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President Puts Defense Contractors on Notice: Crackdown on Costs Is Coming

Interesting look at the CA (R) approach to our budget and their backlash against Maldonado -

Another two Freeper-types from the Fidonet

Feminist Career Center Jobs

One question: What does the Brazilian archbishop have to do with pedophilic priests?

So Michael Steele wants the GOP to go Hip Hop?

That Darned Catholic Church!

Why Donald Trump is Still Considered a Good Businessman

Explain to me...who STILL uses FIDOnet, and why??

Any DUers have white-wall tires on their ride?

Anyone know of a good summary of the various car-buying incentives in Recovery Act, etc.

AlterNet: At this point, the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly is basically a public menace.

Threat is over for now. Thank GOD> I HATE storms

Anybody else find it gratifying to pop the little bubbles in bubble-wrap with

So let me see if I understand this:

Michael Steele Takes Down His Blog

The Republican Party and Rush Limbaugh

Daymn. See ya in the basement sirens just sounded for my city

Michael Lind: Obama needs to follow FDR, Eisenhower

I wanted bush to fail

Congress Establishes New Department Of Finding Change On The Ground (audio)

Sorry, Politico. Jindal's "problem" is bigger than comparisons to Kenneth the frigging Page.

Has anyone seen the HBO documentary "Right America: Feeling Wronged"?

Stephanie Miller makes a joke and the mouth breathers go bat shit

What About a ‘Do-Over’ in Minnesota? 71% of Republicans want to redo election

2001 to 2009 = 1921 to 1929 on steroids when you start adding up dollars.

Apology To Limbaugh Not Enough

Up & walking & eating & in good spirits & pure, unrepentant evil straight down to her bone marrow

Retribution-Recompense .... Why we can't "get past" this financial debacle

Young american men today don't know/do nuthin' but play video games......

Fort Stewart, Georgia, soldier suicide and chaplain care shoved down their throats

Cocaine in Spain is hidden by a sprain?

Pentagon Contract for Beetle Borne Surveillance

Rapper gives out posters with smoking/drinking/gun to middle schoolers

Why Rush is Wrong by David Frum (a conservative lament)

It's really fun/refreshing to discuss things among (mostly) friends......

"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of 'liberalism,'.....

Tim Pawlenty is a PIG

Hannity's "First 100 Days Puzzle" has the Clintons underneath

Question: did Prez O ever say he would *immediately*...

Do you want to know what is really happening with the economy?

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown slams Prop. 8

Anecdotal work story--Democrats and Republicans

Montana Completes Removal of Squaw Place Names

About the time change.....

Erin Burnett Makes CNBC Even More Loathsome

Instructor for a hunter safety course orders Obama voters to get out of his class

Ohio School Gets 700 Applicants for **SINGLE** Janitorial Job

Anti-Contraception Senator Proposes 900% Price-Hike On Contraception For College Women

TWISTER>>>>>>it is only March 7th and already the weather is screwy

I just got back from seeing "Watchmen" the movie............

Handmaid's Tale on Encore in five minutes....

Real Time New Rules: Maher Lambastes GOP's Hatred of Government

OMG! The Rock Obama! SNL right now...

Young American Men who do nothing but play video games gets locked.

Tonight's Saturday Night Live is one of the best ever!

Tonight's Saturday Night Live is one of the best ever!

Russian women now hold 42% of senior managerial positions

It's not just Republicans that need to repudiate Rush


Why has no one else implemented this Email idea (privacy related)

Just saw the movie NETWORK tonight for the first time

In Florida, Medicare plus means big HMO profits

So the theft of our 401's, 403's and pension funds wasn't final

US gov't should allow travel/trade to and from Cuba.....


Why should we have to "earn" health care?

surge update - Suicide bomber targets Iraqi police, 30 killed

Soldier's love of books touched others

Soldier's love of books touched others

Please spare me this early morning David Prentice

We're not fighting in Afghanistan or Pakistan - We're fighting in Pushtunistan,

Escapee caught creeping into jail

Wall Street Journal Exposes Beneficiaries of the AIG Bailout

Why isn't fur green?????

NY Times: Bank of Ann Arbor caters to Muslim customers

Eventually Obama is going to have to ignore Republicans and do what is needed...

International Women's Day: How it all started

Christ is Coming, Jerry Falwell's Son Tells Me: Relax, Be Happy, Get Ready for the Reception Line!

Christ is Coming, Jerry Falwell's Son Tells Me: Relax, Be Happy, Get Ready for the Reception Line!

Limbaugh Flashback

Springtime for Limbaugh: Got Hate? (WARNING: barf-inducing image inside)

Spending on prisons instead of education: pennywise and pound foolish

London Calling: G20 Protest - Biggest Since Iraq War?

Republican Reorganization Meeting in my County this week and

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has created this Surveillance Self-Defense site

You're a member of DU and your plane is going down in flames

Separated at Birth

School bus driver beaten by teen

Canstruction (donating food - OMG)

Oregon House panel bans deals to hide teacher sexual misconduct

When bank executives decide to get hip

Why do scumbag corporations think that they can hide by changing their names?

Other states ban pay day lending; why not South Carolina?

JimRob to Freepers: Stop Threatening the President's Life

Of the stocks that are way down in value which ones have a chance to .....

