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Archives: March 24, 2009

Mexico offers $2m for drug lords

Hearts and Minds

Protesters Force Bankers Group Into Lockdown

David Letterman Marries Longtime Girlfriend

The Decline and Fall of the California Job Market

Tax all bonuses above $250,000 at 90% and then give tax credits

Letterman bombshell watch is on MSNBC Shuster says Letterman dropped one

US Military Deaths in Afghanistan at 595

Laugh-gate. Jeez.

Dollars & Sense: Crisis = Opportunity for Single-Payer

The reason the Vermont senate passing the marriage equality bill is a big deal

The reason the Vermont senate passing the marriage equality bill is a big deal

Megan McCain says she never heard of Laura Ingraham

Rep. Frank calls Scalia a 'homophobe' in interview

Question: Is This Mail Fraud or Identity Theft?

Michele Bachmann rides the Crazy Bus......again

Irrelevant Dick? Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) "What gets a majority back is deeds, not (Cheney's) words"

Over the air TV is total crap on a Monday night primetime!

Vermont: Gay Marriage passes State Senate 26 to 4

"Every man of humane convictions must decide on the protest that best suits his convictions, .......

"The facts don't bear him out" - Obama fires back at Cheney on 60 Minutes...

Holy Shite AIG changes their name

Policing Afghanistan: Obama's New Strategy

Craigslist job posting: Do You Know Chinese?

Nutcase Michelle Bachmann wants people "armed and dangerous" for a revolution

AIG is changing it's name to AIU - time for the AIG(U?) theme song: Go On Take the Money and Run..

Former 'Enemy Combatant' Pleads Not Guilty in Illinois . . . last enemy combatant held on U.S. soil.



Is Internet Explorer 8 a flop?

The Red River IS flooding again.

How come O'LOOFAH never asked who was pullin puppet strings about Shrub?!1

OctoMom fires Angels in Waiting

Awesome! Prof. Turley on Maddow accuses Cheney of "dialoguing"

Teleprompter/No Teleprompter

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

A quick easy regulation for a vulture but necessary business

Contraception Pill Strictures Are Eased by a Judge

What are the basic common core fundamental beliefs of DUers?

Obama's Gates to redo his Afghan coup

Gay wedding row at Queen Mother's castle

We have a LOT of recovery,...ahead. After 8 years of abuse,...

. . . carrying coffins

Geithner to press case for wind-down authority(Not too shabby...)


How many more will we add to this website? :

PSSST! Look here, ... inside my superspy trenchcoat. You're not supposed to see this.

Sock puppets check in here!!!

Does anyone here REALLY understand asset-backed securities? I have a question?

Bailed-out JP Morgan moves forward with $120 million jet buys

WTF? Cramer vs Stewart again? I enjoyed the interview

Liberal/Progressive PACs - What Is Your Favorite?

FT: China calls for new reserve currency

Black Republican Candidate Wants to Solve Crime with a 'Noose'

Alaska volcano blows smoke on Bobby Jindal

46 years after Sylvia Plath commits suicide, son commits suicide

If she actually has fourteen kids why isn't she known as the quattuordecim-mom?

Sen. Chuck Schumer comes out for marriage equality and repeal of DOMA

Taxpayer Funded Stadiums and Arenas

A serious question for supporters of Obama's Iraq policy:

A serious question for supporters of Obama's Iraq policy:

Men...if they invented a male birth control pill would you consider using it?

It's only capitalism if you're winning....

WJ this morning: Your reaction to the Geithner plan

Very big deal in Philly....

Very big deal in Philly....

A very sad and moving picture---Neeson and Redgrave

Mayor Geithner, Sheriff Krugman and the Only Game in Town

British judges air Guantanamo details U.S. wanted kept secret

British judges air Guantanamo details U.S. wanted kept secret

I got to talk on Air America for a few minutes today about welfare for sports team billionaires!

Congressman Posey fellates corporations on live television (WJ)

AT 7:30 WJ has birther FL Congressman Bill Posey on the program.

Hellhole: New Yorker Magazine on solitary confinement as torture

You might call this breaking news...

Airline industry to lose $4.7 billion in 2009: IATA

Santa Barbara homeless man and his pets

It's true, meat is murder.

Meghan McCain is really annoying

Who gave a home to elephant Sheila? (in Belfast garden during WWII)

Kennedy returns to Hill as work on health plan is gearing up

FYI: Some Juan Cole interviews regarding his new book--Engaging the Muslim World.

Paul Krugman, Joe Nocera, Andrew Ross Sorkin on toxic assets -- Charlie Rose tonight

Democracy Corps Poll: GOP Becoming “Irrelevant” To Young People

Harold Koh Goes to the State Department and the Rule of Law Applauds

Does anyone have a video link to Barney Frank calling Scalia a homophobe?

Moonie Times totally screws the pooch - forced to issue a retraction AND an apology.

Political. Theater.

Bernanke & Geithner Explain Oversight of AIG starting soon

Daphne Barak - A meddling tabloid vulture masquerading as a journalist

Outrageous! Small town overwhelmed with idle rail cars parked in their backyards

Is there a Jain on DU?

Is there a Jain on DU?

What was the "vibrator" remark on The View that got Mika so pissy this morning?

Say there, I dig Regulated Capitalism.

Treasury Launches New Consumer Website for Responsible Homeowners Seeking Relief

So what if he wrote "envious" when he meant "enviable"?

GOP to Dick the dick Cheney: Shut the fuck up, you stupid motherfucker

Freeper asks: "How Can You Tolerate Liberals?"

DNC to reform primary system, cutting many 'superdelegates'

"Does that make me crazy? ....... Does that make me crazy?........

Socialism: salvation or sacrilege.

I wonder how many people will turn into Fox tonight expecting "Idol" and get "Obama" instead?

ThinkProgress invited to presser tonight-wants to know, "What would you ask President Obama?"

Eat-What-You-Kill Bond Traders Rise From Wall Street Wreckage

Rogues Gallery: Remember these Faces

I found my Mama's World War II

Let them eat cake.

Women...if they invented a male birth control pill would you trust the man who said he was on it?

Bill-O likes 'em barefoot, pregnant and at home baking cookies

The Big Takeover: Rolling Stone

Breaking: What did they know and when did we know it?

Cheney’s Assassination Squads - Iran-Contra - and Contempt For The Constitution - By: emptywheel

Chia Obama???

Time to play "Is It Toxic?"

John Hege taken off life support

News Scoop: Gov Schweitzer to be guest speaker at CT's JJB dinner

To whom did you give your very first presidential vote? Was it a vote you are proud of?

Liberal Coalition Takes Aim At Evan Bayh

U.S. Seeks Expanded Power to Seize Firms

It's over — we're officially, royally fucked (Rolling Stone)

If you see Hg on an airplane......

Beating up Geithner and the new NY Fed Chair is stupid grandstanding

John Nichols: Mr. Cheney, What About This 'Executive Assassination Squad'?

Has Obama Inspired You Personally?

HAZMAT event in N.J.

