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I think I'm going straight to hell over this one

In between some over-the-top dramatic posts that get undue attention...

"The look on the faces of the kids as we were handling, weighing and euthanizing the toads..."

Don't worry, we got you covered (A Rant)

UK Finally Admits That Government & CIA Receive (Misleading) Intelligence From Torture

Isolating Bill-O

N.H. Pastor Takes Child Killer Into Home, Says He Found Jesus.

Competition with trickery, deceit and 'drama' is not competition, at all.

New Pancreatic Cancer Channel On Medical News Today

Japan, U.S. plan tie-up in environment, energy fields

Repost of my comment on Krugman. I hate doing this, but some people don't believe me, so

Unhappy about overdraft fees? Tell the Fed what you think

Now why would the government want to know about Volcano?

GM has 60 days.

UK headed for monster budget deficit as G20 looms

The Recommendation of Posts at DU

Britain's Channel tax havens feel chill of recession

Officials: Waterboarding Foiled No Plot

What People Think About Emerging Food Technology

Our Gain, Your Pain: You Get Market Forces, We Get Welfare

Separated at birth?

My, my, my how Freepers hate it when the Left fights back......

MSNBC - The Place For Politics

GM didn't fuck up the economy.

I thought Pajamas Media folded, and yet they're still online..

What kind of severance package will Rick Wagoner get? Think he'll donate to fight the lie of climate

The Quiet Coup

Paul Street: 'We Are all Socialists Now'?

GM's Wagoner to quit under U.S. pressure as 2nd bailout nears

To keep workers, local companies cut everyone’s salary

Palin for President in 2012? Really??? How could anybody be so fucking stupid?

Breaking: Attackers target police training center in Pakistan and take hostages

Being human. It's not easy is it...

Risk, a little something to think about

"We are rejecting blind faith in the markets." - Brown, Lula, Bachelet, Zapatero.

Why do all op-eds on the education by mainstream pundits sound alike?

Is there any gold inside Fort Knox?

Democracy is a process by which people are free to choose...

Obviously, in the name of sacrifice to our nation, we need to call upon Paul Krugman to replace

Comcast....Environmental PIGS

Limbaugh uses Fargo floods to express anti-gay disgust (use of "dike" makes him uncomfortable)

Talk about damning with faint praise.....

If believers are firm in their belief, why do they get pissed if people voice their doubts?

Theocrats have submitted an recommendation related to the auto industry.

Seattle Atheists are starting a bus-ad campaign

Dean urges passage of same sex marriage bill (and so does Leahy)

Sen. Grassley says its unfair for the government to compete against private insurers.

So how's Georgie's speaking tour going?

COLUMN: Union reform law helps workers

Beef on bun

Posters would like to have a voice with like minded peers.

Khmer Rouge prison chief on trial - torture techniques included waterboarding

Detroit News: Credit card companies are lowering available credit, raising fees

Immigration cases piling up for years

Brit Hume admits to using talking points from Brent Bozell through the years.

Anyone know why the global markets seem to be in freefall in Monday trading?

How they *hell* did they get here? they ask .. they being "urban coyotes"

'G20 terror plot' uncovered by police

New York Times On The Precipice

Decline of Newspapers Hand-Wringing

6 killed in home shooting in Santa Clara, Calif.

Okay (forgive my ignorance) isn't this plan like the one used for the S&L's in the 80's

Kristol on whether he owes the American public an apology for hyping Iraq WMD claims: ‘No.’

Welcome to the Bush-Cheney Alumni Association

Faith vs Reason

3fer: Greta, O'LOOFAH, and BECK!1 Oh, my!1 (BECK, "a rodeo clown")

I haven't seen much of Pat Buchanan on MSNBC lately...

US Duped by Afghan Drug Clan into Seizing Rival

It is César Chávez Day

Looks like this US government operated website needs some updating

Ohio to review if Wal-Mart reneged on tax deal

Wouldn't it have been cheaper for the taxpayers to buy out

Information Secured Through Torture Proved Unreliable, CIA Concluded

Information Secured Through Torture Proved Unreliable, CIA Concluded

This is some funny stuff. Story on the tea parties.

Hey Fargo people: How is it up there this morning?

Only two days to spread the word about this illustrator....

75 - 80% of the country want gays to serve openly and DADT to be repealed

'Bank Walkaways' On Foreclosures Leave Owners In Dark

For Treasury, too few cooks can spoil the stew...

Foreclosure Crisis Hits Warp Speed: 6 Million Families Face Losing Their Homes In Next 3 Years

To be a republican you need to believe:

I Married An Illegal Immigrant: Account Of How Screwed Up This Country's Rules For Foreigners Are


Spanking 'brings couples together'!!!

White House on Autos: live stream

Yes, Obama Can Honor Cesar Chavez's Legacy

Grading Test Scores As Analogy For Effects Of Capitalism & Socialism (2 Versions)

Okay genuises.. what would you do?

Scott Horton: The Woman Who Could Nail Bush

He’s Mad, Apocalyptic, Tearful, and a Rising Star on Fox News-Glenn Beck

Cool Pictures of Space Station at Full Length

All workers should take control of their vested money in their pension plans.

Some Online Shows Could Go Subscription-Only

It looks like DUers aren't happy with Obama

Buick - tied as this year's most reliable car in the world.

Federal Pension Insurer Under Bush Shifted Funds To Risky Stocks Just Before Market Crash

DNC: Republican Leadership Is “Watching Britney Fiddle While The Economy Burns”

Pakistan's fragile state

Water Quality of Potential Concern in US Private Wells

Does US Face G20 Mutiny? - Financing the Empire

I can't articulate why I think the demise of newspapers is such a bad thing

If Obama had not become President do you think he would have joined the Conservative Democrats?

Tax havens batten down as the hurricane looms

Pakistan Suspects Taliban in Attack on Lahore Police

Market share of U.S. second-home sales fell in 2008: NAR

Market share of U.S. second-home sales fell in 2008: NAR

The Arab family divided (family of countrys)

I have some homework for those of you in Minnesota (Senate race)

Drug-addled Gasbag Rush Limbaugh and the GOP Nervous Breakdown

Next Recession Victim: Your Pension and Retirement Plan

Paulson: The Bush Admin Prevented The Economy's "Collapse" (WTF?)

VA Gov., DNC Chair Kaine to Ban State Stem Cell Research?

Name the Economic Crisis

Why is Obama requiring the automakers to sacrifice and not Wall St?

Did Time's Mark Halperin just admit to being ex officio member of RNC?

its pathetic that the US can't deliver mail 6 days a wk. without going broke

Any interest in a pilot's forum?

