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Frago-242, Dear sweet Jesus, what have we become.

WikiLeaks: Absolute Lies by NewsCorp & Pentagon - "No Names In Iraq War Logs"

That crazy-ass Dallas pastor on KO reminded me of this piece in The Onion

Juan is kicking ass

Spiegel: WikiLeaks logs may reveal war crimes

Amnesty: US Must Investigate Detainee Abuse Claims in Wikileaks Files (video)

I tend to cut off the Rethug calls as fast as I can, BUT I just realized

The shocking trend that NO ONE happens to be reporting.

Friday evening LOL's - lots of pics

RepubliCorp™ -Buying Democracy, One Race At ATime

RepubliCorp™ -Buying Democracy, One Race At ATime

Access To Justice In U.S. At Third-World Levels, Says Survey

Michael Moore: Juan Williams Is Right: Political Correctness About Terrorists Must End!

Damn I thought Obama was so

The Founding Fathers and Islam

Could cities take properties under their right to eminent domain in depressed

Could cities take properties under their right to eminent domain in depressed

Spiegel: WikiLeaks logs may reveal war crimes

Pssst... Rick Snyder is a RINO, pass it on

Has a Senate majority leader ever lost re-election while his party wins the Senate?

Randy Quaid and wife arrested in Canada; bail increased in US to $500k

Recruiting sergeants and how they should be treated.

So which political nugget from this week will Saturday Night Live jump on?

Just suppose Harry Reid had requested Sharon Angle...

Who is the teabaggers greatest statesman?

Sears has been taken over by zombies! I'm not kidding.....

Sears has been taken over by zombies! I'm not kidding.....

Beck to Palin: Alan Grayson is Hot, 'Yum Yum Give Me Some.'

I ring the doorbell, and after a little while he comes to the door: in fact, he comes through

What would have to happen to make you openly resist Islam?

Joe Miller Consultant Is Anti-Gay Christian Activist

Bipartisanship Didn’t Die, It Never Existed - FDL

Scarborough retracts claim about

Let California Lead the Way

We need to go back to the old days

dimson gives to dimson

Republicans never let truth get in the way, there was an ad

Republicans never let truth get in the way, there was an ad

A lot of luck that another terror attack hasn't been successful here

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & here's a new kitty gif

I Breastfed My Circumcised Baby In Olive Garden's Smoking Section Tonight...

Now THAT Is Funny

Gott mit uns! 2010

Wishing for Obama's assassination won't get you fired from Faux news

Kafka and the Tea Party

What are your favorite things about Islam?

Eight False Things The Public “Knows” Prior To Election Day

Liberals celebrate their willingness to understand of all people who walk this earth.

KIPP Hired Sexual Abuser Fired by NYC Schools

Secret problem at work


Who's weirder?

After dallying with Dems, health insurers help GOP


Contacting..pharmaceutical manufacturing companies

Attack of the Black Conservatives

Anglo Saxon Mission - your thoughts on this disturbing plan?

Anybody doing any GOTV? Any volunteering going on out there in DU land?

Population Probs...The most important video you will ever see..

A link to Human Shark interactions for 2010

Enrollment in San Francisco's universal health care program booming

GOP House candidate raises bulk of money for anti-Arab campaign ads from Don Blankenship and Massey

Beck's violent rhetoric keeps having real world consequences

The Prime Minister of Barbados died early this morning

So, Sen. Blanche is in doubt?

Rick Scott silent on immigration. If you know a Hispanic living in FL, please send them this link.

Rick Scott silent on immigration. If you know a Hispanic living in FL, please send them this link.

Producer of "Waiting for Superman" = former CEO of for-profit education company -- & scammer

350 changes recommended for (military) suicide policy

Smithsonian: America's True History of Religious Tolerance

Smithsonian: America's True History of Religious Tolerance

John Mellencamp on Palin: "You can't be stupid and press the right buttons"

Toronto Star: What was point of the Afghan war?

Whether the firing of Juan Williams was justified or not, NPR must NOT....

This'll be locked, I'm sure. But I'm going to ask. This is what some white people in SC wonder about

New Report Shows States Want to Cut Infrastructure Spending

Beware Of Low Count Posters Bringing Bad News

Rand Paul gets the Matt Taibbii treatment

Even Bill Maher has conceded the House! Says Dems will lose!

Palin endorses tea party favorite to replace Stupak

Lisa Murkowski is getting really desperate.

Anyone have any polls on McGovern-Lamb race her in MA

MA 10: Murdoch owned newspaper endorses ex democrat now independent Marianne Lewis over GOP Jeff

Umm, Guess What??? That New, AWESOME Newsweek Poll... POLLED CELL PHONES

Are Unions Important to the Middle Class?...

