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I was on the road


cheer up

Teddy Roosevelt speech from 1912.....Audio! Pretty amazing.

HuffPo: VA Gubernatorial Candidate with potty mouth

The Observer UK: Legalisation of drugs is urgent

Healthcare Mini-Mobs -- The Tyranny of the Tantrum of the Right Wing Minority

Definitely more than 100,000 people

I apologize. I hit "unrecommend" accidentally.

A taser used for good

Ex-Blagojevich fundraiser Kelly dead

Tea Party Protester: "We Think The Muslims Are Moving In And Taking Over"

How many cops does it take to arrest one man who ISN'T resisting arrest?

How many cops does it take to arrest one man who ISN'T resisting arrest?

Damn - George Jones is on Huckabee.

"We create our own reality."

Daily Mail reports nearly 2 Million Teabaggers

They're at it again. Propaganda disguised as "news".

Reader comment from the CBC (Canada) website re: health reform and today's Moron March

Freedomworks LIES about crowd size - misuses ABC as source

Cable "news" is not only worthless, it's just plain destructive!

Stupid PUMAs are back. Darra$h Murphy supports UK Neo Nazi Race Hate Group

My open letter to America

Andrew Kreig: DoJ Attack On Siegelman's Rights Threatens Election Rights For All

PETA Questions Aerosmith Guitarist’s Manhood

ACORN - we are their (the right's) Willy Horton for 2009

Ohio State Coach should be fired. Called the dumbest game

Tea Parties-FAKE Pics Being Recycled to inflate crowd estimate?

Soldier's cancer death linked to depleted uranium (DU)

Damn you, Glenn Beck, you're such a tease!

Against his own interests...

Does anybody know what ever became of "The Baghdad Blogger" Riverbend

McCarthism Embraced by Right's March on DC 9/12

Washington DC and its freemasons braced for new Dan Brown book

Do fiscal conservatives ever challenge the legitimacy of military spending?

Christopher Kelly is dead. The real question is will our kooks or little ethics choir win

Newt Gingrich Accidentally Names Porn Exec 'Entrepreneur Of The Year'

9/13 anyone?

Link to more teabag pics

How should Obama respond to this Tea Bagger "Focus group"?

cnn reporting that joe wilson has raised over a million dollars....

Conservatives hate Obama for the same reason they hated Clinton

Would You Sign It Again?

While those on the right like to act like they care about the

Damn, Ohio State... WTF?

Swiftboating Same-Sex Marriage in Maine

In 5 yrs. Polluters have violated water pollution laws more than half a million times.

Now, reputable sources citing maybe 30,000 for Beck's Folly

Now, reputable sources citing maybe 30,000 for Beck's Folly

"THE MISERY THAT IS NOW UPON US...." Words of wisdom to help weather the "TEABAG TEMPESTS"

Why aren't there any private subways?

Flicker Library ... Meet the Crazies

Verizon FINALLY apologizes for sponsoring pro-mountaintop removal rally with Hannity and Nugent

Just noticing more Guns Posts here tonight ,than there is in a Month..

Section 246 of HR 3200 and the 7th Grade

Blue Dogs dig in as influential bloc in health care debate

It's the final countdown.

LaToya Jackson's condo in default

9/12/2001 Remembered-Message for 9/12-ers

Shannyn Moore is tweeting that this pic of today's march is fake--

Alabama Supremes uphold criminalization of sex toy sales; store owner will continue to sell them

what a shame john lennon is no longer with us

Apple QuickTime is Experiencing Security Problems

Apple QuickTime is Experiencing Security Problems

Why we should never, ever listen to Republicans (A Rant)

Any link to the Karl Rove and Howard Dean debate

Are there more of them or more of us?

Get over it DUers -

My Christmas/Holiday spending....

The "teabagger" movement is decades old

Former Bush/McCain political aide Mark McKinnon "Send Joe Wilson Home" Donates $1000 To Opponent

I'd like the Public Option AND totally 'free market' programs - and

Does anybody actually believe that these people didn't go to bed at night thanking god for 9/11

Blue Dog concerns need to be "assuaged": "America is Centrist. Values are God...and guns...."

Teabaggers: FOX News keeps us INFROMED

Michael Moore film premiere on major anniversary

Visualizing The Health Care Lobbyist Complex

Get Out Of My White House - a couple more teabag pics

When's our march?

what does all this tea bagging nonsense remind you of?

Name something that drew more people than the 9/12 project?

Freepers... fuck'em. There is something important for you to do today

Just a remember, Joe Wilson was for providing help to illegals before being against them!

David 'hack' Gregory

Maybe the Port of Long Beach is saving us from inflation

Maybe the Port of Long Beach is saving us from inflation

Michelle Malkin, Freedomworks Caught Inflating Teabag Attendance

I'm tired...

Poverty, A Lost Decade and The Shame of America

Reading all the 9/12 threads (Just gone throught the photos Wall of shame)

Reading all the 9/12 threads (Just gone throught the photos Wall of shame)

The idiot Daily Mail says that up to 2 million marched in D. C.

CNN: Tea party movement has anger, no dominant leaders

Calling Out the Asbury Park Press

39 Afghans and 5 G.I.’s Are Killed in Attacks- Wave of Attacks Engulfs Afghanistan

Obama's Easier Path ..or.. The Useless Truth (as I see it) To Affirm Granny's Fears of Change

Larissa: Glenbeckistan and "Two-Minutes Hate"

Re "huge" crowd photos of the "million" moron march, is there a way to find out when a photo file

Obama imposes tariffs on Chinese tires

Run, Rick, Run

Why blame Joe Wilson? His home state is just South of civilized

Why blame Joe Wilson? His home state is just South of civilized

The squeeky wheel gets the grease. I think we need to start squeeking LOUDLY.

