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Archives: September 22, 2009

Grisly Image Hangs Over Trial: Father's Corpse Left Untouched for Years

CDC FCU Phishing Scam via SMS

U.S. judge reverses Bush, puts grizzlies on endangered list

Best Healthcare in the World: Doctors give mother wrong embryo, forced to give it up!

Be still my heart!

Wow. Proof Glen Beck really is insane:

On the End of Times

Does anyone know anything about Mary Catherine Swanson and AVID?

Law firm plans seminar on labor and employment issues (preparing separation and severance agreements

Ruh Roh: Delinquent Mortgages Aren't Just Increasing, They're Increasing *Faster*....

Van Jones, Acorn, the children, bigots will target anything.

Van Jones, Acorn, the children, bigots will target anything.

fb battle - a liberal and a libertarian tea-bagger go at it on my fb page

Federal Reserve rejects request for public review

Its About Who Runs The Country

cha cha cha Delay on Dancing with the stars

US proposes net neutrality rules

Bearing Witness - The Huffington Post wants your Story

Clientele on the Rise at Biloxi Soup Kitchen

Everything You've Been Told About Communism is Wrong-Lotta

That commercial about taxing soda...

That commercial about taxing soda...

When those Born again fundie-loonies tell me I'd better get "right with God"

Glenn Beck: 'John McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama'

I Meet My US Senator Tomorrow in Wash DC for Coffee and Rolls

"Don't care what you write about me, just be sure to spell my name right".

why should we be surprised?

do you think there is a chance

Health Care Benefits for Congress

What I Saw (And Heard) At The Revolution: Lessons From The `Values Voter Summit'

Glenn Beck could use a few days of fasting

Is anyone there? If you're left behind, check in here.

how embarrassing!!! say it so Tom

So, raising up deficits on military spending and on fighting an illegal war is okay....

So, raising up deficits on military spending and on fighting an illegal war is okay....

Levi Johnston to be a Guest on David Letterman? founder: "My Red Hair And Pale Skin IS My Passport"

w/o tv - can I view letterman live tonight, what about msnbc

List of ways you can be involved in politics and government, without voting.

Well listening to Mike Malloy and he is wrong in one respect

I was Black before the election

Oh sweet Jeebus-"Birther" Orly Taitz loses her client- Capt. Rhodes issues letter (must read)

AP: RNC chairman says Democrats, Republicans failing to address poverty

oh my. tom the bugman delay on dancing with the stars.

New Orleans Mental Health System Still in Crisis

New Orleans Mental Health System Still in Crisis

Remember how we used to call....

Glenny, oh Glenny, you are the worst person for a reason

Pelosi: "No bill can pass the House of Representatives without a public option in it,"

Suicides Up in New Orleans for 2009

Douglas Feith, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz...would invade Iraq and divide the country...

Jerry Nadler, lead sponsor of bill to repeal DOMA, chats on AmericaBlog

Big Hawaiian surf and surfers' life gaurds on Hawaii beaches

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Cybersttalking some work on it

Wow ... don't diss cheating leaders (Edwards, et al) who disappoint their supporters on DU

Marian Wright Edelman: Katrina's Children Still Struggling

So much for the openess to ideas and opinions Libs are supposed to have

So much for the openess to ideas and opinions Libs are supposed to have

Lou Dobbs has salami breath.

If I wanted to point out that I thought a Democratic leader was a womanizer, would that be OK?

The lie propagated by conservatives: When government fails, conservatism can't be held responsible

It's easy to support popular causes ... and label all others

It's easy to support popular causes ... and label all others

Arianna Huffington: Barack Obama Must See Michael Moore's New Movie (and So Must You)!

I have pretty intense COPD, have to have the hose in the nose so I can

I worked very very hard the last couple of weeks

After almost 4 and a half years here...

'Drunk Boris Yeltsin tried to hail taxi outside White House in underpants'

Well another day has come and gone, and the rapture-ready folks are still with us.

Sorry, I know I'm a "homer"... but this picture gives me great comfort

Poverty is synthetic...

Sanders on ACORN vote: Focusing our anger- Read this. it's spot on

WOW! I get pissed at the AP and Yahoo in only one Yahoo link. ARRRGGHHH!!!!

Fake prostitutes (ACORN) vs. Real prostitutes (Sen. Vitter - Republican)

And As The Batshit Insanity Of Orly Taitz Comes To a Close, Leo Donofrio Picks Up The Torch

Is Juanes not just the hottest guy in the world?

Now that we have your attention ... (grass roots action)

Rep. Tiahrt Sent Abortion-Related Campaign Letter To Dr. Tiller's Accused Killer

Does anyone know where the lawsuit against O'Keefe, Giles, and Fox stands?

Bank of America faces bonus trial

Bank of America faces bonus trial

Acorn cartoon

"Too little government, too little regulation." Go Obama!

delete dupe

Mass. Senate to debate Kennedy successor bill today

Justice Souter Debates the Relevancy of the Constitution

Did T-Paw Quietly Impose Back-Door Tax Hike On Thousands Of Constituents?

Did T-Paw Quietly Impose Back-Door Tax Hike On Thousands Of Constituents?

War Is Peace- Is America Hooked on War?

Joe Scum still hasn't mentioned Gale Norton

Tom Tomorrow: Our awesome post-racial society

KPMH 26 news: Merced Police Use Taser on Wheelchair-Bound, Legless Man (California)

KPMH 26 news: Merced Police Use Taser on Wheelchair-Bound, Legless Man (California)

"In two weeks, for the first time in history, Senate could be debating a health care reform bill"

LA DUers: attend Santa Clarita health care town hall this Saturday!

Maximum Irony Alert - Bill O'Reilly won't let media in as he gets "Media Courage Award" from RW'ers

NY Times disappears Fox's history of attacking Obama as "racist" and a fascist

Video of last nights Presidential appearance on the Letterman show

freepathons cotinue to drag

Welfare for the Wealthy: US Taxpayers Might be Asked to Prop up the Chicago Cubs

My prediction about Glenn Beck

My prediction about Glenn Beck

Limbaugh complains that current Afghan policy is a failure

What is wrong with this statement from a "Value" Voters speaker?

564 amendments to the baucus bill....and counting

Senate Finance Markup on CSPAN

Tuskegee Airman and Obama Inaugural Invitee Robert Searcy Dies...

Keith's married?

