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Mike Malloy - Byron Williams Blames Glenn Beck for Tides Foundation Attack - Part 2

The Nation's Chris Hayes: "Make lemonade out of lemons. Make

O'Donnell is getting her arse kicked!

Error: Delete

Michael Moore on Larry King Live Tonight

Haiti volunteer gets 35K mobile phone bill from T-mobile

anybody brave enough to see how the freepers are viewing the Coons/O'Donnell debate?

christine o'donnell....'what i think is irrelevant'

Proposed New Jersey Law Would Penalize Employers For Discriminating Against Unemployed - HuffPo

Chris Coons just plain *sounds* like a senator

Did the National Dems'

33rd Miner has been rescued!

Tea Party

Micheal Moore on Larry King to talk about miners

Googling topics seems to not turn up progressive points of

O'Donnell says we need to 'finish the job' against the Soviets in Afghanistan

Citigroup used recession to fire women: lawsuit

Help the Teabaggers craft a new foreign policy

If it means anything she's only lived in Delaware for 6 years and the rest from New Jersey

Telegraph UK: Ahmadinejad calls for 9/11 investigation

Meg Whitman said that Calif's Prop 8 (anti-gay marriage) is part of the US Constitution

Wolf Blitzer fed an answer to McDonnell?

Proof that Christine O'Donnell Has Hit The Turnip Truck

Talk of Impeachment?

RED DAWN!!!..... Christine O'Donnell's "fighting against the Soviets"

Oh my goodness, Chris Coons is composed, well-spoken, smart, quick and a winner!

32 down and one more to go

I can't believe what I'm watching (the DE debate)

I'm really sad

General Atomics

You just know someone will split screen this---Palin -O'Donnell Supreme Court question

Wealth Consolidation In The USA Is Going To Put A Lot Of People Out Of Business

Christine O'Donnell Says U.S. Hasn't Finished Job Of Fighting 'Soviets' In Afghanistan

Dear "presidents" (of Chile, or ANYWHERE), can you shut up and get off the air and just let the

i pledge allegiance.....

Surprise! Beckerhead defends Rich Iott's dressing up as a nazi!

Board of Directors, US Chamber of Commerce...

Proposed Teabagger Sign

Lockstep and barrel?

Did O'Donnell say small business owners would be taxed on income BEFORE they pay their payroll?

I can imagine extreme sports enthusiasts around the world

Lawrence O'Donnell will interview Chris Coon in a few minutes

"Lockstep and Barrel"---glassware and home furnishings for those

I can predict the number of votes Christine O'Donnell will get in the election

What if the Chilean miners (all up!) had been libertarians?

Foreclosure Fraud: Raters Ignored Proof of Unsafe Loans, Panel Is Told - NYT

Michigan teabagger Tim Wahlberg pledges to impeach Obama

The God Delusion

CNN:Analysis: A Sarah Palin moment (O'Donnell)

"Lockstep & Barrel" was NOT a slip of the tongue. She thinks that's the saying.

Are All The Miners rescued yet......I bet It was getting a little chile down there.........

Arrested man tells police he weighs 625 pounds

A $3,741 Paperwork Problem.

Obama will APPEAL the DADT ruling?

I just cannot stop smiling...

Just to Be Clear: Paladino Compared Gay Marriage to Evil Nazi Horrors

All 33 miners have been rescued.

LA Times Editorial - "The political chamber: U.S. Chamber of Commerce's campaign spending ..."

Rapper T.I. helps Atlanta police stop a man from jumping off hotel roof

Capitalism Is Not Working

It's done (mine rescue)

here's the audio that jerry brown apologized meg whitman

I give Christine O'Donnell credit for not lying

Seattle Times - "'Grassroots' -- rooted in Washington, D.C." - Calls Out The Astroturf! - Must Read!

The last miner is finally out of that hole

my hat is off to the Chilean mine rescue workers, they deserve the world's respect

"Mission Cumplida Chile"

"Mission Cumplida Chile"

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Our surreal California governor's race:

NY Times - "Big Spending by Republican-Friendly Groups"

The banks say they were overwhelmed by the number of foreclosures

Sen. Harry Reid issues statement on rescue of Chilean miners

Sen. Harry Reid issues statement on rescue of Chilean miners

Sen. Harry Reid issues statement on rescue of Chilean miners

About those "Attacks on the Left"

Donald Duck listen Beck Glenn

What was your favorite Christine O'Donnell's quote?

What was your favorite Christine O'Donnell's quote?

Last Rescuer OUT!

Why In The FFFFFFF Does Delaware Keep Electing the Witch...

Girls force fed

John Boehner's PAC Donated To Rich Iott,Nazi SS

Schauer, Walberg exchange barbs in MI 7th District U.S. House debate

I implore DUers to support Joe Sestak

NY Times - "Democratic Polling Improves in Key Senate Races, Lengthening G.O.P. Takeover Odds"

Millions demonstrate in France against pension cuts: interviews

O'Donnell is getting her arse kicked!

Gay Rights groups file official complaint with IRS against anti-gay front groups (NOM)

"Gave as good as she got"...???

Newsweek: Where Does the Money Go?

GOTV: 19 days!

Recommendations = University tuition fees to more than double in UK

Obama lifts moratorium on deepwater oil drilling

WHY is CNN interviewing Bear Grylls regarding the mine rescue?

K & R if you would like to see a Chilean Mine Survivor Calendar

Why I have decided to believe in God

Republicans: new generation vs old generation

Carnahan campaign slams group for TV ad showing candidate in post-chemotherapy wig

Oh yeah, that's lovely....

Let Also Thank The U.S. Of A For The Miners Rescue.....

AP: Nearly $1B in NYC police payouts

O'Donnell went for the cheap laugh accusing Coons of being jealous

Gates says ending DADT would have "enormous consequences" U.S. Afghan General isn't worried!

So, which would YOU choose?

Why Christine O'Donnell Could Be More Dangerous Than Sarah Palin

Humor from the Left Coast Sports Babe

U.S. Drones and Human Rights: Death from Above

The current batch of batshit crazy Republican candidates has been the biggest boon

The current batch of batshit crazy Republican candidates has been the biggest boon

Superman gets riddled with bullets

James Fallows: I don't think the Chinese are as skilled in global domination as

Anyone care to bet that O'Donnell's poll numbers go UP tomorrow...?

UPDATE 1- US general suggests GE, Rolls pay for F-35 engine

I mailed my absentee ballot today: with all my votes for Democrats

Afghan firms "pay off Taliban with foreign cash"

Huffington Post: Prescription for Union Growth: Be Proactive, Take Risks

Democracy in Sidney, NY!

PCCC made 21,000 calls for Grijalva, vows 500,000 calls this cycle

How can we know how many Democratic leaning voters will actually show?

