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DU (un)Official Complaint Department

Our crops are saved!

Bwaaaaaaaaaaah WJ fans KO just replayed the loony caller to

Britain to launch Iraq war inquiry

Shepard Fairey Blog: The AP, OBAMA & Referencing

Governor Dean complimenting Condi Rice on Keith Olbermann

Saudi Women To Boycott Lingerie Shops Over Male Sales Staff

Crist first Florida governor to meet with farmworkers group since 1990s

Does The Second Amendment Allow You To Own This?

State Dept. places multi-million dollar bounty on senior Taliban and al Qaeda leaders

Thousands of Immigrants Held in Violation of International Law

Stavisky Passes Legislation Requiring Accident Reports to Note Cell Phone Use

CNN Introduces a New Measuring Tool

Deleted by me. Duplicate. Sorry.

Guardian UK: G20 protesters set to target banks

Did anyone order the signed Fairey print for the Inauguration?

Did anyone order the signed Fairey print for the Inauguration?

EU countries asked to have "civilian surge" in Afghanistan

Beware Conficker worm come April 1 - for all my DU friends

U.S. Chamber Commends Specter for Denouncing Poisonous Card Check Legislation

Self Deleted.

Looks like a former union head will be the new FAA administrator.

April 1 - Financial Fool's Day

Boston Globe: Pension plan choices may shrink

About weight. The most intense vigorous exercise that only very few people in

Legislators want to accept stimulus funds

Octo-Mom: "I was a stripper"

Why secretly funded DEA surveillance planes aren't flying

If car insurance were health insurance

Some Quick Thoughts About National Debt and the Upcoming Budget

Government may lend more to automakers: WSJ

LA Times: Seniority, not quality, counts most at United Teachers Los Angeles

The Gilded Age is Over.....Literally

GA Governor Perdue Commends Passage of Super Speeder Legislation

10 yrs ago, the anticapitalist movement predicted this recession. Now it must envisage............

Sean Penn Is Such A Stooge!

North Korea getting ready to launch a dong, Kim Jong Il ODs on Viagra?


Limbaugh Attacks "Barack Ogabe" And His "Angry" Wife (AUDIO)

The odd flavors of Islamic Fundamentalism... if you want a Bra & Panties you must buy them from men

Another example of our hyper-efficient capitalism - Chicago parking meters

Anger Rises in Europe Over Lost Jobs

NBC has a studio in Mexico City? Or are they borrowing from

"Liberals mocked Joe the Plumber & the idea that an 'average guy' could ask questions"

Man Says God Told Him To Cut Off Hand

Open or not to more use of the International Monetary Fund's SDR as a worldwide reserve currency?


Geithner's Power Grab Treasury Doesn't Need No Powers, It Needs to Use the Power It Has


Independent UK: Nationalise railways – not banks

Wikipedia on W:

In honor of Micheal Steele thinking he could be a presidential candidate

It may snow on Saturday in Madison. Wanna know how I know?

Your request is being processed... Lauren Bush, W.'s Niece, Debuts Fashion Label Under Different Na

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Wingnut: Liberal student "storm troopers" silence conservatives on "Stalinist gulag" campuses

John Hope Franklin reprise on Tavis tonight. Heads up!

A song about domestic violence

UCLA Anderson weighs in on the economy

Open letter to Joseph Biden, Vice President, from Sherkoh Abbas, Kurdistan National Assembly

The number 054 has been very lucky in lotteries of late.

Tell us your best joke and we will rate it!

Bernie Madoff's secretary comes away with mansions and Mercedes

Our President Obama's-Unscheduled Stop-At Arlington Cemetery To Salute Medal of Honor Recipients

I would REALLY like to ask DU'ers opinions

Mike Steele for President?????

Lenin gets a body lift.

Freezing snow and floods: ND and MN are suffering

Michelle Bachman on WJ this AM.

Any way you go it seems people want to control you

It's worthwhile to oppose the occupations and advocate for an end to them- Diplomacy gets us there.

Rep. Barton: Climate change is ‘natural,’ humans should just ‘get shade.’



Open for Questions at the White House

Coming soon: North Afghan crude

I love the French

For troops in Iraq, shower may be fatal: 1/3 of those inspected have major electrical problems

***unofficial Bachmann on WJ what stupid thing is she going to say thread?***

What's up with this Yahoo article?

Expenses - What Am I Doing to Myself!

EPA Clarifies: We Are Not Halting Mountaintop Mining

Please please GOP I'm begging you!

Matt Steven can't see the hoop, Still takes the last shot

Matt Steven can't see the hoop, Still takes the last shot

France set to ban bank bonuses

New Ad: "Make Morning Joe an all-day thing"

The AWB didn't actually ban assault weapons

Is it yet time to tell the repubics and blue dogs to take a long walk off a short pier?

For troops in Iraq, shower still may be fatal

AlterNet: Powerful Banks and Government Handouts to the Rich: It's Time for Protest

What's your Senator's/Representative's "price?'

What's your Senator's/Representative's "price?'

To my friends in Vermont. You lucky peeps!

The Pecora Commission Investigated Wall Street Crash of 1929. Read This & Demand A 2009 Committee

Jobless Rolls in U.S. Jump to Record 5.56 Million in Week; New Claims Rise

NYT: Albany Reaches Deal to Repeal '70s Drug Laws

US Jets(Or Maybe Israel) 'Bombed Convoy in Sudan'

Military Widows Hit the Open Road

Saturday, March 28: Join in the National Day of Solidarity with the RNC 8! Protect our Civil Rights

States consider drug tests for welfare recipients

Major attacks in Iraq since Jan. 1

"Structural Adjustment"-Financial Elites Use Catastrophe-Take Profits-Impose Costs On Everyone Else

Corps escalates mountaintop removal mining fight

Dilbert today is great - Dogbert the CEO

Thank You President Bush with Flag - bumper sticker on an SUV

Now I Have Heard It All........Corporate Rape

New Home sales FELL last month, Media wrong, Again!

Palin unplugged in speech to Alaska GOP dinner

North Korea's ballistic missile test, I hope it blows up on the launch pad and

Online Age Quiz Is a Window for Drug Makers

After a successful press conference, the president works a tougher crowd –- congressional Democrats.

U.S. Economy Shrank 6.3% in Fourth Quarter as Profits Fell Most Since 1953

I just called a local community college to make an appointment for a cleaning and checkup.

"States consider drug tests for Congresspersons"--Wouldn't it be nice to see that headline?

Are we really willing to risk a war with North Korea?

Hard Times for Some Hedge-Fund Managers (WSJ)

Life Loses Market Value as Seniors Seek to Unload Their Insurance Policies

Right To Privacy Not Guaranteed By Constitution

With friends like these, who needs Republicans?

Europe in Crisis

Europe in Crisis

I took a look at a few of the questions over there today and I'm wondering how they will

Rahm's profitable stint at mortgage giant

One would think our elected officials had enough on their plates

Movie: "Kilowatt Ours" - Anyone seen it?

Guide to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Washington Post Offers Newspaper Buyouts, May Impose Job Cuts; Shares Rise

Best. Poll. Ever (cover your keyboards).

Update on the CRAZY!

I was impressed with Dem. Rep. Keith Ellison this morning

Good news for HFCS haters: Pepsi & Mt. Dew about to release a limited run with sugar!

Now that we have solved the economy, health care, climate change and ended the Iraq war....

Oil terminal a concern as Alaska volcano rumbles

Bill allows Texans to keep guns in cars at work

Workers at 3M Plant in France Take Boss Hostage

The Q I Do NOT Hear Being Asked By Any MSM Which Is Critical To Solving The Financial Crisis....

South Park's Take on the Economic Crisis - "Margaritaville"

AIG London staff dig in heels over bonus payments despite US threats

Ashcroft Greeted By Protests In Texas: ‘I Think History Will Be Very Kind’ To Bush

Misuse of Police Power

AP IMPACT: For troops in Iraq, shower may be fatal

Man gets 90 days for raping a vacuum machine

So, how's that gasoline price gouging investigation going?

Timmy meets the Establishment (CFR)

I have a second amendmant right to own a killer robot!

