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Archives: March 5, 2009

XM Subscribers missing Randi... Listen to Pete Dominick on POTUS

President Obama needs to have a "fireside chat" .. to define things to the people

Another apology to Rush, sort of

CBS Evening News: 50% of mortgages in NV are underwater. 40% in MI

UPDATE: Merrill Lynch Top Earners Subpoenaed By NY Attorney General Cuomo

Hey CNN, stop cheerleading the recession

The House Judiciary Comm has "reserved the right to have public testimony."

McCains constituants are mad

A young newlywed democrat is dying of cancer

My dogs are laughing their asses off right now ......

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll (GOP) and Mr Hyde (Rush Limbaugh) - The Metamorphosis Is Complete

Queen Elizabeth awards Kennedy honorary knighthood

Wartime troop brain injures could reach 360,000


Good ol' Politico .... right on time ..... Johnny On The Spot ......

William F. Buckley .......

Rove and Miers to Testify - About fucking time

What's to say if we do promote green jobs?

Is it just me, or has the traffic more than doubled here since the Rusharrhea?

Jonathan Alter on KO. Says "if Repubs can't stand up to Rush, how can they

Scott Horton: John Yoo Hearts Orange County (Previously Announced Endowed Professorship Disappears?)

Poetic Juxtaposition

Can we leave Iraq now and just leave a nice note?

Playwright, screenwriter Horton Foote Dies

My Congressman from Orlando is turning out to be a Rockstar!

Do we have a DNC Chairperson?

So Rush has challenged Obama to a debate....

Scott Horton: George W's Disposable Constitution "Late 2001-January 19, 2009... A Dictatorship."

Tweety just said Franken has high unfavorables in MN. Is that true?

"A functional dictatorship"

dupe - delete

Hey Jonathan Alter

What do you think of David Schuster's show?

America's Emptiest Cities

Was Josh Bolten still under subpoena, included in the lawsuit?

The Housing Bears Are Wrong Again (the brilliance of Larry Kudlow in 2005)

Ex-Fannie Chief Received Lower Mortgage Rate, Panel Says

Scott Horton: This country was a dictatorship from late 2001 to 1/19/09

A marksman in Iraq; No gun permit in Omaha

SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS (Loosely translated as death to tyrants)

EGADS! TCM star of the month is RONALD REAGAN

FYI 10pm est "Hudson Plane Crash" Discovery Channel

Folks we need to prosecute these folks, PERIOD

I would love to get the link to the Rachel "punking the boss"

White House taps experienced emergency manager to lead FEMA

White House taps experienced emergency manager to lead FEMA

I miss the mullet, guv ........

thank you, tim pawlenty (via Rachel's show)...

Right now on Discovery - a story about the airplane that ditched into the Hudson.


Dear ReTHUGlican Party: Rush LIMBOsevic does NOT care about YOU!1 n/t

Can someone post the link?

Aviation enthusiasts; Here's a webpage with extensive aviation links...

Headline I've love - "Senate and House downsize, all Republicans laid off due to poor performance

Mini-Madoffs in London

Karl Rove and Harriet Meyers to be deposed under oath --in private--

A break in the action - flying fun and you're the pilot

Obama should counter offer to Limpy:

(Help. Andy Worthington has given me an interview for DU but

From Rep. Conyers House web site

Republicans Make a Case for Prosecuting Bush Officials

Regarding Leahy's "Truth Commission" - is it possible that...

I;m having so much fun with Michael Steel driving the Pubs NUTS!

The Dittohead Party: Why the GOP is Screwing Itself

Ooo, Loud Dobbs thinks the Dems Rush strategy could backfire!!

Contractor gets 6 years for Pentagon fraud..."only" 6?

Tomato pickers' Fla. plight a growing concern

Edible Excretions: Taiwan's Toilet Restaurant

We need a grand jury of randomly chosen state career prosecutors to investigate BushCo.

"Barbara Bush has undergone heart surgery"

THANK YOU Jon Stewart! Thank You Thank You for exposing CNBC

What is this shit: a repug publicity on DU who promise grant to people

Officials want Steele apology over school remarks. Alonso says GOP leader broke his word.

OMG. The Decepticons are coming!

Leno compares the recent asteroid to Limbaugh.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Stewart and Colbert are on fire tonight.

Poll: Who has the lamest OP's?

"Housing plan leaves out those in the most battered housing markets"

Anything new on plans of Randi Rhodes ----- ?????????

WE ARE NOT AN EMPIRE STOP SAYING THAT! "If anyone finds a continent of indigenous people...

Does Anyone Know Of A Website/Blog Besides politico?

You all know, of course, that Mike Steele will continue to be a never ending source of entertainment

Grandparents Say Elmo Toy Spouts Inappropriate Message-"Who wants to have sex?"

David Rivkin wants the career prosecutors at the DOJ to investigate/prosecute Bush et al...

Help with the Redistricting Game

"Gender Gap in Politics Is Invite for More to Run" - Womenenews March 3, 2009

My favorite and disgusting Rush Limbaugh moment

Question regarding iPhone

MarketWatch: Private-sector cut 697,000 jobs in February, ADP says

Crooks And Liars: What Motivated A Florida Gunman To Open Fire On Latino Exchange Students

Rush Can't Survive

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) apologizes to Limbaugh

So, the Feds Knew All Along Who Killed Levy, But We Had to Wait For Obama to Clear Condit's Name?

Our 44th President just completed his 44th day in office

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Employees Claim 'Horrific' Treatment of Primates at Lab

UBS says had 47K accounts for Americans

"Certified Elf Free"

So I just watched a segment of "AC 360" for the first time...

Bishop Tutu on Craig Ferguson.

Can somebody explain Obama's housing plan to me?

New Freeperism

Ohmigod--Did you know that Babs Bush actually has a heart?

Any DUers well-versed in Karl Marx's writings? ...... Which book would you recommend as an intro?

Why is Tom Delay still given a chance to spew his crap on cable...

CEOs, Bankers Used Corporate Credit Cards for Sex, Says New York Madam:Reveals Client List of 9,800

PNHP President Oliver Fein To Attend Health Care Summit

Half of sub-prime mortgagers qualified for prime mortgages.

Conservatives are biggest consumers of online porn

Psychedelic fish bounces on ocean floor 'like a rubber ball'

Delete dupe....


Unofficial Rush Limbaugh Apology Thread

Rick Santelli is on The Daily Show tonight according to TiVo

I defy you to cite something more irrelevant than ......

Fallen soldier's family struggles to tell daughter, 2, that her mother is gone

Illinois House panel approves medical marijuana

Michael Steele proves CONCLUSIVELY that it is IMPOSSIBLE for Michael Steele to be more full of CRAP

Shooting "mexicans" in Florida - (an under reported hate crime)

Does anyone else see the irony/stupidity with this robocall from the American Family Association?

Head of CFR on Mourning Shmo...

Why the Truth Commission won't work and why this all will happen again...unless...

Clinton criticises Israel over Jerusalem demolition

There is a swing set at the White House now

Fears of a Clown

My dad: "Obama has already helped America alot, just by being a black president."

Video - Prison Industrial Complex runs a family prison.

Venezuela's Chavez seizes U.S. food giant unit - Cargill

Rush Limbaugh Invites President Obama to a Pants Party

Catholic church complains because 9 year rape victim gets abortion

Zak the dog is back home in California (follow up) he even made the TV news

Rush Limbaugh guest Tim Russert: "Should I nominate you" to be the next Meet the Press moderator?

