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Baseball: Why do some players wear knee pants in a game?

Cauldron of Confusion

Just because..................

I have a pipe dream

Good analysis of Joe Miller's little tax problem at Progressive Alaska

Who is London Rayne? And WHAT Is HER CONNECTION With David Vitter?

I just got some weird robo-call fake conference call thing from Pam Bondi's campaign.

Is the Creation Museum planning to SHOOT the heretics?

What does sign language tell us? The D and the R

Dick Cheney Reality Show

Dick Cheney Reality Show

Alan Grayson: I hope you keep your login handy

Latest novel out on Kindle

Here's another thing that pisses me off

If the Rethugs take the House can they actually do anything

Obama task force probing banks on foreclosures, criminal charges possible

Amy Goodman: When Banks Are the Robbers

An open letter to Tea Party storm troopers and "security forces":

Rachel's tearing the ReTHUGS a new one

Any body watching Law and Order

In Law School, D.C. Circuit Pick Researched Healthcare Rationing

Koch Network of Evil meets in Palm Springs next January

Yay! TV's Frank is on KO, with Cenk!

Shriners Hospital passes hat — to insurers

Shriners Hospital passes hat — to insurers

House Polling Dump - 10/19/10

Shriners Hospital passes hat — to insurers

Court in UAE says beating wife, child OK if no marks are left

I'm with Jimmy!

Judge reaffirms ruling allowing gays into military

Giannoulias To Kirk: 'You're Trying To Suppress The African-American Vote'

Joe Miller supporter: He “bowled over” my 8-year-old son, “didn’t care at all.”

How billionaire donors harm public education

Tea Party extremist Ron Johnson wants to drill in the Great Lakes.

I Really Can't Tell... Is This Bad News, Or Good News ???

Secretive Republican Donors Are Planning Ahead

DNC Chair Kaine: Latest Republican ad campaign goes well beyond political trickery

Club for Growth Doubles Down for Toomey (v. Sestak) in Pennsylvania

Wow... This Photo Speaks Volumes

I haven't posted a thing in quite some time.

I haven't posted a thing in quite some time.

Giannoulias To Kirk: 'You're Trying To Suppress The African-American Vote'

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Latest "News" just printed in local paper....

Colbert on Letterman!

A weekend on the boat ...St Pete ...Tampabay "dialup warning"

Harvey Pekar died from accidental overdose of two anti-depressant medicines

Contributing again to ALAN GRAYSON!

Are there any Christian denominations that endorse and support evolution?

O'Reilly: Mohammed Ali and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were not responsible for 9/11

WOW: Morning Call/Muhlenberg PA-SEN tracking poll: Sestak overtakes Toomey

Cockroaches and Health Care

Video of O'Donnell's stunning lack of knowledge of our Constitution.

Thought Christine O'Donnell was bad my wife just told me about a

Joe Barton and Christine O'Donnell think they are SO SMART...

are Teabaggers correct about socialized medicine ?

Faux did propagana films for hitler in 1932??

What some college students think of election, White House (CNN)

O'Reilly Marvels That Even Though Condi Was Black, She Wasn't "A Little Thug...Thugette"

I think Ginny is on an arrogant high and she just called Anita to be a B**** plain and simple

DNC On Pace For Top Fundraising Month - Raised $11.1M In First 13 Days

US Military Aid Far Outpaces Democracy Assistance

Don’t Man Up, Grow Up

Ya know that commercial about a bird in the hand/two in the bush . . . . ?

THE NATION: Feingold Battles Back

Christine O'Donnell is not a Scientist, a Lawyer, or Smarter than a 5th Grader

My e-mail to a couple of my friends in Wisconsin

New poll from Wisconsin: Feingold is Catching Up

Get stocked up on your Emergency (Glenn Beck sold) Food here!!!

John Nichols: Feingold Battles Back

art and marijuana

"Thanks for bringing, um, things, um, up again, Ginny." - L.D.S.

Thank you Mr. Grayson. You just put DU on the map. I hope other congressmen follow suit.

KochWatch, website tracking the Koch brothers' money, etc.

I am outraged! Are you not outraged? By Mark Morford

Tim Cahill uses $20,000 in public campaign funding to pay legal bill

True the Vote teabags being probed by DOJ for voter intimidation

Jerry Brown (with assist from Arnold) skewers Whitman with "Echo" ad

DOJ Probing TX Tea Partiers For Voter Intimidation

National Prayer Breakfast Organizer Accepted Money from Terrorist Finance Group

People who escaped arrest

Rachel maddow pointed out that O'Donnell isn't the ONLY Tea Party

REVEALED: Joe Miller associated with extremists- Alaskan militia!

Bill Moyers: 'money as the dagger directed at the heart of democracy'

Health Insurance Exchanges

Washington Post: Democrats hope early voters will give them an edge

XKCD - "The Economic Argument"

Watch: Stephen Colbert storms off ‘The View’

"Interestingly, it's all in the polling places in Hispanic and African-American areas."

m$nbc: is there ANY hope for the democrats?

The British Spending cuts - live from Parliament

dupe plz delete n/t

dupe plz delete n/t

dupe plz delete n/t

Ben Sargent Toon "These are the active ingredients?"

Jon Stewart On Larry King Tonight


"They believe what they say..." Octavia Butler

Say goodbye to traditional free checking

Toon: The teenager wing of the Democratic Caucus

Wright is Wrong

Is it even POSSIBLE that Mrs. Thomas thought Anita would

China has halted rare earth shipments to USA now.

Clarence Thomas' wife calls Anita Hill, wanting her to apologize for

I just don't get it. Seriously.

65 Law Professors Endorse Legalization of Cannabis (Yes on Prop 19)

Seattle police raid, then run massage parlor

I really feel like I'm *missing* something ...

President Obama, abandon this appeal of the unconstitutional ruling on DADT.

Why does Palin get more attention than the "God Warrior" from Trading Places?

"Don't Vote", possibly the most vile election ad ever

The brother of Dick Hickock (one of the killers in IN COLD BLOOD) wrote a book. Anyone here read it?

WOO HOO! Top story in my local paper: Sestak gains in Senate race

Looking Ahead....

Anita Hill Should Offer To Take A Lie Detector Test If Clarence Thomas Does

Joe Miller Hates the Military...Throws soldiers under the bus

Kitty Delenn-- UPDATE! Good news!

Open Letter to "Reverend" Phred Phelps re: DADT's Reversal

GracelessGranny: Day #... I haven't got a clue. My mind has turned to mush.

for my money, the guy should be referred to as Randy Paul

Latest neurological evidence shows that Teabaggers are, indeed... "different" from the rest of us.

Mama Grizzly's dittoheads have the same high standards for dance as for politics

Mama Grizzly's dittoheads have the same high standards for dance as for politics

Baseball and Politics...

It no longer makes any sense for the wealthy to vote Republican.

