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She's opened the door and is waiting. And I'm fumbling badly.

Senate majority leader trivia: Who was Scott Wike Lucas?

House Polling Dump - 10/27/10 - Think Positive!

Getting NORML: A brief history of the movement to legalize marijuana

The Right Wingers' Recent Actions Just Embolden Us

Run racist ads, improve your standing in the polls (Sharron Angle)

Have so many here lost their minds?

Hey Nevada... You Rely On Tourism, Right ???

Whitman's "Big Ground Game"...volunteers calling in Farsi, Korean and two Chinese dialects

Jimmy Carter with Joy Behar, on Mitch McConnell: 8:02 PM

Jimmy Carter with Joy Behar, on Mitch McConnell: 8:02 PM

Jimmy Carter with Joy Behar, on Mitch McConnell: 8:02 PM

What is your prediction for election day?


Jim DeMint, flip-flopper

A Web Pioneer Profiles Users by Name (link to opt-out info included)

Religion and Politics

What happened to Olbermann. Disappeared on directv

Considering all of the recent threats/actions of violence...

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood talks about livable communities

Sharon Angle=Joseph Goebbels...

36 Indiana unemployment offices to have armed guards in anticipation of expiration of fed extension

It's a spoof ! the stomper has opened another FB page and is proud of his thuggery

Retire in France at 62? ....In Turkey, it's 45

First they came for your paycheck. Then your house. What's next?

Keith is giving another special comment

Is Harry Reid serious? He apparently thinks Mitch McConnell will work with him after the election.

Keith Olbermann is scaring me

Where did these CNN/Time polls come from?

Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT: 'If the Tea Party Wins, America Loses' MSNBC LINK & TRANSCRIPT

Texan Concepts of Ethnic Food: Breaking It Down, Venn Diagram-Style

How do you manage having local, state, and federal elections at the same time?

FAUX News viewer life FAIL

GOP candidate who dressed as Nazi will receive some drunken, chain-smoking, VERY orange assistance

New poverty hotspot? The suburbs

Cato expert: Conservatives betraying small-government values by opposing pot legalization

Forgot to mention this but its proves most corporate news hosts are cheering for the

ACK James Dobson Robo Call


I voted against a real Tea Party candidate today!

Update: Arkansas Department Of Education Condemns Anti-Gay Remarks Made By School Board Member

The Kentucky Senate Race....

Algorithms and Red Wine By Joe Bageant

Who's going to Restore Sanity rally?


What's with all the pro-Repug, pro-life ads on DU?

May we have a Tom Delay GUILTY trial forum?!1

May we have a Tom Delay GUILTY trial forum?!1

Get out your Pitchforks and Torches! Rachel Maddow is actually shooting

So is this woman talking on a cell phone in 1928?

Tea Party thugs shocked/outraged that a citizen would wear a wig and engage in political theater

Obama gave 4 million CHILDREN access to health care?!!!

Democrats give you 33% of what you want, Republicans/Tea Parties take away 100% of what you have

Bill O'Reilly and some of his Fox News fans should take their own advice to heart

Rally Saturday... ride from Yonkers

Phone number for Crossroads GPS (Karl Rove's group)

I love Rachel Maddow!

Fear... Yes that is an understandable response

A musical dedication to all the would-be Tea Nazi face stompers

Bat crazy Jean Schmidt talks to 6-year-olds about abortion...

President Obama did a great job on the Daily Show...

President Obama on 'The Daily Show': 'Yes We Can ...But It's Not Going to Happen Overnight'

O’Donnell campaign taking out a $1K bounty on the establishment clause

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

OUch talk about grovelling! BC premier with a pop rating of less than 10 per cent....

The Rude One: Linda Ronstadt back in vogue?

The President and the 111th Congress has accomplished a historic change

Forecast for next Tuesday in your area

Would those Guys who attacked the Girl at Rand Paul event have done the same to another Man ?

Would those Guys who attacked the Girl at Rand Paul event have done the same to another Man ?

You know that stolen election in 2000 and the THUGS

The Top 20 Craziest Quotes by Tea Party Candidates

The Top 20 Craziest Quotes by Tea Party Candidates

WSJ-(2/6/09)-"Biden Urges Passage of Stimulus Despite Voter Backlash"- Prophetic Or Manufactured?

Hmm? How To Interpret "Obama's Coalition Slipping As Election Nears" in NYT???

Sharron Angle sends Joy Behar flowers

So Keith says we have to do something to get others to vote so here is one of my things.

sometimes I just get so upset.. I cant understand how Rand Paul could be tied with Jack Conway let

Does good weather favor Dems

Military wants to scan ALL emails to stop crimes before they happen.

Anybody Just See Jimmy Fallon? Puppy Vote Goes to Harry Reid

Don't Tread On Me, Curb Stomping Nazis

NYT editorial: "The politicians need to cool it and they need to urge their supporters to cool it"

This Crap Has To Stop This Close To Elections....

Cost-cutting yields surging profits for Ford: $6.4 BILLION in 9 months.

Old Dogs, Children, and Watermelon Wine

On Verge of Victory in New York, Cuomo Announces War Against Unions

I'm going to defend liberals/progressives/etc. now.

SAVE AMERICA...VOTE BLUE....The Baggers are too scarey and ignorant

A Movement of Cowards

Science fiction and fantasy stories that can help you deal with death

I'm going to defend conservatives now

Tea Partiers have Multiple Personality Disorder

Tea Party Nation Founder Judson Phillips: ‘I, Personally Have A Real Problem With Islam’

KY Stomper Tim Proffitt has blamed the police, Lauren Valle, MoveOn...

Whatcha doin fer the next few days?


Vietnam war question.

Election? There's an election coming?

The Cesspool of Iraq

Explaining the crisis

The machines are fixed --- heard it twice in the last two days, right wing radio

so, listening to that fascist thug profitt whining about how the whole situation wasn't his fault,

Scientists Discover Sexy ‘Liberal Gene’

A scary scenario: What if a U.S. state defaults?

"What kind of coward would make fun of a war hero like Sen. John McCain this way?"

Listening to Tony Bennet singing "God Bless America"- that should be our anthem.

First amendment,, win in North Carolina suit

RW End Strategy Becoming Clear: "We Wuz ROBBED!!"

Don't just vote !!!

ok, i have just gotta say out loud. YEA. cool. it is about time. hooyah.

Prop 19 support "falling"?? BS!

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little...

Midterm election spending approaches $4 billion

Three-way races in 2010. Why isn't the split vote working to our advantage?

More Of Your Tax Dollars At Work (maybe): Northrop Arms Its Robot Pack Mule With Big Gun

Foreclosure activity up across most US metro areas

The Iraq War Was a Colossal Aberration

Boycott Koch Products, they fund Head Stompers and deny Global Warming's

Angle: Social Security, Welfare And Legal Divorce Are Nation's 'Wicked Ways'

Appeals court spurns state's Chicken Littles (on AZ voter reg. law)

You are here

GlaxoSmithKline to pay whistleblower $96 million

Maybe it's not spray on. Proof John Boehner earned his tan the hard way.

Researchers find a 'liberal gene'

Why is Cheney selling his clothes? Does he need the money?

