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Pat Buchanan's family tree?

You're invited: Raw Story Live Chat with Robert Greenwald on Afghanistan 3-31-09

UPS commercial on KO

REVIEW: Sarah Palin's Makeover in Media Malpractice


Chrysler Is Bringing Their Call Center In India Back To The USA

Chrysler Is Bringing Their Call Center In India Back To The USA

Police officer sorry after detaining NFL player at hospital

Police officer sorry after detaining NFL player at hospital

Airport Security Says Disabled Man Isn't "In Possession Of" His Luggage

A bargain at twice the price

'West Wing' alums on the Hill Tues. to tout EFCA

Ana Marie Cox on current GOP party strategy:

Why aren't the Auto execs being asked to drastically cut their pay and future?

Juan Cole is on Rachel

Disney U.S. parks cutting jobs, seeking efficiencies

KO ...worst person ...Billo ...UPS drops ad because of stalking.

George Soros: Britain may have to seek IMF rescue

EFCA: on to the next round

For your consideration ...

For your consideration ...

Military sends help as uncertainty floods Fargo

How gullible are you Bobby Jindal?

Utopian, I know, but: If no nation had a military,

Role reversal: Some Americans seeking jobs head to India

Still watch 20/20? *Kids in jail for a judges' profit!*

SCAM ALERT: Check fraud from Canada

Complete this: "The real problem is _________________ ."

Obama, is worrying me. Is anyone else walking around stressed out?

Secretary of State Clinton honored for support of women's rights

BEN TRIP ~~~ Ann Coulter: a Portrait ~~~ warning graphic

Arrest that crazy fucker!

What happened to Kim Jung Illnesses' ballistic missile? Ever launch it?

Real Time With Bill Maher (Streaming Video)

Obama's Afghan Spaghetti Western

I Like Chris Hansen Better in To Catch a Debt Collector

I Like Chris Hansen Better in To Catch a Debt Collector

Gay Republicans looking for a new base for party activism

Who's watching the medical marijuana deal on cnn?

Sen. Byron Dorgan (prophet), upon repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999 :

KO is shreding what's left of Bachmann

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! & a belated Happy Birthday Perragrande

Who watched Olbermann and is now watching Maddow? Thoughts?

More than 10,000 of you have stood up to Bill O’Reilly.

Meet the FPI- Kristol, Kagan, and "Mr. Campbell Brown" Dan Senor surely coming to a TV near you

U.S. Officials Say Israeli Warplanes Bombed Convoy of Trucks in Sudan

LA Times touts McCain as a "key Republican" in immigration debate, but ignores campaign flip-flop

The Immaculate Budget...

Just when you thought you've seen the most idiotic right-winger...

Link to pics of last Mt. Redoubt eruption.

Obama...Restoring the Old (Banking) Order...BIll Moyers

Just in case you forgot.

Sham Wow guy arrested for battery!

We're from America!!!!

Would-Be Robber Ends Up As Shooting Victim

Feinstein on the desert protection plan: today's LA Times

Thousands honored the slain Oakland officers...........

CEO pay calculator

What do you guys know about Alex Jones and his anti -Obama movie?

Out there right now in the dark and the cold are the "boys from North Dakota"

Deputies: Couple Shoots, Stabs Intruder

Updates on Red River Flooding (ND/MN)

Man fends off knife-wielding intruder during home invasion

Big Brother: what's on your PC?

New Zealand TV reporter makes cruel comments about Greenpeace activist

Lou Dobbs

UPS has shown its commitment! Now let us support UPS!

How many triangles can you count? Yeah, you IQ test people. Pony up.

Children's hospice in danger of closing

First Part of "How Screwed Are We?" here--please comment

Bernanke is a stooge. Here's the proof:

Are you a terrorist? Merely look at a CCTV camera and you might be.

Subprime Swindlers Reconnected to Homeowners With Foreclosure Rescue Scams

Irony? We fight the wars on terror so our way of life doesn't change?

London Times: George Soros, the man who broke the Bank, sees a global meltdown

Obama's grey hair

Obama's grey hair

The Taliban is not an organization that any progressive

2fer, all about Faux: BECK's own border wall. & Rupert in turmoil.

The press has always deserved to be fucked with

Odds of Dying in a Terrorist Attack

Update: LR Man Defends Wife, Wounds Would-Be Robber

Carnahan leads Blunt & Steelman in U.S. Senate poll (Missouri 2010 race)

What seems like a hundred years ago today

Study: Health insurance premiums rising (six to eight times) faster than wages

Signs of Stress, Fraud on Roadside

White House Replaces ‘War on Terror' With Symbol

Question for people who believe that, overall, Che Guevara helped the people of Cuba...

Andrew Sullivan irritated at Obama for his answer to pot question...

Mitch McConnell tells hard-right Conservatives to "back off"

Sarah Palin's Greatest Defender

Ex-State Dept. lawyer decries torture at Gitmo

Senate takes on out-of-network insurance issue

Ample evidence Florida's feeling effects of climate change

Sarah Palin As Dorothy? We're Not In Kansas ...

