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Archives: March 6, 2009

Gwynne Dyer - several radical short & medium-term measures now being considered CLIMATE CHANGE

John McCain’s Pork Roll: Or the GOP War Against the U.S. Census

Heads up: Alabama Governor Don Siegelman on Rachel Maddow show tonight

I betcha ....You've never seen a better positioned Bow-Tie


More Americans Turn to Costly Tax Refund Loans to Cover Monthly Expenses

Heads up: Alabama Governor Don Siegelman on Rachel Maddow show tonight


Price-Shopping Students Switch From Private Universities to State Schools

Now That Sanjay Is Out...How About Dean?

Pension coalition calls on BofA to remove Ken Lewis

And in an alternate universe, CNBC

Gupta Is Out of the Running for Surgeon General

CNBC is symptom of business media's refusal to incorporate credibility, objectivity

Payroll withholding changes are NOT an advance that has to be paid back

It's a Brand New Era. Deal With It.

Aetna CEO Ronald Williams sez "Our profits are very modest. Not what the public thinks".

...........the more things remain the same, except for the price of a magazine.

OK, teabaggers, here's how you do a protest at City Hall

Stanford declared bankruptcy in 1984

Biden to AFL-CIO: Employee Free Choice Act Key to Rebuilding Middle Class

Scott Horton coming up on KO

Somewhere in the undisclosed memos there has to be one nullifying the 2nd Amendment

The Lion Roars. Sir Ted Kennedy is a lion indeed.

Prop 8 Fight Looking Grim In SCoCA

Score another one for Physicians for National Health Program

As I see it, we have two options: 1) We can let the banks collapse, and pay a terrible

Notice that Republicans are still good at framing the debate....

‘Scrap’ FEMA mobile homes return as housing

Worldwide poll shows Muslims disapproval of Al Qaeda; approval of attacks on US troops in Muslim--

Bank of America Says Bonus Disclosure Will Harm It (Update1)

Man gets jail, probation for hitting dog with golf club (15 lb rat terrier later died)

nytimes no less....President Sticks to the Script, With a Little Help

Serious question - does Diamond R Fertilizer

Hagel (R-Ne) to be visiting prof at UNO

Canadian Entering US at Blaine, Wa asks Border Cop for Politeness, Gets Pepper Sprayed

Generations on Health Reform

Oops Gordon Smith wasted no time

has allen stanford been found yet????

Up on Capitol Hill this afternoon.(Click here for some nudity)

Some New Deal Math History - for Republicans

"They're all in it together."

'We are All Socialists Now?' (Paul Street, ZNet)

DUers how is ElizabethEdwards these days

Anyone else feel this way??

With his girls playing outside of Obama's window

"Feminism is the radical notion that women are people"

Rush is our best friend

Is anyone watching the 'span?

Republicans Go Urban--Michael Steele Lays it All Out

Coming up in a few on Rachel Maddow-- Don Siegelman exclusive

High drama at NY Gandhi auction

Achtung : Jon Stewart will be on Letterman in a few minutes.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Poor Mike ...... he can't even go home anymore.

When evil needs public relations, it has Burson Marstellar on speed dial

Corruption in the US....

Do you really think measuring growth rather than sustainability is a good idea?

The Secretary of State’s 2009 International Women of Courage Awards - these women will be in DC!

Po-leeese, someone splain me this....

Corporate Media Declares War On Us - CNBC, Rush, Fox News - Where Is The "Liberal Media"?

Sign Sen. Patrick Leahy's petition at

Asian stock markets resume slide after US rout

Craig Ferguson is FUNNY. He's worked an Ann Coulter and a Limbaugh in his monologue.

An account of the gift-giving faux pas that you might not have heard

OH LAWL, Colbert is interviewing Cramer.

In the house of millions of years

New Zealand And New Caledonia Geographically Connected

New Zealand And New Caledonia Geographically Connected

RUSH vs GOP.... [pic]

Archaeologists find earliest known domestic horses

Have a look at CNBC's front page headline!

Malaysians find site of pre-Angkor temple civilization

More on: Harappan-era cemetery found

4,000-year-old axe among Olympic archaeology finds - PHOTOS

It's only an Earmark if you don't live down river of the levee

WWII-era mass grave found in Slovenia

Jeremiah Wright: Obama `like any other president'

We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavoring and furniture ......

Scientists Reconstruct An Ancient Greek Musical Instrument, The Epigonion

Your health care coverage status:

Grade my Kansas Gov. She needs help. Lower right

Food stamp enrollment jumps to record 31.8 million

Who was that elder journalist who said months back that worse photos that Abu Gahrib were being kept

Healthcare and the Middlemen

Richard Wolfe, the political analyst on 'Countdown'. What do you think of him?

US charges two Britons with bribes in KBR venture

"Democrat" Susan Estrich: Again shilling for the GOP - Re:Rush

The entire GOP has been reduced to the level of "trolls"

UK politicians' Wikipedia worries

Jim Cramer's a Moran...n/t

GBLT: Headline in 2050 (WARNING: bad joke from

Have you apologized to Rush today?

Bloomberg: Defacto Abolishment of Swiss Banking Secrecy

Italy has pulled out of next month's UN conference on Racism and

WJ this morning - health care

Should DU add an Archaeology Interest Forum?

Stiglitz says Nationalize the banks -- now.

Bill Seeks $500 Billion for FDIC Fund

When is the Suleman-Limbaugh debate?

Filmmaker Plans "Eyeborg" Eye-Socket Camera

South Korea Diverts Flights After N. Korea's Warning

Now this is a bad day in the ghetto

Will ex-military 'Patriots' form a more dangerous kind of militia?

Consumers Union wants to hear your health insurance horror stories

Stock Market Crash Means You Need 1,000 Shares of Saks to Buy Gown Tonight

Joe Scumbag and Peggy Nooner are twisting it all up!!

Is Rush really just like Barney?

EU slaps duties on U.S. biodiesel imports: sources

The ugly job numbers; "Official" unemployment rate tops 8 percent

Fundies: Illinois school that hosted Gay-Straight Alliance dance is "politicizing" students

Q: Now that the House has passed a bill to let bankruptcy judges adjust mortgages...

Corporate Borrowing Costs Surge to Record in Europe on Depression Concern

International Criminal Court’s case against Bashir could provide legal precedence

MarketWatch: The $700 trillion elephant

3fer: Odd Tweety, just ODD. Scooter still hob-nobs?!1 MURDOCH turns Page Six on WOLFF

Here is a video detailing the mess in an original song.

Michele Bachmann Speaks !!! (PS - She really shouldn't)

== Let's all get wet = By Mark Morford

The Collapse of the "Good Faith" Excuse for Yoo-Positions Taken In These Memos Were NOT "Mistakes"

2010 Budget Gives $52.3B to State Dept. - Includes $0.6 billion from the Recovery Act

David Sirota: The A Word

Army captain charged with stealing $690,000

New Quid Pro Quo Questions Between Burris, Blagojevich

Michael Moore was right (again). Gupta withdraws on the day of Obama's Health Care Forum.

Hey, didn't Cheneybush have a GREAT social security plan back in 2004?

Only a Neo-Facist could call Obama a Socialist

New 'safe' bed allows savers to safely store their cash under the mattress

Oklahoma state legislature attempts to ban Richard Dawkins from visit.

Gupta "Quit" Like Caroline Kennedy "Quit"

Calls grow for Bush-era 'truth commission'

How about a Boston CNBC Party?

Jim Cramer on Stephen Colbert's show

Prop 8: Regardless of the decision - two-prong approach is needed

mods pls delete

No wonder the Rethugs offered to "help" people with a 4% interest rate on their mortgage

Truthdig: Why Did So Few Americans Give a Damn?

Does your stomach just ball up in knots when you see or hear

Will Durst on Limbaugh and Steele

Can these sub-humans be subject to prosecution?

The rot goes all the way to the root ....

Corporate America's Icons Crumbling Under Global Recession

Ding dong, HR676 calling.....

