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Archives: March 9, 2009

c h a n g e - 12,000 U.S. Troops to Leave Iraq

Fired for talking to union? (& video) Ever heard about EFCA?

Why Conservatives Are Radical on Health Care

A History of US Government Corporate Bailouts

Mainstream media still cheerleading for Wall St. even during this total collapse:

Musical Birthday Salute On Tap For Ted Kennedy

Eric Cantor is the perfect heir to throne for GOP leadership..........

$8.5 trillion divided by 305,968,504

Is anyone watching this SNL Commercials Only special?

New Rule.. in year #4 of any presidency, the final budget must be all done

It is simply not necessary to have an FDIC or a fractional reserve bank, despite what we may think.

"Shoppers lined up, hovered over paltry selection" during Circuit City's final hours

Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Anti-Meth Legislation

T. Boone Pickens upset that non-Whites got $13B in Feb. Wants tax subsidies for North American oil

The Next Hit: New Wave Of Federally-Backed Mortgages Go Bad Without A Single Payment

Two LTTE in our local newspaper...

N.Korea Vows to Attack U.S., Japan, S Korea if its Satellite Intercepted

Happy Birthday Senator Ted Kennedy - lots of pics

A right-winger even the Freepers would tell to take a hike.

Mastercard. Priceless?

Classic Bill Maher "New Rules" fave, from 10-3-08

The greatest fans are those who cheer for gymnasts.

Can anyone explain why the GOP always pulls "class warfare" out of their asses?

well, the effing c*cksuckers did it

Don't Let Madoff Cop a Plea

Senator Mary Landrieu a key vote in major labor bill

Senator Mary Landrieu a key vote in major labor bill

Mormon food bank a private welfare system

Bush did more to encourage "class warfare" than any other President

New season of Breaking Bad starts tonight!

Pete Seeger Visited North Vietnam

Secretary of state Hillary Clinton op-ed celebrating international women’s day March 8, 2009

Secretary of state Hillary Clinton op-ed celebrating international women’s day March 8, 2009

Let unframe this right now.

The Socialist Reporter

Another right-winger commits blasphemy, takes a shot at the legacy of St. Ronnie

Fundies Decry Obama's War on Blastocysts

Indian-made cigarettes seen as cheap, toxic and tax-free!

SCHIP and Tobacco: Nails in the Coffin? (retail convienience stores)

Chris Brown Wants Misdemeanor Plea, No Jail Time, Rihanna told cops he's beaten her before

Lindsey Graham Contradicts Himself On Earmarks In Under A Minute

Oh-oh. HEADLINE: "Obama sees link between stem-cell work, 'scientific integrity'"

BARTERING can become an effective way to butter your bread.

Terror-War Fallout Lingers Over Bush Lawyers... What, if anything, should happen to these lawyers...

ya'll got an hour less sleep than i did...down here we don't do Daylight Savings...

ya'll got an hour less sleep than i did...down here we don't do Daylight Savings...

Honoring Women on International Women's Day from Sec. Hillary Clinton

Christians marking their territory in Texas

The right wing is eating their own (or eating eachother) at Free Republic!

I Never Thought I'd Say This, But Tom Friedman Nailed It

Quotable Quotes - Who said this?

Obama - Happy Birthday Teddy Kennedy

Thou shalt porn: Utah's dirty little secret revealed

Oh, and by the way, I hate religion.

Rush Limbaugh toxic to Republican Party, says Bush speechwriter David Frum

Fucking Christ. Vatican excommunicates for 9-year-old's abortion, but won't excommunicate rapist.

Warren Buffett will be on GECNBC tomorrow morning

On March 10th, 2009, we will host a deluge of activity in support of HR 676.

AIG: No "us" would leave the world in chaos

Hickory Shooting May Have Been Self-Defense

Frank Schaeffer is pissed

Connecticut Residents, Boycott WTIC 1080 AM Radio

Why am I stuck here in the twilight zone...again?

Koch Industries: The Real Force behind Right Wing America

The end of a gilded era.......literally

¢itibank death watch

Is it a ride? What is the point?

Ah, found this....North Korea state media!

Over 1,200 Tibetans Missing After Crackdown; Blasts Ahead of Tibet Anniversary

Maddow's unique style spikes ratings

North Korea Puts Forces On Full Alert

North Korea Puts Forces On Full Alert

Connecticut Catholic Conference 'Florists Need Protection'

MarketWatch: CNBC made itself an easy target for Jon Stewart

Ann Bryan Mariano dies at 76; one of first female war reporters in Vietnam

Jack Welch on GENBC...WTF?

Anybody listening to Stephanie Miller?

The Catholics and the Protestants are back at it again in N. Ireland

World Financial Assets Lost $50 Trillion in 2008, or Year of GDP, ADB Says

Warren Buffett Says U.S. Economy Has `Fallen Off a Cliff' as Berkshire Units Hurt

Famed pastor predicts imminent catastrophe

Did it ever occur to anyone that Gordon Brown maybe a film buff..

Why is Alabama getting the Space Center?

Here is our most basic economic problem in two simple graphs..

Credit card info for a brunch reservation?

Credit card info for a brunch reservation?

OMFG! Queen announces knighthood for Rush Limbaugh!

FOX News Apologizes For Not Identifying Suspect As "Illegal Immigrant."

Microsoft to let PC users turn off IE Web browser

Vets with post-traumatic stress fight for aid

Pakistan: Opposition Chief Comes Close to Treason

Pentagon: Chinese Vessels Harassed Unarmed Navy Ship

Settlement reached in Angel Food suit

Historic Church From The Women's Rights Movement Burns in Seneca Falls

Historic Church From The Women's Rights Movement Burns in Seneca Falls

When do we start pulling the mercenaries out of Iraq?

Toles Sketch: The Republicans' plan....

Calls to suicide hotlines in Mass. are on the rise

ya'll got an hour less sleep than i did...down here we don't do Daylight Savings...

ya'll got an hour less sleep than i did...down here we don't do Daylight Savings...

ya'll got an hour less sleep than i did...down here we don't do Daylight Savings...

Oil at $50 Looms as OPEC Plans Fourth Cut, Complies With Production Quotas

Need a new car for pennies on the dollar?

Fundies Decry Obama's War on Blastocysts

Minnesota SOS on CSPAN talking about Franken-Coleman recount now......

Your Supreme KKKourt at work.......

