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Republicans Should Not Be Paid a wage........

Bolivian president knees soccer opponent in the groin

Do you agree with Frank Rich?

Three Iowa judges may face angry voters

You can't make shit up: Birther Orly Taitz supports Joe Heck (or as she calls him, ‘Joe Hack’)

Obama,leadership,and a few other things.

How much will Rove et al spend

Job killer Fiorina uses Nat'l Repub Party's $2 mil to accuse Boxer of "killing jobs, crushing hopes"

The U.S. media is crawling in the gutter. Andrew Breitbart on CNN as a commenator with Spitzer and

GOP spending $2 million in Calif. Senate race (Carly Fiorina vs Boxer)

Great Huffpo article on Education Nation by a 29-year teacher...

Rachel - Fake Secret Agents

***Barney Frank will be on Lawrence O'Donnell show tonite.

Sorry, Christine. You're not me. nt

Which Democratic candidate or organization should I donate to?

Texas Attorney General calls for halt to foreclosures!!



***Lawrence O'Donnell great explanation of how the system works.

American Express sued by U.S.

Mr Fish

10-30 Rally to restore sanity-- some help from DC Duers

LOL, geniuses at FR blown away by Christine "I'm YOU!" ad

Most bizarre Republican?

K&R if you believe Bill Maher should invite Ed Schultz

***Connecticut Senate Debate C-Span now.

"I'm You With Christine O'Donnell" will be on the Fox lineup 2011

Marx's birthday . . .

Why I'm voting republican... a pretty good video

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's a new Maru gif!

Another Missed Opportunity: Anti-Offshoring Bill Could Have Been Boon for Dems

NEWSWEEK Poll: Anger Unlikely to Be Deciding Factor in Midterms

Christine O'Donnell is Like WHO?

2 Arrested In Anti-Gay Beating At Stonewall Inn

Did the homeowner who's house burnt down have insurance?

Heads Up! Daily Show in 3 Minutes!

U.S. Military Orders Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels

Pardon me I am confused, is this DU?

Mike Huckabee

Out of Curiosity: Is there anyone here

Fracking up the water supply now.

Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck in Right Wing Radio

SCOTUS' new term: Jeff Toobin (CNN) and Adam Liptak (NYT) with Charlie Rose

A friend of mine made this.......Happy Halloween!

I just did some reading on over at FR....

Whitman's former nanny believes housekeeper

The fire department is more like what?

Who's most to blame for the house burning down in the TN fire?

Since rich people dodge taxes, should their mansions be allowed to burn to the ground?

Oh no! The voters are starting to pay attention to issues. Quick! Someone burn down a house!

Why won't Military dishonorably discharge man who shot his Navy girlfriend in the back of the head?

i think we need to run ads that play the 'best' of georgee.

I did not buy car insurance and wrecked my car today. Then I called State Farm and offered....

Pair of violent homophobic attacks rock New York City

Colbert just had a great jab at the Tea Party:

I know where I'll be on October 22

I just watched Spitzer's show for the first time. Elizabeth Warren was on

Activist group wants end to BPD immigration status checks

I voted for JERRY BROWN today!

To all who attended the rally Saturday, thank you - you were and are great!

Family Guy's Rush Limbaugh episode

Joe Sestak Calls On Obama To Produce Afghanistan Benchmarks

If a structure is on fire it needs to be put out because it's a danger to everything around it.

Carrings on up the Khyber Pass

I Liked What Barney Frank said

Strategy in Afghanistan

What happen to the bullies at Bucky Ball with thier threats against zen magnets

Why would Cheney, McChrystal, and Dubya be speaking to insurance leadership group

Rahm Emanuel Might not be Eligible to Run for Chicago Mayor

UN Warns of Global Refugee Crisis

Pentagon Burns Books And Then Tells You Why They Burned Them

VERY SCARY SCEANARIO! "Your search returned zero results."

Deficit unrelated to Social Security, or to China's trade surplus

Getting Some Rays: Forget Radar, Now the Government Is X-Raying You as You Drive

NATO hopes Pakistan supply route to reopen soon


Lockheed Martin Wins $119M U.S. Navy Contract

Congress getting frustrated with Pakistan as a war ally

Tough Love For The Frail And Sick

I have a question regarding Carl Paladino

Early voting began yesterday in CA.

