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Since none of you losers have the balls to say it, I will

Iraqis have second thoughts over June 30 date for US troops to leave

Sky Saxon of '60s rock band the Seeds dies


Paul McCartney is to get back the Beatles back catalog

Three Generations

Lake Bacteria Eating Boy Alive

Right Now on MTV a tribue to Ryan White by MJ awesome

THE OCCUPATION GRINDS ON-The United States is looking to withdraw from Iraq in name only

For the younger generation, another singer died today... Yasmine

Death in threes? Unconfirmed rumors that Jeff Goldblum has died as well.

Live feed LA: Michael Jackson

Jeff Goldblum, Tom Hanks, and Tom Cruise have all fallen to their deaths in New Zealand.

Okay, I traced down the Jeff Goldblum story

New to DU, but never been anywhere but...


Why did this get moved to the lounge? it is a relevant MJ story about his death

Too strange here tonight. I believe I will return tomorrow.

By the way, this is the single best day on DU ever!

All these hoaxes....did anyone not die today?

"Is there something special about a Republican tallywacker that it requires so much attention?"

"Is there something special about a Republican tallywacker that it requires so much attention?"

I went to a wake tonight for a my neighbor tonight and found out that MJ was dead.

Play the video game: Find the Health Insurance!

Safety board probes A-330 malfunctions

OMG! My ExDU-Moderator Girlfriend is watching - I'm Series1!!11!111

Michael Jackson - pictures

Health Care Demostration, Santa Monica & Sepulveda, West L.A. today ~~ any DUers there?

Anyone know how the Single Payer rally in Washington D.C. went today?

Avatar request .... I"m not good of making them

Can someone explain this to me?

Fun little video from CNN - GOP Bad Boys

This Just In! Limbaugh catches fly with tongue:

This is by virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential and top secret.

Chamber of Commerce vs. Labor Unions: Guess who Wins?

How's Abe Vigoda been doing?

Sanford got his schwerve on courtesy of taxpayers.....

Reports MJ's cardiac arrest may have been caused by an overdose of Demerol...

The Real Iranian Election Results

t-shirt for health care...

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Remembering The Time

And Again, I Say, The SNL Writers Are Probably Sorry They're In Repeats

Man in the Mirror - Lyrics - RIP Michael Jackson

Just Curious....

another front has opened in the Iran crisis, or expanded depending on your point of view

don't consider it socialized it civilized medicine

So Jeff Goldblum died today too? RIP if it's true... OK, it's a hoax...

Good night DU.. come back when this circus is over.. MJ RIP, Fawcet RIP

Jackson 5's first appearance on American Bandstand is on MTV now.

' is becoming My Connection' - what are these asshole up to now?

Toon from the Economist ---- Hands Down

fuck Michael Jackson

Michael...*RIP" May the Wind be at Your Back!/Two Special Song Tributes to your Soul Winging Away!

Coulter finds wit in abortion provider assassinations

Awww, Barbara Walters asked Ryan O'Neal if he thinks him and Fawcett will Marry: "Absolutely"

Sanford story - smarmier by the hour

If you think this place was weird today...

"I'll be there."

sore spots and old wounds certainly on display.

It's not a party thing

It's not "the"'s "OUR" government

Rosie O’Donnell to host satellite radio show

Sharpton ain't well....

Thanks to everyone who's posting the Michael Jackson videos

What will the next Michael Jackson Nontroversy thread be?

I think this is the last word on Michael Jackson:

Make way for the MJ impersonators

McMahon, Fawcett, Jackson - and Walter Cronkite is "seriously ill"

Control Room, if you have not watched it, do so about now

In THE MUSIC MAN young Opie is enjoined by Professor Harold Hill to

I'm feeling old right now.. Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon..

Bush in 2001: "by the way, I don't think Macedonia is Somalia" - How Bush viewed the world

has all sharpton been sick?

US Senators vow help for Iran dissidents - Guess which 3 morans?

Rev. Rick Warren to be keynote speaker at Islamic Society of North America

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Harry Shearer Riegns in Romney Rhetoric!

Harry Shearer Riegns in Romney Rhetoric!

Michael Jackson Will LIVE FOREVER in his Songs

Women of Iran: You rock.

BREAKING NEWS: We're all dying.

I miss George.

MSNBC needs to get their shit together!

Crooks & Liars: "FBI's arrest of Hannity pal Hal Turner has been a long time coming"

Most hippies like me back in the day danced to Michael Jackson to get laid

Wouldn't it be nice to get an update from DemoTex about now? n/t

"The John McCains of the world, they're Ahmadinejad's useful idiots."

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Pop Quiz

As we mourn the passing of many great beings the past few days,

Enough Already! Can't we just say; Good Musician, Bad Babysitter?

Hey! Is anyone going to mention Quincy Jones today?

(Lots of pics) Health Care Rally in DC 6/25/2009

Wrath of Kahn is on right now. "He's really not dead. As long as we remember him."

I hate my job.

Michael Jackson's life was infused with fantasy and tragedy (LAT Obit)

Today in history,

One Guess As To Who Is The Happiest Guy In the Country Today........

The Jackson death is a coverup!!! David Koresh is back from the dead!!

Jackson 5 - Whos Lovin You Live....Words can't describe this piece(Video)

That loud noise you just heard was every protester in Iran waking up to the news of MJ's death and

I think one of the best songs ever was Wanna Be Starting Something..

Big feud developing over who was bigger, Elvis or MJ

Big feud developing over who was bigger, Elvis or MJ

Wasn't Michael Jackson working on an album or tour?

Breaking on KO: MJ Fans placing flowers on Michael Jackson's Star...

Why Jacko/anti-Jacko threads are hurtful...

It's time to look Repubs in the eye and say "NO" as they try and gut healthcare reform...

OMG..anyone watching Conan and the pole dancer?

Man, do I ever feel even worse for Farrah. Jackson totally SCRAPED her from sight.

100 Years from Now: Louis Armstrong or Micheal Jackson?

US hits back at Ahmadinejad claim

G8 ministers mull Iran response

Michael Jackson takes top 15 spots on amazon tonight

My DU gadget wish list

To those filled with hate

When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school...

How do you think Limbaugh will blame Michael Jacksons death on Obama?

Wow, am I already tired of the musician comparisons.

Which of these music icons do you own an album/CD/tape by?

Can't Obama do something about the epidemic of death besieging us?

Could someone point out the thread where some tinfoiler suggests that Karl Rove had Micheal Jackson

Supreme Court rules against strip searches

Sean Hannity: "We are the alternative media"

Drillers gamble could trigger earthquakes in California

Jackson 5 Home Video on Soul Train

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - 2 white supremacists indicted for 2004 bombing that injured 2 people

Funny 1989 MJ music video with MANY celeb cameos

Michael Jackson's death causes commotion on the web

Where is LaToya? Where is Janet?

A cornered animal pretends to be aggressive. A cornered politician pretends to be sincere.

India plans hot chilli grenades

$103,000 fine for speeding violation. What's the country? (could help with health care reform costs

So how does a Goverenor who refuses stimulus money

Gas Pump Thievery: Who's Really Behind the Rising Prices at the Pumps?

Weekly Standard finally concerned about detainee abuse

Professional crybabies and victims

Rush Limbaugh says Obama "made" Sanford do it.

Thanks to Farrah Fawcett for her creative stand against domestic violence

WSJ: Honduras Lurches Toward Crisis Over Election

Will $1.2 Million a Day Convince Congress to Buy Big Pharma's Rx for Change?

Sources: Jilted Ex-Husband Leaked Sanford Emails

Today in Bush's Presidency (2001-06-26)

Weird scenes inside the gold mine...

OK everyone, how did Obama force Mark Sanford to have an affair?

Jackson’s Death May Be Black Mark for Twitter (NYT)

How's this?