NY Times Endorsements For Senator and Governor in Connecticut

NOW calls for firing of Jerry Brown staffer who used Meg Whitman slur

Dickhead Cheney's Shooting Victim Speaks!

Please review my editorial on Lariam for spelling,grammer and content

A 33 Beer Salute To The Miners

A 33 Beer Salute To The Miners

U.S. Home Seizures Climb to Record as Banks Review Foreclosure Practices

What Costs $4 Million Dollars And Needs A C-17 To Get Around?

Most peculiar, witnesses report the Taleban now using choppers.

Blumenthal (D-CT) has opened up a double-digit lead

Petraeus Corrects Obama (Again) About Afghanistan Withdrawal

The last great rescue before Chile - Apollo 7

Doing a little research on some political polls and

O'Donnell announces she disagrees with Supreme Court Decision

O'Donnell announces she disagrees with Supreme Court Decision

Tommy Sowers- End the conventional war in Afghanistan.

Do you think those miners are going to get over-time for all that time they were down there?

Paul Burka is FOS

.More Americans choosing natural burials

BWHAHAHA- GOPers BEGGING Haley Barbour NOT TO RUN For President

Linda Norgrove: US navy Seal faces disciplinary action over grenade death

Chamber of Commerce: if we disclose our corporate donors - Obama & Americans - might punish them!

This has to be one of the most hilarious ads I've ever seen. . .

Guard Dog Prices Skyrocket to Six Figures

One of my favorite FDR quotes

I was on a town hall call with Emily's List last night

The Unraveling of the Empire of Finance Capital

Glenn Beck: Donald Duck Is A Government Agent

Has anyone heard about Shweeb?

Why does the MSM keep reporting that Pres. Obama's popularity is falling?

Ex-mayor says Miller 'LESS THAN HONEST' - He was politicking on borough time and computers

Anyone notice in the Coons debate that.....

Here's the Delaware Coons/O'donnell poll

A New Political Dawn - Tired of single-issue crusades, citizens acknowledge we’re in this together

Any media making connection between Chile and Massey mines?

Uncle Sam’s Mysterious Hoard

"Stupid" is a Lifestyle Choice. Sexual Orientation is Not. nt

Would we tolerate the government prying into privacy like how corporations do? Would anyone?

The assault on culture and the crisis of American capitalism (Detroit Symphony strike)

Subpoenas rescinded for antiwar activists raided by FBI

even cnn doesn't have a poll 'who won the delaware debate'?

"...Paladino became gay!'...

Cheney Never Apologized

The Striking Down Of The Original DADT (mr. fish)

The Nation - "Multinational Corporations Try to Buy an Election"

If Jack didn't Vote for Democrats we're all in trouble

This is how our body politic gets moved to the right time and again.

So the whiners win. He/She who bitches the loudest getteth what the fucketh they want

So the whiners win. He/She who bitches the loudest getteth what the fucketh they want

Eliminate Income Taxes

The Media's Craze for Christine O'Donnell

Olympian in '68 Black Power Salute- Tommie Smith Selling '68 Gold Medal

Blind to Success

My first TP debate

Poll: Blumenthal's lead grows in Conn. Senate race

Conservative Pat Sajak: Should Public Employees Always Be Allowed To Vote?

Dubai’s Worst Office Buildings Will Be Empty Forever

Dubai’s Worst Office Buildings Will Be Empty Forever

Alleged Palin Stalker Hit With Protective Order-New 6 Month

Huntsville author Homer Hickam's father had the Chilean rescue capsule idea 60 years ago (

How accurate is

Mother Jones: VFW vs. Tea Party Patriots

Mother Jones: VFW vs. Tea Party Patriots

The American Drillers Behind the Chilean Mine Rescue

Reuters poll: "Republicans likely to take House"....more of the same nonsense...

APWU : Postal accounting requirements the result of "anti worker" Congressmen

Bill O'Reilly: "Muslims killed us on 9/11"

I scratch my head when I hear someone in the media say...

Teabagger Republican arrested on domestic violence charge

this election mirrors 2006 when the media said democrats didn't have a chance

Bankers Ignored Signs of Trouble on Foreclosures

Obama admin reducing deficit

A People's Silence Is A People's Complicity

Too soon?

The Rude Pundit: Candidates Say the Darnedest Things

The Scorpion and the Frog

O'Donnell calls Coons a Marxist in Del. Senate debate

Report: GOPers Begging Haley Barbour Not To Run For President

Did Valarie Jarrett make a "lifestyle choice" to be black ?

Trumka: "Mines don't fall apart by accident; Neither do economies"

Is calling someone a "Marxist" as bad as calling someone a "whore"?

Member Of TV's Duggar Family Runs For Office

Mine safety measures

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Lebanon: Panel investigating truth of 9/11 attacks

"YES WE CAN!" (except for all you fucking homos)

Discharged gay vet refused re-enlistment: recruiters have "no knowledge" about injunction

Discharged gay vet refused re-enlistment: recruiters have "no knowledge" about injunction

Who the hell is in charge of choosing the GOPers Candidates?? So far I see nothing but FAIL

52 arrested in sweeping Medicare fraud case

Msg. from Gen. W. Clark: Sestek of PA is ahead of opponent by 3 points, for a change.

Florence (SC) mosque defaced with bacon

Bernie on the Hartman show

Tonight my rant comes 45 minutes early according to one of DU's favorites...

Obama admin reducing deficit

Christine O'Donnell is

Snafu Makes Whitney "Whitey" on Ballot

Gun Lust. The photograph clearly shows the penis envy gleam in their eyes. Disgusting.

They are all out, thank goodness for engineering

Unapologetic Dick: Since Cheney shot him, Harry Whittington's aim has been to move on

Birth Certificate No Longer Good Enough - Now They Want His DNA

Foreign teachers help Indian professors up their game

More than 651,000 denied insurance because of pre-existing conditions between 2007-2009

Haley Barbour and the Section 8 Evictions attempt

Nate Silver: Feingold's chances of winning just dropped to 5.3%.

Rule of Law Alive and Well Abroad

Why are Progressive Candidates reported in trouble?


Democrats gaining a foothold on well-heeled Republicans, polls show

FOX News announces a new buddy sitcom; Lockstep and Barrel!

Top general: Iraq 'fiasco' based on 'lies'

Freepers melt and swoon over DickAPalooza (The Face Shooter plans an evil 10-stop "speaking tour")

"Even though he didn't say it, she said "I think it shows a sign of his character.""

Kennett Square man created poisonous gas to kill himself

Landline-only surveys favour Republicans, says Pew

"Battle For Stupak Country" - frontpage, above the fold, Detroit Free Press

Lawyer shot by Cheney Ducks Question Whether he Got an Apology

It's so very easy to find fault someone else, no matter how big or small...

Grayson to FBI: Prosecute The Frauds

Anyone here watch "Wheel of Fortune"? Well, looks like you might have to stop.