Fears of a Clown...(Excellent analysis of the fat man by Timothy Egan)

WITNESS - Wildlife and radiation in evacuated Chernobyl zone

Daily Show RIPS CNBC

Barbara Bush recovering from heart surgery

Rachel Maddow is on "The View" today.

A single-payer system we can and need to implement now.

So who's VP in charge of the GOP after Limbaugh...Coulter? :))

DU this Yahoo poll: "Is limbaugh th head of the gop?"

Dupe. Self-delete.

What motivated Yoo? Weakness? Dumbness? Evil?

Look for the market to open down this morning.

I wish Barbara Bush a speedy recovery

You're not the king of me

March on Washingon anyone?

Blood and Roses. It certainly made me think of the good, and the evil, people are capable of.

Viewing Guide: Supreme Court hears Prop. 8 debate today

Tens of thousands of unopened claims letters hidden at VA offices

The Weight of the Party

Wartime troop brain injuries could reach 360,000

Does learning a foreign language necessarily require a lot of memorization?

Will we ever really know what Karl and Harriet talk about in that secret, closed room with ......


"Democrats could only dream about this."

Fears of a Clown - (about oxycotin guy)

Why is it that people accept fighting and abuse among siblings when

Memo to GOP: Forget Limbaugh, Find a Moderate

Memo to GOP: Forget Limbaugh, Find a Moderate

"Substantial Doubt" Clouds GM's Future

Boehner's trying to school Dems?! Did he confront

Concerning Swiss bank accounts.......

Why do Republicans look so old school?

Clinton proposes international conference on Afghanistan- Appeals for troops . . .

Annie Leibovitz and the gay tax

Obama and McCain: The Odd Couple

Gore applies for web domain (.eco)

Rachel Maddow will be on "The View" today

Howard Dean: ‘We [Should'nt] Impose A Single-Payer On Everybody’

*CLASSIC* Daily Show last night- "Bailed out" Santelli, CNBC, and Wall Street completely torched

Ned Lamont has dinner with CT DFA... mum about running again.

A Poll for the Ambidextrous Among Us

DU this poll!

New study suggests hot Sarah Palin should dowdy down for 2012 (LAT)

Is it time to split the FDA?

Well worth reading - on using "Democrat" party as a label

To all our Miami area DUers...

"Must-See-TV" - CNBC meets the Daily Show (VIDEO)

Dear Rush Limbaugh - an open letter to el Rushbo about his debate "offer":

Look, here is the single reason why obesity IS a lifestyle issue.

OMFG, MSNBC is showing Michael Jackson's bus driving down the street!

DNC wants to put a billboard up in Limbaugh's home town...

Twenty years ago today

Steele: Place Repulicans on "12 - step program of recovery,"

Jon Stewart's War on CNBC

Duplicate from last nite..please delete

CITI bank stock price under 1 dollar!!!!

Obama and Sebelius, a big let down on health care reform.

One in 8 U.S. households behind on their mortgage or in foreclosure

Wanna have some fun?

Compound may block HIV infection

Weekly Poll: Most Annoying GOP

A lesson from Bush/Cheney. Never steal anything small

Last-Ditch $9-an-Hour Jobs Fail Wall Street Seekers as Retail Hiring Tanks


Obama kids get new lawn swing set

Rove, Conyers reach deal on testimony

Democrats Face Quandary with Sebelius Not in Kansas Anymore

Supreme Court deals Pharmaceutical Compainies a big blow

Dems needs a Wall Street, Financial Voice

DNC: Submit Your Billboard For Rush

MarketWatch: Dow Could Hit 4,000 (video)

Don't stampede boys, there's enough of rush's ass for EVERY republican to kiss

Sufi Shrine 'blown up by Taleban' angered because women visited it

Sufi Shrine 'blown up by Taleban' angered because women visited it

AlterNet: It’s the Pot Economy, Stupid

Rest in Peace: Horton Foote

The surgery was totally painless -- can't say the same for the conversation

Dancing On The Head Of A Pin...

The Progress Report at Think Progress: Lifting Bush's Shroud

In light of proof that our civil rights were shredded

The Dow is taking a dive right now. -233 and counting

Is anyone watching Jon Stewart DISMANTLE CNBC right now?

Marjorie Cohn: Newly Released Secret Memos Provide the Blueprint for Bush's Police State


The Rude Pundit: John Yoo Is a Piece of Shit

Deputy AG Nominee Held By GOPers as Conservative Activists Plot Strategy

Breaking: Time magazine to do hard-hitting exposé on the *under-insured* in America.

Holy fucking motherfucker, check out this mealy-mouthed....

Did you know most Americans hate Limbaugh worse than Bush?

Will Rove contract "Gonzales' Disease". . You know, CRS . .

L.A. County District Attorney Charges Chris Brown with Two Felonies (could get 9 years in prison)

King County Cops Beat Up On 15 Year Old Girl - UPDATE.. Federal investgation opened

I no longer consider myself progressive/very liberal........

Army reports 18 more suspected suicides last month

"needs to whack off .. hair, pork up a bit ... get some cheap, baggy pantsuits ...@ Wasilla WalMart"

Eat This Not That

Eat This Not That

Did Contessa just call Limbaugh "a big fat target out there"

If I get a loan, say to refinance my home, there is a 1% fee for processing that loan

Watching CSPAN, it seems that the issues Congress takes up have gotten more substantive.....

“Sold Out”: New Report Follows Lobbying Money Trail Behind Deregulation that Helped Cause Financial

MAKING YOU PAY: Still No Reason For Abusive Debt Collectors To Fear Regulators

"high drama" under a "tree"

Citi group now trading at $1 per share. Rumors abounding they may be delisted...

Any DUers watching Pres Obama at the opening of the Health Care

The deserved lecture from sharia banking? Financial ethics suggestions

Engelhardt: Putting an Afghan Face on the American Occupation

Tribute to the Limbaugh Party

:yawn: .... 6500, here we come .......

Send Rush a message: Billboard slogan suggestions here

Ads rushing out of Limbaugh show?

Horton Foote dies at 92; playwright, screenwriter chronicled small-town Southern life

I have a question.. if the right has been consistently calling the President the Messiah

Obama Starts 'Urgent Review' of U.S. Policy Toward Sudan

Stephen Colbert vs. Scientology's Galactic Overlord Xenu- your vote will decide

The DU Wayback Machine.......

Promising legal strategy for marriage equality

Why is Rush relevant?

Great Toles Toon!

Suze Orman now on Thom Hartmann. (nm)

Email I received; Jen O'Malley Dillon,

Looks like Gupta pulling out for Surgan General

Sec. Clinton echoes 'concern' over Iran, 'over and over and over again'

Don Siegelman Statement On Conyers/Rove Agreement

So my favorite Democrats Carville, Begala and Emanuel cooked up the Rush Limbaugh strategy

Which Came First: The Objectification Of Sarah Palin, Or The Mistrust In Her Competence?

Interesting exchange on the yahoo finance board...

Just Curious - How Do Healthcare Insurance Companies Provide HC Insurance For Their Employees?.....

The New Boss

Prop 8 - CA Supreme CT LIVE BROADCAST here:

Nearly half of all subprime mortgages are late or in default

Anybody watching the Senate budget debate on CSPAN2?

Was I hallucinating? I just heard Sen. Evan Bayh refer to himself as a PROGRESSIVE

Sheldon Whitehouse: We're past the Harry & Louise moment....

New Credit Card/Balance Transfer offers coming my way

Fed Refuses to Release Bank Data, Insists on Secrecy (Update1)

TOON - How the Trickle Down theory really works

Franken to move to dismiss Minn. Senate case

we just got a HI loan...

