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PA12: Tea Party’s Tim Burns Takes Corporate Lobbyists’ Donations Funneled by Ultimate DC Insider Joh

Rep. Gutierrez: ASFCME President McEntee is ‘Disgrace to the Labor Movement’

Rep. Gutierrez: ASFCME President McEntee is ‘Disgrace to the Labor Movement’

Cartoon: Family Bailout

School district candidates oppose term 'democracy'

The closer it gets the better we look

Hey, Juan Williams...what would you demand if Pat Buchanan said this....

Largest NH paper won't print gay marriage notices

Mine safety relaxed, lest we forget what the previous 8 years

Competition killing some marijuana dispensaries

Quebec gets its' own Tea Party

Paladino's Hometown Paper endorses Cuomo

This is why they are called "CONs"

Ken Buck "D'oh"

Whaaa! Toomey blames DSCC for killing his lead

MO Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder Turns Tables on Charges vs. Tea Party, True Racist Outfit is NPR

Republicans block LPFM bill...

A new meme must be shouted: Republicans = Tea Party = Supremacist!!

Public Housing Repairs Can’t Keep Pace With Demand

I think a lot of people have forgotten the context of the Hill/Thomas hearings.

Eight False Things The Public “Knows” Prior To Election Day

Imagine what Republicans like Stephen Broden were like as children

To paraphrase Homer Simpson, "To religion... the cause of - and solution to - all life's problems."

Yesterday I canvassed Independence Ave in Kansas City, MO for the ACLU

Howie Kurtz says Soros was wrong..

Tea Party Motto: "Making Different Dangerous". Pass it on.

If you're in the market for a new cell phone

NY Times reports that the Parents Television Council is crumbling

For those who enjoy a story about the fall of a true asshole in government

Eight False Things The Public "Knows" Before Election Day--Get This To Everyone You Know, Guys

Hugh Shelton and Colin Powell....You can still kiss my ass...

The idiocy of election reporting

The idiocy of election reporting

I was talking to a moderate Dem friend of mine at the gym the other day...

Removed by popular demand.

Repukes throw their own African American candidates, plus Hawai'i and Alaska, under the bus

Clinton got impeached for a blow job and these two Koch suckers go free!

Are you a fuddyduddy or a kewlcat?

Al Franken has always been a great comedian. He is a better Senator.

So, more revelations about ginning up the "evidence to justify the Bush Wars

So, more revelations about ginning up the "evidence to justify the Bush Wars

A DNA Spray Keeps Burglars at Bay

Which of the following will be the media narrative after the election?

News from France -- Le Monde

Nate Silver still sticking to the enthusiasm gap line

Howard Dean: Rand Paul is wrong on Medicare

Sign up for a shift to help during the final four days before November 2nd--and an organizer will fo

Talk about truth in advertising!

Labor Launches Massive Electoral Effort. Will Dems Return the Favor?

Seymour Hersh Reports On A Big 2001 American Intelligence Failure

US-Pakistan embrace a fillip for peace

Life In Afghanistan: War By The Numbers

Asia Times: The heat's on private contractors

The RW & TPs on corporations

What are some positive racist stereotypes?

Jakarta set on military shopping spree

Fiat would benefit from shutting Italian factories: CEO

The Nixonian Henchmen of Today: at the NYT

There Really Is No Excuse Not To Vote. It's Easy- And A Lil Story

Michigan And Claifornia National Guards Now Being Investigated For Fraud

Michigan And Claifornia National Guards Now Being Investigated For Fraud

Since when is 8 points behind a "dead heat"?

'Helping hand' seen behind leaks

Gitmo case may test U.S. on secrecy over plea deals

Falling Into the Chasm-Paul Krugman

The Cool Ruler, Gregory Isaacs died this morning

Guardian - Iraq War Logs: Key Findings

Edwin Fry's Poodle, Buddy Tough, Euthanized After 73-Year-Old Tries To Free Him From Pound

Edwin Fry's Poodle, Buddy Tough, Euthanized After 73-Year-Old Tries To Free Him From Pound

Heads-Up - Rachel Maddow On The Today Show

Pro-Republican Groups Prepare Big Push at End of Races

United States Continues Deporting Veterans

In a midterm election, the conservative districts are most vulnerable

USAID Has Their Panties In A Twist Over Private Security Companies In Afghanistan

25 may have been killed in Afghanistan airstrike

Like something out of a horror movie

Bill Clinton Campaigns For Tarryl Clark In Minnesota

Ooops! That Republican 'stop the vote' effort for Latinos in Nevada is backfiring badly

Guardian: New War Logs - Evidence of Military Contractors Unaccountable Lethal Roque Actions

Without wars.....

Hiring picture gets a little brighter

Government seeks to crush strike of Foxconn workers in India

Challenging SEIU's collusion with Kaiser

Challenging SEIU's collusion with Kaiser

Should only people with kids or who had kids be on the school committee?

State pensions: ministers plan to pay £140 a week

This serial killer really knows how to dodge responsibility for any of his actions.

Krugman: Not all debt is the same (or bad)

Electric Bikes and Socialism --informing you what the German Government is doing to help with green

19 Reasons Pot Should Be Legal

Tuesday evening I'll be on a conference call with President Obama & AFL-CIO President Trumka!

Tuesday evening I'll be on a conference call with President Obama & AFL-CIO President Trumka!

