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Archives: September 10, 2009

Nice reminder that Senate Majority Leader ain't shit...

Republican Google ads?

Katie Couric having a ball tonight...

Which Cabinet Member IS Missing?

"responsible homeowners"


It looks like a GOP rogues gallery behind Obama as he walks in. WTF?

"90% of Obama voters in 2008 have healthcare"

Katie C and Bob S talking about "a lot of kissing going on tonight"...

Oh, the SHOCK! Fox is the only major network NOT showing the Obama address to Congress.

Is there a king of Piggyness?

"I'm saddened he succumbed to earthly pleasures."


The spirit of Obama's mom is vistiting him on the podium during this speech

The time for bickering has passed!

Four years. How many will die?

Well! At least McBush is happy, giving the thumbs up. Or is that just his standard

"Insurance Exchange"

I want health insurance to cover my naturopath if I have to buy coverage.



The Democrats have the Senate/House/Presidency

The Democrats have the Senate/House/Presidency

What an incnredible relief to hear the president say "It is a LIE and is irresponsible!"

What an incnredible relief to hear the president say "It is a LIE and is irresponsible!"

Newly uninsured up 50% at community clinics

THANK. YOU. calling out Palin and her Death panel Bullshit!

How many text messages have you gotten so far

Health insurance default swaps....

Anyone see Rep Conyers ??????

Wouldn't a full start-from scratch plan BE LESS CONVOLUTED than what was told tonight?

These Rethugs have no fugging manners

These Rethugs have no fugging manners

These Rethugs have no fugging manners

These Rethugs have no fugging manners


Did I hear this correctly? "Immediately offer coverage to those with pre-existing conditons."

This Is A War

Boehner just shat himself.

I wonder what the fuck is Cantor tweeting

I wonder what the fuck is Cantor tweeting

LOL I Just Saw A Look of Profound Admiration on McCain's Face

The Kids at Wakefield could give Congress a lesson in manners

And the battle lines could not be more clear

Republican shouts out "I have a tiny brain! And a tinier penis!"

So this new plan that was outlined tonight. Doesn't exactly make for efficient government, does it?

the repugs wont stand and clap for a black man

the repugs wont stand and clap for a black man

Would you purchase health insurance if it meant others would get coverage because of it?

McCain (maybe McDonalds will sue him over his surname too)

The Republicans are being Public Dicks tonight

"...Too many initiatives were not paid for, like Iraq War."


The character of our country...

Okay .... he's gotten to Dear Senator Teddy

Silent Thread Of Support For The Obama Plan

Hey Racist Pig Saxby Chambliss--this is one president who won't humble himself before you

The Character of our Country

Vicky Kennedy's pain is enough to make

OK Sgt. At Arms!! Do your job and throw out the pukes heckling Obama!

OK Sgt. At Arms!! Do your job and throw out the pukes heckling Obama!

Obama cannot really be challenged in 2012, so that's not realistic or wise

Must be hell to follow this President's speeches!

Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you. :) nt


Boustany: "jobless recovery...since February"

As a vocal critic of President Obama, I give this speech a B+.

As a vocal critic of President Obama, I give this speech a B+.

Poll on

Poll on

Nancy Pelosi just started crying

Let us be clear - Rupublikkkans delight in devouring the flesh of infants

Public option

GOP response, 2 minutes in and he is lying his ass off!

Homerun KO!

Rep. Joe Wilson (R - S.C.) yelled "LIE" at the President.


I think I got Push-Polled by the opposition during the speech

Here comes the Lord!

This fucking Boustany character is channeling Bobby Jindal.

Can someone explain to me Scalia's comment he made this morning in context?

Boustany Sued for Malpractice 3 times.


Republican bottom line

Want to lower insurance costs? Rein in hospitals charing $20 for one aspirin pill!


"We did not come here to fear the future, we came here to shape it"

He Didn't Say One Goddamn Thing About Insurance execs paying themselves $100,000/HR

The Republican response sounds like he's doing an informercial.

Was I the only person screaming at the GOP throughout the speech? Several

So, Obama's not demanding the public option...

Comprehensive regulation of the health insurance industry for the first time

Mr. President, I implore you

"I'll take Lame Ass Comebacks for $1000, Alex"

Right now I'm reminded of a great line from Obama's inaugural address

AUGGGHHHHH! What is that around its neck?


***** STAY TUNED @ .... there's MORE *****

Dear Congressman Boustany: YOU'RE A FUCKING LIAR

Oh noes! GrASSley "warned" the President not to attack Republicans!

It Was Rep. Joe Wilson (R - S.C.)

If anything this speech showed

Repuke asshole response hinges on lie of Govt Takeover of Healthcare

Are some of those sounds boos in the background?!!

those old repub men look like they've already

Who is this asshat

Contact Your Representatives and DEMAND Joe Wilson be CENSURED

The last 10 minutes were the greatest defense of liberalism in that chamber since FDR

The last 10 minutes were the greatest defense of liberalism in that chamber since FDR

One minor thing I disagreed with...

Well done Mr. President.

DU must be on Defcon 4

The Republican response pretty much summed them up - no "there" there.

Who was the vocal heckler? thanks

Sen. Brown just called out the Repubs again for their 'behavior' tonight. I sure hopel

Max Baucus is over a barrel, no plan, and Obama has taken the momentum away from the Reich wing

Photographic PROOF: Sign on lap, hands held up, stupid fucking expression is REALLY helpful.

the trolls are out in force. nt

Why can't we regulate health care profits like we regulate utility profits?

Why can't we regulate health care profits like we regulate utility profits?

The Obama Plan: Stability & Security for all Americans

Kennedy Letter to Obama: At Stake Is the Character of Our Country

On this, Obama is wrong.


What's the Defcon level?

i want to thank the disrespectful republican who shouted out President Obama tonight..

i want to thank the disrespectful republican who shouted out President Obama tonight..

LOL "On The Rocks"

Joe Wilson was aide to Strom Thurmond

Joe Wilson (R-Asshole) vindicated Van Jones tonight....

Just released: President's Plan requires public option


Wasn't a Democratic Congressman censured when he called Bush a liar in a floor speech?

Keith Olbermann To Elizabeth Edwards On MSNBC Discussing Insurance Companies

Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson should sue Rethuglican Joe Wilson

He just stated to wimp out - saying "those on the Left"

Joe Wilson (R) South Carolina

"Dixie Chick" Wilson's ass!

I know 20+ trial lawyers who maxed out for Obama both in the primary and general

Leaked pictures from health insurance executives watching speech

GOP Lawmakers Treat President Obama’s Joint Address To Congress Like A Town Hall Protest

GOP Lawmakers Treat President Obama’s Joint Address To Congress Like A Town Hall Protest

Hey turn into Olbermann if you want to hear

Fuck you, Republicans.

Censure Joe Wilson (R-Dumbfuck)

So the new Republican strategy is just to call Obama a liar every time tries to get anything done?

This is HUGH Hugh Heffner files for divorce

"Apologize, Resign, Leave the country.. it's your choice Goober"

how many GOP speaking engagements does Joe Wilson have already?

How can medicare be opened up to those under 65

I'm feeling sick

Congressman Yells 'You Lie' During Obama Speech - No sanction from Speaker Pelosi per FoxNews

Congressman Yells 'You Lie' During Obama Speech - No sanction from Speaker Pelosi per FoxNews

No abortions federally funded.

Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) on C-Span is basically calling Obama a Liar

Powerful Speech

Elizabeth Edwards is (was) on MSNBC!

They call that a rebuttal?

48 Sponsors Have Left Glenn Beck So Far

"We spent the Summer at the circus"

Nice Ted Kennedy + health care Tribute

Please Share Your E-mails to wilson (MFer) Here:

Who's Andrew Butler ? And what did he do.

It should be no doubt now, the republicans are irrelevent /nt

Rob Miller (D-SC) Wants To Run Against Joe Wilson (R-SC)

Building Momentum. Getting Obama's back.

Anyone venture over to the Fox Cess Pool? I can't bear to...


Obama Makes Strongest Demand Yet: "Public Option Would Be Really Nice"

Jeez!! When was the last tiime we were at Def Con 3 ???!!!

Did anyone think that Baucus's demeanor (during the President's speech) matched the Republicans?


hey I have a dumb question

Picture of baby rush limbaugh found

This Joe Wilson thing gets me thinking that liberals need moar lulz.

Rachel has a great lineup tonight

My email to my congressman regarding Joe Wilson.

LOL! Caption this pic of Sen. Baucus

It was a great speech that advanced the cause for meaningful reform

There's the public option.

I love my President.

Anyone want to contact the Arlington -Obama +bush superintendents. Information here

Will Joe Wilson apologize?

Tort reform doesn't work - we passed it in FL back in 2003 but insurance in FL continues to go up

Pete du Pont on C-Span right now with a bunch of petitions against Obama

Truly a great speech

MotherJones: Good speech, Muddled Politics

Where is Howard Dean tonight? Has anyone seen him or heard from him?

self delete

Obama seemed more worried about competition, consumerism and profits.

And here come the dickheads in 3...2...1...

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-Scumbag) - contact info

I will say that I thought the constant references to "this plan" and then the big Kennedy tribute

My LTTE to The State re: Joe Wilson

Skin whiteners labeled racist

Alan Wilson, Joe Wilson's son, is running for South Carolina Attorney General

on 9/11 we lost over 3000 people. Congress came together quickly to act

Has Joe Wilson issued a statement?

GOP picks one-time birther, wannabe British noble for Obama response

'You lie': McCain calls on Wilson to apologize for it immediately."

There should be NO MANDATE unless EVERY AMERICAN IS FREE TO CHOOSE the public plan.............

Hecklers and Texters will be barred from future speeches.

BTW - do the repugs have a dress code?

Thank you, Joe Wilson

Thank you, Joe Wilson

Thank you, Joe Wilson

Thank you, Joe Wilson

Thank you, Joe Wilson

Cheney to Senator Leahy, "Go Fuck Yourself" on Senate floor

LOL He "Acted Stupidly"

A Made Up War and Nobody Ever Yelled "You Lie" !!!!

Joe Wilson has successfully stolen the night from Obama.

"We did not come here to to fear the future,

I am compiling stories of republican officials being racist

Polls! Polls! Post polls that need DUing HERE!

Policy question: would employers pay part of the public option premium?

If you missed the speech C-Span is just starting to replay it now.

joe wilson shouldn't apologize

"We did not come here to fear the future, we came here to shape it."

Looking for a post someone had on here earlier today about Obama's speach to

What was the paper that the Repugs were waiving around?

it is times like these...that I just LOVE DU

John McCain says that Wilson should "apologize immediately" according to KO

Good contact form for Joe Wilson

So as a self employed person, how will this help and lower

AP: "Fair and Balanced?"

Is it too late to cede the south?

I am hopeful the 'public option' details will evolve because the present form won't work...


Pres O called in the Moral Imperative! ! He cited specific repugnant cases of INSURANCE behavior!

Today marked the unofficial end to August

Barney Frank says the wingnuts need some serious

What did Joe Wilson's little cardboard sign (the one on his lap) say?

I just realized this - on a new car, the cost of the steel to build it is less

Joe Wilson shouts ''You lie!'' (PHOTO)

Joe Wilson: good or bad?

One of San Francisco's biggest landlords is disappearing beneath waves of debt

Ed Schultz is loving the Obama speech

So what's to stop employers from dropping their private health insurance coverage?

Joe Wilson's Contact Information if you want to call or write him:

'No safe place' in Juarez

BWA HA... They just played Duval's spank comment on CNN..

Don't pick on poor Joe Wilson - his reflexes are just very slow..

This song's been going through my mind all evening...



I knew it! I said they'd think it was "presidential."

imagine a member of the democratic party calling bu$h* a liar on national teevee

Hey Wilson, STFU you racist mother fucker! FUCK YOU and

Joe Wilson's Facebook:

DU this poll!

Barney Frank on Hecling, yes, I love it

DU help needed: Should government health insurance plans compete with private companies?

Mr Wilson? Mr Hannity and Mr O'Reilly are on the phone.

Sadly in South Carolina, Wilson is only a douche nozzle 3rd class

Of all the great plans and great minds out there, he picked Romney.

Special Ed on now!

A public option you have to pay for (it collects premiums) that will serve only 5% of the people

California: Lawmaker Quits After Bragging of Affairs (R-Family Values)

Olbermann: Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-Ahole) Worst Person In the World For Being A Liar!

I had a meeting so I missed Rep. Bustier or whatever's response.


Our FRiends rally around Joe WIlson (post-apology)

My name is Madrone, and I'm a masochist.

Point of order: NC was blue in 2008. That douche Joe Wilson is from SC.

Overall what is your feeling about the speech tonight?

Just so we can clear the air on the substance here of Lie-Gate

AP FACT CHECK: Obama Uses Iffy Math on Deficit Pledge

Someone we can all feel sorry for...

Gay Rights Group Won't Appeal Vote on R-71

Thanks South Carolina! You're keeping us out of the basement..

anyone interviewing members of Progressive or Black Caucus

My Email to Louie Gohmert

My Email to Louie Gohmert

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

E-Mail Joe Wilson and Share Your E-Mail Here:

Wilson apologized, so all is well now.

What's next ..tomato throwing????

http:// fundraisers/19079

Why are people surprised about the details?