STFU, Orrin Hatch

If you oppose universal single payer, you are a heartless, greedy motherfucker

As if the Darfur Genocide weren't horrific enough, Sudan's fuckhead president

Lead CNN Headline -- Michael Jackson about to announce comeback

brain. shorting out. hard time wrapping it around headlines...ugh!!!

With All Due Respect… Republicans Need To Shut Up

What are the Freepers saying about the newly released memos?

wonderful little video...dancing? around the world..enjoy...

Repubes and media agree --- Clinton economic policies were the best

In praise of free and accessible abortions.

What's Dead (Short Answer: All Of It)

Ten big green ideas from the Geneva Motor Show

The Devil We Already Know: Nawaz Sharif attempting to destabilize Pakistan and undermine relations w

Stimulus to Help Retool Education, Duncan Says

Is a rush a Christian? I don't think so.

Does the C in CNBC stand for Cyanide?

Debt Collectors going after the dead's relatives

thursday afternoon "lighten up general discussion" picture post

Isn't it time to start calling it "CNGE" -- so we know CNBC for what it is?

Guess we the collective taxpayers may have the most expensive seat in the bankruptcy RE: GM

American self portrait

Citigroup shares dip below $1

An open response to Rep Wexler's email today re Rove & Miers

AP: ’Joe the Plumber’ sues over Ohio records probe

Senator? Call Your Lawyer. You're Going to Jail

Question - Would the NOPers be "redeemed"

Hazelwood offers 'heartfelt apology' for (Exxon Valdez) oil spill

People Have been Convicted On Less Evidence Than This

A question about the failing auto industry and health care....

$hiti to be Citi

There is a swing set on the White House lawn!!!!! I think that's **wonderful** ....

Update on 9 yr old rape victim who had abortion: Catholic ch. punishes mom /Dr w execommunication

Ted Kennedy is looking great!


Submit your slogan for a billboard in Rush's town! LOL

'Harry and Louise' creators welcomed at Obama's healthcare 'reform' summit

Will your Employer dump your Insurance Coverage after Health Care Reform?

Thomas Frank: Conservatives and Their Pity Parties

Why are people concerned about the stock market?


I know this is a sensitive subject but can somebody explain.....

How much did Limbaugh Pay His Maid Wilma Cline To Keep Her Yap Shut?

"When you have policies that dehumanize others, you are dehumanized"- Desmond Tutu w/ Craig Ferguson

Has anyone seen either of these proposed bills yet?


How Do You Like Him Now? / RNC Member Asks Steele To Resign

It's a real shame that Bobby Jindal's horrible speech took President Obama's

Stocks in U.S., Europe Slump With S&P 500 Index at Lowest Level Since 1996

Obama's closing statement and Q&A on the health care session

CNBC's parent company GE is using it to put out corporate propaganda as to it's condition.

Rick Sanchez had on Gingrey, who is a senator, i guess.... he opposes

Good Toon on health care system

Guilty secrets: the books we lie about (65% in survey admit lying about classic novels)

I Love this President!

**Vote on amendment to Bankruptcy bill taking place now***

Mormon church says bishop acting alone in civil union fight

Spot the Bankruptcy Attorney....

I have no more wealth. repukes!

someone please put the ru$h montage from olbermann on youtube

What not to do with your iPhone....

Obama Preferred Over Reagan -- In Fox News Poll

Unions for Single Payer Healthcare: Congratulations! Single Payer Advocates Given Invitations

Minnesota Paper That Endorsed Coleman Scoffs At Re-Do Election

Barack Obama's health-care summit on national TV?! WTF!

Barack Obama's health-care summit on national TV?! WTF!

Conservatives Pick Romney as 2012 Frontrunner Romney gives taste of possible future platform

My latest limbaugh gif. The evolution of symbols.

Rush Limbaugh - King of the Idiots

The Shit That Comes Out Of His Mouth - Un-Fucking-Believable

The FDIC has less cash to cover its larger liabilities than AIG had to cover its liabilities.

The Never-Ending Bailout - AIG

Anti-Gay adoption service ends business in New York State

self delete

SC Senate Dem Leaders Introduce "Advance-Apology" Resolution for Limbaugh

a GREAT political cartoon about Republican's wanting to see Obama succeed:

If we get something like universal health care, should we be given stipulations...?

LAPD detectives notes on Chris Brown's assault of Rihanna ("I'm going to beat the **** out of you")

Courage Campaign

Barbara Bush's surgeon speaking now covered on MSNBC

Photos from today's Prop 8 rally.

USHR is voting on the Home Mortgage Restructing Bill --

George Bush Goes Out for Tex Mex

Did the idiot son fly to Houston to hold his mom's hand? I'm

From the what did you expect file, RE: Ted Kennedy's knighthood

Hahaha.. Cafferty: "The F-word Network ".. priceless n/t

Citi stock is under $1.00 a share.. Perhaps the people with Citi mortgages should just BUY them,

Does the far right KNOW that Rush is believed to be Jewish? His religion shouldn't matter, but. . .

Athiest meets God.

WTH is wrong w/ John Conyers on health care?

NBC Nightly News is doing a good story.

NBC Nightly News is doing a good story.

What heart? When they opened her up there was just a gaping hole and a piece of oil sludge

Fighting the Republicans using the Bible? Questions for Christian DU'ers.

Is it legal to buy prescriptions from Canada?

Where are the right wingers outraged at the Bush plans to nullify the 1st Amendment???

Now I can't stop throwing up....

In keeping with apologies to Rush Limbaugh, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) issued the following statement:

Rove On Testimony: Democrats "Would Love To Have Me Barbecued"

WSJ Columnist: If Americans only knew Reagan, we'd all be Republicans and live happily ever after

Asking for a loan. Need $7,800.00. Must sell car immediately

The US is in a textbook liquidity trap, and yet you've never heard it on the news.

One out of three Americans under 65 were without health insurance

Today is the 239th anniversary of the Boston Massacre

Blue Cross Blue Shield ND sales leaders rewarded with trip to Grand Cayman Islands resort

FR to be shut down by the Secret Service???

Rep Zach Wamp (R-TN): "Health care is a privilege"

U.S. Jobless Claims Exceed 600,000 for a Fifth Week

I just got off the phone with Satan.

Doctor Gupta not to accept job as Surgeon General. Breaking on CNN n/t

Turley: Bush terror memos are 'very definition of tyranny'

Rachel Maddow will be on the View.

HOw much time does anybody think we have? We better take action now with what we've got -

Democrats Weigh Filibuster-Proofing Obama’s Agenda

Given: Republicans WANT Obama to fail. Question: Will they work to MAKE him fail?

Bwahaha! The Rethugs fell for it lock, stock, and barrel...

Watching GHWBush cry publicly because he got 4 calls from former

Gas jumped 30 cents/gal overnight here in Indiana...

Are some fat people too thin skinned?

Sec. Clinton, staff face 'trench warfare' for smart power funds

Anyone know anything about antivirus 360?

Is the dollar headed up?

Chris Matthews is a REAL ASSHOLE...

Chimp attack victim is ‘strong,’ her brother says

DLC on brink of a major shake-up

Like the New Yorker used to say (in their little end-of-article clips)

David Frum compares and contrasts President Obama and Rush Limbaugh

The Doctor is Out

Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev: Stop bashing Las Vegas!

The curious case of the stone baby. 92 yr-old carries stone baby 60 years!

Warren Buffet v. Jim Cramer - Sadly, The Latter Is Far More Influential Now

Ten words or less...