A Moran ad for Greta on Faux:

A Moran ad for Greta on Faux:

More proof the economy isn't turning around any time soon. Jack Daniels to end NASCAR sponsorship

(SoS) Clinton Rebuffs General's Warning on Afghanistan

Any News On Why They 're Evacuating Port Authority, NY This Morning?

No insurance, let them die. WTF?

Victoria Rowell's Emmy Dress

If Health Insurance Reform isn't forthcoming one thing is certain

Kansas Sen. Brownback accused of hypocrisy by Dems over stimulus project

Stupid people vs. Wall St.; Dylan Ratigan explains it to Joe Scab.

Half of all outstanding mortgages may become null and void...

This link sez to ask O'LOOFAH why Irish-Americans are big part of growing "no religion" #s

Carbon Offset Schemes Require the Poorest to be Twice Burdened

President Zelaya is Back in Honduras

Romney 'for' bank bailout before he was against it...

change - At U.N., Obama Calls Global Warming Threat 'Urgent'

Obama on Letterman tonight in Australia

Another future Republican leader, people.......

Not all 'cash for clunkers' vehicles are being junked

Who is your favorite Dr. Strangelove Character? (BTW, it's on right now on TCM)

What's going on with the country right now- an apt (if icky) analogy

The FDIC needs a bailout

A Tale Told By Time

A Tale Told By Time

One more time: Torture doesn't work

Another Moran twitters:

Link to Sibel Edmonds' interview at AmCon mag (free access)

For press, there are little or no "risks" for GOP in health care debate

Are you ready to take to the streets and take your country back from AIPAC?

The Car Accident Industry Is Doing Just Fine

What was really wrong with House?

ACORN names former Mass. Attorney General as investigator

Orange County Democratic Executive Committee, other Florida DEC's pass resolutions urging PO.

It appears that the world did not end. Or was that going to be later today?

$32 Billion set aside for bank failures expected to occur in coming months

True or False - A person saying "I don't have a racist bone in my body" is lying

We are doing what in Afghanistan?

We are doing what in Afghanistan?

Melting Ice Caps Expose Hundreds Of Secret Arctic Lairs

LAT: U.S. says Pakistan, Iran helping Taliban

this is what we should tell the Republicans instead of kissing their asses

What can a police officer ask you to do? What are the limits?

One of the most important reforms in US history was the Pendleton Act. And yet...

Mika Mouse on TheView: "Joe best Conservative, the voice that deserves to be heard!1"

Is de-funding ACORN an unconstitutional “bill of attainder”?

What are W. Va.'s rules for replacing a deceased Senator?

Internet 'net neutrality' is endorsed by FCC chief

What does the rest of the world about us? We let people die who could be saved by healthcare.

Why did Sibel Edmonds name Jan Schakowsky?

The Real Reason For the Decline of America's Rich

Will US repeat mistakes of 1937?

A message from Jane Hamsher

Is there a list of wingnut organizations that receive government funding?

I knew it. Glenn beck Really doesnt represnt US!

Tom Piazza: House Thieves on a Grand Scale

Military Growing Impatient With Obama on Afghanistan

File this under "facepalm" - Christian Right leaders urge Congress to create sanctions against Iran

Zelaya back in Honduras: Link to streaming video from Telesur TV

Jenny Sanford fires another round:

The Latest "Here Are Your Opinions" Missive From Michael Steele

Please finish this sentence: "In forty years, the Golden State the Beach Boys sang about

Many people say health ins. should never be a profit business.

FIGHT BACK! Online tool to FAX our demands to Ins. Co's & the Senate Finance Committee

Are Saturn cars Union made or not? Also, are US-made Toyotas Union?

The Pentagon's Bionic Arm

A couple of random questions about US healthcare from a Canadian...

anyone attending today's SICK OF IT rallies, sponsored by MoveOn? mine is at Bill Nelson's office..

Gawker: Youth will remember Obama is awesome and a Democrat. And the heart-shaped potato.

'Father of Neoconservatism' Irving Kristol's Forgotten Alliance With Anti-Semites

The Time for Injustice Has Gone.

I'm such a naughty one.

I'm such a naughty one.

WATCH: Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm Trash Public Option In 'Protect Insurance Companies' PSA

Cable "News" explained

Did anyone just see that propaganda about the FDIC bailout on M$NBC?

Holy tentacles! Giant squid caught off Louisiana (about 19 1/2 foot long)

You know, I used to support absolute gun freedoms

Blue Is the New Black (M Dowd - NYT)

He is a dapper, handsome man

Biden says the objectie is to defeat Al Qaida

Jabus Kerist ..... just imagine ........

Your money or your life

Adult Screen Actors Guild Protests Republican Teabaggers

Oh we can't be MEAN to the Republicans!

Video: Something Terrible is Happening! Will Ferrell & friends (ha!)

Attention, People of Earth

Robert Reich, Salon: "Why Wall Street is booming while Main Street suffers"

Link to TV online.

Link to TV online.

Patriot Act Needs Comprehensive Reform, ACLU Testifies

My letter to Glenn Beck

New, nastier python enters Everglades fray

LRAD sonic area denial actively being used by Honduran coup. (IMAGE)

Pressure On Justice Department Intensifies In Siegelman Case

Who says hate never accomplished anything?

White Philly officer told to get rid of cornrows

This gives me hope .... Students put camera "almost" into space with $150 budget.

U.S. Debate On HEALTH CARE Is A WARNING To Canadians

A Repubican paternity question? A cartoon by Ann Telnaes

Kirk Cameron to distribute altered copies of "The Origin of the Species"

The right wing's war on ACORN has turned into a sideshow

I am so disappointed in John Edwards

Joe Wilson bashes Mark Sanford

I say that Obama makes Sonny Perdue publicly laud socialism before receiving any money

Rush on Letterman: "He was in full anal poisoning mode"

Keeping an eye on the radical right

Progressives To Pelosi - Dump The Blue Dogs

Class II rapids on I-20

Five Dead and Town Warned to Lock Its Doors

In a single generation, minorities have changed from the shiftless criminal dregs of our society...

GOP mailer suggest dem. health care will discriminate against race

Calling out to Fart Robertson and other farts like him with a direct hotline to Jesus ..

The Idiocy of Protectionism

ACORN: I got an e-mail from my rep yesterday bragging

...and they banned the President from speaking to the students

Adorable welcome home daddy pics!!! (beware, too cute)

!!!! clusterfox !!!!!