At least 8 states consider drug tests for welfare recipients

At least 8 states consider drug tests for welfare recipients

C-SPIN WJ: Thursday Funnies With Michelle Bachmann

Another reason to lift Social Security limits...Companies stopping 401k match

The latest victim of financial crisis: U.S. jails

Michigan's unemployment 12%

CACI Faces Abu Ghraib Torture Suit

Ice that burns could be a green fossil fuel

Sales Plummet for Once Hot Hybrid Vehicles

Stimulus? U.S. to buy Chinese condoms, ending Alabama jobs

Best. Meeting. Ever.

Alternate Reality - Here I come ..

Oh joy!

Year? year? Try the word DECADE, Mr. President. re: statement today on jobs.

NH House approves same-sex marriage

Kiev mayor strips down to his speedo in public to prove he is not crazy

Mayor says Fargo faces 'uncharted territory' with flooding

I don't think they should take fructose out of the food.

Why We Need a Commission on Presidential Power (American Prospect)

Nude portraits of Irish leader ignite debates about humor

IDIDNOTMAKEUPTHISTITLE!!!! Congress may respond to tea bags (a letter to the editor)

Cantor: GOP will not wait out recession for political benefit

So glad he's President!

Open Letter to Republican Leader Eric Cantor, On Being an American Statesman

hey fred, blow me

Economy's toll: 10 percent of arts groups could close this year

MSNBC cut in BO online with Cantor and Boner..ha ha ha.

Stop contradicting yourself mr president!

My daughter just sent this, she's an animal nut, so this really upset her, rightfully

"Bye Bye Evan Bayh" Helen (the blogger) goes after the DINO

Lessee if we can froth up the sheep one more time...

With Race a Dead Heat, Tedisco Running Like It's 1984 - Village Voice

we have to admit that,as liberals,we do come up with stupid ideas now and then.

McCain: “I would have let AIG go bankrupt. If they have to fail, they fail.”

Half Of Group Free Of Phobia After A Single Treatment

Balls and Bottoms give way to Wangs in name game

Kudos to Contessa Brewer !

It's official: we really have saved the ozone layer

Hormone-mimics in plastic water bottles - just the tip of the iceberg?

Grandfather's letter becomes legacy of Holocaust

10 yrs ago, the anticapitalist movement predicted this recession. Now it must envisage............

Guardian: Peers call for independent inquiry into allegations of UK role in torture

Internet discussion boards helping FBI track down D.B. Cooper

Britain to investigate possible MI5 role in torture

Paulson to write book on economic crisis...

Maryland General Assembly passes bill that limits death penalty

The NH House has passed marriage equality

New York Times plans temporary pay cut, layoffs

The most ridiculous name the repukes call Obama is:

Every sperm is sacred, life begins at conception, pro-life... why do the same people then state:

Obama Recession: S&P 500’s Best Monthly Rally Since ‘87

Former State Senator Jeff Miller Arrested By TBI On Overbilling Charges

Two things LA is doing for the poor and homeless ...


Civil unions bill loses Hawaii vote.

China leapfrogs U.S. as No. 2 global car maker

Officer delayed NFL player as relative died

Why is GEM$NBC bringing over these hacks from

Fargo, ND, officials to raise dikes as river rises

The best of the American spirit

DEA raids SF cannabis clinic.......(I thought this was going to stop)

This morning we didn't have a plan. This afternon they're attacking our plan. We call that progress.

DU this POLL on Civil Unions

Why hasn't John McCain been arrested for treason?

Whoever runs in Minnesota stays in Minnesota?

It's OK criminals, U.S. will not charge you for tax evasion

Dallas police delayed NFL player as relative died

Iran, NATO in first talks in 30 years: NATO

Cherry trees are in the final stage of coming into bloom!

What's all the "commode-tion" about? (don't hate me. please?)

WI Repuke legislator wants to make providing alcohol to underage drinkers a felony.

+++ 4,260 +++

Michelle Bachmann introduces legislation to make her stupidity public law

Write a letter to protect Sequoia National Forest from OHV Damage -- 4 days left

PNAC 2.0: Kristol's blandly named Foreign Policy Initiative provides landing pad for fallen neo-cons

Natasha Richardson may have already saved the life of a head-injured girl.

politico: POT related questions deluge WH ---> NORML Shout Out

The working poor get shafted again - just announced raises are being cut

what does this say about me???

Was Nat Turner's slave rebellion justified?

OMG...not more Dugars! These whacked-out Xtians are running veritable puppy mills.

Bailout Money Going to Members of Congress

GOP Budget Proposal: Massive Tax Cut For Wealthy

My Psychic Prediction...

GOP Budget Proposal: Massive Tax Cuts for the Wealthy...met with a "collective scoff"

Hey President Obama

Repukes get 1 channel to interrupt BO's online forum, guess who?

Question for males circumcised during infancy: Which is more traumatic for you?

Papa Doc Sununu already playing the gay card

My email:

GOP Moves To Prevent Michelle Obama From Walking in Hillary's Footsteps

Cities Deal With a Surge in Shanty Towns

OBAMA at WebHall - Legalize marijuana ----> NO!!! nt

Vacuum Sex Act Gets Man 90 Days

Darwin billboard in Wichita gets mixed reactions from churches

Depressed about Obama's view on Federal Cannabis legalization?

Taking the Pro-Pot Position (Because Somebody Has To)

Byron Dorgan calls for financial crimes commit. at Justice and a Senate comm w. subpoena power re: $

Whoa Nellie - the Obama Tax Cuts are kicking in with my current payroll!

Miss Cleo, TV's 'proud voodoo woman,' joins Lake Worth's gay community

"I don't know who this is, but my friends say he's cool."

Hitler's paintings to go on sale in Britain

Which "industry" will be the next to fail due to the GOP economic policies?

I hope the President will read this website re: Medicare vs private insurance:

Joe the anti-union campaigner

Benen: The Party of No (Ideas)

Rethink Afghanistan

Schools Postpone Some Activities Due to Quake Fears

Terkel to appear on Olbermann tonight to talk about the continuing O’Reilly smears.

Michael Steele ain't very bright.

Renew U.S.-Cuba Ties - Pew Poll results

GOP Budget’s Attack On Obama Health Care Plan Echoes 1993 Harry And Louise Ads


Guns, Drugs, and Illegal Boarder Crossings

Woman Sues Walmart Over Alleged Drug Mislabeling

CFAMI Applauds President Obama For Calling For...Investment in Science and Technology

CFAMI Applauds President Obama For Calling For...Investment in Science and Technology

Isn't it nice not hearing about Limbaugh every 5 seconds?

Soros Says Commercial Property Values Will Fall 30%

Gettin' down on Liverpool Street Station

Bayh and the Blue Dogs 'Have No Agenda'?

CNN Comedy Alert: Tom Selleck coming up in the Situation Room.


Real plumbers rip Joe the Plumber for shilling against the Employee Free Choice Act

Has anyone here done a refi or loan mod, and if so

Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh Just Got A NEW EMAIL SCAM!!!

City Council approves Styrofoam ban in restaurants

The Neocons Don't Know When To Quit

I made a discovery

Who is this bald shit from CNBC on MSNBC right now?

Is anyone else digging out in Boulder County, CO?

McConnell, Kyl "decline president's invitation to be briefed" on 4,000 more troops to Afghaninistan

Reconsidered! NH House passes gay marriage

Caption this pic

IBM axes 5000 jobs in US; moving work to India

John Hope Franklin Dies at Age 94 (wrote From Slavery to Freedom: A History of African Americans)

WSJ trying to stir the pot - comparing a DOJ event highlighting Donna Brazile to Karl Rove

German Cops Raid Wikileaks

NY Times discussion on 401K plans.....

Hey.. Shuster has "Bagdad" Bounds on. Was his hair always that red?

Those Poor Poor Newspapers got Two Questions in the First Press Conference. One asked about A-Rod

Bankers have **always** been viewed as evil .......

Watching Joe Conason on Shuster

McCain's Chief Strategist Comes Out In Support Of Gay Marriage

Whoever runs in Minnesota stays in Minnesota?

Asia Times: Time to stop the rip-off

Kristof on "experts"......

