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A poem for Bi-Baby

Looking to be another crazy day of Iran twittering.

Putting pressure on Fox News through their sponsors

IF you believe health insurance companies are only in it to help those they insure, raise your hand

Seriesly, I don't want to cast asparagus at this moran, but John Ensign just made a HUGH mistake.

Hey, for anyone who hasn't been down in the "dungeon" for awhile....11,667 views

Heart-wrenching Iranian student's online note (Huff Post )

You show me somebody who vehemently opposes _______, and I'll show you a closet ______'er

Maybe I don't understand all that's involved.

Is this Ensign's first affair? I wonder...

226-202. $106 billion death bail-out.

Hitler, Jesus art in alleged museum shooter's home

What's the Matter with...... NEW YORK?!?

Jim DeMint backs Marco Rubio in Florida senate race

Did anyone watch "Nurse Jackie" with Edie Falco?

Wouldn't it be choice if Iran did a new electio

Would you put in one month of work for no pay?

DENNIS KNEALE (CNBC) said consumers were not injured by the housing debacle.

Wow.....CNN Radio News just described the anti-Letterman/pro-Palin protesters as a "fringe" group...

Obama to announce extension of health and other benefits to gay partners of Federal employees

Unconfirmed reports that Iran's Army members refuse

Olbermann reduced to grammar snark

Termination of individual health policies - hearing - is on right now

Chanting... ala 1968 --- "The Whole World Is Tweeting, The Whole World Is Tweeting... "

Mike Pence Undermines the Iranian People

GOP Senator admits affair with staffer

Roger Cohen (NYT) from Iran and a healthcare discussion - Charlie Rose tonight

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Microsoft announces new operating system.

After watching Jon Stewart:

Iran's Human Rights Activists Being Arrested, Nobel Prize Winner Tells NPR

Sorry About The Size...

Fox news: Dems blackmailed John Ensign about affair

So, I gave some of my darker poetry to my new therapist.

Obama not to address any of his eight promises tomorrow night in the Oval Office

Proof: Israeli Effort to Destabilize Iran Via Twitter #IranElection

The Wreck of the Patrick Fitzgerald

at&t new rules,is this legal?

at&t new rules,is this legal?

Don't Hannity & Beck do their little hatefest shows in NYC?

Letterman comes out joking about Sarah Palin and the 'Fire Dave' rally

"The town of Cave Creek, Ariz., turned to a deck of cards to settle a local election."

Iran's future set, unless we screw it up?

Letterman protest draws more media than activists

Governor Moonbeam, redux?

The world is a shambles and what is the news covering? a late night comic's poor jokes and

Report ties increase in hate crimes to ‘anti-immigrant vitriol.’

The hypocrite party is at it again: GOP U.S. Senator admits affair

And Finally... Video From The Guardian UK

Boxed set horror movies

Obama on Banking, Health Care and IranJohn Harwood Interviews the President

Eschew obfuscation

NY EXTRA edition contains DU feature!

Iran’s Latest Protests Seen as the Toughest to Stop



Y'know how else Obama could extend benefits to federal employees' spouses?

Double geek creds for KO!!!!

Large U.S. corporate bankruptcies accelerate

Letterman opening: "CBS would like to apologize in advance...

800,000 protested the 2004 RNC in NYC, 15 protested Letterman - who made it on to your TV?

Here is secrecy creep in action (Glenn Greenwald's prediction coming true)

Florida tent city offers hope to homeless

FRONTLINE "Breaking The Bank" on NOW!

25 Years in Prison for Pot? Drug Warrior Congressman's Idea Is Way Obsolete

Mia Farrow's brother found dead in Vt. art gallery (police say his death is suspicious)

CBO projection:Democratic health bill would leave 37 million uninsured in 2019

CBO projection:Democratic health bill would leave 37 million uninsured in 2019

Well well CSpin now has the talking points re Iran

Bravo to the Indigenous people of Peru

delete dupe

PBS Frontline was so good last night that Bank of America "takes issue" with it

Health Care Reform and the Media

Your wonderful totally bogus freedom, Mark Morford

In huge change, Obama to strip Fed of credit card oversight

Who are the dems in the Senate who will vote against the war funding bill?

Iran's Mousavi tries to rally supporters

Bad day for Sanford: S.C. lawmakers overturn 10 vetoes, go home for year

E-Mail Surveillance Renews Concerns in Congress

Mass Arrests and Detentions Signal Increasing Repression - “A purge of reform-oriented individuals….

So have Joe Scum and his pals

Does Glenn Beck Even Know What Glenn Beck Says?

Amy Goodman: Congre$$, Heal Thyself

Has Letterman's Top 10 about the protestors been posted anywhere yet?

Anyone else cynical over the same sex benefits announcement from the WH? (a rant)

here's some info on iran elections

Extraordinary scenes: Robert Fisk in Iran

Recession hits the greens at the US Open

I've been drinking heavily tonight and that douchebag bush is on my mind...

Osama's latest video? It doesn't seem right.

Off days cut short .. four lightening fires in my sector (pic heavy)

STANDWITHIRAN IS UP & RUNNING- needs messages to iran for support !

Airbus scores nearly $4 billion in new orders; Boeing shut out

Diddling the help ~~~~~ a repubican value?

Socialism 2009 Conference: Revolutionary politics, debate and entertainment.....

Ahmadinejad Rally Photoshopped to Appear Larger

Christian Group to Burn Children's Book at the Stake

These Freeper "prayers" just keep getting more psycho

Doonesbury nails it again, perfectly.

Beware of this new scam: smishing, or "SMS phishing"

POLITICO says that Ensign was blackmailed

Iran Widens Electronic Jamming of Bloggers.. Shuts Down Yahoo Messenger

Mexico finds a ton of cocaine hidden inside carcasses of frozen sharks

Conservative Christian debunks lies of homophobic Christian Right leader

Why can the Rethugs put together the fire Letterman demonstrations so fast ...

Wow... Just One More...

Can you imagine if Bush had taken us to war with Iran?

(Probably) the Dumbest Thing You'll Read All Day

I'm genuinely shocked that Ensign cheated on his wife

Dem, GOP centrists meet in secret

Homeless man found dead on park bench outside state capitol in Madison, WI

Ex-Senate Leaders Come Together For Health Care Compromise

Most Excellent !!! - Quote of the day- "140 chars is a novel when you're being shot at."

Some good news from Iran!

I'm tired of credit card companies trying to pull a fast one

Coleman and Franken on same flight to DC - Guess who was in first class?


I do I do I do believe in Obama. I do I do I do believe in Obama. I do I do I do believe in Obama.

Is "better late..." really better?!1 New study, media pimped Shrub's Iraq Attack for career reasons

So Chase tried to screw me - it's total BS.

On Healthcare, Americans Trust Physicians Over Politicians

Why Weren't Iran's Election Results Rigged in a Less Brazen Way?

O’Reilly study generates national attention

Scott Horton: The Fruits of Torture

I knew an Obama who swatted a fly

How do I enter the t-shirt slogan contest?

Who is this flat-tax troglodyte on with Thom Hartmann? Thom is making a fool of him.....


Letterman Apologizes to Palin (the final word, IMHO)

Jerusalem childrens' peace banner shooting for the stars

Does Moses have too much influence on the Israeli military? Check this out.

Dave wins most viewers with Palin apology, but Conan hangs on to 18-49 lead

Can we pool our money here and buy us a Senator on the finance committee?