How Entertainers Took Over The World And Why We Need An Exit Strategy

Yum... Tasty Bankers

Send this around the intertubes:

How to hide an airplane factory

How to hide an airplane factory

Black Agenda Report

Kansas blizzard - pictures

Glenn Greenwald: Jim Webb's courage v. the "pragmatism" excuse for politicians

Glenn Greenwald: Jim Webb's courage v. the "pragmatism" excuse for politicians

Aaron Spelling's Widow Lists For $150 Million, a Record

More states see jobless rate top 10 percent


Jason Leopold: Committee Report to Reveal New Details Implicating Bush Officials in Torture

How are we all doing today? Fairly warm? Fairly comfortable?

thousands take to the street in protest over finanial crisis

Florida universities to weigh mandatory health insurance for students

So...A Bobcat Walks Into Arizona Bar and Attacks Patrons (No, it's not the lede to a joke)

Diners can 'have a ball' at testicle festival

Improve your brain for charity!

OK it's time to impeach Obama.

friking weather...we have an ICE storm and just lost all power

City to consider wind turbine restrictions

City Council passes smoking restriction on outdoor dining areas

Splitting the Sky, native activist who tried to arrest Bush in Calgary, blogs about his arrest

Reclaiming the Commons......Quote by Quote

German DNA mix-up ends search for suspected killer

German DNA mix-up ends search for suspected killer

Guardian UK: G20 protest: Thousands set off on 'rainbow alliance' march

I have lots of problems w/ Obama, BUT

Today recvd vm message from FCC re filing a complaint on this

Anyone in the process of having their mortgage changed through Obama's

The Latest in Mental Health: Working Out at the 'Brain Gym'

"News Illustrations": What's Wrong With This Picture?

News to me: "throwing dynamite from helicopters" is not a new activity

Karzai wants Taliban removed from UN blacklist

5 Ways To Scam The New Bailout

Crook Robs Cop -- At Cop Convention

We all know Bush ran a bulldozer over our rights. That was then.

Pres Obama's statement on ND, MN, SD flooding!

US accuses Pakistan intelligence branch of aiding Al Qaeda - Holbrooke refuses to rule out strikes

Police stopped a man for running a red light. The man's mom or MIL was dying,

DeRegulated Wall St and Media are Disastrous to Americans

The crap that passes for 'news': Willie Aames (AKA Bible man) has a garage sale - front page news!!

American Infrastructure: A Comparison of Flood Control Projects

Libertarian Candidate Endorses Democrat Murphy in NY20 (Gillibrand's seat - election this Tuesday)

Who Is Hari Sevugan, And Where's He Been All My Democratic Life, LOL ???

Octomom Nadya Suleman lays bare her past as stripper

US Food Service Worker Talks to us about the Employee Free Choice Act and the harassment he received

Commentary: 'Post-racial' America isn't here yet

Commentary: 'Post-racial' America isn't here yet

Andrew Cuomo: What a difference a political opportunity makes

The latest in sandbag technology

God made me a blond, blue eyed Conservative.

How much longer will we have to wait?

Have you written the President yet?

Nightline doing a story tonight on Amish Puppy Mills

Iraq Conscientious Objector speaks out on labor rights at Labor Anti-War rally

Oh swell. Look at this email I just got from my car insurance company (re: AIG)

Discovery landing now.

A Thousand Points of Dim Light

Space Shuttle landing today, hopefully

Cool a Do Not Mail List! Good on San Francisco!

You know, of course, that there are just about 50 MILLION people with no health care, right?

Lawyer marries man 2.5 weeks after Domestic Violence incident, stabbed 38 times

Funeral for a gorilla

CNN is really bad. One example is the airhead-sounding anchor on in mornings

DNA scan 'could cut cost of insurance - even if results kept secret

"John Galt Corp."?? Gee guess what they did

FDIC takes action against Concord Bank - ordering it to stop “unsound” banking practices

I Think President Obama Should Replace arne duncan, Period

How Do You Rate Last Night's Real Time with Bill Maher?

Meanwhile, back in Omaha...........

self glitch

Are you angry right now?

Search for 'Conficker' Could Lure Virus

IBM asks Obama administration for bailout money: laying off 5000 & sending the jobs to India

My favorite question to ask when someone is trying to save my soul?

My favorite question to ask when someone is trying to save my soul?

Krugman Tells (David) Obey: Income Inequality & Healthcare Must Be Addressed...


Woman Fined For Suing Police Dog

AIG the next Enron?

Obama proposes first tax increase in long time just reported on Fox. Hip Hip Hooray.

Does putting people back to work have anything to do with fixing the economy?

Does "pork" ever include the "Defense" Budget?

G20 demonstrators march in London -video

Sydney first major city to mark Earth Hour 2009

where is the send email button? I see my mail box, but can't find the send new email button.

Does anyone here not particularly like John Corzine?

