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Okay, Its Sunday night, and time to "kick back" Baby dances to Beyonce

W Post: Not Far From the Tree (ACORN and Its Political Seed)

The State of the Game: Media Cupability and exploitation

Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes tonight. "What I did on my summer vacation -


Ken Burn's PBS Special on National Parks is now on.

delete dupe

When 9/11 happened, how did they know it was al Qaeda so quickly??

Bill Clinton: 'Vast right-wing conspiracy' as 'virulent' as ever

106 Dead, Missing in Philippine Storm

Long-Belated Homecoming for World War II Veterans

Attorney: Oklahoma bombing tapes appear to be edited

Philippines Overwhelmed by Flood Disaster

2 views: Either Cuban meanies made Juanes cry like a baby before the peace concert, OR he's a baby!1

Info about the Polanski Case:

Legal Woes for New Orleans In-Vitro Clinic

Iran: is confrontation avoidable?

Silvio Berlusconi's obsession with the "suntanned" U.S. President

Do you think President Obama will give Polanski Clemency ?

KEN ZELLER: Restore freedom to organize and bargain

Has anyone seen the new opera version of the Biden/Palin debate in Boston?

A few minutes of research. Drudge as influential says plenty!

For anyone interested in the late Senator Paul Simon

Outpacing worst-case scenarios: Study concludes 4 degrees warming "likely" without CO2 cuts

Mike Huckabee's "Elvis moment": U.N. = ACORN

My copy of "True Compass" arrived yesterday

Half of all Americans favor taxing the richest by 50% or more: New CBS News poll

The U.S. Economy Is Neither Capitalist Nor Socialist

I watched an inspirational brawl from my apartment yesterday.

US nuclear weapons in Europe must be taken away: Hans Blix

Comic Book Guy didn't sell out in the end

Capitalism: Scrap It?

Gates urges no timeline for leaving Afghanistan

Abstinence-Only Violates First Amendment Protections (From RHRealityCheck - .mp3 listen)

Facebookers fight back (Re: should obama be killed poll)

Micheletti regime arresting people without warrants and closing down opposition media

Why it is important that everyone call their Senators and Reps on Health Care

MJ: Segment on the doctor who held a free clinic in Houston, TX. Did you see it?

30,00 scientists against global warming: I need help debunking this load of BS...

Jesus' General : Offer up your todgers unto calves

Kilgore: Some Revolution, or, Why the 2010 election will not be a repeat of 1994.

Obama will go to Denmark to pitch for Olympics

Nothing says Repub fundraiser like a good old-fashioned raffle!

Happy Banned Books Week!

What should be on Congress plate in 2010

Homeland Security officer arrested on drunken driving charge in Weymouth, MA

Dr OZ is tearing the Joe Scum group a new one

Bank of America pulls from ACORN work (The irony meter is beyond repair)

Just a reminder no Finance Committee meeting tomorrow

Are there any Congress members protecting our Constitution?

healthcare has left the media, back to terror terror terror

Is This How the U.S. Might Regain its Manufacturing Base?

To RE: Ms. Off The Rails Bachmann and "defunding the left"

Gunman Robs Citrus Heights Church--Then Gives Loot Back

Let's pretend R. Kelly or Michael Jackson were CONVICTED of their child molestation charges. . .

Affording Perspective

Rep. Michele Bachmann said that exposés of “criminal tomfoolery” inside of ACORN could kick off a

"No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law will be passed."

OK, we know who the stinker banks are...why are people not removing their accounts

Should He Stay or Should He Go? Uighur Faces Dillemma

New cheney Taking Stage for the G.O.P.

Freddie Mac's Delinquent Loans Rise for 28th Month

Dem lawmaker: House's health bill won't depend on Senate

Does anyone have a good pic of Theodore Brameld? We've been

HONDURAS: Where and When is Peaceful Protest an Insurrection

Glenn Beck's office - toon

Best and worst cellphones by radiation output levels -- how does yours stack up?

Whenever I see Judd Gregg on teevee, my skin crawls

Didn't the Dept. of Justice and National Intel stop 2 terror plots last week?

Wal-Mart best symbolizes America, a new poll finds

Sharon Tate Crime scene photos: Warning:Graphic

Sharon Tate Crime scene photos: Warning:Graphic

Biden, Modified: The Best Course of Action in Afghanistan

A Graphic Debunking of Election Myths (X)

Facepalm time...thank you Senator Inhofe.

Facepalm time...thank you Senator Inhofe.

Flap Over Homeless American Girl Doll

Historic defeat for Social Democrats in German federal election

Evolving Pain in the Butt

Lt. Ehren Watada Allowed to Resign

Meme of the Day 090928

St Joe Wilson: 'I sat there respectfully, waited till the end of speech, departed in orderly manner'

St Joe Wilson: 'I sat there respectfully, waited till the end of speech, departed in orderly manner'

Your electronic vote in the 2010 election has just been bought

Maybe the census worker DID kill himself

WTF?!? - FACEBOOK POLL - "Should Obama Be Killed?"

is there anywhere you can find positions of specific legislators on healthcare

Salt Lake City Man Calls Judy Shepard a Liar to her Face

Salt Lake City Man Calls Judy Shepard a Liar to her Face

TPM:The (Coming) Surge In Afghanistan: Brought To You By Kim And Fred Kagan?

Does Liz Cheney think that "24" is a reality TV show?

Michael Moore is going to be on CNBC in a few minutes

The Rude Pundit: For Conservatives, Being America Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

Steven Cochrane of Moodys Economy was on W.J. and left out the BUT

2 Killed Fleeing Marion County Deputy

Who on earth would pay $39.95 for this hideous doll?

401(k) Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction?

Group marches for ‘white civil rights’ after Limbaugh hyped bus beating a hate crime against whites.

