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Archives: September 5, 2009

Racist Wilderness President??

It seems my plan has worked!!

Humans responsible for the old ages of redwoods

Sierra Club sues in favor of holocaust!

Spoiler - that was a great Jeopardy Champions final

Tune in folks! Keith is going after Glenn Back's

The far right's un-American values

"But we can't afford health care reform"

On the Bristol Stool Scale, correlate your least favorite Republican Lawmaker/Media-type: WARNING!!!

Remember Iraq?

Palin/Bachmann 2012

"Glenn Bek: blokhead, lod, lown, razy, retin, imbeile, knuklehead, ninompoop, psyho, shmuk"

LOL! "You bumped into the ceiling. You stole fizzy lifting drinks..."

That is it, talk about the last straw ... if now when is not the time to fight?

BREAKING NEWS: Obama to announce he's dropping the public school option in speech to schoolchildren




For the fans.. Lego Secret Vault Contains All Sets In History!

Beck is truly unhinged. anyone watching Keith right now???

This is only a thought experiment. They are only about 20%,

I keep seeing Bill Moyers Journal ads . . .

Bush WH visitor logs show 53 visits by lobbyist Stephen Payne

Why Does Glenn Beck HATE Art Deco????

Raw Story: Bobby Jindal took state helicopters to church (cost to taxpayers: $180K)

Glenn Beck to be honored by his home town

Maybe Obama should invite Bush to join him for his speech?

If George W. Bush had been scheduled to speak to students...

The tea baggers were

Could we stage a country wide sick in?


Amazingly, insurance companies look like they will come out of this

Al Gore? Any Thoughts?

I am shocked, Shocked, SHOCKED!!

I am shocked, Shocked, SHOCKED!!

Ya gotta give 'em this ...... its pretty fucking impressive, the way .....

Ya gotta give 'em this ...... its pretty fucking impressive, the way .....

David Gregory: "Obama is preparing to tell Congressional Dems "it is time to be

To the person who just bought me a star..Thanks, you made my day..

Sources: White House considers drafting health care bill

"Is our children learning?"

All I have to say is:

Was Obama ever an actual trial lawyer or was he a negotiating, paper pushing type of lawyer?

Reich Wingers up in arms over proposed Harvey Milk Day in CA

The irony of the Right Wing outrage over President Obama's speech to schoolchildren..


Am I the only one here who really looks forward to Weak in Review? nt

ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN will air the GOP response to Obama's speech

My advice to President Barack Obama, for what it's worth....

Another pretty blond thing on faux News moaning about Obama's school speech

Senate [Finance Committee] Chairman Says Health Care Bill Is Coming

Senate [Finance Committee] Chairman Says Health Care Bill Is Coming

OK: Let's get George Soros or someone to buy an 11x17 portrait of Obama and of Biden to hang

House Majority Whip Clyburn pitches 'half-a-loaf'---pushing "pilot programs" around the country

"You Have Done Enough. Have You No Sense Of Decency Sir..."

I wasn't planning on visiting Rockefeller Center again until the holiday season, but ...

Eight-Justice Court for copyright case

To reich wing parents worried about Obama brainwashing their kids:

Cobb County Schools not showing President's Address

Sen. Mark Warner "Town Hall" . . . you've got to see this to believe it -- !!!

To those who will keep your kids home from school Tuesday. I think it's a form of child abuse

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Tonight I saw Ted again.

Worldwide: No more CHAVEZ!1

Surprise! We have not come so far. But this time, the media is helping the racists.

Taliban's bombs came from US, not Iran

Opt-out is a phrase these children of Republicans should get used to for the rest of their lives.

AP: Liberals push Obama to make gov't-run health care

Is there a good "fact check" site on health care?

Is there a good "fact check" site on health care?

Hearing the right wingers talk about Obama's school speech reminds me...

Confucious say when in Drive through move quick.

Obama School Speech "Controversy" Shows There Is Brainwashing...By The Corporate Right Wing!

Our district has inservice that day

Leafleting HR 676 on a late Summer, Friday night in the gallery district

we need to know the politics of everyone who speaks to our school kids

Look at this shit..

Palin's resignation cost alaska thousands...lots of thousands

A timeless punking trick I learned from my beloved late brother

Anyone noticed lately how reasonable Bill O'Reilly sounds?

Recession Hits Fundie Freakland

Gus Porter, American Mountain Man, and Canadian Health Care

I just saw a Thank You George Bush bumper sticker.

Just the facts on President's speech to students and suggested lesson plans

SCOTUS denies the VFW in participating in oral arguments in Church/State case

Leafleting HR 676 on a late Summer, Friday night in the gallery district

Public Option - no need to shout to get the message out when you wear this:

My letter to my children's principal regarding the President's speech:

I like women. I like men, too. I look. I don't measure them.

Obama's Education Speech

"I interrupt this program for the following announcement:" Thanks Vintage DUers.

"Send ‘em back with a bullet in the head the second time.”

9/11 is becoming history. Each year the hooplah will become more muted.

Our kids need to hear both sides of the issues.

Teenagers 'filmed sex act fearing Large Hadron Collider doomsday'

Help me understand: ROTC can go on campus, American corporate sports...

What are the Haters telling their children as the Excuse not to listen to Obama's speech?

Obama's Mind Control Tricks -- Beware, Weak Minded

Are Republicans working Kubler-Ross' Five Stages of Grief?

Men lose their minds speaking to pretty women

LAT: Cash-strapped states revise laws to get inmates out

Ana Marie Cox

Dinner With Palin Part of Charity Auction (& DU online Palin poll)

I wish more male DUers would stand up for us.

At what point does contributions to political campaigns

And what if I refused to let my child say the Pledge at school? Wingnuts would go insane.

There's something happening here...

If you could snap your fingers and make the 27%ers, the birthers, etc.

Venice Documentary Attacks Berlusconi Media Empire.