Sorry to post in General- but how do I post pictures?!

ABC This Week's Biased Panel

Maureen Dowd gets it in one sentence

Maureen Dowd gets it in one sentence

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Resisting Foreclosures

Why is Faux's Ceci Connolly a regular or becoming one on Mistah KURTZ's CNN circus?!1

Why is Faux's Ceci Connolly a regular or becoming one on Mistah KURTZ's CNN circus?!1

Why a damn "trigger"?

ABC This Week's Biased Panel

Beck fan and 9/12 protest attendee explains why Obama will oppress ‘white America.’

So is it true Glenn Beck wasn't even at his rally yesterday?

Forget fetus personhood; group in FL wants to outlaw birth control

I am collecting pictures of the "signs" at the rallies.

Max Baucus needs to be reined in now!

Isn't it obvious?

Hope this video makes you smile.......

The smartest Democrats are siding with the insurance companies

Sunday Health Care Rally in D.C. Details-At DailyKos

Here's why I think the "far left" is NOT the same as the "far right".

Here's why I think the "far left" is NOT the same as the "far right".

Brad Blakeman says they're having buyers remorse

Brad Blakeman says they're having buyers remorse

Photos of the "Billionaires for Wealthcare" on the March in D.C. today...

Minneapolis Grandmothers stand trial 9/14 for shutting down Army Career Center

When Government becomes the Enemy...

Sarah Palin now employed . . .

The Age of Stupid- Global Premiere

NYT: At “tea parties,” he is depicted as a befeathered African witch doctor"

There is a video currently on the front page that EVERYONE should watch

The Caning of Senator Charles Sumner

The Caning of Senator Charles Sumner

Hats off to AzDar for the funniest post in a long time

George Stephanopoulos Not A Good Moderator

Tea party movement has anger, no dominant leaders

Verizon Rolls Over: Company Apologizes for Sponsoring Climate-Denier Rally

ACTION ALERT - Call these members of Congress to stop Insurance Industry Giveaway on Health Care

Better world: Legalise drugs

Movie The Cove - Japan Killing Dolphins, Advocacy Film at Its Best, film review

Who sponsored the 9/12 event in DC?

Who sponsored the 9/12 event in DC?

The truth about Joe Wilson's district/ SC

"How I missed the 2 million man teabagging flash mob today"

Fuck the "9/12 Project", we need the "12/11 Project"

It's been a long long time

" Keeping Insurance Companies Honest " How and Who,, that should be

The KC Chiefs haven't had a winning season in YEARS. But guess how many come to their games?

So is it true Beck was a no-show?

Cheney is heckled at his alma mater

"Bury Obamacare With Kennedy"

Why are republicans serving in government?

It doesn't matter what the true number of baggers in D.C. was

We Need To Increase Funding For Mathematics In Public Schools!

Ex-Blagojevich fundraiser Kelly dies of possible OD

Big Artistic Performance to Be Set in Space - by Cirque du Soleil founder

LA Times peddles the big lie about protests on its Sunday front page

For WashPost, right-wing protesters are Page One news; in 2002 liberal war protesters were not

Enduring Freedom until 2050

In Wisconsin, Hopeful Signs for Factories

CONSERVATIVES 2009: All Lies and Fantasy All the Time

CONSERVATIVES 2009: All Lies and Fantasy All the Time

Climate Bill Will Save Each US Household $5,600 Due to Reduced Oil Imports: EIA

21,000 people showed up for oprah and they flash mob`d her

oops, please delete

(Hon ??) Dick Armey, Chairman of Freedom Works aka Teabagger's

Any update on the missing 9 year old from this morning?

Dems seek to play down role of public option idea" We lose, they win!

If Joe Wilson was really sorry, he'd return the money being raised

From bad to worse...9-12 protestors.

Durbin: Health care with or w/out GOP

Cat Survives 26 Days Under Fire Debris

Clean Water Laws Are Neglected, at a Cost in Suffering

Any footage yet from the pro-Healthcare rally in DC today or anywhere else?

The sweet, sweet news to come out of today's parade of moronic teabaggers

NYT editorial: The Rights of Gay Employees

Making the country less safe, one tea party at a time.... so I'm

Besides the Confederate Flag thing, is racial insensitivity actually a problem in South Carolina?

Remember, 75,000 came to see Obama in Portland, Oregon

good luck...

President Barack Obama doesn't owe those fuckers with their racist, ignorant signs the time of day.

Old racist joke proves Wilson's racism.

Heads up - Bill Clinton will deliver a tribute to Arthur Ashe

Chris Mooney (The Republican War on Science) visits Bob McChesney at 2pm EDT

Hong Kong workers die in skyscraper fall - 6 fall 20 stories when platform collapses

Unrest in Germany - sixty injured 130 arrested

Attempt To Outlaw The Pill In Florida

AFSCME Fights For Public Option, Employer Mandate

White House aide: 'Tea party' protesters 'wrong'

Parents upset over 'leftist propaganda' video

This is what 2 million people look like.

Racism Is Just One Symptom Or "Ism" Displayed By The Far-Right. It Is Not The Root

Tina Fey Wins Emmy for Palin Impersonation

A great idea for the "I HATE BIG GOVERNMENT" crowd.

Was there a coordinated effort to spread the 2 million teabagger lie?

Teabaggers rally cry: YES WE KLAN!