Evidence Refutes BP's and Fed's Deceptions

Christopher Hitchens weighs in on the Rick Sanchez firing

Political signs removed in right of way

Lindsey Graham And Joe Wilson Pimping F-35s In South Carolina

Surveillance, America’s Pastime

Surveillance, America’s Pastime

Surveillance, America’s Pastime

It's not a matter of morals or money, when firefighters let a house burn down

Help beat Boehner........

Maybe the greatest case of don't get mad get even

The Bigot-Whisperers of the Right

The Crab in The Mussel...

cnn: Sarah Palin an Oprah-like kingmaker?

ABC says this morning that there is still an "enthusiasm gap" and that GOP

ABC says this morning that there is still an "enthusiasm gap" and that GOP

VA AG Ken Cuccinelli resumes crusade against science.

Wow! Just caught Big Ed on repeat this morning and watched Joe Madison eviscerate

In Kenya, Farmers Grow Their Own Way

The only thing that matters at this point...

Watching Poppies Grow In Marjah Is Faster Than Watching Progress Grow In Afghanistan

FIRE IN THE HOLE! "Whitman's ex-nanny believes housekeeper"..."I know the family"

Any good (but short) vid links out there of Teabagger anger/racism/etc?

Keith interviewing Jim Craik the man who lose his home

Paul B. Farrell: The Fed is dead, maybe by 2012

David Korten: Free Yourself From Wall Street

U.S. sues AmEx, Visa, MasterCard, latter two settle

U.S. sues AmEx, Visa, MasterCard, latter two settle

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Christine O'Donnell's Witchcraft

Death Squads, Porn, Hashish And Killing For Kicks … It’s Not Just A Few “Bad Apples”

Entertainment Weekly: 12 Documentaries that Changed the World (Fahrenheit 9/11 #1)

nitrixgli strikes again!!!

WTF-Beck: 'It took a long time to enslave an entire race of people...but it can be done'

God DAMMIT! NO ONE thinks the guy should have had his house burn down . . . BUT . . . .

Vote Republican or Don't Bother To Vote At All

We The People Are Having An Effect On The Afghanistan Occupation


Afghan, U.S. forces face growing insecurity in key province

Was DU down for anyone else last night?

Someone needs to be educated....

Help! I am surrounded by teabaggin

"Hurty Sanchez"...Jon Stewart Addresses Rick Sanchez Firing On 'Daily Show' (VIDEO)

Google CEO: Our Policy - 'Get Right Up To The Creepy Line'..We know where you are, where you've been

World's dumbest hate crime committers gay-bash at Stonewall Inn

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

A loss too great to measure.

Michael Moore: The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

Michael Moore: The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

The Early Word: Community College Summit

Keeping It Public (If the Libraries Don't Sway You, the Blazing House Might)

Keeping It Public (If the Libraries Don't Sway You, the Blazing House Might)

Wouldn't it be great if President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize again?


A Public School Goes Commercial

The final word on the fire thing....

The real clash of cultures is between Progressives and Libertarians

Indy bakery could lose lease for turning away gays

Anyone else have a completely inoperable 'Gaydar' by any chance?

This message goes out to the Right-Wing website that is monitoring DU members

No one wants to say it, but, its not so much a matter of disagreement as it is a real ......

French Court Convicts Bank Employee, Orders 3 Years Jail And $6.7 Billion Repayment

French Court Convicts Bank Employee, Orders 3 Years Jail And $6.7 Billion Repayment

No wonder the Tea Party seems suddenly so formidable!

If you think public employees (city, state, county) have a gravy deal,

Why Liberals Don't Stand a Chance in the Corporate Media

Larry Summers and the Subversion of Economics

GOTV! Four Weeks!

Cuccinelli reissues global warming subpoena to the University of Virginia

Italian PM Under Fire Again, for Jewish 'Joke'

Fed Boss: Threat From Deficits 'Real And Growing'

Rep. Paul Broun Jr (R-GA 10th) asks you to question the food pyramid

Adam Green & Frank Schaeffer on WBAI/Pacifica Radio. Daily Briefing, Ian Masters This AM

What Restoring America Really Means......Mark Fiore animated short

Shit, I sure walked into a firestorm tonight on DU, whew.

