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I know this is a small thing, but it's nice to hear reporters refered to by their name

****Unofficial Presidentail NEWS CONFERENCE THREAD******

Obama Press Conference: Why don't these dumb motherfuckers get it?

Does Geithner's Plan Address Credit Default Swaps???

Bishop To Boycott Banquet If Michael Steele Speaks

The SOA trespassers are imprisoned.

Wouldn't Molly Ivins have loved this? She would have SO

Police: Woman handcuffed self to husband, bit him

Was it me, or is Tim Geithner...

Why money messes with your mind

Michele Bachmann - Asking the Tough Questions.

Obama news conference is on CSPAN2, FYI, those of us without TV. NT

Olbermann: "A New Policy For Presidential Leaders"

Hi Ann -you sound surprised?

any questions on torture?

Repost: cuz I posted it sort of late last night

'knotty' problems or 'naughty' problems....?


Senate Dems to scrap Obama's $400 tax credit

BUT...But...But Rush Said That Obama Was the Teleprompter President!

The Color Purple...

PhRMA CEO Urges GOP To Work With Obama On Health Care, But Won't Compromise Himself

Help- I know somebody here knows.

LOL: Anyone see the new Mountain Dew ad with the Lincoln Douglas debates yet!

Let's help write CNN questions

What a great line! It took a couple days for us to respond (to the AIG bonus payments)

Are you guys watching Leslie Aipac and John King with their friggin' word wall?

Hannity still can't let it go

Paterson should be negotiating with AIG

Looked at Press Conference-Looked like Saudi Arabia. How many women were there?

Freepers:Condoms cause Aids

When's Obama going to start trying to pass universial healthcare coverage?

What? Unless I missed it, no one comments about dear Debbie Wasserman-Schulz???

What a waste of a press conference.

Send that fucker Ed Henry a twat (tweet, whatever...).

Send that fucker Ed Henry a twat (tweet, whatever...).

Happy day--Bunning strikes again! At McConnell, this time.

What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

David Vincent was fighting the repuke hordes long before Obama.

Matt Taibbi is coming up on Rachel

I long for the days of the soft-ball-throwing sycophant lapdog white house press corps

Is anyone watching Frontline?

Two Women are arguing on O'Reilly's Show. His response: We dont want Jello Wrestling Here!

Herding Cast Take 2

a tiny little rainbow flag

Saudi clerics want women banned from TV and media

Mark Crispin Miller: The Millionaire Patriot Wants YOU Armed And Trained

A bit of trivia, what was the shortest war in history, between whom and for how long?

I'm going to miss saying GWOT

TWO Primetime Press Conferences In Two Months???

CNN are doing a hit job on Obama all night

Oh SNAP!!! Letterman's little video about AIG ends: George W. Bush... How do YOU spell incompetence?

HEads Up: CNN and Faux are replaying the News Conference Now n/t.

When there is a breaking news story, where do you turn to first? (web wise)

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Outside the Box Thinking - turn the Baltimore Sun into a non-profit local paper

Outside the Box Thinking - turn the Baltimore Sun into a non-profit local paper

Specter delivers death blow to labor union bill

When you steal 600 million they WILL find you - Hans Gruber, Die Hard 1989

Virtue Poll

Jonathan Adelstein leaving the FCC? Hmm.. What's going on here?

Condosleeza is on with Jay Leno right now - I can't watch - but I can report it.

Not just for dorm dinners anymore, raman consumption on the rise

I wonder if Ralph could see the difference between an Obama and a Bush presser?

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Hears Complaints Against United States

My friend just told me her kid leaves for Afghanistan in April

Retraining of the White House Press Corp Began Tonight ....

China ‘Super Currency’ Call Shows Dollar Concern, G-20 Ambition

Senate Approves Locke as Commerce Secretary

Republic-c-c-c-c ........ licans .....

There will be an armed conflict of some sort on the US-Mexico border .......

Chuck Todd Is A.......

A guy even the Freepers would say "Take a hike!"

CNN reports on kid farting on school bus, for real

working late, didn't get to listen to the speech. how was it?

5 words Republicans don't get


Stupid double standard...

Brain-Dead Economic Reporting: If Wall Street Approves of Obama's Plan, It Must Be a Winner!

Dear Rahm Emmanuel

WTF!!! Eric Cantor is on WJ so early

Today's Non-Sequitur

How much of an increase resulted from bringing off budget items into view?

BUT...But...But Rush Said That Obama Was the Teleprompter President!

How corporate friendly is this? Administration puts the brakes on Mountain Top Mining.

Halliburton / KBR - Prosecute Bribe Takers

Ok, so he goes from Xspelled.....

Fox anchor compares taxing AIG bonuses to sexual abuse.

Rich "Rant"elli just eliminated the need for his TV Channel

Sen Specter to vote against FERPA

On Bill Maher other day: Why did Olbermann have to apologize for Days in Iraq countdown?

The face of a boy hearing sounds for the first time.

Independent GAO report: Obama needs to clarify exit from Iraq

They're running scared : "Health insurers suggest deal on premiums"

Frontier pediatrics in Afghanistan

NEWS FLASH: Corporate compensation contracts CAN be broken, but

The Rude Pundit: Live Whiskey-Blogging the President's News Conference

They are discussing HOW the Pres responds ("testy" "punch drunk") but ignoring WHAT he says!

One of the millions of reasons we need universal health care.

One of the millions of reasons we need universal health care.

Jindal defends those who want Obama to fail

NY News Man's Murder Reportedly The Result Of Rough Sex

Healthcare, Education, Energy-top priorities in the budget, which

Labor Department has mishandled 9 out of 10 cases, is failing workers

5:54 am Chicago Time

Investigators find abuse in small business program

Singing the bottled water blues

I prefer the Prez uses a teleprompter to a wire in his ear.

How many supporters of the Geithner/Obama Economic Plan intend to invest in toxic assets?

Sold! Bargain-hunters buying groceries at auction

Main Street vs. Wall Street vs. Washington

Geneva Bankers Have a Word for Brown’s Tax Attacks: Hypocrisy

Two brothers die along with car dealership

Suppose it came to light that Bush had authorized a special team of burglars to

Would someone please tell me who....

screw the "kill capitalism" crap. screw the "seize the assets of the top

Huffpo: Czech goverment falls

Laquered Headed Moving Mouths

Here's how to solve the fiscal problem with Social Security......

Give credit to Timothy Geithner's new toxic asset plan (Richardson & Roubini)

Who needs a laugh today?

Did anyone hear NPR's story on the "quiverful" movement?

Has anybody posted an email for Chuck Todd so we can comment

Hurrah for simple twin pit, pour-flush toilet systems!

Some Good Environmental News - What We Avoided

Everyone wants Bush prosecuted. Do we have to have a checkin/K&R every day? If no, check in/K&R !!

Frontline on national debt - GWB's coup de disgrace and madness

Tancredo is at it again.

What Difference Does Inequality Make?

So did the House rethugs introduce their budget alternative?

Fear, not surge, brought "peace" to Baghdad

Why is it that all good economic news is 'unexpected' to Bloomberg?

The Rude Pundit - Fox: Business News You Can Masturbate To

Worse Than A Tele-Prompter

GOP’s rising star runs into a rough patch

Maryland may drop 'northern scum' from state song

Outlaw lobbyist.

Lemme out to play ball, says anti-Barack Obama thug Brian Carranza

listen up Eric, you all broke it so shut up

Joan Baez and the Day After Tomorrow

Joan Baez and the Day After Tomorrow

Chip Reid a CBS reporter guy opened his mouth on Wash. Journal

What was helen Thomas' question last night?

In the era of George Bush & greedy Wall Street crooks, meet bus driver Jorge Munoz, modern day saint

The problem is not that there is not enough credit...

