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Hey, Rick Perry


Torture Issue. Do you believe "The few bad apples have been dealt with"?

Remember Tweety's comments re: Ricci v DeStefano (Affirmative Action Fire Dept)?

Who else was present during the 2002 briefing that Pelosi received?

Who else was present during the 2002 briefing that Pelosi received?

Check out this former CIA operative at Fox:

Specter primary challenger drops out (CNN)

Next fund raiser can we have prizes like Marijuana, Booze, and free meals at olive garden?

Excerpts from Bob Graham's notebooks

Doesn't matter what Leon Panetta says, the U.S. committed war crimes and some people are lying

Yikes! Rachel is nailing Cheney to the freaking wall!

How many different ways are there for people to get in touch with you?

[Streaming Video] Real Time with Bill Maher

Just wondering, how do DUers of Asian descent feel about posters using the term "riding rice" for

Just wondering, how do DUers of Asian descent feel about posters using the term "riding rice" for

McClatchy: Cheney said Gitmo detainees revealed Iraq-al Qaida link

Boston Globe editorial: Torture isn't patriotic

Michael Steele is giving Michele Bachmann a run for the batcrap crazy money

How pissed shoud I be now that Ari Fleisher, that fucking prick, gets to point out ........

Poll: Three Out Of Four Workers Skip Lunch

Obama to name Utah gov-(R) ambassador to China

Oh Shit!

I think it is criminal to call Campaign Funds anything but BRIBERY . . .

Peru to sack ’scandalous’ gays from police force

Ship of state

Jerry Falwell is dead!

Photographer who took famous Saigon photo dies

Are things in Afghanistan much worse than we've been told?


I say do not release the photos until a military tribunal has ruled on them.

Is anyone watching 'Real Time with Bill Maher'? It's Right-wing asshole night*.

Is there any control at all over the Google Ads in DU threads?

U.S. Government Funds $400,000 Study on Gay Sex in Argentina Bars

All Female Candidates Must Abstain From Sex For 10 Days Prior To Election

Rove grilled on US attorney firings

As Democrats, we do not have to make apologies for torture to each other. This is dumb.

So why don't we start a nonprofit health care co-op?

I'm tortured with not knowing of my family's involvement with CIA torture when I was young...

Absolutely pathetic.....

'Italy's Fritzl' charged with incest and abuse

Supreme Court justice makes Chicago acting debut

Tucker Carlson & Dana Perino make a shocking and totally unexpected move to FOX NEWS.

While looking at these torture photos I can't help but wonder what kind of animal could do this and

WJ this morning - What Speaker Pelosi: Knew Does it matter

GOP Base Rejects Pro-Choice Republicans: "We Would Never Bend On That"

Kacavas selected as NH's US Attorney

In Sept 2002 when Nancy received the briefing, I'm trying to find out

"The Girls from Ames" - interesting insight on friendship for men vs women

What if the CIA plays hardball with Pelosi, and Pelosi fights back?

msnbc reports from notre dame

A little "humor" about the financial meltdown.

newt weighs in on nancy pelosi

US Predicts 50 Percent Spike in Afghan IEDs

Smart cities: Even though the economy is down, public transit use is up in Toronto

Is John Boehner a Borg?

WorldNutDaily: John Lennon made pact with devil, that explains Beatles' quick rise to fame

Biggest Republican Asshole of the Week

Do republican men have a problem with strong women?

Anyone know about FMLA? Is this a violation?

The Rosetta stone to Bush era torture

Who is the king?? (got that right LOL)

Looking at the new Administration I am reminded of an old story

Vice President Joe Biden tours South Los Angeles housing project - article with pics

Rumsfeld's renegade unit blamed for Afghan deaths

Canadian feds to pay for military vets' medical marijuana

The Republicans strongest talking point and it involves Peloisi only not how they are saying now.

Write upside down.

In the river of dreams row, row, row your boat, don't try to get to the other side.

Higher Taxes = Happiness?

Stella Awards

A reminder of our values: "Gettysburg": The "Killer Angels" Monologue.

Ted Sampley; Vietnam veteran was activist for POWs, MIAs

Republicans are now requiring IQ tests for membership.

Maybe marriage should be between three people?

"Love Land" - China's new sex theme park causing a stir

We KNOW the CIA lied about the briefings. Period.

Man's Best Friend (rescuded 5 years ago) Is Missing While The Owner Is Defending Our Country

Watch AFSCME on “60 Minutes” for Sounding Alarm Early on AIG (join our campaign)

This photo provided by NASA taken from the ground using a telescope with a solar filter

Blue Dogs warn House Leaders: Don't Push Health Care too Far Left

On military tribunals; meet the good cop, same as the bad cop

Sunday Talking Heads-May 17

Have no Fear, Liberalism will dominate our Politics.

If Dennis Kucinich had been sworn in as President on Jan. 20th 2009

California mom tells cops she had sex with boys to keep them away from her daughter

Reading DU makes me appreciate how Democrats are so different from Republicans. It is refreshing to

Food Companies Are Placing the Onus for Safety on Consumers (NYT)

The "Dick" in retirement

What are CORE issues you feel would make our system of governing better?

On the Road to Oregon: Vernon, Texas tonight.

Repulsive Plutocrat Party?

The NYT sums up Obama's civil liberties record in one paragraph

Did anyone catch the new FOX storyline being promoted... Cheney was right

If right wingers are going to act like fascists...

Restaurants in Kansas City fraudulent fish. Is this the norm nation wide?