Thank Joe Wilson for helping advance health care reform....


Did I miss the part about price controls? n/t

and this is what *I* heard in Obama's speech tonight

So when Obama said he was going to make cuts in spending if necessary to keep healthcare reform from

Reprise: I Just Saw an Ad For '' (by Nash Vegas)

Whoomp, there it is

Who Would Jesus Give Health Care To?

Do Insurance companies sell policies to illegals?

Do Insurance companies sell policies to illegals?

Simple question for those who oppose health care for illegals.

When is a defender of Health Care Reform going to say a simple truth...

Dingell, Grijalva, Sherrod Brown all OK with the Speech

So Which Louisiana Politician Did Better Following A Major Obama Speech?

so what message did joe wilson send to the nations school children tonight?

What would you say to this rather polarizing video from Christopher Hitchens?

Just received the obama email and donate button - this is my reply - unhappy camper

David Gergen is throwing Obama's speech under the bus and said he's adopting the Bachus plan

Cantor is tweeting: "I need to take a poopie break."

Malpractice Insurance. One thing I don't hear much about.

Anthony Weiner on with Charlie Rose post speech.

Is Spellcheque borken?

'Uruguay allows same-sex adoption' (BBC)

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) is @CongJoeWilson on Twitter...

CNN Poll: Obama gets boost from healthcare speech

He Roped the Dopes

What We Should Do At Teabaggers On Sept, 12 Thing

So...Extremely Watered Down Plan That Will Be "Compromised" On Further.

Just wait

Charlie Rose has REP. ANTHONY WEINER (D-single payer) on tonight (post speech)

Remember the apology Pete Stark had to give on the House floor?

Joe WIlson PLANNED This, Don't Think He Didn't!

DU this other poll!

Wilson's outburst will be the lead story tomorrow morning

Sherrod Brown: GOP is isolating itself.

WOOD TV (Michigan): Fmr cop admits guilt in corruption case

OMG! Rob Miller just $585 away from raising $50,000 since Wilson's outburst

Obama finally defined his plan. And while it is bare minimum, I support it.

Somewhere In America... "Ain't That The Feller That's Married To Valerie Plame???"

Tonight, The Face Of The Republican Party Was Represented By..

How sad and tragic is THIS in America? Booth at fiesta to raise money for cancer treatment

If I have to BUY insurance, then seniors should PAY for their Medicare!

Lemonade Days raise funds for the treatment of pediatric cancer

There's a new Joe in town: Joe the Heckler.

Christian Science Monitor blog: Cass Sunstein latest target for the anti-‘czar’ bunch

"To my friends on the right....." ?????

Which country's health care system is the best?

I remember when they mocked Obama for being a 'community organizer'.

Our President, does dark, and foreboding.

Text of Justice Sotomayor's questions today

I don't think Joe Wilsons apology was SINCERE enough

Craig Ferguson Just Did A Bit About The Californian Politician & Spanking .......

MSNBC's "What do you think of Rep. Joe Wilson's decision to shout out 'You lie!' " Poll

Is It JUST Me Or Did Obama Declare the HCR Bill Must have a Public Option OR BETTER?

Read the fuckin' transcript..!!

Paula's Fried Butter Balls Recipe

wilson apoliogized. I bet Pelosi has a piece of his ass on her wall.

Is there a way we can get a petition going

Rob Miller . . .

AOL poll: health care speech

Slick pols provide Wed night pep rally.

Text of Obama's speech tonight

Text of Obama's speech tonight

All members of congress were given a copy of the speech beforehand... Joe Wilson was NOT spontaneous

Yeah, I am gonna go there

I still believe too!!

This site is down for maintenance. Please check back again soon.

i'm confused -- what EXACTLY is The Exchange? -- is it the 'new' Public Option?

What's The Worst Part About DU And Defcon 3 (Or Is It 4 Now)?

What's The Worst Part About DU And Defcon 3 (Or Is It 4 Now)?

My personal message this evening to Rep. Joseph Wilson

Heckler Congressman Joe WIlson of SC: 202-225-2452

FAUX News Front Page - "You Lie" - No, Joe Wilson, You Lie.

Top 10 Ridiculous Quotes by Health Care Reform Opponents

Insurance regulations won't work without a mandate

I'm glad that Wilson opened his piehole exactly when the Prez mentioned illegal aliens



What are you doing on September 11th?

WIRED: Humans Have Made, Found or Used Over 50 Million Unique Chemicals

Did I hear correctly? Did Obama give his speech entirely without notes or teleprompter?

Elizabeth Edwards looks GREAT on Keith

Obama for single payer once, then he dropped it

After a good August (for them), the GOP has had a horrendous week

Joe Wilson's yelling out you liar

According To Faux, Pelosi Has Taken Sanctions Against Joe Wilson (R-SC-Asshole) Off The Table

Don't tell me they hijacked the news cycle with this Wilson incident. This must stop.

How exactly do any of these "insurance reforms" help anybody?

Asshole defined

O'Reilly accused Pres. Obama of "bloviating". He said that speech was much too long,,,

Any predictions about Glenn Beck's march on Washington this Saturday?

Rob Miller up to $85,000 on ActBlue

Post your email to Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) ("LIE!!") here:

With all the attention Wilson's getting...

Captions Please? Joe Wilson's Sidekick Rep Louie "Birther" Gohmert With His Hand Drawn Sign

My letter to Congressman Wilson.

Why wasn't Wilson charged with disorderly conduct?

Joe Wilson - The Cherry On The Top OF The Summer Of Batshit Insanity

Our Republican congress critters all earned this puppy last night

This Joe Wilson person?

Republicans are dumbasses

And Cantor was texting during the President's address

What I really want to say to Joe Wilson:

I heard that Joe Wilson is a Col. in the U.S. Army Reserve

What will the Republican leader Oxy Rush say about the speech today

Jean Shidt confesses to being ... well,

I say we get Charlie Wilson to kick Joe Wilson's ass

Wilson needs to be sanctioned.

CNN Poll: Double-digit post-speech jump for Obama plan

Trumbull man finds digital TV converter box a trial

The last two Halloweens I've done a Lee Atwater award for Republican Evil

In what segment of Rush Limbaugh's show will Joe Wilson call in and abjectly recant his apology?

Afghanistan by the Numbers: Measuring a War Gone to Hell

Bring back Van Jones! He was absolutely, positively.....CORRECT!

Army Archerd Dead at 87

The "evolution" approach to health care reform, negatives please

I'm paying $1580 a month for family coverage I getting

I'm paying $1580 a month for family coverage I getting

Too bad my Representative has never given a Republican response :(

So I ventured over to Free Republic to read responses to the speech and kept reading the same thing:

The real 2 party system is...

Sen. McCaskill: "I applaud him (Wilson) for apologizing..."

Sen. McCaskill: "I applaud him (Wilson) for apologizing..."

Biden: Health Care Bill May Be in By Thanksgiving

Joe Wilson DIRECTLY Tied The Townhall Screamers To The GOP FOREVER

The full text of Ted Kennedy's letter to Obama (addressed in speech):

MSM gives Wilson an easy go this morning

WTF Coburn on WJ -CSpan1 now

Congressman Joe Wilson was just pissed off that Obama outed his wife as a CIA agent!!!

Baucus & Conrad: Only those in the employ of Big Insurance can wear their sour countenace during....

Silver lining to that boorish "You Lie!" tantrum?

When repubs shit their pants in fear & rage it PROVES Obama is right

IF,as Baucus says, public insurance lacks Senate votes,the reason is Baucus/Conrad/Wyden NOT the GOP

Another HUGE Advertiser Drops Beck: Citrix Systems (makers of GotoMyPC and GotoMeeting) the Whitehouse transcript it included the "lie" comment the Whitehouse transcript it included the "lie" comment

Iran: The Green Brief #72 (September 9 - Shahrivar 18) Latest news from Iran.

Is it Unconstitutional to Mandate Health Insurance?

Hey DUers can we call him Joe the Heckler

The Rude Pundit: Live Whiskey-Blogging the President's Health Care Speech

Contrast 2 newspapers reporting on local tea party: one is a Scaife rag

What about the 80/20% Health Insurance Bankruptcy Plan

Has "The Public Option" become merely the eternally ellusive carrot?

ALL contacts for Joe Wilson on one handy page

CBS just cut to a Nationwide commercial after he starts mentioning Senator Kennedy!

Now that you've slept on it...

The last time that much disrespect was shown in Washington was 1858

Question, how much money will wilson raise after 24 hours of right wing media

Republicans are out criticizing Baucus's Plan as Obama's. Obama needs to come out and Disown it.

So if Barney Frank or Henry Waxman yelled out during a Bush speech "You're a Liar"


Howie Dean is on GEM$NBC now

South Carolinians are NOT amused.

who do you trust to give you the skinny on health care?

PSA: Could everyone please quit with the "Glenn Beck raped and murder a girl in 1990" joke?

The Republican responses just don't get any better

Mike Lester serving as a propagandist for right wing hystaria

Damn, I hope so! (Peanuts reference!)

The $64,000 question is all of this- What is "affordable" and who or what makes the determination?

I turned off the TV about 15 minutes ago - did he explain his change of viewpoint?


Just got home from work. Can someone give me a clear wrap up?

"You lied!" (How to use illegal immigration to defeat health care reform - and vice versa).

TOTAL SELLOUT / MEGAFAIL: Co-ops 4 years from now (maybe) + individual mandates + tort reform

What Joe Wilson really wanted to say was "You lie, BOY"

What Joe Wilson really wanted to say was "You lie, BOY"

A "Public Option" that is only for some

Has Nancy Pelosi Weighed In Yet On Wilson's Outburst Last Night And The General Demeanor In .......

Who was watching President Obama deliver his Health Care Speech? - pics (updated)

Attacks on Indian students in Australia (from the BBC)

Attacks on Indian students in Australia (from the BBC)

Joe Wilson's Opponent Brings In Big Money After Outburst

Lindsey Graham ... "At times, I found his tone to be overly combative"

The Constitutionality of Mandates to Purchase Health Insurance (key findings)

Scare tactics - it isn't a new thing in the sales arena...

A good number of the people in the districts that sent the assholes to Cong. are themselves assholes

If anyone had any questions about Republican intentions, Joe Wilson answered them

If anyone had any questions about Republican intentions, Joe Wilson answered them

Kristol: "There Is No Health Care Crisis"...

Repubs sitting on their hands and scowling last night

Joe Wilson's press secretary: (202) 689-4825; (202) 225-2452

Sexual advances by religious leaders commonplace

If the politicians from your state are more obnoxious/rude/clueless than those from SC, please post

The Speech I heard

Faux News! Were those doctors or NASCAR drivers?

Regarding a line in Obama's speech last night......

Priest got 'divine' message to hijack Mexican plane

Priest got 'divine' message to hijack Mexican plane

Rep. Joe Wilson's site is down. Imagine that.

"Once again a South Carolina Republican has embarrassed our state"

Text of Ted Kennedy's letter to President Obama


Freaky Fundie Idiot Drama Queen......

Lawmakers on both sides denounce Joe Wilson

Lawmakers on both sides denounce Joe Wilson


"Dems Heckled Bush in 2005 SOTU Speech"

An open letter to Rep. Joe Wilson

S.F. ban on tobacco in drugstores survives

Baltimore County bans personal Tasers

Did anybody watch John Kerry's tribute to Ted Kennedy on CSPAN?

Joe Wilson lied

Joe Wilson lied

DeGeneres is new Idol judge

Andy Card is considering run for Mass Senate seat vacated by Kennedy

Harvard Crimson says Holocaust denial ad published by accident

Joe Wilson-Sarah Palin 2012

Palin accuses Obama of "name calling"

Jobs #1 in importance !

I'd like to thank all those duers that would rather talk about lie-gate than the HC speech

Biden: Health care bill may be in by Thanksgiving

Foreclosure Filings in U.S. Jump Above 300,000 For Sixth Straight Month

Do you know who loves Joe Wilson of S.C.? Mike Duvall of California.

I would like to donate to Joe Wilson's opponent. Can somebody help me?

Where was Mika's "outrage" over Wilson's remark today on MJ?

Question about last nights speech.

I want to participate in a TEABAGGER RALLY TMRW

Text of Ted Kennedy's letter to Obama

Obama is on GEM$NBC

More from the land of idiot republican representatives.

Here is the transcript of President Obama's Healthcare address to the Congress

Best comment about Wilson's outburst:

Tell Your Members of Congress to Support President Obama's Plan for Health Reform

Reba Mcentire sings Joe Wilson's song to President Obama

Judd Gregg just connected the Iraq war to 911 on Morning Joe.

Judd Gregg just connected the Iraq war to 911 on Morning Joe.

Anyone got Wilson's Office Phone Number?

And while I'm at it, my personal message to Rep. Jean Schmidt

Former state rep arrested for resisting

REALLY, GOP? Really? You gotta be kidding me with this shit... right?

One Thing Regarding the Speech"...They aren't Bad People..."

Republicans during President Obama's Health Care Speech - pics

NY Post: Subway agents to get pulled

Republicans say President missed "opportunity" to take public option off the table.

So was Rep. Wilson a little bit drunk last night?

Obama speech disrupter a health industry darling: Wilson received $244,196 in campaign donations

Wow, Republicans Are Scrambling... can't say what they want To ADD to the Bill

For the DUers who possibly missed the speech, and for those who need clarification on what was...

