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KO looks great tonight

***In Performance at the White House, tonite, PBS

Warning, severe reality distortion ahead

Secretive Republican Donors Are Planning Ahead (don't these people know about Karma?)

Palin's Disclosure

Palin's Disclosure

KO looks to be wearing a purple tie. ..

I wonder if this would make a difference

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double post please delete

THANK GOD FOR THE SUPREME COURT (Citizens' United decision)

"This is a problem for the banks & servicers to fix. They can fix it as fast as they feel like it."

Justices Scalia And Thomas's Attendance At Koch Event Sparks Judicial Ethics Debate

Kasich Shows He Has Hannity In His Back Pocket: Goes On Show

A fun way to take out your rage on the republican ads on DU

Jim Hightower: Corporate Corruptistan

Front page froze on noonish posts lil help

Brown Leads Whitman by 8 Points in Latest Poll

Let's take another look at Anita Hill's 2007 NYTimes Op-Ed, shall we?

Lets face it, you only need to sway 10% of the really stupid people! And you win!!!

Foreclosuregate Fallout: How Bad Can It Get For Wall Street?

I hope they execute this bastard...SOON

This is a follow-up to my post yesterday about the Teabaggers' "brains".

Robert Greenwald: Meg Whitman Treats California Like Some EBay Trinket

Hey. Just found this graphic. Take a good look.

Portland rally ...

Google to resume work on $600 million data center in Pryor

Obama Hires a Hustler- Tom Donilon to National Security Adviser

Foreclosure Fiasco headed to a courtroom near you

House Polling Dump 10/20/10

Total Student loan debt now exceeds total credit card debt

Military Law Expert: Joe Miller's Private Guards Violated Government Regulations

God Has a Sense of Humor

The rent is too damned high

On KO: Virginia 4th grade history textbook incorrectly says "thousands of blacks

New GOP strategy: GOP State Reps Seek to Deny Citizenship to Children of Illegal Immigrants

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! “Encore” Wednesday

Turn on Lawrence O'Donnell

CNN poll - voting

Environmental Water Caucus Unveils California Water Solutions: a coalition of 27 groups

Tonight an hour with Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives - Charlie Rose

Fish Oil Use in Pregnancy Didn’t Make Babies Smart

Yes you may. no you may not. Yes you may. No you may not. I said yes. Oh yeah? I say no.

TOON: Tea Party Bedbugs

Keith is a goddamn fool!!!

America on Sale, From Matt Taibbi's 'Griftopia'

Penthouse magazine founder Bob Guccione dies at 79

Just A Reminder- ALL Politicians Are There To Serve THE PEOPLE

The Glenn Beck drinking game!


Senator Boxer....

Was there a logical explanation for this??

Is Vicky Hartzler The MOST ANTI-GAY Candidate in America?

Live feed of President Obama in Portland

Live feed of President Obama in Portland

I love it when the mods elect to clean up the place.

The Science of Liberty - how science and democracy are intertwinned

Brown Leaps Ahead of Whitman in Race for California Governor, Poll Shows

They are editing the Virginia Thomas message to make it look better for her.

There are not "both sides" to teen suicide issue makes WaPo forbid the use of Twitter

There are not "both sides" to teen suicide issue makes WaPo forbid the use of Twitter

They don't make 'em like this any more (obituary)

The TeaParty is over, here in my backyard

I went along on a newspaper delivery route.

UK view of Europe's immigration debate: "Multiculturalism needs defenders"

1 of 2 administrative judges at CFTC has vowed never to let a complainant win.

Would I be a bad person if I called the Thomas household at 7 AM on a Saturday to demand an apology

Kody Lee Kaplon

CDC finds stark regional disparities in teen-pregnancy rates

natixgli does it again...

Global Post: Europeans play catch up on math and science

Want to know how the war in Afghanistan is going? Watch Kandahar.

Tom Toles:Wall Street's way of saying thanks

What ordinary voters see is an economy that is not working for them

The foreclosure mess and DADT

Removing or limiting the platform from which one is heard ...

Tea Party ‘founder’: Palin, Gingrich a ‘joke’

Sarah Palin Desecrates a U.S. Flag - video

The voters in Florida have a right to a debate ....Man up Dan Webster

Illinois Senate debate outdraws Leno, Letterman

Dan Webster is a coward

Michael Moore: Repubs Are Always Worried About Their Pet Corporations Facing Any Real Free Market

British government announces unprecedented social cuts: 1 million jobs

Cartoon: Trick

Oops it's now Tropical Depression #19

chuck toad 'Obama has days to turn it around for his party'

Florida Progressives & Democrats...Demand The Debate!!!

Dr. Joycelyn Elders: Marijuana, Masturbation and Medicine

Efforts to Prosecute Blackwater Are Collapsing

A blunt message to straight supporters of Obama (not all of them but some of them)

Time for Dems to SLAM The GOP HYPOCRITES

So about Christine O'Donnell saying the Constitution does not say there is separation

BREAKING: Ninth Circuit Stays DADT Injunction

Tea Party Express in Pasadena; Gotta be at least 30 people there, video

Glenn Greenwlad: George Soros' "foreign" money


Hillary Clinton offers support to gay teens - story and youtube link

Good news for bean fiends

NYT: Rare Vote Set on a Union in Fast Food (Jimmy John’s )

Raese still hasn't provided tax documents...

Democratic establishment gives up on Alan Grayson: report

Latinos for Reform has ties to other GOP PACs

Latest Kentucky Poll shows Aquabuddhamans lead is shrinking

Chamber's true agenda: Corporate profits through outsourcing

5 REASONS Rand Paul Is A RACIST Conspiracy Theorist


I'm saddened this POS is going to "represent" me in Congress

PBS Just as Corporate, White, Male and Republican as Commercial TV

Why don't the Brits just lay off the Queen?

Breaking into the Food Truck Industry - Part 2

French Leader Vows to Punish Violent Protesters

Chinese drywall settlement covers repairs to 9 homes in Alabama (B'ham News)

If Democrats across the nation would run the Sestak "dog poop" ad..?

Transocean Is Cutting Injured Oil Rig Workers' Pay

Whaaa! Citing Rep. Grayson's 'gutter theatrics,' GOP challenger refuses to debate

Is Carl Paladino Bad for the Tea Party? (Hint: Yes.)

Is Carl Paladino Bad for the Tea Party? (Hint: Yes.)