GOP Sen Threatens "World War III" If Dems Try To Seat Al Franken

Inter-American Development Bank Falls Short of Its Name, Say Activists

Iran Nuke 'A Couple Of Years' Away: Petraeus

Anonymous Tips U.S. Newspapers Wouldn't Print Find Way Into News Cycle-How It Works

I need to tell the mods that I appreciate all the good that they do.

Dammit, why aren't we talking about llamas? Instead of auto-bailouts, AIG, Chimp?

When can we hold systematic torturers accountable, or is that too much now?

Overheard At A Car Dealers Service Department Today......

Ambassador Hussain Haqqani of Pakistan - great video!

Corporate America's Retirement Plan for Baby Boomers...

Snidely Whiplash banks can be hoisted by their own petard

Near Darwin Award or merely a drunk?

Quick "racist" question

This country is insane.

"Invisible History: Afghanistan's Untold Story"

Someone please help me understand Freeperese - what the fuck does this sign say??

Now that magic is valid in science I'm openly challenging gravitational theory in my science class:

Arab Leaders Circle the Wagons Around Sudan's Indicted President

US soldier gets 35 years in deaths of 4 Iraqis

George Clooney flavored tofu.

Hardliner Prince Nayef moves closer to Saudi Arabia's throne

got this wingnuttery email today. it's a beaut!

Thank god Rick Wagoner is gone. Obama did the right thing!!!

Bachmann And Hannity Support A Revolution, But Do They Support Democracy?

"big boys take small banks' tarp bucks"

"big boys take small banks' tarp bucks"

Can Obama make the deep reforms needed in Wall St. without driving down the market briefly?

G-20 London Protesters - art and slideshow

Doncha just miss the Two Shoes strut....(Caption please)

Servicemember gets 35 years in Iraqi detainee deaths

U.S. power use tumbling with recession

Breaking union contracts should be a luxury tax on the rich.

Wagoner out, bank CEOs safe - huh?!

WJ this morning is hot - government should force out the bankers

WJ this morning is hot - government should force out the bankers

WJ this morning is hot - government should force out the bankers

Red Cross: More ordinary Afghans and Pakistanis will bear brunt of Afghanistan escalation this year

What Darwin had in mind: Man uses lighter to check gas tank

Jeremy Scahill: The Logistical Nightmare In Iraq - 283 Bases, 170,00 Pieces Equipment, Mercenaries

2/3 Of St. Louis' Mass Transit System Just Disappeared!

GOP attack ad labels Scott Murphy (D-NY) "terrorist supporter" w/ images of OBL & 9/11 hijackers

Ghost towns

New Mike Malloy website up!

Child caught after falling three stories

Mystery surrounds post-Katrina death, and some point to involvement of NOPD officers

Rick Sanchez has been doing some good stuff lately, but

LA Times now lying about EFCA.

Moderators I have a question

Help. It looks as though e-mail messages are downloading into my

Ex Boyfriend Tries To Peddle Ashley Biden Cocaine Video

Texas Sen. says Coleman has right to pursue legal fight for years

Questions about possible strike at my job

Via C&L: Tea Bagger Fail of the Day

Late night goes Latin with George Lopez

Late night goes Latin with George Lopez

Undercover Sinner

Private Medicare plans get new rules

"The Fox Nation" is nothing more than another website for Beck's "9/12 Project"

April 6th in Arlington Texas could be interesting.....

Has your PC joined a cult?

Top House Dems back Iran engagement

I have an observation to make--I have been here for quite a while

This really annoys me

According to MSNBC: Chrysler just struck a deal with Fiat.

Texas Sen. says Coleman has right to pursue legal fight for years

6 killed in California shooting. 'family on family' violence

Jennifer Granholm

Kroger Recalls Shelled Pistachios Due to Possible Health Risk

Senator Sorelosernyn (R-TX-LOSER) anyone?

Just for fun: "The AIG and the Ecstasy" (or something...). PHOTO

GOP Vows to Fight WWIII if Dems Try to Seat Franken

With guts like this, why the hell do we have Harry Reid as our "leader" in the Senate?

Effort to Bypass Electoral College Gains Ground

Tweety going for Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeney again

Aspartame,Donald Rumsfeld and formaldehyde

Ford Bonds Rally as Automaker Seen Least Likely to Go Bankrupt

In a nutshell, why newspapers completely suck

70% of Pentagon's arms buying deals are over budget

The market goes down 300 big whoop!

NYT Imagines Glenn Beck Without Insanity, Cunning, or Bloodlust. What a Wonderful World.

Monday Toons, Part 2 Economic evolution

Monday Toons, Part 2 Economic evolution

My bank's security department called me today.

GOP Still Arguing for a Return to Dinosaur Era

Monkey Trap

Which TV Personality is Nuttier?

ACLU: New Legislation Introduced To Curtail Patriot Act Abuse

O'Lielly's going to BOYCOTT Sean Penn!

Jane Hamsher of

FYI: Fresh Air 3/30 --Seymour Hersh--

anyone hear Sy Hersh on NPR's Fresh Air?

ABC: Cassano Hid Deals Off AIG Books

General: “You don’t defeat an insurgency, you marginalize it."

Dylan Ratigan of CNBC’s ‘Fast Money’ Leaves Network

Some Ohio Troopers Feel More Pressure To Write Tickets

A great picture of Sarah's selection for State attorney general to replace disgraced Talis Colberg

Bernie Breakout Shocker! Madoff Almost Made Off!(Wealthy Underground)

Dear Mr. Kelton (My reply to a letter I received from Vanguard today)

Fox News Blames Unions For Auto Companies’ Demise, Suggests Firing UAW Head

AIG, deadbeat debtor

Petraeus: U.S. Military Has Last Word on Pakistan Air Attacks

Is there a limit?

China denies spying allegations

Can a scrappage incentive keep out the scam artists?

Night sky phenomenon remains unexplained

For everyone bitching about Madonna's clothes and her adopting a baby...

Exclusive: Rachel Maddow's Anxiety Dream (Mother Jones)

i'm watching BBC for American news right now

Your opinion/input on HSA health insurance? (high deductible)

Scared Cheney puts his head in the noose-The Former VP Fears Being Held To Account On Torture

Are any of you old enough to recall when Polio was public enemy #1 in the U.S.A.?

More senior citizens forced to declare bankruptcy

Report: Iraqi gays slated for execution this week

Holy Warriors in National Armies

"Produce the note": Words everyone threatened by foreclosure should know

Walmart Lays Off 650 Optical Lab Workers

Official unemployment rate in FL tops 9.4%

Our view: Ice cream fundraisers ban crosses the line-contrary to state and local "wellness" policies

I've heard it said - just today - that the UAW was partly to blame for the auto industry .........