Caught in a Lie: US is Using White Phosphorus in Afghanistan as a Weapon

"Step on no pets"

Welcome to the era of "Lingerie football"....

nytimes chimes in....In Detainee Furor, a Rare Stumble by Speaker Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

Bush Administration blocks release of Abu Ghraib photos

Melting ice could cause gravity shift

Court orders Minn. parents to treat son's cancer

Are Republicans cowards? Are they afraid of an Investigation?

Teachers. Arne's listening. What do you think about standards?

Simple question Is the government exposing a CIA agent

What would our modern conservative friends have said back in 1633?

Daily Kos video: FDR responds to Republican attacks on his dog

Picture of the day ...

CIA Officers and other professionals were speaking out in 2003, so Congress and media has no excuse

Dead woman receives stimulus check

Dick Cheney's Psychiatry? Why do you think he was so demented and cruel?

The definitive article on Allen Stanford - must read from GQ - long but worth it

The definitive article on Allen Stanford - must read from GQ - long but worth it

Can humankind, as a whole, learn from history?

"What do you mean "we", white man?"

I may not agree 100% with our elected Democratic officials.. if fact I don't

Jes' for a second, let's talk real money. NINE TRILLION BUCKS WORTH.

The new DU fad - suspensions as a way to eliminate dissent when you have no grounds to ban.

Knights Templar were tortured.

Dick Cheney, Torture, Iraq, and Valerie Plame

I guess it's not "empathy" when you're empathetic to business over people

Obama reaches across the isle again.

Help Mudfllats (Alaska blogger) Get to Netroots Nation This Summer!

Idle thought on pro-life

Happy Armed Forces Day

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Calling BS on a media lie. They are saying never go after CIA, Pelosi was right,and that was proven

Breast Cancer Petition

Police: Teen Had Sex With Girl's Body

"Seeking the Magic Mushroom"

Love will bring us together.

Just how well are the American auto companies doing overseas?

Sarah Palin's office severs ties with its Crack Ho association.

KO TIme - Shut Up Cheney!!!

The class of Katrina

Obama revives terror tribunals, dismaying liberals

A Different Kind of Boy Scout: Armed and Fighting Terrorism

Cheney's false choice

Do the math ...... 2,000 dealers. And average of 50 employees each

What the New Right is all about in one brief quote

Carlyle Groups Settles in "Pay to Play" Scandal Probe

Fun political quiz.

Undersea oil could help thaw U.S.-Cuba trade

The REAL Mr. Obama

So, what do you expect?

Late Night Post

Happy Birthday To H20Man's Fire Pit

Should the Bilderberg Meetings be made more available to the public?

How much has Nancy Pelosi been damaged by these attacks?

Will /The Ground Truth/ by John Farmer advance a MIHOP theory?

Michael Steele: Gay marriage will hurt the economy because gay couples will have more money

If John Boehner & Kit Bond know that the CIA was telling the truth to Congress..

Yes We Can!

speaking of the h.w. bush was the director of the CIA ... 1976-1977...

UCLA Settles With Student Who Sued After Being Hit With a Stun Gun (Chronicle)

UCLA Settles With Student Who Sued After Being Hit With a Stun Gun (Chronicle)

UPDATE 2-Troubled trucker YRC to seek $1 bln pension bailout (Forbes/Reuters)

Why is it so wrong to wonder what the hell really happened on 9-11?

If you move ONE 9-11 thread to the dungeon, you should move them ALL.

I'm standing by my pony.

Do you want to know what I think?


didn't feel the tears for Farrah Fawcett

S.C. legislator pulls a reverse Arlen Specter, becomes Republican

43 kids tasered at prisons' Take Your Kids to Work Day

abortion poll, supreme court nominee, and spike in abortion protests

The Slow Agonizing Damnation of Empire USA

Should some journalists and officials take some blame?

Iraqis shrug off concerns over photos of U.S. abuse


43 stun-gunned at prisons' Take Your Kids to Work Day

Would someone please inform Newt....

Dunno where to ask, but I need help in locating a cheap plane ticket

Happy ‘Whitey Tape’ Day!

hey.. live Space video from Space Shuttle/Hubble repair mission, >Link>>

In the Belly of the Bayh: Selling EFCA to the Hoosiers.

Apparently, all 'freeper chicks' look like this:

I see the Terry Schiavo posse is demonstrating

The Wingularity is Nigh.

We are officially...the "Downturn Generation"

Official story of 9/11 "almost entirely untrue"-"There Was An Agreement NOT To Tell The Truth"


If it means boosting the economy, then I'm never getting married!

Shareholders Sue Halliburton, KBR, Alleging Litany of Misdeeds

'Super-terminal' raindrops break speed limit

The Camp Hill, Pa., Barnes & Noble is run by asshat wingnuts

Wolfram Alpha search is online

Hey gay people! I want you to know that even though you can't serve in teh military or have

Even if found guilty, Bybee could remain a Federal Judge.

Give a baby squirrel a hand

Book TV - Nazi Nexus: America’s Corporate Connections to Hitler’s Holocaust

What does your credit card company know about you? NY Times Magazine

Charge an iPod, kill a polar bear?

If we could get to the main criminals by sacrificing Pelosi; shouldn't we?

Is it a coincidence that Obama named Huntsman today and

Guardian UK : Obama should know better re: military tribunals

Conservatives Map Strategies on Court Fight - they will oppose ANYONE Obama appoints...

Conservatives Map Strategies on Court Fight - they will oppose ANYONE Obama appoints...

I don't think it's necessary to re-name the republican party...

Chicago becomes first city to ban BPA bottles, cups (baby bottles/sippy cups)

White House announces names for US attorneys

Alexandra The Great

My nephew is graduating from Notre Dame tommorow and my family will be protesting

The CIA's History Of Deceit

The CIA's History Of Deceit

"Legacy of Ashes: A History of the CIA" : The CIA has a long history of lying.......