Another day another bashing how Democrats will lose Congress. Same old talking point

Senator Chuck Ghastly of Iowa needs to stand in the...

Who, what, why: Is foraging fruit legal? (BBC)

Media Project tracks political advertising

CDC finds stark regional disparities in teen-pregnancy rates (Abstinence-Only Education FAIL!!!)

CDC finds stark regional disparities in teen-pregnancy rates (Abstinence-Only Education FAIL!!!)

sigh-sometimes I wonder if it is even worth it-educating the sheeple

MSNBS: Hot air? White House takes credit for Bush-era wind farm jobs

Xerox raises its profit forecast.....and cuts 2,500 jobs

Ron Johnson clueless as to how to help homeless Vets...

Billionaire: You Don't Need No Education

Political Battle Gets Very Personal

Quelle surprise !!!: Teabaggers are climate change skeptics

Texas food factory closed, packaged produce recalled after 5 deaths.

Fox News Sued By Ex-Employee Alleging He Was Fired For Complaining About Workplace Racism

Ever taken a good look at an Amway guy?

"The Trend to Extreme Right in Europe and the USA is Explained by the Fact that the Left and

As predicted RIGHT HERE ON DU!!

Pentagon to NBC News: DADT enforcement to resume immediately

Debates or interviews you'd love to see on TV

Christine O'Donnell is just a Sarah Palin who use periods

Government May OK Direct Tokyo-Osaka Maglev Line

impeach clarence thomas!

A Glimpse into the Silicon Heart of the CIA's Drone Program

The point of the O'Donnell first amendment saga is that teabaggers ignore reality.

Will Islamophobes object to the Saudi Arms deal?

Independent UK: A colder, crueller country – for no gain

Smug Fox contributor reveals endgame.

Rahm wants my money? What a F*ing Re*ard

A primer about the Florida Democratic party

A Culture of Corruption in South Florida

Another big Toyota recall......

Making the rounds on Twitter: Obama's record as an employer of gays

PBS' American Experience wants students to retrace the Freedom Rides

The Democrats' Voter Privacy Fail

*Pelosi on Charlie Rose, rerun, PBS, now.

Annoying Robocall from Crossroads GPS (and American Action Network??)...

Annoying Robocall from Crossroads GPS (and American Action Network??)...

My letter to the Prez (hope he reads it!)

A quote about smoking and corporations worth remembering...

Investment firms, New York Fed demand Bank of America buy back mortgages: which crooks will win?

Condi Rice palled around with Black Panthers and Nation of Islam

G.O.P. Odds of House Majority Now 3-in-4 (Nate Silver)

I learned something new today...all review of laws go straight to the Supreme Court...

The Rude Pundit: A Defense of Juan Williams and Other Media Idiots

Can someone refresh my memory...didn't the 9/11 terrorists...

Is fear on our side this year?

fmr Congresswoman Pat Schroeder for ALAN GRAYSON!

Today's news in local toilet paper...

the wife of a Supreme Court Justice is a teabagger....this is frighteneing

Comic by Derf: Flu Shots, Obama's latest Muslim-Socialist scheme to destroy America!

Tom Toles: Don't Look Now

Some Upset Over Mandatory Tolerance Program

Got an email from someone I met maybe once at a networking event asking

Row over exotic minerals that make modern life tick (BBC) {some good news}

The "Tea-Baggers" are a bunch of frauds.

I invite you to pay a visit to your local Dollar General, Dollar Tree, or other similar store.


Study Shows Gay Teens at Greater Risk

Why election polls should be ignored.


Why do you think Obama is appealing on DADT, and how confident are you of that?

ACLU: Criminal Codes Gone Wild

All the media seems to be aiming for the tobacco-chewing, redneck demographic?

Quinnipiac PA - Toomey (R) 48 - Sestak (D) 46

Join our live chat with Rep. Patrick Murphy, the House sponsor of DADT repeal

Billboard stating Linda McMahon is buying election goes up on I-95!

Billboard stating Linda McMahon is buying election goes up on I-95!

When I was growing up I used to talk politics with my grandpa. He used to tell me the U.S. lives

Nicolas Sarkozy has Bush-level approval ratings

"Multiculturalism hasn't failed here": Canada is doing a much better job than western European

CA Tax Reform Assoc: Whitman would personally gain $8.2 to $42.2 million w/ end of captial gains tax

Today's Republican contradiction

Here is a question ....

President Obama has to appeal the DADT ruling

The Obama administration resurrected DADT on our Day of Remembrance

Crocs on a plane! Aircraft crashes after smuggled crocodile escapes

GOP candidate allegedly stood by while 14-year-old was strip searched

Ken Buck needs a bigger mouth.

Middle Class Decline

"Let me tell you right here and now that I would rather be in our position right now than theirs."

Bush: "my biggest accomplishment is that I kept the country safe amidst a real danger."

Breitbart does America a favor, refuses to appear on NPR

Clarence Thomas's Ethics Problems, Then and Now

Please watch 'Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer' playing on Current TV this month

Hurricane Sarah-"her seat-of-the-pants operation can be a nightmare to deal with"

Hurricane Sarah-"her seat-of-the-pants operation can be a nightmare to deal with"

G.I. L.G.B.T. P.D.Q. - by Mark Fiore

Banker was shot in head

Joe Miller's private "guards" were active-duty military

Can we have a more dignified "crying emoticon"? The sobbing/rubbing eyes one

I support Democrats and Democratic causes

Anyone else having the "Home Page won't refresh properly" problem again?

The proper answer on the "Seperation of Church and State"....

The Class Action Lawyer Ad I Want to Hear:

NY Times: Coalition Routs Taliban in Southern Afghanistan

Fox Business' Tom Sullivan seeks short sale of home

Bush library will feature a "decision theater"- "see the complexity of presidential decision-making"

Buck’s outspoken style roils Colorado race

White House Senior Advisor Valerie (Lifestyle Choice) Jarrett Defends Appeal Of DADT Injunction

Just in case you forgot. The 9/11 hijackers weren't wearing "Muslim Garb".

Just Wrote Out A Check For Grayson

Dan Webster is afraid to debate Alan Grayson

Virginia Thomas Backs Off Debate on the Constitution, Healthcare

I have a question

The myth that Social Security is going broke is just that - a myth

The Huffington Post Sucks

Let's not let them take our country away.

Jon Stewart To Larry King: I Pick On CNN Because It's 'Terrible'

Karl Rove funding "Viagra for sex offenders" lies against Rep. Chris Murphy (D-CT)

"What should we call people who care about climate change and clean energy?"