McConnell's Lessons of 1995

You remember that Monty Python skit about the elections between the Silly Party and Serious Party?


Conservatives Push Absurd Lie that Wall Street Hustlers Were Innocent Victims ... of Poor People

Conservatives Push Absurd Lie that Wall Street Hustlers Were Innocent Victims ... of Poor People

Conservatives Push Absurd Lie that Wall Street Hustlers Were Innocent Victims ... of Poor People

Conservatives Push Absurd Lie that Wall Street Hustlers Were Innocent Victims ... of Poor People

Conservatives Push Absurd Lie that Wall Street Hustlers Were Innocent Victims ... of Poor People

Right-Wing Populist Multi-Millionaire Businessman Rob Ford Elected Toronto mayor

MSNBC's Spin Boy, Chuckie Toad, sez Chaffee is in the lead, the repubican second, and Caprio last.

Ginni Thomas' Think Tank Allied With Group That Celebrates Spanish Inquisition

You know what that whole Rand Paul stomping incident reminds me of - "American History X"

Wow, hope this is true - Miller plummets in Alaska

What we...

harold ford jr. just told the President he should extend the bu$h* tax cuts

Obama also deserves credit for lifting "Brand America"

The 'liberal gene' found?

Andrew Cuomo Puts Labor Unions in a Headlock

Where is the video? "Imagine the look of contempt on Karl Rove's face this past Sunday"

Joe Scar is a lying...

John Avlon on CSpin1 just said that the Unions have

Would you accept Lisa Murkowski in the Democratic Caucus?

Profile of the Sociopath

Shameful political pandering for bigoted votes makes me sick.

The Christine O'Donnell campaign is a cruel joke

Hell yeah, I voted yesterday!!

Seriously, when the f*ck will Democrats fight back against the right wing hate machine?

Seriously, when the f*ck will Democrats fight back against the right wing hate machine?

Hey Media Whores, keep on pushing the 'inevitabilty' angle...that gets the Dems fired up...

Frivolous conservative lawsuit of the day: McMahon sues for voters right to dress like wrestlers

Just like the USA: British CEO's jack up their salaries 55% while Government faces "Austerity" cuts

Being Attacked by a Conservative Means Always Having to Say You’re Sorry

Opinion: America’s silence by default; America is without an ambassador in Ankara, Turkey, and other

Toon: Howl

The Media is spinning POTUS's Daily Show appearance as a failure

Is What's Good for Corporate America Still Good For America?

Rassmussen admits defeat in WV

In Britian, "No terror arrests in 100,000 police counter-terror searches,"

Remember when the media thought Bush looking for the imaginary WMDs was hilarious?

START SPREADING THE NEWS!!: Boehner To Appear with Nazi Reenactor

How many are going to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear?

Win, lose or draw... I'm not afraid about election day

Record unemployment, US non-financial companies hoarding $1 trillion in cash, 20 corps = 37% of it

Does Sarah Palin have a TV show on Fox?

AG warns of election scam in N.H.

Are you a Charles Murray "elitist snob"? Take this quiz and post your results!

The truth about claims of a "liberal media bias"

"We're seeing African American interest go up sharply". MSNBC pollster.

Women are voting Rethuglican this year. Really? Women???

Sheriff's order destroys home

Perr E. Coyote

hey chuck todd, you are biased

Latest GMO fiasco: Mad Soy Disease Strikes Brazil

I don't really find it all that hard to figure out.

What do you think the President meant by "We've done things that some folks don't even know about."?

Dem dirty tricks vs. Bagger dirty tricks

Seattle police were forced to be mean, cruel and stupid

I almost won the Florida Lottery Tonight

I almost won the Florida Lottery Tonight

"Proven job creator " Whitman takes a swipe at Schwarzenegger as her $140M campaign TANKS.

The Iraq War Was a Colossal Aberration - Le Soir/Belgium

MI6 chief says torture is illegal

Just watched KO's run down on each

"Churchill's Views on Race and Democracy Beggered Belief"

Is the Department of Children and families rude where you're from?

Can't the Senate just pass all the bills the House has already passed for the next 2 years?

Glaxo to Pay $750 Million over Tainted and Ineffective Drugs (Settles Criminal charges)

How to make an apology..Something goes wrong, example:

Trick or Trick - animation by Mark Fiore

digby's hate mail bag: The better baggers do in the polls, the crazier they get

Robert Reich: Only $4.2 Billion to Buy This Election?

One more thing, Jon Stewart is NOT our friend

If you needed any more ammo against the Tea Partiers you know..

Tea party antics could end up burning Republicans

US population in 1911 ... 92 million. Why does that matter?

Y'all read the Stomp Editorial in the NY Times today?

A major "education" story playing out right now in Buffalo regarding health insurance

More bagger violence: Washington Man Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Anti-Rossi Protester

More political ads paint China as benefiting from weak U.S. economy (WP)

Both sides do it ...

New Aerial Video Shows Damage To Tsunami-hit Indonesian Islands - Whole Villages Wiped Off The Map!

Paula Deen will be grand marshall of Rose Parade???

Washington Man Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Anti-Rossi Protester

WSJ - Karl Rove - "Signs of the Democratic Apocalypse" - "Democrats will receive a crushing rebuke"

Clarence Thomas's Ethics Problems, Then and Now -excellent assessment by Bruce Shapiro / The Nation

The Agenda Project: Welcome to Crazytown

Former Argentinean President Dies, Banksters celebrate

Why does O'Donnell keep poking the thug with her and pointing at the radio host?

Why does O'Donnell keep poking the thug with her and pointing at the radio host?

Man sentenced for beating daughter with belt (for not finishing her homework)

Are you angry? Who should you be angry at??

Eric Cantor event arrest story, anyone know much about it?

Eric Cantor event arrest story, anyone know much about it?

Rich Americans feel better off than they did a year ago - please give more tax cuts

My son watched Inherit the Wind last night for the first time

Ahhhh I see it - after Nov be prepared for an all out game of HIPPIE PUNCHING!!!!

Oh, NOES! A tiny woman with a sign approached a Chevy Blazer? RUN FOR THE HILLS!

Police arrest man when beer, rather than his child, was found in the child safety seat

New Quinnipiac: Confirms more Democrats supporting Charlie Crist for Senate (Rubio's lead down to 7)

Is Code Pink Planning To Protest The Jon Stewart Rally?

Say hello to my little friend

Say hello to my little friend

The Rude Pundit: If Republicans Lose on Tuesday, There Will Be Blood

Meet "Cutgo"...the Republican MASTER PLAN to "shrink government" while racking up deficits

So... I've been "corresponding" with a couple of..

Police: man ambushed responders in Fairmont shooting

sarah palin 'willing to run for president if there's nobody else to do it'

It's time to stop markets from abusing the commons for hidden subsidies and free dumping

Why Magic Mushrooms Can Be Good for You


Danziger: How the world series approximates life...

Dems own both the status quo and change. Republicans neither.

Ass-whooping incoming... But don't take it personally

Posting from CA forum bc it's slow...need some info on justices up for vote in CA please.