Is it just me, or does Glenn Beck seem simple in the head?

Waitaminnit...Isn't Georgia part of the Bible Belt?


Right-Wing Hatemongering Fueled by Christianity?

Are many of the uninsured really illegal immigrants?

Sanford vs. Wilson

Justice Department to see whether ACORN got department funding

Controversial float meant to inspire citizen voices

The Afghan Folly: Europeans Don't Follow Their Leader

Dare we talk about Waco and Ruby Ridge?

Protect Insurance Companies PSA: Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm Speak Out Against Public Option:

I've just spent five minutes in Fox Nation...

God is a Moran?

Who is Amping Up the G-20 Fear in Pittsburgh?

Quick! Over here! Terra alert. Code Orange. Unspecified terra alert.

GOP mailer suggests Dem.Health Care discriminate against race

Griffith Park users outraged by shooting of 7 coyotes

You can follow Asher Heimermann on twitter now...

What one thing could the DNC do that would make you happier with them?

What one thing could the DNC do that would make you happier with them?

"Shut Up! The Government Says" - McConnell on Humana Letter

all the racist signs at 9-12 rally seem to have reversed the momentum of teabagger movement

Conservative Radio Host (Mark Levin) Blasts "Mindless...Pathetic" Beck For McCain Criticism

Obama asked to pressure Japan, South Korea on clunkers program restrictions

Does Nostradamus have stock in the history channel

India sees battle ahead for future of G20

Dave's zingers on Shrub (the real Prez - OBAMA - is guesting tonight)

Do Republicans not notice the irony when they call prosecutions of torturers a "witch hunt"?

Honduras has cut power and water to Brazilian Embassy. U.S.pledges to assist Brazilians

China hope for overseas jobless

Slacker Uprising (Michael Moore)

What do you think will happen to Glenn Beck in the next 20 years?

CEO Salaries and Health Insurance for all

did the media question the war in iraq the way they are questioning afghanistan?

Sen. Byrd taken to hospital after fall in Virginia home

WAR PIMP ALERT- Afghanistan Could be Lost Within a Year: US Commander McChrystal

Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm Speak Out Against The Public Option

On Obama and the silly notion of "overexposure"

How many actual liberals or progressives are in Congress?

What grade would you give the Obama Administration on its

tweety & chucko are piling on the President today

The Rude Pundit: Values Voter Summit or Joyful Conservative Fuck-Fest?

Marine charged with faking war wounds for gain

Speedier trains are making European city breaks by rail a breeze

Corporations aren’t people yet

Pity there's no place to house the homeless.....

CEO of Pace Airlines arrested in North Carolina

Cuomo +13 vs. Giuliani (new poll)

Dickipedia: The Teabaggers

Which RW wacko makes Baby Jesus cry the most?

Revolving circle on videos!

Who is now in charge of pushing the "terra terra terra" button?

I think the bailout is the right thing do.

Obama's approval numbers - 53/39

Buzzwords can't mask Afghan failure. What is meant by a "new" or "integrated" strategy?

from the WTF dept? - S.C. Mayor Bans Police Pursuits on Foot

Town Hall Revenge: Cantor grilled on lack of GOP healthcare plan, KS Rep mocked for telling lies

God hates proper punctuation

Speaking of the South, Texas BoE wants to remove Neil Armstrong from Science Books

Anderson Cooper on CNN is an repug stooge

For the love of god, please tell Tweety to stop

Why Are There No Aerial Photographs Of The 9/12 Tea Party?

I have several friends who have been laid off/out of work for months...

When is torture justified?

When is torture justified?

Bill Clinton on Lewinski Affair: "I Cracked."

Best pictures from the "Value Voters" posse:

Steny Hoyer (D-MD) voted against ACORN but may be having second thoughts.

Reid ‘Guarantees’ Action on Prescription Drug Reimportation Ban

Will Ferrell Answers Internet Questions

George H.W. Bush Was Invited To Sign Letter Condemning Probe Of Bush-Era Torture, But Declined

When histories are written 100 yrs from now...

Could their problem be hatred stemming from insane jealousy?

Huh. Did you know that clove and other flavored cigarettes will be banned after midnight?

‘Tidal wave’ of homeless students hits schools

Is a progressive emerging?


NBC News poll shows that more people will blame GOP than Dems/Obama for health care defeat

Theoretical: Obama announces withdrawal from Afghanistan, how to frame it

SPECTER... oops! I mean KAOS, oops! I mean Al-Qaida predicts Obama's fall by Muslim nation


Still Evil (And Twisting Facts) After All These Years

Silicon Valley reinvents the lowly brick

Silicon Valley reinvents the lowly brick

Matt Taibbi bombshell: Mortgage market was a giant criminal enterprise

Will Sarah Palin accept an offer of $100,000 for charity?

This Modern World - Our awesome post-racial society

What does the rest of the world about us? We let people die who could be saved by healthcare.

Flooding, army corp, levees, southeast, wonder how many of these people are teabaggers

New Brunswick Girls’ Ice Hockey Team Says No to Homophobia

Reid To GOP: I Am Prepared To Use Reconciliation To Pass Healthcare Reform

digby: Playing With Matches

Pacific Gas & Electric Company Leaves U.S. Chamber of Commerce Over Its Global Warming Denialism

Mike Ross (bluedog) made close to $2M from land sales to USA Drug in 2007

( Newshounds)Fox News wants you to send them Instances of Bias News

If you could sum up the Republican Opposition in one word, what would it be?

More of the same (a cartoon)

Vaccines and my thesis

To Doubters and Pouters, Re: Healthcare

Legally Speaking ACORN Workers May Not Have Been Wrong

What does the rest tof the world think about us?We let people die who could be saved by healthcare.

Military and Police Repression of Zelaya Supporters

Twix Voy and others interested in retail sales: Macy's close to bankruptcy!

HuffPo: Whoops: Anti-ACORN Bill Ropes In Defense Contractors, Others Charged With Fraud

Landmark Ruling IN Kansas Means Relief For Homeowners And Trouble For The Banks

White cop with cornrows pulled from street duty

Weren't the Republicans pushing a "market based" solution to carbon output?

Okay, I came across this depiction of the Rapture™ and now have a few questions...