Public Option Fades From Debate Over Health Care

Apparently there are different kinds of debt

More Twitter fun!

The government runs the Post Office

Insurance Companies Consider Domestic Violence A Pre-Existing Condition

TRANSFER OF POWER / Hatoyama to lead 1st 'science' cabinet

Musharraf admits to diversion of US funds against India

NY Times News Analysis -- Public Option Fades From Debate Over Health Care

The Final Solution to the Rec/Unrec argument

ABC News Was Misquoted on Crowd Size BUSTED YOU LIE!!!!

Will sacrificing progressives in the Democratic Party for more Corporate donations

Was Christianity copied from several mythologies that predate it by 1500 years?

New wrinkle could prolong Amanda Knox trial for months

Carl Ginsburg: Save New Orleans' Charity Hospital

Why I have decided to march on Washington on 10 October

Dems seek to play down role of public option idea

I do believe there is a time and place for everything...

President Obama: Listen to what FDR said in 1936.

President Obama: Listen to what FDR said in 1936.

ABC News chucks Malkin and FreedomWorks right under a bus

Photo-o'-The-Day: Freeper Health Care Hypocrisy edition

Iraqi citizens blogs. With links.

Iraqi citizens blogs. With links.

The Million Mom march for stronger gun regulation had more participants than the teabaggers

Student loan debt leading to sharp decline in religious vocation

How I missed the 2 million man teabagging flash mob today

"This Week" on ABC absolutely sucked today.

What if you threw a rally and nobody came?

Pacifism and power

Equality Across American March on Washington, D.C. October 10-11

Being fully insured marked her for illegal restraint & unecessary surgery. Twitter to the rescue

Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America'

Studying the Crazies

It's obvious that Texas doesn't need the rest of us. They could be self-supporting.

Rolling Stones' Matt Taibbi on 9/11: Wall St. would only plot to kill US economy not actual people

In a year rife w/Republican sin, the greatest sin is their endorsement of the racist fringe as the

Rachel Maddow Quote:

August 2010 & beyond.. Feel it!

BUSH: "Someday you guys are going to need to tell me how we ended up with a system like this."

Joe Wilson on FAUX. Hey Joe: YOU LIE!!

'How can we make sure that civility is interesting,' the President said.

Liberal demonstrations were always mostly about what Bush DID or was DOING...

Drummer for Deana Carter and John Mellencamp (Kyle Woodring) found dead

Glenn Beck's '9-12' logo - Communist/Socialist design

Freepers losing their minds as Fox News says crowd in "tens of thousands"

How seriously disturbed is this guy?

European Union Could Get ALL its energy from Renewables by 2050 (No Nukes/no Coal)

A Special Comment To Teabaggers

WORDS OF GREAT WISDOM (The Native American Code Of Ethics)

No More Code Words: Racism is Public Again

Anti-abortion group wants to make birth-control illegal in Florida

Israel pilot, son of Israel space shuttle Columbia crewman, dies in crash

Average OSU football game - 100,000

pro healthcare crowd

Taxed ENUF Already!

Officer in Atlanta gay bar raid: “This is a lot more fun than raiding niggers with crack”

Dept. of Labor Releases List of Slave Made Goods

It doesn't get any better than this.

Norman Borlaug, father of Green Revolution, dies at 95

Glenn Beck Marries Glenn Beck

Hey, we're still in Iraq.

Tina Fey Wins Emmy For Sarah Palin Impressions On SNL

Anyone know how Maine feels about the health care issue...

Leading article: Hatreds that need exposing

Republican NON mea culpas

Join other Progressives - Use Twitter

Swine Flu Vaccinations May Begin in 3 Weeks as U.S. Cases Spread, CDC Says

AFL-CIO hopeful in return to the city!

Snowe, Collins Will Not Back Public Option

Executive pay keeps rising, Guardian UK survey finds

lets talk about the news coverage?

VA Care for everyone !!!

Obama rally pics! I was there today.

The Recession’s Racial Divide

Sanford changes description of trip

It seems that the most important thing about yesterday's DC Klan rally was

How do you feel about the political future ?

How do you feel about the political future ?

Freedom of Speech v Incitement to Hatred?

Am I the only one pissed beyond all reason at State Farm's "I'll Be There" commercials?

Am I the only one pissed beyond all reason at State Farm's "I'll Be There" commercials?

Why don't we just give the teabaggers, birthers, whatever they are, what they want?

We need to let them go and just get on with things - this means you, Obama et al Dems in Congress!

We need to let them go and just get on with things - this means you, Obama et al Dems in Congress!

Dress code for Freeper Banquet: GEEK CHIC! HA!

60 Minutes is on with Obama interview as well as with Ted Kennedy

Where is Glen Beck?


A most relevent speech for today......

Anyone else listen to oral arguements before SCOTUS on C-Span?

School Bans Bracelet Used in Sex Game

Private Dinner for Five with Sarah Palin & Private Lunch for Three with Karl Rove (EBAY)

The Media's Pivotal Role.

New Charles Darwin film is 'too controversial' for religious American audiences

People of Maine....what is the feeling there about health care???

What if your My-DU showed links to all threads you had rec-ed or un-rec-ed within the past 48 hours?

Why the sense of foreboding?

Cops trained to take blood at suspected dwi stops


YET ANOTHER "Morans" moment.


60 minutes with Barack Obama

Calling all MASS. DUers!-time to contact your state legislators to pass bill allowing the Governor

Past August silly season stories

Sex Offender Caught Roaming School With Gun

Sex Offender Caught Roaming School With Gun

Dog from Iraq carries soldier's legacy -- (You'll need more than one Kleenex!)