What happened to Bipartisanship and Liberal Openness?

At what point would the Democrats have said "NO" ?

Third-Grader Organizes Gay Marriage Rally

I would love to see the latest prize-- the laptop go to a DUer

Whoever thinks Pelosi's career and reputation

*** DUzy Awards for week ending May 15, 2009 ***

Very interesting article from Der Spiegel re: outsourcing torture.

Cheney talks and the GOP squirms

Let's start by dispensing with the fucking Republicant word play...

Pentagon issues stop-work order for presidential helicopter

So... when does the guy I voted for get here?

Navajos largely unscathed by recession

This is as ridiculous as it gets, but obviously it is time for investors to invest in ammo producers

GOP Tactics Invite Torture Probe

President Obama will give the Notre Dame students a class on constitutional law.

Should Germany keep concentration camp pictures secret?

memory test

"Nikki the Porsche Girl" Controversy

A self-identifying "middle-class white woman" just called into WJ

Fillies and Champions

Media Madness

Pelosi's best defense: Would people who Torture LIE about a briefing? n/t

Remember when Obama said "I get it". I don't think he gets it.

RNC chief: Gay marriage will burden small business

Poll: Majority of U.S. adults identify as 'pro-life'

I have a question that is keeping me up tonight

Question asked to Afghan school kids. Who do you prefer? The Americans or the Taliban?

We the People have been Tricked, Hoodwinked, Deceived and it's TIME to WAKE UP!

Is President Obama a "political coward"?

California's Plans for Biggest Desalination Plant Are a Go

In order for them to really get Pelosi, there'd need to be a full investigation of it ALL.

US soldier fights Taliban wearing pink shorts

So Fred Phelps is bringing his hate parade to Key West.

Let me get this fucking straight....

Update Re: My Family and I will be Homeless in a few Weeks.

Jeremy Scahill: "Little Known Military Thug Squad Still Brutalizing Prisoners at Gitmo Under Obama"

Juan williams is a dick and a tool (if that who was on w/ Scott Simon this AM)

David Plouffe pimping for cash re "health care reform" - send more money?

A very appropriate RFK quote

Organizing for America is asking for money for an ad campaign to support Obama's health care plan.

Organizing for America is asking for money for an ad campaign to support Obama's health care plan.

U.S. Justice Department: CIA destroys almost 100 interrogation videos (repost)

The speech you would like to hear Barack Obama give?

Who is Stanley McChrystal? What is TF 6-26? Why did Obama pick him for Afghanistan? Horrifying!!!

Jon Soltz: RESOLVED: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Don’t Work

Afghanistan: Heroin-ravaged State (Peter Dale Scott)

What do all of you think of Keith Olbermann's "WTF? Moment?"

There are 2 ways in which people are controlled: 1st of all, frighten people & 2ndly demoralize them

"Building on the system we already have".. a fatally flawed decision

HASTERT Was Speaker When Pelosi Was Supposedly "Briefed" On Cheney's Use Of Torture?

Revealed: U.S. Interrogators May Have Killed Dozens of Detainees

In further news: a beautiful mother is in labor:

No one will ever be held accountable for torture if the focus continues to be on Nancy

Hey folks, I'm unemployed and donated to Free Speech TV... They NEED money now!

Not New (Warning: picture heavy and graphic)

Rogue's Gallery time! Post your noms for the *CRAPPIEST* books by wingnuts!

Break out the tiny violins! Pastor Says: 'I Saw Catholics Arrested for Being Catholic at a Catholic

Mayor Bloomberg's campaign has spent whopping $18.7 million to date on re-re-election

Let's be serious here.

Obama Nominates Superfund Polluter Lawyer To Run DOJ Environment Division

Snap! Dallas Morning News readers jacked with "have you seen GWB around town"

I'm your right wing friend and mail you this WaHo propaganda piece.

Cheney supports it ... o my. Cheney did it ... o my. Pelosi knew about it ... KILL HER!

The NRA is heading to town this weekend...oh joy

Former House Speaker Hastert Joins Turkish Lobby (Anyone Remember Sibel Edmonds ?)

Stand with me if you stand with Nancy Pelosi

UFOs over Pakistan? (Videos)

Should John Edwards be deployed to speak for single payer healthcare?

The Future of Capitalism

"RIDERS UP!" 134th running of the Preakness thread...

Parents battle over free Bibles for students in public schools

Weekend TOONS, Part 4- Unhappy with the administration...

Weekend TOONS, Part 3...

Weekend TOONS, Part 2...

Weekend TOONS, Part 1...

Angry Phone Users 'Rickroll' Robo-Call Company

Jon Stewart Nails it : Obama going back on his own words

I'm really so very, very sorry to say this

Steele Praises Discrimination. It Keeps Wages Low and Business Profits Up!

I suddenly realized that my old Film "Rove's War" is a goldmine Re: Cheney/Torture

Isn't forcible sodomy worse than waterboarding? Because we did that too. Let the GOP defend that.

May Photo Contest - Prelim 3

May Photo Contest - Prelim 2

May Photo Contest - Prelim 1

Moyers' FDR Tweet: "Only thing we have to fear is stuff that hasn't happened yet."

Pelosi calls for review of National Security Act -- the one that CREATED the CIA!

Is it just as wrong for a woman to have sex with a underage boy as it is with a man and a girl?

I want to see Dick Cheney in prison for his crimes.

