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700 Pakistani Policemen Sacked for Failing to Report to Work

This is old (April) but relevent to now - Deimint and the KKK

Ad Boycott Costs Glenn Beck Over 50% of Ad Dollars 62 Companies Refusing to Advertise with Beck

Obama Nominates Justice Barbara Milano Keenan for US Court of Appeals for the the the Fourth Circuit

10,000 Protesters Per Month

US Open *** SPOILER ALERT *****.

The Other 9/12 Rally

Here is the email from the Catholics for health care: link added

Exaggeration Of The Threat: Then And Now

California community mourns the loss of Annie Le

Graham, McCain: Send more troops to Afghanistan---Will Obama Side With the War Mongers?

Update to the Governator's veto of domestic violence funding.

Didn't Joe Wilson yell out twice?

Countdown, and David Shuster is not taking any prisoners

Formber assemblyman Duvall's Natomas Neighbor Saw 'Pretty' Blonde - Saw Woman Parking BMW On Street

We just watched HBO's "The Last Truck" (to the good people of Ohio)

Dancing cheek to cheek

Is it just me or is Mark Haines on CNBC right now 2/3's 'blistered' (drunk)?

Is it just me or is Mark Haines on CNBC right now 2/3's 'blistered' (drunk)?

One year on, Wall Street hasn't changed: Michael Moore

Profits and Insurance: Mutually Exclusive

CIA At it again

War is Economic Class Cannibalism. nt

I take Swayze's death kinda personally...

The Health Insurance Racket: Getting Rich by Denying Americans Care

Sorry, it doesn't look like Obama is on Jay Leno tonight

CREDO: Tell the EPA: BAN Mountaintop Removal Mining

Patrick Swayze Dead at 57 from cancer

So many villians -- Wells, Malibu Colony, Madoff . . .

Try this: Look at some food items in your kitchen and see where they are made

ACORN's Crime vs Defense Contractors (some still funded by US Gov't)

Abortion opponents try harder line on ban

Rep. Steve King DEFENDS Joe Wilson Support For The CONFEDERATE FLAG

Joe Wilson signs movie deal tentatively titled JOE THE YELLER.

If Pelosi doesn't handle this wilson affair firmly,

Arianna Huffington: Why Obama Won't Be Able to Reform Wall Street

Mods!! For crying out loud! Clean up in Aisle 7!

Nine women rescued from fake Big Brother house in Turkey

Gallup roundup: Consumer Confidence hits 52-week-high, Obama up to 53%, and

Put your money where your mouth is!

Glenn Greenwald: Who are the undeserving "others" benefiting from expanded government actions?

James Dobson made $1,000,000. off of the women that Ted Bundy killed.

Support for Health Care Reform Jumps to Highest Total Yet

Sometimes, taking a moment to reflect brings not only perspective but also,...

DU this faux poll: Should the Feds Freeze ACORN's Funds?

So I'm watching this super rap group on The Leno Show....

Parents sue to keep school children from learning about bullying, lgbt families

2.9% alcohol. 100% sexist.

Are the "Tenther" states just trying to get rid of "poor people"?

Bin Laden Loses Hate Market Share

Battle of the Czars!

I say we give 'em Texas

President Obama to Appear on 5 Sunday Talk Shows This Weekend - no faux

The Daily Show is back .. yeah.. I so missed Jon Stewart.

I need a therapist right now...

I'm sick of these 10th Amendment crybabies

I'm sick of these 10th Amendment crybabies

This explains it all; re: teabaggers

This explains it all; re: teabaggers

For those of you that think the Joe Wilson flap helps the GOP even one iota....

Predict Bill Maher's next new rule: Don't let Kanye run your awards show..

Obama: Kanye Is A "Jackass"

Hannity condemns use of "Hitler" comparisons; "atrocious", "disgraceful", "unhinged"

Will there be a public option?

This has to be a joke (Creationist nonsense)

What is it about a name starts with "W" that makes people lose all manners?

Senate still not talking public option

What Will Kill Health-Care Reform

How funny would it be if rightwingers started saying, "How DARE he call Kanye West a jackass!"

Is the hate propaganda on American TeeeVeee the worst ever?

Democrats to condemn U.S. lawmaker who heckled Obama (formal resolution to be introduced Tuesday)

Did USGS report seismic activity as XXL teabaggers waddled en masse through DC?

Obama's Address on FINANCIAL REFORM

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Today's provocative thread topic: Musicals SUCK!

Another possible explanation for birther, teabagger, right-wing lunacy:

Roger Federer Outburst (VIDEO): Curses At Umpire At US Open

BREAKING NEWS: 912 Project sues USTA and the US Open for copyright infringement

They've gone "for the children" batshit crazy across the pond

Teabaggers march on Washington - pics!

dolphin slaughter continues in Japan:

Fake Video Can Convince Witnesses to Give False Testimony

Don't forget the "Mad As Hell Doctors" Single-Payer or Bust Tour

Houston Chronicle: Texas school leader cancels Bush field trip

U.S. addiction at pandemic levels

Illegal immigrants and health care reform: Why are the wingnuts obsessed with this?

Former Kentucky GOP lawmaker charged with murder of ex-girlfriend

Journalistic terms....

More Progress Against "Kill Gays" Performer Buju Banton

Superefficient Solar from Nanotubes - can wring twice the charge from light.


Brilliant 360-Degree Panorama of the Milky Way - 800 megapixel

Anyone watching Rachel with the Whistleblower from Afghanistan and the guards

On a Freeper gun site " Obama appoints Homosexual Propagandist to Education

A Love Story...Patrick and Wife dancing together.

Executive Order basing 80000 active troops at home?

Be very wary about Politico's pushing of that ACORN

newspaper article from Florida re Dr. David McKalip's apology and leave of absence

Edited: Great freeper sign from some time before Saturday. :)

ok I have heard it all now!!!! Talk about distorted reality

If ACORN gets its funding stripped because a member tried to help a Prostitute and her Pimp...

Beck opens show by repeating "2 million" teabaggers lie from Rupert's Daily Mail

Alex Koppelman: The Final Word On Crowd Size At Protest "I Was There And..."

Report: Glenn BecKKK’s Ad Dollars Take a Dive

Message to Limbaugh because I know you read this board.

SO do we have organizational strength to step up in ACORN's place

How to measure Gross National Happiness

CNN, Obama's approval: 58% Approve - 40% Disapprove

An observation about prostitutes and paying taxes and the GOP finger pointers.

House for Sale Comes With a View: The Obamas

Shoe-Throwing Reporter Says He Was Tortured In Jail

just how many medical doctors are there in the Congress/Senate?

REPORT: CNN's Lou Dobbs problem and the immigration debate (Media Matters for America)

I just heard Bill O'Reilly peg the teabagger count at "about 75,000"

Steve King, POS-IA

You lie! Wilson shouts; tourists stay out?

Oh good grief! NBC "news" just said that Grassley

Wilson Sends Dukakis to D.C.? (MA payback to Republicans who disrespected the Prez & lied about HCR)

Bill Nelson (D-FL) NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Another Blue Tick Dem saving the wealthy.

Anybody else get this nutty Email?

How Washington is screwing up health care reform – and why it may take a revolt to fix it

The anti-immigrant ranters [Socialist humor from Britain)]

Don Siegelman on...FOX NEWS???