Coming Up!! Joey Scar to discuss his chapter on Michael Jackson in his new book!!

Interesting article on Sanford

Phew. Morning Joe has some other news besides the death vigils.

Jay Rockefeller explains his support for public option health-care.

Clean Energy Voting (sad ATL business perspective)

So all of the sudden the Repubs support protest?

So all of the sudden the Repubs support protest?

1983... my daughter was 5.

Iranian Cleric Says "Rioters" Should Be Executed

Brian Oxman is a MORAN opportunist

With all the media hype about Michael Jackson,, I have a question

John Ensign, pick tomorrow night's Powerball numbers for me. After all, you're the

When opportunity knocks...

2 white supremacists from Illinois indicted in Arizona diversity office bombing

Please listen to the Mike Malloy show tonight, my friend Coleen Rowley is going to be on

"Get a Brain Morans" photo used at Firedoglake

Sanford-give me some of that ole time Southern irony (SC law on adultery)

Governor (Sanford) Used State’s Money to Visit Lover

So we're pulling out of cities in Iraq today? Where are we going?

What are the odds that Rush Limbaugh, during today's show, says...

She Fought Against Cancer Long Before It Killed Her

Hoax? Close to midnight, Michael Jackson reappeared as dancing zombie.

The science and politics of carbuying in the post "Big Three" era - and that Cash for Clunkers Deal

At what point does the frog boil? Drug deals cost U.S. consumers $3.5 bln a year: FTC

I been watching MJ videos from the 80's and there was still life in the streets.

Any guesses on who'll be on the covers of TIME and NEWSWEEK next week?

Have you noticed who *isn't* being mentioned in the MJ news and Keef Richards references?

Jacko is not dead....

Watching the limmo egged back in 2000

Andrew Sullivan: A Tortured Soul

If cap and trade fails we can use the EPA instead.

When Brian Williams said the NBC evening news' lead story was the

It's time for me to come clean. I'm on welfare.

Where's Joe today?

Michael Jackson May Have Left Paul McCartney Rights to 200 Beatles Songs in His Will

If I was a philandering politician, today would be the perfect day to confess.

Scene With LaToya Jackson Gets Cut from ‘Bruno’ - 'Bruno" delays Hollywood Walk of Fame tribute

Audio from Sirius XM's The Gist. Barney Frank gets furious when host plays Dean's words on DOMA..

So much for any Political Discussion...

Somewhere out there Mark Sanford is damn grateful to Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson

Gov. Mark Stanford is one lucky F...

Does anyone else remember this Cheech & Chong line???

First preproduction Chevy Volts hit the road.

Republican fights for the Constitution, knows nothing of it

Republican fights for the Constitution, knows nothing of it

Freeper reaction to Michael Jackson's death

Paul Krugman: Not Enough Audacity

Confirmed: DU Follows MSM. Nothing To See Here.. Move Along Now.

That personal physician may be in deep trouble

4 minute consolidation on '60 Minutes' - Michael Jackson. In his own words.

4 minute consolidation on '60 Minutes' - Michael Jackson. In his own words.

Question: The airbase the US constructed in Saudi Arabia that Bin Laden

Low life insects on FOX news are trying to turn MJ story into doctor shopping.

Farrah Fawcett died and arrived at the pearly gates yesterday...

Americans' savings rate soars to 6.9%... highest since 1993

Jackson Remembered Fondly for 1989 Stockton Visit (after Cleveland School shootings)

U.S. grants support Iranian dissidents

Randall Terry Rapped For 2006 Election Violations

What do you bet Sanford will show up in church this Sunday?

Has there been a statement from Obama concerning Michael Jackson?

I've listened to more music in the past 20 hours than I have in 5 years.

Letterman beats Conan in late night ratings

Larger than life...

Abortion opponents ask feds to investigate threats

Sanford's days as Governor look to be numbered

Iranian Twitters Pause to Mourn Michael Jackson

Animals on drugs. We are not unique. Michael Pollan ""Botany of Desire"

I will remember Michel Jackson for this song

What do you think will happen after Big Oil companies buy Iraqi oil fields?

Interesting Tweet from John Mayer

Froomkin's next to last column : Obama's Afghanistan policy threatens to sink the nation

Ebay has EXPLODED with MJ stuff


Rep. Rob Bishop says passage of clean energy bill will be as tragic as the death of Michael Jackson.

David GREGORY threw hissy fit over Joe SCABBS guesting with STEPANOPOULIS

David GREGORY threw hissy fit over Joe SCABBS guesting with STEPANOPOULIS

Just when Princess Di was almost put to rest ...

there is a saying that death comes in threes

there is a saying that death comes in threes

dedicated to Farrah Faucett & Michael Jackson

In Nixon tapes, Billy Graham refers to 'synagogue of Satan'

the NIH needs to transport possibly infected workers to Bethesda

Michael Jackson vs. the news, by Mark Morford

From Governor Mark Sanford's iPhone:

The Union Edge radio show streaming now, 12-1 EST daily.

Ben Smith/Politico: Palin: 'John Kerry, why the long face?'

Media striking the right balance in their coverage of the death of Michael Jackson

The answer: Michael Jackson.

Scalia, Roberts, Alito have acknowledged a penumbra of privacy

Ex-CIA Columnist Suspects Interference by His Former Employer


For a rationalist, the truism about celebrity deaths and threes is unsettling

To distract you from Michael Jackson's death, here's a picture of Sarah Palin with a machine gun.

This thread is about a thread

Sanford was following the lord....

Would John Lennon be the icon he is today with a 1989 Beatles Reunion sponsored by Gatorade?

Sanford--Object of Ridicule

Sanford's Adultery May Be Criminal Under South Carolina Law

METRO CRASH (Washington): Driver NOT texting or using cell. Track Circuits at fault

New York Times - Who would've thunk they'd become a fanzine?

Can someone explain this to me?

BREAKING: Iran protests and crackdown end because of Michael Jackson death

Sanford addressing his Cabinet at a meeting right now on MSNBC

South Floridians sneak Iranians past Web censors

surge update - Wave of Bombings Continues in Iraq

surge update - Wave of Bombings Continues in Iraq

Not so nutty after all. Tracing device on his state car was DISABLED.

Luxury yachts offer pirate hunting cruises

How long are the cable news channels going to be the Michael Jackson Is Dead channels?

Why the anti-Jacko threads are hurtful

What Did You Sacrifice to Afford Health Care?

NYT: NYC Homicides Interactive Map

i'm getting so angry as i listen to Bernie

Insurance through the jobsite--the genius of American capitalism at work.

Michael Jackson

House debating Climate Change bill now. Opponents getting a little testy. Should make

Horror of Kenya's 'witch' lynchings

Israel Must Halt Settlement Activity, Says Mideast Quartet

Christy Harvey predicting Sanford will resign the governorship

Would a non celebrity receive 1 hour of CPR/resuscitation attempt?

health care stories - good reads

The Sanford and Ensign Scandals Open a Door On Previously Secretive 'C Street' Spiritual Haven

21 Million Tune in for Networks' Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett Specials

They didn't need to invent Viagra till Sinatra died -anybody notice that? nt

Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us ~ Michael Jackson's POWERFUL thoughts to the world~

Palin To Kerry: "Why The Long Face?"

Clarence Thomas and strip searches

I don't know which is the bigger extortion racket, Big Oil or Big Finance.....

It's possible to love the young, beautiful, Michael Jackson and dislike the older, sordid one

CADC Comes to Defense of Exorcists

DEATH - Behind the Black Curtain

Jackson dies, almost takes Internet with him

Jackson dies, almost takes Internet with him UPDATE: Matthew Shepard Foundation rejects Perez Hilton offer

Quincy Jones

Former Revolutionary Guard Member: 'Military Coup' Underway In Iran

Former Revolutionary Guard Member: 'Military Coup' Underway In Iran

Former Revolutionary Guard Member: 'Military Coup' Underway In Iran

Toons- RIP

Interactive Map: Dramatic Increase in the Uninsured Rate in Every State

More Friday 'Toons... just for the Halibut...