By going after SEIU because of previous associations with ACORN Roskam & Kirk are asking for trouble

Philippines Asks fpr Help as Flood Toll Reaches 140

RW's new attack: Sparkman a child predator?

7 Dogs That Accomplished More Than We Ever Will

All those who don't give a big brown rat's ass about Roman Polanski, please check in.

Openly Gay (FDP) leader set to become German Foreign Minister (ties aid to LGBT rights)

Japanese Ruling Party Pushes Women to be Wage-Earners

Zelaya Calls for "Final Offensive" in Honduras

A Bunny Named Shmoe...

VOICES: Find a Way to Get in the Way...(from Institute for Southern Studies)

Have anyone heard if Larry King is quitting CNN?

Chuck Schumer to Bloggers: “Fuck You”

Americans Pay More to Die Earlier -- Why Is Our Health Care System So Screwed Up?

Campaign finance reform: a pretty doggone good idea

Most truthful and apropos sign ever

Toon of the day - bwhahahahahaha

Northern Afghan violence undercuts U.S. supply route

The Time for Injustice Has Gone.

Down's Syndrome actor wins prestigious award

Facebook Poll Asking ‘Should Obama Be Killed’ Causing Stir

MSN - "What The World Eats" Interactive Chart On Wealth & Health

So, the October Surprise. What is the final outcome?

Obama Facebook Poll: "Should Obama be killed"

Thousands of Texans Attend ‘Largest Free Clinic Ever Held In The United States’ To Get Health Care

The (Coming) Surge In Afghanistan: Brought To You By Kim And Fred Kagan?

DU IT! Tell Bill Nelson Happy Birthday - vote YES for REAL public option - NO for personal mandates!

Two Minutes Hate

When the Right says 'jump', the media apologize for their tardiness.

Obama, Socialism, and why conservatives are so frightened.

Jeremy Scahill: ACORN Got Pennies Compared to War Contracting Firms- Their Crimes Pale in Comparison

BREAKING: Candle light vigil in Orlando in front of Bill Nelson's office for PUBLIC OPTION!

A Polanski poll that may open the discussion to larger issues.


25 Blue Dogs Have Said They Support a Public Option

It's a shame that we have a government incapable of big vision and large actions

Yo , Making money is not Capitalism ! mkay ?

The least liked Republicans, by Republicans.

RUSH - Genocide of the Indigenous American Peoples is OK because they "all have casinos" now.

PSCPA: 19-year-old confesses to duct-taping cat

in honor of Ken Burns' National Parks (pics)

in honor of Ken Burns' National Parks (pics)

America, Wall Street is concerned that you are saving too much $, and not dumping it into the trough

Nadler: Obama Admin - 'Embracing' Bush - 'courts lack authority to disagree with executive branch'

Nothing about fucked up kill Obama polls, Polanski, Polish Sausage or melting poles

interesting info on plant-based diet to defeat cancer

Overwhelmed by right wingers - need help, blatant offensive behavior in this channel

Patrick Kennedy responds to ‘Bury Obamacare’ signs

What If Slain "Census Worker Bill Sparkman Was A Child Predator?"

Child Sex Offenders = No Excuse=Laws Don't Always Protect The Victim

Translator collapsed during Khadafy's rambling diatribe

Ann Coulter just said "p***y" on live television

Forrest Church Has Died

There are some bad things in this world. Simply can't be argued away.

Beating Death Of Derrion Albert, 16, Caught On Video (Warning Graphic Video)

Ahhhnuld and CA lawmakers have had their hands in the recycling cookie jar

The men at the helm of two new energy advocacy groups trying to derail the climate change bill

"US dollar set to be eclipsed, World Bank president predicts" by Heather Stewart (9-28-09 Guardian)

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!!!....The "Yes It's Late But I Partied All Weekend" Edition.

Like old buildings? Here's a site where a guy photographs them before they get demolished

World Socialist Web Site rallies support for child rapist Roman Polanski

Infant killed in Van Nuys gang shooting

So, do you think Chicago will get the 2016 Summer Games?

Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex

Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex

France rushes to Polanski's defense

y'all give ur money to Tax Deductible Corporate Organizations {THEIR LOBBIES RULE!}

The Michael Jackson, Roman Polanski syndrome

U.S. Flag in San Antonio Had Just 43 Stars

USA Today - "Interest In Farmers' Markets Growing"

y'all give ur money to Tax Deductible Corporate Organizations {THEIR LOBBIES RULE!}

Newscaster Jeff Bell on Living With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Tests on skull fragment cast doubt on Adolf Hitler suicide story

Tests on skull fragment cast doubt on Adolf Hitler suicide story

Tests on skull fragment cast doubt on Adolf Hitler suicide story

Wireless Lobbyists Step Up Defensive Against Net Neutrality (can we BAN LOBBYISTS NOW PLEASE?!)

Did President Obama Order Fox Not To Air Anti-Olympics Segment?

Oy vey. Healthcare Email from RW relative. Please help.

2016 Summer Olympics: Rio is a Mortal Lock!

If your company switches insurance companies, can the new company deny,

Just a reminder that Ken Burns National Parks is coming up on PBS.

Odds Strongly Favor Polanski in Legal Battle

Michael Moore's next project should be about media fomented ignorance and violence

Where's David Shuster? Anybody know?

‘Rescue Me’ star Daniel Sunjata joins 9/11 protest march

What did Glenn Beck mean when he tweeted this to his followers?

Glenn Beck's Terrible Inner Mind: The Horror...

WND Roger Hedgecock blames Census Worker's Death on Illegals

Why the Polanski thing is provoking such violent discussion...