Consortium News: Bush Boasted about Tortured Captive

I need details about health care system in England and also in Canada

Seven weeks or so into the Obama Administration

Capitulation Watch: Market Analysis

in Feb. 18 US military killed themselves in Afghanistan/Iraq

Revitalize our industrial base...

Freepers can't even tell what a Muslim is

Clarence Thomas Backs Maimed Woman Suing Wyeth re Drug Warning-Disses Bush FDA

Boy 'for free' in online classified ad

Gordon Brown refuses to apologize for Britain's part in the global financial situation

NY Bus Driver To Girl, 5: 'Find Your Own Way Home'

DL Hughley has been cancelled?!?!

Wow... Folsom Lake (Upstream Of Sacramento) Rises 47 Feet In 30 Days !!!

New chairman Steele shakes up the GOP faithful

What's the latest on the DC Voting Bill in the House?

Is Rupert Losing His Magic Touch?

Would the Sunday morning Corporate Infomercials (MTP, This Week...) please go straight to hell?

Just some quick numbers on Health Insurance in America

I just spent the evening w/ one of the 'hedge fund guys'

This Has Probably Been Posted Already....

Republican official attacking the New Deal as “fascist.”

Atomic bomb survivors in South Korea still feel the wounds

Preferred Stocks

78-Year-Old Arrested In Alleged Bank Heist

Who here at DU thinks we need a HEALTHY two-party system in this Country

Laid-back Lahore faces a frightening future

Charlie Chaplin's son dies at 82

He is a survivor of both polio and an evangelical/fundamentalist childhood

Old America through the eyes of old newspapers

Rush Republicans vs the Socialist US Chamber of Commerce

ACTION PAGE: End The Censorship Of Truly Progressive Viewpoints In The Mainstream Media

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Please define Us and Them. Who exactly is the enemy?

Another reason why the wealthy should pay more in taxes...

Print newspapers. Telephone booths. Carbon paper. Republicans.

London G20 Protest: Biggest Since Iraq War?

London G20 Protest: Biggest Since Iraq War?

The first social scientist to die in a controversial Pentagon experiment


Need New Poll Info

The Slightest Glimmer-An MIT Professor's Opinion

Guantanamo worse since Obama election: ex-detainee

Bush Boasted about Tortured Captive

Bush Boasted about Tortured Captive

Greenspan: “I don’t think anyone could imagine greedy banks hijacking derivatives and crashing them

Right Wing Wars Pt. V: The Amphibian Strikes Back

Right Wing Wars Pt. V: The Amphibian Strikes Back

Gunman kills pastor during church service

Non stop prop 8 ads on the day before election day left an uncomfortable groove in my psyche

FAIR: Media Blackout on Single-Payer Healthcare

Does Anyone Have A Link To The Thread About Jim Cramer

Judge rejects dismissal of Iowa meat plant case

Sen. Kennedy To Receive Profiles In Courage Award

US troops provide security for Chinese copper mine project in Afghanistan

Re-post of an archived thread about Angel Food Ministries

Which makes more sense?

McCain laughs off daughter's claim his run killed her love life

Obama's "citizenship," Stephanopolis, and Senator Shelby of Alabama

Elder's Meditation of the Day - March 8

Tussle over GOP leadership, party's future path

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Layoffs humble upscale subdivision

The Purpose-Driven Wife

Now that Rush Limbaugh is the undisputed leader of the Republican Party, we want to know:

Calls to state's child mental health hot line on the rise

GIs guard huge Chinese mine project in Afghanistan WTF?

Spinning a Snopes article against Al Gore.

Judge Orders Ex-Qwest CEO Nacchio To Prison

Recession finds even those with jobs losing pay

The latest on the Angel Food Ministries lawsuit:

Look at this comment by RedState founder re Democratic women:

"Thomas Friedman’s Five Worst Predictions"...

SOCIALISM. COMMUNISM. Will someone in the Democratic leadership please

The Right's biggest nightmare: What if Obama fixes the economy?

Koch Industries..the REAL force behind Right Wing America

Thank these congresspeople.

Madagascar Troops 'Stage Mutiny'

The real elite divide in the USA: Fuck them, we have ours v. bribe them off so we can keep ours

Guardian UK: Fifth of Britain's GDP spent so far on bailouts

Scientists to issue stark warning over dramatic new sea level figures

Bond Hill Apartment Resident Shoots, Kills Robber

New GOP Chairman Boos GOP. When He’s Not Cheerleading

Unemployment Recepients to be tested for drugs.....

Minn. Senate Race Leaves Voters Tired Of Law Drama

CDS Spreads for Citigroup, Capital One and American Express are Skyrocketing

Did anyone see the Washington Journal segment just now asking

"Rush Limbaugh is telling the truth when he says he wants him to fail.

FBI says, “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11” - Are they lying?

Pa. liquor board will teach workers to be bubbly !

9/11 is the reason we must bring the empire down.

Families demand answers about '89 Venezuela massacre victims

Iraqi women 'in crisis'

Has anyone heard of Green Collar Vets?.?.?

National Level Exercise 2009 (NLE 09) - July 27 through July 31, 2009

In pictures: Mexico's butterflies

How long before Gingrich has to apologize to Limbaugh?

Obama's Next Gauntlet: Reviving the Middle Class

Default Judgement Surge: Misery By Numbers

What are your favorite banned or challenged books?

Could this be Citibank they're talking about?