What if TV and radio broadcasters could broadcast paid ads direct from registered political parties

hey, read this and THEN tell me you don't care about Troy Davis

Lies about Canada's health care

Ok. So who's holding?

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

Has anyone here, or anyone you've known, raised pigeons?

Some LIFE CHANGING weridness from THE DEAD last night....

Hair feeling too, uh, clean? Try Blago's "It's Bleep'n Golden!" shampoo!

No, you should all be nice to me.

Since it says "New Prizes Daily" and the laptop is a "two-day super prize"

Did you know a drink is 7 times stronger when you are tired?

a L O S T cake is being made on the food Network

Worst local TV ads?

Is anybody here a big fan of "Cuentame" ?

OK - who knew raccoons could crack walnuts?

Are you mad at me because I have a big ass mullet?

Whatever happened to Rev_Acts?

Time at last for my traditional yearly posting of this poem.

Who is it?

dude who was tortured by cia got his thread raptured

I got yelled at today by the boss...

I got yelled at today by the boss...

Nature's Way -- Randy California and Spirit

I'm so happy! - Son of Mz Pip passed the CA Bar

Actors you initiallly liked,but now,not so much?

Castro Valley schools sued over gay pastor talk

Computational, Science, and Stat geeks - It's UP!

So, who is causing what trouble, and where?

2:00 pm, May 19, 2009

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the Apocalypse

The Message Board Ep 2: What Makes A Legend Least?

I finally passed the CA Bar Exam!

I like this bridge.{Dial up pic warning}

Late night DU. Fun and odd.

I've been looking for a song for the longest, and it ends up right underneath my nose


Ian Dury and the Blockheads: comment

Dick Cheney says that Rush Limbaugh is more of a Republican

Fans of the old Art Bell shows.

GrovelBot ! You Mechanical Dunderhead !

If the Lounge had Smell-o-vision, you would be

Would you rather ride a Harley-Davidson touring bike for two thousand miles, or a CAFE bike for 200

I'm considering going to Katz's, because Katz's never closes!

You all should be nice to me.

Random picture thread of the night

When good things happen to good people...

Bacon, redeemed

Femdom picture thread of the night

What is happening in this picture?

Can I tell the hair growing on my back to move up to the top of my scalp?

Preakness... who will win?

How to care for a Platy Fry?

Views from travels across the intertubes:


Well that was embarassing

A Whiter Shade Of Pale

David Letterman lives in Choteau, MT

Smile A Little Smile For Me

Reflections Of My Life

Soul Sacrifice

I can be a bum-bum of the grandest kind.

Comfortably Numb is one of the greatest rock songs

Okay I finally found Pepsi Throwback

Bob Dylan: My Wifes Hometown

Bob Dylan: My Wifes Hometown

Really, what is the purpose of mosquitoes?

Ever seen Chairman Mao done as graffiti?

I met a women tonight that was a heroin user, what did you do

I met a women tonight that was a heroin user, what did you do

Need a favor from the Lounge

Can I tell the hair growing on my ass to move up to the top of my scalp?

May Photo Contest Prelims have been posted in GD!

Woah - Fox actually renews Joss Whedon's Dollhouse for a second season!

Don Pardo is leaving SNL. I think that part of my heart is leaving with him

This is just f'ing nuts!

May 16 1984

Seen on the tire cover of a small Jeep - "JEEP GIRL - TOPLESS AND DIRTY"

how does a 110 yo coin get in circulation ? Whats the oldest one you got 4 change?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 5/16/2009)

I had a dream about roast beef sandwiches and fries... What does that mean?

Advice needed, please! Anyone use online resume postings re: CareerBuilder, etc.?

Mold on a Teddy Bear

I Survived The Drive Down To Yreka, and going again tonight

The New "Guitar Hero Metallica"? Fucking rocks.

Willam & Mary students break "World 'Thriller' dance record" VIDEO

Its Frickin 80 degrees here, about time

Light My Fire

Light My Fire

Folding@Home question

Hi from Lake Tahoe!

It just got real dark outside. I think a spaceship is going to land!

anyone on

Elbow music

My friend directed a music video

Totally rad dances of the 80's with Dancin' Kim - she just got back from the mall

REPENT! For the End is Nigh!

Trailer for "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus" sweeps the internets

Fluorescent Cats

Do you want to know what I think?

Tornadoes in Upstate NY

The Website Is Down wins a Webby in the Viral Video category!

My first CSA box!

Ouch, Charles Barkley's new golf swing I the only one who hadn't heard of Diane Krall before last weekend?

My show starts at the top of the hour

Streaming - Prarie Home Companion

Players of 'The Sims' - what's the naughtiest thing you had them do?

My friend is making me go yard saling with her in the morning.

DU Song Of The Day

Boom in tiny bedbugs is causing big trouble

kitten picture of the day for saturday may 16

Reefer Madness is on TCM, just started.

kitten picture of the day for friday may 15

nasty weather in 'bama today.. i'm sitting here listening to the rain & van morrison

We've won the Eurovision Song Contest!

I'm standing with all the people who are sitting, cuz one of them is gonna have to get up sometime

I spent my evening re-ripping the clothes off...

Did you like the book or the movie better (Angels and Demons)

OK. I scraped up enough to buy a raffle ticket.

How do you enjoy being physically separated from others, yet alone with their thoughts?

Intrvention- Allison. Is it even possible to be physically addicted to inhalants?

The mods in an unspecified part of DU really have their hands full at the moment


Yay! Fitz is home!

I swear to all that's Holy. If Susan Boyle wins the laptop, I'm outta here.

Hey WHITEY! Yeah, I'm talking to YOU Whitey!

How to care for Philip J Fry

Do you ever make vows to yourself to change your behavior?