Thursday TOON Roundup part 6

"There’s nothing like a bank (Wells Fargo) being shown to be a liar" ....

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5

Pew: Excluding cell phones biases poll results in GOP's favor

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Capitalism Saved the Miners? All Hail Capitalism!

Capitalism Saved the Miners? All Hail Capitalism!

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Log Cabin Republicans still willing to work with Paladino

Yesterday we received alerts on 287 different posts.

Russ Feingold, The Real Maverick

If someone misspeaks does it always mean that they are revealing what they were trying to hide?

Last rescuer is left alone . How spooky would that be?

Sponsor of National Prayer Breakfast received money from alleged terrorist group

Rep. Clyburn: Black vote could be 'secret weapon' for Dems

All 50 state attorneys general launch foreclosure probe

All 50 state attorneys general launch foreclosure probe

Huge Parts of World Are Drying Up: Land 'Evapotranspiration' Taking Unexpected Turn

Rabbi Breaks With Paladino Over Apology


News Corp Board Challenged to Disclose Political Spending

News outlets caution staffers about Stewart-Colbert events

How about a bumper sticker that says simply "Restore Sanity"

Bank of America Foreclosures Continue Despite Claim They Have Halted Foreclosures in 50 States!

First lady Michelle Obama casts her ballot at an early voting location in Chicago - pics

So what would Christine O'Donnell say about Malawians arrested for practicing witchcraft?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4

Ex-top soldier: Iraq war ‘fiasco’ due to Rumsfeld’s ‘lies’

Did Disdain for Counterinsurgency Breed the ‘Kill Team?’

Who else doesn't give a flying fornicate about the rec/unrec?

Anti-porn NY gov candidate Carl Paladino emailed ‘awesome’ lesbian video

I Swear - This Is NOT The Onion

I Swear - This Is NOT The Onion

Congress unanimousoly sends bill to WH which names Alaska Mt. after indicted politician.

Is the Defense Dept. in Contempt of Court for Turning Away Gay Navy Vet Who Wanted to Reenlist?

Been getting an extraordinary amount of phone calls with 'spoofed' numbers

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

Insane 'Impeach Obama' Flyer Coming to a Mailbox Near You

Robert Scheer: The foreclosure disaster caused by the deregulaton frenzy of the Clinton presidency

Introducing the next US Senator from Delaware - Chris Coons!!!

New takeovers as Chavez accelerates his "revolution"

O'Donnell attacks then stumbles in debate

McAdams boasts of $870 K fundraising haul

A very short rant about the Polls

Wis Public Radio program re: distribution of wealth in U.S.

I've noticed something about the right wing.

Christine O'Donnell calls Chris Coons a Marxist in Delaware Senate debate

Applications for jobless benefits rise to 462K

U.S. to Let Insurers Raise Fees for Sick Children

Mike Wallace interviews Aldous Huxley...

Abolish the Parties!?

Abolish the Parties!?

The US electrical grid is too crappy to be vulnerable to terrorist attack, say physicists

Teens (Youth): Tweet Your Questions to President Obama 4pm et Today

"Lacking": F-16 fighter jock's response to Rachel Maddow's question ...

Great line from Jimmy Kimmel

Is America broken beyond repair?

Anti-porn NY gov candidate Paladino emailed ‘awesome’ lesbian video

MSNBC Dylan Ratigan Talking To a Foreclosure Victim NOW

Suicide is a lifestyle choice.

Suicide is a lifestyle choice.

Chile's Ghosts Are Not Being Rescued

The Reid/Angle debate will be aired online at the following link.

Help ADL Combat Bullying - Sign the Pledge

Is reducing the population key to saving our world?

"Is Tutankhamun in this tomb?"

If somehow the democrats hold the house..

If you have voted, check in here!

Two polls show very different results

AIDS patients and others with serious illnesses can finally get their daily medications in Arizona.

Driver kicks 7 year old special needs kid out of taxi, leaves him on street corner alone

lgbtiq folk -- do you accept valerie jarrett's apology?

republicans are 13

This is a comment from a Teabagger! This was a comment on the

Are ALL right wingers totally free from common sense? I understood

O'Donnell, when pressed, couldn't identify a single Supreme Court Case

Anti-Abortion Teabagger Carl Paladino Is The Landlord For Planned Parenthood

Valerie Jarrett apologizes for "lifestyle choice" remark

Interesting - NPR's story about what makes tea partiers boil is inaccessible

THC test threshold

Notice to MSM: Only ONE Medicare fraud bust can be the "largest in history." Clean up your act!

"Chimamanda Adichie - The danger of a single story"

The Latest In Conservative Direct Mail Fund Raiser. Impeach Obama!

Pet issues and their narrow focus

The Facebook Effect - 12 million march against Marxist group FARC

If you had to give advice to Ronald Reagan when he was president...

The Senate Polling Dump 10/14/10

Question, would slavery been abolished if not for the principled religions of

The Mexican pirates story and the beheading. What were the sources

Rachel Maddow- Newt Gingrich scams with prize patrol

Wolfowitz Directive Gave Legal Cover to Detainee Experimentation Program

Government spending as a % of GDP... Favorite Republican Stat

Lighting Strikes the Statue of Liberty

Last week I attended a luncheon and sat across from a man who has a bachelor's and a law

"Diminished reality" software removes objects from video in real time

You Have An iPad? Big Deal. Obama Has an iReggie

Recovery? Why Our CEOs Don’t Give a Hoot

'Bandit' Obama billboard sparks storm in US city (Stay classy, Tea Party)

A growing problem of miner mistresses

House Polling Dump 10/14/10

Do you think evidence of personal animus between candidates helps or hurts the GOTV?

DU'ers -- Please help us finish our film on campaign reform!

NRSC to give another $1.8 million to Fiorina

Woman Running for General President of the Teamsters Union!

Welfare Staters against the welfare state

My lifestyle choice and apologies.

Soldier silenced for testimony in Afghan killings probe

Wanna tell Jame Dimon of JP Morgan/Chase how you feel about his mortgage fraud?

Let's give it up for the Air Force!! Air Force DADT Enforcement has stopped.

Citizens United Case: What are the flaws in the argument given by the Supreme Court?

H PostHoneywell Becomes #1 Political Donor As They Union Bust & Receive $13 Billion in Federal Money

On sexual choice

Ed I love you

Bankster Clusterf**k

ES&S reaches deal on trade secrets (YES that ES&S!)

Disgusted voters, the silent majority

On Hardball just heard Obama say DADT needs to be disbanded "orderly"

Retired Military Men Sucking Down The Bucks

'Euthanized' dog comes back to life

Big Brother is Watching… Jobs with Justice?