NY Times: When Economy Sours, Tootsie Rolls Soothe Souls

Capitalism and Communism are like sodium and chlorine.

Capitalism and Communism are like sodium and chlorine.

Jim Kramer is A Slimeball Liar. Tool.......

What if a political party decided black people or women couldn't vote in their primary?

Obama Administration Seeks Power To Seize Financial Firms

Latest News On The Belfast Dirty Bomb Nazi

Best Plan so far...Madoff to Help U.S. Sell Bad Assets

Why is the country so dead set to aid AIG and not 401's.

People Died at Three Mile Island (and are still dying)

Digby: Leftist Cranks v. Media Gasbags

The crisis will push millions into poverty and unemployment, risking social unrest and even war

what Russian women accomplished 92 yrs. ago.

Over the past century or so, our society has become more laid back in many ways.

The Real Criminals Are Neither Lynndie England nor the AIG Traders-by Thom Hartmann

Geithner's Plan: Like an Oil Spill

Ed Schultz is wondering if he'll be seated up front with Helen Thomas again tonight.

Former Microsoft exec takes over as media director for the RNC...

Elite transgender athletes: Is their competition with same sex athletes fair?

Last week, FOX News had to apologize for its hatchet-job on Joe Biden...

Maybe it's time for Obama to go to the academic trough to build his

World Baseball Championship - Great Game Without Player Who Look Like Pro Wrestlers

Who's the asshat on Hartmann's show right now?

...and now for Thom Hartmann's daily installment of Nutball Du Jour

How stupid are we becoming?

As credit markets froze, banks loaned millions to insiders

Moms Drag Kids To Watch Fight, Shooting; 11 Arrested

Crisis: Homelessness Population Grows, Tent Cities Thrive

A group to keep our eyes on (The Cohen Group) with the likes of Marc Grossman, etc.

Topic 357 - Tax Information for Parents of Kidnapped Children

The Rude Pundit: Grappling with Geithner, Tussling with Treasury, Trying to Understand This Shit

Senator proposes nonprofit status for newspapers

Is michelle bachman ignorant???

Wall Street threatens to take down country if they don't get their bonuses

Hanging On, or How to Get Through a Depression and Enjoy Life

Former President George H.W. Bush to present the McLane Leadership in Business Award to Chuck Norris


I remember reading 2 different stories about a possible cure for HIV and then

China 'blocks YouTube video site'

China 'blocks YouTube video site'

The Legion of Flying Turds

The Sisters of Perpetual Induglence turn 30 this Easter!

Despite protests, DeKalb proceeds with Marines school

Sherri Shepherd on the View: Mika Brezinski needs a vibrator! (VIDEO)

Will banks be forced to participate in Geithner's trillion-dollar plan?

I am the only one that used DU as a way to prepare to debate or dispute right wingers?

China plans a Karl Marx musical

I move to petition the government for a loan. It won't be too big,.

Please CALL your representative TODAY: pass HR 146

There is nothing wrong with capitalism.

Holcim wants Venezuela to pay for taking control

MSM and the GOP

Obama head of NSA takes his "daily orders from Henry Kissinger" . . .????

Another Nobelist Dissents: Stiglitz calls Geithner plan 'robbery of the American people'

The Reason Media Lie

What did you know and when did you know it?

Guess who wrote this and explain why you think so!

Has anyone ever seen a copy of this so-called plan that Boehner

Breaking: Mike Burgess sentenced to 79 years in prison

Coal Industry Digs in With Lobbying Campaign

Where's the Depression?

I am getting tired of wondering this, but why is it acceptable for

Well, it's official: Dubya's is a Toxic Legacy

John Birch Society. What are they all about?

Recession's impact felt even in intimate decisions on abortion and family planning

Term Limits+Media accountability=Country repaired

Banks bailed out by AIG, used AIG to avoid paying taxes

Which celebrity danced the Salsa the best during week two of "Cleveland's Dancing With The Stars"?

'Were you expecting martians?' EU presidency asks

question about HR 875 "Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009"--does it actually impact

Your Thoughts: "No Jobs, No Recovery"

Jim Robinson: "I love Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann!"

Katrina - What went right.

Self marketing

What is truly frightening about these lummoxes and blockheads who remain in Congress ......

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Prosecutor Attributes Gay Bashing Surge To Proposition 8 controversy

The ultimate in arrogance. A repug site

TOON: This Modern World - 'The Genius of Capitalism'

2009 Executive Stimulus Plan in action....

Go Back Into Hiding, GOP Begs Dick Cheney

Is "feigned obtusity" a real term?

Marcy Kaptur talking about what caused our economic crisis right now on C-SPAN

Gainesville man pleads guilty to $60M in fraud. Another Ponzi!!!

Will Geithner's "trillion dollar" plan work?

Breaking: EPA delays hundreds of mountaintop mining permits

Delaware Anti-Civil Union Bill....

This is either the luckiest or unluckiest guy in the world. Can't decide which.

Did Jim Cramer actually change his show after his Daily Show humiliation?

U.S. Stocks Retreat Following Rally Yesterday

ABCNews: China-Made Drywall Causing a Stink

Before I go to Ebay...

oil plagues sound 20 years after exxon valdez

Florida Congresswoman Deborah Wasserman Schultz announces she has breast cancer.

The View

If you are on food stamps, and voting Republican, you are an Idiot.

A trillion dollars -- visually.

FDA Ordered to Rethink Age Restriction for Plan B Judge Says Politics Influenced Policy on the

Wanna pelt AIG with some virtual tomatoes?

Do you Approve of the Job that Tim Geithner is doing as Treasury Secretary?

Pilot who paused to pray in crash-landing sentenced to 10 years in jail

Today I heard Rush Limbaugh berate Pres Obama for his Special Olympics comment.

Take the Steering Wheel out of Geithner's Hands (Arianna Huffington)

DUers near the Red River

Czech Government Loses No-Confidence Vote as Recession Bolsters Opposition

Political ad or free speech? Anti-Hillary film gets court screening

In times of economic crisis public transit always gets the shaft.....Draconian cuts in St. Louis

MOVE ON ORG: Toss a Tomato at AIG

It's time for some action from the loyal Dems

Things are getting better already: American Idol cancelled tonight to bring Obama news conference

Dems Hammer GOP’s New “Too Many Ideas” Strategy

A.I.G. Memo Points to Pressure From Cuomo

Petulently Piss Poor Past Partisan Politician

A strange thing happened to me when I went to the bank yesterday.

Walking through big box land

Insurers offer to stop charging sick people more

So, you all know about my teeth surgery and the bones collapsing in my mouth. Today I had bones

Counterfeiting Ring in FL? Channel 9 says $30,000 a week in counterfeit bills being found

House Republicans Readying Budget Alternative

If Obama took aggressive action to punish and neuter Wall Street, how would market respond?

huckabee likens abortion to slavery - fuck huckabee

To those watching these three men testify this morning: Are you feeling more confident?

Bruce: "[I]t's hysterical" that she's "getting emails of people upset of me calling the Obamas trash

Minors Must Have Access To Morning-After Pill, US Judge Rules

Dear Mr. Krugman: I admire the hell out of you, but if you know so much, please cough it up.