Kristof on "experts"......

Here's what I think- the message has changed...terra doesn't rule anymore...

Matthews to Steele: "Does everything Repubican have to sound like the 700 Club?"

Conservadems need to be primaried. N/T

END All U.S. WARS IMMEDIATELY! You don't keep spending money you don't have!

Response to freeper hate mail

OK DUers Palin is bat shit crazy

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Visa is changing its "Life Takes Visa" advertising slogan.

Michele Bachmann, muse of the right-wing's lunatic fringe

Texas prepares for evolution vote with national implications

Support a Truth & Reconciliation Commission 89,860 signatures so far ....


Academic Freedom - the latest campaign from our pals on the right

"Talk me down", DU -- The Tom Joyner Morning Show now gone

Nadya and Gloria are in a spat

McCain: People voted 'mostly for Sarah Palin' last year

Boston's ban on blunt wraps stands

Is Contessa Brewer crazy ?

Bonus Social Security Payments, Like Flowers, to Sprout in May

I got $25 more in my unemployment check today. Weeeeeee!

Did Boner really say this awhile ago...: ?????

Texans not discouraged by evolution loss! Going after the Big Bang now.

Internal GOP Squabble Breaks Out: Who Flubbed The 'Budget' Rollout?


To Chris Matthews: Buy a vowel, get a clue, shut up and listen for once.

DU this poll, if you think it matters

DU this poll, if you think it matters

If Your Teens Can't Shop Anymore...Where do the go to Release that Teen Angst?

Lamborn opposes changing combat rule designed to help vets with PTSD

Pop, country singer Dan Seals dies of cancer

Your Big Screen Banned?

What is wrong with someone who hates Obama so much she'll bring his name up at an

My dogs are laughing their asses off and covering their ears ......

During the Great Depression, they were called "Hoovervilles" ...

Palin sticking it to Alaskans yet again.

Why do we need NEW financial rules....

April 25 SF Bay Area Gathering Planning thread

Countdown should be pretty good tonight (in 10 minutes) n/t

Pelosi talks about ND flooding, Obama pledges support in record flood

Pelosi talks about ND flooding, Obama pledges support in record flood

Pelosi talks about ND flooding, Obama pledges support in record flood

Wrestling fans hate Bush

Piece of shit Rush Limbaugh encouraging listeners to screw the Earth Hour project

YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!!! John McEnroe duped in art scam

Think government can’t fix the auto industry? Then how did it manage to fix the railroad industry

Think government can’t fix the auto industry? Then how did it manage to fix the railroad industry

If a woman had been slashed during infancy, would it be ok to describe her as 'cut?'

Paging Bobby Jindal! More Redoubt Explosions Shoot Ash 65K Feet In Air

Behold, a chart outlining the GOP budget plan:

Betty and Veronica anchoring MSNBC News Live

A Tribute to the four Oakland Police Officers

President Obama's answer on healthcare.

I wonder what Wal-Mart shareholders think of this

I wonder what Wal-Mart shareholders think of this

Health Insurers Owe Policyholders, But Pay Congress Instead

When Rove Calls Obama "Arrogant", Isn't He REALLY Calling Him "Uppity"?

PNAC 2.0

PNAC 2.0


'Mythbusters' Explosion Startles Yolo County Town

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank: Why I Called Justice Scalia A Homophobe

Anything new about Al Franken court case? we need his vote badly

Trying Bush's War Crimes: The International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan


Webb Sets His Sights On Prison Reform

States consider drug tests for welfare recipients

"Shadow Banking Scheme"-Goldman, Barclays, BofA, Citi & Treasury-Plot For Weeks-Create Rigged Casino

Courts Already Heeding Obama's New FOIA Policy

AIG Exec to give your money to charity to make himself feel better

Bernie Sanders to introduce single payer bill into the Senate!

Watch what Obama does for a 99-year-old Medal Of Honor winner.

Just a reminder. Serious mental illness is a heartbreaking disease

Would you take a pill guaranteed to give you 5 more years of healthy living,

Here is the Trojan Horse of the Insurance companies. They're running scared!

Why Isn't There A Liberal News Channel?

Hillary/Obama should take marijuana out of the mix

Townhall Talk and a New Way Forward

President Obama's answer to a question about charter schools and effective teachers.

Tinfoil questions on the Mexican drug wars

Banks operate reckless scheme: it is simply not necessary. Here's SIMPLE idea to fix it all.

Why isn't Al Franken in the Senate yet ??

Glenn Beck is such a complete simpleton, it boggles the mind

What solution will the Congressional Republicans introduce?

I think that most people in any society or any century, don't think very hard.

From the co-creator of 24...New 10 Hour Kennedy mini series

From the co-creator of 24...New 10 Hour Kennedy mini series

An NCAA Fan Is…


Sen. Webb Unveiling Prison Reform Bill

Hemp Is Not Pot: It's the Economic Stimulus and Green Jobs Solution We Need

Despite Obama’s Vow COMBAT BRIGADES WILL STAY IN IRAQ- Under New "Non-Combat" Label

House Health Plan to Include Government-Run Option

The Economist Has No Clothes

I was in The Washington Post and on Hardball on the same day!

Straw Bale Housing- The Pretty Much Perfect Solution

There are things all over America we should name for after W

YES! The Fed is considering making debit card overdrafts an opt-in thing! End "overdraft protection"

DUI checkpoints

California to ban black cars (not an early April Fools joke)

Blue Cross of Michigan to eliminate coverage of gender reassignment surgery

Blue Cross of Michigan to eliminate coverage of gender reassignment surgery

On the Geithner Bailout Plan – Liberal Vs. Conservative Views

A wonderful photo I have to share posted on Mudflats - Sarah encounters protestors

CHARTS Here!! Get Your REPUBLICAN BUDGET Charts Here!!!!

There are liberals and elitist liberals.

Medical Marijuana Injustice: Charles Lynch Facing Wrongful Prosecution, Talks To Cenk (& Ron Paul..)

My friend just sent this LTTE re: Natasha Richardson and Canadian health care

The exact text of Obama's response to health care question today:

Clinton says administration will not attempt to revive the assault weapons ban.

Outrage in Texas: Officer Robert Powell delays family racing 2 see dying mom, draws service revolver

Ive got a fantastic TAX Idea

He advocated Canadian & European health care.

Obama says single-payer is off because taxes would be too high to pay for it!

Frequently asked questions about single payer health care.

Is the general IQ of this country really low or are Americans easily brainwashed?

Mika's dad is making teh heads esplode on Morning Blow

"There is no 'cure' for a nation's hate"-Southern Poverty Law Center & Leonard Pitts (Miami Herald)

Single-payer health reform bill introduced in Senate

Here is the official Howard Dean Healthcare petition! Please sign and pass on

What do you think of John Walker Lindh?

What do you think of John Walker Lindh?

Is Glenn Beck committing treason?

A Garden

What do you tell a 13-year-old about marijuana?

It was a chipmunk

April Has the Highest Suicide Rate

university CUTS pay of already low paid part time faculty


King Lear in HD on PBS, starting now....

why aren't electric cars more affordable?

you KNOW you want to see this movie

Stevia has the same nasty aftertaste as aspartame.

I feel good!

Dumb blonde maybe?

The Rude Pundit: Dear Ex-AIG Guy

I'm going to be in bed by 11:00 pm tonight,

Octo-Mom: "I was a stripper"

Self-delete (Dupe)

Hey! check this out. Extreme LED Sheep Art

San Francisco Uhuru Movement protests for Lovelle Mixon, called "a true hero, a soldier."

So Edward Hermann should have played the lead in Bonfire of the Vanities...


I found a live one, I think!

I'm laughin' at Law and Order's impression of Perez Hilton.

Warning: Cavit Pinot Grigio. You don't want to drink this shit.

Pharmacology Final Exam re-test tomorrow. One last round of Lounge vibes, please.

I just worked a 10.5 hour shift...

Is anybody currently watching Leno?

Sean Penn Is Such A Stooge!

Question regarding receiving a text on a rotary dial phone.


Does Chuck Berry have a Fecebook page?

Guess what?

It's 12:27 am, I'm still working, and the battery on my MP3 player has cut out.