Big Brother is Watching… Jobs with Justice?

nbc nightly news reports on coons/o'donnell debate without mentioning who was ahead or behind

Sarah Palin advisers prepped Christine O'Donnell for debate

Familiar pattern: Reason why Rove, GOP, et al are outraged by accusations of foreign

Greens Win Mayor’s Race in New Zealand’s Capital City with Instant Runoff Second Choice Votes

One Man's HAMP HELL: 'Just Wait This Thing Out' ~ Huffington Post

Who is the most formidable 2012 primary challenger to Obama?

who likes the unrecommended. who wants it outta here.

Minimal Wages For All

Ads that make me hit the MUTE button (IL):

Anybody catching that "rabbi" on the Ed Show.

If you'd like to see the phrase " anyone who may have taken offense..."

Early Voting Off to a Fast Start in Democratic Areas of Ohio - HuffPo

Should all political ads be elminated, instead, televised debates and campaigning only?

Any fuckin body who is thinking of not voting this election

Arizona DUers please go to the Arizona Forum

Glenn Beck Donates $10,000 To The Chamber Of Commerce

Well Here Ya Go... Read It And Steam... 'DOJ Request for Stay of DADT Injunction'

After O’Reilly’s Rants About How ‘Muslims Killed Us On 9/11’ Goldberg And Behar Storm Off Set

Sarah Palin lies again: claims she drove from Alaska to Rodeo Drive to watch Bristle dance.

Who is the typical person without a landline?

2011 Repug Gerrymandering

Christine O' Donnell and Sarah Palin Prove the Tea Party is Full of BS

Democratic Party's grim election prospects are about failures in governing.

for Jack Conway, against rand paul, please!

Ben Franklin warned us.

I know: I suck.

Two Palm Beach County Commission Democrats endorse Governor Crist for US Senate.

We have the right to be, or chose

The US Chamber Of Commerce are fucking assholes

Lion Whisperer

Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg Walk Off 'The View' After Fiery Exchange With Bill O'Reilly (VIDEO)

Barack Obama Twitter: DADT Will End & It Will End In My Watch

Third party spoiler in WV U.S. Senate race?

So now what do I do with my Gadsden flag?

Hillary Clinton's warning to Britain over cuts in defence budget

I think (I hope) Valerie Jarrett just got removed from the short list for COS

Do you accept Valerie Jarrett's apology?

FDL's Just Say Now campaign has expanded their efforts into AZ, OR, & SD


New Movie: "Red" leaked with no studio response

CAPITALISM AT WORK: Death and Profits- The Utility Protection Racket

Why would Teapublicans want to help the liberal Green Party get on the ballot in Texas?

Some are saying Jarrett's "lifestyle choice" comment was a dog whistle.

Art Robinson, opponent of Congressman Peter DeFazio of Oregon paying people to phone for him

The Real Foreclosure Deadbeats - the Banks

The Real Foreclosure Deadbeats - the Banks

If MY boss threw me under the bus on national TV, I probably wouldn't return to work...

UPDATE: Obama appealing DADT ruling. Discharges on hold for now.

Reid/Angle Debate

End of Unrec?!

I really have no idea what we ought to be doing about these foreclosures.

Case Closed

My gay middle school bigotry story, for the kids out there who might be reading it.

Some choice quotes explaining the Tea Party Movement (All from one article)

6 Reasons to Avoid GMOs

"They Can't Possibly Get More Ridiculous" WV Senate race

Judge disses Dems' 'Alice in Wonderland' health defense

Beautiful "it gets better" speech given at a Texas city council meeting.

‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Funded By Top Offshoring Companies

If you don't understand why the words lifestyle choice are offensive

Fiore Flashtoon- "Meg"

Survey reveals troubling numbers of military personnel in debt

Bwhaha! Sarah Palin advisers prepped Christine O'Donnell for debate

I was hopeful I could cover my Son on my Health Insurance

President on MTV now (4pm est)

If you only do one thing today, please watch this video.

Reactions to Obama administration's continued defense of DADT

I'm thoroughly disgusted.

Christine O'Donnell Tells GOPers: 'I've Got Sean Hannity In My Back Pocket'

Do you expect everyone to be completely aware about all aspects of your own particular demographic?

Psst!! Hey, guys, CNN is about to broadcast a piece on my medical cannabis case (!!!)

Whoopi and Joy Behar just walked off the show because of Bill O'Reilly...

I need your help DU...

NYT editorial: Obama administration dithering on DADT

Accepting ADL Award, Murdoch Decries 'Ongoing War Against Jews'

Anti-Obama billboard raises eyebrows - Caricatures are racist and homophobic, local Dems say

This has got to be the strangest op ed I have seen yet from a "mainstream" Repub on Obama

Man hits license center after passing driver's test

10 Reasons Why Ordinary Hard-Working Americans Are About To Really Start Feeling The Squeeze

Pro-strip mining propaganda comic from the 1960s.

Further Proof Polls are Bais Due to Cell Phones

Woodcarver's shooting by Seattle Police officer ruled not justified in preliminary finding

I cannot believe this response to bullying;

Two BIG reasons the phrase, "lifestyle choice" is offensive...

HUH? POLL: Voters more likely to see Democrats as dominated by extremists

Did a bagel cost mom her baby?

Rubio campaign writes $1,500-check to sister-in-law's charity

The Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

Army Bids Goodbye to Last Draftee Who Served in Vietnam

I never realized how happy people in customer service could be by 2 simple words...

Vampire Capitalism

Can left-leaning Mom N' Pops bring down the Chamber of Commerce?

Fox Nation -The White Trash Pravda- Squelches Free Speech

Will Dems lose one or both the Senate and the House in 2010?

Charlie Bass (R-NH) under serious scrutiny

Flying can be 'hell' for tall passengers

ESQUIRE smacks TX-1 Democrats for not running candidate against Louie Gohmert

How to Lose Elections Without the GOP Even Lifting a Finger.

"An Absolute Monster" - Governor Rick Perry

If Private Insurers Stage a Strike Aimed at Sick Children… Nationalize Health Care

GOP Tea Party Frontrunner: ‘ABOLISH ’ Public Schools

China released murderer of Norwegian student as retaliation

Open letter to Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and other "liberal" rich folk

what would you do about a situation like this...

Who still uses dial up internet?

Decriminalizing Pot poll on CNN

Decriminalizing Pot poll on CNN

Religious wackos check in.........

ABC NEWS: Right now, DADT is dead

Dead Animals Are Exhibit A In Oil Spill Investigation Picture Warning though we've all see it before

Dead Animals Are Exhibit A In Oil Spill Investigation Picture Warning though we've all see it before

Message to voters from the President: “We cannot sit this one out.”

Message to voters from the President: “We cannot sit this one out.”

House Democrats Call For $250 Social Security Boost

Have you heard of heterophobia?

Capitalism Saved the Miners - WSJ

Do you believe a President Palin should be allowed to not appeal a ruling striking down Medicare?