Corporate Media Pimp Alert: Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ)

Last night I disagreed with Rachel on two counts

Whom would you like to see as chairman of the Democratic National Committee?

So who besides Anita Hill should apologize in Ginny Thomas's mind?

Open enrollment time for my Health Care Plan...

Anita Hill Needs to Apologize? Please

Boeing drops bomb in Senate race

Hey Alito! Put on your Man Pants and face up to the repercussions from your decisions

Sign The DROP FOX Petition From Media Matters

Without TARP and the bailouts ...

NAACP Report Ties Tea Party to Militia and Racist Groups

The economic fallacy of ‘zombie’ Japan

NAACP blasts Tea Party for extremist ties

Bloomberg: Wall Street Bailout Returns 8.2% Profit, Beating Treasury Bonds

A reminder about the Thomas Hearings . . .

Testing the Internet waters by forwarding racist e-mails? Happens To The Best Of Us

Tea Party Group Accused of Voter Intimidation in Houston Early Voting

Intel plans $8 billion expansion to include new Hillsboro plant (Portland Oregon)

Fuzzface Miller's former colleagues were 'relieved' when he left the firm.

Audit: NJ Turnpike Wasted Millions on Perks


New ISAT lets kids pass with more wrong answers

New ISAT lets kids pass with more wrong answers

Eviction looms for musician who chose to help kids

AlterNet: Hemp Is the Far Bigger Economic Issue Hiding Behind Legal Marijuana

There's a thread up on "Palin's Alaska" that is BEGGING for your comments

So, now that there has been a shift in the Senate polling what will Wolf and Gergen do?

Request for suggestions on response to

MarketWatch: Republicans would do nothing for economy

please delete*

Who is your favorite political writer/reporter?

Anita Hill: ‘I have no intention of apologizing’

Mother Jones: Rand on the Run

Inflation Math. A response to fools who use "Obama's 2 years of debt = US debt 1776-1990"

Crystal Cathedral files for bankruptcy amid mounting debts [Updated]

Sink (D-FL) camp releases Scott (R-Liar) deposition video

Goyim have no place in the world - only to serve the People of Israel

I don't know if this is "enthusiasm," but...

11 State Pension Funds that May Run Out of Money

11 State Pension Funds that May Run Out of Money

Ginny Thomas cancels NPR at last minute..

Oh gawd, they have O'Donnell people campaigning outside the local Planned Parenthood

Are Employers Using The Great Recession To Drive Down Wages=You Tell Me

"Who threw the poo?" - Clarence Thomas (R - Just Us)

More Than a Million Ballots Thrown Out in Afghan Vote

Hartman got a live one

Iran to try US hikers accused of spying in November

Sanity Rally, are you going? Do you support it?

The Rude Pundit:Regarding Tea Party Senate Candidates, the Best Explanations Are Always the Simplest

Let's See if Christine O'Donnell Weighs the Same as a Duck

Johnny...What do you want to be when you grow up?

Is my assessment of this election correct in my response to an old friend?

Candidate Confuses Markeys

Big time bagger finger pointing about their vetting process. Or lack there of?

Central Valley motorists might be forced to pay region's air pollution fines

But they're not racists, really.......

Who was that person opposite Robert Reich this morning on "Talk of the Nation?"

The French serve up one helluva school lunch

Merkel Says Multiculturalism Has Failed

ACLU Seeks Public Records To Determine Constitutionality Of Foreclosure Proceedings In Florida

Wife just Checked O'Donnell's website about the Church/State Stupidity

Great. 10-30 attendees will be accused of being full of shit

Great. 10-30 attendees will be accused of being full of shit

Feingold's Competition Doesn't Have An Answer For Anything

Dems! Let's do the TIGHTEN up....

My EST training form 1983 came through today and reminded me that

Memo to the media: The Teabublican thugs are coming for you next

The US could learn something from the UK

Canada had a miserable quarter, Bank of Canada says

Two weeks to go and right on schedule

I just voted against Denver's Space Alien Welcome Committee.

If she wasn't so damaging to the country I'd almost feel sorry for McCain

1/1/11 Prescription required for OTC drugs purchased with FSA funds

Octodoc faces medical license hearing today.

Who would you say is most responsible for the current political mess for Democrats?

Heads up - Pat "jail doctors" Toomey & Joe Sestak debate tonight,

November 3rd: The media will have egg on their collective face

How can the guy who Took ‘Responsibility’ For Largest Medicare Fraud In History be up by 6 pts?

just saw faux noise new advertisement......"moving forward"...

A flight of fantasy regarding Anita Hill and Virginia Thomas

File this under; "You can't make this stuff up."

Time to vote against Rick Perry.

Bill Clinton will be delivering a lecture in Jamaica on Monday

Larry Flynt Offers PORN-LOVER Carl Paladino a JOB

Tea Party Terrorists intimidating voters in Texas

#1 reason to keep Dems in pwer? Supreme Court nominees.

Judge Thomas’ Ex: Anita Hill Was Accurate

Judge Thomas’ Ex: Anita Hill Was Accurate

We all know Tea Bagger is just another phrase for Republican, so

Commodity Futures Trading Commission judge says colleague biased against complainants

Quite a letter!

Wells Fargo Reports 3Q Results

Just voted and took a younger voter with me

‘US’ Chamber Of Commerce Teaches American Firms How To Outsource

Of all the great men who have been President, who could get elected today?

Based on what you know now, should there be consequences to Slappy's wife calling Anita Hill?

White House Dispatch: Obama to do "Daily Show" on eve of election

Koch Bros. invite fellow plutocrats to secret confab in Rancho Mirage to plot next election

The Anita Hill/Virginia Thomas is another shiny object

NO, dipshit, "WE" don't need to get "PASSED" it. "SHE" is "PASSED" it. YOU aren't. Tough luck.

Just curious....are there any Republicans left who aren't nuts?

Virginia Thomas Cancels ‘On Point’ Appearance

DOJ Gathering Info On Tea Partiers Accused Of 'Hovering Over' Voters

One More Reason for Medicare for All

Brother of Steven Slater's boyfriend robs couple's home while ex-JetBlue attendant was in court

20 years ago GOP Candidate stood by while teen age girl was illegally strip searched!

Racist Email Flap Blows Up Virginia Beach GOP

Fyi - Jon Stewart is going to be on Larry King tonite.

Clarification: Thomas' SECOND wife is asking for an apology from Anita Hill.

Clarification: Thomas' SECOND wife is asking for an apology from Anita Hill.

Who do you trust?