Steele: Martin Luther King Would Be 'Disappointed' In Country's Leadership

Steele: Martin Luther King Would Be 'Disappointed' In Country's Leadership

Why is couric interviewing this sub-human filth?

Dobbs Plays the Victim, as Movement Demanding CNN Dump Him Grows

You might wanna just skip the whole TV thing this evening

G-20 in Pittsburgh

I Reserved Judgement of ACORN For a Reason.

My wife is a music teacher and a parent asked that her son no longer take part in class....

Check it out: God led stalker to singer Jewel's ranch!

Anyone Else Getting The Wisdom Of Letting The Nutbags Blow Their Wad In Aug?

Kline and assistant are getting into hot water for their abortion witch hunt. ' Bout time

How many people have been on DU for less than 2 years?

The "humanizing" of Tom DeLay is making me sick.

WTF with Marc Maron is edgy, funny, and extremely dangerous.

Tables begin to turn on Anti-ACORN crowd

There will be an interim replacement from Mass. in the Senate

Conservative Facebook Investor (Thiel) Funded Anti-ACORN Videographer (O'Keefe)

Afganistan compared to Vietnam. Please add more comparisons.

Happy news turns horrifying for ... couple; embryo implanted by clinic is not their own

Boy Burned By Homemade Magic Wand

Did anyone hear that the Fundie gawd

Pull the plug on Pandas, declares BBC man

Pelosi nixes healthcare deal with Blue Dogs

Caption Tom DeLay

81-Year-Old Man Tased 3 Times During Arrest and 2 officers fired after Tasering parade driver, 76

Rockefeller just said that the breaking news is that the Mayo clinic

U.S. Maternity Leave Benefits Are Still Dismal (Forbes)

Strip Club Offers Free Flu Shots - Senior Citizens Get Free Lunch

Michele Bachmann Feeding at the Public Trough of Farm Subsidies

Bake Sale To Pay For Infant's Medical Bills - Whole Food's CEO Would Blame The Baby's Family

Pool-playing robot Deep Green 'will be unbeatable'

Josette Sheeran: Hunger's Perfect Storm Is Back

Macy's, Hertz destined for bankruptcy?

LOL.............Anti-Westboro Baptist Protesters:

My Bad! Texas Apologizes For Executing an Innocent Man

Nurse arrested on the job sues police

AIPAC is not Israel.

Wish us luck in SoCal for the next few days - Santa Ana winds blowing, fires starting again.

Do me a favor? (Warning: Graphic)

"No one should go bankrupt when they get sick"


YES! A Brilliant Kossak has Just Found A Way To Use the De-Fund ACORN Bill Against Repubs!

YES! A Brilliant Kossak has Just Found A Way To Use the De-Fund ACORN Bill Against Repubs!

Unemployed? IT type? Get even .... volunteer for your favorite Linux/Open Source project

Anybody ever had their pay garnished?

"The Rural Brain Drain"

"The Rural Brain Drain"

Kirk Cameron's 'Origin Of Species' Plan: Ex-Actor To Distribute 50,000 Altered Darwin Books Read m

Good news keeps flowing in

Great Catholics in Liberalism (Help me with this list)

Mad as Hell Doctors are getting ZERO media coverage..

Gen. McChrystal Threatening to Resign Over Afghanistan

Pressure to Escalate Afghan Occupation May Result in Obama Re-Focus Away from Nation-Building

MA is about to get a new Senator

MA is about to get a new Senator

Why Is John Edwards Still Spending Campaign Money?

Teresa Heinz Kerry helping the uninsured

Author: Barack and Michelle Almost Split

Pictures of Atlanta flooding - incredible to think that this was non-hurricane related

Former Bush speechwriter Wehner: "the role Glenn Beck is playing is harmful in its totality"

Is another Republican victory on the horizon?

Bin Laden’s Reading List for Americans

September is Deaf Awareness Month! What are you doing to make yourself aware about the deaf world?

BUSH Gave Himself The Power To "OVERRULE SUPREME COURT" -Torture Memos: The Case Against the Lawyers

The "eliminationist" rhetoric from the right wing does not stop. Bishop Jackson at Values Summit.

Taibbi: Waking up to discover the mortgage market was a giant criminal enterprise

Integrative Health Care-a possible solution to our health care crisis

Do You Live In An Urban, Suburban Or Rural Area?

Should flavored cigarettes (excluding menthol) be banned?

No Good War, No Good Drone

Giles & O'Keefe failed to report confession of murder by ACORN worker!

HELP: Glenn Beck is getting the key to my city on Saturday!

Can a woman lose a woody? Cuz I just saw Tom Delay dancing and I think I did.

Rep. Steve King: The ‘best vote’ I ever cast in Congress was opposing Katrina relief.

Logging is the most dangerous job. Followed by pilot and fisherman.

IF Obama REPEALED Just ONE Special-Interest TAX BREAK, It Would PAY For HEALTHCARE. Guess WHICH One.

Who Is Afraid of Sibel Edmonds? The November 1st issue of The American Conservative Now Online.

a new tax no one objected to: on medical marijuana

Siegelman blasts DOJ as he faces more years in prison.

Just sayin...

The Last Time Right-Wing Hatred Ran Wild Like This a President Was Killed

False Rape Accusations and Rape Culture

Fired! Cops who tazed the 76 year old driving the tractor in the parade

Teens in Panama kill Alien or Fetus? And there's video!

Take THAT!

Self delete.

4 Day School Week?

After dealing with this giant mess at work I would enjoy being one of the people on Lost.

I posted in GD and I think you'll like it

If you're going to touch each other in the store, please don't tug the cart to block the WHOLE aisle

If you're going to touch each other in the store, please don't tug the cart to block the WHOLE aisle

The Big Bang Theory should just call itself Roseanne Part II.

If I started to pluck out my gray facial hairs,

I have holes in my hats because my pointy head grows too fast.


Clearly, I missed some episodes of DU- why is Rabrrrrrr in an asylum?

OMG. Some assholes behind me picked NOW to run their chainsaw at full bore.

I started Clinical Rotations for Physician Assistant School today.

I may have to have knee surgery for torn cartilage. Any DUers been through this? What's recovery

People of I-95, the left lane is NOT the wanking lane...

waking up with SUDDEN heel pain on one leg ?

Your Tattoo!!

Lou Dobbs has salami breath.

Hey! Are there legitimate money making opportunities for work at home types on the

In case we're all still here on Thursday

Amy X

Dr. Strangelove on TMC....