Zelaya Speaks

Joe the Plumber was here... Hands down the most inept troll I've ever seen.

Study exposes sweatshop conditions in US workplaces

Stand up for the BBC

Over 20 groups now ask Verizon to not sponsor Hannity's pro-mountaintop removal rally

trailer for Oliver Stone's South of the Border

I didn't know I could do this with just a look.

The real Trigger is a dead horse.

The real Trigger is a dead horse.

Can some tell me what the F$$$ is going on with heathcare

Dade parents can keep kids from watching Obama speech

Appeals court rules against Ashcroft in 9/11 case (Deleted, repeat)

Appeals court rules against Ashcroft in 9/11 case (Deleted, repeat)

In response to some idiotic comments on Facebook, I left the following message there:

Dear music industry, please bring the horn section back to pop music, k thanx.

From Bill Moyers Journal, America the Greatest Show on Earth.

North Korea's governing ideology reminds me of the GOP and the military-industrial complex

BANK....BUST....FRIDAY !!!! Saturday morning hangover......

LAT: 'Jia Junpeng, your mom is calling you to come home and eat.'

Shouldn't we be Attacking Co-Ops instead of just defending the P.O.?

Some things never change. Remarks to Congress-1934

"Just try to ignore the creeps outside"

Fuck the bigoted, ignorant hysterical Wingnuts. Silent thread.

Something Happening Here?

Should more disagreements be settled by a fight to the death?

Should more disagreements be settled by a fight to the death?

New motto for a bumbersticker made just for the Birthers, deathers, etc

Got a phone call from son's high school regarding Obama speech

Hey you - yeah Republican Senator - yeah I am talking to you.

Van Jones. Should he stay or should he go?

Nato airstrikes kill 90 people

Do you think people in the US Miliary Machine know how crazy the teabagger party is?

How long will America's Warcupations go on?

Teecher's Note (photoshop fun)

Danziger: Blue Dogs

2 Radio Towers in Washington State Toppled

Bauer tells News 2 gay rumors are “silly”

Kucinich Condemns NATO Strike in Afghanistan

Susie can't come to school today, she's flu.

After health care reform...

Republican Paul Ryan In Imaginary 3-Some

Want some perspective on the health care issue:

My sincere apologies to DUers:

How many times can the Republicans jump the shark before they lose ALL credibility?

Obama discusses "Trigger" option!

Hey Glenn Beck! I Found More EVIL Commonist Art People Walk By Every Day!!!!

Taliban Abduct New York Times Journalist in Afghanistan: Governor

He's their Frankenstein monster -

Baucus's reform plan coming soon

Did Anyone Here Catch Thom Hartman's Straw Poll Today About The President's Address To Congress?....

U.S. May Charge Visitors from Europe $10 Entry Fee

What is behind this 1980 crap?

Obama Asks Liberals How Far They're Willing to Compromise on Public Option

I would give Afganistan a year...

Elk Grove, CA Schools offer Pres. Obama Speech Opt-Out (check out what their spokeswoman says!)

Who remembers the phrase: "A commie behind every bush"

Wait Till Obama Speaks To Congress and the Nation

I'm opposed to this Speech before a Joint Session of Congress

I'm opposed to this Speech before a Joint Session of Congress

Google Algorithm Predicts When Species Will Go 404, Not Found

It must be terrible to live your life in fear and ignorance like a freeper

Exonerated Prisoners Find Prosperity

Who will be first to come out and call the president the N-word?

Glenn Beck, in his own words: "close-to-painful murdering of the dark people."

8 years ago as reported in newspapers Islamic fundamentalists later identified as the 9/11 hijackers

GOP: Time for healthcare 'reset' button, healthcare reforms being "imposed upon" the American people

Did I forget to mark 'UFO Day' on my calendar?

the republicans learned in '04 that they can swiftboat any opposition

Wanted: Suggestions for good Health Care rally signs

All this hyperventilating...

Wingnuts and blaming the victim in health care

Wingnuts and blaming the victim in health care

NSS supports Penn & Teller’s right to attack the Vatican on TV

What exactly is meant by "Buying Into" Medicare?

Most children today are very savvy ...and smart

John Ashcroft Can Be Sued For Post-9/11 Detentions, Court Rules

Senate candidate Brunner gives keynote at LGBT anti-discrimination vigil.

Technical question for Alltel users since buyout by Verizon.

Officials: Cheney Criminal Probe Mandated by Law

I'm starting to realize something regarding health care and other issues.

Ex-soldier gets life sentences for Iraqi murders

California Nurses Association - an AMAZING group working hard on your behalf

What do you think of this ad?

Has the CBO done it's research on single-payer yet?

Texas begins paying $80K/year to wrongly convicted. . . .

Dolphins tortured and hacked to death in Japan:

Van Jones doesn't believe the 9/11 Commission Report, Do you?

Editorial art from cartoonist Marc Murphy. It is silly season, indeed.

Editorial art from cartoonist Marc Murphy. It is silly season, indeed.

International Bacon Day

Germany and France declare war on banker bonuses

Is it the Media ....... or is it US?

Trigger was Roy Rogers' old horse

Local right wing christian sends email to all pta members re: President Obama's speech to schoolkids

That bum that stays with us lost his job because of drinking...tried to join army

The children who will stay home and not hear the president have the right to know...

David Petraeus, Joe Scarborough eyed for '12

Confrontation with a belligerent cracker.

Living in a Culture of Cruelty: Democracy as Spectacle - Henry A. Giroux (Cited By Bill Moyers)

Van Jones is a Troofer?

Get that freakin' socialist bastard off the 100 dollar bill!

Washington Redskins Back Off Suit Against Grandmother

NYT Editorial: Respect your children

Neoliberalism, Charter Schools and the Chicago Model: Like Bush's, Only Worse

Kids who get to listen to Obama are the lucky ones...