Toronto, I love you.......P.S.: Please don't elect this pig Rob Ford as mayor

GM now demanding $14/hr in TOTAL compensation (wages +benefits) in Kokomo

I voted.

Right-wing group's mailer warns of "Obamavilles"

Mike Huckabee issues robo-call fatwa RE: Jack Conway...REPENT for questioning Aqua Buddha's follower

Chicago area racial gap in breast cancer mortality is growing

What is the most frequently overturned Circuit of Appeals Court in the Nation?

NOW Toronto: End the Craigslist crusade

NOW Toronto: End the Craigslist crusade

Yale's Delta Kappa Epsilon Pledge Song Encourages Rape

Latest Poll Shows Boxer Leading Fiorina by 5 Points

If anyone can help please Donate to Democrat Joe Sestak

NPR fires Juan Williams for Muslim remarks on Fox

NPR Sacks Juan Williams for "I get worried when I see Muslims on a plane" remarks on Fox

DADT Conflict Explained: Why Obama Administration Lawyers Fight For A DADT Policy Obama Opposes

Automation Insurance: Robots Are Replacing Middle Class Jobs

9th Circuit to hear Proposition 8 appeal argument on Dec. 6

Citizen confronts Alan Grayson (WESH 2 captured 2min of video)

Candidate tries to get himself arrested. Fails miserably

Glenn Greenwald: NPR fires Juan Williams for anti-Muslim bigotry

Andrew Young (John Edwards former aide) Warned Of Jail Time Over Sex Tape Case

More and more I find I hate the MSM and their lackeys (ESPECIALLY AP)

Fear narrows your vision. Puts you in the position of "tell me what to do".

Big Daddy's business: The pot boom helps grow-shops grow

Americans should take lessons from the French

Please DU this poll!!!

The Koch-topus........

The Koch-topus........

LET THE MARKET RULE: 4 deaths tied to bacteria at food processing plant.

Freethought Kampala fights homophobia and unreason in Uganda

Interesting tale about TSA body scanners

Tweety is playing wid di loonies on matters Constitutional

Anyone who thinks any district judge should be permitted to strike down a law without any review

Maxed out on special interest money, lagging in donations, republican party takes out loan

Repuke: Defund the Supreme Court if you don't like their decision...

How Democracy Dies: Lessons From a Master

Too much solar power in Germany

Shoot All The Illegal Immigrants!

Alan Colmes supports Juan Williams...

What did Rahm say, and when did he say it?

The Tea Party should keep their hands off German history. SPIEGEL 10/21/2010:

Dupe, please delete

Mississippi Sheriff's Department Fires Corrections Officer For Being Gay

Missing Vietnam Soldier To Be Returned To Ga. Family - (Patriot Guard Riders Alert)

FLASHBACK: Angela Wright - The 'Other Woman' Of The Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas Debacle

President Obama in Washington - pics

It turns out that the rumors of U.S. Rep. John Dingell’s political demise may have been exaggerated

It turns out that the rumors of U.S. Rep. John Dingell’s political demise may have been exaggerated

RW student on Hardball: Tooomey is gonna lower taxes & create jobs in the small business community"

DADT repeal - why it should have been so bloody simple

Most of us have Fam/friends affected by too much sauce(beer, wine, etc.) and we notice

Ann Coulter looks like shit...

Conservatives Outraged At Juan Williams NPR Firing Didn’t Care When CNN Correspondent Met Same Fate

What's wrong with this picture?

Question: What's going to happen after the election to commercial breaks?

For Chicago Parents, 1 School Library Won with 159 to Go

Senate Polling Dump 10/21 - Either Really Close or Really Not

Adult Truths


Time For Dems To Slam The GOP Hypocrites (Updated) - Gene Lyons/Salon

Anti-grassley: offensive and embarrassing:

Big Corporate Donations and the US Chamber of Commerce...

GOP candidate stood by while a 14 year old girl was sexually assaulted and then covered it up.

Ex-Girlfriend of Clarence Thomas: He Was 'Certainly Capable' of The Behavior Anita Hill Described

Remember, Palin demanded Rahm BE FIRED for allegedly saying the word "retard"

Protect Our Elections Files Complaint Against American Future Fund

Post here if you're not going to click on a thread titled "Ann Coulter looks like shit..."

In Performance at The White House A Broadway Celebration PBS video link

Guardian UK: How bedbugs invaded New York

Dear Glen and Christine, re: the missing half-monkeys

Stupid Human Tricks

Fire out of control at Sacramento area's largest mall after standoff with suspect

Fire out of control at Sacramento area's largest mall after standoff with suspect

Africa - a big continent

Ailes hands Juan Williams a $2 million contract after his firing from NPR...

Donnie Deutsch is an idiot.

DON'T BE A DICK: Four Principles of the New Republican Mentality

DON'T BE A DICK: Four Principles of the New Republican Mentality

DON'T BE A DICK: Four Principles of the New Republican Mentality

Guardian UK: How did the banks get off so lightly?

Netflix suffers big outage as stock hits new peak

A Quote From The Big Dawg

Caption this pic of Newt

The Hill: Poll: Majority says no 'change' under Obama, or change for the worse

Barney Frank Holds Comfortable Lead


Polluter-Funded Groups Spending Almost $70 Million On Anti-Clean Energy Ads

I can't stand going to The Greatest Page anymore because of that advertisement

Tropical Storm Richard

Black councilman told he should work in a cotton field

"In the first 8mo. of this year, more private sector jobs were created than in the entire GWB admin"

Vets stand guard over Christian flag in NC town

Cholera outbreak in Haiti - over 135 persons dead

How about a discussion of civil rights at a higher, more philosophical level?

Top Companies Aid Chamber of Commerce in Policy Fights - NYT

I passed the bar today.

GOP lawmaker looks to increase scrutiny of Obama

Huckabee calls on Congress to cut NPR funding

Along with hanging around the Koch Brothers lately

New Online Tools Allow Democrats To Volunteer From Home

Fox News Sued By Ex-Employee Alleging He Was Fired For Complaining About Workplace Racism

Thursday Afternoons: Majorly Offensive Van!

Maybe it's the cargo pants. Maybe I really need a haircut. Or maybe

Women voters favor right according to guest on Hardball

Palin Endorsements: -2 Net Loss so far in Senate and Governor races

You should feel honored if a teabagger is running in your state.

