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Turley on now with Shuster

Open Letter to All Republican Senators on a Possible Employee Free Choice Act Compromise

So I was listening to POTUS radio channel 110 on Sirius Radio when...

Cool whale video from submarine

"Love Is".. a la les républicains..(had to share this gem)

W Post: If It's Eco-Friendly, It Just Tastes Better (wine)

Raising the bar on crane safety (non workers die from crane accidents too)

A video of the interrogation session of an American citizen went missing right before his trial

Mesmerizingly boring or mindnumbingly exciting?

UKs Latest Terrorist raids were nothing but a fake to keep the UK scared.

Cheney argues that our country is especially competent and successful at torture. Aren't you proud?

When the fuck did talking head media types reacting to each other become normally acceptable?

Here's a lovely headline.....

Disney To Plant 500,000 Trees As 'Earth' Makes Waves-by a ticket Disney will plant a tree

just how awful a man am I?

Rachel ----OH NO YOU DON'T

What do you do when you disagree with the Administration?

PBS Frontline 9pm ET and web - Poisoned Waters - Chesapeake, Puget

Must see bat shit t.v. ... C-SPAN Bachmann & Pence .... Live

Obama's Truth-Commission Ideals Mesh With Congress's

Zelikow On Shadow Government: The OLC "torture memos": thoughts from a dissenter

Open letter re: "Skinner is going to open a discussion on this in the near future."

Wow!!! - Just Watched Philip Zelikow On Rachel's Show And......

Two Questions: 1. Who In The WH Ordered Zelikow's Memo Be Collected & Destroyed?.....

There's ANOTHER Storm Coming!

Another Republican apologizes to Rush!

Prosecution - Poll

Senate report: After soliciting torture ‘wish list,’ Bush admin. ordered ‘Chinese communist’ techniq

Senate report: After soliciting torture ‘wish list,’ Bush admin. ordered ‘Chinese communist’ techniq

Charter Schools vs Public Schools

Two Questions: 1. Who In The WH Ordered Zelikow's Memo Be Collected & Destroyed?.....

Senate report: Bush admin solicited torture "wish list" , ordered "communist" tactics

Atlanta's bid for high-speed rail is going to be Georgia

Open Left: Historical, Hysterical Conservatives

Republicans Less Popular Than Venezuela

Does the NSA have video tapes of you playing golf with Satan, Representative Harman?

So, about those 183 waterboardings, and what it says about Cheney.

Are the Republicans scared about what a real torture investigation will find?

Report: White House sanctioned harsh tactics

Upon reflection, a State should have the right to seceed. With due respect to TX DUers

Craiglist murder suspect called "a beautiful person inside and out" by fiance

Volunteering and acting for CHANGE - and other sites....

The SASC Smoking Gun on Waterboarding

Freepers rush to the defense of "Biblically Correct" anti-gay marriage Miss California

Riders On the Storm (Wells Fargo Chairman Still Fuming About TARP)

Stanford denies running an 8 billion dollar Ponzi scheme (CNBC Exclusive)

Deer and beer should never mix

Republican T-parties...T for torture...

Who Will Face Down the Gun Lobby?

Senate Armed Services Committee Report on Torture (released--we've been waiting for this!)

Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent

The Tally Republicans have finally and utterly lost their damned minds.

Republicans, The Torture Party.

New 100 MPG Light Truck Unveiled

The OLC "torture memos": thoughts from a dissenter By Philip Zelikow


Heads up: An hour with Mikhail Gorbachev and George Shultz - Charlie Rose tonight

"We'll torture to keep you safe. Vote Palin/Bachmann 2012"

Severe Texas Drought Threatens Coastal Wildlife

This poll needs our help! DU this MSNBC poll on prosecuting Bush officials regarding torture

Give your best reason/argument for investigating Bush Administration "activities."

In Adopting Harsh Tactics, No Inquiry Into Their Past Use

Colbert is on a roll about torture tonight. Here's a chuckle on a gravid subject.

Cuban poses as lawyer handling immigrant cases

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

If you build it.....maybe they won't come

RawStory: Senate report: Bush admin. solicited torture ‘wish list,’ ordered ‘communist’ tactics

Afghanistan: Robert Greenwald has posted a debate/discussion between pro and anti-occupation

I'd rather prosecute the ones that gave the torture orders

A question on how to submit a proposal

Zelikow jumps ship - on Rachel now

"I'm sorry Master Limbaugh!" Republican Tiahrt bows to Limbaugh!

Fertility expert: 'I can clone a human being'

Bugliosi, Turley, Greenwald, or Fein for Special Prosecutor on torture??

Condi Rice - what was her role in this whole thing?

Zelikow is turning on Cheney!

TruthOut: No Special Prosecutor

Rep. Schakowsky: Tough Guys Hayden & Mukasey Defend Torture, Decry Memos Release - Why They're Wrong


Senate Report: Harsh Interrogation Tactics Used To Find Iraq-al Qaida Link

They tortured Jesus. But that's cool. Torture is cool now.

In Adopting Harsh Tactics, No Inquiry Into Their Past Use (Torture) NY times

In Adopting Harsh Tactics, No Inquiry Into Their Past Use (Torture) NY times

One great liberal senator, Founder of Earth Day.

"Christian/Family Values" at work....

How is Tony Blair faring in all this?

Janice Karpinski is back in the pubic eye

Kind of silly question for any psychologists or etymologists

As long as people believe torture was "To Protect America" they walk...

As long as people believe torture was "To Protect America" they walk...

Cuddlin' With Evil, By Mark Morford

Carl Levin's letter on Senate Armed Services Report

"The relentless stupidity of Sean Hannity ....... "

WJ this morning - Prosecute Bush Administration Officials?

U.S. credit card bill tests Democrats' political will

U.S. credit card bill tests Democrats' political will

U.S. credit card bill tests Democrats' political will

Just Out: Senate Armed Services Committee's Report on Detainee Treatment

They Tortured to get their War of Choice

I saw THE funniest comment on an online article.

The torturers, torture enablers and torture authorizers, are missing something essential.

General Nostradamus predicts worsening violence in Afghanistan...

General Nostradamus predicts worsening violence in Afghanistan...

Admiral Blair says Torture Worked....

Happy Mother's Day

Harman Admits She Talked to American; Saban said Involved

Scarborough wants me to get my tiny violin out for the CIA and play

Marc Thiessen - what a neo-con

well, now I've seen everything . . . anyone familiar with the world of MMORPG? . . .

THE INFLUENCE GAME: Insurers eye new regulator

The Weapons That Kill Civilians — Deaths of Children and Noncombatants in Iraq, 2003–2008

Rutgers Law professor, N.J. peace group challenge constitutionality of Iraq invasion

NYT: New Senate Report Gives New Detail on Approval of Brutal Techniques

3rd District in NH votes in a republican for state senate

Rep. Todd Tiahrt: Rush Limbaugh "Just An Entertainer" (Updated With Apology)

Scientists 'disappointed, upset,'... that * officials misused their work to justify torture.

Clergy lend voices to marriage debate

AT&T vs Net Neutrality,, They are trying to kill the internet.

No counterparts to the young Kerry at war hearing

Glenn Greenwald - Jane Harman: Angry, partisan, civil liberties extremist

I wish they would get Carol Lam back in Justice. She was onto something big

CHENEY Can Now Be Tied-Thru Tenet-To Sessions Of "Excessive & Frivolous" Torture

Yes Virginia, 'depraved' is the correct word to describe Cheney and his band of torturers

Franken Team Files Motion For Sped-Up Appeal

Torture origins of tactics ignored

Maybe I am not giving Obama enough credit

Military aided CIA interrogations: Report

Top 10 Actionable Intelligence Cheney Obtained Through Torture

No counterparts to the young Kerry at Afghanistan hearing

Woman whose wallet was stolen arrested for identity theft.

Oh Gawd. I found a recent picture of Sarah Palin. She really does wear lipstick.

Does anyone *really* think that Bushies will be prosecuted?

Torture is what we expect from Nazis, imperial storm troopers, and other villains in black hats.

WaPo: U.S. Might Not Try Pro-Israel Lobbyists

Proof Torture Doesn't Work. Info On Interrogation Methods That Do Work (A Compendium)

300 union jobs in my small town as of today..gone

On Earth Day-let's remember how the Republicans tried to help

Earth Day Toon(S) Here's one from Joel Pett. Post your favorites here.

What Will It Take To Induce the MSM to Attack the Torture Apologists?

Would you like Gov Tim Pawlenty to run for President ? Check out what kind of man he is

CIA kidnap trial to resume in Italy

Freddie Mac official found dead of apparent suicide, breaking on m$nbc.

RUMMY'S Denials Were "FULL OF IT"-Newly Declassified Report: Bush Officials Approved Torture (NYT)

Obama Suggests Bush-Era Officials Could Be Prosecuted

Democrats in the Senate stymied that move ...

What do you think is the REAL reason the neo cons were so eager to torture people?

