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I think Joe Wilson's outburst basically ruined the teabag parade, added an air of real ugliness

More comical, right-wing crowd estimates from Saturday's tea parties

Scots Junior(Defense) Minister Quits Government Over Afghanistan Policy

Scots Junior(Defense) Minister Quits Government Over Afghanistan Policy

Do they make Depend brand adult diapers with the US flag on them? They need to be worn by: (NSFW)

Tastelessand despicable. Shame on this republican hatriot:

SHHH here is a great secret

SHHH here is a great secret

20 Years of Defending Clinics and Keeping the Doors Open

Watching Untold stories of the ER and this demanding woman

Did Tina Fey win an Emmy? You betcha......

Abysmally deep cynicism is taking over.

Joe Wilson’s Payments Provider Reports DDoS Attack

Foot Fault!

Digby: This Is For All The Happy People...

Digby: This Is For All The Happy People...

Hmm ... a statement from July of 2008 - angry people were actually "afraid" of Eliz. Hass. ...

Iowa: school officials strip-search five teen girls

Key Senate Dem: There will be a public option

Dumb and dumber (the last two images from yesterday)

President Obama will be on wth Jay Leno tomorrow night

Merkel Loses First TV Debate With Rival(Social Democrat)

Ode to Joe Wilson


Glenn Beck, 2005 -- You know, it took me about a year to start hating the 9-11 victims' families.

Cokie Roberts, earlier today: I was yesterday on the Mall.. no, she told Donaldson

Women's rights a priority for Obama panel - (NOW): "We clearly have a friend in the White House."

Discovering the Hudson ...400 Years Later...Kiyaking!

When conservatives speak of our "bedrock institutions"

Ok this is how the AFA is treating the rally in DC

Ok this is how the AFA is treating the rally in DC

Oh my... the Guiding Light has been cancelled!!!!!!

Risk-taking is back for banks 1 year after crisis

Free Trade for Dummys - or WTO 101

Carrie Prejean brings 'opposite marriage' message to NC Conservative Leadership Conference

It's the only game in town

Why are "the people" ALWAYS asked to 'sacrifice' (and do, indeed sacrifice - make due with less)

CNBC is running House of Cards -- story on the economic collapse. Just tuned

Kunduz raid 'killed 30 civilians'

Domestic violence victims have a "pre-existing condition"?

Obama "BASICALLY KILLED THE PUBLIC OPTION" & stuck the knife in liberals - David Brooks

Democratic Underground infiltrates Tab’s poll

Serena Williams? Love her? Loathe her?

Sand Castles: To close the day's battles . . .

The True American Hero of 9/12/09.

DKos: A Short Note To my Republican Friends

Glenn Beck (the David Bowie song on Extras remind me of him)

President Obamas' falling poll numbers....

Anyone else believe this - Congress in 2010 goes as healthcare legisation goes...

Anyone else believe this - Congress in 2010 goes as healthcare legisation goes...

Audio slideshow: Lehmans' last day

Faux News and the crowd numbers

"We own this country" and "You work for us"

Justification for Wilson's outburst

Revealed: Ghost Fleet of the Recession....

The non-coverage of Iraq War and RNC protests despite OCEANS of humanity -

Caption Time!

If the Tea-baggers want credibility

Weather Channel has a feature on Hurricane Ike now

Senate Health Care Plan to Create Winners, Losers

Bushco's Torture Chambers Stressed "Forced Nudity & Physical Abuse" To Emphasize "Complete Control"

How many "teabaggers" yesterday have a pre-existing condition, and no insurance?

Guaranteed Health Care In Iraq - But Not For You

Health Care Abroad Q & A

Democratic Representatives Take Expensive Junkets to Israel

Hate crime (in Buffalo) demands justice - Leonard Pitts

What is the chance of getting at least one

Prescription-only cold and allergy medicines are a bad idea - it would create hardship for uninsured

BREAKING: Bin Laden releases new audio recording

Ms Snowe ....... ? Ms Snowe: "No"

Ms Snowe ....... ? Ms Snowe: "No"

Where can I see proof of Joe Wilson's so-called $1 million earned?

The Bullying Underdogs

University of Washington Pres gets million-$ sabbatical, 700 UW employees get pink slips

The real 2 Parties

BREAKING: In OTHER news, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Richard Nixon all release tapes.

It could be worse

Is the stock price of the Health Ins. Co.'s a good indicator of where things are going?.....

Dumbass Joe Wilson--they've rigged his official site so you can't email him.

Anyone think that the Bin Laden message and the teabagger lies of crowd size on top of the DOJ

One year hence, let's keep it in mind that this shit started on the bush boy's watch.

UnitedHealth Lobbyist Announces Pelosi Fundraiser As She Begins Backing Off Pub Option

Fellow DU'ers--let Joe Wilson know how you feel! Non-South-Carolinians, you too!

Ronald Reagan was a bloodthirsty war criminal.

Ronald Reagan was a bloodthirsty war criminal.

i know how to get Single Payer passed

i know how to get Single Payer passed

David Sirota receives death threat after CNN appearance..

Obama slaps tariffs on Chinese tires.

Great cartoon in today's Detroit Free Press

Jeeze, Kanye West interrupts again! (short video)

Whoops...VA Rushpublican Candidate Drops The F-Bomb...

Ted Kennedy, in his own words

Huge Giveaways In White House Deal With Big Pharma . . .

Joe Wilson refuses to apologize for outburst.

FReepers really ARE that stupid

It is VERY hard to believe this is not satire

Mexico: President Calderon calls for “doing more with less”

Terror group builds big base under Pakistani officials' noses

Feinstein's Concerns Over 'Angst'

Glenn Beck's '9-12' Logo Based On Communist & Socialist Designs

Transit cuts in the San Francisco Bay area

What has been done to prevent another banking meltdown?

Seeking Healing, Seeing Hostility - Some at Black Family Reunion Criticize Anti-Obama Protests

The Overlooked Importance of the Joe "You LIE" Wilson Incident

Gavin Newsom is tearing Joe Scum a new one

China files complaint with WTO over tire tariffs.

Twelve Twisted Truths

Glenn Beck's '9-12' logo based on communist and socialist designs

Please link best MTV moments here.

AP Enterprise: Bullying Laws Give Scant Protection

How did the 9/12 protest crowd compare?

CA: Seniors Bear Brunt of Budget Cuts - Arnie erased nearly $10 million for senior programs

South Carolina

NYT article: Welcome to Our Town. Wish We Weren’t Here. (Treece, Kan.)

I rode in a parade to escort a piece of the WTC to a memorial park.