Foreclose on the Foreclosure Fraudsters, Part 1: Put Bank of America in Receivership - HuffPo

Is YouTube Down?

Hey Teabaggers/Republicans. Let's make a deal...

Tooning The News Tea Party Express Script Help Needed.

The Military Command Behind Mexico's Violent Drug War

Fascist America: Is This Election the Next Turn?


Is there any way congress or the supreme court or someone can block

Statement of Lee Gelernt on al-Kidd v. Ashcroft

RW ads against Dem Gianulios in IL are relentless. I just counted FOUR back to back.

Has Wikileaks' Iraq War Logs Site Been Taken Down?

Ezra Klein: What life will look like if Republicans win the House

Obama to End Aid to Pakistan’s Death Squad Army Units

Support for our Veterans

Iraq war logs: UN calls on Obama to investigate human rights abuses

Margaret and Helen, gotta love 'em!

Juan Williams Is Right: Political Correctness About Terrorists Must End! By Michael Moore

A Juan Williams Quote

Rumsfeld told the general he believed Pace meant to say the U.S. soldiers had to report the abuse,

Was it pre-planned? Did Fox have a ready-to-ink contract waiting for Juan Williams?

Then They Came for Me

Klan lynching Halloween display is Missouri man's show of 'white pride'

Don't pee in my Wheaties

You Said It: What Americans Think of The Democrats [VIDEO]

Why is Clarence Thomas so cranky when his wife is a teabagger?

Ol' Mitch don't like the French none a'tall.

You Said It: What Americans Think of The Tea Party [VIDEO] Interesting!!!

Did you see all the cable networks talking about the new Newsweek poll?

How to "tea party" up your next event

You Said It: What Americans Think of Republicans [VIDEO]

Local Connecticut Chamber Weighing Whether To Break With ‘U.S.’ Chamber

What gap? Dem workers have enthusiasm. "In fact, it's beyond enthusiasm--it's anger"

Growing Use of Contractors Added to War’s Chaos in Iraq

NYT/Media Spinning Wikileaks-When The Evidence They Link To Demonstrates The Exact Opposite

Iraqi officials vow to probe any abuse cases

You Said It: Sarah Palin's Political Influence [VIDEO]

Whoa... 'CFTC Corruption: One Judge Accuses Another of Protecting the Banks' - FDL

Want to help Democrats win? Make phone calls from your home!

For this ER visit, Mrs. Demtenjeep, it will be a 100 copay how would you like to take care of it

Got Transport?

From = P

How many races are there where a major party candidate is a spoiler?

The mind of the average Republican...

Proposition 19 - The New Leaf

Feds consider limiting potatoes offered to kids

From The Mudflats - "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! Murkowski Makes False Claims About Endorsements"

If you have helped a sister, an uncle, a neighbor...

Almighty Debt

Scientists probably cannot design a better duck bill

Alternet: Juan Williams Must be Shocked to Be in Hot Water Over Muslim-Bashing

The GOP’s Agenda Has To Be Stopped. - Johnathan Alter/Newsweek

Ya know .. I am sick of looking at polls ...

100,000 Iraqis killed? Freepers say "lol too bad it wasn't the 600k libbies claim".

Today's Newsweek poll has great news. Dems. are slightly ahead. Dem. enthusiasm has caught up too

AFSCME kicking Chamber of Commerce ass in political contributions!

A Harlem charter takeover: Dismantling public education & public housing

Remember the last Dem admin that tried to work with the Repubs? Remember what happened?

Use of Contractors Added to Chaos of Iraq War, Trove of Documents Shows/NYTimes

Rand Paul threatens to take his toys and go home

New Jersey-03 (and the House) Now Tilt Republican

What Is Wrong With Meg Whitman's Kids?

Ginny Thomas phonecall =The gift that keeps on giving. Video of ABC interview with Lillian McEwen

20% to 40% reduction in home energy costs and 15% to 25% reduction in home CO2

Heads Up: Link To Watch Live Stream Of Al Jazeera English's "The Secret Iraq Files" (Live Show)

Michigan Cops Use Faked Patient IDs To Buy Medical Pot

Democrats' Senate odds improve as key races tighten

Report: Rape accusation against Whitman’s son ‘hushed up’


Orrin Hatch: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! (Britney being Clarence Thomas & his loud-mouthed Teabaggin' wife)

NPR: Iran's Supreme Leader Seeks To Repair Reputation

I Just Voted.......