MJ hammering on ACORN--Mika and Mike Allen "askin' the questions"...

Obama: Kanye Is A "Jackass"

AFC Honors Labor by Hiring Out-of-work Shakey's Pizza Employees as referees.

Need some advice from a dr. or nurse concerning visitation in the hospital.

How HR 3200 will directly affect you. (Great interactive graphic)

This Modern World: Healthcare Through The Ages - Bleeding With Leeches...

Until the U.S. holds criminals accountable, it's all superficial bullcrap

Until the U.S. holds criminals accountable, it's all superficial bullcrap

Cleveland Plain Dealer publishes two lie-filled letters without fact-checking. Amazing.

My "pretty-well informed" REPUBLICAN brother didn't know what

Politico poll-Is race issue in recent hostilities toward Obama PLEASE VOTE

Question: Are homosexuals a protected class under "equal protection" laws?

I was thinking at work last night

63% of Physicians Favor Public Option

What do Morans eat?

OH Alert - OH trans inclusive Equal Housing & Employment Act Vote Tuesday

We Already Have Public Options, And They Work!

Have any doubt what "ACORN" is code for with the teabaggers?

Who made the New Deal?

Hey, 912ers, you are the lowest form of life on this planet

Bill Nelson needs to be primaried by a liberal Democrat in Florida in 2012:

Volunteer Catholic teacher fired for writing LTTE regarding women's equality

Anti Glenn Beck Day coalition formed in Skagit County, WA

Attention! Attention! September 24th is "National Punctuation Day!"

Toronto Star: Down with capitalism

The Pentagon's most dangerous enemy,

Ezekiel Emanuel in his own words. Since he is the source

What's up with the google logo today?

Joe Wilson's Shameful Record On Troops And Veterans

Swine Flu Boosts Charter Operators as Airlines Lose Top Fliers

Google runs crop circle logo in Pacific region countries

Former NFL player to run for Congress

Doctors campaign for single-payer insurance

Great comments follow a CBC (Canada) News story about US distributors scared to release "Creation"

CNN Continues to Fan the Flames of Racism

Now Colonel Gaddafi wants to 'abolish' Switzerland

Kanye, go get a room with Chris Brown. You two are such self absorbed psychos that

House Democrats to Reprimand Wilson

Former Kentucky lawmaker charged with murder

Money Magazine (pfht!) article about Health Care reform- I'd like your opinions

House Dems to rebuke Wilson today

Nativist leader admits meeting with Shawna Forde after slayings in Arizona

Glenn Greenwald: Who Are the Undeserving 'Others'?

Why free market principles fail in the health care arena.

Moran Pics from 9-12 "Protests"

Five stages of death, for Republicans.

LOL, a Joe Wilson for Congress ad at the top of the front page?

Am I a hypocrite?

This Modern World: Ye olde fund of ensurance

Malkin and the RW Echo Chamber - Maybe the phony pic was used to match the phony "2 million" number

Rep. Stark: 'I wouldn’t dignify you by peeing on your leg'

Rep. Stark: 'I wouldn’t dignify you by peeing on your leg'

Can we start talking about that den of iniquity on C Street again and

Sen. Carper response....

Michigan State University College Dems call on Michiganders to give Glenn BecKKK the middle finger

IAEA Conceals Evidence Iran Nuke Docs Were Forged

You wanna see Glenn Beck get soundly thumped?

Condoleezza Rice joins 2 private Ala. golf clubs

While we're all talking about RW attacks on ACORN.......

LOL! Reason no. 1 why America needs national health care...

Reform Bill Will Address GOP Fears --- Baucus: "..their comfort level is starting to come up a bit"

just another reason people are moving out of Florida - one of many

Little Help Over Here

Those who long for the entire system to burn and crash

McCain greeted with Beach Boys "Bomb Iran" music on Jimmy Fallon Show

More definitive numbers in for last Saturday's protest in DC

Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX2) just echoed the 1 million protestor number in the House

Bush On The (he he he) Conservative Movement: "There Is No Movement"

Sears Knows More About You Than the Government, Maybe

Dubya Dissed Other Politicians During Presidency: Book

Dubya Dissed Other Politicians During Presidency: Book

Beck's 9 Principles: Greed Is Good

goodbye salmon its been good to know you

School cancels controversial field trip to Bush speech.

Beware of Government...

Is it just me - has anyone noticed that whenever Obama makes a policy proposal the media always

So whens Faux going to actually prove the ACORN conspiracy?

Is there a good reason to keep Joe Wilson (the bad one) in the news?

Is there a good reason to keep Joe Wilson (the bad one) in the news?

Flu Shot?

Wendell Potter: How Corporate PR Works to Kill Health Care Reform

Most idiotic statement by Ben Bernanke EVER...

Most idiotic statement by Ben Bernanke EVER...

Flu Shot?

Robert Reich: The Continuing Disaster of Wall Street One Year Later

Portrait of Glenn Beck using bullshit as a medium.

My thoughts on the "protest" in Washington.

Congressman says some people aren't worth peeing on

C-SPAN: Joe Wilson House Resolution coming up!

Bill Clinton to join Mayor Gavin Newsom on campaign trail

More on the stabbing at Coral Gables H.S...

My LTTE is going to be published

Health Insurance Insider Slams Baucus Bill: ‘An Absolute Gift To The Insurance Industry’

What does a "Public Option" mean to you?

the irony is: the GOP is riding this bull (teabaggers), but are they really listening

Please get Joe Wilson's ugly mug off the front page of DU!

The Rude Pundit: Why Glenn Beck Needs to Be Repeatedly Cock-Punched (9/12 Edition)

Anyone listening to this nut on Thom Hartmann

Another winner of a Republican from NC: Virginia Foxx

Another classic teabagger photo

Baghdad Green Zone attacked during Biden visit

Domestic violence is a "pre-existing condition"?

Are we proud to be Americans yet?

To reiterate: They fear the public option because it might just work

Villains Wanted!!! (Tom Toles)

British flack who helped lie our way through the Iraq war-now claims he Has PTSD From telling lies

British flack who helped lie our way through the Iraq war-now claims he Has PTSD From telling lies

Anyone else find it ironic how Michael Moore was VILLAINIZED by the Conservatives...

Israeli Scientists Prove DNA Evidence Can Be Faked

Israeli Scientists Prove DNA Evidence Can Be Faked

Seriously, how can we replace Baucus with Senator Harkin?

Billionaires for Wealthcare

Cheney and Rumsfeld's 'Close Friend' Throws Out Suit Against Abu Ghraib Torturers - Jeremy Scahill

drawing a blank - RW preacher from the FDR era?

If You Believe These Statements...

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3 - One year ago...

Lending Is Taking a Dive

All should decry hate crime, no matter the color

Can I just say how much I've missed Jon Stewart?

Was Jon Stewart on TV Tonight?

Sing Tuesday's Blues Away, . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!


Thom Hartmann has finally found a more insane neocon wackjob than Whoreowitz

Jon Stewart's opening show after three week break

On the one hand, Wilson should be censured

Let's face it--We got screwed because of those ACORN women!