I need to up my embezzling from Mr. Midlo.

Needle and the damage done - Neil Young

If you get an invite in your email to join "Tubely," do not open it!!

Why is it that when you get screwed over by...

Woohoo, I won, I won!

I Just Realized How Crazy I Really Must Be....

The new Depeche Mode video is creepy as hell.

My left arm is hurting

Haul ass


Avatar help please.

This Is Not A Love Song

Whats'at movie with the Tommy McGuire chick

I'm watching Jimmy Fallon for the first Time

Most annoying omnipresent ad campaign.......

Hot cold hot cold hot cold hot cold.

Who the heck is General Failure?


Emmanuelle 2 - Opening & closing theme

Cannonball Adderley feat. Miles Davis " Autumn Leaves"

Craig Ferguson pulls ahead of Jimmy Fallon in ratings

Love For Sale

Have you ever had the "Eye of the Tiger"?

OK, I'm about to go nuts on a coworker and need some help

Hump Day "BIGGEST DOUCHE BAG" Poll - 25 March 2009

Taste Test

OK, I shaved for the job interview

My god, I love you guys. Serisly.

Well, I'm off to work.

Good deal on Motown hits...

I am at 12,997 posts. Help me hit 13,000. Ask me anything.

Wooly enough for ya? (Picture thread)

This came to me in the middle of the night. If Plato were alive today, and he got into a DU flamewar

Be Thankful For What You Got X5

Two weeks till Opening Day, who's your World Series Favorite?

A "Father Ted" reference at a Scientology protest. Neat. (Pic inside)

Stupid Stupid landlord....

What is the spider, and why was it in my bathroom sink?

Oh God of earth and altar bow down and hear our cry

The better your boss is, the worse you feel when you fuck up.

Would you rather have Sarah Palin or Nadya Suleman as your Mod?

Last post before bed... I love my Kindle 2!

Are there any TV shows that you know are probably good once you get into them...

HP Support hell ...

Ho Lee Chow,I just passed 15,000 posts.

Apple stock is taking off! I should have bought more!

Good morning Lounge

Plant shutting down (partially) why would they keep all upper management?

"Somewhere in Time" trivia question: about 4 1/2 minutes into the movie,

Economic Expert ...HUGH JOHNSON.

Found out why my nephew wants to go veg, and it's a good reason

So, Bobcat Goldthwait walks into a bar dressed as a delivery man,..

What would be a fair rate to pay someone to write a grant for you?

It may snow on Saturday in Madison. Wanna know how I know?

I just threw my back out while shaving my back.

You ever have a dream so realisticabout LynneSin you wake up immediately scared sh*tless

Anyone here ever take Ultram?

The beagle is at the office with me this morning! Everyone say "hi"!

WTF is a "kawaii" or a 'keroppi"

Just a Friendly Reminder

Pearl Jam is reissuing Ten.

What's your signature cockatiel?

So I Am At The Libree, and....... ..............

I've discovered that things taste much better up-side-down and without straws.

My mom had another heart attack today.

Last night's SOUTH PARK episode

I don't like bagels right out of the oven

Angel might have a home - hope with me!

Can I have some vobes?

Where are you on the carnivore-omnivore-herbivore scale?

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, how cool is the Wii?

Says Something That's Perfectly Innocent, But Sounds "Dirty"

I'd love to have you look at my thread in GD...

you know... cottage cheese sucks

Buddy & Larry fight too much- what to do with these two dogs?

I just threw my garbage out while shaving my garbage.

what should the consequences be for a 16-year-old with $450 in overdraft fines?

So I watched "The Dark Knight" and frankly - I was bored

Crying Hotline anyone? Only 2 dollars a minute

Congress may respond to tea bags

A lesson in contrast ...

Where Is Beachbaby when I need her

I just saw defiance. It was great if not a tiny little bit too Hollywood.

what would you rather watch on TV?

Computer Glitch At The Libree, I Get 60 extra minutes internet!!

Boat captain gets prison for bombing dolphins

What happens when things are so bad people can't afford sex toys:

The great debate continues

King Crimson fans: what's your favorite ProjeKct?

I want to create a thread that never lies.

Anybody here who has been to Portugal?


Would you rather be haunted by the ghost of Sarah Palin or Nadya Suleman?

Going clothes shopping tomorrow. Here's my question for you.


I believe this is it for the DU Lounge. We better just pack it up and go home....

Audiobook fans: favorite author but lousy reader?

what do you dress your salad with?

GOOFBALLS. Can they be used in moderation, or is the only option to get ALL HOPPED UP?

I'm Gonna Try And Not Post A Curse Word On DU For A Full 24 Hours

What should I have for dinner tonight?

Phone etiquette- Am I the jerk, or am I surrounded by jerks (or both)?

Tomorrow, I'm going to see someone I haven't seen in 16 years

Is Ford Pinto stunning or what?

An idiot tried to play "beat the bus" today and got broadsided

My freeper Mother keeps forwarding right-wing bullshit

BSG-Fans (and ST:Voyager and Babylon 5 nerds as well,) here's a CGI blog for you!

How smart is my adorable nephew?

Nasty Insomnia right now. I think I'll take Ambien CR tonight - should I be drinking this beer?

I found the police scanner for my county streaming online!

We're finally getting a much needed snow storm in Denver today

Can you put too many onions in a pot of chile?

ANyone see that new cartoon Cat vs, Kid?

I think I'm gonna get my hair done, rockstar-style.

I got a bag of dates from the food bank yesterday

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/26/2009)

Question for males circumcised during infancy: Which is more traumatic for you?

I'm running out to the Panda Express, can I get you anything?

Watching a girl band movie called "Prey for Rock and Roll"

Post your favorite circumcision song!

Is loopy dental kid video funny — or disturbing?

12 year old daughter got in trouble for kicking another girl in the face today

For The First Time In Months I Have Hope

And it's Thurdsay Night Lounge Clusterfuck in 3, 2... Get your tickets now! Popcorn extra

Prednisone dose doubled and I'm on it for another week

happy 3rd birfday Jet!

I found the next CHET AKINS!!!!!!!

What mistake in life are you thankful for?

What is with the uptick in circumcision threads lately?

####### zozosmom is still missing #######

Both of my Grandparents have the flu

Geez, What Up With All The I'm Ok, You're Ok Threads? with ******** on them?

What a shitty day.

My balls itch

**** Check in here if you want me to STFU ****

A Serious Request (yes, really)

Call you Moderator RIGHT FUCKING NOW!! to end the asterisks!

First Meeting Of Asterisk Abusers Anon

*******Has anyone heard from Chuggo?*******

Woman arrested 3 times in 3 days for drunk driving

******************* ASTERISKS *******************

In an effort to diffuse the tension in the lounge, I will respond only

What's a "San Francisco agenda"

Chaos. Dissent. Anger. Finger pointing. Name calling. Insanity.

***************SUPPORT DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND************

****** The beloved Midlodemocrat is okay******

Copycat threads are a lot more annoying when they have asterisks all over

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I suck so bad! *crying*

***************CAKE OR DEATH?************

curcumcism is to DU as [x] is to [y]

every time you Rec this thread I poison a pigeon in the park

Good morning little schoolgirl, can I go home with you?


I am a little worried. I think Critters2 is mocking me.

My aerogarden is doing remarkably well. And, if you don't behave


***** MY GOD! ******* IT'S FULL OF ASTERISKS! **********

I'm going to walk the beagle, and then read something deep, meaningful

GreenPartyVoter rocks. Her eliminating one more disease

I am a little worried. I think Critters2 is smocking me

***** Sniffa is still a fucking asshole *****

I am watching Jeopardy. It's boring. I fully expect it will be

*********ALL Y'ALL CAN GO FUCK YO'SELVES**********

What color is your ride?

The Real AIG Scandal: How the Game Is Rigged at Wall Street's Casino

Sarah Palin met a circumcised guy when she was helping Octomum breastfeed at the Olive Garden

My Favorite Yogurt Has High Fructose Corn Syrup

Which of these top 10 supposedly haunted places would you most like to visit?

I think these videos may help folks understand just what's going on today

Is the lounge going through some....changes or something...