Is there a doctor in the house? . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Sharron Angle Claims Harry Reid Pressured The Las Vegas Sun To Change An Unfavorable Headline


Wisconsin Paper Endorses Feingold After Johnson Deer-In-Headlights Moment

Former NY State Sen. Hiram "Slasher" Monserrate Indicted For Corruption


UK arts funding faces savage cuts

Toddlers’ Favorite Toy: The iPhone, Childhood development specialists concerned

In Chamber speech, Rep. Waxman takes swing at CoC's political spending

Christine O'Donnell Advertises ENDORSEMENT From BIGOT Blogger Pamela Geller

Question, because I see this claim all the time, why is a legislative repeal of DADT more....

Thomas’s Ex: Anita Hill Was Accurate

pastor found dead in son's pitbull pen (17 dogs)

Big Banks Explain Why They Won't Give You A HAMP Modification ~ Huff Po

The Preamble as it stands today..........

all the news that's unfit to print-today in a local paper...

Dr. Boyce: Clarence Thomas’ WIFE Is A Bit DELUSIONAL


I'm inspired to get out and vote when the administration files a stay on the DADT ruling...

BREAKING: In DADT case, 'the Court DENIES Defendants' Application for a Stay'

Fox News Advertiser Considers Tides Foundation Ad Boycott

Velvet Underground's Moe Tucker Explains Tea Party Connection

On Monday, Bank of America (BOA) and GMAC of Ally Financial resumed forceclosure evictions

A false rape conviction, 22 years in prison — and now an $18.5 million award

This Modern Disconnect

NY Times - "Justice Thomas' wife asks Anita Hill for apology" - Crazy!

How do we know SCOTUS will uphold the 9th Circuits ruling on DADT?

Connecticut Dems Smackdown: File Complaint Alleging WWE-McMahon Coordination

Polls show Pennsylvania Democrats overtaking rivals

Austan Goolsbee Explains Jobs

UK to Slash 500k Public Sector Jobs, Raise Pension Age to 66

Conway:VIDEO UPDATE: New poll- We're leading!

Fox Down

NAACP Report Ties Tea Party to Militia and Racist Groups

Schumer cutting monster checks to fellow Senate Democrats

Sestak lead looks legit

Mozilo, Countrywide Exec

Get in the Game!

Devaluing professions

2nd poll shows Sestak with lead in PA, up by 3%

October is Bumper Sticker Season!

Just a thought about Don't ask, Don't tell

DeMint hits Murkowski on abortion in TV ad

Burning question...

The ACLU is sending its new T-Shirt to...GLENN BECK, lol!

Here in Minnesota, the GOP have solved our economic woes!

Why is Miz Thomas demanding an apology from Professor Hill now?

Nine Stories The Press Is Underreporting

OK... I say we have two weeks left till the election which means

So NOW Rove calls Teabaggers "unsophisticated?"

SarahPAC Candidate "Should Be in Jail"

Another "healthcare" rant: has this happened to you?

The Congressman Grayson Live Blog thread is wonderful!

Minimun Wage Unconstitutional?

Alarms over radiation from thyroid cancer patients

Tell Clarence Thomas: It's time for YOU to apologize to Anita Hill

Racist emails to Texas voter registration group? You betcha.

The ReTHUGS no facts election 2010

Watchdog Groups File Complaint With FEC on 501c4 Group "American Future Fund"

Is Clarence Thomas ill?

Is Clarence Thomas ill?

Backlash as miners shot by Chinese overseers (in Zambia)

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson: "Kendrick is surging"

"the party of cowards"

What Is Wrong With People Anymore?

"Glenn Beck paranoid, misleading and hateful" inspires violence

Which media hacks do DUers think are on the Koch

In 1996 Clinton DOJ intentionally and deliberately FAILED to appeal a court decision ...

Watch Sarah Palin Desecrate a Flag

Microsoft and CEO donate $500,000 to oppose state income tax

Kanye West has his teeth replaced with diamonds

Politicians who don't understand the Establishment Clause should not be rewarded with election

This Modern World- The invisible hand

Pa. Democrat admits helping Tea Party candidate

Russ Feingold touting Health Care Reform

The Police shooting of Danroy Henry (College Student) was 100% justified!

The Police shooting of Danroy Henry (College Student) was 100% justified!

I once heard an interesting thing about the separation of church and state

Obama Admin seeks stay of 'Don't ask, don't tell' ruling

I can't wait for Russ Feingold to win

If Bush were in office we would be bashing the ever loving shit out of him for appealing the judges

If Bush were in office we would be bashing the ever loving shit out of him for appealing the judges

Pres. Obama, you want a morale booster for the military?

Arrrgh! Severe Hardball Stupid Attack!

Arrrgh! Severe Hardball Stupid Attack!

Post here 'apologizes' you or your loved one is still expecting

Let Evolution fight for Evolution

I knew Michael Steele looked familiar (duh)

Borowitz: Three Things to Do When Clarence Thomas’s Wife Calls You

Time for the newest quiz: Is it a corporation or a cult?

Hey, Illinoisans, this Alexi Giannoulias. I'm impressed

Redefining Birthright Citizenship, One State at a Time

The 'Angel of Death' video Ed Schultz exposed on his show is on the link below...

SarahPAC ads annoying the hell out of anyone else?

Rich Iott (R-OH) Accused Of Promoting Misleading Military Record

On Rob Miller (SC) Conference Call Now - Going Up Against You Lie Wilson

News flash: Birds and bees can't make babies

The Senate Polling Dump - 10/20/10

We Got A Phone Message From Obama

Aerial bombardment to reforest the earth

VP BIDEN: 'I've had it up to here.'

NYC DOE is planning to release Teacher performance data to the public

AP Continues to Coronate Boehner as "Speaker"! The election hasn't happened yet!

Women's voices group puts out an ad against GOP Ken Buck

***SOS Clinton, M.E. Peace Process, C-Span2 now

MEMO: Health Insurance, Banking, Oil Industries Met With Koch, Chamber, Beck To Plot 2010 Election

Press Freedom Index 2010

***Illinois Governor's Debate, 8:00 edt, c-span

Instead of talking about Mrs. Thomas, why are the media not discussing

Instead of talking about Mrs. Thomas, why are the media not discussing

Bill Clinton tells UCF crowd: Support Kendrick Meek

DCCC Files FEC Complaint Against McCain Claiming He Violated McCain-Feingold

Scott McAdams has raised a million dollars in two months.

I find myslef in complete agreement with the Express Jet pilot who refused to be frisked

I'm standing awkwardly at the door, having just asked to speak with a dead man.

Like House & Senate GOP Candidates, Most Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Global Warming Deniers

Justices Scalia And Thomas's Attendance At Koch Event Sparks Judicial Ethics Debate

This is what the GOP is offering - 10th Congressional district, Mass.

I love DU, but come on...

An enigma, wrapped in a puzzle, surrounded by theoretical

Haha! (as predicted) Beck goes ballistic over Soros donation to Media Matters

Rubicans gunna win. Democrats gunna lose. Blah Blah Blah Fucking Blah

Lord have mercy!!! Crystal Cathedral teeters on the edge

Beautiful Beatle Montage

Healthcare is too damned high!