2 U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan bomb attack

Afghan insurgents blow themselves up planting IED

LOL - Billionaires for Wealthcare pic on front page of Yahoo News

Hey, BecKKKers, literal Nazis were integral to the B.F.E.E. (re: ACORN)

POTUS on a roll in Pittsburgh

POTUS on a roll in Pittsburgh

Getting Democrats Out in the Mid-Terms

House Dem rejects effort to punish Wilson

'Silent majority' back health care reform, Iowa Sen. Harkin says

Dems See Political Upside to Republican Obstruction on Health Care

The Evolution of the "Southern Gentleman." Joel Pett

Teabgger Called Big Eddie Trying To Say 1.7 Million Attended

Next time you want to trash Texas, just remember...

The terror continues.

The terror continues.

The terror continues.

The terror continues.

Teabagger 912 Moron response to me on twitter, my Proudest Moment, LOL!

"They're far more Pilate, than Jesus"

"They're far more Pilate, than Jesus"

Has Obama Backed Off of a Big Opportunity to Heal America's Racial Divide?

Artist uses manure to paint portrait of Glenn Beck

Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter to receive Mohatma Gandhi Global Nonviolence Award

Taibbi: PhRMA’s Big Bribe Comes In

Premiere of Jay Leno Show Draws Nearly 18 Million Viewers

Premiere of Jay Leno Show Draws Nearly 18 Million Viewers

Garrido Home Searched In Probe Of 2 Missing Girls

Rudderless society of war criminals and propaganda

CNN anchor sounds like he's going to take Rep. Wilson's head off...3:18pm EST


Is anyone still keeping tally of our lost and wounded in Iraq and afghanistan?

self-delete - didn't post correctly even after edits.

self-delete - didn't post correctly even after edits.

Does sending political emails around at work constitute harrassment?

How should ACORN respond to all this, and where's the ACORN leadership?

Talking Like a President

Steele: Wilson Made “Terrible Error,” But House Shouldn’t Condemn It

What Addison Graves ''Joe'' Wilson is ALL about...

US targets smugglers at Puerto Rico airport

Danish tourism ad with "blond woman cradling a dark-skinned infant" pulled

Pakistani debt collectors cajole Americans from afar exposes the lies about the Sept 12 'march'

Their own little world

Right wing email attacking the First Lady...

Rick "Babyface" Santorum considering 2012 presidential run

I'm finding it a waste of time to talk to Republicans about health care reform.

U.S. Condemned For Pre-Emptive Use of Hillary Clinton on Pakistan

CIGNA Denies Cancer Patient Care, CEO Makes $120 Million Over Five Years - Not A Coincidence

Michael Moore will be on Jay Leno's show at 10 p.m. tonight (eastern time)

There will be no ACORN lawsuit

Closing the Books on the Bush* Legacy

Politians are like dipers...

here is proof darwin was wrong!

What sort of return on their dollar are the corporations getting?

WIRED Science: Fake Video Can Convince Witnesses to Give False Testimony

Bernacke: Recession is Likely, parallel universe at work

House recessed about 10 min. ago and will return soon for debate on resolution disapproving Wilson

Bush to Paulson: "You’ve got to tell me what you’re doing!”

Prophetic words from William Butler Yeats......

MSNBC Jay Rockefeller will nto support a plan without a PO

Former Health Insurance Executive Explains How Companies Pocket Billions Through ‘Rescission’

Our trade policy killed thousands of beloved pets(not just jobs)Remember!

Our trade policy killed thousands of beloved pets(not just jobs)Remember!

MSNBC is reporting House will introduce resolution of disapproval within the hour

Listening to Energy & Commerce hearing - witness: Sebelius

Letterman gets Obama so Leno gets Limbaugh

State Department’s Contract With ArmorGroup Is ‘Under Review’

Cantor Speaking Now And Quoting The President In A Flattering Way......

Will Jean Schmidt be speaking up for Joe Wilson?

Casino Capitalism: Fortune Editor Andy Serwer Says Admin Gaming System For Wall Street Titans

If you couldn't bring yourself to read all 1,000 + pages of HR3200,

Where's Michelle Bachmann when we really need her?

Wilson ..... take him out and horse whip 'em

LOL Clyburn just called Boehnner a LIAR on the House floor when he accused him of not. . .

A rare sight : Stephen Colbert being bashed by Republicans ?

The Repugs are using the debate to argue health care!

The Repugs are using the debate to argue health care!

Van Jones was far too kind.....

Boner Now On CNN With Wolf And Lying His Ass Off.......

Wilson didn't apologize to the Pres in that phone call. HE TALKED WITH THE PRES CHIEF OF STAFF!!

Text of Rep. Joe Wilson Resolution

Boner on the Floor schoolin' us...

Boner on the Floor schoolin' us...

Media Matters -- new "wingnut viral email checking" service (think snopes for viral emails)

House is back from recess (cspan1) - here comes Wilson's "spanking".

Justice Follows Direct Action: Former Boss of Occupied Chicago Factory Jailed

Wilson's profit margin...

Airlines' outlook worse than after 9/11: report

Airlines' outlook worse than after 9/11: report

Has Boehner been drinking?

Cafferty's 5pm q: What should the House do about Rep. Joe Wilson, who called President Obama a liar?

Justice must not be delayed any further!!!!!!!!!!!

BBC: India is 'losing Maoist battle'

Here's "Scary and Louise"

Jews: Not "Values Voters"?

Picture Tom Delay in a Dance Belt

BREAKING NEWS: EPA announces new emissions rules for automobiles to cut greenhouse gases

Specter: Deal ‘pounded out’ on card-check, should pass this year

Specter: Deal ‘pounded out’ on card-check, should pass this year

Washington Post: Dems Feel Michael Moore's Wrath

Check out this company: Credo Mobile

Mike Moore on Jay Leno tonight....10pm ET/PT, 9pm CT/MT

House Reprimanding Wilson discussion and vote coming up on CSpan1

Let's Just End the Myth For the C-SPAN Callers: Wilson Did NOT Apologize and It was Not an Outburst

On the ACORN thing...

Nope, none of this teabagger stuff is bringing out racial tension. Why would you ask?

"Riot in the Streets" RW Radio Host Jim Quinn Tells Listeners

Is the Wilson vote a formal censure?

Mike Pence: Obama's joint session was "not a good day" for the House, but today is "worse"

Hearses, Nazi Dogs And Crucified Liberty: Scenes From The 9/12 March ... TPM Photo Gallery

Hahaahah!!! Delay Is "Hurt" On Dancing With The Stars!

What good does a Public Option that covers only the poor do to

ACORN, community organizers, minorities, government, corruption, Obama

so what are we going to do with all these racist americans?

I think the Wilson Resolution is just a waste of time! With all the

YOU LIE! Repubs Lie On House Floor In Defense Of Wilson

Audio of Prez. calling Kanye a Jackass

OH NOES!1! The rationing has begun!

Larisa Alexandrovna: Exclusive: Anti-abortion group may have violated tax code

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned...

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned...

Mutadhar al-Zaidi, the Iraqi man who threw his shoes at George W. Bush, gave this speech

Mutadhar al-Zaidi, the Iraqi man who threw his shoes at George W. Bush, gave this speech

OK: How hard is it to "pass" financial reform folks? Bring back Glass-Steagall

OK: How hard is it to "pass" financial reform folks? Bring back Glass-Steagall

the democrats were highly civil in rebuking mr wilson

LA Times: Michael Moore film says capitalism must die

Tom DeLay got hurt and Joe Wilson got admonished today.

has anyone noticed that the RW is using Left Wing organizational tactics to make their case

Can ACORN sue Glen Beck for slander?