U.S. Chamber of Commerce is Fueled by Foreign Oil

Five Myths About Young Voters - WaPo/RockTheVote

"This nation's most elite bankers originated and packaged fraudulent loans that destroyed wealth"

Someone should make Republicans running for office explain

The Christian Glory Hole

An Extraordinary Celestial Spiral

"You Lie" Wilson still 7 points ahead of Miller in S.C.

Some fantastic art. You will seriously think that these are photos and not paintings,

According to O'Donnell, Darth Vader is not Luke's father

Scientists calculate the optimum speed at which dogs should shake to most efficiently dry their fur

11 Hurt In Plunge 'Fleeing From Devil'

"Temporary" Democrats ?

New Shrubery Tome: Decision Pint

This information by wikileaks now is this part of the encrypted document

Weekly Standard - Dems Are Drunk Power

Tightening Senate races give pause to upbeat GOteaP!

Video Shows Touch-Screen Voting Machine Purportedly Flipping Vote From Republican Perry to Green Par

PHOTO: "Palin kisses a puppy after signing the dog's belly for her owner"

Just got home from our "make a difference day" project. My volunteer service group

Thanks, mods

Biden: Repugs spend 200 Billion in ADS!

The Financial Puzzle Behind 9/11

Biden to campaign for Rep. Grayson

Right-Wing ‘Journalists’ At Secret Koch Meeting Make A Living Defending


Juan Williams - Statement from 1986

Here is part of a conversation about Grayson I had with a

Political polls could be a set up

Rachel Maddow will be on 'Meet the Press' this Sunday.

The last 48Hrs of Police Misconduct news reports from the InjusticeNews Twitter Feed

David Duke to Tea Party

Petitions to Congress: Don’t Let Extremists Defund NPR

Backdoor Bailout, Tea Party Fakeout: The GOP's Secret $90 Billion Gift to Wall Street - RJ Eskow

Can someone give me the SparkNotes version of the US election?

Should restricions be placed on the purchase of pseudoephedrine products?

How American Income Inequality Hit Levels Not Seen Since The Depression

IRAQ WAR LOGS: Echoes of El Salvador in Tales of US-Approved Death Squads

Who Writes Sarah Palin's Speeches?

President Obama spoke today before a crowd

A new "virus" running around right now

Iraq War Logs: Military Privatisation Run Amok

Automated Polls Show Prop 19 Winning 56-41: Anti-Marijuana Stigma Could Be Throwing Off Live Polling

Freepers talking violent overthrow, again. This freeper wants to use 'deadly force' against the left

I'm watching Obama rally in Minn. right now and I have one thing to say

State of California: Please raise my taxes!!!

Juan Williams is starting to remind me of Nancy Kerrigan: "Why???"

Alexander Anderson Jr., creator of Rocky and Bullwinkle dies @ 90

Woman on Cell Phone in 1928 Chaplin Film?

"Who Is In Charge...Orwell?" - Kucinich on WikiLeaks: ‘American people have a right to know’

Jesse Jackson-Statement from 1996

Has the President ever said that DADT is unconstitutional?

Toles Toon: The new currency

A link to Bill Maher's NEW RULES video below (NSFW)

In praise of Arianna Huffington

In praise of Arianna Huffington

Have they walked this one back yet? (Senate GOP has no intention of repealing ObamaCare)

Today was the last day for early Saturday voting for my county

It should be a national embarassment that WikiLeaks, not the U.S., is forcing the U.S. to live up to

For those worried about the rise of China in the world...

WikiLeaks Founder Gets Support in Rebuking U.S. on Whistle-Blowers(Ellsberg)

Murdoch owned Cape Cod Times endorses Democrat in MA 10th Congressional

nbc nightly news reporter: 'most democrats will personally tell you that the house is lost'

CERN Scientists Eye Parallel Universe Breakthrough

Massachusetts doctors snub state’s health reform as model for country, pick single-payer system inst

John Boehner Affair to be focus of a New York Times Expose, NY Post Report (did I miss it?)

Cholera in Haiti! The 'Christian' republican Tim Colburn stopped aid that could have prevented it.

How useful are air marshals? Maybe worse than useless.

Obama Administration Handed Over Detainees Despite Reports of Torture

Democrats Reward Blue Dogs, Penalize Obama Democrats

Joel Pett,- Drawing the wrong conclusion.