The Newest Space Station's 21 Photos of Earth

Let's celebrate the Dems who voted against more war and extra $$$ for the IMF

Should a Duly Elected President Whose Election is Not in Question Have Secrets?

The Albert Einstein Institution: Non-Violence According to the CIA

Gentlemen, engage your batteries: green flagged EV subsidies.

So, why is this ok? --> "You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray"

Republicans are really losing it!

Mia Farrow found dead, correction, it's her brother

99 WPost Story - Ensign said he'd never be alone with a woman in a car

Elementary school kids create wall mural of Obama out of dominoes!

Hoekstra compares Iranian twitters to GOP:

More proof Burr is vulnerable

Sex sells for less in an economic downturn


NRCC financial scandal tie-in to Ensign sex scandal?

The Leaders of Iran’s ‘Election Coup’ (Outstanding history lesson)

Asia Times: The world is now changed

Secretary Sebelius - what a wrong number!

Iranian Special Forces Protect Mousavi Protesters

Check in if you're outraged by Michelle's organic garden

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3- random bits

Why a Tobacco Giant Backs a Tough New Antismoking Bill

Very important detail in the presidents proposal for financial regulation

Is the MSM left leaning or right leaning, in general

A Great Day in the History of the Grand Old Party

Hey Tony Villar... Why didn't you nix the "celebration parade" taking place in Los Angeles tomorrow?

Lindsey Graham just talked to the President about the photos

Iran's elections had 85% voter turnout. Our election in 2008 had 56%.

FLASHBACK: Ensign Called On Clinton To Resign After Admitting Affair — ‘He Has No Credibility Left’

Enough of Sarah Palin, the victim

My insurance at work denies all my claims

Ed Schultz is asking a good question today

White House Releases Disturbing Global Warming Report (slowed by years of foot-dragging by Bush)

Ahmadinejad sucks at Photoshop

EPA Declares Libby MT Health Emergency

VIDEO: Palin supporters trash Letterman's "Bastard" Child, "Slut" Wife

Fact and fiction of Republican health care talking points.

Double rescan your television.

$166,000 for every man, woman & child

For chemo effects, Etheridge says marijuana ‘amazing’ medicine

Republicans must be traitors who don't support the troops.

The for-profit non-profits ('non-profit' hospitals = profit)

Same-sex couples win change in US passport rules

Scamps pet stores in Oregon and Washington close

Garage this economy, more and more people are shopping at them

info about iran posted here- please read!

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 1- More Iran Election fallout

GOP strategist calls for Republican to be fired over racist email

Will Ensign Follow His Advice to Clinton And Resign His Office?

Holder: Administration to Issue New ‘State Secrets’ Policy Within Days

Pneumonia in the summer SUCKS. Insurance sucks...

Barney Frank talks retirement

How come all the repukes in the House, except for 6, voted against funding for Iraq and Afghanistan?

Morgan Stanley pays back $10B in bailout funds

John Ensign just resigned GOP leadership post after admitting affair.

John Ensign just resigned GOP leadership post after admitting affair.

Lawmakers Reveal Health-Care Investments- Key Players Have Stakes in Industry

On the subject of health care and rationing.

GOP family value #1: Sleeping with your staffer's wife helps strengthen your marriage

Christian Rightists want to do a good ol' fashioned book burnin', the author of that book speaks out

The Bully Pulpiteers: "Contrary to what the most recent U.S. president named George told you..."

How Obama Will Outspend Reagan on Defense: The Pentagon Spigot is Wide Open

Who's the fluffer, Glen Beck or his flunky Stu?

Obama health care plan to be drafted to prevent evolution into "draconian" single-payer.

Legal Schnauzer: Here's How An Appellate Court Cheated Don Siegelman

Perfect example of right-wing hypocrisy, brought to you by "The View"

Private Muscle And The Public Option In Health Care

Private Muscle And The Public Option In Health Care

Senator Ensign

1999 Wa Post article:: "Ensign, running for senate in NV. will not be alone in car with a woman"

LOL. According to the mortgage consultant I spoke to, I can afford a $2024/mo mortgage

Opinion: Iran's mullahs have overstepped the mark. . .

Conservatives in America outraged about the potential theft of an election

About Iran: as long as they're going to revolt....

Suitcase With 134 Billion Puts Dollar on Edge

Suitcase With 134 Billion Puts Dollar on Edge

Wapo: "Partnering Against Trafficking" By Hillary Rodham Clinton

Who else on here gets a kick out of Pres.Obama swatting that fly

Plantations, Indigenous Rights, & Genetically Engineered Trees

Video: Palin's anti-Letterman protestors call his 5 year old a bastard and call his wife a slut.

John Boehner the only thing Americans want

Is it always wrong when a parent exploits their own children for a political purpose?

Obama violates animal rights!

Priest jailed for sex abuse of a minor; claims he gave 11-year-old boy 'anatomy lessons'

Iran's Elections & Selective Coverage, Continuing the Smell Test (Sibel Edmonds)

A first dispatch from Alive in Tehran?

Oh FFS... Letterman should have deferred to the Wisdom of Cheney;

Did Sen Ensign confess because he was being blackmailed?

Ensign says his affair was the worst thing he has done in his life. Do you believe him?

Re: Norm Coleman's womanizing.

John Ensign, Defender of Marriage--Except His Own - This good old boy is in big trouble

Obey blasts GOP for slowing spending bills

Ensign Steps Down From GOP Leadership Post

German foreign ministry noted irregularities in Iran election

Hoekstra, Culberson (Rs-delusional) compare House GOP to Iranian dissidents

"Barack Obama has never been criticized his entire life."

Yahoo Real Estate: Where Struggling Americans Can Find a Fresh Start

Apparently, this Sen Ensign "sex scandal" is quite a step up from your normal Republican faire...

What drove an educated and intelligent Iranian population to accept a theocracy in the first place?

What is the nature of "political capital?"

Health Insurance - CBO score: everyone covered, except 37 million remain uninsured

Thune makes move on Ensign leadership spot

Serious question - did Ensign pay off the wife he had the affair with

Sailors steal McDonald's statue

So does Ensign have more respect for his party than the US

PBS Bans New Religious Programming

PBS Bans New Religious Programming

Kennedy Plan - What is Going On Here?

Is anyone watching the Senate health care hearing on CSPAN3?

The O'Reilly Procedure

Gonzales's Advice to Bush on How to Avoid War Crimes

Ann Curry Calls the Media Out....

The Rude Pundit: Why Doesn't Jesus Want Us to Have a Health Care Plan?

How would dubya have dealt with the terrorist interview interrupting fly?

Former mansion of H&R Block co-founder about to be sold on the courthouse steps

Dean coming up on MSNBC - Matthews nt

Not just hypocrisy anymore. Aide in Ensign affair may have received hush money.

Six Democrats join GOP in overturning Obama administration’s efforts to cut F-22 funding

Spreadin' It Around- Guantanamo "Detainees" Are Bad PR For The Empire

An anecdote... CCW

"O'Reilly is, EVERY day, increasing the army of the mentally ill"

Decoding the health care debate — a glossary

Is anybody listening to Bob Kincaid on Head on Radio?

The Republicans should change their symbol from an elephant to..

Is this for real????

Is this for real????