Mug-Shot Mania

Save the Public Option

500k show up in LA, 300-400k in Chicago, 350-500K in Dallas.

The GOP is Addicted

So when can we lose the 'Joe the Heckler' pic?

Lloyd Marcus the Black Fox News & Black Tea Bag Advocate/ Composer & Performs at "9/12"

Schools chief apologizes for 'joke' that backfired

Guy says he wants to shoot Obama on Twitter, Article/blog mentions DU

I refuse to call them teabaggers or republicans anymore, from now on

"We're #37!" - have you guys seen this yet?

I guess I can go with a robust public option with a trigger

Michael Moore to premiere "Capitalism: A Love Story" in Bellaire, Michigan

Joe Wilson showed the world the real truth about Southern hospitality and gentility:

A report from the "front". DC "March"

Protest Marches in Washington: Comparing the Numbers Historically

Think that cup of joe is harmless? Think again.

"ATTN: Police Please Do Not Pull Me Over Just Because I'm Pretty"

God darn it! After listening to Obama's rally in Minnesota today, I am once again putty in his hands

Did you notice that Glenn Beck never showed up in D.C. for his own 9/12 gathering?

Morning Joe Goes on a West Coast Road Trip

I don't usually beg for recommends....

what event are the pictures off?

Police Say Mother Tracked Down Son She Gave Up For Adoption, Then Raped Him

These teabaggers are NOT stupid. They may have been in the "slow

Why don't we ever show up? Pro-reform rallies today in D.C. is sparce!

I'm OK if Wilson not only won't apologize further, but reneges on his original apology

"You lie"! Line delivered during San Diego performance of Spamalot.

"Health is a basic right in France. In America, it's a market." ....

RW Rag Rags on Michelle Malkin

The Nature of the Beast

Damn lazy Sunday Afternoon,

the Mad as Hell Doctors - This Fall the Rubber Gloves Meet the Road

methicillin-resistant Staph aureus (MRSA) 'superbug' found in ocean, public beaches

Study: Wind and Solar Are More Economical Than Coal and Nuclear

Scene from today's tea baggin' pep rally

Student handcuffed and held for five hours because he has Arabic flash cards


Honest Tea Party Attendee Asks Glenn Beck to Apologize to the Black Family Reunion Event

Hamsher: Grijalva: Baucus Bill Has “No Legitimacy”--'an insider trader move to protect the industry'

Kennedy interview on 60Minutes now

My friend from Sweden emailed me earlier re: coverage of the teabag march on Swedish news....

Outraged Parents Sue Wal-Mart, And Arizona for Taking Kids

Part of me wants Democrats to just say "fuck it" and act like Bushco.

Dept. of Labor Releases List of Slave-Made Goods

About unrecommend...

Axelrod: Obama Firm on Public Option-"not willing to accept that it's not going to be final package"

Glenn Beck's Family

Republicans worry party becoming more known for pettiness.

On racism... and regions in the US

Time to declare victory. With or without the public option...

Former McCain and Bush strategist vows to make Joe Wilson pay

Crackers, Cheese and Whine

No babes, teabaggers are doomed.

what we are witnessing is the death spasms of white rule in america.

OH SHIT!!! Serena Williams tells the judge she will kill her must see video

A 9.12.9 Tribute To That Other Joe Wilson

Teabagger Trash

Sorry to say it, but i HATE many Repubs

How do YOU determine the value of a living being's life?

Health Care Hypocrisy

Gender Differences in the Treatment of Myocardial Infarction

California Nurse's Association & PNHP on Obama's healthcare speech

$194 speeding ticket has cost Petaluma $15,000, and counting

Ted Kennedy, Jr shuns spotlight, but not duty

Bleach-blonde FOX anchor just called Serena Williams "scary".

Good op-ed piece by Frank Rich on Obama's irresponsible approach this past Summer...

Serena Williams defaulted the semi at match point

Billionaires for Wealthcare thank teabaggers for their support

You know what really fucking sucks?

oh my...MAUREEN DOWD? "Much To Do With Race-Some people just can’t believe a black man is president"

Another illiterate teabagger

Heritage Foundation Blames Poverty On ... Air Conditioning

Likely teabagger gets schooled on Facebook

Teabaggers Throw Out Old Glory with their Disgusting Filth.

Filmmaker Michael Moore says it's time to put "stake in the heart" of capitalism

Obama's Pretense of Justice in Afghanistan

My email to Nancy Pelosi regarding going to a party at the home of a UnitedHealth lobbyist.

To put Saturday's Teabagathon in perspective...

Comparison DC Mall Pictures - Teabagger Protest VS Obama's Inauguration

A 12 year old Yemeni girl has died in childbirth.

Obama threat on Twitter?

We took every trace of abortion out of health care they are going after birth control.

Those of you that support single payer instead of mandated

HR 3200’s “public option” will not resemble Medicare - by Kip Sullivan

Insurance Companies Define DV as a “Pre-existing Condition” in Order to Deny Coverage

Depression-era dinnerware keeps maker afloat

'Thanks, you little f*****': Family horrified after restaurant bill makes clear what waiters thought

My 2 cents on the UnRec feature's issues...

My 2 cents on the UnRec feature's issues...

Poll ~~~September Photo Contest Finals~~~

Poll ~~~September Photo Contest Finals~~~

The teabaggers protest failed, so they are all over the nets today posting false claims and pics

I'm still awaiting the Marxist revolution.

I'm still awaiting the Marxist revolution.