"Conservatives base there ideology on what they see as reason and logic"


Ron Johnson: NOT a success in business

Mystery of the chupacabra monster solved

Virginia's Koch Royalty

The Bush Lie - by David Michael Green

2010 Midterms outcome poll: What do you think will happen?

2010 Midterms outcome poll: What do you think will happen?

So, I held my nose and voted ... "D for disappointed" Even though this constitutes a mandate

The Koch family promoting fascism

The Koch family promoting fascism

Thirty-three years ago, when I was hell bent on killing myself with drink and drugs…

Facebook - Does anyone use it for more than

S.C. Gov. Sanford still "mating souls" with Argentina firecracker

'Devil of Detroit St' mother who harassed terminally ill girl has lost custody of her children

Just a small observation...

Randy Quaid and his wife ask for Asylum in Canada! WTF???!!

Far from being broke, the Social Security program is one of the richest entities in the country

I just saw Obama's motorcade

NPR: Interest Turns Away, But Gulf Coast Still Suffers (audio)

Ice melting as Arctic temp rises; NASA: Carbon Dioxide Controls Earth's Temp

Obama video supports gay teenagers

Pictures of Muslims Wearing Things

Maddow on Meet the Press tomorrow..

Maddow on Meet the Press tomorrow..

So, I went to Walgreen's for my "free" flu shot last night....

The Palin flag autograph video needs to go viral.

Emptywheel: When Did Clarence Thomas Go to the Koch Conspiracy Fest? And Did He Bring Ginni?

Clarence Thomas must resign from the Supreme Court of the United States

Sunday Talk Shows, One debate, Rachel on MTP

US Justice Department abandons murder case against Blackwater contractor

Grayson (has) big lead over Webster in money race.

Question for November 3

Question for November 3

My husband was laid off Today

“Some people say I’m extreme, but they said the John Birch Society was extreme too."

This RW attack on NPR is pretty serious - Maybe we should be paying more attention.

I want to thank my friends at DU

Why Not Repeal the 17th Amendment?

The Bin Laden Family Just Gave Money to the GOP

mr. fish does DADT

Fatal shark attack in Santa Barbara

Davis Guggenheim's "Waiting for 'Superman'" Heroes and Myths

Davis Guggenheim's "Waiting for 'Superman'" Heroes and Myths

Klan lynching Halloween display is Missouri man's show of 'white pride'

New website: Muslims wearing things

Thomas Jefferson and the "separation between church and state"

So, CNN "journalist" Atika Rupert tried to turn the document release into a smear of Assange.

...all three of the reporters who covered it were murdered.

I'm laughing so hard I'm coughing my head off, blowing my nose. Levy Johnson w. Bill Maher

Rec if you Predict Dems hold onto House...

Glenn Greenwald: The real danger from NPR's firing of Juan Williams

an honest question

an honest question

Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman, and Linda McMahon

Here's A Chart Showing What a Tiny Portion of NPR's Funding Comes From The Government

I watched Evan Smith of the Texas Tribune grilling Mayor White on CSPAN and was impressed

66% of Practicing Physicians in Massachusetts don't want Single Payer.

Wikileaks show torture "was not an exception"

Which is funnier? (for the rally in DC this coming weekend)

Illinois Federation of Teachers passes unanimous resolutions against Race to the Top, charters

Good grief. Obama "birth certificate rally" at the National Mall today - pic

Teacher takes on challenging kids per supervisor request. Gets poor rating because of it.

Being afraid of Muslims on airplanes is not as natural as they're telling us

Should people be allowed to buy cigarettes with food stamps?

Preamble to the US Constitution rolled out on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial Oct. 20th. Wow! pics

"The USA is the most disappointing superpower ever." - according to 4-chan

Today's Newsweek poll has great news. Dems. are slightly ahead. Dem. enthusiasm has caught up too

Please help!

Big Chocolate's Child Slavery Addiction

How's this for a double standard...on NPR

WikiLeaks Founder on the Run

Rep. DeFazio Investigating Impeachment For Justice John Roberts (Citizens United)

According to you, are some cultures ethically superior to other cultures?

The United States of Fear In Action: Spooked U.S. cities ban teens from Halloween trick or treating.

NPR is becoming the new Acorn: targeted by the fascists of the Right

White House Plans Campaign Blitz On Final Weekend

A president in the neighbor's backyard

Loved the Nevada rally! Obama still speaks for me.

This is the speech Obama should make on the campaign trail in 2012

Did his new chief advisor have anything to do with

first sitting president to sign an iPad

****HEADS UP****Obama campaigning for Reid in NV at 9pm

Obama's GBLT accomplishments

GOP - Not To Be Trusted

Oops: University e-mail tells campus to vote for Democrats

Barack Obama becomes first US president to autograph an iPad

New Chris Coons ad

"No constituent too small" (with photos)

The Tea Party Terrorists are getting more radical. Raul Grijalva targeted with toxic white powder.