"World leader" admits that he's puzzled by righties comparing Obama to Hitler

South Carolina bingo halls at war over smoking

What is missing from this list:

RIGHT-WING Conference Indoctrinates Activists On WHY Obama Is A NAZI

RIGHT-WING Conference Indoctrinates Activists On WHY Obama Is A NAZI

Roman Polanski had a threesome with Susan Boyle and Michael Jackson's corpse

Monday's Lil' Mafioso . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Morans take a break at work.

Chinese Drywall Makers May Ignore Suits

surge update - At Least 15 Killed in Bombings Across Iraq

"It appears that the administration will NOT meet the deadline to close Gitmo" - Meet the Press,


Harry Shearer: Obama's Plate Not Too Full After All

Our district is offering Free flu shots (not the swine flu...just this seasons) Would you get one?

Puke alert: Boortz being inducted into National Radio Hall of Fame

Reading from the thread below, naming DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND - Thom Hartman rants

World Socialist Web Site attacks Bishop Desmond Tutu for criticizing neo-liberal development policy

Lucy of 'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds' Fame Dies

my ltte re: help for grandparents raising grandchildren published today

Some things you may not have noticed about this Polanski business..

Polanski and Woody Allen - compare and contrast

Polanski and Woody Allen - compare and contrast


Some anti-freeper facebook polls I made in response to their "assassination" poll.

Skank of America suspends dealings with ACORN.....ACORN CEO calls it exactly right:

Skank of America suspends dealings with ACORN.....ACORN CEO calls it exactly right:

Sen. Bond (R-MO) was on CNN a while ago pissing and moaning about The President's

How sad. Someone did not follow the line and got banned

look who is referring to the US as a 'she'

On Medicare Spending, a Role Reversal

Gaddafi's Oddest Idea: Abolish Switzerland

Gaddafi's Oddest Idea: Abolish Switzerland

who's the nitwit on hardball, ok, wendy murphy....

Just screwed myself by paying down debt

Can anyone summarize for me what's going on with the Public Option this week in the Senate?

Officials: Park smoking ban applies to pot fest

Newly discovered pictures of Palin.

Kennedy's Successor Confirms His Support for Public Option

Hanged Census worker had local ties as Boy Scout leader

Mark your calendars!

Mark your calendars!

"Searching for Whitopia" (white flight and the conservative bubble world)

Capitalism as Cancer

Does anyone else like Dee Dee Myers on hardball now?

Secret Service probing Facebook "assassination" poll on Obama

Has anyone else noticed that the recent uptick in.....

Don't you just love psychotic freeper pseudo-intellectuals with their "Just sayin'" attitude?

Partisan Politicalk contributions by U.S. Companies...

Americans United For Change: 50 Helpful Facts About Health Insurance Reform

Partisan Political Contributions by U.S. Companies...

I think I've been spending too much time on the computer

SOMETHING, SOMETHING, SOMETHING, DETROIT--Recession journalism and "ruin porn"

The Public Option Lives On-Robert Reich "Vote For It Or Be Forced To Pay A Price"

SEE! told you it wouldn't work!- America Funds "Green fund" is not performing well

A Little ‘Buy American’ Goes a Long Way

A Little ‘Buy American’ Goes a Long Way

Rethug Prez hopeful CAREER DEFINING moments...

Prayers for a sheriff officer that was shot in the line of duty ...stand off still ongoing

Please sign the Stephanie Miller Happy Birthday Thread

A Book Club Made in Hell.....

Video: The ladies of "The View" discuss Roman Polanski (it gets heated)

First they had the shoe bomber...

help me best respond to this-my neighbors decry socialism,yet were distressed

Some Background into Appalachian Americas' Suspicion of Government

The 60 vote misnomer?

I think SP misspelled her upcoming "book" title - was supposed to be "Going Rouge"

Israel Demands a Nuclear Monopoly...

Nancy Grace ALERT!!...this prosecutor Tweety has on will give you a run..

Mr. Keating: "Rip out that 'Introduction' to Darwin!"

Suppose Iran nukes Israel

Shep Smith just Called NATO the "North American Treaty Organization".

Faith-Based Health Care for Evangelical Christians

Faith-Based Health Care for Evangelical Christians

Analysts on Hardball: Greater than 50/50 chance that Israel strikes Iran's Nuclear Facilities

CNN pulls another quick poll completely out of its ass....

Centrist Dem’s spokesman says nixed public option wouldn’t be enough

Oprah, Mackenzie, and the fam

Bush officials face liability for terror policies (may be personally liable for alleged violations)

Do you think our reps should be able to pass a some sort of basic civil service exam?

If you can please help *SAVE COLIN*

I like Tweety's new bargain: "We uncover more evidence Obama is native-born..."

"Bury Obamacare with Kennedy"

Save water and money the Brazilian way - pee in the shower

Obama follows Bush’s modus operandi on Iran

United States halts food aid for Somali women and children

If Air Travel Worked Like health Care

2016 Summer Olympics

I remember where I came from

Michelle Obama to women: Do what makes you happy

Income Gap Widens As Poor Take Hit

Beer-drinking Muslim woman's caning to go ahead

Grayson pulls "Corporate Death Penalty" card! If ACORN goes down ALL Crook Contractors go down too!

Sheriff officer DIED from his wounds. Suspect is caught

Candidate Uses AK-47 to Raise Cash

O*M*G!! Just when you thought Oily Taintz couldn't get any wackier....

O*M*G!! Just when you thought Oily Taintz couldn't get any wackier....

What should be the age of sexual consent?

What should be the age of sexual consent?

LBJ: "In a land of healing miracles, neighbors must not suffer and die unattended."

Defective Chinese Drywall that Emits Sulfuric Fumes could Heighten International Tension..

Kurgman: Cassandras of Climate Change (I CANNOT understand the US's refusal to LEAD on this issue)

Ya know those cars you see with the crazy driver and all plastered with hand made signs ...... ?