700 progressive women in Dallas

Head Start Proposal Aims to Turn Up Heat on Lagging Programs

Senator Presses for Information From Health Insurer Used by McDonald’s

I'm watching the Connecticut Senate Debate

Queer Youth Not a Tragedy

Nathan Deal-Southern economics

Nathan Deal-Southern economics

Missouri Tea Partiers, Joe The Plumber Join Movement Against 'Radical' Anti-Puppy Mill Legislation

'i'm not a witch'

Vatican official criticizes award of Nobel Prize to Robert Edwards

Vatican official criticizes award of Nobel Prize to Robert Edwards

Creepy Glen Beck just got creepier by inserting Mormon Prophesy in his messages

Fire departments in rural communities

Judge Sides With Union in Chicago Teacher Layoffs

Is Your Favorite Organic Egg Brand a Factory Farm in Disguise?

Who's nuttier, Palin or O'Donnell?

"The Crumbling of America" is now being shown on the History Channel.

"eve-teasing" blamed for rising dropout rate for schoolgirls in South Asian nation.

Which topic is more important, the 2010 election or fire department subscription fees?

A little gem for you people who are always defending teachers:

The War on Christmas has begun!

Christine O'Donnell Ad: "I'm Not a Witch"

Christine O'Donnell Ad: "I'm Not a Witch"

Uh-Oh... Daily Conservative pisses-off 4Chan.

Trump 'Seriously Considering' 2012 Presidential Bid

I found this and thought I would pass it along.

***WH Community Colleges Summit C-Span now

Apple Challenges Big Award Over Patents

Why would somebody spend over 100 million of their own money

Report: Chamber Raises Hundreds Of Thousands From Foreign Companies

dupe, please delete

Should the US Dollar be stronger or weaker?

Faking Your Way To Victory

Huffpo: Lisa Murkowski Warns Alaska Stations Not To Air Tea Party Express 'Lies' (VIDEO)

Car Chase Deaths

SF Chronicle: Decision to cancel KGO governors debate was "mutual"

The horrid face of a declining republican party...

This Modern World 10.5 - Conservative Jones and the Treehouse of Love . . .

If only we would treat our banksters like the French treated this guy:

I'm tired and I am going to scrub and clean

The fire company didn't pay me $75, so I stole their aerial truck with 75 foot ladder

Shift to Wealthier Clientele Puts Life Insurers in a Bind

Bomb?!?!??! Los Angeles St. between 9th & Olympic!

Poll Shows Brown Increasing Lead Over Whitman

Rachel in Delaware, at Chris Coons event:

EEK, a witch.

What Gallup's likely voter poll means in terms of seats

Is this what we are about? What you think

FOX Business Host John Stossel: Young People Are Too Stupid to Vote

Oil Spending Soars in 2010 Races -- MoJo

AFL-CIO President: Democrats Have Been Too Timid

President Rump? . . . Please come CAPTION The Donald!!!!

from Michelle O

from Michelle O

from Michelle O

Campaign watchdogs want IRS to probe Rove's American Crossroads

Lawrence O'Donnell wants your "I Am You" video

A Disconcerting Observation About DU

Ex-CNNer Brown offers black view of TV news.

Gloria Allred & Nicky Diaz ROUND 3: News conference TODAY @ 11 AM Pacific "in response" to Whitman

"It is not about is about WE"

No luck finding a job? Why not become a fundie!

What would you do if you had $120million to burn?

George Soros: "I believe there is a strong case for further stimulus."

On Bus to One Nation, Apathy is the Enemy

Robert Reich: Wall Street’s Global Race to the Bottom

Diebold anyone?

MSNBC was worse than Fox last week and will continue to be after the new branding.

Indy bakery could lose lease for turning away gays

I made another donation to the DSCC

Property Deed Mix Up Evicts Elderly Woman from Home of 25 Years

Since ATA is not up yet, not sure where or to whom to ask this tech question.

Put out the fire and charge the owner the FULL COST of the service.

Rove and his pals are going all out against Bennett in CO

2010-Year of the missing candidate

Democrats Running ON Health Care, Not Away From It

Whoa, did Linda McMahon look pissed in her debate with Blumenthal or what?