US Navy Fucks Active Duty Service Members Out Of Tuition Assistance

Hack Gregory - it would be tremendous

Now is the time for public television

Pentagon's press spinner on MSNBC

Former Marine chief doubts Afghan timetable

OK I'm now speechless

Federal Bailout Recipients (Incl Some That Still Owe $$$ To Gov) Are Shelling Out $$$ To Repubs

NYC Bedbugs Scaring Off Tourists

Jerry Brown has double digits over Meg Witless!!! I am happy now.

Yesterday I Talked Three People Into Voting Dem Next Week.......

One rich guy who wants to pay higher taxes: Bill Gates Sr.

Email we just got. Baby steps. But steps nonetheless

We should always elect the best & the brightest we can find!

wisdom on Meet the Press?

The LGBT community needs to carefully weigh their options. If they refuse to vote and help the

informative email from John Kerry

informative email from John Kerry

I heard a major Republican pundit say on Meet the Press that the ONLY

Afghan Leader Admits His Office Gets Cash From Iran

Afghan Leader Admits His Office Gets Cash From Iran

"We carpet-bombed for two months in 82 races, now it's sniper time."

Iran's continuing war against women

Don't political billboards have to include the same disclosure about who paid for the message

Rabrrrrrr Appreciation Thread (Coz Fuck Antichoicers w/ Washington Monument Coated In Ground Glass)

Chicago Parents Occupy Elementary School Building to Prevent Demolition

Why Karzai readily admits receiving bags of Iranian cash

Did anyone see the woot shirt today?

Did anyone see the woot shirt today?

Why are we fighting again?

"When I was a child, I was told anyone could become president. I'm starting to believe that is true

Time to reboot our push for global Internet freedom

Williams supported Imus Firing, Censoring of Rap Music

Election Day could bring historic split: Democrats lose House, keep Senate

Witches Say Beer’s O.K., but Lose the Fire and Stake

Afghan President Karzai: Bush knew we were getting bags of cash from Iran

Alan Grayson pumps his own money into race.

No No No Nooooo!

Federal Bailout Recipients Are Shelling Out The Cash For Republicans (GM)


What If?

For those who were here at the time were most DUers for or against invading Afghanistan?

Social Conservative Robocall Drops 'Homosexual' Reference Ten Times In Attacking Democrat

Ohio Department of Education ruins the best thing about winter.

Sink up 4.6 points above Scott -- Florida Governor Race

Paul Krugman:Falling Into the Chasm

For those of you who are disenchanted with the democratic party..

Small business owners - Question about NFIB

The Rude Pundit: We Haven't Even Begun to See the Destruction the GOP Will Do (Part 1)

2:00 EST - live webcast of Daniel Ellsberg & Julian Assange

The Myth That Al-Qaeda Was Present In Saddam-era Iraq Has Been Busted By Wikileaks' Iraq War Logs

Rest in peace, Gregory Isaacs

Rep Tim Holden suspends campaign to tend for his mother's illness

I should know this but when you vote how many house seats do you vote for?

N. Illinois University campus on edge after remains are found

""Activism is my rent for living on this planet." -- Alice Walker

O’Donnell: "I believe that prayer plays a direct role in this campaign"

The Republicans are demoralized in California (based on one example)

The Republicans are demoralized in California (based on one example)

Tea Party Plans to Recruit More Coloreds This Fall

I am proud to be a progressive. I should not have to feel bad anytime

The Song Radio Stations Are Banning--I don't believe it. I think this is an urban legend.

Most unfunny joke ever told by the good people at fox news

What the PTB/Washington establishment & the media want: one more reason to vote Democratic Party

Nope MSNBC is not pushing the GOP, no siree

Teabagger: When a group lists itself on our site, that's a group. That group could be one person...

America's Worst Columnist: George Will (wrt Alan Grayson)

New Figures Detail Depth Of Unemployment Misery, Lower Earnings For All But Super Wealthy (VIDEO)

10,000 pages of previously sealed Catholic church sex abuse documents released

Just a Halloween/Candy question .... Parents are trying to improve school lunches ....


Here is an Ad that has been driving me crazy for a week or so now

See this twitter rant from Jim Demint on CNN homepage

Other dangers out there .

Wikileaks Exposes Rummy: Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell

America’s Worst Politician : The short, ugly career of Alan Grayson.



Tea Party Kittens

New Figures Detail Depth Of Unemployment Misery, Lower Earnings For All But Super Wealthy

The ten most terrifying would-be congressmen

I just donated to Tarryl Clark and Alan Grayson

I just donated to Tarryl Clark and Alan Grayson

m$ once again promotes the teaparty

Jonathan Franzen: 'America is almost a rogue state' (video)

Strikes continue in France

Strikes continue in France

Bronchial thermoplasty can help chronic asthma

Bronchial thermoplasty can help chronic asthma

Mallard Fillmore....gets one right for a change

Invasion of the Democracy Crushers

Going out of Business // Sign Graveyard of Texaco, Chevron, Shell, etc...

Wikileaks Founder Assange Force-Feeding Truth To World That Has No Stomach For It

Insignificant and Deceptive Pentagon Cuts: How Many More Trillions for the Pentagon?

From The CNN Archives (2002) "Did Clarence Thomas Tell The Truth Under Oath?" - Answer "NO"

For those that may have forgotten...

Ken Buck on SNL

Obama Revs Up Minnesota Dems For Mark Dayton-full video Hi Q.