This Is Seriously Absurd. We Have Confessions To War Crimes And We Won't Prosecute.

wow..check out report from the armed services committee was just released

There is a good reason we simulate torture on our own soldiers.

I want DU'ers to think of something regarding the Bush Admin and torture and wire tapping...

Longtime Navy Officer Demands Torture Prosecutions

How many days before we read of a waterboarding death after a fraternity initiation

Need help proving that torture DOES NOT work!

David Sirota "Progressive Do jo" is always hilarious.

Republicans and Democracy

Military situation in Afghanistan will get worse, Petraeus says

Bullied to death

Did Bush ever build an execution chamber at Guantanamo to kill the people who he had tortured?

the fourth estate? the fifth column? bullshit

T. E. A. = Tortured Enough Already

Karen Hanratty sez: The Real Leaders of the Republican Party Are the People Who Took To The Streets

Why was Cheney evil?

Just an FYI... the prosecution of people for torture has ALWAYS been within the perview of the DOJ

"A nation without its history is like a person without their memory..."

Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act awaits Obama signing. Whadda think of it?

Mike Madden at on Senate Report: Rumsfeld - Architect Of Torture

Stock Market Reporters' Cliche: "Investors"

Alabama State Lawmaker supports Calif. beauty queen, introduces bill to show support...

How do you upload images (i.e. a photograph) to DU?

They can't handle the truth.

Catholic Church logo from 1973

What is Notre Dame's position on torture?

C'mon ... really ...... how much success does the Yellow Pages get when they have Joe from Bangalore

Did Cheney lie again about requesting CIA to release more memos?

Proof That Gay People Still Have A Long Way To Go

What does Nora O'Donnell DO after work?

NPR Health Care Story this morning

Dick Cheney, who's being weak exactly?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Dick Cheney, who's being weak exactly?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Torture works "so well" in Illinois we found 13 innocent men on our death row waiting to be executed

Is it time for The ANC to be humbled in a election?

The very worst thing about the failure to prosecute torture is, simply,

Research Links Poor Kids' Stress, Brain Impairment (cross-post)

Who Was And Whatever Happened To The Woman General In Iraq At Abu Gharab....

Ackerman (NY): "Our Constitution is also a high-value target"

Ackerman (NY): "Our Constitution is also a high-value target"

Prabhakaran trapped as 95,000 civilians flee 100,000, were herded on to the beach.

Dumbest, stupidest, most ridiculous headline ever...

Ask Cardinal George if he approves of torturers: 312-534-8200

What have they done to the Earth? (an Earth Day rant)

New rule: Any business with an "Earth Day" promotion has to install a bike rack or two

Bottom line. It is about us.

In Adopting Harsh Tactics, No Inquiry Into Their Past Use

IF We saw another country torturing detainees like we did, would We Say "It's OK, It's legal" ???

Dozens Of Prisoners Held By CIA Still Missing, Fates Unknown

KTLK (Los Angeles) --- Anyone else having trouble w/ the website?

What Obama’s Intel Chief Really Believes About Torture…

Connecting the Dots to Donald Rumsfeld

Let's talk about Pakistan: The Taliban is now in control only 60 miles from Islamabad

American soldiers still leading military assaults in Iraq

A hypothetical question.....

TORTURE gave Bush propaganda to launch Iraq war-

Report: Abusive torture tactics were used to find Iraq-al Qaida link

GOP Strategist on NY-20: "We Lost."

"Prosecuting Bush and Cheney" is an increasingly common headline crawl on the teevee nooz

Question Of The Day For Torture Apologists: If Torture Is Really No Big Deal , And

Marc Thiessen is running scared and spinning words

Don Siegelman coming up on Hour 2 of Thom Hartmann (1PM EDT)

Heads Up: Don Siegelman will be on Thom Hartmann after the break.

Torture Debate Ensures That Cheney Will Continue To Define GOP

PayPal alert with login link.

Did Rep. Harman Make A Deal Over Spy Case?

Texas oil execs in Florida to push 3 mile offshore drilling. Ain't it amazing?

Connect The Dots.........

GOP's positions on torture are political, not tactical. THEY TORTURED FOR POLITICAL POSTURING.

Meet Influence Peddler Haim Saban

List of Impeached Federal Judges.

CARTOON: I'm with Stupid (Happy Earth Day!)

A government of Monsters

Senator Clinton's response on Planned Parenthood and Womens rights

If the beauty contest contestant opposed same sex marriage but was ok with civil unions,

Stopping Dem 60 (Senate seat majority) ‘real hard,’ Cornyn fears

Norah's beating the crap out of this amateur Rethug...

Jane Harman: Angry, partisan, civil liberties extremist ( Opinion)

In ALL the wars America has fought and believe me there are many

Torture architect John Rizzo is still serving as the CIA's acting general counsel.

Paul Begala vs Ari Fleisher on CNN just now re: torture memos

Do you think we will obtain convictions against Bush Officials for torture memos?

Levin on with Andrea now

Zelikow now on with Andrea Mitchell. . (her mind wandered

Dozens of CIA Prisoners Still Missing, Fates Unknown - List of Likely CIA Prisoners Still Missing

Al-Qaeda in Iraq - Real or propaganda?

C&L VIDEO: Rove, "positively freaking out, frantic, nasty" on Hannity's show regarding torture

Here's What the U.S. Could Look Like in 2100 (MSN "Lifestyles")

Is Jane Harman Telling the Truth? And Why It's Important To Know

Our conversation just ended if ........

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Reign of the Teabaggers in Warren County, Ohio

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Reign of the Teabaggers in Warren County, Ohio

On MSNBC a few minutes ago some guy who claimed he was stationed at Gitmo said ...

CQ has more on the Harman wiretap story: Source says Pelosi went ballistic over Fundraising threat

Liberal TV host Rachel Maddow works for civility

I am so sick of my conservative mother

Sen. Ted Kennedy: My Call to Arms

Is Obama Playing Chess?

Cold fusion-it's back according to 60 minutes.

When do "conservatives" reach their breaking point?

Where Does Rove Come In On All This Torture Talk?.........

Link to Full Declassified Senate Armed Services Committee Report Released 4/22

Would you be comfortable with Patrick Fitzgerald being the Special Prosecutor on torture?

Who Does Dick Cheney Think He Is?

Who will be the next official on my TV to say "I AM NOT A TORTURER" and

Irks Me When Zelikow Says The WH Ordered His Memo Collected & Destroyed.......

Rich auto worker a myth: CAW

Cosmic Close-up: Images of Saturn

LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME --- I am not a torturer

Dear MSM, a word , please

Back when baseball was baseball.....

Obama and Dems move to tighten regulations

Italian judge asked to toss out CIA kidnap trial - Reuters

The Secret World of Stephen Cambone Rumsfeld's Enforcer

Michael Savage's Other Frivolous Lawsuit. Warning Link with Insane Savage Quotes

Trio Of Senators Ask Obama Not To Prosecute Bush Attorneys (MCCAIN, GRAHAM, LIEBERMAN)

David Kellermann's Corpse Placed Among Group of Live People, Re-Packaged in Death-Default Swap

Confessions of a TARP wife.

Headline News is taking comments NOW on torture - call 877-TELL-HLN; TEXT - HLNTV;

Rec this post

NOW ON CSPAN 3 - SOS Clinton being questioned re "Reproductive Rights". MUST SEE.

U.S. Might Not Try Pro-Israel Lobbyists For Espionage

Cheney's making the case for the prosecution

Iran President Ahmadinejad's Speech At The UN Anti-Racism Conference: The Full Text

Pence questioning Sec. Clinton now re handshake. This should be good.

Just a note re: the MSM, particularly those in DC & NY.

Professional Interrogator Rejects Bushies’ Arguments About Release Of Torture Memos

Prediction: During Franken's reelection campaign, the opposition will...

Why are people so pissed at Ahmadinejad for calling Israel a "racist state"?

Netanyahu Disses Obama Big Time

Why is Cheney such a monstrous dick? A TPM reader gives a plausible explanation

Mike Peters cartoon: Cheney teaches grand-daughter's puppy a trick

Barack too sexy for Republicans

Nelson Mandela too frail to stand, give speech on South Africa's election day

Why did David Killermann have a security guard posted outside his home?

Gay marriage bill sponsor gets ovation in Maine

Twitterers: What are your favorite news feeds?

FDA will authorize Plan B for 17-year-olds without a prescription, reversing Bush policy.

DU this Orlando Sentinel poll: Should Obama & Congress take action on climate change?

I would like to apologize on behalf of those people who've hurled the Obamabot insult.

Stein calls Harman's phone-mate 'suspected Israeli double agent'

'Wiesel, you Zionazi!!'