Today's working family (Carol Simpson) cartoon: You Lied

March 10th --National Call-in Day in support of H.R. 676

Watching Charles Bronson blow away scumbags on TV made me wonder

Baghdad walls.

Catholics Urged To Give Up Texting For Lent

Government Stimulus vs. 'Normal' Stimulus ....

Did We Slaughter the Only Golden Cow We Have Left?

'No One Can Fathom a Motive': Pastor Shot During Service

The future of the GOP is a 14 year old

Rush Limbaugh Gives Liberals the Business, Gets Plenty Himself

Barack Obama 'too tired' to give proper welcome to Gordon Brown

The GOP's New "Boss"

Ye Billionaires of little faith (in each other)

God Sees the Freepers

Is GE failing?

8 Foot Octopus 15 Inch Box

Iraq War veteran shoots/kills girlfriend and her brother.

NZ scientist's gene research could be the answer to the obesity epidemic

Stiglitz: The Only Way to Avoid Wasting Many Billions More: Take Over the Banks

Authorities said using pipe bombs for fishing is illegal.

New forum suggestion: support group for family members of right-wingers

What do you think about unprovoked police roadblocks?

Obama voters thrown out of gun safety class in Oklahoma -- Obama is the AntiChrist

Wall Street Economics: A Parable

H.R.645 - National Emergency Centers Establishment Act

Bush Sr Tears Up over Barbara.....

Border arrests drop to 1970s levels

Dorgan and McCain call for investigations into financial crisis

My idiot freeper bro in law

It's Bush's Recession, Bush's Stock Market-"Don't let the Right own this argument"

Frank Rich: Some Things Don’t Change in Grover’s Corners

On 60 Minutes now: How the FDIC closes and takes over failing banks

On the topic of drug tests for public assistance recipients, please consider before you judge.

Dawkins Sez: "Teach *Intelligent Falling* Along With The Theory of Gravity"

Making lemonade from lemons.. Unemployment and the Economy

Meet Kingsford, the little pig that could

In case you missed this last night: Hughley & Frank Schaeffer - What's Left of the GOP

Japan considers putting robot on moon

Back in Holy Morman land - more hypocrisy and family values

Republicans are disgusting hateful hypocritical assholes.

CNBC Speechless After Being Shredded By The Daily Show

Howard Dean's speech in Harrogate today seemed well-received

Jamie Lee Curtis: Lay Off the Gray

Greenwald: (Britain's) Bizarre reaction to War Crimes allegations! They DEMAND investigations!

Congress honors first black woman member

The bursting of the ethanol bubble.

Spring is officially here...just had our first tornado warning of the season.

Terminating this myth that Whitney "called" this financial crisis in 10/2007 and WHY IT MATTERS

American History Made Me Cry: New Yorker book Review: There Was Blood

Why Repukes Out Today Pushing to Let Banks Fail?

PHASE TWO: Gingrich Slams Rush: Limbaugh Is "Irrational"

His chest & genitals were repeatedly cut by Moroccan interrogators working to American instructions.

Is Solar Truly "Green"?

I have a stupid question about solar energy.

Hunting Instructor Orders Liberals to Leave Class

To the folks who were trashing Bill Maher after Friday's show:

5 Reportedly Shot At Ill. Church

The jobs problem will only be solved when trade and tax laws are rewritten so that it is no longer..

Mental-health facts

Pray you never appear before this Judge in TX

Ex-Calif. bookkeeper accused of embezzling $10M

Secret Service Visit Freeperville

2005 Bankruptcy Law exempts Credit Default Swaps and other derivatives from bankruptcy rules

Happy International Women's Day!

Obama: Another $750 Billion Needed for Banks

Slide show, "What is it like to go on a Cuba Caravan?"

"Everything is going to hell since Obama was elected..."

"Everything is going to hell since Obama was elected..."

Does anyone here think we should continue the war against the Taliban because of women's rights?

My kid's RW AP government Textbook....

Bravo President Lula - the medical profession was more right than the Church

The BBC's wild side......

My sister in law got hurt .... we need to fix health care in this country

Have you seen next week's cover of Newsweek?

Great quote by Peter R. Orszag on Face the Nation...

Cultural diversity at DU: how many of us are bi-cultural, bi-lingual or live with someone who is?

Desert Compound Mystery

Angel Food Ministries has been raided by the FBI

Angel Food Ministries has been raided by the FBI

"No one can fathom a motive" in pastor shooting...

Tax the Rich Movement Grows in the United States

Tax the Rich Movement Grows in the United States

Why does history repeat itself?

How many DUers are old enough to have lived through historical events when it was breaking news?

Would You Want Health Care Run Like The Post Office?

Would You Want Health Care Run Like The Post Office?

Terrible News for Wolves

Role Reversal: As recession lengthens, more men are laid off and become Mr. Moms

Is it fair to say that Liberal/Left talk radio has died?

Help with Groceries

Lord's Prayer for dittoheads

The U.S. Financial System Is Effectively Insolvent - The BAILOUTS Won't Stop The Ship From Sinking

Will Obama be as Bold as LBJ was in Fighting Poverty?

IS ANYONE SUPRISED? (middle-class drifts toward poverty instead of affluence)

Nobel Prize Winners Urge U.S. Supreme Court To Review Convictions of the "Cuban Five"

A question for all you Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers out there about Republicans

We gotta stop bailing out Citibank, AIG, etc...