DU this freeper madness(anti-union)

Assault on gay men at Seaside bonfire probed as hate crime

Hundreds of killer whales seen in Gulf of Mexico

Contraception Pill Strictures Are Eased by a Judge

Hope in the Mountains - By Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (WAPO)

Bob Dylan Day on WUMB

"Betrayed" AIG Exec Offers Public Resignation

Tammy Bruce is fucking crazy and I hope this rant does her in.

Tammy Bruce is fucking crazy and I hope this rant does her in.

North Korea Positions Missile On Launch Pad

Blago on the radio - Fills In as a Guest Host WLS

Afghaniscrewed . . . or, The Problem With Afghanistan: It's Full of Afghans.

Afghaniscrewed . . . or, The Problem With Afghanistan: It's Full of Afghans.

icing did not cause crash of continental 3407 in buffalo.

Bachmann and Fox News Demonstrate How Idiotic/Paranoid Wingnut/Teabagger Rumors Start

Morgan Stanley pays $7.2M for duping retirees

Chuck Todd wants to know what WE'RE sacrificing in these troubled times.

Blind and Dumb to Bush's Quasimodo humps and "Roger that" type responses to unseen debate coach

California Home Prices Sink 41% on Surging Foreclosures, Double U.S. Drop

We must clean up banking system, Gordon Brown tells US financiers

US vs. The Economy

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2: Economy, Media and Madoff

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 1: Toxic Bailout

31.1 Million Americans Watched Obama's Press Conference on the Broadcast Networks

WOW! MAKE BACKUPS!!! What if you found Karl Rove's internal emails?

Call for Help: Postal chief says agency crashing

DU Will Not Be Getting A World News Forum

Hey Chuck, Tell My Family What We Should Sacrifice Next (DKOS)

An easy way to lower the scope of a housing bubble and the problems with mortgage backed securities

Robber fatally shot in Miami Burger King holdup

If you go by the numbers, Obama has been a miserable failure

Raising taxes will stifle investing. I recently tried to fund an invention..

Sen. Sanders Blocking Key Obama Nomination (ties to Goldman Sachs)

The Criminalization of Everyday Life

Appeals Courts OKs Schwarzenegger Contempt Hearing

Obama heads to Capitol to lobby Democrats on budget

And why are we listening or even reporting on this story?

Time for the Urban Homestead Act of 2009?

I did not realize there was such un uproar about a "teleprompter"

I did not realize there was such un uproar about a "teleprompter"

Suspected US strike kills seven in Pakistan: officials

NYT: "Vandals Hit Home of Ex-Chief of Bank."

The flooding of Drift River as a result of Mt. Redoubt's eruptions

Jindal defends those who want Obama to fail - more anti-Patriotism from the Republican creeps.

"Is it all right if I ask about race?"

If Wall Street Approves of Obama's Plan, It Must Be a Winner!

More adults ruining it for the kids

INN on Free Speech TV ! Thanks for not forgetting. Part of "Kill the Messenger" airing right now!

Fred Thompson (R - La-Z-Boy) gets into the act.

French strikers hold 3M exec hostage amid talks.....

It has been almost 2 years since Rove,Meirs gave the finger to Congress

The teleprompter. I finally get it.

Life long liberal democrat human rights supporter woman's rights supporter

Cheney War Crimes: Just Look at the Statute

Now that's what i call Full Auto Fun!

Did y'all notice the market was up today

Walk round from a semi-automatic weapon into a car of people, killing a black teen = 11 years

The next major terror attack on the Americas will be executed by a drug

We Will Not Tire, We Will Not Falter, And We Will Not Fail

RNC offers "Marlboro points" for conservative LTEs and radio call-ins

200 business groups write Congress to protest tax on overseas revenue

Auction to sell the government debt had "disappointing" demand, causes DOW to drop from +200 to -100

How crazy are Glenn Beck's rants?

Kentucky Fried Clickin': Were the Election Officials Who Manipulated E-Vote Systems 'R' or 'D'?

what happened to the federal mortgage relief ... are Banks taking a pass on it?

Nawaz Sharif: A leader Pakistan can do without.

No deal yet on land for Bush library at SMU

The Economic Need for Stable Policies, Not a Stimulus-Jeffrey D. Sachs

Anyone else on "overload" or is it just me. I'm trying my best to

Fred Thompson: I don't want Obama's policies to succeed (CNN)

It Wasn't Obama's Answer To Ed Henry That Kicked Ass

Barbara Boxer about to destroy Borah on GEM$NBC

Here's the Federal Government website for JOBS. Over 46,000 of them worldwide. Kick so

Space Shuttle getting ready to undock from ISS in 40 minutes:

What will the Sun look like when it dies?

Health Insurance Industry Scared to Death

Former CNN Anchor Moves to The Onion

Stocks up after a roller-coster day

FedEx Pissed about union bill in Congress - Threatens blackmail

Our broken and costly immigration system ~ Amnesty

Sen. John Kerry: No Time to Wait for Justice

Liddy's $1 salary begs the question is he due for some huge bonus when his job is done?

Think Progress has set up a campaign to pressure O'Reilly's advertisers

what's up with the ' 16 moderate Dem. Sen. ' opposing Obama?

Frank Partnoy on credit swaps, derivatives, deregulation, Phil Gramm, CMFA, etc.--nrvu w/Terry Gross

HARVEY WASSERMANN: People Died at Three-Mile Island (30th Anniversary)

U.S. to Blame for Much of Mexico Violence: Clinton

Did you know we have two distinct classes of children in this country.

So, a capitalist weasel has resigned in the pages of a major newspaper...

Why isn't there a sandbag filling machine?

Fucking asswipe Jim Douglas says he'll veto marriage equality.

Natasha Richardson's organs donated

"Fred the Shred," ex-RBS CEO and his GBP700K per year pension has some Brits pissed off

Hard Times for the New York MTA (and its millions of daily commuters)

Reminder re: COBRA and the 65% premium reduction

Thank you Hillary Clinton

Recession Exacerbates Financial Problems At California Community Health Clinics

Once again, the Centrists, New Dems (Whatever) always move to

Signatures verified; Fremont (Ne) may get to vote on illegal immigrant plan

Salton Sea Earthquake May Mean Trouble For San Andreas Fault

The single most important thing to do to address our current economic problems is:

Where were the tough questions from the press for the last 8 fucking years?

The Right Wing Is Now Trying to Make Us Believe Obama Is a Dumbass

"Reconciliation" to win passage of national health insurance

Evan Bayh is on Tweety in a few minutes

Evan Bayh is on Tweety in a few minutes

French Workers in Strike Action Holding Executive Hostage

You GO, Barack! Fuck the haters!!

Response to post re qualifications to bid for auction of "toxic assets."

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3: Bushco, Palins and others

New Hampshire Senate votes to abolish Death Penalty

Judge rushes to aid of woman attacked in his courtroom - video

Kobe Bryant's ex-housekeeper sues, for verbal abuse

I will NEVER EVER BUY FROM EXXON. I stopped long ago. My resolve is now

The $1-a-Year CEO

Boston Herald: 9/11 victims’ kin seek release of secret documents

*'s new book >>

Could Some of you please refrain from saying "That's Not Hope and Change!" when criticizing Obama?

Congress Passes Wide-Ranging Bill Easing Bank Laws

In the spirit of FDR, it is time to start helping the poor.