James Gandolfini riding a Vespa these days in NYC...

Has anyone seen the LBJ movie with Randy Quaid?

Judge orders FDA to let 17-year-olds use Plan B

so I'm trying to help the economy

Specter will not support Employee Free Choice Act

If the survival of the species depended on it ...

What propaganda looks like.

TPM: Source: Cassano (AIGFP) In Congressional Investigators' Sights

Forced Donations.....How does this make you feel?

Mayor: Tent City Soon Gone

Orange County FL Public Schools Superintendent: We may lose up to 1000 jobs before it's over..

Vermont Senate passes same-sex marriage bill

No one home: one in nine housing units vacant

Method to March Madness

Manhattan Sold Back to the Indians

Jindal's baaaack!

In times like these, we need to keep perspective on how the Masters of the Universe,

The Taliban and Opium Industry Are Getting U.S. Billions -- Not So Much for the Rest of Afghanistan

Why worry about the stock market.

Happy 20th Anniversary of the Exxon Valdez Disaster everybody!

In my little world !

Specter: I'll Vote No on Employee Free Choice Act

Tomasky Talk: Barack Obama v Paul Krugman

Debbie Wasserman Shultz had breast cancer surgery and kept it private during .......

LA Times: At the Salton Sea, a warning sign of the Big One?

Shock and anger as Letterman says last night of Obama, "I wouldn't give his problems to a monkey!"

Gay men attacked on Ore. beach

Gay men attacked on Ore. beach

I have a business proposal of 17.3M to handle from Chan Lee of the Bank of China, Hong Kong...

Okay. I'm really worried now.

'We didn't want the money. Paulson MADE us take it'

Can someone please say when Obama is on & possibly where streamed?

Pat Buchanan wonders if the nation will survive having 135 million Hispanics

Certain areas of economy swelling with jobs

Speeding tickets, conviction on a the word of a cop.

Wall St. Crooks- "On par with crack addicts or obsessive deviants who burgle homes to steal panties"

Sold! Bargain-hunters buying groceries at auction

Norm Coleman Dismisses Idea of Taking Case to Supreme Court

What reasons are being given for the long delay in ruling on Franken and Coleman case?

How a "Newbie" flies with the "Blue Angels!" Scary!

Trains in Japan- they want to be running 310 mph by 2025

Family values: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL)

Felt that this deserves a repost: Opposition to HR 875 is being astroturfed....

Small interior paint job estimates: Last year by the worst painter in town: $2500+

Court orders Plan B made available to 17 year olds without prescription

Insurers Offer Concessions in Health-Care Overhaul

Why would anyone be outraged at a TV stock market analyst?

54% of American People have at least some confidence in Secretary Geithner

Judge Threatens Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's administration With Contempt

Doing my part.

BOYCOTTIN' Bishop to skip Notre Dame commencement over Obama

Let's not forget that the GOP and religious right are to blame for what our country is now suffering

My Honest View of the Economic Crisis: A Very Dangerous Game

Bunning (R-KY) rips McConnell(R-KY) over fundraising

744,000 Homeless, 19 Million Vacant Houses

San Francisco Chronicle: Police deaths give leverage to toughen gun laws

AFL-CIO on Specter's No Vote on EFCA: 'A Rebuke to Working People'

This morning I heard sportstalk host Colin Cowherd saying that we need to

Chuck Grassley now supports an across-the-board freeze on federal spending for 3 years

Want to smile? WeeMichelle Pics

Thai fireman dons Spider Man costume to coax 8 year old autistic kid off 3rd floor window ledge

Little-known story about Andrea Mitchell:

How 'liberal bias' creates affirmative action for conservative ideologues

How 'liberal bias' creates affirmative action for conservative ideologues

You know what? I'm going to start calling shit STR8 when it's weird and uptight...

Sarah Palin in deep poo-poo

E-mail from AIG to bonusers says give back bonus and you're name won't be released. Extortion.

Suppose that a city invokes eminent domain to seize 40 homes to let a private developer build a mall

Why is Andrea Mitchell pushing the teleprompter meme? Second time she has mentioned

I missed Schuster calling out Gingrich in the hypocrisy segment

Today I got a Jury Summons. I am to report April 13. I like it internet music radio, and the DMCIA - making lemonade....

How is Geithner's plan different from the phony manipulations

What effect will the bank bailouts have on the rest of us?

How do you believe this crisis can be solved? A poll.

So Today I learned that my Primary Care Physician just "Disappeared"

A JARGON-FREE Overview of the Crisis from Richard Wolff

The Teavolution Will Be Historicized

LET IT DIE: Rushkoff on the economy

Barney Frank interrupted Geitner suggesting people in the back of the room lower their signs

Burt Prelutsky/Townhall: Michelle Obama is a bitch... get it?

Channel 5 in ATL just did a great report on the sleazy operators

Should adults be allowed to refuse to medical care? With what limitations.

One of Specter's first phone calls re EFCA was to Grover Norquist.

Ouch - Stiglitz rips the Geithner plan - calls it "robbery"

Reich on Obama's Wall Street Bailout Failure: the most expensive tax-supported fiasco in history?

NPR--Record Ratings

Everytime you hear the RW mantra of "tax and spend," consider repeating after me. . .

"Let Geithner fail"

Ron Paul predicts 15-year depression

Maybe I'm Just Stupid...

AIG owns Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont

The Origins of John F. Kennedy’s Struggle against the CIA

Should we modify the 60 votes to cut off debate to 60% representation?

Did this 80's movie predict our current situation?

Cold fusion experimentally confirmed

Obama needs to rethink Geithner.

Members of Congress should be compelled to wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers

Do liberals "hate" private charity?

New Ethics Complaint against Sarah Palin

Gingrich To Become a Catholic Saturday

Who owns Colorado's rainwater? (for real)

Why is Geithners plan better than the government buying the toxic assets outright?

This Modern World The genius of capitalism, with your host, the Invisible Hand. By Tom Tomorrow

Turley is correct

Week 9 Presidential Week in Review

FDR in 1936: "Let Me Warn You". Poignant words equally applicable today

Rebuilding federal agencies

What is your opinion of the Geithner plan?

Glen Beck should have stayed in college longer.

King's "Poor People's Campaign" up-dated.

Gov Palin accused of approving poison gas for Alaska wolf hunts

Everyone that wants PROSECUTION of the BUSH/CHENEY criminals check-in

Now the GOP-controlled media is using the "W" word to describe the bailouts for the investor class.

Willie the parrot awarded for repeatedly yelling 'Mama, baby' after toddler started to choke

I advocated single payer in my sermon Sunday,

At this point, isn't money basically becoming irrelevant...?

Best Peace Initiative--Bring Back the Draft

Cost of uninsured adds $1,100/year to premiums of insured families

Fired Doctor of Derivatives Waits to Cry as Finance Jobs Vanish

See ya!

The Black Cat and Wikipedia.