Americans should learn some lessons from the "under-developed" world about living poor

The US is the only nation in the Americas that provides NO paid maternity leave

Wall Street is Officially Over...The End!

The "Purpose-Driven" Wife....from Mother Jones upcoming edition.

Wall St. Bailout: Is A Massive Scandal About To Unfold?

Luuuvely People, these Freepers

Boss Limbaugh in TOONS (dial-up warning)

Tallahassee Florida Extreme Makeover father dies before stepping into house

In the middle of the night I thought I heard this song, but it's driving me nuts.

Pond pump recommendations

Blinded by Rainbows - I cannot get this song out of my head

Do you have any recent favorite movie soundtracks?

Okay, if any one of you IRL happen to be the guy outside the Chinese Restaraunt....

Well it is that time again- take a Xanax and a Vicodin then go on to bed

Well, most of us are going to do that stupid Daylight Saving Time trick again tonight.

I wonder what would happen if I entered my own hickey competition?

I spent the day scooping dog poop and pulling weeds.

I spent the day smoking cat poop and scooping weed.

Should sake be consumed chilled or warm?

Terrel Owens has a new team.

L.E.S. Artistes by Santigold

L.E.S. Artistes by Santigold

I spent the day scooping cat poop and smoking weed.

I feel terribly guilty about the fact that my favorite commercial

Why the hate for Iggy's "TV Eye"?

Okay, this commercial has got to go

I'm cheating on my taxes

Helping my mom with the news of being let go after 41 years of work...

Anyone ever feel like the walking dead? Just checking

So, I just got back from seeing Watchmen. (some minor spoilers)

It's war.

2009 has not been kind to the Midlos in terms of technology.

The bar is open, but I may be slow to respond...

What's worse--a night when all of your friends want you to go out but you feel like staying in?

Feeling like crap update: I still feel like crap.

Do you ever try to relay something that happens here to folks IRL

Johnny Tarr!~

Saturday Night Romantic Thread...uh, from...m'bloggy

George Harrison's genius? He wrote "Wah Wah," which makes no effing SENSE, but ROCKS like a MOTHER.

Does anyone here make their own laundry detergent?

Ever feel like drinking, to the point of silly drunkeness, but your body says

uh oh.

unsung heroes

My pension fund statement came today. I'm gonna be working until

Don't forget to set your clocks back 3 hours tonight.

My God! It's rainin' like a mother outside!

Are we supposed to turn the donkey wheel tonight?

Astronomy Picture of the Day - Comet Lulin and Distant Galaxies

People who have used this service do not deserve a government bailout... that is all

Does anyone make in indestructible laundry basket?

Bobcaygeon - The Tragically Hip

What in the hell does IIRC mean?

Does anyone make in indestructible picnic basket?

Underwater porn?

Sick game of the day.

I'm one of the causes of the economic crisis

PiGuy propositioned me today - he asked me to make him a man.

Cuddle Parties!

I just got a text from a 4 digit number about finding them on facebook because they are timid.

This edited version of Idiocracy on Comedy Central is just not the same.

The media is a seduction of human desire...Papa Roach

If you are looking for good advice...


I want some of this poop yogurt now.

Fat white tourists hahah

ok rascal flatts is evil and all but

Any DUers have white-wall tires on their ride?

A reminder: Daylight Savings starts Tomorrow

I Need an Answer to a "Hit List" Question

"The School of Rock " - what a great movie! So cute!

Dream or nightmare? (A new fractal)

the Afro Cuban AllStars totally rock!

Clean up in aisle 5.

Sleepwalking fail

Teeth in your mouth...they are supposed to dissolve. They are just irritating me

It took three tries for me to log in, just now

kitten picture of the day for saturday march 7

Note to self: when going to Dallas for an event, allow an extra hour just in case.

Clerks II is on Comedy Central uncensored.

Can I have some Napster advise?

The Rock Obama

It's raining IN my apartment...

A rough night...

Did you all notice?

Who loves Dick?

Just thought we had an earthquake

A Simple Puzzle 2

Happy daylight savings day.

Time stamps all fixed

Who wants to ride The Shaft?

I was depressed as hell that I reached 30

My week in a review

I'm addicted to Mexican Coke.


What will be the effect of the Watchmen movie?

I love GD.

This must be some good crack. I just lost an hour!

An Engineer's Guide to Cats

Should I go to petco and purchase the 3' ladder for Scooter?

Why are we doing "spring forward" in the winter?

"Kashmir"- The Ordinaires

What time is it?


wtf time is it?

Do I have an ear infection or just heavy wax buildup?

Commodore Amiga fans - guess what's coming to a Wii near you?

3rd Rock from the Sun.

New pet peeve. Take this down.

Mega-Wedgie Saves Man's Life

"Wanted" it was like 'Fight Club' with a Ewen Macgregor type and Angelina's stunt butt

Happy Birthday George Michael Dolenz

Post a song that reminds you of spring.

I find the reasoning behind Puglovers lock to be particularly ironic

Computer/network geeks, help!

I'm going to try to stay nekkid 'til Tuesday

Google Earth

Jean Reno Appreciation Thread

Quick! We got a live one!

Dammit. I picked a fine night to have insomnia.

What does a hotel mean when a room as a "French" bed?