Sen Lindsey Graham's comments on Obama's speech:

TIE THE MANDATE TO THE PUBLIC OPTION. No public option, no mandate to buy.

John Barry, Newsweek: Wilson’s shouted comment "a healthy sign...This wasn’t a church service"

Wilson's opponent has raised about $100,000 since his "you lie" outburst,

Arlen Specter calls for Joe Wilson's "reprimand or censure" on Twitter.

NBC calls the public option a "fetish"

Craig Ferguson Goes Off On California's Mike Duval Who Resigned In A Sex Scandal (video)......

Guess who's supporting the health care insurance "exchanges"?

Talking point re public option? What's to stop your employer from dropping your insurance now?

Talking point re public option? What's to stop your employer from dropping your insurance now?

What does it mean that a President needs to address a national audience to refute lies...

What does it mean that a President needs to address a national audience to refute lies...

Proof that Joe Wilson is the "LIAR"

The more complicated a market based solution is the more it can be gamed.

We just had a mature discussion at work about health care.

We just had a mature discussion at work about health care.

Call Joe Wilson out Mr. President!

"I’ve seen many people with seemingly good insurance coverage struggle with medical expenses"

Remember Viet Nam? Girl in Iconic Vietnam War Photo Brings Message of Hope

The comments on "The State" regrding Joe Wilson's outburst are priceless

Undercounting Deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan(6,500+)

Palin invokes 9/11 to attack Obama

My Employer Pays $700 A Month For Health Insurance I Almost Never Use

another shower electrocution - this time a contractor

Seriously, will there be any penalty for The Heckler?

Obama's Magic Wand

You do know we need to thank Joe Wilson...

I remember when someone was thrown out

Interested in health care reform? Just a suggestion...

Interested in health care reform? Just a suggestion...

The fight continues... Tell Congress to support President Obama's HCR

I wanted to post my over the top diatribe about the speech,

Animal Rights Group to Donate Dog Food for Vick Tackles

Joe The Heckler Knows He Screwed Up Big Time

Bigger and Badder Than Blackwater

POLL:Your take on the speech tonight:

Dan Froomkin: "A Turning Point for Obama"

oh no, 5,800 square miles of ocean oil drill spill

From Marget and Helen: "Mr. President, I ask you this:"

3fer: Frank Lloyd WRIGHT b.j.ed Ayn RAND. Ed KOCH's f-bomb. Hillary for governor?

Breaking: Joe Wilson (R-Heckler, SC) will seek office in Taiwan.

Obama: "(Public Option) would only be an option for those who don’t have insurance."

Yesterday Rob Miller (d) had 50,000 in his coffers/Joe Wilson had 500,000

Is Today 'So Long Sanford' Day?

Credit Card issuers proposing new fees, thinking up ways to subvert interest-rate restrictions

About the illegal aliens - Serious question here...

Nancy Sniderman and Chuck Todd re: Joe Wilson (MSNBC)

Some People Here Are Getting Hung Up On ONE Phrase from Obama's Speech

Lindsay Graham: Obama speech beneath dignity of office

Looks like we are going to need to change the preamble to the Constitution...

Thank You President Obama

Arctic-nesting geese opt out of migration

Arctic-nesting geese opt out of migration


Is now the time to buy stock in the health sector or has the train left the station already?

Is it better that people are talking about Joe Wilson than Barack Obama?

Switzerland Surpasses U.S. in Economic Competitiveness - Newt Blames Obama

Switzerland Surpasses U.S. in Economic Competitiveness - Newt Blames Obama

Update from DCCC: Wilson's opponent raises $200K

Insurance Industry To Disappear...And Who Would Care?

Let's be clear: Joe Wilson issued the GOP rebuttal last night, not Boustany




I have Joe Wilson's number saved in my phone

Drippy Duvall Now (Kind of) Denying Two Affairs

Heads up, DU!

Heads up, DU!

Rep. Duvall doesn't just cheat - he cheated on his mistress - where are the "superglue girls"

Barack Obama hits back at critics of health plan

By god, I did love it when Obama used the word "lies"

Thom Hartmann donated $50 to Rob Miller

Appeasing the medical-industrial-complex is reform?

If Insurance Companies have to take you with pre-existing conditions

Christ Is Coming: Put Little Lights on Your Juice Can

Daily Hartmann

Wilson forced to apologize in 2003 for smearing Thurmond's biracial daughter.

You do realize that Joe Wilson's poll numbers at home skyrocketed tonight, right?**nm

Important quotes from Firedoglake worth mentioning:

I'm assuming Wilson's outburst was a planned event designed to rob Obama's speech of media coverage.

They freepers think that the reason wilsons website and phone lines are down

Happiest guy right now about Rep Joe Wilson's "liar" outburst:

Russian Report: Netanyahu May Be Planning Attack

I am sick to death of this shit.

New Fiore Flashtoon : "Balms Away"

Oh My Gosh! Sen. Harry Reid! - pics

Who Will Get Locked Out of the Health Exchange?

It's 8:47 PM EST and we now know we've been fucked.

Chalk Talk: What's our strategy going to be for "Lie-Gate"?

Dana Milbank: The insolence by House Republicans stole the show

VIDEO: Shaky-sounding Joe Wilson attempts damage control

More: Wilson cancels scheduled appearance with Fox's Neil Cavuto

The airplane that was hijacked in mexico today

Meet "The Heckler"

Quick Note: Chicago Fox News Affiliate Tries To Minimize (R) Joe Wilson's "Liar" Incident

Thom Hartmann laying the hammer down on Tom Ridge!!!

I just wish, once, someone had shouted "You lie!" to Bush during his many lie-filled speeches.

Hillary! Nancy! in Fire Engine Red!

The perfect campaign commercial that can be made from last night's speech

The perfect campaign commercial that can be made from last night's speech

Another "Moral Values" Republican Busted, Resigns

It bans the worst business practices immediately & it covers those who need it the most immediately

Real world example of why we need a non-profit public option in the health insurance exchange

DU grammar police... what is the past tense of sneak? Is it sneaked or snuck?

Is this billboard offensive?

So, Is Joe "You lie" Wilson now the GOP front runner for 2012?

Big Food vs. Big Insurance


Update: Wilson calls outburst "spontaneous", stands by belief that bills will fund "illegal aliens"

The bipartisan elephant in the room

I think Joe Wilson's office took the phoe off the hook....


Marijuana Farming Rebounds In Economic Hard Times

Video of statement from the bright bulb (R-Asshat) who heckled the President last night.

Video of statement from the bright bulb (R-Asshat) who heckled the President last night.

NPR Radio to sean hannity - YOU LIE!

Clearly, Some DU'ers Wanted Obama To Kill Off The Insurance Industry In One Fell Swoop

my latest ltte on our vets

South Carolina Hotheads Part Two// Civil War

Moore"s film "Capitalism: A Love Story" will screen at AFL-CIO union convention!

Thom Hartmann just reported that insurance company stocks are up today

Welfare, Slow versus Fast, corporate health versus human health

Colonel (US Army Reserves) Joe Wilson: Conduct Unbecoming an Officer.

Coach Condemns Obama School Speech for Lack of Football Analogies & Vince Lombardi Quotes

Coach Condemns Obama School Speech for Lack of Football Analogies & Vince Lombardi Quotes

ACME Insurance Company: So you have a pre-existing condition and want a policy? Sure. NO PROBLEM.

Legacy of Charles Boustany: Malpractice for unnecessary, debilitating heart operation on 2 year old

Will joe wilson now have to apologize to rush limbaugh for apologizing

Will this be the largest corporate welfare bill? Has anyone run

The biggest health care lie

Probable beltway evolution of Wilson's "You Lie"

ICC Prosecutor Eyes Possible Afghanistan War Crimes(By NATO)

A progressive reviews Michael Moore's new movie "Capitalism: A Love Story"

Politico: Dems heckled Bush, but Wilson was different

Personalizing the health care debate

Republicans eating their own is not cannibalism. It's Coprophagy.

Why did Valerie Plame's husband say Obama was lying?

Rob Miller has to feel like he sat down at a slot machine and hit the big jackpot

A Poker Run for Danny as a form of Socialized Medicine

Just four GOP senators applaud when Obama calls ‘death panels’ a ‘lie.’

Alright, what is up with this twitching thing?

Wilson Quotes Cited On 'The Rude Pundit', Ladies And Gentlemen....

OBAMA Speech Heckler A Health Industry Darling

Joe Wilson - Representative, SC (R): Liar or Idiot?

South Africa communist leader drives a BMW

Do you feel differently about what really happened on 9/11?

Is it legal to mandate payments to a for-profit company?

250+ new patients a day at Va hospitals and clinics - wow!

A good read on regulation/de-regulation of the the electric industry


Awesome Public Education resource! ! ! Congratulations on a job, Well Done

Obama speech disrupter a health industry darling

Why I believe we will never have single payer or universal coverage

Karel Canceled in San Fransisco

There is a "People against inappropriate outbursts " pac over at

Hartman wants to know what the Repukes were waving around

Shocking.....John Stossel leaving right-wing Minor League for call-up to Major League Crazies...

A friend of mine pay's 1000.00 per month for her company insurance

Anyone listen to Ed Schultz today???

Rep.Gingrey GA had one of the most idiotic logics ,jumping from youth.

Question: Why Do Democrats Have to Work So Damned Hard To Defend Democrats

Rep Gingrey saying people with grandparents in their 90's will get screwed


SCOTUS argument this morning.


SA pigeon 'faster than broadband'

The Public vs Private Universities analogy was a BRILLIANT stroke...

This current bill is a down payment on healthcare reform

Need Google Help

What it boils down to is this simple question -

Who wouldn't want "illegal" immigrants to get flu vaccines even if they can't afford them?

Adults - Child (caption please)

Margaret and Helen discuss Joe Wilson/Health Care

How many people do you know who have 9/11 birthdays?

What is Beck up to now? Yosi Sergant?

Obama's Rope-a-Dope Speech.

One of my favorite pictures from last night.

What wasn't clear was the part right after he said ,"Let me be clear".

President Obama classy response to phuque rat Wilson

Sarah Palin's Dinner on eBay: Only 3 people are bidding and their usernames are hidden.

Wilson said it twice

Congressman Wilson, take note: President Obama was correct. You were wrong!!!

I just got a new poem published at Haggard & Halloo publications.

AMAZING: Watch the 'crawl' under the Fox coverage of Obama's speech

Froomkin: Part of Obama's goal was to get Republicans to 'occupy reality'

Sanford to Resign Today (My Prediction)

Sanford to Resign Today (My Prediction)

A Decade With No Income Gains

Lawmaker Ousted From Inquiry Into Sex Talk

Write to Representative Joe Wilson - HERE

You can't argue with them. But we can beat them

You can't argue with them. But we can beat them

John Stossel Leaving ABC For Fox (Surprise!!!)

Joan Walsh on Joe Wilson..."moment of political flatulence."

It gets better

I would have supported any Democrat who dared heckle the Chimp during his SOTU speeches.

I am so disappointed.

Providing health care for illegal immigrants

CA: Furlough Days Overturned For 6,000+ State Workers

CA: Furlough Days Overturned For 6,000+ State Workers

Questions about Medical Malpractice

Line by Line Analysis of President Obama's Healthcare Speech

Woo!! Hoo!!! I just got my Keith Olbermann Bobble-Head Doll!!

Ha! Sanford schedules ANOTHER press conference for today.

Nativists to 'Patriots'

Shuster - it was a forced apology

Lost in the shuffle because of Wilson: Louie Gohmert (R-Of Course) wears "What Bill?" sign to speech

Democratic Senators Summoned to White House

Thank You Slinkerwink! "Stop The Handwringing About President Obama's Speech!"

HuffPost: Obama Speech Shifted Public Opinion In His Favor: Polls

Media Reform Seriously Needed in America

Don't forget ... tomorrow is 9/11 and the custom is to observe the day by ...

The Art of Fishing and Cutting Bait.

Cong Joe Wilson's Wickepedia page vandalized

Were his comments heard on television?

ActBlue latest numbers! Rob Miller...and the money keeps rolling in.

george bush jr., now THERE was a fucking liar.

Why women REALLY have sex:

Not treating illegal immigrants is a public health menace.

Mad Pride vs. Mass Media

Wyden to offer free choice proposal, optomistic after Obama's speech

rep. john fleming on MSNBC

One more reason why the Big Dog is still THE MAN.

What is the Obama Plan?

"Think Again: Why Can’t the Media Explain Our Woes"

1856: SC senator savagely beat a Massachusetts senator into unconsciousness.

Cat in Ohio survives 26 days under fire debris

would you compare MLK Jr. to Jesse Helms?

Tell me he did not just send his mouthpiece out there!

Court: Employer must pay for weight-loss surgery

What's disheartening to me is not that Obama didn't sound more like a DUer.

Gen. Clark Fundraising eMail for Rob Miller - Defeat Congressman Joe Wilson

I was horribly saddened today

I would like to be in the press conference with Mark

Alright, another screed from a Reich Wing relative re: heatlh care

What time is the Sanford press conference

Last night changed my mind...