Senator Dodd pens telecom immunity repeal

Spain's First Daughters are Goths

The Smith Act of 1940; please remind or refer teabaggers to it.

SC Republican Candidate Raffles Off AK-47 At Machine Gun Social

Parents sue Walmart over kids' bath photos

More women with breast cancer opt to remove healthy breast.

It really is telling that Congress is more willing to stand up for imaginary people than real ones

Repugs don't like Stimulus Signs at CO road projects

The Tumblebug and Boze/Rainbow Creek fires in Oregon (PIC HEAVY)

Amazing News Utility - Google News Fastflip

Amazing News Utility - Google News Fastflip

What is your alternative name for Sarah Palin's memoir?

Facebook Poll regarding President Obama is gone!

Facebook Poll regarding President Obama is gone!

Resident’s member is saved from ring

Why is everyone so worried about Iran's nuclear capability?

Canada outranks U.S. in healthcare report card (Canada 10th with a 'B'. US 16th, worst, with a 'D'.)

Vonnegut had it right....

The Right to Life - not just for the unborn anymore

Mom Goes Blind So Her Daughters Can See

Question(s) about communes, some theoretical, some practical:

Listen to the G20 riot cops w/2 police dogs raid a bystanders apt & arrest him.. Very disturbing

Campaign To Stop The Incitement Of Domestic Terror By Extremist Media

OK, hoooold me back! Here's the latest from the AP: "Will cable roughhousing extract a price?"

MSNBC: "The next wave of significant job creation will occur abroad, where labor is cheaper"

Copying library CD? You just broke law

Daily Kos' azureblue: Bush Intentionally Destroyed New Orleans

"Capitalism: A Love Story" earns a "staggering" amount on only 4 screens

Uh oh... Obama just lost the 5- to 17-year-old vote

An Open Letter to The American Public from a Military Wife

An Open Letter to The American Public from a Military Wife

Socialism - Why the F Not?

Great America Conservative Women Calendar. Ick.

Dodge's HEMI Most Eco-Friendly Engine In A Half-Ton

When One Nuclear Weapon Is Far Too Many

Don't tell me that the government shouldn't redistribute rich people's wealth...

ACORN Versus Serious Criminals

Poll Question: Should public nudity be legalized?

"Stand and Deliver" school, Garfield High, sadly is one of 12 schools available to outside bidders

Want to help children? Love used books?

Paradigm Shifting - as applied to healthcare in America

Workers thriving at 70, 80, and even 100 ( {F*** Social Security!}

No Public Option, No Reelection?


Ah, rape, eh? It's such an AMBIGUOUS thing.

Freepers nervous at to whether they might have "freeped" the Obama assassination FB poll--

If Polanski was a poor/unknown person, would there be anyone defending him?

I'm not a Wal-Mart snob, I do shop there, but this saddens me.

I'm not a Wal-Mart snob, I do shop there, but this saddens me.

Lady Michelle Bachmann starring in a (BIG PIC)

Lady Michelle Bachmann starring in a (BIG PIC)

Safire in 1992 detailed how Poppy Bush helped arm Saddam's Iraq

What Morans say VS what Morans really mean:

2010, you're no 1994.

13-year old stoned in Somalia

Radio Host's Birthday Cake Brings Out Southern California Fire Units

We had * for the former pResident, could we have a symbol for she who should not be named?

Do you believe the world will be a better place or a worse place in 50 years?

Roman Polanski had sex with a child. On edit, he **RAPED** her. That's what he did.

The Facts About Polanski

So what is France's age of consent?

Facebook Poll: "Should Obama be killed"...screenshot

What kind of crazy government does Malaysia have?

"Key Figure in AIG Collapse Slips Quietly Back Into the US" (9-28-09 Reuters via CNBC)

Why is declaring Detroit a shit hole a national pastime?

Intelligence Vets Back Torture Probe (9-28-09 Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity/VIPS)

Attorney: OKC bombing tapes appear edited

Should gay couples be content with civil unions that provide all the benefits of marriage?

Obama Declares in Official Proclamation: Same-Sex Couples Are Families Too

DU - I need help with my Representative-

Is making Polanski face trial the right thing to do ?

Carlos Watson (Host MSNBC 11AM hour) has been canned.

The BIG LIE: Psychological Projection in the Service of Class Warfare

"New Cheney Taking Stage for the G.O.P." by Mark Leibovich (NYT via Buzz Tracker)

Did Glenn Beck rape and murder a young girl in 1990?

Vanity Fair/ 60 minutes Poll Most Americans want the rich to pay higher taxes- much higher

DU Religious Demographic Survey

Thanks to the person who gave me the star.

Thanks to the person who gave me the star.

have you seen this video yet? The Battle of Hoth, as told by Ken Burns

OMG Ceiling Cat's brother has appeared......

Where is madinmaryland?? Will we see him in the next millennium or two? 44-6??

Here is my contribution to the lounge tonight.

Thanks to the person who gave me the star.'s "16 Most Ridiculous Nerd Fights On YouTube"

I just bought and listened to the remastered Beatles' "Revolver" album,

Very low-budget "Paranormal Activity" - “The entire auditorium was freaked out of their minds..."

Anyone else watching National Parks?

I see the Lions finally broke their winless streak by beating the Redskins

People who embalm and stuff their deceased pets ?

The Amazing Race

Goodnight! n/t

I just discovered an old fractal art gallery of mine is still online.

Ugh, all the fucking rape apologists in GD. I'm barely holding back angry tears.

"When I Grow Up, I Am Going To Kill You And Then Eat You!"

I saw 100 species in Glenn county today!

We need a juke box for the lounge

Changes- An unbelievable school music video

Ask A Stupid Question Day comes to British schools

Please help me identify a band/song in this video.


Today's Tank McNamara is awesome

You know what's great?