John Thune tries to be clever

Midterm Messages

I don't get it - - 2 and 2 is not making 4

Who is going to tell the Pundits to Stop it with their election "predictions" based on faulty Polls?

Local Connecticut Chamber Weighing Whether To Break With ‘U.S.’ Chamber

Obama to speak at rally at U of Minnesota - live video

I'm voting in this election for my daughter. She is 21, college student studying to be a teacher,

Five myths about young voters

What is with Peter Baker at the NYT?

Something new about JFK - from the Smithsonian -

Why Minority Voters will be Voting Democratic this Year.........

President Obama rallies Dems at University of Minnesota stop

Eight False Things The Public “Knows” Prior To Election Day

Could Thomas now be impeached for perjury?

So who here has been out campaigning? Have you voted?

Citizens Against Government Waste not amused by Campus Progress spoof of its ad

"Ads that tie Republicans to Wall Street are boosting early voting returns for some Democrats "

Poll: Democratic Enthusiasm Surges as Election Day Approaches

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn releases "Glee"-inspired political ad. Pretty awesome

Early Voting Stats--Lorain County, Ohio--Dems 45% Indies 31% GOP 23%

Maybe I'm just a hopeless optimist, but...

I don't understand the attention being paid here to early voting

I'll be out tabling next week-- getting the crew together this weekend....

no theme, no clever captions just ... Photos (The Obama Presidency, Days 640 & 641)

Nancy Pelosi Responds To President Bush On Social Security: We're Very 'Pleased' He Is Disappointed

WP: What if Jesus ran for Senate? - Jesus: Soft on defense. Wrong for America.

What the Dem strategists have right: It's all in the timing

The shift to Dems is escalating as the GOP's relentless TV ads swamp the airwaves...peeps are sick

I wish he wasn't so unpopular

Do the people have a right to know what is in the Wikileak documents?

Early Voting in Nevada--The two parties are running about even

Minorities, how worried are you about this upcoming election?

MSNBC now pushing some poll that says the rethugs are ahead among woman voters

For Your Doorknocking: Eight False Things The Public “Knows”

What's the best way to get election returns if you don't have cable/satellite?

The comeback kid? Democratic candidates close enthusisam gap. Support for President Obama now 54%

Bill Mahar: The democrats will probably loose the Congress

Just saw Paranormal Activity 2

Sometimes all the confidence in the world just isn't ENOUGH.

Contemporary monsters can be... ... ... ... different.

Memories... like the corners of my mind...

What they SAY... ... ... ... ... ... ... What we HEAR...

Is that "Gang of Four" on the new x-box commercial?

I just put on TBS. I take it that Texas won the game?


Not sure how to explain this one...

Kind of a Drag

Anybody else think Saturday Night Live might just be interesting this week? (Ginni - call me)

Who are you people. I'm an old folgie here on the Lounge , who was posting here when your....

let`s give it up for Nikka Costa !

VIDEO - Woman donates $20K to charity, and in return, Chris Rock tells off her ex-boyfriend Jeff.

let`s give it up for Nikola Tesla !

Anyone here ever have Minnie Driver?

Nerd Rage Rap. LOL!

My 17y.o. kid just walked through the den wearing a diaper looking for his "binkie".

Nobody's up now, are they?

A Confederacy of Perverts...

SHAMELESS PLUG DEPT. Elton John and Leon Russell's new album is AMAZING.

I Breastfed My Circumcised Baby In Olive Garden's Smoking Section Tonight...

Goodnight, all! Preacher man's on tv so it must be time to go to bed.

So we just dropped our oldest off for her first Rocky Horror Picture Show...

Laverne DeFazio ate a peach with Julia Roberts--WHAT?

Support Public radio and why I love it so.....

one more from the blues Brothers

Garrett Gilbert cannot throw!

I just voted by Oregon Mail

They made impressions of my ears yesterday for my new hearing aids

Click here and you WILL spent your entire Saturday on this site:

Caption the GOP's Anaheim rally photos!

Phoebe's building a new nest!

Hopeless half-remembered movie snippet...

UFO - underrated

hot flashes! Good reason not to attend a reunion?

It must be tough for Vikings to travel these days

That's what you get for cheating, New York

it tickles

i know more b**** n***** than hoes

To any and all Simpsons fans

May I please ask advice... from women of the Lounge only?

Important love survey. Specifically, a *French* love survey

Who would win in a fight? Julia Child or Mister Rogers?


