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Despite warnings from many economists that stimulus may be too small, m$m rarely raised the issue

Vick's house on auction block Tuesday- $3.2 Million +

Talk about being "big time"-Oprah gives up her magazine cover..sort of

Talk about being "big time"-Oprah gives up her magazine cover..sort of

Obama dislikes Brits; but will meet with Queen

Obama dislikes Brits; but will meet with Queen

Memo to Michael Steele: When you lie down with rabid dogs, you wake up with rabies

Michael Reagan-Rush/Coulter baby.... "That's conservative gold!"

Anyoone seen the Daily Show yesterday, with Bob Corddry?

Watching Hardball right now...

I'm sick of hearing Limbaugh is an entertainer and a nice guy.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council seems to have differing standards for sanctity of life

About Socialism.

Olbermann Shows The Truth About Rushbo's Ratings

Does anyone really think anybody else could handle this crisis better?

Hunter safety instructor removed after ordering 'liberals' from class

Rush Limbaugh is scam, beware.

For Silicon Valley, this time around could be even worse than the last bust

Somebody please tell Keith to STOP showing fat Limbaugh!


"The economy can't exist without banks", says this guy on CNN.

Socialized Medicine

So after all these years Rush really *can* be in charge....and he's scared

The Pentagon is pioneering micro technology for just about every device,

Santa Clara "Spring Cleaning Days"...junk in the streets, scavengers out in full force

401k or Social Security? Insurance or Medicare?

Guardian UK: Care to borrow a depression?

Democrats blast Leader Limbaugh for comment on Kennedy

" Peter B., Have you ever heard of Douche Bank?"

PEOPLE LAUGHED IN 2007 ...that the HOUSING BUBBLE would burst and that we would have a recession.

So, has Poopy stopped weeping over Horse-Barbara? (his family called her Barsil, a HORSE)

Alberto Gonzales Named Attorney General of Sudan

My cuz: Maj-Gen Texas Guard and Sr. VP. Exxon, retired. Asshole.

Be patient. Hannity, Limbaugh et al have essentially cut their own mikes

US troops 'not protecting Afghan, Iraqi citizens'

So I am wondering something (given the economy as it is) - your thoughts?

Ditech..(financing by GMAC)

Dems, GOP take different approaches in Minnesota marathon battle for Senate

Terrorism is......

Detroit Fox teevee station runs story of woman in Texas living in her car since July

TIME: Postcard from Paris: Cyclists Behaving Badly

Real Time with Bill Maher: T. Boone Pickens, Peter Singer, Myr. Cory Brooker, Erin Burnett

mods pls delete

Socialists: define yourselves.

Journalist layoffs: Can I enjoy the 'toe the line' writers getting whacked?

Gallup: American's Have NO FAITH in UN

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Way to go KO!

DCCC'S online "Tell Steele To Denounce Rush" Petition (posted after Pigboy's Kennedy comments)

Somebody should be selling a Hillary SoS World Tour 2009 Tee Shirt...

Rush is not a fat pill popping idiot, SO STOP SAYING THAT!

It's Godzilla vs. Mothra !!!! (Also known as Limbaugh vs Kristol)

Do those blasted "clean coal" ads make you puke, too!!!???

According to the RNC mini boss, Coleman won the election and NOt Franken...hehe

How will Limbaugh destroy himself?

KICK ASS!!! Live in the Phoenix area? Try the Heart Attack Grill!!!

McLaughlin Group. Talking about nationalization of banks. nt

Time to make some lemonade out of these lemons!

Senate recount trial: Day 30 (Franken-Coleman)

French archbishop scoops 'Macho of the Year' award

Discouraging news from Don Siegelman

Belated Reply to Accusation that Michael Jackson looks scary? Check this out:

Ana Marie Cox should get her facts straight before she speaks on Maddow's show

Question about the fat bag 'o shit's claim.....

Is Cutting-Edge Marijuana Lab the Future of Legitimate Pot?

Bernie Madoff can't hold a candle to these thugs. We know where the money went...

U.S. Senate Should Reject Ensign School Voucher Proposal, Says Americans United

An Idea for the September Stimulus Package

I want to say how bad I feel about CA prop 8 (though I keep my fingers crossed)

The King Of Pop (dial up warning pic)

Former NASA chief of staff is indicted (another Bush appointee)

Latest Freeper-types from the Fidonet

Zimbabwe PM's Party Wants Probe Into Crash; Only Vehicle in Convoy Struck

3 years in prison for Canadian man who left daughters in field to die during blizzard

“We are, some say, the saucer that cools the coffee" ......

A Ugandan Solution: Force LGBT People Into Conversion Therapy?

3/7/09 Hint for the day

RNC to make a show of support for embattled Chairman Steele

Japanese government giving Billions to Toyota to finance cars sold in North America

Have you noticed that the media keeps saying Obama promised to end all earmarks? He didn't

In case you missed The Daily Show - Santelli

Congressman Labels Obama 'Abortion President' Ahead of Stem Cell Reversal

Tom the Dancing Bug TOON: "Day of the Zombie Banks!"

The Manhattan Project of Marijuana

Many jobless have to pay fees to get unemployment money

Is it just me or does Michael Jackson's face really creep you out too? Yikes!

The Obamas are partying it up at the WH...

Twelve Things that Never Happened in U.S. History

Something that Republicans agree with Marx about

WJ this morning - lifting the ban on stem cell research

If Lee Harvey Oswald didn't kill JFK or wasn't a lone gunman, who did?

Republicans: "Stop Government Health Care, because it works!"

Aide to Rep. Don Young (Corrupt Bastards Club, Alaska) Indicted In Abramoff Scam

Ill. panel seeks advice preventing youth suicide

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- Sunlight (Dory Hippauf)

Digby: The Smoking Wreckage of Limbaugh Nation

with the omnibus number of Republicans with earmarks in the omnibus spending bill they may . . .