Every Dem organization has its hand out and it's getting annoying..

Why no smoking ban for G20 summit?

Why no smoking ban for G20 summit?

Minnesota Analyst: Cornyn's Threat Of "Years" Without Senator Could Backfire On State GOP

Wagoner got a $20 million payday along with his pink slip?

Tonight on the local news: Do your college in another country! Costs much less!!!!!

Health scare may (does) reverse school's bottle ban

So did Obama reverse his position on “Out-Sourced Jobs”

Debra Tate: Manson family "should stay right where they are - in prison - until they die"

Webb Crime Bill Gets Unlikely Support

Orrin shut your Hatch - Dorgan up now going after Gramm

Do you still bank with Citibank or Bank of America?

Bob Corker (R-AHole): “Bust the UAW Already, Obama!!!”

Chase just sent me a credit card offer

It took a hell of a lot longer than eight years to get where we are. Try 30+ years.

Not 'lovin' it,' he shoots Mickey D's drive-through

This is supposed to be the US, not some dictatorship - Woman put in jail because she is poor

Not supporting GM and Chrysler breaks the back of the UAW

Morans sitll caint sepell

Help. What is a standard size flag. What is durable? Good places to buy

I thought the economy was doing great?

Oh, the poor manson family "longs for freedom"

Obama's War: Has the "peace movement" become part of the war machine?

Six members of family dead in murder-suicide

Your faith in Obama should outweight your wanting to hold criminals accountable

Which Commander in Chief did or do you support for the War in Afghanistan?

Rep. Paul Ryan Concedes GOP Alternative Budget Would Increase The Deficit ‘A Lot’

Rep. Paul Ryan Concedes GOP Alternative Budget Would Increase The Deficit ‘A Lot’

My neighbor has gone through a million dollars of insurance

OK, Suppose GM got bailed out. Then what?

Whoever says we can't afford national healthcare is lying. Govt. just lacks the will.

Whoever says we can't afford national healthcare is lying. Govt. just lacks the will.

Study Offers Closer Look At 'Broken Heart Syndrome'

Mudflats is back - A Bedtime Political Parable

A mysterious illness is causing calves to bleed to death on German farms

Tobacco tax for "roll your own" smokers went from $1.09 cents a pound to $24.78.

Still waiting for the phone call from Bank of America about the Homeowner

Bush official shifted insurer's billions into stocks just before crash

Obama’s Education Secretary “Arne Duncan in the NRA's Cross Hairs” (Education Week)

If the UAW is busted, will the workers try to retain what's left of their jobs? Or walk out?

Police: Drunk Man Crashed Bar Stool - motorized bar stool (pic)


Do you know what FIAT stands for?

REMINDER: If you want Credit Card Reform this is the time to call . . .

Kids Do the Darndest Things: Joe Biden's Cocaine Dilemma

Seawater: Our Only Hope for a Drink

Only an idiot would wear a hat that has teabags dangling in front of his mouth

Geithner’s Plan Will Tax Main Street to Make Wall Street Richer

I'm on Twitter Now! Look at me, I'm Tweeting!

A Brave Man

Time to reform USAID and the US MCC

Great 2004 (that’s right 2004) discussion of “Too Big to Fail” and Derivative Risks…

Statement from Michael Moore on Departure of General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner:

You're a lowdown, yellow-bellied, lily-livered intellectual coward.

A happy moment for your Monday Morning....turn on the sound


I've already said this once....

Sick Around America: Half-Assed Health Insurance Doesn’t Work

GM and Obama. a bit of specualtion...

Michigan .......

Doesn't this make Michelle Bachman guilty of treason/sedition?

Another Great MORAN Moment

Dick "Dark Side" Cheney is seriously afraid of prosecution.

"Legal U.S. Arms Exports May Be Source of Narco Syndicates' Rising Firepower"

Monday Toons, Part 1. Fail

Higher Education Gone Wrong

.....30 days to get those union concessions....

TPM: Big Trouble (Something very bad may have happened here)

Experts predict Calif. justices will uphold Prop 8

Panic in Detroit

Maxine's final exit: Facing a mother's suicide

From Dennis Kucinich: Merrill Lynch Bonuses 22 Times the Size of AIG

Geithner questioned about Goldman Sachs ties

It's Time To Bring Back the Draft

Smokes To Jump, Crimes To Follow

Health insurers full a fast one in proposed reform


Sketchy people?

Juan Cole: The president sounds like he's channeling Cheney or McCain

100 years ago, our party's biggest superstar was the most famous Creationist of all time!

Pork Superbug Documented

Pork Superbug Documented

Sources: Obama to give GM 2 months to restructure

Bailed out Banks use taxpayer $$$$$ to lobby against EFCA: UAW

Tobacco Taxes: Isn't this sort of the opposite of what we should be doing?

strange KS weather Tornados last monday Blizzard Friday with 30 inches of snow, today HAIL

Wall Street? Too big to fail; The Working Class of Detroit? Eat shit

It doesn't matter if you're White, Black , Brown or Yellow.

Muhammad Ali vs William Calley, Jr.

Sen Byron Dorgan D-ND..Speaking on Senate Floor 4pmToday re: Bank Regulation & warning of 10 yrs ago

My $dollar does not equal your $dollar; and laws of property vs laws of life.

Can someone please explain to me why we're doing what we're doing to GM and Chrysler?

Thank you President Obama

Reeling on the Right -A liberal-bashing film festival puts this conservative critic to sleep.

A question for the self-proclaimed leftists here.

Krugman: Does this hubris make my ass look huge????

PAYDAY: GM's Rick Wagoner Drives Away with $20M Retirement

if Chrysler & GM go down, what happens to NASCAR?

Bank walkaways - Banks declining to take possession at end of foreclosure process

Bank walkaways - Banks declining to take possession at end of foreclosure process

People, one of our own is in dire need:

Join DU's folding@home team. It's easy, and it is a good thing to do.

Sweet jeebus, stay out of GD

back on my own laptop

Someone asked for something little at my store last night. I was sure we

Cast of Star Trek TNG is guest starring in Family Guy tonight...

Adventures in Pizza...

My sister had to say goodbye to her friend of 19+ years

population trends for metropolitan areas

Mormons going after Freerepublic. Jim posts and it's Hugh and Series. People casting asparagus.

mentalsolstice and KamaAina will never make the Midlo DTM list

The Recommendation of Posts at DU

Wait...IKEA sells appliances too?

What's your favorite STYLE of beer?

When you take Jhoon Rhee's self defence

So, I bought a new clarinet.