PA charter school gives 4 million of public money to a church for rent.

Woman gets $1 billion electric bill

Dan Savage: "The Clinton Administration Refused To Appeal The Court's Decision"

photos of French demonstrations

Deerfield Beach, FL Democrats ban state legislator for endorsing Charlie Crist


Excommunicated Over Abortion

Obama can halt Gay discharges with Exective Order, study shows

"Majority of Voters Would like to See Emergence of a Viable Third Party"

UFO flys over New York City

UFO flys over New York City

Meet the Men Who Have Sleepovers with Christine O'Donnell

Taboo-breaking Berlin exhibition chronicles Hitler's hold over German society

Illinois Green Party candidate's name misspelled "Whitey" in African American wards.

Just found out what my one health "insurance" choice will be

Second earth will soon be needed, warns WWF

"War on terror" psychologist gets giant no-bid contract

Ignorantly believing that sexuality is a choice does not make one homophobic (or heterophobic).

Straight DUers Only: When did you make the choice?

How long before the Chileans are hijacked by Hollywood?

Question to Valerie Jarrett- "Do you think being gay is a 'lifestyle choice'?"

Why Germany Has It So Good -- and Why America Is Going Down the Drain

President Obama on Homosexuality: 'I Don't Think It's a Choice'

Robert Kennedy Jr. Endorses Charlie Crist Over Kendrick Meek

Ex-mayor says Joe Miller disciplined over ethics: Lisa Murkowski is a Coke head- Go Scott McAdams!!

Apple becomes number one PC maker, with iPad.

Beauty and Politics: Kamala Harris and Jennifer Granholm v. Scott Brown and Sarah Palin- Difference?

Amazon Launches "Bookstore Killer" App

No, Ms. O'Donnell, you are NOT me! Not even close!

Breaking into the Food Truck Industry

I got called a faggot at work today

WTF is Nate Silver's experience polling elections

WTF is Nate Silver's experience polling elections

Privateers Ahoy! The International Charter School Movement (Part I)

Privateers Ahoy! The International Charter School Movement (Part I)

Privateers Ahoy! The International Charter School Movement (Part I)

I can't wait for charter schools to replace public shools.

She’s just 8, yet she’s painted art worth $250,000

What a scientist didn't tell the New York Times about his study on bee deaths

Afghanistan, the Impossible War

Pics from 10/13 Feingold rally with Michelle Obama

Banks seize 288K homes U.S. foreclosure investigation

Councilman Joel Burns of Fort Worth,Texas: "It gets better".

Drew Brees speaks out about Bullying

In defense of common sense, science and compassion: my three minutes for medical marijuana on CNN.

Do you think bullying is a problem on DU?

Hunter S. Thompson Motivational Posters

Everyone: My kitty needs your help desperately.

A campaign talking point I would like to see the Pres. and all Dems. use

India Loves The US Chamber of Commerce

war criminal condi rice on daily show now. nt

In Debate, O’Donnell Likens Open Service In Military To Adultery

"You can either end it, or stop saying that you will"

Christine O'Donnell Says U.S. Hasn't Finished Job Of Fighting 'Soviets' In Afghanistan (VIDEO)

Maine GOP Gov. Candidate LePage: Shut down Dept. of Education, Energy , EPA

New Obama TV Ad Aims At '08 Voters: 'We Cannot Sit This One Out' (VIDEO)

Democratic Polling Improves in Key Senate Races, Lengthening G.O.P. Takeover Odds

Rand Paul & the $2,000 Medicare deductible: Mostly True

Hawaii Governor - Abercrombie (D) 47 Aiona (R) 44

CT-SEN POLL: Blumenthal 54 (+5), McMahon 43 (-3)

Mason Dixon Poll--Nevada Senate: Angle 47% Reid 45%

Maine polling (Critical Insights) Gov and House. LePage(R) 32 - Mitchell (D) 26 - Cutler(I) 11.

Russ Feingold: The Real Maverick

DSCC reserves $2.6 million in NV TV time on behalf of Reid for final two weeks

Durbin Wants IRS Investigation of Crossroads GPS

Joe Conason: A Generation of Termites

A comprehensive review of all the polls released on 10/13--

(R)asmussen Poll--IL Governor: Brady (R) 46% (no change) Quinn (D) 40%(+2)

How none of the above' could help Harry Reid win

O’Donnell’s Palin Moment? -- "I will put it up on our Web site".

Pew: Excluding cell phones biases poll results in GOP's favor

Federal Court Upholds Disclosure Law

Federal Court Upholds Disclosure Law

Iowa early voting statistics: Dems still lead with requests for ballots and returns

Why Vote Conservative when we could vote Liberal? WTD? The difference is their history

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the White House will be lit pink tonight

DNC’s Kaine Disses Manchin’s Gun Ad.

New polls in PA7th, PA10th, & PA 11th. All show close and/or tightening.

Obama and Donilon: Staring down the generals

Would Joe Sestak be the highest-ranking military officer ever to serve in the Senate?

GOP Candidate Bob Gibbs Calls On FEC To Audit The Chamber Of Commerce

Carney Poll Shows Strong Lead in Pennsylvania

Another Alaska poll (Rasmussen). SSDD. Miller 35, Murkowski 34, McAdams 27

California NOW President: 'Meg Whitman Could Be Described As A Political Whore'

Giannoulis new poll: Giannoulias 44, Kirk 41

PPP: Why Murkowski's (AK Senate) in it...and Crist (FL Senate) is not

"Why is it that Democrats aren’t 'allowed' to fight back?" (updated)

"Why is it that Democrats aren’t 'allowed' to fight back?" (updated)

PA Senate - Toomey (R) 49 - Sestak (D) 39 (Rasmussen)

PPP: 4 Races where undecided voters can play a big role

Self Delete nt

Nate Silver: Democratic Polling Improves in Key Senate Races, Lengthening G.O.P. Takeover Odds

'Nonpolitical' Groups Target Democrats In Ad Blitz

Quinnipiac Poll: Blumenthal Extends Lead Over McMahon To 11 Points In CT-SEN

TPM: DOJ Asks for Stay of DADT Injunction Pending Appeal

The Road Ahead for Progressives: Back to Basics

(R)asmussen Poll--CA Senate: Boxer (D) 49% Fiorina (R) 46%

Big Debate Tonight in Nevada

New Club for Growth Alaska Senate Poll: Miller 33, Murkowski 31, McAdams 27

WA-8: DelBene (D) closing gap on Reichert (R-inc) with late-game strategy

ALERT! Obama Town Hall beginning NOW (I think) on the East Coast, won't bej

grew more slowly in the two years after Lehman collapsed than in the two previous years

Did We Know that Roger Stone is One of Carl Paladino's "Informal" Aides?