Report: Media barred from Palin Hong Kong speech

I just wrote to the Whitehouse re. Reproductive rights.

So when...

PhRMA Backs the Baucus Plan with $150 Million Ad Buy

Montana jail deal raises questions: Shadowy company to bring in inmates

Health insurance increases 24.4% in one year for me....

Nostradamus and the Book of Revelations

Debtor's Revolt

From the new South Carolina tourism pamphlet

LOL! Alaskan caller to C-SPAN

What's wrong with South Carolina?

Warning! Moran sign ahead:

"I wonder if we could get the President to take a six month vacation. "

Polio flourishes where Muslim extremism rules

Jesse Jackson tells SC bailout hasn't created jobs

New topical podcast: "This Week In, This Week Out."

Iran: Obama 'held captive' by Republicans, Ahmadinejad aide claims

I remember well the repub's great wailing and gnashing of tooth...

UnitedHealth Lobbyist Announces Pelosi Fundraiser As She Begins Backing Off Public Option

Afghan peacekeeping overshadowed - Asia Times

Hmmm... Gallup hasn't released new Job Approval data in 3 days.

Number of "Czars"

Trade Obama Back To Kenya?

As much as anything, I hate the teabaggers for their COMPLETE hypocrisy. To wit:

C-Span and "so called Czars"

Obama clings to hope as Iran hawks circle - Asia Times

Norman Borlaug Dead. Who Is Norman Borlaug? Well Worth Finding Out!

Americans are too backward for a new feature film on Darwin and natural selection

Obama Stands Up For The Little Guy In Speech to Wall Street!

CPAC rejects WorldNetDaily's request to schedule a "birther" panel @ next conference

Was Drippy Duvall Set-up By A Republican?

Repubs looking to hire Serena Williams for next year's town-hall events.

Murtha: No More U.S. Troops for Afghanistan

can someone dig up old posts for me

Sign the petition: Censure Joe Wilson from Yes We Still

Osama bin laden releases another message...

Monday Toons, Part 1: Idiots at all levels

Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL) insults AARP: "A mouthpiece for this President at seniors' expense"

Why not make the GOP Filibuster Healthcare?

Totally pointless fluff poll: Which athletic conference does your alma mater belong to?

joe wilson: No more apologies

Santorum ‘thinking about’ a run for president in 2012.

Professionally printed signs made to look hand made?

Free Library of Philadelphia in danger of closing

Phillip Garrido's Bail Set At $30 Million ( kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard)

A question about mandates:

In remembrance of the outrageous and loveable Gov. Ann Richards


FACT ~ The majority of the funding for ACORN took place under the executive guidance George W. Bush

FACT ~ The majority of the funding for ACORN took place under the executive guidance George W. Bush

Venezuela to Develop Nuclear Energy With Russian Help

Is it a lack of education?

Single payer was always dead in the water. Get over it.

Bachmann Thanks God For Rep. Wilson, Repeats Lie That Undocumented Immigrants Will Get Federal Healt

There is a main suspect in the Yale murder.

The Marching Morons of Minnesota strike again...

Baucus The Bribed to Introduce Health Care Reform Bill on Tuesday

Official says no Ukraine adoption for Elton John (too old and isn't married)

My 6 year old want to join the scouts

Catholic Churches Hold Special Collection to Fight Gay Marriage (ME)

Conservative blogger written off after accusing colleagues of racism

Nunn the Nutt Taken To Jail

Morose in Monday's Brutal Month? . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!

Why Is the Media still Talking about the Gang of Six? Obama already said "No"

COMPREHENSIVE is DC code-speak for "whatever the corporations want is in there," right?

The million moran march. ROFL.

House Dems: We Will Condemn Wilson For “Breach Of Decorum,” Not For “Speech”

Moral equivalency of torture.

Can't we get Joe Wilson's picture off the DU homepage?

Dear Ann Landers,

Exclusive Kennedy Memoir Excerpt: 'No Just Cause' For Iraq War

Will Holder’s ‘Reckoning’ on Detainee Abuse Fall Flat?

If you were in a WAR, a real WAR would you feel winning was the most important thing

RW recruiters at tea parties.

RW recruiters at tea parties.

Most illegals DO contribute to our economy

Florida considers opting out of health reform (and 6 others may do the same)

'a demonstrator holds up a ??PORTRAIT?? of President Barack Obama'

9-12 Marchers

Radio host’s (Neil Boortz) Tweet compares Obama to child molester

Ban Electronic votes altogether. Just read below:

AP Poll: 54% blame Bush for recession, 20% blame Obama

Is there one website that is focusing on neutering Blue Dogs in next election?

New tactic toward Beck. Instead of promoting Beck as the face of

They don't need to "revamp" the financial system. All they need to do is bring back the

The MSM would have you belive that the Democrats have already lost the 2010 election

Updates on Obama's No Funding For Illegals regarding Health Care

Effect teabagger weekend had on me.

Glenn Beck Hated Katrina Victims, Too

Washington Post: Recovery = waiting for rich people to spend some money

So the teabaggers now think it's cool to say "Obama is a liar!" What they're really thinking...

Monday Toons, Part 2 - Unhealthy

Does anyone have a link to donate to the campaign of Joe Wilson's opponent

President Obama has lunch with former President Clinton - story w/ pics

New Poll: Attention: Lincoln & Pryor Arkansas voters favor Public Option 55-38

NewsBusters clings to bogus claim of 2 million protesters; hilarity ensues

The Rude Pundit: Scenes from a Protest

I swear remembering seeing James Traficant without a toupee - he wasn't allowed to have it in prison

Birthers = Health Care Deniers

Michael Moore says Talk Shows Nervous about Booking Him

Just been in voice chat.

Missing woman found dead on what would have been her wedding day

Missing woman found dead on what would have been her wedding day

Terrorism probe expands to house raid in Queens

Help me out-do President Obama's Czars have to be vetted by Congress?



Syringes and Sidearms: Police Add Venipuncture To Arsenal of Drunk Driving Tools

When did: Angry = Right

Finally Some Good News: Snake handling and the issue of faith

The "Motor City Moron" is coming to town. Can someone send disinfectant?

Teabaggers And The Financial/Investment Industry.....

Well well well, isn't Steven King an arrogant little prick.

Senate Dems launch Twitter 'War Room'

Check out the new Glenn Beck poster!

On The - Cover - Of The Atlantic: "Dear Mr. Bush, You Approved Torture,"

Do you think it's safe yet to do a FOIA request for any files on yourself at Homeland Sec, FBI, etc?