Mike Reno Appreciation Thread

LA rock fans- Tom Morello at the Fonda-$15.00! Axis of Justice Tour

Janet Reno Appreciation Thread.

Anybody else like Dick Van Dyke?


Sunday morning walk at the duck park (pic heavy)

Name your kid with a name from Idiocracy

Name your kid with a name from Idiocracy

"Bridezilla" I'm ashamed to say that I have watched that program.

Pornographic Quilts!

Remove the Obama '08 and obama logo bumper stickers please.

Do you have Techno Fear or Techno Joy?

Tales from the Cubicle:

there are no words to accurately relate how awesome my music sounds

there are no words to accurately relate how awesome my music sounds

Favorite from the "Proverbs of Hell"

I've had a good week...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/8/2009)

I ate three Quarterpounders with cheese AND lost over 10 pounds, TODAY!!!


Anybody else find it gratifying to pop the little bubbles in bubble-wrap with

One of My Friends is a Freeper

Tales from the cockpit: The Thoroughbreds

30-35yo white male douche demographic?

Spelling test

I should really do something about my huge dick but

Morning photos (before I go to bed...)

I was reviewing the riddles in 'The Hobbit'

kitten picture of the day for sunday march 8

The Rock and the Roll.... "an' you know how it is"

My husband wants to buy an old jeep, he drives like an asshole so what could possibly go wrong?

Okay, have some fun identifying these album covers.

The University of the People has defeated the school of the Tobacco Monopoly

Wow...We just bought sooooo much crap at Ikea

How do I send liquid through the USPS?

Any lawyers here for a quick question?

Now this is getting a little bit weird.

Celeb crushes as of late.

rain, snow, tornadoes, hail, floods, the northern states have been bad!!!!!

Is Parche still stuck in a condom?

So, my first weekend without the kids, I think, cool, I can go out


Do they still make spray deodorants? Or roll ons?

I have 60,000 ebooks on my hard drive

My knee hurts

I am not crazy.

Cream cheese

You know how curious I get. Regarding the most recent Lounge war...

Drinks on the dock first time this year.

Guaranteed accurate: The "Pleasing Personality" Personality Test

I was dubious, but cherry-flavored Hershey's Kisses are pretty good.

I have been in the gutter today~ it wasn't pretty


national Treasure...the movie...have you seen it

My , poor kid is bundeled like a sack of potatos

"True love is Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny for grownups..."

Tales of Vile Dooshbagary. Issue #1 Vol. ,1 March 2009

Your Sunday LOLcats. (dial-up warning) I'm your guest host...

So on Sunday evening, WHO lounges the loungers?

I should live so long!!! Snuggie Pub Crawls!!!!!!

are you the type of person who calls a "movie" a "film?"

Can I hide out here?

Okay, you wicked, judgemental people, tell me not to write him and refrain

Nothing puts a shine on a Sunday afternoon like some good old-fashioned lobby vomit.

Yo, Windows users, I urge you to give Ubuntu Linux a try.

Are there any well-known Muhammads in history who were born before "the" Muhammad (pbuh)?

Stories From the Road: Trucking School

Driving from Portland to San francisco-any suggestions?

Stitches in your mouth...they are supposed to dissolve. They are just irritating me

Regarding Immunity of Bush Administration Lawyers from Torture Suits

Ten Questions

If Ernest Borgnine is right, I'm going to live forever.

Suppose you set yourself up as an authority figure and moral guide...

Photobucket weirdness.... (Save Phoebe Cates)

Ice cream

What words or phrases do you find extremely annoying?

What words or phrases do you find extremely annoying?

"WATCHMEN" is the best film I've seen in 10 years, by far. I laughed, I cried,

So after 30 years of saying that Government is the problem

WaPo editorial declares that Obama is Bush

D.L. Hughley just said Michael Steele's name should be Michael ALUMINUM!

"Steele" on SNL!

Darn! I was hoping that was Evan Bayh that Rock Obama threw out the window on SNL.

OK What movie, movies, TV series or DVD box set did Obama get Brown?

No change from the GOP

SNL mocking Tim Geithner

What gift should the President have given PM Brown?

McCain: Rush 'a distraction' (LOL Headline)

UK Observer: Obama will use spring summit to bring Cuba in from the cold

UK Observer: Obama will use spring summit to bring Cuba in from the cold

White House names Treasury nominees

How Hard It Is To Work for the Obama Administration

"When you make the President mad, he turns into THE ROCK Obama!" (SNL)

"His words, the president's voice" - Interesting piece on Favreau in today's Tribune.

Which Republican has white stones to create a path back?

President Barack Obama: Toward a Better Day (Video)

Are you throughly disgusted with GOP Dickheads? I mean totally @#!$&* fed up.

Knucklehead of the Day: President Obama

The Rock Obama

Obama to visit Turkey

This is a Joke, Right?

A reminder: Over $200,000 voters voted for Obama 52% to 46% for McCain

Newt just asked "does Chris Matthews hurt or help the Democratic party?" ............

The Freepers think the citizenship "controversy" is a nationwide phenomenon...

Obama nominates 3 to key Treasury Department posts..

Nationalizing Life and Death

US announces 12,000 US troops to leave Iraq

"He's right where many other presidents were in this time of his presidency."

So what should the NEXT 25 movies be?

Has everyone forgotten about Iraq?

for those who are dying to know Conrad Black's opinion of Obama...