More than 100 kids sue over parents' deportations

Congress to look into testimony by Sammy Sosa

Glad They've Thought This Through

Michigan Unemployments hits 14.1%

John Stewart spoke the truth tonight...

Merely Band-Aids

God where to listen to Beck rant on government managed care

Healthcare: Hagan, Bingaman Holding Up Public Plan in HELP Committee

Sebelius Bombarded: email from Health

I've been really busy lately but I notice there is still a war going on, our health care system is

when the media uses the term "top official" and "senior official" what positions

Just been Robo-called from The Medical Health Care Association offering Insurance for

Congress asks health insurers if they'll stop dropping customers except in cases of fraud.........

Good news, everyone!

Good news, everyone!

New Focus on the Family Chief Wants 'More Families Like Obama's'

When Dan Senor (Neo-Con and wife of Campbell Brown) is for Moussavi...what does that mean?

Caption Arnie

So where's today's obligatory "Why do some people on DU hate Obama" thread?

Arizona Governor sues state legislature over release of budget bills

Minuteman Murders -9/11 Call - You Can Hear The Shots Fired

Ever notice how these foreign election violence stories just happen to saturate the news...?

I am beging to think that the Iranian Council of Guardians is up to something..

[Live Stream] MSNBC

Talk about bad timing: The KC Royals are having Right to Life night on Friday

Student Denied Diploma After Blowing Kiss At Graduation. article about conspiracy theories mentions WorldNutDaily AND Freepers!

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2-Nuts

Letterman/Palin protester: do you know what schmuck means in Jewish?

Gay Bias Killings Soar...


Six Months After Voting To Form A Union, Smithfield Workers Still Without A Contract (EFCA anyone?)

The FCC (the taxpayers) is sending a technician to my house

If Dan Senor is for Mousavvi to win then the NeoCons are Involved !

More than 100 kids sue over parents' deportations

New York Lawmaker Claims He Gets Two Votes

Five years ago, Ensign took to the floor of the Senate and said this:

I wonder, how would the Supreme Court ruled in 2000 if we valued our vote as much as the Iranians?

I wonder, how would the Supreme Court ruled in 2000 if we valued our vote as much as the Iranians?

Thousands of Unlisted Pathogens Discovered at Fort Detrick

House Passes Stop-Loss Bill

This little cell phone article has far reaching implications

How to handle the Mormons at your door - should work on Jehovah's

Dean: single-payer is pretty tough to differentiate from the public option.

So 15 people protested Letterman and that was a reason for 35 members of the media to show up?

Oregon woman obsessed with rabbits arrested again

Bridge collapse cause of Monday's trail derailment

GOP committee paid son of Ensign's mistress during affair

Will you support Obama if he invades Iran?

Who does Sen. Ensign look like?

Is CIA Suppressing “Holy Grail” Torture Report That Would Undercut Cheney?

Want to help save lives? If you have a twitter account, change the location and timezone to Tehran

IF (When) Californians get food stamps and other services cut what will happen....?

Iranian National Football (soccer) Team wearing green arm bands in game against S. Korea. Live now.

The latest "outrage" from the wingnutosphere

The latest "outrage" from the wingnutosphere

Thousands defy ban on marches in Iran; death toll now 32

Obama, like Bush, Blocks Access to White House Visitor Logs (names of coal executives requested)

per abc news- daschle says public option will probably have to be scrapped!!!

Top Ten Things Overheard At The "Fire David Letterman" Rally

Does GOP care when Americans DENIED INSURANCE charged 250-600% more than insurance companies pay?

Neocons for Ahmadinejad

UPDATE:Obama won't issue executive order, won't include health benefits

Holder should RESIGN! We need to force this...

Lawyers appeal to Russian president Medvedev over treatment of colleagues

Lawyers appeal to Russian president Medvedev over treatment of colleagues

TWITTER and other social networks... for all of those doubting their value

"The ladies Dormady have heard from the right. From our side not so much."

excellent op-ed written by a friend on the Palin-Letterman issue

Kids lose their summer break due to impenetrable bureaucratic mess

AG Holder: 50 or more Gitmo trials possible

So the UK Will Get An Iraq War Inquiry. Of Sorts.

Chavez backs Ahmadinejad in dispute - "a terrible and unfounded smear campaign"

The for-profit non-profits ('non-profit' hospitals = profit)

Five minutes of your life that you will never get back

To profit from providing health care is immoral, to profit from denying health care is evil.

Republicans and family values.

Obama to extend benefits to gay federal workers

Shame: The 'Anti-War' Democrats Who Sold Out

Gas prices rise for 50th straight day

The Internet Rip-Off of 2009.

Defying Iran censors, a blogger reports from Tehran

I predict an increase in suicides in California.

Loan Redos Get Tangled in Thicket of Red Tape

The media chased John Edwards mistress from one side of the country to the other

The media chased John Edwards mistress from one side of the country to the other

Dave's opening: "CBS apologizes to all who Dave insults tonight. He's an idiot."

NSA analyst ‘improperly accessed’ Bill Clinton’s e-mail through domestic surveillance program.

"Conservatives" are Single-Largest Ideological Group according to Gallup

11:00 pm - and Beck is bringing TEH CRAZY again - he's gutting a fish on his desk

iPhone 3.0 software update available NOW!

Obama just extended very limited benefits to LGBT couples..great news for the 20th century!

I just sent a letter to Obama about DOMA, with a picture of our family.

Major banks made whole in GM bankruptcy

Northern Ireland: Romanians flee after racist attacks

Are home invasions a new phenomenon, or is it just that the term "home invasion" is new? nt

The sad truth about the Public Option

So who do you know in Newburgh NY?

Gallup health care poll: Americans put faith in insurance companies over GOP

FBI finds more about how Hillsborough County, FL, taxpayer elections office money was spent.

Who would you like to see take Rush Limbaugh on face-to-face?

Strong words on climate change

Looks like extortion and blackmail to me. GM plants to the highest bidder

Autopsies suggest Air France jet broke up in sky

Say what? Iran accuses US of meddling!

oh the GALL...anti-choice nutbags will hold a prayer vigil at Dr. Tillers clinic

I'm a page 20 kind of guy

No New God TV Programs on PBS....Thank you God...

Any other West Wing fans like Arnold Vinick?

Store Clerk Murdered; Customers Keep Shopping

Bachmann. Crazy. GO! (won't fill out census)

Bachmann. Crazy. GO! (won't fill out census)

Schwarzenegger: Proposition 8 may violate U.S. Constitution

Is Obama chasing after the DLC's fictitious center?

What are Mir Hossein Mousavi's policies?

Obama pressured from both sides RE: Iran

Got $100? Welcome to your new Detroit home

A picture from Iran

An evening with Theodore Bikel (and Arlo Guthrie, Peter Yarrow, Tom Paxton, etc.)

TOON (healthcare): The Axis Of Med-Evil ------>

Watched the Maddow/Dean convo about the DOMA brief and have this to say:

Iran Faces Greater Risks Than It Knows

Dean or Daschle?

PERFECT summary of the difference between Iran and America (cartoon)

Ahmadinejad won. Get over it.

If Palinites can target Letterman, why can't progressives target Limbaugh

Ed Shultz on Ensign

Senate showdown: Kerry takes aim at Apple’s exclusive deal with AT&T

The Anti-Stab Knife that Can't Kill

Woman's Face Ripped off by Bear - Blue Cross Waffles on Coverage

Is Kucinich correct in saying the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are based on lies?