Comment after watching My Super Sweet 16 on MTV

Caption this picture

Building from a GD thread, what do you think we'll have in 50 years?

Good morning Lounge

Monopoly fans check-in!!!

How brilliant is XTC?

Extreme Home Hangover

Damn carpal tunnel syndrome!


Naked Swedish Men and the "Dance of the Crispbread"

Best picture of Glenn Beck yet!

Warning: Possible Pancreas Explosion!! Open at Your Own Risk!!

I ate 2 slices of bacon Saturday, and later that day was extremely thirsty.

Lucy Vodden, inspired 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' dies.

sappy earworm of the day (9/28/09)

It's a wonderful day for pie!

Yes, but not for very long

LOL "circle flies"

I just sprayed my glasses with snot. Damn allergies.

12 Most Unfortunate Costumes for a Mug Shot

Woman tries to steal puppy at gunpoint: police

"Where's the 'fuck off' button on this keyboard? It wants to update Windows..."

M A D M E N - - - What was Don's conversation with the teacher all about?

Do we need to probe deeper as to the history of Datasuspect, his butt and a pickle jar?

People or folks?

PVE homeowner facing jail for wedding rentals

If you have not already been, do you have any desire to go to Europe?

All time favorite big screen bastard?

Randroid Invasion!

Here's a different earworm, for those who have no interest in the sappy ones

"The Cleveland Show": how long until it gets canned?

What ever happened to "Would you like a receipt for that?" I'm sick of being handed receipts...


Is Roman Polanski a dead ringer for Danny Kaye or am I seeing

I have decided none of my children may eat french flies.

Was I a witness to hamburger abuse?


so somebody responds to my store item. It reads

Not sure what to get your favorite nut job for Xmas - how about a black Michelle Bachman doll?

Where's Midlo?

Officials: Pa. Teen Wrapped Tabby Cat In Duct Tape

Your favorite frequently tanned DUer?

Ethical question regarding posting pictures

Two people may experience the same person very differently

Edie Sedgewick - proof that just because you're rich, doesn't mean you're happy

Your favorite frequently banned book?

Your favorite frequently banned DUer?

Was there ever a time when you were in need and someone met that need?

Sore throat worst part of a cold?

In cricket, when you hit a shot up along the field boudry, it's called a "six"

i've stolen candy from kids and told them Santa got thrown off a roof in the projects

WTF changes name

Jesus Christ on a pogo allergies are raping my face.

What main dishes can I bastardize this week? Any suggestions?

I don't care what the mods say, I'm posting about band members

Hey God, Why the fuck is it 106 degrees outside?

So, my campaign mail arrived two weeks after the election

A Shameless Plea For Facebook Page Fans... Pics Too.

Respond to this Post!

Two people may experience the same person very differently

Can somebody explain wireless routers to me?


Etymological survey:

Roman Polanski extradition

inane question and bad poetry thread

One for the grammar nazis

Fuck. My fiance's home got robbed.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Our RW friend had a meltdown at the Yale Bowl Saturday during the Cornell game.

I'd rather be stupid, inane...

Clearly the women dating in the 90s had all the best men

I scheduled my colonoscopy this morning.

Rainbow the Cat (my mom's feral) has passed to the Rainbow Bridge

Sven, Ole and Lena....

let's clear the air, people: if you are a DUer and have a grievance or feel slighted in any way

Anyone watch tonight's Mad Men yet? (Spoilers)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/28/09

Agree with me DAMMIT!!!!!!

the wedding was more beautiful than i could have ever imagined and i'm so happy

I just realized why commercials are so much louder than the shows they interrupt

I am no longer a Trader Joe's virgin!

Banned Books Week: Sept 26 - Oct 3

Man spends 2 years building Dalek out of 480,000 matches

I have decided none of my children may eat french fries.

Monday - What is for supper?

flash in the pan country artists

Oh gawddammit! I ran out of EVO cat food and accidentally replaced it with EVIL cat food

Extreme Home Makeover

All time favorite small screen bastard?

All time favorite small screen bastard?

I'm home alone while my wife cruises the Vegas strip with her cousin from Sarnia. Being prone to

I need to vent: I really hate being super skinny...

Why Should I love you ? - K.Bush (interesting demo version of one of my favourite songs)

Not bad for a 40 year old QB

Does anyone else here really kinda LIKE "Touched by an Angel"?

OK... I'm going to admit it

Post your desktop (widescreen edition)

How Would You Describe Your Relationship With Your Pets

Montreal, 18 months on - ask me anything

oh, the horrible sounds of socialism...

Lewis hits the fundraising trail

LA Times - "Disclosure of nuclear plant adds to Iran rift"

A week before the Baucus bill amendment deadline, Snowe had already given up on it

Oh boy. Another video of kids singing praises of the President.

Silvio Berlusconi calls Barack Obama tanned - Again!

If we get a good public option, all will be forgotten

Tracking Iran's Slide into Chaos Ahead of Geneva Talks

Obama is a Carebear!!

Anonymous Senate Aides Suggest Reid May Nix Public Option From Senate Bill

First Read - "Republicans Pounce On The Iran News" - Demand That Pres. Obama Cancel Talks With Iran

Glenn Beck. A Hitler wannabe? Photos reveal a striking resemblance at right-wing Seattle rally

LOL the Illinois GOP is running Isaac Hayes (not chef) against Jesse Jackson Jr.

New Cheney Taking Stage for the G.O.P. (take your anti-nausea meds)

TPM: Obama Quotes Anon. World Leader: 'We Don't Understand' Hitler Comparisons

Palin supporters backed by the Limbaugh contingents secret meeting places uncovered!

US braced for surge of protest against war in Afghanistan

Franks decides against gov. run

Snyder takes Michigan guv straw poll

This pollster is so full of shit 56% OPPOSE!!!! health care refore YEAH RIGHT!!!

