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Archives: September 21, 2009

can we have our flag back?

By going out for a nice pizza we avoided two frauds


That Chimp flipped the coin at the Cowboys/Giants game in Dallas

If YOU Are Going To San Francisco... On Or About Octodber 25th...

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah Sarah Silverman is wearing a Hitler

Melinda Gopher: Misplaced Loyalties in Montana

I was in the checkout line today. I decided to stare at the people

In South Florida: Cuban Neo-Cons gathering to protest Juanes "Peace without borders" concert in Cuba

What reason could anyone have to care about someone else talking about them?

I've seen two "Capitalism: A Love Story" commercials in the last hour......


pResident Idiot is at Texas Stadium next to John Madden

Welcome to the Death Panel - The Mudflats

Sports fatcats (Cowboys) kissed Shrub-ass, so I'm watching the Emmys

GOP shill Mark McKinnon thinks President Obama "fears" Glenn Beck

WH:"We figured Fox would rather show So You Think You Can Dance than broadcast an honest discussion"

In pictures: Cuban peace concert

Remember John and Alice Martin?

The Age of Stupid - Mon. Sept 21st @ 6:30

And now for something completely.. umm.. different: Classical Muddley, The Portsmouth Symphonia

Stronger Measures Against Unruly Behavior on Airplanes

Health Care Legal Cases

Formula for Estimating Tea-Bagger Crowds


Are many US churches just "jerk factories?"

Are many US churches just "jerk factories?"

What Does News Corp (Fox News) Own or Control? What Is The Reach of Rupert Murdoch?

Dallas Cowboys LOSE!!!!

Rolling Stone Finds A Smoking Gun: Betsy McCaughey Lied About Healthcare Reform For Tobacco Lobby

Bush In 2008: "I'm Not Going To Tell Some Gay Kid In The Audience That He Can't Get Married"

"Fox News: Distorting, not reporting" says CNN!

What mental illness does Orly Taitz have?

Gizmodo (the gadget blog): At Gizmodo Gallery '09: Tasers!

This just in from my Blackfoot friend. ( Flu Vaccinations and meds in Canada)

Glenn Beck loses his sponsor Humor

Just finished reading, "Invisble Hands: The Making of the Conservative Movement From FDR to Reagan."

Military Contractor Wins Right to Sue for Rape

The Peter and Scott Lively tell us what "Christian" masculinity they need

What does morality have to do with organized religion?

Katherine Hepburn could've been a great progressive political leader! Excerpt from awesome speech..

Death becomes them: Health care debate suggests the nation suffers from delusions of invincibility

Juan Vera is not a public figure.

House moves to extend unemployment benefits

Solidarity Divided: A Welcome Return to Class Politics (Book Review)

Strange that Joe Scum and company have not mentioned

Let's try to get Juan Vera on TV.

Let's try to get Juan Vera on TV.

This morning's RW talking points: Obama is overexposing himself.

US General Warns of Afghan Failure

Project ‘Gaydar’ MIT, experiment identifies which students are gay, raising questions about privacy

CSPIN: Glenn Dreck Lovefest...

Matt Bors Rocks!

Poll: Regarding Health Coverage, What in your opinion is Affordable?

Detroit gets sneak peek into Moore's 'Capitalism'

Anyone watching CSPAN WJ: Is Cable Talk Influencing Politics program?

If it keeps on raining, levee's going to break..

If it keeps on raining, levee's going to break..

New president has Dartmouth eager for change

US might have been involved in 2002 Chavez coup: Carter

Something nice, US private charity tops 300 billion in 2008

Question: Why does being gay generally encompass a persons entire identity?

Question: Why does being gay generally encompass a persons entire identity?

G20 protesters in Pittsburgh demand nations create more jobs

Wow, I'm a television pundit!

Hypothetical: I walk into a major Wall Street Law Firm....

“If I do that with the press in the room, I will have to say different things.”

House moves to extend unemployment benefits

Did John Ensign use campaign funds to pay off his mistress The 9/11 Commission Rejects own Report

Battle Looms Over the Patriot Act

My dad is your "average joe" southern working man.

My dad is your "average joe" southern working man.

Would you accept a health care reform that dropped the mandate in exchange for no public option?

US Urged to Act Against Alabama Coal Company for Union Repression in Colombia

Now On CSPAN...Net Neutrality Defined By The New FCC Chairman


An interesting thing today. Conservatives, healthcare.

Paul Krugman:Reform or Bust

Bacus Bill: Health Reform That Isn't

LOL! Crazy Kitty Cat...

20 years ago today Hurricane Hugo hit SC

Week-old Fox ACORN story has yet to fix grammatical blunder headline

Once again: MrScorpio's Personal Message To Our Troll Friends:

Does being disgusted by a lactating breast make one boobaphobic?

Jesus Christ on a cracker! Why the FUCK does CSPAN invite the Heritage Foundation to spew BULLSHIT?

Does being disgusted by baby food make one pedophobic?

BUSH: 'What is up with all these Republicans?'

BUSH: 'What is up with all these Republicans?'

GOP lawmakers flack for Fox

ROVE spread rumor(While Acting As A FOX Analyst)-'One of Obama's Potential VPs Was Beating His Wife'

Reform or Bust

Beck couldn't find his ass with both hands.

Gay Marriage Is Fading as 'Values' Focal Point

"Capitalism" a Cathartic Crescendo for Moore Audiences

Gov't investigates health insurance company mailer

Gov't investigates health insurance company mailer

Gov't investigates health insurance company mailer

ACLU says Pa. school wrong to ban T-shirt protest

Katie Couric to interview Glenn Beck

"Young, relatively inexperienced" Fox News associate producer caught on film rallying 9/12 crowd

The Reemergence Of Discredited Neocons: Right-Wing Conference To Advocate A Surge In Afghanistan

US in Afghanistan failure warning - BBC

US in Afghanistan failure warning - BBC

US in Afghanistan failure warning - BBC

Rummy does the Internets

The True Cost of the War in Afghanistan (Military Families speak Out)

Taibbi: Banks to Take Over Media Industry?