Playboy's 1968 Playmate of the Year Angela Dorian Charged with Attempted Murder

It's No Wonder That MSM Wants All The Election Races Close.....

Justices Scalia And Thomas's Attendance At Koch Event Sparks Judicial Ethics Debate

Today's Bad News: West Virginia Senate Leaning Republican Again

On how the leopard got its spots

Ginni Thomas: "what you did WITH my husband"

Is Ringo A Teabagger?

Another endorsement for Tarryl Clark, scathing about Bachmann

Has the Tea Party's favorite Witch made any follow up clarifications on her Constitutional faux pas?

John Elway among those taken for a ride by Colorado hedge fund swindler

anybody watching Orrin Hatch lie his ever loving ASS off about Anita Hill?


I am scared

VOA: No enormous consequences since DADT was halted

College student named police chief in Mexico; no one else applied

Things that people forget (or never knew)

Weep for Incurious George: He misses being "pampered" at the White House

Weep for Incurious George: He misses being "pampered" at the White House

Boy, am I fucking sick of Yahoo news.

Republican is on Lawrence O'Donnell explaining ad that tells hispanics not to vote

Sink (D-FL) vs Scott (R-LIAR) Debate on right now

33 Miners Saved in Chile / 37 Miners Dead in China

Elect the willfully ignorant!

put on your purple today

Sestak Kicking Toomey butt on jobs! Streaming at

Tory multimillionaire witch-hunts welfare claimants

Tory multimillionaire witch-hunts welfare claimants

PTC has a hissy fit over GQ's "Glee" cover because the adults posing play high schoolers

Breaking News: Small band of 1/2 primate/human found in remote island of Indonesia

Obama to appear on Daily Show on 10/27

77-Year-Old Brutally Beaten For Comic Collection, Dies

Orin Hatch Is On CNN Pimping Clarence Thomas

Anita Hill was a remarkable woman back then. A role model. A hero, in many ways.

Fall Harvest at the White House - Michelle Obama pics

Well, the AP is running news story after news story

Defining a Generation

We the Plutocracy

I wore purple today.


Once DADT is indisputably DEAD and BURIED, I'm sure that all the homophobic brass are free to resign

Voter Registration Group Targeted By TX Tea Party Group Receives Vulgar, Racist Threats

Voter Registration Group Targeted By TX Tea Party Group Receives Vulgar, Racist Threats

Strickland Catches Kasich in Ohio

i've never seen so many blatant lies in political ads.

Rioters rampage, protesters block French airports

Aidan is five. He has leukemia. He sells monster drawings to help pay medical bills

Justice Alito says he won't attend the next SOTU address

I just donated to Russ Feingold's campaign.

Just talk to a small business owner voting for Rossi

Cenk on for Keith tonight!

Escaped chimpanzee causes a ruckus

Does anyone have a Picture of Aqua Buddha ?

A few paragraphs from Taibbi's article on selling off our highways, foreign countries.

Teabaggers misuse the word "theory". O'Donnell did this.

Gulf oil spill ...the dolphins are back. Pics "dialup warning"

Obama nixes gay judge nominee because he didn't think 'Merry Christmas' was inclusive

So, I'm currently in Portland, OR, for work and just found out that the President will be here!

Toon: "Why are you so grossly misinformed?"

So I got my HC plan from my employer for 2011...

Ginni Thomas is scum and an embarrassment to all women

Is Anita Hill a GOP operative?

Well, my suspicions are now confirmed--this all about the 'Legacy' of Clarence Thomas.

Florida can't avoid having a Tea Bag senator.

Worthy proposes jail for parents who skip kids' school conferences

Hemp Is the Far Bigger Economic Issue Hiding Behind Legal Marijuana

Is anyone else worried about the 2011 redistricting if Republicans are controlling State Houses and

Breaking: Conway leads!

Greg Palast:: SarahPAC Candidate "Should Be in Jail" vote "caging" exposé on Tim Griffin

"Now Hiring" sign out but no job openings? I got my hair permed last

One of the Best toons on the Tea Baggers yet

Buckle Up, Everyone... The Sestak Surge is For Real

Woman who dated Clarence Thomas says Hill's story is 'totally consistent with the way he lived'

Wake Up, America! War Off the Radar, Congress Fails -Paul Reickhoff,IAVA


Where poverty is rising in America...

Bush: ‘I Miss Being Pampered’

McLaughlin Group blames "Professional Left" but this blog sets it straight

Six Months Later, an Oil Disaster Spreads Across the Gulf

The Ginny Thomas phone call is a "political" contrivance??

Virginia "Ginni" Lamp Thomas, dutiful wife of Clarence--ex-cult member

Small Businesses do not create jobs

Dan Savage: 'Thank you, Mrs. Thomas'

So I finally saw the Aqua Buddha ad ...

Gulf of California rockin' and rollin' today

Wilson blasts Cheney as 'traitor'

Elvira: "I'm not a witch."

Will Dems have their legal team out there at the polling places like

3.5 million march in france v. austerity budget

Speculation & hunger altert: President Aquino (Philippines) cuts food (rice) subsidies

Memo LEAKED Beck, Koch bros, Chamber coordinated with Banks & Insurers on 2010 election strate

Wife of Clarence Thomas Calls Anita Hill...(wait for it)...To Demand An Apology

A local racist head exploded when he found out the wife of Justice Thomas is white.

White House rejects gay judicial nominee

Durban cites "clean coal" on Matthews' show . . . . Dick, I love ya, but c'mon. "Clean Coal?"

In Heated Debate, McDonald's Insists Happy Meals Can Grow Mold

In Heated Debate, McDonald's Insists Happy Meals Can Grow Mold

Andrea Mitchell is actually letting some of her guests rip into Virginia Thomas,

Canadians stop "Fox News" type channel from starting

Canadians stop "Fox News" type channel from starting

"Tea Parties—Racism, Anti-Semitism and the Militia Impulse" from the NAACP

One-Fifth Of Juvenile Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Killed by BP Oil Spill

Reminder: Inhofe and The Family bear responsibility for Ugandan violence against suspected gays

Uganda newspaper publishes 'gay list,' calls for their hanging

Valerie Plame Wilson Fights Scandal With 'Fair Game' (heard this on NPR today)

Hill: "I don’t apologize. I have no intention of apologizing, and I stand by my testimony in 1991."

HEADS UP: Ninth Circuit Stays DADT Injunction

WHY is Obama trying to bring Don't Ask Don't Tell Back?

It is complete and utter BS to say "Obama HAS to appeal DADT decision".

The Koch Empire and Americans for Prosperity (Pam Martens)

Keep Sarah Palin off of Discovery!!

Does any else think we are at the cusp of an evolutionary change in American politics?