In Congressional Hearing on Bush's Labor Dept. Ignoring and Lying to Workers, GOP Lawmakers Cry Wolf

Alex Castellanos: "Obama a 1-term president"

Steele: Blow-Up With Rush - 'A Strategic Decision To Smoke Out Criticism'

The Chimero: Right Wingers Hyperventilating Over China's Proposed "Global Currency"

Poll on Obama's news conference on CNN

The White House is Open for Questions - Tell Obama what you think NOW

Bill Clinton pays tribute to George Kell

Investors can't handle the truth: A culture of whining and embracing the 'Lie to Me' mindset

Wells Fargo: "We're cuirrently in an informatitve meeting right now"

Robert Reich: My Recovery Prediction-There's a reason it's called the "business cycle."

Another Legalize drugs poll

I hate liberals

Obama's pick for EPA No. 2 withdraws

Most electronic voting isn't secure, CIA expert says

This self-righteous AIG Exec who is "threatening" to return his bonus rather than give it

Frontline's "Ten Trillion & Counting" online link:

Gareth Porter: Despite Obama’s Vow, Combat Brigades Will Stay in Iraq

BofA tricked us again! Remember "we don't need any more help"?

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) attended Britney's concert at the Verizon & skipped presser

Sister of deceased marine implores Congress to reverse military medical malpractice ban

Hope in the Mountains By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The windchill in Fargo ND is and has been below 10 all day

If my son walked out of a music store with 10 CDs and was caught, there would be legal consequences.

What changed during the Reagan Administration to cause such an increase in incarcerations?

Ban proposed on 'displays of temper' by high school coaches

Orlando Police Chief's Gun Stolen From SUV

Losing (D) Ne legislative candidate sues state GOP

'Dear AIG, I quit!' exec goes out swinging in NYT op-ed

Proposed Illegal Immigrant Benefit Ban

F-22 Crashes in California Desert

House passes wilderness bill

"Bobby Brady" Jindal is an Ass: "Jindal defends those who want Obama to fail "

KC wrasslin' fans hate Bush "worse than a sledgehammer molester"

ESPN: Congress to probe BCS antitrust issues (guess they are allowed to multitask)

AIG executive resigns on NY Times op-ed page

Vermont gov. to veto gay marriage bill

Crazy alert for 3/26 on WJ!!

Give me a Break

the Pentagon has renamed "global war on terror" to "the Long War",

We and President Obama could be standing on the edge of something historical

Palin unplugged in speech to Alaska GOP dinner (CNN) {blames media, OF COURSE}

Barack Obama's pledges in peril as Blue Dogs take a bite at budget

How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Syria offers to help Obama pull troops from Iraq

Sacramento Tent City Solution Outlined

Panhandling Etiquette

Paranormal groups charging hundreds of dollars for investigations - how is this not fraud?

Colorado's about to get its share of winter...

Fat-producing gene may be clue to obesity

Steele: Open to prez run if that's 'where God wants me to be' (CNN)

RE: A.I.G. DeSanti:: Would you work for $1.00 a year for a million$ bonus?

Congress: Tell Them in Person April 4 - 19

The so-called media and the repukes-sorrrrre loserrrrrrrs!

Slain Oakland officer's organs save four men

Afghan Commission For Talks With Taliban Unveils Program

Is it fair?

CIA expert testifies: Computerized electoral systems can be manipulated at FIVE stages

Is Newt Gingrich trying to be to the Catholic Church what Rush Limbaugh is to the Republican Party?

Jindal at the NRCC

Fred Thompson: I want Obama's policies to fail

I'm of two minds about the newly fanged and somewhat responsible behavior coming from the WH Press

NeoStormFront aka NoQuarter, SusanKKKHu & Larry Whitey Johnson are Dirty Racist Sexist Bigots

Carrie Howard, state senator's daughter, dies (Goodbye Carrie, thank you for everything)

A trite observation on the legality of marijuana.

Dear Michael Moore

"What some folks want is to go to the wild west"

Since gun control as we know it is dead, it's time to evolve new ideas

Ed Henry bahhhhhhhhhh ah hahahah

The White House is Open For Questions!

“Thunderous Boos“-Wrestling fans ‘hate George W. Bush more than the sledgehammer molester.’

"Socializing the debt and privatizing the profit" (Democracy Now)

FedEx engages in extortion

President Obama just paid an unannounced visit to Arlington National Cemetery

Wash. man who raped daughter sentenced to 50 years

Mr. President says no need for global currency.

"After hours" lighting ban

Coffee shop economic microcosm.

A home, Wednesday, March 25, 2009 in Hickson, N.D.

Bailout Lyrics

Does anyone have a working link to sign Dr. Dean's Petition? Links do not work on

Does anyone have a working link to sign Dr. Dean's Petition? Links do not work on

Specter’s Defection On EFCA Fails To Win Over Right Wing

Academic Earth: Like Hulu, But Doesn't Turn Your Brain Into Goo!!!

Is there a recent president who has not use a teleprompter?

Last night Keith Olbermann cleared it up - Hersh/ Cheney Assassination Teams OVERSEAS

'Guardian angel' (poodle) saves 11-year-old from storm water ( I would have drowned)

Why are we bothering to re-regulate the financial industry, then?

John Hope Franklin, black history pioneer, dies

Chevron Tanks on Cook Inlet Endangered by Volcano - Drain, Baby, Drain (The Mudflats)


Thousands of Immigrants Held in Violation of International Law

Dear A.I.G., I Quit! (Letter From Former AIG VP, NYT)

Christian Newswire Glories in the Deaths of Abortion Provider's Family in MT Crash

Who in the national media do you trust?

Web Ad for Bobby Jindal Uses Celebrity Voices (And Cenk's) Without Permission

My 1,000th Post

Senate committee tackling credit card debt, interest rates

When people try to scare others about National Health, "rationing" is always cited

Bus driver delivers free home-cooked meals (NYC)


My friend's beautiful new house just burned to the ground! But all are okay, including the dog.

Parents of boy who died of cancer held on $150,000 bond

Secret off-shore banks - where the mega-wealthy hide their money

It’s time for Obama to stop pussyfooting around. He should indict, arrest, and prosecute Cheney.

Do you use Frontline and has your pet died after losing control of hind-quarters?

"Miracle fruit" turns sour things sweet

Nurse says octuplets mom doesn't care about kids

Half of Bankruptcy Due to Medical Bills- 75.7 percent had insurance

Still waiting on your DTV converter box coupon?

"The Pain is in Your Head." For those of you who live in pain, especially when no one

Who Can't you Stand the Most?

Corporate America's Hidden Billions

Three and a half bucks for a *bus ride*?!

"...every 24 minutes, an uninsured American dies because adequate health care is out of reach."

If you see a skinny person on the street, do you...

Foreign Army Shoots US Peace Activist; US Does Nothing

Wall Street Bankers outraged that we peons would treat them so disrespectfully

Blagojevich says he was 'hijacked' from office

I made the Washington Post today.

My dad is in the hospital.

Help Force Congress To Observe the Law on National Emergencies

Help Force Congress To Observe the Law on National Emergencies


Latest Rethug bullshit and my answer to it

Guys, I did it!!! I have a

"Cheerleading for someone because they're on "your team" is appropriate for a sporting event"

At the risk of angering some folks..... we have way too many guns in US streets

Nice c-span caller suggests land mines to keep out those awful Mexicans

Proposed Smoking Ban in All CA State Parks And Beaches

Fructose metabolism by the brain increases food intake and obesity

WTF! Obama is Considering Monsanto Shill Michael Taylor to Head New Food Safety Working Group

Almost showtime on TV

I would like to wish you all, from the bottom of my heart. n/t

Is YellowRubberDuckie still around?

Is anybody else watching HGTV right now? I think Jesse Jackson,Jr. is on

What happened to primate1?

What happened to primate1?

What the?!! Did you know you *can't* PM yourself?

I need a substitute for my BSG addiction...

I now have The Eagles stuck in my head.

I love ol' Celine sangin in French!