People say "Thanks" or "I love you" in different ways.

Scary costume I saw at the Halloween Store!

Freddy's got spots from picking

What are your favorite things about salami?

A slam poem every little girl who's afraid she's not pretty should see.

Keyboard Cat shocking alternate footage.

New Poll Questions on Garrison's Website.

What is the worst emotion?

A Brief Note on Yankee Fans.....(Matt Taibbi)

I have the body of a Greek God!!!

Greetings from LA. Peggy and Tobin meetup pics.

Today is my 7 year anniversary on DU

why is Frontline more popular than Advantix ?

Do you like N&N's?

Goodbye dear Walkman, goodbye

To the countless Texas haters on DU

What is up with zombies? Seriously there must have been a zombie event up on parliament hill today.

The AWESOMEST fucking Dad in the whole wide world!!!!!!

Today's College Football and Tailgate Thread

I know a little ASL

Anybody have Virginia Thomas' phone number handy?

i heard tell about some folks who hate texas

Why do 16 year olds give one headaches?

Pumpkin Ale

Songs with "rock" in their title

Has anyone ever experienced true paranormal activity?

Randy Quaid and wife arrested in Canada; bail increased in US to $500k

Automated Polls Show Prop 19 Winning 56-41: Anti-Marijuana Stigma Could Be Throwing Off Live Polling

Beck to Palin: Alan Grayson is Hot, 'Yum Yum Give Me Some.'

NPR Defends Firing Williams as Criticism Mounts

Hedrick Makes Fun of Pelosi Connection

NORAD jet intercepts aircraft over California

Files: Iraqi deaths higher than US count

Court rejects suit over S.F.'s blast at Vatican

French Senate passes pension bill

Mystery of the chupacabra monster solved

Celebrating Rangers give Josh Hamilton a ginger ale shower

President Obama blasts GOP for plans to repeal Wall Street reform bill

200 agents sent to El Paso after consulate slayings

The Life & So-Called Times of MiddleFingerMom (Chapter 5) -- DIAL-UP WARNING

Update: Cholera outbreak spreads toward Haiti's capital

Louisiana Senate: Melancon Poll Reflects Tighter Race

Czech left winner of senate vote, seen delaying austerity

A Perjurer on the US Supreme Court

Fighter jet intercepts plane near Santa Clara

Google Admits Scooping Passwords, Emails In Street View Privacy Breach

Barbados Prime Minister Thompson dead at 48

Jimmy John's union push fails in Minneapolis

Vatican meeting demands Israel end occupation

Gunmen kill 13 in massacre at a party in Mexico

US: Iran Took Hikers on Iraq Side of Border

State regulators back plan to require health insurers to spend ... 80% of premiums on medical care

Biden to campaign for Rep. Grayson MONDAY!

Opposition Takes Control of Czech Senate

$12 million verdict hits Calif. prison guard union

Lawsuit seeks to revive deepwater drilling ban

Ford foundry in Brook Park to close after 58 years of service

500 Rally in Moscow Demanding Putin's Resignation

Frustration with GOP leader despite expected gains

Venezuela-Cuba cable to be laid in early 2011

Principal's bad grammar angers parents

Clark wages uphill battle to unseat Bachmann

McDonald's to raise prices (commodities)

Massive stretches of weathered oil spotted in Gulf of Mexico

‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Is Fueled By Foreign Oil

Students pray before Soddy-Daisy game

My cats predict the outcome of the midterm elections

Top Hip Hop Producer Exposes Corporate American Infiltration of Music

Turn off the Hate. Get out the Vote.

Sharron Angle Should Reject American Crossroads -

Kelly Ayotte Should Reject Karl Rove's Dirty Money and Dirty Politics!

TYT: College Student Wants Refund (due to unemployment)

Kieth Olberman Discusses Chamber of Commerce and Secret Funding -

Hahaha - Arizonans for Prosperity Ad: Arizona Stands Up to Tourists and Boycotters

TYT: "Religious Right Anti-Birth Control Amendment" (in Colorado)

GOP congressional candidate Stephen Broden -Violent overthrow of the Government is on the table.

Weekly Address: Letting Wall Street Run Wild Again

US, British govt lies about Iraq casualties

Juan Williams: "NPR is worse that Nixon"

Come Take A Walk With Me Or Remain A Coward - Gulf Oil Spill Pensacola Beach October 22 2010

Matron Meg Whitman?