President Obama's victory really hit many nerves. Obstruction by a thousand cuts?

Krugman responds to Alan Blinder's anti-nationalization argument

Newsweek's Alter: An Army Of Changemakers (FDR's CCC "is about to get turbocharged")

Hillary Clinton: Michelle Obama doing 'wonderful job' as First Lady

"Obama courts the chattering class"

From Fake Illiterate Cowboy to Reasonable Elegant Intelligence.....

A Bank Bailout That Works: Let's save the banks and let the bankers and shareholders go.

Barack Obama 'too tired' to give proper welcome to Gordon Brown

Obama says Blogs aren't a reliabel source of information

SNL on Michael Steele aka Aluminum aka a Can of Worms dba Humpty Hump!

Sarah Palin The Beauty Contestant, Now A 14 Year Old Conservative Radio Pundit!

'they' hate him (an interfaith open prayer/comment)

Will we see universal single payer health insurance?

Will we see universal single payer health insurance?

Frankly, I am offended that Gordon Brown would give President Obama such useless gifts.

Did the Media televise PM Gordon Brown's speech to Congress, cause I didn't see it.

Well Deserved mini-Down Time (photos)

What's with the pundits whining in unison, 'Obama's trying to do too much!'

There was only one gift Gordon Brown really wanted

Republicans have no Clue what Socialism and Communism means

David Frum: GOP is on the path to extinction.

Call Coburn a whaambulance! Prez Obama didn't call him!

Officials: Presidential Memo to Insulate Science From Politics

Need answer quick! What has Obama done right so far?

Evening Standard (U.K.) calls President Obama's gift to Brown "markedly less generous & thoughtful"

Is the gift that Obama gave Brown really an issue?

50 Facts About Our President

I am utterly f**king AMAZED that with the global economy in free fall and

Dan Lacey, what the he.............

Official Thread on the Failure of the Obama Presidency

Nationalize? Hey, Not So Fast (interesting considerations)

Lindsey Graham just said, "The President has ... told us a lot about who he is and it's scary!"

Biden: old-school vice president, more Mondale than Cheney

Biden: old-school vice president, more Mondale than Cheney

You mean Obama put some thought into that "gift"?

A "Spending FREEZE"???!!! Are you republics INSANE???!!!!

It's PRESIDENT OBAMA.... not Obama

In my 38 years of life, I have never been more proud of my President or my country.

An open letter to the "vistors" at DU who are "scared" to death of Obama and the economy

Tweety saying Limbaugh's show ratings have doubled since controversy began. Media Matters says BS.

The List of movies President Obama gave P.M. Brown

Actors whom you'll always think of in one particular role, and the role.

Report: Shoe hurled at Ahmadinejad in Iranian city

Why Rush is Wrong

Laid-back Lahore faces a frightening future

India has little to celebrate on Women's Day

Families demand answers about '89 Venezuela massacre victims

Soldier's love of books touched others

World's largest watch store prepares for Daylight Savings Time

Former Israeli president to face rape charges, officials say

Guards 'taking their last revenge' at Guantanamo: ex-prisoner

BBC vs DU- LBN (or since when Democratic Underground CENSURES not so convenient news?)

U.S. Plans Withdrawal of 12,000 Troops From Iraq by September

GM, Canadian union agree to wage, pension freeze

NBA great Barkley begins 3-day sentence in Tent City

Police: Ill. pastor deflected gunshot with Bible

Iran Tests New Air-To-Sea Missile - Report

World Bank Says Global Economy Will Shrink in ’09

Report: People shot at Illinois Baptist church

'Civilians die' in S Lanka battle

Pentagon's Unwanted Projects in Earmarks

Suicide Attack Kills at Least 26 at Iraqi Police Academy

Scattered layoffs in IBM can touch 4,600: Report

Peanut Corp. of America Files for Bankruptcy

U.S. gasoline prices continue steady rise: survey

Pomona broadcasting school signs off

Recession On Track To Be Longest In Postwar Period

Karzai Agrees to Delay Afghanistan's Presidential Election

Scientists to issue stark warning over dramatic new sea level figures

N Korea Says Intercepting Satellite Would Mean War-State Media

Obama budget director: We'll cut pork after '09 spending bill

Top Republicans Call for GM to Declare Bankruptcy

Obama hints at talks with Taleban

Obama will use spring summit to bring Cuba in from the cold

Obama will use spring summit to bring Cuba in from the cold

Women leaders demand equal rights on Women's Day eve

Subterranean Healthcare Blues

Species Exinction: "Entire Ecosystems May Face Irreversable Chain Reaction Collapse"

American Industry on Parade! B.O. (Before Outsourcing) blast from the past

Young Turks: Rep. Schwartz - Obama Might Not Get Bailout Money

More whining about taxes...

Fox Admits To Planting Political Brainwashing In Popular TV Shows

Iran Demands An Apology From Hollywood

Killing for Coal: Thomas G. Andrews

Bill Maher New Rules: The Republican Hatred of Government

Kucinich on Faux (03/07/09) - "The path forward has to be with transparency"

An Arrest Warrant for al-Bashir, Could Bush Be Next?

What I learned on Fox News today

Cantor On CNN's "State of the Union"-calls stem cell rules a distraction

Chris Wallace & Brit Hume: Wall Street in Obama bear market

David Brooks: A Spending Freeze Would Be 'Insane.'

