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AP's Beth Fouhy Shows More GOP Bias in Sanford Article

World Bank cuts forecast for 2009 growth

Well, if Sanford goes he should be remembered for one great thing

In a makeshift Afghan teahouse, Iranian truckers debate election

Public Option Genie Will Soon Be Out of the Bottle

Ok, I'm curious now

Robert Reich: Why the Critics of a Public Option for Health Care Are Wrong

Those emails were amusing... not even good for Harlequin press

Sanford probably could have gotten away with his "hiking" story

Karl Rove on Sanford "I've never thought he was particularly strong candidate."

Representative Cynthia Davis makes KO's Worst Person - again!

I'll Say It Again - At Least Spitzer Used His Own Money

Exist-gate: Pennsylvania gays allowed to exist AND start a Facebook Group

600 U.S. Neighborhoods Have Air That Could Cause Cancer

Woman guilty of drunken breast-feeding

KO - Don't cry for me in Argentina

Breaking News!!! A Republican Senator is reported to Not have cheated on his wife.

The ONLY Reason Sanford Admitted It, HE WAS CAUGHT RED HANDED!

Mark McKinnon, Republican strategist, calls for Sanford to resign immediately

Maybe They Should Drug Test Gov. Sanford

"Good Citizens Check for Duplicates"

Eliminationist douchebag Hal Turner arrested after threatening three federal judges

So in what world do the employees have better health plans than the employer?

Well I've got to give it to the MSM... salatious Governor Incredible Adventure is...

PA Senator Eichelberger: 'We're Allowing Gay Couples to Exist'

Sibel Edmonds is on the Malloy show NOW!

"During that whole sparking thang". That gets me every damn time.

wow. Rahm surely must be the most powerful man in the world

wow. Rahm surely must be the most powerful man in the world

Gary Condit redux.

Which costs of health care are use-sensitive besides drugs, bandages and syringes?

2fer: USA defeats Spain!1 MEXICO slaughters hugochavez!1 n/t

Sadly, a bloody revolution is what it will take for Iran...

Sanford's affair is like rubber-necking on the

HEADS UP! Coming up on Malloy--Sibel Edmonds interview

The cost of tree removal

Wikipedia has Sanford resigning as Governor.

So, how long before Sanford blames the Clenis for his problems?

Parental notification bill spanked

Rubbercheck Arnold

Microsoft and Chinese Censorship

Study: Public Plan Would Save Money!

FreeperLand Confuses Itself over the Sanford Scandal

Leave it to a Republican to offshore his hoe to Argentina

Libya's Qaddafi Gave Condi Rice $212,000 In Gifts, Including A Diamond Ring

Well, Mark Sanford isn't speaking at the Values Voters Summit any longer

Sanford's staff simply misunderstood what he said about his trip ...

Twilight Zone: Sanford Edition

Possible 20% cut to Chicago transit service looming

Possible 20% cut to Chicago transit service looming

Missouri rep. Cynthia Davis is KO's worst person in the world again. She's

Missouri rep. Cynthia Davis is KO's worst person in the world again. She's

I Bet The SNL Writers Wish They Weren't In Repeats

Who's watching ABC with the President on Health care?

Strip Club Hires Kidnapped and Assaulted 14-Year-Old Girl, Then Sues Her

Did Sanford's wife "out him"?

National GOP spent $900,000 on Coleman in May alone.

A study in contrasts

No Worry's DU....Im Back....Im Ok....

Ole faithful

"I think it would be much better for the country and for (Clinton) personally (to resign).." Sanford

White Supremacist Radio Host Hal Turner Arrested For Threatening Judges!

***GRAPHIC**** photo from Iran on this blog site

Let's not let Governor Sanford's affair hog the light from Senator Ensign's affair

For the real Sanford fun turn on Jon Stewart now

Mark Sanford: multi-millionaire who blocked money for 100-yr old schools

An argument for why pharmacists should not be able to refuse FDA approved drugs to anyone.

Jon Stewart nailed Sanford: He has a conservative mind but a liberal penis...

Have you ever voted for a Bush?

Sanford email questions

4th Circuit Upholds Virginia Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion (6-5 ruling)

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Put BlooInBloo Down As One Who Has No Problem Whatsoever Mocking The FUCK Out Of Sanford.

ok -- SKINNERS ops are being deleted?!?!

del dup

So...When His Wife Told Him To Get Out Two Weeks Ago..

Sanford's Affair: All Bill Shatner's fault...

Sanford's Affair: All Bill Shatner's fault...

Ferguson: "Great. Now we're outsourcing mistresses."

Ferguson: "Great. Now we're outsourcing mistresses."

The moral highground - R's Craig, Vitter and Ensign did NOT resign, D's Spitzer & McGreevy DID

The Bill Of Rights.

I just gotta ask: Sanctity of Marriage??? REALLY???

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

I just seen an Olive Garden commercial on Craig Ferguson

StarTribune: anyone's guess on when Franken gets decision from MN Supreme Ct

Is it a miracle that Colwich man survived? (Vatican investigating)

Who did he cry for?

US: State budget crises trigger layoffs, cuts in social programs

Ok... At The Risk Of Being Mocked As Jesus Toast...

Have you written your rep today on single payer....

The Saudi royals & Al Queada..

Something to keep in mind -

Sanford said his "friendship" began eight years ago through

Had enough of the Cheating Governor?.. Take a break

Had enough of the Cheating Governor?.. Take a break

Recap list of Repukes Gone Wild...list of Republican sex scandals

Another Ofishul Moran

one of the reliable sources, apart of Huff Post RE Iran

The more things change...

NYDailyNews: "South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford sent risque e-mails to Argentian(sic) lover"


I'm Turning 40

Latest Green Brief (Iran) From NiteOwl

Please, all of you, respect my Zone of Privacy

Please, all of you, respect my Zone of Privacy

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Remembering a friend

Help me understand

Paper obtained Sanford luv emails last december! They sure can keep a secret

Getting tourists to walk the Obama walk

Getting tourists to walk the Obama walk

I'm so sorry that we just switched to Sanford and dropped coverage of Tehran. I don't get it.

Rejection of California budget sets stage for even larger spending cuts

Maracha-Terego students detain, frogmarch another headmaster

Sanford and sun?

"Scum-sucking vermin"... "Insane"... "Brownshirts"... "Swine"... "Little nerdlings"... "Guttersnipes

Amy Goodman talks with Daryl Hannah, Bo Webb about mountaintop removal, arrests

Does this remind us of anyone?

Asia: Land Grabs Threaten Food Security

Asia: Land Grabs Threaten Food Security

Crop circles explained- Wallabies getting high?

Coultergeist says "the left's worldview" is "that they hate America so much..

Anti HIV Gene Therapy Trial Promising

I was just reminded why I should not watch Faux News..EVER

Great spoof video.. (has a Mark Sanford mention)

Great spoof video.. (has a Mark Sanford mention)

2007-08 governor expenses has "foreign travel" listed.. 08-09..not listed

Kiss me, I'm Filthy ( World's Germ-iest Vacation Spots)

Did Sanford commit suicide by media?

Here are a bunch of sources for all things "Middle-East".

Dateline 2600 - one of our civilizations is missing

I respect and admire Pat Leahy, but I can't help but think that 6 terms is enough

SC State Dance now the Tango Shag

The nerve of Obama questioning the Iran regime! The nerve! Ama-do-the-job blasts Obama.

"Congressman Offers Preemptive Apology For Extramarital Affair" (VIDEO)

Christian Finnegan last night on Countdown.

In appeal, data mining companies claim data mining is protected speech

Is there an organized effort out there for public option healthcare? HELP.

Is there an organized effort out there for public option healthcare? HELP.

Which Republican would you like to see get caught with his (her) pants down next?