"I can't understand for the life of me what's so great about being stupid." - Guess Who Said This

Words matter

Christian evangelists target Dearborn's large Islamic population

Practical Vision: A Public Option, What it is and What it Isn't, Why it Matters

Iran: The Green Brief #67-68 (September 3,4 - Shahrivar12,13) Latest news from Iran.

Fox Won't Broadcast Obama Speech To Congress

Maria Shriver appears set to inherit Kennedy mantle

A nickname for Al Franken?

We need the Homeland Security Healthcare for All Reform Bill

Redskins Tell Va. Grandmother She Doesn't Have to Pay $66,364 Judgment

US families turn to food stamps as wages drop (40% of current recipients report "earned income")

Lesson Plan: Status quo

What do you do if you see your job posted in the newspaper or on Craigslist.

A couple of questions for the economically-minded DUers?

This is in the NEWS section of News

self delete

Why can't Obama be like LBJ and rally the troops and shove it down the GOP's ass?

Transgender activist runs for mayor of Idaho town

Transgender activist runs for mayor of Idaho town

The Plum Line, Greg Sargent blog - 'Obama Signalled on Call How Serious We Are On Public Option'

Prep School Spends $500,000 to Destroy ALL BOOKS in its Library

Another Awesome Kos Hate-Mail-A-Palooza!

Number Of Workers On Food Stamps Surges... "A Dire Warning"

Was there this much controversy when Reagan & Bush Sr. gave school speeches?

Kids will not be able to avoid the President's speech......


Alinsky? Who is he and why is the rightwing talking about him?

What do you think: Why are there no old lefties on TV, like there are old righties?

"I Am What I Learn"- a great challenge

Ten Amazing Performances from Sesame Street

Do you feel honored when people follow you on DU?

Contraception myths 'widespread'

Make your choice. Who should win?

Bachmann: Dems Want To Sabotage Me - So I Can't Become President

I honestly don't think ANY of these Haters ever did or ever will support reform, let alone

Unemployment Jumps to 9.7 Percent: 10.1% UE for men = post-war high.

Conservatives vs. liberals... how we think...

Foolish parents

My friend had to cancel her cataract surgery...

When we voiced our very real concerns about Bush's abominable policies...

Wait. When did MSNBC start having a normal news lineup on Saturdays?

Pak Forces Kill 110 Militants in Tribal Areas

My epiphany at Panera Bread regarding health care:

Dying To Do Letterman

Trap: Now the Teachers will know who to flunk. Oh stupid wingnuts. You really are idiots.

Being absent from school on the day the President speaks?

"Sir! No Sir" just came on on LINK tv - soldiers who protested Vietnamese War

Shadow Army Now Outnumbers U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

Freepers think they see the image of Che in a Windex Commercial

Air Canada ban by U.S. leaves NHL teams angry, panicked

The Blue Dogs Have More To Lose Than The Progressives If There Is No Health Care Reform

OMG!!1 On FOX News rite now!!11! Dose you no wats RELLY in your childs coreiculumb!!!!!

"Earth terrorists" topple AM towers :)

Sometimes you find Rethuglican propaganda in the strangest places

There should be an extinction countdown clock!

Money truly IS the root of all evil

"Keeping the Laborer in Labor Day!"

I LOVE psychologically loaded poll questions...

Fired for Breast-feeding Breaks? Ohio SC-Breastfeeding discrimination is not gender discrimination

Contest: Name of disease wingnut children have when they stay home on Tuesday

Poll: Name of disease causing wingnut kids to miss school on Tuesday

Members Of Congress Who Refuse To Provide Health Care For All Americans

G20 exempt from smoking ban

Does medicare deny services?

MSNBC Cancels Carlos Watson at 11AM

anybody yet post a link to Sen Al Franken talkiing down the nutcases...

Can an indiviual opt out of Medicare, and, what would comparable coverage cost on the "free"market?

Can an indiviual opt out of Medicare, and, what would comparable coverage cost on the "free"market?

The Culture War just went Nukular!

Old Fart wouldn't stop crying, so total stranger slaps him around

Who are the Neo-Birchers?

What Obama will say in his address

The People need a restraining order to keep "obama speech" away from their young - ACK!!!

Why is the subject of global warming been pushed to the back burner?

Health insurance question for self-employed and those with pre-existing conditions

I think THIS is what they mean by compromise. (adults only)

The parents are the losers, not the kids...

AIG gets some tough love from Michael Moore

What's on the horizon for college kids studying journalism & finance?

Is there text of the speech The President will be giving to our kids?

Police: Kids photographed with guns, parents arrested

Today, September 5, 2009, Mr. President, it is not about us. It is about you.

Fruit Loops -- Eat Smart

Anyone in Georgia know an agency or charity that can help the uninsured?

Freedom at high price

'Crazy Ants' Get Under Skin of Gulf Coast Residents

Gus Porter, American Legend, with Thomas Haden Church - funny video re health care

Gus Porter, American Legend, with Thomas Haden Church - funny video re health care

Britain and US frustrate global deal on bonus cap

Official Van Jones appreciation thread

Yuma is now getting the tail end of the Baja's Hurricane Jemina.

The State of Denial Has Zero Electoral Votes -- But It Seems to Be Winning

So do they show Faux News in public schools? You know where this is going!

Pro listen to obama parents should pull their children out so they CAN LISTEN

U.S. Army gets demo of new supertoy

Dammit, when I was a kid growing up in the 90s I had thought we had nipped racism in the bud...

NPR Interviews Nora Ephron re "Julie and Julia"..(Good for us Back to Cooking folks)

So if the Senate Bill has a trigger and the House Bill doesn't...

Man farts during surgery, ignites genitals

Survey to DU re: President Obama's speech to school kids

Email from the Principal indicating why they will NOT be letting my daughter's school hear Obama.