Father/Son weekend - Bonding over beers

Did you know there are narwhales as well as narwhals?

I'm Going To Be Astrologized!

Thinking about an old friend tonight.

Breaking: On April 1 - FoxNews to report the news accurately.

I do enjoy the Sun Chips.

I do not have a headache

Quick racist question

I'm going to be anesthetized!

Golden Shower of Hits

It's So Damn Late--Should I Just Stay Up & Not Bother Going To Bed?

Gamers, or should I say...Guitar Hero

So...DU Lounge Veterans....

It's been a busy day

Post a song that has meaning for you that someone else wouldn't understand

Does anybody know what aisle the Bugles are on?

Dammit- I have a sty in me eye.

What kind of chickenshit bullshit is this?!

Dog Jumps Fence

Is there a good site for beginners at fantasy baseball?

Any suggestions for a cough remedy?

Breaking: Obama declares April 1 a National Day Off.

Monday morning joke-The Power of The Badge

There's a Bum Fights reference in this weeks Top 10 Conservative Idiots!!!11

If a Top Ten Conservative Idiots List fell in the forest and all I got was "Connection Interrupted

So, it turns out... I have become my mother

NCAA Championship Poll

one of my faves

So, it turns out... I have become a mutha'

Our online friend Brandon dead-lifting 770lbs raw.

Our online friend Brandon dead-lifting 770lbs raw.

Who did what now?

The Buena Vista Social Club.

I'm gonna be Anglicized!!

So a Narwhal is the unicorn of the ocean?

Does anyone know whose towers TracPhone uses??

Does Josh Brolin EVER not play a schmuck?

"You're gonna love my nuts!"

My BIL...Freeper Idiot

I would like the day to be 4 hours longer

So who should I root for in the Final Four?

I've got half an hour to sleep. What should I dream about?

thunder and lightning, and my poor labx

I just tripped over my own feet walking down the street.

I'm sensing a small DU gathering on May 16th in Wilmington, DE....

I kind of want to drink all the time now.

If you're looking for an excellent movie:"Ballet Shoes"

No more Cadillacs? No more Corvettes?

Oh, Microsoft, is there anything you CAN do?

So, one of my friends is doing the whole tea party thing.

Qwaaaaaaak! In your FACE Rover & Fluffy!!!!

Easy to make antenna for DTV. All you need is wire, coaxial cable,

My bf's little sisters have waged a war with me and I am in my corner laughing LOL!

Anyone just feel an earthquake in the Bay Area a few minutes ago?

Which doormat is better for getting bits of grass off your shoe soles?

This birther on Stephanie Miller sounds drunk at 9AM

The San Diego Chicken is the greatest mascot of all time.

Run! Run away as fast as you can!


I'm going to open up an online store that sells just these hats....

Overheard in GD

It's 11:13, and I'm famished

my son sat on my eye glasses

my son sat on my eye glasses

Man on motorized barstool charged with DUI

A few questions to anyone who eats "boudin"

I'm going to be Anthropomorphized!

Vibes for my semi-significant other.....

Greetings from my college alma mater!

Right - which one of you did this?

Quaaaaaaakkkkkeee! Duck and Cover Rover & Fluffy!!!!

The halls smell like Bactine and there's too much cheese in the quiche.

skip the gore; I'll just settle for the tits and ass

Sherlock Holmes suffered from Attention Surplus Disorder.

Seriously. Starbucks' Pike's Place Roast sucks. Ick.

It's monday and i get to do my favorite thing to do every week

OK, a meteorite over DC, volcano erupting in Alaska and an

Are children being taught cursing in school these days?

the john, the head, the throne...

Anyone gone to an Opera at the Met ??

So I got stuck in my car today

Is today's narwhal meme yesterday's yak, chicken, llama or moose?

Ever have a recurring nightmare?

Let's play the Wikipedia game again

Is Sausalito a paradise, or not?

Country Roads - John Denver

Oh, y'all are gonna love this.

New Mike Malloy site up...

So.....what's everybody doing tonight?

Anyone watch Oprah on the Net ??

Playing with Fire I: Are the terms "Bitch" and "Pussy" sexist?

Today I bought cigarettes(my first time)

I Left My Heart in San Francisco


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/30/2009)

On my first glass of wine... anyone else drinking??

Mom just had to go back to the hospital in an ambulance.

I am trying to start the DU of California Birding

My first ever DU meet-up Pic!

For the record...

Ellen is so funny

That "McG" dink who directed the "Charlie's Angels" films is now on the "Terminator" franchise

Been listening to a lot of Robin Trower today...

Tips for smoking cessation

F-16 dead stick landing cockpit video.

I overheard some beard-beerbelly-baseball-cap type at the Mall talking "revolution".

Anybody have any really dedicated liberal activists in their family that they're proud of?

Madonna Tours Impoverished Malawi School In $2800 Chanel Sweatsuit

sciatica is kicking my ass

Good morning Lounge

A few questions to anyone who eats "Poutine"

Tonight, on Top Gear

What is your opinion of Y-front underwear for men?

How do you cook groundhog?

Can I just say that HEIDI -->> rocks!!

Um. Err.

Christ! I get so sick of the drama sometimes.

Note to self: designate seperate areas for "current beer"& "empty can serving as ashtray".

Ok, I'm going to have to sell my house for one that is all on one floor

Let's play a new Lounge Game: Truth or False (it's easy to play too)

Kansas: Squirrels going bald

Jell-O: Favorite Flavor?

Meerkat Manor

Anybody fill out a bracket sheet for the women? If so, how's it doing?

Are children being taught cursive writing in school these days?

For the second time, I dreamed I moved to a much Bluer but much colder area.

Anyone want to start a Fantasy MLB League?

One week until baseball season begins!

What do you call the mouse shadow on the second moon?

Name something relatively common that you've never done

Texas Bluebonnets (6 pics)

Kitten picture of the day for monday march 30

Went to a chocolate expo yesterday

taxpayer-funded bad quality porn?

Best anti-virus shareware?

OK, I need your favorite 10 songs from the 60's and your fave 10 from the 70's.

The beagle just ate a whole box of Poptarts.

What is the best way to send cash money to someone who has no id?

Greatest Pics Of My Boys!

Whats For Dinner Me Having KFC

As Of Today ... I No Longer Have A Brother

I want tits, ass and gore in my horror.

Will someone please explain to the computer illiterate, how to download and use a torrent?

What is the lounge listening too nowadays...

Dammit, why aren't we talking about llamas? Instead of auto-bailouts, AIG, Chimp?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/30/09 (extremely graphic language; NSFW/minors/survivors)

Working for Hillary Clinton...?