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Hal Turner arrested (again) after calling for the murder of judges

For Republicans, a Long Winter Gets Longer

Sanford's emails to his "lady friend" -- Keith just read one.... LOL

Alternet: Why You May Be Stuck Holding The Bill For The Largest Taxpayer Rip Off (Health Care)

Jeff Sessions, Sotomayor and gun rights in cities

So when is that decision coming in Minnesota?...

Morning Joe is the "LoveBoat" of "news shows"

Morning Joe is the "LoveBoat" of "news shows"

Matthew Yglesias: Concern Trolling Iran

Video from Politico- Guiliani

Did Taxpayers Fund Sanford’s Love Jaunts?

Leonard Peltier Parole Hearing July 28, Letters needed by July 1

Leonard Peltier Parole Hearing July 28, Letters needed by July 1

Singer Richard Marx slams RIAA vs. Jammie Thomas-Rasset verdict

So much for the "green shoots": U.S. Jobless Claims Rise, Total Benefit Rolls Climb

Operation Enduring Folly- US Kills 60 More in Pakistan Air Strike

Orwell on power

Analysis: GOP Rising Stars Falling To Earth

Food Inc: Michael Pollan and Friends Reveal the Food Industry's Darkest Secrets

When you read Sanford's "sexy" emails to yourself ...

If Sanford were a politician in France, Spain, Italy, or Sweden...?

C-SPIN Tries To Whitewash Sanford's Affair...

Anyone miss the irony? Republican Governor outsources mistress..

Bodies of Air France captain, steward found

The worst irony is: While the repub party falls apart they can still block health care

NEW SHOW: Jon & Mark minus 12 minus 2

Anyone watching the FAUX morning spin on Sanford?

Today in Bush's Presidency (2001-06-25)

The Fractured State of the GOP

The GOP protests Obama's stance on Iran (Tom Toles)

McCain had Palin and Sanford on his VP list?

McCain had Palin and Sanford on his VP list?

Local reporter sends out Tweet calling anti-Obama protest "good news"!!

Grover Norquist's Twisted Spin: Republican Adultery is a Sign of Electoral Virility

Why Was Sanford 'Crying For Five Days'?

If Sanford doesn't have the decency to resign, he ought to be impeached.

Sams Club Giving Kids Candy In Pill Bottles

Funny, Sad or Idiotic? What's your vote?

English-Only' Supporters Hold Conference, Can't Spell 'Conference'

How the Gays Ruined Governor Sanfrord

U.S. Sends Weapons to Help Somali Government Repel Rebels Tied to Al-Qaeda

An excellent analysis of O'Reilly's use of propaganda devices

NYT/Collins: Sanford's biggest crime - being "loony."

Torture Accountability Day - send a fax with 1 click

Arizona Legislature votes to approve abortion constraints.

Arizona Legislature votes to approve abortion constraints.

From Walter Cronkite's Family: 'NOT EXPECTED TO RECUPERATE'

GOP: spending on useless weapons systems 'good', everything else 'bad'

Pathological LIAR Eric Cantor "We don't want government control on health information"

Supreme Court rules 8-1 that strip search of 13 year old in Arizona

Supreme Court rules 8-1 that strip search of 13 year old in Arizona

Venezuela, US move to restore expelled ambassadors

Sanford's next career - spokesmodel for Visine?

dupe delete n/t

Why did the Sanford and Ensign stories break when they did? Is Romney and team behind it?

Sanctity of Marriage vs. Gay Marriage - Sanford added to tally

If adultery is a GOOPer value, then Newt Gingrich

In failing war, Afghan opposition grows

Looking at timestamp of posts on Latest page just now, I see a big gap again

Got a Minute? Congressman McGovern & 80% of Afghans Need You

Got a Minute? Congressman McGovern & 80% of Afghans Need You

If we had no unemployment insurance, no food stamps,...

Stanford, Sanford - What goes up must come down

CNN reporting that Health Care Plan has been crafted.

Twitter Creator On Iran: 'I Never Intended For Twitter To Be Useful'

When you consider Michele Bachmann ..........

Fox news affiliate's report on a bear sighting, pretty funny

A guy from The State is on GEM$NBC saying

In a makeshift Afghan teahouse, Iranian truckers debate election

So did Sanford and Ensign use Contraception during their affairs?

Wall Street rebels against 'populist backlash' against bankers

FBI Files: Saddam Hussein bluffed about WMDs, considered asking George W. Bush "to protect" Iraq

Say, does anyone want to buy my "" website? Great Rates!

FUNNY NEW CARTOON CLIP -- Mark Sanford: The Musical- Don't Cry For Me Right Wing Media

Bible-based Marriage

If Sanford Resigns, South Carolina May Have its First Gay Governor

Farrah Fawcett receives last rites but son Redmond will likely not see her again

all this media driven moralizing sickens me....

This Sanford business reminds me of an incident from my childhood.

R.I.P Farrah Fawcett

Frank wants to LOOSEN housing regulations!

I'm waiting for round two of the sanford saga: maria speaks. that will be must see stupid tv.

Just checked an airline that flies to Buenos Aires re ticket cost

Cut That Wagging Finger Off

The return of blood diamonds (jewels 'have blood all over them' again)

Tom Ridge said Katrina was 'biblical'

More Sanford Emails published by The State this morning

Ten More Banks Join the Bailout

I have on Morning Schmo and Mika Mouse (first time in a long time from the beginning)

I haven't been on DU all day. Can somebody give me a nutshell

Should there be a tabloid/junk news forum on DU?

When will Ahmadinejad come to visit the United States again?

Not to be crowded out of the news, Palin hits back at 'malicious' photo.

Republicans outsource mistresses

Perez Hilton sues Black Eyed Peas manager



Jenny Sanford blew the whistle

Video: Sanford Whacked Fellow Politician For Violating "Oath To His Wife"

How Stuff Works - Lying

Anyone else having trouble staying connected to DU today?

We're All Uninsured Now wristbands

How can we care so little about each other?

David Corn: Sympathy for Sanford? Nah.

Nobody's picked up on the other Mark Sanford musical reference...

No Ruling on Franken

I'm done with Sanford. We know the story now. Let it go.

WAAS: Bush Administration may have leaked wiretap details to get Republican reelected

Frightening letter in my local newspaper this morning...

What if Sanford's 'girlfriend' Maria isn't a Maria???

Alaskan Blogger Linda Kellen Biegel Photoshops Palin pic, puts Moose Mom back in outrage spotlight

Will We Hear From The Minnesota Supreme Court Today About Franken/Coleman?.....

Bachmann Warns Of Link Between Census And Japanese Internment

Gay Exorcism Youtube Video Causes Controversy

Let's ask them why they sold us out to Big Coal. (from CREDO)

So my dad still gets newsletters from the Southwestern Baptist Theological

Seven Show Dogs Die After Handler Leaves Them in Hot Van

How long before we're saying 'whatever happened to the rethuglican party'? ... LOL

what is wrong with the Pharma commercials? Well let me use Aricept as an example

Most evil headline ever: Did President Obama Make His Case on Health Care? (ABC News)



Why American Policy SUCKS (lobbying)

CNBC to report on the cost of signage used to show Stimulus $ Projects

Money fleeing Iranian Banks......

Pubs keep saying the utilities will just pass the carbpn tax on to the

Idiot Saletan completely misses the point of the Sanford scandal

Ralph Reed?

You know what's weird? The site about/ jenny/ is down.

'Charlie's Angel' Farrah Fawcett dies at 62

Fox News set for best year yet

Quick - Run For The Hills. The End is Nigh!!!

Do you know what Echelon is

New York State Senate checks in -- and out -- again

National HIV Testing Day June 27th, 2009 (This Saturday)

Just heard on MPR (MN Public Radio) that FIFA

Help me make a collection of Fox shots to send to the FCC

I don't necessarily need the same healthcare plan that my Senators have.

Courage Campaign: Why is Senator Feinstein undermining health care reform?

For all those champing at the bit to see a picture of Sanford's mistress...

A Call for Sanford to Resign (This is a biggie)

Anyone know the ages of Mark Sanford's Four Sons?

