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Archives: September 3, 2009

The Uncle Sam Interviews: Helen Thomas

What is this story about a girl raping Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh in 1990?

Sheldon Whitehouse and John Dean coming up on KO

Kidipede: Bill of Rights (simplified version)

Our Own DU'er David Swanson gets on "The Nation!" DU has finally Made it to the TOP!

A campaign of intimidation?

Isn't It Sad?

Lake Mills man charged with killing 4-month-old son

cop offers sex in place of charges... He was from my home town. I know and like his x wife

Did health insurers lean on their employees to lobby Congress -- on work time?

Dear Ms. Jenkins....

Pisco the therapy llama makes his rounds cheering up terminally ill patients - pics

The Demise Of The Public By Politicians - SOLIDARITY!

Woohoo! A chance for GW Bush to redeem himself! :

One Month Until Total Transformation

South Carolina LT Gov gay rumors make the MSM

Well done to bob59 (poster on foxnews website)

A public health insurance would be held accountable by...

Cindy Sheehan Brings Anti-War, Anti-Obama Message to Martha's Vineyard

John Ashcroft book reviews needs DU love.

The biggest difference between a republican voter and a democratic

OK, assholes, ! Get out of the way and let the adults drive!

NYT: G.O.P. May Be Vital to Obama on Afghan War

The manipulative, fake-progressive nature of Barack Obama

Re: the "Texas bashing" thread - he's leaving out everything except the economic parts

Rachael talking about two disgusting books on two back to back nights.

Rachael talking about two disgusting books on two back to back nights.

Faux turns the retard volume up to 11, Colmes just shakes his head and mocks.

Cash for Clunkers

Cash for Clunkers

Rachel Maddow, "Pictures of Wackenhut contractors drinking vodka out of ...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I think the dictatorial powers given to the executive branch

Politicizing the Anchorage School District - The Mudflats

Pfizer settles for record federal criminal fine Pfizer to pay record $2.3 Billion

Even in online role-playing games, Conservatives have to commit suicide-by-cop.

My Rep gets back to me about Healthcare--boy, is she good!

42 Dead

NYT: Obama Is Not Dropping The Public Option (some details on what are being considered for cutting)

Caribou Barbi! BuuhWaaaHaHaHa!!

Brother of "Star Wars III" actor arrested after using his car to drag girlfriend 30 feet down street

Just watched TRUMBO on PBS

Just watched TRUMBO on PBS

NYT: Obama NOT dropping the public option

Schumer: "The President is clearly not running away from this battle"

sometimes I hate neighbors. We have been here for 9 years tonight

Vote NO on 1 (Protect Maine Equality) and APPROVE Referendum 71 (Protect ALL Washington families)

UK helped protect wealth of former Chilean dictator Pinochet

Beck labels John D. Rockefeller a communist

something to keep in mind re: Diane SAwyer, Gibson's replacment....

Any good research on who the hell POLITICO is?? Like a whiff of decay from

Where have you gone, Andy Stephenson?


How can one possibly 'pay back' ALL of the wonderful people (teachers, mentors, et al)


Driving lessons

Brett Favre makes illegal block, trying and suceeding in injuring a player.

Kennedy Memoir Talks of Chappaquiddick, J.F.K. and Other Presidents

Harry Belafonte, one of the less recognized stalwarts of the human/civil rights movements

The Real Town Hall Story

My boss wants to be my friend him on facebook.

Judy Biggert ~ via a robo-call ~wants my thoughts on heathcare reform

Don't shoot the messenger. Information taken from "Practicing Texas Politics"

3 JPEGS to use with wingnuts, quoting Barney Frank

High-minded fecklessness: Obama brought a cake knife to a gunfight!

Male menopause? Any thoughts?

Pills and America's pursuit of happiness

Pete Hamill, on "Morning Joe," is exactly right

Any one know some good talk/news radio streaming live right now? Can't sleep.

What's a good political magazine

Women will anchor two of the three major network evening newscasts. Sawyer to anchor 4 ABC

AlterNet: Why is Pat Buchanan Defending Hitler?

Online politics reserved for rich

Invitation: Fantasy Football Pick 'Em

Invitation: Fantasy Football Pick 'Em

Cheer me up, DU.

Faux turns the volume to 11. Colmes just shakes his head and mocks.

Health care compromise in the works, sources say (NO PUBLIC OPTION) - breaking on front page

President Obama should release the complete text of his planned speech to schoolchildren.

Republicans ARE assholes and I won't apologize (Add a name to the list)

RH Reality Check: Carhart Stands Firm Amidst Protests

nytimes: dick cheney’s Version

Biden: Stimulus projects moving faster than expected

Disapointing Town Hall

This is just so not good

Bishop who denied Biden communion resigns - cites insomnia and "crippling" fatigue

US Will Not Renegotiate Okinawa Troop Accord With New Japanese Government

Nope !

These CZARs need to be taken out asap by whatever means necessary

Congress should pass several smaller health care bills rather than one big one.

12 Worthy Causes Seek Your Spare PC Cycles

The "ghost" of Dick Cheney was at my meeting tonight

Cops rescue dog from Pennsylvania waterfall, give CPR. (video)

98% waxing gibbous moon shrouded in smoke from N. Cali fires

The New York Times Goes After Dick Cheney "He Offers A Twisted Version Of History"

'The Brown-shirts come to Italy'

The Miracle Worker: Edward M. Kennedy


Just a heads up - Biden will be speaking this morning - Cspan will cover it

The AMA takes a stand on Obama's Health Care Bill

Senator Kennedy's posthumous memoir - Universal Health Care/1980

Oooooooh! An evolutionary link about Rethugs!

Oooooooh! An evolutionary link about Rethugs!

Public Option? Surely someone can think of a better name

Disney Wonder Cruise Ship Rescues Passenger and it’s Twittered

Past Presidential speeches to schoolkids

Will Boeing move to Beijing?

Republicans would be clamoring for the Public Option if we were pushing for Single Payer

More Americans Than Anticipated File Jobless Claims as Companies Cut Costs

The opposite of war

Jesus' General: Will Glenn Beck Gather the Courage Needed to Accept City's Key?

psst! seen this?

Mr. President, please don't let health care reform turn into a SEINFELD episode

Small plane accidents -- it doesn't have to be so obvious anymore.

Florida Politics: Dean Cannon's Credibility Challenged

Face the truth, or else embrace torture - By Derrick Z Jackson

Voice actors record daylong reading of entire health bill

just found a great site about contributions ..check it out

Folks, Joe Biden is giving one hell of a speech.

Conservatives Are Ready for the Stevens Retirement

Another Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Home Up for Sale

Is Monday morning quarterbacking hard-wired into the human race?

Is Monday morning quarterbacking hard-wired into the human race?

Iran: The Green Brief #64-66 (Aug31-Sept2 - Shahrivar 9-11) Latest news from Iran.

Iran: The Green Brief #64-66 (Aug31-Sept2 - Shahrivar 9-11) Latest news from Iran.

On Kennedy's Memoir

Remember how Investigations and Prosecutions would be distractions?

Obama photo evokes Kennedy moment

Don't Send Michael Bolton CDs to Iraq

Don't Send Michael Bolton CDs to Iraq

MSNBC: Martha Coakley announces run to fill Kennedy's seat

Fox News is taking Moran spelling lessons:

The Rude Pundit - In the Realm of "You Have to Be Fucking Kidding" ...