I got opposable thumbs AND toes.

My soul is bleeding...

Clearly, I missed some episodes of House - why is he in an asylum?

I am in an immense amount of pain right now...

True/False-weird death rumors (Man killed by cactus) a Chimpanzee plays Pac-Man!

"Nothing Get's by Greta" (except...)

For reasons that will boggle mankind for eternity - I watche Bio-Dome last night

Maine worker discovers new hire is lost brother

Caption this!

Ack. It's 9:15 am already....

The perfect roommate- He is zombie ready

Good morning Lounge

Fentanyl, morphine, and propofol

You know it's a bad day when even nature moons you!

After almost 4 and a half years here...

The Earth's orbit around the Sun is in peril and the End is nigh: Chas and Dave have broken up

bumper sticker in Columbia, SC

The 5 stages of Life.

Pillow - 1, Cat - 0

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1...

Ahhh todays youth...GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

Oh well. This one went over like a lead dirigible

Do you think that we could sic the JDL on Beck for his Yom Kippur stinker?

Daily DU Lounge horrible earworm 70s song for 9/22 - "Chevy Van" by Sammy Johns

Happy first day of fall.

Miss. police use Taser, handcuffs on wayward emu

Please read this thread.

Buffalo Bills player's house robbed on gameday

Some things are amusing to some people...

A USA Today Style Poll

Do you ever go back and look at your first DU posts?

To settle the argument once and for all

Why do Women adjust & scratch their wagina

Well,they just shut down my work for a gas leak in the kitchen,I'm safe but broke!

I'm totally digging this new territory I'm in

13 Real Animals Lifted Directly Out of Your Nightmares

You know what,.... I'll name my kitten what I want!

Why do men adjust & scratch their balls

Take THAT, Spock!


why do men and women scratch and adjust their nose hairs?

Got any good shaggy dog stories?

Getting your fill.

I don't want to create a damn thing.

Joan Jett

Hair clippers?

A little quick computer help, please? I have gone totally blank as to how to do a screen capture!

The REAL Healthcare Victims

I want to create a thread that never does.

Heidi brings home the coolest surprises!

What are some good Wii games for adults?

I just sneezed for like ten minutes straight.

You've heard of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," right?

Are you funnier in person or on line?

Strange question for GLBT Duers: Let's just say you're on the town

W00t! I am a "hated man" in GD!

A pic of me with my new glasses.

Anybody remember "Poppy" From Frasier (the Station Owners Daughter)

See ya all tomorrow!

What do you call it when you take a U-Turn?

Why Dogs Sniff Each Other's Butts

Is Juanes not just the hottest guy in the world?

Your sappy earworm for the day

Woman arrested after assaulting baby with milk

Is it legal to kill someone who is being loud in the ER?

Redneck Smoke Detector

What the hell would have caused my soup pot to rust?

My beautiful Jellicle cat has gone to the Heavyside Layer

I'm new to public transit and need help

The Good Wife starts tonight. It should be great and political

Please read this thread title.

"It's Pat!" - The world's most embarrassing yearbook picture ever.

error message- has anyone else every gotten it?

Moose Pics from a FB Friend

My new criteria for finding excellent TV shows on Hulu/Netflix...

I TOLD you yesterday wasn't the Rapture

This is one terrifying looking fish (nightmare warning)

For the morning crowd from the night owls "Harold and Maude".

On a warm day, it is possible to sit on one or both of them

My S/O is upset about his first negative feedback on eBay...

Terribly serious and important question about alcohol and drinking and so on.

What is the greatest line in modern fiction?

A fancy lady just took me on the town in her classic Corvette

After the work, the bourbon!

Pee Wee Herman Returns! Will Make his Appearance Tonight on Jay Leno Show

As of today, it's legal for me to medicate with marijuana

I want to create a bread that never rises.

Here's one for flvegan.

It seems like just yesterday that we were all gearing up for baseball season.

A Question About Taking Things For Granted.

What was really wrong with House?

I am unsettled and unhappy.

E-e-evil woman...

Finally, a line of scents even Rabrrrrr could love - The Lovecraft Collection

Calif. man accused of trying to trade his father's car for $50 worth of crack

Money quote: "It's important to realize that I was actually black before the election,"

Gov't investigates health insurance company mailer

Ignore media propaganda

Glenn Beck: Obama Better For Country Than McCain Would Have Been (VIDEO)

New Hampshire - "Community Bake Sale To Help Injured Teen"

The ONLY and BEST interview with the PRESIDENT was.......

Do you still believe that Palin, the tea protesters, Taitz, Beck are not part of a planned offense?

What is wrong with men?

So when is President Obama going to sing or talk about his movie...

White House targets insurers over healthcare premiums

Prepared remarks of President Obama at U.N. Climate Change Summit

Afghanistan Pullback: U.S. May Focus On Drone Attacks

PHOTO: Barack and Michelle with Vicki Kennedy

Sen. Byrd taken to hospital after fall - no indication that he will be admitted

I just got my credit card statements and I now have a week extra to pay them

Clinton Backs Up Obama On Race, Says Prez Wants To Win “On The Merits”

Census releases data on same-sex marriages for the first time in history.

Are we going back to our bad ways?

Winning the election was "child's play" compared to what we at DU are up against now!

There's a new sherriff in town.

What was said about Carter's comments on the Sunday shows?

Peter Morici: China will dominate new energy technology unless Obama plays hardball now

Anti-Reform Group Unveils “Death Star” Ad Targeting Rockefeller’s Public Option Amendment

FREE desktop of iPod ad with anti-Teabagger theme

Top Ten Reasons Obama Agreed to Appear on Late Show w/David Letterman

Does anyone have a link to Obama on Letterman?

So is Glenn Beck for supporting Mitt Romney because he's a Mormon too?

RE: Fox: White House fears Giuliani bid in 2012...

Interesting: real stories and a report on Mass' health plan

What kind of health care bill would be acceptable to you?

Another family of five dead? what on earth is going on ...

Another family of five dead? what on earth is going on ...