The September 12 March Against Sanity

Joe Wilson using John McCain's Presidential Bid eMail Lists?

How much ad money has Glenn Beck lost?

Joe Wilson using John McCain's Presidential Bid eMail Lists?

I take it back. The house Democrats did not back down. But 12 voted for Wilson, 5 voted "present"

Obama goes cap in hand to Wall Street

What do key Democrats think is going to happen if they pass a bad Healthcare Bill?

What do key Democrats think is going to happen if they pass a bad Healthcare Bill?

Magnetically Levitating Mice

240-179: Wilson gets his hand slapped - but not just yet

ACORN, community organizers, minorities, government, corruption, Obama

Send Glenn Beck your used teabags. Please be sure they are dry and in a sealed plastic bag.

"Obama lied, granny died"

Tweety discussing the Censure

Fast forward-the Health reform bill passes

Kudos to who ever picks the bumper music for the Ed show on MSNBC

Limbaugh(and Drudge): 'In Obama's America' Black Students Cheer Beatings Of White Classmates

House GOP Urges President Obama to Defund and Break Federal Ties to ACORN

Joe Wilson web site is still down .... just a web page w/ his bio.

The 60 Vote Lie

Obama Nominates VA Justice Barbara Keenan for US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit

Reid confident on eve of health bill's debut

Who will be spanked by Rush tomorrow

Tom Delay hurt on Dancing with the stars. Where is that post?

Oh yeah?!! Look at what doctors think about a public option!!

Now DUBYA is being critical of Obama

Nadler, Baldwin, Polis Introduce the Respect for Marriage Act to Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act

ANOTHER boxer dies - suicide

The New Universal Coverage for All Plan (NUCAP)

After years of "political foot-dragging," the United Nations adopted a resolution creating a new UN

Those Rs that got up and spoke on Wilson's behalf called the President a liar again--to a person.

Regarding the ACORN videos

Spousal Abuse is "Pre-Existing Condition"

Mandatory Auto Insurance Really Raises Rates

'Save Talk Radio!' Really?

Teabaggers are against the federal gov, and they dont wear uniforms.

Do you know who Beth Rickey is? You damn well should!

Joseph Coa voted Yes (WOW) - - Republican

Obama supports extending Patriot Act provisions

it is time for all of us at DU to admit that the crowd estimates for Saturday are probably accurate:

Official: Satan-Loving Teen Lights Church Fire - Girl Accused Of Orangevale Arson

BREAKING: Biblical miracle of the loaves and fishes finally explained!

Republican rules on civility in the House.

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1- The Haters

The Private Mandate Sausage Machine ~ Dennis Kucinich

As if there weren't enough reasons to dislike Bush.....

Did anyone see the story on the Ed Show

Remembering Patrick Swayze, with tugging at the heart

"She's not quite in the Bachmann/King/Broun league, but she's getting there."

What is the difference between the GOP and the contents of a septic tank?

True or False - Americans who work harder and produce more should earn more and have better lives

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Bernanke declares recession over

If Obama Were a Corporatist

Thank you to the Mods Thread

meet tim bagwell- d il 19. remember shimkus? mark foley's/house pages

I have Fox news Envy

RIP Patrick Swayze

FORMER Health Insurance Executive Explains HOW Companies POCKET BILLIONS Through ' RESCISSION '

Camomile or Chinese Green?

Rockefeller won't give Baucus a hand on his package

they just released another ACORN tape. this is way too sophisticated


Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America'

Just found out our health ins premiums are going up 39%

Obama's PAY OR PUNISH Crapsurance - pure politics, poor policy, pain for poor people.

Mr. Gates, wars are major news and they deserve unsanitized coverage

How did Bush cheated to get his second term in office?

Largest Dog Fighting Raid and Rescue in U.S. History

Hey Teabaggers! ES&S Set to Take Control of Virtually Every Election in the U.S.! Do You Care?

9/12 Teabaggers: Hypocrisy in Action

9/12 Teabaggers: Hypocrisy in Action

Just for the value of the headline: Hopkins student kills intruder with samurai sword, police say

Edward Kimmel of Takoma Park, Md Is THE MAN!!!!

ACORN Just Got Stripped of All Public Funding (Ammendment passed 83-7)

Republicans provoked into attacking evolution.

James Dobson picked that winking tart, Secessionist Sarah Palin

Tourism boycott threatened over Wilson's 'You lie' outburst

So I get a Dem-slamming email from my hubby's elderly aunt

The problem with ID is *not* that it doesn't fit the facts.


Debate Arises on 3 Wheeler

Helsinki tackles rabbit menace by feeding them to the lions

Bush On Palin: "“What is she, the governor of Guam?”

A 12-year old Yemeni girl dies in childbirth a year after being forced into marriage.

Wolves Remain in the Crosshairs

No we can't? UK think tank says US power is fading AP

O'Keefe and Giles broke many laws in their 'investigation'

Cops descend on home of Yale lab technician eyed in murder of student Annie Le

Massachusetts Institute of Technology rickrolled

Ala. boy fakes kidnapping to hide bad grades

Sonic Blaster Deployed to Political Events, Beach Competition

Obama advisor champions rationed health care

Matthews Hardball Tribute To Jodi Powell

Which voice of the Right-Wing deserves the most scorn from the Left

ACORN is being targetted by the right in a classic COINTELPRO type attack.

Organization dedicated to helping Republicans and their minions find a new Homeland:

Michael Moore: I May QUIT Documentaries

Ten Lessons for Teabaggers - HIGHLY Recommend that you read this!

I am F'ing speechless, I predicted Limbaugh's reaction to the bus incident and he proved me right!

Who the hell are the Dems that voted NO on Wilsons admonition?

Angry Populism Could Save The GOP

Humans are still evolving

I wish to add something of major importance to Wendell Potter's comments.

What The House Just Did Was CENSURE Joe Wilson

This time, Feingold is battling a Democrat in the White House

Here are the "dissenting" voters on the House's Wilson admonishment:

Howard Dean: "We have 51 votes for the Public Option in the Senate"

Beer (hops) in danger from global climate change

I guess I'm just gonna have to knock out my own teeth...

The Kucinich Prediction: Here's what's going to happen ...

The Kucinich Prediction: Here's what's going to happen ...

Sen Nelson: "I didn't feel this way a week ago, but I feel very optimistic that we'll get more than

Who wants ethic-less, emotion-less, disloyal entities making Health CARE decisions???



Help me to understand the race issue....

Help me to understand the race issue....

O'Keefe and Giles legal problems in Maryland.

You're Appointing Who? Please Obama, Say It's Not So!

Apparently, the school bus beating wasn't inspired by race.

Dear Congress, we the Progressive Left will revolt if you water down the public option and...