Breaking News: Judge Says Florida Lawsuit Against Federal Health Care Law Can Go Forward

New Poll: Calvert 48, Hedrick 44(CA 44)

Thank you Sarah Palin....

Mark Crispin Miller on Richard Charnin's True Vote Model Proof of Election Fraud

Sestak 47%(D) - Toomey(r) 44% !! Pennsylvania Senate race.

MA Suffolk Poll - Patrick 46-Baker 39-Cahill 10

AK-SEN: Former Fairbanks mayor says Miller "not truthful" on past employment

Is there a transcript of Obama's answer on DADT from the MTV forum?

NRSC admits responsiblity for `hicky' language (after being exposed)

DCCC Has More Than $41M To Spend In Final Weeks

Guess what? The voters DO care about who's selling campaign lies to them

Why do some politicos confuse political failure with moral failure?

My dad is a hard-core RWer who loves Christine O'Donnell

Someone forgot to tell the democrats about the enthusiasm gap

Someone forgot to tell the democrats about the enthusiasm gap

Nate: GOP senate takeover odds are down to 18% this week; they had been 24% last week.

ALERT! Obama Town Hall meeting beginning NOW on the West Coast,

Chris Matthews: Tea party miners would have killed each other

MSNBC: Is Something going on in Alaska?

" Early voting off to a fast start in Democratic areas of Ohio"

Democrats Press Attack on Secret Money

Early voting off to a fast start with Democrats in ohio

Home Depot co-founder tries condescension in op-ed defending the Chamber of Commerce

Illinois Candidate's Name Misspelled As 'Rich Whitey' On Electronic-Voting Machines

Obama's New York Times Interview

Too little, Too Late

Make sure to tell Freepers to donate money to this O'Donnell site!

Imagine if Jarrett had made a similar remark about a right-wing constituency.

Russ Feingold's latest appeal--help Russ out!

The Latest In Conservative Direct Mail: Impeach Obama!

YES! Dems find a WINNING MESSAGE!-Secret Campaign Donations are not FREE Speech-it is BOUGHT Speech!

Young voters at MTV forum challenge President Obama on big issues

55 House Members Tell Deficit Commission: Cut Defense

Stupid Little People- The Beltway Pundits Told You To Look The Other Way

Is Cell Phone Bias Skewing Polls?

Obama is fixing GOP's economic mess

I hate to say it but I miss Rahm Emanuel.

Media Matters: Washington Post, please define "unsubstantiated"

Teresa Heinz Kerry received a lifetime award for work for women's health and dignity

President Obama: Homosexuality is not a choice

No wonder this place is depressing 24/7

Worse Than Watergate?

They are far too often doing things that make me regret my primary vote.

Dems are SURGING all over the map. Disregard the corporate media. Just campaign and VOTE.

If money's tight at your place, I totally get that, but if

What do you know, Obama CAN'T change DADT by executive order

O'Donnell in Debate: "Whether or not I think evolution is a myth is irrelevant."

Jarrett's follow up statement to Jonathan Capehart, but those who WANT TO HATE HER. . .

I'm going to say it: I'm sick of hearing people support this administration's

I have a question about appealing DADT

Black voters may sway 20 House races in Nov. vote

To DUers, Democrats, Americans and the rest of the human world from Delaware

I can only think of one thing that's positive about colorblindness...

Waddya MEAN... get on the couch?

By the way... if you're having trouble thinking of something to be truly grateful for...

It seems that all people from Jersey do is hump and punch each other

weird glowing objects over NYC

Is there any group more smokin' than Celtic Woman?

And finally: YOU... ...SHALL......NOT... ... PASS!!!!!!!!

I phone Otterbox testamonial.

If you could sum up your ENTIRE LIFE in the context of ONE member of The Village People...

Name this song...

an oldie but a goodie...

Chandler man stabbed after refusing to let friends suck his blood

Wow, at 45,879 words in the book

Bees and sunflower

K & R if you would like to see a Chilean Mine Survivor Calendar

What are you reading tonight DU? I'm reading "Loving frank" by Nancy Horan.

I have good news and bad news

Biden Invites Nation's Women To Tax Code Discussion At Private Mountain Chalet

Is this real, or another right-wing scare tactic for the election?

The list of things that don't make sense

The bloom is off the rose. I mean me and DU.

10 classic SF books that were originally considered failures

What do you put on your resume when you just want a job to pay the

The Female TV Character Flowchart

"That was EXPENSIVE."

Never mind, I've got it. nt

"We admitted we were powerless over dumbasses-- that our lives had become unmanageable."

I had a chocolate turnover from Arby's today

Interesting Festus trivia

Need help. Transferring vinyl to computer

What do you think of James Arness?

What are five questions that you've never been asked?

I had an ugly turnover against Arby's today

Overheard in New York - The voice of NYC

I think we should apply the "He who smelled it, dealt it" rule to finding dead bodies.

Anyone else remember these Christmas music albums?

I have just had "On Walden Pond" ruined for me

The printed format -- deceased or prematurely pronounced dead?

Things to put in the oven.

I have just had "On Golden Pond" ruined for me

I'M RICH!!!! . I'M RICH!!!! . I'M RICH!!!!

Off to Memphis tomorrow

DU SONG OF THE DAY.... celebration


South Park Wages War on New Jersey's Finest

Favorite entertainer named after the site of the 1982 World's Fair?

Sympathy question involving someone losing their wife...

got in touch with the man who taught me guitar when I was a child

Is Yahoo down for anyone else?

My big cat started getting sick at the end of a bag of cat food. I bought

New Yorkers -- Restaurant help, please!

How long has DU been tolerating you (or vice versa)?

Unbelieveably hysterical. See it and howl.

The DU words of the day is "waste, fraud and abuse" Take any DU subject & replace one word with them

The classics of science fiction

Our local freeper mayoral candidate will be at an upcoming debate in an LGBTQ community centre.

What if one of the miners in Chile had been a James Arness?

Just. Wow. Just wow just. Wow just wow. Just with two wows and an extra just. Wow squared. Just plus

I bought a cheap Cabernet at the discount wine store...

Look, I'm a guy who's within Six Degrees of Himself...

request for vibes and prayers....

Is it wrong to tell a company that something they put out had a spelling mistake?

Illinois Candidate's Name Misspelled As 'Rich Whitey' On Electronic-Voting Machines

We need to STOP turning allies into enemies, in this instance Valerie Jarrett

Help! My puppy is eating his poop!

Tell kids about deceased pets, or not?

Do tattooed chefs seem unsanitary to you?

OH GOD!!! now Tweety is an expert on how the young people at Obama's town hall fell


How long has your SO been tolerating you (or vice versa)?

People, I just had a big crying jag.

I passed my National Certification Exam. I am now a Physician Assistant, Certified. (!!!)

Road trip - Salt River Canyon

I am so fucking sick of seeing that still from the vegetarian ad on the left margin.