Some states ban religious clothes for teachers

Some states ban religious clothes for teachers

Salon: For nearly 15 million unemployed Americans, Labor Day is hardly a holiday

Oudin vs Sharapova (spoiler)

Dollars & Sense: Private Death Panels

Romeo Schools in Romeo MI (suburb of Detroit) will NOT air speech!

History of Medicare: So we know what we're dealing with and know what we're talking about

reportedly holds controversial views on the role of the George W. Bush administration in the attacks

Fox News actually has the word "asshole" on its front page

FYI, west coast schools can't really show address live -it's at 9am on first day

Argument preview: Corporations in politics

new post on margaretandhelen about the school speech and insurance reform

Calif. To Return Foreign Food

Free candy and ice cream for students during Obama speech....

Palin resignation costs Alaska at least $40,000

Should we start stupid rumors to push all the republicans over the edge, they are almost there.

Sears Annual Percentage Rate Equal U.S. Prime Rate Plus 23.90 Percent

Please help me write an articulate letter to the school principal

"Let them go on. They'll soon be seen as crazy. There will be a backlash"

Polls find OVERWHELMING support for Obama's school speech

Every school that uses the "opt-out" should lose any Federal funding they receive...

Freepers are sinister, and not just morans.

GOP uses the word OVERTHROW??????

GOP uses the word OVERTHROW??????

Can anyone help with a letter to the principal of the school my daughter goes to?

The right-wing is sure to be outraged by these photos of indoctrination in the classroom

Looks like Chelsea Clinton did not get married, after all

I know how to make Republicans shut up and endorse Obama's adress to schoolchildren

As long as Glenn Beck has a job with FOX, Van Jones should have a job at the White House

Canada plans mock IED attacks in Washington, D.C...........WTF???

David Cross interview with the AV Club, he briefly mentions the public option.

"Best Viewed in a Family Setting"

"Best Viewed in a Family Setting"

Mentally ill and elderly people held in squalid chicken coop in California, $750 for 1/5 a room

butter: School cooks told to stop spreading pupils' sandwiches to tackle obesity

PARENTS, call your local newspaper and TV and radio stations

Attention Mentally Ill Right-Wing Extremists

Who says all NASCAR people are rednecks?

The dream dies in Vegas

Someone asked me last night "Who's behind you people?" when I handed him a Medicare for All flier.

Calling all those in the IT, tech, enginering, or the sciences? How many are there here?

Does Ron reagan Jr. ever talk about what an awful president his father was?

Ntl Jewish Democratic Council to MSNBC: Stop Promoting Buchanan’s Hitler Defense

Obedient and Docile- Starting Negotiations with "Public Option" Instead of Single Payer?

The real problem is the the media, and the way they have misrepresented the facts

The real problem is the the media, and the way they have misrepresented the facts

I thought this Birther Crap had died down.

School bans t-shirt bearing the First Amendment

Favorite loony right-wing group or movement

If you could sum up all that is wrong with contemporary America into one phrase what would it be?

Chicks Ground Up Alive to Bring You Cheap Eggs

You Keep Using That Word, "Theory,"

Why does the Google has a UFO abducting part of its logo?

Imagine if Lincoln would have compromised with the slave owners.

Notes on the status of Health Care Reform

Please review my application/bio for my local unions election for VP spot

"I killed on a mission from the Parliament"

"I killed on a mission from the Parliament"

Who believes progressives should unite to vote "No" on a TRIGGERED "public option"?

Here ye, here ye:

They lost the election, they lost the civil war

Ny Times article: What Obama learned from Clintons healthplan defeat

Ny Times article: What Obama learned from Clintons healthplan defeat

College for $99 a Month

Should progressives kill health-insurance reform if there is no public option?

OMG! A copy of Obama's planned school speech is found! The Republicans were right again!

Don't be shocked when Van Jones resigns this week.

Families: Girls were strip-searched at Iowa school

Families: Girls were strip-searched at Iowa school

"They put Lehman Brothers to sleep. They executed her."

I have a message to the right: FUCK YOU!

Of rationing health care, death camps, Kaiser Permenente, and my 80+ year old mother . . .

I bring a message from Helen Thomas to DU

Indirect Economic Impact of Healthcare Reform

Where is the problem with reich wingers who don't want their kids to hear Obama?

My rock ribbed Republican friend just came face to face with the free market

Let AZ School Superintendent Tom Horne know you're disgusted by his partisan comments.

Let AZ School Superintendent Tom Horne know you're disgusted by his partisan comments.

Humankind’s Need for Liberal Education

CNN (Seriously) Asks: "Could George W. Bush end up behind bars?"

"Lockerbie: Megrahi Was Framed" By John Pilger

The 15% trigger... by the numbers.. $66K becomes $14,038.20

Why "the left" has to work so hard to get the party's attention.

Is Al Franken the Moron Whisperer?

Neoliberalism, Charter Schools and the Chicago Model

Thank God our family has Health Insurance

Will Van Jones weather the storm or step down from his post?

Will Van Jones weather the storm or step down from his post?

Tell President Obama "no trigger" for public option! (MoveOn) Send comments to White House!

Drive-By Evangelism

Drive-By Evangelism

Needed: Pet-Loving Atheists in Texas . . . . .

Eye-Tracking of Men's Preferences for Waist-to-Hip Ratio and Breast Size of Women.

Three reasons why corporations resist Obama & one reason RW base does.

DU'ers, let's crank the volume up to eleven on public option!!!

Do parents worry about what their kid's teachers say to them every day?

Bill Moyers to Obama: "No more Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. President. We need a fighter."

Bill Moyers to Obama: "No more Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. President. We need a fighter."

How many here have health issues you cannot address, with no insurance?

Mom: So here's the deal - her doctor (who works for HMO Kaiser Permenente, NOT Mom) says..

Mom: So here's the deal - her doctor (who works for HMO Kaiser Permenente, NOT Mom) says..

There is a Firestorm Ahead in the Middle East- Neither the US Government or US Public is Prepared

How do you deal with very Republican family?

