pillows again. He's punishing me because I came home late.

Petrolheads, start

Hilarious Mardi Gras Costume :D

Fewer teens sniffing inhalants to get high

Steven Page leaves Barenaked Ladies! WTF?

Why do people allow their chickens to free range?

Who do you got in the Women's tourney?

I Do Not Approve

Seperated at birth?

Rothbury Music festival Lineup (July 4th weekend)

SUV hybrid advice.

Terence Newman thinks Jessica Simpson is part of the Cowboy's problem

Favorite obscure second banana in famous duos?

What do you think of what I did at a strip club last night?

I'm not very far away from 1000 posts.

I got a happy rejection!

I wanted to take my birthday off, but alas, not this time

I won $18 in dime-a-chip texas hold-em this weekend

I am so, so lucky

WTF ::: Juicy Obama Chicken Fingers

Louisville NUMBER ONE SEED overall, baybeeeee!!

I just watched the Da Vinci Code and I was completely underwhelmed.

Facebook favor..... for those who signed up with me

When you think of gourmet, does Afghan cuisine spring to mind?

Adult Med Final Exam coming up in 90 minutes. Prayers and good Lounge vibes, please.

For all the Narwhal lovers of the Lounge:

My week is off to a lovely start!

Word to the wise...

Word to your mother

Gracie's disappeared

The Tommy_Carcetti 9 Universal Principles of Humanity Project

There is water at the bottom of the ocean!

To be honest, I don't really like cats all that much.

U Conn got screwed by the NCAA Seeding Committee

Why is there always ONE MrCOFFEE on speakerphone when more than 6 are on a conference call

So I just invested $100 in the stockmarket. Right now I can buy 4 of you a beer.

Gotta love this piano!!!

The problem with corned beef and cabbage

the story nobody is talking about......not a mention on the morning shows

Hey, All You Children of the '80s - How About Some Midnight Oil?

Oh lordy. O'Bama's Irish.

If I ever liked Spongebob in the past, I don't anymore...

Would you like to play a game of Risk?

Something for acoustic guitar and baseball fans.


Wireless Router Setup Help Please!!


Hahaha Suck it Duke!!!

How many functional and actively used printers do you have right now?

I'm heading to the Goodwill thrift store to breed.

Alison and I will celebrate our first anniversary at Yosemite this coming weekend.

Acronyms parents need to know--Texting--Sexting

It looks so nice out tonight...

That "Miss March" movie looks like absolute shit.

This is an outrage. I might CALL CONGRESS RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

If it's Monday, it's free movie day

Alright, I'm going to put on my flame-proof suit...

I'm heading to the Hostess thrift store for bread.

Why do people allow their children to free range?

Cute YouTube about balloons (NSFW)

Good morning Lounge

Don't miss the latest installment of

Maureen McCormick aka Marcia Brady Is Killing Me On The Larry Cable guy Roast

Ever know somebody who'd disagree with anything you say?

Okay. Done with the Adult Med Final. BRUTAL!!! But I'm cautiously optimistic.

Why do people allow their kids to free range?

Give yourself an Octo-mom style nick name.

I'm having a rough day

kitten picture of the day for monday march 16

map pet peeve

This summer, Sci-Fi channel becomes "Syfy."

Cute Panda pic or Cutest Panda pic? hmmmm

Um I like girls in bikinis......

I bought the Saturn Hybrid

Hundreds reported dead at America's Top Model riots day 2

Are you well-bred?

Mel Gibson got a lot of 'splainin to do to his wife

Okay, so about this so-called "Guitar Hero" thing...

The Fucket List: Things You Have No Intention of Doing Before You Die

Mannish Boy

KING OF THE HILL fans, chime in

Brace yourselves for the Ron Silver grave-dancing wars.

Is it true that..........

My dad wants me to get a girlfriend.

Looking for internship in DC Area

Look at my artwork, read my blog please.

Pleasant surprise of the day...I was able to get my new license in 20 minutes!

I'm heading to the Good store to steal bread

Where's the progressive movement? Why aren't we out there on the ground channelling the very real

Favorite fresh herb

I just deleted a thread I almost started

What are you grateful for?

I know how to keep high school kids from sexting:

surgery update

More drive-through coffee stands in WA State going "bikini" to save their businesses.

More drive-through coffee stands in WA State going "bikini" to save their businesses.