Anyone know the ages of Mark Sanford's Four Sons?

Gov. Sanford’s “Other Woman” (pics)

Sanford 'firmly focused' on hanging onto his job for the rest of his term

health care poll

Okay, I'll say it--please don't make fun of the Sanford emails.

Atlanta's Largest Shelter Fights City for Water

Bill collector saves woman held hostage in home

Kim Jong Il's son "too girly to rule."

Mark Sanford: The questions we should be asking aren't "Who is She?" but "Who Paid for it?"

Progressive talk returns to Phoenix on 1480 KPHX July 6th

Investigation: Nico Pitney critic Dana Milbank never wrote about press-conference plant Jeff Gannon

Earlg's Going To have To Start Posting The Top 20 Conservative Idiots

"Nothing you post on an internet forum is helping to get anything done anywhere." Agree?

How the BBC fed the uprising

Today is Torture Accountability Day

On war and peace... and the lie of peace... since 1945

A question for New York City dwellers....

ooooh, i see...

Sen. Specter's Standing Slips in PA

Conservatives demand GOP delay Sotomayor vote

Too Big To Fail: Breaking Up These Big Boys is an Essential Battle For Our Time

Recession Knocks 1.5M People Out Of The Millionaire's Club

Reasons why I'm proud to be a liberal and a Democrat

Farrah Fawcett loses battle with cancer, passes away at 62.

Lieberman Suggests Obama Isn’t Standing Up For Iranian Protesters

A letter I'm planing to send to via email tonight.

Michelle Bachman (R:Nuts) Obama Could Use the Census to Send People to Camps

Our fight against the media for decent health care (with links to send to your friends)

Our fight against the media for decent health care (with links to send to your friends)

Palin is trying to play the victim again

Fox News apologizes for identifying Sanford as a Democrat

40 Years Later, NYPD Cop Stands Behind Stonewall's Raid

Governor Hit the Bar with the Mistress

Delaware: anti-discrimination bill passes after more than 10-year battle

CDC is now estimating that the novel H1N1 virus will be “Category 2” in severity.

Will the MN Supremes announce the Franken decision today?

Media Matters Responds To Michael Savage Threats, Cyberstalking

Media Matters Responds To Michael Savage Threats, Cyberstalking

2-Year-Old is World's Youngest Smoker?

I demand Puppet Theater, not an apology from Keith & Rachel For "Mocking" Sanford

Limbaugh On The Sanford Affair: It's Obama's Fault!

Sanford to reimburse taxpayers for a trip to Argentina last year.

20 % mass transit cut looming in Chicago?

The Iranian government followed the Repuke playbook and stole the election

Sestak Discusses Senate Race With Family; Dad Tells Him To Run

University of California raises salaries of chancellors while staff takes cuts, tuition hiked

Have more emails from Sanford and his mistress been released?

Crazed looking person....(caption please)

S.C. gov. to pay state for 'economic development' trip where he saw mistress

Q: Did you break off the relationship? Sanford: Obviously not.

Ahmadinijad is the elected President of Iran, now what do you think of that?

American kids hacking into Iranian government sites to erase names

Sanford and Ensign called on Clinton to resign after his affair

"Family Values" People Who Turned Out... Interesting

Mark Sanford and "C Street" (weird DC religious cult aka The Fellowship)

Obama One of 450,000 Expected at World Cup..(My son is a bit miffed)

Specter flips, now endorses public option for health care reform

Help NPR identify these people.........

Sanford just has too much love to keep to one woman! WHAT A SAINT!

Obama Leads Republicans By Over 20 Points — On Terrorism!

Michele Bachmann Warns Of Link Between Census, Japanese Internment

Can someone go to this site and do a search for swine flu.

Hate Talkers United: Sean Hannity's Past Relationship with Neo-Nazi, Anti-Semite and Now Arrested

Hate Talkers United: Sean Hannity's Past Relationship with Neo-Nazi, Anti-Semite and Now Arrested

Father of 3 year old murder victim doesn't want murderer put to death

Michael Jackson Suffers HEART ATTACK!!

Wingnuts: Obama 'transnationalist' State Dept. pick a threat to democracy (psst - and he's GAY!)

Test Demonstrates Texting While Behind The Wheel Can Be Even More Dangerous Than Drunk Driving

The Tiller assassins are openly targeting LeRoy Carhart now

Wall Street Banksters doth protest too loudly.....

Breaking: Michael Jackson Heart Attack

A victory for ACORN

For god's sake! Somebody tell me about Michael Jackson!!

Michael Jackson dead from heart attack (TMZ)

Sanford's Security Detail Had Been Trying to Locate Him

Tony Perkins and Frank Gaffney React to Koh Cloture Vote

When did all the snooze channels turn into TMZ... AND they are saying the

Treading Softly with the CIA's Panetta

Sanford's mistress found: She's 43, athletic

Single-payer bureaucracy question.

Francisco Franco to Jocko: We're still not dead!

Rush says OBAMA to blame for the Mark Sanford scandal...

King’s Family Restaurants, all TV’s tuned to fox (lying) news!

What is Sanford trying to cover up?

Fox justifying(?) Sanford's behaviour:

To All the Sick Sadists Celebrating MJ's Death

The Rude Pundit: Mark Sanford Gets Some

homosexuality a universal phenomenon

What's the biggest obstacle to real healthcare reform in the U.S.?

What's missing from the Sanford discussion

Requiem for a pedophile.

If UPS and Fed Ex can compete against the US Postal Service

I guess Chris Rock was right:

I guess Chris Rock was right:

California DUers get those health care banners to the massive

Nokia Connecting People (They will ot like this image from Iranian Students)

U.S. Officials Leaked a False Story Blaming Iran

what's up with the DU?

I realize there's a lot of competion, but this may be the dumbest freeper comment of all time:

For a change of pace: LUAU streaming live

Why did M$NBC pull Ed Shultz, the person who sticks up for healthcare on

Why did M$NBC pull Ed Shultz, the person who sticks up for healthcare on

I am picturing the Tonight Show in the Sky

McMahon,..Fawcett....Now Jacko....It is sad But....

Gov Sanford must be kicking himself!... "if I had just waited one more day...

Gov Sanford must be kicking himself!... "if I had just waited one more day...

Did JACKO Have a Court Date For Tomorrow????


Elvis to Michael:

Elvis to Michael:

National HIV Testing Day - Saturday, 6/27

MTV is having a video tribute to Michael Jackson.

MTV is having a video tribute to Michael Jackson.

This just in: Michael Jackson is *STILL* dead...

What's in your Chipotle burrito?‏

NEDAnet. Helping the Iranians in cyberspace (US hackers )this guy is doing dangerous work

If they say "Why? Why?" Tell them that it's human nature.

Almost Any Death Is Sad

Thank God... "Supreme Court Says Strip Search of Student Was Illegal"

Fight health care lies

Governor Mark Sanford just won the news cycle lottery.

Are there any similarities between banks and private insurance corporations?

I'll bet Sanford is heaving a sigh of relief right now

Jackson's next concert series was to be in London-1 million tickets sold out in hours

days like today are why we need Skinner & all to approve and allow...

Michael Jackson dies

TV special reports tonight >

From the "We're F**ked 8 ways from Sunday" Dept.: Baucus says a health care bill is in reach

Pa. Mom Charged With Changing Daughter's Grades

55 Americans will die from lack of health insurance today

Sad Obit for Farah (she deserves better)

Sad Obit for Farah (she deserves better)

Question for people who hate socialism...

My punishment for civil disobedience:

Oh Boy this place is going to be some kind of fun for the next few hours


This is probably one of the most idiotic, ignorant articles I have ever read

And, as it annually does; my health insurance premium went up again

Favorite Michael Jackson song?

oh shit, Sharpton just called him a democrat. (michael Jackson)

Wolf playing VJ is freakin' hilarious!

Hold on, Uncle Walt.