Should Bush be investigated?

First Lady on CNN

D.L. Hughley Show : Canceled by CNN!

Is GHW crying?

Sacramento tent cities 1930s v. 2009

When Venezuela takes food plants away from Cargill....

Great Tony Auth cartoon, declaring capitalism dead.

The Collapse of the "Good Faith" Excuse for Yoo..."Rather than concede that...actions were illegal"

Exclusive community bans undocumented workers

ABC is not calling our President by his title

Don't Divorce Us.


Mother Bush had her chest open.

In Our Name, Iraqi Children Bear the Costs of War

GOP--Into Thin's LA Times

Our friend Robin Williams in the hospital with heart problems.

Conservative insult generator

I support overturning Prop 8.

House Judiciary Source: No Oath Required for Rove, Miers Testimony, None Needed

Debunking the Politico BULLSHIT conspiracy "It's ALL a Secret White House Plot Against Rush" meme

John Stewart Absolutely Destroys CNBC

Lost in a mortgage news story: Unemployment for college/technically trained DOUBLED in 6 months

The Iranian oil bourse was scheduled to open in March 2006.

Wingnut bloggers threaten to 'Go Galt,' withdraw from economy till it collapses

Legal Question Re: Refusal of Service

For those who want prosecutions, here is an email

Who would you most like to see debate Rush?

Rush is STILL full of shit

OOPS!!! - RNC Chairman Steele's Hooker Problem

"91 percent of Canadians like their health care system"

Obama to Single Payer Advocates: Drop Dead

NJ Widows to Leahy: Include Sept. 11 in Truth Commission

I don't know **anyone** who **chooses** not to have health INshurnce .... do you?

Anyone notice the less you do, the more you get paid?

Woman 'embarrassed' after calling 911 three times to report McDonald's out of chicken nuggets

Schumer Privately Tells White House He’s Concerned About Freeman On Israel

We need a high speed train from Washington to Leavenworth

AIG bailed out because it was going to bring down Europe

Well that's fucking great. Three MEN are on Hardball talking about ABORTION.

Big pharma's latest scam. "Exhaling depletes the Ozone layer."

STEWART 1, CNBC 0. Best. Takedown. Ever.

If the Bush administration is not brought to justice it will set a precedent for future

Once, America had Twain. Then, America had Vonnegut.

There It IS- Can We Now Just LOCK UP The Wall St. Gangsters and DC Lobbyists and Throw AWAY The Key

Barney Frank: Prosecute The Culprits in the Financial Crisis

George Jr. Doesn't Visit Mother in Hospital; Poppy says "It's No Place for Children"

Just watched Terry Gilliam's "Brazil" with my son -- turns out, it was about the Bush years

Secret information surfacing, for those who want to know

NYT - Thomas Friedman On Banks and Nationalization - Finally! Someone Addresses The Logistics!

Kenneth Starr is right: the tyranny of the majority rules

The Real Reason Why Santelli Backed Out of His Appearance on The Daily Show

A poll to test your memory: what are the colors of milk and grass?

Why the fuck are three men talking about abortion on MSNBC?

Stranger Shows Up at Funeral, Hits Dead Man

For those seeking U.S. Census jobs

How much of a discount would you require for legal services from attorneys wearing bluejeans?

Fusion center encourages investigations of anti-war activists

I have some questions about single-payer healthcare.

Well, the GOP mess finally got me - I lost my legal asst job here in Miami , FL

Why does anyone credit anything that Chris Matthews has to say?

Thomas Wolfe on the Limbaughs of the world


Failing to reinstitute a new revised FAIRNESS DOCTRINE

Isn't The Root Of Most Of Our Healthcare Problems - The Healthcare Insurers?......

A scandal bigger than Madoff.

Vatican-backed conference snubs creationism

Why do some respond to depraved/criminal behavior with violent fantasies?

Asking for good vibes for ex-Monkee Peter Tork

There should be a safe zone where you can explain why NOT single payer health care

Question: Why isn't the average 401k investor NOT allowed to do trailing stops on their accounts?

should there be any limit in federal funds to states that don't have a state personal income tax?

A marksman in Iraq; No gun permit in Omaha

First lady Michelle Obama hands out meals during her visit to Miriam's Kitchen - pics (Updated)

Bypassing Haley Barbour, Mississippi House votes to accept all recovery package funds.

DID YOU JUST HEAR THAT? "from late 2001-January 19, 2009, this country was a dictatorship"

The Lounge is giddy and intoxicated tonight.

If you find that your mortgage is under water......

Another sleep-walking dog:

25 DVDs? This looks really bad. Is there something missing from the story?

Eskies that spaz out SUCK!!!!1111

Funny ikea commercial

EEK!!! Columbian DOG BAT!!!!

5,000 Posts! It only took me 5½ years!.......

New Rule: no whistling songs when you are happy

Doggie Sings The Blues (Video)

ok bookworms - help me remember a title of a book

You people are so dirty!

How many discs in your Netflix queue, and what are they?

Wow, Key West

has Rush Limbaugh ever eaten a cheese sandwich??

Dammit. This is actually upsetting to me.

Is It Wrong To Say Douchebag Here Now? If Not, We Should Start Douchebag Awards

Damn. Just found out my mom just lost her job. Their main client is HSBC, and since they're shutting


Anyone want to run for elected office in 2009?

Oops. Just set the roof on fire.

Tell me why I should click on the link in your sigline

NEW client, NEW 3/4/09 photo shoot: Combo pizza, spicy chicken wings & deluxe salad

Top Chef Reunion Tonight! Who's Fan Favorite?

I'm going through "Entourage" withdrawal. GOP's continued use of "Democrat Party" foretells a LONG time in the wildnerness for them.

I feel so gross right now.

How much of life is reggae?

Why does air travel turn people into such huge jerks?

Why does air travel turn people into such huge jerks?

There's no OTHER business like ______________ business?

Well, I go back to work tomorrow, should be fun with stitches in my mouth wish me luck

KILLER Wolfgang's Vault updates: Zappa w/ Flo & Eddie Fillmore West 1970, Tubes Oakland 1979

And they say Microsoft doesn't listen

Should I go to my morning classes tomorrow?

Charter Cable SUCKS!

The Nashville Cat has something she would like to say to you.

I will know by Friday

Garden Pics...

Problems with the Redistricting Game

SATAN lives in Brentwood Tennessee! I have proof !!

so i know that i won't hear from most universities until later this month

Demitri Martin's show "Important Things" is pretty fuckin' funny!

What does it mean if someone has 3 major accidents in as many months

Man vs Train & Truck

I am watching Dead Like Me the movie, it is pretty good.

Between The Sheets

I take for granted that you're always there

Fight Club

Which one of these is Rush Limbuaghs cat?

I need a ruling from the jury


Unofficial Rush Limbaugh Apology Thread

My car died today

One Tough Cat

One Tough Cat

Holy f&*k!!! Did %$&^ $%&^ %^&*** piece of $%&^ $&^^%*$&^% Bono???

My two favorite Marines: Yours?

taterguy inspired me to create this form that must be completed before you post.

My kitty is in heat...

The Obama Daughters Surprised With a Swing Set

i just got dappled by one time

Caffeine: Apply directly to the brain

What the hell is going on around here

I saw the Watchmen tonight! -no spoilers

The dog in "nesting" again. Totally trashed my living room.

Who would win--Korn's Singing Torch or Chuggo's Golden Skull Staff?

What commercial is making you the happiest?