U.S. Senate hopeful Hughes: Kirk not conversative enough

Massachusetts State Senate Passes Appointment Bill For Kennedy's Seat

*******Live: POTUS at the Clinton Global Initiative

Paterson: 'You Don't Give Up'

Senate Finance Markup Thread

AP Aims Fire At Obama On Mandates As Tax Increase

MoveOn Video: Something Terrible is Happening! Celebs Defend the Insurance Industry. (VIDEO)

Medicare for all would work

Scarborough on Beck: "You can't stir up that type of hatred..then say, 'Oh, I'm just a rodeo clown'"

The posts here defending Obama's insurance mandate/giveaway shows how the DLC has taken over DU

Uh -- Oh

China announces pledge to curb carbon emissions and invest in green energy


Oh good...Lanny Davis is coming up on Ed to "set him straight on healthcare"

"in two weeks, for the first time in history, Senate could be debating a health care reform bill"

Tennessee: Tanner Opponent Sings All the Way to the Bank

Buddy Rogers to Formally Announce for U.S. Senate on Tuesday

Rush Says Letterman was too Soft on Obama But Expects The Same Treatment From Leno

Reid: ".........we’ll be forced to do reconciliation....."

NBC/WSJ POLL: Obama health #s inch up, Repugs at 21% approval, will be blamed if reforms not passed

Baucus Accepts Numerous Republican And Democratic Amendments, Brings Cost Of Bill To $900 Billion

Obama gives Letterman biggest audience in 4 years

Costly Coverage: Premiums Outpace Paychecks (Check where your state stands)

Europe Disappointed with Obama: Showdown between Europe & U.S. on climate change/financial reforms

the Chief of Police would like to have a word with you...

Palin is relevant, hero to some

Obama to Stop Climate Change, Forge Mideast Peace, Fix Africa, End Poverty Today At UN

Glenn Beck on Harvey Milk: You can concentrate on his homosexuality or his "communist roots" (AUDIO)

Kerry: "Only in Washington could people suggest this is a rush to reform health insurance"

Taitz: Ex-Client's Letter Renouncing Me In Birther Case May Be A Forgery

Taitz Files Response To Motion To Dismiss In Barnett v. Obama

Baucus says he is "very open to a trigger" if that's what it takes to get 60 votes.

Any Mt. Vernon, WA (or nearby) residents here?

You will almost feel sorry for the next person who follows President Obama in office

The reason why a trigger is bullshit!

Patterson throws Obama Under the Bus.

PHOTOS Busy, Busy (Sept 22)

Are we really that hated out there??

Afghanistan- Through The Looking Glass With A Man Named McChrystal

I agree with Joe Sestak.....WH should not be shaping races.

PHOTOS New Official Photos (Sept 22)

Paul Krugman: It's time for Obama "to realize that populism is exactly what the economy needs"

What is happening to reform Pharma? I went to the doc yesterday

I'm sorry but unless Obama is suggesting a way to divest myself of my body, a mandate is a tax.

Michelle Obama will host dinner for spouses of the G20 in Pittsburgh at Teresa Kerry's farm

Folks, the President is the leader of the Democratic Party therefor he will be involved

President Obama: Should you really go to Pittsburgh?

LETTER TO OBAMA: Make public option open to ALL

Pelosi wants public option modeled after Medicare

Pelosi wants public option modeled after Medicare

I wish we could switch what the far left and far right believe about Obama

Using the 5 percent number to slam coverage via a public option is uninformed.

Grammar peeve: That is for objects, who is for people

FE Editorial : The Chinese workers issue

Obama to Letterman: 'I was black before the election'

$2 million settlement for Broward man cleared by DNA

States Can Sue Utilities Over Emissions

Democratic fundraiser indicted in NY

EXCLUSIVE: Upcoming Cover Story on Edmonds 'Outs' Video-taped, 'Blackmailed' Dem Congresswoman; MORE

'Historic' storm continues to pound Southeast

White Philly officer told to get rid of cornrows

Rape evidence shelved? Detroit police handling of sex assault kits troubles Worthy

Fed to Miss Review Deadline

Pratt & Whitney closing Conn. plants, cutting 1,000 jobs

Democratic fundraiser indicted in NY

French police bulldoze immigrant camp near Calais

Pentagon Delays Afghan Troop Request: Report

Senators to Start Work on Revised Health Care Bill

Military and Police Repression of Zelaya Supporters


Court, 4-3, Upholds Paterson’s Appointment of Lieutenant Governor (NY)

Obama Open To Newspaper Bailout Bill

Baucus changes health bill over Democrat concerns

U.S. and China Vow Action on Climate Threat but Cite Needs

Feds Issue Security Bulletins On Stadiums, Hotels

Facebook shuts down thorny marketing tool

U.S. Leading Economic Index Increased 0.6% in August

Rajiv Gandhi assassin begins fast

BofA skips Congress deadline, faces new SEC threat

...and they banned the President from speaking to the students

China party scholar hints at Xi Jinping promotion

China party scholar hints at Xi Jinping promotion

Girls school attacked in troubled NW Pakistan

House Liberals To Pelosi: Stick With Us, And Ditch The Blue Dogs

Recession Hits Immigrants Hard

Minn.'s Pawlenty forming PAC; possible 2012 step

Afghan officials live in fear of Taliban assassins

China Appeals WTO's Media Ruling

Controversial float meant to inspire citizen voices

Acorn Appoints Former Prosecutor to Conduct Review

PM pushes E. Asia grouping / In talks with China's Hu, Hatoyama also discusses oil field issue

Terror arrest sparks gov't warning on mass transit

China Bans Travel to Tibet

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 22

Polk undercover drug investigators play Wii during raid

Newark Mayor Cory Booker pushes health plan for uninsured

Euro hits 1-yr high as mkt resumes dollar selling

Toll rises as Philippines steps up hunt for militants

Peru maintains ban on Amazonian radio station silenced since June

Siena Poll Not Encouraging For Paterson Or Giuliani (NY Gov)

Fed starts meeting, seen noting improving economy

Airlines vow to halve carbon emissions by 2050

China positive on N.Korea developments

Honduras: New Reports of Abuses

Conyers seeks answers on ACORN

Stabenow continues push for health care bill with public option

Analyses: Heart attack rates fall 17% after smoking bans enacted

Ambulances race to Robert Byrd's home

Harkin sees passage of Kennedy-backed health plan

Honduran soldiers surround Brazilian embassy

Reid gives GOP direct warning on healthcare

US ships arrive in Israel ahead of joint drill

Byrd admitted to hopsital after fall at home

Germany wants U.N. walkout if Amadinejad denies Holocaust

(Bill) Clinton: Obama wise to think through Afghanistan

Ex-NY Giant Burress gets 2 years in gun case

Government: Half of Madoff accounts show no loss

GM Restores 3, 000 Jobs, Prepares to Raise Output

Poll Contains Bright Spots, Warnings for Obama

Gov. Purdue`asks Obama to declare state of emergency

Gov. Purdue`asks Obama to declare state of emergency

Condoleezza Rice: "If You Want Another Terrorist Attack In The U.S., Abandon Afghanistan"