Am I the only one who is getting a hoot out of those people breaking up behind Sanford?

Mousavi is the same person who was

What exactly is a "mistress" these days? And what is the male equivalent?

Farrah, Michael now I've heard a rumor that Jeff Goldblum has fallen to his death in New Zealand

Action Alert: Stop Promoting Religion at the Capitol Visitor Center

So, who's show got pre-empted for Farrah Fawcett's death?

Michael Jackson is dead

The big threat to health care reform: email from

List of Senate Finance Committee debating healthcare -Who are the 6 FOR public option so far?

Can someone tell me whay Farah Fawcett or Micheael Jackson's Death are MORE IMPORTANT

It matters because the media can sell it, exploit it and profit from it

Question for all you linguists and English types, ...

Support the public option and get your name on TV!

Potpourri of Relevant Tidbits-NSA’s Russ Tice on CyberCom & StratCom (Sibel Edmonds)

Stoned wallabies make crop circles

MSNBC reporting that Jackson has died.

Wow, David Schuster seems pretty saddened

Wow, David Schuster seems pretty saddened

Wow, David Schuster seems pretty saddened

"You get to keep your own doctor" , and other myths

think about this: 1969...40 years ago...Michael Jackson may have been 10...

think about this: 1969...40 years ago...Michael Jackson may have been 10...

think about this: 1969...40 years ago...Michael Jackson may have been 10...

There's so much news going on today, I think Olbermann's countdown will have to go to 6

Okay ... NOW will Coleman be conceding?

Anyone ever see Myra Breckinridge, I think Farrah's first movie?


FINALLY! Harold Koh confirmed as State Dept. legal counsel

Who talks about their love for heavy equipment with their mistress?

Ok! Now that we know were the President stands on PUBLIC OPTION

The rule of three for entertainers... McMahon, Fawcett...and now Jackson

OMFG, that was close.

Roger Ebert Nails Bill O'Reilly

How would you rank the relative importance of events in today's news?

Ahmadinejad Criticized for “Soft” Response to Sanford Scandal

The only thing you need to know to understand why Universal Insurance Care is an epic failure:

PHOTO of Sanford's mistress (proported)

Tweet The Cheats - Take Our Healthcare Reform Battle Viral.......

Tweet The Cheats - Take Our Healthcare Reform Battle Viral.......

Let me guess...Michael Jackson died, right?

Perino: Women Don't Cheat

The Ayatollah is NOT amused...(cartoon)

The Jackson's An american family was just on this last weekend. Michael's dad was an ass

Breaking: Sanford cries for not staying one more day in Argentina

I'll raise my glass to the Mods and Admins now.

Well, the world has ended. MJ has died. This is now what occupies

Remember that saying: "If you can't say something good or kind,

RIP Farrah.

It's true. Bad things happen in threes.

I have incredibly mixed emotions

Chavez sees US, Europe behind Iran protests

More offensive advertising for Burger King

What was your favorite Michael Jackson song?

Former IBM CEO says Capital Gains should be taxed at 80%

Whole Foods, George Mateljan's Open Letter to Obama


Hit 100 today in SE TX - breaking a record set in 1902

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

So the Senate can find the money for F-22s this admin doesn't want or need, but not for heath care?

My theory: Mrs. Sanford sent the emails to The State!

Record bonuses at bailed-out US banks

OH, NO!!! I just figured out who Mark Sanford reminds me of!

Open Left: Confronting the Greedy

Billie Jean

Schuster just read off MJ's Awards

We have been having some problems with our firewall, which are causing connectivity problems for DU.

VA Medical System in Shambles, Veterans Groups Say

Brent Scowcroft on Al Jazeera: "US Has Spies On the Ground in Iran"

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Jackson's greatest musical legacy?

Has Clarence Thomas EVER been on the right side of a legal opinion?

People are dying

Michael Jackson dead for an hour, 143 threads telling us there are more important things.

Note to Skinner from German 101

DU, the online Entertainment Tonight!

More advertising for Burger King that creeps me out

More advertising for Burger King that creeps me out

More advertising for Burger King that creeps me out

the "everybody makes mistakes" crap

Statement from MO Dem leader re: Cynthia 'Hunger is a Motivator' Davis

Repubs contract, become more conservative. To attract exiles, Dems become more conservative.

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- Taking a hike

Is This A Dumb Idea For Health Care Finance?

Is This A Dumb Idea For Health Care Finance?

Michigan picked to build GM's subcompact

Oh The Humanity!!! (Yet Another MJ Thread)

Gas Pump Thievery: Who's Really Behind the Rising Prices at the Pumps? Wall Street?

Not ashamed to say that I had a Farrah Fawcett poster hanging in my Army locker---

New pic of Rielle Hunter's baby (she's adorable!)

Al Sharpton always has to share the spotlight, even if it means hogging the

I want to help the protesters in Iran

Ironically, Michael Jackson was the guy who slept in hyperbarric

For wildlife lovers: Racoon Cubs Rescued from Pepsi Machine (video & cuteness alert)

Jacko may be dead or dying

Dec.26, 1974--Jack Benny died and all three networks suspended all programming for the entire day

The death of Michael Jackson is going to be treated

Now I know why Baucus and others are fighting so hard against public option

Obama's going to the FIFA World Cup next year. RWer no likey (soccer = "internationalism")

Concerning anti Jackson Comments

U.S. attorney Patrick Fitzgerald busts Sean Hannity's racist buddy in New Jersey

Analysis: Why do politicians cheat?

F'n Media Orgy

Unimaginable Horror In Tehran Today

Unimaginable Horror In Tehran Today

There Must Be More To Life Than This - Freddie Mercury & Michael Jackson

It is Clear That Tan Lines and "Magnificent Parts" are a Dire Threat to the Sanctity of Marriage.

Coleen Rowley: How '60 Minutes' Missed the Chance to Yell at the Naked Emperor

Possible turmoil coming in Hillsborough County, FL, after death of elections supervisor

"The Battle of Ellis' Farm" -- a humorous postscript to my visit by the TN Bureau of Investigation

"The Battle of Ellis' Farm" -- a humorous postscript to my visit by the TN Bureau of Investigation

Handy Republican Sex Scandal Flowchart

It warms the heart to see DUers kicking the crap out of some holier-than-thou GOP hypocrite.

Michael Jackson was repeatedly pre-judged because he was a fucking weirdo.

Something stinks and it smells a lot worse than a mere sex scandal.

Up to the Minute About Troy Davis, SCOTUS, and Actions:

Marc Sanford just sent 50 dozen roses

The US really does have the best healthcare in the world,

Just so we're clear: Single-Payer is the CENTRIST position

As a Jew, I'm perfectly capable of enjoying Wagner's music without liking Wagner the man.

Al hits the books while MN Supremes dither

Is Mark Sanford America's First Emo Governor?

Owasco Reincarnated

I have little in the way of sympathy for MJ's death

I have little in the way of sympathy for MJ's death

Can We Get a Geneva Convention For the War Against Healthcare?

Why Torture Prosecution Demand Will Grow

kerry wants TEN-YEAR delay in public option for health care

Mourning Icons of an entire generation. Multi tasking DUers. Drop it.

a cadillac station wagon...?? that's gm's plan?

Can someone tell me why Farrah Fawcett or Micheael Jackson's Death are MORE IMPORTANT

Iran doctor tells of Neda's death (Very Interesting)

Decoding Jenny Sanford’s Dog-Whistles

Spanish Lawyer: "These People Will Be Convicted-There Is NO Reason For Bush 6 To Relax Or Celebrate"

Life in the lookout tower just got a little easier.

Thanks for being exactly what it says on the tin

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter (PIC)

Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs: Buy or Sell?

Kung Fu master kills 4 coconuts in 30 seconds with index finger (RECORD)

I think I found the most disturbing video on youtube

Bailey is home!

CIA to launch worldwide advertising campaign against eating pork

When I Grow Up

well going to go frost a big ole carrot cake now.