Check my math. Earmarks vs. Iraq

Goldman, AIG Skip Hong Kong’s Rugby Party Amid Tighter Scrutiny

Wiretaps Mess Will Foul Courts and Congress for a Long Time

Bank bailouts are inefficient. A more effective plan would be to

How to stop the drug wars - Prohibition has failed (The Economist)

Leave Rush Alone...

Afghan protesters blocked the path of U.S. military convoy - say overnight raid killed 4 civilians

What will replace the Republican Party?

Classic El Rushbo

Think job losses won't get worse? Think again

The Whole Family Joins the Army

My God, but I'm getting tired of hearing about Limbaugh...

Judges on Siegelman panel were all GOP appointees

More good news on the business front

So I had an interview with a foreign owned company this week

For ex-offenders, older workers, uneducated, jobs even harder to find

Shoe Reportedly Thrown at Iranian President Ahmadinejad

Good News on the business front

What Wall Street is unwilling to do is to

What Wall Street is unwilling to do is to

U2's new song sucks.

U2's new song sucks.

DNC Seeking Slogan for Billboard in Rush Limbaugh's Backyard

MarketWatch: For Silicon Valley, this time around could be even worse than the last bust

POLITICO: Rep. Grayson won't hold his tongue 3/6/2009

Republicans act like 5-year olds.....funny video.

Howard Dean Under Consideration for Surgeon General

I'm not sure all DUers understand Rushicans

What would change the psychology of Americans?

Greed and the Global Economic Crisis

Midtown office tower sold at deep discount

US to test local wells for traces of uranium - you will not guess where

Peter Schiff was right - 2006-2007

What happened with Air America Radio and Thom Hartmann?

Can DU'ers go one day without posting something about Rush?

Dick Armey: Rush Limbaugh Is Right About Obama

The Baby From Hell

Nationalization of Lloyds of London

Is this bank seizure (or 2 or 3) per week pre-scheduled and phased to avoid a mass panic?

A great idea for those against the 9yo having twins aborted...

Russia's Ford plant begins production of Mondeo

Looks like you can't do anything in Milton, Florida. From Blast Off blog.

Want to see some change?

Senate clears way to reverse polar bear rule

New Poll Reveals 56 Percent Of Americans Favor Bank Nationalization

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Comments on Administration Announcement of Policy toward Iraq

All this talk of socialism is pure bullshit!

India Says Pakistan Risks Becoming 'Failed State'

Gratuitous provocation is the reason a lot of people hate liberals.

ACLU: CIA Confirms 12 Destroyed Videotapes Depicted "Enhanced Interrogation Methods"

"Zippy" on the "unfunniness" of Barack Obama...

Remember when Biden said Obama would be tested in his first six months?

Is this recession intentional?

If I Say "The Rush An Fox Have Made Them Rabid" They Say "So You Think Putin?"

No Oath Required for Rove, Miers Testimony, None Needed: House Judiciary Source

Got a new button that might come in handy

How big is Limbaugh's audience?

Been to LBN lately? Obama lawyers argue to drop Yoo torture suit

Can pomegranates replace poppies (heroin) in Afghanistan?

How to Save Money On a Funeral


Shit like this is why I'm not catholic anymore. I'm so mad I could spit.

No Regrets: Dole Staffer Defends Ad Attacking 'Godless Americans'

CNN Calls Out Republican Leadership For Their Hypocricy In Earmarks

You think the next time some bonehead wants to go to war Americans will ask how much it gonna cost?

Is Rush Limbaugh To big to fail???? nt

Secy of State International Women of Courage

Matt Taibbi: Limbaugh is an abrasive, divisive, fat, pill-popping, idiot.

Why did we ignore this recession for over a year?

A Heap of BS from The Washington Post: "George W. Obama"

Why republicans want Obama and his economy to fail...

Russian FM: Make Middle East nuclear weapons-free zone

Flash: Front Page of Washington Newspaper Contains No News

Fundie dogfight: Religious Right turns on babykiller Sam Brownback

The only thing that will change the evil in the Catholic Church...

Time to Board China's Infrastructure Train

Well, THANK YOU Mr. President!

invasion of giant squid - for real - eating up Calif's sea food

Isn't it about time to apply the PATRIOT Act to the economic terrorists who have brought

Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.

When will Sen. Tom Coburn (R - CRAZY!!111!) report to prison?

OT: Dogs in Bee Costumes

So how does this sort of person come to be? Blog featured on CNN - a "young evangelical woman"

Is anyone else getting tired of Republicans and the rich labeling themselves as "The Achievers"...

CIA destroyed 12 tapes containing their most "enhanced" interrogation "techniques"

Brits to "Recognize" Hezbollah

Will Arlen Specter switch parties?

Litigation, Knock Offs and Nepotism : Welcome to the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry

Where's the food bank thread?

And while you're buying your Christian salt online, please beware of Boyce/Boice.

In Obama Tax Plan, A Shift of Wealth From the Top Down

Just how bad *is* the economy??

Fuck Richard Simmons. Fuck Weight Watchers. Fuck fat people.

Eye for an eye:

American politics

“UK ex-commander says Afghanistan mission ‘worthless’" so why is the US sending more troops?


I just watched "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas"-spoiler alert.

When will Obama succeed in ending the Bush Depression?

The gift Obama should have given to the Brits?

A thousand drops- all prop 8 supporters should have to read

If a CIA paid shill was posting here and you found out, you couldn't say anything

New Hamp[shire PSNH customers! Check in if your bills have been crazy high.

MI5 telegrams 'fed interrogation'

any brits here?

any brits here?

Washington plans for big bank failure

I finally realized who Michael Steel reminds me of.