'Sexting' Results In 16-Year-Old's Arrest

Act Blue -- Rob Miller = Countdown to One Million $$$

Is it ethical to counsel young people to join the military?

Ohio State - USC dotting the "i" and the cameraman


Proper tea-bagging

Body Worlds plans cadaver show dedicated to sex


The Prisoner, original and re-make...

I take these meds to fly

Best money making system EVER!!

Everybody relax - my sister just found her cell phone charger

There is a cure for depression!

We don't need

Me & my GF have just been approved for a nice 2 b.r. apt.

Why is Seattle/Texas playing in a rainstorm?

I said lord take me downtown

Church altar smites devout Catholic

RAIN !!!!

Be vewy vewy quiet.

"I'm On A Boat " (remade by the Navy)

Mono or Stereo?

Shhhhh, the lil rabbie is still near by..

What's the difference between a condiment and a townhome?

Hello Earth

Hmm, Texas you ready for another loss vs TTU?

"And we all went to heaven in a little row boat, There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt"

Resin (or tar as Europeans call it) tastes like SHIT.

I'm goin' to Vegas, baby!

It was year ago tonight that Hurricane Ike hit and we lost two dear friends.

Woooo!!!! party!!!!!

Need a laugh?

Throw a bottle in front of me. It's time to roll up my sleaves and get to work.

they were showing a 3-D camera on the USC-Ohio State game

OMG I never get tired of watching Justin Timberlake on SNL playing "Peg" at Target

Fucking minesweeper is pissing me off!

Someone stopped me on the street and remarked that I look like Tim Burton's twin

Ignore me for i dupe

DU'ers who also like MST3K... A Feast For the Eyeballs!

Mono or herpes?

GREAT movie i just saw

"The Matrix" and Ping Pong...

A Macarena Christmas...

The Alamo

Insanely soft cats - I has one

PLEASE tell me these aren't real people.

PLEASE tell me these aren't real people.

Alan Rickman Alert...coming up on HBO

Spending the day listening to the remastered Stereo Beatles CDs. Currently on Revolver.

This is a tad daughter's plane is on the tarmac with hydraulic brake problems

This is a tad daughter's plane is on the tarmac with hydraulic brake problems

"Your Mouth's a Mile Away" - WTF is that supposed to mean?

NFL SUNDAY ***Official Tailgate Party Thread***

Remember that thing that happened...

Whatever happened to that crazy guy running for president?

Why in the hell is Shannon Sharpe doing pre/post game television?

Anyone want to taste my kumquat?

PeeWee Football at half time, U of AZ stadium. Steelers need some help on defense. {0:18}

What's the difference between a condiment and a topping?

getting cigarette smoke off of wood...

CHUCK Berry or HALLE Berry?

CHUCK Berry or HALLE Berry?

Happy Birthday, racaulk!

Movies where psycho gives hero speech about enjoying killing him, then gets killed by hero

The real reason Tyrannosaurus Rex was so cranky

Newflash to Loungers: Ted Kennedy Jr will be on 60 Minutes tonight

Hey do the Teabagger protest pics remind anyone else of People of Walmart

Is it true that good things come in threes? Because now I'm justifiably paranoid - and tipsy.

Thank you, somebody!

damn i hate writing artist's statements.

Disney World to expand/refurbish Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom

"We're #37" - have you guys seen this yet?

Forget the NFL, I'm watching the remastered Star Trek pilot on my ABC affiliate

The beginning of it all.

Do you think I did the right thing here? (a rather long story)

What to do for one day in San Francisco?

I'M BACK!!!!


A Jersey.... NY night (mostley Jersey (cough))

Do you want to be Obama's new neighbor?

Ok. Tax help is one thing

OK, Henry Rollins...just saw "Wrong Turn 2." Now I'm ready to see you in a GOOD horror flick.

MIT Students Take Pictures from Space on $150 Budget.

Saw 'Inglorious Basterds' tonight. Liked it a lot...if you saw it, how'd you like it? (SPOILERS)

Like a virgin is like the only song of madonna's that I like.

Epcot Center - what country/countries would you add?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) White Shoes and Yoga Edition

Do you consider an 18 foot 400 pound python a pet?

Wow, my buddy Dave is a fucking champion

Promised sequel(s) the non-appearance of which you're still pissed about

Today is my last day in Ohio

I'm watching football(USC vs OSU). SO is watching NASCAR

Sam Cooke could sing like no one else.

Three movies that changed the way movies are made (IMHO) and how we view them

Would you turn down a great job offer because a company had questionable ethics?

Going to see District 9

I bought this beautiful Native American instrument yesterday

Hot Sexy Eyeballs That Do It ALL!!!... oh, BABY!

Best (or most infectious) song for dancing?

Because I love you, DU (and DUers), and because the Beatles retrospective is on VH1,

Call your Congressman and Senator...the ones you supported and

Hey DU --- Guessed who VOTED for health care for illegal immigrant?

Just saw "The Rainmaker" a film from 1997 which shows how the

Is the Right's Attack on Obama's Legitimacy New or Unprecedented?

McDonnell drops F-bomb in live interview

Analysis: Public Option Is Likely Popular in Most Blue Dog Districts

Banner "Show the Birth certificate"


Obama threat on twitter?

Charismatic Vs. Uncharismatic leaders

Telegram - UK - "White House split over more troops for Afghanistan"

White House Done With Wilson

Why are we NOT worried about the cost of wars but worry about the

Dear Ben Smith: You are a fucking media tool. (updated)

Bwahahahaha - Photo: Infiltrating the 9/12ers

I didn't see the interview but why does Wilson think that Michelle Obama's family being from S.C.