DFL Party Convention Moves to April

Walorski feeling push to run in the 2nd

Progressive Groups Target Baucus with Ad Backing Public Option

FRAME: When talking about using a "trigger" on health care reform...

looks like fox noise has found another vunerable czar to tackle.

Rand Paul sighting...with the usual predictable spiel

Revamped Recovery.Gov

Do you ever wonder which posters on DU are professional political operatives?

Glenn Beck's Creator

Obama team clears 75 at Guantanamo for release

Facebook Poll Asking Whether Obama Should Be Killed

Harry Shearer of "Obama to New Orleans: Drop Dead" Fame Conveniently Ignores Stimulus

GOP's Guedry Ends Bid Against Nevada Rep. Titus

Thornburgh makes two former guvs endorsing Corbett

Have MSM mentioned the Facebook poll on Obama?

Rep. Grijalva: Public option — accept nothing less

Rock Hill lawyer wants DeMint's Senate seat

Pelosi considering proposal to tax good health insurance plans in order to cut surtax on wealthy!

Robert Reich: The Public Option Lives On

Harry Reid: Public option trigger ‘pretty doggone good idea’

Obama team clears 75 at Guantanamo for release...and not a day too soon

Hate Site NoQuarter Reported To The Police

Begalia: "Bet on health care reform passing"

Secret Service probing Facebook poll on Obama

Reid Spokesman Shoots Down Report That He’s Nixing Public Option

Obama's A-Team...Remarkable Cohesion on National Security

Newsweek's Howard Fineman: Obama thinks he's all that

Obama inspired tech-art - ascii animation - OPTIMISM EVERYONE!

Could Christian Scientists be forced to purchase health insurance?

CA-Gov: Brown looking good. Newsom losing to all Republicans

SCREEN GRAB- Facebook poll: Should Obama be killed?

Secret Service probing Facebook poll on Obama

Candidate says Obama called her racist, terrorist

Calling ALL Citizens

PHOTOS Washington Sightseers. (Sept 27)

Is this a real pic of Obama?

2008: candidate Obama railed against Billy Tauzin; today, he cuts secret sweetheart deals w/ him

Leading Dem Plans To Blow Up Deal With Big Pharma

Obama: Copenhagen-bound for IOC

A Graphical Debunking of Election Myths (X)

'Going Rogue'... 'You Betcha'

I honestly cannot get over the fact that Bush and Cheney will never suffer prosecution...

PHOTOS A Rainbow World!

I am going to close my Facebook account

Facebook Is Out Of Control

Facebook: "We're working with the US Secret Service, but they'll need to provide...

Sirota: Obama "obstructing his own agenda by shielding incumbent senators from primary challengers"

Fake outrage...Bush went to WATCH Olympics...SCREW IT....

Today I left the Republican party ...

Obama has two wars to clean up

An Interview with Hugo Chavez By Greg Grandin: "I believe in the dream of Martin Luther King Jr."

Obama includes same-sex parents in Family Day proclamation

William Safire, Times Columnist, Is Dead at 79

Colombian pilots get 31 yrs in prison for bombing

Venezuela bans Family Guy cartoon

Venezuela bans Family Guy cartoon

A new push to define 'person,' and to outlaw abortion in the process

Mandelson attacks 'extreme rightwing figures' for Gordon Brown pill 'smears'

New NATO Chief Says America's Allies Stand Firm Against Taliban

Bill Clinton Says Right-Wing Conspiracy Now After President Obama

Honduras restricts liberties to prevent rebellion

Iran Test-Fires Long-Range Missile, Report Says

Rev. Forrest Church, Who Embraced a Gospel of Service, Dies at 61

Wal-Mart best symbolizes America, a new poll finds

FREE Hope Poster-like graphics of Republicans for your enjoyment

Attorney: Oklahoma bombing tapes appear edited

Gates favors diplomacy not military action on Iran

Facebook Poll Asking Whether Obama Should Be Killed

Amazing News Utility - Google News Fastflip

Free Roman Polanski now, demand France and Poland

Jail for parents who allowed daughter to die

Israeli Firms Sell Toxins to Honduras Putschists

Facebook Poll Asks if Obama Should be Killed

US commits to global climate pact

Cop-turned-pastor says he shot intruder at church in self-defense

Fees deter many from citizenship

In Some States, a Push to Ban Mandate on Insurance

Beatles' 'Lucy In The Sky' dies

Schoolgirl, 14, dies and three classmates taken ill after being given new cervical cancer vaccine

Secret Service says it's investigating Facebook poll on Obama

Sequenom fires CEO and others after investigation

German official sorry for insulting gay leader ("I don't want a gay foreign minister")

Mandate for Change in Germany (Merkel)

Secret Service says it's investigating Facebook poll on Obama

US brands Zelaya return 'foolish'

Darling Targets Bank Bonuses, Says U.K. Rich Will Pay More Tax

Homeless Georgia Sex Offenders Directed to Woods

Madoff sons, brother, niece to be sued: report

Obama to make in-person pitch for 2016 Olympics

Ecuador's Correa faces indigenous revolt

Ga's top court upholds voting machine approval

Honduras vows to close Brazil embassy

Canada's 'Prince of Pot' taken into custody, to be extradited to U.S.

Brazil VP: country needs atom bomb

Honduran Troops Shut Down Pro-Zelaya Media

"Thanks for getting Obama elected. Now sit down and shut up!"