Voting Machine Monopoly Threatens Elections

When the facts aren't in your favor, just make S**t up

great photos of signs from the guys across the aisle

I've seen a few signs in our area (New Castle Co., DE)

The stages of Grief or Dear "conservatives": Fix your party.

"This Week In, This Week Out" for 9/20/09

Man tackles bank robber (video)

Repub econo-pimp on CNBC

Unnecessary Puritanical concern over who consenting adults sleep with...

The most expensive fence in the U.S.

Yum- Jellyfish candy from Obama!

Leeches vs. Health Insurance Companies

Did California police use a Taser on an unarmed, legless man in a wheelchair?

Homeless Leave Controversial Sacramento Camp

Homeless Leave Controversial Sacramento Camp

Homeless Leave Controversial Sacramento Camp

define failure, general

Senate Minority Leader Rush Limbaugh

No joke: My dog has a prison record

People - Listen Up! This Is In No Way About Race!

Tom Delay on Dancing With The Stars. Really?

LA Times calls anti-ACORN spray-paint "art," not graffiti or vandalism

LA Times calls anti-ACORN spray-paint "art," not graffiti or vandalism

Vacated Mercury Mines Taint Calif. Waters ( 100,000 people)

More (bad) publicity than even Ben Stein’s money can buy

Ross Douthat tries to put a mirrorlike finish on a coprolite..

Daily Kos: Breaking: Manuel Zelaya Returns to Honduras!

Video link here to LIVE 2 PM ET Health Care Forum in Cleveland by Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown

Does Tucker Max promote a "culture of rape"?

Blue Dogs rally around proposal to kill consumer financial protection agency

The ACORN witch hunt

Re: Throwing Out New Haven Firemen Test Scores

Reader to Hyatt Hotels: "Shame on you" for outsourcing housekeepers

Doctors & Prescriptions - can you settle something?

I see the Mac People are lying and distorting the truth again. Maybe they should join with Fox...

We have had the biggest Financial Fraud in the history in the world

OMG, this woman is delusional - a recent post from Oily Taintz's blog...

OMG, this woman is delusional - a recent post from Oily Taintz's blog...

OMG, this woman is delusional - a recent post from Oily Taintz's blog...

Double Amputee Tased IN WHEELCHAIR! Dislocate HIS SHOULDER!

IRS Extends Amnesty Deadline for Americans to Disclose Offshore Accounts

Time to Get Real About the ACORN "Controversy"--and Republican Double Standards

Emmys 2009 Fashion: Obama dress

Wow, a comedian I used to like has lost the plot - warning: anti-Semitic bile

Coburn Aide: If Boys Knew Porn Will Turn Them Gay, They Won't Want Playboy

Boehner Backed into a Corner

Great news for GLBT Texas? Yep.

Hahaha! Yeltsin drunk during visit with Clinton, hailing cab in underwear

The leaker of the Gen. McChrystal memo needs to be found and fired

So you want to be a quarterback?

Fake Newspaper Reports The Facts

How will Insurance reform affect all those old farts in the Senate? Will they get age rated too

anyone else hear about the Murkowski amendment?

Frank Schaeffer: Right-Wing Hatemongering Fueled by Christianity?

Corporations Have Violated Clean Water Act Over 500,000 Times in Last Five Years

Am I seeing things or did it just snow in Denver?

The Rude Pundit: Okay, Now It's McCarthyism

I love the fact that Keith Olbermann does football,and Rush doesn't.

I just received a link to Google Fast Flip. Has anyone else seen this?

"Did You Know 4.0"

Take the Country Back from the Right Wing Racists

Yet another example of health "insurance" companies driving the boat.

Mandating prosperity...

Curious if Glenn Beck attended/graduated from college, checked Wiki- he's kinda f'ed up

Japanese Bestseller Cartoonist Usui Found Dead, Yomiuri Reports

Foundation for a Better Life...interesting

The McChrystal memo leak is either a Cheney operation at its core, or...

Iowa Same-Sex Marriage Poll: 92% Say It Hasn't Impacted Their Lives

Merced police used Taser on unarmed, legless man in a wheelchair

Australian who won 'right to die' case has died

Some GOP News people are following me on Twitter...

"I'd Rather Be Waterboarding" t-shirts and more -- disgusting


Joe the Plumber isn't even a REAL PLUMBER!

I wish the President would fight as hard for the public option as he is for mandates.

Arianna Huffington: "Barack Obama Must See Michael Moore's New Movie (and So Must You)!"

WTF! Steele Accuses Obama of Being RACIST for asking Gov. Paterson not to run again.

SUVs, pickups among top sellers under clunker deal

Wrap your head around this: A Red-State Judge is forcing a Gay couple to stay married...

This lecture brought to you by a black hole . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!

Conservative Dems Forced To Show Cards On Public Option

Despite Beck’s anti-federal spending rhetoric, he initially supported Bush’s $700 billion bailout.


Heads up - Rick Sanchez is going after Faux News ... again!

US Atty Scandal luminary/Rove Protege, Tim Griffin Running For Congress

MIT Study Outs Gay Men on Facebook

Wasn't there supposed to be some "bombshell" announcement on ACORN today?

Jury orders Portland to pay man who was shot with a taser

Syria - belatedly - seeks redress

LOLOL! Values Voter Summit Saturday Schedule LOLOLOL (you can't make this shit up)

Breaking: China, India plan big carbon cuts! Shock therapy works!

Financial News You Need To Know

Nadler on AmericaBlog : “At Least Some of Us ARE Fighting Back” on Health Care

Rapper in Virginia Quadruple Murder Charged With Killing Pastor

Why not allow foreign health insurers to enter our market as a vehicle to further drive down costs?

The president and the potato

Fed Rejects Geithner Request for Study of Governance, Structure

Post your gripes about health insurance here!

Frank Schaeffer: Right-Wing Hatemongering Fueled by Christianity?

Why are so many people pushing Divisiveness here?

Last night it was posted that the world would end today...