Just imagine swimming, and getting the chance to see sights like this:

Worth repeating. This is poetic.

Tonight, on Top Gear

Is college Bball more fun to watch now

Man, I wish Adult Swim would quit showing King of the Hill.

I have a broken tooth. A molar. How much do you think that would run me without dental insurance?

I'm bored and want attention today. Suggest threads to post in GD.

The decade in music: post a list of artists from the 2000s that you love

I turn 44 today, and I'm riven with doubts and insecurity, and yet still I'm left amazed

Who else thought "Big Love" rocked last night ***SPOILERS***

The Emerald Forest. Has anyone seen it? *Spoilers*

What is your most embarrasing moment?

My birthday is today. I'm older than dinosaur shit now.

This time tomorrow, many of you will be well on your way to drunkenness...

65F in Mpls. Things I saw that made me smile:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/16/2009)

So this is the new older version of Dora the Explorer that moms said was looking 'trampy'

I'm 33 years I ridiculous for wanting a Nintendo DS?

Watchmen or "Who'd want to even save a world with a 5-term Nixon, anyway?"

Watchmen or "Who'd want to even save a world with a 5-term Nixon, anyway?"

California DUers, I'm beginning to understand why you put up with it all

Can you go to a range and "rent" a gun?

Man shoots self while smashing bullets with a hammer in his driveway.

Wow. Biden helps Blanche Lincoln raise $800,000 for re-election

Ambulance Called To Church For Civil Rights Pioneer Lowery

Housing Project mentioned prominently in Obama's book (Dreams From ...)to get Stimulus $$$ for Rehab

Dick "War Criminal" Cheney belongs in jail. MSM should call out his tired, debunked fear mongering.

Summers calls AIG bonuses 'outrageous'

Town Hall Meeting for Pres. Obama this week in Santa Ana, CA!

"obama`s "enemy combatant" policy following a familiar pattern.."

Lessons from the Depression shape Obama policy

Why are so many people pissed about earmarks?

How is it, Bernanke, that AIG was 'out of the sight of regulators?'

Bernanke: "Recession Likely to Come to an End this Year."

Now we have liberal, conservative, and independent entities saying we tortured

Ruling May Not Fill Minnesota Senate Seat

Foreign banks got $50.2 billion of AIG bailout funds

Will Obama Support the Bernanke/Geithner Bank Plan & Take Responsibility For Great Depression II?

President Obama Says AIG Bonuses An 'Outrage,' Violation of 'Our Fundamental Values'

'Solidarity Day' rally in Washington, DC, for Single Payer healthcare.

Prez Obama talking about AIG bonuses on cable now. Has told

Goldman Still Needs To Explain Its AIG Exposure

AIG'S TENTACLES.... (updated: Congress to grill AIG executive)

"President Barack Obama is unveiling a $15 billion package to help small businesses."

Obama's "enemy combatant" policy: following a familiar pattern

Madoff Had Accomplices: His Victims

NYT: An Insurance Giant Brought Down (Updated with timeline)

bailout money being used undesirably!!! shockers!! oh noes!!!11 obama in cahoots with devil!!!!1

The small-business lending boost - missing the mark?

(delete - wrong forum)

CNN: Obama rating high (64%), 59% approve his handling of economy. "There's a lot of good will"

For those who haven't joined in the NCAA Tournament Brackets..20 DUers and counting!.

Did Obama speak this morning??

Pew: Support for GOP Congressional leadership plummets to historic lows --- incl AMONG REPUBLICANS

Yesss, the President CAN stop AIG. Here's how

Hey Mark Sanford, you asshole, if you don't want the money then don't take it

Robert Schiller - The Other Dr. Doom - On Consumer Confidence

Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation announces January unemployment hit 8.6% up 1% from December

For your enjoyment ... Robert Gibbs using words like a spear

Robert Gibbs: "I guess Rush Limbaugh was busy..."

Tweety finally deals with Gaffney's assertion that Saddham was associated with Oklahoma City bombing

According to Gallup, Obama's Approval Better Than Bush's, Clinton's at same moment in Presidency

Presidential Press Conferences - How Is Obama's Pace? He's On TV A Lot Taking Questions

A criticism that you NEVER heard about Bush

C-Span isn't covering Gibbs' press briefing.