Tea baggers to go to DC to protest. on 9/11

"Trying to get the President KILLED" Dan Savage NAILS it all, from "the Birchers to the Birthers"

Everytime a spineless Democrat makes a forced apology for telling the truth I will post this picture

Senator Kennedy In His Own Words

Martha Coakley announcing run for Teddy's Senate Seat live on

Martha Coakley announcing run for Teddy's Senate Seat live on

Sorry if a dupe: Beck to get Key to City

David Broder Gives Cheney a Big Blow-Job (by EmptyWheel)

Cops: Man Tried to Pay for Gas with Pot

Wackenhut gets a pass on "Wacky" behavior - The Full Monty Prevails

Turley on Maddow discussing replacements for Stevens

Once again. It's LEGAL for insurance companies to price FIX!

The Right-Wing War on Sex Ed continues......

The 'Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill,' or COLBERT - pic

Burial Insurance for Poor Immigrants

They get their trigger... and control of congress in the midterms.

Call 202-456-1111 and tell the President you want a public health care option in the bill

Americans will take to the streets en masse for healthcare. And it will be over.

Plain Dealer asshat Kevin O Brien: Health care is not and cannot be a "right."

CIA doctors face human experimentation claims

Question regarding the Rec' function

The Economist: Iraq's freedoms under threat Could a police state return?

Homeless blogger writes for Elle

Suggestions for an MD who would like to write syndicated blog/column....

Suggestions for an MD who would like to write syndicated blog/column....

HuffPo: Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) is the "Queen of Cash From The Health Care Industry"

Concerned about the bill's cost, so the public option needs to be killed?


Schilling has 'some interest' in Kennedy's seat

Immigration raids often start with tips from disgruntled employees

Immigration raids often start with tips from disgruntled employees

Pushing Back on Glenn Beck in Columbus OH

Pushing Back on Glenn Beck in Columbus OH

Video shows chicks ground up alive at egg hatchery

Video shows chicks ground up alive at egg hatchery

Theory shows Public Option is better than EITHER no Public Option OR Single Payer-Pareto Optimality

Ex-offenders struggle to find work

I am suspicious that the unrec feature is being used and abused..

Cut my pay... please!

Bank tells armless man he can't cash check because he has no thumbprints

Giannoulias takes stand in favor of gay marriage (running for US Senate in Illinois)

No-Till: Brazil's Green Revolution

Bush's Third Term? You're Living It- By David Swanson

And The Latest Stupid Move From The Stupid Party

OK no "public option" and mandated Insurance for all

Bush Confiscated Guns During Katrina - Where was the outrage?

CIA doctors face human experimentation claims

Right-wing columnist tells conservatives to "get a grip" on Obama's school speech

Right-wing columnist tells conservatives to "get a grip" on Obama's school speech

WTF? Is this Bizarro World? Headline: "Scarborough Lashes Out at Conservative Radio"

Sacramento Man Trying To Give Away His 100 Cats (he says he can't afford them since he lost his job)

CDC Study: Swine Flu Deaths Higher In Older Kids

Would A Triggered Public Option Be Acceptable

Rachel you're simply the best

Would Someone PLEASE Tell Me What All This Drama About the TRIGGER is Coming From?

Must read article from the Boston Globe on paid bloggers infiltrating political sites!

Re: Sibel Edmonds...In your opinion, who is squashing the story?

Is There An Easy Way To Explain What A Public Option Is?

Sarah Palin can't shoot a gun ... not familiar with firearms.

Study: Low-wage workers are routine victims of theft... by their employers

Study: Low-wage workers are routine victims of theft... by their employers is broken. "Error establishing a database connnection"

Joe Scarborough's story about Teddy Kennedy on today's radio show

Note to the large Democratic majorities in both houses of congress

Goldman Sachs, the US Treasury, and criminal corruption

Goldman Sachs, the US Treasury, and criminal corruption

News Flash!

URGENT: You Can Help Restore Democracy to Honduras

Let's edit Curt Schilling's Wikipedia entry to reflect the fact that he is an extreme RWer who

GIVE IT BACK GOLDMAN! Wall Street Welfare Queen Average Bonuses $1.0 Million a Person

I just saw that clip of the woman in the wheelchair getting heckled at the town hall

ATTENTION: Everyone panicking about Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.

HELP!!! I have a "Miranda" question.

Sen. Sessions: "Health care is not a right guaranteed by the Constitution"

Diebold sells US voting machine unit to Election Systems & Software

Would you say the Republican outrage is based more on "Profiteering"

Money Talks (the movie) Exposing the drug industry - LINK

Cat Needs Meow Lessons.

I Can't Wait Until Obama Wins His Second Term

Would you support phasing out Medicaid over 10 - 15 years and replacing it with the public option?

McConnell: Zero Republicans Support EFCA

What do you trust more: A triggered public health option or Mr. Jawad Othman?

CorpoDems were proven wrong to side with Bush's war and taxbreaks. Who considers them wise now?

Just heard on Bloomberg speculation that Obama may use the public option as a bargining chip

U.S. NGO’s Case against Venezuela’s Citgo and Chavez Dismissed

U.S. NGO’s Case against Venezuela’s Citgo and Chavez Dismissed

Anyone else attend a vigil tonight?

Anyone else attend a vigil tonight?

Universal health care for all children.

Man's Finger Bitten Off During Health Care Clash

Kissing the Bill of Rights goodbye?

Healthcare reform advocate punched (in the face) by opponent at Nelson event

Inhofe needs to check his facts. We are already releasing terrorists in America.

Burn up the phone lines no public option = no bill

American Casino -- deserves a wider release

LA Fire Marshall muzzled: Feds on the way down to cover their asses

Which is better: Almanac of American Politics or CQ's Politics in America?

Big ears and a toothy grin aside, it seems that cartoonists aren't being bold in drawing Obama.

CIA doctors face human experimentation claims

Iraq casualties site is down again today. Has it been hacked again?

The guy from NASA, on MSNBC, I just love that guy.

Professor May Face Jail if LA Weatherman Harassed

What's going to happen if there's no public option and a mandate. My official prediction.

Ben and Jerry's renames ice cream Hubby Hubby in celebration of gay marriage

Claim: Garrido Offered Kidnapping Prevention Tips

Report: Sailors subjected to sexual harassment, gay-baiting -- and it was encouraged

"Right Ebbs, Left Gains as Media 'Experts' [but] Think tank balance still skews right"

Does anyone have a link to a print-your-own pro-public option sign for a car or window?

Why is Obama floating all these lead Balloons?

McConnell: Zero Republicans Support EFCA ‘Because We Have Very Enlightened Management In The USA'

What's the "correct" response to this healthcare question...

Former assistant dean at Pat Robertson's Regent Univ and his wife plead guilty to child sex abuse

Healthcare fight on Facebook: let's make this go viral:

Someone (?) got to Gonzo

Let's Keep It Simple: Universal Medicare

We are 1 Million Strong Against Our SOCIALIST Fire Departments.

What Will Happen to Obama's Poll Numbers If He Demands the PO?

Ambinder: White House willing to let progressive caucus in house have their "jollies"

Healthcare supporter bites off opponent’s pinky

The anti-tax people and their McMansions.

All Hillary threads are being locked. Why? She is our Sec of State.

FDA says residue is frog or toad; how did it get in Pepsi can?

California high speed rail commission set to award contract to group with ties to Schwarzenegger

"The President turned down our first request. But that won't stop us!"

Another Poll Shows Reid In Trouble, Trailing Republicans For 2010 Race

Glenn Beck rumors are a honey trap, and many of you are falling for it

What the fuck is wrong with Massachusetts?