North Carolina delaying tax refunds

Paycheck Fairness Act and Sen. Gillebrand

How to stop the drug wars

The Bitches of guard (Chiennes de garde) awarded the first prize of the " macho man of the year "

CNBC smiles at job loss numbers,,,

Brazilian archbishop: All who helped a child rape victim secure abortion are to be excommunicated

CNBC stays mum after takedown by Jon Stewart

The Rude Pundit: John McCain Won't Eat Pork

Going green with republican talking points

Walk across Lake Superior?

"Does it feel to anyone else that we are in a national rut?" (Kos diary)

Rush's Hope

US: High Court Eases Way to Liability Lawsuits

Anyone else watching the Republican whine and cheese hour on C-SPAN?

Insurance, by it's very nature, distorts the vaunted "Free Market" and so

Breaking: Apparent deal reached in Madoff plea bargain.

Talk about chutzpah!

Here's what I don't get about these bank bailouts

Republicans. I'll never understand them..

LOL- Virginia GOP looks like is going to dump chairman, Jeffrey Frederick, as he runs out back door

Just because the memos claim a right to manipulate the media doesn't prove they actually did so.

File this under the LOL! category - Right Wing reinvents itself as a "resistance movement"

*Damn* I wish someone would have warned of capitalism under Bush

Woohoo Dow's up!!! 138

Attention Democrats! This is a back to basics moment.

RNC chair Michael Steele's blog is no more

Rush, Viagra and Child prostitution ?

Rush, Viagra and Child prostitution ?

CAPTION: The Soul of the Republican Party

Jeb Bush's ideological heir, Marco Rubio, quietly registers to run for US Senate

Workers clobbered by relentless layoffs

FDIC in big trouble

Geithner Alone: Top Two Treasury Nominees Pull Out

NC rethugs introduce legislation to keep stimulus aid from illegal immigrants

Vanguard's Chief Economist - Economic Information Without An Agenda - Compare With CNBC - No Booyah

Excuse me, but does anyone know ......

Now the rich will pay their fair share or maybe not.

Will Energy Tax Increases & Reducing "Entitlements" Slam Older Americans ?

Will Energy Tax Increases & Reducing "Entitlements" Slam Older Americans ?

Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 6

Senators Agree to Allow Votes On GOP Amendments to Omnibus

Congress passes stopgap bill to avoid shutdown

Congressman Offers Preemptive Apology For Extramarital Affair

Congressman Offers Preemptive Apology For Extramarital Affair

Nobody knows who right wing gunman (Killed 2 people, wounded 3 more) was

when will Obama close this horror?

Chumash rock art offers insight into ancient native culture

If you invest through this company, fire them

Evangelical Christian Dynamics

Tom Hayden: Rage is Good

Personally, I like Rush

When they say that bloggers aren't journalists...

Barbara Ehrenreich/Bill Fletcher: Reimagining Socialism: Rising to the Occasion

American Anti-Gay Leaders hold seminar in country where being gay can get a person executed

Britain's Clown Shortage: New Visa Rules Hit the Circus

The $250k Bar.. How long will it last?

Bush DOJ's 'Voter Fraud' Suit Bites The Dust

The Story of O: How's the Prez Doing?

What to do with 1,200 pounds of bull and other handy lessons from Women’s History

Lawmakers draw bead on used-car dealer practices

Michelle Obama on the Cover of "O" Magazine

Confusion over Prop 8 and the California Supreme Court....

I just heard a WP writer on WJ say a valid objection to single payer HC.

MORANS who need a brain....

After Saddam & bombs, Iraqi band rockin' in USA

Hillary -- a prediction

FDIC warns US bank deposit insurance fund could tank

GOPers are attacking Blue Dog freshman when they don't adhere to the capitalistic Blue Dog Line

Fundies duped by Jamaican con man and his wife

State jobless rate hits 11.6% (Michigan)

OMG! John McCain is a Twitterer!!

As a taxpayer, I owe a large vote of thanks to Michelle Obama...

Leave Limbaugh Alone!

Would anyone like to take over a conservative board with me?

I'm proud to have kept my money out of the stock market

Rush Limbaugh's Dreams and Nightmares

California Supreme Court looks unlikely to kill Proposition 8

Cafeteria Kickbacks: How food-service providers like Sodexo bilk millions from taxpayers

Rush’s Rhetoric further de-stabilizing Wall St.

Lots of jobs don't offer group health insurance.

Sen. John Kerry: ‘Animal House’ Party Days Are Over for U.S. Banks

Noam Chomsky on privatization and nationalization:

EFCA opponent's newest talking point: EFCA "will cost millions of jobs"

John Conyers and open access:

What would the world be like without stock markets?

"This Economic Disaster Demands Even MORE Aggressive Action Than Obama Has Taken"

ACLU: Supreme Court Vacates Decision Giving President Indefinite Detention Power In Al-Marri Case

FLASH : McDonalds has added Citicorp to its dollar menu!

Subject: declare war on switzerland

Archbishop in Brazil will excommunicate all those who helped 9 year old rape victim get an abortion.

Bernie Sanders (on w/Thom Hartmann) said that national usury legislation will be intro'd soon......

Re: Pig farm smell and other pork (LOL. . .I know, I know, I know)

CNBC - most on-air "personalities" still blaming Obama for recent 20% drop

Michael Moore: "The American people agree with me, not Rush."

RW Talk Radio is outdoing itself ....

No hope for USA.... What an idiotic people we are

Michael Moore: Why I'm Not Now and Have Never Been the Democrats' "Rush Limbaugh"

The Rude Pundit calls out John McCain on his "pork spending" hypocrisy

I kid you not... Coleman: 1,725 rejected votes should be counted

Nuclear option

"Man tried to kill Obama with aids"

Senator Al Franken

Senator Al Franken

Siegelman vs Schlozman.

Siegelman vs Schlozman.

spring breakers warned of violence in Mexico

The official GOP wire-Mike Allen of Politico on MSNBC. Steele may name "co-chair"

'nother fire in MT, this one right after an earthquake in that immediate area

some countries do hold their leaders accountable

This is what cable news has come down to ...

"I will never enjoy a curry again," - Woman bites boyfriends tongue off

Now that we all agree on LIHOP, it's okay to come out and say so, right?

Federal Court Ruling Expands Rights of Gitmo Detainees to Evidence

It’s War! Union Blasts Blue Dog Dem For Saying He’ll Vote Against Employee Free Choice

Kiss the Banks Goodbye and Refocus on Rebuilding the American People

Conservatives are pathological liars!

If GM goes down- why not turn their facilities over to tesla...?

If GM goes down- why not turn their facilities over to tesla...?

Rush Limpball's nuts fall off

Young guy in F-150 pickup gave me the finger today.

Surprise Surprise!! Rove Won't Testify "For Weeks"

Lynn man indicted for collecting unemployment while working

Siegelman Appeal: Court Reverses Two Counts, But Upholds Others

MSNBC:President Obama to *reverse* Federal stem cell funding on Monday

Disappointed by Today's Appeals Court Ruling - by Don Siegelman

I have enormously curtailed my viewing of MSM cable news shows

Chris Brown formally charged, Rihanna may not testify against him, the two may have secretly eloped

Hey GEM$NBC....where's the Dem counterpunch to Moron Mike Pence?

Ellen Goodman: The Man Who Won’t Change

Frum is on a roll: The lone Republican intent on returning the party to respectability is a Canadian

Don Young Aide The Latest To Be Indicted In Abramoff Scam

Justice Ginsburg: I Am "Alive & Well-Contrary To Senator Who Said I'd Be Dead Within 9 Months"

Cuomo To Judge: Don't Let BOA Keep Bonus Info Secret

what do you do with 360,000 injured brains?

Limbaugh: Kennedy Will Be Dead By The Time Health Care Bill Passes

Dem Congressional Leaders Telling White House They're Concerned About Freeman

God dammit, they rejected Franken's bid to be seated!!!

It's 3:23 p.m. Do you know where your shrimp are?