Hope you're not booked in to the Sheraton in Arlington (Sept 11-13)

Schwarzenegger: Higher Taxes Will Be Vetoed

Iran's Senior Ayatollah Slams Election, Confirming Split

Which technological advancement has had the most impact ...

The Ensign story reminded me..........wasn't there a rumor during the election about Sarah and

Feminists need to get their own media star

Why does anyone still wear a cowboy hat?

Why does anyone still wear a cowboy hat?

Why does anyone still wear a cowboy hat?

So, you want to go to Washington and let President Obama know your opinion ...

This whole Letterman thing is about him taking ratings away from Conan's first week on Tonight Show

This Special Interest Group Seems To Be Getting Ignored These Days

ONE***** June Photo Contest Preliminary Polls***** Subject: PORTRAIT of a STRANGER - please vote

TWO***** June Photo Contest Preliminary Polls***** Subject: PORTRAIT of a STRANGER - please vote

Three***** June Photo Contest Preliminary Polls***** Subject: PORTRAIT of a STRANGER - please vote

Outside Tehran, Ahmedinejad is enormously popular

Another brother from the Band of Brothers has died.

Holder Refuses to Call Warrantless Spying Illegal

Twitter Users Heckle Hoekstra En Masse

Bill Clinton honors the DLC's Al From. Says policies form central part of Democratic party fabric.

2 Key Points For Debating Health Care & Crushing BS Talking Points

What's the longest you have gone without zvex?

we're going on a date tonight and i feel like i'm back in high school

Would you vote Mary Bailey for governor?

Just started Prozac today...anyone have any side effects on it?

Sigh. I think my doggie slipped a disk in her back.

Aerial is a Treasure ....

I thought Jane Fonda was weak but...

Now, *this* is kinky!

I will not buy this record

Good alternatives to IE and Firefox?

An interesting MLB battle tonight. The Pirates are taking on the Twins tonight.

Did anyone watch "Nurse Jackie" with Edie Falco?

Prepare to Die!

CNN Breaking: President Obama introduces bill to officially declare Lucky Charms magically delicious

I got to play with an 8 core Intel gamer's computer with 16gb of memory

What's your favorite watch to sport?

Pharmacology Final coming up tomorrow.

Hey Ptah!

I'm feeling a bit sleepy, and I think I'll take a nap. Should I get three stars or fifty-six?

Is It Just Me, Or Is Anyone Else Having a Problem Watching Steve Colbert?

God is great, beer is good.. and

Donkey FAIL

I must have missed dressing like this in 2000 AD

Well, shit. So much taking a pile of electronics to the dump and getting them out of my way.

Well, shit. So much taking a pile of electronics to the dump and getting them out of my way.

Boxed set horror movies

Police and thieves

You on them drugs!

The Ventures guitarist Bob Bogle dies at 75

Twins Win!

Want to help save lives? If you have a twitter account, change the location and timezone to Tehran

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to RubyDuby in GA!!*******

So, with much fanfare, a live mouse was lovingly delivered to our bedroom last night

I've said it before and I'll say it again: STFU Rob Dibble!

Ever feel like this at work?

Any DUers actually like their jobs?

Good morning Lounge

To all of my friends at the DU Lunge...

As a Conan watcher, the whole Lettermen v. Palin thing has gone straight over my head.

List of Unusual Deaths

Booked a ticket to Hanoi yesterday

Crosby complains that Stanley Cup is too heavy

How many fucking times do I have to tell you? Spray the Febreze DIRECTLY into your navel...

FLASHBACK: A message from Pres. Reagan...

Robb called me a dingbat

Suppose your child filled out a credit application

I'm waiting for the Mac to catch up to 114007

Who here has actually been able to swat a fly openhanded?

top 10 favorite childhood scents/odors

Sarah Palin and family would make a great reality show

I'm developing a new iPhone application

I got a tetanus shot yesterday. ask me anything. nt

Get well Midlo thread

Unwanted remembrances of things past.

Any DUers actually DO blow jobs?

Oh NOES!!!1 Blackberry is still kicking the shit out of the Iphone

Larry Not-So-Fine: Sean Penn drops out of "Three Stooges" film to be with his family

Early morning jazz thread for Midlo!

I never took the smile away from anybody's face.

Am I Psychic?

Hold me...

Not bad, Puglover

Cool article/review and small movie clip of The Aggrolites

I AM psychic!

Good news: splint is off and I don't need another cast

Maybe this explains what makes those folks in GD tick?

"Portrait of a Stranger" June Photo Contest is up in GD

"Portrait of a Stranger" June Photo Contest is up in GD

Boxed wine - meh! This is the latest:

What is up with Google today?

Complete non-sequitur thread.

Lindsey Lohan accused of stealing the Iranian presidential election

Does this sound like one of the worst bands ever?

You complete me.

What is Your Favorite Mel Brooks Movie?

rastafarian dogs at cafe this morning

The final word on "I'm a Celebrity--Get Me Out of Here"...

Does Ted Levine (Captain Stottlemeyer on Monk) remind anybody besides me

Evidently I am NOT psychic

Match Game Story: "Rabrrrrrr is off to the forest, so game is delayed ___ today"

Where the hell is Bill?

What's The Name Of That Song?

Logic problem

When did the History Channel become the Nostradamus and Apocalypse Channel?

So, I gave some of my darker poetry to my new therapist.

I finally upgraded my phone service to this...

Do you have a catchphrase?

What the hell is Bing?

I laughed, I cried, I nearly choked to death on my lunch today...

glass houses, again?

Do you like suckling pig?

any Qwest users here? Does Qwest provide online photo storage space?

DU needs a new feature.

Bountaneous Nipples is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include Bountaneous Nipples

Jun 17 1968

Man Fights Ticket Over Flashing Headlights to Warn other Drivers..

Hardware Wars - 1977 spoof I first saw at the BaltiCon Sci/Fi convention.

African-American women seeking -- A man like Barack Obama

I wrote a poem. Tell me what you think.

Used to rent increases of $15 or $25, this year it's a shocker at $100...

For the Kiddies:

I'm not sure what to say about this...

*Bounteous Nipple*

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 6/17/2009)

Another poem.

There once was a girl from Nantucket.

Now something positive: name a perfect album

There once was a man from Nantucket...

Hate to tell my dogs, but they are not going for a walk today.

A poem for LostinVA

Things you find yourself saying that would have sounded really, really weird

Is This For Real????

A poem for Midlo

Jesus vs. Hitler

Fuck the poems, I want a pony!

A better poem for the snif.

He came into my office again.

My turn

Non poems. Questions.

Another poem, for all of DU

WTF is the matter with Bender? Can anyone help my robot friend?


Ode to Walt Starr..


Is the pollen driving you crazy?



Have to leave for several hours...Wonder what I will come back to...

Ode:Radio_Lady Deux

Ice Floe

Have you ever found yourself liking something you never ever thought you'd like?

"Egg McMuffin With Clam"...Parolee spit in deputy's sandwich at Michigan McDonald's (Smoking Gun)



KY Jelly or Vaseline?

Post a video of your favorite instrument in play

An ode to cuptonboy4...


Ode: Radio_Lady

I was going to write a poem about Dave

why is there wrestling on the sci fi channel

Should I alert on Midlo for spamming the lounge??

I am amazed at the craftsmanship that goes into pool construction.