Would the public option add signficant costs to health care reform?

Suddenly, Rush Limbaugh seems benign

1 million strong against Socialized Fire Departments

OH SHIT!!! Serena Williams tells the judge she will kill her must see video

Boy, Oh, Boy

Illinois Tea Baggers Cheapen and Shame Our Nation's Service Men & Women's Sacrifice and Service

In honor of AnneD - Tommy Douglas - the Story of Mouseland - video snippet

What will the demagogues and their media enablers say when someone gets hurt or killed?

Republican Scott Brown announces run for Kennedy's Senate seat

Call the "Public Option" something else and move on!

Too good to lose - Mods pix comparison of inauguration and 9/12 rally - it's a keeper

Obama: "I have no interest in having a bill get passed that fails...once this bill passes, I own it"

Palin/Wilson 2012

The NYT is completely clueless, beginning with Frank Rich

Mary Landrieu on This Week: "Dont hurt insurance companies"

Obama says violence not answer, calls shooting of anti-abortion activist 'deplorable'

The Polling Fallacy - Are Democrats Who Are Against PO Simply Listening To Their Constituents?

HELLOOOOOO-The President's spokesman (Robert Gibbs) CAN'T say certain obvious things

Joe "You Lie" Wilson: "I had a town hall moment...I will not apologize again."

The Van Jones Affair: An “Unfriendly Environment” for Progressives at the White House

***President Obama on 60 Minutes Right Now**** n/m

In the Senate: 19 support, 37 oppose public option; 43 yet to be determined

Porn company 'inadvertently' earns Entrepreneur of the Year from Newt for stimulating the economy

POTUS on 60 minute now

Justice Stevens to Retire By Next Spring?

Why should people or corporations having nothing to do with health care profit from the American

Pawlenty proves he's full of crap, and Kathleen Sebelius slaps down his argument

This is the best pix of the crowds at 9/12 rally that Beck's crew could come up with? Laughable.

Nate Silver to protest organizer: 2 million estimate like saying "his penis is 53 inches long

Is this a definitive sign that the Whitehouse has taken a hardline position on PO?

Dowd misses it. Here's the real work of racism

Harkin Says Bill Will Have Public Option

Gibbs: Obama Protesters Not Motivated By Race

9/12/09 – Another day, Another Teabagging Failure

9/12/09 – Another day, Another Teabagging Failure

I knew the Public Option was in trouble when Democrats downplayed Medicare

Landrieu (D?-LA) Open to Public Option with Trigger

In case you missed it: Complete speech by Obama in Minneapolis on video:

Anyone, look online and start posting local contact info for anyone who looks like they could be a..

"Silly season?" I don't think so.

Wingnuts new fake story: liberals made bomb threat against DC protesters

It's a good thing Obama didn't follow the media's advice on how to pass health care reform

Van Jones's Resignation: Bad for the Country and Bad for Obama

The credit card bill has taught me that Corporate America will always find a way to

What Happened To "United We Stand"? Now, Republicans Love To Say "Secede!"

Any DU lawyers who can advise on potential lawsuits

Obama: Conservative anger is 'coarsening dialogue'

You can learn a lot from Obama's smiley-smirk during the Joe Wilson episode.

John King, Major League Asshole

Can Hillary, Obama, Edwards, and Krugman all be wrong about the mandate?

Michael Savage fired ... Thank God.

Olympia Snowe is playing Obama like a fiddle

Out of the mouth of babes --

Ooopsie. Glenn Beck's '9-12' logo based on communist and socialist designs.

It's bogus to use the stimulus vote to claim Dems need Repubs to pass health care

***President Obama on 60 Minutes Right Now**** n/m

Holy crap. Joe Wilson fucked up more than he realizes.

"But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy!" (Maureen Dowd)

Democrats Stand By Public Option (WSJ)

There is no way that mandated insurance will EVER pass.

"You (meaning Democrats) are not getting my money" she said.

Axelrod: "I’m not willing to accept that it’s (public option) not going to be in the final package"

Myth: Olympia Snowe "rarely sticks up for anything other than what her party tells her to"

Sen. Susan Collins: "The problem with the trigger is it just delays the public option"

Uninsured? You're $tealing MY Tax Dollar$!

U.S. to Expand Review of Detainees in Afghan Prison

Kelly (chief Blagojevich fundraiser) -dies of possible overdose

Republicans worry party becoming more known for pettiness.

US Mideast envoy Mitchell arrives in Israel

Official: Dozens of Taliban killed after US deaths

Pressure grows in Afghanistan for Hamid Karzai to strike a deal

Bloody clothes found in Yale lab where Annie Le last seen; Officials deny reports of body found

In Wisconsin, Hopeful Signs for Factories

U.S. Gives New Rights To Afghan Prisoners - Indefinite Detention Can Be Challenged

Fey an Emmy winner for Palin mimicry? You betcha

How Islamist gangs use internet to track, torture and kill Iraqi gays

Pakistan Outsources Part of Terror War to Militia

Son of late Israeli astronaut dies in plane crash

Public Option Fades From Debate Over Health Care

Battalion lands in Greece for intense training session

INTERVIEW-US labor head to push healthcare, labor law reform

Iranian judges denounce reform candidate's rape 'lies'

Metal Finishing Plant Cited, Again, For Worker Exposure to Chromium VI

Taliban announces surrender in Swat Valley after leader Maulana Fazlullah 'arrested'

Australia 'behind Mexico, Argentina' on emissions reductions

China to Probe Alleged ‘Dumping’ of U.S. Products

Reid, Pelosi Thank Union Members, Pledge Action

Key Blagojevich adviser Christopher Kelly dead

Fey an Emmy winner for Palin mimicry? You betcha

Financier Danny Pang, 42, has died: family (another Ponzi schemer)

Aide: Obama doesn't think tea partiers are racist

UN cancels election aid to Honduras

Dems seek to play down role of public option idea

U.S. to Give Afghan Detainees More Rights

Nuclear plant guards may get machine guns

Wilson: 'Not going to apologize again'

Nestle threatens to leave Switzerland

ABC News Was Misquoted on (9/12 Protest) Crowd Size

Stiglitz Says Banking Problems Are Now Bigger Than Pre-Lehman

In Their Boots "Silent Partners" Demand Equality For All!