Quelle Surprise!: Warren Buffett opposes the Employee Free Choice Act

The Polar Bear is no longer the icon of global warming

The "Broadcaster Freedom Act" - heard of it? It's the anti-Fairness Doctrine embodied....and worse

Rare Species Of Frog May Hold Cure To…Ah, Never Mind, It's Extinct

can you imagine: a 5 phase election with 800,000 polling places?

Anyone got a link to Stephanie Miller show?

Matt Taibbi: Limbaugh is 'a fat, pill-popping idiot'

I must not think bad thoughts

'buy off' federal workers in the District

RASMUSSEN: Republicans See Their Party As Leaderless

US payback, or pork for Filipino vets?

Bush's Anti-Science policy on stem cells officially overturned by Obama

Iraqi Women - More Violence - No Toilets, No Electricity, No Water, No Jobs, No Security, No Dignity

Any conservative who opposes stem cell treatments is free to refuse them

Diplomacy aids Haiti's struggle: Ban Ki-moon, Bill Clinton to visit

Cleveland eviction riot of 1933 bears similarities to current woes

'Hair blindness' likely to exist in humans

Repulican Congressmen Propose Federal Workers in D.C. Pay No Income Tax.

Frank Schaeffer: Open Letter to the Republican Traitors.

Kucinich memo: Four largest TARP recipients spent billions on 'questionable transactions'

Binyam Mohamed: Five months at a secret CIA prison in Afghanistan was worst of his 7 years

Siegelman attorney: If necessary we will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court

NY TIMES: MOUTHPIECE of the STATE- Why Did The New York Times Kill This Image of Henry Kissinger?

Why unions have been necessary: oligopsony. Don't you just love funny words that mean so much?

The Inevitable: Part I, General Motors

Which Unemployment Rate?

Nickelodeon: If Chris Brown Wins Kids' Choice Awards, Blame Kids

Joe Lieberman, karma chameleon

Grand Ole Opry legend Hank "Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On" Locklin dies in Ala.

Corporate Personhood

Well that's cool, Obama just signed; we're back in the stem cell field...

I am so happy about President Obama reversing on stem cell research

Books About the CIA

It will be...Different.

Two more prominent Republicans photographed with whore.

Story of O: It's a Mystery, you DFH's!

$50 trillion wiped off world financial assets: ADB

Younger and Hungrier in America

Welfare Queens Gone Wild update: More shenanigans at $hiti Citi

World Bank: Global Economy Shrinks, Trade Plummets in 2009

'Run on UK' sees foreign investors pull $1 trillion out of the City of London.

Are We Running Dry? (Southwest US water shortage documentary)

picture of change

picture of change

Lieberman sucks chrome off of trailer hitch Film at 11.00

Dear Mr President-Make a REAL EXAMPLE of the bastards that got us into this mess!

The Republicans have always been the party of the wealthy white elites

Terms pundits refuse to define in order to perpetuate dishonest arguments

Illegal immigrants might get stimulus jobs, experts say

Illegal immigrants might get stimulus jobs, experts say

Cuomo and Frank To BofA's Lewis: You "Fuel Distrust And Cynicism"

Boehner slams Obama on stem cells

My Mortgage is Being Sold to Bank of America?? ! - Countrywide/BOA Merger

Really good LTTE in Washington Post today.....

Why AHIP Is Fighting Real Reform

Texans/Austinites - Hearing On Voter - ID Legislation (Tues. Mar. 10) - BE THERE!

Goverment-Funded Health Care? We're Already Two-Thirds There

Fundies: Obama has opened "the floodgates for destruction of tiny human beings"

My Bitch About Blue-Ray Players & Wide-Screen

Obama administration to watch for waste of stimulus money...

First Federal CONSUMERS Bank..

First Federal CONSUMERS Bank..

Buy my missiles

Nancy Reagan praises Obama's stem cell policy change

Go Robert Gibbs!!

Stem cell research: adult vs embryonic

Letting Citigroup fail could be disastrous

My hubby hit it on the nail.

Opposing Obama's tax hike on the rich, Baucus proposes taxing your health care benefits

What Madoff's victims say about our society

Obama orders review of Bush-era signing statements

RIP Father Martin - you were of good service to humanity.

Dangerously Confused

In 2006, the buzzword was accountability...

Calgary joins Toronto in running atheist bus ads

I wonder if the reason Obama is feeding rather than taking over the zombie banks is because of Saudi

That's President Chuck Morris to you (treasonous asshole)


The lack of trust is the biggest obstacle to recovery?

When CNN needs one member of Congress for a soundbyte respose to an Obama policy, they'll go with:

Citi felt bad that brokers couldn't go to the Bahamas on the public dole, gave them $13 M instead

For my 10,000th post - Thank you, DU for a place to keep semi-sane these last 3 election cycles

When Do You Expect to Take Delivery of your Clone?

Stem Cell research Poll on aol getting freeped: go to it

"Bushvilles" springing up in Sacramento, Seattle, etc.

Koch Industries: The Real Force behind Right Wing America

Pakistan tribesmen sign peace deal promising not to shelter militants on the Afghan border

Judge Tosses Blago Request To Boot Fitzgerald

Why We Will Win

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

I believe the republics are still voting with Bush

There was a very unusual poll on Huffington this morning...

Booklovers: What I just learned thanks to Omaha Steve

Ed Schultz will be hosting "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" on MSNBC tomorrow at 6 PM.

Detainee describes CIA torture: Shackles, darkness, and non-stop Eminem Raps

Pentagon playing the victim, again....

Consumers Curb Medical Treatment to Save Money

Consumers Curb Medical Treatment to Save Money

Consumers Curb Medical Treatment to Save Money

Charlotte Observer: How will $8 billion shape rail corridors?

N. Korea threatens war if U.S. shoots down satellite

Gergen on Larry King. He also believes too much, too soon. I prefer

send this to your favorite NOPer


Don’t Rely on Bush’s Signing Statements, Obama Orders

The 10 Major Newspapers That Will Either Fold or Go Digital Next --By 24/7 WALL ST.

Battle Over Bonuses: Govt. Says Bank of America Threatens to Sue Employee Willing to Talk

Chuck Norris sides with far-right groups

Meghan McCain calls Ann Coulter 'offensive' and 'insulting'

Monks taken for 're-education' before Tibet uprising anniversary

AIG Warned of 'Crisis' if Government Didn't Help

"the Bible that blocked a bullet!" MSNBC!!

Rushbo's Numbers "Double" Out Of Thin Air...

Any Randi news?