Lookie lookie Bush may be next for the Hague

Fox & Friends has a Religion correspondent?!?!

Why I carry a Gun

"Tigerhawk" Explains Why the Rich Are Better Than You and Me

Bread Lines Seen in California

I always thought that a janitor was one of those jobs that "Americans didn't want to do"

Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 7

I commited tax fraud while in college

NY County bans cancer causing plastic for babies

Whenever Limbaugh Gets The National Spotlight, He Blows It

Barkley to tent city, shows off the new Nike jumpsuits

Holy Mother-Fucker The Church

The Republicans these days are a rag-tag gaggle of no-counts & hot-heads.

Sisters helping others marks International Women's Day


John Yoo Blames Media For Distorting Context of His Legal Memos

Compare & contrast: Condiscending Rice vs. Hillary Clinton

Hating the Poor for Not Being Poor Enough - and another way to help the homeless

CNN has interview with the jailed Charles Barkley. Topics include Limbaugh and Madoff. See it at 7pm

Which country would you LEAST want to live in?

Mortality rate for women during climate-related natural disasters 14 times higher than for men.

TV converter box coupons start flowing again (AP)

Appropriate Punishment for Bank CEOs et al?

The Democrats have deployed a "SECRET" plan, to destroy the Republican party.

"The Axis of Drivel" (Jindal, Steele & Rush)

Cornyn warns: No more fights if Democrats get 60 votes

Have Rush Limbaugh's ratings really "doubled," as the WashPost claims?

Why is the United States allied with countries like Iran and Sudan in opposing women's rights?

Help me celebrate!

Tell me it is DU and not my computer that just came back from

SOCIALISM started under Bush with Bailouts to banks and creation of Monopolies

We already HAVE bread lines people

Thank you, President Obama

13 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Daylight Saving Time

If something is so big that it creates disaster if it fails, then why on Earth does it even exist?!

If something is so big that it creates disaster if it fails, then why on Earth does it even exist?!

Conspicuous Consumption

YOO (Scared Shitless) WSJ Editorial: "Yes, We Did Plan for Mumbai-Style Attacks in the U.S."

Do You Give Money To Homeless People

Insurance is a joke. I had surgery this week...We pay for good insurance Delta Dental

How many people in your family have served/are serving in the military?

Why Is It Ok To Seize Assets in Drug Busts, But Not Thieves Like Madoff & K.Lay

Siegelman ruling and update . . . by Larisa Alexandrovna

Why Conservatives Spend More on Pornography

"population overshoot" . . . exceeding the carrying capacity of the planet . . .

Limbaugh crosses the Delaware

Rental prices in northern NH are down and they are doing month to month

Why are Neo-Conservatives still making foreign policy??

Three great articles in The Progressive

Adam Smith: Bankruptcy brings about "liberation of the public revenue."

Can somebody help me find a toon?

Should W. Be Arrested in Canada for War Crimes on St. Patrick's Day?

Why does CNN think Roland Martin's opinion is worth listening to?

My version of a left wing Santelli style rant.

Meet the F*@kers. AIG's Joseph Cassano


So when do you think the welfare queen will be making a comeback?

A better term would be social democracy not socialism

They're Not Even Trying...

An absolutely disgusting comment from a Supreme Ct. Chief Justice

A great mistake that Republicans make and about which Democrats are no better

Legislator wants welfare recipients drug tested

Prop. 8 Ruling May Lead To Civil Unions For All

How will mandated private health insurance be better than what we have now?

'average guy' robs bank.....(easy way out of bankruptcy)

Scary kids' dentists on 20/20 last night.


What Battered Newsrooms Can Learn From Stewart's CNBC Takedown

Chavez to Obama: Go wash your ass**** (CHAVEZ MANDA A LAVARSE ESE PALTO A OBAMA)

How Many "Democrats" Will Desert Working Families On Employee Free Choice?

Okay. Now I'm freaking out a little bit.

Do you like Daylight Saving Time?

What would You consider 'Affordable' Medical Insurance?

What would You consider 'Affordable' Medical Insurance?

So you want just pure capitalists (no more of this social program stuff)

Will New Power Lines Run Through Your Back Yard?

Here's A Protest Sign For Ya !!!

Enough! DEMAND to know where every last penny has gone

Holy cow. Credit Default Counterparties have 1st claim on assets?

Mom who reported for duty with kids in tow given honorable discharge

Dennis Kucinich States His Intention To Put The Federal Reserve Under Government Control

Dennis Kucinich States His Intention To Put The Federal Reserve Under Government Control

Should the Obama administration negotiate with “reconcilable” Taliban?

Fuck You “Joe the Whatever,” You Deserve No Healthcare and $4 an Hour Job:

Rush Lickballs Audience Size

There's a gunman on the campus of Texas A&M

The foreclosure crisis in Cleveland. Coming soon to a city near you.

Why was bill maher such as ass tonight?

All we are give Dean a chance....

Note to Sen. Reid

Majority of Americans support Single Payer----Why hire an "adviser" who wants to PRIVATIZE MEDICARE?

Republican Wamp tries to claim Pres. Obama is creating class warfare

Would You Let Your 18 Year Old Daughter Travel Alone with a Friend in Europe?

World's largest watch store prepares for Daylight Savings Time

CNN is showing Tent City

Auburn family’s path to foreclosure began with mortgage after 2 bankruptcies

for discussion: is anything too important to be left to the vagaries of the market?

for discussion: is anything too important to be left to the vagaries of the market?

State Farm vs Florida...sharing barbs and smart remarks. State Farm appeals state ruling.

The Case for Giving Eli Lilly the Corporate Death Penalty

Gloria Estefan says CIA tried to recruit her as a spy

Defending the profits of the health care industry

Why don't some people get it?

Home Safe and Sound/Baby Update

Stuuuuupid Halls cough drop commercial: Take a cough drop and keep on handling our food.