Shuttle Discovery will try to land this afternoon 6pm EDT just fyi

Cheney protesters at a dedication ceremony for The Cheney International Center - pics

Palin: Obama Lacks Civility For Calling Death Panels Bogus

If we don't purchase Insurance, can we still call 911 for Paramedics?

Looks like everyone is trying to CASH In on President Obama's Speech !!!

wasted away in freeperville

Obama, Chavez, and the Honduran Takeover

I Hereby Call for Congress to Censure Rep. Joe Wilson

Republican legislators must think they are Brits

Jane Hamsher: Obama’s Speech: Trapped In the Gap Between Action and Rhetoric

I don't think that Congress has the authority under the Constitution

Ok, I'm involved in a car accident (hypothetically) and the car catches on fire...


I help to pay the salary of that asshole and I demand accountability

Luke Russert, Capitol Hill Correspondent?

Apparently Joe Wilson has trouble with black people

Clyburn just ripped Wilson a new one on MSNBC

Federal Prosecutors Say Blackwater 'Specifically Intended to Kill' Civilians

Flashback: Tony Perkins' relationship with the KKK

It's 9/11 tomorrow. Did you send a card to your neo-con "friends"

Obama speech disrupter a health industry darling

If you missed Ron Reagan on Tweety

Major General Paul D. Eaton - RE Joe Wilson: Breach of Discipline

Bill O’Reilly under ratings pressure from Glenn Beck

Guatemala Declares Drought & Famine

How is this not Romney's plan?

July 2009: Obama says any bill he signs MUST include public option

out. of. the. park.


Contribute to Rob Miller's Campaign HERE (Democrat challenging Joe Wilson)

Some Congressional Wingnut cried out 'It's a lie!'

rahm going after wilson

I am officially "done" with Mark Sanford's psychodrama

Can someone tell me why Democrats voted against citizenship verification for subsidies?

Yosi Sergant, Obama Aide, Asked To Resign: Glenn Beck Strikes Again

Kucinich Statement On The Anniversary Of 9/11

Limbaugh: I "wish [Joe Wilson] had not" apologized

Pulling a Wilson.

YOSI SERGANT (Obama Aide) is asked to RESIGN after GLENN BECKKK targets him on Fox!!!!

Caption this pic

What is your view of Wilson?

Support Ron Wyden's Free Choice Amendment - would allow EVERYONE to join the exchange

Important Question: Did The White House Ask Van Jones To Resign?

Another way Joe Wilson helped us out last night - if we use it right

Interesting mix of Senators summoned to the White House

Did you see Pelosi's face yesterday when Wilson piped up?

New nick name for Duvall, seeing as he was just 'storytelling'

Are The Repulicans Much More Afraid After O's Speech Last Night?

Three situations,regarding health care status experienced by one person,me

** WATCH ** = offline ** Rob Miller = $418,833 ""

Another update from DCCC: Wilson's opponent raises $400,000

Suppose you run the "ACME Health Insurance Company"

Mandatory Insurance

Joe Wilson has a butt-load of personal debt

Will my doctor accept my "Obama gives a great speech card" as payment?

New research shows that explosions trigger unique damage to brain tissue.

Joe Wilson demanded Sen. Kerry apologize, for his comment in 1971, back in 2004.

Michael Savage’s flagship station drops him.

Sen. Burris closes door on running for his seat

Fuck the goddamned Republicants....

I listened to comments being made about the upcoming tea party and czars.

Is it a surprise the first president to be openly disrespected was an African American ?

Is it a surprise the first president to be openly disrespected was an African American ?

Insiders sell like there's no tomorrow

Rep. Cantor Plays Close Attention During Obama's Speech---To His Blackberry

What is a tax and what is not a tax and what pays for government run health insurance?

I need some links to the history of the C Street house.

Specifically non-specific

Health Care Reform (Bizzaro World Edition)

No one is forced to buy insurance. It's your choice.

In case you're naive like me, DON'T let your GPS in your car when you leave it.

Glenn Beck strikes again: Yosi Sargent Reassigned at NEA but Sunstein confirmed

Cheney gets praise and protest at Wyoming event

If the final health care bill includes this it will be huge reform

Over 18 hours later and still no apology from Wilson

Michael Steele is upset because Obama read Kennedy's letter.

Thatcher told Gorbachev Britain did not want German reunification

Saying "President Rahm Emanuel" When Referring To Obama Seems Highly Inflammatory

God I'm glad Wilson's getting it in the neck over his shocking behavior last night.

When does the Daily Show resume new broadcasts? If they're

Rob MIller, the guy running against Joe Wilson raised $40,000 today

The GOP viewpoint, captured in 1 toon

David Sirota @ Huff Post: Reviewing President Rahm Emanuel's Health Care Speech

Wikipedia locks douchebag Joe Wilson's page after he's labeled 'douchebag'

Tom Harkin, new Chairman replacing Teddy says,"There will be a public option in Reform"!

CNN Poll: Double-digit post-speech jump for Obama plan

Wilkerson: 'Cheney Is The Kook Leader But Pelosi & Reid Are Feckless Leaders With No Spine'

BTW, Fox TV got beat by Obama last night

Dear America:

Shimkus walked on Obama: 'Frustrated'

BWAHAHA! Fox "News" drives Joe Wilson to their home page lead story in the Waaaaambulance! CRYBABY!

Reviewing President Rahm Emanuel's Health Care Speech

Look at this CNN Headline :

Judge orders fines against striking teachers and union

douch bag Joe Wilson's web page and youtube

douch bag Joe Wilson's web page and youtube

marsha blackburn...she wanted Obama to start over....

marsha blackburn...she wanted Obama to start over....

The WRONG WAY to encourage undergrads to major in chemisty

Someone help me clear this up. I keep going back to an argument

When did the GOP jump the shark?

who's going to DC on Sunday?

Dana Milbank says a Dem. congressman gave fascist salute to Obama during speech

Send Joe Wilson to his room and take away his playstation.

No apology necessary, Joe Wilson. You just revealed the Republican heart.

The president satisfied me....

"Representative Heckler"-Special Comment: Congressman Wilson-by Keith Olbermann

The easy liberal solution to a variety of corporatist problems: Sensible Caps

If we can do this for Joe Wilson's opponent, we can do it for others.....

"And we will never forget Congressman Joe Wilsons fukin outburst"

"And we will never forget Congressman Joe Wilsons fukin outburst"

Roger Simon and CC Connolly

My local 24/7 news radio station has gone extreme rightwing - "the new home of Dr. Laura"

When / Where is the next march?

Rep. John Shimkus Walked Out On Obama Speech Out Of "Frustration"

Just heard on NPR... 1 in 5 Adults is Uninsured. 20% of All Adults with No Coverage.

Joe Wilson: Member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans....

On July 30, 1965 When Signed Into Law, Medicare SUCKED.

So from what I'm reading if you already have health insurance

OMG! Sign at recent Joe Wilson Town Hall

SC state GOP leaders holding a conference call re: Sanford.

Why do Republicans send spoiled impetuous frat boys to Congress instead of grown ups?

Wilson did more to undermine the GOP's efforts to come across as reasonable opposition

So I applied for a Union Plus Credit Card

Not a word about "mandating" affordable rates or capping rate increases...

To free us from the insurers, we need an Emancipation Proclamation

"You have no idea how stupid we can be..."

Can someone explain how Obama's health care tax credit works?

ABC's Stossel jumps to Fox

I don't think it's the notion of a public option that has the Republicans' panties in a twist.

I just saw an ad for The O'Reilly Factor on Hardball.

Mark & Joe (BIG PIC)

'Doctors told me it was against the rules to save my premature baby' (UK)

'Doctors told me it was against the rules to save my premature baby' (UK)

What are the costs associated with the President's plan

The Speech the President Should Have Given to Congress, September 9, 2009

I would like to explain why people bring guns to Obama events.

BeKKKy is Taking Down ACORN this a.m.


Duvall claimes he was only "boasting" about affairs--he never had

Duvall claimes he was only "boasting" about affairs--he never had

Iranian Atomic Work Nears Bomb Capability, U.S. Says

Iranian Atomic Work Nears Bomb Capability, U.S. Says

Rob Miller: Challenger to Rep. Joe (Low-class) Wilson

What happened to the CBO scoring of HR 676 ?

I can be angry at the president without hating him...

Tweety must be really sick to be off air at this time

Rep. Wilson broke House rules prohibiting use of the word "liar": contact Rules committee here

Cleveland Clinic CEO Makes Comment About Not Hiring Fat People

1993 - 95 cents out of every dollar in premiums paid to claims, down to 80cents now (more:)

Wal-Mart To Pay Via Check Cards.

Wal-Mart To Pay Via Check Cards.

Health Insurer Stocks Rise Despite Obama's Call For Change

A very special kind of stupid

Mark Fiore - Harboring socialist thoughts?

What state has the title for republican assholes (subjective value)

Alameda County supervisor Haggerty leaves GOP

This is what I heard in Obama's speech tonight

Accepting an insincere apology should be a "no-no"

Great speech. A few initial impressions.

What about the US Citizens who have employer based health care that is bad?

Beep beep, motherfuckers.

Rob Miller Raised $614,487 in 2008 to Wilson's $1,161,187 | Rob Raised $500,000 TODAY!

Krugman: The speech

John Stossel and 'Stache Leaving '20/20'

How much do CEOs of HEALTH INSURANCE companies get paid?

Is Joe Wilson A Racist

South Bashing

Walmart's "Project Impact": A Move to Crush the Competition

Dear President Obama: Enjoy your one-term presidency.

I Love Barney Frank

How do you feel about Obama's speech last night?

US Muslims: Backlash Fear Builds Each 9/11

So, A Respected Black Man Must Resign For Speaking Truth and Offending Republicans

What's in a number? Try this numbers: $234,678. The amount of cash Rob Miller has raised on ActBlue.

Under what Constitutional theory can Congress force citizens to buy a product from a private vendor?

Think the speech wasn't effective? Ben Nelson: "I think it was a bit of a game-changer"

We have been punked, or perhaps not...

Well, i like competition, too. Please post accessible health care programs for expats/visa holders

Joe Wilson In Violation Of House Decorum Rules

Profiting on death

Game Changer: Before The Speech, Joe Wilson - $211,000, Rob Miller - $49,000....

So if only a fraction are eligible, is it really a PUBLIC option?

One thing was established by the President's speech last night -

Congress Loses Faith in the Fed Reserve—Strips Additional Authority from New Financial Regulation

I made the mistake of arguing with two people that called Obama "Hitler"...

Never Ever Ever Give Up!!! (Important Info. for Health Care Activists Enclosed)

Never Ever Ever Give Up!!! (Important Info. for Health Care Activists Enclosed)

Michael Savage is removed from his flagship station in San Francisco

I work in patient admissions in a hospital.

Here's what I didn't hear last night: "I will veto any plan that doesn't have a public option."

YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS PHOTO: Why so grumpy Rep. Jenkins?

How do I plan to spend Sept, 11, 2009?

Who has kidnapped Rick Sanchez and what do they want for him?

SCOTUS: Provides Immediate Opportunity to Confront Corporate Personhood

Help Britain Get Out of Afghanistan So We Can Get Out, Too

don't overlook the fact that now Wilson gets a national forum to say

Joe Wilson Is Your Pre-existing Condition...

Class: Obama responds to Wilson

From Deep Pacific, Ugly and Tasty, With a Catch

Hypothetical: What If A D Had Called bush A Liar During His Yellow Cake Speech?

If we force banks to disclose that your purchase will cause an overdraft fee, 1000 banks will fail,

Joe Wilson's phone number

It will take 4 years to get health care right but it only took 45 days for the Patriot Act

Obama is not the problem, the BLUE DOGS are the problem.

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) did not read HR 3200. Proving that the tea baggers at town halls were

Kucinich responds to Obama’s health care address

Message to you lurking right-wingers.

On CSPAN 2 - Senate speeches in memory of Ted Kennedy

The hodge-podge nature of schools getting public money makes it hard to have funding accountability.

wow- Confessions of a managed-care medical director - denied an operation, caused man's death, more

Joe Wilson: "YOU LIE!"

"The Anatomy of Evil"

The CHARITY hospital here in my neck of Louisiana....

Raid Nets Firearms, Explosives, Nazi Items

A Tour of the World's Most Toxic Nuclear Site - Inside Hanford's B Reactor

Factually incorrect information on insurance exchange

Speculators Undermining Recovery, Report Says

VP Biden Just Clarified Exactly what I posted last night: Obama Means PO OR BETTER

Please give me your thoughts on these questions:

It's A Good Thing Obama Is On Our Side

Has any body seen any debunking of the Acorn Prostitution Story?

Please calm down, stop worrying. We don't know how this is all going to play out.

Rob the numbers (who's donating & how much they donated)

Morans With Signs Of Descent

DU This Freeped NPR Poll: Should Rep. Joe Wilson Be Punished For Shouting 'You Lie!' At Obama?

8 Years of Homeland Insecurity: Signs of the Times: No JOBS, No HEALTHCARE, No JUSTICE, No PEACE

The content of the speech was very troubling - please just think about it.

Rep. Joe Wilson is a White Supremacist and Pro-Slavery

Remember how pissed and outraged we were in 2000 and 2004?

Dr. Dean -- Are you ready?

Democrats say "Goodbye" to the YOUTH demographic.