Jet halted at LAX; two men are removed by police

Centrist Dem’s spokesman says nixed public option wouldn’t be enough

China makes it illegal to discuss independence for Xinjiang

Honduras to restore liberties after criticism

Nation’s Largest Utility Leaves U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Over Climate Denial

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 28

Obama Assasination Poll Pulled Off Facebook

Obama team clears 75 at Guantanamo for release

Top black lawmaker slams Obama over advice to New York governor

Bush Officials Face Liability For Terror Policies

Kirk calls on U.S. Census to sever ties to SEIU

Injured Stanford back in lockup after fight

A new push to define 'person,' and to outlaw abortion in the process

Wall Street money rains on Schumer

Palin finishes memoir, 'Going Rogue,' out Nov. 17

16-year-old boy beaten to death in Roseland (Chicago)

Prop 8 campaign seeks to shield internal memos

No more free lunch in Raul Castro's Cuba

European Report to Blame Both Sides in Georgia War

Mad As Hell Doctors to Hold Final "White Ribbon Rally" for Single Payer in Washington, D.C. on 30/09

And A-Wii We Go in Polk County. Undercover agents play Wii on a drug bust.

USAF general grilled on pre 9/11 intelligence that terrorists would use planes as weapons

TPM: Cantor Defends Telling Sick Woman To Find Gov't Program

Sen. Joe Lieberman Advocating Healthcare Bill Filibuster?

Horribly Injured Americans Against Obamacare

Ad: Hold Snowe Accountable

The Week In Cartoons

Mad as Hell Doctors-SK Tool Strike Chicago

National Equality March

Muppets Take on Health Care

Beyond Belief 2.0 - Daniel Dennett (Part 1/3)

Mike Stark debates Tim Carney on MSNBC over Indocrination

The Ten Most Wanted : Celebrities Who Promote Harmful Pseudoscience

Jesus Camp Extract Praise Bush

Video: AP Source: Gitmo Won't Be Closed by Jan

Frank Gaffney On Faux: "Islam Is A Virus More Deadly Than Swine Flu!"

ON THE EDGE with Max Keiser; 'A moment of honesty re: bailouts on CNBC - guest; Max Fraad Wolff

CBS News: Remembering Martin Luther King on his birthday (1974)

Mike Huckabee Says We Should Dump The UN Into The East River

Why Is Congress Off Today? Uncle Jay Explains

Thousands of Texans Attend ‘Largest Free Clinic Ever Held In The United States’ To Get Health Care

Cafferty: When DeLay Goes to Prison They Can Show His Dancing Video to the Inmates

US tear gas used in Barrio y Colonias de Tegucigalpa

CBS News: Death of Ho Chi Minh (1969)

All Pledge and No Punch in Pittsburgh

CBS News: John Wayne visits Harvard (1974)

Megan Fox dates a Freeper!

Right To Dissent Suspended in Pittsburgh

Max Baucus, Whose Side Are You On?

Michael Moore on Nightline 22 September, 2009

G20: Epic Undercover Police Fail

Republican space rangers

Hannity won't condemn the bombing of innocent children

TYT: Sen. Pat Roberts Accidentally Admits Who He Takes Orders From

ANIMATION: Obamanomics 101 by Ted Rall

Howard Dean: Democrats Will Face 'Enormous Backlash' Without Public Option

Right-Wing Conference Tells Activists To Get Their Guns Ready For ‘Bloody Battle’ With Obama The Naz

Toxic gas attack at Embajada Brasil, Honduras

Calibrating fear: The liquid bomb plot and the long war

Michael Moore Administers "Capitalism" Punishment - an IFC interview by Aaron Hillis

Colombia: Massacre at El Salado - Conspiracy of Silence?

The Angy Evolutionist :By Richard Dawkins | NEWSWEEK

James Hansen(grandfather of climate change science), In His Own Words

S & L scammer hopes to make another killing on charter schools

F.D.A. Reveals It Fell to a Push by Lawmakers

Katrina Shorthand vs. the Federal Flood: Why This Matters

Empty benches

AlterNet: Americans Pay More to Die Earlier -- Why Is Our Health Care System So Screwed Up?

Down and dirty in Washington

Fuck the New York Times and Fuck 'Permitted' Marches (Mickey Z.)

Knowing Who Your Friends Are

More Lies, More Deception (Paul Craig Roberts)

Daily Kos' pinay: My Family's Stories from the Philippine Flood

Stephen Sabludowsky: The Iowa Rep Is King of Fools

TomDispatch: What Have We Done to Democracy?

Wal-Mart best symbolizes America, a new poll finds

Dollars & Sense: Unemployment Compensation: A Broken System

GDP: Taking Aim at the Stat that Bamboozles

WSJ Opines about Healthcare Reform as Income Redistribution and Ignores Corporate Welfare

Forget Chicago as Host City, Here's What Obama Should Really Pitch to the IOC

Virginia Moncrieff's Philippines Notebook: National Disaster Brings Death, Blame

Roman Polanski Agrees to Extradition, to Appalachia!

The Second Honduran Coup Came Today Because the First One Failed


Newsmax Boss Says He Now Thinks Bill Clinton 'Was a Great President'

Fast Food Monstrosities: Why Would Someone Eat a 1400 Calorie Sandwich?

The Season of the Witch (James Howard Kunstler)

Saudis Will Let Israel Bomb Iran Nuclear Site

Morning Fix: Meg Whitman and a Brief History of Not Voting

I love my socialist kidney

Chris Hedges: The War on Language

Iowa researcher finds Nader likely helped Gore in 2000 election

The Green, Clean Art of Keeping Our "Rear Ends" Hygienic: What Are We Afraid Of?

Smart Grid Standards Roadmap Unveiled (link to download)

Peak oil review - Sept 28

Drumbeat: September 28, 2009

Overall Indian Rain Shortfall 22% As Monsoon Season Nears End - Worst Since 1972 - AFP

Minnesota DNR - Mortality Among Moose In Study 21% Since 2002 - #s Cannot Self-Sustain

October 24.....International Day of Climate Bill McKibben....