Beans, beans, they're good for your heart!

Here's a great Father's Day poem...

How long should a lasagna cook for?

Has anyone used Bing yet? What do you think of it?

Any DUers actually DO their jobs?

Yo! I will be gone for a while.

I took some pictures this weekend...

please explain a math problem to me..

Some Movie you saw in your Youth that, upon seeing much later, was actually Better than you recalled

Some Movie you saw in your Youth that, upon seeing much later, was actually Better than you recalled

Just gave my cat a bath. She really enjoyed it but now I can't get the fur off of my tongue.

Just gave my cat a bath. She really enjoyed it but now I can't get the fur off of my tongue.

my mom adopted a new little kitten for our family.. meet captain! (kitten photo!)

Coffee enemas. Why?

6/17/2009. The Nats will beat the Yankees tonight

I am looking forward to a bounteous harvest this summer. How about you?

Happy Juneteenth! -- Celebration of Emancipation

Pharmacology Final: brutal! This is the first Final Exam of Spring Quarter that I'm definitively

How about a Haiku thread

You Meet Someone. They Tell You Their Name. How Quick Before You Forget It?

An appreciation thread.....

A poem for Haruka.

i have nipples


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/17/09

My boss thinks I fucked up today.

anybody want to get into a pissing contest?


*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to GOPisEvil!!*******

I miss Pierre.Suave

kitteah picture of the day for wednesday june 17

High School Reunion - Attend or Pass?

It's time for some LOVE for Dick Cheney!

WTF is the matter with Fender? Can anyone help my musician friend?

Vibes for my puppy girl Jessie please...

Happy birthday, Igor Stravinsky!

Do you prefer baths or showers?

Who is Seether, and who told them that a remake of "Careless Whisper"

Remakes of songs that are better than the originals.

for those of us who are always right, feel free to post some unsolicited advice here

help me resize this new image in my sig line

Make some slightly depressing predictions of things that could happen in the next 10 years.

What's The Name Of That Guy?

Can someone start a DU dedicatory poem group. This shit is boring.

Our dove family is gone! We had mourning doves nesting up in the corner

USA vs. Brazil soccer match tomorrow. Guess the score.

Songs remade that make you cringe

You Meet Someone. They Tell You Their Name. How Long Before You Want to Kick Their Ass?

Tales of WTFery, Volume 21: ByTor and the CreekDog

Am I the only one here that finds baseball on the radio to be just beautiful

Have posts relating to the War Supplemental Been Banned?


To My Wife, Haruka, On the Eve of Thursday

BaHHHHHH!!!11!! "Coming to Mind"

I am defriending all of you from FB.

Midlo, where the fuck is my fucking poem?

One for tha sniff


I do believe we have a live one in GD. I so hope the mods let us keep it for awhile.

Teen girl sues after waking up with 56 stars tattoed on her face (she'd asked for 3)


A poem for TeenMidlo

A poem for TeenMidlo


I wrote another poem. Tell me what you think.

A "dear" DUer called me and reminded me that it would be good manners if I

Was it worth it? Hell yes. (A photo from Lelapin's graduation)

Video Games- your first? your all time favorite?

True Blood (no spoilers in OP)

"The Wounded Healer"-A beautiful video

Obama expected to raise $3M for Dems

Democrats Plan for Byrd "Contingencies"

Hannity proving President Obama's point..He leads with the "truth-telling" about FauxNews

Let's hold Bush officials accountable for torture

"10 True Things About President Obama His Opponents Are Wrong About"

FaceBook Are Being A-Holes. They may now ban Saeed Valadbaygi. A Major Source of Info For Iran News.

Hutchison: "I am running for governor"

Iran TV from Tehran says: "Mir-Hossein Mousavi calls for truth finding election commission"

I am not very Photoshop-inclined, or know much about graphic design, but if YOU are...

I am not very Photoshop-inclined, or know much about graphic design, but if YOU are...

I just donated to Organizing for America

Obama: "I got it. I got the sucker. What do you think Gibbs"

I had a thought.


Hypocrite they name is Ensign. Re: Clinton

john Ensign Appreciation thread.

Gingrinch sees possible "zone of copperation (sic) on healthare reform...

New York Stock Exchange Has Secret Sarah Palin Shrine

Civil Unions or Gay Rights Executive order could be coming tomorrow

Obama is NOT signing an Executive Order re: spousal benefits, but signing a Presidential Memorandum

Juan Cole notes ayatollah in charge of partial recount is notorious hardliner, Ahmadinejad supporter

Obama swats fly mid-interview

When do you think the first GOP officeholder/party leader gets caught calling the Obamas the N-word?

Grapes of wrath - Industry is critical of Michelle Obama's organic garden

Iran TV from Tehran Says: "Obama opposed to meddling in Iran's affairs"

Should I report this to the Secret Service?

Out lesbian could be named U.S. Marshal

Let's hypothesize. What's the most clever, chessy reason for Obama expanding gay partner rights?

Signing a Pres Memorandum giving gay federal workers spousal benefits is a very good thing

Huffington: Whistling past the economic graveyard -- the audacity of misplaced hope

EBRI Poll: 83% of people polled support a public plan!!!! EBRI is big corporate funded and as

Obama is setting it up for full recognition of the Gay community?

NYT: Obama to extend benefits to Gay Federal Employees

I expected to be disappointed in Obama

After CBO Analysis, White House Distances Self From Kennedy Bill

POTUS Speaking now

Bachmann Not Ruling Out Bid For Governor

Hoekstra: Iranian Opposition Is Like House GOP

CIA Axes $1000-A-Day Waterboarding Experts

Want to help save lives? If you have a twitter account, change the location and timezone to Tehran

Discrimination against gays alive and kicking in the 'liberal' world

Obama appoints openly gay John Marble to OPM press shop

How about a nice pack of CHILL PILL (?)

Scandal Engulfs John Ensign: he resigns GOP leadership post

Extension of benefits to federal workers does not include healthcare or insurance plans b.c of DOMA

Kennedy Bill Markup on CSPAN 3 Now

I heard that 70% of the Iranian people are under 30 years of age

Ensign "mans up" and resigns leadership postion

Eric Cantor: Obama's "Silence on the issue of human rights violations is very troubling to me"

Eric Cantor: People like their choice of health plan

Um... here's one good reason why the Secret Service might not want to show the White House Guest Log

I wonder what we have yet to learn about the Bush years that still needs

Day 148 in the Age of Obama… -

150 Children Sue Obama Administration Over Parents' Deportation

This idea that Palin is a pit bull with lipstick is just ridiculous.

"It is summer 2009 (almost), and Al Franken is still not a sitting U.S. Senator"

A Republican at work says, "Let Obama Go, the Repubs should keep their mouths shut

CIA Fights Full Disclosure of Detainee Report : White House Urged to Maintain Secrecy

New bumper sticker idea

So I guess being moderate means you don't really give a shit about people less fortunate than you...

If there is a Paul Wellstone out there, please come forward!!!!!

On being Pro-Obama vs. being Pro-whatever one thinks is right

If the memo isn't coupled with a call for a law to be passed giving health and retirement benefits

Where is the anger at CONGRESS?

OMG, Tony Perkins has become a redhead. Those republicans love hair dye.

Well, I guess It's time to act

An executive order to suppress torture pic evidence. Is Hoyer blowing smoke?

Is Obama giving federal agencies a right they already have?