Hey, we're published!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/26/09 (language warning; NSFW)

I'm knitting a squid...

Question for males circumcised during infancy: Which is more traumatic for you?

GD is getting high. Details at 11.

Done with my second re-test. I think it went pretty well. I'm ready for a break now.

LOL! There's a cat hair INSIDE my cell phone!

Last night I dreamt I was Kate

Hey leftyclimber--check your PMs

Have TV shows become a lot tamer?

****** JasonC / Pierre Suave is okay.... *******

Happy Birthday, Parche!!!!

A new 3 Stooges movie

What is your signature cocktail?

A good friend of mine who is mentally ill lost control yesterday

MARCH 27th- I want to wish a *Happy Birthday* to 3 DU'ers

MARCH 27th- I want to wish a *Happy Birthday* to 3 DU'ers

Well, I'm officially 29. Happy Birthday to me.

The RetroLounge Almost Naked Teddy Bear Thread!

Does this turn you on?

Those "Conservadems" are angering me with their arrogance. .

Those "Conservadems" are angering me with their arrogance. .

Question - long dating relationships turning into marriage?

So, a bobcat walks into a bar,

Gary Numan, love him or leave him?

What's your favorite Merlot?

Can someone explain to me why Blind Melon's "No Rain" is marked "Explicit" on my itunes?

Good grief! I just discovered I'm circumcised!

**** Walt Starr is OK, right the fuck now! ****

******** NARWHALS FUCK YEAH1!!1!! *********

******check in here if you are an insensitive asshole****

The Official DU Lounge Make a MOVIE Contest!

I need to hear some good clarinet music. Any recs???

Ever make it with a half-circumscised guy?

Charlotte had her photo shoot today.

Source of Stupid Discovered! (PIC Heavy)

****** The NCAA Tournament is Okay ****** (Anyone watching?)

Do you believe ghosts to be real?

Gents of the Lounge: Facial Hair?

Express your gratitude to a DU'er here!

****** Cuban Liberal / Padraig18 is okay.... *******

Who else see it coming. CNN is gonna start comparing Hilary's approval rating to Obama's

Keith Olbermann is about to discuss Ed Henry's question....

Teabagger Chris Krok Helps Define Hypocrisy

Oil Co-dependent News: Male Lingerie Salesmen in The Kingdom Are Embarassed

DU.... I'm feelin Lucky.. is not gonna help.

Right-wing lies being catapulted these days:

Just When You Thought The Birthers Couldn't Go Any More Insane...

Republicans complaining about one-party government...

President Obama endorses candidate, helps Democrats raise funds

Gene Robinson: President Obama "made Ed Henry his companion"

Anybody miss this?

Zogby: Obama's Approval Drops Below 50%

Deep Thoughts from Ed Henry on Twitter:

Photos - Pres. Obama Salutes Medal of Honor Recipients

Seems like we could use this situation to reform the IMF and the World Bank

Letterman "Cool...Uncool" bit had me laughing out loud!

Hey Republicans, Guess What...

US starts Iraq Pullout & Afghanistan to see a surge of Civilians

Newest crazy nutwing conspiracy idea: AIG failed on purpose to make Obama's healthcare plan easier

"I like to know what I'm talking about before I speak"

Bad paintings of Barack Obama

Could Sen Byrd's rule stop health care in the reconciliation bill?

Hey you guys! Look at this!

Best Political Team on Television Rallies Around Ed Henry After Vicious Obama Attack

In Texas, White House says, only nominees approved by Democrats will get the nod

Dupe. Please delete.

Good News Here! Reid open to fast-tracking health overhaul

Seriously, I'm quaking in my boots.

Economy: Worst in 26 years

The Great Communicator?

KY-Sen: Conway Will Run

Vote now for new spending priorities. A sample question for Obama...

10 minutes left for posting your questions to President Obama

Karl Rove the new Rush!

Comrades! Welcome to the Occupation!

** WHAT IF? **

Behind the scenes: Ed Henry's take on exchange with Obama--*BY* Ed Henry (LOL)

Got Shade - (More Republican solutions to global climate change)

Was Jon Taplin wrong about Krugman being wrong?

Obama Laughs Off Critics At Fundraiser: "One Day I'm A Genius; One Day I'm A Bum!"

I could use your help & suggestions

Bwahahaha! "Only" 40.4 Million Households watched the President's Press Conference!

Obama's online town hall: 'Wisdom'

Townhall starting now!!

Obama's brother-in-law wins CBI semi-final

What must happen in order for Obama's presidency to be considered successful?

Remember watch the Town Hall online. . .it will be judged on the hits. . .

The Failin' Palin' also can too still is yes.

Panning Geithner's Plan

Habeas corpus and Obama

Just got my RNC 2009 Obama Agenda Survey

Obama Taps Harvard Dean For Key Health Post

Why SHOULD Obama have spoken out immediately about the AIG bonuses?

Has anyone seen the House Republican budget plan?

We can VOTE for Single Payer Health Care! Until 9:30 am. Please K/R and ACT NOW!

This economic Potemkin spring poses serious political risk

Obama says he likes Nurses..

Repukes on MSNBC offering an alternative budget

Obama's answering the marijuana legalization question!

Ruh Roh. Those Corporatist Theives Obama And Geithner Are At It Again!

The largest take home point I got out of the internet town hall...

AIG: We're Being Extorted!

"No to Newt Gingrich!" Facebook group

Obama laughs at the marijuana legalization question after admitting using it multiple times.

Actually, Obama did NOT say he was "against" legalizing marijuana...

**********Official Online Town Hall Meeting Thread***********

Oh No! Obama is opposed to Marijauna legalization ... He is chicken

OMG Cantor 'the Whip' has got a financial plan!

Why Do We Need a Health Insurance Industry? A Parasite on the Health Care System

Repug Budget Proposal: Massive Tax Cut For Wealthy (slash top marginal rate from 35% to 25%)

I Don't Agree At All With President Obama And His Answer On Health Care.......

I Don't Agree At All With President Obama And His Answer On Health Care.......

"I think the 'Party of No' has become the 'Party of No Ideas.'"

Question about universal medicaid access:

President Obama answered questions folks were swearing he would avoid.

Top Ten "Reasons Obama should legalize pot right now"

Obama Needs Some DownTime

It seems I am a one-issue Democrat after all...

New Financial Regs - Obama Is Killing Business, In Bed With Business, Killing Business...

Since when did we advance the Obama should not laugh at all meme?

Anyone who supports tax laws and cheats on their taxes should turn themselves in

Pres. Obama breaking "Imagined" Promise 1,438,888 - "I want to and will legalize Marijuana, period."

Barack Obama...the Alpha Male

Obama To Appear On "Premio Lo Nuestro," Talk Directly To Massive Hispanic Audience

Already a half dozen oh no threads on marijuana

Be honest with yourselves, Obama IS NOT THE ONLY person who smoked pot who doesn't . . .

Conservadems ! Fuck You.

Anyone who has used marijuana who does not support full legalization...

Obama to Add 4,000 Troops in Afghanistan

Damned pot heads !

State budgets are in crisis. Thousands are dead in Mexico and the cartel violence risks entering the

Will Slow and Steady Win the Race?

Did anyone at MSNBC watch Obama's entire town hall? They cut away before he took questions from the

The Repukes fell for the trap on the Budget

May 2007: Obama's statement on single payer

"I'm not that innocent": Eric Cantor (R-Dickhead) chooses Britney Spears over Presidents Presser

BREAKING: Ed Henry ADMITS He Is NOT a Journalist But Is REALLY A Propagandist


Tweety Missing the Point Again: Thinks that Town Halls not as "effective" as Press Conf!

Twisting President Obama's Words is not the way to solve problems!

Second term....

Chart you want to see (the entire Bush economy was a sham)

Contessa Brewer angry that they (MSNBC) cut away from Obama's town hall for the Repub. non-budget

Cantor ("Womanizer" - VA) speaks out on Britney concert - went "to help the team"..."quite a show"

Obama needs a vacation

The AP is poking fun at the GOP's budget plan ...

Bob Somerby now attacking Rachel Maddow.