OMFG: Recruiting agency asks ME for job tips...

Fundies: Wacky, gawdless, pinko Canadians considering euthanasia bill

The "Entertainer"

MarketWatch: Whole Foods to sell 31 Wild Oats stores to settle with U.S.

Madoff will be in court next week

UK PM blasts Prop 8

Our bad economy is because of abortion and same-sex marriage...

Kentucky anti-gay adoption bill advances

From the leader of the Republican party: Kennedy Will Be Dead By The Time Health Care Bill Passes

What should we do regarding foreigners in USA?

Rapture Ready: "please!!!! Lord come in 2009 !!!!!"

Cast made out of Cocaine.... some folks over here will be surprised

Who has caused the most problems in contemporary society?

Tennessee Conservative PAC bites the dust!

Why are Republicans better at playing "The Game" then Democrats??

Limbaugh Lies About Sebelius

Half of Americans might join the public option in an Obama plan by 2020

Senator Jim DeMint wants to raise birth control prices as much as 900% for college women

It's Friday, so naturally that means that another bank has gone......

Ex-NASA official indicted for ethics breach

NOW we get blow-by-blow reports on the economy and market?

WTF??? Capital HIll police under investigation by FBI over inauguration

Barbara Bush: Indian Philosopher

Conservative Republicans were wrong about Reagan's massive tax increases, too.

EPA Shuts Down Local Ghost-Entrapment Business

Dems Start Calling Rush “Leader Limbaugh”

David Dreier, from behind the Orange Curtain, is trying to defend

Feds weigh a fishing ban on Atlantic red snapper

CNBC Rant Wasn't That Funny Says Joe "The Editor"

Business is booming for Alaska native corporations

Frum is on Shuster

Discredited BS peddler Judith Miller wants war with Iran

Do you work to live or live to work?

Mexican border city braces for troop patrols

David Sirota: If Private Health Insurance Is So Awesome, Why Would It Lose a Competition With Gov't?

To my rep regarding "Healthcare is a privilege not a right" bullshit.

After Serving 25 Years, DNA Clears Convicted Rapist

Vick's Atlanta Mansion To Be Auctioned Off

KS repuke complains that no one earning 2.65 an hour comes to testify in favor of raising min. wage

Report: Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank safest in U.S.

RNC member calls squabble with Party Leader Rush Limbaugh "a horror show"

Blinded Iranian seeks eye-for-eye justice

High schools eliminating the valedictorian title?

High schools eliminating the valedictorian title?

Is it like SWEEPS week on KO's "Worst Person in the World" segment or something?

My husband just got his hours cut another 20% starting next week

Andy Card: People just 'want' health care, they don't really need it.....

Cheap GOP bastard...

Islamic Sharia Law Expands in Northwest Pakistan; Taliban Blow Up Music Shops

I just ran into a cyber typo squatter website while trying to come to the DU:

Before 1941, we called World War I ..."The Great War"

David Shuster on MSNBC: John McCain announced on the Senate floor he twitters...

Several more of Obama team candidates have dropped out. Why?

legal question regarding rovers testimony..

So much for cutting edge...RNC Loses Online Director

So much for cutting edge...RNC Loses Online Director

Need some help responding to these idiots: Iowa floods vs NOLA

Gov't Relies On Ineffective Private Food Inspectors

Conservative talk show host RUSHES into topics with his mind in LIMBO.

All he wanted was a hug

The Secret State Continues to Crumble (Emptywheel & ScotusBlog)

Podcast help

OK ... this is the photo that gives me a HUGE grin. Swingers at the White House.

Napolitano Brings Help To NOLA & Gulf Coast

Remember that explosion last year at a Bayer chemical plant in Institute, West Virgina?

under 6500 means time to buy, that is what I heard a long time ago

Ya know what's really weird when ya think about it?

Friday TOON Roundup 2-Obama, the bailout and other things

Bernie Madoff to negotiate a plea bargain. This is the death nail in our economic

How come unlimited dollars for war is Conservative yet ANY dollars for domestic needs is Socialist?

I would have a lot more faith in the stock market if...

Interesting story on a Retirement home for addicts

AlterNet: Mormons Mobilize to Deprive Gays of More Rights

AlterNet: Mormons Mobilize to Deprive Gays of More Rights

Eliot Spitzer: The way Americans pay for college is a mess. Here's how to fix it.

I want Dr. Dean as my SURGEON GENERAL..I trust him & so should you.

Student Loans -- Banks and homeowners are getting bailouts

Jim DeMint says DC public school students are more likely to join a gang than graduate

AIG – The Gift That Keeps On Giving…

KiCk! Howard Dean for Surgeon General

Hunt on for Ohio gunman who killed 4 kids, woman

Rachel and KO both use my DU-original putdown catch phrase "nice try though"

Pig Odor causing Big Stink between GOP and Iowa

City (NOLA) sitting on millions for affordable housing

How much does your beautiful mind worry about Barbara Bush?

Oklahoma legislature to vote on resolution banning Richard Dawkins from OU

Krugman: "Obama Dithering on the Banks"

Never Waste a Good Crisis, Clinton Says on Climate

My question to those who support Proposition 8

How much money would your household save if you didn't have to pay for medicine/health coverage?


Just a reminder - "Sicko" dealt with people who HAD insurance and were STILL screwed

It doesn't matter who leads them B or R

Crap. Siegelman loses court appeal.

Pharmaceuticals--Health Care Costs--Ads

Did Mormons Posthumously Baptize Hitler, Dracula, Ted Bundy and Others?

OK, explain this to me like I'm a complete idiot because I don't get it: Part Duh.

A Freeper surrenders! The End is Hear! Hugh and Series!!!

Mea culpa re: Al Franken

Top U.N. Official Accuses U.S. of Inhuman Atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan

Here's why Obama may not be able to fix The Mess

My neighbor down the street had a nervous breakdown over Obama's win, left his wife and moved to

'blanket octopus': a bizarrely beautiful creature, on video

Limbaugh: Kennedy will be dead by the time health care bill passes.

Friday TOON Roundup 1- Rush defines the Repubs

UK Prime minister condemns California's Prop 8: "Be vigilant against all discrimination!"

New Star Trek trailer is out...Wow!!!!

Should I escape the Bush Depression by going back to college?

'What the heck's the matter with Christian salt?' (backlash against Kosher salt)

Should Rihanna be charged with Obstruction of Justice and as

What if you took some Freepers............

Wall Street's Best Investment - Paying for Policy in Washington

Obama's fucking up the banking crisis.

Record 31.8 million on food stamps

We Don’t Have to Choose Between Prosecuting Bush Crimes and a Truth Commission

Ark. doc arrested after large weapons cache found

Don't forget this weekend

I just paid off $43,000 in credit card debt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else get this email about Snopes?


Capitalism, like communism, is dead.

Crazy Obama Birth Certificate Tinfoil Hatters Not Only Lose in Court, but Get Snarked by Judge!

DUzy Awards for the week will be posted Saturday evening

DUzy Awards for the week will be posted Saturday evening

Who is this picture? You will be shocked.

Hunter safety instructor forces Obama voters from class...........

Why do you like single-payer health care better?

Annual household income:

Why I'm Not Now and Have Never Been the Democrats' "Rush Limbaugh" Michael Moore

Do I have to look at Cenk's mug on the front page every goddamn day?

"A law making it illegal to bully a woman into having an abortion

Prop 8 - Question.. if God forbid, the SCoC upholds the law - can it be appealed

Kirksville (Missouri) City Councilman Aaron Rodgerson: “I wouldn’t rent to a homosexual.”

World-at-Night satellite cam

Would GHAP's PRIVATIZATION/“voucherization” of MEDICARE permanently DOOM Universal Single Payer?

If We Are in the Death Spiral of CAPITALISM Is It Now Safe to Talk About SOCIALISM?

Still Talking About Torture

Author, Gitmo Watcher Andy Worthington gives DU an interview.