Opera fans: post a favorite aria

One of my bunnies has died

Another Goddamn Job Rejection

I'm having a colonoscopy Friday morning...any funny thoughts?

Obama administration appeals gay marriage ruling

Robo-signers: Banks hired hair stylists, teens to process foreclosure documents

Robo-signers: Banks hired hair stylists, teens to process foreclosure documents

Appointment of Colombian Ex-President Sparks Controversy at Georgetown

Female Candidate Finds a Tough Audience: Women

Attorneys General in 50 States Open Foreclosure Probe

Georgia clamps down on illegal immigrants in colleges

Court: Reporter can't sue S.F. cops for arrest

Mercury leaked into Columbia River by smelter

Basketball game between China and Brazil ends in huge brawl

Tribune Suspends Lee Abrams Over Racy Email

AOL, Firms Explore an Offer for Yahoo

Armenians face US health care scam charges

Over A Million Jobs Lost In Districts Where Pro-Outsourcing Chamber Advertises

Anti-Obama billboard raises eyebrows - Caricatures are racist and homophobic, local Dems say

Foreclosures Hit Record In September, More Than 100K Homes Seized

Official: Ill. cop waited to give alibi

Afghan Official Confirms Moves Toward Taliban Talks

Foreign teachers help Indian professors up their game

American Crossroads to expand fundraising juggernaut to House GOP

Regents ban illegal immigrants from some Ga. colleges

China released murderer of Norwegian student as retaliation

Khadr plea deal in the works

Lawsuit: Mentally Ill US Citizen Wrongly Deported

After O’Reilly’s Rants About How ‘Muslims Killed Us On 9/11’ Goldberg And Behar Storm Off Set

Sheriff: Jet Ski killing blamed on mistaken identity

Taboo-breaking Berlin exhibition chronicles Hitler's hold over German society

Judge allows states' healthcare suit to proceed

Democratic Polling Improves in Key Senate Races, Lengthening G.O.P. Takeover Odds (Nate Silver)

Officer Mistakenly Fires Shot At KCCI Employee

All 33 Chile miners freed in flawless rescue

photos of French demonstrations

U.S. weekly jobless claims rise 13,000 to 462,000

Gutierrez Not Running for Mayor (Chicago)

Gutierrez Not Running for Mayor (Chicago)

Peruvian President Alan Garcia denies slapping critic

Military Ballots May Not Count in Illinois

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 14

French woman on trial for "burqa assault"

Banks seize 288K homes in Q3, but challenges await

Florida Judge Rules 20 States Can Proceed w/ Lawsuit Seeking to Block Healthcare Overhaul

Maintenance work caused gas pressure to rise just before San Bruno explosion, report finds

Female Candidate Finds a Tough Audience: Women

Halliburton wins Exxon contract in Iraq

Beach-based SEAL's grenade may have killed British hostage

Budapest Experiences A New Wave of Hate

Wilders-Backed Dutch Government Plans to Cut Immigration, Development Aid

Bachmann campaign opens checkbooks – and eyes

Ex-mayor says (Joe) Miller (was) disciplined over ethics

Judge Overrules Terror Suspect’s Request on Evidence (underwear bomber)

Hillary Clinton 'worried' by UK defence cuts

Religious group(Fellowship Foundation-C Street) took alleged terrorist money

Deerfield Democrats ban state legislator for endorsing Charlie Crist

Obama Admin Asks Court to Stay Decision on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Air Force DADT Enforcement Has Stopped, According To Official's E-Mail

Medicare actuary: Reform will cost some seniors

Rinderpest virus has been wiped out, scientists say

Chile: First rescued miners to leave hospital

'Plain writing' now the rule for federal government

Valerie Jarrett apologizes for remark about gay teen

Rabbi Breaks With Paladino Over Apology

House to vote on bonus payment for Social Security

Texas Man Shot by Vice President Cheney in 2006 Still Waiting for Apology

Soldier silenced for testimony in Afghan killings probe

Agency rejects bid to change name of Mount Diablo (to Mount Reagan)

CVS to pay $77.6 million in meth case

UN 'secret votes' won't sway Canada: PM

WikiLeaks Says Funding Has Been Blocked After Government Blacklisting

U.S. to Let Insurers Raise Fees for Sick Children

Nancy Skinner on Fox News with Megyn Kelly discussing job creation

Bobblehead meg

Palin the Next Thatcher? No Way, Says Claire Berlinski

This Dems Got A Shot

Tuesday Talks: Elizabeth Warren on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Dick Armey Cites Dubya for "Conception " of the Teabaggers

O'Donnell Can't Name a SCOTUS Ruling In Debate On C-Span

Rachel Maddow exposes Newt's $5k awards scams yet again

Papantonio: O’Donnell’s Skeletons Coming Out of the Closest

The Mis-Informant - with Jack Black - What every homeowner should do to protect themselves

The Top Vlog: DADT Activism at Election Time is GOOD For the Democratic Party (Jane Hamsher)

Rachel Maddow calls out Obama administration's obvious deception on DADT

The Babe Gap

My Cat Is Not A Witch!

Soldiers accused of killing for sport

Jan Brewer Debate Meltdown Cartoon

Nancy Skinner on The Glenn Beck Show 10-12-10

A Message From Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire

Why markets will always fail

The Mis-Informant, Part 2

China-Brazil Basketbrawl (w/ crazy American coach)

We Need Campaign Finance Reform NOW: Cenk on MSNBC

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - Tabletop Global Warming

Senator Feingold on Health Care During Debate with Ron Johnson

Idiot GOP Men Voting For 'Hot' Women? MSNBC w/ Cenk

FOX Gets F****D In NYC!!

Corporate takeover of organic egg market is happening

Alan Grayson: Highway Robbery

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Secret Donors In 2010 Elections (w/ Bill De Blasio)

MRN: Chilean Miners Tea Party Condemns Gay Choice

Weird Liberal Head Show #192: Yes We Can Beat Boehner and O'Donnell!

O'Donnell On Afghanistan: We Need To Finish The Job Against The Soviets

Christine O'Donnell: There Is One Way To Clear Up This Whole Witchcraft Thing...

Sarah Palin & Christine O'Donnell: Two Putzes in a Pod

O'Reilly implodes on The View; Whoopi and Behar walk off stage

Sanders: The 'Wobbly Stool'

Chilean Miners: 'We Were LESS Claustrophobic Underground'

Chile's Ghosts Are Not Being Rescued

NY Times: Dithering on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Dumbest Right-Wing Quotes of 2010

Appointment of Colombian Ex-President Sparks Controversy at Georgetown

Wolfowitz Directive Gave Legal Cover to Detainee Experimentation Program

Joe Conason: A Generation of Termites

" The Road Ahead for Progressives: Back to Basics!"... (Human Rights/Social Justice)

GOP-Takeover: The loonies have a plan

How Come Right-Wingers Aren't Up in Arms About Wall St's Assault on Private Property?