Please sign this petition to Ken Starr, Lead Counsel defending Proposition 8 before the CA Supreme C

Would you support chemical castration for Korn?

Now if Tony Romo would just dump Jessica Simpson the Cowboys might be drama free for once

Good morning Lounge

What is TO?

What's your favorite oil for deep-frying food?

I confess. This list of progeny motivational tools was lifted from Midlo's dissertation. My bad.

Why can't someone invent a lipstick re-tipper?

You may send your birthday greetings here for me.

So... I come into the lounge and it is a

The Doors movie

Amazon MP3 Daily Deal - The Definitive Collection by Buddy Holly. $1.99

This, too, is not very liberal to say, but....

Phish’s Breakup? That Was Then. But Tough Times Call for a Reunion.

I caught a kitty in a yawn

Obama Outfitted With Motion Capture Sensors For 3D Record of Presidency

Would you support chemical castration for child sex offenders?

Did Parche do it last night?

My tulips are blooming, and they are gorgeous!

My turds are blossoming, and they aren't gorgeous.

Why is the void so comforting?

Ever wondered how they do the dimensional street art?

Just say NO to TO!

Only NON-Redskins fans need apply, Do you want to see the 'Skins take TO?


Some "Alaska in the Winter" photos for you guys...

aptrantly i don't need to study for my test tomorrw

Ever find a blue robin's egg on Easter . . . and wonder?

"We have a hip-hop bone in us somewhere."

If I were buried in a wax coffin, would it just melt into the ground?

TZ, Tommy C, A&C, MM - Can't we all just get along?

Ok. That does it. I am just going to go ahead and say it.

Yet again, against my better judgment, I am continuing the love fest from yesterday.

How awesome was Stephen Colbert's "Doom Bunker" last night?

The ultimate cat-wrangling gloves?

Funny complaints from school staff re: Jack.

What does one wear to a divorce hearing?

Consuming Peanut Butter

Who's the girl on the right?

I think the anonymous reccer is back

A sincere THANK YOU for all of your input over the past few months.

Seriously, this idiot turns down free 24hr care for her kids. CPS needs to take them away.


A brand new kick ass X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer!

My GD fun for the day.

Chris Brown charged with 2 felonies

I think I need to find a good doctor pretty fast...

"Increased food shelf demand creates demand for new food shelf"

Jesus Christ! Even though the Dow is down today, my portfolio recouped $75,000 of...

Stupid HostingCompany - Stupid "Product Department" STUPID!!!

What will LeftyFingerPop decide?

Thinking of everyone in my hometown Bozeman, Montana - Gas explosion on Main Street


Bonnaroo 2009

BREAKING SPORTS NEWS: Redskins to sign Terrell Owens, but only on the condition...

Attn Taterguy.

Arab straps

My GD thread...

The most fun (free) computer game I've played in awhile:

Fans AND haters of U2, Rush, Smashing Pumpkins, Coldplay, Oasis, Led Zepplin, etc., can we all agree

Post Hangover Remedies for Parche

This doctor prescribes sex as a remedy

Must be losing it--I can't keep Lindsey Buckingham and Lindsay Graham straight.

More color infection (physics game)

"You're in my house, you're in my face, you make me hate the human race..."

Spring has come to Upstate New York - the red winged blackbirds

Any Galactica fans have comments on last episode? SPOILERS

Is Yahoo! mail acting up for anyone else?

Here is a joke ripped from Gran Torino

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/5/2009)

my mom steals grapes.

How many people love you unconditionally right now.

Any other fans of Max Shulman's Dobie Gillis stories?

Baby Clydesdales

Is 'roly poly' a nickname for Rush Limbaugh?

Help? emergency!? redrum!? anybody????

The baby back ribs will be done in 2 hours.

datasuspect's "lifestyle choices" are upsetting to me

What's the word on Parche? Mission Accomplished? Ashes hauled?

How much of life is regret?

You know, some things are just better off unclicked.

I just booked the Grand Canyon Railway trip! Have you taken it?

My Toyota is dying

Do you have anyone on ignore? Serious question...

Did Parche vomit all over the Lounge last night?

Pervs at the Post Office

I need vibes for my sister and her step kids

kitten picture of the day for thursday march 5

'Tis fast approaching the high holy days of Basketball

I only lasted 3/4 of my day My assistant principal sent me home...said I looked like shit

This Is Not Very Liberal To Say...

I did not take this picture - but I wish I did

I just ate a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. That was my dinner.

The Avengers: Cathy Gale, Emma Peel or Tara King?

I am too old for LostinVA

how far can WiFi signals be recieved?

Mucinex DM: Side Effects?

Post your unfounded rumors you've heard about Midlodemocrat here

Why hasn't George Clooney ever married? Has he ever said? nt

"Did I leave my tilapia in your car?"

Chef or the new pope?

My best friend was just diagnosed with Locally Advanced Breast Cancer

What's that river coming from the Dallas Cowboy's HQ?

Office cube talk:

What do you think of my new and improved music blog?

Potato chips

Personally, I like Rush

Who is your favorite fictional villan?

Why do people do this? Anyone?

Hey! Why does "fridge" have a D but "refrigerator" does not?

San Luis Obispo Syringe Exchange Program - 'SLO Bangers' - asks for your help.

Keira Knightly can shiver my timbers any day of the week.

Who is this person, "PARCHE"??

Fresh snowscapes at Yosemite

Kitteh or Gremlin?

Eagle survives crash through truck windshield

Thursday LOL dogs

Ugli fruit is AWESOME!!

What other foods sound grosser than they are besides ''cobb salad''

Why is a front-load washer $1000 more than a top load model?

Anyone out there with ADHD meditate?

Who is the best Character on Television?

Say "aye" if you have been driving the same car for 10 years or longer.

This is the lamest smiley ever

What is your opinion of North Carolina?

Post your favorite smiley/animated gif here! (thread is bookmark worthy!!!11!!!)

I'm trying to get my house ready for my son. Is there anything I forgot?

LOST theory

The Audacity of a Dope.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll (GOP) and Mr Hyde (Rush Limbaugh) - The Metamorphosis Is Complete

Rove, Conyers reach deal on testimony

Obama Hosts Congressional Leaders for Dinner


Please don't make the same mistake the RUSHlicans are making...

Keith Olbermann is FRIGGIN' BRILLIANT!!!


Bernstein (Biden's econ advisor) on Alan Colmes radio show now

Lehey is pissing me off on Rachael

I want his policies to fail...

So, if Obama's solely responsible for financial crisis because he's been in office for 6 weeks

Clinton-Gore Technology Advisers Kalil And Kohlenberger Join Obama White House Staff

Russian analyst: U.S. will collapse next year

Obama agrees to debate Limbaugh

Obama Chooses Emergency Manager for FEMA

SC-Gov/SC-03: Gresham Barrett (R) to Run for Gov

Rush L., then and now:: 1994 Newt Contract w America wins control in the House

Ari Fleisher is a world class asshole. Today on MSNBC he was impossible...

lou(d) Dobbs broadcasts his intelligence

Why is the Democratic Party ignoring Bush?

Political cartoonist Tony Auth on Rush Limbaugh and the GOP...

MO voter ID proposal also says SOS has to check birth certificate of all prez candidates

U.S. jobless claims ease - claims for benefits fell more than expected last week.

Carville "denies" plot with Begala, Emanuel to take on Limbaugh (wink wink)

Vivek Kundra named Chief Information Officer

Gov. Perry's Certification of Stimulus complains about stimulus before accepting all funding

I Hate To Say This...