In Their Boots "Silent Partners" Demand Equality For All!

Solution Ideas to the Economy, War, and the Environment


Teabaggin' in DC - the 9/12 march!

Nice lil' swipe on Rush Limbaugh in this comic trailer:

'Creation' Trailer-Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America'

CNN Guest: Republicans Are Stoking "White Racial Resentment"

9/12 Teabagger Event in DC

Republican Response To Obama's Health Care Reform Speech

FOX Viewers & Ann Coulter Ready To Purge Geraldo Rivera?

Civilian contractor (KBR) shot dead on U.S. base in Iraq

Pawlenty Challenged On Verification Requirements

Have you seen anything this amazing??

Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug dies at 95

The Amazing Atheist OWNS The 9/12 Protesters

Let's Save The Status Quo/Billionaires For Wealth Care

Beck fan and 9/12 protest attendee explains why Obama will oppress white America.

Glenn Beck And His Audience

Barrack is too black to be president

Teabaggers can't handle a little dissent

Does This Look Like 2000 People?

CNN: There Is A "Dark Fringe" To These Tea Party Events

Howard Dean: American People Won't Care If Reconciliation Is Used For Health Care

CNN: "If Someone Kills President Obama (Or Gays) It's Not Murder!" Lunatic Pastor Steven Andersen

TYT Interviews: Jane Hamsher On Healthcare, Obama & Deals w/ Industry

Young Turks Episode 9/11/09: Why a public option is absolutely necessary

Joe Wilson: Yelled at President Obama because he was 'PROVOKED'

A Mormon Speaks About Prop 8 in Church (Bishop turns off mic half way through!)

U.S. Gives AFghan detainees rights to challenge their indefinite detention

Lesbians united: Facing down homophobic bullies

On Helmand's frontline with the US marines

A Buttload of Moolah!

Van Jones/ "Cool... But, Yes, Communist.".. (Marty Peretz resorts to McCarthyism)

Parsing Mr. Wilson’s Apology - Gail Collins, NYT

As axis of power shifts, Wall Street goes to D.C.

Resisting Foreclosures

Chris Floyd : Tears of Fire: Mourning in the Macabre Killing Fields of Afghanistan

FreedomWorks Makes Shit Up, Michelle Malkin Uncritically Repeats It

Michael Semple: Karzai must not get away with this fraud

Teabaggers Unleash the 'Uncivil Whites' Movement

The Hypocrisy of George Will's Constant Refrain That Obama is 'Over-Exposed'

Tales from Lehman's Crypt

Venezuela’s Chavez talks Gas Cooperation, Climate Change During Visit to Spain

No Mandate If No Public Option: Changing Health Care Strategy

Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America'

Decoding Joe Wilson and the GOP: “You Lie, BOY”

Obama’s Squandered Summer Frank Rich

Racism Marched at Taxpayer March

Talks end 30-year US-Iran standoff

A perfect description of the birthers and most RW idiots

Stoopid Peepul

From Bill Maher to Obama ~ with love!

US State Department Bankrolls Young Venezuelans to Slander Chávez in the USA

Boy, Oh, Boy -- Some people just can’t believe a black man is president & will never accept it

Public Option Fades From Debate Over Health Care

Ray McGovern Warns of 'Two CIAs'

Autoimmune Disease: How To Stop Your Body From Attacking Itself

Free Money In The USA

Europe fears winter energy crisis as Russia tightens grip on oil suppliesRussia overtakes Saudi Arab

Clean water laws often ignored, at cost to health

New Yorker finds shelter for Galapagos strays - New York Post, Julie Szabo

Schwarzenegger to veto renewable energy bills

Bacteria Used To Make Radioactive Metals Inert

Manifest destiny & globalism

The Age of Stupid- Global Premiere

MINI-E driver's report, 4500 miles

Norman Borlaug dies at age 95

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, September 12)

The smallmen once again, playing like a AA team name the Pittsburgh Pirates,

Did anyone watch Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame speech?

". . . no matter how much it hurts to get your heart ripped out." Yes, I'm a Spartans fan.

Number of times punters hit the cowboys' scoreboard: 5. Over or under?

And now for something completely different...a REAL tennis thread...SPOILER

The Dodgers once again have best pitching in baseball

Worst call at match point in history...1988 Wimbledon semis....

The JR Chess Report (September 13): Aronian Runs away in Bilbao

49ers Win!

Drew Brees six TD's to five different receivers

Tennis great Jack Kramer dies at 88

Vin Scully is doing the MLB Network feed from Frisco

The PAC 10 rules!! The Big 10 sucks!!

That was a crazy end to the Clijsters/Williams match

A tour de Forcier performance

Ohio State Coach should be fired. Called the dumbest game

January 21, 1990...John McEnroe defaulted out of Australian Open

Fine performance on the road today for the Dallas Cowboys!!1!!