For FrenchieCat: "Killing Me Softly"

SC gov to Obama: Stop DNC attack ad

Carl Hiaasen's tongue in cheek reports on discussions of Florida and bestiality law

Hardball will tackle the question; Is the President moving "fast" enough to fix the Economy?

Orly Taitz (R-Birther) Takes Insanity to a whole new level

Gibbs: "I guess Rush Limbaugh was busy..."

They're trotting out the THIRD most popular member of the REPUBLICAN CABAL

White House rejects Sanford's plan to use stimulus for debt

Liberal OC Reports Obama Townhalls In LA and OC, California

How misleading was Obama's speech on US education? Just read this new WAPO analysis

If Al Gore had accused Bush of "making the country less safe"...imagine the fireworks.

AIG spokesman lied in blog posts

Do the GOP and the MSM think we are all stupid?

MSNBC reported that Pres Obama will be on Leno this week.

"I guess Rush Limbaugh was busy so they brought out the second most popular of the Repub. cabal."

If AIG was nationalized, the .gov could erase those $100M of bonuses with the stroke of a pen.

Larry Summers claims that nothing can be done about the AIG bonuses.

The President's Push-Button in a Box Thingy

Obama's negative numbers among Republicans are due to...:

WH rejects Gov. Sanford's request to use stimulus funds to pay off SC debt .....

VP Biden's mother recovering after hip surgery

Biden: "It's not a gaffe! It's a joke!"

Hannity thinks Palin is better cause Alaska banks in better shape than other banks.

Will President Obama's Economic Team Lead Him Off a Cliff?

Who Stole Our Country, and How are We Going to Get It Back?

Lynn Sweet: "I don't think they were ready for this. They didn't even have their talking points

Who said, "the fundamentals of the economy are sound," from the Obama admin? WTF?

Uh oh. I'm beginning to feel a populist storm brewing ...

Four economists on "How to Stop AIG's Bonuses"

Chip Reid: Leave Dick Cheney Alone!

Inflammatory, provocative statement.

Pakistan reinstates sacked chief justice

Norm Coleman's lawyer asked the judges to set aside the law & use common sense in making a decision

Steele is redecorating his office. "This is gonna sound weird, but it's way too male for me."

For right wingers claiming that Barack Obama is the first US president to appear on a comedy show...

Moyers/PBS Needs Our Help NOW!!!!

Wells Fargo Assails TARP, Calls Stress Test ‘Asinine’

I personally think people should say whatever the hell they feel like.

Do the troops get checked for weapons before the president speaks in front of them?

Robert Kuttner Must Read: Lifting the TARP. Will Obama's Economic Team Lead Him Off a Cliff?

Obama's Air Traffic Controller moment?

Advocates for the poor praise first Obama budget as "dramatic step" in restoring "the common good"

CT-Sen: Simmons Will Challenge Dodd

Who is this wacko and why is he publicly trying to kneecap this administration?

AIG bonuses just a smokescreen for the elephants in the room

Where was the "Populist" Outrage when Billions went missing in Iraq?

Fox News Edits Clip To Suggest That Biden Recently Declared ‘Fundamentals Of The Economy Are Strong’

Jackie Mason and Dennis Miller

PHOTOS Artists Interpret Michelle Obama (NY Magazine)

My poor kitty has a tooth ache. He's going to the doctor tomorrow, but

Coating makes scratches on cars disappear

Nikkei set to rise after U.S. bank fears ease

Wall Street: The rally test

dupe delete

Fed chief Bernanke: recession could end in '09

Biden’s mother at HUP after a fall

Biden’s mother at HUP after a fall

Far right joins Israel coalition

AVO/USGS Volcanic Activity Notice, Volcano: Redoubt

Bracing for a Bailout Backlash

Bracing for a Bailout Backlash

German and French banks got $36 billion from AIG Bailout

Red Cross report describes "torture" at CIA jails

Arrests After Melee at TV Casting Call

Asian Markets Mostly Higher but Caution Remains.