Eastwood's CHANGELING and its depiction of treatment of women

MEMO TO OBAMA- If You Are Serious About Fixing The Economy DISMANTLE the US Military

Perhaps All The Health Insurance Companies Should Be Asked To Defend Why They.......

Can Anyone Give Me Information About How To "Twitter" Or "Tweat?" My Daughter Got

Signs your job sucks

kitten picture of the day for saturday march 7

Seinfeld to go on stage again with the bigot Michael Richards aka KKKramer

Coney Island Whitefish

A man on a bus in Ljubljana

Pecans are a sacrament

Peasants are a sacrament

Gee... in the midst of this week's birthday celebrations

Just added to my ignore list. It felt good.

I do not have a High School Diploma. I do have a B.A. and an M.S.

delete.....damn photobucket

I want to create a die that never threads.

We are going out tonight for Mr. LIW's birthday...

I believe I could use some vibes. I'm hoping this won't become the flu.

This new artist shouldn't be missed. Seriously.

Clean sheets mean a lot. n/t

I want to thank you all for everything you did for me...

Haven't been around here much the last 48 hours

Why are you all still here? Friday Night Lights is on.

I just got back from "Watchmen".

Random question from LyricKid

Taj Mahal. Henry Saint Clair Fredericks.

Cat lovers - Caboodle Ranch

Where's Drunky McDrunkActs?

FYI, PUI, Me Oh My...

In the war between Midlo and taterguy I proclaim myself Switzerland

In the war between Midlo and taterguy I proclaim myself Switzerland

Am I an asshole for not giving a fuck about Siegfried and Roy?

All we are saying.. is give peace a

As much as I hated them...

(Blame my kid for this) French Bulldogs don't pee.

So, what do you think?

Damn. I forgot about this whole "Lent" thing.

TV show I will NOT watch.....ever.....

me nt undrstnd ths psting awn du

I think we should just nuke both Midlothian and spudville.

FYI, I am now PUI...

Helene Grimuad is both very beautiful and very talented...

Who missed me?

Disturbing, or I'm getting old. Not sure which.

I Don't Have A Need To Ask If Anyone Missed Me

Some days I feel like a dumb-fuck.

America's best decade?

Mall Rant!

Is anyone else not getting into the War of the DUzes?

LostinVA is taking dog antibiotics

*sigh* I guess you had to be there.

Is your physician an MD or a DO?

So, who wants to watch some baseball with me this season?

I didn't get my house.

A Big 'Thank You' to the Lounge

Fuck it. Freebird is a classic. Admit it.

Your favorite Little Britain character/s.

Fuck it.

Ack! Don't show me a Ped Egg being emptied!!!

See what happens when there is no Midlo containment

Is it too early to go out to a bar and get my ass kicked just for fun?

The Vote is tied!

It hurts me too

For Lent, I gave up rogering the neighbour's wife.

For Lent, I gave up rogering the neighbour's wife.

What the hell is going on?

EWWWW!!! my cat just came all the way across the room to sneeze all over my face

Look, I'm The Freaking Emperor Of The Lounge

California to ban college cafeteria meal plans that include GMO foods.

So, is there an equivalent of Switzerland in the recent Lounge War

Did Taterguy steal some of Midlo's Franzia or something, what the hell is going on here?

An Elton John Thread Please... Post your favorites or whatever....

Your favorite Little Britain character/s.

I've been afraid to say this


Awwwwww, A-freaking-dorable!

Watchmen - I wanted to love it

Smurfing is really just a euphemism for fucking, isn't it?

God dammit!

Happy Birthday, Fangrrl ;-)

Some folks trust in reason, others trust in might....

For Lent, I gave up God.

The King Of Pop (dial up warning pic)

Beethoven Symphony 7 Movement 2; Back's "Little" Fugue

In the lounge war...I honestly have to say

Anyone else not picked a side order yet.

Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?

Euphemisms for sex

Let's see. Getting hung up on or getting punched in the nuts?

Fun, the most dangerous of seductions

I want to live near a Fresh and Easy goddamnit

It's all roses until you need some help yourself.

Infrastructure at play

It finally happened!

Does anyone want TZ's used socks?

"Trepidating" definition:

I like gas and charcoal: charcoal tastes a bit better, but gas is much more convenient

Anyone else picked a side out of spite?

Well, how's the weather where you are?

sisters visit last night ( pics)

Gator accused of starting fire at abandoned school

Cute Alert

Humor: 911 call

This song resonates tonight.

Anne Sophie Mutter is both very TALENTED and very Beautiful...

For Lent, I gave up giving up stuff.

About that thread that never dies...

My 5000th post.

The new IKEA store is my leading local news story tonight.

I didn't get slippers for Christmas

God help me

Anyone heard/seen the latest Comcast commercial?

I won't say I live on a major migratory fly way but.......

In honor of Jimmy Beaumont and the Skyliners 50 year anniversary

I hate to toot my own horn

*********GAS, GRASS, OR ASS, NO ONE RIDES FREE**********

check your PM

Jesus, don't people pay attention to weather forecasts?

Deleted do to inaccuracies

you know, this is really uncalled for

Piss fuck I got to shoot ass Kansas fuck shit

i still poop a lot

jack blanchard and misty morgan appreciation thred

*********** FLINTSTONES ************

I don't get it. Johnny B. Goode played just like a-ringin' a bell but Chuck keeps yelling "GO?"

help me write a country music song

Any fans of the show Supernatural out there?

The Iggy Button Is Your Friend


Is it just me or does Michael Jackson's face really creep you out too? Yikes!

jetzt wir machen die roboter

Why can't bridges rent trusses?

anyone else like "caviar" and "champagne?"

"Let Whatever you do today be enough"


Thunders, boomers, and lightening here!