What's this about drug crazed kangaroos prowling the Australian countryside?


A Booking Battle ... Over Joe Scarborough?

Common Knowledge

Concerning the Supreme Court's strip-search ruling.... HOLY SHIT!

This could work

Rep. Linder compares global warming to Einstein challenging Newton...

Bill O'Reilly and the Lynching of Michael Jackson

I Feel Shame

MTV playing MJ's "Gone Too Soon"

Kyrgyzstan: US bases to aid in anti-terror fight

Was it ever determined if MJ had vitiligo?

ALERT: Michael Jackson Memorial Snark on Wonkette

ALERT: Michael Jackson Memorial Snark on Wonkette

"When I speak Remember I have taken $$ ____ from Medical Healthcare Insurance Lobbyists" ....

Jenny Sanford on husbands career

Michael Jackson lyrics: "Oh God, he's taking Demerol.."

Sasha Obama - and Dad - Sink Rahm Emanuel.

for those of you who didn't listen to Thom Hartmann (videos)

Jermaine Jackson Announces his Brother's Death - My thoughts are with his family....

Elvis Presley paved the way for Richard Nixon

ACLU Asks UN to Investigate Extraordinary Rendition

What happened to the non-stop "clean coal" ad campaign played at every commercial break for months?

5 members of the Jena 6 sentenced to a week's probation

Michael Jackson Doctor -- MIA -- Gave MJ an injection (Demerol?) before he died. (TMZ)

"Uh, Governor? It's pronounced 'keesh'."

Here's the profile on the alleged doctor of Michael Jackson

The only thing to do with what happened to Michael is to learn from it

I loved MJ's Music, but excuse me .....those are not MJ's biological children, IMO!

SC senator calling for Sanford to resign.

Obama Scoffs at Ahmadinejad Apology Demand

Pubs were unhappy that all didn't get to talk, so they refysed to adjourn!

Huffington Post: Wal-Mart in Chicago, New York and L.A. without EFCA? A bad idea

Music industry 'missed' Napster

Specter: Schumer Has It Right On The Public Option

SC governor compars himself to a Biblical King.

I wonder if Conyers missing backbone was related to his wifes bribery and crimes?

Some final toons for the week-

Look Quick! Freeper waiting on his/her pizza

Greenpeace Says 'No' to Climate Bill: ACES Is Too Weak

Freeps: Sanford should resign "if he used public fuds"

Tweet The Cheats - Take Our Healthcare Reform Battle Viral.......

State votes to end gay bias (

Do you have a current deluge of car insurance advertising in your state?

Tax credit for home purchase could rise......

glen beck says his latest book is non-fiction

Want to know what Michael Jackson did.....

New Nielsen Measurement: CNN Tops Fox, MSNBC in Total Exposure

Atlanta voted third least favorite city/destination for travel in America

George Will puts the "SMACK DOWN" on single-payer...

White House and Dem leadership help defeat McGovern Amendment for Afghanistan Exit Strategy

Glass Half Full: House Democratic Caucus Backs McGovern Afghanistan Exit Amendment

Did you eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner yesterday? Talk to your spouse?

Carl Levin (D-Mich) calling Cheney a Liar video. You never saw this on TV.

Could some DUer from MN explain why there is no agitation for a SC ruling.

Joe The Plumber Suggests Lynching Chris Dodd

Michael Jackson 3-1/2 weeks ago

Out of respect for childhood - a repost of an old thread.

Ok, I've been in a couple of the threads but DU has really jumped the diamond gloved shark this time

Sanford:... King David Didn't Resign, So Why Should I?

Iran With Nuclear Weapons

John McCain: Der Kommissar Pelosi runs an autocratic House

Nirvana knocked Michael Jackson out of the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart in 1992

Is Al Gore profiting off cap & trade?

Tortured Logic: The Urgent Need For Leadership And Accountability At OLC

Healthcare industry spending $1.4 million -A DAY - on lobbyists

Joan Walsh: "I was cringing at the idea of his comeback tour. I expected it would be a train wreck."

Don't expect any action or big announcement on DADT or DOMA

Hurricane Center eyes 'tropical wave' developing in Caribbean

Hurricane Center eyes 'tropical wave' developing in Caribbean

A Tale of Two Moralities

Sanford's Official trip included meeting with mistress

Venice gets its first female gondolier

Al Franken

Shocking News for you BANK BUST FRIDAY devotees......

A couple arrested on domestic assault charges had an unusual choice of alleged weaponry: Cheetos

MarketWatch: More Georgia Banks Fail

Washington the State needs your help convincing Sen Cantwell to support single payer

They say Michael Jackson had cancer and so did Farrow and Obama's mother

Got To Be There

Gingrey Compares Democratic Leadership To The ‘Forces Of Darkness’ In Iran And North Korea

Obama: Community service is a national duty

FiliBoehner(n.): A pseudo-comedic rambling abuse of leadership floor privileges.

A couple of toons on media obsession with MJ

I just purchased $50 worth of Michael Jackson music CDs and DVDs from Amazon

Who would have thought that Michael Jackson would have keeled over due to a heart attack

Horror of Kenya's 'witch' lynchings (BBC)

Hey Rush you flunked out / dropped out of S.E. Missouri U., you were a drug ...

Who is now going to be the king/queen of pop? Or will there ever be one

US Congress set for climate vote (BBC)

Sent this to CNN

Could the media's MJ circus doom Iran?

The premiere of the Thriller video was not your Woodstock.

Freepers thought Palin said "Why the log face" to John Kerry

So, looks like Fox News has time to cover stories other than MJ...

Are there any rivers in the Columbia, SC area?

Officials consider massive 600M-dose swine flu vaccine campaign

Officials consider massive 600M-dose swine flu vaccine campaign

Here is the problem with the news coverage of today's events

Redding man fears feral cats may be in peril

Mark Sanford: Premature Ejaculator

Colbert Would Have Tasted It

Climate bill just passed 219-212

Boehner does his best impression of a senator

describe MJ's funeral

describe MJ's funeral


has anyone asked harry reid or nancy pelosi why the pukes still run the place?

Has anyone heard from MarianJack?

Is anything going on in the world today?

Is anything going on in the world today?

We now know why Gov. Sanford didn't need the Stimulus Package.

I just emailed Countdown and asked them to consider covering some news other than MJ.

Why we shouldn't even WANT bipartisanship, especially on healthcare:

Orwell Picasso

Poor Farrah.

An Non-Michael Jackson post...

Happy Pride to all LGBTQ and allied DUers!

No surer way to resurrect GOP than to mandate Americans purchase overpriced, inadequate insurance:

Developing: Another “Other” Woman For Sanford?

Developing: Another “Other” Woman For Sanford?

Developing: Another “Other” Woman For Sanford?

EXCELLENT toon on Health Care Reform Cost

Obama's policy on natural resources: disturbingly familiar, almost sinister

Obama's policy on natural resources: disturbingly familiar, almost sinister

Dick Durbin's tepid response to my letter in support of single payer

Dan Froomkin's Last Column for the Washington Post

A touching tribute by Michael Jackson's friend -- Deepak Chopra

Look at Amazon's top 25 music page

Jackos Body Could Have Left The Hospital in a Hearse

please don't tell me Ed is going to do an hour on Jackson too n/t

seeing Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood Sat

Sri Lanka arrests astrologer for gloomy predictions

Luv Gov likens his situation with King David & Bathsheba. David didn't resign

Swimming with E. Coli

Most important news story of the week (ending June 26, 2009)

I always look for the silver lining. For instance, MJ's death, while sad, has brought peace to Iran.