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3- The rest

'Colonels In Mirrored Sunglasses'

We Will Not Forget Lynndie England

Pelosi Now Remembers Harman Wiretap

Hitler's Mein Kampf Seen As Self-Help Guide For India's Business Students

As the Public Demand for Prosecutions grows one imagines a lot of 'lawyering up' is going on

Waterboarding American style circa 1898

The difference between Somalian piracy and American piracy:

CIA first proposed waterboarding in May 2002

In light of the banning of the word "Ob****ot,"

Obama triggers firestorm in CIA tactics case

Clinton: Cheney is not a "reliable source" on torture issue

Fixing the Facts and Legal Opinions Around the Torture Policy

Miss California, you didn't lose because of your "opinion"

Anyone hear Hillary Clinton SHRED Rep. Mike Pence...

Schultz listeners: Who is "Slant-head"?

Bush Administration Ignored Military's Strong Opposition To Torture Program

Judge Orders Defendant's Mouth Taped Shut

Kellermann, 41, was found dead in his suburban Virginia home after an apparent suicide Freddie Mac

"We executed waterboarders"

Colin Cowherd must be a republican, because he said that blue-collar workers do not work as hard as

Official tells AP: FDA to OK over-the-counter Plan B at age 17

Report: Abusive tactics used to seek Iraq-al Qaida link

So Who Is Obama's Chief Adviser for the Trinidad Summit?- Jeffrey Davidow

The President will be in Newton Ia, today.. at a Maytag factory that closed

SICK: WA GOP is auctioning off a PUPPY at an event fundraiser for Dino Rossi

Fox 9 Fail: Reporter planned to drive pedo-mobile, try talking to kids

Get Cambone - then we will have Rumsfeld and then we will have Cheney

Why didn't the bush cabal pursue their usual inoculation gambit re: torture?

Should the actual torturers be left off the hook because "they were following orders"

why are the UAW benefits not compared to the benefits that unionized Japanese autoworkers have

Where did the "Niger yellowcake" forged document come from?

Why doesn't Israel have a constitution granting human rights?

***Organizing for America is looking for students and recent graduates***

On Earth Day and beyond: Say no to plastic bags

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Second Life makers sued over 'virtual Tasers'

The No Accountability Years

Attention Dick Army, Darth Cheney and any other right wing nut jobs (Rant ahead)

HBO currently running Schindler's List

The U.S. Has a History of Using Torture

Transcript : Taguba, Cambone on Abu Ghraib Report

Transcript : Taguba, Cambone on Abu Ghraib Report

Police: Death of Freddie Mac's Kellermann "May" Be Suicide

If you had to choose just ONE Bush cronie to go to jail

BUSHCO Waterboarded A Brain-Damaged + Low Level Operative 83 Times & Got - NOTHING

Global Warming Means New Garden Zone Maps

Dark Passage: PNAC's Blueprint for Empire - The Dominators dream of empire

Palin Ethics Complaint Filed…”Where’s Sarah?”

Ok I got to ask, what's the skinny on this story? I know consider the source, but

Is it torture to lay this guy on his back, grab a tweezers ........

MSNBC: GM preparing to close most U.S. factories for up to nine weeks this summer, AP reports

"A FEW BAD APPLES" Inside Abu Ghraib (Iraq prison camp, CBC)

Florida Supreme Court takes up gay adoption advocacy case

Why aren't the various DCIs being held accountable for torture?

At this moment, Aipac/CFR is scrambling in a state of fear...

'Nazi Cows' Roam English Countryside

Wolfowitz said GTMO should use more aggressive interrogation techniques

John Kerry coming up on Ed on torture and then Bryon Dorgan

Beck is trying to make a conspiracy out of the Freddie Mac CEO suicide.

Please sign MoveOn petition to demand a Special Prosecutor!

Apple approves 'Baby Shaker' for App Store

"Sopranos" star Vince "Johnny Sack" Curatola calls TMZ to discuss Miss California, Carrie Prejean

self-delete dupe. Did not see existing thread.

Did these dumbasses ever think of giving KSM a wax job?

Sore loserman/nutcase Alan Keyes says Obama will stage terror attack to prevent 2012 election

The militias are on the march again: 'Million Man Militia' event planned in July

Texas tribe (the TIGUA) should secede from Texas

Supreme Court reverse discrimination case

Text "A" to 622639 to vote yes on torture prosecution in the Ed Schultz poll.

McCain: Japanese Hanged For Waterboarding - Nov. 29, 2007

Hillary was kicking ass and taking names today

Bob Graham: Bush Criminal Prosecutions Should Be On The Table

My insipid ramblings on Green & Environmentalists

Pattern Match

Dear Uncle Sammy: I am concerned people don't take me more seriously when I threaten to secede.

The Legal Case Against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Et Al., Is Murder One, Not Just War Crimes

Tune in for the repeat of Hardball and watch Ensign spinning himself into the ground

Sexual degradation and/or abuse as torture technique

Watch this emergency landing from cockpit video. Cool stuff:

Fox News Files FOIA Request With Homeland Security Over Right-Wing Extremist Threat

Cliff May said today that putting a bug in with a prisoner in a confined space isn't torture

Timothy Flanigan: The torture memo lawyer no one is mentioning

Door still revolving between Capitol, lobbyists

This just in: Rethugs hate planet Earth because....

Something Feel Good- Boomerang Backpacks (Indiana)

One question on the torture mess

"Mr. Tenet Declined To Be Interviewed"

Venezuela gives back island to US

Polo Captain: Tainted vitamin killed 21 ponies

Calling torture "Harsh Interrogation" is like calling rape "Surprise Sex."

"The BIGGEST lie in US industrial history"

Paul Begala DESTROYS Ari Fleischer on Anderson Cooper 360

Netherlands Wants US 'Hague Invasion Act' Scrapped

Neb. resident goes to jail for blocking abortion protester

Toyota prices Prius at $22,750, above rival Honda

Sources: GM to shut most US plants up to 9 weeks

People Make The World Go Round

Breaking on WaPo: Rice Reviewed & Approved Torture in 2002

Watergate. Iran-Contra. S&L. Torture. Katrina. Economic collapse.

NYDN: 'Cheney is full of crap,' one intelligence source with decades of experience said Tuesday.

4274 -- in Iraq -- in Afghanistan 679 US - 454 other

Dr. Robert Bizell just blew his credibility on NBC Evening News.

Harman should be thrown in jail for aiding and abetting a foreign spy

Matthews, why not just waterboard him until he says what you want?

Ecology, Economy, Empire

Was This Really A Suicide? Apparent Suicide?

'Still Sun' baffling astronomers

A letter from the others.

Would it be a sin for a Christian to torture another Christian?

"I don't consider him to be a particularly reliable source of information." -- Sec of State Clinton

DUers please DU this poll on Obama's first 100 days...

An Inconvenient Truth for the GOP

Hey W bet you're not laughing now

Always remember and never forget that the room through which all the calls were routed

Where is the Clergy on the issue of Torture?

Obama recognizes: whether to prosecute is not his decision - Greenwald

Wife Of TARP CEO Whines About Loss Of Luxury, Social Status

Must see: Ed Schultz on MSNBC gives a cathartic rant on Cheney, " We got hit on 911 on his watch".

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1- E day

Democrats Consider Bypassing G.O.P. on National Health Care Plan

On Behalf of the Planet, a big Fu*# Yoo.

What you'll find while browsing old cemetery tombstones!

Journalist bets he can stand waterboarding for 15 seconds (Video)

Wife and Mother on Verge of Losing Home Kills Herself

Reid, Rockefeller want interrogation decisions delayed

Shame on you, Secretary Napolitano!

$25,000 a month to "run" Free Republic????

GOP leaders asked to call for Napolitano resignation

Note to those on the RW (re: Gay Marriage, and a lot of other things)

John Yoo Defends Torture at OC Debate 4/21/9

Sen. Levin: New Report: Bush Officials Tried to Shift Blame for ...Abuse to Low-Ranking Soldiers

Obama and Habeas Corpus -- Then and Now

Conrad: White House wants reconciliation for health care

The most-feared investigative reporter in Washington

Washington's Governor Gregoire Signs Transgender Hate Crimes Bill

Is there a link to the recent Hardball interview of Robert Baer?

Toon: If only they wore a blue dress....

Two different stories are being told about how the torture program started.

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer...and his underwear

What a wonderful world. Take a break and watch this video. It'll do ya some good.

AG Doesn't Have a Choice -- Rep. Nadler

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2- T's

ABC News to show video of UAE Royal Sheikh torturing man

Got to ask this

tuna fish gone in 2 years. - think on it - in 2 yrs. there will be no more Tuna

Yes your honor, my client did rob that bank and brandish a deadly weapon,

They tortured in order to justify Iraq.....This is a WAR CRIME

Call Cheney's bluff . . . release EVERYTHING

Barack Obama, Torture, and Habeas Corpus: Unsurprised but Shocked Nonetheless

A Steady Drumbeat of Pressure to Hold the Bush Administration Accountable for its Crimes

Ever wonder why George Tenet got the Medal of Freedom? Here's the answer.