In Alaska, Dems AND Republicans to sue over write-in lists

I have Glen Beck Playing in my house

email I received from Tea Party patriots Re: Limbaugh volunteers

How the Next 4 Years Will Play out

GOPer's TV ad uses altered photo to blast U.S. Rep. Schauer (D-MI)

Yard Sign With Candidate's Name On It Electrifies Congressional Race

Why are the Democrats in danger of losing control of Congress in 2010? /nt

The early vote: If there's a GOP surge, Democrats don't see it

Poll analyst's advice: Don't believe internal polls from either party

Poll analyst's advice: Don't believe internal polls from either party

Don't vote! (You gotta see this 2:18 video)

With Democratic "Friends" Like These...

"One third of voters may switch candidates"..Main Stream Media Prepares an excuse

No Shit Sherlock UPDATE: Racist Teabaggers admit Obama's race is "a factor in their activism"

No Shit Sherlock UPDATE: Racist Teabaggers admit Obama's race is "a factor in their activism"

Great article re: NPR vs FOX by James Fallows

Great article re: NPR vs FOX by James Fallows

Heavan and Hell

ACLU Urges Obama Administration to Back Off Tough Talk on California's Prop. 19

Oh, my goodness, Rachel Maddow is going to be broadcasting

Foul Foul Foul!!!!! Right now , Senate Minority Leader McConnell

For anyone who was sentient back then: Did you ever agree with "America. Love It or Leave It?"

For anyone who was sentient back then: Did you ever agree with "America. Love It or Leave It?"

Buck campaign to gay teen’s mom: ‘Ken may have mis-spoke’

Poll: Barney Frank leads GOP challenger by 13 percent

Bush had a surplus and spent it all (and them some). Michael Steel had a surplus....

Bush had a surplus and spent it all (and them some). Michael Steel had a surplus....

Youngest Guantanamo detainee pleads guilty

Blanche Lincoln has said on the radio that the reason she is behind in the polls

Nominee Keith Rothfus Defends Unlimited Corporate Spending In Elections As Free Speech

I hate the fucking MSM one day they may again do their jobs

Appealing once more for help on a radio poll - replacing Dr. Laura

Murtha seat looks like outpost resisting impending GOP onslaught

flipped to mourning ho....they're promoting sarah palin for president

Black GOP Candidates Accuse Party of Ignoring Them..

It's time to say goodbye...

It's time to say goodbye...

In 2011, do you think the economy will improve such that wages will rise & unemployement will fall?

Hah. NYC Teachers Jiu-jitsu $UPERMAN . Pretty clever.

Hah. NYC Teachers Jiu-jitsu $UPERMAN . Pretty clever.

Corset piercings tug at perceptions of beauty

15 jobs that pays $50 an hour...

Jeezus......Andrew Cuomo vows offensive against labor unions

New AP Poll: Are you a good Witch, or a bad Witch?

Who is effected by a campaign ad? (poll)

A song for this election

Gov. Howard Dean: Alan Grayson Stands up for You!

I screwed you all...

Zogby poll: US Senate Florida (October 25) : Rubio 40, Crist 33, Meek 18

Kasich Ducks Out Of NPR Interview Because He Didn’t Want To Take Questions From Callers

FL-08 Alan Grayson FDL Hot House 100

Meet South Carolina's skanky future governor.

Do we have an in-house expert on voter identification and polling?

Pelosi Takes the Heat: 'If I Were Not Effective They Wouldn't Care About Me'

Latest Poll Shows California Likely to Vote ‘No’ on Prop 23

Supporting Crist? Supporting Caprio?

ANOTHER West Virginia Senate Update?

ANOTHER West Virginia Senate Update?

US newspaper circulation down 5 percent

Well, lookee who's setting up shop down the road.

Going nuts in Central Florida.

European polluters back Tea Party candidates

Obama, Bush, and the Underemployment rate

Bill Clinton: I'm 'ticked off'

Could Mike Bloomberg MAKE Sarah Palin PRESIDENT?

Serious Orwellian Mind-Bender going on at

Calif high court upholds dismissal of 18 cases in Riverside County because of judges shortage

Georgia does it AGAIN! And it's not even FRIDAY!

The Little Party That Could: A Democratic Party Pep Talk

AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka: World-Class Economies Must Make Things (video link)

New Poll Sees a Winner in Webster-Grayson CD 8 Race,

Number Games: The Retirement Age in France is Already 65

Number Games: The Retirement Age in France is Already 65

Number Games: The Retirement Age in France is Already 65

Democrats Gain Advantage in Enthusiasm Among Latinos

Additional Amtrak service to the Stewart/Colbert rally

Krugman: Story of this election is an economic policy that failed to deliver

Grayson Foe Daniel Webster Credits Success To "Hedge of Thorns" Prayer - Bruce Wilson

Former GOP Opponent Malone: Stay Away From Perry

FAILED former half-term Governor unleashes brutal, unrelenting Twitter assault on Murkowski

1 out of every 34 Americans who earned wages in 08 earned absolutely nothing in 09

Poor Yahoo News. They're Just Trying SO Hard To Convince Us.

AFL-CIO steps up get-out-the-vote effort,Get to the polls next week, because

look at this great ad from 'the future' to go vote

Raul Grijalva:Thank You All For Your Support - It Means The World

At Least Ginni Thomas Didn't Hit Clarence In The Head With...

NJ Legislature introduces anti-bullying bill of rights

If Short People Can't Join the Military, Why Should Gays?

Olympia Snowe just robo-called me to vote for Paul LePage.

Help. 'Security Tool' virus is gumming up PC

Rolling Stone on Cool Ruler Gregory Isaacs

WV-Sen: Manchin Pulling Away From Raese, According To PPP

Iran set to load fuel to core of first atomic plant

I'm Dangerously Furious.