European democracy

Voter Protection

Tea Party Founder Turns on Palin, Gingrich, and "Douchebag Groups Focused on God, Guns, and Gays"

Senate predictions: we lose 6 seats

Here are the results from the 2010 Democratic Underground Member Survey.

Betrayal of GLBT community: Obama administration formally files appeal to DADT overturn

There is a Place in the 9th Circle of Hell for Scalia , the U.S. Chambers of Commerce and the GOP

Hillary Clinton wore purple today.

Virginia 4th-grade textbook criticized over claims on black Confederate soldiers

Virginia 4th-grade textbook criticized over claims on black Confederate soldiers

ROLLING STONE: The Case for Obama-A Truly Historic Presidency

NAACP Report Ties Tea Party to Militia and Racist Groups

Joe Miller's Private "Guards" Were Active-Duty Military: Handcuff Journalist For Asking Questions

Anyone in the DC Area see the DISTURBING Missy Smith tv ad?

Glenn Beck says evolution is ridiculous-hasn't 'Seen A Half-Monkey, Half-Person Yet'

Radical Anti-Choice Group In Colorado Runs Ad Calling Obama ‘The Angel Of Death’

NBC/WSJ Generic Poll - Some good nuggets mixed in there

Sharron Angle SLAMMED By Tea Party Rival Jon Scott Ashjian: 'She Lies' -Huffington Post

John Rease Linked to Exclusive Florida Country Club Casts Shadow on Campaign.. Huff Post


Bill Londrigan | Rand Paul: a man of the (very rich) people

More Action in America from the Network of Billionaires

Dems campaigning for Dems

Sparks Fly Between Nikki Haley, Vincent Sheheen in S.C. Governor's Debate

Virginia Thomas Leaves Anita Hill a Voicemail Asking for An Apology

Virginia Thomas Leaves Anita Hill a Voicemail Asking for An Apology

Obama will be on The Daily Show Wed. night.

Republicans want to end Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

Rand Paul Is Offended, Joe Miller Is Offensive

Do the republicons think they are winning because..

Lets face it, GOP voters do not CARE AT ALL who is running as long as they are GOP!

Lets face it, GOP voters do not CARE AT ALL who is running as long as they are GOP!

The upcoming election

The upcoming election

DNC Raises $11 Million in Two Weeks - best midterm haul ever.

Why is it that when Republicans scream "he's a Muslim Socialist," the media says they're tapping in

POTUS hits the trail out West - OR, WA, CA, NV coming up.

Limbaugh Admits He Shares Strictly White Country Club with John Raese

TheHill Poll Week Three - Two-term incumbents

TPM: Democrats Take On Secret GOP Money in New Ad

Fake Charity Scammer And GOP Donor 'Bobby Thompson' Indicted

Marist Poll--WA Senate--Murray (D) 48% Rossi (R) 47%

Survey USA--CA Brown up by 7 and Boxer up by 2

Republicans Aren't Reality Based.

Lt. Choi re-enlists. Army recruiters instructed to employ openly gay recruits.

Bill Clinton to campaign for shuler

Bank Bailout Earned 8.2% Profit

Obama Will Skip Visit To Golen Temple In India

Early voting in Navada not looking good for Reid according to Politico

PA-SEN POLL: Sestak 44 (+5), Toomey 41 (-5).

Obama cleans another Bush mess

DOJ Probing TX Tea Partiers For Voter Intimidation

SEIU plans $2 million GOTV effort for Sestak in PA

Siena Poll--NY Gov--Paladino Implodes in NY

Tea Party money spent to send staffers on four cruises

TPM: Racist Email Flap Blows Up Virgina Beach GOP

New poll: Dem closing gap in Pa. governor's race

Shocker: Barack Obama is Now More Popular In Alaska Than Sarah Palin

Federal Budget Reality Check

DNC raised $11.1 million in first 13-days of October

Rep. Kirk wants outside groups to disclose donors

Sestak And Bennet Running Closer In Pennsylvania And Colorado

Is The Tea Party Movement Like A Pyramid Scheme?

Will Richard Shelby Pull A Fast One With His U.S. Senate Seat?

Who supports Speak Pelosi?

The NYT Matt Bai tries to confuse the secret money issue

Dem Counties in Ohio are reporting strong early voting turnouts

How many ways can you say Hypocrite?

Why is this the headline of this article in early voting

ANOTHER Poll With Sestak Leading! (Morning Call/Muhlenberg Poll)

CNN declares new Gallup poll bad news for Democrats

Karl Rove: Tea Party ‘not sophisticated’

Election 2010 - After Coming after Women's rights GOP to Attack Latinos Next if Elected

Rep. Tom Perriello Urges Patience On Economic Growth: 'Instant Gratification' Is What Got Us Into

Feingold's opponent, Ron Johnson, freezes when asked about jobs for middle class

Center for Public Integrity: Stimulus Opponents Ron Paul, Scott Brown Provide Lesson In Hypocrisy

Center for Public Integrity: Stimulus Opponents Ron Paul, Scott Brown Provide Lesson In Hypocrisy

DNC Committing $30 million on turning out '08 Obama supporters

Obama Helps Tighten Races in PA, MD

Hears a early voting beakdown so far in the state of Nevada

Why Has Sestak Pulled Even With Toomey?

Obama Enhances Executive Order To Improve Hispanic Education

Obama Enhances Executive Order To Improve Hispanic Education

Radical Anti-Abortion group in CO makes ad calling Obama "the Angel of Death"

Kenneth Langone, who wrote WSJ op-ed defending the Chamber, attended Koch event

Kirk campaign held “Bejing fundraiser” day before tax loophole vote

Headlines we might see Nov 3:

GM Shell Company Agrees to Set Up $773 Million Trust to Clean Up Abandoned Properties

John Sununu, beneficiary of GOP illegal phone jamming in 2002, projects

Michele Bachmann and other Minn GOP reps sought stimulus funds they publicly railed against

How come the good guys got anthraxed in 2001 but the bad guys didn't / aren't?

Justice Department Goes After Michigan Blue Cross For Antitrust Violations

US Chamber of Commerce Hosts Seminars w/ Chinese Gov. Officials to Teach American Firms

Former GOP national chairman endorses Reid

Wow - in one week you too can be a Constitional Scholar from the Claremont Institue

The Rise of Dark Money

DCCC Files FEC Complaint Over McCain-Funded Ads For AZ Republican Congressional Candidates

In 52 weeks Obama's approval rating is down . . . .

Dear Senator Grassley, F*** You

Shadowy Super PAC Based In Florida, Drops $600K in 'RobertsMoney' in Nevada Senate Race Against Reid

Why I remain a Democrat despite Barack Obama.

Is Sestak/Toomey debate going to be aired tonight? With apologies if already posted before.

Karl Rove is whining in the WSJ, again

This shouldn't require much discussion: IMPEACH SCALIA AND THOMAS! (Link)

Virginia Beach Republican Committee Chair Forwards Racist Email

What is the Fix writer smoking? Her reporting about MA is incredibly misleading.