Terrific embroidery blog

Ball waxers, check in here

Eyepaddle Appreciation Thread

"Goin' to Acapulco" LOVE this version of the song

Holy canoli! Only a 20% chance of rain in Boston tomorrow?

Ya know - Bowie's "Heathen" and "Reality" weren't that bad

The peeling skin from my back clogged the drain in the shower.

Curry: The absolute pinnacle of comfort food.

Curry: The absolute pinnacle of comfort food.

When renting a car

Welcome home!

US beats Spain

New laptop!

Don't cry for me Argentina!

What was so damn great about Tom and Jerry?

Gross question: Why do siblings lick each other?

Thread for reminiscing about great DUers from the past

Some songs

Goodbye DU...

It's 11:00, Do You Know Where Your Governor Is?

One might think Gov. Sanford

I just finished my first unit of German lessons. Ask anything and I'll answer in my limited German.

let's settle this, which bassist-drummer combo would you rather have? is absolute gold.

Ahhh, I just finished watching "Feast of Love".

I think too much

Is your hole glorious?

Geaux TIGERS!!!!!!!!

The word for the day is "prepuce". Modify a thread to include that word.

Somebody is driving their riding mower down the highway

I don't usually post lrycs, but: This looks familiar . . .

Overheard at my office

Please, all of you, respect my Zone of Privacy

Please, all of you, respect my Zone of Privacy

Make your pipe incredible

Good morning Lounge

Whomever recommend Chris Squire's "Fish out of Water" should be made the DU Lounge Diety

Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" production looks really tasty...

Now I gotta get used to not living next door to Alice...

Lesson learned: a healing broken elbow with no cast is still a healing broken elbow

so this wonderful man flies 900 miles to see me and offers to

Best reason why Skinner is nuking his own threads?

6 months till Christmas! What would you all like Santa to get you?

I'm Turning 40

Listen to this.

Here's a song that will get your spirits up...

I am sleepy. Ask me questions to help keep me awake.

mac users i need help

Someone please tell Skinner & Earlg to take their GTA off the DU servers

Argentina Pig Tests Positive for H1N1

Farrah Fawcett 'given last rites'

Big show tomorrow night

Onion: Congressman issues preemtive apology for affair

There is an app for that!

Guys fess up!! Who had this poster in their bed room? And Girls - who attempted that hairstyle

DU sure is sluggish today

I stink too much

You know, this so-called "firewall problem" is REALLY cutting into my stalking time

In all honesty, motely36 stinks just the right amount.

Funerals are outrageously expensive.

Best New Artist of 1977: Starland Vocal Band


I have some math questions for y'all

The only meme of value in the Sanford story is continued Republican Christian hypocrisy and lying.

Caption my Mark Sanford lolcat

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - Shaft

Do you think we will ever see another outbreak of gangreen?

I'm Mark Sanford!! Ask me anything OR post here and I'll tell you why you are immoral

My Wife thinks the cash for clunkers program is about husbands

Yesterday's sucky band was Bread. What should today's sucky band be


Transformers 2 clears $60 million on Wednesday

Creekdog leaves $3 tip

Police: Pa. neighbor blares porn to chase off kids

Post here if you had the Farrah Fawcett poster,

Stop picking on Air Supply!!!!11!!

Has it been two weeks since the Pens won the Cup yet?

I have the most bizarre coworkers.

Seven Show Dogs Die After Handler Leaves Them in Hot Van

Roxy Music. I really, really like Roxy Music

So, I was just writing to DUer XY, and he was raving about DUer

Johnny Depp leaves $4,000 tip

The Sky Masterson second(One time only)semi-occasional poetry thread break.

I like stepping barefoot in a fresh hacking of cat hairball over Rush.

I like Rush more than Air Supply

More EMail stuff...

What's the difference between Sarah Palin and a hemorrhoid?

Darwin Award candidate in Romania...

The ultimate music showdown: The best of Air Supply & Bread vs. The Best of Creed & Nickelback

Tell me who I should march with in the Pride Parade.

You know who had a nice toosh?

Hey Screaming Meemie! How the weather in Anos del Diablo today?!

Michael Jackson suffers heart attack

Name a song everybody seems to know but you. Mine: "Shake Your Body" by The Jacksons.

Holy shit! What will happen to Bubbles?!?

Yul Brenner: young, hung, and hairy

How do you respond when someone says "thank you"

Apparently it took me a longass time to give bee his meds

Michael Jackson died


Bout 6 more hours and the gates of hell will open

"A state trooper tells a chicken to stop using a bull horn."

ok, nevermind

What are those goddawful horns during the S. African Confederation Cup?

Need help from you business experts, HR people, managers, economic types -- What is this called??

Why does Cleveland think that Shaq will make the difference?

I updated my music blog. Check it out. Input welcome!

Hey Zappa fans, ever see EffZee on the Monkeys?

So when a celebrity dies...

Dibs on the life-extending hyperbaric sleep chamber

Oklahoma woman pays $1142 fine after giving oral sex in exchange for $30 box of Frito-Lay™ chips

While two famous icons died today....

Worst (and cruellest) photoshop job ever

Yes, yes it is.

Well, I see my hide thread and ignore are getting ready to gear up big-time.

Thriller is being played on MTV right now

Holy Shit, Ben Franklin died!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/25/09 (warning: graphic language)

Is it just me or does it feel like the Collective Consciousness just shot acid?

The cat likes garlic!

Folks, it grows worse. I just read online who just died...

I hated Farrah Fawcett.

Will Michael Jackson be Princess Diana to Farrah Fawcett's Mother Teresa?

If I had to choose between cheering the Dallas Cowboys or listening only to Air Supply for eternity

Bea Arthur died? When the hell did that happen?

It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark

Holy shit, my Internet goes off for a week and all hell breaks loose!

They're Only Celebrities. Why Do I Feel So Damned Depressed?

Where Would You REALLY Like To Be Right Now?


I'm just going to ignore the hate and enjoy some good music

self delete

self delete

There's too much news going on

Has anybody here ever been to a Georgetown cocktail party?

Heads up for you Todd Rundgren, Heart and Huey Lewis fans

RIP Michael Jackson

How long before the mormons posthumously baptize Michael, Farrah and Ed.....

I saw the Burger King at the mall this evening when I went to a movie. THE Burger King.



What's for dinner, DU? --- Thursday edition

How do I get the taste of a polyurethane ball-gag out of my mouth?

Seriously, people, is it really worth starting another thread?

It's funny that 80's music was supposed to be a repudiation of disco

Cogito, ergo waffles.

Breaking: Michael Jackson rises from death, does a little dance.


Hey did you guys hear?!? Michael Jackson DIED!!111oneoneelevenone!!111

Those working in Advertising and marketing , kill yourself , no really ,kill yourself

Katey Sagal and Billy West on the return of Futurama

If you need a break from bad/weird/lurid news, click here (image heavy)

Celebrity deaths: have you ever heard how they tend to happen in 3's?


Favorite Michael Jackson parody?

Here's a pretty picture to take your mind off of everything else going on today.

Any suggestions for my 1,000th post?

kitteah picture of the day for thursday june 25

How do you know when she's into you, and how do you know when you're just imagining things?

Reading Travels With Charley: In Search of America

Post the CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH that MTV should have broadcast, but didn't


Gotta love 80's music..... The Final countdown by Europe

Okay, I'm going to a Cajun restaurant tonight...

Has anyone here eaten pig's ear? Top Chef Masters last night had offal as medium

Paul McCartney is to get back the Beatles back catalog

BEST COMPILATION CD EVER!!!! '70s Party Killers (love the description)

Thursday poem thread 6/25/09

That's it. Obama has lost me.

When are the inmates released?

Spare a few vibes?

How's your garden growing?

Michael Bay Finally Made An Art Movie

I am addicted to "Farm Town" on Facebook

Ex-detainees allege Bagram abuse

Please take my DU healthcare poll ...