Belfast mayor leaps woman dressed as tomato, knees her in head

Does anyone else think the R's are talking about D voter fraud because...

Suicide is a major, preventable public health problem.

Meg Whitman's Tweet Takes A Hilarious Detour

I kind of want to contribute during the NPR fund drive now.

Thomas also sexually harassed my mother at a teachers conference.

New poll numbers, Dems in trouble!!

Just give me the REAL REASON for stalling on DADT

Johnny Rotten lost a step-daughter today--Ari Up of the Slits, who was 48

Is Sarah Palin Snubbing Christine O’Donnell?

Live Poor or Die: The New American Retirement

I Can't Defend the Administration on DADT Any More

Sestak has never impressed me until just recently


Kudos to Nancy Pelosi and I mean Kudos!!! Defends Obama Adm

Turn Rachel on........

When Banks Are the Robbers

I don't know about anyone here but when I see native Americans wearing head dresses & tomahawks....

MoveOn Pays For New Ads In 8 Senate And 20 House Districts

Michael Moore: Burning Down the House: A Crime Beyond Denunciation

Federal energy efficiency money used to subsidize old coal plant

Federal energy efficiency money used to subsidize old coal plant

Support the French workers - we are all one

the scary faces of the tea party

FOX Rewards Juan Williams --- With NEW Expanded - $$$2 Million Contract

'If you (or a loved one) died while taking Avandia please call the law offices of ...

NPR fires Juan Williams because of comments on Muslims (BillO strikes again)

Gallup Scandal. Urged to STOP Polling Immediately.

"Too Big to Fail" is becoming "Too Big to Prosecute"....

Growing Up Gay

How did insanity in America become "normal."

The WTF plane crash of the year

2 out of 3 Americans Say Churches Are Contributing LGBT Suicides

In for the Long Haul, How Permanent Are America's Afghan Bases?

Compassioniate faces, evil hearts

Clarence Thomas; It's time for you to apologize to Anita Hill

Homeowner calls his racist Halloween display "white pride"...

Anita Hill changed everything.


Random this similar to the anti-communist memes of the 50's?

What the U.S. Undid for Women in Iraq

Happy Birthday, Dizzy Gillespie!

When Joe Slocum* posts stuff in his Blog, I for one, take him at his very word

Why Clarence's Wife Called Anita: Even Relatives don't understand - insight from Jacob Bernstein

Racism is alive, well, and thriving in America

Joe Wilson called Dick Cheney a "traitor," demonstrating that he still has courage

Democrats Could Lose Up To 8,000 Seats In Upcoming Midterm Election

Hawaii GOP candidate linked to movement that calls for burning pics of Virgin Mary, ‘evil cats’

How will Democratic voters react to the

Waiting for things to get worse so they can get better is dangerous nonsense

Gallagher: Gay teens 3 times more likely to become pregnant

Not. Acceptable. DCCC has stopped sending funds to Alan Grayson's campaign.

Why are (insert religion here) so....Buddhists Win Google Stereotypes

Solidarity with European Workers (lots of photos)

Bank On It! What the Foreclosures Crisis Means to You... A MUST READ!!

Thank god for CNN

Google's evil moving of $60 billion in profits through Ireland and Netherland to avoid U.S. taxes

Google's offshore tax strategy cut $3.1B in taxes

NAACP accuses Free Republic of being a haven for racist, Freeper heads explode.

Gallup Scandal. Urged to STOP Polling Immediately.

In which I remove illegally placed Repug campaign signs...

In which I remove illegally placed Repug campaign signs...

The elevation (again) to the spotlight of Anita Hill causes us to again consider Clarence Thomas

Chicago budget sets stage for long-term austerity

Early voting gives edge to Democrats, Dems are casting ballots at a faster clip than repubs

A new poll finds Democrat Jerry Brown has opened up a significant lead over Republican Meg Whitman

Proposed LTTE. What do you think?

OK.Letter in MY paper on repealing Obamacare.Please help me respond

Alan Grayson took the time to visit DU

NPR analyst fired over Muslim comment

134 tons of Marijuana set on fire in Mexico


Ted Olsen on DADT appeal

Four Women Agree About Justice Thomas

Classic Books - Great Cause

Can any one explain this....Family Farm Ordered to Destroy 50,000 Pounds of Cheese

Amendment #1 Fun

Flowchart Predicts Your Midterm Vote

I sure will miss this place...

Delusional: Christine O'Donnell: I Won That First Amendment Debate!

Nate Silver: GOP Will Gain 49 In House

I just gotta say, Obama just keeps goin' and goin' and goin'

I just gotta say, Obama just keeps goin' and goin' and goin'

I just gotta say, Obama just keeps goin' and goin' and goin'

Please Help. Son writing paper on Social Security "Crisis"


The Elephant In The Foreclosure Fraud Room: Second Liens

Confession - My mom was a welfare queen

I was on a recent business trip to Europe with my husband,

Best President on Earth!

The Bank CEO Who Washed Up In A Michigan Lake Was Shot 'Execution Style'

New Tally of Global Wealth Illuminates Staggering Disparities

Michigan Gay College Student,19, Kills Himself

Is the DOJ legally obligated to appeal the DADT ruling?

Did Obama do the right thing in opposing the court decision declaring DADT to be unconstitutional?


Election Guide for Election Haters

Ted Olson: I don't know what is going through the administrations thought process (re: DADT)

Talk me Down please... so EVEN IF every Democrat WON...

Last night I went along on a paper delivery route

"I'm Proud That Alan Grayson is My Congressman"

Good grief. Joe Miller has countersued to keep his employment records secret

Re: Juan Williams, from NPR

Weather balloon GPS space flight iPhone camera footage homemade spacecraft 100,000 ft altitude

French resistance: direct challenge to the world's dominant orthodoxy

If Howard Dean was in charge of getting out the vote, the dems would be crushing the GOP in 2 weeks.

Poverty and desperation in upstate New York

Poverty and desperation in upstate New York


Thursday TOON Roundup part 3 -Electile dysfunction

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4 -more dysfunction

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5

Thursday TOON Roundup part 6

Thursday TOON Roundup part 6

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2- Teabaggery

Gallup Scandal. Urged to STOP Polling Immediately

Um... In Case You Haven't Seen This...

Fundie Winger Phil (Waiting for Superman) Anschutz's "Philanthropies"

oh NOssssss W is loose: "I'm going to emerge then submerge."