Church Builds Home for Florida Family in FEMA Trailer for 5 Years

Live Blog: President Zelaya Has Returned to Honduras By Al Giordano

U.S. subsidises fossil fuels 2.5 times more than renewables

NY Times disappears Fox's history of attacking Obama as "racist" and a fascist

NY Times disappears Fox's history of attacking Obama as "racist" and a fascist

US wins minds, Afghan hearts are lost

Ryanair to introduce smokeless 'cigarettes'

time to fire mcchrystal....if a military commander connot control his message he should be gone

More troops to Afghanistan. The teabagger's first "spending" test!

Bank of England warns of the consequences of thrift

Watching the Emmys tonight highlights just how far broadcast TV has fallen

Exclusive: Edmonds 'Outs' Video-tapedBlackmailed' Dem Congresswoman+State Dept Mole At NYT+More!

Gee, Marc Howard Dean making too much difference on health care now?

Pissed-off pythons in Florida (video)

BUZZFLASH! Take the Pledge!!!!!!!

Chuck Norris hates The American Flag, advocates violent overthrow of U.S. Govt.

I'd be willing to bet money that Orly Taitz is wearing a wig.

Does being disgusted by gay sex make one homophobic?

You know, when I was at school today, EVERYONE was talking about Obama's over exposure

Afghan Police: More Foreign Troops Not the Answer

I stopped listening to Randi Rhodes a while back because she has too much WRONG info.

September 27- National Day Of Action to Save Marriage Equality in Maine!

uh, hey GOP. i gotta question.

The Beck Bank Bailout: Glenn Beck Championed the Wall Street Bailout He Now Criticizes

Go Wyden! "Senator Ron Wyden: The Public Option Doesn't Go Far Enough"

OK folks, is any body missing??? It's after 5 did the rapture happen?

Baucus Would Modify Bill to Provide Aid to Poor

Exactly which industry did the U.S. Government "take over and ruin"?

Iran's Ahmadinejad proud of Holocaust denial

RW nut running for US Senate sends campaign mailer to Tiller murderer

Coburn's Chief of Staff said this: "Tell little boys that porn will make them gay"

Obama on Letterman

President Obama on David Letterman tonight

I saw the most bizarre PSA ever last week on the local Cable Access channel

Steven Ybarra: Time For The Yellow Dogs To Bite The Blue Dogs

(British)Army Draws Up Plan To Send 1,000 More Troops to Afghanistan(McChrystal Want 30,000 More)

Damn Headlights!

Christian Right conference comes to startling conclusion that States are exempt from First Amendment

Car showrooms quiet after clunkers clamor ends

Atlanta and Georgia DUers - how are you coping with

Ads overstated yogurt's effect on digestive health (Activia)

Tomorrow, 9/22: Rallies across the country: "Big Insurance: Sick of it!"

Wunderradio for the IPOD

Sissy Matthews had a grade school reunion?

A Monday? Horseman pass by. . . . but please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!

Sources: Obama Eyes More Afghan War Drone Strikes

another Bumpersticker for the New Millennium: Get Yer Rapture On!

Bishop Harry Jackson concerned Values Voter peers may appear racist

10 Horrifying Racist Attacks on Obama

"Drugs All Over" at Illinois Day Care House

Deconstructing the Great Recession’s Phony New ‘Silver Lining’

"Drugs All Over" at Illinois Day Care House

How The Baucus Bill Bilks People Over 50

How The Baucus Bill Bilks People Over 50

Students at For-Profit Colleges Are Most Likely to Default on Loans, Report Says

Dr. Regina Benjamin - A must read

Question for the teabaggers and FOX News

Anybody looking at chris matthews...

Reforming Resurrection Health Care Or Why We Need the Employee Free Choice Act

What is the difference between Walmart and Ikea from a smallbusinesskiller POV?

Treat drug addiction, but don't always use prisons as the treatment.

I think people in Washington are afraid of Cheney

Census: Recession had sweeping impact on US life

OMG! The Obama's are hoarding flu vaccine!! ELITISTS!! They don't care about us!!!

Founder of tweets:

Notre Dame Plans to Dissolve the 'Heterodox' Side of Its Split Economics Department

Former Bushie: Rumsfeld tried to edit his own ‘Wika-wakka’ page, Rove spread rumors about a US sen.

How do Mormons and Jews see Each Other?

Breaking on MSNBC

LOL Kanye made a poster about healthcare reform!

Are Dems tired from the election or what?

Some right-wingers actually think whites did blacks a favor by bringing them

Unemployment in California reaches 70-year high

The media myth that Obama has "sunk in the polls" over the summer:

Its Coming - "We're Screwed"

Caption this * pic

Guys, most gay posters are gone. You can stop talking about us now.

CIA Expanding Presence in Afghanistan- AMONG LARGEST CIA STATION IN HISTORY

Chrysler owners' manuals go digital for 2010, saves 20,000 trees

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY)Compares Undocumented Emergency Care Patients To Shoplifters

Obama: 'I was black before the election'

O'Keefe Broke Maryland And California Wiretapping Laws

Hey, did the Rapture happen yet?

Internal Fox News Email Addresses “Standards” After 9/12 Flap

Why is rapture scheduled for today?

Unity-hispanic Juanes pulls off peace concert in Cuba, braves chip-on-shoulder "activists"!1

John Edwards--I used to like him

****Gov. Brewer has eliminated domestic partner benefits in Arizona****

Social power is necessary for human health.

The history channel and nostradamus

Dr Paul Hochfeld from Mad as Hell Doctors is on Ed Shultz

Backstage gossip about Juanes' peace concert in Havana

Remembering those we lost during the 2009 "Summer of Death"

"Fox & Friends" co-host Gretchen Carlson: White House fears Giuliani bid in 2012

G20 to rethink global economy, maybe. Meanwhile Obama presses for education for non-existing jobs

We're different than they are

Will The Rapture take place on Monday-September 21st 2009?

Remember the guy in St Louis who claimed he was beaten up by "union thugs"?

Remember the guy in St Louis who claimed he was beaten up by "union thugs"?

Do you like your job?

Baucus Bill: Health Reform That Isn't

Thoughts on solving our Media Problem... suggestions?

Today's "outrage": Baucus writes an "excise tax" into his bill....