What are you so angry about?

Budapest Experiences A New Wave of Hate

Why Germany Has It So Good -- and Why America Is Going Down the Drain

The original "Global Warming" paper

Peak oil notes - Oct 14

Drumbeat: October 14, 2010

Ecuador Agrees to Leave Oil Untapped

Question: Wouldn't a carbon tax be regressive?

Mongabay - Fragmented Tropical Forests Significantly Drier Than Intact Areas

Video Of The Year - Motion-Capture Camera Catches Sumatran Tiger, Then Bulldozer (1 Wk. Later)

Tasmanian Study - 100% Kill Rate In Krill Embryo Exposed To Experimentally High Dissolved CO2 Levels

Pakistan Floods Likely To Have Inflicted Heavy Damage On Power Generation, Electrical Grid - NYT

Coral Proxy Data Shows Ocean Thermocline (Cool/Warm Water Boundary) Rising Since 1970s

At Current Rate, Grocery Giant Tesco Will Finish Carbon-Labeling Its Products By 2570 AD

Pleiotropy - The Heart Of The Problem For Monsanto, A Company "Stuck In The Mud" - Grist

Gazprom warns EU to stop gas industry reform

Some historical perspective on nuclear power

EU Ministers Meet Today To Debate Increasing GHG Cuts To 30% From 1990 Levels By 2020

Push to protect woodpecker may impact salvage logging

Nature - 19 Of 21 GOP Senate Challengers Say Climate Science Either "Inconclusive" Or "Incorrect"

Two Earths Needed by 2030

Carbon dioxide and economics.

Solar Roadways Gets $50K to Move Forward

New research shows that nuclear industry has been hiding mortality from Chernobyl for decades

Future of Energy Generation

Meyer Shows True Core Values By Reinstating Rainey

Know many of you will like this: Favre getting hit in the junk.

Funniest. Sports Section. Ever.

The Boys of Bankruptcy vs. The Bank of Baseball.

Giants NLCS tickets costing some big money

The Republicans will win by a landslide in November---

John Elway is a dunce

Osborne asks fans to respect rival 'Horns

Sports Figures You Have Met

+++ NFL Week 6 Picks +++

Álvaro Uribe, Ex-Prez of Colombia, Named Visiting Scholar at Georgetown Despite Protests

Chile: First rescued miners to leave hospital

Brazilian Election: Dilma says she won't send legislation to congress that affects religion

Appointment of Colombian Ex-President Sparks Controversy at Georgetown

Uribe mounts Twitter defense of policies

Peruvian President Alan Garcia denies slapping critic

"I would like to see the world united by love.." --Mario Sepúlveda (one of "the 33")

NRA wants full time soldiers included in “right to carry” law

Judge rules concealed carry ban unconstitutional (WI)

Cleveland is hopelessly addicted to the fallacy of gun control...

Colleagues: Judge in gay court case not ‘activist’

New York Yankees Promise To End Homophobic Taunting In The Stands

If you only read one post today let it be this! Anti-LGBT bullying: All Christians can support it

Paladino Adviser Roger Stone Marched in Pride Parade

Is not Islam merciful?

Apparently WE are responsible for teen suicides...AFA blames LGBT Suicides On Gay Rights Movement

Three Long Island Teens Arrested For Gay-Bashing 14 Year-Old

Can I say something to all those rightfully offended by 'lifestyle choice'?

Gates Continues Dragging His Feet On DADT

"Lifestyle Choice"

Strenger than Fiction / Loyalty oath is not about Arabs, it’s about hatred of liberal values

Israeli soldiers to testify behind screen in Corrie Case

Paging blueraven95

Can I change my entry?

Vegas Peeps...just a few...

Water Bouncing off Carbon Nanotubes

Anopheles gambiae (mosquito) heart (100X) Small World Gallery

Who do you like most from the Fifth Circle of Hell?

When Tony Blair the believer meets Christopher Hitchens the atheist

Pedophile priest leaps to death


Why I have decided to believe in God

Today in Labor History Oct 13 The mostly female and minority workers won union recognition and pay

UMass hospitals will cut 350 jobs

San Francisco’s Hotel Frank[enstein] puts on a Horror Show for Employees

APWU : Postal accounting requirements the result of "anti worker" Congressmen

Today in Labor History Oct 14 The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., won the Nobel Peace Prize

Express Scripts Threatens To Close Pennsylvania Plant Destroying Hundreds Of Jobs

Why, why, why?

Any chance of a "Hide threads by keyword" feature?

Does DU officially support any political party outside the US?

RE: WARNING: Gruesome video!

Another question...sorry!

Would you consider instructing mods to delete all posts about Unrec?

Can we have a grace period for posts?

Re: Phoonzang suggesting a UFO forum

Please keep the "unrec" feature

Was there a way to prevent zombies and socks from having their survey results posted?

Why don't you purge all the unrec whiners?

What's the alert density like around here?

Why can't other people, besides the OP, post in a thread in this forum?

I'm for a UFO forum also

Implementing a Donation Forum would be an excellent way for struggling DU members to help them

Suicide Policy...

When I had to change my user name, why did I lose my

Will you ever bring back hate mail?

What exactly was "the hate mail"?

Are you ever going to bring back The Underground?

DU Activists Corps

When will you be analyzing the results of the latest poll and deciding if changes

Why can't we have a "singles" forum?

I have more of a suggestion rather than a question

Saw the pic of the brain trust here

The 'unrec' feature keeps the crazy off the front page. The most embarrassing posts...

I'll start by saying I love this site even when I hate this site

"Only the member who started this thread may respond" -- but why?

Don't you ever wonder when you'll find the time and energy to respond to all of these queries?

Have you begun to realize why you shut down ATA in the first place?

2 questions: Could We Extend Our Favorites?

Can you confirm this is the only known photo of all 3 of the admins of DU?

So did you watch that debate last night with Coons vs. O'Donnell? What did you think?

I have two questions

I have been reviewing...

Can you explain the Alan Grayson post the other day?

Whatever happened to the 'barring rules violators from posting in a thread' feature? n/t

I have a question about where to post a video...

Would it be possible for a mod to inform a member of why they removed a post?

If we get a UFO Forum, will I be able to unrec in it?

Do you ever wake up, read a news item, and dread logging in to DU?

Streamlining "hide thread"

Question submitted by JuniperLea

Regarding health and safety in the Religion forum

re: "gruesome footage" ad, top lefthand corner

The "deleted post" feature.

Oh, all right... another from JuniperLea!

You know how I was asking about words for your spiritual path?

Hoo boy.....very nearly had a serious car wreck yesterday.

They talked about a UFO sighting in NYC on GMA this morning

The Alert button doesn't work for me. Is this a subliminal message that my alerts suck?