Moskowitz moving her charter into yet another public school. Causing tensions in NYC

Moskowitz moving her charter into yet another public school. Causing tensions in NYC

Looks like attack on Iran IS probable.

I'm convinced: Until America goes "France", NOTHING WILL CHANGE

Cenk Uygur Signs as a Contributor at MSNBC

High School Cheerleader Kicked Off Squad for Refusal to Cheer for Her Rapist

Serious question: Why does dropping DADT require planning and study?

IMPEACH: Scalia and Thomas attended Koch Bros' secret strategy meetings. Call Senate and House!!!!

IMPEACH: Scalia and Thomas attended Koch Bros' secret strategy meetings. Call Senate and House!!!!




Why is Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) a bigger issue then the Employment Non-Discrimination Act?

Crystal Cathedral teeters on the edge!

More Action in America from the Network of Billionaires (Center for Media and Democracy PR Watch)

Tea Party Thuggery as Election Nears by Michael Winship (10-20-10 Consortium News article)

Lt. Dan Choi: "After what he did today, I will not vote for Barack Obama"

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- Mrs. Thomas throws a stink bomb

The Onion's Take on O'Donnell's Ignorance about the Constitution

Meanwhile Back At The MIC- U.S. Announces Largest Arms Sale Ever: To Saudi Arabia

Meanwhile Back At The MIC- U.S. Announces Largest Arms Sale Ever: To Saudi Arabia

Efforts to Prosecute Blackwater Are Collapsing

••• None in the MSM dare give much national attention to the GOP's NAZI connection •••

The MSM refuses to get the facts right,,,

Public Policy Institute of CA Poll--CA Governor--Brown opens 8-point lead over Whitman

-dreams- "Mr/Ms Dem, your closing remarks?"

President Obama rally in Portland:

Y'all I Just had to post this about the MD Republican governor wannabe Bob Erhlich!

Y'all I Just had to post this about the MD Republican governor wannabe Bob Erhlich!

What are the chances the wave of headlines announcing Rove donors is a distraction? Politico:

In Oregon, President Obama stumps for Kitzhaber for governor

To the Tea Baggers

Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS spent more than $3.4 million opposing Alexander Giannoulias

Does anyone have the new morning call PA senate daily tracking poll?

Has Obama campaigned in PA recently?

LOL FR, LOL --- 'POLL: Paladino(R) 62% Cuomo(D) 30% (NY Gov Race)'

O’Donnell Can’t Name A Single Democratic Senator (VIDEO)

Photos: "I want YOU .... to eat your sweet potatoes." (The Obama Presidency, Day 639)

Goodnight DU RSmith6621 Is Visiting With President Obama In The Morning..

Why Democrats are having trouble with base & most sane people...

Concept, save tens of billions, if not hundreds of billions od $'s...

Public Policy Insititute of CA Poll: Boxer up by 5; Brown up by 8; marijuana prop losing by 5

Yes, voters do care ALOT about the secret cash funding anti-Dem attack ads (

No comparison: donations to Media Matters and American Crossroads

On Presidential approval ratings.

10/21 PA Morning Call Tracking Poll--PA Senate Sestak: 43% Toomey: 43%

What's Up With the Gallup Model?

Clinton with Alex Sink today: "It was a really deep hole...don't bring back the shovel brigade."

Could it be possible that these airheads running on the Repug ticket

If There Isn't An Enthusiasm Gap, Just Make One Up

Was Virginia Thomas accusing Anita Hill of more than a false sexual harrassment allegation?

DFA: 259,068 voter contact calls for progressive heros so far!

The Young, the Old, the Unemployed

(R)asmussen Poll--NY Senate: Gillibrand 54% (+5) DioGuardi (R) 33% (-6)

Worst Case Scenario

Keith Olbermann: Is the Chamber of Commerce working against America

Jeremy Bird is "Fired Up for the Final Two Weeks"

It's time to drop Fox.

It's time to drop Fox.

NC house race--Schuler (D) 54% Miller (R) 39%

Harvard Institute of Politics Poll: only 27% of 18-29 year olds "definitely voting"

NPR terminates Juan Williams after his Muslim comments on Fox News

Do you have any plans to change tactics when the teabaggers take over?

Roy Blunt's housekeeper-gate

Obama's USC Rally Moved To A Much Larger Venue

Does the Hate Crimes law cover Abortion Doctors?

More than 11,000 cheer on Obama at GOTV rally in Portland, OR


Quinnipiac PA-SEN POLL: Toomey 48 (-2), Sestak 46 (+3). "Democrats there have begun to come home."

SEIU smacks down former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen for baseless column

Mason-Dixon Poll--KY Senate: Paul (R) 48% Conway (D) 43%

President Obama HATES GAY PEOPLE!!

*****HEADS UP*****-Obama at Seattle backyard discussion

Anyone know if there will be live streaming video of Obama rally at Washington U.?

PPP: IL Governor--Brady (R) 42% Quinn (D) 41%

Mark Kirk Held ‘Beijing Fundraiser’ One Day Before Voting Against Closing Offshoring Loopholes

Palin endorses Barney Frank's opponent--could this possibly be the kiss of death?

Lt Dan Choi was on CSPAN WJ today. Worth the watch.

American Crossroads Rakes In Half Its Haul From a Single Donor

Mason-Dixon Poll--Arkansas Senate--Boozman expands lead over Lincoln

Democrats Closing the Gap In Pennsylvania, Colorado, Wisconsin

According to my mother, pollsters really screwed up during

Poll: Dem attack on secret money is resonating

Why haven't the Dems used Bush in their ads; and/or tied the GOP candidates to him?

Early Voting figures in Iowa 2 & 3 congressional districts very favorable for Dems

Election Day is over for millions of early voters!

Where has Boehner been? Measuring for drapes? nt

AK-Sen, Dem Win Could be a Disaster for GOP Says Cornyn

MA-04 Frank (D) 49 - Bielat (R) 37,

For those suffering from the Mid-Term Election overload

Sestack's ad with his adorable dog

The Republican Swindle About 'Obamacare and Stimulus' -Huffington Post

The Consequences of Conservative Economic Policy

Reuters: W.H. releases President Obama's travel schedule for final weekend of campaign-IL, PA, OH,CT

The latest propaganda: 'Tightening' races? Or just politics, as usual?

Steve Benen calls out Politico's Ben Smith for writing a GOP shill piece

Media Matters: Examiner writers attended secret Koch meeting

Progressive blogs or Urban Radio?