Stem Cell research Poll on aol getting freeped: go to it

Beck: Stem-cell research will lead directly to the search for a new ‘master race.’

March 10th is National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers

Krugman: WH Has Decided To "Muddle Through On The Finanancial Front"

Sen. Joe Lieberman now sings Obama's praises

Rasmussen Again Tries To Prove That Dems’ Rush Strategy Is Failing

Half Dozen Republican Senators To Blast Obama Intel Pick Over Israel Views

Disney Announces Goals To Go Green - Company Sets Goal Of Producing Zero Waste

Gen. Odierno: Combat Troops Could Stay In Mosul Past Obama's June 30 deadline

Lynn Cullen is back on the air - live right now!

Fox News has picked up on WND's hissy fit about Obama's Wikipedia page

Court keeps homeless man off Ill. village ballot

These thieves in the Wall St bailout,

Interior chief names 'recovery czar'

Alien visitations in the past and Daniken... tonight's History Channel

Has anyone seen this? A PhD thesis on DU and FR. Found as a Wikepedia link,

Has anyone seen this? A PhD thesis on DU and FR. Found as a Wikepedia link,

Foreign Workers Banned From Wall Street

President Obama just lessened my education debt...substantially...

a POLL on Drug Use

Umm since my PMs to mods are never replied to...

How long will it be before we have a president that doesn't oppose human cloning?

Krugman on Shuster now n/t

ATT channel slamming Public Access channels (Amy Goodman)

US ban Winehouse - authorities turned down her visa request

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney is a microcosm of our society at large.

LA Times explains the economy.

LA Times explains the economy.

Dan White -- A Hero for Killing a Queer

Dan White -- A Hero for Killing a Queer

Palin Publisher Announces Book Deal

Who would post on an anti-oppression group on DU?

Who would post on an anti-oppression group on DU?

Top 10 amazing holes in the Earth

IL: another murder suspect cites 'gay panic' defense

Whale washes up near Florence (Oregon)

Are all republicans/trolls THIS STUPID ????

Sara Steelman may primary Roy Blunt for MO Senate race

America in Solidarity Member Critically Injured

Academic Earth:Thousands of free video lectures from the world's top scholars.

I just Googled "John Boner". Guess who was Hit No. 1

UN accuses Britain of condoning torture

Notice what has happened?

Free Copies of Resumes on Tuesday at Fedex Kinko's

Whoa: Hugh-MFer alert!

Reagan praises Obama for overturning Bush's policy on stem cells

major right wing nut on 1600....plante

Rove: bu$h absent on bailout - NOT "the decider", according to Rover-It's all Obama's Fault!

Tweety: Rush is Oprah for white guys.

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Snort Lutefisk

Rush whacks Newt: 'He wishes they were running TV ads against him'

France moves to ban sale of alcohol to minors

When does human life begin? I defy any intelligent person to answer

David Brooks: GOP Spending Freeze Idea Is "Insane," Party Too Stuck On Reagan

have you seen this website - ?

Brazil rocked by abortion for 9-year-old rape victim

A disturbing article: " Why the Dark Secrets of the First Gulf War Are Still Haunting Us "

Iraq's Unspeakable Crime: Mothers Pimping Daughters

Another Bushie can't find work......

Breaking News: Van Jones Chosen as Obama's "Green Jobs Czar"

Robert Hanssen and Breach

VIDEO: Protest In Selma To Demand Justice For Don Siegelman...

norah odonnell...graph showing what the dow has done since President Obama was elected in nov?????

U.S. Senator Russ Feingold in Support of the McCain Amendment Stripping Earmarks from the Omnibus

As Obama Hosts Summit on Healthcare, Marginalized Advocates Ask Why Single Payer Is Ignored

Any word on the status of Sirius/XM?

Ken Burns should do a documentary on how these corrupt bastards on Wall Street....

When will it (the market) bottom out?

PROOF that evolution is a lie! A Polar Bear can't give birth to a cactus!

This is a Jackeens (for Obama) appreciation thread for the incredible effort

Best Stand Up Comics of All Fucking Time Poll

Embryonic stem cells

LBJ was more progressive than JFK

After bail outs . . . where are the remedies . . . ??????

Joe The Plumber Blasts Michael Steele's "Hip Hop" Ambitions

The future will look like this:

Where did liberalism and conservatism come from?

12000 troops out of Iraq by September is pathetic

You gotta see the front page of today's Detroit Free Press!

Don't Leave Home; Your Credit Card is on Hold

What's your weather like? I'm clearly getting paid back

Anybody else cutting way back on watching/reading the (bad) MSM news?

Rove and Miers WILL NOT be sworn in...last 8 years are swept under the rug...

CBOE prick, helpful geek: 75% of the market's value is represented by the S&P 500.

Older Job-Seekers Face Special Hurdles

Wingnut Violence: A View from the FBI Hotlist

My Dad died 17 months ago...

Why is everyone starting to say that the Obama Administration's economic policies are a failure?

Chinese ships 'harass' US vessel

Willful Incompetence: The 400 Plus Murdered and Missing Women of Ciudad Juarez

Hey, all you southern DUers remember last Sunday

Hey, all you southern DUers remember last Sunday

Filmmaker John Milius wants Limbaugh 'drawn and quartered'

“The Move”- A small excerpt from a larger story of a tiny tale of epic horror. Part One.

Media Falsely Report Dean Will Become Lobbyist, Disqualifying Himself From White House

Which country best embodies the "small government" of the GOP?

I want some solar power stock, some stem cell research stock, and some windsocks!

Help me take the Hannity w/HOOKERS photo VIRAL, please keed this kicked and forward

Right wing terrorist attacks - What do you think will happen next?

Real story behind credit card limit & declined card stories:THE CARD COMPANIES HAVE NO MONEY TO LEND

Meghan McCain calls Ann Coulter 'offensive' and 'insulting'

KS-02 Jenkins Lies AGAIN about Railway from LA to Las Vegas

Joe The Plumber Blasts Michael Steele's "Hip Hop" Ambitions

You know, I think we should take the GOP up on that whole no class warfare thing.

Gunman: 'If You're Not A Christian You're Going To Die'

If Marijuana Is Legalized, Then Why Not Cocaine? Why Not Heroin?

Vatican: The washing machine liberated women

Fox "News" Channel's very own Sean Hannity at a hooker house!

Saudis order 40 lashes for elderly woman for mingling

GOP Rep. Patrick McHenry: “Our Goal Is To Bring Down Approval Numbers” For Dems

Obama Keeps Bush positions in Court nearly every time (and yet no outrage here?)