MSNBC/Daily Beast: McAdams Is In The Lead

President Obama's Economic Policies Benefit Blacks

Toon: The story of the Tea Baggers

PA Dems conspired to get psychobagger on ballot, psychobagger charges

Just a note on the arc of history for black americans

In '08, GOPers in Macomb & Oakland Counties tried voter intimidation by using home foreclosure lists

Repubs are outsourcing GOTV, to their detriment

So, what signs are you taking to the Rally to Restore Sanity?

Political ads: Fear and loathing on immigration

You Can't Stomp on Us!

Dennis Prager is uttering priceless stupidity about The Daily Show

Foreign-Funded U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Advocates For Weakening Law Against Bribing Foreign Govs

Foreign-Funded U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Advocates For Weakening Law Against Bribing Foreign Govs

BPA = not good.

Another Teabagger Assaults Another Young Female Protester

Most Powerful Man in America Meets with Obama - Borowitz observes the Daily Show

Tom the Dancing Bug Comic: Muslim on a Plane!

Massey safety chief, five others, refuse to testify in mine disaster probe

Massey safety chief, five others, refuse to testify in mine disaster probe

Rand Paul Stomper Makes 18

Rand Paul Stomper Makes 18

The tragedy of advocacy

Joe the Plummeter, now in third in AK Senate race with 60% having strongly negative views

Hey Repukes, we don't stomp, handcuff, have arrested or harass YOU our enemies at public events

Warrant: Police Raided Apt. for Two Legal Pot Plants Based Only on Smell of Pot and Fan in Window

I think Rove knows the GOP have jumped the shark.

Most popular baby name in England? Mohammed (and variants)!

Unemployment claims fall in sign U.S. job market may be mending - Bloomberg

The country is going to shit and I HELPED!

AR school board member - 'they want me to wear purple because five queers committed suicide?'

Obama Uses Ashcroft Supreme Court Case to Advance White House Immunity

David Sirota guest-hosting for Thom Hartmann today.

ACLU: On the Ballot — Deciding the Fate of LGBT Rights in Ohio

21st Century Family Life: Mom kills infant for interrupting FarmVille session

12 pound dog defends kids from pit bull

Yves: Obama No Longer Bothering to Lie Credibly: Claims Financial Crisis Cost Less Than S&L Crisis

I just realized who Rachel reminds me of when she

if the neo cons get in power again there will be no peace in the world

if the neo cons get in power again there will be no peace in the world

Bad news for Dems: Rain in the forecast for 2010 Election Day

We're 3 Days Away From The "Ds Will Win In A Landslide, So Most D Voters Can Stay Home 11/2 " Meme

For fun, type Sarah Palin in the search box on Google and ck out the search suggestions

Meet the Gun-Toting Tea Partier Who Beat Up a Woman at Rand Paul's Debate

So, I'm listening to Thom Hartmann (off today) on KTLK AM 1150 (streaming) from LA

Actress Lisa Blount (Debra Winger's friend in "An Officer and a Gentleman") Dead at 53

Michael Moore on with Rachel tonight...


Odd Poll Numbers Mean Pollsters Have a Lot Riding on Tuesday, Too

Man sentenced in cop-owned doughnut shop theft

Penn Station, LIRR Impacted by End of Hudson Rail Tunnel

FOX working a paranoid hysteria about non-existent issue of voter fraud.

10 infants dead in California whooping cough outbreak

Convenient Scapegoats: Teachers, Firefighters, All Public Workers. Are They Overpaid?

Another day, another "isolated incident' by GOP "security detail"

Horsey Toon : ...But seriously!

"We would appreciate if you posted fag stuff on the GLBT forum in future..."

If repubs take the house, will they impeach Obama?

Repuke candidate for TN Gov wants to do away with gun permits...

M$NBC shamelessly trying to paint Obama's DS appearance as a failure..

Rove schools Palin on "high standards" of know, guys like Bush and such.

Come Together

Why do Republican Women vote against Women's Rights?

Political commercials

What percent of your food do you waste?

A Call to Arms: Please, Please, Please, GOTV!

Where Are They Now?: Pariahs of 2000 edition

New Poll With Super Duper, Extra Sensitive, Ribbed, Lubed, Ultra, Mega, Spectacular, Very VERY

Freeper: "Pudge Rove is a disgusting, misogynistic little girly man"

If you learn something new or have your mind changed, say so

WOODHAVEN, MI students walk out today to protest privatization (with video)

How to understand Fox News: It is not a conservative channel. It is a Republican channel

Exclusive: (DNC) Democrats Ask Pentagon for Info on Potential Obama Challengers

IF GOP takes House Majority We Can Expect House Investigations of Dems 24/7....

Angle Flyer in LV - "Your lifespan will depend on what you do Nov. 2"

Wesley College administrator accidently e-mailed list of failing students to entire student body

I want to share a conversation I had with my beautiful daughter last night.

I am really really afraid of election day.. not because I think we're gonna lose either house...

I'm not afraid of right-wing cowards with their sad masculinity issues.

Hey Mike Vaqueira, STFU asshole!

You Can't Stomp On Me

Billo (on Rachel Ray's show) said "good" Muslims should join the US and NATO

Department of WTF: Barney Frank's "Tight Race."

NASA Planning One-Way Manned Mission to Mars

DUers on twitter?

I hope the MSM gerbils get one big egg on their faces Tuesday.

What do school bullies grow up to be??

2 million demonstrated today according to the unions here in France

Evil is sustained only when the good many fail to stop the evil few

Biometric Devices Help New Jersey County Track Delivery of Homeless Services (fingerprint readers)

Fitzpatrick, Ciervo Letter Instructs Parents on Committing Voter Fraud

Halliburton (R) & BP (R) knew of problems before Gulf oil fiasco - did nothing

Halliburton (R) & BP (R) knew of problems before Gulf oil fiasco - did nothing

Dewey defeats Truman...

Americans United Asks IRS To Investigate Florida Church Whose Pastor Endorsed Slate Of Candidates

Raw Story: "Man claims one night stand with Senate candidate O'Donnell... With pics... Developing.."

Meg Whitman's neg rating reach record levels despite having largest self funded campaign in UShistor

LOL..if some of this O'Donnell crap happened in a movie, I would think the screenwriters were lame!!

If we had sales people promote their product like we do our politicans

Are you moved by the recent suicides of GLBT kids who've been bullied?

Book'em, Danno no more

Book'em, Danno no more

Jon Stewart Rally: Tentative Schedule Leaks

NYTimes: Firms Knew of Cement Flaws Before Spill, Panel Says

If you value local support of our food, please support Thicke in Iowa race

Making last contribution today. Suggestions where it can

Yuk.. My best friend's new "boyfriend" is a tea-party guy

Baggers are now showing a 'before' video that they say justifies the head stomping

Ginny Thomas wants an apology from Anita Hill? These people could use an apology too: (graphic)

Right wing projection to the max: "Liberals and gays want to turn our kids into warehoused warriors"

DU on Facebook?

Firms Knew of Cement Flaws Before Spill, Panel Says (Halliburton)

health care is the greatest threat since nazi germany?

Michigan: Washtenaw Community College faculty face privatization

President Obama, The Least Unpopular Of The Bunch

R.I.P., Danno - 'Hawaii Five-0' Actor James MacArthur Dead at 72

I changed my mind about civility in politics

MSNBC's gentle GOP-favoring spin, 4-4.30 pm edition

So, I just heard that GM is hiring 600 people in Lansing

Private Prisons and the Ariz Immigration Law

Inexpensive and great way to make long distance phone calls

Mike Pezzano (Rand supporter) may be charge with sexual assault on Lauren Valle

Good grief!