SNL: The Rock Obama

The Week In Cartoons 03/07/09

John Culberson (R-TX) is kind of a dick

TYT: Cenk Breaks Down Dangerous Rhetoric From MB (Is It A Trend?)

SNL: Michael Steele Weekend Update Skit

Keith Olbermann interviews Wizard's fan who talked trash with Obama at the game

Cleanup Continues in Tennessee 3 Months After Coal Ash Spill (92 x Bigger Than Exxon Valdez Spill)

Jon Stewart vs Rick Santelli--get it while it's hot!

Best Description Of Republicans EVER!

D.L. Hughley: Frank Schaeffer not apologizing nor kissing Rush Limbaugh's butt

Clinton Advances Middle East Peace

Obama will use spring summit to bring Cuba in from the cold

NY Times: A.I.G., Where Taxpayers’ Dollars Go to Die

When Think Tanks Ran the Country, Neocons on Steroids

Wahhabi radicals are determined to destroy a gentler, kinder Islam

India has little to celebrate on Women's Day

Some Things Don’t Change in Grover’s Corners

Be Like Reagan And Thatcher! Soak The Rich!

In desperation, the defeated right turns to Rush Limbaugh

Why Rush is Wrong

The NAACP Takes a Stance Against Prop. 8

Nationalize? Hey, Not So Fast

The Jokes on You

Once normal, executive perks raising hackles


McCain reclaims a place in Washington

What Else Is Out There? (hiding some things that are so bad they fear the repurcussions?}

Britain's MI5 may have aided CIA in torture under Bush administration

Commentary: GOP has a lot of nerve

Bush Boasted about Tortured Captive

Solvent Insurer / Insolvent Insurer (Why are taxpayers paying off AIG's Hedge Fund?)

delete wrong forum

Bush, top aides apparently home free

Russia, China Call For Space Weapons Ban

Is Rush Limbaugh Really 'Benjamin Glutton?'


The Ultimate Wedge Issue in a Democracy

Call For Counter Demonstration In Appreciation Of Jane Fonda

From Misery to Fortune: Foreclosed Houses Auctioned Off

Deepak Chopra: Rush Limbaugh: Icon of Anti-morality

Murdoch: Europe Is ‘Poisoned’ By Anti-Semitism

Republicans have no Clue what Socialism and Communism means

Worries grow about Obama's outsourcing policies

Fathers and Sons: A Spirited Defense of Chas Freeman by his Politically Divergent Son

Detroit is no longer the nation’s worst-case scenario, but on its leading edge, the proverbial canar

Goodbye farmers markets, CSAs, and roadside stands

Open Letter to the Republican Traitors (From a Former Republican)

Cenk---The Flaw in the System: The Bankers Don't Care About the Banks (#1 Rated Diary @ DailyKos)

Pamela Troy

NSA whistle blower, Thomas Tamm, who was working inside the justice

Ana Marie Cox on Rachel Maddow- GOP spending freeze idea

Independent UK: Billions fewer plastic bags handed out

King Coal's reign challenged in courts, D.C.

Mayor Bloomberg reveals sources of mysterious but harmless maple syrup odors

From GD: Is solar really "green?"

Massive Federal Loan Guarantees for New Nuclear Power Plants Would Put Taxpayers, Ratepayers at Risk

PowerNap plan could save 75 percent of data center energy

UK - 74% Increase In Type 2 Diabetes 1997 - 2003 - Independent

Salt From Ike's Storm Surge Takes Toll On Crops, Pastures Miles Inland From Gulf Of Mexico

Greek company seeks to make Dubai biggest solar energy field in the world

Tom Friedman Questions Basic Economic Assumptions - CALL CONGRESS RIGHT F(&&%^(G NOW!!!!

Team Obama wants to pursue high-risk, high-reward initiatives on energy

Countries that block global climate change deal risk isolation: Miliband

Newsweek: The Recession’s Green Lining—closing dirty factories

Young, Saudi, Bored? Join Illegal Drag Races, Drifting Contests - What Else Is There To Do? - NYT

Global collaboration key for US, says Obama’s Science Director-designate

Inhofe's resident media agitator leaving to start a new climate-skeptic website

Stark Warning: Dramatic New Sea Level Rise Figures

World's largest laser gears up for ignition (hydrogen fusion) experiments

Kyocera Solar opens new PV module plant in Tijuana, Mexico

Living on Earth: Turning up the Heat on Coal

Major (Oregon) utilities ahead of green energy goals

(Upstate New York) Residents shocked by wind-turbine collapse

Prince Charles: 'We have less than 100 months to stop climate change disaster'

Antarctica is heating up fast, a Kansas researcher and other scientists warn—incredibly fast

The NLV Quant – By Koenigsegg (a four-seater solar electric car)

Families demand answers about '89 Venezuela massacre victims

Colombia: 'Drug Lords' Getting Free Pass on Worse Crimes?

The US should be neutral in Salvador's elections.