Just saw "The Descent" - Creeeepy.

Freepers: We are all traitors

Freepers: We are all traitors

I'm happy for Mike 03 and his sister....

Never Mind

Where Madness Begins (Fractal Art)

Art burned in the Australia fires last month

Self Deleted. Dumb

The Smartest Cat in the World.

What the hell? Yesterdays Heroes was good?!

Synchronicity in Graywarrior's thread that never dies?

Question: I have a couple of ideas for DU groups that might be of value to DU and those of us who

Hall and Oates ROCK

buying a house sucks

I went and mouthed off again....

Watching the 4th season of The West Wing..

Do you ever crave the idea of getting away, or going on a vacation?

Chaise Lounge or Chaise Longue?

LA Times Readers: Head's up!

I hold my head up just enough to see the sky...

Charlie Kaufman fans? Anyone seen Synecdoche, New York yet?

Original song about @#$% woman-beaters

Original song about @#$% woman-beaters Explains GD:P Explains GD:P

chuck jones tribute tonight on tcm....

93-year old man survived both atomic bombs

93-year old man survived both atomic bombs

SCORE! Scott Adams slips "DOUCHE BAG" into today's strip!!! Not kidding!

I almost did a copycat thread in another forum, but I restrained myself.

Alaskan volcano is spewing ash. The Alaskan governor is a spewing ass.

Found another downside to facebook

Michigan minor leauge ballclub unviels 5/3 lb burger..

Does your cat get mad when you clean its litter box

20 Unusual and Creative Ice Cube Trays

woohoo I think I finally met someone (maybe)

US sperm bank offers stimulus deals

Find your antipode.

Rorschach’s Journal (On a Boring Night)

Oh boy...I NAILED it at the open mic poetry reading tonight!

Good morning Lounge

Mean dogs, few escapes at Idaho prison

Post your favorite TV local news source right here!

The sexual tension in The Lounge.

I would rather headbutt a Narwhal than deal with Verizon support

A friend won $206,000 in a sports betting lottery.


I had "bad" carbs - simple carbs - for breakfast.

Did anyone watch "The Mentalist" last night?

Match Game Story: "Dirk Douchebag took his date to the weight room to show her ___ bloody anus."

Beauty contests for female politicians...

It's true.. I'm insane


these last few nights I have been dreaming and all of my senses kicked in

Do/did you love collagen?

Seether and Careless Whisper

We've got a sex thread goin' on over t' Facebook

EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!!! Who wants to DANCE?!?!?

Now THIS is customer service!

Anyone ever see Eco-Challenge or remember it?

Children and Animals.... awwwwwwwwwwwwww

The Campfire: Grandpa Was Vegetarian When Vegetarian Wasn't Cool

I pulled into Nazareth, was feelin' 'bout half-past dead

The next major terror attack on the Americas will be executed by a dog cartel.

One thing I miss about Bush.

Question about admitting you were terminated from your job

Gotta see this

What city do you live closest to? Part Whatever.

I need a hobby....

I'm eating cold chicken. Ask me anything!

Hey Lounge. What's the name of the giant turtle in Godzilla?

My BIL's son was incarcerated last weekend

Odor-free underwear tested in Japan

Odor-free underwear tested in Japan


Hi lounge!

This is the face of a "Senior" citizen?

College, collage, fromage, homage, cologne, Cologne, chromosome, chrome...

I'M CHALLENGING MIDLODEMOCRAT!!! I dont think she can do this

DId you feel a disturbance in the Force last night?

Even Batman is feeling the mpg pinch.

Yippie! 24 credits got transferred! That saves a nice $10000 after taxes...

Twenty-one years ago I split from my ex, and still I occasionally

We Are All Going to Die it's Terrible Gawd Help Us

The Dilbert Zone?

You ever have a dream so realistic you wake up with Fred MacMurray spraying your feet with WD-40?

Depression II Homes Now Available! Comfortable Homes Built from Recycled Shipping Containers

Does L O S T come on tonight?

DId you feel a disturbance in the Farce last night?

Can someone help LynneSin with her technical problem?

Is this a sex thread??

Charcoal-grilled hotdog on a grill-toasted bun with French's mustard.

has anyone heard from Rowdyboy?

Sexy Beast...

I didn't start the fire! errr yes I did! :(

My apt. was vandalized - I got 'peeped'!!!!

My nephew, who consumes mass quantities of meat with joy, wants to . . .

Mass quantities of meat

DU Lounge late-nighters, opinions sought

Trying to think of some new ringtones to make...

Has anyone ever ordered furniture from or the like?

Text Messages Can Kill You!

Screambody: The Most F'd Up new product I've seen in years.

Reply like William Faulkner would, thread

Complete the paragraph: God's other sons didn't turn out so well..

Complete the paragraph: God's other sons didn't turn out so well..

A public service announcement.

I'm being surprisingly productive tonight.

One To Grow On: A PSA for Midlo

Burnt popcorn smells like raw ass.

Which state do you live closest to?

I just set up a complaint department in GD

Things that taste like chicken

Do/did you love collage?

What don't you know?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/25/2009)

Turtlensuenshoensex??? Behold!!

A face palmer for sure

Quick! How do you make hot pastrami on rye sandwiches?

I need DU's assistance with a question of utmost importance.

Least expensive services to ship large items overseas?

SPANDAU BALLET to REUNITE! I literally cannot contain my excitemenzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Is the Ford Pinto stunning or what?

How long do you think you'll last in a job that you're completely unqualified for?

Odor-free underwear tasted in Japan

Do/did you love decolletage?

can you tell how old an asian beatle is by the dots on their backs??

Punjabi Lullaby

My Favorite Things

There's an adult sex thread happening NOW in Fuckface.

Did you actually LIKE the taste of bear the first time you tasted it?

Panda Cam is back at Zoo Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, hell. Pop some popcorn, folks.

can you tell how old a surviving Beatle is by the dots on their backs??



my wicked cool floor lamp broke.....

A Summer Without End

Slap Chop vs. Zorbeez Smackdown

It's a Secret

Shamwow vs. Zorbeez Smackdown

One big kitty.


The dark side of the internet - Kevin Smith

DU (un)Official Complaint Department

I have a wedding coming up

New Yankee stadium-food by Elaine's, Le Cirque, & Food Networks chefs including Masaharu Morimoto

New spider species found in Papua New Guinea: Love it or leave it?

Talking to Parche. Thank GOD!!!!

surgery update

I can't figure out how my beers get empty so fast.

Apparently, Sean Penn is a Stooge

Heard 'em Say

Anyone here being flooded with Scam Ebay spam emails?

I saved a mosquito hawk from a spider's web!

Just returned from Costco. Not even a personal best, but a damned good effort.

Frank Miller's Charlie Brown

Take me out to the me a $20 burger and crackerjacks....

Car guys and gals... hep!

Car guys and gals... hep!

Why is Netscape so screaming fast and IE keeps telling me it has to close?

my new and other such 3D projects

I love my Desktop

never mind


I once again feel a sudden urge to sing along with Tom Lehrer

ARG!!! Huge hail storm just came through and now my windshield is busted.

Black Orpheus 1959

PLEASE watch this and rate it up. It's my son and daughter in a homemade movie

I don't get it.

I don't get it.

Assault rifles flow freely from Nevada to California

Ever been reading/posting on an online community, and you think,

Oxymoron? Feel "fortunate" to have a job, but becoming very unhappy

Bohemian Rhapsody

Man gets 90 days in car wash vacuum sex act case

I'm drunk again.... ( this probably should be in LBN )

On the positive side, President Obama is projected to win "American Idol" this week.

Starting to plan my honeymoon - best place to visit in Hawaii?

Any other allergy sufferers out there

Look what happens if you sleep around !