"Things Sarah Palin Loves" Ann Coulter's bigoted tweets, for instance.

If you thought Righthaven was bad ...

Find-your-polling-place webpage

WDEL responds to O'Donnell camp's accusations with audio and video

About the whole construct of the Stewart Show and Obama's visit . . . . .

Truthout: Foreclosuregate Explained: Big Banks on the Brink

Anthony Weiner: Daily Kos GOTV: Stand Up for What You Believe

From Rand Paul Stomper To Allen West's Bikers: Rise In Far-Right Violence During 2010 Elections

Wow. Mitch Daniels is worried for the first time in his life about the future of this country.

How Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck’s Facebook pages got hacked and why..

Beyond partisan politics, America needs to change direction

You Predict! Next Week's Political Headlines

So Joe the millstone around his own neck not only thinks

"Timid", and why it's relevant (Daily Show comment from Jon Stewart)

Hey I think we should have a Free Party here on DU.

Al Jazeera now reporting on illnesses in the Gulf while our media is silent

Al Jazeera now reporting on illnesses in the Gulf while our media is silent


Dennis Miller "I've been afraid of Muslims on planes for two years here now. Get me a raise."

How much drool is Tweety going to end up with?

Listening to news reports of this guy in Northern Virginia who targeted the Metro system . . . .

Just keep in mind, she was a mayor of a town of a few thousand and the resigned governor of .....

Crist to appear on Countdown tonight.

I can't help myself..... (Replublican woman stay away from me)

Democracy Now...Includes an Incredible Bill Moyers Speech@

Well, when the Dems keep the House and the Senate I hope Jon

Bill Moyers at Common Cause..On Days before Dem Election...LISTEN and VOTE DEMOCRAT!

I voted yesterday via Early voting

I have a feeling Charlie Crist is going to win the Senate race

Mariska Hargitay & Joe Torre attend a Domestic Violence Awareness event at the White House - pics

Has Christine O'Donnell seen the latest Joe Miller ad?

Time To Take Action- Stop the Hate and Bigotry

A Teacher's diary circa 2015

Has the Ginny Thomas flap died down? I want it to keep being a BIG story and

"GOP Is The New Black"

"No-Pledge of Allegiance" Debate Organizers Cite Death Threats, Criticize Beck

Other McCain Seeks National Voice,"I DO think she's a nut job

End Social Security And Medicare Now! on site

YIKES! Tornado Footage..

Melancon Hammers Vitter Over Scandals

Is it too late to replace Harry Reid as the Nevada democratic senatorial candidate?

Man Busted For Waterboarding Girlfriend

Mr. McMahon Strikes Again: WWE To Hand Out Merchandise Near Polling Places

Mr. McMahon Strikes Again: WWE To Hand Out Merchandise Near Polling Places

Once-Booming Las Vegas may be Reduced to Ghost City, 80% of homes are underwater

I'm sick of right-wing nuts everywhere.

Police placing signs at homes of sex offenders for Halloween in Louisiana

Responding to Media Matters, Sarah Palin locks arms with Beck

Democrats "create a disturbance" ......tea partiers "stand up for their constitutional rights"

Chris Matthews was salivating this evening over the media's true goal for 2012...

Voted Today

On the Daily Show, Obama is the last laugh (WaPo)

Salon: The video every pundit should see before declaring Barack Obama politically dead next week

The best line from last night's Daily Show...IMO

In midterm elections, Democrats may surprise everyone -- by activating the black and Latino base

only 111 Republican incumbents and candidates want to eliminate the Department of Education

RepubliCONS are saying the stompin is no problem so...

What type of voter is attracted to Tea Party candidates?

Colbert Takes On The Rand Paul-Supporting Head Stomper

Some things I expect from talkers on tds interview...

Link to Daily Show, Stewarts Interview with Pres. Obama Pts. 1-3 for those who missed it last night:

Use of false Social Security number not impersonation, justices rule Read more: Use of false Social

Germany has reported its lowest unemployment rate in 20yrs (DW-TV)

Can you imagine President Quitter's cabinet?

If you listened to Keith's Special Comment....

Holy Shit

Visualize Karl Rove's election theft subpoena by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman (10-28-10 Online

POLL: Your View of the US Economy

Gibbs: Obama Wants Filibuster Reformed Even If GOP Takes Over Congress

Who will win the Nevada senate race?

PHOTO: It's almost as if I can read this horse's MIND. Bet YOU can too.

Question about the Majority Leaders position.

Legend in her own mind: Michele Bachmann says Bill Clinton out to destory Tea Party by targeting her

Gawker re: O’Donnell "One-Night Stand" Story: "We verified any of the facts he provided us"

Big corporations are, in fact, holding off on hiring until after election

If the Lehman collapse of September 2008 was the Crash of 1929...

Teabaggers prepare to invade Knoxville to stop Wigsphere menace!

Russian Bears Treat Graveyards As 'Giant Refrigerators'

Kerry Predicts 'Major' Fillibuster Changes

Republicans are sexually abusing seniors in nursing homes!


Crack: Allow attackers to take over your PC - Adobe Flash strikes again.

Holy Crap. Nate Silver has Angle @ 76% chance of winning in NV

Are there core progressive values, such that one cannot call onesself a progressive without them?

Justice O'Connor Says She Regrets Nevada Robo Calls

Wife of Arizona republican charged with child molestation

Go SF. Beat Texas.

Wow, the Anna Nicole Smith convictions are a popping

"Anyone But Rubio" - A side is being chosen by the Democrats - Meek down to 15%, Crist up 5 to 35%

I just donated a measly $10 to help President Obama and Democratic Party

The Tea Party (republican) movement: deluded and inspired by billionaires

AZ Rep. Grijalva will be on Countdown tonight (NPR's private prison investigation)

A man died today that Obama should take a lesson from on human rights

The Only Ones Who Don't Seem To Get It Are Those In The WH

Gorbachev: Victory 'Impossible' In Afghanistan

Dems against Dems?

If Obama and Dems in Congress had shown more of a spine against Republicans...

True story: I Had a One-Night Stand With Christine O'Donnell

CBS, CNN capture video of Ohio attorney subpoena served on Karl Rove

It was not her head that was stepped on. It was her neck.

Insani-Tea on Parade - WTF quotes from the Iowa Anti-Judge Rally

Why did RJ Reynolds, ExxonMobil & the NRA help write Arizona's illegal "papers please" law?

Jimmy Carter builds houses for people in need. George Bush "plays Scrabble constantly on his iPad."

Jimmy Carter builds houses for people in need. George Bush "plays Scrabble constantly on his iPad."

I'm having a brain fart re: the run-up to the Iraq War - need help, please.

Poll: Miller falls to last place

If You Have Not Benefited from Two Years of The Obama

CREDO/Working Assets custoner? Ask their action team to help save Social Security and Medicare

Prediction: If Teabaggers win big next Tuesday, Time's Person of the Year will be Palin

During budget crunch, Indiana suggests leaving severely disabled people at homeless shelters

During budget crunch, Indiana suggests leaving severely disabled people at homeless shelters

Glenn Beck is now targeting the League of Women Voters; compares it to ACORN.