What if we under-65 ers filed a class action suit against Medicare

They Figured They Could Be Disrespectful Because, He's Just A Black Man

Joe Wilson's Dirty Health-Care Secret

Caption this pic of Joey Wilson (if you haven't already)

The Real Problem with Health care

The Real Problem with Health care

If you make $40K gross (and are full-time with 2 wks paid vacation)

I don't fucking want health insurance.

I wasnt happy with the Pres reminding progressives what the goal is for health care reform.

What do we want? SINGLE PAYER. When do we want it? NOW. Who's going to pay for it? THE RICH.

Rockstar Energy Drink: Hate in a Can - Michael Savage

What is the story with the ACORN video that has all the Beckites all a flutter today?

Pedigree dogs 'being bred to death' Decades of inbreeding is causing immense suffering for pedigree

Please forgive me

Man killed in church after stone altar falls on him

The Disappearing Male

Too Many Morons

Wow! Rob Millers ActBlue page up $40,000 in about 2 hours

Twelve months since Ike hit TX. 5 years since Jeanne, Francis, Charlie hit us.

Thoughts on the President's "Health Care" Speech. I noticed three new things.

He parked it.

AP: ACORN fires 2 after hidden-camera footage aired

If the government can mandate health insurance then why not flood insurance?

Meet Rob Miller, Joe Wilson's Democratic challenger for 2010.

Poll question: *** POLL *** September PHOTO CONTEST - THREAD 3

Poll question: *** POLL *** September PHOTO CONTEST - THREAD 2

Poll question: *** POLL *** September PHOTO CONTEST - THREAD 1

One good thing about mandatory coverage through Insurers . . .

Hey, hard lefties....

Act Blue -- Rob Miller = $500,000 = Half-a-Million

MORE Moran signs:

IF you ever agreed with 1 of my pro worker posts, please read this

Dear Mr. President, I love you but I can CHOOSE to have a car; I can't choose to have a body.

Wilson Claims "Devil Made Me Do It!"

I never thought I would say this

After 8 years of being here at DU I have come to this very strong conclusion

HC bumper sticker

PSA: Clik hear

only the cool kids got wear coral memo

Woo hoo! The Royal Mail is working again!

Neck massage before bed?

In other non presidential address news: US Open SPOILER

Level 2 !! oops level three!

In Defcon 5 the Magistrate replaces "Sir" with "Fella".

Ellen DeGeneres Replacing Paula Abdul on Idol

Obama and Posada....both hit it out tonight


Why are we at defcon-whatever?

Congratulations MorningGlow! 10,000 posts!

My question has been answered

Congratulations girl gone mad! 10,000 posts!

Congratulations progressoid! 15,000 posts!

Congratulations wndycty! 15,000 posts!

Man accused of flinging jellyfish on beachgoers

Congratulations Kerrytravelers! 20,000 posts!

Signature lines are currently shut off due to high traffic on I-95 thru Delaware!

Congratulations L. Coyote! 25,000 posts!

Study: Taller people 'happier'

Is it against DU rules

Self Fulfilling Prophecies. Post yours here.

Hey! Today is 09-09-09.

Have you seen the "people of Wal-Mart" site?

I want to create a teat that never dries.

time for another puke, throw up and FUCK YOU thread

9-9-09 at 9:09:09 PM

Brian had sex . . . with a really dumb girl . . .

Mayday, Mayday!!! DU is going down...

I've decided facebook was invented so you could look up old exes

So A Friend Of Mine Inhaled A Peanut...

I've been wanting to do this for years since I first heard this song

*Rumble* Oh shit this motherfucker is coming down. EVERYBODY RUUUUN!!!!!

UK Lottery Result correctly predicted live on TV

XM Radio users - Equipment question

One of the grossest videos you will ever see

They close the Lounge at Level 4 !!!!1!!1!1!!!

What's your favorite season?

If an old ex finds you on Facebook, run for your life!

Sandra Rinomato needs to be shanked.

Help! I'm a Beatles hater (BBC article)

9 women rescued from fake reality show contest

Why won't this kid stop crying!

Darkness, Darkness

If anyone asks for me, I wasn't here. I am on the lam from the fuzz. n/t

It's the money you could be saving with GEICO, only it's in my pan:

Dreaming Of Kittens - awwwww - pics

Today's Earwrom: "There's Got to be a Morning After" by Maureen McGovern

Did you hear that Owen Wilson called the president a liar?

If someone said they were a "self-employed manufacturer's representative," what does he really do?

In Taming Dogs, Humans May Have Sought a Meal

Hitler finds out about another Downfall parody

I hear Wilson Pickett called Obama a scryer.

Ellen is going to replace Paula on American Idol?

Good morning Lounge

Well, crap!

Hey, Everybody! Skinner does IMPRESSIONS!

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to NJmaverick!!*******

How to Look Good Naked...

How do you feel about public displays of infection?

Why do cats like to sit on your computer?

Time surely does fly - it's been at least 6 months since our last Molly Hatchet Appreciation Thread

Have you ever noticed.....

My inside kittehs escaped during the night! They are 15 yo but look and act quite a bit younger. We

10 reasons to cure ED as soon as possible.

I am getting my medical marijuana certificate for free!

Heh heh - watching a chipmunk eat some beef jerky.

Does puppy prozac really work?

Does puppy prozac really work?

Rare tongue-eating parasite found

Names so difficult to spell you dread typing them: mine is "Rachmaninoff"

The AP Photo of the day, according to my paper:

What's all this talk of Hillary Clinton Reform?

How do I make a clingy boy go away?

rama lamma ding dong

Helpful hint for DUers: don't have 5 cups of coffee and a bran muffin before morning commute.

DeGeneres is new Idol judge

Another whimsical message from an EMail friend...

Favorite part of Obama's speech last night?

I thought the mods said

How do you feel about public displays of infarction?

I saw this show on the History Channel about the end of the Mayan calendar on Dec 20, 2012

Bacon - is there any problem that Bacon cannot solve

What does Democratic Underground look like on an iphone

Baby born at 9:09 on 9/9/09 weighs 9 lbs, 9 ounces

Group Home Living Poetry Again! Again Based Upon a Shocking True Story!

All you Geddy Lee haters are going to hell....

Savage silenced in S.F.

Favorite mid-song Soul Punctuator?

Moral quandary, I'm confused about this situation

Remember That Big Fat Cat That Was Found Up In Oregon? There's More To The Story...

I saw the movie 'MILK' last night

Seriously evil ways to get revenge on an ex...

DU Song Of The Day

Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel - Come Up and See Me

I thought the meds said

You are a beautiful butterfly


Dr. Strange needs your help - will you heed the call.....

Runner is a "hermaphrodite"

Life's little mysteries: so we parked the '92 Pontaic Sunbird

ARRGGGHHH!!! Network schedulers SUCK!!!

Do you like Bertolt Brecht?

Mr. Blue Sky

I've been thinking...

Songs that were never as big as we think

School exhausted me.

Waltz For A night

This picture needs your caption

The Hubble Deep Field

When you have to fart in an elevator, do you...

Guitar Hero: Jonas Bothers (or Jobros for the really hip and with it)

I have a 3 hour political science lecture with a french professor that I cannot understand...

I have two friends who use "prolly" instead of "probably"

DUer's who work "Blue Collar" Jobs: Does the "Blue Collar" Comedy Hour bother you?

After the fun I had getting my Driver's License renewed a couple of months ago.

Anyone riding the NYC Century this Sunday

Next year it will be 10-10-10 , and year after 11-11-11 , and then 12-12-12

I am hyperventalating, someone give me a hug

Ron Reagan Jr had a great segment today with Justin Halpern of "Shit My Dad Says."

Anyone watching the Pres?

The Midnight Special...

Culinary adventure

When does TDS season start

Anyone ever adjusted their "internal clock" to become a morning person?

Have an animal companion, dog or cat? Chances are, you think your companion is a good dog/cat.

Paula's Fried Butter Balls Recipe

How do you think you look better? Naked or Clothed?

Gardening question. Help me save my catnip!

Boehner will give his weekly press conference shortly. Will be broadcast live on MSNBC.

LOL...I still can't get to Joe Wilsons Website!

Wilson being interviewed outside his office door right now on MSNBC.

TPM: Clyburn to Wilson: "Man Up"

Waffle Words

Joe the Congressman has shut down his webpage with a bald faced LIE

Just as a thought experiment

"We Did Not Come Here to Fear the Future. We Came Here to Shape It."

Dingell: Obama Made the Public Option More Viable with This Speech

LOL POLITICO: "Barack Obama's health-care speech: What he said, what he meant"

The text of the speech

A new meme- Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) now gets the treatment from the new site :

Doesn't this guy ever give up

Palin Invokes 9/11 To Attack Obama

"I am deeply saddened that my inappropriate comments have become a major distraction..." (Duvall)

How about another FB post that says: Nobody should have to listen to disrespectful Congressmen

The employer of the lobbyist with the "eye-patch underwear"

Any word from Howard Dean regarding Obama's speech?

Joe Wilson - Fox News Hero

Arlen Specter on Joe Wilson's outburst!!!

This is really confusing: until this evening Joe Wilson was a good guy

My friends! The biggest present of all might be behind the Christmas tree and you just didn't see it

I'm an Asshole.

I propose a punishment for Joe Wilson

***HEADS UP*** President Obama remarks on health care.

Mayo Clinic Reaction to President Obama’s Speech – September 9

Gawker: An Illustrated Guide to Joe Wilson (or should I say Addison Graves Wilson Sr.?)

Wilson Apologizes

""Well, you've got to understand: They're Republicans. They're just doing what comes natural,"

Please support Joe Wilson's opponent --- Rob Miller!

How insidious

Obama is fighting on 5 fronts: Corporates, MSM, GOP, bought out Democrats and the Dixiecrat 'base'

Repub "answer"- most embarrassing political moment since Adm Stockdale wondered why he was on stage

"If you misrepresent what's in this plan, we will call you out."

Rude Pundit hit the nail right on the head, as usual, re Wilson's insult

The manufactured poutrage machine.

Just donated $50 to Joe "LIAR!" Wilson's opponent

Will the Republicans' crude behavior tonight negatively affect them ?

McCain just said on Larry King that Joe Wilson (Lie! rep) was out of order and should apologize!

The picture of Joe Wilson on his twitter page has him wearing a Mccain-Palin button

On Lindsey "Boo Hoo" Graham (AKA Scut Farkas)'s comments re "combative tone"

The reaction to Rep. Wilson (Photo)


This is my 1000th post!

Clyburn: Joe Wilson "Ought To Man Up" And Apologize In Person (AUDIO)

Joe Wilson should be censured.

Remember that if this shit was easy, it would have been done long ago....

Obama, Pulling A Jimmy Stewart - "bright-eyed young idealist up against entrenched power" (Shales)

"I think it was a bit of a game changer." - Ben Nelson (D?-NE) on Obama's Speech

Biden: Health care bill may be in by Thanksgiving

At Last, Firing Back on Health Reform (E.J. Dionne)

What we will have next year that we don't have now:

"By far, the best speech that President Obama has ever given"

So what was up with the papers the GOP nitiwits were holding up?

Obama's Speech Moved Swing Voters - "Support for Obama's plan jumped 20 points"

Full text of Senator Kennedy's letter to President Obama

Which South Carolina Republican is more of an asshole?

DU this WSJ poll

Joe Wilson's scumbaggery plastered on front page of SC newspapers this morning.

Oh, lordy. Barnacle sucking up to Joe and the Rs this morning by

Get ready for the upcoming media assault against Health Care Reform and this President!

ABC reports over $100k was contributed to Rob Miller (Joe Wilson's opponent) overnight

I missed the last 10 min. of the speech...Help!

Joe Wilson. Ever heard of "political wilderness"? You are now there, asshole.

Morning Joe shows the GOP and M$M hand in the next 2 weeks!! How can we negate their stupidity?

Last night there was a rude catcall. Mostly, there was a GREAT SPEECH.

Missed it: want to hear much more about the speech, less about Wilson. How about it?

NV-Sen: Amodei Will Vie for GOP Nod

Fox Didn't TOUCH the Joe Wilson thing.

Morning Shmo said that Obama gave up the Public Option last Night, simple as that.

TPM: Dingell Says Obama Made the Public Option More Viable with This Speech

Organizing for America: The President's Plan for Health Reform

I think it's sad when the president of the united states has to resort to

Question about history - has anyone like Wilson in US history shouted out in joint session?

Republican behavior at Obama's speech--maybe NOW the White House will admit what it is facing?

Which one of the following makes you most proud of Obama?

Can The GOP Still Credibly Claim That The President Has Not Tried To Be Bipartisan After The Speech?

Joe Wilson Yells "You Lie" at President Obama and Internet Goes Crazy

Go After Joe Wilson's Family!!!!!!

The biggest story from last night and no one is talking about it


FLOOD that ASSHOLE Joe Wilson's office with calls TODAY !

sign petition to censure Wilson

How do you want your "humility", Saxby? (Chambliss)

My letter to Congressman Wilson:

Yay!!!!! Big Ed is Happy!

This Health Care Bill Must PASS--KICK IT UP-NO PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS Denial of Coverage!!

Mr. President last November I worked from 5:00 AM to 10:30 PM in Ohio ...

Axelrod just now: "He believes in the public option, he thinks it should be in the bill, and he will

Clyburn: Joe Wilson an Embarrassment to South Carolina

Well, Fox News is good for something...(rant)

We elected Mitt Romney as President?