Calais migrant eviction under way

Carter says Israel must stop building settlements

Massachusetts Senate passed bill re: filling Kennedy's seat

Police: ACORN worker in video reported couple

5 family members found slain in central Illinois

Climate Change and G20 Prepardeness

Year of Jubilee

Young Turks: Healthcare Horror Stories

Glenn Beck sez: 'McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama'

Pastor Manning calls Obama the Devil

Obama's Doctor of 22 years Speaks Out: Health Care, The Civil Right Issue of the 21st Century

Mike Signorile and the angry, delusional, Glenn Beck-listening trucker

Roberto Lovato on the Basta Dobbs Campaign

When Will Healthcare Get Its Norma Rae?

Letterman to Obama -- This Spud's For You!

Michael Moore's First Official Visit Inside GM Headquarters

David Letterman - President Obama Top Ten Reasons To Be On Show

Mad as Hell Doctors Day 8

Organizing for America Bus Tour..

60 Million Foreclosures Preventable?

ANIMATION: Legion Of Superzeroes by Ted Rall

Bill O'Reilly tries to weasal out of support for public option-blames the internet

We're All The Pirate Bay - punk cover by runawaydroid

Walk for Health Care--The System is Sick

TYT: Does Big Money Own The Government? How Can We Fight It?

Health Care Reform Circus

We're #37!!!

Roy Blunt's Monkey Joke Set To Dueling Banjos

Military Heroes, Republican Zeroes

Yet another stunningly racist, ignorant, RW redneck

Sheriff Mack - Leader - Sheriff's Begin Revolt Against Federal Authority

Young Turks: Bank Robber Tackled Hard - Real or Fake?

President Obama's Health Plan In 4 Minutes

TYT: Fox News Cries About How Obama Snubbed Them

Rachel Maddow reports on the Porno makes you Gay relevation at the FRC

Rachel Maddow reports on the Porno makes you Gay relevation at the FRC

Remote Area Medical Los Angeles Free Care

Our 2.5 Trillion Dollar Health Care Factory

Dear Teabaggers,

Cantor defends saying tea baggers are protecting democracy

Cockburn & Tabb: Can Capitalism be Fixed?

Keith Olbermann Tears Into Faux News And Its Stage Management Of Soreloserpalooza 09

The Barrel of a Gun Trailer (Mumia Abu Jamal)

Mark Levin rips Glenn Beck as "pathetic" and "mindless"

Letterman - Amy Poehler's Presidential Fist Bump

Tom Delay Dancing With The Stars: Dances The Cha Cha

Trash The Public Option. Insurance Execs Are The Real Victims

David Cross on Real Time 9/18/2009

TYT: Orly Taitz Gets Pwned By Her Own Client

Obama Brushes Off Racist Teabaggers & GOP on Letterman.

Learn how to caption Youtube videos

Protect Insurance Companies PSA: Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm Speak Out Against The Public Option

Cantor To Uninsured Woman: Get An "Option" Like Charity Or Govt Program

Kansans laugh at GOP rep's claims about health care reform

kids and the marshmallow test

Police Harass Free Kitchen at G20 Climate Convergence

Killing liberals

"pissed off as hell obama needs to be inpeached"

Michael Moore on Right's Blame-The-Victim Reasoning on Housing: 'What Skirt Were They Wearing?'

Surprise on Letterman! Obama Does 'Stupid GOP Pet Tricks'

Glenn Beck vs. Rush Limbaugh--Politico fulfills its role

What's the Matter with San Diego? An Anti-Marijuana City in the Green Oasis of California

John Edwards' Rooftop Marriage Plans Pisses Off Beatles Fans

FE Editorial : The Chinese workers issue

The new illiteracy

Intellectual conservatism, RIP

Moyers Essay on Dick Armey & Freedomworks, healthcare

Forget Yom Kippur, Glenn Beck Declares a National Circumcision Day

Texas History Lessons to Drop Mother Teresa, Neil Armstrong

Escalation is futile in a war in which complexity defies might

Overshadowed by Tea Party Movement, the Christian Right Scrambles to Claim It Isn't Racist

Honduras chief says won't enter embassy

Maddow: ConservaDems Against Stopping Banks From Gouging Consumers

Barack Obama Must See Michael Moore's New Movie (and So Must You)!

ACORN worker reported agents provacateur to Police. Something you won't hear on M$M.

Republican Party incited raid of ACORN Nev HQ, 2008 connectd to Cheney regimes U.S. attorney purges.

Does the GOP stand for anything?...can a party with no platform succeed?

Bullish Today, Marc Faber Is "Highly Confident" the Future Will Be Very Bleak

With Global Capitalism Exposed as a Sham, All the Global Elite Have Left Is Pure Force

Why Should Corporations Have All the Rights that Humans Have?

The Potential Impact of 60 Million Fatally Flawed Mortgages/Not what Paulson Said!!

Independent UK: We must stop the 'vulture funds' that feed on the world's poor

You Lie! [Cartoon]

The Rights of Corporations

Mortality is a pre-existing condition, thus eliminating it, means everybody's in the (risk) pool.

At the Forefront

GOP senators declare war on Net neutrality

Orly Taitz to Fight Disbarment with Insanity Plea

Discovered - Jung's Little Red Book (NYT Magazine)

Is Lieberman at it again?