Larry Summers' words from 1999 on the repeal of Glass-Steagal. Interesting.

DAMMIT MIDLO!! You need to proofread your signs FReeper.

Hi all. I am going back to college in Sept and need some advice.

Living With LostinVA

Look who's throwing out the first pitch for the Nationals

I'm going to be Anthologized!

It has come to my attention that Jimmy Fallon sucks.

Geithner's plan is completely consistent with future nationalization.

Planned Parenthood Honours Clinton with its prestigious award

Cheerleader or Hater?

Yikes! '10 AR Senate: Lincoln could be in trouble

At Last! We are Finally in the Forest....

March 29, 2009 Dem to Obama: 'Come make your case' for more bank bailout $$$

Obama, Medvedev to sign declaration on treaty

Caption Time

Obama Chess: Three 2005 memos detailing torture techniques nearing release.

Heres a Food For Thought

"The People's President: Man, Myth and the Media"

Protesting President Obama at the G20 Summit


List Of Economists That Support The Summer/Geithner Banker Bailout Plan?

never mind.

Can we have a picture thread? There are two I have been wanting to share

Found this great cartoon on Meghan McCain v. Limbaugh

NY Times: U.S. Moves to Overhaul Ailing Carmakers

I agree there is double standard re: Detroit v. Wall Street and I don't like it, but. . .

Not Limbaugh’s Crowd

My apologies to DU I voted for Evan Bayh in 2004

Read this and learn how it's done, guys: Media Matters rips Newsweek, praises Krugman's work

What is wrong with the White House telling GM to get a sound business plan?

Obama Says U.S. Will Consult With Pakistan on Terrorism Strikes

Parties Eye N.Y. House Race as a Vote on Obama

Milton Friedman won the Nobel Prize for economics

Seymour Hersh: Obama Helped End Israel's Gaza Offensive

Common sense.. is a great modifier.. Why the Hannitys' and Limbaughs' failed

Adios GM: A Lesson on the Powerlessness of the Middle Class

Vice-President Biden calls for caution in regulating financial markets

Alternative Economists Who President Obama should seek advice from

I'll say it I want Evan Bayh to fail

Prospect of Barack Obama show causes UK to clear its decks

White House: "quick and surgical" bankruptcy may be GM and Chrysler's best chance for survival.

GM F'ed up their business, sought a FEDERAL BAILOUT, Obama demanding resignations IS NOT SOCIALISM!

General Motors: 60 Days to Show Results

Obama's Brown Shirts: "National Civilian Security Force".

What is going on in Minnesota?


EPA career staff were ready and waiting for Obama

For the White House, not so easy being greener

Spanish human rights attorney: ‘I would recommend that Mr. Feith…get a very good lawyer.’

What I expected when I voted for Obama --

It's great that the Obama admin has scared the crap out of Wall St.

Palin's AG Pick Called Gays "Degenerates"

Obama's Remarks On Auto Industry Restructuring - Full Transcript

Robert Kuttner - Obama's Banking Rescue: O for Opaque

Poll: More Now Think Obama Is “Partisan Dem” — And His Approval Rating Is Up!

Conrad: Confronting Obama over budget was 'not a very happy event'

Why so many defenders of GM? They are part of the Military Industrial Complex

Decency and Common Sense dictate some no-brainer stances

If John McCain was in office, you know what I'd have to say right now?

Quelle surprise. Mark Halperin is an ex-officio member of the RNC.

Time Short For Dodd To Regain Voters’ Trust

What is criteria for GM/Chrysler restructuring?

Wha? The Banks don't have to honor the auctions (Geithner plan and price discovery)


Once Again- The Alternative Financial Plan That Would Solve The Problem & Not Perpetuate It

Debt, Deficits, and Deception (Republican lies, of course).

Will Obama be the Democratic Party's Hoover?

What's wrong with this and how does it differ from the Administration's plan

Might as well call it a day......

Detroit vs. Wall Street


Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul

Oh freepers! Try it with THIS liberal, and you'll lose em, MFers!

Is there a Bay of Pigs lurking in the near future? By that I mean a situation,

Neocon Canadian PM went onto Fox News even though Canadian soldiers

MSNBC: Chrysler reaches deal with Fiat

Obamas Are Personally Paying For White House Renovations

Obama "Indicted" by a "Grand Jury" (of Birthers)

Something to keep in mind:

My real concern is for the Gay, UAW, Pot Head, AIG Execs whose jobs have been outsourced.

Yikes, I agree with Bill O'Reilly -- Twitter is stupid.

NC-Sen: Richard Burr's tall task

Prepare for TET 2009...

GM Bond Holders v. GM Unions - Who will blink?

G20 protests draw 35,000 in London

Did this get any mention on Demagogue Underground?

GALLUP: American divided on Geithner - Democrats approve; Republicans disapprove

Chrysler-Fiat Deal Hinges on Bailout Demands

Perhaps it all comes down to what it always comes down to, money

10% here are 'Obama is never wrong', 10% here are 'Obama is always wrong'

Just for the record, Mexicans are not all savages

Aren't we all just killing time, waiting to see what the outcome of these economic policies will be?

Glad to see manufacturing is still expendable

Glad to see manufacturing is still expendable

NYT - Paul Krugman Criticizes European Nations For NOT Following Obama's Lead - MUST IGNORE!

President Barack Obama: A profile in courage.

Remarks of President Barack Obama Announcement on the Auto Industry

We are becoming Them

GM Bankruptcy - Who comes out worse? Bondholders or Unions?

Obama's Unfortunate Mistake

Private Lenders to Fight Obama over Control of Student Loans

MSNBC's David Shuster has Simon Johnson on now 6:18 EDT "The Quiet Coup"

US troops to Mexico border 'premature': senator (Kerry)

Daily Howler declares war on Olbermann and Maddow

Obama's Ambitious Trip

Security Sleuths Work Overtime to Confound Conficker Worm.

"Michelle takes the world stage"

Obama-apologist insult bots make up what percentage of DUers?

FLASHBACK: President Bill Clinton ends first G7 trip with troop visit in South Korea. (July 1993)

Is is me or is McCain acting like a sore loser?

In all the outrage over Obama's economic plan, has anyone contemplated


Why have the mods let this place turn into this?

Hey, Cluebama: This is NOT a center-right nation

America the Tarnished By PAUL KRUGMAN: Economic crisis has cost America much of its credibility

The Cheap Plastic Crap From China Bubble Has Burst

Obama sends envoy to Darfur

Just got home from my dermatologist...