2 dozen white Young Republicans sit in front-row reserved seats at Steele's "black outreach" event

Oh no! Gallup poll doesn't look good.....

CNN poll: Wide margin of support for public option

anti-Health Reform protestor's finger reattachment was paid for by Medicare

Florida Exodus: Rising Taxes Drive Out Residents

I've been listening to Randi for about 45 min now laughing her ass off

Conservative Heretic Filth

Anybody here a lawyer or have experience draftng legal documents, lets have some fun! re: healthcare

MSNBC Beats CNN In Primetime With 25-54 Year Olds!

Who are the "schoochildren" the President will address?

Republicans Prove How Hopelessly Stupid They Are By Boycotting The President's Educational Address

Healthcare vigil in Thousand Oaks, CA turns violent- 65 year old man gets pinky bitten off

I want to stop giving my employees health care.

I have a feeling we have lost the Healthcare debate

Siegelman Prosecutors Lash Out at Whistleblower

In memoir, Kennedy talks of guilt, Kopechne


Single Payer vs Public Option: What was your Plan A?

C-Span Radio (available on line) will do a special on LBJ's Medicare Calls

More Allegations Against State Department Security Contractor: Whistleblower Fired

Blue Dogs Have More To Lose Than Progressives

Hey you! You! You're being paid to post here!

Finalists for State Fair's Big Tex Choice Awards include Deep Fried Butter

From White House Aide to Professional Punching Bag

Another can of human Spam!!! . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!

The Rise of Mercenary Armies

Oh good grief! Lindsey Graham comes to Sanford's defense.

A word to all OPs...

Put Up or Shut Up - Robert Reich on what he thinks Obama must - "Demand" - from Congress

What would it take for Pat Buchanan to be fired by MSNBC?

So, where was Levi's conscience in October/November 2008?

It seems pretty clear to me with nuts on the right and Obama...

Are Democrats this stupid? A trigger option in 2 years if insurers don't tow the line?

Diebold sells Premier Election Solutions for $5 million

Diebold sells Premier Election Solutions for $5 million

Folks please take a look at your investments NOW

Does anyone think healthcare reform has chance?

Mark Sanford's supporters accused of being behind the rumors that Andre Bauer is gay

I need my Jackeens thread...I need photo thread....n/t

Anybody Seen the POG lately? (For all the nay sayers from years ago...)

Hagel - The Limits Of Force

Wait! Did Sarah Palin try to seduce Levi Johnson? (Vanity Fair interview)

National Suit Drive during the month of September - Men's Warehouse

SHeesh, they'll bash him for anything! Obama wants to promote staying in school, idiots bash!!!

Can someone please SUE Glenn Beck for slander please????

New term for the townhall meeting thugs: Townshirts!

Looks like MSNBC pulled Pat Buchanan's "Did Hitler Want War?" column.

The root of the HC reform problem

Duplicate. Sorry.

House libs to Obama: No public option, no support

Want to smile this afternoon? Poor Charlie's "livid"....

Big Box: How the Heirs of the Wal-Mart Fortune Have Fueled the Charter School Movement

Thom Hartmann was brilliant today. Obama's model shouldn't be Lincoln - but FDR

RWers making a hullabaloo about Obama speaking to kids are going to lose this one.

Does that make this the Superbole?

OMG, the Washington Redskins are suing the folks who can no longer pay for their season tickets?

The Gonzo Cantata - a concert piece with libretto literally from his evasive testimony

'HyperBowl' Tancredo: Chairman of "Youth for Western Civilization" Get this....

Politico Reporter Hangs Up On Blogactive's Mike Rogers

FDA confirms frog or toad was in Florida man Fred Denegri's Diet Pepsi can

Anti-Muslim bias obvious in Fathima Rifqa Bary case

Travel Alert: San Francisco Bay Bridge closed over Labor Day

1626 people have RSVP'd to attend today's Health Care Reform rally in Seattle!

Of all the issues they choose to get passionate about...

Ed's coming up and it should be good. He was livid on his radio show today...

Ed's coming up and it should be good. He was livid on his radio show today...

Ed's coming up and it should be good. He was livid on his radio show today...

why do they still call them wars?


If only I WERE being paid to post here...

"Better than Nothing"

Man's Finger Bitten Off in Scuffle at Health Care Rally

Dear Tom is pronounced hy-per-bo-le.

Is the American justice system a Christian one?

DIVE ARTISTS: Dems 'lose' again on health care

Critique my response to a Libertarian:

Obama Child Brainwashing Talking Point B

Senator: Sanford behind rumors that Bauer is gay

I propose a class action lawsuit against Glenn Beck for inciting violence

I propose a class action lawsuit against Glenn Beck for inciting violence

Obama Child Brainwashing Talking Point One!

Scarborough rips conservatives for seeking ratings by scaremongering about Obama’s education speech.

KS: Rep. Lynn Jenkins laughs at uninsured mom and child at forum

Firefighter on Firelines Loses Own Home

Abortion Stigma Affects Doctors' Training And Choices

Eric Holder’s Hidden Agenda -"The Left will get its reckoning" (Nat'l Review)


Good Lord... GA Town Hall WWII vet misses Joeseph McCarthy!

I want the Daily Show break to be over

Farmers Fighting New Legislation

Uh - excuse me, but when the President of the United States addresses students

I propose a class action lawsuit. IF any school refuses to show the Obama speech

Obama Child Brainwashing Talking Point Tres

Teddy Died 10 Days Ago = Media Now Silent; Jacko Died 10 Weeks Ago = Still Front-page News

self delete

Update on the California domestic violence funding cut.

Here is why Blanche Lincolin is against a Public Option.

When the majority of the voters in the United States voted for

Santa Cruz considers expanded smoking ban (main street running along the beach, more)

I think it would be a hoot if Obama read "My Pet Goat" to the kids instead...

I think it would be a hoot if Obama read "My Pet Goat" to the kids instead...

Kopechne Cousin Letter to Editor

ES&S buys Premier/Diebold.

Tea Baggers: Olympia Snowe "Wanted for Treason" for Negotiating Health Care Reform

Journalists Must Expose, Not Perpetuate, Bogus News

I Couldn't Say It Better: Florida Says Yes to Beating Kids, No to Gays Adopting

Great article on why thousands are leaving Florida...Thanks Repubs...

Is Rachel going to fire "uncle pat"? Does anyone know?

4 Arkansas Men Convicted-tried to drive woman/child from home for associating w/ African Americans

Parents blindly refusing to let their children listen to the President

Labor Day

The wobbly bits that shook the world: The joyous support created by one model's picture

My Republican friend got into the Facebook "cut and paste" thing today...

Internet Addiction Center Opens Near Microsoft HQ

Angelina Jolie vs her selfish father!

DIY Electric El Camino Is All Kinds of Awesome (Homebuilt EVs on the rise)

DIY Electric El Camino Is All Kinds of Awesome (Homebuilt EVs on the rise)

Look at this racism coming from our public schools.

Glenn Beck To Get Key To City; Protesters Say "Change The Locks!"

Mustang protection legislation supported by Playboy models The Barbi Twins and by Amy Nelson

OK. I didn't want to, but they drove me to it. I now carry a weapon

For Redskins Fans, Hard Luck Runs Into Team's Hard Line

GA Facebook wingers afraid Obama will indoctrinate their children in speech

I will work against any healthcare "reform" without the public option

Okay. I am going to write a letter to our local school district. I do NOT want my child taught about

"Some say" it's nothing more than irresponsible "journalism"

Oh noes... Obama is hypnotizing this child and brainwashing him !111!!!

Kerry positions self as Kennedy's political heir

Oh. My.