Myths Of Protectionism: Stories You Are Likely To Hear In The Wake Of The China Tire Trade Tariff

'Norma Rae' dies at 68


GOP Leader Cantor To Hold Public Health Care Debate With Democrat

Health Insurance for the masses

When are the Republicans going to come clean, be honest, and just start using the word they mean?

Trash Mel Martinez (R-FL) on his way out. Easy I-Poll

You'd Trust Health Care to Private Industry?! Are you INSANE?!

Did I miss a big storm?

Call Congress for a Strong Public Option at (202) 224-3121, and then report your call.

KING OF THE HILL, hail and farewell

Just saw a Stephanopolous Tweet that says "Jody Powell, RIP"

Tell the Truth - Rush Limbaugh

Some fear GOP is being carried to the extreme

Ad Boycott Costs Glenn Beck Over 50% of Ad Dollars

"Obama reaches out, Republicans whine like brats"

Teabaggers And The Financial/Investment Industry.....

CPAC rejects panel on whether President Obama is ‘a native-born U.S. citizen.’

I took a long hiatus after the election, thinking my work was done.

Today's Iraq: The Police State That America Built

Officer In 100 MPH Crash Sentenced ($500 fine, $96 not wearing seat belt, 3 Mo. license suspension)

ACORN scandal growing, third video made public

I know one thing, one of the reasons mccain lost was because he choose palin

That darned socialist, commie, health care system my country's chosen!

Either everyone should have government sponsored or subsidized health care, or no one should

Either everyone should have government sponsored or subsidized health care, or no one should

Randi Is Talking About D.C. & The TeaBuggers

So the teabaggers want the government out of their lives.

Dumb Questions "Libruls" Like Me Have for Conservatives

Group Tied To Swift Boat Veterans, Willie Horton Ads Supporting Blue Dogs

What were the "Lessons learned" by Wall Street from a year ago when Bush* created TARP?

Update/BREAKING: US Physicians Enthusiastically Support Public Option

Universal Health Care Has Arrived… In Iraq?

Reich Wingers: Either move to Galt Island or STFU!

"These people are ignorant and they are proud of it"

Poor are getting poorer, just don't call it "class warfare" or "redistribution of wealth" though

Stalking the Shadows: Just go see them

Regarding Newt Gingrich and this Porn Entrepeneur - didn't Newt did this before?

Let's make Joe Wilson's day: From now on, he's the "Kanye West" of Congressmen.

Trap a Blue Dog or Republican with one simple question.

FedSpending.Org: Health and Human Services; Government Contracts

Hitchens is coming to my Campus ! Wohoooo !

Beck Ad Boycott Purportedly Costs Fox News Nearly $600k Per Week

Wells Fargo executive partied in foreclosed mansion...

Jus' Sayin'

My take on the "protests" in DC

My take on the "protests" in DC

9/11 Responders Seeking Help Get 'Thank You' Cards from Congress, White House

Right-Wing ‘Tea Party’ vs. AFL-CIO Convention: Competing Visions for America

I predict that Oily Tits will be confined to a padded cell ...

So Feinstien thinks wse need to get out of Afghanistan and McCain

Poll: News media’s credibility plunges to all-time low

Disregard, my dupe missed the other post sorry (Jody Powell dies)

Have Republicans offered any Health Care Proposals?

Know why so few people showed up for Saturday's march on Washington?

Thinking about Republicans

Carter Spokesman Jody Powell Dies At 65

Stoopid Peepul

Celtics co-owner Pagliuca plots Senate run

The 50 Richest members of Congress

CNN has fired Susan Roesgen who stood-up to the Teabaggers

Conservative blogger written off after accusing colleagues of racism

They love the flag soooo much!!!!

Obama extends Cuba embargo 1 year

A Question for any DU historians

Teabagger Delusions of Grandeur

This is the way it is...No revisionist history...

Judge Rejects Settlement Over Merrill Bonuses

It's tinfoil hat time!

So exactly what is a “moderate” conservative?

Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America'

David Sirota receives death threat for discussing racist underpinnings of the Teabaggers

Tweety on the Hatriot rally

Tax evaders rush to beat amnesty deadline

Dupe - Please delete

On Racism, Death Threats & The Blindness of Those Who Will Not See, by David Sirota


Oilsands emit more than entire countries: report

The Beatles

Bank Exec Fired For Partying In Foreclosed Home (bank-owned $12 million beach house in Malibu)

Mangled in Monday's Maw? . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Forced to marry, Yemeni girl, 12, dies in painful childbirth. Oh my God. Horrible!

The MSM plays ball again! Simply report Bin Laden Tapes Are Real

Debtor's revolt - do you think this is going any where?

Arlington TX School District eats crow over field trip to Bush speech after nixing Obama event

A simple but odd observation about the 9-12 gang

Human Remains Found In Wall Of Yale Lab

Is it still treasonable not to support the President during times of war?

‘Gang of Six’ Consider Lawsuit Protection, Financing of Health Bill

A few bad ACORNS need not spoil the whole barrel

heh heh... real life Little Shop of Horrors.

Why do we need congress for a public option?

Monday Toons, Part 3: E-CON-omy

Should 9/11 be turned into a national holiday?

The Teabaggers Numbers Picture is a fake!

GOP Prepares for Second Supreme Court Battle

Jody Powell Dead at 65

Tire Tariff Hijinks

UC Merced team tackles solar energy as cooling sources - Solar A/C within the next several years

What does today's Right Wing like most about England?

Who is our government arresting? Torturers? or Marijuana users? You be the judge.

Big Insurance Defines Abuse as a Pre-Existing Condition

Blaggo is crazy

Thank you T0dd for your interview video - it helped me explain "morons" to my 9th grader.

Phone Poll sponsored by the NRA

Did GOP Know Joe Wilson Scream Was Coming?

Even MORE moran signs:

Even MORE moran signs:

Can Wilson be impeached for his disorderly behavior?

Professor Gives Standardized Tests an "F"

Some Congresswoman on Tweety is a birther.

Williams wishes she could give line judge a hug

Arlington District Cancels Bush Speech Trip

Toon: "It's a form of Stockholm Syndrome"

Man faces 90 days in jail for honking in support of protest outside the office of John Kline (R-MN)

Army's Shopping Mall Death Hall Closed

Any of the under thirty crowd remember if you took any Civics in School

Senator Robert Byrd is still a bigot

Teabagger wit: Lyin' African

Conservatives are America's Garbage

Conservatives are America's Garbage

Protesters (members of SEIU) call for an end to CIGNA's opposition to a public option - pics

Bravo, Teresa!!

2,000,000 green pixels v. 70,000 red pixels

Tom Toles: The Economic Surprise.