At this moment (3:24, EST), "Thank You For Smoking" is on

AARGH. My cat is too needy!

Fuck I got to go to Connecticut Next week Fucking shoot me now...

Coolio busted at LAX

If we're in any way alike - this will scare the crap out of you - in a good way

Midlo, God! Where is the "velvet glove" in this affair??? You are beginning to look like George Bush

Anyone speak Tagolog/ Filipino?

kinda outdoors camera techie question (need a camera viewer)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/7/2009)

The real reason Thomcat has not been online (pictures / sarcasm ahead)

Misc. Sat. morning pics

The two most important reasons to see The Watchmen

8 arrested at Girls Gone Wild party

Why did God create the world?

My apologies in advance: No LOLcats tomorrow. :/

30% off of laptops at Circuit City - one day only; the place shuts down at today's end

It's offically Lelapin and ZombieNixon's birthday!!!

Guitar playing DU'ers: What exactly is that gizmo Peter Frampton uses?

Feel it!

I read a funny quote about the new Jimmy Fallon show.

Hi. My name is Norman Bates. I'm just a normal guy.

we have a lounge war and I just saw one of the four horsemen

I guess I'm an idiot. Someone please explain this to me.

It's MrScorpio's SHOWTIME!

Obligatory Friday night Battlestar Galactica thread

Obligatory Friday night Battlestar Galactica thread

Hatchet Head aka Socks & Kamere: Two cats that HATE eachother

Here I am out to lunch with my dad...


I don't want to set the world on fire.

Just for the record let's get the story straight

"Every two hours a person in America dies in a fire."

Midlo busted at LAX

Who ordered the snow?

I really hate ticketmaster.

Time again for the age-old question: If you could live anywhere in the US, where would you live ..

Do you say Hospital or THE Hospital.

Attention Lounge. The Gray Box smiley now belongs exclusively to me.

The new Comcast ad is an acid trip

I had such a nice dream. I was in a bigger house,

Alright, lets get this party started!

there's a critter in the attic

Two smoking Sammy Davis Jr. clips

oh, i forgot

Great Women in Film: Mothra.

I am sitting outside on this wonderfully pleasant day!

We are back with a whole lotta books to read!

Jewel (singer) has two broken legs-fractured tibias just below her knees

Test post from my new blackberry

My LOL cat lost his message

I do believe that I am going through one of the most difficult times of my life...

Guys, send me some vibes.

If there are Phish fans out there

Would you rather let Matt Damon or Javier Bardem give you a hickey?

Vote HERE for President of the Lounge.

Fuck I got to go to Tampa Next week Fucking shoot me now...

*rant* do NOT take your children to see Watchmen.. morans

Surprise Asteroid Buzzed Earth Monday

Today, I feel old...

Boy, do I feel smug...

Any DU Plumbers

Webcamming is really just a euphemism for fucking, isn't it?

What do you do with your spare change?

Help me DU mustang lovers...

How do I go about finding the owner

Anyone else need a haircut?

Hi. My name is Norma Stitz. Nice to meet you.

A pet-peeve: purposely confusing sociopaths with psychopaths

Back from the lab: My dastardly experiment in time-movement is on 12 hours away from fruition

Does anybody have a place I can crash?

RADFORD!!!! in the big dance

Facebook for 40-somethings--fun or kinda creepy?

OMG - my husband's grandmother's iron skillet just literally

Tales from the cockpit (thanks, Droopy)


Help me loose my virginity today! Ask me anything!!!11!!!

What the Lounge needs right now is YAWAT!


*****Happy 40th Birthday BeachBaby!*****

If you were wronged by a business, online or anywhere, what would you do..

Haircut advice

This day will live in infamy ...


Mike Viola fans: what's a good starter album?

Gimme words that sound like insults but aren't, you dipthongs

Do you have the BOOGIE in your butt?

I like everyone.

I just saw the Watchmen movie, ask me anything!

Why Parche hasn't checked in after his "hot date"

It's a meat product toy

Recomend a web site with interesting and diverse content that is updated t least a couple times a

CIA -- Capitalism's Invisible Army

What's your first name IRL?

There are very quiet and private DUers behind the scenes. Yanno?

So I'm talking to Verizon's billing department about my cell bill and they ask me for an ALTERNATE #

Politico writes another right-wing hit piece (this time about Geithner)

Add Snopes.Com To The List Of Conspirators

Obama "Birthers" slapped around by federal judge

The Bush Depression- A Phrase We Should Use Often In Referring To The Economic Crisis

John McCain needs to do two things:

Let's get over the nationalization of banks thing

Amazing Segment On Maddow Re: Steele


Ah, the UK Telegraph spews bile again....Was 'Lady Macbeth' behind Obama's snub of Brown?

Obama veers from Bush's environmental course

I googled Michael Steele and this is what I saw

Useless Trivia for the Week:: Michael Steele's former bro in law is...

It's not Obama's budget.

NYT trying hype John "See I'm a Maverick Again" McCain.

So today Obama met w/ people on health care reform, sent $ and

Michelle Obama's prom date describes their high school romance (w/ Pic)

On Letterman... Bush enjoys a 100% approval rating

Obama moves to rescind healthcare "conscience" rule.

POLL: Obama favorability high, public confident he can turn economy around. GOP party of "NO".

Any Other Cities Seeing This Kind of Art?

How can we kill corporations. ESPECIALLY corporate media

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Is the President Working on a Bunch of Issues at once,

TPM: Was stimulus assumption of unemployment at 8.1% too low?

AZ-Senate: The Man Who Could Take Down John McCain

I swear, these idiots...

Prepare yourselves... Doggy cams coming to the White House

Cory Booker 2016?

Anyone up for a dumb Saturday morning question?

Today's GOP in action!