Why should you tip a priest in your time of need?

Need Advice from cat owners or cat experts:

My Dog Passed Away This Morning

Anyone ever "taught" themselves to drink the hard stuff?

I just had a thought...

Naomi Wolf: Do The Secret Bush Memos Amount To TREASON? Yes. (Please Kick and Recommend)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/25/09 (language warning; NSFW; minors beware)

Job interview tomorrow: Should I shave?

"The wind is in from Africa....."

65th Anniversary of "The Great Escape"

Blue Chip Stamps or S&H Green Stamps?

You ever have a dream so realistic you wake up immediately scared shitless


stray golf ball found imbedded in tree

My baby/kid pics dial up warning

Did you actually LIKE the taste of beer the first time you tasted it?

Okay. My 9-year-old son is officially a smart-ass.

*has wargasm* CatShitOne - The Animated Series! Has something for everyone! Trailer inside!

Octo-Mom: "I was a stripper"

Who would you rather have a casual conversation with at a nude beach? Sarah Palin or Nadya Suleman?

Is Freida Pinto stunning or what?

Do/did you love college?

Bayh under fire from the left....First Read, MSNBC

Check out the talent of one of our own.

My reward for honesty. An unemployment rant.

Last Tango In Paris

Cat shot 27 times - and lives (warning-pics at site)

Want to help a fellow DU'er win $13,000?

Hey Evan! What the FUCK ya doin'?

Post a current pic of a childhood crush

Being Broke


where's the "official obama press conference" thread? nt

New feature: Open For Questions! Vote on/Submit Questions for the Prez



Nice comeback... "I like to know what I am talking about before speaking"

"i'd like to know what i'm talking about before i speak"

The media complain about Obama face time in the news...

He's now addressing the economic boom and lack of wage increases


So, has Obama already surpassed the speaking to the American People and taking questions

Regarding President Obama's Press Conference

Any one hear that splattering sound?

When did reporters ever ask Bush these kinds of questions?

Wow. That presser wiped me. I need a smoke.

To The Networks Who Whined About Being Asked To Televise Obama's Press Conference....

keith olbermann & rachel maddow doing follow-up ... no chris matthews!


Write to CNN!!

Write to CNN!!

Tomorrow's morning headlines: Obama too angry and uses teleprompter!

I'm in the mood to hear drums tonight

Ed Henry's nose was just rubbed in his own pee pee.

Are there any polls we can hit and has anyone

Do you think there are people sitting around, parsing polls

Has Governor (hahaha) Jingle responded yet????...n/t

Those Who Forget History Are Condemned To Repeat It

Bullshit! Schneider: Obama gives tough answer to CNN

I can haz ur china dollurs plz?!!!1!1!!11!???>>?

Does anyone have Olbermann or Maddow on?

Tweety has gone completely insane!

The winding journey of lies and smears (Michelle NYT Interview)

Do unsolicited text messages get added to my bill?

I know how to save $1 Trillion per year

President Obama’s News Conference (TRANSCRIPT)

The "Boring" Meme Was Contrived Days Ago

Ok, Folks...give me the highlights of the press conference to look out for-

Finally! I've Seen The Light. Republicans And Rightwingers Are

My God They Must Distribute Talking Points Within Minutes!

Matt Taibbi on Rachel Maddow right now

Anyone catch David Gregory mention the teleprompter?

"Little progress in embryonic stem cell research?!"

"Teleprompter telegraphs Obama caution" (AP's Fornier)

Best line from the press conference

New FRONTLINE tonight! "Ten Trillion and Counting" ON Now!

Sludge's Bombshell Takeaway from Presidential Press Conference

No notes, no prompter, no chosen press to ask soft questions. This man is good

Jackeens and FrenchieCat don't seem to have done one yet so I present...(warning: pic heavy)

Is Fox really the only network that will be repeating Obama's press conference?

Fuck Drudge!

Boring, Dull, what do these people want, a President or American Idol?

Snipe At Your Own Risk!

It was a great press conference

What's the difference between using a teleprompter and a piece of paper?

Please vote for my question at

Nobody will beleive this. Sunday night I had a dream.

Howard Fineman is so rigidly still

Damn it Barack!

If teleprompter-gate is all the MSM can come up with at this point, then Obama has won.

The "RACE" Question

OReilly: Obama gave long winded answers

We elected a man not a messiah

Chip Reid? nbc? where the fuck was he for the past 8 years?

These press conferences aren't going to be a monthly thing are they?

Did anyone notice? Obama skips major papers: No NYT, WaPo, WSJ, USA Today

PBS, Charlie Rose, talking about the President's speech,

Obama Press Conference: ***Full Transcript*** Here:

Earth to idiot mainstream media people: Obama uses a teleprompter because...

okay rate president obama's press conference.

Obama to host on-line town hall meeting Thursday morning.

Has a previous President used a teleprompter at a press conference?

PHOTOS The President & the Astronauts.

The world's largest toddler is about to come on...

Glenn Greenwald: Willingness to criticize our prez & party marks difference between Reps and Dems

Who would name their kid Major....

Who gives a shit about a teleprompter or not? Some of us are just trying to keep our

Bwah-hahaha Anderson Cooper: "Ed, you can go nurse your wounds now"

Jindal urges GOP to stand up to Obama

Alex Castellanos (?) CNN - "Our first indication of a one termer here"

If they banned teleprompters, the ONE person who wouldn't be in trouble would be Barack Obama

POLL: Specter Would Lose GOP Primary to Toomey (42/27)

Obama News Conference: "president could have been at least as populist as Franklin Roosevelt"

The Biggest Point Made By Obama Tonight

Not just Chess, but 3D Chess, while the press played tic-tac-toe.

No one knows the value of toxic assets because no one knows their value??

President Obama Will Host An E-Townhall Meeting Tomorrow... Ask Your Question Right Now!

POLL- Why do WH Reporters Need to Read a NotePad to Ask a ONE 3 Sentence Question?

Bush Press Conference - May 24, 2007 - Softball Questions - Incoherent Answers

It's times like these when I wish Jon Stewart wasn't on break

Obviously the only way President Obama can deliver prepared statements

Populist Rage? ...Never Mind....Joe Klein

Thank. God. This man is the president.

President Obama endorses Scott Murphy

How the hell did Birch Bayh raise Evan Bayh

Orszag Pleased with Congressional Budget Proposals So Far

The Richard Reeves presidential history column in the NYT is great reading...

Three IATSE Locals in Arizona and New York Endorse HR 676

Question about AIG bonus investigations: 20 State Attorneys General announced investigations

Obama did so much better than I even thought last night!!!! A reassess

Avoid the cold-war framing: It is not 'nationalization' It is 'receivership'

Judge's putdown of a "Birthergate" nut

Healthcare, Education, Energy-top priorities in the budget, which

Fox News website-the single most important story in the world is......

Missed it. What was the reaction to Jindal's response last night? n/t

Republican's Hyper-/Hypo-critical outrage about government spending

Obama Back in Control - How Barack came out on top after most challenging week of presidency (TNR)

OMB chief: Hill's budget ideas mirror Obama's plan

LA Times: Human rights advocate named State Department's top lawyer

Howard Fineman's hair right now!!!

PHOTOS Match the faces to the (dumb) questions

Teleprompter: This is all they've got!

I wish president Obama ( still has a nice ring to it) will field one or two questions from

Did anyone ask last night about the EPA pulling the permits for

The ONLY question people should ask about teleprompters

Open for Questions: President Obama to Answer Your Questions on Thursday

They're talking about teleprompters because they're losing the big arguments

Them answers were just too long...

Let me see: Obama's "I like to know what I am talking about" was the best

Is Geithner seeking power to take over non-bank financials a step in the right direction?