Obama fails to halt AIG's $165m bonus payments

Breaking: Leftist Funes leads preliminary count in El Salvador

Fed chief Ben Bernanke: recession could end this year if gov't stabilizes banking system

Suicide Attacks Kill 12 in Afghanistan

Majority 'want Iraq war inquiry' - UK

AIG ships Billions in Bailouts Abroad

Pakistan militants hit NATO supply convoy (NEW attack)

So eager to call CNN 'Communist News Network,' Fox fudges name of Latin American leader

Company puts off launch of luxury trains to Tibet

Simmons to Challenge Dodd

Afghanistan holds mineral treasure: minister

China's Gobi desert source of rare dinosaur find

Survey Finds More Americans Unable to Recover from ID Theft in Tough Economy

Foreign Investment in China Fell in February

2 Sri Lanka cricketers still in hospital (Update on cricket attack)

Stores, Food Makers Compete on Retail Prices.

Government Files Notice Seeking Madoff Assets

Majority 'want Iraq war inquiry'

International Justice Experts Call for War Crimes Inquiry of Israel

New York Manufacturing Contracts at Fastest Pace on Record as Orders Slump

Tibet Cabinet Says Talks With China Are Welcome

Don Imus: I Have Prostate Cancer

Official: Pakistan to restore chief justice

Emerging nations need bigger IMF voice: China lawmaker

New England surpasses West Coast as least religious region in America, study finds

Prosecutors will seek Madoff's wife's money too

Chaplin Statue in India Draws Protests

Cuomo Seeks A.I.G. Bonus Information (Threatens Subpoenas)

AIG ships billions in bailout abroad

Red Cross Described 'Torture' at CIA Jails-Secret Report Implies U.S. Violated International Law

Santelli's Winners: the Homeless

(NY AG) Cuomo Seeks A.I.G. Bonus Information

Iraqi fan kills soccer player during close game

NY Waterways preparing lawsuit against US Airways after Hudson River rescue

NY Waterways preparing lawsuit against US Airways after Hudson River rescue

Taiwan: Time not right for reducing China tensions

Citigroup CEO awarded $10.8 million amid scrutiny

Without Steve Jobs, is Apple Sony?

Brazil's President Lula says G7 nations no longer speak for the world

Madagascar army storms presidency

48 arrested at police-brutality protest in Montreal

White House: Cheney almost as popular as Limbaugh

American Express paid CEO $27.3 million in 2008

Palin to headline GOP dinner in Washington

Obama Asks Geithner to Find Way to Rescind AIG Payouts

Don Imus Announces He Has Stage II Prostate Cancer

Report claims CIA used 'torture'

60 layoffs are first in Lincoln (Ne) company's 56 years

Sri Lanka closes in on Tigers, U.N. worker held

Treasury to rework AIG aid to recoup bonuses


Dramatic Advances Sweep Iraq, Boosting Support for Democracy

Spain set to tear down its last statue of General Franco

Ron Silver dead at 62, cancer

US Soldier Killed On Patrol In Baghdad

Cyber crimes on rise in Mumbai

Cuomo Subpoenas AIG

U.S. FASB proposes more leeway on mark-to-market

US confirms downing Iranian drone over Iraq

US confirms downing Iranian drone over Iraq

AFL-CIO pledges votes for Specter (R-Pa)

Sudan's president: Foreign aid groups must leave

White House Seeks "Mechanisms" To Recoup AIG Bonuses

Bill would help schools, nonprofits teach financial literacy

US congratulates leftist winner in El Salvador

Obama to appear on ‘Tonight Show’ Thursday

Australia to cut immigration as recession looms

U.S. Challenged On Sealing of Detainee Files

IRS Says Allen Stanford Owes $226 Mil in Back Taxes

Modesty patrol 'mercenary' sentenced to four years in jail for assault

Red Cross Described 'Torture' at CIA Jails

Lynne Cheney Hospitalized in Center City (Philadelphia)

4 South Koreans Die in Bombing at Fort in Yemen

Seattle Post-Intelligencer To Become Web-Only Newspaper

U.S. credit card defaults rise to 20 year-high

Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI) plans to introduce a bill to tax AIG bonuses at a high rate this year.

Obama rejects SC gov's bid to use stimulus on debt

Yo Jindal: Redoubt Volcano alert status just raised to orange after explosion..