Well as we look down the end of Empire

Michael Moore is a National Treasure

Watching A&E a program on war veterans and alcoholism and PTSD

Kanye West Breaks Down On Leno Show

Virtual JFK, Actual Johnson

Virtual JFK, Actual Johnson

Torture First, Justify Afterwards - & - Challenging Americans on Torture

Torture First, Justify Afterwards - & - Challenging Americans on Torture

Public Option and medical reform is so needed. I had issues today

Frank Schaeffer Explains Who Are These People? Beck and The 9/12 Marchers: Subversives From Within

Does racism drive anti-Obama protests?

GOP candidate for FL governor supported personhood for the unborn...

RW Setup of ACORN was attempted in numerous offices and failed:San Diego, L.A. Miami, NYC and Philly

Not All Home-Schoolers Are Rightwing Fundies.

Rocket science: "Early Spankings Make for Aggressive Toddlers, Study Shows"

Stop Begging Obama and Get Mad- Chris Hedges

Is being against homosexuality on a religious level inherently homophobic?

"If she commits suicide, it will be on all our heads."

An open letter to the woman with the "Lyin' African" sign:

The (Potential) Problems with Mandated Health Insurance

Police: College student uses sword to slay intruder

They took your jobs and gave you

They took your jobs and gave you

Drudge leads with a story re: Black kids beating up a white kid, be prepared for the fallout

Sorry but if you got caught by these two..

if Supreme Court opens the floodgate of corporate donations to campaigns, should they be impeached?

Teabaggers, guns, implied violence and the first Black president.

Bernie Sanders on Rachel now

Philadelphia to close all free public libraries.

"Declassified Study" - How the Soviet Menace Was Hyped-"Constant Exaggeration" (Sound Familiar?)

A little about homeschooling from a parent who homeschools their daughter (me)

Kanye LOLpics

Kanye LOLpics

And now a word from the Grammar Police:

What I've learned in past 24 hours, since I innocently posted the infamous "prayer" post:

Kucinich Voted AGAINST Wilson Reprimand.

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2- The outbursts

The Fellowship and "Militant Liberty"...1940's precursor to a Christian military?

Would you hire a job applicant who was Home-schooled?

Would you hire a job applicant who was Home-schooled?

THE 1934 Auto-Lite strike in Toledo demonstrated how workers in the worst economic crisis...

23-25October New York DU Meetup .PM either me or Thomcat

I am so Happy I Could Do Flips Here At The Libree

"Lie To Me" and Fox


Primary Day vibes needed!

Boston to Philadelphia - here's the deal - what about FDR in between

Kanye “Pee Pees” Wherever He Wants!

Its HEINEKEN Time Tonight

In memory of two very funny people who performed this skit.

In memory of two very funny people who performed this skit.

Let's all go have a beer at the Double Deuce

Anyone have Leno on?

I'm Watching the Jay Leno Show...Anybody Else?

Crisis Averted

Photos of Weird Car Crashes and Crashes of Expensive Sports Cars

Pssst...I think I found a troll...

Congratulations to the New England Patriots and their fans tonight.. Great

2nd October Is the new Beginning of a New Life

Should I?

Jody Powell just died, too. Anyone remember him, press secretary for Carter?

Now this is a bat cave

Message to Kanye West

WOW. That was one hell of an ending to the Pats-Bills game

Pain don't hurt anymore for Patrick Swayze -- RIP to the great icon in the movie industry

I am posting because last year I couldn't, we were sitting the dark and the heat.

Arrrgggg! So I had a minor problem with my excell program -

Still listen to radio anymore?

Leno asks Kanye, what would your dead mother have thought of this?

A Love Story. (Rest in Peace..Patrick and wife dancing together)

Menino STILL won't get voted out: State tells city to seize aide’s computers

Greatest video..

Okay, time for some truth here. I am a teabagger.

"Unchained Melody" - scenes from "Ghost" - RIP Patrick Swayze

Share your BBQ tips!

Favorite Patrick Swayze Movie

REVOLVER: Dog, how I love "I'm Only Sleeping." nt

Of the beetles, which one is the biggest asshole?

Any accountants out there?

Are you put off by photos of people on informative web sites?

Wonderful to see the President is speaking here in Pittsburgh to the AFL-CIO!

Oh shit, Kanye strikes again!

Pour quoi tu ne joues par le samedi?

why would my dog start barking when i leave?

Where was the "Truly Madly Deeply" video filmed?

U.S. Condemned For Pre-Emptive Use of Hillary Clinton on Pakistan

Teaching the kids Spanish through "Muzzy" - anyone else use this?

FaceBook Lite = less clutter and no apps.

I'm a mothafuckin lyrical wordsmith, mothafuckin genius...

ARRGGHH! TZ has ruined my life...

A funny story involving rapture, Satan, puppies and Alzheimer's


Y'all Are All Haters, Kanye Shoulda Won

I hate snoopers.

I'm being honored today

Is it just me, or has Rabrrrrrr been writing advertisements for oven mitts?

newbies fight out a death match...


Rob Halford just made a Xmas album??

What was the underlying meaning of the WATCHMEN movie?

Free Masons

Free Masons

Freemasons. Mesmerized.

Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry: Making of a Master Mason: The 5 lb Setting-maul

Just generally thankful today that my life is relatively cushy.

Masons. Half Price!

"Democrats" Doggy/Kitty bandanas

Good morning Lounge


Is my sig. alright?? I do not want to offend...

Dirty Dancing!

Bonan vesperon


Of the Beatles, which one of them was the biggest asshole?

Saw a massively disgusting bumper sticker yesterday

Sign petition to keep UFO Hunters on

RIP, Miss LaVida Boheme

Portrait of Glenn Beck using bullshit as a medium.

What is it with people? Hecklers, hijacking award ceremonies, acting out ...

Y'know - Bowie's "Tin Machine II" isn't that bad

Found a little foil package in the fridge labeled "pot" with a sharpie

In memory of Patrick Swayze and Jeff Healey.

I'm thinking of nicknaming my mother "Stormcrow"...

Mrs. Landingham has lung cancer. :(

Torchwood: Children of Earth (spoiler rant)

Mushroom Boob.

If Roy Orbison would have been more attractive do you think he would have been bigger than Elvis?

Anyone watched "Mad men" yesterday? (spoiler)

Am in love with the love of my life

Kanye West just apologized, sort of, on the Leno show

OK, so I just emailed someone who I thought was someone else and


DU got a mention in this months Guitar Player

Patrick Swayze has died.

My baby girl is 1 today.

Does anyone else wish, for once, that Toby Kieth would have been at the MTV Awards show...

Trust me...

Any computer geeks around?

Describe something that's happened to you for which you have no explanation.

Why do women like ear kisses more than men ?

Donny and Marie Star Wars

So our guitar player bought a new video camera....

Kayne West is the crasher squirrel, gone horribly wrong.

My First Boob Tassels

Tell About People With Odd Habits In Your Workplace.

Big Brother Finale

Do you know anyone whose cell phone has a particularly annoying or funny ring?

Yeah, it's still hard, but let's play it again: NAME THAT NOVEL.

Today's provocative thread topic: Musicals SUCK!

We had to euthanize our family dog yesterday

Josh Marshall on the RW crowd estimates


I was just thinking/wondering - was Joe the Plumber at the

Other negative adjectives are Teabaggers missing when calling Obama a Nazi Socialist Commie Muslim?

Neal Boortz compares the President to a child molester

Am I wrong to be offended by prayer in the workplace?