Dear Rush - an open letter to "el Rushbo" about his debate "offer":

Want to Read all of George Bush's Private papers and get paid for it?

Click here to visit Maureen Dowd's home

G.O.P. Turns Sights on Obama (Taking the gloves off)

Rove Can Claim Privilege Only When Asked About Bush

WANTED estimates decline of 868000 jobs in upcoming february report

Obama Expands National Security Council

Rove WSJ op-ed: Presidential Bait-and-Switch

About rejecting that ole' devil stimulus...

Was the Period 2001-2009 one of de-facto Dictatorship in the U.S.?

I love the way Corporate interests have to present their Health Care Reform Case Publicly by name!

Kerry says Syrian president leaning toward West

Hypothetical: It is 2010. The depression continues, Afghanistan is a quagmire

The Smoking Wreckage Of Limbaugh Nation

WH: Conservative Media Claim That We’re Hiding Biden’s Big Labor Speech Is “Wholly Inaccurate”

"Obama already debated Rush Limbaugh, and he won".

Our First Lady is feeding the homeless today

Rove On Testimony: Democrats "Would Love To Have Me Barbecued"

More Women for The Supreme Court

A stroll down Memory Lane. A year ago, Ohio and Texas.

Jim Cramer: Limbaugh is a genius of the medium (radio)-- Also, DU this poll

President Obama's Prepared Remarks at Health Summit Opening

President Obama's Prepared Remarks at Health Summit Opening

While Limbaugh was spewing hate on the radio today, Michelle Obama was busy doing this

C-Span carrying Health Summit LIVE and online on C-Span3. Link below.

If this can be asked without making people freak...

PHOTOS The President, the First Lady and a bunch of March 4 pics

Limbaugh is to the Republican party what Jesse Jackson was to the Democratic party in the 1980s.

Lay Off the Gray

Fox News Poll: Obama Approval 63% Congress 41%

Huffpo: Obama Will Have Single-Payer Advocates At Health Care Summit

Jim Cramer responds to the Whitehouse

Example why the Cable Chatter Channels aren't worth SHIT, NOT even on a STICK!

Great website explaining what Single Payer Insurance is

Health Summit OBAMA says, "I'm not here for those special interests..."

Flying inflation into the ground

Looks like we're into panic selling on Wall Street

Daley leaning toward Illinois Senate bid

Obama at Health Summit, "WE DID NOT GET IT DONE!!"

Alright, go ahead...Yes?... OK, we're listening... HELLO?... WE'RE WAITING!...

The Cable Chatter Channels are soooo out of Touch!

KS anti-choicers mad at Brownback

The fucking MSM covered every bit of CPAC, but couldn't be bothered with HEALTH CARE?

Can someone please rip this Rep a new asshole!!! or better yet put him out of his misery!!

I'm pissed and need to vent.

A question RE: single-payer:

Ignatius on the financial crisis and Obama: The Right Roosevelt?

So, 24 hours ago, we were all pretty sure that the Limbaugh affair was a huge, huge win for the Dems

Could it be that the oil companies are driving the cost of oil down

Could it be that the oil companies are driving the cost of oil down

PHOTOS The First lady at Miriam's Kitchen in Washington (March 5)

Ted Kennedy looks great at the Obama discussion on health care. website is complete with summit videos

Did you see Rick Sanchez right now he caught a repuke in a lie about

Obama Brings Together Old Health Foes to Start Work on Overhaul

The secret behind Cramer's outburst...

Everyone Needs to See this Video...I mean seriously!!

PHOTOS The President and Senator Kennedy (March 5)

I am not a "DU-this" kinda person - But DU this healthcare vote

Ok, so MY congressman just called the President's Health Care Plan "Next Step Toward Socialism"

A Must Read for President Obama and us taxpayers on the Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis

Are many here at DU covered by insurance that they pay for?

DU Economists

Court to Berg - No, you can't have Interpleader, NOT YOURS!

The DNC is running a contest to put a slogan on a poster in Limbaugh's hometown.

Imagine if there was a Labor version of CNBC or Bloomberg. An entire station devoted

Jeopardy has an Obama category. Anybody aware of this? n/t

RACHEL MADDOW on The View right now!

Obama Preferred Over Reagan -- In Fox News Poll

RNC member calls on Steele to quit

I don't want Barbara Bush's health to fail

Sanjay Gupta withdraws consideration for Surgeon General

Is this the end of the Obama presidency? Tonya Harding has turned on him. Oh no.

We were thisfuckingclose. Do Americans bloody realize it yet???

We were thisfuckingclose. Do Americans bloody realize it yet???

What are they going to say if Obama's policies work out exactly the way he planned?

Politico disgusts again, now with a story about Prez Obama's over reliance on the teleprompter

Did Palin's looks hurt?

Kids in the White House? Obama surprises daughters with new swing set

Clinton is doing an amazing job as Secretary of State

Get Ready Democrats -- Obama’s opponents are getting set to “Unleash Hell”

Health Summit Update: Sounds like we WILL get single-payer!!!

PHOTOS When Nancy met Brad

Breaking: Sanjay Gupta must have tax problems.

Chuck Todd just said Obama has NOT made his position known on Prop 8....

Vice President Joe Biden in Miami: We're committed to middle class

For those of you who seem to have forgotten. Obama never promised single-payer.

GOP & Rush: "Failure Is Not An Option!"

Can't wait to hear Olberman respond to Coulter's column on him

I predict a short military career for this Army "Officer"...

U.S. denies manipulating Al-Marri case

Merrill Men Paid Over $10 Million Subpoenaed

China Outlines Ambitious Plan for Stimulus

Psychedelic fish bounces on ocean floor 'like a rubber ball'

Obama plans to boost security aid to Abbas's forces

This Time, Harry and Louise Are Smiling

Obama's Middle-Class Task Force Has No Middle Class

Sri Lankan rebels deny role in cricket attack

Japan, US warn NKorea against missile test-firing

KRouge defence removes documents from website

Tibet instability a rumor, communist governor says

Brain-injured troops may reach 360,000

Opposition leader: Pakistan security has collapsed

UK interest rates lowered to 0.5%

Car Bomb Kills 10 At Iraq Cattle Market

NATO allies agree to restore ties to Russia

Let's Make a Deal-WH pushes for an agreement to require Rove, Miers to testify on prosecutor firings

BREAKING NEWS: Marines Injured In Jones County Chartered Bus Crash

Factory Orders Fall For Record Sixth Month

Obama Will Have Single-Payer Advocates At Health Care Summit

Breaking: Turdblossom and Harriet to Testify

U.S. says will invite Iran to Afghanistan meeting

Nine-year-old 'incest victim' aborts twins

US urges fresh start with Russia

Botnet Hacker Gets Four Years

Tester, Baucus tell AG to back off on gun control

25 DVDs? This looks really bad. Is there something missing from the story?

Gay Activists March in Calif. Ahead of Showdown

Gay Activists March in Calif. Ahead of Showdown

Army: 18 more suicides suspected in Feb

Explosion collapses 3 buildings in Bozeman, Mont.