Old cases may mean new trials for Gitmo detainees

Obama’s Approval Rating Slips in CNN Poll as Economy Takes Toll

AIG names recipients of its bailout money

With No Long-Term Solution, Nuclear Pallbearers Bury Waste in America's Backyard


Obama Tells Geithner to Block A.I.G. Bonuses

"Tea Party" Protesters Angry Over Stimulus(4,000 Cincinnati)

Leftist declares victory in El Salvador

Big Labor Vs. Big Business - Leo Gerard on Ed Schultz's 1600

Scott Horton interviews Noam Chomsky

Robert Parry on Antiwar Radio 1 of 6

Countdown: Scott Horton on the John Yoo Memos

Rachel Maddow connects Union Busting to EFCA Opposition

The Case to Strengthen U.S. Manufacturing

Employee Free Choice Act (Sen. Bernie Sanders)

Melange LaVonne - Domestic Violence

TYT: Is Body Odor A Potential Lie Detector? & Most Embarrassing Lie

Union Carpenters Go Shopping at Price Chopper

Cheney On Economic Crisis: Don't Blame the Bush Administration. Blame Barney Frank & Chris Dodd.

Sri Lanka's Dirty War - Sri Lanka

GOP Won't Offer Alternative on Budget

Frank on AIG: Maybe it's time to fire them

Robert Parry on Neo-Con Media Manipulation

Stripper Tax

America's Next Top Model Tragedy!

Will Ferrell as George W. Bush talking about Skull and Bones.

David Shuster interviews Obama economic advisor Austan Goolsbee regarding AIG bonuses

Is the Media tired of covering Iraq?

Obama To Use 'Every Legal Means' To Reverse AIG Bonuses

AIG Shipped Bailout Money to Foreign Banks

Richard Dawkins responds to Ben Stein and OK Resolution on evolution

President Obama: We will pursue every single legal avenue to block these bonuses.

Barack O'Bama and the Leprechaun

Rachel Maddow reports on domestic potential dirty bomber/nazi from Maine

KO: The Bush Crafted Dictatorship

TYT: How Drug Gangs Have Started to Take Over Mexico (Legalize It?)

Meghan McCain to Laura Ingraham: Kiss my ass!

CBS's Chip Reid Defends Frm VP Cheney @ Press Briefing

UK Baroness says Israel lobby is vindictive in methods it uses to silence Israel's critics

More Will Ferrell as Bush in 'You're Welcome America.'

Former Cook County GOP Chairman beaten by wife for prostitutes

{Rachel Maddow} Checks & Balances, I Think I Love You Most Of All - on SC and the stimulus $

Gibbs: Cheney Most Popular Member Of GOP Cabal -- After Rush

Mindless Robot - Could Sarah Palin Be Replicated Already?

Rush Limbaugh reaches out to women - especially to Ann Coulter

The end of the growth ethic (UBC Professor William Rees)

Kucinich wants House to investigate (Cheney) assassination (ring) claims

Stop Listening to Wall Street

Quote du Jour

The Biggest Loser by Gregory Allen Howard

AIG Execs to Use Bonuses for World’s Largest NCAA Pool

Claims of British collusion in torture spread to Egypt

True democracy in the workplace

Robert Dreyfuss: Is the Israeli Lobby Running Scared? Or Killing a Chicken to Scare the Monkeys

Conrail Plan May Offer a Model for Detroit.

Robert Reich: Is Obamanomics conservative or revolutionary?

How to Discourage the Speaking of Truth to Power

U! S! A! We're Number .... 15?

Should Hard Times Permit High Times?

AIG Bonuses: WSJ Reports $450 Million

Food Safety: FDA inspects only 5% of food processing facilities

Is Obama conservative or revolutionary? (Article by Reich)

Cuba changes, but not according to U.S. script

The Nation: The Original Stormin' Norman (Socialist pioneer Norman Thomas)

Dick Cheney love Rush Limbaugh, thinks Iraq was a success

Paul Krugman: A Continent Adrift

The AIG bonuses furor: the class issues

Ending Our Imperial Foreign Policy

This headline ought to read, "Steele rearranges deck chairs"

President Obama instructs Geithner to try to prevent AIG bonuses

Republican Motto Morphs From “Country Before Party” to “What Stinkin Country?”

Dumping the Rockefeller Drug Laws for A New Direction in New York

Stop Wall Street Loan-Sharking by Bernie Sanders

Jim Hightower: Americans Are Rearing for a Fight with Corporate Power

Jubilation in Pakistan: in word: Justice (IHT)

NY AG Cuomo: AIG Must ID Bonus Babies Today

Pat Boone Having Trouble with the Concept of Patriotism

Next GOP Whiney Faux Controversy Due Wednesday

digby: Nothing To Fear But Idiots On TV

Chris Hedges: The False Idol of Unfettered Capitalism

A New View of a Famine That Killed Millions

Cuban literacy teaching method highlighted at ALBA

Is the Israel Lobby Running Scared?