Deputies: Banana used as gun in holdup, then eaten

Grover Norquist vs Grover Monster

What price Delaware State's soul? 0-1 before the season starts

Brand new Kitten(s!) at our house...***dial up warning***

I was checking to see if a local pizza place has a website. Apparently I live in Norway.

Favorite Pixar movie?

I wonder what Midlo will buy for me while yardsaling today

Driving at night is pretty nice most of the time

God damned Ants

If You were going to Bunco night with Midlo, what dish would you bring?

Further update on my dad

I'm listening to Part 9 of Glass' "Music in 12 Parts". To what are you listening?

How Do you stay awake if you dont drink coffee and cant have caffeine?

Can you visualize your pet's (pets') face(s)?

I spent my evening re-ripping my CD collection...

Why should I care that some rich guys horse can run faster than some other rich guys horse?

What Should Midlo Name Her New Baby

When will you realize...Vienna waits for you (--Billy Joel, and now me)

Attended a Catholic Mass this morning

Guitar Hero 5 details unveiled - Dylan, Stones, White Stripes, Cash, Santana, etc.

I'm coming out to my mom tonight. I need good vibes, and perhaps a place to catch a shower...

Coldplay fans - FREE download of new live cd

What in the fucking name of fuck?????

"It's a sham. The banks are insolvent."

They say we had an earthquake at DFW

My elderly step-father is wasting away

Obama’s Moment of Weakness - Germany

She won, the filly won.

Shaws has stoned wheat thins on sale for $1.79 off

Wolfram|Alpha ..............anyone???

I just found out Midlo's having QUINTUPLETS!?

Not wearing underwear to high school is a real bad move

Do You Ever Resist The Urge

LOL...Awkward Family Photos

How insulted should I be about the grocery checker telling me I look exactly like Javier Bardem?

I'm putting in my bid to be Midlo's baby's Godmother

Grey's Anatomy Finale! (Spoilers)

Mother of U.S. Marine Who Was Waterboarded Rips Cheney, Others


It really frosts me when my PM's go unanswered!

God damn, this place is dangerous

Who wants us to tie up Thomcat? Video?

I just got another rescue dog!

King: Pelosi is an ‘enemy of national security’

I Nominate Chris Van Hollen As The New Speaker Of House

Steelers to visit White House Thursday!

Bush, Cheney et al may have sowed the seeds of their own downfall within the Patriot Act

When did Dick Cheney jump the shark?

In Praise Of Leah Ward Sears

The next step re:the photos - because of all the media blitz about them

"New Foundation" -- Obama Catchphrase?

Pelosi updates CIA lie claim

We've got our Marching orders from AP: Obama revives terror tribunals, dismaying liberals

Military tribunals

What to do with captured terrorists?

NY-Sen-B: Israel Backs Off Senate Bid at Obama's Request

Coming soon to a Political Theater near you...

We had to destroy the village in order to save it --Afghan Villagers Describe Chaos of U.S. Strikes

Obama And Wood: Same Hotel, Same Day?

Obama keeps tribunals, draws ire

Reporters Gettin' Played...She (Pelosi) wants it all investigated.

Question: Do you really believe that torture was administered only under the Bush administration?!

Okay! here goes........LIGHTBULB MOMENT

Hispanic Bar Association strongly endorses Moreno for Assistant Attorney General for the Environment

Obama hails efforts on clean energy, health care (AP)

Should the UK introduce recall elections?

Should the UK introduce recall elections?

With all due respect. Somebody has to say it- Harry Reid, it's time to step aside

Richard Wolffe (on KO): "THE TRAP WAS SET YEARS AGO"

The Machinery Behind Health-Care Reform ( read--LOBBYISTS!!)

The Uneducated Notre Dame Graduates and those "Pro-Life" in some but not all instances supporters

Did the wingnutty teabaggers drive Huntsman to Obama? "Send them home...send them home!"

"Majority of GOP insiders say Cheney hurting party"

UT-Gov: Huntsman to be named Ambassador to China

Obama adopts Bush rules on FOIA

This week was one of those weeks I stayed away from DU

How Obama Divides—and Conquers

NYT: Obama's Personal Finances Are Sound

Graham backing up Pelosi's story = CIA IS LYING ....................PERIOD!!!

The Wall Street Journal editorial page congratulates Obama on his latest anti-terror decisions

Rumor Record: Whatever happened to the "Whitey Tapes"?

If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.

I think that one reason why Obama does not want to pursue the torture

AP: Official says Israeli PM Netanyahu Likely to Back Two-State Plan

Bill Would Guarantee Up to 7 Paid Sick Days - Business groups are vowing to block the legislation

Obama and the RICO statute....

Purifying the party at what cost?

Sanders amendent to Credit Card Bill of Rights to require national usury rate failed 33-60!

Let's get one thing clear: Jon Huntsman was not going to win the GOP nomination.

If you were President, What would you do with the Gitmo Detainees?

See what politics looks like without organized popular front organizations?

GOP Might Back Off Supreme Court Fight - "This is a freebie"

Steele: Same-sex couples don't deserve equal rights because it will burden businesses.

192 out of 265 Catholic Bishops have NOT protested Obama's Notre Dame speech.

In Kagan '81, a Supreme contender

Who does the WH need more? The CIA or Pelosi....

McCaskill being mentioned as potential court nominee

Wasn't Michelle Obama supposed to give a commencement address today?

The media has changed the way we view politics and the act of governing


Obama on torture photos: cover-up and complicity

As I sat here watching Bill Maher, I kept thinking about honor...