Halt the assault and Free Enterprise Alliance ?

Grrr... 'Wellstone Accused of Voter Fraud, Threatened with Death, Day before His Plane Crash'

What and when did I muss this??? Palin is seriously thinking 3rd

My final 4 $$ contibutions went to...... the envelope please.....

Baby dies after hysterical people jump from Paris flat to 'escape the devil'

Petition calls for Gold’s Gym to stop supporting Rove group

Is there anyone working to get out the vote on behalf of the Republican Party?

After the Midterms: Democrats Move to the Center, and Republicans Don’t | Robert Reich

5 years after indictments, DeLay's trial finally begins...

Start an email AVALANCHE to encourage voting

Some 'Sesame Street' viewers sense a gay-friendly vibe

Researchers find “VAST VOLUMES” of oil on seafloor — Includes “Thick Raw Crude”

WaPo and Rasmussen show O'Malley up over Ehrlich by 14 and 10, respectively

Key Tax Breaks at Risk as Panel Looks at Cuts


Donation To Rove-Tied Group Sparks Gold's Gym Revolt - Salon

Rochester Area Man Charged With Threatening To Kill Former President Bush

Rochester Area Man Charged With Threatening To Kill Former President Bush

So, All You Political Pols... If There Is An October Surprise, When Do They Drop The Anvil ???

If you missed Bill Black on Ratigan, here is clip:

So McConnell's stated agenda is to take out the President and not to help govern the country...

Mummified body in car identified as homeless woman

"I am not a crook"

"I am not a crook"

Only three senators from the 2010 elections will take office before January.

Democratic Rep. Gene Taylor: I Voted for McCain

(update) Not guilty plea in 4 riders' deaths (.373 % repeat DWI)

While getting a new tire today, I asked the Tire Kingdom guy to watch any channel other than faux.

Iraq war logs: British legal threat as UN calls on Obama to look at torture claims

Iraq Files: Pregnant women and the mentally ill killed for coming too close to checkpoints

Stewart/Colbert Port-a-potties is Mission Accomplished-Count Suggest 150,000 Expected

CNBC looking at cutting defense spending...first target is benefits

What can you tell the 50 million people that don't have a job right now, Mr. President?

The New York Times Leads Sleazy Smear Campaign Against Julian Assange

It's not a sin to criticize the president you voted for

Alex Sink (FL) making mincemeat out of Scott (FL) on CNN Debate - Happening Now nt

How much did the deficit balloon in Obama's first full fiscal year?

Bill Black On Foreclosuregate: Calls For The Immediate Termination Of Bernanke, Geithner And Holder

Alvin Greene is still in this fight! New campaign signs!

Afghan President Karzai admits to getting large bags full of money from the United States and Iran!

"bipartisan debt commission will give Obama political cover on where to suggest unpopular cuts"

We can't afford to lose Senator Feingold.

DOJ Probes TX Voter Intimidation Complaints During Tea Party Anti-Voter Fraud Drive

Action/Movement . . . . . Principle/Party

In Her Last Commercial, Meg Whitman Concedes That No One Likes Her

Robert Reich on why Democrats move to the center after midterms

Anyone watch "Landslide:A Portrait of Herbert Hoover" on PBS?

Nature Break Story.

Nature Break Story.

Help me respond sensibly to "Jobless Recovery"

GOP Lawyers Group Warns Newsmax Of 'Epidemic' Voter Fraud

Tea Party Inc.: The Big Money and Powerful Elites Behind the Right-Wing's Latest Uprising


"The findings suggest that the breadth of the tea party may be inflated."

My question is why is there no call for Republicans to move to the center Vote ad with Olivia (the doctor from "House")

If you ever want to see what DU would look like if we allowed Wing Nuts to post..

Some fairly aggressive woman repossessing my neighbor's car as I type this

Some fairly aggressive woman repossessing my neighbor's car as I type this


Airline Profits Soar Leaving Passengers Sour & Employees Sore

Did Paul Wolfowitz Authorize Human Experimentation at Guantánamo?

NPR today! Kasich and Strickland (OH) Kasich canceled! He did not want to take calls! Hahahahah

On this anniversary of his death, a Paul Wellstone quote worth honoring:

Scalia, Thomas & the Kochtopus

Newsweek Cover: Change is coming... Again: If this doesn't fire you up, nothing will

What the AP is and how it works

Let's organize a real tea party .... a national mortgage protest month! A bankers nightmare.

Arpaio Gives Palin Pink Underwear as an Allusion to His Treatment of Immigrant Detainees

Just saw the Andy Griffith pro-HCR PSA on TV!

Tea Party groups admit Obama’s race is a factor

Ashes to ashes, Devo to dust: RIP Sony Walkman

Regarding Rhode Island

European polluters back Tea Party candidates

Having principles while accepting reality. What is so hard about it?

Having principles while accepting reality. What is so hard about it?

Food Trucks may be given a real chance in Atlanta

'A Moral Catastrophe': The Final Reasons for Going to War are Being Swept Away

I'm not sitting out a damn thing. I voted. Early. Straight D down the line

cnn: Women voters: They're just not into it

Are you a Liberal/Progressive or a Third Way-er?

Nader's Public Citizen calls for amendment to overturn Citizens United. Where's Obama?