FBI Arrests White Supremacist Blogger Hal Turner For Threatening To Kill Federal Judges


Will ABC stream Obama's Q&A tonight?

SC Newspaper had Sanford's emails since December?

I'm on the West Coast! Has Gibson asked the Pres. about Capital Gains Tax yet?

Take that, you fucking Tea Bag Swine! Your boy Mark Sanford got served! Watch...

i am on an apparent roll with rightwing me something to do by responding:

Jake Trapper and ABC Henchmen working hard to discredit Obama's health plan ahead of tonight's forum

You know what really gets me about this whole Stanford saga...

Damn You Keith Olbermannn....


I remember when George Bush took questions for one hour plus during prime time.

Tonight Obama is showing America what a real leader looks and sounds like

PHOTOS Who's that at the game?


Sex Scandals Short-Circuit GOP Efforts to Regroup

Selective Persecution: The Press Labels Another Democrat a “Liar”

Democratic Opponents Of Public Option Called Out In Ad

This ABC special is nothing but Right Wing Talking Points.

Joe Conason: Lucre-Addicted Senate Democrats Are Blowing It on Health Care

Will Letterman do a bit about Sanford tonite? Hmmmm

Are Republicans complaining that one of theirs traveled outside the US

Sarah & Todd Palin do the Dubya Aircraft Carrier Dress Up

Charlie Gibson is such a wingnut ass.

Tony Blair: “Spirit of possibility” created by Obama election encouraged change in Middle East

A First Lady Who Demands Substance - Wants to be bigger part of events that have purpose.

OMG, CNBC has Art Laffer as a guest to comment on fiscal responsibility.

If Obama hasn't straightened everything out by Friday, I may have to get grouchy!

So Gov. Palin is going over seas to visit the troops...

Senate Panel Hears of Health Insurers' Wrongs Ex-Insider Testifies to 'Fear Tactics'

Thank you, Governor Sanford!

Happiest guy in the world today??? John Ensign!

Obama calls for release of Cuban political prisoners

More ethics complaints for Sarah Palin coming...

Huffpo Must Read: Lobbyists on a Roll, Gutting Reform on Banking, Energy and Health Care

*** HEADS UP *** 'United We Serve' event live


Why the Emails Are Important

Why Obama Will Win in 2012

Weird slant from ABC - Health reform is really class warfare and Obama is fighting against you!

Senator Harkin lays out the game plan that will win in univeral health care.. no argument can stand

Shrewd Reps hogging the news

ABC "Fact Checks" its program last night by using opinions from GOP senators

ABC "Fact Checks" its program last night by using opinions from GOP senators

***HEADS UP*** President Obama Remarks on Importance of Passing Historic Energy Bill

Sanfords true agenda revealed!!

Sanfords true agenda revealed!!

House Dems Meet On Advancing Gay Rights Agenda

Politico: Obama is too perfect!!!

Obama urges release of Cuban political prisoners

Where would we be if the goverment had not stepped in during the polio epidemic

Mark Sanford's mistress PHOTO WOW!!!

Jo(k)e LIEberman Suggests Obama Isn’t Standing Up For Iranian Protesters

Mother Jones: Obama's First Veto?

The ABC "Questions for the President" Drew 4.7 Million Total Viewers

Huge Rally TODAY in DC for Health Care. IT's lOBBY DAY--JUNE25...

Flashback 2002: Sanford Stresses Conservative Values (TV ad scripts)

PHOTOS The once future President and Vice President. Oh well.

I love these fucks in wheelchairs who obviously have no pot to piss in protesting Obama.

If there's no public option I won't support Obama in the next election

Hey, media and others; Clinton and Spitzer did not preach "family values"

North Carolina: Cunningham Poised to Jump Into Senate Race

ABC's White House special struggled for viewers

Obama’s Extraordinary Health Care Townhall - And ABC’s Offensive Commercial Exploitation

PHOTOS 'Health Care for America Now' rally (June 25)

Shhhh! Today There Is A Rally In DC In Support Of Healthcare Reform - Top Secret!

No ambiguity -- If Obama and the Dems do not get a public plan, they should go home.

My Republican friend connected with GOP Batcave says Sanford's girlfriend is...

Is Health Care Reform Even Worth The Effort Without a Public Option?

The rule of three for entertainers... McMahon, Fawcett...and now Jackson

Surprise, NOT! Media erroneously implies that Obama wants to tax health Benefits

Duplicate deleted

PHOTO Happy Birthday Sonia Sotomayor

Is this really what Organizing for America is aiming to do with Saturday events around the country?

PHOTO Caption it? (Geithner)

2 polls, 72% and 83% of Americans are FOR a public option. Why not let GOPers say they're against it

PHOTOS At Your Service (June 25)

**LUAU** Tonight at the White House

Delete: not confirmed

LIVE WH Luau video has begun!

Call MSNBC@ 1-212-664-4444! Ask why they are IGNORING DC Health Care Rally yet feigning concern....

Time to move on concerning Sanford.

The GOP are just being their scandalous lying's the media who's way out of line!

Stupid ass Supreme Court Justice Thomas thinks strip searching a 13 year old girl is ok

David Corn tweets: The dunking of Robert Gibbs at the luau has begun!

Whooohooo!!! Live from the White House! Samoan Knife Twirlers!!!

Is the DNC LGBT Fundraiser still on for tonight?

President Obama's Townhall On ABC - How Did He Do? Did He Support A Public Option?

Lindsey Graham: "I am proud of the President"..McCain: "Appreciates" Obama's Iran Stance

McWar Blasts China as "Unhelpful on North Korea Issue", Scolds UN as "Toothless"

I know that they are very careful, but behind closed doors

Obama's Hawaiian birthright: Poi

PHOTOS: Gibbs gets dunked after talking smack

Don't the Blue Dogs realize that if they undermine Obama they will have no coattails next time?

Kerry Pushes For Public Option Trigger In Closed-Door Meeting

PHOTO: President Obama walks on South Lawn of WH as final prep being made for tonight's luau

Senator Arlen Specter now backs a public option on health care!

Biden: $19B in highway stimulus already set aside

Biden: $19B in highway stimulus already set aside

Nearly 10,000 At Capital Hill Rally Demand A "Public Option"

VIDEO/PHOTOS Cold shower for the President please.

PHOTOS Aloha Obama

Is Obama a Chess Master?

PHOTOS My Friend.

CNN Breaking: Senate Finance Committee gets healthcare bill cost to $1 trillion

Sanford believes he wronged the GOP more than SC.

limbaugh the hut blames sanford affair on obama

Ahmadinejad compares Obama to Bush

I'm confused by the Sanford scandal.

Starting to look like FDR was a far more ambitious, liberal and activist President than Barack Obama

John Kerry jokes: "Too bad Sarah Palin Did Not Go Missing"

Whoa, the CIA killed Nada?

HUGE Health Care Rally in DC IGNORED by Reporters.

I'm sick of HuffPo repeating Beltway rumors as if they were fact! (the Kerry 10-yr trigger rumor)

Palin is playing "Avenging Momma Bear" again...

Skelton to hold hearings on Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Obama is playing chess while the GOP is playing Candy Land

Was it the WIFE?

Get off your asses and crash your congressman

Uh, what?