Union says firefighters forced to bathe elephant

Copy and paste this as your status on Facebook!

Here's an idea...Class action lawsuit against Glenn Beck for inciting violence

Tort Reform. This is what rethugs want, all those brainless people

Fall colors fade in U.S. west as aspen trees die (prematurely)

Elephant Stomped Silicon Valley Giant Tom Siebel

Finger bitten off during California health protest. ( and Stoopid is involved)

The Trouble with Triggers -- Washington Monthly, June 2009

Gold Canyon residents who refused to evacuate survive Station fire

Help! I need sanity!!! The health care debate on Facebook is fraying my last nerve!

Wendell Potter: Rally Against Wall Street's Health Care Takeover

Medicare Part D had a trigger too. Still waiting for that to kick in... $3.7 billion dollars later.

why dont republicans want affordable health care for everyone?

Fundy Pregnancy Centers Creating "Artificial Orphans": coercing young moms to give up their babies

Facebook Status Campaign for Healthcare - MAKE IT VIRAL!

Levi Johnston and the Media

So Van Jones apologizes for calling republicans assholes. When was the last time a republican

Daily Hartmann watch

I see the wackadoodles have fallen into Obama's carefully laid trap.

Can GM Survive? (Time Magazine)

Well, well. Mika on sexism in the media: it's the viewers fault, too!

So apparently Sarah Palin is the Teabaggers' new "God Who Comes"

If you needed any more proof that the US is deferential to the wealthy class...

Glenn Beck is really creeping me out

Media Matters: RW Advocates Truancy To Keep Kids From Hearing Pres. Obama's Stay In School Speech

All you K-12 teachers on DU: have you heard from any RW parents about Obama's speech on 9/8?

Must read --two year old article in Boston Globe on paid bloggers infiltrating political boards!

Would you support phasing out Medicaid over 10 - 15 years and replacing it with the public option?

Sarah Palin 'can't even shoot a gun'

Dear Republicans FUCK YOU!

Hunter bad-mouthed after wolf kill

William J Rice SCUM! Pay for your own fucking finger!

Inhofe: ‘There has never been a case of torture’ at Guantanamo Bay.

we live in a country full of idiots.

Broder's concern about torture trials

Half of my homepage on facebook is lit up by this status:

"Trigger" happy: a very short (and to the point, I hope) rant

"each morning we liberals get in line outside RNC headquarters"

Many So-Called Liberals On DU Need To Learn From Ted Kennedy

What role do American health habits play in the health care debate?


Wheelchair-Bound Woman Shouted Down At New Jersey Health Care Town Hall...

I hope I'm right

GA: my backwards-ass-state & the repukes who run it

GA: my backwards-ass-state & the repukes who run it

Who thinks Levi Johnston should STFU?

Just ran across a post stating that Obama

Rep. Lynn Woolsey: "Progressives won't support" health care trigger ... link

Will someone please write a trashy novel about the Wasilla Hillbillies? Names will be changed ...

The Fruits of Appeasement

The Fruits of Appeasement

I need you to call Florida Republican Party HQ 850.222.7920 (850) 339-7087

The Others are UGLY

I think I'm going to wait until I see what he says before I make my

we were America-haters for opposing war, NOW they say government can't be trusted

Healthcare activist bites off finger of counter-demonstrator, authorities say

Just in time for Christmas.. Pole Dancing Doll for the little girls

Just Watching MSNBC & Tamron Hall Interview The Woman At Steele's Town Hall......

"Barack Obama" just posted on Facebook:

People of Wal

I support the war in Afghanistan

Mormons Lose $50 Million In Gold Scam...

Anyone else want to MOVE out of the country yet?

PETITION TO PRESIDENT OBAMA: "We worked so hard for real change. President Obama,

The people advising Obama are lowering expectations on the Public Option....

Diebold selling US voting machine unit

Progressives Should Vote No on Obama's Health Care Proposal - Cenk Uygur \HuffPo

School district bans peanuts and nut products at elementary school

My 10th grade daughter on wingnuts keeping their kids home from school during Obama's speech:

Krugman: How Did Economists Get It So Wrong?

AFGHANISTAN: Obama Is Leading the U.S. Into a Hellish Quagmire

Pictured: Haunting face crying a river of tears as glacier melts into the sea

This is why I do not support the war in Afghanistan...

Fact Sheet: Facts About US Military Operations in Afghanistan

Redskins sue Grandmother into bankruptcy over season tickets

Progressive House leaders to tell Obama to his face: No bill without public option

"Freedom of religion does not protect the right not to know what is going on in our universe."

CNN: White House Negotiating With Snowe Over A ‘Trigger Public Option’

A big WTF moment on facebook...

This is what we're up against in Central PA when it comes to HCR.

Some things about Thousand Oaks, the city where William Rice got his finger bit off.


Fellowship founder: "We are in the age of minority control."

Flashback: President George H.W. Bush gives education speech to students

Florida banking agency helped Stanford set up unregulated office to sell his phony CDs

Pro-Healthcare Rally In Columbus Draws 1,000

Rep. Hill's Townhall: Left me weary, drained and with shaking hands

Rep. Hill's Townhall: Left me weary, drained and with shaking hands

My Rant On Today’s Right Wing

Mother Earth's medicinal gifts were never meant to be outlawed.

Obama has a choice to make: The People or the Corporations

It Gets Worse

Republicans upset over Obama speaking to school children

Things the right wing loves to hate. .

What's the difference between "leadership" and "politicization"?

Glenn Beck claims NBC HQ is full of communist art - apparently...

Politico forwards falsehoods on Obama speech to students

Are you getting the H1N1 (swine) flu vaccine?

William J. Rice -- Who Threw Punch And Lost Finger At Health Rally -- May Not Be Charged With Crime

Biden's speech was fantastic

You have got to be fucking kidding me...

You have got to be fucking kidding me...

If Obama caves on public option: Who do you back in primary in 2012: Dean or Kucinich?

The "left" will scream and holler but in the end...

Mormons kicked out of Guyana

I just have to say that guy that hit the baby in Wally World is racist...

I suppose I was rather rude this afternoon.

Will you please stop blaming the victim?

Totally fucking ridiculous. Critics Decry Obama's 'Indoctrination' Plan for Students

You all realize, I'm sure, that health care is THE issue of the decade

American Masters tonight. on PBS... Trumbo, a victim of a Red Scare..

I can't let go of this ...... this whole thing about the upset over Obama talking to school kids


Toddler wouldn't stop crying, so total stranger slaps her around

OOPSIE! H1N1 flu vax will require 2 shots, 3 weeks apart?!!

Obama cuts pay for federal workers

Obama cuts pay for federal workers

Who is the most hated corporation

Palin: "No, I don't want the retarded baby"

Pssst, Barack.... Dump The Public Option

Angry Florida parent: "I will not tolerate my children being brainwashed by this man. (Obama)"

Vigil in New York to Support Public Option - pics

question for audiobook buffs

question for audiobook buffs

This Is What LynneSin has on her Porch


i gots the itis in my left wrist

is it okay if I call myself Erasmus Gustav Wolfgang Tarkington?

I_________would___________and then________because_______has to be____________so there

Drunk (0.14 at the time of his arrest) 12-year-old steals car

google ads on my blog?

Am I handling this situation appropriately?

OK Megan Fox fans, hawt, superhawt, megahawt, or meh

New Beavis and Butthead! B&B promote "Extract"

Oh geez, Erich Kunzel died yesterday

Hell explained by a chemistry student

We have just discovered an important note from space

"All the lawyers were doing coke"- My law professor...