Gathering a list of the most liberal members of Congress

Not to change the subject, but curiosity says,

Bush Tortured In 9/11 Panic

Rachel Maddow

AIG's plane-leasing unit says survival is in doubt without new loans

Spanish Court Weighs Inquiry on Torture for 6 Bush-Era Officials

Down with Socialism

Palin on stim package: we will "not sell our birthright for short-term gain."

5 more flood pictures

Jonah Goldberg is a big pile of ...........


Car folks: Is it not possible for GM and Chrysler to restructure themselves

Missouri teen's family sues over tiger attack

"One thing at a time" say the sloganeering suckers of propaganda

It's snowing!

London Calling..........G20 Protests take to the streets. (VIDEO)

MInnesota could really use a second senator right now with this flood situation

How the Nation’s Only State-Owned Bank Became the Envy of Wall Street

I'm going shopping during Earth hour because shopping cures everything

Marta and I made the paper: DVD Far From Dead: Despite competition, new titles draw buyers

The RNC has a new survey out! Check ___yes or ___no, do you like me?

Did Alaska take a beating on the stock market? You betcha.

Maybe if we keep denying health care, circumcision would not be the problem it is for some people.

Woman Fined $1,000 For Voting Twice In Presidential Election

Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries

List of Bank Failures this year

The problem with Madoff's Ponzi scheme

WTF? People are up in arms over Michelle Obama's arms? GMAFB!

The Fundie War on Sex continues: New NC bill promotes youth promiscuity through the 'backdoor'

Critics call WTC tower name change unpatriotic

Hundreds of monuments, as well as 2,400 cities in 82 countries, will go dark

will you be supporting someone other than Obama in the

US Military Dogs Sent On Multiple War Tours, Suffer From Stress, Nightmares

Our Local 'Impeach Bush' Billboard Has Been Updated

Junior Dem senators press to sidestep GOP on climate change

ATTENTION: Activists for marijuana legalization. Obama has called you out. Now is the time

Tornado warnings, funnels on the ground in northwestern Tennessee and south central Kentucky

ANIMATION: the GOP adopts the Snuggie as their new uniform

Oh-oh, Sarah, better start the 'let us pray' thing, doncha know, Alaska to face $1.3Billion deficit

Bank of America Accused in Ponzi Lawsuit

Health plans donating millions to insurers

You take a mortal man...

Question... If I went back and researched the threads and posts 3 years ago about Afghanistan

WOW, Did anybody see Overtime Last Night on Real Time with Bill Maher? If not, I have the Video.

South Carolina cig tax hike to pay for plan for insurance for low income workers

Is twitter an illusion that has software that allows

Belgium Considers Recalling Ambassador to the Vatican

A constitutional right to noodle?

Here's how some freepers say they'll be celebrating Earth Hour tonight...

What Do U think we'll face in 10 yrs, if Big Insurance gets a mandated monopoly w No Public Option?

I hooked my bicycle up to a generator

Red River may have crested! Info, pictures of Ntl Guard in brrrr-land


Obama express support for public healthcare option

Obama express support for public healthcare option

I am outraged!!!!

Got Milk? Dairy lobbyists pushing to shut down small producer-handlers

Watched the movie, "Swing Vote" on DVD--good one for now.

I didn't vote for Goldman Sachs and AIG to run our financial system

Pictures of Fargo/Moorhead flood today, and The Onion article

AK **Democrat** has outted Mudflat blog owner

In photos: 'Britain G20 Protests'

US Predators Provoke Pakistan - surely there must be a better way...

Obama order worries free speech groups

"Goodbye Dennis": Paul Street slams Kucinich, "a pathetic jerk".

"Goodbye Dennis": Paul Street slams Kucinich, "a pathetic jerk".

the hypocrisy of presidents regarding marijuana

Would anyone here be in favor of Government run Clinics in every major community?

The Messy Room Dilemma - When to ignore behavior, when to change it.

The System is Broken - A Rant

US and Iran Open Afghanistan Peace Talks

America's union-busters on the warpath

Boiling Mad: Crabs Feel Pain

MN Sen.: Calling all donors (Franken is out of legal fight cash)

Scott Horton: Bush Torture Lawyers Targeted in Criminal Probe (Spain Targets Yoo, Others)

Disability Advocates - Sign Up for this Mailing List

William Greider says Obama trying to restore the old order which failed.

How Many DUers Plan on "Banging on Obama's Door Until He Gets it Right?"

One thing you will never hear President Obama say:

BofA May Increase Salaries for Investment Bankers (by as much as 70% - bonuses lessened...)

Conflict with Nader Supporters: Unavoidable?

Yoo, Gonzales, Haynes,Addington Subject to EU Arrest If They Travel

Thoughts on Health Care and the Obama Presidency

Former Miss. governor nominated for Navy post

How the Obama/Geithner Scam Works

Police officer shoots at man - thought cell phone was gun

It finally stopped icing/sleeting/snowing YEA

Pie chart: Allocation of tax distribution in 2009

Earth Hour tonight

Is there ONE issue that is important enough

Is there ONE issue that is important enough

Red meat can lead to early death, study says

Obama Thinks Legalizing Marijuana Would Not Help the Economy. Economists Disagree.