Foreclosure Fraud Represents Banks Trying to Evade Eating Toxic Mortgages - FDL

UAW deal paves way for 100 percent low-wage workforce at Michigan GM plant

this could be the newest Sea Shepherd vessel replacing the Ady Gil -->>

Jackass movie reigns at box office; We live in a Jackass Nation

The House is duty-bound to Bring Articles of Impeachment against Clarence Thomas

The Action Corporation versus the Movement Company

Driver thanks man who hit him on purpose

Mike Thompson's toon on the Juan Williams trainwreck - You gotta see Sarah!

Rachel Maddow Goes to Alaska!

Why is setting up booby traps in your property illegal?

Most expensive home ever built will overlook Mumbai slums, 27 floors for family of six

You. Just. Can't. Have. It. Both. Ways.

You. Just. Can't. Have. It. Both. Ways.

Former Fox News senior reporter says network wants to keep media polarized

Network nightly news facing twilight time

NJ pastor announces in church he is forming charter school. NJ law forbids schools run by churches.

3 GOP Hopefuls...Whitman (CA), Scott (FL), McMahon (CT)...Have Spent a Quarter-Billion Dollars

Tomorrow...October 26...the 40TH ANNIVERSARY of a date that will live in history

My editorial on "Obamacare" printed today

FAIR examines who is on PBS and NewsHour and who is not.

Julian Assange appreciation thread

So, frustrated by the barrage of ads (most right wing), I learned something today -

HOLY SHIT! Scathing charges being laid out on Ratigan - UPDATED w/video

Of Florida and Rhode Island (and party loyalty and independent candidates).

Let me try once more to help you understand, appreciate, even respect the Afghan people and cultures

Is piercing a babies ears a form of child abuse?

Imagine if, an hour from now, a robot-plane swooped over your house and blasted it to pieces

Gulf Toxicologist Rikki Ott:“People who’s esophaguses are dissolving.. these people have oil

Obama Care hasn't done a damn thing for the people!

Here's an eye opener.....Tax rates from 1913 to 2010

The Myth of Scarcity

One Million Kids on Anti-Psychotics

New Urbanism projects under attack by auto interests

I knocked on about 200 doors Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What have you done?

Anatomy of a steaming pile: "action liberals" vs "movement liberals"

Andrew Cuomo, Democratic candidate for New York Governor Vows Offensive Against Labor Unions

What the weed prohibition people are really afraid of.

Why I'm voting no on legalizing pot in CA.

Rally to Restore Sanity / DU pre rally meetup

FBI investigated claim that group threatened de-icing equip when probing crash that killed Wellstone

Just had a bad experience at the voting place. I know I should have done something, but I don't know

From Sibel Edmonds: The King of Madrasas Now Operates Over 100 Charter Schools in the US?

I really really really REALLY HATE Christian Republican Fundies

"Movement" liberals in ACTION --



Did CBS President Les Moonves take a shot at Katie Couric?

White House adds another Ohio campaign stop, Biden will appear with Strickland

White House adds another Ohio campaign stop, Biden will appear with Strickland

I got a call from the DCCC requesting help with money.

140 million..

Lest We Forget

Rubio Suggests Undocumented Should Leave U.S. And ‘Try To Enter’ Under Fixed Immigration System

Read what a Republican supporting Jerry Brown over Meg Whitman said

A point I never hear mentioned regarding SS. To many Working

Local rag lauds Britain's responsible budget cuts and says they're acting like adults...

Final Lake/Tarrance GWU Battleground poll. (D42%, R47%)

AFL-CIO Mailers Tell 10 Million Union Households: Vote!

Why would Americans want to lose social security, Medicare and lose their rights?

(R)asmussen CYA CT-SEN POLL: Blumenthal 56 (+5), McMahon 43 (-3)

WGN/Tribune Poll--IL Senate: Kirk (R) 44% Giannoulias (D) 41%

MA-10 Keating (D) 37- Perry (R) 33 - MA 04- Frank (D)46, Bielat (R) 33

Palindroid S.E. Cupp defends Christine O'Donnell's ignorance of the First Amendment

Latest Early Voting statistics from Iowa (updated today)

Harrisburg Patriot-News paper endorses Joe Sestak!!!!

How can someone make "early voting" into a negative??

Two Speeches Obama Should Give -- and Probably Won't

Making The Bigotry More Transparent

I'm gonna stir this Juan Williams thing up a bit.

Obama likely to focus on deficit in next 2 years

There's Nothing Routine About It (secret money)

Way to go Joe. PA Republicants are getting scared.

Portland Oregonian Poll: Vulnerable House Dems Wu & Schrader lead by double digits

RI Governor race Caprio (D) says Obama can "shove it"

There have been and always will be assholes, and they tend to get the spotlight at election time

SD at large House poll--Herseth-Sandlin (D) 42% Noem (R) 40%

The Demographic Gap.

Today, It was raining up a storm, and the power went out, and yet......

NOW I get it - why Caprio attacked Obama. He doesn't want Obama's endorsement. He's running against

The Revolution Eats Karl Rove

Tea Party groups admit Obama’s race is a factor

PPP: Colorado Senate--Bennet (D) 47% Buck (R) 47%

Proof Republicans' secret money donors are lying cowards

Washington Post Poll--MD Governor: O'Malley (D) 54% Ehrlich (R) 40%

9NEWS/DENVER POST POLL CO GOV--Hickenlooper (D) 49% Tancredo (I) 39% Maes (R) 9%

Marc Thiessen, Bush's former speechwriter: The roots of Obama's demise

Blue Dog Dem Gene Taylor: I Voted For McCain In 2008!