Your cheap sweater's real cost (Cashmere and desertification in China)

NY Times: Cassandras of Climate by Paul Krugman

U of C scientists find successful way to reduce bat deaths at wind turbines (stop @ low wind speed)

China's Wind Farms Come With a Catch: Coal Plants

Ha. Ha. Ha. Time to make like a dumb guy and post smileys.

Chester man installs own windmill (Maine)

What is one of the major obstacles to using algae for fuel?

15 Easy Ways to Really Cut Your Consumption

(UK) Met Office warns of catastrophic global warming in our lifetimes (4°C rise possible by 2060)

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, September 27)

What happened to the Phins, tru??

The Washington Post sports page is a bloodbath today

Brett Favre should have his nuts ripped off with a plastic fork

I loved listening to John Riggins rip Dan Snyder this morning on the radio

Ah, those lovely, classy Redskins fans

Baseball thread honoring Justice Sotomayor...

For those of you Redskins fans who are thinking of bailing, remember

Time Magazine Cover Curse?

Did someone say the Pats would be 1-4 after October 11?

Feel Like I'm Waiting On Results of My Own MRI

Tigers - Twins rained out. Double header to be played tomorrow.

Pennant Chase Baseball


Hey 49er fans, do you still feel lucky that Michael Crabtree dropped to you?

Oh, come on Marlins!

Way to go Buckos!

More nauseating chanpionship

Countdown to the Cup: Arc Weather Looks Good

Colombia: Massacre at El Salado - Conspiracy of Silence?

US’ Ice Queen Ambassador Prevents Real Discussion of Honduras Issue At UN

Honduras vows to close Brazil embassy

Guardian: Honduras expels OAS workers, ultimatum for Brazil

Magbana Honduran National Resistance Update – 9/27

Silence as a cowardly means of intervention

Honduras Coup Leader Micheletti Decrees 45-Day Suspension of Constitution

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update – 9/29

Guardian: Honduras suspends civil liberties amid calls for 'rebellion'

The Second Honduran Coup Came Today Because the First One Failed


The Dictatorship Unmasked

Norma C. Gutiérrez surfaces again, now in Narco News

Honduras to restore liberties after criticism

OEA convokes extraordinary meeting over the situation in Honduras, Micheletti closes Globo, Cholusat

Chemical and sonic weapons used by the Honduran Military Violate the Geneva Convention

U.S. blasts ousted Honduran for "foolish" return

For Brazil, Olympic Bid Is About Global Role

Gettin' wierder! "Panama advocates for Zelaya to return home"

This article was just locked in LBN for time expiration but I thought you might like to see it.

There Is Much to Do: An Interview with Hugo Chavez (The Nation)

Machine gun social

Do you 'advertise" your status as a gun owner

SC candidate raffles off AK-47 at campaign rally

Egypt media group agrees on massive Israel boycott

Livni knocks PM for invoking Holocaust at UN

'Two teenagers wounded' in Gaza

Why do freepers claim that the RKBA is "God given"?

Settlers chop down Nablus olive grove on eve of harvest

The Most Dangerous Nuclear Facility in the Middle East

Falk: Goldstone is historic blow in the war Israel is losing– the ‘Legitimacy War’

Did ACORN get too big for its own good? (NLRB case accusing ACORN of unfair labor practices)

Thompson blasts Stella D’oro sale

N.F.L. and Union Reiterate Relevance of Drug Policy

At the farmers' market.

U.S. Labor secretary visits border region

With a receptive White House, labor begins to line up battles

Ken (White Shawdow) Howard, a moderate, elected Screen Actors Guild president

Farm Workers' Wages to Increase Under Labor Agreement

Teach your children

Today in Labor History Sept 28 Arrested 165 union members in the name of patriotism

I need a new tripod

Chihuahua pulling a cart with a teddy bear...why not?

Seeking advice and knowledge

I was going to stop the foolishness

How Bullying Bosses and Economic Devastation Are Behind America's Latest Workplace Shooting

AP: Workplace, work force transformed

Mother Jones Online Museum and More Highlights at AFL-CIO Cool Tools

Reminder: 10 days to Wabi-Sabi contest.

401(k) Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction?

Resilience= What is it?

Heavier Rainstorms Ahead Due To Global Climate Change, Study Predicts

12 Worthy Causes Seek Your Spare PC Cycles You can contribute to a variety of scientific research an

SETI: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence 50-Year Anniversary

An Open Letter to Critics of the National Equality March

"Equal Opportunity for All"

Gay rights measures on the ballot in three states

Need Witty Combebacks for idiots

Gay actor John Barrowman told by TV bosses to stay in the closet

SLC gay man vindicated. His attackers STILL not charged.

The Season of the Witch

Dean Radin Interview Conscious Media Network

blessings to Crystal in midcoast maine

Thoughts on the next two years.


"The Dawn Breaks...A New Day Finally Arrives" - Karen Bishop - September 28, 2009

Lunchtime groove to share on a Monday

This has got to be one of the strangest charts I've ever seen!


Weekly Healing Project #34 | Sep 27 - Oct 3 | Healing & Releasing Anxiety & Phobias & Throat Chakra

Breaking Down our Options--We Need to Act NOW

Harvard researcher: Autism may be "chronic disease" that is "reversible."

Schoolgirl, 14, dies and three classmates taken ill after being given new cervical cancer vaccine

Insurer Pays Settlement for Discrimination Against Atheists and Agnostics

A few resources regarding the anti-vaccine 'movement'

Let's discuss standards .

Question about plums

Sunday Kitchen. Lazy Weekend Edition.

So I made Country Captain for the first time yesterday

Oklahoma tapes

Did you know 80,000 NY citizens want a new 9-11 investigation?

Some pretty shocking video of Palin covered up by Fox News.