*Mama! Baby!** Mama! Baby!*-Parrot alerts sitter to baby choking. Life saved.

Car for $2,000 new

Re: Dear American liberals, leftists, social progressives, socialists, Marxists

McCaskill twitters again...time to start reforming Social Security and Medicare. Hot diggity dog.

Fire Geithner.

Gregg: Obama can't blame Bush for deficits

Cleric in U.K.: 'All homosexuals should be stoned to death'

We are Losing America Right Before Our Blind Eyes

How $30,000 Can be More Than $300,000

CNN Talking About The "Responsibilities Of The Press"

60-foot penis painted on roof (pic)

Oh Goody- Obama attempts to appoint another Goldman Sachs exec who worked with Phil Gramm

Oh Goody- Obama attempts to appoint another Goldman Sachs exec who worked with Phil Gramm

Gambling with health care. PBS's Brancaccio interviews Howard Dean. Video up now.

Little help, not sure this is appropriate

Philosophic Interlude - What do you consider "enough"

Pro sports is more important than education, right?

"Every man of humane convictions must decide on the protest that best suits his convictions, .......

Important news of the day: David Letterman got married!

Am I the only one who does not care for Nels Oleson?

I got a spam today for "Natural debilitants for your health!"

What's the big deal about the Dow?

Do you think the admins would lend me Grovelbot?

I'm worried about my cat Sophie....

for Midlo

Anyone else missing football?

O. M. G. (contains language probably not suitable for anyone under 18)

Fans of American Dad-

Anti-Capitalism in Five Minutes

In the spirit of spring break we now turn our attention to the issue of responsible drinking


So, how much would it cost me to rent an apartment or small house in No.Cal

Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Does anyone know of a good interactive site for writers.

Official Japan-Korea WBC Championship Thread

38d53m51.4sN, 77d2m11.7sW Where am I?


Civil Liberties law on Craigslist...


Twitter users - another stupid question

Ugh, the Red River is flooding and my back is uber-sore from sandbagging all morning.

My Days With Dave has been updated.

What is the Italian word for breaking the yolk of an over easy egg with your toast?

I just watched 1984

A good vibes thread

Prediction - if Big Eddie sits on the front row again tonight ....

Today I bought a $41.00 book for $.10

Look at this bullshit, crap ass, McDonalds flickr page. bullshit, crap.

What's with all the fees at Ticketmaster?????

Obama Dials Down Wall Street Criticism

The dog is going nuts again, LOL!


I need to rant, but you won't understand, probably. Humor me.

This is how they repay loyalty:

Has anyone heard from Parche lately? nt

Have you been victim of a scam?

They just can't make music like this anymore...

Phil Spector's new hair do

Uh-oh China's Top Banker proposes new world currency (IMF)

A PSA for all the Twits.

I think I'm in love with...

self delete

self delete

"Rainbow Connection"

Yummy job

Good morning Lounge

Speaking of Baltimore...

I called-in to The Stephanie Miller Show today and spoke to Frangela!

man, the physical therapy is killing me.

I'm really sorry I have to do this to you guys

Greetings from Bruges!

Grey or Gray?

More Craigslist magic

basketfull of cute

My hair looks especially attractive today.

I'm going to the dentist in a few hours to get my tooth cleaned.

Ralph Fiennes looks so sad at Richardson's funeral

Should I tell the idiot using my wifi connection that I not only can see what he is typing...

Whoever invented mouse rollover internet ads should be killed.

Why do people offer you cake when they know you're trying to lose weight?

Visa gift card, what a fucking rip off

Will a wedding band affect my guitar playing? And in related news, I got

Why do people offer you coke when they know you're trying to go clean?

Watched 3 movies: "Persepolis", "Frozen River", and "Trail of the Screaming Forehead" The best?

The problem isn't Octomom but TLC channel - they should be boycotted

I want to marry Paul Krugman and bear his children, and by golly, I think I'll go post that in GD-P.

"Konsyl in my coffee makes me happeeeeeee!" (thread for Konsyl users)

Middle school students catch drunk teacher on video

If I'm using someone else's wifi, can they see what I type?

BTW - the thread is STILL alive........

finding Angel a home - craigslist - the only hits I've had were from've done what you can.

Tea bathroom bags: Yea or Nay?

"You can't edit this message because the editing period has expired."

I wish computers came with breathalyzers

Attention DU Lounge: Conference call in 15 minutes!

Dieting sucks....

Jasmine's a mother...

Red Diamond sweet tea is decent for store bought.

UK population must fall to 30m, says Porritt - UK must cut its population in half.

can I please have a new pair of legs?

I'm not plagiarizing. I allowed others to pre-steal from me.

Why don't they use radial engines in cars?

Happy Birthday Peyton Manning and...

Happy Birthday Peyton Manning and...

Happy Birthday Peyton Manning and...

Next time your 18 year-old offers to decorate the house.....

Panama City, Florida: America's Greatest City

22/7 is headlining

We've got a live one

$150.000 per uploaded music file i.e. economic death of a working family

Neil Young's Favorite Songs

Tatas for sale cheap


I just ran over my doggie

The people at my work are going APESHIT because they're watching a turtle have sex with a shoe

Cute baby monkey!

Do you Approve of the Job Barack Obama is doing as President?

The people at my work are watching an APE SHIT in a Panda Express!

Fla. student suspended from bus for passing gas

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/24/09 (language okay so no warning; safe for work, minors)

Turtle caught teabagging a shoe at the local Panda Express. Details at 11.

A GD thread that easily could be a lounge thread

The people at my work are going APESHIT because they're being exposed to all these dumbass copycats


Anyone see "Last Chance Harvey", one of Dustin Hoffman's

Turtlensue got a bad rap.

This is awesome. People flying without planes: personal airship!

The people at my work are going APESHIT because they're watching turtlensue have sex with a shoe

Geriatric Copycat Thread

Do you believe in fate?

PSA I think DU has the hic- cups again

Can I tell you how much I love Google Image search? You can find anything there.

MEDICAL UPDATE: The chest pain still hasn't been 100% identified but is thought to be

so I'm trying to help the economy

108 of you clicked on "turtle having sex with a shoe"...WTF?

Glen Beck gets a lap dance from a baboon!

Ladies: Do you wear perfume, and if so, what kind?

Battle of Earth's Beasts

How many fire extinguishers do you have?

Turtle having sex with a shoe

Teak bathroom mats: Yea or Nay?

Some reality news for Glen Beck - You're ALREADY in Hell dude!

CreekDog ----> vermin loving freak.

FOX IQ Test Poll

The Wawa had "Runaround Sue" blasting through the store speakers this afternoon.

What's up with flvegan and Orrex?

By the way, the answer is n-3

Would you enter DU-GD for a 60-foot Penis?

I can't wait for Halloween

image warning

Run Around Sue got a bad rap.

EXPOSED: Flvegan childhood photo!!11!!!

My cat brought in a wild baby rabbit. last night

Would you rather see Sarah Palin or Nadya Suleman on your MILK carton?