Earth-sized worlds much more common than giant planets

Do TeaBaggers Hate Us 'Cuz They Think WE Think They're Inferior?

Election 2010 to Shatter Spending Records- The $4 Billion Dollar Election

Please help me punish RAND PAUL

Remember when Bob Edwards was let go by NPR?

watching Chris Matthews is like going to a football game, where your head cheerleader...

where in the constitution is there anything about abortion? all these damned teabaggers and insane

Marist/McClatchy Poll (Mostly good news)

Cross-post...big favor-please comment on this at site

Mjukuu, a female western lowland gorilla, with her newborn baby - pics

If the "left" had not been so vocal against Obama, do you think

Latest Senate Polls! 90% chance that Democrats control at least 51 seats

Who controls school boards, mayors, or private management companies?

If Obama achieved approximately four times as much as he has, would you be satisfied?

CAUGHT: FAKE VOTING FLYERS Distributed To African American Voters in Texas

CAUGHT: FAKE VOTING FLYERS Distributed To African American Voters in Texas

Senator Reid just made big news on Maddow about changing the filibuster

Senator Reid just made big news on Maddow about changing the filibuster

The Kochs, Glenn Beck and Titans of Industy Met to Plot 2010 Elections (10-20-10 Think

The Kochs, Glenn Beck and Titans of Industy Met to Plot 2010 Elections (10-20-10 Think

"When you put it that way, it sounds so petty."

Was it necessary for the President to diss FDR to defend the too small stimulus?

CNN/Time polls only whites over 50

CNN/Time polls only whites over 50

W... T... F ???

Lexington Police charge Rand Paul supporter with assault

Lexington Police charge Rand Paul supporter with assault

Arguing that machines and green jobs ruin traditional energy jobs makes no sense.

Just voted--the guy in the booth next to me (my husband) burst out laughing

Transcript of Q and A with the President about DADT and Same-sex marriage

Kucinich: Karzai Offers Further Proof of the Immediate Need to End the War

Kucinich to liberals: Vote or surrender to the ‘forces of nihilism’

In a "Republican year", do you think it makes any difference....

$10,000 reward to anyone in Texas who can prove alcohol is safer than marijuana

Angle: I'll talk to press after being elected

Are any DU'ers considering

Are any DU'ers considering

Roger Ebert's Journal: Hugh Hefner has been good for us

Wolf Brigade

"I'm President and not king"

Obama Decries Domestic Violence (announces HUD rule changes)

••• Poll shocker! - Scott McAdams now #2 in AK poll - Miller plunges to THIRD •••

Is the President's position on gay marriage 'evolving'?

FL Sen Race - Can someone explain to me the support of Crist over Meek?

Today they arrest us with no reason and stomp on us for protesting.

Today they arrest us with no reason and stomp on us for protesting.

Is anyone else having difficulty composing posts that aren't just streams of profanity, threats of

For whatever it's worth: I was WRONG about Obama. I just watched him on Jon Stewart.

72 year old man assaults a 23 year old woman for protesting Dino Rossi.

John Kerry: "It was not Barack Obama, it was not the Democratic Party . . ."

Politico Has Concerns About Rally To Restore Sanity

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Arizona Proof of Citizenship Voting Law!

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Arizona Proof of Citizenship Voting Law!

Congressional Bailout Oversight Panel Slams Obama Administration Over Home Foreclosure Crisis

What happened to the liberal spirit of the 1960s and earlier? It was so powerful and effective.

What happened to the liberal spirit of the 1960s and earlier? It was so powerful and effective.

What happened to the liberal spirit of the 1960s and earlier? It was so powerful and effective.

Some pics from my school bulletin board.

'Stranger Danger' and the Decline of Halloween by Lenore Skenazy

A concise history of black-white relations in US of A (CARTOON)

I Had a One-Night Stand With Christine O'Donnell

Exorcism a Routine Event at Colorado Republican's Addiction-Recovery Clinic, Says Director

the answer is YES re: weed curing breast cancer

the answer is YES re: weed curing breast cancer

Woman found mummified in CA - was homeless and had 2 Master's degrees

Rand Paul’s Goons Know - “Curbing” is NO Accident!-Leah Burton

Where were you on this date in 1970?

Where were you on this date in 1970?

A Boot to the Head...from Michael Moore

Meek, Crist, And Rubio

NYT Kristoff: End the War on Pot

NYT Kristoff: End the War on Pot

The death of Cleveland- America’s heartland as a ghost town

I can't seem to shake this positive feeling

Gold Rush! The Race to Profit in Global Education Investment (Part 2 of Privateers)

Heathens Hold the Line as California KO's Corporate Takeover

Heathens Hold the Line as California KO's Corporate Takeover

I screw you all

Media manipulating likely voter data to support GOP?

While both men may have the brains to be governor,only one has the heart to lead Massachusetts

As expected, News Journal Endorses Chris Coons

Is Emanuel Cleaver in trouble?

Brewer suspected of DUI in 1988 crash; case not pursued

Democrats Are Conflicted Over Black Vote, Obama


More evidence of Palin and conservatives making up news and spreading it around

Frame: Why hasn't John Boehner and the GOP crowd given up their government-run healthcare?

DU Posting Bug...please delete

Both Obama and Harry Reid talked of changing the filibuster

Why Does DU Continually Listen to the Media Pundits Tell Them What Happened Before it Happens?

Our Families Can’t Afford to Stay Home on Election Day

Does Anyone Know The Venue For Obama's Appearance In Chicago This Saturday?........

Obama supporters tell Caprio to "Shove It"? Falls to third place in latest poll.

HOW do we get rid of the 60 vote requirement? It always

Something is wrong with a democracy...

CA-GOV POLL: Brown 49 (+8), Whitman 39 (-2).

I didn't get the Larry Summers thing. And why did Obama say pun intended?

McConnell: "The single most important thing we want to achieve is....

Oh HELLS NAW, Michelle needs to check the President, he got a little too fresh with my girl!

Iowa Early Voting stats for Thursday, 10/28

New National Poll: President Obama approval rating jumps as energized dem base makes it a 46-46 tie

Companies Hoarding $1 Trillion In Cash

New Colorado Senate poll: Bennet (D) 43% Buck (R) 42%

Win-Win For Democrats In Alaska- Sarah Palin Screws The Pooch

Survey USA--Governor--Kasich leads by 5, but among early voters Strickland leads by 9

FL-SEN POLL: Rubio 42 (-2), Crist 35 (+5), Meek 15 (-7). FL-GOV POLL: Sink 45 (+1), Scott 41 (-4).

"Your morning jolt: ‘I’ll come down and cuss you if you want,’ Barack Obama told Roy Barnes (D)"

New Alaska Senate Poll Shows McAdams Surging Past Embattled Joe Miller (at 60% very unfavorable).

Arkansas schools head condemns anti-gay posts by school board member

Dupe - Please Delete - Clio and I keep posting the same stuff

Krugman: Lessons of 1995 (on Mitch McConnell's comment)

Obama on Verge of Shift on Marriage Equality?