Group Tied To Swift Boat Veterans, Willie Horton Ads Supporting Blue Dogs

Would Someone please tell the Morans Hitler was NOT a socialist If I hear own more

Two simple reasons why Obama can never give us single payer.

Why Capitalism Fails--The man who saw the meltdown coming...

Filmmaker Moore urges support for Obama health care plan

New England Journal Of Medicine: Doctors OVERWHELMINGLY Want Public Option (At Least)!

The coming serfdom.

Did Glenn Beck ever say WHY he bailed on his own Klan rally?

Did Glenn Beck ever say WHY he bailed on his own Klan rally?

How to make opposition to the Public Option magically disappear.

In the '60's and early '70's, peace and love were marketed as peace and love...


Vets for Peace go on trial Monday, September 14th at 9 AM at St. Paul's Ramsey County Courthouse.

HR 676 for Universal Health Care!

HR 676 for Universal Health Care!

Kenye West Unrecs Taylor Swift

Commercial I saw for Jay Leno's new show left me thinking it must be all about freepers.

New car buyers likely to go for domestic vehicles: Report

I really don't want to look at Wilson's ugly face when I log onto DU

Kanye West causes uproar at MTV awards

Positive view of Fox News among Democrats drops significantly.

Cell phone - brain tumor link gets a second look

Journalist tells story of arrest while filming a mountaintop removal civil disobedience action

Journalist tells story of arrest while filming a mountaintop removal civil disobedience action

Civil wars... and the US

Ted Kennedy had closet full of bulletproof vests

Modern-Day Southern Gothic: "Kentucky GOP Pol Found With Slit Wrists After Shooting Death Of His Ex"

What could bring manufacturing back to the USA at this point?

Does it piss you off for some guy to say" I'm A lesbian trapped in a man's body"

The charter school invasion of Harlem

"BTW, you're doing a great job with our house and kids"

GMAC Mortgage details efforts to help Rosemary Williams

Stockton, CA Radio Station Dumps Kanye West (until further notice after a backlash from listeners)

If Democrats in Congress had any balls...

CBC News: 59% of Canadians live payday to payday

Just got an email in support health care from Catholics!

BWAHAHAHAHAHA: Rick Santorum Mulling A Run For The WHITE HOUSE.

Raelian UFO Cult claims to be collecting funds to rebuild clitorises for mutilated women

Child bride dies after three days in labour

Immigration raids yield jobs for legal workers

Dwight Eisenhower, Far Left , Liberal, Fascist, Extremist


WTF is with the RW obsession with ACORN?

Quake felt in SoCal, a big one(?) but epicenter NOT in Los Angeles

Just a hypothesis on this Yale murder case

The Democrat party... they keep doing that shit

Mom panhandles on freeway on-ramps for son's tuition - 53K a year high school

Dumb question on banking: why do they have to charge interest in they lend money they don't have?

Even with absurdly low threshold, poverty rates increase

Another Canadian health care horror story

Monday Toons, Part 4- War and other depressing things

Planned Parenthood sues over new abortion restrictions

Murder, suicide at Oakland nursing home - 64 yr old Woman Shot Disabled Daughter then Herself

Another Ted Kennedy opens the door for politics?

Why backroom deals w/ the health insurance industry could be called a genuine bipartisan effort

I hope americans of middle age and older realize that life will never be

A Hilarious Prank on the 9/12'ers

What are our true values? RFK and GDP (speech)

What are our true values? RFK and GDP (speech)

My Friend Didn't Die Because She Didn't Have Health Insurance

Schoolchildren vote to send Marcus the lamb to slaughter

Schoolchildren vote to send Marcus the lamb to slaughter

Obama blasts Dems in Congress for wanting to censure Joe "You Lie!" Wilson

How often has someone on DU changed your mind by arguing with you?

FL Senate campaign full of name-calling, negative ads; Jeb Bush in the middle of it

cops looking forward to forcibly drawing blood

Website calls for armed revolution, is signing up voluteers to help overthrow the government.

Website calls for armed revolution, is signing up voluteers to help overthrow the government.

Photo of 9/12 "Tea Party" crowd was taken before the American Indian Museum was built in 2004

City Seeks Ban on Smoking in Parks and Beaches

My newspaper just called to confirm this ltte

Two-wheeled Cash for Clunkers in Windsor, Ontario

Sheesh - another demand from Glenn Beck

Dear Teabag Movement:

No Known Electronic-vote System Is Safe. Just read below:

My 6 year old want to join the scouts

FWIW, some good news from Oklahoma: (I guess)

so what do they want us to do about health care for illegals?

"How the GOP got hijacked by Right-Wing Authoritarians"

The Obama Administration is Actually Increasing the US Presence in Iraq

FreedomWorks and the Community Organizers they Employ

Screw Budweiser (Inbev), Molson and Sam Adams...DRINK LOCAL BEER!

Do you support the death penalty?

I dare you not to get hooked on this game

Bob Costas needs a better plastic surgeon

Rupaul is a really good singer.

Words to live by

E * A * G * L * E * S ***EAGLES***

Do you think this would qualify for stupid pet tricks?

I had to hear this tune today from the Ice Cream Truck

I'm am totally not here to make friends, I don't care what they think

The 1970s... why, just why...

"The Funeral" Band of Horses

Speakin of shitfaced.. does anyone else miss Hee Haw?

N * A * D * S ***NADS***

MaeN*A*D*S ***MEANADS***

The leader of the band is tired....

State Slogans

Any good budget planning software out there ?

I am so sorry for being so maudlin

Live to tell

The Last of the Mohicans

when there is a sticker on the medication bottle that says

Once upon a time in the West

My brother and sister are talking about me on facebook.

Janine, Janine, you're not alone, Janine .

so, read this and tell me if it makes any sense.

there should be a movie about a mask-wearing, chainsaw-wielding ferret

I bought this beautiful Native American organ yesterday

I had an interesting visit with The Doctor.....

Serena Williams got off lightly

i fall to pieces

Shit.. I just watched the recent Rescue Me on Hulu...

If you'd like a simple, but beautiful and free indie game, check out 'Today I Die'

To the fans of "Da Bears," I graciously say...

MTV VMA's Remix: Kanye West Interrupts Obama's Speech

Who has more class? Kanye West, Adam West, or The Hamburgler?

I have an audio file (MP3) that I want to post...

Fess up! Everyone here is shitfaced tonight right?

Jeebus Cherist, it's hard being a Bengals Fan.

delete...slightly poor taste...sorry.

Just caught a glimpse of the MTV Awards, and all I can say is . . .

I just figured out how the crowd size went from 2Mil to 40K...

A quick thank you from your local GOP Central Committee Chair!

I think Jay Cutler is confused as to what uniform his team wears

Christmas shopping..Done!