Polk County school leader says if Obama were talking about the moon it would be okay.

GOP gov. candidate Chris Christie not issued traffic ticket after accident that injured motorcyclist

GOP gov. candidate Chris Christie not issued traffic ticket after accident that injured motorcyclist


How old are you?

How old are you?

How old are you?

It's the MEDIA, people.

Anti-Chavez marches fail to draw crowds

OK Class, who here can tell me the difference between Ethics and Morals?

(TOON) Health Care Reform: Framing The Debate ------>

Is there a precedent for mandating EVERY CITIZEN make a purchase from a private business, by law?

Repubs - hate socialism? Then don't bother with any of these:

Jump-start a 3-day weekend . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

Saturday morning caption time

TWO Florida Counties BAN Obama's Education Speech OUTRIGHT -- email addresses provided to complain!!

Rahm Emanuel is the "sexiest man in Washington".

Matt Taibbi's "Sick and Wrong" now posted on

The best explanation of how health care reform got totally f'd up-By Matt Taibbi

Photographer Annie Leibovitz's lifework is on the line

Let's Roll!

Who are these unpatriotic bastards

"I need your help"

She actually cried.

Charter schools are PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

My wife is a teacher and she said sarcastically:

Bill Cosby endorses attack on public education in Detroit

Bill Cosby endorses attack on public education in Detroit

Animal Hospital - pay bill to get dog back, or we will dispose of it

Ben & Jerry's Releases "Hubby Hubby" Ice Cream In Honor Of Marriage Equality

I'm Pretty Sure I'm Not Gonna Manage To Be A "Good Soldier" On Health Care Reform... You???

Homer Simpson's words of wisdom on healthcare

Kennedy’s letter a comfort

'2010 California Marriage Protection Act' initiative filed; would outlaw nearly all divorces

Progressives Pay the Price for Confusing a Party With a Movement

Who has to work on Monday..Labor day?

Who owns a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited?

Does the word lady make me look fat?

Alaskan Brewery Smoked Porter

Ode to Forgetfulness

I know about getting to 2nd or 3rd base, but what happened to the shortstop?

The British version of 'Life On Mars' is now available on Netflix

Drunken Yoga

Obama's speach to school kids

From back when MTV played music

Anna Marie Cox is subbing for Rachael Maddow

I have a thread going on in GD.

I'm going for an omlette & pancakes at the IHOP.

tee hee

Been watching The Green Mile on bravo;

The only thing worse than a MIME or HAIKU would be a MIME performing HAIKU.

Best Town Hall Protest Photos!

Take a moment to listen to Taj Mahal's Live version of "Ain't Gwine Whistle Dixie Any Mo:

I'm really getting the hang of doing these videos

YouTube: Moby - New Dawn Fades (from the movie "Heat")

I knew Texas people were nuts...

found this pic. and thought I'd share

Why is this place a mausoleum tonight? It's so S-L-O-W.

Has there ever been a Friday night when AMC hasn't shown "The Beast Must Die"?

I feel much better about the cleanliness of my house...

I would love to be in NY right now


Ten Amazing Performances from Sesame Street

I'm watching this movie on Sundance about the Who....

When the zombie apocalypse comes will people try to protect/hide their zombified loved ones?


I love the fact that my MP3 player can be clipped onto my underpants.


Keep this information on the down-low, OK?

Who's up for a fight to the death?

College football season at last....


Congratulations htuttle! 20,000 posts!

So How Many Kids Will Forge Notes Saying They Are Opting Out of The Obama Speech To Skip Class?

someone else w/a DU bumpersticker parked by me Thurs nite. Who Was It

Football time is here

Congratulations Spazito! 20,000 posts!

How frequently do you strike strangers?

The new food horrors at the Texas State Fair

Post a link to your favorite site.

So how many have a 3 day weekend with Labor Day on Monday.

Hello lounge people!

Another of my favorite songs has been RUINED!

I'd sure like to stay in my home and remain independent.

Airborne Navy!!! Oooh Rawh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernard Pivot asks you some questions. How do you respond?

JEWEL!!!!! Just saw her on Chris Izaak - Great voice fine guitar, and

Say goodbye to Chuckles...

Anybody heard from Ava since she hit the big city?

a football dilemma

Do you know your rules of Acquisition?

Missing Boy Found Alive in Secret Room, Hidden at Grandma's Home

International Bacon Day

Where the fuck is Silverdale, WA??

Amazing collection of images: Normandy 1944. Then and Now

new ron white..funny as hell

If I Only Knew

Which is the best Muppet cover of the Beatles?

Good things that sound "bad".. Tub bladder

Newsweek: Workplace pressures to be a 'good' girl

A photo I took of the biggest cabbage in the world ever - at the Alaska State Fair

Vote, people! I have a video to make

Okay, your running game has been running roughshod over the Fuckeyes all afternoon...

And, in the "incredibly bad taste department", we present....


A very odd break up video

These Boots are Made for Walking

The Pornography Church of Dayton, Ohio

Soupy Sales....and The New Year's Day Incident

As a straight man, it's a strange situation when someone tries to insult me by calling me gay.

Extreme whale watching video

Plastic Fantastic Lover

3/5ths of a Mile in 10 Seconds

This kid SUCKS!!

My mom is back from the hospital.

Look out, DU! I've got a brand-new netbook and wireless broadband!

Lovely Listing

Smothers Brothers fans - how edited are the DVD sets?

what I do?

Learn to talk like you're from Southie, MA

Post a picture of you or someone you know looking BORED.

Allow me to demonstrate how much rum I drank last night in the form of a pie chart:

OK, check in! Who all is walking in a parade or a march this weekend?

I inherited the phone number of a guy named Paul who doesn't pay his bills.

Dear music industry, please bring the horn section back to pop music, k thanx.

TV question, How did House not go to jail a few seasons ago?

What's the one regret you live with?