Totally gnarly, dudes!

i was ____________ when ______________ wasn't cool

Glee: Anyone watching?


Cat vs. Fly

Couples' therapy and infertility

Oasis broke up.

You ever have this guy work in your office?

YouTube: That scene from "The Sopranos" featuring The Chi-Lites' "Oh Girl"

Costco "Take and Bake" Pizza - can I eat it tomorrow?

Tonight on the turntable: Cream - "Disraeli Gears"

I started a Meetup Group!

Are you a 3 meals a day person or a grazer,as I am?

Now Canada has a good argument for seal clubbing

Loneliness is a soul sucking bastard.

I didn't know Willy Deville died Aug. 6th.

If Frankenstein came to your house for dinner, would you make a special trip to buy special bread?

Whatever happened to these commercials?

I have finally answered the most important philosophical question in human history...

Male menopause? Any thoughts?

Okra is nasty stuff and I will never serve it again.

Any suggestions? Just bought a new (used) car and am very

what the fuck!?!?!?!

I finally got a new computer!

"Sleeeeeep pretty darling do not cry, and I will sing a lullabyeeeee..."

Ok, we're on our 3rd ball in the tank of the toilet thing......and it still

So I finally decide to set up a Facebook page and have started finding long lost friends -

How much change have you ever had in your pocket at one time?

Help me figure out if I'm being scammed...

Scottish men 'buy larger condoms'

Who in their right mind would pay $100 for THIS??!!??

Some idiot woke me up, pounding on my door, trying to get into my apartment

Good morning Lounge

sometimes I hate neighbors. We have been here for 9 years tonight

Y'all notice how high tech the weather channel has become.

Incredible live sand art

So your family or friends have a nick name for you?

The AMA takes a stand on Obama's Health Care Bill

Octomom: Kate Gosselin is a Judgmental Attention Whore

Worst sentence you've read at work in the last month? Here's one from an e-mail:

Governor Crunchwrap Supreme

OK, Loungers which one of you is the family in this GD thread?

When I'm scared and/or anxious, I get snarky.

I'm really fascinated with the "Hard Knocks" show on HBO.


"People of Walmart" - Funny, Mean-spirited, Bad Taste or Innocuous?

Where is your favorite Sushi restaurant where you are?

The Lounge needs a Chaplin to keep everyone in line...

The Lounge needs a chaplain.

Congratulations Capn Sunshine! 10,000 posts!

Congratulations CrispyQ! 10,000 posts!

Congratulations Clio the Leo! 10,000 posts!

Sarah Palin's Burger King diet is producing some unfortunate results!

Long green cloud seen above the southwestern US!11!!1!!

Better than the store bought cat perches

Hey LynneSin: Senator Carper from Delaware was just here

That Evony game looks great!

My boss wants to be my friend him on facebook.

I don't care whether it's Michael Jackson or NOT...

OK, I posted this today, at facebook, to get a few laughs

Time again for the weekly Smackdown of all the assholes not lucky enough to live in Delaware!!!

PREP-H - Glenn Beck's ONLY appropriate advertiser.

Amazing keyboard solo by Rick Wakeman

Reason # 563 that I love living in Wisconsin:


Tom Baker Makes a Return Trip to Doctor Who

How much does your huge, over sized head weigh?

Washington Nationals are so desperate for fans, they are sending free tickets to criminals

Fucking sun. Rising again, and now shining into my apartment. Have to close the blinds now. Fucker.

James Bond lives down our street.

Update on Father-in-law

*******HAPPY 9th ANNIVERSARY to gizmonic and Deep13 !!*******

So, is there a breakfast treat better than a cold Slice of pepperoni and

The Magic Fart

Whitney Houston has lost her voice

I wish there was a "Cooking and Food" forum.

I wish there was a general discussion forum

Traditionalism at The Minnesota State Fair

Is the word "patronizing" lady-like?

Are paid writers polluting the information environment?

Holy fucking shit.

WHOA! Declawed Stray fights off FIVE BIGGER CATS with claws!

lovely rita

The Dirty Truth About Cutting Boards

TZ, you got some 'splaining to do about your 'skins

Time again for the weekly Delaware Smackdown Thread -- Go ahead insult away

Is there some kind of Lounge forum?

Rarely do I say nice things about madinmaryland. I mean geez, he is a Cowboys fan but.....

Isn't there a gumbo ya-ya forum?

If you have a Bush/Cheney sticker on your bumper DO NOT TAKE MY PARKING SPACE!

Okay, all you fucking village idiots asking about other forums...

Woohoo, I finally got a greatest thread....

is there a "stupidity" forum?

(deep breath)

Is there a "STFU" forum?

The Sports Forum just called.

The Sports Forum just called.

What music have you listened to lately?

is daydreaming about playing frisbee a sport?

Classic Cartoon Character with the MOST SEVERE Anger Management Issues

Why isn't shotgunning a beer a respected form of drinking in restaurants?

15 hooks that stayed in me.

Is there a "Let's draw straws to see who cleans the pudding from Uncle Freddie's chest hairs" forum?

What;s the word for patronizing a "lady"?

Who is the biggest d-bag owner in sports?

And oldie but goodie sent via the Email tuibes....

Semi-annual running of the underused smileys

15 books that have stayed with me

"Beat the Cocks" t-shirts a big seller at the Gamecock-Wolfpack game.

DU Song Of The Day

I am in a GOOD Mood

Is there a Strange sex forum?


If Gorn came to your house for dinner, would you make a special trip to buy special bread?

Isn't there a boobies forum?

Declawed Stray at my wife's work!

Captain Kirk's Five Favorite Weapons.

I just learned that the owner of my former company, given control of $100M when 21, while he was

How frequently do you strike up conversations with strippers?

What do this guy (pic) and Bernie Madoff have in common?

100 Year Old color pictures of Russia developed using digital methods

Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away, sung by Miss Piggy

Wayward Cat Limps Home With 13-Inch Arrow Shot Through its Head

Classic Julia Child Photo

Facebook should offer "Nemesis" and "Albatross" options along with "friends"

Not enough Facebook friends? Buy them

Isn't there a "Pets" forum?

Alan Rickman...Snape...Alan Rickman...Snape....Alan Rickman...Snape...Drool. (Dial Up Warning)

Isnt there a sports forum?

Was Woman Di murdered?

Good news for post-rapture pets...

"Julie and Julia" is a wonderful movie! Go see it IMMEDIATELY!

It's time for DU's college football pick'em leagu

Barbara Bush is not the mother of George W. Bush!

OMG this quiz was not easy - Guess the Logos

Anybody who knows a thing or two about computers, what free software do you recommend?

What the hell football team is the "Houston Texans"? Never heard of them, but they are listed

post a good break-up song

Take my movie quote quiz (NO Googling, please)

How frequently do you strike up conversations with strangers?


Does Rabrrrrr frequent the Atlanta Walmart?

Is the word "lady" patronizing?

Who will be the first to congratulate Strong Atheist for having 12,000 posts?

So I called my techie friend

Women's Independent Forum uses scare tactics against Health Care!

Oh, Give me a fucking BREAK...

Media finally Busted! The Real Town Hall Story by E.J. Dionne

Has the President spoken yet? Did I miss it? Where can I see it?

I like Obama and I like Hillary.

Grijalva: White House Telling Reformers It Will Cease Support for Public Option

Anthony Weiner just said that a trigger might be able to pass on MSNBC.

Breaking: Martha Coakley throwing her hat into the Senate race

Where are the pro-healthcare reform powerful business interests?