Oh my... the Guiding Light has been cancelled!!!!!!

Which post got him TSed?

Greensleeves - Loreena Mckennitt

Why does "The Universe" on the History Channel always have to be about explosions...

Don't click here unless you like extreme nudity!


I like the phrase 'wheres the birth certificate'

Damned rodents!

HOLY SHEET! I just got an email from Hilary saying I have a $6 million inheritance!!

v fv m,p ,. z

Please link best MTV moments here.

Monday caption that picture

So here's me hanging out with a little fellow..

* * * * Weekly appliance appriciation thread -- freezer -- * * * *

Why would someone put out chicken "vindaloo" on an Indian buffet...

If You're Gonna Shoot Up Heroin ....

Please, Mr. Custer, I don't wanna go

DU Fantasy Football - I also have Kurt Warner for trade...

8 oz. of milk has 8 grams of protein

Good morning Lounge

Have you ever been mellow?

Old interviews of Olivia Newton-John and Elton John (1971)

Triple O, eh!

Who could forget John Wayne's teeth

help with a link, please?

Have you ever had a marshmallow?

Had a pedicure today and she found a lump on bottom of my foot - Plantar Fibromatosis

Million Nudist March on Cleveland! (warning - picture with nudity!)

Hey, Bears fans...

Check out "The Shot"

If Family Circus can do it, Red Meat can do it.

Ever order something online and not get it?

Now this is a Cave Man

DU, I am disappointed...

I start CIA classes tomorrow!

I start CYA classes tomorrow!

I don't suppose any of you guys have the subway letters "S" "P" or "K"?

I had an interesting visit to the doctor.....

Dickipedia: Kanye West

What's your favorite Teabagger sports activity?

Fuck me is this Jay Leno bit during halftime is painful

I'm thinking of applying at The Onion - should this be in my portfolio?

US robber returns to ask victim on a date

My friend took his dog

If you had to die in some badass way, what would it be?

chayote... anyone ever eat it?

Celebs Tweet about the ass-holiness of Kanye West ("the biggest piece of **** on earth. Quote me")

Kanye West just took the microphone from Taylor Swift after she won and said:

Anybody run into political comments at 12-step groups? If so, how did the group deal with it?

The latest adventures of LynneSin the Superklutz

I start KANYE classes tomorrow

Anybody Know Swedish?


My inlaws visited yesterday, and I made this eclectic menu for them

Breaking Rep. Wilson takes mic from Taylor Swift, shouts 'you lie'!

Wow. This has to be the most pathetic way of being patriotic I've ever seen!

Could you follow me on Twitter so that I can stay ahead in a meaningless rivalry?

Could you follow me on Twitter so that I can stay ahead in a meaningless rivalry?

C * O * W * B * O * Y * S ***COWBOYS***

DU Song Of The Day

Hotmail started blocking accounts today if you send email to 250 total receipients

You know, after that planned stunt at the MTV Movie awards with Emimen and Sasha Baron Cohen....

Now this is a cave, man

New neighbor has a teardrop tattoo.

If you wouldn't mind sending good vibes my way

Anybody know Swedish Fish?

Beyonce just proved what a star she is

I don't really post here anymore, but a PSA for parents and others:

Speaking as a tanker, the new Israeli film "Lebanon" looks interesting, and majorly intense!


Award-winning skating performance!

It was almost raining bears yesterday...

I am asking for vibes.

I need to clean some aluminum wire--will isopropyl alcohol damage it?

I'm back. I think

Here's my recording...

I'm not really anti-authority

Time Really Flies!!! A new Chick Track

Jim Carroll has passed.

The Beatles

What would you have gotten at the Mushroom Festival?

Kanye West outburst rains on Swift's MTV parade

If you could suddenly possess extraordinary talent in one of the arts

Help! Need names of successful performance artists who went on to become great physicists!

Roger Federer Outburst (VIDEO): Curses At Umpire At US Open

Okay, somebody explain why Beyonce's video was so great

Are there others like me who don't drink alcohol and don't care about football?

I'm thinking of becoming a daily drinker

I start CNA classes tomorrow!

Now this is a Man Cave

Vibes me, Loungians. Going to the doctor tomorrow for hypothyroid

True Blood fans check in please!! Great season finale ** spoilers **

Are the leaves changing in your area yet?

Snoopy vs the Red Baron

Transcript from 60 Minutes tonight

MSNBC - Universal Healthcare Bad Because We Don't Have Enough Doctors? Please...

Obama confident on health care despite Republicans who "see this as a replay of 1993-1994."

Nov 4, 2009 - A YEAR OF HOPE !

Obama to Tell Bankers It's Time to Scale Back Rescue

I got this chain email forwarded to me from my girlfriend.

Tim Pawlenty - Compassionate Conservative and Family Values Republican

More from the Duuuuhhhh file.

Press Accuracy Rating Hits Two Decade Low

Racism is emerging from the silent shadows and is Emboldened by Group HATE

Snowe wants consensus

Public Option Fades From Debate Over Health Care

With all due respect, I insist that our Congress put forth a stronger, rather than

Yosi Sergant, Obama Administration Aide Demoted: Glenn Beck Strikes Again

Clever "tribute to a tea party" -- most disgusting signs, with "Wonderful World" playing behind.


Can a non-catholic go confess to a priest?

The right wing blogosphere and media machine hate pimps claim 2 million on 9/12

Memo to Congress

Obama touts Wall St. changes on Lehman anniversary

Hey Mods.. I know I need to donate,, but WTF! I am seeing Joe Wilson Ads here on DU...LOL

thom hartmann discussing healthcare ceo pay.

Harkin: Mark My Word, Health Care Reform Will Have a Strong Public Option

Traficant Draws Cheers at TEA Party

WaPo POLL: Reform Opposition Is High but Easing - More Support if Public Option Dropped

Last night's 60 minutes: the one thing I wish Obama had said that he didn't;

Trolls out in force today

NBC "news" just lied their asses off.

Support for the public option is not dead

Media missing the story: "GOP has a great deal to lose" depending on the outcome of health reform

The Silence of the Republicans

The "nazi" accusations are all about racism

joe wilson the hypocrite

Now You Can HEAR What's in the Proposed Health Care Reform Legislation in Congress!

Excuse me, Senator "take the public option off the table" Snowe, you're full of SHIT.

Re: healthcare reform...this is what we're up against

Joe Madison:I think Rush Limbaugh Michelle Backman and Glenn Beck are trying to get Obama KILLED!!!!

I Have an Idea

Kennedy's book is out today, Krakauer's book is out tomorrow, Dawkins' book is out 9/22

Where the hell is NAACP ???