How To Play Dummies For Fools


Rachel Maddow- Anti-choice activists harassed Dr. Tillers staff

Michael Hudson: Debt jubilee and debt parasites

Countdown with Cenk Uygur: GOP Latino Voter Suppression Effort

Weird Liberal Head Show #200: King Liberal Head

Laws Against Hemp, Blame Corporate Intrest

WikiLeaks Interview With Iraq Body Count: How We Counted

Clashes in Lyon Over French Pensions

Hurting (Conway Ad)

Charity vs. Solidarity

Oil: Healthy 16 y/o goes swimming, then hospitalized with "compromised lung" & "enlarged heart"

Report From Baghdad: Iraqis Respond To The Released WikiLeaks Files

Young Turks: Join Cenk Sunday - Help Turk Out The Vote!

Republicans for Robin-Jamie

Al Jazeera: WikiLeaks 400,000 classified war documents - files show U.S/UK & Blackwater war crimes

Al Jazeera English Interviews Julian Assange About The Iraq War Logs (And He Doesn't Walk Out)

Legalize It! by Old Fart Rants

Unemployed & 99er's GOP will bring back the pass for you

Ahmed Rehab Calls Out Extremist NutJob Pam Geller on FOX

Bill Maher on Real Time Discusses US Chamber of Commerce w/ Rob Reiner -

AIDS in America 1987

"Our destiny is written by us"

Fundies: world will end in May 2011

Parody Of CAGW's Deceitful Commercial: Chinese Professor Confirms GOP Policy Failures

WikiLeaks' Files Contain Details Of The Shocking Activities Of Blackwater Mercenaries In Iraq.

Rachel Maddow on Juan Williams & Faux News' Blatant Islamophobia

Protests Begin In Britain Against Severe Government Budget Cuts

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Walks Out of CNN Interview

Speaker Pelosi: It Gets Better

Iraq War Logs Contain Details Of 100s Of Civilian Deaths At US Military Checkpoints (Disturbing)

Wikileaks Press Conference - 23 oct 2010 (part 1 of 4)

Homeless man shows his camp

Anderson Cooper Brings in Dana Loesch to Defend Christine O'Donnell

Working poor stand in food lines

Riki Ott: 4 to 5 million people on Gulf exposed to dangerous levels of oil

Angle Lies about Harry Reid raising taxes 300 times

Biggest coverup in the life of the world — Oil Everywhere

AFL-CIO President Trumka: It Gets Better

Working Poor: Dubuque, Iowa

DU's David Swanson: About That Falling U.S. Life Expectancy

Working Poor

Homeless Shelter Struggles With Increasing Numbers kcratv 9,360 videos

Poverty: An Inconvienient Truth

Families Begin To Live Out of CARS - Economy Produces Low Pay Jobs george4title 78 videos

Dozens of Tent Cities Crop Up in the US

"Making IGNORANCE Cheap!......

Top Corporations Aid U.S. Chamber of Commerce Campaign

Clarence Thomas' Ex-Girlfriend: 'Clarence A Different Type of Teabagger'

How Much Do You Want to Know About How Your Meat Gets to Your Plate?

Michael Moore: Juan Williams Is Right: Political Correctness About Terrorists Must End!

Friday Talking Points (144) -- Midterm Home Stretch

Rush Limbaugh and the 13 year old caller - Media Matters AUDIO 12:13

Right-Wing ‘Journalists’ At Secret Koch Meeting Make A Living Defending ..........

Supremely Bad Judgment

Alan Grayson debates himself at Tiger Bay!

Kucinich: American people have a right to know

Robert Fisk: The shaming of America

DON'T BE A DICK: Four Principles of the New Republican Mentality

Shrinking beef market may mean poorer meat at stores(Meatpacker monopoly collusion?)

Argentina's Mothers of Plaza de Mayo: A Living Legacy of Hope and Human Rights

Hating Woodrow Wilson

WikiLeaks Founder on the Run, Chased by Turmoil

Train Passengers From Brussels to Amsterdam Will Soon Be Travelling Green

Dawn of a New Era - PV outshines Solar Hot Water Heaters (Oz)

Opportunities Abundant as Ontario Moves Closer to a Green Economy

Middleboro (Mass.) company to make Cape Wind parts (100 new jobs)

5 Renewable Energy Issues at Stake in the Midterm Elections

Go-ahead for large-scale energy storage research (Zn-Br battery, Oz)

Utility to test power storage unit with California wind farms (stimulus)

Groundbreaking of Largest Solar Farm in Northeast United States (New Jersey)

ProLogis Signs for Second Stage of 100 MW Rooftop Solar Power with Southern California Edison

Solar market heats up: Survey of PV/CSP installations and utility projects

One Step Forward Two Steps Back: Governor Races Could Roll Back U.S. Climate Change Advances

Quishan II Unit 3 Nuclear Reactor Goes Commercial Ahead of Schedule

Solar Energy Systems Now A ‘Must Have’ (home appliance, Oz)

Wind industry warns Republicans against 'false statements' on stimulus

Hawaii Rejects Proposed Ban on Solar Energy

A question about your views on combating climate change.