Heads Up: THe FLOTUS is about to deliver a commencement speech

Many times, It is NOT what a person says..but HOW they say it...DU flareups

Conservatives Map Strategies on Court Fight

Former House Speaker Hastert Joins Turkish Lobby (Anyone Remember Sibel Edmonds ?)

UNIONS are key to pushing for single payer Health reform.....

The Promise of Universal Health Care: An Open Letter to President Obama

Obama's Military Commission Disaster

McChrystal & Pelosi (and Obama, Tillman, Torture, & Pakistan)

Health Care's Enigma-In-Chief

Question: since it has already been admitted we tortured what is the purpose of releasing photos?

Obama is defending torture (and torturers) and bush-cheney and breaking the law.

President to Russia, Italy and Ghana in July.

Tell the Catholic wack jobs where to put it!

The whitey tape was a lie

PSA: military commissions are entirely constitutional under the Geneva Conventions

Most on DU are not party apologist drones or unrealistic party hecklers

Howard Zinn: Changing Obama's Military Mindset

Conservatives Hope Attacks On Pelosi Will Quiet Calls For A Truth Commission

Imagine for a moment if it was President McCain nominating the replacement for Justice Souter

Happy "Whitey Tape" Anniversary Eve!!!

John Cusack's Letter To The President

Presidential Email Humor - Because I Think We Could All Use a Moment of Levity

Obama Chooses Ghana for First Africa Trip

The Phony Notre Dame Controversy as Seen by an Alumnus

Obama Nominates Top Polluter Lawyer To Enforce Environmental Law

OK, exactly what *should* Obama do about torture?

Is the death penalty against Catholic teaching?

Would the Democratic Party do well to marginalize progressives?

Do these people look like your typical college seniors?

Whether you are a blind "Obama basher" or a "kool aid drinking Obama worshiper." . .

Two questions on Federal Courts vs. Obama's New Modified Military Tribunals

Even with Obama in charge, anti-war Democrats powerless

WP: Possible Court Pick Is Used to Dueling on Bench

What time will President Obama speak at Notre Dame?

Notre Dame Valedictorian: Obama Practices Catholic Values

President Obama is NOT A COWARD as suggested by the GOP and their trolls

ACLU director announces ad campaign condemning Bush-Obama Doctrine

I'm so glad I'm no longer Catholic!

Steeler to skip WH visit

Is That fucker cheney Going To Run In 2012?

To those that support the sugar coating of Bush's policies by the Obama Administration

For The Record: The CIA's existence is based on lying...

Governor Huntsman (R-UT) to resign and accept Obama appointment - ambassador to China

I'm pleased with the Huntsman nomination.....just a little afraid he might be tough in 8 years....

Obama to name Utah gov. (R) as ambassador to China

Some astonishing statistics on the "youth vote" and how the GOP is so over.

Obama Is NOT Defending Torture or Bush/Cheney and he's Certainly Not Breaking The Law

If you justify every decision Obama makes, how are you different than the freepers the last 8 years?

PHOTOS Soccer Dad. (May 16)

Freepers: "This problem may just solve itself"

Obama risks wrath of his liberal base

Sadly, Rachel just used a RW tactic on Gibbs' answer at his press conference

"Keep your friends close and your enemies in China."

Democratic Underground is fast becoming a place where you cannot defend Democrats

PHOTOS The First Lady at the University of California Merced

So, what's gone on in the lounge during the past four months?

Montana Democrats put Baucus on Notice over Exclusion of Single Payer Advocates

Poll: More Americans calling themselves pro-life

Bristol Palin Graduates from High School

Obama renews U.S. sanctions against Myanmar

UN urges Chile to reopen commission on torture, to abolish Amnesty Law

US soldier fights Taliban wearing pink shorts

US soldier fights Taliban wearing pink shorts

CAW says GM Canada concession expectations too high

US alarmed at Eritrea 'arms link'

Specter Suggests Changes to Union Bill

Official: Israeli PM likely to back two-state plan (during his upcoming visit to Washington)

Abducted California Boy May Have Been Found in Mexico

First lady addresses first graduating class of UC-Merced

Intricate space surgery revives Hubble camera

Georgia GOP hears Steele frame gay marriage as financial burden to small businesses

Joyce Vance nominated by President Obama for U.S. attorney post in North Alabama

Trade Wars Brewing In Economic Malaise: Outrage in Canada as US Severs Ties

PBS Weighs Separation Of Church & Stations

Labour MPs who cheat on expenses will be deselected

Moscow police violently break up gay pride rally

Judge Blocks 'Robo-Calls' Selling Car Warranties

U.S. Contractors Fired at Kabul Car (Xe/Blackwater)

Cuban gays dance conga against homophobia

Sri Lanka declares victory as troops close in on Tamil Tigers

Gingrich: Pelosi could be ousted as House speaker if she lied

Obama names Republican governor as envoy to China

Obama Backs Gillibrand in New York, Discourages Primary Challenge

Egypt wants Obama to speak from mosque

Congress [Party] Hails India Poll Victory

Wheel falls off Colgan plane at Buffalo airport

Swine Flu May Have Infected More Than 100,000 Americans

Bombing, US strike kill dozens in Pakistan

Venezuela seizes US pasta company

President Obama Announces Tribunal Changes That Bring Them In Line With The Rule Of Law

India Hindu nationalist BJP concedes election defeat

Military fights stigma of mental health care

Conservatives Map Strategies on Court Fight

NRA meeting becomes GOP rally

Caught in a Lie: US is Using White Phosphorus in Afghanistan as a Weapon

Start where you are: Obama is the reality.

Time for a REPORT CARD. What GRADE do you give Obama?