If limpballs were dead

Obama Ponders Outreach to Elements of the Taliban

WP: Job Losses Could Drown Stimulus

Pathetic! A 'We Want Obama to Fail' facebook group

Who the **** is Warner Todd Huston??

Why are some Democratic Senators so Pro Big Business they will destroy the environment?

GOP infighting: "Steele takes down his blog"

Obama’s Interview Aboard Air Force One (NYT) (Transcript and Audio)

Let's take a short break from scary economic editorials, zombie banks and Limbaugh to visualize this

PHOTOS The President's Day (White House, Columbus Ohio - March 6)

PHOTO QUIZ Name the couple (take your time, it's a tricky one)

Treasury island: Geithner's lost crew

Inconvenient Truth II... Return of depression economics: The Slide-Show

Obama isn't relying on blogs to set policy

Sec Clinton: Obama to visit Turkey in the next month

Same day registration gave Obama NC

Do those blasted "clean coal" ads make you puke, too!!!???

Obama ends Bush ban on embryo stem cell research


Obama team take gloves off for fight with radio host Rush Limbaugh

If I thought tax cuts for the rich would work, I'd be all for it.

First Lady's Former Prom Date Declares He was Screw-Up

Bob Herbert: Miracles Take Time

NYT: Obama’s Interview Aboard Air Force One

Has anyone else noticed a new meme forming in the last few days about Geithner being "home alone"...

Justice Ginsburg: I Wanted That Senator To See I'm Alive

What do you think the best thing that President Obama has done so far is?

Holy shit, Du'ers DEAN-that Howard Dean!

POLITICO: Rep. Grayson won't hold his tongue 3/6/2009

Obama mulls reaching out to moderate Taliban: report

Two words: what I think REALLY gets under Limbaughs skin about Obama.

How to make my Barack Obama Pie

NBC Evening News: Avg. work week is 33 hrs. for the American worker.

Latest Newsweek Poll: 56% Favor Bank Nationalization!

Did the President snub Gordon Brown and does it matter?

U.S. not winning in Afghanistan, Obama says

Obama: "If I had been advising my attorney general, we would have used different language”

CNN: Repuke States Seeking Sovereignty??

"Stimulus too small" was treated the same as "Invading Iraq is crazy"

Read the report: ""Sold Out: How Wall Street and Washington Betrayed America"

A Barney Frank question

Specter has ‘strong incentive’ to leave the Republican Party.

A Global deficit summit could be a good idea

Bill Clinton's approval ratings in 1993 and 1994 were pretty bad.

Bernie Madoff is the poster boy for the trouble we're in. President Obama! Jail him.

Why Isn't There A Law About States Having A Right To Full Representation In The Senate?

UK Times: "The President believes he can change US politics for a generation. If he's wrong.....

The Rich in this country would be wise to keep their fucking mouths shut

You DO all realize that we are missing a golden opportunity here, don't you?

Republicans celebrating on election night

Faux News Recon: Bernie Goldberg to Hannity, "Obama's Rush Strategy Will Work!"

Obama sent letter supporting No on Prop 8 and it was never used!!!!

Is it conceivable that SS. Clinton might run against President Obama in 2012?

Not much movement in Virginia

Why did Obama give British PM, Gordon Brown, such a crappy gift?

PHOTOS Hillary in Turkey

Paul Krugman: Obama's bogus objection to bank nationalization is just a diversion

Freeper Overlord tells his minions to cool it.

Rev. Wright Cautions: Obama 'Ain't Jesus'

Media Blackout on Single-Payer Healthcare: FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting)

Obama Channels Cheney

Limbaugh: Kennedy Will Be Dead By The Time Health Care Bill Passes

Safety Glitch Causes Recall Of 78,000 Nautilus Bowflex Home Gyms

Ex-NASA official indicted for ethics breach

(UK) Treasury takes 65% Lloyds stake

US military speeding help to Mexico: admiral

Justices Erase Ruling That Allowed Detention

U.S.: Call to "Resist and Deter" Nuclear Iran Gains Key Support

Stanford receiver cuts 1,000 U.S. jobs

Gloria Estefan says CIA tried to recruit her as a spy

Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad submits resignation

Car bomb hits Iraq cattle market

Colombian troops killed in blast

Chavez to Obama: Go wash your ass**** (CHAVEZ MANDA A LAVARSE ESE PALTO A OBAMA)

Malaysian fisherman uses WWII bomb as anchor: report

Hundreds of 'World's Best Restaurant' Customers Sick

Iran says ready to cooperate with U.S. on Afghanistan

Grave mistranslation as Clinton tries to make friends with Russia

In many states, cost is slowly killing death penalty

Allen Stanford receiver cuts 1,000 U.S. jobs

Democrats blast Limbaugh for comment on Kennedy

4 arrested in Nevada probe of anti-government group

NASA planet hunter blasts into night sky

Fears mount of new humanitarian crisis in Darfur

'Shoe hurled at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iranian city'

Car bomb targets Pakistan police

Discord likely over ratifying women's rights pact

Company shares $9 million with employees

A Hometown Bank Heeds a Call to Serve Its Islamic Clients

Obama says will do all necessary to boost economy

Blair urged to 'reconsider' job

Two British Military Personnel Shot Dead in Northern Ireland

President Puts Defense Contractors on Notice: Crackdown on Costs Is Coming


MI5 ‘colluded in scalpel torture’

Russian FM: Make Middle East nuclear weapons-free zone

School gets 700 applicants for (one) janitorial job

U.S. and Russia pledge fresh start in relations

Clinton in Turkey speaks of 'friend for all times' (Roundup)

Venezuela May Take Over More Rigs to Allow Drilling to Proceed

Diabetes drugs given 'too soon'

Cybersecurity chief Beckstrom resigns

Vatican backs abortion row bishop

ACLU: CIA Confirms 12 Destroyed Videotapes Depicted "Enhanced Interrogation Methods"

Top U.S., European Banks Got $50 Billion in AIG Aid

Obama lawyers argue to drop Yoo torture suit

Mexican violence a crisis: top U.S. military officer

Official: Tsvangirai believes fatal crash was deliberate (Zimbabwe)

RFK Jr. and biographer Ronald White have a discussion on Lincoln and Obama

Tattoo Removing Nuns Are Pork? (Fox News)

Wow, this has to be the greatest thing on wheels ever made!