Obama seizes bully pulpit online to pitch budget

Legalize Hemp - In ALL of its forms

Right wing books and what their REAL titles should be

Chuck Todd was responsible for cutting away to the Repubs during the

Ha! They wouldn't let him inside the castle gates, but Dr. Dean is organizing the peasants outside.

*** Heads Up: Today's Town Hall to re-air on CSPAN2 at 8pm Eastern! **

Some surprising things about Geithner's bailout plan, according to Seeking Alpha blog.

The Teleprompter, the Jacket and the Laugh: A Presidency in Utter Ruin

President Obama On ‘Face The Nation’ Sunday

Arne Duncan: South Carolina schools will get money despite Governor


One of the great thin books of all time...


I don't want weed legalization to be a part of President Obama's legacy

Ahh the Republican Budget "outline"; this is why the president is a genius

"I inhaled...that was the point" was NOT an endorsement of marijuana

Wall Street Traders Send Frustrated, Typo-Riddled Letter to Congress

OPEC Engineered Obama’s Harvard Admission

The Republicans Want to Regulate More of the First Lady's Time

Anatomy of a Hit Piece: The Chicago Tribune's Hit On Rahm Emanuel

Pullin' a Rachel - Someone talk me down about Rahm Emanuel, please.

There was a pot...I mean financial regulatory package proposed today. Anyone hear anything on that?

Early roughdrafts of Bush's memoirs leaked by publisher

Does the White House really need a press corps? What purpose

"How can we have a country when we have all these Hispanics coming into the country."

No DEMONIZING OF PROFITEERS Allowed, says President Obama.

My next door neighbor got her job back thanx to Obama's $

Should the "Legalize Pot" folks have a rally the same time/place as the "Tea Party" morans?

Planned Parenthood to honor Hillary Clinton

After watching the video of this morning's pot comments, I want to apologize to Dawgs.

Legalize Pot

Marijuana & Health Care : Obama Chess at it's best (and worst).

One more POT THREAD, those of you outraged about Obama's answer need to go take a hit. . .

Enough is Enough: Let's Stop Wall Street Loan-Sharking by Senator Bernie Sanders

Administration unveils financial system overhaul

What do you think Marian Robinson does all day in the White House?

Oh for the love of God people seriously

Are you ready for Presidential candidate Steele? Apparently he's

Pres. Obama breaking "Imagined" Promise 1,438,890 - "Vote for me, and you will get a Pony, period."

Constitutional Scholar Calls Bush Torture Memos Treason

Pres. Obama breaking "Imagined" Promise 1,438,889 - "I will give you Single Payer Health, period."

Jean Shaheen is full of it. Claire McCaskill is another huge disappointment.

Say G'Night, Tammy

Obama just shat on single-payer and legalizing marijuana.

Obama just shat on single-payer and legalizing marijuana.

Republicans: This crappy budget wasn't our fault! It was all Mike Pence!

Circumcision Decreases Risk of Contracting STDs, Study Says

Circumcision Decreases Risk of Contracting STDs, Study Says

Dude, I've had it.

Pot is a mild hallucinogen so I understand why some DUers think Obama promised to legalize it. . .

To all those hyperventilating about pot legalization: Really?

President Obama & Tim Geithner deserve kudos: "Financial experts say recession ends by year's end"

Why do we still have the PATRIOT Act?

Wonkette: Reporter Asks Gibbs About Question Selection And Teleprompter, Gibbs Goes Insane

Senate Approves National Service Bill (the Senator Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act)

Gibbs just said that President Obama 'opposes the legalization of marijuana'

Hillary in Mexico

CapitolHill will close today.

The State of Black America: Message to the President

What legitimate role does the newspaper reporters have in Obama's press conference?

Tales of WTFuckery, Volume 12: The Misadventures of Turtlenshoe

Obama's new rallying cry: 'No, we can't.'

Stand With Dr. Dean

House passes bill protecting 2 million acres of wilderness

Gordon Brown retreats on spending as market sounds warning

House panel endorses Obama's ambitious budget plan

Diebold Chief Financial Officer Kevin Krakora steps down after receiving SEC notice

Geithner to Propose Vast Expansion Of U.S. Oversight of Financial System

Oliphant Israel-Gaza cartoon called 'hideously anti-Semitic'

USO puts on a show for Franken

States consider drug tests for welfare recipients

U.S. Steps Up Wage-Law Enforcement

Obama inauguration crowds overwhelmed police, panel told

Iran to attend Afghan meeting, seeks regional solution

Taliban Attacks in Afghanistan Kill 9 Police Officers

Albany Reaches Deal to Repeal ’70s-Era Drug Laws

Senate committee demands DHS explain alleged lack of support for cybersecurity office

Pakistan Taliban: Bomb that killed 11 was revenge

Oklahoma Legislature Investigates Richard Dawkins' Free Speech

Kashmiri Shia hail slain India patriot

STDs May Change Stance on Circumcision

Cleveland crossing guard turns 100 years old, and she's still on the job helping kids

Overall Jobless Rolls Top 5.5 Million

"Gay cure" therapies still used by few in UK: study

UPDATE 1-U.S. fighter jet crashes, program questioned

Franken accepts USO award in midst of battle

Obama to visit D-Day beaches on June 6: France

80,000 on TSA's 'cleared' fliers list

(U.S.)Department of Labor files complaints against Vick (misuse of pension fund)

Economy shrinks most in 25 years; Unemployment continues climb

Honduras president calls vote on term limit

(Texas) County delays KBR pact after (Iraq war) vets protest

Police to probe UK torture claims

China milk scandal terms upheld

Dalai Lama banned to placate China, S Africa admits (Update)

Source: 12% Of GM Workers Accept Buyout

Pay survey shows Michigan remains in the loser's column for personal income

Alaskan Villages Will Get Free Citgo Heating Fuel Again

AIG London Execs: Returning Bonuses Is Blackmail

Pirates seize tankers off Somalia

US soldier dies of non-combat injuries in Iraq (4th death this month due to non-combat injuries)

US economy sees quicker decline

Slain Loudoun Man Did Contract Work for CIA

Russian rocket carrying U.S. billionaire launches to space station

(Alaska) Villages will get free Citgo heating fuel again

Iraq war inquiry will hear evidence in secret, Miliband hints to MPs

IRS launches crackdown on offshore tax evasion

Alaska volcano erupts, ashes spew 30,000 feet up

(Israeli) Panel: 1990s IDF anthrax vaccine tests were unnecessary

Circumcision May Reduce Incidence of HIV, HSV-2, HPV Infection

John Hope Franklin, Black Historian, Dies at 94.

I.R.S. to Offer Deal to Tax Evaders

Paulson To Write Own Account Of Economic Crisis

Citigroup May Manage $5 Billion in U.S. Aid to Auto-Parts Manufacturers

Cities Deal With a Surge in Shanty Towns

Rahm Emanuel's profitable stint at mortgage giant

DEA Raids SF Pot Club

NH House approves gay marriage

Bachus: AIG Stiffed Small U.S. Institutions, While Paying Off Foreign Banks in Full

Afghan War To Get More US Troops: Sources

Prosecutors: Marion Barry Owes $277,000 in Back Taxes

Google to Cut About 200 Jobs in Sales and Marketing

In Argentina, Nobel prize-winning economist calls for greater regulation of bonuses

North Dakota trying to stave off flooding with sandbags, salt -- and explosives

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 26

U.S. To Tighten Screws on Wall Street

U.S. marshal's body found in Mexico

Seniors to receive $250 stimulus check in May

UN Panel touts new global currency

Car bomb kills 16, wounds 40 in Baghdad

Taliban leader plans to reclaim Afghanistan, U.S. says

Democrats prepare to ditch AIG bonus bill

Iowa (Republican) Congressman King disputes he wrongfully takes tax credit

China fury at US military report

Chavez to launch new state airline in Venezuela

Sources: More US troops for Afghan war

North Dakota declared disaster zone amid flooding

For troops in Iraq, shower still may be fatal

Regulating the First Lady

Art-World Madoff Arraigned in Manhattan Court

Doctors Say Kidney Stones In Kids Are On The Rise

Official: Obama's half-brother falls ill in Kenya

DEA raids pot dispensary in SF

Iran to attend Afghan meet, seeks regional solution

Mystery over Sudan 'air strike'