Federer is amazing!

Sorry, Buckeyes. Tressel sucks.

Johnny Mc says: "You CAN'T call a foot fault there." But Serena should apologize.

How did the Tennessee Volunteers do today??

UN cancels election aid to Honduras

VIDEOS: US Interventions in Latin America – Cautionary Tales for Honduras and Beyond

Media Advisory: Honduran Resistance Leader Captured and Jailed

Body Shop ethics under fire after Colombian peasant evictions

Evo Morales on first official visit to Spain

Zelaya to address UN General Assembly

A "must see" doc for LatAMer DUers

Pittsburgh cop killer Poplawski: A gun nut who followed white supremacist sites

Surprise winner of Obama stimulus spending: gun industry

Glock's Secret Path to Profits


TIAA-CREF confirms Africa Israel divestment

Hamas: Talk about Shalit deal a joke

Palestine's Peaceful Struggle

West Bank economy on course for growth: IMF

Time to poll Israelis on continuing occupation, by Gideon Levi

Any thoughts on why the gun grabbers don't respond to the stories when a woman does the shooting.

Labour Start: Pakistan: Violence targets Lipton tea workers

Today in Labor History Sept 13, 11 AFSCME-represented prison employees, 33 inmates die in 4 days

Dissension clouds push for RN super union

Union: Goodyear deal good for Tonawanda

Troopers union's suit alleges anti-union activity

Child, forced labor behind many products: study

When labor, immigration laws clash, NLRB decides

AWF Urges Senators to Oppose Confirmation of Craig Becker to National Labor Relations Board

Jewish Telegraphic Agency : Op-Ed: Celebrate Labor Day by supporting a new law

Xcel indicted in fatal 2007 hydro-plant fire; utility calls fire an 'accident' (5 dead)

Leaders honor women's role in UAW founding

USW Applauds EPA Rejecting Portions of Texas Clean-Air Permitting Program

Teamsters Call on Whole Foods, UNFI to Support Health Reform

United Farm Workers Union are mourning the loss of Ted Kennedy 8-27

UAW Lists Union Made Cars, Trucks

Americold Workers Win Solid Wage and Benefit Increases in First Union Contract

Follow the AFL-CIO convention on-line

In Coal Country, Young Miner Organizes for a Better Future

An EFCA majority sign-up “trigger”?

NYC's MTA to Take Arbitrated Contract to Court

Are illegals humans? (asshat Representative from South Carolina yelled at Obama)

Posted in Photography by mistake - Mod, please delete.

September Photo Contest Finals are up in GD!!

Some Interesting Art Pieces From a Community Garden

Remember the little red-headed girl? I met her today at the Dolphin Research Center

Cab driver strikes back, kills would-be robber

One Stabbed, One Shot During Home Invasion

Woman: Shooting man was self-defense

Clerk Shoots Would-Be Robber Fights Back After Being Tasered

Teen burglary suspect killed

Armed homeowner holds youth suspected of burglary try

Intruder Shot At Northland Apartment Police: Woman Fired Gun At Man During Attempted Break-In

Police: 2 teens killed trying to break into home

Caffeine as a Chemical Catalyst.

Up, up and away! Scientists levitate mice

MIT Students Take Pictures from Space on $150 Budget

Un-Contacted Amazonian Tribe Cooks with Fire

Lesbians united: Facing down homophobic bullies

Follow Tonight's No On 1 Community Conversation in Augusta, Maine Tonight

How Islamist gangs use internet to track, torture and kill Iraqi gays

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/12/09

IMF Head Says Crisis Set to Continue

What credit card companies can and cannot do to your account

BIS says clearing derivatives not enough to cut risks

Bulk REO Investment Basics (SCUMBAG ALERT)

Decade of No Income Gains for Wage Earners

The lesson quants don't want to hear -- Highly optimized systems are prone to catastrophic failure

The 'Dirty Little Secret' : Poverty Linked to Early Death Now Just as 100 Years Ago

2 flu strains in 1 pig led to new H1N1

Medical Hypotheses fails the Aids test

What I know fellow Republicans know about health care.

Tamiflu saves lives of severely ill flu patients

Some thoughts... and Mathew's Message of 8/21/09

Meal replacement drinks - a good idea?

Where do they get this shit?!?! (Personal encounter with a Salem, OR Teabagger)

OT: Renovations, Part 2--dining room (Warning! Pic heavy!)

OT: Renovations, part 1--powder room and mudroom (Warning! Pic heavy!)

Weekly Healing Project #32 | Sep 13 - 19 | Healing & Restoration for the Endocrine System

Don't Get Angry. * * * * * * Get .......

Was Christianity copied from several mythologies that predate it by 1500 years?

God, a career perspective - a cartoon

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Offer Orthopedic Shoes to Failing Public School Teachers

Need ideas please - 18 hungry teenagers and it's my turn to bring the food

In the first sixty two years of my life, I never tasted .....

9/11 National Emergency Declaration Extended Under Obama

So Ted Olsen lied!? WTF!

The Dentist, the 9/11 Hijackers, and the FBI...

Rolling Stones' Matt Taibbi on 9/11: Wall St. would only plot to kill US economy not actual people

The Bombshell That Was Ignored As It Came Out the Morning of the Virginia Tech Shooting

Police in Turkey free 9 women from fake Big Brother house after 2 months

Healing Tape MJ Sent to Mr. Morita of Sony (very sweet story - MJ had a big heart)

Powerful MJ Image+quote