Some of you will have to die.

We're getting a lot of calls about Obama's speech to kids.

Am I the only one, who is just getting ready to tell everyone.. "Just go to Hell"..

Anyone else's school district not showing Obama's education address?

Pelosi: Public Option Best Way to Control Costs, Promote Competition

I just got back from a town hall

Letter From House Progressives To Obama On Public Option

Let's drop the discussions of what Obama is going to call for next week...

Are we all getting played?

The elephant in the room: the media and the healthcare debate

Obama worship

BREAKING-Atty. Gen. Martha Coakley announced she's going to run for Ted Kennedy's seat.

Kerry is one of only a few Senators who answered yes to all questions on public option questionnaire

DU this poll: "Is Obama trying to indoctrinate school children"?

Remember when you were a kid?

Freedom from Fear

Teabaggers are behind boycotting President's speech to kids

Obama hatred on

Parents in my sons school district scared that Obamas speech addresses homosexuality and healthcare

It's not brainwashing. It's de-programming.

Kerry at town hall meeting: This is why the public option is so important. (updated)

Pelosi Steps Away from Public Option, Slightly: Might support a so-called "trigger"

Joan Walsh and Jonathan Alter on Ed are talking about GIVING UP the public option.

could Obama thread the needle and phase in the public option?


Should Obama tell Congress that he won't sign a health care bill without a strong public option?

Republicans and the media are hypocrites on Obama's speech to students

Today's Letter From Congress Progressive Caucus Leaders To Obama On Public Option: Full Text Here

It the GOP is really against Frivolous Law Suits...

That status post on Facebook today should be

Sasha Obama sneaks up on her dad!

WOOHOO! Google the Facebook status statement! It's showing

John McCain has his first Democratic opponent

why do Teabaggers hate President Obama?

I thought conservatives were opposed to public schools aka socialized education.

I've e-mailed that Facebook status statement to my representative

Conservative group resumes health care ad campaign

Thom Hartmann was talking about the German American Bund ...

I checked and the Schools in my city, a very republican city, are airing

How DARE Obama address students at school!

On Ed, Tancredo is talking about hyperbowl. Is that like the Rose Bowl?

Giannoulias takes stand in favor of gay marriage

Republican Cummins to challenge Minn.'s Oberstar

My Neice Has Become An Activist!!!

FDR Speech 1936. Parts played by Hartmann today. What was past is now before us.

If Obama is giving up on the public option, here is what upsets me the most

'Lost tomb" of Obama's 6th generation great uncle found in Ireland

Zogby: Obama's loosing support among DEMS!!!

The Great Obama Panic of 2009

Today's Gallup poll-55% approval, 39% disapproval

So I had an interesting talk with my employer about negligent homicide. (Healthcare)

Would you be supportive of an automatic trigger bill by Congress (Public Option debate)

I have no insurance--I have no access to affordable healthcare...

Williams says Beshear intends to appoint Kelly to bench

Montandon says Ensign recruited, endorsed Sandoval for governor

California Nurses: California's Real Death Panels: Insurers Deny 21% of Claims

Nevada GOP chair opens door to Senate run

Bwahaha! MSNBC uses 8/31 52% Gallup poll number cause 9/2 number shows him at 55%!

What is controversial about the president encouraging kids to get good grades?

When I was a kid at church they told us to help the poor


OH MY, LA Times: Man bites off man's finger at Obama healthcare rally


Is There A Link To President Obama's Address To Students On Education?

Screw it !!Why was Shrub Down, Away reading ' My Pet Goat ' 9/11/01 ?

If Public Option Isn't Dead, Why Is David Axelrod Referring to Its "Spirit"?

Two Liberal Groups Target Obama Over His Position on Public Option

TPM: White House to reformers: don't waste your money promoting public option

What do people here think they are gaining by threatening to kill healthcare reform?

A Word About Obama Polls

My daughter just posted this message on her Facebook.

Late Vote Smoking Guns: 2000-2008 (X)

So now the Whitehouse is letting Olympia Snow set the healthcare agenda

Received a note home from son's school about the speech.

Vice President Joe Biden Addresses the Recovery Act at the Brookings Institution

If schools will not televise the President of the United States, take their TV sets away

Senator Wyden open to public option. Support up to 49?

QUESTION: What can we call "progressives" who believe ANYTHING our extremely sloppy M$M says?

Progressive Groups Petition Obama to Demand Public Option in Health Care Speech

Congress’ Approval Rating At Lowest Point for Year

I think of the "public option" just like I do medicare.

The primaries are over!

Palm Beach County and President Obama's speech to students.

Biden: Obama health plan to be bold, contentious


All Politics is Local: What Healthcare Reformers Forgot

Biden: Stimulus doing more `than we had hoped'

It's starting to look like Hillary has more guts than Obama


OH BOY!!!! the racist gets back his show on prime time TV

When the fuck did Perez Hilton-style reporting take over politics?

Thom Hartmann: "President Obama needs to listen to FDR to learn how to take on the Republicans!"

Obama up another point on Gallup today at 55%

Congressional Progressive Caucus leader, Raùl M. Grijalva, statement on Obama plans on public option

Bachmann ‘Hearing Voices’ Other Than God’s, Says Top Dem

Fox News pet rock debunked by sheriff

OK-Gov: Fallin Posts Big Leads Over Top Dems in Own Poll

What's Your Opinion of a Health Care Reform Bill without a Public Option?

Congresswoman Schakowski (D-IL) I Will Not Vote For a Bill Without a Real Public Option

I guess we need to do this again. Obama and public option:

Axelrod will be on Meet the Press Sunday (per that crappy website Politico)

How Health Insurance Reform Will Help America's Older and Senior Women;

Health Care vigil I attended this evening....

DOE Edits Out "Help The President" From Classroom Materials On Upcoming Speech

Thom Hartman is excellent today - outlining how Obama should fight - give a listen!

Here is the rally I was at yesterday, it is in the paper..

If Olympia Snowe comes to our side with a strong public option, I will donate to her campaign

Blowhard Athlete Hints at potential Senate Candidacy (Teddy's Seat)

North Carolina Hopeful Field-Tests a Few Jabs Against Burr

After 30 yrs. of whining about the cost of an employment based healthcare insurance system, why

Got this viral email from a republican friend

Daschle: Democrats will pursue reform with or without Republican support.

Senate election schedule in Massachusetts

It increasingly appears that Hillary was right on. Obama gives nice speeches.

***Heads Up!: VPOTUS Speech on the Success of the Stimulus! LIVE!!!***

Does anyone have an email list for Dem senators and representatives?

"Kill or be killed" argument pushed by Republicans

I'm Sorry - If The President Goes The Trigger Route - It Will Only Result In Him & The Dems......

Why don't the Dems "prep" the crowds before these Town Hall "debates"?

Should We Oppose Any Effort To Outlaw Post-Claim Rescission If No Public Option?

Lay it on the table: How will Obama play the upcoming healthcare battle?

Call the White House and tell them the public option has to stay.

If for a week, we could act like we are the majority we are.. instead

Corporations are SOCIALIST!

Biden's big Speech on the Stimulus today

NYT: Having blown their load early, conservatives now want serious healthcare debate

I Have To Give It Up To Rasmussen

Joe Madison:I Told You All This Day Would Come

Bachman? A-hole! DeMint? A-hole! Boehner? A-hole! Grassley? A-hole!, etc. Van Jones? Truth teller

Pres Obama prevented from having the Freedom to invigorate, innovate, ideas to Solve & Advance

I hope Obama will insist on a public option, but if he doesn't, that's okay

G O Pause.Rehab Center.. For helping Staunch Republicans eat Crow so as to recover

Ask President Obama to meet with "Mad As Hell Doctors" to listen and ask questions on single payer

Who gives a shit if any of you do not like President Obama! As far

Report: Obama likely to win 2012 easily - and end 2016 close to 60% popularity .