Where's Eliot Spitzer Now That We Need Him? Spitzer should replace SEC chief Mary Schapiro

GM & Chrysler (fact sheet and more from WH)

Robert Gibbs has not improved his "Uhh's". Distracting and Unimpressive

Paul Krugman: America the Tarnished

Petition to Indict Barack Obama

Palin is the New Limbaugh

Officials React To Obama's Auto Plans (updated)

The Clueptain and Tennille

Cornyn threatens WWIII if Dems try to seat Al

Kudos for journalistic ethics

Nice Anti-American Remark There, CNBC!

Ford issues statement on its plan

Kiss UAW votes bye-bye.

We need to Support our President to Refute Corporate Government to Restore Democracy for All

Experts: Bias didn't skew NH polls against Clinton

Bailing out banks but not automakers, sending troops into Afghanistan with no idea what to do,

If America's CEO can't turn the economy around in 60 days........

Some here falsely believe Obama Bailed Out AIG

ABC News: GM’s Rick Wagoner will receive a $20 million retirement plan.

The difference between MTP with Tim Russert and with David Gregory

OK, did anyone else notice the two contradictory LBN posts (that got precisely the same reaction?)

What the Hell has Obama got done in 69 days?

People upset at Obama about GM should watch "Roger And Me"

Why car companies are different from banks -- a small insight

Obama to House Democrats: If we don't do it now. "they will not get done"

Please take a moment & view a DUer's talent

Question: Why ask the Auto CEO for his resignation, and not the Banking CEOs?

Jonathan Chait (TNR): Why the Democrats Can't Govern

Krugman slips up and let's his true colors shine through

Krugman: Climate of Change (flashback)

Krugman was once an Obama supporter (June 2008-November 2008)

Obama/Geithner "plan" for the auto industry versus the Obama/Geithner "plan" for Wall Street...

Why do Americans see socialism in such negative light?

The Krugman/Limbaugh Nightmare: President Obama Might Succeed

Gates and Obama: We are too busy to give gays equality

Treasury proposals: Legislation for Resolution and Framework For Regulatory Reform

I HAVE to get this Off my Chest. I'M IN LOVE!

When something is this beautiful, this perfect - it has to be shared with the world (or lounge)

Paul Krugman Has Never Liked Obama

Obama signs Public Lands Management Act protecting 2,000,000 acres of wilderness

Democratic Underground

Folks, have we been invaded?

"The White House has consulted with [Krugman] on many matters"

General Motors lost $82 BILLION dollars under Wagoner.

There is very little here but anger.

OK, this is my take, and you probably don't give damn, but I'll say it anyway

A Plea for Help, Really Bad Times Have Hit Me and my Family

Are there any arguments for Geithner's plan not based on "OMG Obama is teh AWESOME!"?

The Quiet Coup by Simon Johnson: "The finance industry has captured our government"

Our Gain, Your Pain: You Get Market Forces, We Get Welfare

Scared Cheney puts his head in the noose, by Andrew Sullivan

US deploys anti-missile ships before N.Korea launch

New York Times On The Precipice

Obama Climate Envoy Tempers Hope, But UN Cheers Bush's Exit

Colombian father accused of decades-long incest, rape

Man Said to Idolize Va. Tech Shooter Faces Trial

Khmer Rouge prison boss on trial for war crimes

Briton jailed for China protest

No U.S. Plans to Stop Korea on ICBM Test

China Will Reopen Tibet to Tourists

Seven killed in Thai south violence: police

U.S. deploys anti-missile ships before N.Korea launch

Myanmar reassures Bangladesh over border row

Child caught after falling three stories

Pension Insurer Shifted To Stocks (Federal Agency Under Bush Bought Risk Just Before Market Crashed)

22 die in stampede at Ivory Coast soccer match

Brother Killed 2 Sisters, Stabbed Third

In Iraq, 2 Key U.S. Allies Face Off (Government Riles Sunni Awakening With Leader's Arrest)

Iraq Sunni (Awakening Leader) guard wanted for grave crimes - US

CAMBODIA: Khmer Rouge Trials May Expose US, China

Filipino militants set time for hostage beheading

Bernanke Seeks to Avert Pressures on Fed After Crisis (Update1)

Nigeria: Halliburton - FG Asks U.S. to Name Indicted Citizens

Rep. Kucinich Seeks Information On Merrill Lynch Bonuses

Mass. man kills 2 sisters, but police save the 3rd

U.S. Soldier gets 35 years for murdering 4 Iraqis execution-style

Magnitude 4.3 Earthquake Shakes South Bay

I am not satisfied with the outcome of the Ashley Todd case (the "B" Girl)

Warships set sail ahead of N. Korean launch

Film Composer Maurice Jarre Dies -BBC 3/29/09

Google Plans to Offer Free Downloads in China

Royal welcome for Mexican leader

U.S. Moves to Overhaul Ailing Carmakers.

Eight die in Afghanistan attack

US soldier guilty in killing of 4 Iraqis in 2007

Muslim island must give up polygamy as price of being part of France

Obama signs public lands reform bill

Tibetan monk killed in clash in western China

U.S. Pension Insurer Shifted to Stocks Ahead of Sept. Plunge

Pakistani police say retaking academy from gunmen

NKorea says 2 US journalists will stand trial

5 killed, 2 injured in Santa Clara shooting

Lawyer: Ex-US officials must face torture charges

The Executive Who Brought Down AIG Joseph Cassano Made More Than $300 Million at the Insurance Firm

Pentagon war spending hits $685.7 billion - GAO

Callers describe atmospheric disturbance (bright light loud sound Va.-Md.-NC)

Obama's Remarks On Auto Industry Restructuring - Full Transcript

Biden listens to top Central American leaders

Winds of Change Evident in U.S. Environmental Policy


Huffington Plans Investigative Journalism Venture.

Judge denies British MP Galloway's request to enter Canada

Healthcare reform vital, U.S. health agency says

Five held over suspected plot to disrupt G20 summit with explosives stunt

Chrysler, Fiat reach partnership deal

Often Split, Arab Leaders Unite for Sudan’s Chief

G.I.s Blinded, Hospitalized by Laser 'Friendly Fire'

Snow Could Complicate Flood Recovery

Obamas to use own cash to redecorate White House

Romney Working on 2012 Election Bid

New GM CEO: Bankruptcy May Be Best Option for Automaker

Real plumbers oppose appearance by Joe the Plumber

NJ labor inspector admits taking $1.8M in bribes (looking the other way when firms skirted the law)

Spices linked to latest salmonella outbreak

Federal Judge Blocks Charges In Pa. 'Sexting' Case

Former Cheney Aide Suggests That Hersh’s Account Of ‘Executive Assassination Ring’ Is Certainly True

Name something relatively uncommon that you've done

Spanish human rights attorney: ‘I would recommend that Mr. Feith…get a very good lawyer.’