Can a person be offended by both of the following?

Human suffering and misery is caused by Assholes

Obama's Economic Plan: A Version of the Monopoly Game, But No One Loses

Fighting Over Child Support After the Pink Slip Arrives

A Reminder From George Carlin- "The Real Owners of America"

A little glimmer of hope of breaking the chains of corporatism, from Vandana Shiva:

As Florida economy crumbles the religious right files ultrasound bill again.

Here is a home (2,323 sq. ft.) In Minnesota for $285,000 that would be over a MILLION where I live

The end of the debate: Evolution is real

Must See Moyers Journal with William Greider: "... trying to restore the old order that failed" $$$

“OBAMA IS WRONG: The Loyal Opposition of Paul Krugman.” (Newsweek cover Photo/Story)

Moyers and Greider - President Obama is "trapped between the governing elites who decide things and

More private armies running rampant...thanks Obama

They are at it again .... Texas Christians to teach evolution doubts in Public School

Chomsky on Obama/Geithner plan: It's recycled Bush/Paulsen

Name an evil company!

Flim-Flam Obama Man

Food Irradiation

People who get upset about Obama criticism

sign of the times. its getting ugly out there.

Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President-by Ray McGovern

Insurance industry says will accept pre-existing, but may charge old people more

Update: Who'll Sue Jindal First? Jay Leno, Chris Matthews, Alan Colmes or Cenk?

Because it is TIME........List of the Limbaugh Show Sponsors

State Rep. Mike Doogan (D-Idiot) has outed the identity of anonymous blogger "The Mudflats"

I think today is the first day it has felt like Spring where I live...

How did Gatorboy do in that comics contest?

and for the def lepperd fans

Billy Mays Is Going To Be On Leno Tonight. Anybody Gonna Watch?

This PIC is for Yoga LOLCat lovers.

Anybody see "Wendy and Lucy"?

Lonely fur friend seeks love and attention.


I posted this in GD: KO said the Sham Wow guy was arrested for battery.

A song of great social and political import.

So...What Beverage Are You Consuming Tonite????

this is his brother posting for him

Shave first

LoL - the debt collection story on Dateline is so true

Does "Go Your Own Way" translate to "Fuck Off"?

Wildcats football!

Doctors Without Borders releases 10 Worst Places To Visit.

Helpful suggestion.


Untamed and Uncut

Holy balls, flights to Costa Rica are expensive.

Cut and Tamed

GO TARHEELS!!!!!!!!!

.... ..... WHY do you build me up baby

Crim son, Where Are You?

I can't name a song by John Mayer, but this photo of him

Billy Mays would kick Sham Wow dude's ass from here to kingdom come.

This is not a sex thread, exactly, but once my husband was almost rendered impotent

Freddie Mercury was one of, if not the, best male vocalists EVAH!

Alright, I have something to say.

Is it me or is Knowing just a Scientology propaganda film?

In a pinch

Florida Man Marries His Own Turd !

Circumspection proven to lessen chances of contracting STD.

Can someone explain BBC America's airing of Ashes to Ashes...

PSA: Tequila + Bloody Mary mix = Nasty

Damn DUers ! I'm gonna destroy you !!!!

Richard Marx - Hazard

Please stop resisting the awesomeness of Cool Britannica

Character poll

Does anyone on here

Herbie Hancock - Jazz Fusion Cantelope Island

Well at elast Comcast is consistent on one thing- they SUCK at everything

I need a drink

Post your horror stories of online dating sites

I'm logging off now, so: Good night/morning DU!

Car 54 where are you?

Music you won't be able to listen to

Music you won't be able to listen to

When you are really engrossed in a particullary good novel do you ever spend time imaginig yourself

Brewster Rocket cartoon references the ShamWow today!

"Unfaithful" on TNT now...ohhhh... nt

Mods, Admin.. isn't THIS a violation of the "no sex threads" rule?

If you had a chance to move to Canada Dry, would you go?

Help the Chattanooga Zombies!

Anybody else watching The Plague on the History International channel.

Party in London: G20 protest

I'm going online to buy an ecigarette.

Aaron Spelling's Widow Lists For $150 Million, a Record

Feed me!

Hey. Bartender!

WannaJumpMyScooter's brother posted an update in the Photography Group:

For Midlo & other UConn grads: Kathy John's has closed

Montreal, one year on - ask me anything

Hey Lil Missy!


Are you "ON" or "OFF" for Earth Hour?

duplicated, oopsie-doodles

Garden rock thread

It's high school prom time, almost! Have you started planning?


Its Saturday, Raining, And Boring

I Should Come Here More Often There Are 4Boobicles Sitting Next To Me

That was the most ingorant post in the history of DU

ShamWow guy gives "SLAP-CHOP" to hooker.