New Pew Generic Congressional Poll R50-D40.

what are the first legal steps to impeach a SC judge?

Anthony Weiner doesn't like the Saudi arms deal

On Pelosi: It's not fair to take out your anger and disappointment on the Speaker of the House

"Fatal Flaw"-NDN Challenges Gallup To Revise or Drop its 2010 Election Polling

Democrats Closing the Gap In Pennsylvania, Colorado, Wisconsin

W: “I miss being pampered; I miss Air Force One; I miss being commander in chief ..."

Standing Tall Against the Republicorp Onslaught

Democrats are ahead in early voting -

President Bill Clinton Lost Nuclear Codes While in Office, New Book Claims

St. Pete Times: Crist has blown through his millions, running on fumes

*****HEADS UP*****Obama speaking at University of Washington for Patty Murray

I wish there were a million Alan Graysons

CT-SEN POLL: Blumenthal 57, McMahon 39. CT-GOV POLL: Malloy 49, Foley 38

"Witchcraft" video rocks Hawaii GOP gubernatorial campaign~!

DADT Conflict Explained: Why Obama Lawyers Fight for a DADT Policy Obama Opposes

DoJ Accused Of Hypocrisy For Appealing DADT While Letting Park Proselytizing Ruling Stand

Yes, Republicans DO want to end Social Security

It's not about Obama. It's about YOU!!!

I don't think what Juan Williams said was a fireable offense

Citizens United should be overturned - help me think this through....

Just talk to a small business owner voting for Rossi

Dr Hook - Acapulco Goldie

Conan Obrien Live Cam

Road trip: aspen in the wind

Sit and Wonder

I wonder if RUSH has one of these...

I did my part for today!

Penthouse magazine founder Bob Guccione dies at 79

I think this dude has to turn in his dude card.

Is anyone else excited for "The Walking Dead" on AMC?

Help. Who is this actor?

Say what you want about google street view......

does it seem like people had more interesting conversations before the near total ubiquity of the

Split Enz - Six Months In A Leaky Boat

Copy something random that pops up in your title box when you start typing and post it

In Performance at the White House, MPT, now

I've had a hell of a day

ANOTHER sighting!!! For some reason, this one I tend to believe...

Road trip - Arizona variety. {dial-up warning}

Mel Gibson STOLE his idea from a screenplay written by MiddleFingerMomMom.

I'd like to thank all the members of the National Hurricane Center for this great honor...

Wow! I think I spotted a Furry!

Deja Moo, the feeling you've heard this bullshit before.

"Netflix acquires bankrupt Blockbuster just to rub it in."

Attention Humminbird Nest Fans!

Advice on my cats

Anyone else here like the seekers?

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning is hard to like when you realize Jason isn't the killer.

Woodsy Owl? Nooooooooo!

Parking for Teabaggers

This is a follow-up to my post yesterday about the Teabaggers' "brains".


Is there really a prescription drug called "Ass Effects?"

OT Gig spam...Blue Olives at House of Blues Chicago 10-22

Any caterers here?

I think O'Donnel contradicted himself again on his show.

Traffic lights look different nowadays. Instead of looking like just one big light, they are a

Sunset pics one of the moon!

How do you like your pasta?

math symbol question

Clueless douchebag "The Situation" from "Jersey Shore" offers advice on "creeping on chicks."

Ok, so maybe coffee, waffles, popcorn, chips, chocolate & Dr. Pepper...

Your useless trivia for the day...

Wow, google's logo for Dizzie Gillespie is awesome!

Journey - Faithfully


Interview tomorrow at 12:30...vibes, prayers and catcalls welcome

Thursday's kitteh

I just turned on Keith and there was the Charmin commercial

48 1/2 inch cat - Maine Coon Cat

Update on my daughter's surgery.

Help. Who is this actor?

Just hit 100 posts!

"...and outside it's America...outside it's America..."

Are furries the mock du jour?

Job application advice - "list salary requirements"

PSA: Top 10 Things Not to Do On the Internet When Drunk

Anybody got advice on building bat houses?

I wish I had more opportunities to use the term


ATTN:Horror Movie Fans.Need Help Finding Title Of Horror Movie

somafm - Mission Control

Must have android phone...

I saw President Obama today!

Anyone ever had nitrous oxide?

Your Favorite Motown Song?

I need advice...and as usual, I turn to the DU

Kali says, "I have a cool surprise I brought back from Mexico" What is it?

Uganda newspaper publishes 'gay list,' calls for their hanging

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Temporarily Upheld By Appeals Court

N.Y. hedge fund exec financed DeFazio hit ads

NAACP backs report that ties racist groups to tea party

Righthaven defendant wins first lawsuit dismissal motion

N.A.A.C.P. Report Raises Concerns About Racism Within Tea Party Groups

President Obama Will Travel To Pakistan Next Year

China denies reports it will cut exports of rare-earth elements (key metals for military technology)

AP-GfK Poll: Likely voters ready to embrace GOP

Coalition Routs Taliban in Southern Afghanistan

Iran, Venezuela leaders seek 'new world order'

Efforts to Prosecute Blackwater Collapse

G20 finance chiefs face tough task on currencies

Miller files complaint against Native PAC

President Bill Clinton Lost Nuclear Codes While in Office, New Book Claims

Swift Boat Donor Perry Helps Fund Rove Group With $7 Million

World Bank Extends Food Crisis Fund

Marijuana proposition losing ground, poll shows

China 'trying to block publication of UN Darfur report'

Cuban dissident wins EU human rights award

HP benefited from state tax breaks while Fiorina was CEO

Leading rabbi encourages IDF soldiers to use Palestinian human shields

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report [10/21/2010]

Forty (Alaska) Republican Leaders urge Miller to answer questions

Doctor accused of prescribing painkillers for cash

Gallup Scandal. Urged to STOP Polling Immediately.