DOMA Signed 13 Years Ago Today

Has the mystery of what teabaggers were doing BEFORE Obama was President finally been solved?

Hang on a minute, Steve (article's title: 'The Fixers: Tough Love for Union Town)

Hang on a minute, Steve (article's title: 'The Fixers: Tough Love for Union Town)

War Is A Racket (By Major General Smedley Butler)

CNN:Dave Mathews on racism and the news media (good stuff)

chris matthews is out of his fucking mind today....he says no one wants to hear about healthcare

Hope Floats

Hope Floats

Surface Area Required To Power The World Using Only Solar Power

DEMOCRATS! This Map Shows Why Democrats Should Pay No Attention to GOP Lawmakers

DU is getting really busy with the ads

DU is getting really busy with the ads

Native Americans go on the warpath and tackle the Redskins

Made in Mass., bomb stirs global debate

Sanford preparing "neener, neener, neener" defense.

Fashion show's use of 3 "average-sized" models prompts walkout

Rapture Day!!!! At sunset!!! Here's a million dollar idea in two words:

"Healthcare Reform" Will be a Boondoggle for Private Insurance and An Intolerable Burden on the Midd

So the US may pay for health insurance for those that can't afford it? What the hell??

Measure C would ban big-box stores

Coulter: 'I'm more likely to be shot than the president-All Political Violence Is Committed By Left'

Birther soldier fires Orly Taitz. Says she will also file a complaint ...

Has anyone purchased Ted Kennedy's "True Compass: A Memoir"?

Fantastic Photos of our Solar System

Glenn Beck coming to Seattle.

Paul Krugman: End of World 'Postponed'

Australian Faces Up To Seven Years for Abortion

Bite victim will keep leg, spirit (she doesn't hold any ill will toward the pit bull breed)

Bite victim will keep leg, spirit (she doesn't hold any ill will toward the pit bull breed)

I just found out that 4-5 of my friends probably have swine flu...

New Details: Dog Attack Victim Could Lose Leg (takes action to stop a Pit Bull from attacking a boy)

DU this poll!

Are we being played like a 2 dollar banjo?

This may be my "Hail Mary" pass:

This may be my "Hail Mary" pass:

Robert Creamer: Time to Get Real About ACORN Controversy

DeLay debuts on Dancing with the Stars

What if being gay IS a "lifestyle choice?"

Blackwater involved in Bhutto and Hariri hits: former Pakistani army chief

Monday Toons, Part 1.

LOL the GOP Minority Leader of the Illinois House releases his head shot and he looks stoned!

LOL the GOP Minority Leader of the Illinois House releases his head shot and he looks stoned!

80% of the U.S. DISAPPROVES of the GOP (except for the South)

Commonwealth Choice & Care

WSJ (Owned By Rupert Murdoch) - Attacks FCC Hire Who Opposed Concentrated Media Ownership

Posthumous Apology to Gay Code Breaker Who Helped Defeat Nazi Germany

I think I Overestimated the Democratic Party's Abilities.

On torture

Neil Armstrong not worthy of Texas Textbooks?

Globalization Goes Bankrupt, by Chris Hedges

Report: CIA interrogations [torture] under Bush likely to have caused brain damage

Dallas Does Progressivism

Karl Rove's dirtiest smear yet -- Potential Obama VP beat his first wife..

Our Medical Supplier Just Informed Us We've Reached The Insurance Limit

The polls close in 24 hours

The polls close in 24 hours

Another group calls for boycotting CNN's Lou Dobbs

You know, people on the left need to go into some of these Churches and

Why should auto insurance be mandated but not health insurance?

Why should auto insurance be mandated but not health insurance?

Historic Flooding in the Atlanta area...

Monday Toons, Part 2

Monday Toons, Part 3.

Monday Toons, Part 3.

A look at Rifqa Bary from a respected religion editor.."Teen Convert Creates Battle"

Jeb Bush: it's "unbecoming" of Obama to blame W - "This is his economy, this is his government."

Did Glenn Beck rape and murder a girl back in 1990?

So.... what's the news with Tom Delay? Has he tiptoed in his tutu, yet?

O'Keefe said he went after ACORN because it registers minorities likely to vote against Republicans

There once was a group called the Birthers

Arianna Huffington: Barack Obama Must See Michael Moore's New Film & So Must You!

Beck Denigrates Yom Kippur

FCC Chairman Calls for Formal Net Neutrality Rules

South Charleston axes restrictions on certain dog breeds

I have to post this: PBS Why We Love Cats and Dogs

Newsweek ranks union buster Starbucks as tenth greenest company in America

Newsweek ranks union buster Starbucks as tenth greenest company in America

Eat shit and die and before you do that go fuck yourself sideway.

If, by your death, you could bring about any event/condition/whatever - what would it be? In other

The most shameful experience of my life

Let us not get too cocky right now

Uh oh. Police report filed against ACORN video makers, right wing conveniently "forgot" about it

How many of you use algebra in your current job?

Palin "indicated that she would have to adjust her speech if reporters were present"

Brietbart ~ Only Fox "News" was offered full footage of the controversial ACORN videos?

Is Andrew Sullivan King of America?

Is Andrew Sullivan King of America?

Okay, so what about Anderson Cooper?

EXCLUSIVE: Upcoming Cover Story on Edmonds 'Outs' Video-taped, 'Blackmailed' Dem Congresswoman; MORE

EXCLUSIVE: Upcoming Cover Story on Edmonds 'Outs' Video-taped, 'Blackmailed' Dem Congresswoman; MORE

Are bath-time photos child pornography?

Farmers sell wives after crops fail

Jon Stewart backstage at the Emmy

Pregnant mother forced to give up IVF baby

Eastern Missouri man dies after shooting self while teaching firearms safety

Obama said we are a Muslim nation...? wtf?

"Men who rape...are products of their socialization and the deeply misogynist norms that prevail..."

"Men who rape...are products of their socialization and the deeply misogynist norms that prevail..."

Never, Never, Never - under ANY circumstances, talk to the police

Verbal Violence. That's what's going on. When we talked about George Bush

Tomorrow is World Car Free Day

Has Sybil Edmunds provided any evidence that Rep. Schakowsky

Right-Wing Hatemongering Fueled by Christianity?