The Girl Sitting Next To Me Just Said I Had A Nice Stimulus Package

I see the ghost of Eric Emerson. I see Tokyo. I see

Madinmaryland is at the College Final Four Game!!!

Uh-Oh!!! Now they've done it!

Woman calls 911 over roommate taking beer away (w/transcript)

Octomom Nadya Suleman lays bare her past as stripper


I have stepped up my embezzling from Mr. Midlo and it is going

Kitteh Pics of the Day (with B&P filling in for Mo)

Who's dumbass idea was it to hold the NCAA Tourney during "Earth Hour"

OK, we've seen the worst. What was the BEST spin-off from a show?

Geithner's Toxic Asset Purchase vs The S&L Bailout - Where Is The Due Diligence?

Who Else Is Sh*t Boardless?

What happens if the judge disagrees with a jury in a trial?

Who Else Has Had Weird Dreams Lately?

I am going to bring back Leg Warmers... they're sexayyyy!

You know those little long thin red peppers in Chinese food?

bit of a sports overload today

Do you shave?

She wants you to turn your switch off!

Things POT SMOKING Leads to!

Craigslist Ad for today

OMG! Dirty Brady Bunch was made before the 1995 movie!!

My neighbor made the news - not in a good way

Who's dumbass idea was it to hold "Earth Hour" during the NCAA Tourney?

I went to the really shitty Chinese place around the corner for lunch.

DANGER: NEVER pour concrete into your nostrils because you think you would...

buying swimsuits for tweens

I'm going to my "pre-plastic surgery" appointment. I have to look in a book and pick my nose. n/t

Cosby Condoms

. ... .

Should I switch off my single light bulb for the Earth?

Steroid commercial

"Her Morning Elegance" stop action video...

Are you angry right now?

Progressive rock thread

Progressive rock thread

Do you want to watch muscular sweaty extremely fit men on video?


GD and GD:P is a lot more tolerable when blasting B 52's Cosmic Thing

This Perfume Smell Is Making Me Almost Pass Out

I just watched "A Beautiful Mind" and then googled John Nash.

Plants "Feel and remember pain" claims groundbreaking study ....

Earth Hour!

Dave "Unable To Attend" Mustaine declines invitation to Metallica R&R H.O.F. Reunion

Bowie fans...defend this

Favorite Sean Penn movie

Do you behave ?

If you had to live with one or other for the rest of your life: Psychotic or perpetually Neurotic?

I want to bring back pleated acid wash jeans.

been nice knowing yall......tornado sirens going off

Crabs 'give pain you can remember' suggests new study

If you had to live with one or the other for the rest of your life: Herpes or Sarah Palin?

PSA: In a pinch, NEVER try to trim your nose hairs with the spinning blades of a gas mower.

Forever Young - Bob Dylan for children.....

Do you ever get into a conversation with a rabid right winger

Would it be against the rules to use a laptop that's been charging

Yard sales are fun .......

A little bit of sympathy.

Tech question: Hellllp!

Question for the nerds, engineers, scientists and the generally curious.

Holy crap that was amazing! (hockey)

"To Catch A Predator: Raw" marathon is on MSNBC now.

I am so watching the full movie tonight!!!


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/28/2009)

I think that you'll love my radio show tonight

Boiling Crabs Might Cause You Pain!!!!!

Brain Fart : why isn't there mouse flavoured cat food ?

I'm genuinely undecided about the UConn / Mizzou game

Medical Quiz: What is this condition?

I want to create a thread that never dies. [View All]

My problem isn't the utter lack of moral compass. It's that the blood sometimes upsets my tumtum.

'Satanic' invitations go out for prom at St. Louis high school


Kim Stanley Robinson

GoddessofGuiness. Is the concert at WildLake High School sold out?

Yesterday was PAYDAY, and I came home to find that my car is back from the shop.

I think I just did a bad thing in the kitchen.

My brother says that Villanova will beat Pitt tonight.

There is a baby possum under my fridge.

Request for advice: there are tiny little bugs flying out of the drain of my bathroom sink

best clarinet solo in the world--Gershwin

Are you participating in "earth hour"?

Critical Mass cyclists accost man in antique car, cause traffic jam, extort $4

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/28/09 (graphic language; NSFW, minors, assault survivors)

Sweet Sixteen did you do?

I Am Worried That Racism Is Becoming Worse

Do you respond to help wanted ads that request "smiling faces"?

My dog and cat always have to "help" make up the bed.

John Carpenters The Thing.

April Fools Day is coming up. What stories do you have? Done by you, or done to you?

Do You Ever Feel Like Spock In The Star Trek Episode 'Amok Time'

ShamWow Guy arrested after hotel fight with woman: Smoking Gun

Taterguy 'feels and remember pain' suggests new study

I got emails from two guys claiming to be Bill & Exchange Manager of Bank of Africa Burkina faso

Math, economics and physics minded please check my work and be nice:

Math, economics and physics minded please check my work and be nice:

I swear, I'm gonna beat my Dog to a Pulp if he doesn't quit .....