Judy Miller: Give Iran talks a 'college try' but if they fail, 'military action' (1:03)

Bank of America reluctant to disclose details of Merrill Lynch bonuses

The Republican Privilege Of Healthcare

Sir David Frost & Senator John Kerry Discuss US Foreign Policy (03/06/09)

Al Jazeera English's Listening Post: Media Vacuum in Taliban Run Swat Valley

Matt Tiabbi: Rush Limbaugh is 'Abrasive, He's Divisive, He's a Fat Pill-Popping Idiot'

Coen Brothers Shoot - "Clean Coal Clean"

Al Jazeera English's Listening Post: DUer Britethorn shares opinion re Coverage of Fallen Soldiers

TYT: RNC Continues To Brag About Protecting The Rich W/ LK Of CNBC

Burning Conscience: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out

3/6/09: Your Weekly Address

"The Rock" vs Rush

Republicans are riding Michael Steele like a mule

Real News report on "The cost of empire"

How F#@ked Are We?

Bill Maher's ask for a Mia Culpa from T. Boone

TYT: Michael Moore vs. Rush Limbaugh

He's a Nazi! Rush In His Own Voice

Bill Maher responds to Bobby Jindal: Government is good

Afghanistan, Opium, and the CIA

Gareth Porter / Ray McGovern: Iran in the Crosshairs

Courageous Teddy Strikes Back at Limbaugh

The Truth About the Leahy Bush Truth Commission - video


'Merchant of death' in court

Greens need to grow up

Iraq War Victim Loses His Final Battle

Russian Minister Puts a Move on Hillary

Was Hamas the Work of the Israeli Mossad? (Ramzy Baroud)

Text is a Verb (Mickey Z.)

Questions Raised Anew About Religion in Military

Guardian UK: Care to borrow a depression?

The FundamentaList (No. 70)

What Happens When Your Paycheck Comes from China


Robert Parry: Neocons Wage War on a 'Realist'

Guinea-Bissau assassinations: Is Colombia's drug trade behind them?

Juan Cole: In Defense of Chas Freeman; Why we Need Clear-Eyed NIEs

John Yoo’s growing disgrace

Al Simmons is going to jail for 2 months on Monday

How to Shake Down the Banks

Friday Talking Points (68) -- Obamacare Pre-Emptive Strike, And An Anti-Rush Slogan Contest

The Ultimate Earmark--U.S. Military Aid to Israel

Nazi Guard, Sick Old Man or Both?

Vista-downgrade lawsuit revised; Microsoft now accused of price-gouging

William Blum: Hell Hath No Fury Like an Imperialist Scorned

Mike Lux: 'Dems Need To Drop Culture Of Caution'

TIME: Brazil The One Country That Might Avoid Recession

The chaotic social/political world is the tip of an iceberg of immeasurable Homo sapien stupidity.

The Crusade to Defeat Obama Intelligence Pick Hurts All Jews

Women don't like Rush Limbaugh, his leadership is hurting the GOP

Ruth Madoff, Sociopath

Marx's vision of socialism (Part 3)

Senator Tries to Eliminate Automatic Pay Increases

ITS BACK: Drivers may be taxed by the mile (congress considering milage tax instead of gas tax)

Weekend Economists' Cruise to Nowhere and Daylight Savings Time March 6-8, 2009


From The Nation: Green Power Struggle

Question about solar tax credits

Reprocessing request is the first test of nukes-for-mangoes under Obama

North Queensland on high alert as Hamish approaches Cat 5

Interior Secretary Salazar Affirms Recovery of Gray Wolves in Western Great Lakes... North Rockies

rain forest map of Latin America. seems some geography is in order

rain forest map of Latin America. seems some geography is in order

Guatemalans Resist Mega-Mines, Hydropower Dams

2nd Guatemalan officer detained in disappearance (AP)

Drug smuggler with busted leg is busted for cocaine cast

Gray: The strange political career of Bogota's 'Citizen Man'

US influence in El Slavador's civil war

Venezuela begins construction of new iron plant

Venezuela plans mega steel plant

Venezuela launches joint venture to develop offshore gas fields

LULA: Communist Manifesto Has the Key

Chavez to Obama: go wash your ass****

The gift that keeps on giving: Colombia's magic laptops and the war against social movements

Bolivians Build Floating Wicker Baskets

Britain: 25 years since the year-long miners’ strike

The AFL-CIO and “nationalization”

EFCA Battle Begins: Senate Hearing Set For Tuesday

Colleen Howe passes away at 76

Florida State Punished for NCAA Violations

TO just signed one year deal with...

Here's something to cheer least if you have the decency to cheer for the "right" team.

A visual depiction of the sports forum

HBO Boxing After Dark (March 7)

T.O. is a Buffalo Bill - 1 year deal - 6.5 mill

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (March 7): Gris and Chuckie Share First in Linares

I Want Revenge wins Gotham in a gallop.

huge baseball upset

Exporting Hate, It’s Not Just Marriage, It’s Us!

Does anybody recognize this logo?

Pam’s House Blend: PM Brown speaks out against Prop 8

Connecticut Bill Would Update Law For Same-Sex Marriages

Gordon Brown Attacks Prop 8: "Unacceptable"

Protect your family from the real enemy: bigotry

A Real-Life Fairytale

Help Pin Ken’s Star to The Wall (Of Shame)

Obama sent anti Prop 8 letter, but No on Prop 8 campaign failed to use it - Andrew Sullivan

S.F. summit looks at lesbian health issues

Just heard on CNBC...