Generic Copycat Thread

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/24/2009)

To anyone with an iPhone and a chatty infant

"Sixteen Sunsets, Daily."

Favorite non-horror Stephen King film.

Okay, seriously, I'm telling you. I love Google Image search.

Fuck me twice sit me down I saw myself on video and nearly had a weenie!

I've come up with a new game to play early on Saturday mornings when my son plays Mario Kart Wii:

Why do some people have to talk all the damn time?

Why do some people have to talk all the damn time?

Anyone have any Tuesday lists to share?

ncaa division 2 basketball tourney comes to springfield ma tomorrow

Extreme Sheep Herding - WARNING you will ROFL

Extreme Sheep Herding - WARNING you will ROFL

What ever happened to turtlenshoe?? I haven't seen her around

Cameron just showed us her teeth.

Do you have personal anecdotal evidence for global climate change?


One pissed off cat...

In 7 days, 17 hours, 2 minutes I'll have heard from all schools

My granddaughter will be in a Hasbro commercial!

Turtlensue having sex with a shoe

I think Sniffa has some blog updates coming later...

Television is NOT free.

OK, the Axe Dry ad is now officially the most disgusting ad I've seen on tv.

Does anyone have any teabags?

Komodo dragons kill Indonesian fisherman

Well since we're pretty much doomed now...

The most obnoxious voice on television

After seeing "I love you, man" I have a real question.

kitten picture of the day notification

Name that tune from one snippet of lyric

ROFLMAO - My 2 y.o.

For musicians, worst job imaginable.

Anyone recognize this face?

Subject: Banned from Target

This is simple and good.

Vibes needed for upcoming medical procedure

Anyone else getting creeped out by dog food commercials?

Vibes for Lelapin (LadyOfTheRabbits)

Register your upcoming Protest at Tea Bag Don't have a teabag - they'll send you one

Favorite Neil Young songs

Is this an age-appropriate question for a 7 year old in 2nd grade?

Aside from Christmas, list a movie you like centered around a holiday.

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that

What city do you live closest to, part 2

Which city do you live closest to?

Got any cute dog pictures?

Anybody ever seen "The Beguiled" (1971) with Clint Eastwood?

Does anybody else get these annoying robo-calls?

So, you all know about my teeth surgery and the bones collapsing in my mouth. Today I had bones

How do you feel about the Catholic Cardinal who is going to boycott our president's speech.

My sister's in China. Should I be worried?

Graphic shows the $2,500 car unveiled by India’s Tata Motors

I'm looking for a way to carry around my golf tees so I don't lose them.

It is a fact - Zappa's "The Torture Never Stops" solo on YCDTOSA #1 is godlike.

Would you rather have Sarah Palin or Nadya Suleman as your MILF?

What time is it?

US Treasury - Is It Supposed To Be A Regulator? What About SEC, FDIC, Office of Thrift?

So now the problem is Obama's laughing? What do you think?

Why has not one regulatory bill on the financial industry been proposed by the President?

Rush Limbaugh Is A Fat Junkie

Go back into hiding, GOP begs Dick Cheney

Something To Be Aware Of..

So now they are having a problem with Obama's giggle?

Rep. Bill Posey (Birther) will be on Washington Journal tomorrow morning-


Whatever Obama does to solve the banking crisis is a risk

The problem with Nationalization

Does this Toxic Asset Plan have to get congressional approval?

Obama Nominates 'Forceful Legal Critic' of Bush at State

How To Get A Republican Who Cites Krugman To Put Up Or STFU - Media Take Note!

Can We Just Call It The Paulson/Summers/Geithner Plan?

I nominate Joe Biden for an honorary DUzy!

The Obam... sorry, the GEITHNER plan isn't a total disaster

National Service Corps Bill Clears Senate Hurdle

CBS Poll: Obama at 64% approval, 54% still confident in Geithner

"administration will urge Congress to grant it the authority to take over major troubled instutions"

A quick comment on the dow:

Can we get a Krugman Avatar going

Connie Mack (R-FL) on Larry King says "fire Geithner"

Michele Bachmann for President....she will beat out Sarah Paling in the early running nx year...

The people at my work are going APESHIT because they're opening a Panda Express

I hope Krugman is wrong.

Krugman and the National Debt

Obama's Global Op-Ed: "A Time For Global Action" - runs in 30+ papers worldwide

Larry Summers says Krugman is right about Geithner Plan not solving issues in the banking system!!!

Jim Cramer Has Joined The Bulls' Camp

Watching Meghan McCain on Larry King rerun, says she is for gay marriage

Obama shows he's not really American, look what side he thinks you are supposed to sit

All of you who think the Geithner plan will work should invest in the stock market now!

Tea parties being sponsored by the likes of Hannity, Santelli and the right... are they not the same

PSA concerning stupid people and President Obama


Perfect Solution for the Zombie Bank CEO Bonus Situation...

An intriguing wrinkle in the Geithner plan... hmmm....

Steven Pearlstein: Krugman Is Wrong About Geithner

City Democrat takes state post

graywarrior! You have corrupted my sweet innocent children!

Axelrod v. Geithner round 1 - Axelrod turned out to be right (re: bonuses)

Townhall: Michelle Obama is a Bitch

WOW-David Shuster talking about Obama's laughter and defending it! BIG TIME

'Says one banker."The Obama folks don't even like us."' v MO small business owner "We are desperate"

"Only Obama Escapes Public Anger over AIG Bonuses"

Does the mathematics of the Geithner plan resonate with you?

Part I: Geithner's Plan "Extremely Dangerous," Progressive Economist Galbraith Says

Corporate media going on and on this morning about the Treasury having SO MUCH power to seize firms

Gratuitious applause for Sen. Sherrod Brown.

CBS POLL: President Obama's Approval Stays High (64%), despite his handling of AIG bonuses.

Senate Considers Relief for Credit Card Holders

The President Of The United States Addresses The World! (full text)

Video: President gets to do another cool Presidential Thing (calls Space Station)

Obama to hold SECOND primetime press conference tomorrow. Bush didn't have his FIRST one for 9

Letterman did: "Teleprompter v. No Teleprompter" Obama v. Bush

US Treasury Asking For Takeover Authority - Brookings Study A Preview Of Overall Strategy?

Gotta little extra information from NPR on this new bailout

Factual Inquiry: Does the plan say how FDIC losses would be funded?

Factual Inquiry: Does the plan say how FDIC losses would be funded?

PHOTOS: President Obama meets Australian PM Kevin Rudd

New issue of National Review shows Obama in bed with Big Business

Making the world work again, by Barack Obama


Is every Congressperson a narcissistic asshole

Nate Silver: The Worst Pollster in the World Strikes Again

The question to Geithner "What did the Obama administration know and when"? My question:

Specter has chosen sides now - set to vote against "Card Check"

Bottom Line: There Are Not 60 Votes In The Senate for Nationalization

So two weeks ago it was called the Obama

Would you rather have Sarah Palin or Nadya Suleman as your Mom?

It is terrible what politics does to people...