Neb. man crushed by granite at Okla. business

Today in labor history Mar 7 3,000 Marched on the main Ford plant demanding jobs for laidoff workers

Ethanol Plant Dust Explosions and Fires

Surging U.S. Unemployment Rate Puts Pressure on Obama (Update2)

At Labor Gathering, Luxury, Jockeying and Applause for Secretary (result is 4 mill hrs union work)

Today in labor history Mar 8 The Norris-LaGuardia Anti-Injunction Act took effect on this day

More Workers Joining Unions to Defend Against the Bosses’ Attacks

JFK Labor Quote

International Women's Day 2009: Women need a union

America loses 23,000 jobs every day and output suffers biggest slump in 25 years

States and Cities look to freeze wages; threaten layoffs

Today's Labor Cartoon: Dental Plan

Thank our unions for Hudson River miracle


Claire McCaskill on This Week today- on EFCA

Re: Prop 8. How can this be?

Hats Off to Lambda Legal

Just stopped by to recommend an interesting book...

A United Methodist Church invites gay center to share building

I sang with my local gay men's chorus tonight

Question on Prop 8 and the USSC

20 years ago tonight in a gay bar in Jackson Mississippi (Jack's)...I met a guy....

Gay Rep. Polis' (unbelievable) gaffe over federal hate crimes law (Matthew Shepard Act)

A.I.G., Where Taxpayers’ Dollars Go to Die

A Bank Bailout That Works: Let's save the banks and let the bankers and shareholders go.

World Bank Financial Report Grim

Subprime Europe

End of the road for old-school drag queens

could someone give simple real world examples of CDS's

Hopes for Shalit deal during Olmert tenure fade as Hamas nixes offer

U.S. Army document describes Israel as 'a nuclear power'

Source: Lieberman will have to quit cabinet within weeks

Former Israeli president to face rape charges, officials say

Lancet Devotes Issue To Palestinian Health

We learned from the Palestinians

Can Jews live in Europe?

Netanyahu yields to Lieberman's demands for government posts

To Obama: Stop "The Bezzle" - More from Denninger

Is "nodding off" a sign of Alzheimer's' Disease?

Kid thinking of becoming a Doctor

ATF, businesses offer $15,700 reward (SD) (theft from gun shop)

Dunblane father urges Scots control of guns law (Scotland)

Gun Laws Changing? (Reducing minimum age for CCW in Missouri )

Ousted judge gets 18 months in prison for gun violations (AL)

Teacher who had gun deserves second chance, judge says (FL)

An instructor for a hunter safety course orders Obama voters to get out of his class (OK)

Bill Would Enact Gun Return Procedure (TN)

Bond Hill Apartment Resident Shoots, Kills Robber

Saw in another post 12% of America carries a firearm

Vendors Welcome Big Turnout At Gun Show (NM)

Yesterday, I emailed a long message about gun control and the proposed AWB

Mac haz the cube (backgammon anyone?)

Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge is the best show on TV

Iditarod ceremonial start

some turtles, some more flying birds, and some signs of spring

BEAR program options decrease

2 recruiting bosses fired after suicide probe

Obama talks about Afghanistan, Taliban

ND National Guard faces chaplain shortage

Carson-based 4th BCT prepares for Afghanistan

DoD: Hood soldier dies after mortar attack

2nd BCT continues 10-day field exercise

Officials say Carson wildfire is contained

Russians push for global disarmament talks

Afghans protest U.S. raid that killed 4

Mullen concerned about Mexico drug battles

Bragg MP unit returns from Iraq

2/14 touts advanced artillery system

Marine-turned-contractor killed in Iraq

Nellis desert allows for tactical learning

Coalition forces fight in insurgent stronghold while residents urge U.S. troops to leave Mosul

Stimulus act adds new tax benefits for troops

DODEA to cut first-grade reading program in Europe

U.S., South Korea begin exercise amid North Korea’s threats

US Seeks Talks With North Korea

Police Finds Cache of Service Medals

Bonus program extends to include more cryptolinguists

U.S.: 12,000 troops to leave Iraq by September

Corps adding languages to proficiency program

Karzai welcomes call to reach out to Taliban

Female airmen underrepresented in tech field

Army prepares for face transplants

Navy classifies regular ship inspections

New policy bars sex offenders from Navy housing

GIs Steal Night Vision Goggles to Sell

Audit: Super Hornet a noise risk for sailors

TV Alert for Sunday Night (UFOs)

An International Women's Day sermon

The Stars This Week: "Invest in Yourself to Help Others" - March 9 - March 15, 2009

Vote to Name NASA's new Space Station Node 3 After Stephen Colbert!

A United Methodist Church invites gay center to share building

Diocese to fight sex abuse claim

So I talked to our parish pastor again last night after mass

That Darned Catholic Church!

I saw something kinda cool at the bookstore today:

If you spray some truffle oil on raw, halved lobsters before you grill them ......

"pancake syrup" makes me angry

What's for Dinner? ~ Sunday March 8th

How do you store your recipes?

Farm fresh milk + 30 minutes = mozzarella

New bread recipe trial ~ PAGNOTTA ~ a biga based round Italian loaf

Gulags for Teachers... NYC Style. A video.

FBI says, “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11” - Are they lying?

AG Abbott bungling raises suspicion in voter ID debate

The Ultimate Wedge Issue in a Democracy

Watch the Watchmen's opening credit sequence.

Why is Ottawa still bungling the China file?

9/11 is the reason we must bring the empire down.

Would Galileo have been in serious trouble if he had said that 12 times 12 equals 142?

My NewEgg Ordeal

Yo, Windows users, I urge you to give Ubuntu Linux a try.

T. Boone Pickens on Bill Maher