Yes, Actually, We Do Need To Bring Back The Fairness Doctrine

"Shut up about Chavez the killer," Venezuelan co-star tells Sean Penn.

Danny Schechter: Do Americans Realize How The Crisis Breeds Global Chaos?

If she hit him first, his lawyers believe, it's not a felony.

Here's my Limbaugh "Puff the Magic Dragon" song. Rush might not like it. I'm full of remorse already


(Action) Yes, Actually, We Do Need To Bring Back The Fairness Doctrine!

Where is the lefts "Joe the Plumber"??

Paul Krugman: Behind the Curve

Did you choose, inherit, or lose your religion? ...or

How did the Republicans convince people that making wealthy people wealthier was a good idea?

U.S. unemployment level AFTER the 1929 crash and bank runs...

What's the status of the Franken election?

Posters having fun with the "Bible blocks bullet " event are missing the funniest part of the story.

GOP Rep: “Our Goal Is To Bring Down Approval Numbers” For Dems

OMFG... $200 plus a day for a live in nanny for the elderly.

Here we are in year 2009. Women, do you feel equal to men or not?

Citibank and AIG: What do you support?

Socialism? Please

'Watchmen': Why Rush Limbaugh isn't gonna like it

National Security Advisor James Jones- "I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger"

Area bloke discovers ignorant Americans working at Walmart.

Well I'll be Goddamned! Rise In Americans With No Religion

NBC Nightly News May Expand To Full-Hour Newscast

Chavez to Obama: "Do not continue on the road of stupidity."

What is preventing progress in the humanities?

when u go out in the rain do you wear your

Damn! Watchmen put me to sleep. TWICE!

Welcome this new DU member:

BIG LOVE is coming on ! Please, everyone keep it down in here.

Pumpkin and I are tired

Sexual Choclate


OK, so what's the score?

Why don't women understand (uh oh, no he didn't) . .

Shameless vanity question: Eating too much sodium, and how long I'll retain water.

I love my wife because she's a handy-woman

I had a dream that I was blind

Which candy is still American-made?

What one can do, another can do

a poem I wrote

Thanks, everybody, for your responses last night.

I found the REAL Moe Kitten!

I am sad.

How did they ever get away with this? SNL Just Commercials on now

Bella aint jiving with this time change thing.

A request for your assistance

FlyingSquirrel is de-virginized and they gotz the pics to prove it (dial-up warning)

Plane crash in North Dakota...

I'm about to scream and start throwing stuff...

Here's a cool Internet toy to play with!

The super-power you'd use the most if you could be Superman for one day

Tonight, we showed the littlest OBD Warner Brothers cartoons for the first time


what changes if you add someone to your buddy list?

There was a TUG up and down Franklin street in those days...,

Please read my new blog.

So can anyone tell me what Saint Martin was doing in the Fields that

There are two kinds of people on this earth

My birthday is next week. Who's going to send me thermal socks?

Monday morning LOL

Could there be someone who knows no language besides English & who should consider learning Arabic?

For THOSE people in your life

They need to rename MLB 2009 The Show to "Stuck in minor league hell"

Good morning Lounge

I need some tech help. Damned Vista! I can't figure out where to find the ink levels on my printer.

Just as I suspected--we get more Pell grant cash, and the University raises tuition.

Why are legitimate news stories about Narwhals being moved or locked in GD?

I loathe pollen....

I loathe pollen....

DST is going to be the death of me

What are some good excuses for getting out of important social engagements you need to avoid?

Damn I love cooking with tempeh!

You know what to do

Anyone listening to Stephanie Miller?

maple bacon vodka is not as awesome as you would think

DST really underscores the whole artifice of "society", dont'cha think?

Vibes for LyricKid

Update: The bookcase has been defeated

Will Smith vs Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) who gets to play Obama in the movie?

Dane Suck Cooks!

Hey, Symarip!

Sane Duck Cooks!

Where were you at 2:16 am on Sunday morning?

Summer Bartholomew? Sale of the Century?

List songs, poems, books that have Narwhals in them.

Ian Curtis does not look like the voice that comes out of him

Just returned from the eye doctor, New Rx and I have to say.

So Watchmen only did $55,000,000 this weekend (I am not surprised)

Diane SAWYER CHOKES --- "The penis does not have a BONE -- It is the DIPSTICK of health!1"

I'm 39 and my heart ACHES for the nineties.

Anybody else change their bed linens at 11PM?

the difference between men and women

I just took a one hour vacation and I feel great.

OMG that has got to be the BEST episode of "Big Love" ** SPOILERS **

Just put Ginger Baker in the fridge to chill.

Why do they make Diet Pepsi Max?

I need a secret bank account

Just got an iTouch. Cool machine, but something about the wi-fi is freaking me out. Can you help?

Every pet should have one of these !!

Awww, Sniffa got me a present!

My mom got this thing in the mail telling her she won $250,000


I just scored an interview with Cedar Point Ride Operations!

Man wrestles crazed ninja kangaroo.

It was 65 here on Saturday, today it is snowing

Ladies of the Lounge: Is a massage with a happy ending considered cheating?

Benny Hill cracks me up!


Is Symarip risking a TS'ing for his neverending campaign of all things Narwhal?

I learned how to knit this weekend, and I must say, I'm awesome at it.

Damnit, maybe Jindal was right - we don't need no stinking Volcano Tracking (re Rapture Index)

I have a Beatles song stuck in my head

Ladies of the Loung: Is a message with a sappy ending considered cheating?

Any fans of "Jammin'" here? (The musical comedy show on BBC Radio 2)

Is a message with a sappy ending considered cheesy?

Is the Nova M Stream Working?

When we nuked taterguy, he didn't cry.

With the Oxy Moron in the news so much, one substance comes to mind...

If a thread asking If a thread asking if something is cheating is locked as a sex thread is posted

Ladies of the Lounge: If a thread asking if something is cheating is locked as a sex thread

Imperial Daschunds

It your personal opinon Tony Robbins is......

Movie Fans of the Lounge: Is a movie with a happy ending cheating?

Ok another digital camcorder question

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/9/09

Pulse (somewhat-adult content)

I'm going to assume that one of you kind & gentle townsfolk will explain the Narwhal phenomenon

Enjoy a FREE Redbox movie tonight

The young and overly-perky girls at the tanning salon need to chill out....

If a Narwhal cheats on a Lady of the Lounge while emptying a ped-egg...