PHOTOS World reacts to Mark 'family values' Sanford being found out.

cap and trade = rearranging the deck chairs

Sen. Conrad backpedals on Rahm Emanuel Remark

OK, so if you're /gonna/ bash Obama, at least

Bill Clinton: What Obama can learn from FDR (Time)

Doctor in South Pole Rescue Dies at 57

Obama's Thinking 'Evolves' on Health Care Requirements

Boston Globe Union, New York Times Reach Tentative Agreement

Manitoba First Nations declare swine flu state of emergency

Reports: Suspect had prior dispute with Arivaca home invasion victim

UN Backs Drug Decriminalization In World Drug Report

Iraq Kurds pass new constitution to include Kirkuk (OIL)

Canada is 'hub' for illegal drug shipments

Obama signs bill funding Iraq, Afghanistan wars, swine flu fight, fuel-efficient auto push

In Iran, family members wait and worry outside Evin Prison

Mourning ceremony due to be held in Tehran (on Thursday June 25)

Brazil's Paulo Coelho Says Iran Doctor Who Tried to Save Neda's Life Is Safe in London

US calls for release of prominent China dissident

Iran arrests 70 professors after meeting with opposition leader

Iran's Mousavi defies crackdown

U.S. winning WTO ruling on China's film barriers

Timor seeks help to protect whale, dolphin hotspot

Cambodia signs 8.5 mln T forest carbon deal

Saeed Mortazavi: butcher of the press - and torturer of Tehran?

(Iraqi) Oil syndicates union warns foreign companies against signing investment licenses

Iran's Ahmadinejad compares Obama to Bush

Farrah Fawcett, sex symbol and actress, dies

Farrah Fawcett has died from her cancer

Farrah Fawcett, sex symbol and actress, dies

Farrah Fawcett, 1947-2009

Farrah Fawcett, sex symbol and actress, dies

Worldwide production of heroin and cocaine falling, says UN drug chief

(Mousavi's wife) We will not buckle under martial law

Apparent Gay Exorcism in Conn. Church Causes Outrage

Pakistan PM urges Obama aide to halt drone strikes

Burma denies link to N Korea ship

Sanford's Mistress Identified as Professional, Passionate and Beautiful Brunette

VA Medical System in Shambles, Veterans Groups Say

Calls Begin in S.C. for Embattled Governor's Resignation

Sanford's Security Detail Had Been Trying to Locate Him

Supreme Court rejects school strip search

Bernanke says he didn't bully BofA to buy Merrill

Iran doctor tells of Neda's death (Very Interesting)

Michael Jackson Suffers Cardiac Arrest

Khmer Rouge judge sees failures

Michael Jackson suffers heart attack

Republican (Rick) Lazio planning run for NY governor

Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein bluffed about WMDs fearing Iranian arsenal, secret FBI files show

More killed in Iraq as U.S. nears combat troop exit

JBS Swift recalls 41,000 pounds of beef

Top court requires lab analyst testimony

GE to bring 1,200 tech jobs to metro Detroit

Specter: Schumer Has It Right On The Public Option

New jobless claims rise unexpectedly to 627K

US needs to be able to search NKorea ships: Top lawmaker

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday June 25

Defying Paterson, New York Senators End Session

Argentina Pig Tests Positive for H1N1

Bush administration leaks bolstered Rick Renzi’s reelection bid

MPs 'snub' Ahmadinejad poll party

Over GOP objections, (Calif.) Assembly proclaims Pride

Mass. Judge Allows Boy, 7, Taken off Life Support(Beaten by Father on Father's Day)

Psychologists reject wording that would limit treatment, referrals (due to "moral conflict")

Farrah Fawcett's son, Redmond O'Neal, is told of her death in jail, will attend funeral

Honduran president fires top general

Farrah Fawcett, 'Charlie's Angels' actress, dies

Conyers to Speak Tomorrow at Conference on Bush DOJ Political Prosecutions (National Press Club)

SC GOP leader wants unfaithful gov's resignation

Court Says Strip Search of Child Illegal

U.S. providing weapons to Somali government, officials say

Radio Host Is Arrested in Threats on 3 Judges

Exclusive: Sanford booked 10-day getaway (6/18-6/28)

Sanford will reimburse state for trip

Fox News Apologizes for Identifying Sanford as Democrat

Virginia Abortion Restriction Is Upheld

Michael Jackson Dies

Obama discusses deathbed measures

Sanford's mistress identified

Fox News Set for Best Year Yet (CNN, MSNBC dip in ratings)

Sebelius: Public Option Is Still Very Much On The Table

Stories from the Great Depression: From the U.S. National Archives


'Persepolis' - UK Trailer

House almost ready for energy vote

Rachel Maddow: Gov. Mark Sanford's 'Hypocrisy Rap Sheet'

Countdown: KO discusses the clamp down in Iran with Time's Bobby Ghosh

Gymnast Shawn Johnson Put To Sleep After Breaking Leg

'Persepolis 2' - Trailer

SC Gov Sanford On Gay Marriage Flashback - Guess he wanted to 'protect it'

Red Dawn Talking Points: The ABC "Controversy". BREAK ROOM LIVE.

Activists scale 20-story machinery in mountaintop removal protest

CitizenTube helps Iranian protesters - AJ English talks with Steve Grove, YouTube's head of News

House Republicans Fearmonger That Consumer Protection Means Government Takeover Of Finance


Ed Schultz Rails Over Bush's Comments On Obama

Ed Schultz: The AMA Opposition To Healthcare

Big ED on Mark Sanford, Leader of the Teabaggin' Movement

Terrorists gather in Kansas City

Alan Grayson calls for investigation into Fed-FDIC-Citigroup deal

"Cash for Clunkers"

Martial Law in Iran: Rachel Maddow & Reza Aslan discuss the current situation

Barney Frank-O'Reilly last night (2 parts 6:16 & 6:43)

Green Jobs for a Green Future: Weatherization

A Howler Monkey Explains Reality

Family Values by Andrew Putschoegl

Manifested Glory Ministries Gay Exorcism Video

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ in Brockton, Massachusetts

Governor Mark Sanford's Affair With Argentinian Mistress

Nutbag Bachmann's at it Again: Warns of Link Between Census, Acorn & Japanese Internment

The Green Wave (2/3) POWERFUL STUFF

The Green Wave (3/3) POWERFUL MUST SEE!

Back & Forth on Energy Bill

A Savage Nation Indeed

TYT Gov. Sanford Must Apologize To Bill Clinton

The Corporate Takeover of America

Michael Savage Threatening Media Matters

Military tribunals in Defense bill

Judge: Holding Prisoner in Gitmo "Defies Common Sense" - Democracy Now

Chris Matthews & Morning Joe Hosts Engage In Intense Debate On Health Care

Michael Jackson Thriller



Michael Jackson performs Billie Jean live at Motown 25th Anniversary Special (1983)

There Must Be More To Life Than This - Freddie Mercury & Michael Jackson

Was it over when the Koreans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Fault Lines: Evangelical Christianity in the American Military (scary)

Latest news from Al Jazeera English's Iran desk - 0700GMT 25 Jun 09

Olbermann's wrong about Amish Country...

Walk for Health Care (Chicago to DC) starts this weekend


US To Trade Gold Reserves For Cash Through

Keith Olbermann Breaks Down Gov. Sanford Press Conference

State Farm somewhere else if you don't like rates of deregulated companies.

Electric Vehicles in the UK. Where are they in the USA?

Keith Ellison: Will Not Vote For Healthcare Bill Without a Strong Public Option

TYT: Cenk & Ana React To Video Of Church's Gay Exorcism On Teen

General Motors' Fuel Cell Car

Dennis Kucinich Calls Out The Military On Their Manipulation Of Teens! Through Video Games

TYT: Huffington Post Vs. The MSM---The Obama/Iran Press Conf. Controversy

Happy Birthday Lisa -- Michael Jackson

Faces of the favelas

Broken Health Care: What It Really Costs Us

Senate Panel Hears of Health Insurers' Wrongs

Mousavi's wife leads fight against election defeat

Petition to the International Court of Justice re investigation into crimes committed by Khamenei

Fury at ‘ghettoisation’ as Rio slums are to be sealed off by 10ft walls

Joe Conason: The Sickening Influence of Campaign Contributions

TNRtv: Former Health Insurance Insider Slams Industry

Things That Ought To Be Done Right Now...Ban Prescription Drug Advertising

Obama Invites Ahmadinejad to July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest

Nicholas Kristof: President Obama, Call Your Doctor!