Voltaire had it right...

medical malpractice "demonstration projects"?

The full text of Ted Kennedy's letter to Obama

Joe Wilson's official website: "This site is down for maintenance. Please check back again soon."

"You Lie!" Is Wealthy White Man Slang for "You go, Girl!"

Joe Wilson blasted by 2010 challenger - Democrat Rob Miller

What Obama should learn from the republican mob tonight

My Email To Senator Ben Nelson

Joe Wilson wasn't the only disrespectful Republican...great Salon article exposing other Rethugs

For any still questioning about the public option.. I will repost

CNN is working triple overtime to downplay the bump in support for Obama's HC reform

Honestly, do you think some around here are disappointed because the President was outstanding?

Wait a won't take effect until 2013?

Mandate + no public option for ALL = NO DEAL

Here's a conspiracy theory to think about...

Complete video of Obama's speech to Congress, in case you missed it

It's ironic that I'd been lamenting the lack of civility in political discourse with my


WaPo Eugene Robinson: Republicans Behaving Badly

Nightline: 'Dr says I think Health Care Reform will draw MORE dedicated

Where's the public option?

Do it for Teddy...

Do people realize that under current plans most people can only select doctors

CNN: Obama wins with speech-watchers, poll says

This was why he was elected.....

I so love Olberman. He dissed Boustany of Lousiana

Why I Loved Obama's Health Care Speech

Why do you think the diplomatic corps was there? I thought he'd call out how other countries do it.

Damn well right, THAT'S my President!

DU this MSNBC poll about Joe Wilson.....

Sounds doable. But God

Boustany knocked it out of the park!

Chuck Todd gives progressives a week to give up public option "fetish"

Rep Joe Wilson will be on his knees begging for forgiveness

My wife just asked...what about "alternative" medicine?

Whipping out the political tape measure it does appear that the

ENOUGH about Joe Wilson already!

Wilson called Whitehouse to apologize

Republicans: You just got knocked the FUCK OUT! (c) Chris Tucker in Friday

"If you can't find affordable health care, the government will provide you with a choice"

Sent a tiny contribution to Barack Obama

Who else just got a letter from President Obama asking to contact

CNN POLL: Support for Obama's health care plans jumped 14 points among those who watched speech

Obama during primaries: "I don't believe there are a whole bunch of folks that won't get coverage"

Ya know what?? Howard Dean was right..

A good analysis -

State-of-the-Healthcare Speech: Final Thoughts (Nate Silver)

The truth wins every time ... 14 point bump pro HC reform post address

Any chance the Kucinich Amendment allowing States to have a single payer plan.....

Boycott Hilton Head until Wilson resigns, it is in his District. n/t

Joe Wilson's website is "down for maintenance"

Rob Miller v Joe Wilson (contribution sent)

Joe Wilson wasn't the only one yelling out rude comments, it

Are more Obama town meetings on deck?

Sherrod Brown: we're going to get a good public option to the President

Beware Those Who Want To Divide Us

So then, it'll be a Palin/Wilson ticket in 2012?

Open note to President Obama:

Yellow squares! Yellow squares! Just like old times!

Reaction from Grijalva, via TPM

"It would only be an option for those who don't have insurance. "

I really liked the speech, but what "important role" do insurance companies perform?

Republicans would rather listen to the voices in their heads than to a black president

The GOP and rightwingers are being outplayed at every hand by Obama, so their response is tantrums

Tonight's best comment on Wilson (stolen from TPM)

I think Rep. Gohmert (Rtwit-Tyler) had a sign in his lap.

Tonight wasn't about health care or the slogan "Public Option" for the SCREAMERS here.

Make like Joe WIlson doesn't exist...

Obama's Speech: The Doctor Is In - A Powerhouse speech to Congress (David Corn)

Does ANYONE Believe That President Obama DID NOTTT Sell Out To BIG Insurance Tonight?

I think Bohner just soiled himself

Since malpractice only counts for one-one half of one percent, it is not such a bad bone to throw

Are there any comprehensive sources of info

Swamp Rat, Goddammit, We Need You!

Anybody checked what the freeper scum are saying about Wilson's heckling?

How will the Republican's antics play out for them?

On Rachel Maddow: Barney Frank

** Here's what's sad about the Repubs and their ignorant heckler **

So Obama DOES want to force everybody to be subject to the insurance companies

Small businesses will use private contractors in lieu of employees under Obamacare.

Steve Hildebrand, Obama's former deputy campaign manager who started the "Yes We Still Can"

***** LIVE SPEECH 9/9/09 THREAD 2 ********

Wilson apologizes: 'I let my emotions get the best of me'

Goddamn, What I Would Have Given To See Someone Call bu$h A LIAR

Republicans Heckle Obama for Providing Health Care, but Cheer Bush for Making War calls Boustany's response "FAIL"

Rep. Boustany Hauled in $1.25 Million From Health and Insurance Industry

So, Bush LIES us into war and all politely sit. Obama gets called a liar while telling the truth

Joe Wilson in mid-heckle--

Frank Luntz just bent Sean Hannitys face, "...he's demonizing insurance companies & it might work"

Gees, almost forgot, time to get a drink..

Single, double, triple or Homerun?

Beleaguered graduate student seeks the entire speech on video...

Did any Dems ever yell "Lie" at Bush during any of his speeches?

Anyone not care about Joe Wilson?

So the guy giving the response is a birther and has been sued for malpractice?

I wonder if Joe Wilson was armed

Wilson's mail boxes are full. Lets keep them that way for at least

Kennedy's Letter To The President

Ok, there's the door for those of you who say that speech wasn't good enough

These birther/lifer/teabagger type of outbursts must be STOPPED or they will be TOPPED!

The single biggest takeaway should be that the Republican "answer" was

Check pelosi for weapons. She's gonna shoot the fucker who yelled out liar.

Consider giving Rep. Joe "You Lie" Wilson's Democratic opponent a couple of bucks.

Rep Dingell (MI)

Barack Obama has done it again

Brilliant Speeches then the reality of Exchanges, Co-Ops And Cop-Outs On Health Care Reform

What kind of hopeless amateur speech was that?

Rachel Maddow - Obama gave a defense of Liberalism

GOP response to the President's speech.

what was that line? We did not come to fear the future, we came here to shape it

"Grow the fuck up and act like adults"

Why do we give the assholes so much attention.....

I don't know about you

It was a multifacted speech. First of all, brilliant on many levels. Tough.

Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina, 2nd District...

When you were growing up, was there a picture of the President hanging somewhere in your school?

So like I was saying........

Public/Private Universities and Public/Private Health Insurance - The Perfect Analogy

Sludge splashes "YOU LIE" above the fold.

It's a really really bad idea . . .

Why do GOP replies to President Obama's speeches sound like they were written by dumbasses?

Is it any wonder Republicans didn't want little Johnny and Susie to hear Pres. Obama?

CNN confirms: Rep. Wilson the congressional heckler (IMAGE)

Mr. President, the decades of struggle were NOT for affordable universal INSURANCE...

Powerful, emotional speech and the Rethugs came off like babies.

Email Joe Wilson at......

Anyone have youtube link to "you're an a**hole" done for Bush?

The Republican Heckler was JOE WILSON: "You LIE!".... Contact Information Here:

Thank God that this man is the president

Jow Wilson's actions are the moral equivalent of the caning of Sen. Sumner

I trust you realize that if Dubyah could give a speech like

If my son was busy twittering during a class, he'd be in detention.

Keith to Joe Wilson: "Hey, apologize, resign, leave the country. It's your choice Goober."

Anyone else getting exhausted standing up and sitting down at home?

John McCain calls on America-hating Republican Joe Wilson to apologize

Call for formal CENSURE - Who yelled out LIE?

Contribute to Gop. Rep. Joe Wilson's opponent Rob Miller here through ActBlue

Who's the guy waving some paper??? nt

Looks like Joe WIlson's congressional website may have crashed

Who is this idiot on TV now??? A Republican?

President Obama SPANKED the Republicans! But I hear they like that.

Got me a new freeperism

Are folks forced to sign up for employer health plans?

FauxNews actually reported the "lie" outburst, Pelosi will not sanction...

John Dingell: "I think Dad would have been proud."

Who was the fucking Repuke who yelled out "Lie!"?

I do wish President Obama had gone over to Wilson (R-A-Hole-SC) and hugged him after the speech.

What was the bill/document the Republicans were holding up?

Obama didn't say X about Y therefore he failed and I hate him.

McCain said Wilson should apologize immediately

So how many Republicans do you think will vote for health care reform?

Does anyone else see big X's next to each of the posts?

I will teach this speech tomorrow - Can you all suggest some highlights?

I got here late, what happened with Joe Wilson?

"Totally disrespectful. No place for it in this setting or any other...should apologize immediately"

Victoria Kennedy

Do Republicans think their performance tonight is helping their cause?

Full Text Of Obama’s Big Health Care Speech

No Bobby Jindal tonight?

Jebus, even Pelosi's crying (like most of us) nt

General Sherman should have completely obliterated South Carolina in 1864-65

Keith, Rachel, DU and America should be very happy tonight..n/t

It's all about tort changes, ie getting rid of all medical judgments and any insurance liability.

MSM - Big News..."You Lie"

GOP's Site: It's "not permissible to use language that is personally offensive to the President"

How Long Will It Be Before The RW Talking Heads & Repugs Come To The Defense Of Joe Wilson?......


The live chat-type thing is being streamed on Whitehouse site

Joe Wilson from South Carolina is the one who yelled "lies" reported by politico

So, Charles Boustany tried to buy a lordship? How American of him.

Go ahead, Joe Wilson, run for prez in three years...

Did this dumbass listen to Obama's speech?

I STILL believe.................

If Rep. Boustany (R) LA thinks that health care costs should be lowered...

Charles Boustany is a "birther"? Good choice, Repukes! nt

Boustany is a birther, according to Keith.

I have to admit I agree with Rush Limbaugh on something he said today....


I don't CARE what the Republicans are going to applaud or not applaud!

This Is Like Jordan Dropping 55 on the Knicks in the Garden

The Rules of the House of Representatives...

Time For A Potty Break Everybody!

A brilliant speech!


OK...the knuckledragger rebuttal has begun

Obama on fire tonight, cha'll....

TEXT: Obama’s Health Care Speech to Congress

He's left us so high, how do we come down to earth after that? nt

Was that dumbass Cantor dweeb tweeting? nt

His support for the public option was nuanced alright

At the speech, what are some of those guys waving?

*points and laughs at Republicans*

Well, Obama actually seems to be a Democrat tonight - He had me

"But I will not back down on the basic principle...

COme on DU - who shouted out LIE? pull strings and find out!

He is letting the pukes HAVE IT!!!

How's That Humility Working for You Saxby?

"Won't back down" This Man Parses Words With The Best Of Them

I wonder how many seniors will be against this?

Can we give a prize to the first DUer who identifies the asshat who yelled, '"lie?"

Obama just called the pukes out on their 10 years of FAIL..

somewhere some cable TV bookers are going insane trying to figure out who yelled "lie"


Affordable choice, yes yes yes...nt

Fuck the bipartisan bullshit..repukes = FAIL..

YES! He fucking called them out!!!

did someone just yell out LIE

You see the way Michelle looks at Obama???

I think there's a drunk Repug or two in the crowd. Disgusting....n/t

Did you see that? Repuke Congressman just shouted "LIES!"

I think that shot of Boehner showed him seething with hatred.

Draft Your LBJ Speech, Mr. President. Great explanation of the problem - CORPORATE solution

If you want to know what happens when you don't scrap a bad system

Not that it matters, but Michele Obama looks absolutely gorgeous tonight.

GRASSLEY - you OLD FUCK. You want help removing Obama's foot from your ass?

I do not favor insurance companies to be included in the legislation

Obama has forced the wingnuts to give standing ovations at least twice.

Forgive me for posting so much

Obama's wearing the same tie as he did during the SOTU


Republicans and some Democrats want Americans to suffer without quality health care. nt

Stand up for that one...".will be the last"....

Rep.Barney Frank: Dem-only health bill completely legitimate

I absolutely agree with what Rachel just said.

Do you think I look better clothed or naked?

Obama made it clear that a trigger and co-ops are not a substitute for a public option.

Dear Mr. President

I think many are missing a big point concerning Joe Wilson's apology last night:

Glad to hear, the President say.. we are going to hold people accountable

Remember these from the election?

Boehner on now.

Dumb Question: what was the doc the GOP'ers kept waving

Weak Public Option, no Single Payer = jobs program?

La Lioness Priyanka won't talk to me anymore. All I did was tell her she looked better naked!

"While I disagree with the President’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable."

Senators remembering Teddy Kennedy on the Senate floor right now

Reader reactions at Firedoglake to a positive review of Obama's speech

Don't forget GOP dignity: Nixon resigning, Ford the pardoner tripping, Reagan trading with Iran...

Karma... Between the school speech dust up and the "yelling"


Did you see Vicki Kennedy saying "That was magnificent" to Michelle at end of speech?

Mike Duvall denies an affair, admits 'inappropriate story-telling' on sex comments

Consumers and Citizens

"Spanky," or the "The Dripper"? You decide

Do you support forced insurance premiums on Americans like car insurance? As Pres Obama just said?