"Borat" star fools Alabama National Guard, trains in uniform

Will President Obama's Economic Team Lead Him Off a Cliff?

Leftist Victory in El Salvador Closes an Historic Cycle



The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 360

Help Wanted: Green Collar Career Focus - Part 2

Flint biogas project, U.P. alt-fuel program get $2.4 million in federal funds

Those turbines creep me out

Carteret Islanders Arrive In Papua As Newest Climate Refugees - Atolls Uninhabitable By 2015 - AFP

Siachen Glacier (IN/PK) Length Cut In Half In 15 Years - From 150Km To 74 Km - Hindustani Times

Texas DEQ Estimates Clearing The Air Over Big Bend NP Will Take Until 2155 AD

National Research Council - America Woefully Unprepared For Impacts Of Climate Breakdown - ENN

Oops! Queensland Oil Spill Not 30 Tons, But 250 Tons - Bloomberg

Dancing 'adatoms' help chemists understand how water molecules split

Historical Increase in Corn Yield -- It’s in the Roots

Climate-related Changes on the Antarctic Peninsula Being Driven from the Top and the Bottom…Ecosystm

University of Miami physicist develops battery using new source of energy

Flies May Spread Drug-Resistant Bacteria from Poultry Operations

ASPO-USA - With Rig Counts Falling At 50/Wk, What Outlook For Ouput, Employment, Oil Patch Workers?

Green Beer for Fewer Greenbacks—An Oregon brewing company shows that going solar can save…cash

Crisis hampers EU wind power in short-term: lobby

Nanocapacitors with Big-Energy Storage

The Rooftop Revolution

Cash-Strapped Green Tech Changes Strategy—energy efficiency and clean coal continue to attract money

TR10: Traveling-Wave Reactor—A new reactor design could make nuclear power safer and cheaper…

Baboons Carjack SA Tourist Vehicles To Get Access To Picnic Lunches - AFP

Solar's prospects dim, at least for near term

With No Long-Term Solution, Nuclear Pallbearers Bury Waste in America's Backyard

Where do we put the batteries for plug in cars in the coming years?

Ausra Co-Founder Returns With Solar Air Conditioner—"75% efficient!?"

Climate change blues: how scientists cope—"It's as if scientists know a bomb will go off…"

Paging XemaSab! XemaSab! Could this be what you were talking about?

Preliminary Results from Channel 21

US congratulates leftist winner in El Salvador

Victory for the left in El Salvador

Bolivian president passes land from the rich to the poor

ARENA has conceded in El Salvador! FMLN (the left) wins!

Companera Sonia and the FMLN Victory - a personal story and video

Miami Herald opinion: New Cuba policy . . . another fine mess

Workers Make Massive Concessions to Save San Francisco Chronicle

Philly Transit Workers Continue Under Expired Contract

Sunoco to Slash 750 Jobs

Pick the scabs

Utility Workers Union files complaint against water company

Bartenders May Be Gambling On Union At Foxwoods Casino

NYT: Becoming Leader of N.F.L. Players Union Won’t Be Last Test

Business Leaders Worry About the "The Starbucks Problem"

LA Times: Arlen Specter faces GOP ultimatum over union-rights bill

Popcorn flavoring victims dies as jury awards $7.5 million

Almost everyone agrees that asbestos has killed hundreds in Libby, but Grace lawyers still argue

Obama names Michigan mediator to U.S. board

Labor Spot Attacks G.O.P.’s Attacks

Teacher layoffs in Butte, Glenn top 400

Employee Free Choice Act (Sen. Bernie Sanders)

Labor Act Hits Wal-Mart Prematurely

New U.S. Secretary of Labor attends Mass in L.A.

Job opening at St. Paul Regional Labor Federation

Today in labor history Mar 16 The Rolling Stones, J Baez, the J Airplane, the G Dead stop radioscabs

Chris Cuomo was in Dubai.

Protectionism: Past and Future

Big unions team up for casino pacts in 4 states

The bitter taste of Del Monte’s pineapples

They lowered the boom on us.

Veteran Trainer Plans to Walk Off Into the Sunset

San Francisco calls this basketball?? Absolutely shameful...