I Wonder What Jon Stewart Is Going To Do With Some Of Those Questions

"It took us a couple of days because I like to know what I’m talking about before I speak."

Anyone else think that hidden within the teleprompter criticism is an implication

"We must recognize the full human equality of all our people

I just heard an economist I could agree with and it wasn't Krugman.

Using a teleprompter as opposed to Bush bringing out a big ass 3 ring binder...

I suspect that the wingnuts will be saying that

Are future HUGE entitlement cuts basically a foregone conclusion?

"The Republicans are like an arsonist who complains that the fire department is wasting water..."

If DOW Goes Down Once Regulations Are Announced, What Will Happen To GOP Outrage?

overheard conversation

Obama Asks Volcker to Lead Panel on Tax-Code Overhaul

GOP means 'Got 0 Plans' Paul Begala

Our new aggresive media.

Chuckles Todd thinks Americans aren't sacrificing enough during these difficult economic times.

Our President was just applauded.....

Quit talking about teleprompters and CALL congress!!! Lets get this budget passed!!!

Robert Reich: My Recovery Prediction

New Home sales versus Existing Home sales...

Take action to stop banks from eating your stimulus money

What convention will have the biggest protests in 2012?

The Politics of what you Know will happen

Nomi Prins: A former Wall Streeter on why Treasury's toxic assets program stinks.

Reading the other side of the story. A letter of resignation from an AIG executive vice president.

I'm SO Frustrated!

Geithner and Bernanke asked Congress for the power of nationalization yesterday,

The Redstate folks are encouraging folks to call Democratic members of Congress

Obama to answer questions on the Web

Biden, Pelosi Stress Harmony On Budget

Obama the most Pro Abortion person in the Country today??

Dean coming up on MSNBC nt

The White House is Open for Questions - Tell Obama what you think NOW

This is the first presidency in history where the media has been in campaign mode from DAY ONE.

Virtual Town Hall: Help Ask President Obama about Torture

What are all the fabricated scandals the Repugs have used to try to bring down Obama?

The media is still using Drudge as their assignment editor

Journalism as theater criticism

What President Obama is doing is magnificent.

And (According To Trad. Media) THE MAJOR NEWS STORY From The Press Conference IS>>>>>>>>>>

PHOTOS It's the Joe and Nancy Show (March 25)

PHOTOS It's the Joe and Nancy Show (March 25)

"This is a big ocean liner, not a speedboat..." - pure framed genius!

I don't care, call me an Obamabot:

Obama being attacked by Gingrich about speaking at Notre Dame and Catholic Bishop will not attend

Dean to Announce Health Care Effort

Obama shoots back and scores

He is smart

Talkingpointsmemo's Josh Marshall: Michael Steele: My Limbaugh Goof Was 'All Strategic'

CNN is a little subdued. I take that as the POTUS knocked it out

Howard Dean To Announce Major New Campaign On Health Care Reform

Whoops...deleting this thread. I am having a bad math day!!!

"The Media’s ‘Obama Is Overexposed’ Meme Is Undercooked"

Youtube - Reagan Press Conferences - Demeanor Similar To Obama, But Positions Are Quite Different

The more I see Obama lead and speak.....

Poor, poor, plutocrats

Talkingpointsmemo: Hoyer Calls Out Republicans on Budget Reconciliation Hypocrisy

Michael "Gimpy" Steele says the whole Limpballs dust-up was part of his master plan.

Greek Orthodox Archbishop Demetrios likened Barack to Alexander the Great at the WH this evening...

Whew! DOW closed up 90 points!

Clinton: U.S. drug habits fuel border violence

I love Obama, but how does he pay for all of this in his budget?

Shouldn't DLC types be mutating more towards the left than the right like EVERYONE ELSE in the USA?

Everything Old Is New Again: Anti-New Deal 'Toons from the 1930s

The difficulty for Ed, the Media, Bobby and the GOP

Could Chuck Todd have meant a HUMAN sacrifice?

Talking about the Press Conference

Obama's second official press conference

Ed Henry, visibly hurt, strikes back: "He used a teleprompter!!"

Ed Henry Tries to Defend Self Image: Pens Exclusive Article on

Unified Democrats mirror Obama budget priorities

The President compared to Alexander the Great - Pres and VP crack up

Afrosphere comments to ed henry, enjoy

NC-Sen: Cooper Leads Burr in New Poll

PHOTOS Jeez, what's bugging the President? He looked worryingly tense on Capitol Hill today.

Obama's Toxic Advisers by Robert Scheer

Instead of Watching President Obama's Press Conference, Eric Cantor

Yeah, CNN - Link, Please?

Let me see if I have this straight

******Evan Byah (Blah)*******

How is Obama's plan to insure private investors' purchases of toxic assets not just another AIG?

Ok, so why is using a teleprompter a bad thing?

Nouriel Roubini: Geithner plan is OK.

Looks like Obama's going to have to deal with Dean on healthcare

Brooksley Born being given JFK award for derivatives warning...

Jon Taplin writing in Talkingpointsmemo: 'Paul Krugman in Despair'

PHOTOS The President at Arlington Cemetery

My final post ever about this whole "teleprompter" nonsense and management of the "news"

Obama and Geithner eat kittens and dance with Satan under the light of a full moon.

Ed Henry - SLAMMED.

Obama Should CUT OFF CNN

Dean smacks down Scarborough: Budget criticism 'total nonsense'

CORP. MEDIA MEME: Obama has to hurry up and do stuff before his popularity erodes!

Bayh, Carper, Lincoln Defending Themselves: Building Bridges on The Hill

Just LIVID-how dare they do this to health care reform!!!??

CNN POLL: Hillary Clinton Getting High Marks (70% approval rating)

Who is a better communicator? Reagan or Obama

Krugman is ignoring parts of the Geithner plan

I want Obama policies to fail, actor says

A handy graphic to mail to "teleprompter" LimBots regarding Obama's usage

This is my final desperate plea. PLEASE PLEASE help. It's $13,000 that I could use.

Nouriel Roubini: Likes Geithner's Toxic Asset Plan "Serious Step... Right Direction"

Stay classy, Rush! Limbaugh calls Obama "Barack Ogabe"

Anyone remember when we were all BEGGING for...

William Greider: Obama's New Monopoly Game Set

Kerry Requests Investigation of Unsterile Instruments in Veterans Hospitals

The world's most beautiful female politicians revealed

ConservaDems WaPo OpEd is pure garbage

A "Conservadem" Budget. Say Goodbye to Middle Class Tax Cuts, Health and Energy Reforms.

Duluth labor group passes measure backing RNC Eight

Blizzard whips northern Plains; travel difficult

Labor Enforcement Agency Is Failing Workers, Report Says

Democrats Take Knife To Obama's Budget

Possible delay for (NY) 20th CD race?

Bernie Madoff's pain is a Queens man's gain as Ponzi schemer's jail number is a Lotto winner

US sperm bank offers stimulus deals

GE Wins Natural-Gas Contract in China

Boat Briton murdered off Thailand

US Durable Goods Orders Unexpectedly Jumped 3.4%

China arrests 12 after TV complex towering inferno

1 dead, one injured in Miami Burger King shooting

Thai troops accused of crossing Cambodia border

Bomb Kills 9 Civilians in Afghanistan

People, money needed to watch Afghanistan spending

OMB chief: Hill's budget ideas mirror Obama's plan

India editor shot dead by gunmen

Unease in Papua over leader's return

Handling Of 'State Secrets' At Issue - Like Predecessor, New Justice Dept. Claiming Privilege

China criticised over YouTube

Irish business trio accused by US of 'illegal trade with Iran'

Most electronic voting isn't secure, CIA expert says

Yum Brands to Buy 20% Stake in China Hot-pot Chain

Human rights advocate named State Department's top lawyer

Top Hedge Fund Managers Do Well in a Down Year

Floods cause havoc in US Midwest

Call for Help: Postal chief says agency crashing

Military Can't Be Sued For Malpractice

New U.S. Home Sales Unexpectedly Rise 4.7% as Dropping Prices Lure Buyers

Dear A.I.G. ..... I QUIT

Insurers Ease Stance on Pre-Existing Conditions

Insurers Offer to Stop Charging Sick People More

FedEx ready to cancel Boeing jet orders?