Please put "Obama" in the DU dictionary

REPORT: 49 GOP Congressional Candidates Join Ginni Thomas-Led Assault On Education

Robert Reich: After the Midterms: Why Democrats Move to the Center, and Republicans Don’t

Kos: Texas GOP bought Texas Green party for less than $200,000

PUMAs endorse Caprio for "Pres Obama can shove it" comment.

Honolulu Star Advertiser Poll--HA Governor--Abercrombie (D) 51% Aiona (R) 43%; close in 1st district

The truth conspiracy, just so you know.

(R)asmussen also finds O'Malley up by double digits in MD Governor's Race

WV-Sen: Raese company took $34.4 million in government contracts

PPP--West Virginia Senate: Manchin (D) 50% Raese (R) 44%

Republicans ignoring African Americans? Say it isn't so.

Repub ad: "If you don't get health coverage, Dems will send you to jail"

delete, double post.

Democrats Go All-In for Female Candidates

Reuters: Democrats off to good start in early voting

CQ Political Wire: One-Third May Still Switch Votes

Web Ad: Pledging Allegiance To Secret Corporate Donors

Grassley and Conlin debate on Tuesday night...finally!

Nate Silver: "Early Voter ‘Enthusiasm Gap’ Appears Consistent With Polls"

Local news in Fort Wayne Indiana reported that early voting was about twice in 2006.

Is having a table of food at a campaign event "bribery?"

American Nightmare

I just finish early voting in Georgia

Koch meeting, attendance by sector

SwampG8r offers a Thanks and an apology

In Appeal to Hispanics, Obama Promises to Push Immigration Reform

Republican lawyers group warns that voters are not to be trusted

EPA head: New carbon controls on big trucks and buses 'win for planet'

Citizens United, Chamber of Commerce, MSM, Koch Bros, Murdoch, economy down the toilet.

My own private gap

The Tea Party is hardly Nazi. It's as American as Meet John Doe

Kerry got a written agreement that the referendum vote will happen January 9th as promised

The Value Of McConnell's Occasional Candor

McConnell reveals the GOP top priority

What Happened to Change We Can Believe In? By FRANK RICH ~ New York Times

The ad every dem should have run.

If voters do turn on Democrats, they will in effect be voting to make things even worse.

Latino Vote May Not Be Low in Midterms After All

Gallup continues to tighten. (-9/-14 vice 11/17)

I'm curious...

PPP: CO-Governor: Hickenlooper (D) 47% Tanceredo (I) 44% Maes (R) 5%

Write the Headline for November 3rd...

GOP: If we win, there will be no compromise

Latest Monring Call/Muhlenberg College Tracking Poll-PA--Toomey 47% Sestak 42%

Great analysis of early voting by Prof. Michael McDonald

Here we go - NYT=President Obama didn't reach out to Republicans. The polarization is his fault.

After this election is over I'll still be asking myself this question. Why do Americans want to put

New poll: Rubio, Sink ahead

8-years ago today Paul Wellstone died...

Joe Manchin might not back Harry Reid or Barack Obama

If anything, the White House made it clearer that Caprio will not get Obama's endorsement.

Democratic Rep. Taylor (D-Miss.) says he voted for McCain, not Obama

Pelosi: "Everything was going great & all of a sudden secret $$$ from God knows where..."

Tea Party, Inc.

President Carter just conceded that we will lose the House, but that it will be good for Obama.

Christine O’Donnell running because of 'God'

Stylish bicycle helmet.

Monday's kitteh (late Sunday edition)

favourite childhood jokes: when you pass a graveyard say "this is the dead centre of Ottawa". I

The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe

I dunno how many of you are bloggers, but I wanted to crosspost--

To paraphrase Homer Simpson, "To religion! The cause of - and solution to - all life's problems."

Pot-bellied pig taped yer Mom to the Internet...

Another Brick in the Wall

Brand new picture of Charlotte...

Favre fell down, blew a pass, Packers beat ViQueens!

Firm or soft?

Are you a fuddyduddy or a kewlcat?

Someone saved my life tonight

Did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home?

What's up with the stray "J" in emails, etc? I found out.

What's your reaction to bald guys?

Interview w Angela Gossow, lead singer of (excellent metal band) Arch Enemy. She'd fit right in here

Can you ever get a refund on airline tickets? Even a partial refund?

Ever wonder what the greatest danger to your life that you missed without knowing was?

I sayeth there doth be homosesuality ins da Jailhouse Rock:

Things to do while NOT shitfaced.

Lucky Man

FREAKY!! I followed a link a few minutes ago to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. A few minutes later

Sad Mood Tonight

Slave Master

Stranger in town

Tune In

Cool Down The Pace

Cool Ruler Medley

Private Beach Party

There's something I wanted to ask DU'ers about, and now I can't remember

Kitteh escapes the pot

Need help downloading a document!

The Weather is a Dick! (For the 3rd grader in you)

Good morning Lounge

Solar windbreaker...

What he's NOT saying is that Gladys makes him pack his OWN lunch.


A horse walked into a bar...

I have no idea how this happened (pics).

Why dogs bite their humans

Night Nurse

Traffic Stop

OK - As benevolent as I am, I will share my French Toast Recipe:

Poll question: What's your reaction to bad guys?

Seein Favre cry... Priceless!

I know I've asked this before, but should I bring my pets with me to Europe?

And finally: Just how well do you KNOW your doctor?

This Man Is Definitely Driving 'In the Tornado'

if you stop eating dairy and meat, does your body become intolerant of them?