My problem isn't the 200 lb. bloodthirsty monster jumping and barking and straining at its leash

NEWSWEEK: Team Obama Halts Talk of Assault Weapons Ban

Chilling Krugman Posting (criticizes no living Democrats)


"Obama Economic Program Increases America's Bondage to Wall Street Billionaires"

Obama Mail For Murphy (NY-20)

Take from the poor, give to the rich

Without Bush 'millstone,' GOP can mount comeback, leader says (NOT The Onion)

"Stategy vs. Strategery" on Maddow now. Not pretty.

My imagination or what?

In a Democracy, you need to "Make them" do it - Roosevelt

What is "14 out of 19 times".

What did Gibbs report on President Obama's meeting with

Barred Libertarian Candidate Backs Murphy in NY-20, refers to Tedisco's "unfitness for any office"

True or False?

Howard Dean and Claire McCaskill to be honored by Democrats

Senator (Kerry) seeks to ratify nuclear test ban pact

If most Americans want single payer and there's a well designed public

Repug plan heard on the street in TampaBay

Obama Vs. Europe: The Week's Most Important Economic Showdown

Obama, Bankers Sit Face to Face - President: "Excess is out of fashion" (WaPo)

The Price of Realism

Watch the Bill Moyers interview of William Greider at this link!

Selling economic policy cooperation as a global virtue.

Obama pumps up his policy, regulatory agenda

Moyers Journal Economy

Jero - An Obama type takes off as a Japanese Singing Superstar Sensation!

The Regressive Antidote -- what the heck is Obama doing?

Mr. President, please stop using the "Homeland" catch phrase


Slow news day: Conservatives Embrace the Snuggie

Paying for the Deficit: "Who or what can you tax more ...." by Ralph Nader

President Obama to meet with David Cameron, Conservative Party leader and on course to be next PM

Is it "President Obama" or "Mister Obama"?

So why do you think health insurance in America costs so much?

Spain indicted Pinochet. Now they're after the Bushies

Obama’s Man on the Budget: Just 40 and Going Like 60 (Peter Orszag)

More Teleprompter Pics

Smash the glass ceiling forever : Palin/Bachmann 2012.

Its like the primaries all over again

They're Baaack... --- William Kristol creates a new neocon organisation

So what are YOU going to do about this Moyers-Greider info?

It's ok to have problems with the POTUS on individual issues

The Left and Right Wings of the Democratic Party are having a meltdown?

The Persistence Of Vision

Single-payer health reform bill introduced in Senate

White House Debate Led to Plan to Widen Afghan Effort

Having seen the first two months of an Obama Administration:

Paul Krugman is Wrong About Securitization

World hails Obama's new Afghan strategy

Please tell me the Obama admin. isn't really considering this

Robert Reich: Obamanomics Isn't About Big Government

Speaking Freely, Biden Finds Influential Role

I just got my Obama tax cut today

So is Obama a corporatist or a socialist? I am so confused!

"Krugman should shut up because the media will use him against Obama" is not good logic

Obama announces forum of major economies on climate change

I don't have any financial expertise myself, but I am going to crap all over the

Which Godless Communist Latte Drinking PUMA Homo Made This Quote:

Which Godless Communist Latte Drinking PUMA Homo Made This Quote:

Does an Escalation of 21,000 in Troops Mean President Obama Owns the War in Afghanistan?

"What the administration's approach may be doing is CONSECRATING Too Big To Fail"

Why doesn't Obama use his new(expensive) Limo when he goes out of town?

Ok, there IS a republican dumber than Sarah Palin'.

A clash of perspectives on the DU.

How the Media is Using those to be Used to help defeat the Obama Budget that you like

Obama names more choices for U.S. Treasury posts

Biden: U.S. ready for 'collaboration'

"Dreams from His Predecessor" Obama's Afghanistan strategy

Someone should go to jail for creating this economic crisis, but who?

CNN in third place in prime time for first time (behind FauxNews and MSNBC)

Obama unveils agenda for first overseas trip

Why are there so many post concerning "Pot"?

I had high hopes for this Administration, I really did!

America’s liberals lay into Obama

Jim Webb: Pot Legalization Could Be Part Of Criminal Justice Overhaul

Krugman: the left's new anti-Obama

When was the last time someone made the cover of a magazine criticizing the Dems from the left?

"No one has as big a megaphone as I have," Krugman says.

AIG director named to Obama tax task force

Before trashing the motives of Obama critics you might wish to put yourself in their place

A blast from the past:

What is dissent?

If you had a chance to move to Canada, would you go?