The 49ers are good enough that I'll once again get to enjoy an old favorite pastime of mine

Be aware: "Beef Fries" are not what they seem!

Post Songs About Anger here.

Fare Thee Well (YouTube)

A personal question from a very footsore teacher

The Easiest Movie Quotes to Guess Ever.

Where do you think Mayberry's Deputy Barney Fife hid his stash of porn?

Will my Senior Cats ever forgive me for bringing home a puppy?

So when will Apple offer free downgrades to Leopard?

Your favorite famous house

I can't stop thinking about this film, I think the greatest ever, Kurosawa's "Ikiru"

There's a "Tea Party" going on here in Sheboygan...

18-HOUR Dr. Laura Marathon ALERT.

Why does my USB mouse randomly stop working?

Does Bleach harm Hardwood Floors?

Today's College Football Thread

OK EVERYBODY....which BUSH brother is the cutest? And sorry, you can only pick ONE.

Loud buzzing sound coming from somewhere. Cicadas?

is my new sig picture to big?

Keeping myself sane,

Top 10 Great Movie Deaths

It's been DECADES. I'm watching "The Hunger" with David Bowie,

OK girls and gays....which Kennedy brother was the cutest?

Photos from Burning Man 2009

Does anyone know the Bible verse about "comforting widows

Hey, Big Brother fans....

Clinton said he pleaded with Congress to write a bill, but they refused

Obama is being asked to speak at the National Equality March (for LGBT rights) in October

State GOP chief Jim Greer rips Obama -- but pushes Republican views at schools (Orlando Sentinel)

Transcript - It Sure Looks Like President Obama Supports A Public Option

Bush/Cheney said they kept us SAFE since 9/11 outting CIA Agent Valerie Plame??

It's time to admit it...Karzai is the Obama Administrations's Thieu

My daughter's school's is not showing the President's address live.

Millions of uninsured, deaths thru denial of services, bankruptcies HAVE ALREADY triggered the PO!

Matt "Single Payer" Taibbi strikes again:

How is President Obama doing?

LOL in a Facebook debate some dude said he had no problem w/Obama speaking to the kids as long as. .

Polls find OVERWHELMING support for Obama's school speech

As a parent and grandparent, I feel so sorry for Malia and Sasha right now.

Wingnuts calling my middle school about Obama speech to school kids.

President Obama has sold us out

To those who are so willing to give up if it is not exactly as you wish... well go ahead

Cliffordu tells Melissa (during her vows) that Politico says . . .

DU'ers Claim They Want A Public Option But There's Not ONE Pro-Active Thread

I am going to wait to hear the President on Wednesday...then make a judgement

Guests for the Sunday TV news shows (Gibbs on ABC, Axelrod on NBC, Dean on Faux)

OK..Van Jones, whats up?

The claim that Obama hasn't led on health care is completely bogus

Some Good News From Afghanistan..

California's Death Panels Revealed: Insurers Deny 21% of Claims

Upsetting topic line!

Will Obama "Stand Up" or "Sell Out" on Wednesday?

Republicans aren't scared that Obama will indoctrinate their children

Why not just put presidential support behind the Kennedy/Dodd legislation?

July 22nd - President Obama Defends Public Option In Press Conference

Why Doesn't President Obama Support A Public Option - Oh Wait, Yes Has - August 11th

So. Do you think we'll get a "robust public option" or not?

Letter I Just Sent To The White House: "We need Patton, not Spock."

Districts in my area on the Obama speech:

"That may be an indication that Obama won’t be mentioning the public option in his speech"

Exclusive! Here is a link to the commie stuff the White House sent out to teachers to use on Tues!!

How Soon We Forget

This doesn't sound like a support for the Public Option

ZOMG! Super-secret text of Obama's speech to school children leaked!

The day the "Gang of Six" became irrelevant

The Lies of Texas Are Upon You

If I find out Tuesday morning that Obama's address is not being shown in my son's class...

The notice my nieces' school district sent out about Obama's message (I am proud)

Let them object to the message to schools

Part of the problem is that Democrats are really two parties

Watching "September Dawn", a movie about the early Mormons

Well, Fox Movie Channel has got every movie mixed up between what is playing

Really bad media spin on reconciliation and a trigger.

What Obama will say in his address (Politico)

Duncan: Obama's back-to-school message is responsibility

What Obama Will Say on Wednesday

Do you really want to help pass health care?

"What we know about the speech"

Obama to workers: We'll help you save for retirement (all voluntary)

My Mom Is A Torture Loving, Italian/Catholic, Fascist and Fox News Viewer

Defeatism sucks........

Only a strong public option will do. No trigger, everyone can join, Medicare rates, lower costs.

UPDATED: How will Rupert Murdoch justify not covering Obama's address to Congress next week?

REMINDER: White House Websites Explaining Need For Health Care Reform

Who's Blocking Health Care Reform Now?...............Or the White House Itself?

June 25 - President Obama Defends and Explains Public Option On ABC Special

"Tuesday-don't miss 'Indoctrinating Students' only on Beck!"

Hey Republicants: A message for You

Let's not answer any more Troll posts !.......that is what they want us to do anyway......

Obama to ask progressives to "be good soldiers", according to



Reconciliation and the FY 2010 Budget

It's the U.S. heritage in Latin America that made Hugo Chavez work this way

Would you support a W.H. shakeup at this time?

The Psychology of the Right-Wing's Anti-Government 'Death-Panel' Delusions

Baucus to Introduce Health Proposal Soon

If Necessary Use Reconciliation, Its Time To Just Do What Is Needed

I predict, the Re'thugs have walked into an a box canyon.....

Guess who got this brouhaha going on the President's education speech? politico...

Pro-Action on Healthcare reform

Red State Explanation to school children

You have abdicated your right to be parents.

Key House Dem. Clyburn: 'half a loaf' on health care better than nothing

I'm Embarrassed To Ask, But What The Hell . . .