Blitzkrieg! - "President Obama Is Not Doing Enough To Promote Health Care Reform"...

Even Kanye West is no match for President Obama.

WaPo Poll Shows Support For Public Option INCREASED from 52 to 55% - Who Gets Credit?

MSNBC: "Iran ready to join talks on nuclear program"

Sorry I'm late this evening, everyone. I would have made it sooner but

TN-09: Just What We Needed

Whatever they try and do.

I did some research on a DC Teabag speaker and frankly the man is certifiably insane

WWE's Linda McMahon prepares Senate run

Obama Approval Rises

What Mark Epstein (armed revolution) says about DU

Boston Globe: Kerry joins skepticism on Afghan troop increase

Good that ABC and WGN mention Joe Wilson and Kanye West together with

Census Bureau Statistics on Health Care & A Physician's Analysis of Obama's Speech

VP Biden just landed in Bagdad for a surprise visit. Breaking, m$nbc. nt

If any GOD needs you to ask him to protect Obama then he/she is totally worthless!

Matt Latimer Book: Bush Knocked Other Pols While "President" (sic)

Tell Congress they must enact both health care and financial regulatory reform before year's end.

Senate names caucus room for Kennedy brothers


Obama posts poetry on his Facebook page.

PA-Sen: More Hypocrisy from Arlen Specter

Did Glenn Beck Rape and Murder a Girl in 1990?

Interesting: President Obama 3rd most popular president at this point in last 50 years

Jimmy Carter is a class act, and a beacon of humanity.

O.k. So let me get this straight..............

Lieberman Faces Tough Re-Election Fight in 2012

Obama's "Leech Therapy" -- Suck it up and admit he's wrong.

Obama speaking at AFL-CIO in Pittsburgh. Welcomed by ENORMOUS applause. Live on MSNBC.

A graphic you will NEVER SEE on Fox News... and a story they will never report on (Public Option)

Most Americans disapprove of Wilson's outburst

WaPo: 94% Dems, 73% Ind., 59% Repubs support public option for those who can't get private insurance

Conservatives undercut health reform at their peril

Obama media blitz

Leno's "Interview with the President"

If there is no public option, we ought to be able to regulate health insurance like the utilities.

White House launches

Obama shifted his position on mandates, but he was never fully against them


Health Insurance Insider Slams Baucus Bill: ‘An Absolute Gift To The Insurance Industry’

TRUTH: the GOP Protestors are really the SORE LOSERS of the last election....

Health Care for America Now launches national ad campaign for a public option

Dem rep: Wilson outburst 'instigated more racist sentiment'

Aw, poor Andrea Mitchell. The president makes her head hurt.

If Nobody Can Afford It, Does It Make A Difference? (Digby)

My off the record opinion of Terry Moran

"Well, I wouldn't dignify you by peeing on your leg. It wouldn't be worth wasting the urine."

Rockefeller: ‘No Way’ I Would Vote For Current Finance Bill

"Roxanne Wilson is Proud to Stand with Joe"

Re: the House Debate...Correct me if I'm wrong, but...

The Wilson Vote could be very interesting

Pelosi Stands By Public Option: We Won’t Pass The ‘Private Insurance Profit Perpetuation Act’

Rockefeller on Baucus' bill: "There is no way in its present form that I will vote for it."

So Joe Wilson Called and Apologized to the President

Progressives on "public option": don't ask, don't tell

Potter, the health insurance whistle blower, is coming up on Ed.

ABC apologizes to Obama for ABC's Terry Moran's tweet of Obama's off the record swipe at Kanye West

Obama backs G-20 (a boost for Kevin Rudd)

Congressman (Pete Stark) says some people aren't worth peeing on

W's speechwriter's book: What W supposedly said of Obama ("no clue") and Hillary ("fat keister")

Text Of The Resolution Of Disapproval Of Rep. Joe Wilson

CT-Sen: Dodd Trails Simmons In Two Polls

How much ya'll wanna bet Repubs/Fox News will support Kanye West now? LOL

Wilson rebuked by South Carolina Republican

Proof that war criminal Bush is a self-serving, bitter moron

Kerry Applauds Phase-down of Dangerous Greenhouse Gases

Could the "Public Option" become a back door way to get to Single Payer?

When I was a kid, I got in trouble for heckling another kid

Calling West a Jackass makes me respect the president even more....

Please Mr. President, More "Jackass" Outbursts

Kansas: Burr, McCain Headline Money Events for Moran

MA-Sen: Lynch Publicly Opts Out

Tancredo: Jane Norton "not ready for prime time"

Ain't that a bitch

It's Simple: Medicare for All by George S. McGovern

Yippee - Prez on Letterman Monday

PHOTOS Sworn Enemies.

George W. Bush had more "czars" than Obama has had, so where was the outrage?

I pray every day for someone to

We need a consumer warning from networks when certain content is broadcast

I am ecstatic about the House resolution and this is why

AUDIO: Obama calls Kanye a jackass

House Dems Will Introduce Resolution Today Condemning Wilson For "Breach of Conduct"

Bill Clinton to Back Gavin Newsom for California Governor Over 1992 Rival Jerry Brown

Jimmy Carter - animosity toward Obama based on his race

Just back from a lonnnnnng weekend in Minneapolis...

Should I switch parties and register as a Republican?

The Institute of Medicine is about to dump all over the CBO health care estimates

Honest question: what happened to Obama's mandates *only* for *children*?

TPM: Lieberman Opposes Public Option Despite Strong Support in Connecticut

2009 Heinz Awards Go To Environmental Champions

What would be better than censuring Wilson in Congress?

BREAKING-House Dems. now introducing resolution rebuking Joe Wilson

Pelosi Stands By Public Option: We Won’t Pass The ‘Private Insurance Profit Perpetuation Act’

AFL-CIO live-tweets Obama speech -- Obama: there needs to be a public option!

To those who claim single payer or nothing.. please reconsider your position

OMG! Heckler who loves Obama interrupts interview with GOP Lt Gov of MO - video

Rockefeller Announces He Will Not Support Baucus’ Health Care Bill

The List: Democrats voting against Wilson reprimand

Obama is taping for 5 Sunday shows. Just saw this on MSNBC.

How do you make Obama mad enough to call you a jackass?

Protest Sign Fail

Obama: Health Reform = Better Wages

A co-op with a trigger and regulation of the insurance industry...

Kerry Pushes to End Discrimination in Medicare

Kerry on Baucus' bill: "it’s not going to be the bill that we’re going to vote"

Judge questions Orly Taitz claims to have Obama birth certificate in hearing

Former Health Insurance Executive Explains How Companies Pocket Billions Through ‘Rescission’

Publicist for Patrick Swayze says the 'Dirty Dancing' actor has died |

Obama: Kanye Is A "Jackass"

AP Source: NY Attorney General preparing charges against BofA execs over Merrill Lynch deal

Boeing, Microsoft, Nike, Puget Sound Energy, RealNetworks, Vulcan Inc.: Vote to Approve Ref. 71

Jody Powell, who served as press secretary for President Jimmy Carter, has died

McCain greeted with Beach Boys "Bomb Iran" music on Jimmy Fallon Show

Google runs crop circle logo in Pacific region countries

Crystal Lee Sutton, inspiration for `Norma Rae,' dies at 68

Judge Rejects Settlement Over Merrill Bonuses

U.S. Kills Top Qaeda Leader in Southern Somalia

House for Sale Comes With a View: The Obamas

Obama to talk with autoworkers, AFL-CIO members

Ky. recommends ways to protect inmates from guards

Jim Carroll, Poet and Punk Rocker Who Wrote ‘The Basketball Diaries’, Dies at 60

California GOP legislators blocked 20 bills after demands were unmet

Joe Wilson's Shameful Record On Troops And Veterans

Senate votes to deny funds to ACORN

FBI: Murder, violent crime dropped in 2008

Student stabbed at Fla. school; 1 in custody

Dubya Dissed Other Politicians During Presidency: Book

Former Cigna exec: Baucus plan "absolute gift" to industry

Bush 'shoe thrower' freed from Iraqi jail

Domestic violence is a "pre-existing condition"?