A Letter to the President

The President has barely been in office 8 months.

Dan Savage: Bachmann and Beck actively trying to get Obama killed

today I unsubscribed from email list: they asked for the reason

There is a lot of hate on facebook about Obama, Please get DU to the rescue.

The Divisions in the White House Over Health-Care Reform

We need to understand each other!

Administration officials tell New York Times Obama has "not given up" on the public option

NYTimes: Obama Aides Aim to Simplify and Scale Back Health Bills

Student shot on Northern California college campus

Bloodshed at Iranian camp tests US-Iraq transition

CNN: White House Negotiating With Snowe Over A ‘Trigger Public Option’

Levi Johnston: Palin wanted to adopt grandchild

Teen tackles armed girl on Miss. school bus

Specter foes Sestak, Toomey hold town hall

BP Makes "Giant" Oil Find in Gulf of Mexico

Silvio Berlusconi tries to block film about his chauvanism

Somali camps 'unfit for humans'

Gunmen kill Mexico police deputy

Sarah Palin 'can't even shoot a gun'

In memoir, Kennedy talks of guilt, Kopechne

Healthcare reform advocate punched (in the face) by opponent at Nelson event

Carville, Matalin to head Super Bowl committee

Grijalva: White House Telling Reformers It Will Cease Support for Public Option

(Easton PA) State Theatre sticks with Glenn Beck show despite NAACP request to cancel

Will Boeing move to Beijing?

Man's Finger Bitten Off in Scuffle at Health Care Rally

Study: Bigeye tuna stocks in Pacific under threat

New jobless claims dip less than expected to 570K

FACTBOX-G20 economic stimulus: size and impact

China denies U.S. reporters were seized in China

UN chief warns of climate-related disaster

U.S., Australia to ask China to (military) exercises: report

Study: Torture reports rose despite UN convention

Don Imus Joins Fox Biz

Immigration raids often start with tips from disgruntled employees

Now not time to end economic stimulus: OECD

Iran nuclear "threat" hyped: IAEA's ElBaradei

Woman charged with scalding death in Las Vegas(Killed with pot of boiling water)

Security assigned to watch guards at Kabul embassy

China, Cuba pledge greater cooperation

(British) Soldier killed in Afghanistan blast

Japan business lobby to oppose climate target: report

McConnell: Zero Republicans Support EFCA

U.S. NGO’s Case against Venezuela’s Citgo and Chavez Dismissed

Turkey, Iraq and Syria in water crisis summit

Obama Aides Aim to Simplify and Scale Back Health Bills (Obama still backing public option)

Healthcare activist bites off finger of counter-demonstrator, authorities say

Rating agencies lose key free-speech claim

(Alberto) Gonzales backtracks on support for CIA probe

Japan’s New Leader Reassures U.S. on Alliance

Diebold unloads voting machine albatross

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ar) Opposes Public Option

France sees initial carbon tax at 14 euros per metric ton

WWII vets mark Japan's surrender aboard battleship

Police: Garrido was arrested in 1972 rape case

Diebold sells Premier Election Solutions for $5 million

Hitmen kill 17 in Mexico clinic on U.S. border

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 3

US cuts aid to Honduras

Banks fight plan to regulate derivatives

New protests in western China

Tom Ridge New Director of Brightpoint

WH to release education speech early

China Sees New Limits, but Not Export Ban, on Rare Minerals (Important Update)

Biden: Obama health plan to be bold, contentious

G.O.P. May Be Vital to Obama on Afghan War

Dalai Lama under 'gag order' from Taipei

Washington Post Calls For Rangel To Step Down As Committee Leader

Blow for Gordon Brown as defence aide quits over Afghanistan strategy

Kabul US Embassy Guard-Sexual Deviancy Required for Promotion

Audi to Build Q5 in India

U.S. allows unlimited visits to relatives in Cuba

Arctic reverses trend, is warmest in two millennia

2 US soldiers killed in vehicle accident in Iraq

Powerful lawmaker urges U.S. aid cutoff for Honduras

Ailing Manson Follower Denied Parole

Kerry to Wage Kennedy's Health Care Fight

First Genetic Link Between Reptile And Human Heart Evolution Found

Software mogul attacked by elephant during safari (Republican Billionaire Tom Siebel)

Parents can "opt out" of President's education speech, says CO school district

Curt Schilling Potentially Pitches Himself as Kennedy Successor

White House Green Jobs Adviser Apologizes for Calling Republicans 'Assholes'

Ex-Texas death row inmate freed; AG drops charges

THE DIRTBOMBS | Ode To A Black Man

PBS Promo. "This belongs to you"

Howard Dean (6\7) on Healthcare at Netroots Nation

Howard Dean (5\7) on Healthcare at Netroots Nation

Howard Dean (7\7) on Healthcare at Netroots Nation

Howard Dean (3\7) on Healthcare at Netroots Nation

Howard Dean (4\7) on Healthcare at Netroots Nation

Howard Dean (2\7) on Healthcare at Netroots Nation

Howard Dean (1\7) on Healthcare at Netroots Nation

President Bill Clinton Keynotes Netroots Nation Part 1

Whitehouse and the Corpus Deliciti Leading to Cheney

Can't Go Home

Rachel Maddow Takes On Obama Over Defense Of Marriage Act

Breaking: CNN Reports White House Negotiating A 'Trigger' Public Option With Olympia Snowe

Republicans Heckle Disabled Woman in Wheelchair at Town Meeting

Minneapolis Healthcare Candlelight Vigil 1 of 2

Health Care Reform Rally - Tucson AZ

Rachel Maddow: SC Justice John Paul Stevens Retiring?

Democrats in Action for Health Care Reform - Sac, CA

John Green's Thought Bubble: Health Care Overhaul (Summarized Via Massive Pig)

Tom DeLay - ABC's Dancing Thug

Rachel Maddow: U.S. Embassy contractors gone wild in nude photos

Beckkk creeps out a female guest (not new)

First TV Ad Spot:

Meg Whitman: I'm A Huge Fan Of Van Jones

Republican Closed Door Health Care Forum at Palmetto Gral Hospital, in Hialeah, Miami

Solar Panel Smackdown! (Caveman Energy Caucus)

"No Impact Man" - Coming to Theatres on September 4

Health Care Rally - Traverse City, MI

FOX News does Obama as only they can

Faux News Guest Pastor Broden: "Obama Aides Want To Kill Seniors"

TYT: Is Rahm Emanuel Playing Politics Correctly?