Primate Fossil Could Be Key Link in Evolution

The Gregory Brothers Unveil The Latest Auto Tune The News Song On Maddow

2006: Bush admits that Iraq Had Nothing To Do With 9/11

Chellie Pingree on Marriage Equality

Civilian Contractors Have the Water in Iraq, Aren't Sharing

Roberta McCain (McCain's Mom) slams Rush Limbaugh!

Weekly Address From President Obama: Health Care and Energy Solutions

The Garofa-Gate Ambush: Raw and Uncut Footage

Olbermann & Turley discuss how many different ways the Bush administration broke the law

Auto-Tune the News #3: cuba. afghan friendship. 2-party woes.

Friday 15, PAHO Press Conference Influenza AH1N1

dupe delete please

CNN: Al Gore discusses the climate crisis and DICK Cheney with John Roberts

Parallax View - referenced by K. Olbermann - 5/15/09

President Obama's Weekly Address: Two Pillars of a New Foundation

Obama and Osama - McChrystal clear

New Rules - 5/15/09

TYT: Limbaugh - Dems Addiction To Power Is Like My Drug Addiction

Maddow: Rove Testimony = David Iglesias Interview

Michelle Obama Urges Graduates to Give Back

Rep. Sestak: truth commission essential

Russia Today Reports: Cheney Controlled 'Executive Assassination Ring'

Real Time with Bill Maher -- Miss California Opening & Show Links

President John F Kennedy Funeral

Tracey Ullman as Campbell Brown Compilation

Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi's Death: Really Suicide Or Was He Terminated ?

Maddow - Torture used to fabricate false case to invade Iraq

Schuster asks 'why did the Bush /Cheney administration not do it (waterboard) in their second term?'

Bachmann & Jan Markell on the "The Criminalization of Christianity"

Malcolm X & Keith LeBlanc - No Sell Out

“Obama or Reid Did It” Yucca Mountain Waste, CNN Media Morons joining Fox Nuts

Notre Dame Cancels Obama, Replaces Him with Fetus

Friday Talking Points (77) -- There's Always Next Week...

Kristol: ‘Dick Cheney, Most Valuable Republican.’

Dick Cheney Just Wants To Be Loved

China Cars Ready to Take Over Lost Markets left by GM and Chrysler Dealers

Mrs. Obama Visits Students as Motivator in Chief.

The right's tortured shell game (Karl Frisch | MediaMatters)

Torture isn't patriotic (Boston Globe editorial)

U.S. Republicans turning to scare tactics (Teepen)

On military tribunals, Obama should know better

Cheney said Gitmo detainees revealed link between Iraq, al-Qaida

Major Supreme Court Cases Still to Be Decided

Cheney's torture trap for Democrats

Elephants on Parade

Rove Involved In Cheney Death Squad

MOVING FORWARD The Central Park jogger runs strong two decades later.

Chastise Cheney

Douglas Rushkoff got mugged - then he wrote a book!

Obama names Republican governor as envoy to China

The political and economic crisis in the UK, and the Church

“Cherchez la Femme”

President Obama speaks at ASU: Much ado about nothing

Succeed ? BushCo Texas received $203,166,455,808 Federal Contracts Republicans cut Deals to Steal

Thriving Norway Provides an Economics Lesson

Are Conservatives Getting Stupider?

Obama's Military Commission Disaster

McChrystal was Cheney's chief assassin

The Media Doesn't Get That Hyping Potent Pot Makes More People Want to Smoke It

Republicans Turn on Jon Huntsman

Pentagon preparing for War with The Enemy: Russia

A Special Prosecutor Is Who Needs To See The New Torture Pics, And We Need To Keep Demanding One

Orbitz launches petition drive to end Cuba travel ban

Washington Post: Is Obama Betraying the Left?

The right's tortured shell game

Obama risks wrath of his liberal base

Chile confirms sentence against ex-Nazi soldier

Poll: 59 percent of Venezuelans back Chávez

UN urges Chile to reopen commission on torture, to abolish Amnesty Law

Send Birthday Greetings to Cuban Fivers, Gerardo Hernandez and Ramon Labanino

Video: CUBA Celebrates 50 Years of Agrarian Reform

GI/Jean-Guy Allard: "Armando Valladares' CIA Org. Linked to Plot Against Morales"

Interview with Bolivia's Foreign Minister: "Communitarian Socialism will Refound Bolivia"

Human Rights Watch caught politicizing AGAIN

VENEZUELA Uses Recovered Land to Plant Rice with Vietnamese Assistance

Jeremy Scahill: "Little Known Military Thug Squad Still Brutalizing Prisoners at Gitmo Under Obama"

Orbitz launches petition drive to end Cuba travel ban

5/20 in DC: COLOMBIA Senator Piedad Cordoba to Give Update on Human Rights in Colombia

GI: "Puerto Rico - the dream of a country"

Four New Nuclear Power Plants Being Given Close Scrutiny for Government Guaranteed Loans

Samsung Blue Earth

Seedbomb Instills Fear And Plants Trees!

Obama Nominates Superfund Polluter Lawyer

Environmentalists Attack House Global Warming Deal (TIME)

Flat-screen light bulbs switch on (BBC) {OLED's match FL's}

New US energy research centres will create 1,100 new posts for postdocs, graduate ... (Nature)

What's with the quakes near Kodiak Island?

The internal combustion engine. Love/hate.

Australia halts cull of kangaroos (BBC)

Commentary: Let's get real about alternative energy (CNN/David McKay)

Smells like Somali oil around here

Fucking Chalk!