President Obama should invite Joe Wilson (R) over to the oval Office...

Great .gif of Obama, Biden and Pelosi

"YOU LIE" was the best thing that could have happened in that speech tonight.

Call you senator, and tell them you want "NO mandate" and "public option for ALL":

Dailup warning. Large picture warning. Total intergalactic awesomeness warning.

Kitty diagnosed with IBD - Need Advice

Obama offers compromises to get health care bill passed

Did any one else here the Prez say tha they expect only 5% to use the Public OPtion

Obama willing to deep-six public option

Obama’s Speech Moves Swing Voters to Support Reform

Funniest Tweet I've seen (so far) about Joe Wilson

Health stocks gain on expectations of "benign" legislation

2.5 million people work in the insurance industry...

How did this Boustany get to be such a major spokesperson now?

WSJ !!!!! : GOP Rep. Joe Wilson: Presidential Heckler

Scarborough: 78% of Americans like there current health care

Look at what Greta Van Susteren reports about Boustany’s malpractice suits:

We should call Joe Wilson and ask him to accept censure

God I love Joe!

House Dems won't censure Joe "you lie" Wilson, Pelosi's office says

Why are Democrats always required to be the more magnanimous ones?

Obama Tepid on Public Option

Demand Nancy Pelosi issue a public reprimand and Censure of Joe Wilson

Some woman called in on NPR and said her insurance premium was going up 300 extra dollars ...

Oooh. Look what that nice Rep. Joe Wilson said when Strom Thurmond's daughter was revealed:

Health Insurers' Shares Rise after Obama health reform speech

Joe Wilson received $240,000 from healthcare industry; Largest industry donor

So it looks like we trade tort reform for public option. That's what I took from it.

WATCH: A Shaky Joe Wilson tries to explain himself

I guess I didn't get off the hook for underage drinking after all...

Anyone here ever start shite with racists on Youtube for fun?

Vous êtes une pomme de terre avec le visage d'un cochon d'inde...

If I had the power of Oprah, I sure as hell wouldn't have the Black Eyed Peas on my seasonor opener.

Awan Tucry Ate a Thredth at Nevar Duys.

Is there any good voice recognition software for the Mac?

If you don't think the Beatles were important to Rock-n-Roll....


Anyone remember that time on Washington Journal when Wilson had a fullblown panicked wigout because

Wamp's polling

Medicare question...

Hardball: The issue was....would the Government provide Health Care to undocumented immigrants....

Joe Wilson calls Obama a liar, yet had -nothing- to say during eight years of Bush!?

President Obama to Appear on 60 Minutes this Sunday

Senator Reid says a co-op plan would count as a public option!

Warning: If you are a Kool-Aid drinker, DO NOT tune into Thom

Joe Wilson meant to yell "I LIE!"

How many of you support the right of a congressman to heckle the president...

It was Rep. Joe Wilson who called the President a liar.

Some quick CNN Poll results

Cambridge Police Arrest Rep. Joe Wilson For Disorderly Conduct

What would fit between these lips?

Barn Knuckle on Hardball....

What Still Ails America (Mary Lyon)

NJ-Gov: Christie Maintains His Lead in New Polls

30.5 Million Americans Watch Obama's Address to Congress

A simple request - Where can I find the President's full address to Congress

Video clip of Lindsey Graham's "near clap"


The most obvious thing I noticed in the speach...

I'm not clear on this one point in the Prez's healthcare plan.

Sen. Claire McCaskill happy that "Obama talked about handcuffing the public option"

Joe Wilson (Heckler, SC) speaking now

Study: Stimulus Keeping 6 Million Americans Out of Poverty

Obama Speaks Loudly But Carries a Small Stick

Another "Joe the Plumber", his name isn't even Joe Wilson its Addison Graves Wilson Sr.

I love the Repub talking point - Obama didn't listen to what the people had to say in August

Man with gun arrested during Obama address

Birthers, Teabbagers, Town Hall Maulers, etc... are all the same folks! Sore Losers of Election '08!

GOP leadership in all its contradiction? (or a sign that they know people want reform)

Please help. Where in the speech is there any reference

You know what I am going to take some of your advice and wait for the final bill.

You know what I am going to take some of your advice and wait for the final bill.

blue, green, yellow, red, pink, lavender, lime, yellow, burnt orange

Great guest on NPR's Fresh Air talking about people behind the Obama=Hitler stuff and health lies

I love Tamron Hall! Bless that woman! She just took Wilson and

Alright Dems, the gloves are off and it is time start kicking ASS !

Let me save Rasmussen some time

Grijalva: "we're going to fight it down to the very last day"

Is Wyden's Free Choice Proposal + "Public Option" == Sorta Optional "Medicare for All"

Democratic leaders in Congress soften on public option (Reid and Pelosi)

Theres a lot I liked about what he said and the bill BUT ....

Here Is An Objective Look At Just What's In The Plan Outlined By The President Last Night!

OK Folks. Those of you who know me know I can be convinced.

Joe Wilson's Dirty Health-Care Secret

Growth of government insurance outpaces private care ..

Kos: "R2K/dKos weekly poll, Obama faves: Tues: 52/40.Wed: 62/36. Nightly sample size 733, MoE 3.62%"

Can some one donate to Rob Miller for me, i'm really broke

Should Rep. Joe Wilson Be Punished For Shouting 'You Lie!' At Obama? DU THIS POLL

Barack Obama will give a Major Speech on the anniversary of the financial Meltdown.....

Can someone tell me how the PO passes the Senate???

CNN: President's numbers jump 14 points after speech among those that watched

Talking Politics and Presidential Politics on line is like eating 5 pieces of Dove Chocolate

Some socialist government computer repair employee needs to fix Joe Wilsons web site!!

Just Another Joe Wilson to Love (Mary Lyon)

How would the employer mandate work for part time employees?

Now that the Public Option is not dead, the outrage of the day is that it'll take 4 years

Have you noticed? Whenever Obama scores an "A",

Reviewing President Rahm Emanuel's Health Care Speech

What does "provide coverage" mean? Does it mean "take your premiums" or "pay your claims"? nt

What does "provide coverage" mean? Does it mean "take your premiums" or "pay your claims"? nt

Joe Wilson's Staff Just Hung Up On Me!

Challenger to "You Lie" Congressman Cashes In After Speech

Post your Prog Rock favorites...

Does anyone have any numbers re: how many people watched Obama's speech last night?

Rep. Shimkus (R-IL) walked on Obama: 'Frustrated'

Imagine the OTHER Joe Wilson ...

Michael Steele is at it again, calls Obama out for sharing Kennedy's letter

31.8 million watched POTUS....

Just call him "Jack Ass Joe"

Andy Card run for Kennedy seat?

PHOTOS: Mr. President and Madam Secretary

If Steve Hildebrand was pleased with what he heard Obama say last night, so am I

So, Please Make It SIMPLE For Me: Will We Get A Public Option?

Isn't the "health insurance exchange" what any good insurance agent already does?

I think Obama's speech was very successful politically speaking. He scolded both far left and right

Psst. There's a MONEYBOMB going on!

Rep. Joe Wilson's Wiki Page

Welcome Back, Candidate Obama!

Bye-Bye, Single-Payer. HR 676 is now a moot point. Thanks, Obama

Lindsey Grahm was caught almost clapping, then stopping when he saw GOP NOT clapping.

Police: Armed man arrested during Obama address

AFL-CIO's John Sweeney and Richard Trumka on President Obama's speech

Why is My Damn Speaker wearing a Red suit?

TPM: CNN Post-Speech Poll Has Some Good News for Obama

I hearby call for a public option to REC (& kick) THIS THREAD if you thought it was a great speech

Watching CNN - Never seen a positive poll parsed the way the poll tonight was!

Last night, Obama drank their milkshake

My biggest issue with this bill is it will take 4-5 years to kick. This worries me,

Paul Begala: Why I Loved Obama's Healthcare Speech

centrists and the right agree on insurance reform.

Rep. Clyburn plans to introduce a Resolution of Disapproval for Wilson's outburst.

Obama Shows His Progressive Spine

...and another thing - all of this "let's take it slow, let's do it right, let's slow down" talk -

Any DUers who want to go to Fighting Bob this weekend have a place to crash

I gotta say I loved Obama's non-reaction reaction to Wilson's outburst

Stephanie Miller today - too funny!

Many of you are the very epitome of left wing intractability Obama spoke of.

July 24: Dr. Marcia Angell and journalist Trudy Lieberman on Bill Moyers' program called it

Does the post office still deliver mail postage due?

Ronald Reagan's speech to school children "had more political content than Bush’s or Obama’s"

Statement: (Senator) Sanders Reacts to Obama Health Care Speech

Wilson: Mission Accomplished

Wilson: Mission Accomplished

I'm sorry, are those killed at the Pentagon on 9/11 not as important as those killed at the WTC?!!!

Senate Whip Count Update On Public Option Support: 44 YES 14 MAYBE 50 Votes Are Needed To Pass

Harkin: President wants public option as part of health-care reform

Is the "lie" comment the "Police acted stupidely" from some weeks ago?

The man who heckled the POTUS during a joint session yesterday is now crying over "liberal attacks".

The truest thing Dailykos has put up in ages...funny, too.

Good Speech--But I wish He would quit downplaying the Public Option.

Caption this picture from tonight...

What about those of us who are already on a "public option"?



The Weakest Link

I called Senator Harkin's office today and

Andrew Sullivan comments liveblog

TPM: Is George Voinovich (R-OH) Getting Ready to Play Ball on Health Care?

Here's the speech Obama should have given

In the midst of all of the back-and-forth, let's take a break to smile . . .

Blow by blow of Rep heckling, signs, shouts etc during speech

President Obama is now under seige.

The perfect is NOT the enemy of the good.

Fabulous speech but he still threw us under the bus. Especially women

The Republicans had a chance to join Camelot and instead take the boat to Lilliput

I hope duers understand if there is a public option the majority of you won't be able to

Republicans and Illegal Immigrants: what proof were Republican amendments to health care requiring?

Was Joe Wilson's remark racist?

Democratic Senators Summoned to White House

Just imagine if a Black Dem Congressmen did that to a White GOP President

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!

Malaysian Chinese couples tie knot in '999' mass wedding


Rare tongue-eating parasite found

Wilson Apologizes

Beige Book: US economic outlook 'optimistic'

Obama Vows To Deliver on Health Care

'Israel link' in Arctic Sea case

Write to Representative Joe Wilson - HERE

Comments on reflect the Insanity

Supreme Court could loosen cap on corporate political spending

Walmart's "Project Impact": A Move to Crush the Competition

DeGeneres is new Idol judge

Police raid ends hijacking in Mexico; 1 arrested

Plans for “vaccine” bracelets to be forced on people at road blocks

OBAMA Speech Heckler A Health Industry Darling

S.F. ban on tobacco in drugstores survives

Grinning 'priest' armed with can of juice hijacks plane en route from Cancun...because it was 9-9-09

Poverty Rate Rose in U.S. as Median Household Income Fell, Census Reports

Sri Lanka's war on the tragic truth

Girl in Iconic Vietnam War Photo Brings Message of Hope

Raids shut down marijuana dispensaries (San Diego-again)

Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2008

Texas couple pleads guilty in Afghanistan fraud

Texas couple pleads guilty in Afghanistan fraud

CNN Poll: Double-digit post-speech jump for Obama plan

Obama speech disrupter a health industry darling

Runner is a 'hermaphrodite'

Yosi Sergant, Obama Aide, Asked To Resign: Glenn Beck Strikes Again

Wall Street rises on corporate outlooks; insurers gain

Bomb kills 20, flattens houses in Iraqi Kurdish village

Madoff, Caught on Tape, Reveals Ways to Dodge SEC

Democratic Senators Summoned to White House

Republic Windows CEO ordered held on bond for financial crimes

Man with gun arrested during Obama address

Road noise link to blood pressure

Truck Bomb Kills at Least 19 in Northern Iraq

Opel and Vauxhall to go to Magna

From Deep Pacific, Ugly and Tasty, With a Catch

Good news for Obama: New CNN poll shows viewers liked speech

Envoy Says US Sticking To Withdrawal Plan In Iraq

J.P. Morgan "borrows" $750 million from unwitting customers

Tax authorities raid Argentina's biggest newspaper

Caucus Room Would Be Named for Kennedy Brothers

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 10

Obama predicts health bill this year (by November)

U.S. Foreclosures Near Record, Peak In Late '10: Report

Obama To Give Speech Monday On Financial Crisis

US govt report exposes goods made by child labor

Mortgage-Aid Plan Gets Tepid Results

US cuts more Honduran aid

Son of Joe Wilson Launches Attorney General Campaign

Disgraced California lawmaker denies affairs (Calls it "storytelling")

Dem leadership wants formal apology from Wilson (refused to make an apology on House floor)

DNC says it's raised $1.1m since speech

Mayo Clinic Reaction to President Obama’s Speech (strongly supports President Obama)

'We All Make Mistakes': Obama Accepts Rep. Joe Wilson's Apology

'We All Make Mistakes': Obama Accepts Rep. Joe Wilson's Apology

Andrew Card Says He Is Considering Run for Kennedy's Seat

GOP leaders fire up crowd on Hill

Lawmaker who was listening to Mike Duvall is removed from Ethics Committee

Photos of '9/11 plotter' hit web

Japan death row 'breeds insanity'

Pelosi: Afghan surge lacks support

RW rant on President Obama

Senate panel OKs $128 billion for wars

Specter wants Wilson censured

Statement from Assemblyman Mike Duvall regarding his resignation from office today:

Buffett tells Dems rich need to pay more

Rep Shimkus walked on Obama: 'Frustrated'

Wilson apologizes: 'I let my emotions get the best of me'

US stimulus 'creates 1.1m jobs'

US Military: Iranian Arms Found In Afghanistan, Including IEDs

Obama heckled by GOP during speech to Congress

AP: FACT CHECK: Health coverage for illegal immigrants (is explicitly prohibited)

Man with shotgun arrested near Capitol during address

Iran wants global system to end nuclear arms-paper

John Stossel Leaving ABC For Fox Business & Fox News

Number Of Uninsured Rises To 46.3 Million

Joe Wilson’s ‘You Lie’ Provides Fund-Raising Boon for Opponent

Top French General: Iran Intervention Not Viable

U.S. Says China Violated Trade Law

FBI Informant Says Agents Missed Chance to Stop 9/11 Ringleader Mohammed Atta

SC voters surprised by Wilson's 'You lie' outburst

DOMA Repeal Bill Coming Next Week

Here Is An Objective Look At Just What's In The Plan Outlined By The President Last Night!