Happy 55th birthday to cooking with radio

Create your own FORBIDDEN PLANET remake cast

The Six Degrees of Sir Francis Bacon

I hereby declare the my pop of choice will henceforth be known as SIERRA MIST NATURAL

The Texas Rangers history (don't get your hopes up fans)

Tripe. It seems to have gained some popularity here lately.

Top Ten reasons Brett Favre is in my army when the Zombie Apocalypse comes.

Today, I am embracing mediocrity

The dude that played Sherlock Holmes on Masterpiece Theater last night

Say what you will about Keith Richards but...

God bless escorts

what I brought back from my vacation, a paint coyote

Haha! Go to this Sears page

Learn from MFM's mistakes... never EVER drop acid and go to a Japanese restaurant...

Ohio school district to experiment with holding online classes during snow days.

Jean Harlow is prettier and more pleasant to look at than Gruesome Footage.

What are you 3 favorite movies?

What book(s) are you currently reading?

Some guys list of top ten dive bars in America.

Is There a Time-Traveling Cell Phone User in Charlie Chaplin's 1928 Film?

George Lucas reportedly planning Star Wars sequels

Man dies, woman injured, while trying to steal copper tubing, police say

One rich guy who wants to pay higher taxes: Bill Gates Sr.

California state hospital worker is slain on the job

Election Day could bring historic split: Democrats lose House, keep Senate

California voters likely to keep global warming law, toss two-thirds budget passage

Khadr trial to resume without deal: lawyer

Afghan president acknowledges getting cash from Iran

Claims of Abuse at San Diego Church

Democrats shrank US spending, deficit in last fiscal year, figures show

Gulf states urge US to probe Wikileaks Iraq 'crimes'

Baby dies after hysterical people jump from Paris flat to 'escape the devil'

'Hiccup Girl' Charged With Murder in Fla.

Pro-Republican Groups Prepare Big Push at End of Races

Firesheep In Wolves’ Clothing: Extension Lets You Hack Into Twitter, Facebook Accounts Easily

U.S. congressman calls for YouTube to remove videos featuring militant

EU to improve ties with Cuba

Rep. Bachus’ Message To Banks: Give Your Money To GOP And Make Me Chairman Of Financial Reform

Dems, Republicans to sue over write-in lists (Alaska)

Obama defends immigration efforts to Hispanic audience

Treasurys up after first auction with negative yield

Grayson, Webster congressional race draws national attention

Network nightly news facing twilight time

'German Foreign Ministry more involved in Holocaust than previously thought'

(Australian PM) Howard dodges volley of shoes

Student Drops Restraining Order Request Against MI Asst AG Who Harassed Him For Being Gay

Tea Party climate change deniers funded by BP and other major polluters

'Excessive force' from Blackwater

Omar Khadr pleads guilty to all terrorism charges

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 25

Joe Miller Admits He Violated Ethics Policy, Conducted Private Polling on the Job

Gay conservatives target Democrats in ad campaign

Humiliate, strip, threaten: UK military interrogation manuals discovered

Dad says teen who took his own life was bullied

Ford to Invest Additional $850 Million in Michigan to Engineer, Build Fuel-Efficient New Vehicles

Major earthquake strikes off Indonesia

Crystal Cathedral founder asks for help

Tony Blair's sister-in-law converts to Islam

Obama can take endorsement and 'shove it," says Dem

5 years after indictments, DeLay's trial begins

Prosecutors: police erred in Chandra Levy case, when they focused on Condit

From protester to senator, FBI tracked Paul Wellstone

Giant red stag Exmoor Emperor shot dead

Court hears appeal of 2006 murder of French Jew

Rent Is Too Damn High Party Mayoral Candidate

DNC Web Ad: Lest We Forget

Bleeping Republicans - Brian

Augmented Reality on the iPad: Pt 1 Recognition Business Opportunities

Bleeping Republicans - Belen

Bleeping Republicans - Vincent Scarelli

NRDC's Gina Solomon on Trying to Pin Down The FDA for Answers

Elvira's November Message

Free Press' Josh Kelsey: Defunding Public Broadcasting Is Like Death Penalty @ Small Claims Court

Iraq War Logs 'Every Death Mapped' - Bloodbath Zoom-In From Satellite View

S01E09 - Community Choice Act

Robert Hurt: fighting to keep secret corporate funding secret

Mike Kelly - Specific Cuts doesn't know what to cut

Ed Schultz: Sharon Angle is a Liar and a Dirty Fighter


More Secrecy Exposed in Koch Dealings

Pastors call for debate

Young Turks: Role Of Marijuana In 2010 Elections

Did Rick Snyder move jobs to China

CNN: White Supremacists Infiltrate Tea Party


A Republican in San Francisco, the music of the Richter Scales

Conservatives Are Traitors: Part 8 - The Cancer of Society

Bush Chairman of Joint Chiefs Shelton: 'Iraq War Based on Lies; Insubordination'

Why Teabaggers are Ignorant

Jon Stewart Rally' NMA Style

First TV ad for Yes on 19 (marijuana)

" Republican Woman Stay Away From Me " funny funny song

Keiser Report: Suicide Bankers = Suicide Bombers

Borowitz Report: Midterm Madness!

MRN: Rally To Restore Sanity or March To Keep Fear Alive?

China Prepared for Currency War

I want every parent, teenager, young woman to see this.....Katie Makkai - Pretty


Manchin (D-WV): Raese is ''Crazy''

Meg Whitman sez: ''...a billionaire with NO government experience''

Nancy Pelosi. Do you know her?

FOX Keeps Fear Alive.