Councilman: Fellow Council Member Belongs In 'Cotton Field

G.O.P. Odds of House Majority Now 3-in-4 (Nate Silver)

Black councilman told he should work in cotton field

Two Top Uribe Aides Face Questioning in Colombia Spy Scandal

John Bachmann, Monsanto Board Member, Hides Position from US Chamber of Commerce

U.S. Attorney Steven Dettelbach wants businesses to help fight corruption by taking ethics pledge

R.I.P. Ari Up (of The Slits)

Pentagon reworking gays in military guidance again

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bailouts could hit $363 billion, report says

3 environmental groups sue BP over gulf oil spill

Judge dismisses claims in Ann Arbor law firm's challenge to health care reform

New York to release teachers' ratings

Federal judge ponders unusual appeal in Oregon veterans' lawsuit against KBR

NC House leader demands GOP apologize for mailer

Ex-governor admits ties to paramilitary drug lord (Colombia, US' 3rd largest foreign aid recipient)

DoJ Accused Of Hypocrisy For Appealing DADT While Letting Park Proselytizing Ruling Stand

Toyota recall: 1.53 million vehicles in U.S., Japan, Europe & more

Honda issues recall because of brake fluid leaks

Tropical Storm Richard forms in Caribbean and could threaten Florida

Joe Wilson, Husband Of Valerie Plame: Dick Cheney Is A 'Traitor'

Breaking News Alert: U.S.-led Afghan reconstruction projects to end because of security dispute

Preliminary Injunction allows Tea Party shirt at Arizona Polls

Colombia, Peru and Brazil take it easy with Venezuela's nuclear plans

India wants only 'highly' paid foreigners

Special report: Conservative donors let Christine O'Donnell sink

Pueblo Politics: Suspicious package closes Grijalva’s office

Juan Williams Firing Leads Palin, Huckabee to Call for Defunding NPR

New York to release teachers' ratings

Magnitude 6.6 quake hits Mexico's Baja California, off the coast -USGS

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 21

Large Corporate Donors Help Chamber Influence Campaign

DADT Conflict Explained: Why Obama Administration Lawyers Fight For A DADT Policy Obama Opposes

US Soldier Charged with Killing Comrades in Iraq

Breaking News Alert: U.S.-led Afghan reconstruction projects to end because of security dispute

Clinton tackled for oilsands comments

Penthouse magazine founder Bob Guccione dies at 79

Every email and website to be stored

20-year-old woman becomes top cop in violent Mexican municipality

Strong Turnout for Democrats in Early Voting

Federal judge dismisses challenge to health care reform

Democratic establishment gives up on Alan Grayson: report

Moon Not Only Has Water, but Lots of It

Sikhs urge Obama to visit Golden Temple on India trip

Juan Williams Gets $2 Million, Three-Year Contract With Fox News: LAT

(British Anti-Austerity Cuts) Protesters Break Into Government Department (Pic Heavy)

The Bank CEO Who Washed Up In A Michigan Lake Was Shot 'Execution Style'

Right declares war on NPR

Arctic of old is gone, experts warn

Christine O'Donnell Stands Her Ground on First Amendment Statement, Blames Media for Distortions

Glenn Beck Sparks Record Donations To Chamber of Commerce

QUICK! Contact Neil Young's attorneys! Teabagging mutant rewrites Hey Hey My My as a Palin tribute!

Jobs? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Jobs

China Shakes Market with Interest Rate Hike

Republican Nerds - at the 3:45 mark and then it gets weirder than Goldberg being on C-Span

Who Is Really On Top?

Bekkk's New Scam, Apocalypse Food Insurance

Laura Tyson, Glenn Hubbard, Cenk Uygur, Lee Doren

Jeff Deutchman talks about his documentary film 11/4/08 at the Philadelphia Film Festival

Sarah Palin signing signs autographs writing on American Flag video

Jesse Jackson's "Keep Hope Alive" Speech To British Anti-Austerity Cuts Protesters In London

Larry King Gives Jon Stewart A Potty Solution For His Rally


Weird Liberal Head Show #198: Liberals- UNITE and VOTE!

Papantonio: Tell Teabaggers to go to Hell at the Polls

Biggest concern is still "total fisheries collapse" says LSA president

My fellow Netflix Instant watchers...

Sharron Angle - too dangerous to have real power over real people

Ron Johnson FLUBS Question On HOMELESS VETS

Ed Schultz: Politics of Hate Reaches New Levels

French energy supply hit as blockades continue

Student leader, Joel Francis, challenges Charles Koch to debate Prop 23 and CA's economic future

Jon Stewart on Larry King Entire interview

Faux News: Secularism Leads To Economic Trouble

Republican Ad, DON'T VOTE, Southern Strategy 2010

Tea partiers prefer propaganda

Navy Chaplain Goes Anti-Gay When Discussing Abortion...HILARIOUS

TYT: (IL Gov) GOP Candidate Pet-Killing Legislation

US Chamber's "AmChams" exposed in their own "Intro Video" -

DEVASTATING AD: Grassley "Sucking The Tit Of Taxpayers"

Bill Clinton: You have no choice. Vote for Alex Sink

Students at U Michigan protest pro-war presentation

POLICE BRUTALITY - P** Turns Camera Off & Beats Up Woman

Witchcraft again - Aiona, Hawaii Candidate For Gov., Tied to Witch-Fighting Evangelicals

Christine O'Donnell Performs Live!

Lee Terry: Raise Taxes, Raise Retirement Age, or Reduce Benefits

Countdown w/ Cenk: GOP Latino Voter Suppression Effort

Rachel Maddow- Anti-abortion movement solicits murders

Meg Whitman: California is NOT for Sale

Christine O’Donnell (R-DE) Is Unable To Name A Current Democratic Senator

WI Sen Breaking: Shocking New Video of Committee Hearing Where Johnson Killed the Child Victims Act

Take Handcuffs Off And We Can Clean Oil From Beaches Says Clean Up Supervisor

Teabaggers: The Webseries - Episode 3 (Contains NSFW language)

Dick Armey: Many Dems Are Voting Early To Commit Voter Fraud

MRN: Palin Misses Boobs, Signs Flag

MRN: Hey, Juan Williams! Black People Are Scary, Too

Boo Friggin' HOO: NPR didn't talk to Juan Williams before tossing his worthless ass

Olbermann Discusses Koch Brothers and Their Extremist Corporate Agenda

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart Explains his Slow Go on Foreclosures

CNN: Valerie Plame's Husband, Former Ambassador Joe Wilson, Calls Out Dick Cheney As A "Traitor"

Juan Williams FIRED: NPR Sacks Analyst Over Fox News

Rachel Maddow- Documentary preview- The Assassination of Dr. Tiller

Fleeing California for New Hampshire's relative liberty (anyone from NH skeptical?)