Peak oil review - Sept 21

Drumbeat: September 22, 2009

Reducing (tiny) carbon footprints

On Energy, We're Finally Walking the Walk - by Lester Brown

New findings could help hybrid, electric cars keep their cool

FT - In Lebu Bunia - Bangladeshi Village - What's Not Washed Away Is Awash In Salt As Sea Rises

Federal District Court Places Yellowstone Grizzlies Back On ESL - ENN

Hundreds Of Trees, Some 60'+ Long, Drifting Onto Japanese Shores Daily From August Taiwanese Typhoon

Peter Maass On The Resource Curse & The Violent End Of The Oil Age - Harper's

Atlanta Flooding Caused Massive Raw Sewage Dump Into Chattahoochee - Extent Still Unknown

Eight Days Of Rain From Gulf Storm Powered Atlanta Flooding - More Possible Today (9/22)

Greece. Spain, Malta, Other Med Countries Oppose Temporary Ban On Bluefin Tuna Fishing - Reuters

Refitted to Bury Emissions, Coal Fired Plant Draws Attention

Tempe land values increasing near light rail

Hurricane frequency is up but not their strength, say Clemson researchers

ABC refused to air Renewable Energy ad during 2008 election. ( So as not to offend big oil?) China announces pledge to curb carbon emissions (decrease carbon intensity by 2020)

8,000-Gallon Gas Drilling Frac Spill In PA; Fish Kill Confirmed, Others "Swimming Erratically"

Obama: U.S. 'Determined To Act' On Climate Change

Green groups open 'climate war room'

EV ‘Charging Corridor’ Links L.A. and San Francisco

47% Blame Global Warming on Planetary Trends, Not Humans (42% blame human activity)

UL Has Received Request to Certify EEStor's Product

Annals of Dangerous Electronic Waste: Attempts to Detox LCD Manufacturing Waste With SWO.

Climate change is happening now?

War As Wimbledon

McNabb still in pain -- Vick possible?

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Monday, September 21)

***OFFICIAL Indianapolis @ Miami Thread***

Plaxico Burress begins sentence in gun case

Jim Zorn tugs on Superman's cape - MISTAKE

Women's Boxing

I wonder what Joeybee12 thinks of the upcoming week in sports? Don't you?

A present for all the Cowboy fans

Bad News for Serena; Henin to Return to Tennis

(Bad month for Dante) Jewelry worth $400,000 taken from home of Bills' Whitner

Plaxico Goes To Jail

Swiss ref banned over fan insult

Two weeks down, predict what record your team will finish with.

I want this license plate!!!

DISGRACEFUL! A team has less the one quarter of time possession

The Pats could easily be 1-4 after Oct. 11

Now the Canes are truly fracked Saturday vs Va Tech.

Uh, oh, folks. The Gorilettis are shutting their airports, that will keep Insulza out!

Magbana: VIDEO: Today, Zelaya Waves to Excited Supporters from Brazilian Embassy Balcony

Zelaya's Return to Tegucigalpa Brings Coup Closer to its End

Guardian: Manuel Zelaya returns to Honduras

Guardian: Brazil urges Manuel Zelaya not to provoke Honduras coup leaders

Truthout Original: The Road to Zelaya's Return: Money, Guns and Social Movements in Honduras

Embassy of Honduras Denounces Attempt to Force Out President from Honduras September 22,

chiapas indymedia org honduras

Zelaya's Midnight Gambit

Golpista forces attacking crowd outside Brazilian Embassy

Good sources for international streaming TV links.

Radio Globo and Channel 36 Announce Return of President Zelaya

Seven Million Hondurans Under House Arrest as Micheletti Writes of "Democracy"

Guardian: Manuel Zelaya's return stumps Honduran coup leaders

Peru maintains ban on Amazonian radio station silenced since June


Honduras: New Reports of Abuses

You know, I used to support absolute gun freedoms

Carter says Israel must stop building settlements

Report: Israel to freeze settlements in exchange for Arab ties

West Bank settlement lays groundwork for new neighborhood

IDF soldiers kill Israeli Arab who tried to ram into checkpoint

IDF draft dodgers speak at US colleges

Haniyeh: We won't respect any deal

Report: Haniyeh says Hamas will support Palestinian state within '67 border

Germans to walk out of UN meet if Ahmadinejad denies Holocaust

Protest Idea: The next time the RW gathers for ANYTHING near you...

Goldstone Report Is a Barrier to Peace

Union files complaint against Hazleton medical center

Catholic teachers union eager to meet with Scranton Diocese to discuss union issue

Judge rejects union's challenge to Blue Diamond election

Union defends cops involved in nude run

Today in Labor History Sept 22 police, U.S. troops and hired goons finally quell coal miners' strike

Can Trumka deliver?

An Obama Quid Pro Quo for Labor’s Support?

What Obama's trying (Applause) to tell union folks these days (Applause)

Adorable new photos of Aiman

Burglary/assault suspect shot by victim's mother hilarity ensues

Update: Police say home invasion victim acted in self defense

Wetumpka man shoots alleged burglar

Homeowner shoots teenager in his driveway

Naked 91-year-old holds burglar at gunpoint

Elderly victim shoots would-be robber, 24, police say

Watching Life in Real Time - A Conversation With Martin Chalfie

A video rebuttal to Ray Comfort's revised edition of 'Origin of Species'

Water on the Moon, lots of it.

Scanning Dead Salmon in fMRI Machine Highlights Risk of Red Herrings

Stunning Views of Glaciers From Space

Pride At Work Seeks New Executive Director

Big picture of Saturn

Maine Pediatricians Urge Voters to Reject Question 1 - Fundy heads go boom

Gay times at Munich's Oktoberfest

D.C. Same-Sex Marriage coming up!

Gay bar has new ID rule for cross-dressers

Neil Armstrong not a scientist?

Larry Kramer on Obama and gay rights


obama tsunami


FDIC may tap U.S. banks for funds


How is this for irony. Only in America

Thanks for all of your input dear family!

the Grand Mutation

Any knowledge of or experience with chi machines?

Happy Birthday Stellanoir!

This feels like a miracle!

One in a hundred adults have an autism spectrum disorder, says pioneering new study

'Booze therapy' for brain injury

With smoking deaths, United States would be in the top half of the longevity

But aren't we really being unfair to the Insurance Company CEOs??

Banning Smoking In Public Places And Workplaces Is Good For The Heart, Study Finds

Good website for natural health information

Any knowledge of or experience with chi machines?

Benefit and Doubt in Vaccine Additive

Right-Wing Hatemongering Fueled by Christianity?

Right-Wing Hatemongering Fueled by Christianity?

Women making progress in protestant churchs, sort of (not really).

A 'Case For God' - Science & World Religions (Karen Armstrong on Fresh Air with Terry Gross)


Does anyone here have experience cooking with Chantal cookware?

Favorite cereal of yore

Retired federal judge Buchmeyer dies at 76