Just saw POTUS on the DS, wow he has aged.

"Shove it" Caprio goes from first to third in new poll. Chafee leads by 7. Caprio drops 12 points

"Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Drop To Three-Month Low"

Another article on early voting sounds to me the person writing the article making excuses

Clarence and Ginni Thomas: A Tale of Two Boobs

"Obama To Jon Stewart: Maybe You Should've Had Your 'Rally To Restore Sanity' Two Years Ago (VIDEO)"

Will it take hitting rock bottom before a real (political) intervention can be undertaken?

"Democrats' game plan to hold the House: Divide and conquer"

I think I detected a new MSM meme about the election. I saw it on

Great Letter: Obama's Costly Mistake

Survey USA--MN-01--endangered Dem congressman gaining ground now up 9

Orlando Sentinel: Dems catching up to GOPers in Orange County, Florida, early voting

Siena Poll--NY--23: Even without Hoffman; Democrat Owen is competitive--race tied

Child soldiers backlash: White House argues continuing military assistance more important than enfor

Survey USA Poll--WA-03--Dem Heck closing in on GOP candidate Herrera

Alaska Senate--GOP becoming worried about McAdams--launches first ad against him

Isn't President Obama also a Gourmet Chef and

C-Span NOW: 'The Role of Money in Politics"

Media Matters: Karl Rove's dopey (and redundant) brand of polling punditry

What do y'all think about the US funding political opposition in Cuba now. (Chamber related)

"We need 1000 lazer systems put in the sky!" Joe Manchin takes aim at those "Crazy Raese Ideas".

Think Again: And They Call It Democracy


What Gives Me Hope...My personal predictions..

KY-Sen: Target of Conway prosecution funding Rove's shadow group-covering up-Sr sex abuse to make $

Early Voting in Cook County, IL up from 2006

"Are we the people we were waiting for?"

Alaska Senate--another reason why McAdams may win--26% of Dems currently favor "write-in"

The Conservative Pledge to Freeze the Debt Ceiling Is a Looming Disaster

Sen. John Kerry unleashed a broadside Thursday against Republican "obstructionism,"

Candidates that refuse to answer questions or debate...

What are you losers doing the night of the Rally to Restore Sanity?

Don't forget that Tim Profitt's wife made a contribution to Rand Paul of $600

Mason Dixon Poll--FL Governor--Sink (D) 46% Scott (R): 43%

Obama to visit mosque, make outdoor speech in Indonesia

NYT/CBS poll: significant majority support disclosure and limits on campaign spending

AZ--03: Ben Quayle's dem opponent sticks $250,000 of own $ after good internal poll #'s

DE Senate--Fairleigh Dickinson University Poll: Coons 57% O'Donnell 36%

Focus U.S.A / As Midterms Near, Israel Is Again A Battleground For U.S. Politicians

Palin Will Run if No One Else Does

OK, who started the rumor that Obama was going to pass a law that...

"The biggest challenge is helping those who really deserve help"

AZ Republic: Did Brewer receive special treatment in '88 DUI crash?

New CO Gov Poll: Hickenlooper (D) 47% Tancredo (I) 36% Maes (R) 10%

Obama tells blogger he’s a progressive


Fox News' Racial Sensitivity Lesson for President Obama

Rove says Palin lacks 'gravitas' for presidential run

The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear just released their official iPhone app.

Progress for small businesses and students

Dems to air ad of Kentucky stomping incident -- but only after 10 p.m.

"Shut up Rand Paul, YOU PUNK!"

Premiering this Tuesday ! Playing in your local district or state ! - GOTV

Talk about a well-rounded man, who just happens to be President!

Obama's trip plan

AP: Unemployment claims drop sharply to 434K

"I think Jon Stewart is as good an interviewer as there is in the public domain right now."

Has any of these polls out polled the African American vote?

Inspirational speech time

MPR/Humphrey Institute Poll--MN Governor--Dayton (D) opens 12-point lead

That "Rand Paul Stomp" ad Ed just showed was brutal!

if an 88 yr old woman can get out in the rain and vote

I am waiting for the other shoe to drop tomorrow re: Clinton's outreach to Meek

President Obama on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (VIDEO)

The Politics of Misery

I see why Republicans are winning. I just got 4 pieces of mail from them

Zach Carter rips the NYT for its hit-piece on Raj Date and Elizabeth Warren

WTF???? Clinton ask Fla Meek to quit Fla race

McClatchy/Marist Poll --- Shocker: Dems and GOPers Tied Among LVs (46 to 46)

Puppies Love Harry Reid -- Video

What makes you think we or won't will keep the house?

TARP actually worked

that fucker david gergen on CNN

You've heard the lies, now believe the facts

LA Senate: Melancon (D) final ad "Vitter used tax dollars to solicit prostitues"

The tangled web of GOP deceit

WSJ: Obama may invite triumphant GOP leaders to Camp David

Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade campaigns for Kendrick Meek

New McClatchy/Marist Poll--Dems tie GOP among likely voters on generic congressional ballot

If someone you knew ;-) was debating one of the Republican think tank folks on the Tea Party

Larry Sabato makes his final election prediction

What Do You Think Sarah Palin's I Q Is ?

MBTI.... Obama is ENFJ...what is Palins??? what does it mean?

Kucinich to liberals: Vote or surrender to the forces of “nihilism"

Obama's "Daily Show" appearance draws 2.8 million viewers...

At least Europeans get it. Many Americans don't seem to!

Anyone knows what's president Obama's I.Q.?

Well Gang Boogers Nite Is Tomorrow Nite

I have a chicken with some of you guys.

Just got back from the Mongolian BBQ

Ninjas of the Caribbean?

Bad weather here yesterday

What kind of bees give milk?

Animal rescues, tho done with the best of intentions, aren't absolutely ALWAYS a good idea.

And finally: In honor of the World Series starting tonight...

BATMAN 3 has a title!!!

On the road going past Kali's ranch -- this is almost a DAILY occurence...

PSA: Tuba City is not

Good Morning Lounge

Pa Pamericano (Baile de manos) - If you see any video this year, it must be this. I exaggerate.

Do you like my radio show?

The cabbie & the nun

Beer -- the cause of... and solution to... all life's problems.

Listen to me, PLEASE!!! This is actually REQUIRED policy at some Help Desks!!!

The mystery of Easter Island finally revealed...

Weird horror movies...

Rolling Stone PHOTOS: Stills, Young, Furay @ Bridge School's Buffalo Springfield reunion



Rand or Ru?

I told the kids they could not open the Halloween candy...

Anyone here ever take pain meds while having the stomach flu?

I wonder what Minnie Driver is doing these days.

C'MON!!! YOU do the maths!!! The REAL reason Kali won't be posting much for awhile after her trip:

Pet peeves are my pet peeve, should I be mad at myself?

In the tradition of "Mythbusters"

Anyone going to the LIVE RiffTrax movie tonight?

Does anyone know any..

ultimate reuse/recycle - 10 uses for your body when you are through with it

May your Fruity Pebbles never get soggy...

Halloween Tips for your Food Truck

Has anyone known Morphine to cause depression?

Have you eaten Swans?

Congrats to the SF Giants.