What did Cheney do to protect America from attack? He was given the task 8 years ago

Seder and Maron

We Could Have Saved the Economy

Help Stop the Scandal at Our Lady's University

Obama Cannot Nationalize The Banks WITHOUT Congressional Approval

My AG Richard Blumenthal on CNN right now, watch him, he could run against Loserman

Obama tries to temper furor over AIG bonuses

US Treasury: "Sample Investment Under the Legacy Loans Program"

Dean Baker: "Obama prepared to risk his presidency on behalf of Wall Street banks"

Black Rock (plus: no bid contract from Feds)

Chuck T asking for viewer questions for Obama - Freeper's Freeping like Crazy

Krugman: Larry, Larry

NYT Editors: "Will the Geithner Plan Work?...We asked four economists"

Geithner just said AIG companies employ 1 out of 3 Americans?

Interesting - Why Is Obama Administration Asking For Power To Seize Financial Firms?

A question about these toxic assets...

What past president should Obama naysayers refer to that fixed a bad economy in two months?

Geithner's plan; who gets to participate?

Is Zogby The Worst Pollster In The World

President Obama's Opening Remarks at Tonight's Press Conference (PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT)

Say what? Megan McCain, Tina Brown and the media think Obama is over exposed?

Anyone watching the House hearing. Frank bosses Bachmann

Obama Sides With RIAA, Supports $150,000 Fine per Music Track

Coleman Considering Federal Appeal

Here's one thing we can all agree is unfortunate about the Geithner plan...

Does anyone know the ratings 60 Minutes got the night Obama gave his interview?

Brad Blakeman was on with Schuster today - A "yipes" moment

Cantor has called a 10:30 AM Press Conference to announce their Housing Plan

OK, this is going too far- Chia Obama and Obama "Flavor of the Week"

BREAKING - DOW Is Down - CNBC Blames Fall On Obama Press Conference Later Tonight

It is not "Blind Trust", it is "Trust".

Is it just me, or has the whole country and or media gone nuts...

White House hosts India Inc. meeting on H-1B visas, tried to keep it hush-hush

Rescue Plan, With Fine Print, Dazzles Wall Street

Rudd and Obama in 'meeting of the minds'

Excerpts of Obama's Opening Remarks Tonight

Oh Maxine, why do you insist on continuing to speak?

Greenwald: A Major Difference Between Conservatives and Progressives

Things are getting better already: American Idol cancelled tonight to bring Obama news conference

How dare Pres. Obama talk to the American people!

"Congressional Republicans are telling Dick Cheney to go back to his undisclosed location"

Brawl over Obama budget brews in Congress

Please check out my poll for today.

Is the authority Geithner is requesting a "Power Grab" ?

Limpballs compares President Obama to Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe

Can we please stop calling people we don't like gay? Is it really that hard to get?

Bobby Jindhal to Rebut Obama's Press Conference Tonght!! ROLF

*HEADS UP*: Rahm will be on with Larry King tonight after the press conference.

Zogby to say approval rating drops to 50-50? wtf?

Bernanke: Nationalizing AIG ‘Would Have Been Far Preferable’ To The Current Situation

Heard It Here First - Press Conference Talking Point - Did Obama Pick His Nose Or Scratch?

Senator Sanders Blocking Key Obama Nomination

would you rather have george bush back?

"Your personal space is Joe Biden's personal space"

How is Obama gonna get his Budget through?

Education Secretary pledges safe schools for LGBT students

Obama Hammers GOP: "Against Whatever The Other Side Is For"

Anyone worried about Obama getting tripped up on any questions tonight?

HUFF POST EXCLUSIVE! Image of Geithner's notes suggests "DONKEY IRON" is key to economic turnaround

Hee hee--Chuck Todd is taking viewer questions for tomorrow's presser with Obama!

Surprise! - Boehner Opposes The Treasury Having The Power To Take Over Firms Like AIG

Up to this Point, President Obama is DOING RIGHT FINE BY ME


Stiglitz: Geithner Plan Will Rob US Taxpayers

Come fly with me.

Paranoid Blogger Moran at RedState: Obama Wants To Seize The Internet!!1!!1!

Wow. So this is what I waited out the Bush presidency for?

Judge delivers rule 11 sanction to "Hollister v 'Soetoro'" attorney

Is part of the problem that Wall Street has more power than the President?

Former Union Chief Picked to Head FAA

Does Rachael Ray gargle with Draino?

Can someone explain to me, like I'm ten years old, why all the hate for Michelle Obama?

David Letterman Marries Longtime Girlfriend

China to pitch new global currency; dump dollar

Ignatieff: Canada 'left on the sidelines' on Afghanistan

Israel army rides out T-shirt row

Guardian investigation uncovers evidence of alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza (3 videos)

Fox News presenter apologises for remarks about Canadian military

Dalai Lama's South Africa conference ban causes uproar

Who gave a home to elephant Sheila? (in Belfast garden during WWII)

Smokers fume as prices jump ahead of fed tax hike

Cambodia to send troops to 2 African nations

UPDATE 1-Top pension funds aim to lead Bank of America suit

U.S. Seeks Expanded Power to Seize Firms

Gem sales earn Myanmar $191 million

Bomber Strikes Capital Of Pakistan, Killing One

Indonesia arrests four Dutch reporters in Papua

Weapons haul at Bangladesh school

Virtual Army Experience display off Cleveland National Air Show schedule

Komodo dragons kill Indonesian fisherman

Poland to increase force in Afghanistan by 400

Same Sex Marriage bill in NEW ENGLAND

Parrish cousins found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Taliaferro slaying

Foreign Service Jobs in Afghanistan to Grow

Fox News host apologizes in face of Canadian outrage

Sri Lanka fury at 'aid coalition'

Huckabee likens abortion to slavery at Missouri fundraiser

China Daily Assails Prisoner Abuses

Morocco clamps down on Shiites, gays

Gore Looks to Rally Action with New Book

'Spider-Man' rescues autistic Thai boy

Obama set to unveil Mexico border drugs/guns plan

PA’s Greenhouse Gas Declaration May Pressure U.S. Lawmakers

China Tops World Execution List at 72%, Amnesty Says

Bernanke wanted to sue AIG over bonuses

How 'liberal bias' creates affirmative action for conservative ideologues

Rebel Kurds reject call to lay down arms in Iraq

AIG's Bonus Unit Now in IRS's Sights

Rep Frank calls Scalia a "homophobe" in an interview

US Tried to Silence Binyam Mohamed with Plea Bargain

(Australian PM) Rudd and Obama in 'meeting of the minds'

Home Prices Rise For First Time In A Year, FHFA Says

Making the world work again - (President Obama Pens Editorial in LA Times)

Czech Premier Topolanek Loses No-Confidence Vote

Geithner to Ask Congress for Broad Power to Seize Firms

Dem Budget Set to Keep Fuzzy Tax Math, Scrap Future Bailouts

Louisiana governor again speaking opposite Obama

Sacramento County restricts lap dancing

Go back into hiding, GOP begs Dick Cheney

Obama Dials Down Wall Street Criticism

Japanese man certified as double A-bomb victim

NY Governor Orders 8,900 Layoffs

Notre Dame sticking with Obama for commencement

Curtains For Pro-Labor Bill? Specter Says He'll Vote No

CORRECTED- Obama to meet with top bank CEOs on Friday--source

$75 million in Madoff assets found in Gibraltar

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday March 24

Miami vets get procedures with unsterile equipment (thousands of colonoscopies)

EPA Halts Hundreds of Mountaintop Mining Permits

White House steps up anti-drug cartel efforts

Senate Considers Relief for Credit Card Holders

Border plants to be killed to reveal smugglers

Insurers offer to stop charging sick people more

After Cancer, Lawmaker Urges Tests

Can Private Security Guards Act As Cops?(Chicago Privatizing some Law Enforcement?)