U.S. Offshore Wind Industry Gets Not One, But Two Major Boosts

Review: Chevy Volt — electrifying

The purpose of shifting to alternative energy

I wonder if the Yanks can hear Dandy Don Meredith singing...


Tiny Minority here

Old Man Steinbrenner would have fired Girardi before the end of the night...

oh bullshit, Umps pretend Swisher wasn't hit by the ball


I don't pray to saints. But for those who do, please recite this:

You do know that for the next couple of weeks...

Red Sox Fans - What's John Farrell like?...

A New York Yankee$ Appreciation Thread

Molina has a chance at two rings..

NY front pages:

Celebrating Rangers give Josh Hamilton a ginger ale shower

8-0 Spartans. Got to enjoy it, as my defibrillator fires up yet again.

The tyranny of the Wall Street Yankees has come to an end

DFW Front Pages:

How fitting that AROD strikes out LOOKING to end the ALCS

U.S. open-water swimmer dies during race

so when I win the DUFL

Iowa DU nation, no matter what happens, this has been a fantastic Game

U.S. reaffirms support to Honduras' anti-drug efforts

Venezuela-Cuba cable to be laid in early 2011

Press freedom worsens in Colombia: NGO

Share8 Argentina's Mothers of Plaza de Mayo: A Living Legacy of Hope and Human Rights

Green Party requests Uribe to speak on Inspector General’s decisions on wiretapping scandalsHeadline

OFAC Sanctions Colombian Public Official For Ties To Drug Trafficker.

More than 200 die from cholera in Haiti

President Chávez to meet with Gaddafi

Stomach turning event at U Miami

Brazil: One Week Before Elections Rousseff is 10 Points Ahead in Presidency Race

'Hero' of Chile is rock bottom.

Showdown looms for Raymore gun law (Missouri)

interesting site for discussion

The MPAA approach to gun control

No charges to be filed after man shoots intruder/ex-wife

Ramsey would support legislative abolishment of concealed-gun rules (Echos Haslam statement)

Plainfield Township man pushes Kent County communities to end bans on guns in parks (Michigan)

Our task at the 2012 Democratic National Convention

over 14,000 weapons permits issued

Movement under way to let Floridians openly tote their guns

Gray to amend bias proposal (request of the Omaha Archdiocese exempt religious organizations)

President Obama's GLBT accomplishments

The gay social network -- for straight people

Paper Won't Print Gay Couple's Marriage Announcement

Dissecting Andy Tobias' official list of Obama's gay 'accomplishments'

Dear friends on the GLBT Forum, you need to see this ASAP!

Would you rather be a viper or a vampire?

It was the Gaza assault's worst atrocity. Now the truth may finally be told

Israeli army officers investigated over Gaza air strike that killed 21

Ran across these magnificent photos by Pete Souza - B/W - in a post in GD

On the water

Sculptors Weg (Way) Luisenpark Part 1


Sculptors Weg (Way) Luisenpark Part 2

Sculptors Weg (Way) Luisenpark Part 3

On the water in Luisenpark part 1

Looking for a replacement Camera

More color (dial-up warning) last one :)

Check out these 3-D rotatable molecules.

Author Drew Dyck on 'Generation Ex-Christian: Why Young Adults Are Leaving the Faith ... '

Black Labor Union Teaches Members about HIV/AIDS

immy John’s Workers vow to continue campaign - Workers report widespread illegal activity by company

Construction Workers In Pennsylvania Get New Legal Protection Against Employer Misclassification

Today in Labor History Oct 23 Two postal workers die after inhaling anthrax & explosion kills 23

Economic Report: More American Workers Worried About Retirement Savings

Non-Union Workers Say School District is Shutting Them Out of Work

Does copy-pasting the same thing in many responses violate the "content" rule?

About formatting.

Question about ignore.

Any chance there will be text editing functions built into DU ?

On forum/folder suggestions

A question about the ignore feature and My DU

Is it OK if we have a feature-request thread here?


Anyone a fan of "Community"? Great episode on religion this week!

Does anyone else feel like they're in battle?

Welcome to the Suck. Er, I mean, Happy Scorpio season!