Quick! Quick!

the FReeper solution to economic woes

Here's what bothers me about the 911 call (re Jackson)

Here's what bothers me about the 911 call (re Jackson)

Monica Conyers convicted of conspiracy-faces up to 5 years in prison

Monica Conyers convicted of conspiracy-faces up to 5 years in prison

Is there another “other” woman?

"I would expect to see a lot of happy cows"

Larisa Alexandrovna Blogs Today's Nat'l Press Club DOJ/Rove Corruption Conference

Will America's Besieged Middle Class Snap?

How should generations define themselves?

Food Bank Friday (June 26, 2009)

Armstrong > Jackson

"Earth Song"....Michael Jackson.

Maria Belen Chapur (Sanford's Mistress) - Actual Photo --->

Open Left: Jobless Non-Recovery

This is how you piss off a Brazilian: mix up Brazil and Argentina. (Latest Rushbo idiocy)

Hollywood Walk of Fame: Wrong Michael Jackson star getting flowers and candles

Congressman's Wife Guilty of Bribery

What Eleanor Roosevelt said about the Battle of Athens (TN) -- It's a Warning

Tribute to Neda - "The Call"

Q. What do Cockroaches and Mark Sanford have in common?

Calif. Man Arrested In Abortion Confrontation

Over 100 State Bar Complaints Filed This Week Against Torture Lawyer William Haynes

Over 100 State Bar Complaints Filed This Week Against Torture Lawyer William Haynes

Rep. Broun (Cro-Magnon-GA) calls global warming a hoax, receives applause on House floor

How Billie Jean King changed the world.

The health savings accounts are pure BS! If you don't have enough $$

The day the music died-

Michele Bachmann's Census Theories Too Much For Glenn Beck

IMO, the Democratic Leadership does not WANT Al Franken as a Senator.

"Crap and Trade"

It's hard to imagine such a world-wide reaction to the death of a younger star.

'Stoned wallabies make crop circles' (BBC)

Great "words to the wise" from Keith Olbermann himself over at DKOs re:disruptors:

I made it thru 10 minutes of Glenn Beck.

All Michael Jackson, All Day, All Night

Can someone help me out here with CSpan video question?

Goodbye Michael. R.I.P. I'll miss you and your music. Thanks for making my life a little more

The 100 most important American musical works of the 20th century

Neighborhood Watch Warning about Gay Pride Rally

Rell signs Conn. Senate vacancy bill

Michael Jackson's death: an American metaphor

At 19, I never knew the King of Pop, Michael Jackson...

Dollar Slides After China Calls for ‘Super-Sovereign’ Currency

MSNBC, Matthews slandering Michael Jackson

La Liza: 'All Hell Will Break Loose' After Jackson's Autopsy

So, you CAN filibuster in the House. Boehner is using his leader privileges to drone on forever.

On Tues. at 8 am Lt. Choi will stand trial for saying "I am gay." Please take action -

Gerald Posner's on Tweety's MJ-ghoul-fest right now...

China Marks Anti-drug Day With Executions

Dear Governor Dumbfuck,

Oh, Snap!

Top Recipients of Securities and Investment Company Contributions 2007-2008

Charged for allowing her son to become obese

Video of church's 'casting out' gay 'demon' in teen sparks anger

Is Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee)

Why is a single payer system better than a hybrid system of public and private plans?

genius very often sucks.

genius very often sucks.

Senators who side with lobbyists against public option better hope the lobbyists vote in their state

It's official: The American media is dead.

Halliburton and Iraq: The Purloined Letter

Ed Sullivan Show: "Beatles in 1964" v. "Jacksons in 1969"

Farah Fawcett Appreciation Thread

DU, I NEED YOUR HELP, my friend Dr. Ogan Gurel is WALKING from Chicago to DC for HEALTH CARE

The Rude Pundit: Clarence Thomas Wants to Yank on Pubescent Panties

Oregon's rape laws

I feel sorry about Michael Jackson's passing, but being a cultural child of the 50's and 60's

Rahm says not enough votes for immigration reform. Yet he told candidates "go right" to win.

Sky Saxon Appreciation Thread

Former Gainesville Mayor and Republican State Senate Candidate, arrested for public indecency

MSNBC's weekend programming (follow up)

Is this the change we voted for?????

Michael Jackson Paved the Way for Barack Obama

Rank these music Icons.

A Global Perspective of Universial Health Care Systems

Priorities for home schooled kids who want to play sports

isnt the only reason MJ is known the world over

Q&A: The Lyme Disease Controversy

Not to be morbid, but how can someone's death be a developing story...

Corporate Polluters Helped Write the Obama Administration Climate Bill

SC 1st lady says letter tipped her to affair

Volcano anyone?

How Billie Jean Changed the World (Michael Jackson was a colossus).


THEY USED A CHOPPER???? And CALI is in a slight economic crisis

THEY USED A CHOPPER???? And CALI is in a slight economic crisis

my sincerest apologies to DU.

Since when is prejudice a good basis for labeling someone a pedophile?

Texas School District Has No Right To Force Native American Boy To Cut Hair, Says Americans United

White House Is Drafting Executive Order to Allow Indefinite Detention of Terror Suspects

I am no longer seeing my Mistress. I am drawing strength from the bible.

Minor Rant - Ahmadinejad APOLOGIST on Huffington Post (which yanked my reply)

"The Stoning of Soraya M." Opens today!

Who to Trust on a Truth Commission?

I am sad at the passing of Farrah Fawcett, and hope she finds eternal happiness in the next world.

Michael Jackson: Imperfect Icon Who Became America's Global Face


Our Political Prisoners

Michael Jackson Secrets Revealed

KEITH RICHARDS Will Outlive Us All

Duke Univ official charged in child sex case

We Grew Up With Michael Jackson

If you modified the design, and had enough cats, it would cool the room

A Vision for the Rights of Workers

Fox News gets okay to misinform public, court ruling. No really.

Now this photo, takes brass ones

Who is the most popular and influential recording artist of all time?

Farrah-- Women owe her a debt of gratitude (and some other thoughts)

A Famous Person Dies (TOON)

What do you sacrifice in order to have health care?

Dean says maybe "catastrophic problem for the Democratic Party if they can’t get this bill out."

Another thread

Death in threes? Unconfirmed rumors that Jeff Goldblum has died as well.

Uh, while you were all reading about Michael Jackson,

Has this been the weirdest week of 2009 or what?

Okay, I traced down the Jeff Goldblum story

Iphone porn app frenzy causes server crash

Jeff Goldblum, Tom Hanks, and Tom Cruise have all fallen to their deaths in New Zealand.

What are Jermaine, Tito, Gummo and Zeppo going to do now?

MSNBC BREAKING: Title of Cheney Memoir to be "Go F**K Yourself, America"

All these hoaxes....did anyone not die today?

Rush Limbaugh falls out of his chair to his death.

1st porn app on iTunes 'sold out'

Breaking news! Hotblack Desiato is still dead!

Google strangeness

Cross Post from GD -- I'll raise my glass to the Mods and Admins now.

How soon before the 'Jackson faked his own death' conspiracy theory hits the web?

In honor of Gov. Mark Sanford, I give you the Masochism Tango

More proof Perez Hilton is a douchebag.

Would Midlo cross the river to drink *free wine* at a grocery store?

I wish me and my girlfriend could have been childhood friends.

john denver-sunshine on my shoulder

So what Michael Jackson song has been stuck in your head since you heard the news?

really is there not ONE song from Michael you do not like???

so MTV FINALLY goes back to playing MUSIC

New to DU, but never been anywhere but...

The boss brought a big tray of cookies from costco.

Well, whaddaya know? The letter after A and preceding C is nonfunctional in my PC.

hey lounge!!!! this is for us tonight (pic heavy)

Oh look, Back to the Future is on VH1

Shiner Smokehaus

I hung out with gay people this afternoon

Michael Jackson YouTube compilation...for the Lounges enjoyment

PSA: when hanging tab style curtains.....