Japanese create robot stalker!

Pass it on...Newsweek: Rihanna and 5 myths about domestic violence

Pass it on...Newsweek: Rihanna and 5 myths about domestic violence

Found in the dogs' pen now that the snow is melting:

Bondage fans of the Lounge: Is getting your thread locked cheating or sex?

I am performing a mind-numbing task toward which I am completely apathetic.

Louisville wins the Big East regular-season title outright!!

Responses are erected involuntarily

Ladies of the Lounge: Is not having any cheese in your shop considered cheating?

Ladies of the Lounge: Is selling a dead parrot nailed to its perch cheating?

I just finished watching Tropic Thunder...

Google fight!

Why I Love The TV Show "Damages"

I have to take over the lounge

Ladies of the Lounge: Is hiding an extra Ace of Spades in your sleeve considered cheating?

Lassies of the Lounge: Is a fire at the old mill considered an "emergency?"

Say it ain't so! Chuggo's real name may not be Gary Switling, after all!

Rihanna and Chris: Secret Wedding?

I like it, and I don't care what anybody says!

Should I see "Slumdog Millionaire" or "Watchmen" this week?

The young and overly-perky girls at the tanning salon need to stroke me till I'm happy

The Best Concert Review I've Ever Read

I am no longer going to use the word "Yuppie."

That's a ginormous prostitution thread over in GD

Rush Limbaugh as the new leader of the GOP

"The Washing Machine and the Liberation of Women - Put in the Detergent, Close the Lid and Relax."

Settle another raging, marriage-destroying debate between MrLaraMN and me, please.

Weird up-and-down days.

Wow, This Gives the End Time Rapture a Whole New Meaning

Why does Pooka keep running off with my Crocs?

The Spider Man movie: Chick flick?

Sometimes, I think I deliberately complicate my own life

Some time in April i wanna go visit Crater Lake; what one place should I visit on the way?

Has anyone heard from reyd reid reed?

Dane Cook Sucks.

U2 Fans: How is the new album?

California.. We love ya!

My brother broke his wrist in 3 places.

Phrases which sound like sex things, but really aren't

Daylight Savings time sucks!

It would be cool to live the island lifestyle described by Jimmy Buffett in his songs.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/9/2009)

K's latest over the top homework assignment? Biography of a famous person

Oh Lord, the pooch went on a rampage again. I need to teach him some manners.

Bad news: Not all lobsters have pincers.

Tonight, on Top Gear

If we all fix our clocks we can stop global warming.

Tales from the cockpit: Pearl Harbor

Slumdog Millionaire - poll

I heard a funny joke that Terrell Owens has signed with the Buffalo Bills!

Video of Nadya Suleman giving birth!

PIC-HEAVY client photo shoot update: spaghetti & meatballs, chicken salad, calzone, pizzas...

Martha Stewart’s dog dies in Pa. kennel blast

We're coming to DC this weekend.

WTF: Discusss

What is Barbie's last name?

Signs of spring at casa de TZ: Kitty Kombat...

****HOT*****HOT****The Jade Stone & Luv Fan page is UP*****HOT****HOT

Does anyone remember Joss Stone?

What does Bill O'Reilly have up his ass?

Guys: While watching an action flick (karate, etc) do you fast forward the chick scenes?

What are you doing with your "extra" hour of daylight?

My Bitch About Blue-Ray Players & Wide-Screen

if you go back and be a spectator at one event w/o the ability to change history, which would it be?

How many times a day do you feed your adult dog?

"Deprived men do depraved things"

What happened? Why do people want to leave? Be nice!

kitten picture of the day for monday march 9

A practical definition of entropy:


Just put a new batch of Ginger Beer in the fridge to chill.

CNN Video, Oprah: "If a man hits you once, he will hit you again"

Bobby Hill cracks me up!

I like Jennifer Aniston, I think she's a beautiful and talented actress

What other boards do you frequent?

Time to show your age.

YouTube: Britney Spears informs audience of her wardrobe malfunction ("My ***** is hanging out")

Odor removal suggestions?

The 50,000 dollar haircut

I don't need no bleeping babysitter!

March Madness Time - Who do you think the #1 seeds will be?

I'm sending my SO a necklace for our 2 year anniversary

Anyone here remember "Turkish Taffy", I LOVED that stuff...

I'm never fucking with Midlo again

Paranormal Research fans out there?

Say something nice about another DUer

Anyone else gain a little weight after giving blood?

Someone explain to me why THIS is considered a great work of art...

"Erections are an involuntary response"?

On DU, have you used the phrase 'I don't normally support capital punishment, but?'

Did you know you could legally buy Absinthe in the United States now

Who has a pic of the Billboard about Rush saying two

Let me make sure I'm understanding something correctly (about the Omnibus.)

"Holder vows to restore DOJ civil rights"

GOP sees chance to pick up seats in 2010-Obama put many Dem Stars in Cabinet

Has Limbaugh's ratings doubled since his Obama attacks, as some pundits have reported? OK, how?

things are getting better everyone. Oregon has all Dem Senators/Governor for 1st time

I think Democrats kick ass.

Michael Steele needs to watch this (youtube link)

I thought it was the "thought" that counts when giving a gift

There's a shitstorm over giving DVD's? Musta missed it...

DVD's and 9/11...Jeebus! Can I puke now!?

So I was given a Rolex watch for a present

I like that Obama chose films to give to Brown.

The Buzz: Has Obama ruined late-night comedy?

Nah, thanks, but no. Pls. delete. nt

CNN's State of the Union - Where were John King's Big Giant Balls for the last 8 years?

From the JDRF Twitter Feed about the Stem Cell Executive Order (Lawmakers Ready)

Dvds, gray hair, reset buttons, President Obama's exhaustion the media bored?

Times Reporter Defends Asking Obama If He’s A “Socialist”

Prepared Remarks for Obama at Stem Cell Bill Signing

Brookings Report On Bank Nationalization - Discusses The Logistical Hurdles That Must Be Overcome

Interactive graphic of Obama's first 100 days.

DVD-gate peeps. You do realize the State Department is responsible for dealing with gifts dont you?

Vibes for me...

BREAKING - DOW Is Down - CNBC Attributes This To Obama Picking His Nose...

Hey you DVD-gate people. FUCK THE HELL OFF!!

Krugman: Obama's economic policy is falling behind the curve

In Defense of Obamanomics this thread some love....