Jim Cramer Uses CNBC to Manipulate Stocks

The government has got to be suppressing the real unemployment rates

OMFG - Out of the water! (photo warning for some)

Confessions of an abused woman...

Why I don't want to legalize marijuana

Boomers, did your little neck hairs stand up on end when you heard Obama say this?

Have you lost your head?!

Seinfeld reunion

What does this dream mean?

Favorite Fleetwood Mac song - Part 2

The shows are in HD but the commercials are not...

The shows are in HD but the commercials are not...

Minutemen - Corona

Lounge OP's are Twitter for weird people

Well the raccoons are back and eating into my neighbor's savings!

Where is Mcctatas? I just learned the sham wow has a medical use....

Are you a Gay Christian?

I just had surgery today

Beatles McCartney, Starr to play N.Y. charity show

The Version Of Watchmen The Studio Wanted

Got my History midterm grade back

Oh. My. Heaven.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Top Gear fans: I give you LEGO STIG!


Would you rather let Wayne Coyne or Jude Law give you a hickey?

Wild Turkey 101 Proof Rye is

Taylor Swift like you've never seen her...

What if the hokey pokey is what it's all about?

Tomorrow will be March Sixth 09 - we should all remember Shirley Ellis' The Clapping Song

is anybody else going to a midnight showing of watchmen tonite..?

I toured the White House yesterday! Ask me anything!

so, um, the Swiss Ambassador's got a pretty sweet crib

For anybody in love, requited or not, this song is very uplifting:

Im four beers in to ending my craptastic day...

Will Sasso vs. James Gandolfini

What's your favorite Crayola color?

Complete the lyrics challenge:

new Doritos flavor: Tacos at Midnight

Hooligan's Holiday, just for fun

Monkee Peter Tork has rare form of cancer-Add your Lounge Vibes for him in this GD post

Redundancy drives me nuts !! Like 3:00 AM in the morning

Casual socks

U2 haters: W 53rd St, NYC is now "U2 Way"

PREDICTION: Dow falls 300 points today because Friday is Fish day!

Students Define "Grinding"

Saw someone in an elevator with a water bottle that I know contains

Bizarre things you can buy on

Is it a bad sign when your staffing agency rep gets laid off?

So...I'm thinking about another trip to Paris



I'm an addict

Vibes For MCCTATAS.....Please

It's time.

Relax, she's too drunk to hit anything

Good morning Lounge

UN peacekeepers casting asparagus in Cyprus! This is HUGH!!!111!!!11!!11!!


Caller ID: The greatest invention since sliced bread

Top Gear: Russia? More likely than you think, comrade!

Top Gear: Russia? More likely than you think, comrade!

La la la la la

Aybody who preemptively invades me will have another thing coming!

Last call and the bartender says, "No, you can only have one of those."

TDL appoints Supreme Commander.

The Album Cover Game....

Note to Charles Schwab: Cartoons are supposed to be funny.

To those of you who have chosen the other side.

The Army of the Northern Chuggo stands ready to protect its territory from foriegn invasion.

Why does 60 feel like 45 today?

I am hungover. I just threw out my back and my best friend is sick

The Beatles: Rock Band to be released on September 9, 2009. Get it? Huh?

If you saw Jon Stewart's self emulation

How is it sometimes w is a vowel, like y?

How come peoples eyes are dilated on TV or in Movies a lot?

PSA for anyone thinking about joining Midlo's so-called army

My refrigerator is a Whirlpool; my washer-dryer is a Frigidaire. Am I upside down?

LynneSin's diplomatic efforts have failed

After further scrutiny I have decided to disband the TDL and sever my alliances with Taterguy

Where is DS1? I cannot attack taterguy without him.

I have to go and get another stupid I.D today.

Leon Salzman

I cannot believe my DU glory days are over.

Poblano peppers stuffed with cheese and chicken are Seriously Awesome

Woohoo! I got 11th row seats for the Guest/McKean/Shearer "Unwigged & Unplugged" concert!

Gandalf is right now eating Richard Hoggart...

Midlo-Taterguy! Tonight on Pay-Per-View! I am taking bets now on who will win.

gah! I can't find this song that has b.b. king singing backup vocals..

BBC: What would a real life Barbie look like?

Field Marshall, DS1. Can you handle things here?

It is pepper and egg sandwich time!!!

It Takes A Nation Of Millions is still a completely badass album

previously unseen "Watchmen" clip

What did you think of "Man On Wire"?

Video of my toddler son singing "Happy Birthday" to his grandfather (my dad):

Pop quiz, ladies and gents.

Only a FREEPER would grill with gas or pre-emptively invade another DUer

Why Midlo captured my heart with song....

Check in here if you want to join the TDL (Taterguy Defense League)

Who the hell watches DVD commentaries? (rant)

I have a small question for you folks who build your own computers

No-time Toulouse. The story of the wild and lawless days of the post-Impressionists.

Computer headphones make my work day SO much better.

I just met with the worst attorney EVER

Fun with Freepers: Civil Unions Edition

"Dora the Explorer going skank, moms fear" - NO JOKE - on CNN's site, not The Onion

Woohoo! Next week the Mid-Atlantic isn't going to suck!

Best. Wedding dance. Ever.

Alligator starts fire in abandoned school

So my parents want to be my friend on Facebook

Today's earworm - "Puppy Love," as performed by Donny Osmond.

Anyone else here remember the ending to the final episode of St. Elsewhere?

lucky me

They got department stores full of cheap guitars

I'm assembling my army to attack taterguy and will need all of you who have military experience

i am in so much pain, my back muscles are smasming to glory


I just cleaned my computer keyboard

The doctor gave me a prescription for a water pill.

I just got my thesis back, and it PASSED. I can has Master's Degree?

The stupid test

Your momma... (fill in the blank)

You have lost


Would kids be able to play a full game of manhunt these days?

Why are pirates called pirates?

What do you call George W. Bush now that he no longer works with Cheney?

It's Friday! You know what that means!

Upset at being cut off, man drives car into bar

Mildo has got to be

What do you get when you combine mouse + deer?

Twitter users - a stupid question

If you were on Twitter, what would you tweet?

Good afternoon Lounge

Whew! I escaped a freeper visit this morning. I love my uncle, but he is an obnoxious rushbo fan.

OH THE HUMANITY! When will this Lounge war end?


The "Scanwiches" Web Site. Nothing but photos of sandwiches cut in half & scanned.

Does Madonna get a senior discount at the movie picture shows yet?

How many bands that make it have little or no formal musical training?

Somebody in Dallas actually has some brains!

Acheive Nirvana With A Longer Organ.

Question for the lounge. When I start strafing taterguy's neighborhood

Patch Adams on Bravo

The Weekly MLB Spring Training Check-In Thread.

How come Midlo always gets called a guy?

Road trip

Wild kitteh pic

When I listen to Rush why is it that...

So I found these weights.

Epicurious / Bon Appetit's Frozen Pizza Taste Test. Let's see if you agree with their choices.

You know, it's not really that I hate other people, per se. It's that they're alive.

Arts and crafts....fuck!

OK You guys win - Vampire Weekend is awesome

Behold the lyrical masterpiece that is the Breakfast Song...

I bet Karl Rove won't live to see a cure for Butt-Ugly.

Truly, if you think I'm a guy you are a resident of Dumbassville.

OK, in order to avoid any more creekdogging, please state your gender in this thread

have to miss a very important fundraiser

OW! I hate it when that happens! I just pinched my arm inbetween my chair and the desk.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/6/2009)

Who is this person, "HUGH!!!!111"?

Is anybody already drunk?

If you live in Midlothian, this might be a good weekend to get the hell out of town


new little feral kitty named Mohammed

BIG LOVErs--what did you think of last weeks episode? (SPOILER ALERT)

Should DU be nationalized?

I forgive LynneSin for her initial allegiance to spud guy.

I'm going to see Watchmen tonight

Hey, taterguy? Ready to surrender?

bored today.....random pics

I bet Neil Bush won't live to see a cure for herpes.