NYT Reporting now 75 former state AGs Urge Review of Siegelman Case

Quote Of The Day

Teacher sends boy, 5, home with bag of poo

Kerry on Ed Schultz re torture: Clearly somebody has got to be held accountable

When do we investigate the bush regime for waging a war of agression on Iraq? nt

When do we investigate the bush regime for waging a war of agression on Iraq? nt

Colo. man convicted of murdering transgender woman, Angie Zapata

Credit card bill looks like it has GOP support and Obama to tighten it more

Nancy Pelosi, Porter Goss, Bob Graham, and Richard Shelby may be legally culpable for torture

As Report Shows Bybee's Torture Culpability, Conyers Says: 'We're Coming After These Guys'

Waterboarding is a trinket. (MURDER! RAPE! CHILDREN!)(SUSAN BOYLE!)

Salon: Torture Planning Began In 2001, Senate Report Reveals

Bush Admin's Endorsement of Torture. Video via Amy Goodman:

Police say mom ordered daughters out, drove off

John Ensign ........

"Calling an illegal alien an 'undocumented immigrant'

This morning fox had on the ...

Earth Day Repost: Time for a National Recycling Bill

The main thing Obama needs to consider regarding Bush/Cheney and torture:

Whatever happened to Dan Quayle?

Now we have a reason why they tortured

How hard it is to accept the fact of The Holocaust: my heart goes out to survivors.

How hard it is to accept the fact of The Holocaust: my heart goes out to survivors.

More Harman Wiretap Intrigue: Agent Said 'Pelosi Went Ballistic'

Two Miss California jokes (my own) and a Kimmel Video

Evidently, John McCain is not insane enough for the wingnut fringe

Doomed dogs get on the rescue wagon to other shelters

"Dixieland Blues" The Southern states have a history of refusing help for the needy.

PBS 2005: The Torture Question

Allen Andrade GUILTY of murdering Angie Zapata, sentenced to life!!!

A One-year mortgage holiday to stimulate economy: what do you think?

I want a cig

I don't trust Zelikow - blocked memos exposing pre-9/11 warnings by Richard Clarke

I'm looking at almost 160 days of solitude in a fire lookout on Oregon.

I'm looking at almost 160 days of solitude in a fire lookout on Oregon.

I'm looking at almost 160 days of solitude in a fire lookout on Oregon.

An Ecosocialist Manifesto

Warren County (OH) to Obama: Keep your ‘filthy money’

A second Miss USA judge rips into the bigoted California contestant

Did anyone stand up and say "No" to torture? I lost a job I needed largely because I

PLEASE READ: update on the "Widow Penalty"

DOJ Prosecuted Texas Sheriff in 1983 For Waterboarding Prisoners

What's the best way to hunt down the woman that hit my parked car and fled? She has temporary LP

Early Warning: Sections of Internet under attack, including DNS

Another Pit Bull mauling and killing of an 11 month old boy...too sad!

Once again, my enormous bosons get in the way.

TONIGHT!!! One Night Only!!!

Once again, my enormous bos'ns get in the way...

I know: Why Don't You PM Them? But PAGING CRIM SON!

The DU Lounge SNAFU personality survey thread.

I can't watch this

Is eating a lot of chocolate an example of substance abuse?

Black Cloud- Tonight's Lullaby

Alma Sewing.

Just saw an advanced screening of The Soloist WOW!!!

how do you afford you rock 'n' roll lifestyle?

Anyone know a great bichon breeder along the gulf coast?

I'm thinking of cheating my bridge club

There Are Two Kinds of People in This World...

Roches fans check in!

Fertility expert: 'I can clone a human being'

Damn you, Steven Spielberg!

Check out this carpet dye for cars mostly but also for carpets.

I went golfing in Alabama this past weekend. Didn't score well; had things on my mind....

Someone Special I have Never met

Smokers who do this, please tell me ...

A million years from now, when the human race as we know it is all but completely extinct...

A fantastic bit of spam in the Environment/Energy group!!!

The ultimate ex gays

Once again, My enormous white boobies get in the way.

OMFG BeachBaby Got a Tata Tattoo!!1 Click here to see image!

OK, which one of you village idiots broke Facebook?

This Trail Blazer - Rocket game is pretty exciting!

American Idol tonight ....

My new favorite blog. His brother has very little to do with it.

So on my way to the Olive Garden tonight, the handles broke on my paper grocery bag

Official Jenny Lewis is a Goddess Thread

How will they end 24 and Prison Break

My babysitter's house burned down...

It's a beautiful day! I'm going to go stare at the sun for an hour.

Happy earth day

that'll learn the little buggers!

Did anybody miss me?

Oh Gawd. I found a recent picture of Sarah Palin. She really does wear lipstick.

I'm itchy.

Police say mom ordered daughters out, drove off

Facebook Mafia Wars players:

On limited time...

So has anyone heard from Midlo??

Freepers are so much fun on so many levels

Everyone look at the moon and Venus before the sun comes up

Friggin' ninjas...."Man tries to rob dry cleaners with sword."

Jesus. My fucking boss.

Yay! We got our tax refund already!

Opinions on on-line courses

Pretend I was frozen for the last 8.25 years

Kitteh plays whack-a-mouse!

My youngest daughter turns 15 tomorrow...whewwww =/

Do you take your time or vault into your beer?

Do you perform on command?

I'd like to think I had a little something to do with this.

IMHO, this is the BEST Youtube video ever...

Is there anything inexpensive yet fun to do in Dayton, Ohio, on a weeknight?

Acting CFO of Freddie Mac found dead in at least five separate threads in GD and LBN

Freepers utterly suck.

Grrrr.....I feel asleep at 5 am and lovely

Anybody else watching the History Channel, what happens when humans are gone.

so did you see "The DU Date" video??

I found a 1988 magazine in the bathroom last night.

Has Anyone Seen The Movie "Humboldt County?"

Got some good news! Cider's tongue may not be amputated.

The Wednesday Word Association Thread

You know what today is, people? It's chicken pot pie day at Cracker Barrel.

Y'all are a bunch of smartasses...

Would eating an entire box of Girl Scout Thin Mints for lunch be a bad move?

BREAKING NEWS...Natinals win two in a row!

An LOLCat that reminds me of my Millie

***BREAKING NEWS*** College students smoke marijuana

You know what today is people? It's STFU Day


Good morning Lounge

Does anyone know how to clean copious amounts of blood out of several USB ports?

Ninjas Versus Pirates

Wikifun - click on the Random Article and post here the next 5 Random Pages that you get

Miscarriage Faked With Animal Tissue, Cops Say

maybe this was discussed already

Know who I haven't thought of in a while--Primus

Can someone please tell me why....


Not to brag or anything, but I am at the Minnesota Vikings cheerleader tryouts..

I've become addicted to this movie-making site - Xtra Normal

In day to day use of the internet, do you notice a difference between Flash10 and Flash5?

i stayed up until 3am watching Schindler's List and another hour bawling my eyes out

Anyone caught that show "The Deadliest Warrior"?

I wish student employees would realize a job is a responsibility

I wish student employees would realize a job is a responsibility

Which songs would you like to hear someone cover?

Lost Highway - Tailgating Scene

zOMFG! The wings I'm frying smell so good!

Council, Mayor Bicker Over Nats Tickets ... Seriously

Let's play a diagnosis game.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/22/09

I'm really surprised this has not been discussed on DU yet...

Time for another pet peeves thread. (Or Internet etiquette.)

For the true baseball fan.....Minor League Ball

Any Other 'Flight of the Conchords Fans'?

I just spent $350 on my cat

an got to be kidding me

How long is pepper sauce good for?

Happy Halloween from the Frists!

Some pictures from France, Monaco & Monte Carlo

Do Me.

Multi-Millionaire Richard Branson photographed windsurfer with naked woman hanging from his back

The Veganator and his BoSox got a one day reprieve from the ass kicking they were going to recieve

Get out the Brooms!!1!! The Pirates sweep the Florida Marlins!!1!!

One cup of chopped raw red bell peppers

Do you take lime or salt in your beer?

Marijuana works great for toothaches.

Woohoo! Transatlantic (the prog rock supergroup) has reunited and started working on a new album!

"Words of Wisdom" by Rush Limbaugh

Why are there no Sumo Goalies in the NHL?

*** Yep! It's Haiku time!!!! ***

Horse holds woman hostage

I want you to want me.

Showboat is on TCM...


I have the perfect new wife for Mel Gibson.

Anyone going to see the movie Earth today?

Favorite flavor of Ramen Noodles

My Fridge adventure Update

Things doctors pull out of patient's butts.

I want to create a thread no one ever views (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

I like Google's Earth Day graphic, but now I have to pee.

I don't usually venture into the Lounge....who all are the fellow baseball fans?

TMZ Video: "Cat Circus" rock band ...that's right, CATS ...and I'll bet they could kick Rush's ASS.

Really, Apple? A baby-shaking game? How droll.

The Usual Suspects

Now in case the banana man brings me some pink oranges for the elephant's little boy,

Drake's equation abuse should be a crime.