Democracy Now segments

Argentine Journalist Sergio Ciancaglini on “Sin Patron: Stories from Argentina’s Worker-Run Factorie

Today in labor history May 16 The U.S. Supreme Court issued the Mackay decision (Reagan & PATCO)

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

BCTGM-Alliance for Retired Americans Friday 5-15-09

Daily Kos: Take action to Stop Farmworker Deaths on the Anniversary of Maria Isabel's heat death

Grocery workers union adds south state unit

Skyline of Richmond, Virginia Rally with the Steelworkers at the Sands casino in Bethlehem, Pa Monda


Eighty Thousand Pennsylvania Workers Facing Possible Empty Pay Envelopes

Massachusetts: Union Reverses Course on Cellphones

With union deal off, Newsom says 1,000 jobs cut

AP: 7 pro-union protesters arrested in SoCal (among a group of 100 demonstrators at Wal-Mart)

Eminem Flying Some Jobless Detroit Autoworkers To Hollywood

Labor FY 2010 Budget Will Protect Workers. What a Concept

On health care, unions leave no stone unturned

Court gives US Labor Department win in Triangle Labs 401(k) case

DPS Union Vote Draws Complaint

OSHA fines Hess Corp. $141,500 for 32 violations

Worker deaths result in OSHA citations

Congress Turns Up Heat for OSHA (companies need to refocus on their health-and-safety)

Man hurt in fall at Nebraska Air Guard HQ dies (another in critical condition)

LA Officer legally justified in kicking suspect, union attorney says

The Back Story: Employee Free Choice Act (Rove fundraiser)

Owners, NFL players to open labor talks within month

Australia declared measles free

Health Care Leaders Say Obama Overstated Their Promise to Control Costs

Just received a bill that has me seething...

Moscow police break up gay pride rally

Gibbs Pressed Again on DADT

Did you guys see Jon Stewart last nite take on Obama about DADT?

Do LGBT organizations fail at promoting their missions?

RNC Chief: Gay Marriage Will Burden Small Business

'I'm a boy-girl,' says 8-year-old

Fed Phelps is coming to Key West.

Book chat!

Nevada Domestic Partnership Bill Advances

Just watched MILK: Yet another debt my generation owes the GLBT community of that era hate American Idol...or not....

Hooray for puppies!

I have a question that is haunting me tonight

Why are British MPs courting cowardly Hamas?

Netanyahu ready to back two-state solution

Attention English speakers: Israel wants you to teach their over-crowded classes

Burglar shot by homeowner

Deputies: Armed homeowner stops burglary

Burglary suspect shot by resident in Mar Vista

Ottawa extends long-gun amnesty for another year

Schriever man fatally shoots armed burglar

Witness halts fleeing driver after two Mishawaka girls struck (very sad)

Officers were just 20 feet away at the time of the shooting, and responded within minutes.

A tale of two car jackings, two very different outcomes...

Man Kills Boss Over Air Conditioning

man killed by target shooter's bullet

Bill SB 843 Gun control bill

Concealed handgun instructor turns gun on police.

Graph: rifle cartridge muzzle energy and momentum factor

Denver man pleads guilty to New Year's shootings

Hamas says Israel recognition not for discussion

Do we have trolls lurking here?

Police: St. Pete homeowner with shotgun confronts burglar (actually pretty funny)

Ruger's introducing an AR-15

Not so fun facts about our money:

Mark Patterson: "It's A Sham. The Banks Are Insolvent"

$#@!%&^!!@#! Bank of America !!!!!!!!!!

Hot in Recession: Chocolate, Running Shoes, Spam

Outrageous and heartbreaking effect of mortgage crisis!

Insurers Back Away From TARP


1% own 33.4%

May Photo Contest Prelims have been posted in GD!

Help!--Does anyone know a good photo posting site?

I'm going to Alaska!!!

A few (for now) Venice Beach people pictures.

Some days you just feel like the photos take themselves.

I'm baaaack. Do you know, non-stop, it takes 28 hrs. to drive from

"My plastic fantastic lover..."

Monument Valley - A glorious day - red rock and clouds

Florida no-kill shelter in danger of closing

d-d-d- dupe

"Hey . . Jupiter"

Volunteer needed for June prayer, light and healing request thread

What is up with this ear-worm?

Starcodes by Heather Roan Robbins

Learning to live in my body

Recovering Hoarder Wants to Declutter & Get Organized So Please Send Good Vibes

All experts . com is a free website that you can ask questions on

Self delete

A Brain Scientist With A 'Stroke Of Insight'

Hubble slideshow -- galaxies

Ready to be pissed off? Weakland says he didn't know priests abuse was crime.

Consciousness: The Bridge Between Science and Spirit

Mexican Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Quick and dirty broccoli. You got a bit of broccoli and need to use it,

Making Cheese At Home

Hope I'm not out of line here, but, has anyone heard from Tab

Mothers' talk is key to kids' social skills, study says (CNN)

Teachers, Arne's listening. What do you think about standards?

Interview with Arthur del Bianco....

Here's the thing...

Official story of 9/11 "almost entirely untrue"-"There Was An Agreement NOT To Tell The Truth"

Four Basic, Major Assumptions that Supporters of the Official 9/11 Story Have to Make

The patsy theory

I need help finding a Perry video

I put away an innocent man (Dallas Co. Assistant D.A.)

Help needed: Please call your Senators on SB 3680 it already passed the House HB 3680

can we now start recall on this idiot Perry???nt

Anthony Hopkins Is To Play Hannibal Lecter Again, No Jodie Foster

Letter a scathing indictment of RCMP

CRTC delays new rules for buying U.S. TV shows

Woman cuffed for not holding escalator handrail

How Harper's European spring turned sour