Am I now the only one supporting taterguy?


There's one thing that Midlo and I can agree on

Who else is going to tonights midnight showing of the Watchmen?

Is it wrong to, say "turn the redneck on" every so often?

I'm offering Midlo my farm to use as her war HQ.

Depeche Mode, Beastie Boys, Jane's Addiction to headline 2009 Lollapalooza

Gimme a #^&()*#% hug, officer!

I've seen more Pride & Prejudice than anyone who's not Jennifer Ehle.

kitten picture of the day for friday march 6

I start a new job on Monday

Friday - it means "Whales Vagina" in the tongue of the Ya Ya people...

what dvd should I watch tonight

David Bowie! David Bowie! David Bowie!

Who has a cheap friend in need that abuses licken' thighs?

Why does Kelly Lynch wear a table cloth to meet Dalton at the Double Duece?

the question that now must be asked, Does Midlo have an exit strategy?

Don't anyone tell me how the Cinderella trilogy ends

A HUGE thank you and an update

I just feel like crap


Sorry HeyHey (and any other DUers who might be upset)

So I'm talking to Verizon's billing department about my cell bill and they ask me for an ALTERNATE #

I can only read paragraphs containing, at most, 3 sentences

It's Friday, who's having fish?

Is it a bad thing that I had never in my life ever heard of "The Watchmen" until a week ago?


Oh shit. Baloney craving. I don't have any baloney.

Outside of Ugly fencing and a hunting rifle how do I get rid of all these deer.

Did someone say Rock n Roll?

Last Call for Girl Scout Cookies!


Friday questions

Aside from corporate greed...

I don't know about you but today is a good day for Steve Miller Band

LOST relationship complexities...

Barn cat forever or house-cat-to-be?

Vibes, if you would...for my tooth...

Rosie1223 is my new favorite DUer. Take that taterguy, you n00b.

All right, that's it. I need the Cliffs Notes on this Midlo/taterguy thing.

All right, that's it. I need the Cliffs Notes on this Midlo/taterguy thing.

No one is hiring.

New "Trek" trailer in HD

Here is our Rescue Puppy (pics included)

Woman Calls Cops on Burger King

Just got back from the doctor - back specialist

Michael Jackson had his chin cleft redone

Midlo and I got along fine until LynneSin butted in

In two months I will be old.

Who has a cheap recipe that uses chicken thighs?

WOO HOOO! I just got offered a promotion!

Maybe someone can explain this phrase to me.

Because HEyHEY can't get on DU, I'm going to print off

It's on, taterguy. It's on.

Why can't brides rent dresses?

As they're nearly over, let's name the Aughts (this decade, in other words)

Did anyone miss me?

Tater or Midlo

Anyone here use (or has used) a TENS unit? I have a question:

Need some new ideas: What are you reading right now?

OMGWTFBBQ! New harry potter trailer in HD goodness

What would a real life Barbie look like?

Anyone else not picked a side yet.

Your Presence is Requested

Interesting chart - "If I am wrong, she will still love me"

School bus driver beaten by teen

What music are you listening to right now?

Guess who I'm holding in my arms...

Did anyone watch American Idol tonight?


A example of someone who doesn't like Obama and is anti-choice (among other wacked things)

Is CNBC giving FoxNews a run for their money?

Here is my current understanding of the Health Care proposal:

"Officially Unofficial: Inspired Art for Obama" Chicago, April 1

How can a man as mind numbingly dense as Jim Robinson run a website?

Columbia Journalism Review - Articles Discusses Stewart's Piece and Bias Of Financial Press

what are the top Bush foreign policy/protocol blunders?

Will Obama Admin defend John Yoo, author of the torture memos under Bush?

HuffPo Slideshow Photos: Michelle Obama Spends Lunchtime Serving Homeless @ Miriam's Kitchen

Does Steele really think that his buds expect him to actually leaf, or

International Criminal Court’s case against Bashir could provide...precedence for going after Bush

LA-Sen: Vitter In Danger of Getting Spanked (Electorally, That Is)

Dodd seeks authorization for $500 billion for FDIC (if needed)

Answer: Republicans.

Obama supports bill to make unionizing easier, Biden talks to AFL-CIO

The Lion of the Senate: (((PICS)))

"Clinton in Europe: great grammar, and very on-message"

PA-Sen: Toomey Will Run

I Don't Know About the Rest Of You... But I'm Having A Really, Really Hard Time

The most important News of the Week.

BREAKING: President NOT visting Ireland next month

Cheap oil may be better than Obama

Krugman: The fear of bank nationalization can lead to a low-growth decade

Answer: Rev. jeremy "God damn America" Wright and Bill "terrorist" Ayers.

Does Steele really think that his buds expect him to actually lead, or

Another birther case dismissed

Dean for Surgeon General?

I think it is time to Nationilize GM and Citi

"If your enemies are fighting themselves, then don't get in the way."

Most impressive Cabinet performance to date?

Strange, but true.. Palin selects pro-choice Judge to Alaska Supreme Court pissing off Evangelicals

FRAME: To say you want Obama "to fail" is saying you want the US to fail for four more years

Payroll employment has declined by 2.6 million in the past 4 months.

So if Wall Street was clever it would back Obama

Eerie Corelations In Legal Theory (Birthers and Bushies)

"Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff is acting childish, and so is everybody else in the Democrat Party."

Obama to meet Queen in London next month

"Obama working too hard" was an actual news story today...WTF?

So it Looks Like Newtie May Well Run in 2012

“Now we have the US with us” - Europe on Sec of State Clinton

Billboard For Rush: Dems Putting Sign Outside Limbaugh's Home


Let us see How smart Obama is ...

There are few things funnier than

Is it me? or are the Senate repukes using their minority status more effectively than the Dems did?

Why won't Obama nationalize the banks?

Should we regard this recession as a capital strike?

Another Fine Mess Obama Inherited - Real ID Act

Americans keep their collective "head in the sand" about President Obama

If I were CNBC I would hire Jon Stewart to do financial reporting and fire

Study counts the number of Single-Payer Healthcare advocates on TV last week

I think it's time to seat Franken

There needs to be a law for public disclosure of stock withholdings by those who work at CNBC

BREAKING-Senate Republicans force delay on spending bill

CBS POLL: Afghanistan as important a foreign policy priority as Iraq, increase troop levels

Ten Things You Can Do to Stay in Your Home: From ACORN and The Nation magazine

Ten Things You Can Do to Stay in Your Home: From ACORN and The Nation magazine

Obamas To Spend Weekend At Camp David

Fox News CEO Aims To Challenge Obama "Until The Last Shot Is Fired."

Pundits and DU - Its Either (1) Obama is too extreme! or (2) Obama isn't going far enough!

bound to fail !

Another reminder why I left Catholic Church: Bishops threaten to shut down Catholic Hospitals

CNBC and WSJ Won't Get This But The DOW Is Down Due To Job Report, Not Obama's Health Plan!

Communist Party Chairman hands Glenn Beck his ass.

Stopping a Financial Crisis, the Swedish Way

Chart Re Unemployment and S&P - Why are conservatives proud of Reagan? Attacking Obama?

Rich/Corporations Cutting Off Nose to Spite Ugly Face!

YT Link of Video on Howard Dean

There is one thing that really worries me about the "Bush as dictator"

For the GOP and all the naysayers

What should Obama do regarding the financial crisis

BREAKING-Obama to reverse stem cell funding regulations

What is it about fucking freepers and the inability to spell correctly????

What is it about fucking freepers and the inability to spell correctly????

Obama joins Palin as Wolf killer.

NYT Finally Gets Its Obama Interview

'Joe the Plumber' v. Ohio and he can't find a job --how the mighty has fallen

It's time for us to stop to blaming the BUSH & Co. for every mess inherited..

U.S. Capitol Police Surveilled by FBI Prior to Obama Inauguration!!

Last night on Colbert Cramer blamed Obama for "scaring people"

The DOW Is Now Up - CNBC Attributes This To Rush Limbaugh Breaking Wind!