I am listening to Jaco Pastorius.

Have you ever driven a 72 Gremlin to Olive Garden so you can breastfeed and eat Narwhal Alfredo?

Business must be good at Best Buy. They would rather lose a $600.00+ sale than provide the same

Thay had a good trip.all home safe and sound {pic heavy}

it tickles

The Wicker Man (1973)

Police arrest man when beer, rather than his child, was found in the child safety seat


Is this fake?? If it isn't it should be.

Woman Kills Baby For Interrupting Farmville Session

We certainly did our best -- though I just wish we had thought of THIS one...

And to think...some people say love is dead.

And finally: Almost guaranteed -- the DUMBEST joke you'll laugh at all day!!!!!

Did I tell this (military) joke here before? (NOT a put-down of Branch; a put-down of officers)

Does anyone else leave a bowl of candy on the porch on the honor system?

Wilson the Cat

If you were gonna die - - what would you leave for your family and friends?

My daughter’s song ‘Skeleton Run’ was chosen for Tunecore’s promo podcast.

The Greatest Toy Car Track Ever

Congratulate ME!!! I got a six-figure advance on the book I'm writhing

Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi! Looks like I may have to move my feral cat colony

Suggestions for pro-government, liberal extremist rally signs?

Bucket o' Kittehs!

Best version of 'You Don't Know Me'

For single eligible guys only

Serious discussion. What was the best CCR song of all time?


my iPod Touch cracked its own screen. What a piece of junk.

Just heard the biggest rip-off tune in a long time.

If you go into a store to buy one item and the salesperson is with

Is 3ish too young an age to get a baseball glove for Christmas?

Fucking Fleetwood Mac is distracting me from writing an important post.

Spanish prostitutes ordered to wear reflective vests for their own safety

Can we eliminate marriage proposals once and for all?

First day of new job. What should I wear?

What color carpeting should I buy?

Charlie Brown is going to start in five minutes...

Sport coats on men. Yay or nay?

World of Warcraft Login Servers are down. So, please entertain me!

Have you eaten Schwan's?

Hidden Bases, Secret Raids: WikiLeaks Reveals CIA’s Iraq Ops

Warrant: Police Raided Apt. for Two Legal Pot Plants Based Only on Smell of Pot and Fan in Window

(Nevada) Election officials say fraud allegations unsubstantiated, reckless

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report [10/28/2010]

Brazil air controller convicted over 2006 crash

Santa Clara pot dispensary raided for second time in two weeks

Stocks Rise After Earnings, Drop in Jobless Claims

'Independent' Groups Behind Ads Not So Independent

'Crime scene' security set up around busted Gulf rig

Feds arrest N.Va. man in D.C. Metro bomb plot

US acts against alleged front companies for Iran

Miami Heat start Dwyane Wade campaigns for Kendrick Meek in Senate race

Feds create ‘no-go zone’ around Deepwater Horizon wreckage

Kerry blasts conservative 'no-nothingism' in USA

Bin Laden tape is real, French say

Foreign-Funded US Chamber Of Commerce Advocates For Weakening Law Against Bribing Foreign Government

For the third time, Turk tries to unseat Cleaver in 5th Congressional District

Christine O'Donnell's campaign threatens to "crush" WDEL-AM

GOP Senate hopeful: Bush official ‘lied’ on Iraq

Iraqi Lawmakers Demand Inquiry Of Abuse Claims

Report: Broadband stimulus flows disproportionately to Commerce Committee members

Washington Man Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Anti-Rossi Protester

Tea Party-backed Republicans spur party switches

Iraq war logs: 'The US was part of the Wolf Brigade operation against us'

New federal regulations target for-profit colleges

Gorbachev: Victory 'Impossible' In Afghanistan

Firms Knew of Cement Flaws Before Spill, Panel Says

GM buying U.S. preferred stock (set to buy back $2.1 billion in preferred stock from the Us Gov)

EXXON profits up 55%

Pew report: Latinos divided over illegal immigrants, other issues

FCC fines Verizon Wireless $25M for spurious fees

DNC Memo: "The Republican 'Surge'/'Wave' Has Not Materialized" ("& it's not going to")

Boehner, Cantor take different approaches on Nazi reenactor

Poll shows Dem's lead widening in Del. Senate race

US foreclosure crisis becomes more widespread

Nissan Motor to Recall 2.14 Million Vehicles Globally on Engine Defect (& 747,000 SUVs & trucks)

Fake Group Hands Out Fliers Meant To Mislead Black Voters In Texas

Emperor of Exmoor: reports of his demise may be exaggerated, say locals

Weekly jobless claims drop 21,000 to 434,000

Declan Sullivan, Notre Dame student killed after video tower collapse, tweeted twice before fall

Prison Economics Help Drive Ariz. Immigration Law

Lee Fisher, Ohio Senate Candidate, Donates Last Dollars To State Democratic Party

Clinton to press China on rare-earth stance, seeks supply diversity

`Toyota Technicians' Confirmed Sudden Acceleration, Lawyers Say in Filings

Domestic demand, balanced growth prioritized in China's next five-year plan

CBS, CNN capture video of Ohio attorney subpoena served on Karl Rove

Sarah Palin Will Run In 2012 'If There’s Nobody Else To Do It'

N.C. GOP leader: Touchscreen voting machines have flaw that aids Dems

Foreclosure activity up across most US metro areas

(Republican Mark) Kirk: Bush administration lied about Iraq

Alaska Supreme Court reverses ban on write-in candidate lists

Gunman Reported On Texas A&M Campus

Tea party antics could end up burning Republicans

Two teenage girls executed by Somali militants

Serious Obama Defends His Policies on "The Daily Show"

Bill Clinton Nearly Convinced Kendrick Meek to Drop Senate Bid

Chrysler to Invest $600 Million in Illinois Plant

She's everywhere: Whitman blankets Calif. with ads

Hyland's teething tablets recalled

Brown takes big lead in California governor race

Soldier at Miller campaign incident didn't have permission to be there

New Hays Poll Puts Miller in Third

Whitman says her former housekeeper should be deported

Report: Halliburton Knew Cement for BP Well Was Unstable

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 28

Report: Bush Thought Military Shot Down PA Plane On 9/11

New Footage of Head-Stomping Incident at Paul-Conway Debate Emerges

No U.S. Sanctions on Four Countries With Child Soldiers

GOP Eyes $100B in Post-Election Spending Cuts

AP: Content of Jon Stewart D.C. Rally a Secret

Nancy Skinner discussing Periello and Obama with Megyn Kelly Fox News 102710


Taking Vashington - Rest in Peace, Rocky and Bullwinkle creator Alexander Anderson, Jr.

James Cameron and Da Guvernator: No on 23

Top Union Official Caught on Tape Discussing Voter Fraud

Just ask Peter Sagal: How to be mayor of Chicago

Growing number of people with health problems along Gulf --

Ed Schultz: Rand Paul Needs to Man Up

David Vitter's Sins

Ratigan Show - Cenk Uygur's Daily Rant: Tea Partier Hypocrisy on Church & State

TDS: President Obama Talks w/ 'Rally to Restore Sanity' Organizer PART 1

Rand Paul: I'm not an Aqua Buddhist. I'm you.