O'Keefe & Giles hide from media as false claims about Acorn are exposed!

DU this Poll!!!

ACORN was one of the few organizations on the side of the consumers, debtors

Kucinich advises Cleveland seize at risk churches

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My great escape: Garrison Keillor

I love you, Sarah Silverman!

Our local state university has a new 'spirit' song: Cowboys4ever

Has Anyone Here Ever Had Dermabrassion Done?

SoxFan's Adventures In Television Punditry


A thread for all the monkey lovers out there


Damn, that woman standing behind Tina Fey looks like an Ommpa Loompa...

Help. I disabled "images" and can't get them back. Ideas? Is it bec. I'm on a Mac?

I found a half drunk carton of milk under my bed.

Thread titles which

Just watched "Cradle Will Rock" prompted by Glenn Beck's recent Rockefeller Center rants

Life can change in a hurry

I saw Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs last night...

Sink Kitteh loves aqua massages...

Most cynical genre of music

Michael Emerson wins Emmy for Best Supporting Actor!

The Name of the Game

you can buy god

Curb Your Enthusiasm was great tonight.

Sons of the silent age

She had an horror of rooms she was tired you can't hide beat

a live one in GD

Washington heads in the toilet bowl don't see supremicist hate

Stalking law

so where were the spiders

I don't know about you but Neil Patrick Harris needs to host EVERY awards show

Does anyone have a sister or a brother they don't like?

You know who is an underrated American Director ?


you , you walk on past

For the theremin fans: Leon Theremin (Rocker, Lover, KGB Agent)

Anyone seen datasuspect lately?

Paint it black

LADIES this is for YOU...(OMG)

Laundry And Housekeeping Tips for Freepers And Teabaggers

In the corner of the morning in the past

Ahhh....the new car smell.

Dang it. Yesterday was a really nice day, too.

Mrs. V. is in Tennessee for two weeks.

Joe the lion

Pears! (pic heavy)

Where will Kanye interrupt you?

Big bag of cheesy popcorn, box of golden grahams, poppycock, quart of chocolate milk...

I think this should be a plot line for next season's "True Blood"

What's going to be the BIG reveal in the LOST Seres Finale?

What's going to be the BIG reveal in the LOST Seres Finale?

i walk through a desert song

We met upon a hill, the night was cool and still

When does LOST start?

Having an odd internet issue...

Daily DU Lounge Earworm - another great classic: "I've never been to Me"

If you knocked your brother down, would you urinate in his mouth?

LOL! Crazy Kitty Cat...

Public Service Announcement: Bud & Clamato is the worst drink ever!

Update on Max: he's back to his old self

freepmatism: a vision difficulty of rightwingers

and the first victory in the billion dollar Cowboy's stadium goes to?

What was your favorite Emmy moment last night

I see the Mac People are lying and distorting the truth again. Maybe they should join with Fox...

Any hacker-savvy people on here?

I would like to apologize to the LGBTQ members of DU. I am ashamed...

Am I un-American or just a freak?

Now HERE is a PROFESSIONAL teabagger!

Silly Cat Pic:

You are gonna love his nuts!!

Cool tip for vegetarians (and non-vegetarians)

Paris is May - recommendations for location?

Which one is best?

I have a giant mushroom in my yard...(pics)

Don't you HATE it

Beer or wine with liver & fava beans

question: if you asked someone if they were free at a particular time for a phone call

Someone explain this to me...

And thus, I learned the first downside from switching from a sedan to a hatchback wagon...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! the wedding's in five days i'm starting to panic a bit

What is It About Feral Cats?

Now for some Adrian Monk

I need a new freaking job.

Man to 911: bar won't serve me

I am so walking on air this week...



You know who is an underrated American Dictator?

Which is worse: Three Buck Upchuck or Sutter Home White Zin?

Moose and cat

to celebrate the impending doom (end of the world at 5pm today, i guess)

TV tonight

I have holes in my socks because the nail on my big toe grows too fast

How do you prepare your toothbrush?

"The Water Jug" complete with audio...

Heartwarming story and video, football player with Down Syndrome


How much is vehicle registration where you live?

Who else in the southeast is just soaked through?

If you like 3 chord power punk pop with a sense of humor-

I love the look of these "Gypsy Cob" horses:

Anorexia is a horrible thing.

Did you ever get a haircut that was so bad you wanted to hide?

Is it better to look dead broke on your FAFSA?

Canada won't let you in with a DUI

Which Star Trek Mirror Universe character is your favorite?

Mad Men

Liam Neeson playing Hannibal Smith in the big-screen "A-Team" remake?

Hi, any recommendations for a mid-sized SUV??

So long GD, I don't know if I can stand you any more

Three deserving actors won emmy's and one is from LOST

DU computer technies! Need help. My computer is no longer keeping me logged in

Lounge Quiz: Which Rush Song Are You?

Here it is....belly's not all that pretty...

Beer or wine with pizza

Any Dexter Fans Here?

How do YOU handle dirty dishes?

Now for some Thelonius Monk.

Do you know how to keep Redskins out of your backyard?

We have troll sign!

One of my Cats was just diagnosed with Diabetes

Received bad news about my friend with breast cancer..........

i think i found a future serial killer:

Which zombie apocalypse survival plan sounds best?

Lounge Quiz: Which Air Supply song are you?

Thank you for the donation/Star in my name!

Why did I spend my time watching "District 9"?

We offered 96% of asking price today on a house that was listed on Friday;

Best Keyboard player

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One year ago today...

And As Of Last Saturday....

President Obama's Interviews - Who Was The Best Interviewer? The Worst?

Fox New's Chris Wallace Gave Totally Softball Questions To The President!

Coincidence? WSJ (Owned By Rupert Murdoch) Complains About FCC Media Ownership Restrictions

Maybe the Republicans are right....

Somebody tackle the drunk in the middle of the field!