HELP!!! the freepers are attacking

Comment by Marine on YouTube

"The War on Capital" -- We'd better fight this shit or they'll take back the ball

FDIC may be insolvent!!

These 2 guys like to use props in their comedy routines.

In their rejection of government and governance, Republicans are the next best thing to Anarchists

Will somebody PLEASE explain the difference between the Celebrity Shopping Network and CNBC to me?

The insurance rep who was engaged in a conversation about health

Noonan: "They're trying too hard for diversity, but this is an emergency ...

The Public stays Patient with the Barack Obama on the issue of the Economy!

Does the Stock Market Know It's Elbow from It's Asshole?

Ok, so it's datenight...

You know. I think Obama is doing the right thing.

Republicans' insane response to the economic crisis: freeze federal spending

Palin appoints former Planned Parenthood board member to Alaska Supreme Court

"The World is Not Necessarily Falling Apart" (Jobs Report)

My favorite pic that I took at the inaugural was something I happened upon - link fixed

Vanguard Mutual Fund Co's Chief Economist - Nice Fair and Honest Assessment of Economy - No Booyah

Krugman is right. IMO Pres. Obama is wasting his mandate to protect insolvent banks

Single-Payer Advocates Win Seats at White House Health Summit: Dr. Oliver Fein's Prepared Remarks

Obama on stimulus: 'I know we did the right thing'

Gingrich talks of possible presidential run in 2012 (speech in Va.)

I sent an email to Obama

AP Writes on Jon Stewart's "Brutal Takedown" of CNBC

It's been 2 months since President Obama took office

Bayh always was a prick. Dem Senators attack spending bill that includes their demands

We're f'n doooooooooomed!

Kerry: "if a company accepts bailout can’t waste money on lavish parties"

Salon: Conservatives angry over Michelle Obama's trip to homeless shelter

Michelle Obama: 'Want pie, there's pie'

Question for Older DUers. I was 6 in 1980 when Reagan took over after Carter.

Kerry on rescuing banks and government taking a "dominant position" in them

Pat Buchanan: "The Obama administartion is now irrelevant"

Colorado Republicans: "mothers should suffer" and gay people should be "put to death"

This administration has nothing to be proud of on the Economy front

"Tongue-tied Clinton gets warm EU welcome" Also, "Obama to visit Europe at the end of the month"

OK... why doesn't the gov't just seize people's houses by right of emminent domain and then give

Did it get this mean and ugly this early in the Clinton administration?

HI-Gov, HI-01: Abercrombie Will Run For Governor

Zeke Emanuel compares his health care plan to Obama's plan. Dean supports Obama's plan.

Anyone know what the inflation-adjusted S&P level is these days?

The HUGE difference between BUSH'S spending and OBAMA'S spending

Illinois state prosecutors investigating Burris for perjury

Judge assails cases doubting Obama's citizenship


Can we use "eminent domain" to stop the corporate economic slowdown?

Andrea Mitchell just asked Columbus, OH mayor Michael Coleman how much it cost

Senate Dems May Punish Bayh, Feingold For Omnibus Opposition

PREDICTION: Conservatives will attempt to claim "Watchmen" as one of their own.

Clinton 'reset button' gift to Russian FM gets lost in translation

My husband will soon be in the same room as President Obama!

Heads up: Alabama Governor Don Siegelman on Rachel Maddow show tonight

Alright! I have the billboard design (free bumpersticker too!)

Robin Williams to undergo heart surgery

Former lawmakers' earmarks keep pet projects alive

Health Canada finds bisphenol A in soft drinks

Health Canada finds bisphenol A in soft drinks

British solicitor Jeffrey Tesler arrested over gas deal ‘bribes’ (KBR Nigerian bribery )

AFL-CIO Calls On California Supreme Court To Invalidate Proposition 8

Treasury secretary's choice for deputy withdraws

Gandhi's items sold for $1.8 million

Citadel Booted From NYSE, Others Imperiled

Taliban blows up poet’s shrine

SEC to more than quadruple transaction fees (removing Bush years huge discount)


Sri Lanka War Causes Thousands of Civilian Casualties, UN Says

European push for more online rights to privacy

Obama to send $438 million more to storm-battered Gulf

Jobless rate bolts to 8.1 pct., 651,000 jobs lost

1 Million face starvation in Sudan

Unemployment Now Worst Since Reagan (1983)

Calls grow for Bush-era 'truth commission'

Postal Service draws criticism for $1.2 million home buy

Rove is a 'two-headed rattlesnake' says former Ala. Gov. Siegelman

Rights and wrongs of rendition: MI5 consults 'ethical counsellor'

Panetta: No one to be punished for interrogations

Congress Must Pass Stopgap To Keep Government Open

Taliban kill two 'US spies' in Pakistan: officials

Many dead in Sri Lanka, says UN (Continued killing of civilians)

Postal Service draws criticism for $1.2 million home buy

China Calls for Closer Ties With Taiwan

Taiwanese official indicted on spying for China

Jury clears man of sex assault on teen girl

Zimbabwe PM rushed to hospital after car accident

US officer 'stole Iraq aid funds'

Senate puts off vote on huge spending bill


Supreme Court Vacates Decision Giving President Indefinite Detention Power In Al-Marri Case

Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Hurt in Car Crash, Wife Killed

Rape row sparks excommunications (9-year old victim)

Supreme Court Ends Terror Suspect's Detention Challenge

Thailand mulls reforming lese-majeste laws (insulting the Monarchy)

ArcelorMittal Cleveland closing mill and finishing plant; 990 steelworkers losing jobs

Hazmat crew checking powder sent to state office

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta withdraws as surgeon general candidate

Low birthrates spell doom for world's rarest rhino

Dem Congressional Leaders Telling White House They're Concerned About Freeman

Merrill Says It Discovered Trading "Irregularity" (Update2)

President Obama to Sign Executive Order (overturning ban) on Stem Cell Research Monday

Iran says U.S.-Iran journalist to be freed soon: report

Federal Court Ruling Expands Rights of Gitmo Detainees to Evidence

President Obama to Sign Executive Order on Stem Cell Research Monday

Court rejects Franken's bid to be seated in Senate

White House meets aid groups over Darfur

Bank of America Says Bonus Disclosure Will Harm It

US officer 'stole Iraq aid funds'

UK restores links with Hezbollah

U.S. Capitol Police Officers' Ties Scrutinized Before Inauguration

Iran, Hamas defend wanted Sudanese president

US to extend hand to Syria in first step to reshaping Middle East

Freedom Bank of Georgia closed by regulators

Economy shed 651,000 jobs in February

Court rejects Franken bid to be seated in Senate

Madoff Scam Could Cost Cancer Patient His Life

Ark. doctor arrested on hand grenade charge


Chinese Government Approves Chery’s Plan To Buy Volvo

Former House aide hit with corruption charges

U.S. IRS To End Contracts With Private Tax Debt Collectors

Secretary upholds delisting gray wolves in parts of the West, including Oregon

Report: More young girls face rape in Afghanistan

Single-payer advocates win seats at White House health summit

CIA Vets Blast Senate Probe of Operations Under Bush

C-130s grounded: Aircraft to be inspected after Robins workers find cracks

Mexican president blames U.S. corruption for hampering drug war

Sierra Club head gives Obama high marks

Russia outmaneuvered U.S. over air base, analysts say

UN pleads with Sudan over aid ban

Speculation grows on China aircraft carrier plans

Prosecutors hint Madoff plea deal in works

Justices seem to be leaning in favor of Prop. 8

Coke plans to $2 billion investment in China

Republicans Look for a Reliever in Kentucky

Pakistan sees local link to cricket team attack (Update)

Italy revives Sicily bridge plan

Yucca No Longer an Option

Opel 'should consider insolvency'

India renews criticism of "Buy American" drift

Oklahoma Legislature Rushing to Pass Bill to silence Richard Dawkins' campus talk on evolution

India successfully tests missile interceptor

Pakistan facing 'mortal threat'

Dean under consideration for surgeon general: report

Are we going to see cuts in Social Security benefits yes or no?