They Don't Care.

Why hasn't the media released the phone message Mrs. Thomas sent Professor Hill

PPP: IL Senate: Kirk (R) 42% Giannoulias (D) 40%

Rollicking Sheheen-Haley Debate Video (SC Governor's race)

Meg Whitman Twitter FAIL Becomes Youtube Sensation

Democrats suffer from Americans' unwillingness to accept economic reality

CNN/Time Poll--Ohio Governor: Strickland (D) 48% Kasich (R) 47%

Pelosi the Punching Bag

MEMO: Health Insurance, Banking, Oil Industries Met With Koch, Chamber, Glenn Beck To Plot 2010 Elec

Dems lead early voting stats in North Carolina 44-38 percent

George Soros Donates $1 Million To Media Matters To Fight Fox News

Obama Atttacks Conservative Anti-Empiricism - Republicans respond with waaahhhhh!

Russ Feingold is now in dead heat tie with Ron Johnson in new poll

What Role Have Scalia And Thomas Played In The Koch Money Machine?

What Role Have Scalia And Thomas Played In The Koch Money Machine?

MA Duers--Is Barney Frank in trouble?

Viral on YouTube: "5 Minutes with Professor Obama: A Prez Address Like No Other"

Pubs rumored to put Jeb Bush & Condi Rice to run forPrez

Could someone explain why the admistration is appealing the DADT decision?

Tea Party favorites challenge status quo - USA Today

Brilliant "Daily Show"-Worthy Jerry Brown Ad Shows Whitman as Schwarzenegger Parrot

Photos: Everybody CHILL OUT!!!! (The Obama Presidency, Days 637 & 638)

Democratic surge in PA! PA-GOV: (R) Corbett 48, (D) Onorato 46 (+11)

Nate Silver pooh-pooh's PPP's PA senate poll which has Sestak up by 3...

AK-SEN POLL: Murkowski 37, Miller 37, McAdams 23.

Scalia, Thomas have attended Koch bros. 'very private', 'secretive' meetings

Ginny Thomas reminds women we should be thanking Anita Hill

got milk?

A blast from the past ... read how optimistic this article is and


Zombie Facebook is considerably less interesting.

Another quesion for the lounge.

Name that Molina

Surprise Party! (craigery morgan)

deleted n/t

Some odd, late night thoughts

more Ramone's greatness...

The sky was so clear at 2 AM, I could see that Irish constellation

Good political advice for two weeks out (even though it's 40 years old)

My thunderbird email won't let me open it.

Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Head Vodka. Is this for real or did Andy Kaufman put him up to it.

I'm leaving for a while to do some work - Here's a Zappa tune for ya:

There's like this Facebook thingy

Had a job interview last Monday

I have a movie location scout coming by this morning

3 - 1!!! 3 - 1!!!! 3 - 1!!!! Go Texas!!!!

Latest neurological evidence shows that Teabaggers are, indeed... "different" from the rest of us.

Caution: Nudity involved

Do people hate seeing other people having more fun than themselves?

We all of us have our deep dark secret desires and pleasures...

Help stop the horrible animal cruelty -- at the end of the month, remember this face...

You Don't Know My Name

Hang On In There

Has anyone used Clear Network. Is it reliable - what are your thoughts on it

In The Music

It's my 5000th post!

ANyone here use MP3ify?

The Way We Get By - Spoon

My cats have 4 food groups.

Green Bay's roadies should have gotten millions, and Green Bay got the roadie pay

Green Bay's roadies should have gotten millions, and Green Bay got the roadie pay

GM sells all 100 Neiman Marcus Camaro ragtops in 3 minutes

happy statistics day to all on du

Swayzak - State Of Grace

A weekend on the boat ...St Pete ...Tampabay "dialup warning"

World may have ended, but we might not have noticed.

Most Wanted and Least Wanted Paintings

Twelve Ways to Increase your Twitter Followers

Is this too weird?


Best Scene in The Cannonball Run?

The fresh potatoes they use for fries at In 'n' Out are like frigging GRAPEFRUITS.

"...And the award for "DU's Funniest DUer goes to........."

Led Zeppelin's roadies should have gotten millions, and Led Zeppelin got the roadie pay

an interesting little timewasting site

Businesses harassing Immigrant employees.

What do you do when happy's just a state of mind that you were forced to leave behind?

What were they thinking?

How to pet a kitty (The Oatmeal)

Who'd have thought just ten years ago that phone makers would be competing on screen resolution.

What the hell?! Is there a freaking full moon out tonight?!

itunes question: if I have PING turned off, why does it ask me to ping my friends when I buy a song?

Complete this sentence: "Aqua Buddha hates___________"

Anita Hill rocks!!

I'm starting a new message board- The Rent is Too Damn High Underground.

I am caregiving for four people right now..

Gleeks! ***SPOILER ALERT*** Let's Do the Time Warp Again!

Wednesday's kitteh

Say Good Morning to....

You've got a month out at sea and two flasks to fill before you leave...

Here is the time waster to end ALL time wasters

Post a moranic photograph.

Anyone good at ID'ing fonts?

New puppy advice

Complete this sentence: "God hates_______."

5 Questions

Hard Shell crabs & Soft Shell crabs - is there a difference in the *kind* of crab?

Would you you like some champan-yeh?

Cure for people who are against legalizing pot: Six bong hits of Thunderfuck and a bag of Doritos.

What effect is this (guitar content)

Kanye West has his teeth replaced with diamonds

The sausage cat: Four foot Stewie named world's longest domestic feline

I'm making it for dinner tonight, and dammit, it's Veal *parmagiana* NOT this like a date?...

Well, the new cat is gone.

How to improve the classic TV drama LASSIE by casting her as something other than a DOG?

Trying to remember a movie name: death, Texas nuns, and I think a year was in the title.