CNN BREAKING : Woman assaults news anchor over math dispute.

WOOHOO! My first locked thread!

Anyone else plastered?

Experts, help me with this problem

Name businesses that we, as good little liberals, ought not to patronize.

Has anyone ever 'cleansed'?

OMG! It seems CaliforniaPeggy is dating Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps

Which list is longer? Bush War Crimes List or Midlodemocrat's DTM list


More pics of my children and grandson - these were taken yesterday...

It is summer, I am now wearing my cool straw hat.

Anyone see Nova last night?

Oak pollen

Anyone see 'Nova last night?

"In The Dark" --tonight's poem from the open mic

The Video Professor has released "How to use DU"

I has pets

Working with behaviorally-challenged people.

24/Countdown: The Game!

Personally I think the perfect woman for Mel Gibson - Midlodemocrat

Has anyone read "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell? Is a great read. Talks

Quick "Thank You" to everyone who wrote to me Monday night about my father's prognosis

Have a question about a 96 dodge ram 1500

I am bursting with joy..

More Hot Guys (dial-up warning)

OMG! It seems Miss California is dating Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps

I just witnessed a wonderful act of human kindness.

A devout Catholic friend once told me "if it cannot be quanitified, then it does not exist"

Homebrewing horror story.

What have you done that you think most people haven't?

Want some good news? I'm having some kind of remission here.

It looks like I have to eat my words...


File this under: Clueless!

Wii Fit - Yeah or Nay

Things you've never done that you think most people have done.

Idiots on cable news who say "you do the math" need to be beaten to a pulp.



To help with your posts in GD - the Liberal Insult Generator

I managed to not blow my top over something relatively minor about 30 minutes ago

Please Help, What Letter Of The Alphabet Do You See This As? Trying To Interpret Gothic Lettering

PSA: What I've learned about carpal tunnel syndrome.

PSA: What I've learned about carpal tunnel syndrome.

corgi stampede

Probably stupid question about iPods

T for Torture (with apologies to Jimmie Rodgers)

For DeepBlueC--One above-ground Atomic Bomb test, coming up!

What I won't do for my pooch. He had a vet visit to have his anal glands "expressed" this morning.

How many neckties are too many?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/22/2009)

How are you beating the system? Any system.

Where are the records from Cheney's energy task force?

Any other "Administrative Professionals" being honored today?

Bra deflects bullet aimed at woman

There Are 10 Kinds of People in This World...

A sadistic kid I grew up with (now an adult, of course) is now in prison


Cats are FAR superior to dogs!

I just checked, I am just 24 posts from reaching 10,000.

Second Life

New monster movie coming...literally. Watch the trailer.

Blowing Leaf will blow your mind (YouTube)


New Dave update - If It Quacks Like A Goose

This is the best youtube link you'll click all day


Did you know that squirrels purr?

Your Opinion: Novelist Bret Easton Ellis

Rank my chances of getting an unsecured 60k loan

Do you think food cravings reflect nutrient deficiencies, or just a flavor you're missing?

And I didn't even get a picture of the cake....

Tom Cruise's Character in Magnolia - I've seen that happen to a lot of guys

Who here wants to meet Midlo?

'Are You Wearing the Right Bra Size?'

Birmingham (MI) millionaire takes applications for wife

Link to the pictures of the Cheerleader tryouts...

Attention DU'ers under 25:

Match Game Story: "Freaky Freddie got his freak on so freakily, he ______ his freakish pants."

Big Ups for Secretary Clinton!

Every time Obama is accused of being "weak," replace it with an accurate label: smart

PHOTOS Today's photo thread links (April 21)

Obama invites Mideast leaders for talks on 'comprehensive peace'

It's FORMER - goshdangit!

What happened to KO's show? I'm watching HB again?!

For anyone who foolishly expects justice for Cheney

Obama's serious discussion with Chavez -Video from huffington post

and the moles in the CIA get to work: Banned Techniques Yielded ‘High Value Information,’ Memo Says

I am getting just the slightest whiff of Aspen root rot. Just a hint, mind you. nt.

Will The Obama Administration Prosecute Anyone Important For Torture?

CSM - "Stimulus money puts teachers in layoff limbo" - I Guess Its Better To Be 100% Fired?

As Report Shows Bybee's Torture Culpability, Conyers Says: 'We're Coming After These Guys' (HuffPo)

David Schuster thinks this business of declassifying torture memos

America High, 91210

Obama open to Torture Policy-Drafters prosecution, not those who carried out the torture.

High level Bush officials will face the music

If torture were made real and not theoretical even those who think they approve of it would change

The louder we scream for justice, the more people will hear us, the greater the need for action

Seriously, it gets me to this day... I still LOVE to hear "President Obama"!

Senior Adivsor Leaves Obama's Administration!!!!

Obama triples the volunteer corp

US Senate Judiciary Committee set to send Obama's first federal judge to the full Senate

NH-Sen, NH-02: There's Really No Hurry

Young Voters, GOP, and Race

Boosh Administration Adopted Torture Tactics Unanimously W/out Knowledge of History or Effectiveness

Diplomacy and Political Subtlety - Neocon Style - Remember John Bolton?

Turley anonys me...once again Obama is not successful.

It's quite clear that Republicans think that we're all idiots. That's how they defend torture

Delicious: Another GOP Limbaugh critic caves, issues abject apology

President Obama to head to Iowa for Earth Day

In Today's Installment of "It's the Little things": McDonalds 1Q Profits Higher than Expected

here's the drill: "incredibly dangerous. incredibly dangerous" Incredibly dangerous.

Freeped MSNBC poll, probably duplicate, but anyway...

GOP Old Guard Sweeps Aside New Faces Of GOP - Can't Say Goodbye If You Never Leave

Here's what we're up against

Democrats Embrace "New GOP Leaders"

Why do they use torture when they have the truth drug?

President Obama not keeping his promise to African American Farmers?

FYI : President Obama will deliver Earth Day remarks on energy at 3:15 pm ET in Newton, Iowa.

2010 QC Senate Map Is Out: Dems Could Gain. Two D toss ups versus seven R toss ups.

Truth Commission should NOT be bipartisan

At This Point Torture May Be Our Only Recourse

President Obama ... since I know you read DU one little suggestion.

Poll: A majority of Cuban Americans support Obama's Cuba plan

And so it begins.

Is this how we made Iraq Better?

The GOP is biding their time, waiting for gradually more people to become disillusioned with Obama

Go Hillary! "I don't consider (Cheney) a particularly reliable source of information" (VIDEO)

You're not going to believe this argument

The whole tea-party stuff, apology tour meme and Chavez handshake Rep bs seems to be working

I'll Believe It When I See An Indictment

Freepers engaging in the same tinfoil nonsense they used to mock

Does Anybody Remember William Casey?

Are we on the Verge of a New Watergate/Iran-Contra level scandal

I'd Like to See Investigations & PROSECUTION For bu$hCo's War Crimes, AND

PHOTO Ghost of Abraham Lincoln (not) spotted in Oval Office.

GOP caught lieing again: Outrageously Misrepresenting Cap & trade cost conclusions from MIT study.

James Jones Does A Little Mythbusting

From CNN: mass walkout from UN conference when Ahmadinejad refers to the "racist" Israeli govt....

What do you call reverse teflon?


Obama skates while Right fumes

WaPo 06.23.2007. Rahm Emanuel sends Dick Cheney his regards.

Heads-up! Pres. Obama is speaking in Newton, Iowa now. On MSNBC and CNN.

NYT: Banks Sway Bills to Aid Consumers

Torture: We need a special prosecutor!

I am just pondering Dick's outrage that Bush didn't pardon Scooter Libby.

Coleman asks more time for appeal

Holding Pelosi Accountable For Torture

Obama welcomes his first Arab leader to White House

Weekly Standard Backs Prosecution Of Bush Officials...Don’t they?

Financial Analyst: 'We believe the odds are against significant new credit card legislation.'

McCain, Graham and Lieberman to Obama: don't prosecute torture memo architects

Clinton: Interrogation Officials Should Be Reviewed

Interior announces $750M to restore national parks

Chairman Kerry Opening Statement At Hearing On Global Climate Change

President Obama Opposed 9-11 Commission Style Torture Probe (WaPo)

Put the following people in order, from least to most harmful to our country:

The CIA's Willful Ignorance on Harsh Interrogations, By Robert Baer

Turkey calls back ambassador to Canada

What Obama’s Intel Chief Really Believes About Torture…

FRAME: Let's demand all those GOP politicians give up their government-run healthcare packages

PHOTOS Hillary's Day (April 22)

Cheney and blowing smoke. My letter to the Editor today

A great smack down of another flawed torture argument.

PHOTOS Cool, Dad's home.

Democrats Consider Bypassing G.O.P. on Health Care Plan

McClatchy's Jonathan Landay on Ed.

PHOTO Do you have an audience like this when you leave for work?