Wilson and Our National Character

Media Drum Beat: Obama and Congress have too much on their plate to add financial regulatory reform

"Crowded politics" or, why healthcare will probably fail, as will...

"Mr. President: You Can Run, but You Can't Hide" - this website scares me

Joe Wilson voted to provide taxpayer money for illegal immigrants' healthcare..

PHOTOS New York (Sept 14)

Question to McCain: I'm just a knob & as a knob, I don't understand anything. Is Obama a liar, sir?

Tierney a No-Go for Kennedy's Massachusetts Seat

RNC member may seek Gregg's Senate seat

Can someone show me where it says that you'll be forced to buy private insurance?

Obama Talks Financial Industry Reform. Markets Quake.

former Governor Fife Symington considering running in the GOP primary against Jan Brewer

Dave Lindorff is either a racist or an idiot

Real or Satire? I report, you decide!

The Clash Of Civilizations..

Exclusive Kennedy Memoir Excerpt: 'No Just Cause' For Iraq War

Robert Reich: The Continuing Disaster of Wall Street, One Year Later

AR-Sen: Lincoln Leads, But Under 50%

Just saw a Stephanopolous Tweet saying, "Jody Powell, RIP"

Good Citizens Check For Duplicates!

What have you done to support the public option?

9/12 Tea Party Photo: False Image Spread By Anti-Reform Activists (HuffPo)

AFL-CIO Labor Convention to Push for Health Care Public Option

Former DA Earle "leaning toward" running for governor

Strong Majority of Arkansans Support Public Option

ROFL! Did you see this? EPIC FAIL!

""The Speaker remains firmly committed to the public option..."

PHOTO Caption it? (Barack & Bill)

Extreme Makeover, Heath Care Edition

Tabula Rasa or how to sovle the Federal Budget Deficit and keep the Public Option

GOP pushing Sen. Giuliani

These two guys had a pretty good last few years....

FRAME: When referring to mailing something via US Post Office, refer to it as the Public Option

Public Gives Democrats Points For Trying

Public Gives Democrats Points For Trying

More Biased Reporting from CNN!

POTUS: "We will not go back to the days of reckless behavior and unchecked excess"

POTUS: "We will not go back to the days of reckless behavior and unchecked excess"

Now Oily Taint wants BHO's passport and education records!!!

Do prayers for Pres. Obama's safety increase Pres. Obama's safety?

A field report from the dark side: I went to a company picnic with my husband.



President Obama and Bill Clinton lunch together in Greenwich Village, at il Mulino.

PHOTO The Class of 2009

Obama will appear on FIVE Sunday shows this weekend: ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and...

50 Richest Members of Congress

"A woman at the DC rally: "We are losing our country. We think the Muslims are moving in and

CNN Poll: Obama's Approval Rating Up to 58%

A Retired General Wants to Know What's Wrong with Our Country

One brave man at the Tea Bag protest in DC

Obama Taps Virginia Justice for 4th Circuit

"The President basically reduced public option to a marginal welfare program for 5% of population"

Beck loses 50 percent of his advertising dollars.

I think its about time the President to declare MARTIAL LAW in this country

Boehner says he would vote against any resolution criticizing Wilson

The majority of funding for ACORN took place under the executive guidance of George W. Bush ~

Why are people freaking out about Czars??

so when do i get my free mandatory sex-change?

New pinko plots by Comminist President Obama exposed! Save yourselves!

Support Consumers Health Care Act (S. 1278). Rockefeller 's bill for Public Option

Things we should know but probably don't.....

60 minutes with Barack Obama

Executive pay keeps rising, Guardian survey finds

Pakistan outsources part of terror war to militia

Dean and Durbin on MTP today clarified it is Medicare Advantage being targeted...Video.

Child bride dies after three days in labour

Obama: We Will Have The Votes To Pass A Good Health Care Bill

Iranians set for big powers talks

Kanye West outburst rains on Swift's MTV parade

Oilsands emit more than entire countries: report

Glenn Beck's '9-12' logo based on communist and socialist designs

'Bin Laden' message harangues US

EU forecasts end to recession

Hague official guilty of contempt

UN Human Rights Council to open first session with US as member

Conservative Blogger Assaults Autistic Assistant

Iraq shoe-thrower's release delayed

Traficant mulling another run for Congress

Company (protecting US-Kabul Embassy) says it should have told US of misconduct

(Rep. Steve) King circulates pro-Wilson letter

Graham, Lieberman, McCain call for more troops in Afghanistan

Monto Police Say White Supremacist Jailed for Threatening Attack on Facebook Page

Michael Moore shows latest documentary in Pittsburgh tonight

H1N1 virus forces French to bid adieu to kiss

In the spirit of peace, church apologizes to those it has hurt

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 14

Treasury: Billions still needed to backstop the economy

New England Journal of Medicine poll: Most US doctors back public health option

Home Delivery: The New York Times Serves Up Some Malware

Report: Protectionist Measures Rise

GOP pushing Sen. Giuliani

GOP leader says he'll vote 'no' on discipling Joe Wilson for 'breaking rules'

Unapologetic Rep. Wilson Addresses the House

Senate negotiators pare costs of health care plan

Obama touts Wall St. changes on Lehman anniversary

Strong Majority of Arkansans Support Public Option

In Concord, a bid to save tie to abolitionist days

Jim Carroll, 60, Poet and Punk Rocker, Dies

Former Carter press secretary Jody Powell dies

Student a suspect in Yale murder probe

Wells Fargo fires executive accused of using seized Malibu home

Crisis has not altered Wall Street

Federal, local agents raid New York City residences as part of terrorism investigation

Oregon has nation's biggest drop in violent crime; decrease in meth production may be key

FBI Report: One Drug Arrest Made Every 18 Seconds

Florida federal prisons top sex-abuse list

Lehman bondholders may be owed $73 billion-claim

Police: Body found inside Yale lab building

Dems drafting reprimand for Wilson

Peru becomes center of counterfeit U.S. cash

At Least 19 Killed in Ramadan Food Stampede

Every pupil in Uruguay to be given laptop

Judge Rejects Settlement Over Merrill Bonuses

AP: AG (Cuomo) Prepping Charges Against BofA Execs

US Launches Military Strike in Somalia Against al Qaeda Target

Congressman Asks For Probe Of ACORN

Obama Extends Cuba Trade Embargo 1 Year

Obama to Mark Lehman Collapse With Push for New Financial Rules

Brain replacement for my main PC this week...