Obama Backs Banks, Seeks to Block State Fair-Lending Crackdown

AIG Fights a Fire at Its Paris Unit-Executives' Resignations Put Billions in Contracts at Risk

Mortgage Rates Drop To Record Low

Pop, country singer Dan Seals dies of cancer

Cuomo to Subpoena AIG on CDS

A GOP budget with no hard numbers

Study: Same-sex couples face higher poverty rates

Palin's prayer remark angers former staffers

11 accused in ransacking of Venezuela synagogue

Pakistan's ISI aiding Taliban in southern Afghanistan: NYT

Officer delays family racing to see dying mom

Pakistan set to reap $35 billion windfall from terrorism

One-time $250 to Social Security recipients/ some energy grants announced today by Administration

Army vet billed $3,000 for war wounds

Obama opposes legalizing marijuana

Scientists win Texas evolution debate

Natasha's lesson saves Ohio girl

30% Say Government Should Limit Pay for Athletes and Movie Stars

N. Korea defends right to 'explore space' amid missile claim

UN remembers victims of slavery with drum beats

President Lula of Brazil blames crisis on 'white and blue-eyed'

Net Neutrality

North Korean Launch Significance to Obama - French News Channel

Rachel Maddow Show - Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) - prophetic on the economy

Kidnap Victim Dies After 911 Operator Scolds Her

Hannity pushes the douchebag envelope once again (1:43)

Laughable O'Reilly Attacks ThinkProgress / NBC, refers to Olbermann

Seal Hunt Day 1 - International Fund for Animal Welfare

Jay Rockefeller: Internet should have never existed

Seal Hunt Day 2 Podcast - International Fund for Animals

KO & Bernie Sanders on the fight for the Obama budget

KO - Bushed 3/25 on ICE facilities holding innocent citizens for 10+ months or more

BBC: China Seeks Only Peace And Self-Defence

Shuster's Hypocrisy Watch: GOP Fuming Over Budget Reconciliation

TYT: Why Does Wall St. Love President Obama All Of The Sudden?

Fascinating, Tom Geoghegan on Democracy Now: How Unlimited Interest Rates Destroyed the Economy

House GOP Whip Ditches Obama for Brit-Brit

Hilarious, psychotic Glenn Beck tries to give Obama advice about public speaking

1600 Pennsylvania Ave./David Shuster

Glenn Beck: High Priest of the Paranoid Style

Dean and Keith Olbermann discuss how GOP must appeal to "hard right" to win

Gibbs On GOP Budget: More Windmill Pictures Than Numbers

Marcy Kaptur (D-OH): The Obama Plan Creates Potential For Another Bubble!

Gingrich says U.S. is headed toward dictatorship

Rachel Maddow on the Bush admin's use of marketing phrases & techniques

Steele: Gift that keeps Giving - My 'Mistakes' Are Actually Strategy!!

Young Turks: Cenk on Ridiculous Criticism of Obama After Press Conference

Pence Can't Tell O'Donnell What The Deficit Would Be Under GOP Plan

What's morally wrong with homosexuality

"Obama Make CNN Ed Henry His Bitch...Companion" Eugene Robinson Say on Countdown Keith Olbermann.

Sen. Dorgan's Statement = Oil Price Manipulation and Banks

Ever wonder where Fox News get's it's female Anchors?

The Epidemiology of a Smear

President Obama Speaks To Astronauts Aboard International Space Station

Michael Steele Never Makes Mistakes

TYT: Would You Replace Tim Geithner With Elliot Sptizer?

TYT: Who'll Sue Jindal First? Jay Leno, Chris Matthews, Alan Colmes or Cenk?

Barack Obama on Marijuana Decriminalization (2004)

Obama: No! I Do Not Think Legalizing Marijuana Would Help The Economy





Moderator Availability Thread, Thursday March 26, 2009

plum eggplant














doggie du










Sen. Walter Sobchak

OT -- Ping Ras.


Why have you not Fixed all this Obama? Signed; The Right Wing Media.........

Sen. Sanders Blocking Vote to Confirm Obama Nominee Who Worked to Deregulate Credit Default Swaps

President Obama defends strategy of tackling many issues

Palestinians find Ottoman Empire deeds to save homes from Israeli settlers

Health Care and Medicaid — Weathering the Recession (New Eng Jour Med)

Cheney Claims Saddam Was Linked to Mexican Drug War

Gun Lobby Asks You to Please Lay Off the Mass Killings While It's Trying to Influence Legislation

Astronomers Catch a Shooting Star for 1st Time.

Palin refuses to whine, then lashes out at liberal media, again

James Carville: Daddy, tell me, what exactly is a derivative?

AlterNet: The Real AIG Scandal: How the Game Is Rigged at Wall Street's Casino

President Obama is taking questions - Online town hall meeting Thursday

Joe Conason: The Right’s Twisted Blame Game

Jewish Group Says Political Cartoon Recalls Nazi Propaganda

Naomi Wolf: Do the Secret Bush Memos Amount to Treason? Top Constitutional Scholar Says Yes

On Health Care, Diane Rehm Makes Me Sick


This is wonderful: "The Facebook Generation vs. the Fortune 500"

Dear AIG-FP Sr. Vice President Jake DeSantis

Sen Cardin (D-MD) is Today’s Stupidest Senator

Asia Times: Free markets are not rational

American Issues Project - Republican Propaganda Blitz, Screw the President and Country at ever turn

Push Poll About Energy

Distressed that Obama Flap Will Overshadow Graduation Day: A Notre Dame Mom's View

Joe Conason: The Right’s Twisted Blame Game

EJ Dionne: Deficit Dodge Ball: Will Anyone Admit That Taxes Have to Rise?

Remove the General Wealth From the Private Sector was the Main Objective.

Obama Deals With the 'Dope' Question at Town Hall

Was the Boehner, GOP 'news conference' designed to interrupt Obama's Town Hall Meeting?

"The Dirt on Clean Coal"...(The Nation's Ari Berman)

Toward a New Sustainable Economy

President Obama's live Online Town Hall Meeting

Rahm Emanuel's profitable stint at mortgage giant

AIG and the Big Takeover: Matt Taibbi on “How Wall Street Insiders Are Using the Bailout to Stage a

My Uterus, Husband and I All Agree -- No Children

‘Idol’ admits singers lip-sync

from Alliance@IBM website on layoff at IBM

The Intellectual Crash of 2009

No assault weapon ban in war on Mexican Drug cartel, says Clinton

Rachel Maddow Show: Somebody Saw It Coming-Byron Dorgan

Planned Parenthood to honor Hillary Clinton (CNN)

Submit questions on the White House website! Do it NOW!

Hormone-mimics in plastic water bottles - just the tip of the iceberg?

Water Worries Shape Local Energy Decisions—Providing an Opening for Renewable Sources

Heckuva job on energy policy, Dick!

Shell becomes major sponsor of AutoBlogGreen - and vice versa?

NOAA - Ocean Conditions First Among Multiple Causes Of Sacramento Salmon Run Crash

Philippine Govt. Reports Nation "Already Reeling" From Climate Shift, Wants 30% Global CO2 Cut

Study Projects Spike In Heat-Related Deaths Among Elderly Melbourne Residents As Century Progresses

Tokyo's Sakura Season Full Week Earlier Than 1970 - 2000 Average - AFP

Australia Issues Travel Warning For Hong Kong - Air Bad Enough To Aggravate Pulmonary, Heart Disease

Doe Run Awaiting Peruvian Government Bailout, La Oroya Operations Nearly Shut Down

US House Gets "Balanced Biblical View" On Climate Policy, Plus Joe Barton, Lord Monckton - AFP

Drop in daddy long legs (UK nickname for "crane fly") is devastating bird populations

Condors at Oregon Zoo on roll in delivering eggs

More Than 50 New Species - Frogs, Spiders, A Lizard - Identified In Papua Rain Forest - Independent

Write a letter to protect Sequoia National Forest from OHV Damage -- 4 days left

Toxic toads targeted in Australia's 'Toad Day Out'

What we learned from the Exxon Valdez (BBC)

Church leader sparks Georgian baby boom (BBC)

Peak oil notes - Mar 26

Nevada Geothermal completes production drilling

Traditional Mohawk Council supports bill to end Canadian Seal Hunt

Obama Administration Shifting Bulk Of Research Fund To Plug-Ins, Away From Hydrogen Cell Cars

The dam that divides Ethiopians (BBC)

BBC: God 'will not give happy ending'—the Archbishop of Canterbury has warned.