Rush Limbaugh's chair collapses

It's a lie: Paul McCartney shot dead by Ringo; Ringo driving around LA in SUV with Paul's body

ok, please tell me other people's cats do this too

My older cat lost a claw really gross...he was scratching on hubby's speaker box

Come and get it — it's on me!

Claddagh - noun

Favorite Jackson?

The ultimate personal hygiene item!

The Indian Version of Michal Jackson's Thriller

MJ's death--My dad called and said "Isn't that terrible?"

i wanted a sweet photo with our new kitty... no such luck

If a fan of any song of his - Your favorite Michael Jackson song as a solo artist?

'Stoned wallabies make crop circles'

Has anybody seen the ad playing in the DFW area

madinmaryland - deleted

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'?

I want to thank all Loungers who recently gave my Dad good vibes and wishes....

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Fun in the country

OK already! Enough with the helicopters circling like vultures!

A few words about a decent congestion in my lungs

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue

Who does the milestones posts?

A few words about the recent situation in the Lounge.

How come no one even MENTIONS Captain Eo?

A few words about the recent situation in the Lounge.


RIP , Mr. Jackson

I am posting from my new Blackberry

I would like to say something before signing off

MJ's death reminds me again how much I miss music videos

I had a pretty good day...fair anyway.

If it is wrong

Today was full of AWESOME.

Who's waiting for the MJ sightings?

I love the oldies in the summertime, anybody else?

I told my son that

Paul McCartney to get the Beatles back together

Today is the 500 year anniversary of the ascension of Henry VIII to the throne

Breaking news! ZBDENT has died!

I took my Grandmother to the foot doctor today

Getting kicked in the balls and having your penis lit on fire would be better than this.

Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl

How the hell did Keith get roped into covering Jacko's death?

Man, notice how the days are getting shorter?

What Can You Do That Nobody Else Can Do?

You know I never understoon the hoopla around Elvis's death but then again I was really young...

Welp, this day sucked, from beginning to end

Should I jump off the cliff yet?

IMO, funniest MJ music video...

Sky Saxon's death today is the one bumming me out

Volunteering (need to let off some steam)

G'nite all! Sweet Cowboy dreams, as the sixth super bowl victory will be coming

Storyboards from Michael Bay's "The Great Gatsby"

Why modern commercial music sucks : Before The Music Dies - a documentary on Hulu. Do watch.

The Eleanor Roosevelt Quote for Friday, June 26th, 2009

Sing for the teacher who told you that you couldn't sing...

I am going to Pridfest for the first time in years.

Dude . . . weird dream. (narwhal)

A poem about the dentist.

Is the Neverland Ranch the next Graceland?

I keep experiencing periodic moments of "Michael Jackson's dead. What the fuck."

Where is bake?

Hey now, don't be so glum. At least it's Friday, right?

Hey, TZ! What happened with the Air Supply Appreciation Thread you promised?

Air Supply appreciation thread!

Can someone explain this to me?

Now I feel like an asshole for missing that whole thing

Are Jon and Kate sad about Michael Jackson?

OK, now that that's over I'm going to GD to relax.

I've been RESISTING the temptation to post an EPIC about what a total piece of SHIT my car is...BUT:

I guess today's the day

Help, I can't stop thinking about sex.

BOOORRRIIINNNG. This lounge is booorrrriiinnng.

Molest children, buy off the parents, die as a beloved icon

Your mission (if you choose to accept it): Post a picture that best describes your mood.

My sister is almost willing to risk serious liver damage . . .

Some people won't be coming back...ever...

What's an ecologically acceptable way to dispose of Styrofoam packaging?

Often times I will ask my kitty deep and meaningful philosophical questions.

air supply is coming to my 'hood.

"Poor Farrah Fawcett she dies....

Political song for Michael Jackson to Sing

Posting pictures of your kids on the Internets Tubes

Good morning Lounge

Friday Poetry thread

air supply

Palin Attacks Construction Worker Over Comments About Daughter

Why can't we solve the world's conflicts like Michael Jackson's "Beat It"

Fuck it. The Natinals are leading the redsox 7-1!

For those who are hurting today...

Picture of a bedbug close up

So did that New Zealand cliff claim any more actors today?

Notice how we haven't heard a word about Jon and Kate since MJ died?

Who is Bruno and why should I care?

Picture of Midlo working on her book

Which republican eating establishments will Midlo patronize today for lunch?

"...And when the groove is dead and gone..."

What can I use to spray my yard for bugs?

I'm going to bed. Please wake me when something other than Michael Jackson all day, everyday is on

Seagull Guitars

Who uses Firefox? I need some help, please.

Michael Jackson May Have Left Paul McCartney Rights to 200 Beatles Songs in His Will

self delete.

I am pleased to report Midlo is a surreal person

I know who Midlo's ghost writer is!

So, I want to make my time at DU more pleasant for me...

A naked guy walks into a bar...

I am pleased to report that Matcom is a real person

Who remembers when the video for "Thriller" premiered and remembers watching it at home that night?

Can someone help find 2 posts of mine?,,,

Would one of y'all PM Call Me Wesley and ask him to hurry up with dinner????

A priest, a minister and a rabbi walk into a bar....

I have a feeling the woman on MSNBC is full of shit. Jacko wasn't the first black on MTV.

no name no slogan. Please report to the designated area.

PIM'S orange biscuts make everything better.

A poem for taterguy, by request

That is one bad ass cat

Funny thing about luck, and gratitude.

A termite walks into a bar and asks.....

Am I a real person?

Just incase you're keeping box turtles I'd thought I'd update you

WGN Honors Fawcett With 'Angels' Marathon

A sad update on an issue I dealt with 5 years ago

A horse walks into a bar

i never had a farah fawcett poster.

My book is almost done. I have written chapters about all of you.

Just incase you're keeping boxscore I'd thought I'd update you

Who's ready for the weekend?

The classic "man with a horse walks into a bar" joke

"As the world mourns..." Huh?

What do you call yourself? Labels. Things you are, things you do.

Why couldn't have Michael Jackson died in 1989? (apologies to Denis Leary)

Huh, I just heard box wine sales were through the roof last week


kitteah picture of the day for friday june 26

The problem with Vista is too many Windows

Anyone here use organicide on your lawn?

Don't believe everything you see on TV or read in the newspaper.

What role does DU play in your life?

Most overwrought eulogy in all of human history (MJ, who else?)

Hey, does anybody know...

What a great evacuation plan..leave me be in the lab while there's a gas leak

*******HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to Lyric !!*******


One good thing came from Michael Jackson's death

For your own safety, please don't make a Michael Jackson pilgrimage to Gary, IN.

Hint: if your boss asks you for your "honest opinion", DO NOT give it to them. It's a TRAP!

Generic celebrity joke.

My poem for Midlo

My new iPhone hates my Blackberry.


it's a Cool Whip Miracle!!! oh wait...nt

What country music song suits Jenny Sanford best?

some friday afternoon johnny paycheck for yo ass

Your kids are ugly and stupid!

My Underwear Drawer Can Be A Confusing Place...

DC area DUers...Which way to Southern MD?

So, ... I was caught in this friggin' telephone menu tree.

is it too early for dead celebrity jokes?

A whole week's worth of FReeperisms at once. This is HUGH!!!111!!11!11!

Has Weird Al been reached for comment?

I'm writing a poem and need some help.

OK, people. Who here ever tried to "moonwalk"?

You know, all of society's problems were caused by one big willy...

You Are Not Alone

And Now- an Annual Lounge Event- My Imitation of Joseph Stalin:

Okay, I'll admit it, I live in a shithole.