Obama Cites His Mom's Example of US Health Care Woes

Obama Health Care Address: 30 Million Cannot Get Coverage

That's Gay: Gayngels

Obama Health Care Address: Death Panels Are 'A Lie, Plain & Simple'; Congressmember Yells Out

Obama Health Care Address: Time For Bickering Is Over

President Obama "We Have Pulled The Economy Back From The Brink"

Obama Health Care Address: Can't Drop for Pre-Existing Condition

Obama Health Care Address: Sen. Kennedy Letter

Congesssmember Yells 'You Lie!' at President Obama During Health Care Address

Obama Health Care Address: Exchange in 4 Years, Pre-Existing Conditions

Olbermann: Alaska Blogger Shannyn Moore on Palin Dinner Auction 'Guano-Crazy'

Obama Health Care Address: President on Public Option 'Only a Means to That End'

Rob Miller for Congress - First General Election ad

The Republican War on Science (1 of 3)

Obama Booed & Rep Wilson Yells 'You Lied' Reform & Illegal Aliens!

The United States Economy Is Now Killing People

U2- The Crumbs From Your Table

Congress Reacts to Obama Speech - Jimmy Kimmel Live

Anti-choice terrorist lies about the heathcare bill

Dean on Hardball: if public option not in bill strip all the money out.

Olbermann to Elizabeth Edwards on His Ill Father - 'If I Didn't Have the Money...'

CBS: Obama Health Care Address IN FULL

Disrespectful GOP Lawmakers Treat President Obama’s Address To Congress Like A Town Hall Protest

David Swanson on Healthcare Reform 1 of 10


(R) Jean Schmidt Confesses to Being a Birther!

CAUGHT LIVE ON-AIR: Israeli soldiers fire tear gas on Al Jazeera correspondent

More Republican "Family Values"

Headzup: Joe Wilson Yells At President Obama

Rachel Maddow - Bush Admin bigfoots Brits in '06 - They are still irate.

John McCain calls on Rep. Joe Wilson to apologize immediatly

FOX Reporter Interviews Drunk "Teabaggers" About Obama's Speech, Steps On Public Option Landmine

Bob Fitrakis on Single Greatest Dissection of Bush

Joe Wilson's Mama

Grijalva: A Robust Public Option Essential Progressives Draw Line in Sand on Healthcare Reform

Obama Heckler: 'It Was Spontaneous' Leadership Wanted Me to Apology!

Obama Accepts Wilson’s Apology

Hartmann on Obama's Speech: For Profit Health Industry Continue Skim $$ To Support Dems 2010!

Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person" - Rep Joe Wilson For Calling President Obama A Liar

Pelosi on Heckler: The Episode Was Unfortunate, Stunning To Hear Such a Stmt Made On Floor of House

TYT: Did Obama Really Offer A Public Option?

Right-Wing Attacks on Obama Administration Continue

Goodbye Rep Wilson, Opponent Raises $200K+

Gibbs on Heckler's Apology - Was it Enough??

Sen. Claire McCaskill: I'm Happy We're 'Handcuffing The Public Option'

Rep. Barney Frank on Obama's Health Care Joint Session Of Congress

Paul Broun Walks Away After He Cannot Answer A Direct Question

Heckler At Obama Speech to Congress: 'You Lie!'

TYT: Breaking Down Obama's Healthcare Speech & A New Article

Kucinich Responds To Obama's Address To Congress

Joe "The Heckler" Wilson still lying about "You Lie!"

The Shock Doctrine (film based on Klein's book)

Obama speech leaves health care industry uncertain

cnn - rick sanchez w/bernie sanders on lobbyists in the health care debate

Barack Obama hits back at healthcare plan critics

GOP rebuttal to President Obama's speech before Congress

Congressman Joe Wilson Claims Pre-Existing Condition: Tourette's!

Joe Wilson Claims He Actually HELPED National Unity


A Brief History of Communism, from Race Mixing to the Public Option

Summer of Stupefaction: The Baffling Fight By Ordinary Americans To Defeat Healthcare Reform

AlterNet: This Was the Obama We've Been Waiting for

Joe Conason: A Perfect Storm of Idiocy

Is protecting health insurance companies truly healthcare reform?

SA pigeon 'faster than broadband'

Wall Street Is Gambling on How Soon Old People Will Die

Obama’s Speech - “The Leper Plan”

Big Money Got No Soul (Thurman James)

Nancy Grace Turns to Philly, Four Years Later

Is the GOP a cult? (Gene Lyons)

The Executive Pay Bubble: A Fresh New Progressive Appraisal

Republicans Behaving Badly

Sri Lanka's war on the tragic truth

Congressman Joe Wilson Asks to Be Traded to British Parliament

Truth or Consequences

Americans Have Become Weak and Fearful Things (Joe Bageant)

The Monkey, The Organ Grinder, & the Swift Boating of Van Jones

Let's Prove Joe Wilson Right and Call For Complete Coverage for EVERYONE!

Girl in Iconic Vietnam War Photo Brings Message of Hope

Valerie Plame 'Outs' Joe Wilson!

Margaret & Helen

Better Message Discipline, Please (Ezra Klein)

In Light of GOP Behavior, Obama Should've Switched School and Congressional Speeches

The New Shape Of The Culture War: Glenn Beck, Yosi Sergant, Van Jones, and Hip-Hop

AOL imitates journalism poorly

Rep. Wilson Apologizes for Outburst, As Fallout Continues

If we like it, it's not 'socialist'

Are the days of Drudge over?

The Republicans' legal land-mine - in today's Guardian:

An overview in the Guardian of Michael Moore's film, Capitalism: A Love Story

Health insurance & antitrust laws/economics [updated]

Check out a LttE my lab tech sent to a publication espousing the Walmart biz model.

What-ifs and Worst Cases: We Still Win (Eventually)

Policyholders could pay more under Obama plan

Noam Chomsky: What America's 'Crisis' Means to the Rest of the World

ArmorGroup Running Absolutely Amok: Whistleblowers Expose State Dept. Clusterfuck

Republicans behaving Badly

A Line in the Sand Against Beck

Obama’s solution is to pay the enemy

At Last Dobson Is Done In By the Truth By Frank Schaeffer

"Obama Tries On The Uniform" ...In Last Night's Speech

Joe Wilson’s Outburst - Sanctioned and Approved in Advance?

Why Are Jews Liberals?

South Carolina Congressman Who Screamed at President Obama Fought to Keep Confederate Flag

Are Liberal Talk Hosts Obsessed with Insane Repubs? How about Promoting Progressive Democrats I

Roberts says he sees corporations as no different than people re free speech.

We're Number 37

Best way to reduce malpractic insurance costs? Medical profession police thyself!

EPA Proposes to Disapprove Texas Changes to Air Permitting Program

Coalition Launches Campaign to Pass Climate Bill

Developing World's Energy Needs Set Stage for Fight

The Easiest Way to Fight Global Warming?—Simply cleaning up soot could work wonders for the climate.

Manure, HD TVs Among Greenhouse Gas Sources to Watch

Floating challenge for offshore wind turbine—world's first full-scale floating wind turbine

Walruses congregate on Alaska shore as ice melts

Navy to fly jets fueled by algae, oilseed crop

Drumbeat: September 10, 2009

Guatemala President declares 'public calamity' as drought, famine worsen

"I'm Thinking Of Mammoths These Days . . . " - Anchorage Press

Poland faces gas shortfall

Filet-O-Fish Endangered

Indian Farmers, Hammered By Drought, Sell Wives To Pay Their Debts - AFP

South Africa Weighs In On Climate: "We Think It Is Unrealistic For Us At This Stage To Set Targets"

Record Rains Kill At Least 31 In Flash Floods In & Near Istanbul - AFP

Troublesome green algae serve as coating substrate in record-setting battery

JPL/Fisheries & Oceans Canada Study - Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Down 53% Since 1980 - AFP

Inside The Polygon - Still The World's Most Radioactive Test Site - Independent

Google plans new mirror for cheaper solar power

Bright idea or sci-fi?—Experts meet to discuss feasibility of harvesting solar power in space…

Jeter equals Gehrig for Yankees hits record

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, September 9)

I'm SHOCKED this hasn't been posted yet, Favre "may not" be up for all 16 games

Runner is a 'hermaphrodite'

NFL: Blacked-out games will be available online

The smallmen fall 4.5 games behind the surging Rockies as the Rox

The smallmen once again waste another effort by their starting pitcher and lose


Dodgers* longer have best record in NL

US Open tennis - Wozniacki-Oudin match. I know it was the US Open and Oudin is the

To NY Giants fans here at DU ... I can't use my Secaucus Park

my latest ltte on our vets

I need to pick ONE NFL team that will beat the line this Sunday!

EU to warn Honduras of further sanctions over coup

New Waves of Displacement in Colombia


Policeman, 4 others arrested for murdering journalist in El Salvador

“Condescending” Sen. Lugar Wants Pres. Zelaya to be “Constructive”

US cuts more Honduran aid

Headed for re-election (Evo Morales)

Cuban appeals 2-year sentence for drunken protest

My new purchase

Anybody seen this? OUCH Stupid kids.

Four years after Katrina NOPD finally investigated

Right of Reply: Netanyahu doesn't have to say a word

Israel-Europe Relations Strained Under Netanyahu

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian village

HRW “Military Analyst” Garlasco’s Nazi Souvenir Fetish...

How effective would civilian gun ownership be against true government tyranny?

I need some help with this post

Economic Report: Number of Open Jobs in U.S. Down 50 Percent

Cincinnati Bengals Suing Former Players (work comp)

Today in Labor History Sept 10 A sheriff gunned down 19 striking miners and wounded 40 protesters

After Hubble Repair, New Images From Space

Some pictures from Vienna

September Prelims are up in GD!!

Oxygen: A 3D Animation Short

Largest-ever collection of coins from Bar-Kokhba revolt found by cave researchers in Judean hills

Tongue Eating Parasite Found

In honor of Muserider and TXwhitedove tell us about a straight person who helped you through

The fourth permanent judge on American Idol was announced today... and shes gay

Treatment of Alan Turing was "appalling" -PM

Rockstar Energy Drink: Hate in a Can - Michael Savage

just saw this :) n/t NOT a motivational video and funny

Finance Overhaul Falters as '08 Shock Fades

Anyone want to take a guess at what this is?

WSJ: Income Gap Shrinks in Slump at the Expense of the Wealthy

Republican Responders

Prions of chronic wasting disease are spread in feces & persist for long periods in soil

New malaria, Plasmodium knowlesi from monkeys, 'poses human threat'

The phrase "those with pre-existing conditions cannot be excluded from coverage" says and does

Data Fuel Regional Fight on Medicare Spending

Road noise link to blood pressure

Road noise link to blood pressure

Big Food vs. Big Insurance

Bed sharing by couples is 'bad for your health'

Okay, goofy question: Were you all surprised that the outburst during the President's speech

So, here's a follow up on the "You lie!" incident.

I have had this feeling about Palin


Church altar smites devout Catholic

Trying to understand Sin and Forgiveness

I'm not saying the Superman of comic books is real.

Schools Aided by Stimulus Money Still Facing Cuts

'member all that talk of a temp alarm on freezers?

You are gonna thank me for this...

Thanks to HippyWife and any others who helped put a stars upon thars

Huguenot Torte, 1965

Is it fall yet?

Food Nostalgia

Technique question - how do you store grapes?

Nestles Chocolate Morsels

After drying tomatoes, is it necesary to freeze them as well?

Are human beings hardwired to believe that a whole number that is odd cannot also be even?

9/11 Myth Huggers: 8 Years of Ignoring the Evidence

Referendum For 9/11 Investigation May Now Be on November Ballot In New York!!!

the Kennedy Assassination, & the war for control of the Venice Airport

Think NIST was wrong? Here's your chance to prove it!

DeLay news

Ogden not running for reelection (TX State Senator - R)

More than 1 in 4 in Texas lack health insurance