KO has a baseball blog!

Democrats Consider Bypassing G.O.P. on Health Care Plan

Obama confronting the Bush Legacy, reluctantly

McIntyre not saying no to Senate run

I had no idea McCain, Graham and Lieberman did a music album together a while ago

When you mix Republicans and science....

Hey Media! It isn't just the "Left" who want investigations on Torture!

Venezuela gives back island to US

National intelligence director in a private memo: torture yielded "high value information."

Sean Penn: I Applaud An American President Who's Tough Enough To Smile

CO-Sen: Bennet Still a Big Question Mark

EARTH DAY ACTIVITY - It's quick, easy and involves Al Gore!

MSM can't get their spin on Pelosi/Harman straight

"I will be going to Washington very soon" Senator-elect Franken

BREAKING: Report: Abusive tactics were used to find Iraq-al Qaida link

The real story behind the faux Jane Harman scandal (LA Times editorial)

Stopping Dem 60 ‘real hard,’ Cornyn fears

'No one is above the law,' Holder says of torture inquiry

White House: Obama not proposing truth commission

Hi Sean, Mr. Great American. The Reagan Justice Department prosecuted a sheriff for waterboarding

The Difference between Democrats and Republicans is pretty basic...

Author Ron Suskind: Torture was ordered to obtain an "ex post facto" tie between Saddam & 9/11

Hillary hit the nail on the head as far as what our comeback should be to ALL GOP objections...

Breaking SurveyUSA poll on Miss California's answer to gay marriage question

GALLUP: Obama approval at 64%, highest in a month.

PHOTOS Hello again Iowa

does Obama have the wind at his back?

Senior Justice Department Lawyers are INCENSED at the WH

Miss California Could Sue for Discrimination, Legal Analyst Says (FauxNews)

Torture architect John Rizzo is still serving as the CIA's acting general counsel.

Rumsfeld: Architect of torture (and more on the new Senate report on torture)

My question is sincere re: Birth Certificate

Hey, Mainstream Media, call it what it is: TORTURE.

Executive at Freddie Mac Is Found Dead

Hillary calls it like it is

I've Been Out All Day - What New Outrages And Betrayals Has Obama Perpetrated Today?

Obama: Beyond Savior or Trickster by Norman Solomon

Hot guys (dial up warning)

There is No Greater TRAITOR to the U.S. than Dick Cheney

Congratulations, You Glorious Netroots Bastards!!!

Jon Soltz: John Kerry's Veteran Legacy

Pelosi: I Knew of Harman Wiretap

Morris (former Marine officer and Sere graduate) "Close SERE (torture school) now".

PHOTOS Big Dawg's Day (April 21)

"This bad faith analysis runs through the latest batch of torture memos."

The person who was ultimately accountable for torture was the former President Bush

PHOTOS No offence to my Libyan friends....but how did Hillary keep a straight face today?

Health nominee clears hurdle (Sebelius)

AIG faces inquiry over medical care for U.S. contractors

Federal judge hears challenge to Iraq war

UK reviews arms export licences to Israel after Gaza

Chavez rival seeks asylum in Peru

Media advisory/Interview opportunity - Vitamin D: the new wonder vitamin?

Napolitano's comments about Canada's border sparks diplomatic kerfuffle

Police Say Mom Ordered Daughters Out, Drove Off


Fort Detrick disease samples may be missing

U.S. Might Not Try Pro-Israel Lobbyists

Israelis 'followed law in Gaza'

Bush policy 'led to Abu Ghraib'

N.Y. Assembly Passes Trans Rights Bill

DeMint says Obama voters have 'buyer's remorse'

Afghan Taliban say claim of talks is "propaganda"

Harsh Tactics Readied (by Bush Admin officials) Before Their (Legal) Approval

Obama to Host Talks With Afghan, Pakistani Presidents

German trial begins for 4 accused in terror plot

US Freddie Mac chief found dead

Poll: Cuban Americans support Obama's Cuba plan

Hijacked train released in India

China 'acting like a child' on rights: Dalai Lama

Sanctioned Degradation (Addressing Them As Though They Were "An Animal")

Opposition grows to Pakistan's Taliban pact

'BBC World News' to air from Detroit on Wednesday

China: 20 New Yangtze Dams Planned

Bush-era interrogation may have worked, Obama official says

In Adopting Harsh Tactics, No Inquiry Into Their Past Use

Obama Suggests Bush-Era Officials Could Be Prosecuted

Toyota cuts managers' bonuses by 60%

Kuwait politician who called to normalize Israel ties quits parliament race

U.S. Apartment Rents, Occupancies Fall Amid Rise in Job Losses

GM won't make $1B June debt payment

Ex-NRCC chair says GOP lost NY special election

Citi shareholders fume at annual meeting

Once-powerful Colombia drug lord sentenced in NY

Debtholders vs. U.S. Over Chrysler Deal

Philippines mulls hostage rescue

Default Notices In California Soar 80 Percent From Previous Quarter

US military chief arrives in Pakistan: embassy

Khmer Rouge defendant: Pol Pot feigned ignorance

U.S. officials slam Dick Cheney's claim that waterboarding 9/11 mastermind 183 times was a 'success'

Malaysia Relaxes Affirmative-Action Policies

European Nations May Investigate Bush Officials Over Prisoner Treatment

Pelosi Said She Knew Harman Was Wiretapped

CIA first proposed waterboarding in May 2002

Clinton Threatens `Crippling' Sanctions on Iran If Nuclear Talks Rebuffed

Venezuela gives the US an island owned by Citgo

Ecuador's Correa poised for easy re-election win

Hillary was kicking ass and taking names today

A Pentagon Cyber-Command Is in the Works

Jury reaches verdict in transgender slaying trial

U.S. wants judge to toss embassy hostage suit

(Hillary) Clinton says Cheney not a "reliable source"

Scientists Discover a Nearly Earth-Sized Planet

Report: Abusive tactics were used to find Iraq-al Qaida link

Scientists Claim CIA Misused Work on Sleep Deprivation

Breaking: Dissenter on Torture w/in Bush Admin speaks out

U.S. Home Prices Rise 0.7% in First Back-to-Back Monthly Gain in Two Years

Source: Wiretap Caught Harman Discussing Pelosi Fundraising Flap

Pelosi Knew About Harman Wiretap

Abu Ghraib Head: We Were Scapegoated

New Report: Bush Officials Tried to Shift Blame for Detainee Abuse to Low-Ranking Soldiers

World economy in severe recession, IMF says

Coleman asks more time for appeal

AP Sources: GM to shut many US plants up to 9 weeks

McCain: No Torture Prosecutions; Pelosi: No Immunity

Court skeptical about school strip-search

Banned Techniques Yielded ‘High Value Information,’ Memo Says

Unresolved debate in DOJ memos: Does torture work?

Another immigration foe to speak at UNC

Fertility expert: 'I can clone a human being'

Former AGs seek review of Ala. gov's conviction (Siegelman)

UK unveils 50% top tax rate

All suspects held in (UK) terrorism raids freed

European Nations May Investigate Bush Officials Over Prisoner Treatment

FDA Loosens "Morning After" Pill Rules

Bayer safety lapses 'could have eclipsed Bhopal'

Man Arrested for Criticizing Police in E-Mail to Louisiana Paper

Granholm: Bailed-out banks killing Chrysler

Fidel Castro: Obama 'misinterpreted' Raul's words

Polo Captain- Vitamin supplement killed 21 ponies

Afghanistan bets on peace with first national park

Senate Armed Services Committee Report on Torture (released)

Fox News Files Freedom Of Information Request With Department Of Homeland Security Over Right Wing

Freddie Mac acting chief financial officer found dead in Virginia home

ABC News Exclusive: Torture Tape Implicates UAE Royal Sheikh

Sheriff: Md. dad who killed family had $450K debt

Venezuelan mayor 'seeking asylum' in Peru

Wisconsin: Chief to officers: Ignore gun memo

(AG) Holder: 'follow law' in US interrogation probe ("No one is above the law")

Obama Wins On Halting F-22s, More Fights Loom

Buner falls into the hands of Swat Taliban

Minutemen founder to challenge McCain

Taliban extend hold, advance near Pakistan capital - Clinton: Pakistan 'mortal threat' to world

A FULL Day In 100 Seconds 'Show a Little Class And Shut Up'

Bloomberg Responds To Giuliani -'Govt Shouldn't Tell You Who You Can Marry. Period'

Gibbs Responds To Cheney Criticisms in Press Briefing

Is Strip Searching Students A Safety Issue?

Blogger Interrupted Schools Cleveland Young Republican Leader on Taxes at Cleveland Tea Party

Ron Paul Agrees, Bush And Cheney Should Be Investigated

Turley: Obama Maybe Shifting Blame to Holder So He Can Be The FALL GUY?