Penn State/UMass Modeling Finds Relatively Rapid WAIS Collapses At Or Beyond 400 PPM - AFP

Yaris-based hybrid is Toyota's cheap shot at Insight


My website needs contributions

Haiti timeline

In Bolivia, Untapped Bounty Meets Nationalism

The black president Colombia forgot

Alaskan Villages Will Get Free Citgo Heating Fuel Again

Chavez to launch new state airline in Venezuela

France hopes to increase trade and investment in Venezuela

Real News Network Video: "Historic Power Shift in El Salvador

In Argentina, Nobel prize-winning economist calls for greater regulation of bonuses

11 accused in ransacking of Venezuela synagogue

President Lula of Brazil blames crisis on 'white and blue-eyed'

AMNESTY: Cuban 5 Wives Denied Visas Again

Peru's Garcia Says Will Block Leftist Candidates

Unstoppable Changes in Latin America, Correa

Hombres necios que acusáis - Sor Juana Inez de La Cruz

Chavez opponent to be tried in Caracas

Labor Dispute Could Put KC Chiefs Entire Season On The Road

Justice Department Settles Lawsuit Against The City Of Portsmouth, Virginia, Alleging Discrimination

Workers Struggles

Rock Bottom Mining: Unemployment and Crisis in Peru

Irish Labor Union Calls Off March 30 National Strike

California and Nevada First Transit Workers Choose Teamsters Union

Northwest flight attendants union to file for election

CWA gets ready for a fight

Obama's brother-in-law wins in CBI semi-finals

Goodell wants longer NFL season. What say you ?

H Post: The Crack-Up of Business's United Front Against the Employee Free Choice Act

The Ford Hunger March of 1932

GAO: Labor Department Failing Miserably in Enforcing Wage Laws

IUPAT makes $75,000 gift to Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Job Opening: MAPE seeks Membership Recruitment Specialist

Former No. 1 Kim Clijsters returns from retirement

Today in labor history Mar 26

CONTACT SEN SPECTER!!! RIGHT FV@%ING NOW!!!11!!11! ( x-posted in GD)

Which players have won an NCAA crown and an NBA championship?

Senator Specter Flip-Flops on You

America's union-busters on the warpath

New York Times publishes “persecuted” AIG executive’s resignation letter

Some Business People Welcome Unions, Support Employee Free Choice Act

Specter took $250K from union buster in 2008, then turned back on workers

Economic Report: One In Five U.S. Workers Have No Health Insurance

Economic Evidence Is Clear - Unions Don't Hurt The Economy

How many schools have National Titles in both football and basketball?

"He's 13." -- cover story of NYTimes Magazine

UA Fairbanks Ecologist - "Permafrost Is Melting Fast All Over The Arctic . . . Methane Bubbling Up"

USA Today runs ad for dubious AIDS charity two days after it was exposed

The Imperfect Sex: Why Is Sor Juana Not a Saint?

Looks like we need to demand some changes from our leaders - from the top down

Reconsidered! NH House passes gay marriage - You have to read Reps comments!

Major New Biography of Author John Cheever

Beyond Disgusting! Cincinnati NAACP appoints anti-gay lawyer to board (Read and weep)

Provigil dosage question.

Circumcision May Reduce Incidence of HIV, HSV-2, HPV Infection

Nasal vaccine will provide protection against whooping cough

STDs May Change Stance on Circumcision

Lieberman is no abnormality

HRW: Israel's use of white phosphorus "evidence of war crimes"

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Expands its Activities in Israel

Can Homer Simpson solve the Mideast conflict?

Palestinians find Ottoman Empire deeds to save homes from Israeli settlers

IAF strike in Sudan hit Gaza-bound weapons convoy

I would REALLY like to ask DU'ers opinions

Palestinians use Animal Farm play to criticize local politics

Jewish Group Says Political Cartoon Recalls Nazi Propaganda

Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's shame (Neve Gordon)

(Israeli) Panel: 1990s IDF anthrax vaccine tests were unnecessary

Netanyahu, Lieberman 'struck secret deal for West Bank construction'

UN official: Gaza border situation intolerable

Netanyahu says expects no U.S. pressure over peace process

Horrified by oatmeal

Religious IDF troops walk out of event featuring woman singer

Oliphant Israel-Gaza cartoon called 'hideously anti-Semitic'

Egypt ignores anniversary of 1979 peace deal as Israel celebrates

Candidly Speaking: Jewish blood libels

Why Eliot Spitzer was assassinated

Jeff Parker

Geithner *save the world plan* starting on Cspan 3 NOW.

Barney speaks for 5 min. and shows we are screwed already...

Eye on the Economy - good economic issue overview site at 60 minutes

The predatory lending industry had a partner in the White House

The Communtiy REinvestment Act never forced any bank to make a subprime loan

Record decline hits Irish econ (BBC)

We can't afford to allow shadow economies to grow this big.

Unbiased research for Doctors, funded in Stimulus package, could save $700 Billion annually

Risky Business (behavioral economics)

Can someone explain todays treasury auctions?

How Hard the Fed Looked for AIG’s Potential Losses

New Home Sales Fell 41% in February 2009

Galbraith's "The Predator State"


Dangerous weapons going to Mexico.

O.C. sheriff revoking concealed weapons permits-GOP Players connected to former sheriff

Anyone watching MSNBC / Andrea Mitchell / HRC?

“National Park Lead Ammo Ban in Doubt” Obama’s other fight with 80+ million gun-owners.

BBC - HRC, "we need to put more teeth in the law, try to prohibit the sale outside of our borders"

Nut arrested at DWTS studio

Human Rights Watch: Israel: White Phosphorus Use Evidence of War Crimes


Pussy Willow


An Arctic sunset

"....PUNCH It..., Chuck Yaeger...!" YEAHHHH!

"Moving Forward Through the Opening of the Equinox" - Karen Bishop - March 25, 2009

Damnit. *Another* favorite bookstore from my youth is feeling the pain of the economic collapse.

The idea about planetary transits is this:

Springtime B'Day Wishes Manifestor_of_Light

Does anyone know of someone to rec.

Science education wins in Texas

What do you get if you divide science by God?

Freeman Dyson- The Civil Heretic

Spacetime May Have Fractal Properties on a Quantum Scale

Joey Ratz or Tensin Gyats?

Defining God as Ignorance

The Bible cannot be used to condemn homosexuality ...

My brother's 3rd grader called out her teacher in class.

A Tax Break Fuels Middle East Friction

How much physics did Einstein need to know to develop special relativity?

A fun contest:

What's for dinner? ~ Thursday the 26th

Cold Tomato-Cilantro Soup

I'm like a bottomless pit tonight.

Good deal or not?

Am I the only one waaaaaaay behind on the crepe challenge?

Cast Iron fans, do you know about this web site?

Someone (I Think Our Superintendent) Is Leaving Anti-Public School

Look at this article about a little Mercedes fuel cell car (and about German education).

Do the Secret Bush Memos Amount to Treason? "Fuhrer's law"

deleted (duplication)

Judge signals unwillingness to release secret 9/11 papers

Why Eliot Spitzer was assassinated

United 1898 - the Cleveland Airport mystery plane identified!?

Eyewitnesses Contradict Pentagon 9/11 Story: Rock Creek Free Press

Pull Building 6

Ashcroft Greeted By Protests In Texas: ‘I Think History Will Be Very Kind’ To Bush

Sonia and I rock!!!!

RCMP softened Taser-use restrictions

State of emergency declared in community northeast of Winnipeg

Globe and Mail: On the world stage, it's the Regressive Conservatives

Having kids costly for educated moms

How does one get the Youtube video to appear in a post rather than just the link?

I am so frustrated. Windows Defender & Everything Else...