Maybe Republican governors are simply too tolerant

Screw the headlines, here's the real news:

Update on Miranda Rat Face

The people who hate Miracle Whip shall be on forced ignore from those who like it

XemaSab (And anyone else who is interested... A tattoo update.)

Have you ever been mistaken as another DUer?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The MOVIE is on HULU

Why does Starburst even make the yellow ones?

Since everyone is trying to decypher Teh Loungez Matrix

OK, here's my question

New Rolling Stone arrived today. Looks like I missed the Kenny Rankin obit thread, if there was one.

New GOP drug of abuse: the Rushball!

I am pleased to report that Paddy is a real person

Purses with dangerous amount of lead

What celebrity death didn't you give a shit about?

I cared more about the death of THIS Michael Jackson, actually....

Okay. We came home from our vacation a few days early, thanks to the thunderstorms. Had

If it's good for Muddy Waters it's good for me

They're trying to make Miracle Whip cool.

A poem for malta blue, by request

Ok everyone who believe dreams have meaning, help me with this one.

Would anyone even know who Michael Jackson was if it wasn't for Eddie Van Halen?

Bwhahahahahahahahahahah! It's here! IT"S HERE!

Who Is MJ's Successor As the Most Whacked-Out Celebrity in the World?

RIP, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Mr. Ed

Miracle Whip is delusional!

It's Happy Hour somewhere, dammit

Miracle Whip is magically delicious! _____ (click for visual evidence...)

Argument about quantum physics leads to assault with skateboard

A quote from comic Dana Gould, appropriate for today.

Home staging: has anyone every heard of it?

A quote from comic Dana Plato, appropriate for today.

I just drove across the Finger Lake region here in New York and I got to

Pic of dead Michael Jackson released (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

José Carlos Schwarz

Here is the only Jackson album I own

First, The King. Then, The King of Pop. Which King Is Next?

Andy is cool and all but I miss Joel the perverted announcer

5'-11", 98lbs - did anybody really think he was 'Bad'?

Rush explains Sanford

if jesus came to your house

a poem for KamaAina.

A break from the MJ hype

You work from home. Your home office is

I did it. Lawn gnome in break room fridge at work.

I went to Target, and their credit/debit card machines were not working.

Such a sad day, is it wrong

Facebook gone done and pissed me off

A baby seal walks into a bar.....

pickles THEN dirt

I think we need some David Bowie in here today

Friday, June 26th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Much Ado about Nothing

Mormon crickets attacked me in Zion national park.

Have you ever thought of legally changing your name?

I know I'm late to the party, but to those calling MJ a pedophile, please remember....

I know I'm late to the party, but to those calling MJ a pedophile, please remember....

RIP DS1, sniffa, and Haruka

I got bored this afternoon.. so voila: The hot new republican website! (big image)

can someone please fill me in via pm?

The Lounge Can Be A Confusing Place...

They're trying to rebrand Miracle Whip. Trying to make it edgy and cool.

Anybody want a recipe for Chicken Curry?

What celebrity death hit you the hardest

Health Industry Lobbying Tops $1.4 Million Daily

It's Friday, and I'll take you back a few years ... New German Wave thread!

Branston Pickle

A poem for AlCzervik.

Auf Wiedersehen

1999 Subaru Outback Impreza, 79.6k miles -- trade in for a new Ford Fiesta, Fusion, or wait?

In memory of Michael Jackson


Who remembers when "Captain EO" premiered and remembers watching it at home that night?

For my 1000 post, I just wanna raise some hell.

Favorite Jeff Goldblum movie?

A poem for LeftisWrite.

Best movie fight scenes.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/26/09

1995 Saturn SW2 station wagon...

mozart > jackson

Ear Candy Worms Tidbits for Lounge, courtesy of GD:MJ Wayback Machine

Asshole celebrity cats tire of the paparazzi.

Asshole celebrity cats tire of the paparazzi.

Mr. Scorpio: We need a MJ-full radio broadcast. What say you??

So is it too soon for Farrah or MJ jokes?

(Potential) Ferocious German Shepherds!!! (Dial-up Warning)

Not to be all melodramatic, but I came closer than I care to think about to dying last week.

Miracle Whip is delicious!

Post a link to your earliest post on DU!

So, what's your Michael Jackson earworm?

NAME a band that PEAKED with its FIRST album.

The best guitar player you never heard of is...

A poem for Call Me Wesley.

Rank These Music Icons

Movies that Made you Cry... or almost

Why hasn't James had any other great hits other than "Laid"

I remember when the king of pop died the 1st time. (For limited U.S. areas only)

What celebrity death will hit you hardest? (FUTURE TENSE)

Remarks by the President at Luau for Members of Congress and Their Families

Sanford's trade mission to Argentina contradicted U.S. policy

Rockefeller is one of the good guys

Luau at the White House (VIDEO)

FL-Gov, FL-Sen: McCollum Leads Sink, Crist Still Dominating

Sens. Sessions, Durbin show ignorance about hate crimes law during testimony by AG Holder

White House applauds NC road effort

Politicians call for disgraced governor to resign

Republican leaders out of touch with voters....Republican voters.

OR-Gov: Dems Start in Solid Shape

Obama approval TANKING.

Excellent Krugman column today about Obama & health care

Analysis: Liberals prod Obama on their health bill (AP)

Bill Clinton: Getting It Right

Did a survey today which was political in nature this time.

House debating Climate Change bill on C-Span. Vote will come today, if votes are there for passage.


Poll: Independents Trust Obama — Not GOP — On Big Issues

Ezra Klein: A Question of Priorities (Senate Finance Committee Health Care Reform Bill)

I don't know who Ken Rudin is, but his analysis is warped

***Heads Up: POTUS and Chancellor Merkel Live Presser***

I have to say, this Obama fellow is quite the community organizer

Ezra Klein: Is it Time to Get rid of the Agriculture Committees?

Are you watching this idiot repuke on C-Span? Rep Frank Lucas OK!

Sen. Rockefeller outspoken for a public option: "do you want to be non-partisan and get nothing?"

Sen. Rockefeller outspoken for a public option: "do you want to be non-partisan and get nothing?"

Pastor Asks God to Smite President Obama

House Democrats win key test vote on climate bill

The GOP Top scandals.......

Machiavellian White House Groundskeeper Gaining Influence Among West Wing Staff

Who are the uninsured? Some extremely useful facts

Apparently, folks tuned in after all.

DemCorps poll: Obama's approval at 56%

Argentina's press on Sanford's mistress María Belén Chapur (Photo)

IL-07, Cook County - Danny Davis opens Exploratory Committee for Cook County Board President

Dem ads slam GOP for voting against war bill

Obama's good flip-flop

CBO reports updated energy bill will bring additional $9.14 billion in revenue over the next decade

PHOTOS Jeez, he's a tough boss.

Did Glenn Beck, Bill OReally make it to the LUAU? ....Just askin...Whad about Zitt Butt?

Obama Slams Ahmadinejad: I don't take his comments about apology seriously and he should take care

Obama's Stonewall

someone have a list of what Obama has accomplished so far?

Kay Hagan: Don't judge me yet

New North Carolina Senate numbers

caption this photo!

The Nation: Is Max Baucus Change We Can Believe In?

Heard on NPR that Jenny Sanford told him NOT to go to Argentina.

Rep. Dana Rorahbacher "The Polar ice caps are melting, because of a solar transformation, and not

Goddammit, Seat Franken

Let's settle this Palin / Kerry Feud now......Have them both appear on Jeopardy!!!

I am increasingly convinced that the most important 2010 election will not be in the House or Senate

Robert Reich Must Read: What Can I Do?

So my 11month old has a temp of 103.2, Im in the emergency room with...

Call progressives in Congress & tell them to support the climate change bill.

Ironically I think it could be the Democratic party in real trouble next election if...