Barack Obama - A Japanese Superman (pic heavy)

Rebels arrested in assassination plot, Colombian leader says

Tesla Shows Off Family-Friendly Electric Car

Google goes for largest-ever layoffs

Two Diplomats Fail to Win Support as IAEA Chief

Ashcroft: Some forms of waterboarding might be legal

Militants Attack NATO Supply Terminal in Pakistan

Deal Close to Free British Hostages in Iraq

ShamWow Guy arrested after hotel fight with woman: Smoking Gun

Mar 27 2009 2:46 PM EDT T.I.: 'I Hope That Others Can Learn From My Mistakes'

Sarah Palin's Greatest Defender

Afghan leader: U.S. plan better than expected

Obama order worries free speech groups

Barack Obama's aunt faces crucial immigration hearing

Army vet billed $3,000 for war wounds

Teens hack system, fudge marks for US admissions (Indian Students)

White House Debate Led to Plan to Widen Afghan Effort

More Support for Health-Care Fix

Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries

NY judge orders release of CIA 'torture' documents

Earth fever takes hold across globe

UN offers aid for Bolivia to exploit uranium

Red (river)might have crested; forecast calls for continued gradual decline

Top Spanish judge mulls Guantanamo probe: reports

President Obama monitors Midwest flooding, pledges govt help

Obama to CEOs: 'Show some restraint'

Fuel economy standard set at 27.3 m.p.g. for 2011

Russia plans military force to patrol Arctic as 'cold rush' intensifies

Bush Torture Lawyers Targeted in Criminal Probe (Source Says Spain Court Concerns Yoo, Others)

Wind-powered car breaks record

Exec says Coleman donor ordered $100K payments

U.S. officials say Israeli warplanes bombed convoy of trucks in Sudan

Alaska's Mount Redoubt spews ash 50,000 feet high (another eruption)

Police identify 200 children as potential terrorists

London protests draw thousands demanding jobs and justice, 1st of many rallies before G20

Without Bush 'millstone,' GOP can mount comeback, leader says

Silvio Berlusconi realises dream with new rightwing party

Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries

Cop Sorry For Keeping Man From Dying Kin

Biden says U.S. does not plan to lift Cuba embargo

Admiral Adama at the UN: "So say we all!"

Jehan Sadat -Widow of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat with Barbara Walters

The Onion: Experts Agree Giant, Bioengeneered Crabs Pose No Threat!

Full Obama Announcement of New Afghan Policy

Barack Obama in a Black History Minute from 1991

Union Busting 101

Earth Hour is TOMORROW -Sat 830 pm- Larry King & Ed Norton Alanis Morissette


Earth Hour 2009 from Red State Update

Exclusive Footage Of ShamWow Guy & Prostitute

Press Whips Gibbs For Arriving w/o 2 Minute Warning - Full Press Briefing

Weapon of Choice - A Dancing Chris Walken

New Rules - 3/27/09

G.O.P. P.S.A. #2

Vote Earth for Earth Hour 2009

NPR in Gaza 2009

Matt Taibbi: Guy He Saw Huffing Glue Out of Paper Bag Made More Sense Than Michelle Bachmann

Rush Rules the GOP

Young Turks: Republican Senators Give Big FU To Obama & Country

Young Turks: Michael Steele Confirms He's a Clown!!

Harry Reid Backs Bayh's Blue Dogs

Your Weekly Address - President Obama - Serving the Country

Is Fox News getting its news from YouTube?

Once Forced to Resign in Massive Fraud Case, Rick Scott Reborn as Anti-Healthcare Reform Lobbyist

Rachel Maddow on Dealing with Neocon Mess- Republicans AWOL

Ayn Rand interview on Donahue's old show. 5 parts. 46:29 in total time

Michele Bachmann Calls For Revolution

Moyers and Greider discuss 'A New Way Forward

Max Keiser - Decapitation! (Bankster$ drum & bass mix)

Juan Cole on Engaging the Muslim World-

Franken: ‘We will be seated. And by we, I mean me.’

Brucie Kibbutz




OT - an interesting post: A clash of perspectives on the DU (by Danger Mouse)

Moderator availability thread, Saturday, March 28th, 2009



obama for life













The Republican leadership's budget proposal "doesn't contain any numbers."


Glenn Greenwald: Britain responds to the "rule of law" nuisance

GOP Leadership To Replace Busted ShamWow Pitchman

Not Spitzer's Job, Wall Street Journal In Cahoots with AIG Scandal, War Profiteering KBR

Joe the Plumber and Tucker Carlson to Wed in Vermont

Dean, McCaskill honored by Democrats

We’re Paying Congress for This?

Lawyer decries torture after 9/11

The "S" Word and a Bankrupt GOP

The Republican Alternative Stimulus Plan

Earth Hour, 2009: You Can Make a Difference Tonight

Friday Talking Points (71) -- Historically Speaking (From A TelePrompTer)

WSJ: Congress is Buying Time for Health-Care savings


Keep Speaking Out And We Can Have Single Payer Health Care

Cage Match to Decide Republican Budget Proposals?