President Obama brings health care pitch to NY, Letterman

Paranoid American Spectator claims "net neutrality" part of plot to take over Internets

If the election were held today

You Know, Under Stephanopoulos's Logic, The Speed Limit Is A Type of Tax

Four public option admendments offered to Baucus bill

House moves to extend unemployment benefits

Senator doesn't expect health care vote this year

Ezra Klein: The Patient Is in Stable Condition and Improving Rapidly

Switzerland May Take Four Gitmo Detainees

this list was posted originally by Brundle_Fly...but I thought

****Heads Up: POTUS and "Jill Baby! Jill!" Live in Troy, NY****

I think mandates were just blown out of the water on Morning Joe

Obama and Ahmadinejad: The Politics of Face Time

Where did that period of Republican introspection go?

Sounds like Obama may be thinking of ending this Afghanistan nonsense

Where is Richard Nixon when you need him?

Greenwald's advice: Put Patterson-like pressure on congressmen who oppose Obama's health reform plan

Rye's Binnie weighing Senate run

Rye's Binnie weighing Senate run

Orly Taitz says, Ex-Client's Letter Renouncing Me In Birfer Case May Be A Forgery

Why isn't FOX Noise being called out for this shit

Actress/dancer Victoria Rowell at the Emmys

AR-02: Griffin Will Run

Culver rating slips; poll gives Branstad positive signs

Culver rating slips; poll gives Branstad positive signs

Gov. Deval Patrick Should Nominate Dr. Atul Gawande As Interim U.S. Senator

Rumor of New Years Kay Bailey Hutchison Resignation Swirls

Pool Report from President Obama on Letterman

Who are the candidates for the 2012 Democratic National Convention?

George Stephanopoulus(sp) was one rude SOB Sunday.


Faux News: Obama Wimps Out (LOL)

"I'm Going to Hold You To That"

Do any of you post at freeperville? Since I was banned, I can't, but I'd love someone to post this:

The President of Cool Keeps Calm

Obama, President and Potato Owner, on Letterman Tonight

Real flaw with our system as the insurers see it, is that ANY money has to be diverted to providers

NV-Sen: Porter Reconsidering Senate Bid

There once was a lawyer named Orly who practiced her legal skills poorly

There once was a lawyer named Orly who practiced her legal skills poorly

Ad pressuring Olympia Snowe to support Public Option

We started healthcare reform with the ball on the 30 yardline in the opponent's territory

I hate the GOP "Born Again Deficit Haters"

Victoria Rowell (Young and the Restless) emmy dress

Pass it on: President Obama's HealthCare Plan in 4 Minutes

More: What Teabagger Signs Say vs What They Really Mean.

Ezra Klein: Olympia Snowe's Amendments

Revealing new book on Clinton presidency based on secret interviews

Fox News equals the National Enquirer in Cable media...

I heard this morning on talk radio Obama is telling Gov.Patterson NOT to run for Gov. in NY

GALLUP: Obama's Leadership Qualities Stand Out to Americans

GALLUP: Obama's Leadership Qualities Stand Out to Americans

Baucus Says He Will Alter Health Proposal - Provide More Subsidies to Low-Moderate Income Americans

Rhode Island GOP assemblyman quits party following embarrassment of Wilson’s ‘you lie’ screed.

More Bad Republican Form

What's the impression you get when you look at this site ?

PHOTOS Hmm, awkward.

Why did Hillary ring the bell at the opening at the New York Stock Exchange?

Fox: White House fears Giuliani bid in 2012 ( I kid you not!)

Good News! Gov. Deval Patrick could have power to appoint a temporary senator as soon as tomorrow

Nadler: Liberals prepared to buck Obama, Dem leadership if bill presented w/o public option

So CNN goes with the Obama is overexposed theme and lets a RW pundit have the only word on it

Glenn Beck: Obama Better For Country Than McCain Would Have Been

Obama on Letterman: "I Was Black Before the Election"

PHOTO 'Halo effect caused by backlight'

Why did our elected President wimp out on Sunday morning News shows?

Rep. Barton wants appointment to Hutchison's seat

Pelosi says health bill will pass within weeks

DUers, don't forget. President is on for the full hour with David Letterman tonight!

Internal Email Reminds FoxNews Hacks Of "Standards" - Supposed to Be "Journalists", "Dispassionate"

Biden: If GOP Succeeds in 2010, It'll be the 'End of the Road'

Can Homer Simpson solve the Mideast conflict?

Housekeeping chief arrested in NYC hotel killing

Dell to buy Perot Systems for $3.9 billion

British army accused of 'routine abuse' of Iraqi civilians

Judge: HI man accused in fire must quit smoking

Total issues oil shortage warning

The 800-Pound Assassin in the Room

SUVs, pickups among top sellers under clunker deal

Bhutan hit by strong earthquake

Dementia sufferers set to double every 20 years

Paul Krugman: End of World 'Postponed'

Baucus Bill: Health Reform That Isn't

Brazil's Lula Defends His Defense Outlay and Backs Chavez

AT&T, HP among firms pledging pay changes

General Calls for More U.S. Troops to Avoid Afghan Failure

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 21

Afghan police say more (US) troops not the answer

Senate Bill Could Weaken The Fed

Obama wants G20 to rethink global economy

Activists behind NY Post parody detained by police

Cubans Flock to Iconic Plaza for 'Peace Concert'

Obama to shift focus to climate change

(Rep.) Hoekstra: CIA investigation 'almost double jeopardy'

150,000 gay couples report being married

Clegg: Hit the rich with a new tax on big homes (UK)

Escaped insane killer arrested in Washington

Storms flood Southeast, killing 3, leave 5 missing

GM Investing $21 Million in Flint Assembly Plant

U.S. mortgage delinquencies set record

Democrats Target Bank Overdraft Charges

RI GOP official resigns over Wilson outburst

Europe takes tough line on banker pay ahead of G20 summit

China's Military Power Takes 'Quantum Leap': Defence Minister

N-secrets sold to Iran: (A Q) Khan

US may have taken part in failed attempt to oust Chavez - Carter

New border patrol boat features high-tech surveillance

Former soldier set up secret gun factories to supply street gangs

AIG's Payback to Taxpayers in Doubt

CBS loses bid to dismiss Dan Rather lawsuit

Palin to speak about China in debut speech in Asia

Ousted President Zelaya says back in Honduras

Report: CIA interrogations informed by bad science

AG Will Investigate ACORN In Baltimore

MAHD Day 7 Denver Fear of Government

Boom boom boom.....

Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent 1 of 9

Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent 1 of 9

Councilman Foster endorsed by Glen Beck!!

Richard Feynman on doubt,uncertainty and religion

Obama Tells Letterman: I Was Black Before the Election

David Swanson at Benefit for Under the Hood Cafe

2009 Tea Party Madness: Protest Signs

Tax Party Teabaggers: spelling edition

Bill O'Reilly shouts down Jeremy Glick who lost his father on 9/11



Cindy Sheehan at Benefit for Under the Hood Cafe

Human Countdown: A Climate Wake-Up Call

Celente: Revolution next for U.S.

Michael Moore on WXYZ-ABC Detroit - 'Would Jesus Sell Derivatives on Wall St.?'

Howard Kurtz: Fox News Choreographed Tea Paty Coverage

Katharine Hepburn 1947 Speech against HUAC -- WOW very patriotic speech

Get Rid of Lobbyists

Value Voters Summit 2009

Back 2 School: Target Women

Chris Dodd Confronts WWE's Linda McMahon Over Senate Run

Are Rush Limburger and Glenn Beck a disgrace to America?

The Green Economy Can Work

Ron Paul: "the anti war left has just left"

Young Turks: Study Explains When Most Relationships End

Mad as Hell Doctors Tour

Obama To Letterman: I Was Black Before The Election

Collateral Damage: Environmental Impact of War

Billionaires for Wealthcare at Mad as Hell Doctors Minnesota State Capitol

George Will: Criticizing racism = liberal McCarthyism: when in doubt, blame people for racism

Rachel Maddow reports on the Values Voter summit, Carrie Prejean

TYT Interviews: Ret. Police Chief Makes Case For Legalizing Marijuna (w/ New #'s)

Glenn Beck Calls Obama's Mother & Father "Radicals"

Gerald Celente: Obamageddon is coming!

Rachel Maddow: Jindal and Pawlenty cut non-existent ACORN funding

Hold Snowe Accountable

Shocking & Disturbing Views From Israeli Citizens On President Obama

Fear of Obama Fed by Fox News

Double Amputee Tased IN WHEELCHAIR! Dislocate HIS SHOULDER!

TYT excellent goals for them and for the DU!

Bernie Sanders Smacks Down Orrin Hatch

CNN's Rick Sanchez Exposes FOX News Coaching Tea Party Crowd

The Ed Show - Mad-As-Hell Doctors Dr. Paul Hochfeld

Tombs opened in Venezuela to identify riot victims

House Moves to Extend Unemployment Benefits (Long-Term Unemployed 'Smashes Any Figure Ever Seen')

Active Terror Cell Prepared NYC Attack, Officials Say

Republican protesters can't spell

Breaking on Sunday Night Football : Obama Takes Over Dallas Cowboys’ Giant Jumbotron

Civility protects everyone's right to expression

Obama as organizer

Rap and Conservative Talk Radio -- Brothers Under the Skin


Medical Whistleblower Letter to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights

"Capitalism" a Cathartic Crescendo for Moore Audiences

Government vs. Corporate Bureaucrats

A Lot of Sorry But(t)s in the GOP

Republicans Undercut Their Deficit Argument

Obama to NY Gov. Patterson: 'Don’t Exercise the Public Option'

"Teabaggers in the Mist"

Global systemic crisis: In pursuit of the impossible recovery (LEAP/E2020)

Original Sin (James Howard Kunstler)

Who Really Crashed the Economy?

The World is Ending Monday

Guns don't kill people, it's true. Bullets do.

Can Homer Simpson solve the Mideast conflict?

Chris Hedges: Globalization Goes Bankrupt

The rich recover as the poor suffer

Bill Moyers: Conservative Radicals and the Politics of Vengeance

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Yo, Pundits! Here's What's Up With the Republicans

Jon Taplin: Glen Beck's Hero Was Orson Welles (for being able to create mass hysteria)

Blackwater Offers Training to 'Faith Based Organizations'

What A Surprise! “Values Voters” Pick Racist Huckabee

Glenn Greenwald: Our war-loving Foreign Policy Community hasn't gone anywhere

Baucus Bill: Health Reform That Isn't

Why capitalism fails

I had this e-mailed to me and I thought I would share

Right-Wing Hatemongering Fueled by Christianity?

Values Voters Summit Promotes 'New Masculinity' of Ignorance and Fury

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 373

NYMag: The enduring rot in American politics.

The American Prospect: Southern Baggage

The Last Republican

A Baby at a Philadelphia Eagles Game, Complete with Racism

David Sirota: The Beck Bank Bailout: Glenn Beck Championed the Wall Street Bailout He Now Criticizes

What to talk about instead of talking about race

Juan Cole: McChrystal Warns of Failure in Afghanistan without More US Troops;

World's river deltas (24 of 33) sinking due to human activity, says new study led by CU-Boulder

The Observer: UN plans 'shock therapy' for world leaders on environment

NY Times: No Climate Change Leader as Nations Meet

(Australian Prime Minister) Rudd fears climate progress too slow

Solar discussion in GD-- solar area required to power world.

Beetle attack will change our world (cutting a swath through the national forests of CO and WY)

Delhi Rally-National Alliance of Anti-Nuclear Movements

Building Energy Efficiency Programs in Europe and Australia Offer Important Lessons for the (US)

China Emerges as the Yin and the Yang of the Global Warming Problem

Drumbeat: September 21, 2009

Coal utility TransAlta attempts takeover of Candian Hydro

ESA: Ozone layer depletion levelling off

(40) Scientists call for 40pc emissions cuts (40% below 1990 levels by 2020)

Premise: Global climate change caused by human activity cannot be stopped.