When the American household worth number comes out for 2008 it will be down more than $10 Trillion

RW nut Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) put out a statement re: ESCR

Hey Republicans, he's cool he's relaxed and he is letting you know that he is #1

BOYCOTT: JPMorgan Chase----Outsourcing 25% of jobs to India

Wall Street - Someone convince me that Wall Street is predictive

Where are the threads bashing Joseph Stiglitz, Simon Johnson, Nouriel Roubini along w/ Krugman

One minor little comment about the Peregruzka button

Obama: Don't Rely on Bush's Signing Statements

Dean Joins Lobbying Firm

Reason Returns to the White House (Mary Lyon)

Today Is A Great Day For Change (Obama is signing an Executive Order)

The NY Times asks if Obama is a socialist.

Seriously. "The Gift"

At last.... science is cool again

Love the MSM. After President Obama Restores Scientific Integrity in an Historic Signing

Market Thumbs Down on Obama. What's Oil Voting On???

Lieberman Now 'Gushing' For Obama

Bush is almost a Progressive

Taking on the Naysayers- Frank Rich: Some Things Don’t Change in Grover’s Corners

President’s Political Protector Is Ever Close at Hand

What are the Leading Economists saying in response to the GOP's Call for a "Spending Freeze" ?

A Disastrous decision from George Bush's Supreme Court

US Census spokesperson calls being gay a "lifestyle"

Republicans See Their Party as Leaderless (They throw Limbaugh, Palin, and McCain under the bus)

Right-Wing, Theocrat Dan Lacey Sells Obama Portraits and Porn on Ebay

"has anyone else noticed

Everything coming from the right disgusts me...

has anybody heard a repub offer an honest answer to the question of

Japan reconsidered

PHOTOS The President and First Lady at Ted Kennedy's birthday celebration (March 8)

Legislating Religious Beliefs.

Steele’s Fate Likely Hinges on NY-20

Media spin in action on Hardball

CA-Sen: Boxer Has Big Edge in 2010

CA-Sen: Boxer Has Big Edge in 2010

ROFL! Rep. Chris Smith (R) of New Jersey argues that the Stem Cell Executive Order is a...

President Obama Live: Signing the Executive Order for Stem Cell Research Funding.

PHOTOS When Nancy Met Richard (Gere)

New Studies Show Bayh the Least Liberal of Democratic Senators

Guide to dispelling Repuke buzzwords and talking points

Robert Gibbs especially terrible today

I want to create a thread that never diets.

Obama to address vision for education reform

A defense of Geitner on ... Morning Joe - starts at around the 5:20 point

I just love this song.

Memo to: Everyone opposed to embryonic stem-cell research

Why Not Give the Top 5% One Trillion Dollars?

Here's what we need to do to stop Republicans in their tracks. I'm serious.

Fox props up Limbaugh's "Obama fail" fatwa with 2006 poll: 51% of Dems didn't want Bush to succeed

March Madness Tournament for DUers - renewed last years group again

Nancy Reagan praises Obama for lifting restrictions on stem cell research.

Hiss-Spit...MEEOOOWWW! McCain's daughter to Ann Coulter: You turn me off, you extremist train wreck

Obama instructs his administration not to rely on Bush’s signing statements.

What Warren Buffett said.......

Oregon Plumbers Local Endorses HR 676--It is the

Joe Lieberman : "Obama is Inspirational and Unifying!"

"GODSEND OR UNGODLY?" CNN's box under the news clip of Obama's stem cell anouncement

Paul Krugman is our Eric Shinseki

Obama needs to nationalize zombie banks NOW !

Hey Krugman! John Boehner Says Obama's Plan "Spends Too Much"!

Unhappy people. Is there anyone who COULD have won that would have been more LEFT than OBAMA?

David Gregory: the omnibus bill is "full" of pork

Krugman's Attacks On Obama Suggest That GOP's Economic Proposals Are Better (Cheaper Failure)

Krugman's Attacks On Obama Suggest That GOP's Economic Proposals Are Better (Cheaper Failure)

Warren Buffett spoke on cnbc this a.m., giving financial advice, and

Does anyone know what Krugman is referring to

This Surgeon General/Howard Dean stuff is odd. Also..lobbying or not lobbying.


National cybersecurity director resigns; cites roadblocks

The players: Chuggo, Biomechanical Hannity, and a Narwhal. Complete the scenario.

Jim Cramer responds to Barack Obama and the liberal pushback against him & CNBC

Michael J. Fox praises Obama for lifting stem cell ban

Obama will use spring summit to bring Cuba in from the cold

Obama Nominates Three for Assistant Treasury Secretary Posts

Hospital patients dying for help

Don't Leave Home; Your Credit Card is on Hold

(HPV) Vaccine under suspicion

'Militants die' in Pakistan clash

'Militants die' in Pakistan clash

North Korea Cuts Contacts With South, Bars Workers

North Korea Cuts Contacts With South, Bars Workers

Envoys concerned over "negative" turn in Nepal peace

China to renew Somalia anti-piracy mission

Blasts ahead of Tibet anniversary

Supreme Court Refuses To Expand Minority Voting Rights

US contractor protecting diplomats in Iraq killed

G.O.P. Senators Say Some Big Banks Can Be Allowed to Fail

(Cleveland) Janitor's job attracts nearly 700 applicants

Church shooting suspect has mental illness from Lyme Disease

Merck Buying Schering-Plough In A $41.1B Deal (eliminating about 16,000 jobs)

U.N. secretary, Bill Clinton visit Haiti on diplomatic mission

Condo owners suing SMU seek depositions from Bushes about library site

Condo owners suing SMU seek depositions from Bushes about library site

Obama signs executive order on stem cells

Falls police say woman put up racist sign

Trump Baja venture leaves buyers high and dry...

YouTube to block UK music videos

Adviser invented $1B clients to lure investors: SEC

South American Defense ministers meet to identify threats

Meghan McCain: Coulter is 'offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing all at the same time

Obama overturns Bush policy on stem cells

Joe The Plumber Blasts Michael Steele's "Hip Hop" Ambitions

National cybersecurity director resigns; cites roadblocks

Wolfram Research’s new product Alpha to compete with Google and Wikipedia

Chávez announces launch of consolidated state aluminum company

U. Michigan to launch embryonic stem cell programs

China 'will not have democracy'

The International Space Station to become the second brightest object in the night sky with help fro

Democrats To Introduce Union Organizing Bill Tuesday


China tells MP to avoid Tibet rally

Happy Birthday, Mr. Senator

Immigration detention center to open, hiring 150

Four largest TARP recipients spent billions on 'questionable transactions': memo (Kucinich)

UN criticises UK 'rendition role'

McClatchy plans to eliminate 1,600 jobs

Ford workers approve UAW contract changes

General Motors ends funding for PBS filmmaker Ken Burns

HSBC Plunges Record 24%, Punished by Late Trades

Citi spends $3.5M to reward Smith Barney brokers

JPMorgan to up outsourcing to India by 25%

Chavez threatens Polar with expropriation

Supreme Court Turns Down New York City Case Against Gun Industry

Android sales to outstrip iPhone by '12?