The Assimilation Is Complete- Steele Has Been 'Re-Educated' On GOP Issues Like Abortion

How Mitchell Jessen & Associates help Develop CIA Torture Techniques - Democracy Now

Senator Barbara Boxer on Global Warming

AC360: "Was Bush Lying When He Said We Don't Torture?" (Cooper & Begala Own Ari Fleischer)

Gavin Newsom Throws His Hat in the Ring - for California Governor

2009 Miss Information Pageant (1:06)

Former C.I.A. Operative Jack Rice Blasts Cheney and His Torture Policy

Vet Launches Legal Battle Against Iraq War

My Thoughts on Miss California and Perez Hilton

Disney's 'Earth' trailer (2:10) Disney to plant 500,000 trees (one for each ticket sold this week)

New Evidence Provides DIRECT LINE from TOP Bush Admin to Abuses/Torture - Senator Levin

Sen. Whitehouse: Anyone who acted outside limits imposed by OLC is "wide open" to prosecution.

Attorney General Holder Livid With Obama & Rahm Over Statements - MSNBC

Rachel Maddow: Former Rice confidant Philip Zelikow on the torture memos

Thom Hartmann debates Marlo Lewis on the “New EPA Rules”

Thom Hartmann challenges Brad O’Leary on his new book “Shut up America

A Busy Earth Day: Van Jones Video

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 22

The Flaming Lips - Race For The Prize - Earth Day 2009 - JTMP

Weathering the Storm (Response to NOM Gathering Storm)

Rachel Maddow on Jane Harman/Israel spy story

EPA Admin Lisa Jackson speaks at Earth Day and introduces Flaming Lips

Countdown-Jonathan Turley - Torture: Who to prosecute... 4/21

Fifth Annual X-Conference CNN News Coverage APRIL 20, 2009

Secretary of State Clinton to GOP Rep: Cheney not a "Particularly Reliable Source of Information"

Zombie Bank

Ari Fleischer: 'I have no problem with' sleep deprivation

George Bush on AlArabiya explaining that Abu Ghraib isn't indicative of American values

Abu Ghraib Prison - Part One

George W. Bush and Torture (Abu Ghraib)

Inside Abu Ghraib Pt.2 (Iraq prison camp, CBC)

TYT: Kudlow Doesn't Like Obama's 'Boys In The Hood' Handshake

New-MoveOn Torture Ad Highlights Cheney for Investigation

Jane Harman Was For Warrantless Wiretaps Until She Was Warrantlessly Wiretapped

Senator Feinstein On Torture Investigations: "They were not CIA officers, they were contractors"

Militia Wants an Armed Million Man March - Crazies coming out of the woodwork

The Dumbing Down of America

Evil Dick warns President Obama that he's projecting vulnerability and nations might think he's weak

Brigadier General Janis Karpinski Speaks Out, Former Head of Abu Ghraib Prison

CNN coverage of DNC's "Meet The New GOP" Ad

Freddie Mac CFO death by hanging

Ensign On Hardball - SASC Report

The Secret -- Planet Earth -- Happy Earth Day !

Conservatives Caving- It's Ok Giving Gays ALL Rights Of Marriage just not the 'word'

Karl Rove Loses It Over Torture Investigation

Did Cheney Consider Killing American Servicemen Dressed Like Iranians To Start WWIII

TYT: Republicans Filibuster Obama's First Court Nomination

MUST SEE - Rep. Pence Questions SOS Clinton in Foreign Affairs Hearing

Unedited Tea Party Protestor in Cleveland (is this guy motivated by racism or not?)

Israeli Spying - Part 2 of 4

Rep. Dan Burton Grills Wrong Cabinet Official On Torture Prosecutions

MSNBC's Political analyst Lawrence O'Donnell goes Ballistic on GOP pundit Phil Musser

TYT: Cenk Breaks Down Obama's Torture Investigation Statements

*Priceless* Fox News this afternoon-Shepherd Smith goes off (6:34)

Gene Burnett - Jump You F**** (HQ) features Max Keiser mashup

Hardball-former CIA operative Bob Baer opines on torture... Does not work. Period

Elie Wiesel Verbally Abused as "Zio-Nazi" by Ahmadinejad Entourage at Durban II

Housing's Newest Threat: More People Are Losing Their Jobs

Video Caught On Tape ABC News Reporter & Crew Gets Detained By A Police Officer In El Paso Texas

Cheney Suddenly Concerned About Debt & Loved the Tea Parties -Fox Day2

Too Big to Fail: Ecological Ignorance and Economic Collapse

DFL tells Coleman to step down using his own words

Another Former Pro-Coleman Paper Calls For Him To Quit

Coleman should drop appeal (Marshall Indy)

Our View: Time for Minnesota Senate seat to be filled (Peoria Journal Star)

Texas dominate Forbes list of best places jobs, Texas Seceded, it would save the Country Billions.

Long Odds for GOP Rebound (CQ)

Pot vs. Booze: A Former Police Chief's Take

When the City Held Pirates in High Regard

Cheney and the apologists of torture distrust democracy

Cheney Finally Reveals the 'High-Value' Info Obtained from Waterboarding

Open Left: Historical, Hysterical Conservatives

America High, 91210

Garrison Keillor: Save our national sense of humor!

Must read: NYT: In Adopting Harsh Tactics, No Inquiry Into Their Past Use

Joe Conason: Reagan Talked to Dictators, Too

A Great Deception

Innocent People Suffering at the Hands of the Judicial System

The First FUBAR

Eric Boehlert: Fox News' Unhinged, Irrational Obama Attacks Stir up Violent Right-Wing Militants

Joe the Private Lap Dancer

Ford's Chairman: We Don't Need No Stinking Bailout!

On Earth Day, Forget About the Planet -- We're the Ones Who Are Screwed

Arm the COP on the Bank Beat

Goldman Sachs Shook Tens of Billions Out of Tax-Payers -- Now They're Whining All the Way to the Ban

Jim Hightower: What's Up With the Governor of Texas?

Bonuses to NYT Execs Under Fire

Update: CIA got Cheney records request Tuesday afternoon

The OLC "torture memos": thoughts from a dissenter

Innocent People Suffering at the Hands of the Judicial System

'Wiesel, you Zionazi!!' (at UN Conference against Racism)

Innocent People Suffering at the Hands of the Judicial System It Could Happen to You

Family of boxer fights for pardon of 1913 racist conviction (Great White Hope)

Japan pays foreign workers to go home, forever

Fidel Castro: Obama 'misinterpreted' Raul's words

Clinton to Rep. Pence (R-IN): Obama Won the Election

After Senate Report, Psychologists Who Tortured Must Be Held to Account

"Change We Can Believe In isn't going to be easy -- but we best get on with it"

Palin In-Laws On Larry King Tonight! Trainwreck TV

Yelling "FIRE!" in an Empty Theater (on Palin filmmaker John Ziegler)

It’s Not Just the Torture - Dig Deeper

Taliban forces on verge of seizing Pakistan's nuke arsenal

Dick Cheney may be first to be prosecuted for use of torture on POWs

The Amazing Flying Elephant

The Rothko Chapel is depressing as hell!!!

David Sirota: A Question That Matters More Than Ever: Did Bush Keep Us Safe on 9/11?

Abu Zubaydah: Waterboarded 83 Times for 10 Pieces of Intelligence

Our Selective Moral Outrage

TYT RANT: Chuck Todd's Shoddy Journalism On Prosecution

Good overview of imperial overstretch

Bolivia: The Bizarre Life and Death of a Failed Assassin

FIDEL: "Obama and the Blockade" (remittances issue addressed)

Time to Deal with Haiti (FPIF)

Give Haitians Temporary Protected Status now (Sun-Sentinel editorial)

Leader of Colombian Terrorist Organization AUC Sentenced to 375 Months in Prison for Cocaine Traffic

OAS Live, 4/23, "Special Mtg. on Right of Freedom of Thought and Expression and Importance of Media

Haitians Boycott Senate Elections - Lavalas Flexes Its Muscles in Haiti

Ecuador's Correa poised for easy re-election win

Water Levels Dropping in Some Major Rivers as Global Climate Changes

Plants could override climate change effects on wildfires

New study shows widespread and substantial declines in wildlife in Kenya's Masai Mara

Increasing Antarctic sea ice extent linked to the ozone hole

Oregonians sending less to landfills in economic downturn (the concept of throughput illustrated)

Global Snakebite Initiative: Working to Improve Treatment for Victims

Wolves are showing up in Oregon

North Atlantic right whales continuing to feed in a southern section of Cape Cod Bay

PHOTOS: The First Earth Day--Bell-Bottoms and Gas Masks

Xpost: Joseph Romm jumps the shark

Pope Pursues Heavenly Power With (100 MW PV) Plant Harnessing Sun

Renewable Energy Plays Big Role on Earth Day

Researchers Report ‘Moderately Large’ Potential for Red Tide Outbreak in the Gulf of Maine Region…

South Korea lights the way on carbon emissions with its £23bn green deal (LED's in public buildings)

Climate change will overload humanitarian system (in seven years) warns Oxfam

Last Known Female Yangtze Soft-Shell Turtle Set to Mate

Man-Made Floods Plague Jakarta

Whole Foods to Triple Stores Powered with Solar Energy

World's Land Slipping in Quality

Exelon plans to build (10 MW) solar power plant on Chicago's South Side

Jones Soda going with pedal power for Earth Day

Students Least Informed about Environmental Science Are Most Optimistic (Ignorance is bliss)

As Climate Warms, Species May Need to Migrate or Perish

Monsanto's Crops Spawning Superweed Epidemic in U.S.