Family of US shooting suspect, Harlan Drake, cites depression (& problems w/meds)


US taking Musharraf's revelations on aid diversion seriously

Retail Sales in U.S. Jump 2.7%, Most in Three Years

Pakistan’s Army Said to Be Linked to Many Killings

Some vacationers boycott South Carolina over Wilson's outburst

Xe Worldwide (Blackwater) spreads tentacles to Karachi

Secretive spending on US intelligence disclosed

Beijing birth defects rise again

GOP South Carolina lawmaker: Wilson should apologize

Mortars hit Baghdad Green Zone during Biden visit

Arlington ISD cancels 5th-grade field trip to see Bush

FORMER Health Insurance Executive Explains HOW Companies POCKET BILLIONS Through ' RESCISSION '

US taking Musharraf's revelations seriously: State Dept

Give this rat a lawyer

Joe Wilson Gets Choked Up Over Floor Speech (does not plan on apologizing again)

Bush 'shoe thrower' claims he was tortured in prison

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 15

Obama To Appear On Letterman In Media Blitz

Poll: Support for Afghanistan war at new low

Pelosi Stands By Public Option: We Won’t Pass The ‘Private Insurance Profit Perpetuation Act’

President and CEO of investment manager Rockefeller & Co. found dead in Mass.

U.S. says banks getting help cut lending (by 10%) in July

Military Chief Says More Troops Needed for Afghan War

Japan Airlines to cut 6,800 jobs

Patrick Swayze Dead at 57

Bill Clinton endorsing Newsom for governor

California tax panel set to recommend sweeping, controversial changes

Obama Calls Kanye West a 'Jackass'

Congressman (Stark, D-Ca) says some people aren't worth peeing on

AFL-CIO Convention Endorses Single-Payer

Michigan Dems boycott panel over Beck speech

Europeans put on alert to provide more troops for Afghan campaign

House votes to admonish Rep. Wilson over "You lie" comment to Obama

Respect for Marriage Act introduced in House - Passage would repeal DOMA

Palin's new career (signs up with Speaker's Bureau)

U.S. workers' health costs soaring, studies show

Blockbuster Will Close Up to 960 Stores

Operation Rescue says it's broke, may shut down

Budget, Avis ban smoking in cars

Glenn Beck Michigan appearance draws Democratic protests

Mexican-American astronaut calls for United States to legalize undocumented immigrants

Annie Le murder cops in hunt for 'person of interest,' lab tech Raymond Clark

Europe becomes world's wealthiest region

Rockefeller Won't Vote for Baucus Health Bill

Protester Defends Bringing Guns To Obama Rally

Obama Urged to Ready Tougher Iran Sanctions, Military Strike

Bernanke says recession 'very likely over'

Freed Iraqi shoe-thrower: I'd do it again

President Obama supports extending Patriot Act provisions

Rockefeller & Co CEO dies from single gunshot

Health Insurance Insider SLAMS Baucus Bill: " An ABSOLUTE GIFT To The Insurance Industry "


Dereje Tessema: How This Happened - Grow The Hope

Union Icon - the Real Life Norma Rae Dies at 68

In Celebration of Kanye West!!!!

Dereje Tessema: How This Happened - Grow The Hope

Eight years ago today an incredibly brave speech was delivered on the House floor

Rachel Maddow: "Billionaires For Wealthcare" At Washington Protest

Vets for Peace The Other RNC 8 go to trial in St. Paul. They put the War and Torture on Trial

Countdown: Glenn Beck's 'United In Hatred' D.C. Protest (Hate Posters Shown)

Siegelman on FoxBiz(!): Cavuto Tries to Spin, Governor Brings it Back to DOJ Corruption

David Cole: Torture Memos: Rationalizing the Unthinkable

David Cole: Torture Memos: Rationalizing the Unthinkable (2 of2)

Jettison Wall Street or Crash With Them

Concentrated stupidity at giant tea bagging ceremony in Washington

Papantonio: 60,000 Lunatics Attend DC March

Connecticut teabaggers disgrace Sept 11th

Russia Today on U.S. Healthcare and Democracy

Wage Theft in America

New Face of the Republican Party

Obama: Family Premiums Rose 3x Faster Than Wages Last Year! Average $13,000/Year

Obama and Kanye West


Rockefeller on Public Option

Ray Charles Interrupts Ann Coulter at Tea Party

A HC problem Congress isn't talking about: Doctors

Wendell Potter - Former Communications VP for CIGNA

CNN: Cooper, Gergen & Carville Take Turns Eviscerating "Tea Party" Leader Mark Williams' BS

Obama Caught on Tape Calling Kanye 'Jackass'

Thom Hartmann - What's the real truth on the anti-health care rallies?

Birther Rappers Entertaining Anti-Obama 9/12 Audience

Wilson's Wife, Post-Heckle: 'Joe, Who's The Nut Who Hollered Out?'

CNN's Campbell Brown & Guests Discuss The Racism That Was On Display At "Soreloserpalooza"

Obama Calls Kanye West A Jackass And More

PETE STARK: 'I wouldn't dignify you by peeing on your leg - I wouldn't waste the urine.

Glenn BecKKK's Heroes, "Undercover" Prostitute & Pimp, May Face Charges In Maryland

"How to Get Rich" by America's Health Insurance Companies

INTELLIGENCE ( IQ ) - Religious - Atheist - Democrat - Republican

Ron Paul on Morning Joe 9/15/09

Don't Tread On Me! - Booting ACORN from 9/12 DC rally

Lou Dobbs And His History Of Racial Hate...

TYT: Idiots at the 9/12 Protests (Slide-show & Video w/ Color Commentary)

FOX Interviews "Acorn Pimp" In "Pimp" Costume

Suicide Note

Republican Homeland Now!! Help Republicans establish their own homeland somewhere far, far away

Rep. Steve King Defends Joe Wilson and The Confederate Flag

Michael Moore: 'Newspapers Slit Their Own Throats'

U.S. doctors enthusiastically support public option (73%!)

Guardian UK: Feeling the heat

Where Were the Teabaggers When Bush Pushed the Medicare Drug Benefit?

Get Real on Health Care.

Male Bass in Many US Rivers Feminized, Study Finds.