Thirty-seven Colombians deported for alleged complot against Chávez

Buffett: Economy has 'fallen off a cliff'

Bolivia orders US diplomat to go

Don’t Rely on Bush’s Signing Statements, Obama Orders

Preacher Slay Suspect Was Mentally Ill

Zoo chimp 'planned' rock attacks on visitors

Policeman shot dead in Northern Ireland

Tensions with China? (five Chinese ships shadowed a U.S. Navy surveillance ship)

Jim Hightower - Alternate Models of Business Ownership

Congressman Makes Preemptive Apology For Extramarital Affair (the Onion)

The Bigot's Guide to the Homosexual Lifestyle

Senator Kennedy's Birthday - President Obama and Bill Cosby Help Celebrate

Ron Paul 03 07 09 DL Hughley Show

Leno Presidential Jeopardy (Full Version)

Happy International Women's Day!

Rachel Maddow: Michael Steele's 2006 campaign expenditure irregularities

Gaza wreckage included school text on Jackie Robinson and 'meaning of prejudice'

Warren Buffett Comes Out Against Employee Free Choice


Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now (Live, 1970)

Young Turks: How 'Moderate' Democrats Could Control Obama's Agenda

TYT: Republican Playbook---'Tax Cuts, Illegal Immigrants, Attack Random Countries'

Alice Walker, Medea Benjamin in Gaza to Mark International Women's Day - Democracy Now

Yes, We're Gay But...

TYT: How to buy a politician

Rachel Maddow interviewed by Jay Leno

McCain's Beaver Problem

If all Atheists left America

While the world looks the other way, the colonization of the West Bank continues

Ray McGovern - Holding Our Leaders Accountable

Hannity, Barkley, & Letterman On Limbaugh - Colbert, too!

Rachel Maddow is criticized by LaHaye and Jenkins, posts full interview

TPM: Rove 'Looking Forward' to Testifying on DOJ Scandal, Siegelman

TheRealNews: Why are we in Afghanistan?

U.S. Potential Outreach to Taliban Hits a Snag

Czech leader joins meeting of climate change deniers

Is Cutting-Edge Marijuana Lab the Future of Legitimate Pot?

Don't blame the bankers - deregulation and spending caused it too, says Williams

Bad Science: Metaphorically speaking.................

Geithner-Summers Approach To Bank Bailout Increasingly Under Attack

As guns go south, drugs - and violence - go north

AlterNet: PA Judges Got Cash to Lock Up Teens, Revealed a Broken Justice System

Senate Republicans Suddenly Love the Blue Slip

Hypocrisans, not Republicans

The Financial Times: Capitalism Has Failed

Insanely out of balance, the Republicans are all set to fail

Two Americas, Two Tax Codes

The Violent, Bitter GOP Fringe, Free Republic, and Arlen Specter

A nation of tax evaders

Behind the Curve: Krugman

Tent city in CA.

Joe Conason: The questions our healthcare debate ignores

Nursing Home Industry Pushing 'Kill Old People Cheap' Law Again

Now That We Are Poor

Man wins $2K in casino, loses it and his pants

A specter haunts the ruling elite

Roubini Says S&P 500 May Drop to 600 or below... possibly 36 month recession

Editorial: Still president (Daily News Tribune | Waltham MA)

Nuclear Power Industry Sees Opening For Revival

The Lonely Losers of Limbaugh Land

In pursuit of truth and lessons

The Brilliant New Republcian Strategy...

Eight Reasons to Applaud Action on Stem Cells

Are We Being Too Complacent About the Economy Crumbling Around Us?

Charles Freeman, Roger Cohen And The Changing Israel Debate

Charles Freeman, Roger Cohen And The Changing Israel Debate

Terror-War Fallout Lingers Over Bush Lawyers

Republicans Rant, Rot and Revolt Against Truth

Hard times hit Bangalore

Dean Allies Suspicious Of Surgeon General Leaks, See Politics At Play

$5 Billion in Lobbying for 12 Corrupt Deals Caused the Multi-Trillion Dollar Financial Meltdown

Why Did The New York Times Kill This Image of Henry Kissinger? (Not for His Naked Butt Cheeks!)

Forget About "Recovery" (James Kunstler)

"The Bezzle" Defined: the "Lie" that is Always Present in Business....

Stop Torturing Rush

Economist: How to Stop the Drug Wars

The True No Confidence, Obama In the White House - Republicans OUT.

Chris Hedges: We Are Breeding Ourselves to Extinction

Captive condors released just south of Utah border

Growing Ocean Acidity Problem Thins Shells of Ocean Creatures

Climate scientists warn that world is heading for war of the resources

Skeptics Dispute Climate Worries and Each Other (at "International Conference on Climate Change")

The Polar Bear is no longer the icon of global warming

Murray-Darling Basin Landowners "Farming Dust" - One Farm's Records Show 40% In Rainfall In 10 Years

10 Years On, Headwaters Redwoods Reserve Off Parks' Beaten Track - Maxxam @ $5/Share

Spain's Glaciers Diminish From 3,300 Hectares In 1890s To 390 Hectares Today - IHT

Murray-Darling Farming Towns Crumbling - Rice Output Down 93%, Orchards Dying - SMH

Czech President In NY For Deny-A-Thon 2009: "Was It Ever Really A Crisis?" - Guardian

Victims, Families Of Those Killed By Peanut Salmonella May Have Trouble Collecting Damages

GRIM NEW REPORT: China's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Threaten to Double

Level 3-4 Drought Growing Across South-Central Texas, Hammering Ranchers - Reuters

After His Climate Denial Machine Is Exposed, Marc Morano Will Leave Senate Post

Nature Reports Climate Change: A sleeping giant? (warming causing methane releases)

Carbon cuts 'only give 50/50 chance of saving planet'—simulations show catastrophe just years away