Stanford receiver cuts 1,000 U.S. jobs

The woman who just pulled out of Treasury nomination.. Annette Nazareth

Ex-Countrywide honchos set up firm to buy bad loans By Jerry Mazza

The International Swaps & Derivatives Assocation: A $1.9M Lobbying Team

Dr. Housing Bubble 03/06/09

Read the report: ""Sold Out: How Wall Street and Washington Betrayed America"

" When will this wretched economy bottom out?"

How Paulson Used AIG To Throw Goldman A Big Old Bone

The Real Winners From The AIG Bailout

Obama: Another $750 Billion Needed for Banks

Random Musings On The End Of The American Experiment

"Too Big Has Failed" - KC Fed Chief

Next shoe to drop for U.S. job seekers: lower wages

Gaza homes destruction 'wanton'

Clinton encourages Israel-Syria peace talks

‘Color Purple’ author Walker in Gaza to prod Israel

Dreaming of Finland

Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad resigns

Protest mars Israel-Sweden tennis event

Gaza homes destruction 'wanton'

Israel annexing East Jerusalem, says EU

The Crusade to Defeat Obama Intelligence Pick Hurts All Jews

Desert’s Sand and Rocks Become Precious Resources in West Bank Dispute

Nobel prize- winning economist says tear up all CDS and derivatives contracts and start over.

White House Forum on Health Reform

To Hell With Medical Insurance: Universal Health Care IS Best for US Health and Finance

Armed police sent into action twice a week (UK)

No 10 'warned over crime figures' (UK knife crime statistics)

Doctor Arrested on Grenade Charges (AR)

20 guns for every 100 people (Malta)

Police officer, politician facing weapons charges (AR) (Class III violations)

interesting clip on the AWB and the mexican drug cartels

Co-op announces ban on knives (UK retailer)

Why I carry a Gun

Cedar Hills teacher tries to give student a 9mm handgun (AZ)

Violinist With His Dog in an Alley.

Lawn & Garden Show Season

Castel Amarosa DIAL UP WARNING

Kitty pic for jhain

DoD contracts for 3/6/2009

Soldier accused of murder faces court-martial

House panel to examine Pentagon procurement

Battle buddy concept combats sex assaults

Iraq pullout raises concerns for elite forces

Court ends terror suspect’s challenge

Army completing security assistance guidelines

Iran weighs offer to attend Afghan conference

Night-goggle smuggler gets 5-year sentence

Commander: Porous Afghan border is troublesome

Navy says $25-$40 million for cruiser repairs

School didn’t deliver, wounded Marines say

Navy corpsman faces weapons charge in N.C.

N.C. sen. discusses landing field proposals

CH-53s from 13th MEU fly support in Iraq

Corps seeking a few good seniors?

Air Force develops safer flash bang grenade

Officer’s court-martial delayed

Miss. Guard gets first female brig. gen.

Electrical short caused Predator crash in Iraq

Mental health issues most common condition

US seeks dialogue with NKorea amid missile threat

Flu fighters: Army stays vigilant against potential influenza outbreaks

Bagram attacks highlight security concerns

U.S. soldier held after knife attack near Osan

Army’s focus is on stress

Japan, U.S. would work together in flu pandemic

Competition Highlights Military's Best Cooks

French Return to NATO Heals Atlantic Rift

Ex-GI to Face Trial in Bragg Shootings

Pakistan Denies India Role in Attack

Cracks Prompt AF-wide C-130 Inspection

Diggin' in: AFL Soldiers Complete FTX

Watch, Wait, Kill: the Sniper at Work

U.S. to hire more Iraqis for coalition base jobs

World Efforts Cut Legs off of Pirates

3rd LCS to be named Fort Worth

Inspections of A-10 Thunderbolts continue

C-130Js added to wing inspection list

Thread in GD-Religion about Changing our Consciousness!

A shift in.....something? Seems there have been some breakthroughs...

B'Day Wishes LiberalEsto

I just got a job!!!

Health issues I'd like to share

Well, it's the weekend.

Chilean extremophile bacteria thrive in Mars-like conditions

Priest describes efforts to uncover mass graves

Would it be an extraordinary event for errors to be found in all proofs that there are no miracles?

One question: What does the Brazilian archbishop have to do with pedophilic priests?

How many things can you do in 5 minutes?

You can't prove a negative. Agree?

Herschel & Planck space telescopes set to launch Apr 16

This has absolutely nothing to do with kitchen cooking or baking

If you like Roquefort cheese, get it now.

Hmmm. The source of my bread problems?

Help! The latest Cooks Illustrated test recipe

Holy Food PrOn, Batman!!

I had a delightful day today

I finally gave in...Just picked up the AB in 5 book...

Best use of Meyer Lemons?

I hope I'm not being a pest.

Does anyone have a copy of The Il Fornaio Baking Book?

Oh, and as a reminder

What's for Dinner? ~ Saturday March 7th

Do you know of books or movies about magic food? Or magic cookbooks?

Psychedelic Dill Beet Bread:

The Greening of Mashed Potatoes

F*cking hound dog thieving bastard

what's the most unusual, obscure cookbook you own?

Poll: The Inaugural C&B Project

I may actually be commissioned.

Alabama Prepaid Affordable College Tuition - State fears investors will pull money out of PACT

Court Mediator: All But Three Of 9/11 Injury Suits Settle

A UBUNTU printer question.

Twelve Things that Never Happened in U.S. History

Can Anyone Give Me Information About How To "Twitter" Or "Tweat?" My Daughter Got

Grumpy voters send poll numbers down for MA pols

Kerry interview