Trailer for George W. Bush book (WARNING: contains George W. Bush)

Sarkozy should retire, says France

History Repeats: Clarence Thomas a Pubic Hair On a Man of Koch

How to Really End ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Voorhees mosque seen as a national model

Food in Uncertain Times: How to Grow and Store the 5 Crops You Need to Survive

Seeds of Change in Little Havana: Fresh Perspectives Eventually Emerge in the Cuban Exile Community

Republican questions

Dr. Greg and Afghanistan

Reconsidering the Culture of Poverty (ToTN)

Press freedom worsens in Colombia: NGO

Middle Class Decline

America on Sale, From Matt Taibbi's 'Griftopia'

I Can Afford Higher Taxes. But They’ll Make Me Work Less.-NYT - What nonsense!

Jesuitical reasoning in Georgetown

Obama said I can't succeed without your help. Guess what people if he doesn't succeed it's your ass.

The Fury Failure | Gail Collins- NYT

Leave ‘Em in the Locker Room: Pro Athletes Make Lousy Public Officials

Early Voting Shows 'Surprising' (to GOP M$M) Turnout For Democrats

GOP candidates' problem in California? Their party

Dems beyond rehabilitation?

Joan Walsh, Salon: "Punishing journalists for having opinions is a terrible idea"

What, Me? Racist?

Britain drops tidal energy scheme, names sites for eight new nuclear plants.

Foreign Policy: Seven Myths About Alternative Energy

Polish Utility Applies To Government Regulators to Build Nuclear Power Plant.

Peak oil notes - Oct 21

Drumbeat: October 21, 2010

UK Consulting Firm - Bangladesh, India #1,2 Most-Vulnerable Nations As Climates Destabilize - ENN

Smog From Burning Forest Closes Malaysian Schools - Air Qualilty Worst Since 2006 - BBC

Bloomberg - Kuwait Announces 50%+ Cut In Heavy Oil Pumping Target For 2020

Royal Ag. Society - Seeds May Have To Select For Drought Tolerance And Waterlogging Resistance

Marty Hoffert joins Space Energy, Inc.

"Greenest Gov. Ever" Cuts UK Environment Agency Budget By 30% - Guardian

ESA Study - 20%+ Of GOM's Juvenile Bluefin Tuna Killed By BP Gusher

Arctic of old is gone, experts warn

TS Richard - NOAA Projects Location Straight North Of Yucatan By 8:00 AM Tuesday

California: Solar Plant Advances

Environmental Groups Urge UN Biodiversity Conference To Freeze Geoengineering Plans - Reuters

Globe & Mail - Sec. Clinton Signals Green Light For Tar Sands Pipeline To U.S.

Climate Change Idiocy, Denial Of Reality Front-And-Center In Tea Party Politics - NYT

The carbon intensity of primary energy is rebounding

Yankees 7, Rangers 2

Kick Ass Giants! 3-1 Fecking A!!!!!!

Bret Favre's Troubled Past

Counting down til tonight's NCLS Game 5

Junior Seau's truck - after the fight with his girlfriend

Pac-10 announces split into North-South divisions for new 12-school alignment

Nick Swisher Sick of Questions About Cliff Lee

Giants 6, Phillies 5

Top 10 Brett Favre Excuses (Letterman):

Hundreds remember the Miami Five

Seeds of Change in Little Havana: Fresh Perspectives Eventually Emerge in the Cuban Exile Community

Press freedom worsens in Colombia: NGO

Colombia has 50,000 disappeared: Official

Neo-paramilitary violence on the rise

Ex-governor admits ties to paramilitary drug lord

"Say Goodbye Department:" Court approves ex-DAS official's plea bargain

Two Top Uribe Aides Face Questioning in Colombia Spy Scandal

Cuba says it already had over 2 million visitors this year, despite economic crisis

+++ NFL Week 7 Picks +++

Bogota-Washington ties evolving: Ambassador

Colombia, Peru and Brazil take it easy with Venezuela's nuclear plans

Jesuitical reasoning in Georgetown

Brazilian presidential candidate condemns 'Nazis' after being hit on head

NRA spending on elections, 100% goes to repubs

FRC's Tony Perkins: Facebook Is Cowardly For Deleting Bullying & Anti-Gay Pages

In The Life Media Screening Event, Monday, October 25

The Boy Scouts kicks out gay father

Spot the disconnect: A month ago the Senate held a "vote" on DADT which failed

Center: Israel launches tax crackdown in Silwan

Turkey denies offering assistance to Gaza flotilla organizers

Settlers torch crops in Bethlehem village

Settlers torch, vandalize Nablus school

Leading rabbi encourages IDF soldiers to use Palestinian human shields

Bulldozer driver: I didn't realize I crushed Rachel Corrie

12 injured in blast at Qassam training site

moon leaves again

The Butterfly

A last memory of summer

It's not a great pic, but I like it! Behold, the moon tonight:

sk8 ers

no parking

Morning layers

Make a wish


Taking a Val Westover class next week

I feel moved to say (no photo attached)

Lightning Lit

grass by the river

bad day on the bridge

Just for fun...poking about my yard...

Record-breaking galaxy found at the edge of the Universe

Why complex life probably evolved only once

NASA Ames’ Worden reveals DARPA-funded ‘Hundred Year Starship’ program

Crystal Cathedral goes Tango-Uniform...

About this masturbation thing in the Bible....

What would be a good symbol for reason?

Why 12 Step groups work so much better for me than organized religion

Two teens bound over on armed robbery, felony firearm

Today in Labor History Oct 20 Presidential candidate Reagan writes to PATCO President Robert Poli

Midterm Elections Issue: Saving Social Security From The Privateers And Benefits Slashers

The Apollo Alliance: Millions Of Jobs Can Be Created With Clean Energy Transportation Manufacturing

Today in Labor History Oct 21

"We're more American than Detroit" -Hyundai

Do we have a non-updating Home Page server bug again?

Here's a bug in turning URLs into actual links

Have you given further consideration to a dedicated partisan forum?

Trying to keep Contribute to Alan Grayson in prominent place.

Disappeared "JP Morgan Chase is my new play toy" thread?

Any chance GD:Presidency will go back to GD:Politics after the midterms?

Stop me if you've been asked about that ole 911 "Dungeon"

Technical Question - Are you guys running DU on blade servers yet

"Do you want to be right?"

Another one bites the dust....

Here's an uplifting snip from an astro newsletter I get....

Okay, I'll be the one who brings it up.

Say something nice about yourself.

Vertigo, dizziness? Could it

Is anybody here a Violet Person?