DIYers, Carpenters, Handy-people! Help with a quick question

Cut unemployment benefits or raise taxes; Jobless Stop-Gap measure expires 1/11

FLASH: Judge Affirms Order Opening Military to Gays

China Tries to Dodge Darfur Bullets Report: Envoys

E. Germany's Wall a model for sealing border: US politician

US military accepting gay recruits

BREAKING: In DADT case, 'the Court DENIES Defendants' Application for a Stay'

Secretive Republican Donors Are Planning Ahead

US Chamber of Commerce lobbyist moderated panel on outsourcing American jobs: report

Democrat: Alaska Sen. Murkowski could play spoiler

Oscar Grant supporters plan Oakland rally Saturday

British aid worker freed in Somalia

Virginia 4th-grade textbook criticized over claims on black Confederate soldiers

Oakland settles suit with family of slain youth (killed by gang unit police officers)

AP: Va. man will admit helping Somali terror group

Iran to prosecute US hikers for espionage on Nov 6

U.S. Soldier Held in Death of Afghan Detainee

Mexico marijuana bust bigger than first thought

Big GOP donors' summit under veil of secrecy

More than 20 percent of vote thrown out in Afghan election

Dems' new TV ad hits corporations for funneling 'secret' money to help GOP

China Said to Widen Its Embargo of Minerals

Britain Details Radical Cuts in Spending, Citing Debt

Memo: Health Insurance, Banking, Oil Industries Met With Koch, Chamber,

Kirk's Senate campaign troubled by embellishment Resume suffers credibility problems

Democrats bank on early voting to bridge enthusiasm gap

MEMO: Health Insurance, Banking, Oil Industries Met With Koch, Chamber, Beck To Plot 2010 Election

Gov't seeks stay of 'Don't ask, don't tell' ruling

UN envoy in Iraq escapes bombing unharmed

Clarence Thomas' Wife Asks Anita Hill to Apologize

Obama requests emergency stay of 'don't ask, don't tell' order

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Spent $37 Million on Lobbying in Third Quarter

(Canadian ambassador to US) Doer in battle over border comments (vs. Sharron Angle)

Pa. Black Lawyer Rejected For Bar In 1800s Honored

French fuel depots forced open amid strikes(may send in paramilitary police to stop rioting)

Memo LEAKED Beck, Koch bros, Chamber coordinated with Banks & Insurers on 2010 election strate

Worthy proposes jail for parents who skip kids' school conferences

Northrop Grumman CEO: ‘Be thoughtful about Pentagon budget cuts’

Terry Branstad says nursing home inspectors have 'gotcha attitude'

White House rejects gay judicial nominee

Tennessee County Expands Its Divisive Subscription Fire Policy

Ethnic Bloodshed Paralyzes Karachi

Ethnic Bloodshed Paralyzes Karachi

CIA Director Leon Panetta's visit to El Paso canceled

Obama backs Venezuela's right to nuclear energy

'It's Not Over': Oil Remains as Life Goes On 6 Months After BP Spill

Scientists pinpoint the farthest galaxy

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 20

As G.O.P. Seeks Spending Cuts, Details Are Scarce

President Lyndon Johnson 'nearly shot dead' hours after JFK assassination

Insurers Test New Cancer Pay Systems

Fiorina refuses to detail spending cuts

Drug czar: Calif. pot law could spark court action

Wall Street Bailout Returns 8.2% Profit Beating Treasury Bonds

(British) MPs challenge David Cameron over News Corp meetings (& BBC license fee frozen for 6 years)

Obama to do "Daily Show" on eve of election

Dan Choi Attempts to Reenlist

NAACP releases report accusing tea party groups of links to bigots

AP-GfK Poll: Likely voters ready to embrace GOP

American court closes investigation into (Blackwater) killing (Iraq) VP’s guard

FLASH: Obama Admin. Seeks Stay of Ruling on Gays in Military

Anchorage Prosecutor: No Charges Will Be Filed Over Journo Detained At Joe Miller Event

Bob Perry Gives $7 Million to American Crossroads

Florida Immigration Bill Allows Police to Skip Over Canadians, Europeans

CIA acknowledges "missteps" led to officers' deaths

US confirms $60bn Saudi arms deal

(Fox News 'Exclusive'): Al Qaeda Leader Dined at the Pentagon Just Months After 9/11

Every big Senate race just got closer

1 in 6 students is regularly bullied, survey shows

FLASH: Federal Appeals Court Permits Short-Term Reinstatement of Ban on Gays Serving Openly

New EU maternity rights voted through to cost Britain £3 billion a year

Cops used fake patient IDs to buy medical pot; was it entrapment

BREAKING: Mark Kirk Held "Beijing Fundraiser"

Soros Donates $1 Million to Media Matters

U.S. to announce biggest arms sale in history today

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson: "Kendrick is surging"

Alaska candidate’s ‘security’ firm allegedly tied to extremist militia

What do you like least and what most about your job?

Chavez backs Iran 'under any circumstances'

Chavez, Ahamadinejad say US is headed for 'the graveyard'

US to give $30M for Colombia land restitution .

National group demands end to prayers at Soddy-Daisy High

Dan Choi Re-Enlists in the Army in Times Square: BEFORE

How To Be A Low-Life Scumbag

Pat Toomey, spokesman for the political wing of the Tea Party would imprison doctors for abortions.

Pew Research Center Chief Admits Fox News Polls Partisan, and Which Teabaggers might win


Sarah Palin -- Common Sense?

Like Palin, Dick Cheney Gets His Own Reality Show

AP: Military Recruiters Ordered to Accept Gay Applicants for 1st Time in History (Lt. Choi Coverage)

Secret Plan

Rand Paul's Kooky College Days

Virginia Republican Resigns Over Racist Dog Joke

Olbermann: O'Donnell's Separation of Church & State Fail

Countdown w/ Cenk: Tea Party Nuts

Barack n Michelle - Get in the Game. GOTV - Get Out The Vote. Hurry.

Republicans Prove that Stimulus Works With Their Written Requests

Al Gore: Vote "NO" on Prop 23

Bill Maher Talks About Outrageous Political Theatre

US losing the propaganda war?

Republicans and The Business of Wall Street, 1 of 2

Rachel Maddow- Parties share faith in racism_ fear

Jimmy Kimmel on Christine O'Donnell's new TLC Reality Show

Tea Party Candidates Aren't So Tea Party-ish

Meg 2010


Do police in "live free or die" New Hampshire arrest people on civil disobedience?

The Last Word - If east germany can do it we can do it

TV's Frank (MST3K) on Countdown

Twins (Jerry Brown Campaign Ad)

Jimmy McMillan Addresses Press After 2010 New York State Governor's Debate

Retired Military Leaders Want to Bring KSM to Justice

CNN Anderson Cooper interview with Lt. Dan Choi (hours after his re-enlistment)

More Native Students Can't Afford Higher Education

Weird Liberal Head Show #197: Alan Grayson is Right- Focus on 2010

Ed Schultz Discusses The US Chamber and Secret Money -

US Chamber Attacks Middle Class Americans

Rachel Maddow- GOPs southern strategy rises again

Jeff Perry - Putting Us At Risk

Apparently everyone is hurting, and the only solution...the ONLY Carly Fiorina. ONLY!

Cenk Uygur Attack: CEO Angelo Mozilo

Clashes break out in Lyon between youths and police

Dylan Ratigan: What happened to the Tea Party?