No change in these tea leaves

Papantonio: It's Clear the Teabaggers Are Dangerous

Young Turks: Rand Paul Head Stomper Wants Apology From Victim!

Alec Baldwin for Fight Back New York

Cenk Uygur, Noam Chomsky

Texas NBC station asks viewers: "Will acceptance of gays lead to the downfall of America?"

Rand Paul: Stomping For America

Limbaugh : Stewart and Colbert are Working for Republicans

David Pakman: EXCELLENT Juan Williams Firing Commentary, Why Can't We Be Adults?

Manchin takes on Darth Raese in WV

Ex-president of Argentina Nestor Kirchner dies

Weird Liberal Head Show #204: Vote Democratic- Reject Violent Extremist Tea Baggers

Tea Party Art Video

Dan Rather, Sam Seder, MSNBC

Obama on The Daily Show with Jon Steward 10/27/2010

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

Christine O'Donnell Loses It On Radio Show!

Whitman tells Greta Von Xenu that it breaks her heart, but Nicky Diaz Santillan should be deported

David Dreier Gets Spoofed in this new play in Los Angeles

Senate candidate John Raese (R-WV) - We need 1,000 laser systems put in the sky, right now

Fox News Gets Spoofed along with the Tea Party in New Play

Video Of Christine O'Donnell Beckoning For A Henchman With Finger Snaps During Radio Interview

TYT: Dem Arrested At GOP Event

New Dem ad: The Rand Paul Stomp

Young Turks: Rachel Maddow Grills Tea Party Candidate Miller On Gay Rights

The Agenda Project: Welcome to Crazytown

Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT: 'If the Tea Party Wins, America Loses' (TRANSCRIPT)

Vote Republican So We Can Keep the Old Ideas in Place

My seven-year-old daughter talks about unemployment and immigration.

I'M NOT A WITCH sung by Christine O'Donnell

Hi, I'm a Tea-Partier

It Gets Better: Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles

Arundhati Roy: The debater of big things


When Is Your Midterm Election?

Aziz's story will remain untold

In praise of … George Soros

Top 10 Craziest Moments of the 2010 Election Season

Our Families Can’t Afford to Stay Home on Election Day - Sarah Van Gelder (CommonDreams.Org)

"I never hated. I will never hate. Hatred brings only hate."

Obama says he's evolving on gay marriage

The Tea Party Disconnect

Today's Tea Bagger is Yesterday's Minutemen.

American Job Loss Is Permanent

Koch Footprints Lead to Political Powder Keg: the Far Right's Secret Slush Fund to Keep Fear Alive

Why a vote for Sharron Angle could steer Senate to the left

AlterNet: Right-Wingers Using Public Employees as 21st-Century Welfare Queens

Every Day Is Halloween in Empire: The Zombie Apocalypse of Duopoly

My Wife and I Know All About Republican Thugs

First they came for your paycheck. Then your house. What's next?

Charles Hugh Smith: The Stealth Coup D'Etat: U.S.A. 2008-2010

Obama hope was all hype

I'll help you build coal if you help me build nukes, they said.

The Timber Mafia Is Killing Borneo's Majestic Rainforest To Meet British Demand For Garden Furniture

Peak oil notes - October 28

Drumbeat: October 28, 2010

Nuclear industry wants another $100B subsidies with less responsibility for failures

Chilling Reality of Globe's Biodiversity

Ontario Breaks Wind Record as Canadian Industry Flourishes

A Nano-Solution to Energy ‘Vampires’

Happy fun survey about birds, including impacts by cars, windmills, oil, and so forth

Solar power could crash Germany's grid

Argentina begins enriching its own uranium, plans to add two more reactors.

I predict: each team will win all their home games (World Series)

Giants 11, Rangers 7

Tim Wakefield wins Roberto Clemente Award.

Cliff who?...Giants win game one 11-7

Brain Fart

Barry Bonds wants to be hitting coach

I'm rooting for the Giants, but I'm wondering if they blew their wad tonight.

Vlad is my man!

Fucking National League and their no DH!

Notre Dame student dies while filming team practice...

Rousseff Increases Lead to 15 Points in Brazil

Brazil Set to Meet Low-Carbon Targets Four Years Early

Ecuadorian authorities arrest hospital director where President Correa was held during coup attempt

Internet is new battleground in Brazil presidential poll

Live from the Casa Rosada

Leaders of Venezuela's business association kidnapped; ex Fedecamaras head injured

Look at the outcry (by liberals) over foreign funding of RW politics in the US.

When Obama Said "Look Forward", Kirchner Said "Nunca Mas"

Good grief... Need attention much? Hiccup girl...

Bad Driver? In Debt? Proposed NYC Law Would Ban You From Owning a Gun

Portland police drop Remington 700 rifles amid safety concerns

Matthew Warmus who shot Parking Lot Attendant Over $20 Charge Found Guilty

+++ NFL Week 8 Picks +++

Newsman slay-trial deadlock..........

WIKILEAKS: American Gov't Kept Quiet About Murders Of Gays In Iraq

Just ran across and old but still moronic LTTE about gays serving in the military

Transcript of Q and A with the President about DADT and Same-sex marriage: 10/27/10

Texas NBC Station Apologizes For Homophobic Viewer Call-In Segment

SHOCKING VIDEO: Demand NBC take action now!

NOM's Brian Brown: Men Are Not Capable Of Nurturing Babies

General lays out plan for reviving Gaza

West Bank olive groves become battleground

self serve

Possible seasonal submission

Have you heard we had bad rains in NC? Can you stand a few more shots of leaves?

*** Reminder...Autumn Seasonal Contest submissions begin next Monday! ***

Help me decide for the Autumn Seasonal Contest

out for a fall stroll

A few photos from Toulouse and Bordeaux

Is it okay to eat hippopotamus instead of fish on Friday?

Monkey Fossils Suggest Primates Came Out of Asia, Not Africa

Sam Harris @ Big Think 3 - Sam Answers Criticisms about Atheists' Interpretation of Religion

Record-Breaking Neutron Star Is Clue to Exotic Physics

Assassin Bug Eats Spiders After Feigning Capture

November contest suggestions

China claims supercomputer crown (BBC) {2.5 Petaflops}

Ozzy Osbourne's Genome Reveals Some Neandertal Lineage

RHIC Collider Creates Quark-Gluon Plasma at 4,000,000,000,000 Degrees Celsius

Iowa RNs fighting to join Minnesota Nurses Association

After one year, Sky Chefs workers want action on contract

It’s all about jobs: Coalition spotlights candidates’ records on trade

AFSCME President McEntee: Labor's Campaign Efforts Are Making Headway

Baltimore Workers File Class-Action Suit Over ESPN Zone Closure

NYC Living Wage Study Questioned Over Alleged Anti-Living Wage Bias

Reversing Citizens United: Is A Constitutional Amendment Needed?

Cuomo planning to go after Unions?

What's the preferred way to alert on a barrage of offensive posts in a subthread?

Will you be updating us regularly on the legal aspect of DU vs Righthaven?

Regarding "medical advice"

update on therapist search

Curious about something....

Hi guys -- are any of you familiar with The Reconnection? For lack of a

And HE wants an apology....

Favorite YouTube "ghost/paranormal" footage.