Obama denies bailout funds for automakers

Judge Must Release Woman Sentenced to Jail for Being Poor, ACLU Says in Court Papers

Indira Gandhi's Grandson Jailed Before Elections - Claims Video Altered

Obama's Afghanistan Plans

The Passion of Sister Dottie S Dixon ad 1 - LOVE IT!

CRICKETS 2: The Republican Budget

Rush Limbaugh Uses N. Dakota Flooding To Crack

Margaret Thatcher's funeral

Seymore Hersh trying not to feel 'Pollyanna' hopeful about Obama & the Middle East

GOP Drafts Fake Budget With No Numbers

Young Turks: Honor Suicides In Muslim Countries??

"BLUEPRINT" - Tell Congress to Pass the Obama Budget

Colibri Workers - Showdown at Colibri

But how can the administration not see how it looks to the rest of the country?

FauxNews Attacks UAW, suggests firing Union Head

Fox News: A Monolith of Shameful Reporting

Young Turks: NY Democrat Hit With Slimy Death Penalty Ad

K. Vanden Heuvel tries to teach Morning Schmoe about Russian disaster capitalism

Disturbing Direct TV Commercial (EUTHANIZING AMERICA)

Geithner - Not in favor of banning naked credit default swaps

TYT- The Secret Code Words of Sean Hannity and Karl Rove

Full Comments of Gov. Granholm regarding Wagoner on the Today Show

TYT: Obama Treating Union Contracts Differently Than Wall St. Contracts?

Hersh on assassination ring

DNC Web Ad: Who's Driving The Bus?

Rep. John Shimkus @ subcommittee on environment: God decides when the "earth will end"



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16th International Graphic Humor Biennial ‘Cuba 2009’ In Defense of Humanity

GOP leaders should rein in Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, but who leads the GOP?

The secret war against American workers

So, You're Saying God's Really a Turtle?

Exclusive: AIG Was Responsible For The Banks' January & February Profitability

Right Wing Tea Parties - Brooks Brothers Riot, Redux

Why the Democrats Can't Govern-Look who's killing Obama's agenda now.

Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries

NYT inflates the bogus legend of Glenn Beck, ignores 9/11 hypocrisy

Will the third party candidate please stand up...

Stocks Will Drop; Banks Will Go Belly Up - Roubini

Geithner Says Some Banks to Need ‘Large Amounts’ of Assistance

THE INFLUENCE GAME: NRA clout shapes policy agenda

General Motors' CEO Resigns, To Join AIG!

Libya's Kadhafi hurls insults at Saudi king

Project For The Rehabilitation Of Neoconservatism (FPI aka PNAC 2.0)

Rising Powers Challenge U.S. on Role in I.M.F.

Jim Hightower: Obama to Bring More Mercenaries to Afghanistan -- Sound Familiar?

Under a Flourescent Moon (James Kunstler)

How Will GOP Whine About Obamas Eschewing Redecorating Funds?

New Frank Factor Show #12

From War Crimes to Fiscal Folly: Cheney's Lurid Legacy


Dallas ISD, area firms sought worker visas amid job losses

Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime

Teachers for CEO merit pay

Why Not Bank CEOs? (David Sirota)

Paulson laments not getting more ‘kudos’ for saving the economy.

Think gov't can't fix the auto industry? Then how did it manage to fix the railroad industry—twice?

Geithner Plan II

Asia Times: G-20 maps road for chaos

Dirty Secrets of College Waitlists

Who would you rather trust - the BBC or a blogger?

Should Pope Pius XII be made a saint? Leave that to the Vatican to decide

TYT: Excellent Interview w/ Economist James K. Galbraith(!)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 361

Winds of Change Evident in U.S. Environmental Policy

Ascent Solar Opens (30 MW/year) Thin Film Manufacturing Plant (200 jobs, Denver)

Ersol Solar Energy to Raise Production Capacity to 630 Megawatts pper year (1100 jobs, Germany)

The Myth of the 1970's Global Cooling

Transitioning to Renewable Energy

North Andover business makes the switch from fossil to solar fuel (Mass.)

(US) Renewable Energy Generation Climbs in 2008, Fossil Fuels Dip

Surge of college students pursuing 'clean energy' careers

Massachusetts To Tap Stimulus Funds To Hike Solar Power....By 30 Megawatts

Obama envoy: Time to act on climate change—We want to make up for lost time

U.S. to Host Forum on Climate Change

Revkin/NYT - Some Debate Among Climate Scientists On Tipping Points, Worst-Case Outlooks

Climate lobbying in D.C. attracts Texans—Employment surges…

Chem/Eng News - US Army Dumped Lewisite, Mustard, Munitions, VX Into Oceans 73 Times: Search Begins

The Future of Climate Change: How to Teach Children to Conserve

Time of conception linked to birth defects in United States (Spring & Summer pesticide use?)

xpost: U.S. power use tumbling with recession

GDP X-Post: Obama Signs Public Lands Management Act protecting 2,000,000 million acres of wilderness

Warming Sign Abundant In FL & Elsewhere - MA, Canadian Fishermen Pulling In Mahi-Mahi

Nitrate (agricultural runoff) Stimulates Greenhouse Gas Production (Nitrous Oxide) in Small Streams

Layoffs in Nuclear Industry on the Horizon

Is it true?

Microbes turn electricity directly to methane (well… CO2, H2O and electricity… 80% efficient)

UK Emigration To NZ Up Sharply - 18,000 In 2008; Many See Islands As Eco-Refuge

Surveillance vehicles take flight using alternative energy (using fuel cells for weight advantage)

New Hope for Controversial 'Cold Fusion' Power Source

Mad as a meat ant: new weapon against cane toads

Going back to school to finish BS in Environmental Studies. Need advice, please .

Phosphates from fertilizers, washed into the soil, washed into the lake...

"Chu Entertains FutureGen Alliance"

What do you think American society will look like in a hundred years?

No uranium sales unless India signs NPT: Australia

Lianas Exploding Across Neotropics; Scientist Seeks Reasons For Major Plant Community Shifts

Suntech's…Technology Achieves Efficiencies of 19% on Mono-crystalline PV Cells…in Production

I just bought some new CF bulbs for the first time since 2000, and feel like Rip Van Winkle

Went to a green festival at the county fairgrounds

Cuba Advances in Surgical Treatment for Epilepsy

Cuba holds massive exhibit of U.S. contemporary art

Can the West cultivate ideas from Cuba's 'Special Period'?