Strip-Search of Girl Tests Limit of School Policy

Daily Red Meat Raises Chances Of Dying Early

Study: brain switches off rationality when given 'expert advice'

Fourth Oakland police officer dies after weekend shooting

Opposition newspapers banned as Malaysia clampdown looms

Flooding threat increases in Fargo-Moorhead

Marijuana Legalization Bills Introduced In Massachusetts

Workers feel the brunt of health insurance woes Patriotism: Setting the Record Straight

NY Exhibit Takes Chelsea Artists to Havana

Rachel Maddow: Sherrod Brown - Congressional Oversight Needs to Be Aggressive, Quick

Iraq: Deaths Rise, Pretense We Care Fades

The Noron highlights yet more Republican hypocrisy: Judd Gregg & budget reconciliation

Fox News Attacks Gay Rights and Barney Frank

Harp Seal Nursery - Humane Society, 340,000 to be killed

Fox host apologizes for mocking of Canadian Forces

Seal Hunt in Canada in Progress, Humane society coverage

Obama Calls Astronauts On Space Station

British Judges Detail Guantanamo's Dirty Secrets

British Judges Detail Guantanamo's Dirty Secrets

It's YOUR Money

Geithner on AIG/AIU

TYT: Exposing Democrats That Could Derail All Of President Obama's Plans

Debunking Crowd Estimate Lies

Rep. Bachmann questioning Geithner and Bernanke

TYT: Dick Cheney Believes In Witches? (& Obama Rebukes Dick On Torture)

Dildo Reilly claims ThinkProgress made a rape victim quit her job

When Michelle Bachmann speaks, people don't just listen, they gape

The lesser Limbaugh

Survival Sam Episode 10: Food.

Bill Moyers talks with an actual socialist for an honest perspective on Obama (7:11)

Maxine Waters: Is Goldman Sachs Going to Manage Our Toxic Waste?

Canadians React To Fox News' Insults, Faux Apology

Say what? Megan McCain, Tina Brown and the media think Obama is over exposed?

Help pass hate crimes legislation once and for all.

Oracle Tweetcast #6 - On the Friends of Geithner plan

Rachel Maddow: Jonathan Turley's Impassioned Case for Prosecuting Torture/Cheney

Bill O'Reilly's full court press against President Obama

Letterman Takes On Obama Critics

TYT: Who Supports Violent Opposition to Obama & Should We Take It Seriously?



OT: Oh, the dilemna...

Moderator Availability Thread, Tuesday March 24, 2009

OT: If anyone likes weddings here is a link to my middle sister's 2nd

Po_d Mainiac





OT: for those who enjoy her, (I sure do), Katrina vanderHeuval is


Parker CA






OT: How long...


OT - Could someone keep an eye on GD?

Corporate Fatcats Catch Break; Angry Mob Goes Home For Lack of Carfare

Sarah Palin and Michael Steele Snubbed Together

Moyers Picks Brain of Last Socialist

Symantec says call center worker in India may have sold credit card data

Interfluidity: Dark musings, 2009-03-24

Sean Penn film set at Suffolk's Dennison building(Valerie Plame story)

Barack Obama: Making the World Work Again

When Economy Sours, Tootsie Rolls Soothe Souls.

I Love a Planet with a Happy Atmosphere (Michael Greenwell)

The New Hard Times

GOP Stupidly Attacking Dodd, Choosing Kudlow to Challenge

Government Faces Challenge to Practice of Denying Foreign Scholars Entry Based on Political Beliefs

Asian Youths Can't Live Without TV, Web: Poll

Push to Legalize polygamy in utah?

WSJ: Health-Care Battle Set to Focus on Public Plan

Franklin D. Roosevelt “The Economic Bill of Rights”

Petraeus hands over a 'political hot potato'

David Copperfield and the Financial Bailout

Scandal at Notre Dame, Not About Sex!

The Sublime to the Ridiculous: The Evolution of Main Stream Media

Santelli's Losers: Extreme Makeovers that got Ugly

Hey, GOP, Try Exorcism Next

Obama to Reach Out to Bloggers? Pick Me!

America Is in Need of a Moral Bailout

Did Appellate Court Screw Don Siegelman? You betcha

Borger: Obama hires face 'vetting hell' (CNN)

Forget the Boston Tea Party, Wall St. Execs Have a NY T-Bill Party

NASA's early lunar images, in a new light

Joeyess and The Dirty F@$#ing Hippies Ride Again!!

Some Experts Say Rescue Program Might Not Work

India Inc. gets White House meeting on H-1B visas

The hunt for the last Nazis

Pirate logging out of control in Madagascar's rainforest

Nissan, Renault, and no Better Place in San Diego?

Tuesday, March 24 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill

Power to the People: 7 Ways to Fix the Grid, Now

Exxon Valdez: The Killing Did Not Stop in 1989

Peak oil review - Mar 23

Neutron tracks revive hopes for cold fusion

Congressional Democrats To Shelve Fast-Track Budget Plan For Facing Climate Breakdown

Lake Erie Ice Cover Down 30% Since 70s - Scientists Track System Dynamics Over Great Lakes

Tonga Volcano Levels Trees But Bulks Up Islet At Eruption Site - AFP

Senior White House officials refused to open the document...

W. 1.2 Million Hectares Of Primary Forest Slated For Palm Oil, Ind. Firm Denies Environmental Damage

Obama's Climate Challenge: Winning the Carbon Game

Alarming New Data Shows TB-HIV Co-Infection a Bigger Threat

Billion people face famine by mid-century, says top US scientist

Giant lizards kill unsuspecting fisherman (CNN)

Oregon Senate Votes to Make Horse Abandonment a Crime

Wild Bees Can Be Effective Pollinators—Three-year study finds possible alternatives to honey bees

New possibilities for hydrogen-producing algae

Global Exchange and Green America host 'Greenfestival' - Seattle, 3/28-29

Study of 1918 El Nino challenges warming intensity link

'Disasta in Alaska' Edition of the 'Green News Report' - March 24, 2009 (AUDIO LINK)

TopGear Drives the Honda Clarity (FCX)

Questions about coal-fired power stations

Nature Of Arctic Sea Ice Changing - "Pancake" Ice Replacing Large Sheets & Floes - Nature

Atlantic snails are increasing dramatically in size, Queen’s researcher discovers (22.6%/100 yrs.)