U.S. Takes Steps to Deport Alleged Nazi to Germany (Demjanjuk)

Construction Firm Probed in Leveling of Long Beach Salt Marsh

Home prices rise for first time in a year

U.K. Bond Auction Fails for First Time Since 2002

Postal service could run out of money in ’09

Unpaid Wage Complaints on the Rise in N.J.

Some Israeli soldiers say military rabbis cast the offensive against Hamas rockets

Growth in Georgians’ income among slowest in U.S.

Argentina moves to nationalise Lockheed AT-63 plant

Arrest in Murder of Radio Reporter

Bill to protect sources approved by House panel

AIG executives in London 'hold out in bonus assault'

Senators: Obama border initiative good step, but insufficient

Caught on Tape: Government Ineptitude-Stolen Wages, Stolen Hopes; Gov't Lets Down U.S. Workers, Prob

Dems advance Obama's tax, spending budget outlines

Suspected U.S. missile strike kills 7 in Pakistan

Talks on new world reserve currency "legitimate": IMF chief

Pistachios recalled over fears of salmonella

UK foreign secretary: Iraq inquiry to be held soon

Top Hedge Fund Managers Do Well in a Down Year

Clinton: U.S. drug habits fuel border violence

F-22 crashes in California desert near air base

Study: Range of pharmaceuticals in fish across US

Giant Shipment of Weapons Seized at Airport

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday March 25

Ice Ruled Out as Culprit In Feb. Plane Crash (Buffalo)

Vandals Hit Home of Ex-Chief of Bank

FBI Director Asks Lawmakers to Renew Patriot Act Provisions

FDIC’s Bair Says Credit ‘Thawing,’ U.S. Plans Working (Update1)

President Obama Declares North Dakota a Disaster Area

EU presidency: US stimulus is 'the road to hell'

Downballot: No SCOTUS for Norm?

New York Palace Hotel boss Niklaus Leuenberger gets the door after Ash Wednesday slur

Most electronic voting isn't secure, CIA expert says

No letup on border, U.S. says

Tunisian pilot who prayed as his plane went down jailed in Italy

Feds' plan to poison banks of Rio Grande stalled

U.S. Seeks Expanded Power in Seizing Firms

U.S. House passes massive wilderness bill

IBM Preparing For US Layoffs in Services Unit

Two Who Warned of Financial Crisis Win JFK Awards

Exclusive: House Committee wanted Rove to testify in private so they could ask more questions

Jindal Defends those who want Obama to fail.

(Alaska) Legislators want to accept stimulus funds

Governor Will Veto Gay Marriage Bill

Science standards challenging evolution debated in Texas

Exclusive: Diebold 'Nukes' Humboldt County

Threats to AIG: "We Will Get Your Children"

Pittsburgh boy, 11, to be tried as adult for shotgun murder

U.S. to blame for much of Mexico violence: Clinton

Texas Democrats' Loyalty Oath Legal, Court Says (Kucinich, Willie Nelson Attempt To Have Scrapped)

Indonesia plan to halt vaccinations

Specter trails in Senate race(Repub Primary), poll says

Lawsuits: Lewis, B of A, Misled Shareholders On Merrill Deal

Pentagon exploring robot killers that can fire on their own

Afghan Strikes by Taliban Get Pakistan Help, U.S. Aides Say

Howard Dean To Announce Major New Campaign On Health Care Reform

25% increase in sex assault in combat zones: 'Wait until she's sober,' says Pentagon watchdog

Diebold CFO steps down as probe continues

Schwarzenegger Opens California Fairgrounds to Homeless Camp

Scientists in possible cold fusion breakthrough

"Betrayed" AIG Exec Offers Public Resignation

FedEx Threatens to Cancel Jet Orders

Two brothers die along with car dealership

Teens sue prosecutor over racy cell-phone pics

Cop-killer suspected of raping 12-year-old

Now 'Big Brother' targets Facebook (UK)

Comedy: George Bush Invades Canada

President Obama: "We Will Recover" From Recession

President Obama Addresses "Race" at News Conference - 03/24/09

CNN: Courtroom Brawl - Judge Assists Domestic Violence Suspect (FL)

President Obama Says He Is Hopeful For Mideast Peace And Believes Persistence Is The Key

O'Rielly Lies About His Rape Comments, Ambushes ThinkProgress Journalist

Afghan anger at government over civilian deaths

Costello at IACHR

Canada strikes back against FAUXNEWS insults!

Chuck Todd Asks President Obama Why He Isn't Asking Americans to Make More Sacrifices

Ratner at IACHR

Complete Obama Press Conference In Linked Videos - HANDY DANDY

Reactions to President Obama's Primetime Press Conference

TYT: CNBC = Arrogant Wall Street Apologists?

Rachel Maddow w/ Matt Taibbi on Why Financial Institutions Should Be Broken Up

George Galloway Banned From Canada

Remedial Theater (Tim Geithner's Tax Plan) @

The Ugly of War - Iraq War Stories

Iran mulls death penalty for offensive blogs - 24 Mar 09

Canada Senator Mac Harb Speaks Out Against Seal Hunt

Geithner On Backup Plan: This Plan Will Work

Shuster hammers Newt for his three marriages, speechifying about 'Catholic values'

Lil' McCain Splitting the GOP Wide Open - Gay Marriage OK, Abortion OK, No Leaders

The Anatomy of a Right-Wing Conspiracy Campaign

Apology in Washington -This Hour Has 22 minutes

Closed Zone

Day's Politics in 100 Seconds - Slashes & Cuts

Organizing for America TV Ad: "Door to Door" (DNC Ad for Obama's Budget)

Rep. Hensarling (R-TX): It's All the Democrats' Fault!

Bill Ayers: In his own words

Parody of Administration/AIG - Laughter The Best Medicine

Peter Schiff, who was totally right about about the financials, is totally wrong on Joe Scar

Cantor: The Public Is ‘Finally Waking Up’ To The Fascist ‘One-Party Government’ In Washington D.C.

Rice On Tonight Show - "We got to do it our way"

TYT: Cenk Mocks Fox's Red Eye For Canada Segment

Morning Schmoe discusses the serious issues (includes borderline sexual harrassment!)

Glenn Beck & Michelle Bachmann Talk Taking Up Arms

Shuttle Discovery Liftoff Titusville, Florida 15 March 2009

KO & Chris Hayes on GOP congresspeople pleading for Cheney to shut up!!

Countdown:ThinkProgress' Amanda Terkel on Her Bill-O Stalking Incident

President Obama Compared to Alexander the Great - Obama and Biden crack up

Study Shows Rational Thinking Stops When Experts Give Advice

Presidential Response to Ed Henry: 'Why Did You Wait to Speak Out on AIG?'

Rachel Maddow: Jane Hamsher & Other Progressives Countering 'ConservaDems,' Evan Bayh

Ex-CNN Anchor Joins TYT To Discuss Cable News, Fake Neutrality & More

Saudi clerics want women banned from TV, media

Howard Dean presents his new plan to push for a public option in health care.