Chris Hedges: Higher Education Gone Wrong: Universities Are Turning into Corporate Drone Factories

Robert Parry: The MSM and Swimming Naked

Obama vs. Al Qaeda

US doesn’t need outsourced jobs: Obama

Ample evidence Florida's feeling effects of climate change

Minn. State House energy panel votes no on lifting nuclear ban

Wind-powered car breaks record (BBC)

Counterspin : Riki Ott on Exxon Valdez, Harvey Wasserman on Three Mile Island

Bhopal's health effects probed (BBC)

Pro- or anti-nuke? Depends how you ask

Who is turning their lights out for Earth Hour tonight?

Tesla rolls out new sedan (CNN)

Human Rights Council adopts Universal Periodic Reviewoutcome on Colombia

Cuban Univ. Student Federation Prez, Gladys Gutierrez: Make revolution every day

UN offers aid for Bolivia to exploit uranium

GRANMA: Zelaya Denounces US Interference in Latin America (en and sp)

AFP: Top Spanish Judge Mulls Guantanamo Probe

Question for people who believe that, overall, Che Guevara helped the people of Cuba...

Verdict due for Peru's authoritarian antihero

Chile tells PM 'we saved for now'

Venezuelan Opposition Governors Instigate “Rebellion” Against Centralization of Ports and Airports

Alabama hires VCU coach Anthony Grant

DU NCAA Pool Standings

okay, the refs are definately on Michigans payroll

Steaming the UConn Mizzou game live here

Fuck Earth Hour, I'm watching Pitt tonight.

The JR Chess Report (March 28): Aronian Defends Amber Title in Nice

Southwest pilots union leaders endorse contract, Ground workers ratified theirs

Union agrees to contract at Boeing's Wichita plant

Unemployment up everywhere except Nebraska

U.S. Labor Department sues former NFL player and others in bankruptcy court to recover pension asset

Transportation Labor Applauds FAA Choice

After a Long Climb, Foreign-Born Labor Declines

Bronx Bakery Owner Is Charged With Cheating Workers (44 felony and 240 misdemeanor counts)

Today in labor history Mar 28 They carried signs stating, “I am a man.” Dr. King was assassinated

French Workers Refuse To Take Layoffs & Plant Closings Lying Down

Celebrate Cesar Chavez Day

H Post: After Specter Flip-Flop: Unions' Grass-Roots Campaign vs. Joe the Plumber, Shill

Out of work? Some strike out on their own as entrepreneurs

Labor Film Festival, Worker Support Key WSU Student Labor Week of Action

Teamsters respond to FedEx threat

Can Harkin Write A Real Employee Free Choice Compromise?

New England states focus of efforts for, against gay nuptials (Portland Press Herald 3/28/09)

The monster inside my son

Investigation reveals Army's risky medical practices

The People's Pharmacy

Media distortion damages both science and journalism

If you are on a diet or have food sensitivities

Cast Lead expose / What did the IDF think would happen in Gaza?

UN envoy: Israel must hand over maps of cluster bomb locations

Violent settlers freed over 'improper' police conduct

U.S. surveys flashpoint West Bank settlement

US court: Iran must pay millions for killing Israeli soldier

IDF soldiers ordered to shoot at Gaza rescuers, note says - Haaretz

Bank # 21 closed today. Link:

Successful bank rescue still far away

You wanted protests about the economy? You got it! Here:

Members Of Congress Want AIG Counterparty Investigation by TARP IG

Big Banks Pull off the Ultimate Bait & Switch

Ok here is one that may not make sense to some

Bank plan (PPIP) buys time, but that's all

Why aren’t toxic asset prices already rising?

5 Ways To Scam The New Bailout

What if they held a PPIP auction and no one came?

Update: LR Man Defends Wife, Wounds Would-Be Robber

Deputies: Couple Shoots, Stabs Intruder

Would-Be Robber Ends Up As Shooting Victim

Today's favorite Iditarod photo...

Hello Photography Folks!

this is his brother posting for him

A bargain at twice the price

Here's to international togetherness

5 out of 6 random people calling within the same hour all born in 1956

If you have issues with your diet,


Google Camera Car Captures ET Materializing in NJ

Victorian 'ghost' picked up by Google Street View


Vibes Request for my Grandmother - fell and banged her head, being kept overnight in hospital

Feeling very conflicted - advice, opinions?

Taking action--can I get an "amen"?

Mars domes may be 'mud volcanoes' (BBC)

Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries

Volunteers flock to space experiment (BBC) {simulated Mars mission}

Blind Watchmaker Biomorph applet

Space Smells Funny, Astronauts Say

Atheists who send their children to faith school

Jurors Acquit Kansas Doctor in a Late-Term Abortion Case

What is your greatest obstacle to spiritual progress?

10 terms not to use with Muslims

Man fends off knife-wielding intruder during home invasion

How the used meat turned out ............

What's for dinner? ~ Saturday the 28th

"arne duncan And Neoliberal Racism",

Teacher training: what's the best way?


self delete!

WTC Demolition: The Spire and the Staircase

Glenn Beck Has Popular Mechanics Investigate FEMA Camps

Canada's seal shame