Director of NASA’s Goddard Institute Dr. James E. Hansen said coal would destroy us in two decades

It looks like the bill may just pass

It looks like the bill may just pass

Sen. Arlen Specter comes out FOR the public option!

Sanford's replacement, Barbour, out-hogs him at using state resources for personal fun.

Obey, Waters Fight on House Floor - “I’m not going to approve that earmark!”

NY-Gov: Rick Lazio (R) to Run

Barack Obama Converts to German

MSNBC should label themselves an "entertainment network."

Biden speaks at the LGBT DNC fundraiser....

Ezra Klein- good analysis- "Health reform, remember, is a long game", we don't know the WH strategy.

Facepalm: Chip Reid Asks Gibbs if Obama Has Given Ahmadinejad ammuntion by ramping up his rhetoric.

David Letterman is happy he can joke about a Republican governor

TPM: NC'S Kay Hagan Continues to Be Key Obstacle to Public Option in the Senate

White House Drafts Executive Order to Allow Indefinite Detention of Terror Suspects

For the record, I happen to like Obama

Rahm's Take: Bubba v. Obama

Sanford: King David Didn't Resign, So Why Should I?

Democrats increasingly confident they'll enact health-care plan

The only reason to be "bi-partisan" with a party that is a walking corpse is:

House Narrowly Passes Landmark Climate Bill

READ THE DAMN BILL!!! This is a energy bill, there is no short term emergency.

I think I like this Jenny Sanford.

Since people are dying while they dither over health care- here are 2 immediate actions

U.S. Officials Leaked a False Story Blaming Iran

Report: Jeff Goldblum Has Died

GM says bankruptcy sale delay would kill suppliers

Sky Saxon of '60s rock band the Seeds dies

More stockyards packing it in

Opposition leader's aide banned from leaving Iran

G8 ministers hammering out Iran statement

U.S., Venezuela to restore full diplomatic ties

Eerie calm masks Iran tensions

Bomb kills 13, wounds 45 in Baghdad

María Chapur, the Argentinian that seduced governor Sanford (translated from Spanish)

Acclaimed author Don Coldsmith dies

FEC: (Norm) Coleman can tap funds for his legal bills

Oil firms to scramble for Iraq deals on live TV

1 Million Americans Likely Stricken by Swine Flu: CDC

Story of Jeff Goldblum's NZ death a hoax: Police

Chinese intellectuals take on the state over dissident Liu Xiaobo

Taliban bomber kills 2 troops in Pakistani Kashmir

Thousands marched in peaceful Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem

Storm leaves 11 dead, 7 missing in Philippines

Amnesty urges Thailand to open lese-majeste trial

UN envoy visits Burma for talks

NKorean state media news available on Twitter

Former K.Rouge foreign minister denied release

Sri Lanka arrests astrologer for gloomy predictions

Deaths Push Afghan War to the Fore for Germany

U. of I. jobs-for-entry scheme

Zimbabwe army 'runs diamond mine'

Former Northland KKK leader indicted in Arizona bombing

Sky Saxon of '60s rock band the Seeds dies

Dresdner withdraws as primary dealer for Fed

Conyers pleads guilty to conspiracy

(Rep. David) Obey, (Rep. Maxine) Waters in noisy floor fight

US appoints envoy to Muslim world


Capitalism, IMF and World Bank under fire at U.N.

Biden Announces White House Advisor on Violence Against Women

New cancer treatment shows ‘great promise’

Obama: Ahmadinejad Should Answer To Victims' Kin

Republican calls for investigations into Sanford

Members of U.S. House Financial Services Committee snapped up or dumped bank stocks as bottom fell

Obama:Violence affects hope for dialogue with Iran

SC governor tells state agency chiefs he's sorry but everyone needs to keep working

BREAKING: 2004 CIA Inspector General Torture Report’s Release Is Delayed AGAIN

AP Source: Jackson suffered a heart attack

India plans hot chilli grenades

RI (Rhode Island) closer to changing state name over slavery

(Monica) Conyers to plead guilty in bribery probe

Sanford's trade mission to Argentina contradicted U.S. policy

Wounded Iraq war vet loses home ... but not hope

House passes climate bill

US says weapons sent to Somalia

Jena Six case wrapped up with plea bargains

Congress Ignores WH Veto Challenge Over Fighter Jets

China 'to block' Hummer takeover

Minnesota union files unfair labor practice charges against Walmart

Iranian cleric says "rioters" should be executed

AP INTERVIEW: SC 1st lady told him to stop affair

(ABC News) Exclusive: Police Say Michael Jackson 'Heavily Addicted' to Oxycontin

Nestle refused FDA information, reports show

Narcotic injection killed Jackson, family members say

Federal agents search supremacist's N. Ind. home

'Jackson's Doctor Missing After Star's Death'

Rothschild and Freshfields founders’ had links to slavery, papers reveal

Prosecutors Seek 150-Year Sentence for Madoff

Sanford Compares Plight To King David

Sanford's wife: 'His career is not a concern of mine'

Generic drugs seized from labs in metro Detroit

Honduras in crisis over president re-election bid

House Democrats win key test vote on climate bill (217-205)

Ahmadinejad Dreams He's an American (funny Iran video)

Michael Jackson - Scream

Jackson Five: 'The Love You Save' 1976

Michael Jackson - Earth Song - HIStory Tour Munich

Jackson Five - ABC

Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us

Political Day in 100 Seconds - Read the Emails, Don't Read the Emails, Read the....

Jackson 5 Ben

Bank Of America/Merrill Lynch: How Did Private Deal Turn Into Public Bailout II?

Michael Jackson - Sammy Davis Jr Tribute

Another huge talent with personal demons

We Are The World - USA for Africa

Michael Jackson Flash Mob: Fans Gather At New York's Apollo Theater

Janet Jackson video that is just too sweet...

Living with Michael Jackson

Jackson 5 reunion - Sept. 2001

Sanfords' Mistress was in NY as 9/11 reporter

Jackson 5 - Can You Feel It

Michael Jackson and Britney Spears Alive (The Way You Make Me Feel)

Michael Jackson: We Are The World (The making of...)

Michael Jackson: Man in the Mirror

Al Gore: Support this historic House energy bill today

Michael Jackson - (Pepsi?)commercial

President Obama in the Rose Garden: Energy Bill = “A Vote of Historic Proportions”

Jackson 5, Ed Sullivan show 1970 - 'I want you back'

María Belén Chapur

President Obama: Working Together for Immigration Reform

Michael Jackson - Black or White

Michael Jackson iPhone

"Die In" at the U.S. Justice Dept, Re: Holding Bushco accountable for authorizing Torture (06/25/09)

Green balloons released over Tehran in protest 06/26/09

There's Only One Michael Jackson As Far As I'm Concerned....

More Proof Positive that War is a Racket - Little Boys' Game Turned Deadly.

World... meet Michael Jackson. Please enjoy an example of pure God-given talent. It's beautiful.

Soltz evicerates Rep. Gingrey on F-22

Joan Baez - We Shall Overcome - for people of Iran

Dems Sell Out on Healthcare

Michael A Little Genius (Jackson 5)

You Are Not Alone

Robert Gibbs Gets Dunked By White House Press Corps

Residents of a Baghdad district afraid to return

Iranians (and Michael Jackson): 'All i wanna say is that .. They don't really care about us'

Energy Debate

TYT: Should Gov. Sanford Apologize To The Gay Community?

Jarvis Cocker Interrupts Michael Jackson's Earth Song 1996

Video clip from Health Care 09 rally...Sherrod Brown, Menendez and Barbara Mikulski, Howard Dean

Footage from above: Mayhem at Tehran's Baharestan square - apparently filmed on 06/24/09

More Lies From Michelle Bachman

Amateur Radio: Raising a Tower with an Antenna

Marcy Winograd Challenges Jane Harman on Single-Payer Health Care TV Ad!