You're Looking at 'em: No2Sides

Dad Confronts Abortion Protesters

''Back From the Future'' Ad from

"Total catastrophe" -- Katrina just a thunderstorm compared to BP's oil

Jerry Brown smacks Meg Whitman again with her own words

Training Tea Party Activists In Guerilla Internet Tactics

Beware the Yellow Peril: Citizens Against Gov't Waste

Anti-Muslim crusaders make millions spreading fear

Lisa Copen, HuffPo: Why Are We Expected to Be Brave in the Face of Illness?

An Indefensible Defense - NYTimes

They Hate Our Guts

The Tombstone Blues (James Howard Kunstler)

Slovenia elects first black mayor in Eastern Europe

Rebuilding Local Economies: A Shift in Priorities

The Subprime Debacle: Act 2

Afghan Leader(Karzai) Admits His Office Gets Cash from Iran

Another Reason for the Right to Hate Science

Who's on First, Rain-man? "Obama the Commie", that's who.

Suppose Your Actions Swung the Election

It's diverse if you're liberal

Brown Ad Uses Whitman's Words Against her

Falling Into the Chasm (Krugman column)

Why NPR Matters

Socialism? The Rich Are Winning the US Class War

College Student Takes On Big Oil Billionaire in Prop 23 Fight

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 385

NPR today! Kasich and Strickland (OH)

Chris Hedges: "The death of the liberal catastrophic for our democracy"

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: October 25, 2010

Plant-Based Plastics Not Necessarily Greener Than Oil-Based Relatives, Researchers Find

Gas exporters study OPEC for natgas market model

Efforts Underway to Rescue Vulnerable Bananas, Giant Swamp Taro, Other Pacific Island Crops

Oil Pipeline Explosion in Myanmar Kills At Least 12

Windstalk: Wind Power Without Blades

I know several people are interested in wind turbines running air compressors...

Obama aims to toughen big-vehicle mileage rules

Interesting that America's Most Beloved and Revered Team had scores of 23-20

BCS: Week 2

World Series: Interesting stat...

For a certain Cowboys fan. Monday Night Madness >>

Cutler vs. Orten trade...

Yankees pennants >>

A-Rod Finally Leads Rangers To World Series

Brett Favre has 2 fractures in ankle

It starts tonight! Giants vs Texas...

George W. Bush and the Texas Rangers

Uribe and Other Hurdles for Colombia's Land Law

Don't forget the Shrub has been 16 years removed from the Rangers, but ...

As President Serra Would Change Brazil's Relations with Iran and Cuba

Panama's President: Trying on a Strongman Role?

EU to improve ties with Cuba

Aaaaaaaw! Poor Paul......................

Off-duty cop shot gun out of crook's hand to thwart robbery

Scalia takes Kagan to gun range, sources say ...

ZOMG!!! In California? Really?

Got a Gender Gap Problem? Push for Gun Restrictions ...

Legalised gay marriage is inevitable, says Labor's Left

Israeli version of "Dancing With The Stars" to feature same-sex couple

Fuckwad Ollie North Tees Off On Gays

Amazing video from Drew Brees of NO Saints: Appreciate people for how they are different from you

GOProud Endorsee Sean Bielat: There Is No Right To Serve In The Military

Don't vote! (We should pay attention to this video.)

Why We Need Marriage

Toon: Where DADT is still in effect...

Group backs protection for gays

Will Ireland Elect A Gay President?

NY Sen. Joseph Addabbo To Gays: Thanks For The Cash, Now Go Fuck Yourselves

SAN FRANCISCO: Gold's Gyms To Leave Chain Over CEO's Anti-Gay Donations

The Vampire comment.

EU Condemns the Persecution of Bil'in's Abdallah Abu Rahmah for the Second Time - 20 Oct 2010

Jerusalem gets first grade national priority status

Is Israel on the Verge of a Fascist Takeover?

Cantor: Take Israel Out of Foreign Aid Budget

Gaza govt to raze 'illegal structures'

Hamas minister: We'll occupy Haifa, Akko

Some Question Insistence on Israel as Jewish State

When Israel stars in U.S. campaigns – is it good for the Jews?

Study: Israeli innovation generates $2.4b to Mass.

Is there an easy way

Haiti may be primed for another quake

Even Turtles Need Recess: Many Animals -- Need a Little Play Time

Chupacabra Mystery Solved

Fantastic collection of educational videos

Wind Power Without the Blades

Asian Neanderthals, Humans Mated

Is Warp Speed Possible?

Not taking the Bible literally isn't a solution to the problems present in the Bible...

Atomic-Level Manufacturing: Manufacturing With Every Atom in Its Proper Place May Be Coming Soon

A Referendum on Working America

Immokalee Workers Win, Again!

Danger! “Shock Doctrine” Union-Busting on the Rise

Honeywell Spending More To Keep Workers Locked Out Than Cost of Their Demands

AFL-CIO Mailers Tell 10 Million Union Households: Vote!

FRANCE, the face of democracy

1.2 Million Workers About to Lose Jobless Benefits

AFL-CIO says political program has traction

Knife-waving Hy-Vee worker killed

What’s the Best Tonic For Our Still Ailing Economy - More Stimulus or Fiscal Austerity?

Jenna Jameson Calls for Porn Star Union After Actor’s Positive HIV Test

Have you considered making it possible to ignore someone only in one forum?

Re: rec/unrec function

can obama be okayed in DU spell check?

why was the paranormal group denied?

This is more of a comment or concern

Why do I see persons on my ignore list when they post

Another interesting article..

Do you know how lovable you are?