AIG 'Was Going to Bring Down Europe': Lawmaker (Rep. Paul Kanjorski)

Siegelman Appeal: Court Reverses Two Counts, But Upholds Others

Zimbabwe PM Morgan Tsvangirai and wife 'in crash' UPDATE: Wife has died

Hugo Chavez seizes land owned by Irish tycoon

Colombia protests against unlawful killings by security forces

Abu Ghraib MP Slain In Bid for Redemption

WTF is with republicans and plumbers, from the movie - President Nixon creates the plumbers...

WTF is with republicans and plumbers, from the movie - President Nixon creates the plumbers...

March 5, 2009: The Day in 100 Seconds Karl Rove Testifies Before Congress (A Pre-Enactment)

Right Feeling Wronged. Amazing Portrait of Republicans.

Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse?

President Obama and Sen. Ted Kennedy at White House Health Care Summit

Understanding Iran's 'Family Values' Fundamentalism - Rick Steves


Rush Limbaugh Wins Hardball Award

Faux News: White House focusing on Rush to hide the issues (Politico meme alert) Will Rudy Giuliani apologize to Rush Limbaugh?

Oscar Grant Shooting Protest at Fruitvale BART Station

Protest at Pacific Brands sackings - Part 1

Ottawa Protest 05.03.2009 (Tamil)

Rush Limbaugh at CPAC

President Obama opening remarks at the Health Care Summit

SEIU members respond to Bill O'Reilly's attacks on working people

F * * K Rush Limbaugh

Young Turks---Robert Gates: Obama is Smarter Than Bush

Brad Pitt Meets With Nancy Pelosi

Young Turks: Big Banks Taking Our Money Even Though They Say They Don't Need It!!

Russia building anti-satellite weapons

TYT RANT: Throw The Madoff Family In Jail (Ear-Muff The Kids)

Communist party leader visits Glenn Beck (10:20)

That Pissed Off Guy on Rush Limbaugh

Ford workers: “Now the fight is with our own union.”

E*TRADE Baby Outtakes - Economic commentary, etc. :)

Stephen Colbert has a problem with his portfolio

Much Of The World See Bush & Cheney As War Criminals!

The Oracle with Max Keiser - The Queen Mother and Chicken Rush Pie

Health Care Reform Newsmaker Series: Montana Sen. Max Baucus

The Crimson Permanent Assurance Part 2

White House Health Care Summit 1/10

Destruction of CIA Tapes...No Biggie

The Oracle with Max Keiser - Goldman Sachs, AIG and dark matter - BBC World

The Crimson Permanent Assurance Part 1

Republicans Go Urban - "I'm Mike Steele, anotha black politician."

Baby Rush - Tell Rush Limbaugh to grow up at

Faces of Hate: Yes on 8

Senator Claire McCaskill Slams Senate Republicans on Earmarks

Andrew Card: Health Care is a 'want,' not a 'need'



TYT: Did The GOP Falls Into Obama's Limbaugh Trap?

Rush Limbaugh: "the Ted Kennedy Memorial Health Care Bill"

Jon Stewart continues to slam financial networks on Letterman

Steele Gets Dissed on Morning Joe

Inside the mind of a Christian wingnut.

Inside the mind of a wingnut. Calling all patriots to Washington.

Heads up: Alabama Governor Don Siegelman on Rachel Maddow show tonight

Intelligence failures crippling fight against insurgents in Afghanistan, says report

Simon Johnson & Peter Boone: We cannot afford to wait to recapitalise US banks

Guardian UK: The days of the boozy business lunch are over

The Biggest Story of the Week .... Our retirement “system”

NYT Egan: Fears of a clown

Phil Weiss: Freeman would actually take on the occupation, and that's why he's being attacked

Obama's Budget Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

Power Shift 09 - The London Souls - Interview and Music Video - From JTMP

Vanity Fair: Rethinking The American Dream


Doctor’s Rx for A-Rod's Ailing Hip: Steroids!

Will Barack Obama Confront Corporate-Criminal Complex? By John F. Miglio

"The banks are insolvent and have to die."

Of Limbaugh and Steele and their pending doom: A morality tale of heavenly justice

Young Evangelicals Are Ditching the Christian Right's Bigoted Agenda

Who’s Leading the Republican Party? Rush Limbaugh and the Resurrection of “Massive Resistance”

Joseph E. Stiglitz: A Bank Bailout That Works

Charles Krauthammer’s Twisted Logic

San Francisco Historians Condemn 1906 Earthquake Deniers

Please Save the Poor Wealthy Humans

A shining city on a hill can't have dungeons in its basements

Why I'm Not Now and Have Never Been the Democrats' Rush Limbaugh

Heralded for its Orange Revolution five years ago, Ukraine is coming apart at the seams

Setback For Pro-Israel Hawks In U.S.: Bernd Debusmann

Fed Reserve Pres in Kansas Thomas Hoenig: Too Big has Failed (could this be nationalization Friday?

Analysis: When Government Makes Us Sick (Gov Exec)

Roubini: The U.S. Financial System Effectively Insolvent ..grave risk of global L-shaped depression

Republicans Stumble Trying To Put Best Foot Forward For Senate 2010

Why Did So Few Americans Give a Damn? (about Bush Admn's Constitutional abuses)

Albany Times Union Editorial: Fred Phelps' gospel of hate

Media Matters: The media's tax fraud

Survey: U.S. gains favor as outsourcing location

Backdoor Bailouts for Goldman Sachs?

GOP Outnumbered At Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce Convention

Not for the troops

Putting Your Money Where Their Mouth Is

Castro and Chávez: The Evil Twins for Florida's GOP

Toward humane immigration enforcement

The New Age of Sturlungs

Robert Parry: Neocons Wage War on a 'Realist'

Mass deportations of Haitians isn't the answer (Orlando Sentinel)

Rush: Kennedy won't live to see health reform

The Wall Street Criminals Are Still Running Free, Stealing Billions

Unemployment Report 3-6-09, 8.1% Double that to 16.2% would be closer

Krugman: Obama admin dithering on banks

When Securitization Blew Up; So Did the Economy By Mike Whitney

IPS: How Wall Street Paid For Its Own Funeral

War on the Rich? The bogus GOP claim that Obama is trying to bleed wealthy Americans.

Smart Is The New Stupid (And Other Subtle But Profound Effects of the Obama Era)

When Abortion is Right, and the Catholic Church is Dead Wrong

From Crooks & Liars: Clinton: Israel's Demolition Plans 'Unhelpful'

Frustrated twice before on health-care reform, this may finally be Ted Kennedy's moment

Battling Obama by ‘Going Galt’

TYT: Cenk examines the bizarre bias against Howard Dean, defends the good Dr.

Is the Future Going Down the Drain? Baby Boomers Going Bust

Ashley Judd's Call to Action to End Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

Reimagining Socialism



Tesla CEO in Digital Witch Hunt

Nature Magazine editorial on Yucca cancellation

Tme To Abandon Desert Rock- Coal Fired Plant in Northern New Mexico

Micron signals move to green technology

ODAC Newsletter - 6 Mar

"No, We Can't?" by Dave Cohen (ASPO-USA)

Discover Magazine: 2005 Drought Turned the Amazon Into a Carbon-Spewing Factory

Ashley Judd's Call to Action to End Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining (xpost)

Obama veers from Bush's environmental course

Should hunters switch to 'green' bullets? (CNN)

Paterson Draws Fire in Shift on Emissions

Microscopic objects (microbes) may lead to large pollution solution

Energy-gobbling city home to biggest solar roof (CNN)

Heroes fight for prairie dogs, ferrets and the American prairie

Sunlight turns carbon dioxide to methane

Geologists Map Rocks to Soak CO2 From Air

Why Did Salazar do this?????