Getting into hot water—Solar water heating pays for itself five times over

Colombia: Chilling threats against Lina Paola Malagón Díaz, member of the Colombian Commission of Ju

With all the Sea Behind

Stanford Bank sale process begins in Venezuela

Chavez takes moral high ground, closes “Bodies Revealed”

Chávez announces launch of consolidated state aluminum company

Serious stuff: Chavez issues a warning to Uribe

Thirty-seven Colombians deported for alleged complot against Chávez

Chavez takes moral high ground, closes “Bodies Revealed”

South American Defense ministers meet to identify threats

Bolivia expels U.S. diplomat for 'conspiracy'

Excellent resources for following El Salvador's presidential election March 15

Labor Department offers consolation after unemployment soars

McGovern vs. unions

Recession finds even those with jobs losing pay

House panel opens door for Teamsters to organize FedEx workers

NLRB Guilty of an Unfair Labor Practice Says FLRA: Eating Crow Ain't No Fun, So Will the Board Appea

Mexico state and Canadian union sign migrant worker protection pact

CWA: Kathleen Sebelius Will Be a Crucial Ally in Expanding Health Care Coverage

Tough living with the L word -- Layoff

OSHA proposes $130,500 in fines for Suncor Energy

Unions Make Major Push For Obama Budget

OSHA lowers fine for UR laser lapses that hurt worker (lost an eye and was paralyzed)

Today in labor history Mar 9 The U.S. Supreme Court freed the remaining 35 survivors of the Amistad

CWA members mobilize for AT&T contract campaigns

2011 NFL Lockout: Here is another clue for you all

Ladanian Tomlinson to the Saints?

MLB attendance projected to be down 17- 20%

2 Fla. students challenge school's gay club ruling

Question For GLBTQ Users Of Tarot......

Do you support legalizing prostitiution? (LGBT FOLKS ONLY)

The fencesitters?

Proposition 8: Tip of the iceberg

Opinions about sex work to the LBGT community ONLY.

Pepperdine Alumni Not Happy With Ken Starr Defending Prop 8

Banks lead Europe stocks lower; Lloyds slides

Cleveland Commercial Loan Delinquencies Signal More Declines

HIGHLIGHTS-Central bankers' comments at Basel meeting

Depression Dynamic Ensues as Markets Revisit 1930s

Barons article says Tangible commons the sign of bank health. What does this mean?

More on the need to clean up Wall Street from Denninger

Citi spends $3.5M to reward Smith Barney brokers

Nikkei hits 26-year low as funds leave Asia

FDIC Sets 'Needs to Improve' CRA Ratings for 5 Institutions

Jeez, you think? Warren Buffett says economy fell off a cliff.

A Fed Chief Urges Aggressive Seizures

New N.Y. Fed Chief Endorses Debt Power - letting the central bank issue its own debt.

Why the Apparatchiki of Finance Didn’t See It Coming

Westridge Fraud Keeps Getting Bigger ($667m)

Lobbyists Push Back Against AG 'Power Grab'

So is Wells Fargo the next WaMu?

U.S. Stocks Fall on Buffett, World Bank Warning About Economy

In Iran, Baha’i Leaders Stand Accused of Spying for Israel

who stole all the dough?

Yossi Melman: Israel has failed in bid to halt Iran nuke program

World Takes Dim View of Lieberman in FM Post

UK aid convoy crosses into Gaza

Once-Quiet Campuses See Surge in Anti-Israel Activism

Poll: Haniyeh beats Abbas in West Bank

Hizbullah Brigades shell Israeli target near Gaza with RPG

Sen. Leahy likens Palestinians to his Irish ancestors

Scientists Learning to Target Bacteria Where They Live (Biofilms)

"Employers to shrink insurance benefits" (eventually to nothing)

A Time for Tontines

Wine and Beer May be Good for Your Bones

(HPV) Vaccine under suspicion

Aren't some knives with specific physical traits illegal?

***An original gun poll

Sometimes a defensive gun would be useful in church

Attorney General Eric Holder listens to his wife on RKBA but he doesn't understand.

Twittering about my day in's what I needed just one of my ladders for

My favorite subject

Born to Run ... some happy dogs. :-)

Two-time Iditarod champion Lance Mackey and a young fan.

If you lent your ladders to a sculptor you should be able to one back, on a Sunday afternoon, right?

Tattered Old Glory...The Salad Runs Fresh

Some more snow shots from a roll

St Patrick's Parade

Winter calligraphy series

Source: Mullen offers Mexico update to Obama

One man's journey from campus to combat

Care issues top EUCOM conference agenda

Kunsan seminars target combat stress

Child-care providers balancing with no net

Soldiers get PG-rated sex talk

Base: C-130 repairs ‘pretty routine’

Pretty excellent video of the loud minority

The Four Agreements

Astro forecast-Full Moon, March 10th/Virgo-Pisces

Astro Financials Week of 3/9 +

It's finally, completely ready -- this is the first place I'm announcing....

Pedialyte is the most untasty substance ever to grace the earth--but it *does* help.

The selfless gene: Rethinking Dawkins's doctrine

Harvard Scientists’ Discovery Opens Door to Synthetic Life

Wolfram Alpha is Coming -- and It Could be as Important as Google

Rep. Conyers wants science to be secret… or you will pay

Scientists explain why they plagiarize

Pastor shot, killed.

Abortion an excommunication: How it works

Turkish Monastery in land battle.

Imagine If All Atheists Left America

Vatican: The washing machine liberated women

Most religious groups in USA have lost ground, survey finds

America becoming less Christian, study shows

I can understand atheist attacking catholics but from fellow so called Christians

It is my firm belief

What's for Dinner? ~ Monday March 9th

Kitchen reorganization day...oh my

did anyone watch "Chopped" tonight?

Happy Birthday to sazemisery!

This is just fun............

I just came across a great new site

Inchworm silly question of the week

Remember these, when going to the grocery store?

Texas Voter Twister - Try It and see if you win

The Simpsons are in "Foreclosure"... On now...n/t

Vitas- Opera 2

So who loved the Watchmen soundtrack?

Gran Torino

Hospital patients dying for help

Harper Index: Mandatory minimum sentences proposed while US states repeal them

Here's the IP address of a user that keeps trying to hack me:

Superfetch being the cause of Vista bloat?

Another one of those, "I'm so damn glad I worked for the Dems" moments

A few nice photos of Ted Kennedy's birthday event

Kerry and Capewind

JK on floor of the Senate speaking NOW

Sen. Kerry dons his hockey skates again for a good cause.