Hey Gator, looks like the Vols beat you to it.

Where will Jay Cutler go?

Now the "I didn't get in the NCAA" whining can start.

Dunkirk---my early KY Derby pick--- A beautiful Horse with a lot of class.

Separation Anxiety (GLBT immigration)

Palestinian FM: Israel on verge of 'anti-peace' government

Palestinians agree on date of elections

US Eyewitness in Gaza: 'The reality of a very real bloodbath set in...'

Judges, activists call for Gaza 'abuses' probe

Rachel Corrie died 6 years ago today; from a friend who was with her when she died:

On anniversary of their daughter's killing, the Corries are thinking about Tristan Anderson

Far right joins Israel coalition

Our World: Israel's balance of delusion

Far right (Yisrael Beiteinu) joins Israel coalition

Will President Obama's Economic Team Lead Him Off a Cliff?

Michael Hudson "Chicago School.. neo feudalism"

What Critter could vote for more AIG bailout money?

Will Obama Support the Bernanke/Geithner Bank Plan & Take Responsibility For Great Depression II?

Protectionism: Past and Future

Found this on the FAS message board. Hope for longs!

Cuomo Seeks A.I.G. Bonus Information

FACTBOX: Top 10 largest recipients of AIG money

AIG divulges where the bail-out money went.

It seems to simple...let's regulate how banks spend our bailouts.

Markets Not So Hot Right Now....

Ashkenazi in U.S.: IDF must prepare to strike Iran

Internationalize AIG! Introducing the new G8 global financial regulation entity.

If the government nationalized AIG, could they in effect provide insurance to all assets?

Mushrooms, green tea may lower breast cancer risk

Credit Default Swaps – Exercises in Surrealism

More facts about Tristan Anderson and Ni'lin

Bernanke's Witness Protection Program

Is anti-Zionism hate?

OK,I admit I dont know much about econ - I thought "market correction" was a good, or at least

What happens when a legal owner of an assault rifle or handgun wants to sell his weapon?

Nome is where the heart is.

The sky is the limit

I am upset.

Experiemental HDR Panorama

Museum Station & bike racks

young female eastern bluebird?

320 Okla. soldiers return to home state

Fla. WWII veterans help younger vets

Iraqi PM: US will stay in insecure areas

NATO: 4 U.S. troops die in Afghan bombing

Discovery fueled, awaits launch attempt

Cheney discusses terrorism, Iraq in interview

Tensions escalate along Korean border

Rural hideouts new focus for troops in Iraq

Challenges facing surface fleet

Corps searching for sex offenders on bases

Ex-Marine offered deal in staged disappearance

Sailors take advantage of extra language pay

Large ordnance cache destroyed in Iraq

Mountain Home: Jets are not causing skyquakes

Cuba, Venezuela Could Host Russian Bombers

Sexual assault experts dispel date rape myths

NATO supply terminal attacked in Pakistan

Military emphasizing —and rewarding — language proficiency

The Stars This Week - "Make Adjustments" - March 16 - March 22, 2009

So I went back to work this weekend.

"Sacred Geometry Will Change" and the zero point field

"The Uncertaintly, the Darkness, and Waking Up at 3 AM" - Karen Bishop - March 15, 2009

I am a Pisces, born in the year of the Ox...

Will PC be coming back?

Please look at my blog and my artwork.

Coating makes scratches on cars disappear

Jesus v. Jeezus

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! "Cruise is Christ of Scientology"

New England surpasses West Coast as least religious region in America, study finds

Is the Catholic Church a continuation of the Roman Empire?

There was a really good interview

100% whole wheat bread

Anyone have any no-salt recipes?

I am making crock pot carne asada tomorrow

What's for dinner? ~ Monday the 16th Edition

Should a noodle be allowed to escape its fate?

FWIW - My neighbor says he owned a restaurant in California.

Fancy Digs for fancy cooks....

calling all creative thinkers, cookers and bakers

Dropping off the radar for a bit

Bill made me a Bakers Lame today! - Photo (for slashing dough)

Duncan: Change = Money

Lingering mystery: Congressman calls for probe into 2001 anthrax attacks

Control of World Trade Center complex changes hands for first time on July 2001

VIDEO: Why You Need to Take the UFO Issue Seriously.

Texas jail was an Animal House, authorities say

Canadian Indigenous people protest outside Sen. Kerry's DC office