Israel Seriously Considering Iran Military Op

Joint Statement on Threats Against Human Rights Defender (US House committee Education & Labor)

SF Channel 7 Reports on Prop8 hearing

Leahy: Some in GOP back prosecutions

Army Suicides Remain High in February

Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman hopes U.S. House panel aggressively questions Karl Rove

Venezuela unveils world's cheapest mobile'

Chile, Argentina legislators meet in Antarctica

U.S. Sets Big Incentives to Head Off Foreclosures

Citigroup shares touch $1 for first time ever

Retail Sales in U.S. Top Projections as Spring Inventory Attracts Shoppers

Drought threatens Amazon, speeds global warming: study

Robin Williams in South Florida hospital

2010 Census In Peril, Report Shows

Franken to move to dismiss Minn. Senate case

American Artists Urge Obama to Renew Cultural Ties with Cuba

Reports: Russia Building Anti-Satellite Weapons

Record 12 percent of homes have mortage woes

Scandal at Treasury: Official Quits Amidst Fraud Scandal

Rove Warns of 'Show Trial,' Says Dems 'Would Love to Have Me Barbecued'

Civil unions bill moves to Ill. House floor

Rove Can Only Claim Privilege When Asked About Bush

Ohio Company Closes, Gift Cards Questioned (CertifiChecks)

Senate Intel Committee Announces Broad Investigation of CIA Interrogations

RNC member calls on Steele to quit

White House Rethinks Tax Hikes

Robin Williams to undergo heart surgery

Man killed after attacking judge in Stockton court

Gupta opts out of surgeon general consideration

No jail for man who beheaded bus passenger

Nazareth Said to Withdraw Name for Deputy Treasury Secretary

Food Safety Problems Slip Past Private Inspectors

D.C. Tech Chief Tapped for White House Slot

D.C. Tech Chief Tapped for White House Slot

Hidden cells reveal Bolivia's dark past (Era of U.S.-supported dictator Hugo Banzer)

FDIC warns US bank deposit insurance fund could tank

Auditors cite 'substantial doubt' about GM's survival

Fmr. First Lady Barbara Bush has heart surgery

First lady spends lunch serving meals to homeless

Kurds Seize Iraq Land Past Borders in Blow to U.S. Pullout Plan

GM: 'Substantial doubt' about continuing

Sheriff: Craigslist 'largest source of prostitution' in US

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 5

Michigan's Unemployment Rate Jumped To 11.6% In January

Pakistan agrees to more Islamic rules in Swat

Bill Would Put Tobacco Under FDA Control

Baxter: Product contained live bird flu virus

Jon Stewart tears CNBC a new one for cancelling Santelli appearence

Chimp Victim May Be Brain Damaged

Singer Chris Brown charged over Rihanna assault

Pashtun poet's mausoleum bombed in Pakistan

DLC on brink of a major shake-up

Democrats take the fight to Limbaugh's doorstep (buying billboard space in West Palm Beach)

Former Winston Cigarettes Pitchman Dies of Throat Cancer

Chavez orders nationalization of Cargill

Top Colombian drug trafficker to sell out former partners to US authorities

Obama pledges $438 million more for Katrina reconstruction

Healthcare is 'a privilege...not a right': GOP lawmaker

The Devil and Rush Limbaugh

Rich Sanchez & Media Matters Fact-Check Rep. Pence (R)

Schahill debates Korb on Obama's Iraq Widthrawal. Democracy Now 3/4/09 Pt 2

Countdown: Worst Persons Fox News Trifecta - March 4

Rush Limbaugh Sings

Countdown: Jonathan Alter Trashes Repub 'Objections' to Obama Economy Plan (MUST-VIEW)

KO: More John Yoo memos revealed

Rep. Holt Reintroduces Anthrax Commission Bill

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - I Love The 70s!!

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary II

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary III

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary IV

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary V

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary VI

GOP Strategist Wallace: GOP is Like Start of American Idol

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary VII

KO: Sen. Whitehouse on Truth Commission

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary VIII

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary IX

Think Progress: Howard Dean on Single-Payer Health Care

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary X

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary XI

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary XII

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary XIII

Rachel Maddow: Investigation of 92 CIA-Destroyed Videos of Torture; Also, Yoo Memos

Reagan lies about number of things, states raising minimum wage hurts minorities

Rachel Maddow: Karl Rove to Testify Before Congress - Michael Isikoff Analyzes (exciting stuff)

...And now a few words from GOP Leader----RUSH LIMBAUGH!!!

Rush Limbaugh apologies video confession

Scott Horton on KO's Countdown: "Between 2001 to 2009 This Country Was A Dictatorship!"

G.I. Joe

TYT: Why Are Dems Getting Clobbered On The Pork Issue?

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary XIV

Countdown: Keith Shows Rush Limbaugh Retrospective 'Rush Redux'

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary XV

Republicans Change Their Minds On Filibuster

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary XVI

Truth Commission = Senate Judiciary I


Supreme Court Tells Big Pharma What's Up

Ode to Rush the Righteous Racist

Arpaio's First Victims of 2009

Paul Begala on Whiny Republicans

CCR President Michael Ratner on Truth Comission inquiry into Bush. Democracy Now 3/5/09 1 of 2

911 McNugget Call -- Marc Maron's Deconstructed Version.

Paul Begala on Whiny Republicans pt. 2

CCR President Michael Ratner on Truth Comission inquiry into Bush. Democracy Now 3/5/09 Pt 2

Drawing Military Lines in the Lower 9th Ward

All Hail Rush the Leader!

TYT: Cavuto Is Honest About His Taxes With Bill O'Reilly

President Obama jokes about Thelma and Louise

TYT: Larry Kudlow of CNBC Thinking of Getting Clobbered

Who Really Is The Head Of The Republican Party?

Whitehouse Questions = Establishing a "Truth Commission"

Obama Was For Sinlge Payer Health Care...

(00:50) Fox & Freinds 'I have bacteria on my ball!'

MSNBC: Shuster Calls Ari Fleischer Out For Spouting Politco's Obama vs Limbaugh BULLSHIT meme

3:00 The Daily Show exposes CNBC

David Sirota debates Bill Kristol on Fox and Friends

Rachel Maddow on The View - short, respectful interview

GOP Rep says:'Healthcare IS NOT a Right, They Chose NOT TO be covered'

ROVE: Petty & Small White House-"Beating Up Rush Limbaugh"

Rep. Wamp: Healthcare is a "privilege," not a right.

I think it's time to start a Glenn Beck mental health fund

The budget reveals the liberal Obama

Guardian UK: Never mind the evidence - a drug-free world is nigh

Arrest Warrant in Sudan May Force Obama's Hand

Budgeting for Change — Obama's Down Payment on Health Care Reform (New Eng Jour Med)

The Politics of Yesterday, and of Tomorrow (Fein / Forward)

Want To Debate Obama? Then Announce Rush Limbaugh 2012!

Billions dished out in the shadows

Intel Council Head Draws Ire of Israel Lobby

Robert Reich: Republicans made the bed, now they want someone else to sleep in it: & why

'Stock' of Jon Stewart Breaks All Market Records

Gene Lyons: Side show takes main stage

The Moral Quandaries of a Government Whistleblower

Let's Make a Deal-WH pushes for an agreement to require Rove, Miers to testify on prosecutor firings

Daily Show vs CNBC.... Jon Stewart's take on Santelli and CNBC... priceless

In an Auto Industry Hometown, a Familiar Financial Road

New Iran report reeks of stale ideas

Rush Challenges Obama: A Lincoln-Druggist Debate?

Kathleen Parker writes one for the ages-in three part disharmony

Former lawmakers' earmarks keep pet projects alive

The Republican march toward oblivion

For Young President, Flecks of Gray

Time: "Always On My Mind" - Giving Drug Dealers A Choice Works

Commentary: Rush Limbaugh GOP debate is idiotic

A chance to remake the global financial system

A chance to remake the global financial system

Next Faux Controversy, Give it 24 Hours, folks

January 2009: More Soldiers Commit Suicide than are Killed in Combat

The left in the Obama era

Joe Conason: Rushing Toward Irrelevance

Karen Tumulty: The Health-Care Crisis Hits Home

Joe Klein: Chutzpah

Bush's big lies

Why is John McCain being such a jerk?