Almost 90% of European fish stocks declining; 30% ‘beyond biological limits’

I wonder if I'll end up like Bernie in his dream

Study Tracks "Marked & Persistent" 15-Year Decline In Major Grazing Species At Masai Mara

In Montserrat, Rare Mountain Frog Species Airlifted Out Of Path Of Chytrid Fungus - Guardian

Philippine Scientists Puzzled By "Really Unusual" Summer Rains In Metro Manila

Tulsa World Article Finds Lots Of Climate Skepticism Among Preachers, Oral Roberts Professors

Boehner Ridicules Idea That CO2 Is "A Carcinogen That Is Harmful To Our Environment"

Greenhouse gases rise despite global recession

USDA Unveils "Peoples' Garden" In DC - Sounds Like SOCIALISM To ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mysterious Decline Of Small Mammals In Bolivia May Be Linked To Amazon Burning - Mongabay

Al Gore/Repower America Earth Day Appeal

Horse Logging Staging Comeback In UK - 15 Firms, 1,000 Part-Time Workers - Guardian

Significant Volume Loss Found In 1/3 Of World's Large Rivers - Lost Flow Into Pacific = Mississippi

Tree planting in the driest place on Earth

Happy Earth Day

Wildlife habitat restoration on a Mississippi plantation (success at Circle M)

Oz - "Spectacular" Recovery From 06 Coral Bleaching - But Good Conditions "Lucky", Scientists Say

Local companies are booming as green efforts take hold

Bicycle wheels are turning across the Columbia

Green and mean: The downside of clean energy

Bill Clinton: Business is the key to climate change

UK agrees to slash emissions by 34pc in Budget 2009

Tracking the Results of Salmon Habitat Restoration

Coast Guard to use tidal power at Maine station

World oil consumption expected to be below 2008 levels through 2010. - EIA

Consumer Reports tried plug-in conversion kit on Prius. got 42 to 67 mpg. over first 35 miles.

Obama, Salazar Announce Framework for Renewable Energy Dev't on U.S. Outer Continental Shelf

Solar Power Cheaper than Utilities for First Time in Northeast

Sustainability of meat-based and plant-based diets and the environment

Someday you will die...

‘Toxic soup of pesticides’ killing West Coast salmon

Condor nest found on San Benito County ranch — first in 70 years

Cantarell Output Down 34% YOY In Q1 2009 - Total Mexico Oil Output Down 7.8% For Same Period

Rare 'mountain chicken' frogs airlifted from path of deadly fungus

“A Choice Between Prosperity and Decline”

Riverbanks adding rare chestnut trees to canopy

On This Earth Day, Enjoy These Animations Of The Elwha River Dam Removals!

Nick Adenhart, R.I.P. (Hal Cohen)

Cheering Fans, Thrilling NCAA Tournament Disgust BCS Officials

Nats beat the Braves twice in a row. Just sayin'. nt

Please name all NFL coaches who cover their mouths with their play cards.

Pirates SWEEP Marlins. Florida. Looser Team. Miami. Looser City.

Brodeur temper tantrum (Canes score with .2 of a second left)

I want your predictions right now

Well the Flyers should start picking their tee times. Its over for them.

USW Seeks Relief from Flood of Imported Chinese Tires

Bush Gone, NYU Scrambles to Escape Anticipated NLRB Ruling

Union, DoorSystems reach new tentative agreement

Omaha Roofing Company Cited For OSHA Violations (Miranda Roofing Ordered To Pay $148,400)

Mass. plant cited after worker gets caught in machine

Today in labor history Apr 22 "Earth Day,"

UNITE HERE General President Bruce Raynor Suspended from Union

Beyond ‘Buy American’: Sorting Allies and Enemies

DOT Reports Airline Job Losses Hit 27,500

Florida Power and Light Seeks 1000 Workers for Green Jobs

Wal-Mart Meets Union Opposition to China Job Cuts

Valparaiso man dies in fall at construction site

Poll finds homosexuals should burn in the fires of hell. (satire)

Live Reports & Video of Same Sex Marriage Hearing (LD 1020) in Augusta Maine (Portland Press Herald)

When right wing fundies say that they are for civil unions

Bill Berkowitz: Gun-related murders? Blame it on the gays

If true, this bit of news is Incredibly Perverse (Not For The Squeamish)

One Iowa airs first TV ad

Iraqi militias gluing anuses of gay men and inducing diarrhea to cause death

GUILTY! We have a verdict in the Angie Zapata Hate Crime Murder Trial: GUILTY!

We have the right to make opposition to marriage equality socially unacceptable

Senators Set Timetable for Health Care Bills

Media advisory/Interview opportunity - Vitamin D: the new wonder vitamin?

Breastfeeding 'protects mother' (BBC)

Have you ever filed a complaint against your doctor?

Key to preventing allergies and asthma: Lice?

Walnuts and Fish Prevent Against Heart Disease in Different Ways

Police say mom ordered daughters out, drove off

Report: Hamas killed, maimed dozens of opponents

Kuwait politician who called to normalize Israel ties quits parliament race

Norway: 10 Israelis named in war crimes complaint

'Wiesel, you Zionazi!!'

Lieberman: U.S. to accept any Israeli policy decision

Rahm Emanuel talks to the Anti-Defamation League

Aid Rots Outside Gaza

Obama heeding lesson from ‘94 gun ban

Authorities say fatal shooting was self defense

interesting WI situation

i dont know what drugs the Chicago City Attorneys are on

Pizza delivery turns into shooting

AK's at the breakfast table?

Napolitano will not wait for Congress will do southbound seizures of firearms.

ATF: Houston man going to prison for lying to buy guns

Barak: Gaza probe shows IDF among world's most moral armies

Gun Owners of America: "Obama Proposes Signing Treaty To Ban Reloading"

Wisconsin Ammo factory owner scolds the hoarding "gun nuts"

Eliz. Warren on TARP Oversight hearing NOW on CSPAN

Rattner's Quadrangle Under Investigation In Kickback Scam

So The Treasury Was Lying After All?

Get out your tiny violins!

Pay Limits May Apply To Toxic-Asset Relief Program, Report Says (Barofsky)

Dr. Housing Bubble 04/22/09

payback period for 3 hybrids 30 years, just looking at the economic aspect of buying a hybrid.

Economic Recovery? No Thank You (Carolyn Baker)

GM reportedly to miss $1 bln debt payment due June 1

Let Insolvent Financial Firms Fail: Fed's Hoenig (this is good)

Huff Post: Bush Admin Ignored Military's Strong Oppositon to Torture

A Workers’ Paradise Found Off Japan’s Coast

Geithner is a cocky arrogant egotistical SOB....

GOP caught lieing again: Outrageously Misrepresenting Cap & trade cost conclusions from MIT study.

Goose Drool and some gooselings

How many cops did it take to arrest you?

Black & whites from March.

I ran out to buy some socks ....and came home with these 2 simple pm shots

If you really want to have fun with macro,


Early Renaissance Guitar Music (free)

So, how'd you all during this past week's shift?

I don't know why, but I love videos where unlikely animals get along.

{Fossilized remains of} Ancestor of T rex found in China (BBC)

I found this kinda beautiful

British scientists study Hawaiian happy face spider

Complex molecules seen in space

Priest says another priest sexually molested him

Creepy Catholic Logo

Kevin Roose Infiltrates Liberty University To Write Book

Are the Liberal/Atheists and Liberal/Christians politically similar?

Remarkably Good! Hansen's Diet Pomegranate Soda

Looking for a light banana cake, if possible!

Canada chides U.S. for remarks on 9/11 plotters

Ever notice the odd fires and broken windows of Building 7?

The central question of 9-11 (once the various factions pause in their name-calling for a moment)

Amy Goodman Comes to Austin - April 29th

Stopping Dem 60 ‘real hard,’ Cornyn fears ( U.S. Senate)

Texas lawmakers consider telling U.S. gov't to 'cease and desist'

What's Up With the Governor of Texas?

Texas cities dominate Forbes list of best places for jobs

"She Kissed a Girl" on "Fringe"

for Harry Potter fans: stills from HP 7

Harper poised to crack whip in Mulroney spat

Tories losing ground in key provinces: poll

Think I posted this before but hopefully new eyes now. My cursor keeps jumping around.

Recommend a firewall?

Advice pls. I haz to install Windows on a machine becuz I need it for one program.

Fast Flash Drive Recommendations?