Honduras envoy says "ordered out" of U.N. rights body

Navy Seals Kill Wanted Terrorist in Somali Raid

BREAKING: US Physicians Enthusiastically Support Public Option

BREAKING: US Physicians Enthusiastically Support Public Option

Lie to Say Illegals Not Insured by Health Reform? (LiberalViewer)

Joe Wilson thinks his outburst was a "Town Hall Moment?" WT effin' F?

Tom Delay On Dancing With The Stars

Megadittoes Film Project DC Day One (more stupid 9-12ers)

Rachel Maddow & HuffPo's Mike Lux On Rightwing Extremism/Sociopathy Being The GOP's Mainstream

Glen Beck Hates 9/11 Victims DJ Reasons Remix

Washington Tea Baggers Protest Against Own Interest And For Corporate Profits

Conservatives are lying hypocrites

A Music Video Tribute To Teabagger Hate Signs

12 twisted truths Q&A


60 Minutes: President Obama Interview - While It Lasts Pt 1&2

The Week In Cartoons 09-12

Random walk through the Glen Beck 12ther march

Glenn Beck Hates 9/11 Victims Families and Calls Katrina Victims, SCUMBAGS!

More death threats from conservative filth!

Republican Governor Bob McDonnell Uses The F Word (F-Bomb) Live On Radio

Yvette Lewis' Speech at Grow the Hope House Meeting 9/13/2009

CNN: Discussing Racism In the Right-Wing Tea Party Protests, 9/12/09

MTV VMAs Remix: Kanye West Interrupts Obama's Speech

Joe Wilson should be Fired

TYT: Who Has Kept Us Safer -- Bush or Obama?

Dummies Descend on DC, September 12, 2009

Obama: If Taxpayers Bailout AGAIN Prevent 2nd Great Depression Banks Pay Taxpayers Back EVERY CENT!

12 twisted truths: Sarah Palin Was Right

Chavez in $2bn Russian arms deal

She/He/It's Back!!nine1!2!: Orly Taitz Claims It Can Have President Obama "Out Of Office In 30 Days"

Ad Boycott Costs Glenn Beck Over 50% of Ad Dollars

Ad Boycott Costs Glenn Beck Over 50% of Ad Dollars

TYT: Why Did Democrats Crumble to Joe 'the Heckler' Wilson?

Meet a Black Person (ImprovEverywhere)

Harkin: ‘Strong public option’ will pass by Christmas

Dancing with a Delay.

TYT: Rick Sanchez Investigates Corruption in Politics

Judge questions Orly Taitz claims to have Obama birth certificate...

Obama on Heckler: This is part of what happens it becomes a big circus instead of focusing on HCR

Michael Savage and his wife acting like a bunch of A-holes out in public!

Max Blumenthal: The Unauthorized 9.12 Teabagger Tour

TYT: Why Are Some Insurance Companies Ecstatic About Health Care Reform?

Senate Votes To Deny Funds To ACORN

Robert Greenwald: The Health Insurance Racket

Graham, Lieberman and McCain call for more troops in Afghanistan

Myths of the middle class

E.J. Dionne: Wilson and Our National Character

Hendrik Hertzberg: Lies

Why the shock about Joe Wilson?

GOP Surrenders to Beck’s Mob Rule

Get Real on Health Care

Politico: GOP 'cranks' dominating debate

Kibbe and Malkin Join GOP Pantheon of Liars

The Nightmare of Christianity: How Religious Indoctrination Led to Murder

Clean Water Laws Are Neglected, at a Cost in Suffering

Reality Receding (James Howard Kunstler)

US Census Bureau Confirms Rising Poverty, Falling Incomes, and Growing Numbers of Uninsured

JP Morgan Is Main Benefactor Of Financial Crisis

Will the Roberts Court Bend Over Again to Corporate Interests?

Birfers And ‘Baggers On Parade Of Deception

Santorum for Prez in 2012: You Read it Here First

Wall St. Reform? Gordon Gekko Offers Obama a Deal

Harkin, new chair of Sen. Health, Education, Labor&Pensions Comm. says there will be a Public Option

On Racism, Death Threats & The Blindness of Those Who Will Not See

Porn, Glenn Beck and Nudie Pics: Is Our Mass Culture Turning Kids Into Sex Crazed, RightWing Zombies

Money talks in U.S. policy toward Honduran putsch regime

Notes to Solicitor General, ELENA KAGAN: Re Corporations and "robust Debate"

Will the Corporate Supremes now dance on democracy's corpse?

Americans Are More Confused About Health Care Reform Than Ever: Thanks Corporate Media!

Why Capitalism Fails

Joan Walsh: The Blackening of the President

The Health Care Farce


The Paranoid Rightwing

America, I Love You. Americans, On the Other Hand...

The Nightmare of Christianity: How Religious Indoctrination Led to Murder

Chris Hedges: Stop Begging Obama to Be Obama and Get Mad

The ghost fleet of the recession

Frank Schaeffer: "Glen Beck and the 9/12 Marchers:Subversives from Within"

Talk Radio is a Cancerous Blight on the Nation; Not "Entertainment".

"It's Not About Race!" "It's Not Racism!!"

9.12 DC TEA PARTY - MARCH FOOTAGE WITH INTERVIEWS (the ignorance is frightening)

New CO2 data helps unlock the secrets of Antarctic formation

Reuters: Clean energy to create more jobs than coal: study

Offshore Wind to Provide One-Fifth of EU Power, Producers Say

NPR: Energy Secretary 'Optimistic' But Cautious

Warming may cut risky countries' GDP by a fifth: study

Peak oil review - Sep 14

Drumbeat: September 13, 2009

EMC2 Awarded 8 Million $ DoD/Navy Contract for Polywell Fusion Research

In These Times: When Renewable Is Not Sustainable

RSPB accused of damaging British environment in bid to save birds

Greenhouse gas emissions from Alberta oilsands higher than some countries:report

Climate change is not India's problem

Large and in charge: Baucus makes a grab for climate change bill

Area Man Unsustainable, Experts Warn

Drumbeat: September 14, 2009

Kohl’s Department Stores Named EPA Green Power Partner of the Year (one of four)

Water helps fuel debate on the STP (South Texas Project - two more proposed fission plants)

State Incentives Driving Solar Installations

New (Carbon Nanotube) Solar Cell Design Serves Up Seconds

MIT Spinoff, 1366 Technologies, Reaches (18%) Efficiency Goal, Shines More Light on its Solar Cell…

China could meet its energy needs by wind alone

UN - Gaza Strip Aquifers In Serious Trouble - Will Effect Israelis & Palestinians Alike - AFP

French Experts Arrive To Test Oysters For Safety, Forced To Flee By Threats, Violence From Community

German Cargo Ships Complete Northeast Passage For First Time - Times

TIME Video: The Truth About Wind Power

Wind reserves provide hope as (Egypt's) oil and gas supplies dry up

Solar Decathlon Oct 9-18

Video: "Washington: Warming and Wildfires"

The "Ghost Fleet of the Recession" Assembles East Of Singapore - Larger Than US, UK Navies Combined

Mexico Plans Ethanol Push to Reduce Pollution, & Decrease Oil Imports.