Flashback: "Bill Clinton is a Socialist who wants to take away your freedom"

If Republicans keep their children home during The President's speech...

Palin's resignation cost alaska thousands...lots of thousands

UPDATED: How will Rupert Murdoch justify not covering Obama's address to Congress next week?

Palin resignation costs Alaska at least $40,000

Obama's late mother inspires doc

Fox News Blames President Obama For A Posting On OFA Referencing 9/11

Let's take a minute to review what we learned this week about the President's Health Care policy...

On the Censoring of Obama's Speech to School Children

CNN: WH Drafting HC bill - or - MSNBC: WH NOT Drafting HC bill

BBC News: Obama photo evokes Kennedy Moment

"Obama’s budget...included language allowing for the use pass health care"

Kids will sneak to watch Obama's speech on YouTube because their parents don't want them to see it

August 15 - President Obama Explains and Defends The Public Option

It was suggested on Countdown that it would be easier to determine who are Democrats

Fighting Media Myths - President Obama Defends Public Option In An Interview on 8/20

Leppert declines to rule out U.S. Senate run

That bum that stays with us lost his job because of drinking...tried to join army

Regulators Seize Three Midwestern Banks, Raising 2009 Failure Total to 87

Mercury union approves concessions

Holocaust survivors re-create kindertransport trip

Chalabi aide: I went from White House to secret prison

Senate [Finance Committee] Chairman Says Health Care Bill Is Coming

Troubles For 'Prime' Borrowers Intensify

AP Photo of Marine Sparks Controversy

Iraq bolsters Syria border force

Pa. man fires cannon, hits neighbor's house

Anti-Chavez marches fail to draw crowds

Honduran interim gov't cancels visa exemption for Brazilians

Taliban's bombs came from US, not Iran

911 caller arrested in Georgia mobile home slayings

Senate Chairman (Baucus) Says Health Care Bill Is Coming

Records: Senator Mel Martinez aide intervened in dispute between Pentagon, GOP fundraiser

Mother wants U.S. military to allow justice for girl's rape (Colombia)

Labor Leader Honored for Work Against Injustices

Friday night failures: Five more banks fail -- 89 so far in 2009

Palin resignation costs Alaska at least $40,000

Ahmed Wali Karzai takes 100% of votes in opposition stronghold

Protective order issued against former Idaho GOP chairman

Chavez welcomes US decision to cut aid to Honduras

British minister admits trade role in Lockerbie talks

White House Discloses 10 More Ethics Waivers for Administration Officials

US general: Afghan civilians wounded at bomb site

Obama expands workers' retirement savings options

Union Head Would Back Bill Without Card Check

Yemen offers truce to Shia clans

Kucinich Renews Call for Afghan Withdrawal After Botched Airstrike

Activists topple towers, claim dangers of AM radio waves

Associated Press Money Minute: Jobless Rate Rises to 9.7 percent

Excerpts from C-SPAN's Interviews with Supreme Court Justices

Keith Olbermann: The GOP Wants To Save Children From Obama!

Vote No on 1 in Maine - Pledge Allegiance

Olbermann: Markos on Health Reform - 'Deliver on a Popular Policy You Campaigned On'

Teddy Roosevelt speech "THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO RULE"

Maxine Waters on KO: NO COMPROMISE" CA AG Investigate Ins Cos. Anti-Health Reform Advocacy

President Obama's Weekly Address: Labor Day and Fair Rewards for Hard Work

Letterman Mocking palin and cheney again 09/03/09

"Yes We Klan" - RepubliKKKan Theme Song

FauxNews on "O's Class Warfare"

In Maine, no one tells anyone else how to live

Obama Indoctrination Of Your Children | BARACK OBAMA SPEECH TO SCHOOL CHILDREN

James Carville: "You Cannot Run A Country Based On Birthers & Creationists!"

Fun With a Solar Bubble Blower

AP: Dinner With Palin Up for Bid on eBay

Michael Steele (Repug Party Chair) Heckles Woman Whose Mother Died of Cancer

Why are jocks exempt from the law when they commit assault but I'm not?

TYT: Obama Gives A Good Speech But Can He Deliver?

I just slapped this puppy together!

Bernie Sanders on Afghanistan: An Unwinnable War

Glenn BecKKK & His Mentor Rush Limbaugh Are Getting Paranoid About The Fairness Doctrine Coming Back

Rep. Posey: I’m For Gov’t-Insured Health Care For Myself And The Elderly, But Against Public Option

Jim Cornette's Latest Awesome Rant Against The Right Wing - This Time About Health Care

Unusually Reasonable Faux News Anchor Questions BecKKK Drone About Obama's School Speech

Olbermann: Keith DESTROYS Glenn Beck's Commie Art Stupidity - AGAIN

Jiddu Krishnamurti - zeitgeist addendum

Young Turks: Olbermann Criticizes Obama From The Left!!!

The "Van Jones Portrays Bush As A Crackhead" Clip That "DefendGlenn" (Faux) Is Using Against Him

Sinead's Hand - Ireland's MarriageEquality Ad

Hitler Finds Out Obama Will Address School Children

Right Wing Mother Cries About Obama's Speech To Children

Moyers Special Comment to Obama: "No more Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. President. We need a fighter."

Cash for Karzai--the next Taxpayer rebate!

Friday Talking Points (92) -- The End Of Silly Season

Kansas City Star Editorial Board: The shameful spectacle over Obama's speech

Afghanistan: The "safe haven" myth (by Stephen Walt)

Holocaust survivors re-create kindertransport trip

Michelle Bachmann’s Burning Bush. There’s a Pill for that!

Toronto film festival tool for Israeli propaganda

Glenn Beck Slams Obama’s Planned Speech to 'School of Rock'

Bears still growl at the Sanctum Sanctorum of the policy elites

Can Sarah Palin be more than a political celebrity?