Venezuela Turns Tables on US re: War on Drugs

Castro and Chávez: The Evil Twins for Florida's GOP

Cuban 5: Unheard of 12 Amicus Briefs Filed Urging Supreme Ct. to Review Convictions

Cuba Opposes Selective Expansion of UN Security Council

US, Brazil leaders to discuss global issues next week

Colombia protests against unlawful killings by security forces

Si Se Puede! Victory at Kirschenman Enterprises. Workers Finally Get $50,000 Back Pay Settlement

Company president gets year in prison in 401(k) theft

City, Employees Union Reach Three-Year Deal (Video: MY local gets praise on TV)

‘Can My Boss Do That?’

Today in labor history Mar 6 The order was ignored and President Carter did little to enforce it!

Ford workers: “Now the fight is with our own union.”

Ark Times: Lincoln, Pryor deny they had agreed to support EFCA

Health Care Reform Effort Is Officially Launched

A Radical Vision for Today's Labor Movement

EFCA opponent's newest meme: EFCA "will cost millions of jobs"

cboy4 and upton caught live on San Francisco television...

Mighty 49ers make bold move: Sign new quarterback...

Interesting angle on the Barry Bonds trial

Damon Huard. A failure in Miami and will be a failure in SF.

Your opinions, please, re the Iditarod and photo links.

My Pirates aren't doing so bad....Could this be the year they...

I called-in to a show on the XM Radio Gay Channel tonight!

Post Your Proposed California Ballot Initiatives Here!

Vermont Moves on Gay Marriage

A friend of mine compiled lists from AfterEllen and

Evangelical clergy here keep referring to Illinois's civil unions

I'm at school with some buddies

Was Krueger told to 'throw the fight'?

It hit home....

Illinois civil union bill heads to House vote and the Mormon Church is at it again

Saturday March 7th Marriage Equality Event.

California Supreme Court looks unlikely to kill Proposition 8

Don't Buy Here: 10 Companies That Hate The Gays

For the record: I strongly oppose "gay marriage"

Dow 6500

What's the final verdict on the Stimulus Bill? (some quick questions)

Senate AIG hearing was terrifying, C-span 2 rerun in the middle of the night.

Workers clobbered by relentless layoffs

crash course in bubble video

Smaller Banks Ask Why They’re Paying for Wall Street’s ‘Greed’

One in 8 U.S. homeowners late paying or in foreclosure

Link to a GD thread on Deep Capture

Nationalized Banks: Why They Might Work

DEEP CAPTURE: It Only Hurts When I Laugh

Man the Lifeboats!

CITI Bank up one Percent. Gains Penny.

How much cash can one get from a bank at one time. I mean could I cash

TPM: More lowdown on AIG

Unemployment !

Time for Permanent Nationalization

Senate Bill Seeks $500 Billion for FDIC

Alternatives to capitalism

Merrill Lynch Says It Discovered ‘Irregularity’ in Trading Unit

The $700 trillion elephant

Well, I'm a statistic as of today. Layoffs. Anyone need a software trainer?

My depression just ended

Palestinian children's health in decline, says report

Retirement funds in danger for millions of Americans

Sliding economy raises questions about credit scores

Senior Labor Party officials slam Barak for continuing coalition talks

Mauritania tells Israel embassy to leave

Israelis fight fire with fire over Apartheid Week

Olmert: No peace without dividing Jerusalem

Hamas sends envoy to Sudan in support of Al-Bashir

Pots of urine, feces in the refrigerator - how IDF troops vandalized Gaza homes (Amira Hass)

Pro Israeli Jews trying to oust National Intelligence Council chairman appointee Chas Freeman

Suddenly, Home Was Gone

TPM: Who are the AIG counterparties? Here are some...

Israelis react with fury to British boycott call

From shepherd to diplomat: Israeli Bedouin''s odyssey...

Israeli settlers demonstrate against removal of West Bank checkpoints

A Family Illness, and Fewer Friends Who Can Help

Washington State Legalizes Assisted Suicide

Virus 'triggers child diabetes'

"White Flour Contains Diabetes-Causing Contaminant Alloxan"

Close encounters with med bill collector

Lost in the blur of slogans

Park City school board to revamp gun ban (UT)

Alaska's Mark Begich, a Pro-Gun Democrat Who Wants to Open Up Arctic Drilling

Hunt on for Ohio gunman who killed 4 kids, woman

Gillibrand's guns tight rope (Gillibrand D-NY meets with Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence)

Ex-Palm Valley (police) officer gets prison over gun sales (TX)

Bill allowing loaded guns in cars passes Utah House

Background checks at gun shows (ME)

Man with gun sues MARTA after being detained (GA)

Police officer arrested on firearms charge (LA)

(Senator) Begich (D-AK) tells AG to back off on assault weapon ban

Why the gun is a civilized act

Here's where we were last Friday.

There oughta be a law


Pre-leaf, green season, Napa Valley, subdued sunlight

I was stimulated to spend some money on my roof - did not want snow on my bed

Plan would have SOCOM, CIA share personnel

Dominguez exit interview: Fixing health care

Brigade CO: No winter lull in Afghan fighting

Bill would restrict use of Md. National Guard

Judge upholds convictions in Dix plot case

Army captain charged with stealing $690,000

Gortney: Pirate attacks down, but will continue

2 Marines remain in hospital after bus wreck

1/3 back from what may be final Iraq tour

18 deaths in February were possible suicides

Funds to keep up SRB program requested

Kyrgyzstan says it is open to talks over base

C-130s undergoing special wing inspections

Airmen return to McChord AFB after 4 months

Nearly 1,100 U.S., Japanese troops train together in the waist-deep Sapporo snow

Kyrgyz leader says U.S. can still save Manas

NATO leader says no Kosovo troop reductions planned

Peace and progress in Ramadi

Military update: Reserve chiefs: Our people deserve better retirement

North Korea, U.N. slated to restart talks

Former Marine gets 34 months in jail

Troops in Iraq yearn to use pool

Kentucky brigade awaits word on 2011 deployment

Interesting mailbag at Stars and Strips today

Auditors Release JLTV Protest Report

Army Goes Interactive Against Suicide

Russia Building Anti-satellite Weapons

Navy To Christen USNS Wally Schirra

New daily feature: DoD contracts for 3/5/2009

General: Most Soldiers With TBI Heal

McConnell AFB vice commander dies (found dead in home)

Defense Tech: Gettin' Ospreys Dirty

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Don't Worry, Be Happy

USS Ohio Earns Battle 'E' For Hard Work

Overweight Youth Bad for Recruiting

Website 'I Dream of Barack'

Is it Physical or Spiritual....?

Weekly Healing Project #24 | March 8-14 | Solar Plexus Chakra, Related Minor Centers +Ages 15-21

NASA to launch planet-hunting telescope Friday

"Vatican-backed conference snubs creationism"

Is there justification for looking for flaws in a religion?

Brazilian president slams excommunications over minor’s abortion

When God Sanctions Violence, Believers Act More Aggressively

Buddhist students get rowdy

Tamari and Balsamic

Burnt Sugar Pie

What's for Dinner? ~ Friday March 6th

WANTED: Hot Fudge Recipes

So .... they wheeled Pizza Boy out in a two wheeled hand cart and dumped him at home ..... finally.

Can cause-effect relationships be taught in dialects without temporal aspect

San Francisco Historians Condemn 1906 Earthquake Deniers

NIST debunks its own Pancaking Theory?

How many Texas DUers going to Voter Photo ID Hearing Mar. 10?.?.?

new harry potter trailer... now with more HD goodness

[rant] Our voter turnout still sucks

Who watched the Watchmen?

Do you support Harper or Obama on Afghanistan?

Harper better than Obama on Afghanistan

Thunder and lightening, hail, fire and brimstone, what a show!

Any hard drive preferences out there?

Vista question ---

I need some good free anti virus software, anyone know of any?

My Firefox changed

Really nice dKos diary about the Saban Center speech

BG on Kerry's speech today on energy & global climate change

Kerry to appear on Bloomberg news this weekend: "“Political Capital With Al Hunt”