NYT: "Janet Jagan, Chicago Native Who Led Guyana, Dies at 88"

FIDEL: China, the future great economic power

Sen Menendez Resists Move to Ease Restrictions on Cuba

UN human rights report blasts Bolivian opposition

"Venezuela to Nationalize Drug Trafficking-Linked Airline, Aeropostal

EvaGolinger: "Conspiracy and Propaganda Ctrs: Illegal US Consulates in Venezuela"

TODAY, 5 PM (EDT): WBAI "Cuba in Focus" Prog. Features Ricardo Alarcon, Rev. Lucius Walker

Okay, Peeps, listen up, BoRev Wants You to Sign a Petition . . .

Video: President Lula de Silva interviewed by Fareed Zacharia:

Write it down, The Yankees win the World Series.

Write it down, The Red Wings are going to repeat.

Anyone want to start a Fantasy MLB League?

22 people die in a soccer game

Tiger Woods Y'All

Write it down, Villanova wins the NCAA.

Auburn wins NCAA Swimming & Diving Championship for coach with inoperable brain cancer.

Spectrum Memories: The Hammer Returns

MLS Goal of the Week: Week 2

Preseason visit to Dallas palace for 49ers

Write it Down, The Patriots win the next Super Bowl

Puke finds a way to make me puke even after being ignominiously defeated in the tournament.

NCAA Pool Standings Going into the Final Four

Plaxico plea will involve prison time

Labor folklorist Archie Green, 91, dies

Reports of NBA labor trouble might be a little premature

DirecTV deal with NFL might help with lockout

Great Depression: The way we lived

CWA expels Katz, alleging misuse of union funds (more than $138,000 to the CWA for funds she spent )

Today in labor history Mar 30, 35,000 unemployed New Yorkers marched police beat 100, 13 arrests

Job Opening: MAPE seeks Membership Recruitment Specialist (Mn)

Brother Koson past away this morning

Report: Crane Collapse Linked To Cheap Chinese Repair Job (Two NYC construction workers died)

US labor secretary "hopeful" on unemployment

Colibri Workers - Showdown at Colibri

Obama Auto Plan: Not A Word About Protecting Autoworker Jobs, Pensions Or Health Care

UAW Lost 7.3% of Members as Auto Cuts Outpaced Gains

JOB OPENING regional new media specialist must live in Pennsylvania or DC

Dean urges passage of same sex marriage bill (and so does Leahy)

Desert Stonewall Democratic Club Steering Committee Votes To Boycott Acura, Honda, Toyota of the Des

The Death of Petty Officer Schindler and DADT

looking for a link, Suze Orman's list of financial benefits that come with marriage

Report: Gays sentenced to death in Iraq, executions to begin next week

Obama fully funds LGBT witch hunts in FY2010 budget

Palin's AG Pick Called Gays "Degenerates"

Barney Frank clarifies why Scalia is a homophobe on his website

West Virginia rejects anti-gay amendment

Another Freeper-Type Outrage: Quizno's....

"Are You Eating The Right Portions?"

Disinfectants and Other Products Washed into Sewers are Increasing Drug-resistant Bacteria

Cuba Advances in Surgical Treatment for Epilepsy

Super-chemo targets cancer spreading to the liver

Keeping Our Heads - Hardly anyone outside of an emergency room knows how to respond to brain trauma.

Stem Cell “Natural” Breast Enlargement in the UK

Syria Calling (Seymour M. Hersh)

State: No reason to disqualify (Avigdor) Lieberman from office

‘Gaza Cannot Remain An Open-Air Prison Forever’

Are Religious Soldiers To Blame for Alleged Abuse?

Martin Fletcher: Palestinian discord over Holocaust concert

Concern on Left: Govt of settlers under way

Chavez: No plan to restore ties with Israel

New Mental Health Peer Support website

Do you think a lot of straight people are embarrassed at how we are treated in this country?

Economic Boycott of Israel Works: 21% of Israeli Exporters Affected

Alternative Economists Who President Obama should seek advice from

Obama Denies Funding to Automakers; What Happens to $1T in CDS?

(Reuters) GM, Chrysler rocked by Obama autos team hard line

Rising Powers Challenge U.S. on Role in I.M.F.

America the Tarnished - Krugman

Banks Starting to Walk Away on Foreclosures

Wanted: Bulldog


The Quiet Coup by Simon Johnson: "The finance industry has captured our government"

My Panacea

The Banks Were Profitable In January And February Thanks To... AIG

AIG and GM: A Double Standard

Dylan Ratigan gone from CNBC

Creators of Military Gay Ban Tell Author It Was "Based on Nothing"

A new plan needed as the cycle grows vicious

“Kansans to vote on gun ownership amendment”

Oh my, Sen. Kerry-Please get with it.

Question about NFA title 3 weapons.

HR 45 Gun Control Bill

Big surprise, AK-47 NOT used in Oakland shooting

Majority of Americans don't fault US gun laws for Mexican violence

Adding Up the Bailout Total

The Elephant In The Bailout Room

We need to set up an email list, to help get our message out!!

6 more shot to death in California

home, sweet, home

2nd U.S. GI Convicted For Iraqi Executions Soldier Pleads Guilty To Murder In Deaths Of Bound ......

back on my own laptop

A couple more photos -



Good morning

fun facts to how and tell. . .

did anybody on the East Coast see this last night?

The Stars This Week: "Use Your Brakes!" - March 30 - April 5, 2009

A request for help from DUer TexasLady (hard story of *really* bad luck).

Karen Bishop Wings, March 25

A little help on listing my house for sale?

Does anyone else feel....extraordinarily on edge....

NASA Might Name Toilet For Comedian Stephen Colbert

'Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has.'

Following atheist trend, Britons seek 'de-baptism'

Did anyone watch History Channel's "Battles BC" about King David this weekend?

If believers are firm in their belief, why do they get pissed if people voice their doubts?

Religion in the Science Class

I've been a busy girl today:

Damn you all C & B...Bread People

What's for dinner? ~ Monday the 30th

Crepes go South of the Border

Purpose and Performance in Teacher Performance Pay

On Education, Obama Blows It, Part II

S.F. teachers urged to emulate Jimi Hendrix

Are Your Children Playing With Lucifer's Testicles?

Stop Puppy Mills—Urge Committee to Pass HB 3180!

How many Texas DUers are there?

Press Release: Bills to abolish homebuilder's commission to be heard

Colleges line up against allowing guns on campuses

Eldorado--one year later

The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency

CP: Judge to rule whether British MP can enter Canada

Any web developers/programmers (php, SQL) here?

did anyone see the 60 minutes

A good April fools prank

Another tool to fight Conficker

IE8 - so now it can handle tables in CSS