Question re Same Sex Partner Benefits

Lindsey Graham: "Rahm does not want Detainee Photos Released"

Open Secrets tracks the money in the health care debate

In huge change, Obama strips Fed of credit card oversight

Sen. Richard Lugar's response to my Health Care email..

Please take my DU technology/civil disobedience poll ...

Please take my DU technology/civil disobedience poll ...

MoDo's latest criticism - Obama likes hamburgers and fries.

If the CIA is actually behind the protests in Iran, I say hats off to Panetta and Obama

"Judge White then proceeds to knock down every argument Yoo raises..."

Multiple Courts Reject Obama's Arguments For Keeping Visitor Logs Secret

Question: When will Franken's term officially start?

New WSJ/NBC Poll: Public Opposition to Obama on Gitmo, GM Decisions

Obama will restate his opposition to DOMA and support the Lieberman Baldwin Bill

Nouriel Roubini says that allowing banks to repay TARP funds creates competitive disadvantages.

Is there some MSM bias cuz all i see is Repubz talking smack about Healthcare

What Gays Want From President Obama (Ambinder)

What Gays Want From President Obama (Ambinder)

PETA issues statement on "Obama Swats Fly-gate"..."He isn't the Buddha"

HRC and PFLAG on Obama's memo on benefits for same-sex partners of federal workers

Gay critics say "too little too late" from Obama

Obama unveils biggest regulatory overhaul since 1930s

Gay figures pull out of Biden fundraiser

In amazing show of athleticism, Obama kills housefly in mid-air

The Note: Daschle Folds on Federal Public Health Care Plan

Wait a minute..... Obama's "sweeping regulation" of the financial sector is

Judd Gregg: Obama Wants a Bureaucrat between you and your health care

Have you ever painted a wood sided house.. The Obama method

I am so disappointed... I was hoping it could be complete health care benefits

"It is summer 2009, and John McCain is President”

Attorney General Holder reminds Sessions who’s boss.

Barney Frank blasts Obama’s ‘big mistake’ on DOMA, asks prez to explain himself

The memo-- just released a statement

Harry Reid grows half a set; says he'll ditch bipartisanship for healthcare reform

When did you begin to believe?

"I wouldn't know a twitter from a tweeter but apparently it is very important"

Noone is expecting Obama to fix everything in less then a year!

My letter to Rachel Maddow.

K&R if Obama and other people have a right to privacy!

I Want it NOW

Politico saying that Ensign was threatened with Blackmail,

I am A Proud Supporter of The President

John Aravosis- White House admits Obama "benefits" speech simply political ploy

Has this been posted? Re health care hearings

K&R if you are PRO-OBAMA!

Can a person have more than one master?

Obama's Remarks on his Executive Order and DOMA today


K&R if you favor Pro-Transparency, Pro-Accountability, Pro-Rule of Law, Pro-Constitution government.

President Obama: THANK-YOU

Obama and transparency: judge for yourself

Obama wins first round of Poker with U.S. banks: They're giving the $ back.

Every day that goes by, I am that much happier with my vote.

I'm starting to wish McCain had won.

The Greedy Old Party unveils their health plan for the country.

John Edwards Speaks

Iran's senior ayatollah slams election, confirming split

Monica Conyers reluctant to take plea deal, sources say

Munich Re touts Sahara in solar energy push


Obama to Limit Fed Lending Power, Grant Systemic Role

Doughnut glaze leaking from tanker truck

Top Iran cleric: election rigged

U.S. to Extend Its Job Benefits to Gay Partners

Unrest in Iran spreads to provinces as students clash with security forces

US Chamber and Tyson Foods Fought Workplace Safety Measures ($500,000 fine)

Colombian pastors under threat from re-armed paramilitary groups

NKorea warns US of 'thousand-fold' military action

(Senator) Feinstein cancels political fundraiser

Dealers facing tight supply of SUVs, trucks

Mich. man claims to be NY boy who vanished in 1955

Mousavi calls day of mourning for Iran dead

Brazil: Air France Crash Bodies Show Fractures

No immunity for Baja in slavery case

Carter's visit gives Obama a hotline to Hamas: Former US president condemns continuing Israeli block

Holder Wants as "Complete a Report" on Bush Lawyers as Soon as Possible

Updates on the Situation in Iran: One Girl killed last night - 32 killed so far

Senator Slams General's Torture Testimony-Calls Commander's Answers "Incomplete, at Best"

Vegas Paper Gets Subpoena To ID Online Commenters

Ruling on NightJack author Richard Horton kills blogger anonymity

Obama Lays Out ‘Sweeping Overhaul’ of U.S. Financial Oversight

Schwarzenegger: Courts should decide Prop 8 suit

Gay fed. employees want more from Obama

Obama takes aim at Fox News

Iran's Revolutionary Guards issue warning to media, bloggers, websites

US asks Spain’s help to close Guantanamo

(ChemNutra) Tainted pet food case brings two guilty pleas

Iranian footballers show support for Mousavi

Sarkozy says Iran election a 'fraud'

Iran's regime cracks down on opposition and media

Obama signs memorandum for gay benefits

Paralyzed boy to gunman: 'I forgive you'

Larger Fed Role Stirs Controversy

U.S. Consumer Prices Rise Less Than Forecast; Annual Drop Most in 60 Years

Extent of E-Mail Surveillance Renews Concerns in Congress

Judge: (John) Hinckley Can Drive, Take Long Trips

KRouge jail chief says only saw one execution

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 17

Eddie Bauer files for bankruptcy protection

CIA Fights Full Release Of Detainee Report -White House Urged to Maintain Secrecy

Obama Sees 10% Unemployment Rate, Chides Wall Street Critics

Teens who spray-painted swastikas, racial slurs sentenced to learn about the Holocaust

Suspected cat killer makes bail

Depression Gene? Maybe Not

Sen. Ensign resigns GOP leadership post

Obama Seeks Rules to Thwart 'Wild Risk-Taking'

Dem, GOP centrists meet in secret (working on healthcare reform)

911 call in deadly home invasion released (with audio)

Chrysler To Restart 7 Plants

Senator (Sessions): Attorney General Holder soft on terror

W.H.: Fired IG 'confused, disoriented'

Ventures guitarist Bob Bogle dies at 75

Former Catholic priest in photo scandal marries (Father Alberto Cutie)

Industry is critical of Michelle Obama's organic garden

In huge change, Obama to strip Fed of credit card oversight

VA Director Connie S. Wilkinson Sentenced to Federal Prison for Theft

Obama to Extend Benefits to Federal Workers' Partners

San Diego County's first swine flu death reported

Virginia prison facilities going tobacco-free

‘US officials linked to AQ Khan’s N-network’

Asbestos cleanup 'emergency' declared in Montana town

1968 Chicago riot cops to hold reunion

We need to respect coal company execs' privacy when they attend Malia & Sasha's sleepover parties

MI Supreme Court gives judges authority in how witnesses' dress, including veils worn by Muslim wome

Top senator (Feinstein) says NSA not flagrantly violating laws against collecting American e-mails

Activists Urge Obama to Use Trade Pact as Leverage

Immigration Debate Tied to Rise in Hate Crimes

Day in 100 Seconds - 'Stay Sympathetic, Show Interest, Don't Interfere'

Rachel Maddow on John Ensign

Iran: A Nation of Bloggers - Can technology force change?