Elvira's Not a Witch

Lawrence O'Donnell: Plame/Wilson on New 'Fair Game' Movie - 'Karl Rove Betrayed National Security'

KO & Jon Turley discuss immunity for Ashcroft, Obama Dep. of Justice

Stephen Colbert Walks Off! - The View

Rep. Waxman Confronts Chamber On Foreign Funds, Secret Corporate Campaign Money

Dan Choi Re-Enlists in the Army in Times Square: DURING & AFTER

MUST-SEE: Lawrence O'Donnell Blasts 'Don't Vote' Ad Guy De Posada

Know Your Enemy: P.J. O'Rourke

Countdown w/ Cenk: David Axelrod Interview

Anderson Cooper Takes Christine O'Donnell to School

Glenn Beck Craps His Pants Over George Soros Donation

The Profile Teabag Vote

Countdown w/ Cenk: God, O'Donnell & The Constitution

Tea party candidates vow to make a difference in Senate

Grass: The History Of Marijuana

2 minutes of Rick Scott's Columbia/HCA fraud testimony, courtesy Alex Sink.

US missile defence plans could spark EU-Nato tensions

pollsters find Gallups results questionable. How do you define "likely" voter?

SHaron Angle slammed by fellow Tea-partier: "She Lies!"

Protests and Rights Abuses Continue in Honduras. And the Band Plays On

Risking Death to Report the Truth

U.S. Plans Increased Military Aid for Pakistan

Christine O'Donnell Questions Separation of Witch and State

Christian Conservative Leaders Ignore their Values in 2010 Election

Nationalist's Calling For Clean Moscow

Robert Reich: The Perfect Storm That Threatens American Democracy

Tea Party movement: Billionaire Koch brothers who helped it grow

The Koch Empire and Americans for Prosperity

Democrats suffer from Americans' unwillingness to accept economic reality

Ray Ozzie to Leave Microsoft: Has The Future Left the Building?

A Tea Party of populist posers

Clarence Thomas' Wife to Anita Hill: 'Let's Settle Things Over a Can of Coke'

Free Press: FCC Should Consider Comcast-NBC’s Impact on Future Retransmission Disputes

Waiting for Another Watergate

The tea party: A conspiracy by the uber-rich to control America

China Rising

Free Checking is Disappearing......Huffington Post

WTF?: A Letter to Appalled, Puzzled European Friends

Justices Scalia And Thomas's Attendance At Koch Event Sparks Judicial Ethics Debate

Obama Hires a Hustler

Chamber of Commerce Teaches Companies How To Outsource

Wikipedia bans numerous individuals from Climate Change edits

Transmission Backbone: Offshore Cable to Set Stage for Wind

Drumbeat: October 20, 2010

What is the real motive behind the push for nuclear power? Power and money.

Please help prevent oil drilling in the Whittier Hills

20% Of Kyrgyz Glaciers Lost Between Mid-1970s And 2000

Drought Could Hit World's Populous Areas by 2100

China Said to Widen Its Embargo of Minerals

DDOT releases streetcar plan; trains will run in March 2012

Climate Change Won't End the World — Just Certain Real Estate Markets

Renewable standards will create two million jobs, unless right-wing candidates kill them

Health insurance, banking, oil industries met with Koch, Chamber, Glenn Beck to plot 2010 election

Wind Is the New Cash Crop in Rural Wash. Town

The problem with doomers on a progressive website

Which of the following is more important to you?

NFL Says It Will Start Suspending Defenders for Helmet-to-Helmet Hits

ah, so that's where Lance Berkman went (Yankees game)

Thank you Frisco for Benjie Molina!

Bench player red carded

Junkies losing again! YAAAAAY!!!!!

Ex-Notre Dame tennis coach Tom Fallon dead at 93

Cody Ross wants Dan Uggla to join the Giants..

NY papers 10/20 >>

Props to America's team Move over, Yankees -- it's Texas' turn

Rangers 10, Yankees 3

BTW......It's hockey season

For Red Sox fans... look who threw out the first pitches today >>

Statement from Deanna Favre concerning the photos

Better playoff announcers?

********College Football: Week 8********

Colombia: Columnist receives death threat

Protests and Rights Abuses Continue in Honduras. And the Band Plays On

Cuba's Trying to Play Ball, So Where's Obama?

Ecuador: latent hope that trapped miners are alive

US to give $30M for Colombia land restitution .

Obama backs Venezuela's right to nuclear energy

Clark County judge dismisses concealed carry case finding it unconstitutional (Wisconsin)

How can New Jersey imprison a gun owner who broke no laws?

Medical Journal Bias on Guns (New England Journal of Medicine)

Possability of another AWB?

TN GOP Candidate Haslam - Abolish Handgun Carry Permit

A picture to remember Yankees fans by >>

Judge Denies Delay on Gay Troops Order

Do smartphones make you stupid?

Myths about gays debunked

something horrible.

The Advantages of Gay Soldiers Coming Out While DADT is Enjoined

(GLBT) Discrimination proposal draws fire

Administration seeks to resume "don't ask" discharges (SFGate)

VIDEO: Dan Choi Re-Enlists in the Army in Times Square: DURING & AFTER

Check in if you're wearing purple today...

What about those who don't want to marry?

****LAME ALERT*** Gay Patriot - Our guys & theirs

Hah DADT has been killed....Obama and Dem hidden plan was brilliant.

Safed Rabbis urge Jews to refrain from renting apartments to Arabs

AP IMPACT: Israeli Settlers Building 544 New Homes

Palestinians Consider Shift in Strategy on Statehood

US Boat to Gaza Will Launch Next Year

In New York, a 'Hebron Aid Flotilla' to raise money for Israeli settlements

ADL slams Shas spiritual leader for saying non-Jews 'were born to serve Jews'

Fog on the mountain

gray morning in DC

So Mira, what is the verdict on the Prime Lens?

traveling, uhm, light?

I bought a Canon 7D last week...

take me to the river

Stragglers - my last Vegas post - in vivid color


moon leaves

Pont Neuf zaniness...

IFR... turn right heading 180 ascend

A Change is Coming

Pretty space pic: An Odd Planetary Nebula in Hercules

Gotta see the "lessons in ninja evangelism"

Goyim have no place in the world - only to serve the People of Israel

CWA Demands Movement On Labor Case For 250 CNN Workers

LA Times: Meg Whitman ad paints Jerry Brown as labor-union puppet

Talks Fail Between USW, Honeywell in US Uranium Lockout

NJ Governor Reconsiders As Construction Workers Protest Decision To Cancel Huge Tunnel Project

Our county, Santa Barbara has two IT job openings

The survey results submit button doesn't work!

Aries (Blue) Full Moon October 22-23, 2010 By Cathy Lynn Pagano

Are you able to see how many people have hidden any particular thread?

Starcodes - Heather Roan Robbins

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio - Ginny Thomas

Lauren Gorgo: On Your Mark...Get Set.....

Does anyone understand the downloads supposedly going on?

Doreen Virtue says Rachel Maddow is an indigo

As i sit at my computer tonight...

Something to lift your spirits...from National Geographic

How's this for a one-two punch in a pair of dreams from last night?