Buzzflash: "Hate Talkers United"

Italian 'Extraordinary Rendition' Victim Still Held In Morocco Based On Tortured Confession

Mark Sanford Mistress Photo Released .....SATIRE

Stolen Kisses: Iran's Sexual Revolutions

Clarence Thomas Dissents in 'School Strip-Search' Case, But Still 'Reverses Himself'

Paleontologists amused & offended during trip to Creation Museum

Dean Baker: Why You May Be Stuck Holding the Bill for the Largest Taxpayer Rip Off

I think that this would be a really good project for

Sanford is just a piece of lying scum. If he was trying to reconcile with his wife

The Health Care Industry vs. Health Reform

Obama's Doctor Knocks ObamaCare

Ezra Klein: The Truth About the Insurance Industry

Tom Harkin-Op-Ed: Shifting America from sick care to genuine wellness

The New Economy Won't Be Like the Last One

How To communicate in repressive regimes

Former CIGNA Exec Has Stinging Words For Health Insurers

Greider---"Obama's False Financial Reform Is Nothing But Smooth Talk

Spare Parts

Perils of the Public Plan-- badly designed public plan could turn out to be the opposite of what pr

That Well-Known Liberal Bias

John Geyman, MD : The Sham and Shame of the Health Reform “Debate”: The Charade Goes On

Senate Report Finds Insurers Wrongfully Charged Consumers Billions

Response to the Senator accusing Canada of having "staggering" wait times from Canadian Surgeon

Sanford Should Apologize to Bill Clinton and Gay Couples (Cenk @ DailyKos)

Health Industry Lobbying Tops $1.4 Million Daily

Sharks 'in danger of extinction' (BBC)

Recycled Tissue (facial, napkin, paper towel) & Toilet Paper Guide

Report details global warming's impact on Indiana

Peak oil notes - Jun 25

DrumBeat: June 25, 2009

Article on Iceland's geothermal in this months Popular Science mag.

NOAA replies to Anthony Watts

One More Threat to Clean Water

High tech speed boat boosts anti-whaling force against Japan's might

IncaKolaNews: Ira Rennert Buys Twobreakfasts a Present

FLASH!!! Beginning 11 AM (EDT) Watch Presidents Correa and Morales on UN Webcast

WaPo: A Dissident Deflected - Why Doesn't Prez Have Time for Cuba's Pro-Democracy Opposition?

OAS, Fri., 6-26,10:30 am webcast re: Honduras "risk to democratic institutional political process"

Karen Wald: Judge Postpones Posada's Trial Date -- AGAIN!

ALBA Changes Its Name to Alliance

HAITI - Video: New Video Footage Shows UN Troops Shooting Directly at Funeral Mourners

BOREV: The Pinochet Era for (Actual) Dummies

ALBA Meeting News - Several Articles


Kerry spokeswoman on public option

What GOP presidential candidate will karma strike down next? I'd say our odds are looking good!

Pirates pound the Indians 10-6.

Baseball Scores: Night of June 24

Guess who has the top two teams in the National League?

Conaulaions LSU!

Bill Simmons' Open Letter To Blake Griffin - A Phenomenal Piece of Sports Writing

Mets beat Card 11-0 playing with AAA lineup

Giants' Wild Times. Forget it. Team wants L.A.

Tigers sweep the Cubs!

Guess who has three of the top four teams in the American League...

Cavs get Shaq!!

Received mailing from Help Hospitalized Veterans


Your dollars can bring change to the grape fields

Weingarten resigns from NYC teachers union (nation's largest teachers union)

Solis settling into Labor job

NYT: Despite Recession, High Demand for Skilled Labor

China says export limits in line with WTO quotas as US, EU file complaints

FDR issued an executive order barring discrimination in defense industries

President Obama Officially Creates White House Council On Automotive Communities And Workers

Illinois Workers Benefit From Blagojevich Minimum Wage Increase Legacy

Working Families Rally For Health Care Reform In Nation's Capital -

Iran: Today is the day

Overweight cop headed back to work

Unemployment assistance for union members

SEIU Member Killed in DC Metro Tragedy ( and ATU & CWA members)

WBNG Member also Killed in DC Metro Tragedy

What's in your Chipotle burrito?

Huffington Post: Growing Factory Occupations Threaten to Break the Banks

AP source: GM to build small car in Michigan

Health Insurance Insider: 'They Dump the Sick'

Props to "Big Eddie"

Working families rally for health care reform in nation's capital

Health-care reform spurs 3 rallies

What it comes down to is that the insurance companies make higher profits when

Shootings leave five dead in Philadelphia

120 House Members INSIST On A Strong Public Option!

The Truth About the Insurance Industry

Senator Arlen Specter now backs a public option on health care!

Don't Lie for the Other Guy-Firearms industry teams with BATFE

So, who watched the ABC special on health reform on Wednesday night, and what did you think?

Public health plan could save money faster

This is awsome. Canadian women against gun control.

Today Nearly 10,000 At Capital Hill Rally Demand A "Public Option" !

Obama discusses deathbed measures

National Firearms Registry

Fed inquiry rounds up 23 illegal gun dealers

Europeans: Gilad Shalit transfer to Egypt imminent

Hillary Is Wrong About the Settlements

Rattling the Cage: The fierce urgency of a settlement freeze

"they dump the sick" - insurance industry insider - crosspost

Elizabeth Warren on Consumer Protection

Dr. Housing Bubble 06/23/09

one more... resting wet barn swallow

My baby at the lake today...

let it flow

California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park

Is he in there?

Billionaire Stanford pleads 'not guilty' to 7 Bn of fraud charges.

G.O.P. to Paint Bernanke as Big Government Ally

'Barbecuing a Beamer' increasing due to recession

Cartoon: Health Care's Axis Of Evil

Is Bernanke Toast? If he is, Summers is a shoo-in. (yeesh!)

Anyone here want to admit responsibility for destroying Gov Sanford and Sen Ensigns marriages?

Is anyone going to Toronto Pride this weekend?

UGH. I hate the fucking new york senate. HATE THEM

Holder Tells Congress New Hate Crime Law Needed

I bought a video game for my PS3 named Valkyria Chronicles.

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is heading up the New Beginning collaborative

National HIV Testing Day - Saturday, 6/27

Civil Stonewall Riots: The Beginning of the LGBT Movement (40 years on June 28th)

Ok I'm Fucking PISSED

URGENT!! Save Hate Crimes bill NOW!

Statement by AFL-CIO President Sweeney On ENDA

More on Anchorage's ongoing fight for equal rights.

I just saw a shooting star. Looking east from Tampa. It came almost straight down...

APOD pic: Noctilucent Clouds Over Germany

NASA criticised for sticking to imperial units (New Scientist)

Optical illusion explained

Premonition post in GD about Michael Jackson.

One realization I have this morning...


A new Matthew message is up.

Paleontologists amused & offended during trip to Creation Museum

Michael Jackson's dead, the noetic dot is red

Exorcism left dead boy on a cross

Apparent Gay Exorcism in Conn. Church Causes Outrage

Here's where I started to feel empathy for Gov. Sanford:

Ads for Atheism Appear on Manhattan Buses

In Nixon tapes, Billy Graham refers to 'synagogue of Satan'

Pitting Cherries with a paper clip! Video Link

I'm very concerned about DU....

Any young people looking for a summer job?

Texas company ordered to pay $3M to black workers

911 FOX footage of the Pentagon.

I just ripped a DCCC phone caller a new one. Then I apologized.

Perry to call special session - TransTexas Corridor and Toll Roads at Risk--Again

Sky Saxon of '60s rock band the Seeds dies

Tim Burton at it again with Alice in Wonderland...

NBC's The Philanthropist......anyone see it.....?

Flaherty in U.S. to battle 'Buy America' rules

PM announces Halifax's Pier 21 as newest national museum

Romeo LeBlanc, Canada’s first Acadian governor general, dies

Stranded man to fly home from Sudan Saturday