New Studies (Fargione, Searchinger) Portray Unbalanced Perspective on Biofuels: DOE

Link Between 1918 El Niño And Flu Pandemic

Germany to build 40 offshore wind turbines (wind farms)

el Nino expected to strengthen this winter

Global Poll Shows Support for Increased Government Spending and Regulation (72% want green spending)

Nuclear Experts Explain Flaws and Risks of Pursuing More Nuclear Reactors

Crazy Ants Confirmed In 14 TX Counties - Can Damage Electronics, Make Yards Uninhabitable

Proceedings NAS Study - Omega-3 Demand For Aquaculture Stripping Oceans Globally - Mongabay

Wind Can Provide 24-50% of India and China’s Power Needs (by 2030)

TIME Video: The Truth About Solar Power

Saabs supercharged SVO engine (2001) gets 30% BETTER MPG than naturally aspirated engine.

Three times nuclear waste than expected

The Trees Have Gone Electric

Illegal contact is the biggest bullshit rule in the NFL

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, September 13)

Wozniacki sees bright future despite loss to Clijsters

Seattle's Ichiro sets record with ninth straight 200-hit season

Jay Cutler...

Kiffin’s comments surprising, Meyer says

After all of the shit I've taken from my friends and the shit

AP Top 25 and USA Today Coaches Poll

Is racism over in tennis?

Are the Patriots playing in their "vintage" uniforms tonight, when they

Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher is out for season

Hey Philly (Eagle) Fans

Money talks in U.S. policy toward Honduran putsch regime


Costa Rica seizes migrant ship

Colombia: Pastor assassinated by presumed paramilitaries

UN Human Rights Council: Honduras’ Golpistas Want to Play, Brazil and Argentina Say “Hell No”

History Repeats Itself in Honduras

Every pupil in Uruguay to be given laptop

Peru becomes center of counterfeit U.S. cash

Lula is certain that Senate will approve Venezuela's membership in Mercosur

Fidel Castro's new `tropical business casual' look is a signal -- but of what?

FBI report dispels "gun show loophole" myth

Oakland man to sue for injury in Israel protest

Former Israeli premier Olmert to stand trial

Terrorist wanted over kenya attacks killed in somalia

West Bank Settlers Dig In, but Resolve May Have a Limit

Netanyahu: There will be no construction freeze

More and more Jewish Voices opposing Israel-Promoted pre-emptive Attack on Iran

Fadlallah fatwa bans normalizing Israel ties

Murder using rifles (including "assault weapons") declined again in 2008...

CWA Members Show Strong Support for Appointing Temporary Senator from Massachusetts

Small roasters criticise Fairtrade as Starbucks goes ethical

Memorial honors the women of 1937 strike

Delphi trims workers as it nears bankruptcy exit

Chipotle Mexican Grill Seeks to Pay Tomato Pickers Better Wages

Workday Minnesota reporting from Pittsburgh (AFL-CIO convention)

GM Will Slash 1,000 More Jobs

LA City Council to Require LAX Contractors to Offer Health Care or Pay a Living Wage

2009 AFL-CIO Conventio ALL online

Communications Workers T-shirts Too Much for AT&T; Hundreds Suspended in Connecticut (photo)

Today in Labor History Sept 14 A striker is shot by a bog owner and 64 were arrested strike was lost

For those who had nice comments about my Alligators....wrapping up the experiences

On the way to Three Mile Island.


New Fong Light Sphere

Aage Bohr, physicist, dies at 87

55% of scientists are Democrat. 6% are Republican. 32% are independent (poll)

Schrödinger's Virus

New Theory Nixes "Dark Energy": Says Time is Disappearing from the Universe

Fuck. I made a wish on that!

Ice 15 discovered- last form predicted by theory

Snake with foot found in China

Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America'

A beautiful way to make a point

Gay Chinese stand up to police sweep of hangout

GLSEN Spins on "That's So Gay" Catchphrase

Official: No Ukrainian adoption for Elton John

September 23rd is Bisexual Pride Day

Gay friendly Philadelphia -- any guidelines?

I went to a wedding on Saturday...

I had gay friends in from out of town this weekend, and it was interesting.

The day hell froze over. CNBC airing meltdown

Guest Post: We Can’t Break Up the Giant Banks, Can We? Yes We Can!

Revealed: The ghost fleet of the recession

JH Kunstler's latest: Reality Receding

The oligarchs are worried ? How Politics Threatens U.S. Monetary Policy (CFR)

President Obama's Speech to the Wall Street Terrorists

A relative was dx'd with Parkinson's this year. He is in his late 50's.

Man wearing tea kettle on head opposes healthcare reform

The other day I saw a doctor......

Husband retired. My blood pressure went up. Is there any real link?

September 17

Group Tied to Swift Boat Veterans, Willie Horton Ads Supporting Blue Dogs By: Jane Hamsher

I took a Reiki 1 class this weekend

Michelle's Remission of Type 1 Diabetes by Eliminating Grain, Dairy, and Legumes

Welcome to Magical Thyme!


signing over Medicare benefits to Senior Advantage programs?

What prescription drug commercial do you find the most tasteless and embarrassing?

** ATREYU's crossed over....send her blessings & peace.**

Government mandated Corporate Insurance IS Corporate Welfare! Say it out loud.

More from Clif High of Half-Past Human:

Philosophy student vs. Mormon...

KY Baptist church set to ordain convicted child molester

Child sexual abusers commonly turn to religion to rationalize their behavior

just looking at headlines here....

I pray for Obama once every day. I think I'm upping that to twice.

Give your reasons on why you agree/disagree with this video.

Are You Happy With Your Health Insurance?

Fresh Fruit Soup Recipe

I don't need no fancy schmany electric air sucker system to freeze food

Sunday Kitchen!

Silicon Bake Ware

Last night I met Emeril. He's in my tiny town doing a show on

I'd never made a poached egg until this weekend...

Ground Zero Iron Workers Talk About 9/11 Anomalies...

WaPo's Howard Kurtz equates 9/11 conspiracy theorists with Holocaust deniers

Doesn't it hurt our credibility to bring up the crazy conspiracies with the realistic ones?

Ronnie Earle "leaning towards" running for Gov

NDP may be willing to support EI changes