The View - Talks about Letterman and Palin

{Rachel Maddow} Where's My Vote? w/ Fawaz Gerges

The Revolution Will Be Digitized: Nico Pitney's Live Iran Blogging @ Rachel Maddow

We're Destroying Our Nation's Moral & Fiscal Integrity With This War Supplemental! Dennis Kucinich

Hardball: Daily Beast's Reza Aslan Takes Mathews to School Over Iran

Faces of Health Care Reform: Russell Axelson

Health Care Petition

Obama Kills Ghandi during interview

Mike Malloy Health care part one

Health Insurance Companies


Iranian police shooting at protesters from above (graphic)

Jennifer Wittney Horton: Make Them Keep That Promise

Breat Cancer Patient tells emotional story

Fire David Letterman Rally: Harriet Christian

They charged me $2,400 for four stitches

Palin Mob

Conservative whines about youtube attacks

An Open Letter From Iranians TO The World

Footage of 'Iran university attack' and the aftermath (graphic)

Thom Hartmann challenges Dr John West - “Are faith and evolution compatible?

The True Cost of Chevron

Obama: 'I've got one television station that is entirely devoted to attacking my administration'

Right Wing Dingbats Protest Against Letterman

THOM HARTMANN - part 1 of 2 - Is this the end financially of the American empire?

TYT: The Truth About Healthcare Public Option

Is John Boehner's New Make Up Job from Funeral Home? - Laughably 'Fresh'

THOM HARTMANN & Dr. Michael Hudson-part 2 of 2 - Is this the end financially of the American empire?

COUNTDOWN: President Obama Kills Fly During Interview

On HC:Dems lack bill, hold up GOP

TYT: Who Are the 'Good Guys' & 'Bad Guys' In Iran Protests?

President Obama, The Fly & The Weatherman (BBC News)

KO & McClatchy reporter find, yet again, that torture did not work

Mosaic News - 6/15/09: Demonstrations Continue in Iran

Senator Sanders question Bernanke on Fed Transparency

My son is in this progressive, super cool music video

Revolutionary iPhone

Losing Privacy in an Online World

Senator Ensign Calls Out Democrat Hypocrisy

KO & Margaret Carlson have a good laugh over how dumb Sarah Palin is

Obama Signs Memo Allowing Same-Sex Partners of Federal Employees Benefits

Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake on CSPAN Washington Journal June16, 2009

The CIA's Iranian Plan?

Senator Feingold questions Holder on warrantless wiretapping

TYT: McCain & Lieberman Team Up To Spread Healthcare Public Option Lies

Obama in his own words

It's not just happening in Tehran: Huge protest in Shiraz

Please Share This: What's going on in Iran? June 2009 Green Revolution

TYT: Should (R) Ensign Resign Over His Affair & Hypocritical Comments?

David Letterman: Top Ten Things Overheard at 'Fire David Letterman' Rally

KO & Chris Hayes try to figure out why Obama admin is so non-transparent, wimpy

Huge number of Iranians turn out in silent march today, to protest election results.

O'Reilly & Blenn Beck crack themselves up over the hilarity of torture, Uighers


First Lady Michelle Obama in the Garden on Health and Nutrition

Holder Reminds Sessions: I Am The Attorney General Of The United States

British troops study cultural rules in fake Afghan village in the English countryside

Senator Feingold Can't Get Straight Answer From Attorney Gen Holder On Warrantless Wiretap Program

Dennis Kucinich: How Do We Support The Troops?

Kathy Griffin discusses Palin v. Letterman with Larry King

Conservative Media Paranoia Over Health Care Reform

Marcy Winograd Single Payer Health Care TV Spot

Palin Supporters call David Letterman's Son a Ba$tard and Wife a $lut.

Ed Schultz takes on GOP sycophant Ron Christie regarding Dick Cheney

CDC 5/09 - re: HIV infections among young gay men, young gay men of color.

Rafsanjani's Gambit Backfires (Who is Mir Hossein Mousavi?)

Robert Fisk: Fear has gone in a land that has tasted freedom

Uighurs: U.S. Let Chinese Abuse Us At Gitmo

Matthew Yglesias: Progressives need to stop worrying and learn to love taxes

UK: Generals go to war over Iraq inquiry

U.S. State Department asks Twitter to stay online for Iran

After 30 Years, Jimmy Carter Finally Gets His 'Iranian Revenge'

Attack of the Zombie Republicans

Asia Times: Public interest RIP

Sen. Ensign’s Sex Affair: Gay Marriage or Elmer Gantry to Blame?

Sen. Bernie Sanders: The private health industry's time is up

When Health Insurance Isn't Health Insurance

Russia, China to Promote Ruble, Yuan Use in Trade

Dollar drops on reserve currency doubts

"I Hate Arabs More Than Anybody": Desperate Army Recruits Neo-Nazis

Banks cut FDIC guarantee ties (FT)

Supreme Leader and Iran Election by Meir Javedanfar

John Ensign, Defender of Marriage--Except His Own

Khamenei rides a storm in a tea cup by M K Bhadrakumar

The Same-Sex Future (David Cole, NYRB)

Iran, the Neocons, and the Bomb

Public Plan Won't Happen in '09, But It's Inevitable

Iran's Military Coup by Reza Aslan

The Bully Pulpiteers: "Contrary to what the most recent U.S. president named George told you..."

The O'Reilly Procedure [ Roger Ebert's Journal ]

Implications of the Emergence of a Novel H1 Influenza Virus (New Eng Jour Med)

Jack London accurately detailed utter failure of financial elite

Retailers Head for Exits in Detroit

#1 Diary @ DailyKos Today: (4 Reasons) Osama Bin Laden Is a Dead Man by Cenk Uygur

What Shall It Profit A Nation, To Gain The Whole World, And Lose Its Soul?

Is Iran's Regime Cracking? by Salameh Nematt

On Behalf of Moxie, Blackie and Myself

Guns and hate are on rise in America

Torture, Psychology, and Daniel Inouye: The True Story Behind Psychology's Role in Torture

German investors to launch $550 billion solar project

Definancialisation, deglobalisation, relocalisation

Energy Journal Roundup: June 2009

DrumBeat: June 17, 2009

Macarthur Coal sees signs of rising demand

StatoilHydro to Import LNG Into U.S. From Qatar, Reuters Says

Remembering Father Jean-Juste, this Sunday, June 21 in DC

TOM HAYDEN: "El Salvador Rising"

Activists Urge Obama to Use Trade Pact as Leverage

Colombian pastors under threat from re-armed paramilitary groups

UN: Comm. on Decolonization Calls on US to Expedite Self-Determination Process for Puerto Rico

Chile's Rights Museum to honor dirty war victims

Lear's Macaw Demoted On Red List To Merely "Endangered" - From 100 to 1,000 Individuals Since 1989

"Treasure Trove" Of New Amphibian, Insect, Reptile Species Found On Ecuador-Peru Border

Snips From Regional Survey Of Climate Outcomes In US - Changes To Date, Future Shifts

NS - Africa's Farmers Face Temps Beyond Present Ranges In 42% Of Years By 2025, 97% By 2075

Clean-energy windmills a 'dirty business' for farmers in Mexico

Sinopec drills 7th Saudi gas well after others disappoint

Cantarell Update - Akal Field Oil Layer Thinning 13 Ft/Month - 2009 Prod. Collapse Annualizes To 35%

BBC: Fusion falters under soaring costs

Multinationals eye up lithium reserves beneath Bolivia's salt flats

Ricardo Alarcon on Democracy Now This Morning . . .