A Back to School Message from NASCAR (and

9/2 -- O'Donnell on Maddow -- Obama's Desperate

Religion and Moral Obligation to Healthcare Reform

Jane Kidd delivers Healthcare Reform petition to US Sen. Johnny Isakson

Vice President Biden: "We're Going To Get Something Substantial"

Second Maine Equality Ad: Bill Whitten

TYT: Obama Is Just A Politician, NOT A Leader

MSNBC: Woman In Wheelchair Booed At Health Care Town Hall

Fran "The Nanny" Drescher speaks out in favor of a public option (msnbc)

V for Vendetta, the speech

Glenn Beck Finds "Communist" Art At NBC's HDQTRS

The truth about the health care town halls

Rachel Maddow: Embassy Contractors Doing Shots Off Guy's Butt

First look at my latest video

TYT: Cenk Slams GOP Candidate Joking About Hunting President Obama

Man Who Got Finger Bitten Off At Town Hall Talks To Cavuto

TYT: Pat Buchanan Defends Hitler

TYT: Van Jones Calls Out All Republicans, Cenk's Got His Back

JFK's Irish Honor Guard (part one)

Bill Maher - Biblically Incorrect part 1 of 8

Tom Ridge Rushed to Hospital for 'Tortioned Testes'

Canada's identity fraud

Dick Cheney: We Successfully Raised the Threat Level on Tom Ridge

Trial by Fire

MISSY COMLEY BEATTIE (Gold Star Families for Peace): At Martha's Vineyard with Cindy Sheehan

Who's the real patriot?

Health Care Townhall Terrorist Kabuki

Somali camps 'unfit for humans'

Afghanistan failings sound echoes of Russia's forgotten war

Marie Cocco; Cheney Plays to His Crowd

A Rx for Obama: Channel the NRA to Sell the Public Option

E.J. Dionne: Distorting the Voice of the People

Forget 'Purple Fingers,' New Afghani 'Freedom' Symbol is 'Blue Balls'

Health Care and the Free Market

Study: Bigeye tuna stocks in Pacific under threat

Guardian UK: Cayman Islands: Hit by Hurricane Lehman

Nicholas Kristof: Health Care That Works

Roland Martin, Rick Sanchez and CNN Blow Off The Real Story. Again

The Next Sarah Palin is Curt Schilling?

Third National Pastor Declares Anti-Obama Death-Prayer

U.S. NGO’s Case against Venezuela’s Citgo and Chavez Dismissed

WSJ: Why Democrats Are Losing on Health Care

Glenn Greenwald: The looming political war over Afghanistan

Retreat and Surrender

The Republicancare elephant in the room

Health Insurers Mobilize 50,000 Employees to Defeat Public Option

Federal Government Needs Massive Hiring Binge, Study Finds

Health Care’s Senior Moments

On Being Hated In a Nation of Assholes

How will Hillary Clinton, State Department respond to obscene behavior at US Embassy?

Town Hall Democracy or Mob Hysteria? Rethinking the Importance of the Public Sphere

A Stimulus from Overseas, by Newt Gingrich

News coverage focused more on protest noise than on substance of health care issue.- interview on

Records Of Health Worker Misdeeds Kept Secret

Kennedy’s Rough Waters and Still Harbors

Rahm Pushing Triggers Through Olympia Snowe

Somewhere a health insurance executive is laughing

President Obama, I hope in your speech you ask people: "Just how lucky do you feel?"

Global Climate Change Confirmed

Town Hall Protests Distorted By Irresponsible Media

NYT: FDR, the divider, not the uniter, got things done. Obama take note?

Why Won’t Glenn Beck deny it?

Democrats Should Pay Attention to MSNBC August Ratings

Dave Lindorff: The Address President Obama Should Give to Congress

Young Workers in Free Fall: 1/3 Under 35 Live with Parents

Conservative media take a strong stand against ... learning?!?

WH Tells Groups Not to "Waste Money" on Public Option Ads

How California Got to be a Bankrupt Gulag

Great White Hope Eric Cantor ignores facts, says stimulus isn't working

Outlook "poor" for Great Barrier Reef: study

Attribution of recent climate change (Wikipedia)

Biogas plant coming to Welcome

McClatchy Washington Bureau: U.S., Canada near agreement to control pollutants from ships

AFP: Albania to Zimbabwe: the climate change risk list

Recession slows wind energy development across Europe

Spain's Solar-Power Collapse Dims Subsidy Model

Reuters: People won't change lifestyle for planet: straw poll (of 30 Londoners)

Indian Sugar Imports To Hit 30% Of Demand As Drought Bites - Futures Price Highest Since 1981

Boehner Tous GOP Climate Plan - More Drilling To Finance Renewables + 100 Nuclear Plants In 20 Years

Third Anti-Pollution Riot In Three Weeks In China: Participants Burn Cars, Confront 2,000 Police

Chinese Govt. Authorizes Trade In "Legally" Obtained Tiger Pelts "And Their Products"


Discussion Of Population Off-Limits During Climate Talks, Says Indian Environment Minister

Changing Rain Patterns & Rising Salt Infiltration Cut Food Production In Outlying Islets Of Solomons

Thermal emissions and climate change: Cooler options for future energy te

Dutch move into fast lane with 'bicycle highways'

The other global warming

Duplicate post

The Collapse Continues - Fraser River Sockeye Run Lowest Ever - 86% Below Projections

A New Measure of Global Warming from Carbon Emissions

Sweet dreams are made of geoengineering

Ethiopian PM Threatens Walkout By African Nations At Copenhagen If Demands Not Met - AFP

Diversity of Species in the Rainforest

Arctic ecology: Tundra's burning

Current Climate Impact of Heating from Energy Usage

Don't anthropomorphize glaciers. They hate that.

Solar Roofing Tiles: A Stylish Solution for Sustainable Living

BP taps vast pool of crude in deepest oil well

Fulcrum's Durham facility shows solid-waste-to-ethanol works

Ford Gets Smart with Battery Charging Technology

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, September 2)

Who is this Longoria guy?

SI's 2009 NFL Scouting Reports

Since joeybee won't post this...

Carville, Matalin to head Super Bowl committee

"America's Team Mortgage" You can add another Cowboy Crook to the list.

Forbes puts Cowboys' value at $1.65B -- tops among U.S. teams

Goodell: Vick eligible to play in Week 3

The Great Giambino!

More Deep Thoughts from Curt Shilling:

Brett Favre makes illegal block, trying and suceeding in injuring a player.

Brad Penny!!!

How could Mad miss this? Redskins sue broke season ticket holders.

Woodward Analysis: Target Rachel?

URGENT: You Can Help Restore Democracy to Honduras

Zelaya-Clinton: Human Rights/Honduran Military: Making Election Threats

Atahualpa Yupanqui - Cruz del Sur

U.S. judge awards jailed journalist's mom $27.5 million (sliding down the slippery slope)

Ousted Honduran president recounts removal at ESIA

Salvadorian groups march to support Zelaya

Powerful lawmaker urges U.S. aid cutoff for Honduras


Obama expected to extend trade embargo with Cuba

Cuban dissidents back Juanes gig

US cuts aid to Honduras

Brazil to finance Cuban port to serve its oil industry

Interesting Article In The Examiner

Campus gunshots kill student bystander in Atlanta.

Can anyone verify that these postcards are legit and not a Photoshop?

Russian expert in Arctic Sea case flees country


Arab Americans complain to Clinton about Israeli 'discrimination'

Norway to divest from Israeli arms firm involved in West Bank wall

Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) Opposes Lawful Gun Possession at Home


PA to probe 'IDF organ harvesting'

Two new Leica's- Photos at link.

Choices....I could suck you in and say it's just critters ...but I would be lying

Help me choose UP

Lots of Looking Ups



Global Warming Could Forestall Ice Age

650 Million Years in One Minute

"Science is Real" by They Might Be Giants

Spacegeeks, check this out!

My gay friends in the UK are having a baby

Well I guess students don't talk as much as I thought they did

Another photo that made my day

Missing Richard Nixon

TARP CEOs Make More Money Than Almost Everyone Else

HSBC Says Switzerland Luring More Rich Foreigners as Taxes Rise

Bull / Bear Tug of War

'Killer' stock derivatives make comeback

Time to ditch the dollar

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