Environmentalists in a Clash of Goals

Monbiot: Biochar, the Atkins plan of the low-carbon world

In a major reversal of Bush policy, EPA blocks mountaintop removal.

New Evidence for an Earlier Origin of Oxygenic Photosynthesis

Water Supplies In Hebei Province - Key Beijing Water Source - Down 50% In Past Few Years - AFP

Iron Seeding Ocean Test A Bust - Resulting Plankton Bloom Devoured By Zooplankton - AFP

"Gardening is fun, but it is a form of resistance as well"

Tonight on PBS: Ice porn!

TopGear Drives the Tesla Roadster

Would you want to live near a wind farm?

FARC children soldiers, slaves actually (Spanish)

GRANMA's Summary of the new travel and business regulations: "the blockade is still in place"

The 51st state?

US Navy Looking to Re-militarize Vieques (Puerto Rico)

Colombia says 4 soldiers killed in rebel attack

Colombia's Victims' Rights Act

The new narco-paramilitary mafia

"we practically no longer have independent judges." (Venezuela)

Alternative Development, Economic Interests and Paramilitaries in Urabá

Interview w/ Ken Mass, President of the Nebraska AFL-CIO

Workers feel the brunt of health insurance woes

Union OKs strike at AT&T; contracts end April 4 (nation's largest employer of union labor)

Today in labor history Mar 24 The Coalition of Labor Union Women was founded

Curtains For Pro-Labor Bill? Specter Says He'll Vote No

Trade Unions: Half Measures will not fix broken Global Economy

Duplicate thread - Deleted

Play ball: Miami-Dade agrees to pay share of Florida Marlins stadium

Here is a list of all the compensation picks awarded for this year's NFL draft

I can't believe no one has posted yet that the Lady Vols lost in the

49ers awarded two compensatory draft picks

There's finally some excitement in Dodger Stadium

What's your opinion on the WBC?

RIP George Kell

RuPaul's Drag Race Finale......

GD:P - Education Secretary pledges safe schools for LGBT students

Meghan McCain: 'I believe in gay marriage.'

Ballot Measure Petitions to Overturn Proposition 8 Begin Circulation

Screen or Not? What Those Prostate Studies Mean

Barak seeks unprecendented power to appoint ministers

Dalai Lama's South Africa conference ban causes uproar

A case to answer (Guardian editorial)

U.S. Dollars Fund Gaza Deaths

Third of American Jews: Lieberman weakens our bond with Israel

Guardian investigation uncovers evidence of alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza (3 videos)

Barak 'agrees to Likud coalition'

Cut to pieces: the Palestinian family drinking tea in their courtyard

16 hurt as Israel extremists march in Arab town

Paul McCartney pledges support to OneVoice movement

Today's Guardian editorial on a topic that must be mentioned in whispers

Jerusalem Arabs charged with attempted murder of US student

'Shooting and Crying'

The Zionists are playing a dangerous game by scuttling Freeman’s appointment

Maybe it's time we believe the Palestinians (Amira Hass)

'Cast Lead death ratio an achievement'

Government decides not to limit entry of food to Gaza

Dean Baker: "Obama prepared to risk his presidency on behalf of Wall Street banks"

Report: China Suggests New Reserve Currency

Blackrock May Create Toxic Assets Mutual Fund (Investor Beware)

Which of the Bush brothers is most likely to make big money on the Toxic Asset Plan-GW, Neil, Jeb?

Dr. Housing Bubble 03/24/09

Obama wants U.S. to be world's top exporter of renewable energy

Nafta’s Promise, Unfulfilled

There is no emergency if executive pay can't be limited.

Existing Home Sales Fall 4.6%

India Inc. gets White House meeting on H-1B visas

Bernanke says he can't figure out why he did not do his job to prevent the AIG problem.

Card Check: R.I.P.

February home sales rise (5.1% over Jan) as prices sink

How Taxpayers Can Get Hosed Even When Private Investors Get Rich

Geithner just did a Gonzales !!!!

Gaming the Geithner plan? Yes it can be done and here is how:

Full Commanding Denial

Geithner has no back-up plan.

Magna Cum Lousy -- Where Today's Bad CEOs Went To School

Naked Capitalism: China Calls for New Reserve Currency

Boooo on Geithner..he just refused to conmmit to give Congress info

Ron Paul questioning Geithner and Bernanke NOW- Cspan 3 and maybe MSNBC.

BBC news-Border defense: Enforce current gun laws

Doyle May Increase Gun Background Check Fee - ( by 300%)

Nothing will reduce gun ownership other than door to door search and seizure.

Michele Bachmann!.......

Making lemonade from lemons on Craigslist..

Flamin lib inspired me to share my guardian angel from my bedroom wall

gone for a few days

Down by the creek, an Autostich non-panorama..


Spring in the desert (dialup warning)...

I hope you all enjoy these!

A people panorama

Mockingbird nest..

Did you see Twilight? Here is the Columbia River Gorge on a summer day:

there is a new spring in my step



At the Park

Swamp Thing.

Do not feed the bears

So, I found this driftwood, and uh oh

Diving Girl and Friends

Highway under construction...

Here are my credentials for wanting to bet that is was Hoover Dam but did not dare challenge ljm2002


"California Psychics" -- a rant

Chiron, U.S. Moon - 5 Astro Events for April

ok, this is TOO MUCH

Top 10 Time-Lapse Videos Show Nature at Work

Most Terrifying Penises (video)

Good putdown of creationist claims

Navy researchers report experimental confirmation of cold fusion (!??!??!!)

Study: Waking up like being drunk

When is a person born?

How do you know if God’s testing you, or,

An interesting take on the No True Scotsman fallacy

'Second-class citizens': Women and religion.

Pilot who paused to pray in emergency gets 10 years

Oklahoma Legislature Investigates Richard Dawkins' Free Speech

Is there a Jain on DU?

I'm possibly only "punch-drunk" but here is what just came out of my oven

Pink Grapefruit Granita

Three hunnert an' thirddy bux at Willie Sonoma .......

Anybody know what this is?

Best source for cheese making supplies?

Happiness is ..........

Williams-Sonoma 4Q profit falls 90 percent

What's for dinner? ~ Tuesday the 24th

So...I have cinnamon rolls in the oven and no idea how to store them ~ HELP.

Amazon was here!

Why is the Teachers Union donating to the RNC??

The Myth of the "Powerful" Teachers' Union

Lynn Spencer on Hutchison Flight and 93's Coast Track

Houston lawmaker asks: 'What's Medicaid?'

Manic Suppression (Anti-voter ID article from Paul Burka)

Social Security Benefits for (Texas) Teachers

James Gandolfini riding a Vespa these days in NYC...

I saw a great film last night that I have to recommend:

Iggy now kissing "Byron Muldoon's" ass in hopes of making inroads in Quebec?

Any Canadians with a Citibank Mastercard...

Something has gone haywire (videos)

AVG free update 7.5 to 8.5 question.

Interesting hearing in SFRC today