Pink Dolphin Appears in Louisiana Lake


Robert Reich: Is Obama responsible for Wall Street's meltdown?

Fear Of A Clown

Obama's Middle-Class Task Force Has No Middle Class

RNC member calls on Steele to quit

Rachel Maddow & Senator Leahy Discuss Investigating the Bush Administration


Guardian UK: Let's wipe out toilet paper

Snow falls in Victoria just days after extreme bushfire alert

Peak Oil Notes - March 5

Traveling-Wave Nuclear Reactor

Drought threatens Amazon, speeds global warming: study

Xcel, Microgy Sign Ten-Year Biogas Deal

Arctic summer sea ice could vanish by 2013

HOw much time does anybody really think we have.

Thomas Friedman: It's worse than Gore said

Global Warming: On Hold?

The trains in Spain are faster than the planes (NPR)

Scientific illiteracy in GD

Can I get a witness? Who among us ever heard about Peru's President getting special powers

Joint Statement on Threats Against Human Rights Defender

How Bush Tried to Bring Down Evo Morales

Hidden cells reveal Bolivia's dark past

Are there any Einsteins available to bitch and whine about Peru's purchase of missiles from Russia?

Venezuela unveils world's cheapest mobile'

Leftists leading in Salvadoran Polls

Chile, Argentina legislators meet in Antarctica

American Artists Urge Obama to Renew Cultural Ties with Cuba

Bolivia: Two people arrested after sabotage of community radio

Colombia and Ecuador: An unmended fence

Gloria Estefan: singer or spy?

Top Colombian drug trafficker to sell out former partners to US authorities

Open Left: Why We Need EFCA (over 1 in 4 private ballot elections ends in a worker getting fired)

Employee Free Choice Act: Fight of a Lifetime?

Scary Movie (video)

Chicago Skyway Workers Headed For Federal Arbitration On First Contract

Today in labor history Mar 5 Attucks is considered the first casualty in the American Revolution

Today in labor history Mar 4 UAW workers win sit-down strike in Flint, Michigan

Employee Free Choice on the Move

The left in the Obama era

ESPN (Michael Smith) Reports Cowboys Release T.O.

ESPN grades which NHL trades will have best impact!

This looks like something a certain sports forum member would do

A-Rod needs surgery, will be out until May (and maybe longer)

T.O. released from Cowgirls. Where does he go from here?

NCAA changes bylaws for dad of Florida Gators' Tim Tebow

On which sports issues do you hold a minority view?

Venezuela seizes US rice producer

Cross Post GD: Compound may block HIV infection

Mormon church says bishop acting alone in civil union fight

Working link ~~ Cal Sup Ct hearing:

*** SPECIAL THANK YOU to Therese M. Stewart, Office of the City Attorney ***

Video I hadn't seen until today.

Judge Who Gave Canada Homosexual "Marriage" Had Conflict of Interest Says Women's Rights Group says

The Courage Campaign

HRC Petition to Ken Starr, Lead Counsel defending Proposition 8 before the CA Supreme Court

In case no one has noticed before: KEN STARR IS A PIECE OF POMPOUS SHIT.

Here we go guys. PROP 8 viewing information!

Can we do an appreciation thread for the GLBT folk + their strong allies?

JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Bank America Face Ratings Cuts

When Debt Securitization Blew Up So Did the Economy

Current status of our banking system.

Martin Feldstein and Simon Johnson on the U.S.'s Lost Decade

Fed Refuses to Release Bank Lending Data, Insists on Secrecy

GE Treated Like a ‘Leper’ as Investors Punish Shares

Was the ‘00-03 Crash Bush’s Fault? ‘09 Obama’s?

Wouldn't banks be more likely to lend money,

Is VRWC driving down the market?

Simon Johnson On Bank Bailout Plan (Audio From 'Fresh Air' - really worth a listen)

U.S. press missed a lot in Gaza, producer says

Palestinian driver rams Israeli police car, bus

Obama's spy ruffles hawks' feathers

5 Qassams fired after IAF kills Gaza gunmen

New Iran report reeks of stale ideas

Was Hamas the work of the Israeli Mossad?

Rocket hits synagogue in Netivot; IAF bombs Gaza tunnels

Layoffs spreading across sectors, bankrupt supermarket looted in north

Palestinian Astrophysicist in US Reunited with Wife & Three Remaining Children ...

U.S. Military Aid to Israel - The Ultimate Earmark

Italy to boycott Durban 2

Boycotting Israel won't solve crisis

2 police lightly hurt in 3rd tractor terror attack in Jerusalem

Photo Editing Israel’s Online Image

What's Dead (Short Answer: All Of It) - The bleakest assessment I have ever read.

Free Health Coverage

Would you rather feel safe or be safe?


Florida, a leader.............

In case you haven't seen these.

I need a new camera. Looking for input.

What is the best free hosting service?

Photo collage work you really ought to see

Tens of thousands have TBI, officials say

Defense: Alleged Bragg shooter unfit for trial

Training explosion may have sparked Carson fire

Filner: Pay living stipend for online courses

Bragg GIs plead guilty to bank robbery charges

Letters tell an alternate story in Ft. Dix case

First Army troops honor Black History Month

Army deactivates Kansas munitions plant

(Army Times) Editorial: No more blank checks

(Army Times) Backtalk: For the good of the soldier

Akaka: Boost job training for disabled vets

CO of minesweeper fired for poor readiness

CNO announces new missile defense command

CG: CO firing unrelated to cutter problems

Allen: State of the Coast Guard is strong

Terror conviction of ex-sailor partly tossed

(Navy Times) Backtalk: Keeping China open

(Marine Corps Times) Backtalk: Iraq’s way out

Deployments removed from promotion briefs

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: ‘Temporary immigrants’ don’t belong in U.S. military

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: Remarketing the F-22

IP efforts uneven amid trust issues

Anti-malaria drug limited due to risks

Accused stepdad awaits transfer

Car bomb explodes at Bagram

If I were in charge of this store, I think

Despite improved TBI outreach, critics say needs not met

Anthrax shots reduced

AAFES to honor CertifiChecks gift cards

Religion’s not just for Sundays in Stuttgart

Terminal reopens at Kadena

Electrocuted GI's Kin Seeks KBR Sanctions

Pacific Briefs: Suspended sentence for theft

Child-porn Added to GI's Murder Case

Rocket attacks hit Mosul bases

DoDBuzz: “Hybrid War” Throwdown

(Military Times) Op-Ed: A Barometer of Order

San Diego State luring military veterans

Obama Sets Sights on 'Don’t Ask'

AF Teams With NASCAR to Aid Recruiting

Nine Suspected Pirates Set Free

***March Photo Contest Schedule***

Hey, thanks for the valentine's hearts!

geez, dreams are like a "This is Your Life" episode....

Future Visions Foundation--Health Care for the 21st Century

Biology of Kundalini: Towards a Fuller Understanding of Kundalini

"Starting Over" - Karen Bishop - March 5, 2009

(((((((((((((((((((( Good Vibes ))))))))))))))))))))

The woman in charge of the world's biggest experiment

New 3D tours of the LHC released

Obama goes 'all in' for science

A bizarre universe may be lurking in the shadows

Vatican Can Be Sued Over Abuse

Athiest meets God.

9-year-old gets abortion, Catholic church opposes

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