UNCHA - Guatamelan Drought Worst In 30 Years - 1st Harvest Damaged, 2nd Harvest Damage Likely - AFP

New Scientist - U Wash Study Reveals Network Of 124 Subglacial Lakes Beneath Antarctic Cap

EU's Barroso - UN Climate Talks "Dangerously Close To Deadlock" - Reuters

Case Studies - 13 Environmental Reporters Threatened, Jailed, Maimed, Missing Because Of Their Work

Climate myths: Any cooling disproves global warming

China and India expected to seize initiative at NY climate talks

State Regulators Approve Permit for Maine's Fourth Major Wind Project (50 MW)

Environmental reporters threatened, beaten, sued, jailed, crippled and disappeared

Riverbank moving forward with Maine (pumped storage hydro) project

Carbon emissions fall with global downturn: report

Levels Of Antibiotics In Indian Surface Water Near Pharma Plants @ 100,000 To 1,000,000 Times US Airlines vow to halve carbon emissions by 2050

MIT: Concentrating emissions—using a pressurized combustion system to capture carbon dioxide

Homeless nuclear waste (Maine Yankee)

Hummer owners claim moral high ground to excuse overconsumption—defending America's…lifestyle

Protesters make final G20 plans as Pittsburgh digs in

September 11 defendants get "My Lai" massacre film

The smallmen and the Freak get pounded again by the Dodgers.

Renault handed suspended F1 ban


Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, September 20)

Can someone tell me what Jerry Jones was doing in his billion dollar palace?

It's spelled G-I-A-N-T-S!

For those of you infatuated with attendance and ratings...

Tulo named NL Player of the Week

Dallas Cowboys LOSE!!!!

Report: 49ers file tampering charges against Jets

I was talking about the Cowboy stadium fan patios with a friend who is a cop

Redskins win...just barely....the offensive line sucks.

In the 2010 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns are now on the clock.


Miami Pays Most of Cost for New Ballpark

How did Northeast Texas' beloved football team do tonight?

One picture is worth a million words >>

Survey: Only 10% of Native Americans find 'Redskins' offensive

Is South America in an Arms Race?

Racist coup government: Shut down the Garífuna Community Hospital of Ciriboya.

Brazil’s Meirelles May Not Run for Goias Governor, Valor Says

Brazil Congress May Let Workers Use FGTS Funds to Buy Petrobras

Vale Pressured by Lula to Invest as Brazil Recovers: Week Ahead

Brazil: Ambitious law seeks São Paulo transformation

State, Business and Social Groups Ready to Change Media Rules in Brazil

Rio massacre police sentenced

Brazil's Lula Defends His Defense Outlay and Backs Chavez

Tombs opened in Venezuela to identify riot victims

US may have taken part in failed attempt to oust Chavez - Carter

My observation of Miami's Juanes protests.

Quixote Center: Updated: Breaking News—President Zelaya Returns to Honduras!

Panama Ready for Honduran Regime Elections, Obama Chanels Ros-Lehtinen

Narco News: Live Blog: President Zelaya Has Returned to Honduras

BREAKING ... Zelaya is back in Honduras? AP reporting it ! !

Elderly victim shoots would-be robber, 24, police say

What's your plan?

passive non-compliance, what are the legalities ?

Guns don't kill people, it's true. Bullets do.

Settling for Failure in the Middle East - Stephen M. Walt

Spain excludes settlement university from academic competition

Have the rules of the game changed?

Iran's Ahmadinejad proud of Holocaust denial

Seinfeld, Sacha Baron Cohen and Natalie Portman slam Toronto Film Festival protest

Goldstone: IDF must punish officers for Gaza war crimes

If you live in Illinois and you're female, what should you do if attacked? ...

Where Obama Learned his Labor History

100 Hyatt Housekeepers Fired, Outsourced in Boston

VIDEO President Obama rocks 'House of Labor' at AFL-CIO convention

I refuse to post anything about the Dallas Cowboys' DEVASTATING Loss!

Today in Labor History Sept 21 The militia was sent to Leadville, Colorado, to break a miners’ strik

The battle for the docks

Unions, Progressives To Launch Wall St. Reform Drives This Week

An infusion of new blood helps AFL-CIO make history

No Holds Barred: The Intensification of Employer Opposition to Organizing

Granville Island outing

three images from Saturday

Potential October entries

Depression Kodachrome Project

"An upside-down San Francisco"

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The Gaza Report’s Wasted Opportunity

Awesome Pulsar Lab Spans the Milky Way

Iowans not eager to overturn marriage equality

Equality Network Announces Nationwide Phonebanking to Save Marriage Equality in Maine

Whatever else you may think of the man, Paterson has stood resolutely with the LGBT community

49ers honor the great Eddie DeBartolo

Congress Aims to Force Bank of America to Give Details on Merrill

Goldman And JPM Do A Stealthy Roll Up Of The Media Industry

Original Sin

Bank of America: 40% of Junk Bonds to Default by 2013

Income Inequality increased, nice call out on the Wall Street Journal

Why capitalism fails

Thyroid Thread in Health

DRY MOUTH/ THRUSH...does anyone have any

Has anyone here read the "Mandala of Being: by R. Moss?

Thank you Universe for my star!

Jessic Murray..New Moon in Virgo... 5 planets now opposing Uranus..

How Do You Feel About a Newspaper Bailout? (Poll)

Drinking water filter systems

Great Article in The New Republic (Jonathan Chait)

When people don't have insurance - how many just don't pay the bill?

Alzheimer’s, Dementia Rise Faster Than Expected, Report Says

My kidney stone experience

Naturopath bridges gap in treatment, prevention

Health Care Legal Cases

Ezra Klein: You Have No Idea What Health Costs

Spinal manipulation 'has no benefit for back pain'

"New Dan Brown novel means extra scrutiny for Masons" - I personally find this interesting

Holy Crap! The rapture is tomorrow!!!

Teen pregnancy, religion.

What does morality have to do with organized religion?

Are many US churches just "jerk factories?"

For all vegetarians (and non-vegetarians)--a cool tip

One Man’s Salad Is Another’s Noodles.


Juan Garcia Confirmed/Farewell Reception

Bomb scare in Laredo shuts down 3 city blocks The 9/11 Commission Rejects own Report