Court: No extradition for alleged rebel jailer

VENCEREMOS BRIGADE: Over 140 Americans Returning from Cuba Aug. 3 In Defiance of US Law

Europe looks to draw power from the Sahara

Who is the Council on Hemispheric Affairs and why did it write this fairy tale?

Has anyone seen this story? My pal Rolando tells me counterfeit dollars

EPA REport - Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Ethanol plants achieve a NEGATIVE CARBON FOOTPRINT

New Lobbying Alliance to Promote Renewable Electricity Standard

Plantations, Indigenous Rights, & Genetically Engineered Trees (referral post) . . .

NOAA Visit: Fishermen and Sea Lion Advocates find More Common Ground than Expected - Bonneville Dam

I, For One, Welcome Our New Jellyfish Overlords

A Follow Up on that CO2 and Temperature Study

The South Will Rise Again - By Another 2.5 Degrees With Action - Up To 9F Under BAU Scenario

Water supplies at risk in current forest disaster

Is Barry Bonds baseballs biggest cheater ever?

Satan, get thee behind me!

Los Gigantes swept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will steroids report lead to perjury investigation of Sammy Sosa?

A Summary of the University of Florida Educational System...

I think they need a bigger park.

Prized Swedish goalie looking at San Jose

After two-day strike, (non union) workers back on roof at Target Center

British Airways Asks EMployees to Work for Free

WORKERS' CORRESPONDENCE Don’t be fooled by your boss’s ‘facts’

BART Strike Looming? (BART is seeking $100 million in concessions)

New NFL union chief presses his case

NJ hospital reaches tentative deal with union (ended a three-day lockout)

Denver Area Grocery Workers Vote Down Contract

Explosion 4 Months after OSHA Fines Kills Minnesota Teen

Today in labor history June 17 Focus public attention on children mutilated in the state's mills

I got the nicest compliment from a transfered employee today

Associated Press Worships at the Altar of Big Pharm

Those in Congress fighting against public health ...

Urging Public Option, 700 Legislators Send Delegation to White House and Capitol Hill

Like a hole in the head: The return of trepanation

Did Health Insurance Execs Have Their Seven Dwarfs' Moment?

Senators Mark Up Health Reform Bill Today - Kennedy bill

S Hemisphere Mutation Detected (virulence yet known) "S America bears winter brunt of H1N1 pandemic"

Sign The Senator Bernie Sanders Petition for Single Payer Health Insurance

Even NPR portrays a public insurance plan as...

Will Mr Obama cave on health care like Mr Clinton in 1994?

FDA says Zicam nasal spray can cause loss of smell.

Anybody shot the SR-556 yet?

1 dead, 2 injured in motel shooting

Canadian snipers. Awsome 2,430 meter shot.

Gun Rulings Open Way to Supreme Court Review

This one is a funny one not a fighting one.

postal employee shoots robber - video link

Oakland Man Fatally Shoots Intruder

An anecdote... CCW

Has the AR-15 crossed over into the mainstream?

Lieberman tells Clinton settlements won't be frozen

Lieberman tells Clinton settlements won't be frozen

Lieberman to Clinton: Israel won't freeze settlements

Woman Shoots 2 In Home Invasion

Labor contingent to march in Pride Parade

CDC 5/09 - re: HIV infections among young gay men, young gay men of color.

MSNBC: It may not be an executive order

I wouldn't put too much stock in this memorandum.....

so i'm beginning to think that lgbtiq community is a kind of canary

If the memo is successful in bringing people back into the fundraiser, I really doubt there will be

This whole memo (or whatever it is) is basically the equivalent of slowing the bus down to 99 mph

Barney Frank to Introduce Inclusive ENDA next week:

City-sponsored meetings for gays trigger showdown over privacy vs. public records

Associated Press has good background info in its story on benefits

Here's Americablog's take on federal benefits Exec Order

What's this I hear about Dustin Hoffman sex photos?

Do you know who is amazing? Al Green

Help me destroy an argument, but please do not throw rocks at me

Liars and hypocrites, all

President Obama betrays the gay community-By John Aravosis

Interactive Same-sex Marriage Map - L.A. Times

Gays Bad, Neo-Nazis Good

9 cases (filed jointly) currently before the US District Court / MA, re: rights to marriage benefits

Anchorage Nondiscrimination Ordinance

BREAKING: President Obama's memorandum will probably not include health benefits

Four toons in one OP.

Barney Frank Rips Obama: "Big Mistake" On Marriage Act

Today is a good day. In Memory of my Uncle.

Obama admin's (lame) fed partner benefits plan designed to stop DNC fundraiser disaster.

If by 2012, Obama has repealed DADT and DOMA, is the bridge still burnt?

DOMA Lawsuit Wins First Victory

Thank you LostinVA and Haruka for the business! This is really cool.

IRS to Audit Employers Sponsoring H-1B Visa Holders

BREAKING: Obama to sign executive order extending benefits to same sex partners

Stottlemyer: Dustin Lance Black’s Short Road to Redemption - Sex pix/tape

Gay Bias Killings Soar...

Carlyle, Blackstone bid for First Republic: report

The New Zealand Carry Trade Expects Hyperinflation

AIRSHOW-Pentagon sees 6,000 possible F-35 sales in future

Florida tent city offers hope to homeless

Commentary on Obama's proposed financial regulations

Smoking gun that Greenspan planned Housing bubble...

Suitcase With $134 Billion Puts Dollar on Edge: William Pesek

Question: Inflation or Deflation? Answer: see below

Inviting all DU photographers to participate to new group on Flickr...Broken American

Nouriel Roubini says that allowing banks to repay TARP funds creates competitive disadvantages.

Along the Spokane, with the Powershot A520

I posted this in GD - and it scrolled off. But it remains a photo I want you to see.

Please allow me to carp...

Is someone you have never met before

Roubini sees weeds amid green shoots

***Preliminaries are up for the June Contest***PORTRAIT of a STRANGER

Gay bar says ‘I don’t’ to bachelorettes

Another boring lightning shot.

How did Life Grow in Size from Bacteria to the Blue Whale? Experts See Two Great Leaps

Same-sex relationships may play an important role in evolution

9 Extraordinary Clouds

Why do fire ants often build their mounds close to the sidewalk?

Stephen Hawking: Manned vs Robotic Space Missions?

Herpetologist Robert Drewes will forever be remembered for his two-inch Phallus.

Fusion falters under soaring costs

Monkey 'IQ test' hints at intelligent human ancestor

Um, not really thrilled about this idea:

practical help -- we're all Iranians Now

Ready for a rest

Final Energy Update/Invitation to Galactic Celebration! by Lauren Gorgo

WooHoo-- Free EMF shield--(right up my alley)

Tomorrow consider. . .

Rare beauty.

Can I cook arugula?

Gelato, Reshaped

Please dear C & B friends --Can one of you help me?

A Touch of Asia, Tangy and Hot

The Wreck of the Patrick Fitzgerald

9/11 Throwdown - Is the Truth Movement a movement at all?

State Reps. heading to Washington to push Obama health plan

Enchanted Rock

Old TV shows (pre-1980) that hold up well

Tentative Hibernia South deal reached

Who's calling shots for Liberals?