'American Casino': How The Financial Sector Became a Massive and Unregulated Gambling Operation

A blast from the past: The Despoiling of America

Jeremy Scahill: Michael Goldfarb's Scurrilous Attack on Rep. Schakowsky and Me.

David Corn: Obama's Afghanistan Contradiction

Levi Johnston Lashes Out at Sarah Palin -- Can You Blame Him?

EGYPT: Governmental report says human rights have deteriorated

Jonathan Alter: Cheney’s Tortured Logic -- He wants to redefine the Constitution

Democracy. Miami Batistano style. No elections needed.

Why did the second world war begin

Over-reaction - Anchorage Daily News editorial re Obama's talk with school children.

Why Obama Won't Use the M-Word for Honduras' Coup

'Friendly' court uneasy about changes on the bench

The Corporate Roots of the Republican Party -- The Original Astroturf People

Take Action for Single Payer!

Obama Going to Talk to Kids: Yikes!

No excuse for Afghan war

David Sirota: Making Sure America Sees the Human Cost of War

Has Glenn Beck replaced Rush Limbaugh as titular head of the Republican party?

John Nichols: Give States an Option to Lead on Single-Payer

President Obama rips off mask, unveils alien lizard head....

Healthcare FAIL: " Obama has now exempted himself from achieving historical greatness."

Afghanistan and the new great game

BOB HERBERT: Reliving the Past

Taliban's bombs came from US, not Iran

Education Secretary (Duncan) Presses for Reforms

The Simplest Thing

The Daily Climate: Seeking rapid change in human behavior

Reuters summit-Try nature, not tech, to fix economic woes -UNEP

Van Jones on Green Jobs for a Green Future

PGE's energy plan misses state's green goals (would fall well short of Oregon's 2020 goals)

Time Magazine: Is There a Climate-Change Tipping Point?

Fun With A Solar Bubble Blower

Not so sunny: trade war looms in solar space

Widen global warming fight beyond CO2: U.N.

AlterNet: The Ultimate in Eating Local: My Adventures in Urban Foraging

Large Fires Natural and Inevitable in Southern California

Lobster wars rock isolated Maine island

"(Solar minimum) has counteracted some of the warming action of greenhouse gases from 2002-2008."

The White Sox??

Where the fuck is Silverdale, WA??


Fantasy Football: How to Win

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Friday, September 4)

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Friday, September 4)

4 Point Swing On 2 Point Conversion Attempt Leaves Navy Outside Of FG To Catch Up...

Who is your pick for NL Rookie of the Year??

West Virginia beats Liberty 33-20.

Tiger's tantrum a low at Deutsche Bank Championship

Scenes of Resistance: Notes from Tegucigalpa

Takeover Imminent of Honduras Garifuna Community Hospital

Judge recuses himself from Chevron case in Ecuador

Zelaya to Guatemala, Nicaragua and then Honduras; National Front Meets to Strengthen the Fight

Colombia's DAS-Gate continues; target this time was U.S. Embassy attache

Democracy. Miami Batistano style. No elections needed.

Critics march against Chavez across Latin America

IMF May Withhold $164 Million Allocated to Honduras

Ban health care. It kills 100,000-200,000/yr.

An Open Letter to Archbishop Desmond Tutu

US harshly rebukes Israel on settlement plans

US harshly rebukes Israel on settlement plans

EU urges Israel to rethink settlement plans

Gaza: Rescind Religious Dress Code for Girls

Toronto film festival tool for Israeli propaganda

Pa. man fires cannon, hits neighbor's house

Union Head Would Back Bill Without Card Check

Today in Labor History Sept 5 "Palmer raids" on all IWW halls and offices in 48 cities in U.S.

hooking and looking up?

Looking up and loving it!!

You've probably been asking yourselves...

Flower Girls

More from Peru - Lots of pictures

Day after day... alone on the hill

Keeping myself sane,

Gone Buggy

NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Status Report: Preventive Care Continues; Science on Hold

The Effect of Extreme UV and X-Ray Radiation Nanodiamond Formation.

Prehistoric Hand Axes Older Than Once Thought


Mass. has lowest divorce rate in the nation, new study reveals

House liberals to introduce Marriage Act repeal

The real you - another picture

New York Governor aims to push bill on gay marriage during special session

Scientists See Rare Turtle for First Time in the Wild

Mind The Gap- The Widening, Worsening Pay Gap Between the CEO and the American Worker

New poverty formula would double number of poor, elderly Americans

Urban foraging

Want an interest free mortgage?

Obama Unveils Measures to Spur Retirement Saving

suggestions on pre-employment training ?

I'm not understanding why there is a debate over the public option...

"My employer will stop my health insurance, and just pay the penalty because would be cheaper."

Riddikulus! Banish the boggart! (On the recent insanity of the polarized public)

A major divergence in parallels by Karen Murphy

Does anyone know of a website where I can go to get the planets

Can you help me find the right word? Please?

The Men Who Stare At Goats - now a movie w/George Clooney

Something to think about (probably already have)

My review of "The Dude Abides--The Gospel According to the Coen Brothers"

Religion is not reviving, it’s being forced on us

How would you react if you met someone who thought s/he is G-d?

Our Education SUCKreary Is On Face The Nation Tomorrow

Silly me ... I thought that RWer's kids, by virtue of being raised by conservative

Charcuterie Day in my kitchen

I hope some of you have seen/will see Julia and Jacques

8 years ago as reported in newspapers Islamic fundamentalists later identified as the 9/11 hijackers

Alvarado explains bounced check from 2006 race

Two former regents say Perry allies pressured them to resign

A Movie From Vietnam That's Really Worth Seeing

Anyone here watch Eagle Eye?

Michael Jackson, Supernova - by Brian Oxman, MJ Attorney (he was at the burial)

Airline dispute affects NHL

Michael Jackson: Legacies of a Globetrotting Moonwalking Philanthropist (MJ haters ignore)