Prosecute.. Prosecute

Zero T



Moderator Availability Thread, Wednesday March 25, 2009


snip please...flpoljunkie posted a little too much of the linked article:


Snip please - kpete

Snip please - Meegbear











ot- the ongoing saga of youngest's tonsils



GOP's Michael Steele 'God Will Tell Me If I Should Run For President'

Today's Guardian editorial on a topic that must be mentioned in whispers

AIG executives in London 'hold out in bonus assault'

Getting a grip on greed

Expectations of deflation prove inflated

Bernard Madoff’s Inmate Number Pays Off

Mexican Trucking Will Be Revived By U.S LaHood - MX puts $2.4B Tariff on US - MX gets $1.4B From US

Media Critics: Obama Needs to Attend 'Anger NON-Management Class'

Appoint Real People, Not Saints

If Bristol Palin Were a Texan

Populism and Paranoia, by George Packer

Naomi Wolf: Do the Secret Bush Memos Amount to Treason? Top Constitutional Scholar Says Yes

Washington Postpones European ABM Plans

6 Million Gallons of Oil + Volcano = Cooked Inlet?

Labor Agency Is Failing Workers, Report Says (more fallout from Bush!)

Is the New York Times trying to morph Obama into candidate Gore?

Whistleblowers Revenge: a signature ends Bush's War on Science.

Behold AIG

A New “Sound Money Indicator”

Me and Jim Simons, The Elvis of Hedge Fund Managers

"Top Hedge Fund Managers Cash in on Down Year" by Louise Story (3-25-09 NYT via CNBC)

Incendiary Data in a Plain Paper Journal

Teddy's Bear-Orrin Hatch, health care reform's stealth champion.

Dear A.I.G. ..... I QUIT

Jindal defends those who want Obama to fail - more anti-Patriotism from Republican creeps.

EU presidency: US economic plans 'a road to hell'

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. : Hope in the Mountains

Obama and Geithner gambling with their country's financial reputations

Time to Dog the Dogs - Blue Dogs Against Obama?

"An American outrage: Bernie, AIG, and us" by Rosemary and Walter Brasch (3-25-09 Online Journal)

We Should Have A “Which” Hunt Instead of A Witch-Hunt

Union says IBM may cut 4,000 U.S. jobs as part of work shift to India

Garrison Keillor: The real American dream

Matthew Rothschild: Cheney War Crimes: Just Look at the Statute

Insurance Industry is Simply a Parasite Feeding on the US Health System

Schwarzenegger Opens California Fairgrounds to Homeless Camp

Should TARPfare Bums Be Allowed To Outsource?

The question we should be asking: Why are we bailing out AIG?

Don’t Do a Google Image Search for “Agent Orange”

Researchers Create Catalysts for Use in Hydrogen Storage Materials

'Crunch year' for world's forests (BBC)

First National Park Formed In Papua New Guinea


House passes long-stalled bill to expand wilderness protection in 9 states

Melting glaciers force Italy, Swiss to redraw border (CNN)

In troubled times, vasectomies snip and prosper (CNN)

Study explores effects of herbicide drift on white oak—'Leaf tatters' linked to herbicides

Values Predict Attitudes Toward Nuclear Power

Fructose metabolism by the brain increases food intake and obesity

We saw it coming: Asteroid monitored from outer space to ground impact (last October)

Peak oil and the financial meltdown

Solyndra To Make Solar Power As Cheap As Coal In 2-3 years

Here's the 411 on Ven. Budget:: Chavez Sweeps Away Opposition's Budget Predictions

Argentina moves to nationalise Lockheed AT-63 plant

Colombia: Rural Statute found unconstitutional

CIA working to secure elections -- in VENEZUELA

Two More Long-Serving Officials Dismissed in Cuba

GRANMA: Zelaya Proposes Vote to Reform Constitution (EN and SP)

Chávez revives regional fund plan

They Killed Sister Dorothy': Sister Dorothy Stang's mission was saving rainforests

WEISBROT: G-20 Should Think Twice About Increasing IMF Funding w/out Reforms

Uncovering Haiti's Hidden History: Questions Linger about Washington's Involvement

Today in labor history Mar 25 “Poor People’s March” on Washington & Triangle factory fire 147 dead

Kellogg's laying off production workers

HUGH upset in Women's basketball...spoiler

I thought I would share this great NFL website for the hard core fan

Dunkirk Vs. FOY Stars in Florida Derby

Free EFCA bumper sticker

Herding Cats

Most of the Seventh Grade Will Be at the Commitment Ceremony

NYC changes birth certificate policy for lesbians

Vermont Gov. Douglas announces he will veto same-sex marriage bill

New Policy: HRC will only support an inclusive ENDA

Amendment 1 FAILS in Gainesville!

Miss Cleo, TV's 'proud voodoo woman,' joins Lake Worth's gay community

Drugs that work in animals usually don't work in humans

Vaccine scare threatens health in Ukraine

Whooping cough vaccine not as powerful as thought ~ AJC

Top Likud officials: Netanyahu sold us out for half of Labor

Israeli Army: Never Mind the Uproar, Here's Our Beauty Queen

'Haredim To Continue Running Buses Segregating Men, Women'

Netanyahu reaches out to Palestinians

Some Israeli soldiers say military rabbis cast the offensive against Hamas rockets

Israel accused of indiscriminate phosphorus use in Gaza

Who Tried to Kill Palestinian Ambassador Abass Zaki and Why?

Rights group: Hamas tortured Gaza inmate to death

'Allegations of civilian shootings in Gaza categorically false'

Palestinian children sing for Holocaust survivors

Alzheimer's on a relentless upward trajectory

Alabama prepaid tuition program freezes enrollment

The U.N. panel meets in Luxembourg March 25

Nomi Prins: A former Wall Streeter on why Treasury's toxic assets program stinks

US factory orders up in February (BBC)

Obama's Toxic Advisers by Robert Scheer

More Evidence of Volcker Being Marginalized (ugh!)

The End Game Approaches

The world's worst company keeps finding new ways to lose money

The Nation: A Bank Bailout That Works (Joseph Stiglitz)

IBM Firing More U.S. Workers, Moving More Work To India

Dear A.I.G., I Quit!

Geithner Update: Grab Yer Ankles and Say “Uncle Sam”

Millionaires' audit chances fell 36% last year - USA Today

Media reporting on new home sales...Idiots!!

It Looks Like Citi And Bank Of America Are Already Gaming The System

Market Up this morning.

Neighborhood Shaken by Bizarre Murder Mystery

“US focuses internally in war on drugs” and guns

President Obama echoes Holder

interesting article

Robber fatally shot in Miami Burger King holdup

Does The Second Amendment Allow You To Own This?

1 dead, one injured in Miami Burger King shooting

1 dead, one injured in Miami Burger King shooting

We're back.

DIY lighttent

Big Sister, Little Sister...about 15 years ago...


New Canon Rebel XTi

Getting to Nome the easy way

Translucent feathers on a Roseate Spoonbill

I have never supported Hamas, says Galloway

my latest ltte:mental health resources for active duty,vets and families

Daykeeper's Weekly Energy Uupdate -- Week of March 24-31

Apparently, The Skeptic forum believes Acupunture is stupid, too.

Three In One

Group predictions

B'Day Wishes to you, Mnemosyne

Ok, help from astologers needed

Briny pools 'may exist on Mars' (BBC)

80-ton asteroid's impact recorded (BBC)

I'm not even hungry, but .........

Lima Bean- Grape Tomatoes - Kalamatas Salad recipe

What's for dinner? ~ Wednesday the 25th

which is the "correct" bean for Louisiana-style red beans and rice?

Oh, Lucindaaaaaaaa!

And the Cook's Illustrated 2009 "Best Buy" cookware is .......

I know we haven't had many videos lately

Possibly faulty voting machines still used by Collin County

End Workplace Discrimination!

McAfee removal