Eugene Robinson:The Wall Street Casino, Back in Business

One Injury, 10 Countries: A Journey in Health Care

Toronto Star: Why next economic crisis will be worse

Doctors Attribute Glenn Beck's '9/12 Sickness' to '711'

FOX News Claims Teabaggers Were a 'Million Klan' March

Michigan Chamber Of Commerce Embraces Glenn Beck

The potential in Hillary Clinton's global campaign for women

Closing The Book On The Bush Legacy

The Mugging of the Common Good

Health Insurance Insider SLAMS Baucus Bill: " An ABSOLUTE GIFT To The Insurance Industry "

How corporate P.R. works to kill healthcare reform (Article by Wendell Potter)

An inconvenient truth for the GOP: Canada's system is better

Private lobby dictates terms in health-care reform -- Billy Wharton, SF Examiner

No we can't? UK think tank says US power is fading

Give this rat a lawyer

Wellpoint lobbyist & ex-Enzi staffer wrote key parts of Baucus plan

Now Kanye West REALLY Goes Too Far: Takes Shot at Patrick Swayze

Why Joe Wilson Should've Gotten the 'Seinfeld Punishment'

Boycott South Carolina

Former Senator Macacawitz is published

How much time has M$M devoted to idiots screaming about fantasy fears vs interviewing an expert?

"Are You Happy Now?"

Homegrown White Supremacist Terrorist in PA!

The Absurdity of Preserving Profit in the Health Insurance Industry

The right's animosity toward Obama isn't about fascism or socialism -- it's about racism.

On Ayn Rand, Limbaugh's rant, and the metastasizing sociopathy of the right

This professor of denial (Ian Plimer) can't even answer his own questions on climate change

RoseStreet Labs Scientists Discover Carbon-Free Hydrogen Fuel Source Utilizing Thin Film Solar Cell

Drumbeat: September 15, 2009

Vermont Public Radio: Some skeptical of biomass benefit (wood fired power plants)

One in six Mediterranean mammals face extinction

1.27 million displaced by China's Three Gorges Dam

Kuwait tackles energy plans with power plant contract (2 gigawatts of fossil fuel electricity)

Home solar prices falling, even as rebates shrink

ESA Ice Satellite Likely To Launch In February - Will Replace Bird That Crashed In 2005

U-Wisconsin Madison Scientists- State Climate To Be Much More Like Missouri By 2055

9 Yrs, 9 River Basins& 16 Fish Species Surveyed: Only Yukon River Had 100% Male Males

Ocean Acidification: Impact On Key Organisms Of Oceanic Fauna May Be Worse Than Predicted

Study Projects Prairie/Forest Border Will Move North In Minnesota - State Largely Prairie By 2100

US planning to weaken Copenhagen climate deal, Europe warns

Oil: The Long Goodbye (Foreign Policy Magazine Special Report)

Study predicts an uncertain future for forests

Mission Accomplished: Electric Motorcycle Hits 150 mph

Jonathan Freedland: If Obama can't defeat the Republican headbangers, our planet is doomed

The US now gets more energy from renewables than nuclear.

Mob Sank Ship In Med With 120 Bl Of Radioactive Waste On Board - 1 of 32 Scuttled Toxic Ships

When It Comes to Pollution, Less (Kids) May Be More

13-Yr Study Of Montana Roadkilled Deer Shows 2/3 Of Bucks Surveyed Had Abnormal Genitalia By 2000

Didn't the Bills do this against Dallas a couple of years ago??

Arizona Wildcats Freshman Point Guard Already Calling School 'Zona'

The Immaculate Deflection

Mike & Mike Doing Live MNF Coverage: Buy Or Sell?

A Friend Told Me That Federer Lost In The Finals To Someone Not Named Nadal...

Ok, joey. 24-13.

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Monday, September 14)

Juan Martin del Potro--2009 US Open Champion!

Bad officiating and Rivers is a jerk

Defense hit hard with injuries---Brady throwing 53 passes---Bill"s Scoring 24---

Is Upton OK?? He didn't post a thread about the smallmen manhandling

Former NFL player to run for Congress

Meow like a Pittburgh Pirate Day

Detroit gave up four runs in the first inning - to KC.

Aftermath in Buffalo


American Indians ask Supreme Court to rule on Redskins logo

Honduran presidential hopefuls to meet mediator

France upsets strategic balance in Latin America

On The Bicentennial: Mexico Loses Its History

Latin America was the only region where wealth actually increased last year

President Zelaya Press Release: No Election Activity, Prepare for Boycott

Let’s Re-write Hillary’s Happy Independence Day Note to the People of Honduras


National opposition to coup becomes a social force


sharesunited REJOYCE!!!!

Pregnant woman holds intruder at gun point

Anyone familiar with the "Appleseed Project"? It seems to be RW, but

Long Beach, Wash., shooting victim had filed restraining order

Rights group suspends analyst over Nazi collection

Israelis, Palestinians present peace manual

Global Rights Group Assailed for Analyst’s Nazi Collection

A gun control idea that might work...

Listen Up: The arrogance of the advice-givers.

Concealed weapons on the increase in Texas...

UN probe: evidence of war crimes in Gaza conflict

Today in Labor History Sept 15 President Kennedy signs off on a $900 million public-works bill

Report on Monday's Events at the AFL-CIO Convention

Michigan C Of C Embraces Glenn Bleccch, Invites Him To Be A Keynote Speaker

Anyone have experience Photographing Stars?

Okay, I was down that way anyway

NASA Rocket to Create Clouds Tuesday (today)

Jupiter Captured Comet For 12 Years In Mid-20th Century

More Animals Seem to Have Some Ability to Count

Evidence Points To Conscious 'Metacognition' In Some Nonhuman Animals

Darwin film may have found a US distributor

Mars and Moon Are Out of NASA's Reach for Now, Review Panel Says (WaPo)

Obama names first openly gay EEOC commissioner

Suggestions on where to get married?

Any suggestions as to where to stay in Nawlins for Halloween?

For all Obama's talk of overhaul, the US has failed to wind in Wall Street

Year Later, Little Change on Wall St.

Lehman Died So TARP and AIG Might Live

Geithner: Obama against any middle class tax hike

Lehman is a footnote in the great East-West globalisation crisis

A Year After a Cataclysm, Little Change on Wall Street NYTimes, Sep 12, 2009

Big Trouble For Bank Of America

Friends need help

My spidey sense tingled a bit when I read this.

World's largest Crop Circle: Butterfly 2012

Anywhere else having a swine flu epidemic in your area?

Nice Article...

Common Pain Cream Could Protect Heart During Attack

Request for Health Care Reform Activism Information

Slimy showerhead gonna make you sick?

woohoo. cpap comes tomorrow!! but a question-

How to pay for health care?

Herbs for the flu virus

DailyOM: "Cosmic Support - The Universe's Plan for You"

anyone else see Leno spew yet another tasteless "gay joke"?

What do you think of this supposed event. ?

All You Need Is Love

Okay, now I have 5 different mormons arguing with me...

Muslims Press For School Holidays In New York City

Here is one of my discussions with a mormon, in full...

If any GOD needs you to ask him to protect Obama then he/she is totally worthless!

Pineapple Pie

Recommendations for food dehydrator?

Arlington ISD field trip to see war criminal is cancelled

Rep. Flores won’t seek re-election

Who was the male in Flight 93's co-pilot seat?

NDP expected to back Harper

Bloc support for Tories to avert election call

Interrupting Kanye Memes - these are pretty funny