Michael Jackson - One Day In Your Life

Activists at rally in Washington DC demand "Special Prosecutor for Torture" (06/25/09)

Health Care For America Now Rally Highlights - Howard Dean

Fears of violence grow ahead of Mosul pullout

Michael Jackson's Personal Photographer Shares Stories of Jackson with TYT

Michael Jackson Flash Mob in SF!

Good Thing Bob Dylan's Still Alive

We Are The World - Michael Jackson Lionel Richie Cindy Lauper Steve Wonder & Other

TYT: Republican On MSNBC Blames Obama For Iran Violence!

On the Edge with Max Keiser; "Goldman Sachs' crash of markets last year was a false flag operation"

South Carolina Republicans call for Governor Sanford to resign

Slideshow: Community Service with the Obama family

Justices Rule Crime Analysts Must Testify on Lab Results.

Tarnished Shields: The Morally Bankrupt ‘Family Values’ Republican Leadership

Americans' Unfettered Support for Israel Is Beginning to Erode --And That May Help the Peace Process

Remind me: Which political party is "decadent" and "sick"?

More Bad News for the Religious Right: God Admits to Affair!

Ex-CIA employee accuses agency of interfering with columns

Chris Floyd: It's All Good, Again: 'Uptick' in the American-Made Tides of Violence in Iraq

Larry David Puts 'Foot Up' on Daily Show, Offends Entire Muslim World

Lobbyists on a Roll: Gutting Reform on Banking, Energy, and Health Care

Dan Froomkin Says Goodbye

Dr. Oliver Fein,: Give single-payer a chance

Breaking an Anvil

In Pictures: President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama host a luau

Bachmann Warns Of Link Between Census, Japanese Internment

Single-Payer National Health Insurance ...(an Explanation and FAQ's)

Joe Plumber: Founding Fathers Knew Marx

The Weekend Economists Twilight Edition, June 26-28, 2009

India trade group chief criticizes proposed H-1B bill

Whores on Terror: Never mind the waterboarding, here's the sodomy (warning: brutal details)

Matt Taibbi: The Great American Bubble Machine

NY biomass plant first to achieve FSC standards certification

Warily Moving Ahead on Oil Contracts (Iraq)

Calif. denies legal protections for pika

Pipeline opens bringing biogas to Anheuser-Busch Houston brewery

Al Gore makes it easy to call your Representative before the big vote Friday (or Saturday)

ODAC Newsletter - June 26

DrumBeat: June 26, 2009

Fear and Loathing in Madeira, Final Report from the 61st IWC Meeting, Capt Paul Watson

Iowa State researchers contribute climate model to study that finds some winds decreasing

Deserts crossing Mediterranean

China 'to block' Hummer takeover {on environmental grounds} (BBC)

Like your arsenic fried, baked or broiled?

Gordon Brown puts $100bn per year price tag on climate adaptation fund for developing countries

npr science friday discussing wind power right now

Texas teen's algae energy system wins $20,000 award

Whale chief mulls ending hunt ban (BBC) {WTF!!}

FIDEL: "A Gesture that will not be Forgotten" re: Zelaya

In the warming West, climate most significant factor in fanning wildfires' flames

PROTEST URIBE, Monday, 6/29, White House (southside of Lafayette Park), 12:30PM

Che Movie

Nate Silver - Facinating Article On Effect Of Insurance Lobby On Support of Public Option

Hope you all arent getting bored with this but... I'll be on Fox News Saturday 6/27 at 10am Eastern

Sarah Palin to Kerry: "Why the long face?"

Did Charlie Gibson really ask Obama one of the dumbest questions ever?

The Girl From Ipanema

RW bloggers can't help themselves. OUTRAGED over House moment of silence for Michael Jackson.

Sanders on Hartmann: Public Option all but dead

Do you support or oppose the "Climate Change" bill that is currently being considered by the House?

President Obama Remembers Jackson the Icon While Keeping in Mind the 'Sad and Tragic' Parts of Life

Boxer and Kerry fight bad Republicans on the floor of the Senate yesterday

Kerry spokeswoman clarifies joke

Baseball Scores: Night of June 25

Love this "live" feed from Wimbledon.......

Natinals leading 7-1 over the red sox.

No respect paid to the NHL draft by ESPN

Bruins may deal Kessle to Leafs for Kaberle

It's lookin like Tavares per Chris Botta (Box of nameplated found at Colliseum)

Giants starting rotation maybe the best in club history

During the Kerfuffle last night, I forgot to mention that Pittsburgh once again won

Is everyone ready for the Battle of the Beltway tonight!

Coming up at 7:38 the Battle of Florida/Fish.

Interleague play at its finest...

Another impressive rivalry matchup brought to us by Bud Selig..

College Football Scheduling Note (Arkansas Version)

Not surprising at all .. looks like Upton and Cboy are correct about attendance!


Union Jobs Clearinghouse®

4,500 Acme union workers reject contract proposal

Stroger Doctors battling to join union (Cook County health system is trying to quash the effort)

Iowa pension could lower benefits for 312,000 members

Today in Labor History June 26 A 26-day strike of N Y City hotels by 26,000 workers & more info

Union group blasts Wal-Mart for work with India drug firm, 2 plants failed FDA standards

Sask. judge overturns Wal-Mart union certification (employees voted yes in 2004)

Pioneer (Twin Cities) Press: Wal-Mart accused by union of threatening workers (update)

Many other states are following Montana's lead.

Why I care about loopholes and databases

Sen. Rockefeller outspoken for a public option: "do you want to be non-partisan and get nothing?"

Anal cancer?

BATFE - $65,000 conference table

Big Health Firms have been Underpaying Claims

Emergency Rooms are the new walk-in clinics

“We’ve definitely been marginalized”....

Canadian Health Care: The End of Innovation?

Israelis Cede More Control of West Bank Security

G8 calls on Israel to freeze settlements

Shalit affair reveals Israel's psychosis

Here's one female that refuses to be a victim.

Civil Fights: The only state in the world whose existence is deemed negotiable

Moon and airplane

The federal government doesn't use accrual accounting?

Taxpayer Funds Support Money Laundering?!

China argues to replace US dollar (BBC)

Young bunny in grass


Statement from Matthew Shepard Foundation regarding PEREZHILTON.COM

I don’t blame you for your impatience, Biden said.

Thank you Mr. President

UFCW Gay and Lesbian Pride Month (Assemblymember John A. Pérez on Harvey Milk speech too)

Colbert - The Word is Stonewalling

If calling out groups of people isn't permitted in this forum, why is it in other forums

This is what Piglet Perez put up on his site after MJ was taken to the hospital.

Amy did a Stonewall segment this morning, fyi:

Where Blacks Lead the Fight for Gay Rights

Happy Lawrence v. Texas Anniversary :)

Government apologizes to Kameny (fed. employee fired for being gay)

Do We Have A Complete List Yet of Who Was at the Fundraiser Last Night?

Joe Biden assures LGBT Dems of Obama committment

Telescope Finds Space Blobs Are Pubescent Galaxies

Brain study shows differences in night owls, early risers

Doctors Baffled, Intrigued by Girl Who Doesn't Age

3 messages from the universe

Astral projection dream? or commentary on my life?

Something(s) happen(ed)(ing)?

Is anyone else's heart chakra doing...anything weird?

I think MJ may have done us a great service...

Alternative treatment to produce dopamine?

Pastor caught with rock in his crack charged w/3 federal counts

Ark of the Covenant' about to be unveiled?

Atheists - define God

Homemade BBQ sauce needs some help with thickness.

"National Security Alert" (video)

Tom Schieffer on the issues: Second Amendment

Hoosiers react to Jackson's death

Michael Jackson: Imperfect Icon Who Became America's Global Face

Business lobby group chooses Manley as next CEO - TheStar

Alleged terrorist says he was asked to leave domestic airline flight