Tea Party or Totalitarian Party?

Where we live they just put the fire out and bill us later for any Services Rendered

Elizabeth Hasselbeck and bed-bugs......

Elizabeth Hasselbeck and bed-bugs......

Let's have some fun

If anything should be repealed it should be the prescription drug benefit for Seniors

Iowa justices who approved gay marriage may be tossed.

Extreme Makeover: Christine O'Donnell Edition

Bottom line:

What it looks like to have Tiger Woods hit a ball right at you

After 17 Years, Russia Resolves U.S. Objections for Entry Into W.T.O.

A tale of two countries

Green lights for big solar projects on fed lands

Post your favorite video of a congressmember illustrating their 'intelligence'

Dr. Jill Biden and WH Community Colleges Summit on C-Span now.

Anyone know of a site for active military Democrats/Progressives?

This photo best captures the (economic) elite's attitude toward the middle and working classes...

Special Report: The Tea Party goes to school

O'Donnell's Not A Witch - She's A Shape Shifter??

I'm going to recycle my yard signs after the election

How do you guys feel about the tea bagger who taped Angle?

Let's point out one more time that the Teabaggers are the same old GOP base - 'Christian RWers'

Let's point out one more time that the Teabaggers are the same old GOP base - 'Christian RWers'

The Mother instinct has awakened.

How are you participating in this election?

I've finally retired my Camp Casey bumper sticker...

'Disabled' police chief ran 3.1 miles in under 32 minutes.

Did anyone listen to Mike Malloy last night? He played part of a song

Las Vegas Review-Journal endorses defendant and alleged copyright thief Sharron Angle

OSU students counter, mock anti-gay rally by Westboro Baptists.

Sen. Feingold will change campaign ad due to NFL complaint

If your house catches fire in our village, it will burn down.

As electricians union creates new class of worker, journeymen worry about future

As electricians union creates new class of worker, journeymen worry about future

The private health care interests that cut sweetheart deals with Democrats haven’t stayed loyal.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Iraqi Oil Reserves: Why Exxon (& Halliburton) Stands to Win Big

Are Republicans everywhere pushing absentee voting?

Two Campaign watchdogs want IRS to probe Rove's American Crossroads

CNN: Most Tea Partiers call America a Christian nation, study finds

Sanchez apologizes to Jon Stewart...

Christine O'Donnell Is Not Me facebook page

Rand Paul to the Elderly: Pay Up or Drop Dead

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2

Whitman blames Jerry Brown for WelfareSpentOutOfStateGate

Whitman blames Jerry Brown for WelfareSpentOutOfStateGate

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3

Opinion: Conservatives Mislead in Health Debate - Newsweek

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4

The hysteria over the budget deficits and possibly letting the tax cuts for the 2%

O'Donnell's Not A Witch - She's A Pod Person!!!!!

... Obion County Expands Subscription-Only Fire Service To More Towns (Think Progress)

Tuesday TOON Roundup 6

Tuesday TOON Roundup 5

Who gloats over those struck by disaster, however ignorant or irresponsible?

SNL is definitely going to parody O'Donnell's "I am you" commercial....

When reason and justice are compromised no good comes from it

Undocumented ex-housekeeper fires back at Meg Whitman

Finally saw M. Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story."

Got Cowardice? Vote Tea Party.

Joe Miller's Wife Rec'd Unemployment Benefits Miller Later Called 'Not Constitutionally Authorized'

Jeb Bush scolds Governor Crist for exposing Marco Rubio's scare tactics on Social Security.

Chris Coons: Christine O’Donnell is not me. Rachel Maddow visited me in Wilmington

Let us be dissatisfied until this health injustice ends, the grassroots speak

Hmmmmmmmmm Christine O'Donnell, you speak 'moran English'

DGA Ad Attacks Rick Scott on Medicare Fraud in Florida

Frustrated House still waiting for Senate action on 420 bills

What happened with the TN fire happens in hospitals untold times everyday, it's just not as dramatic

"Teens Use Condoms More Than Adults!"

The Rude Pundit: A Brief Note About Christine O'Donnell's First Campaign Commercial (in Haiku Form)

Maddow tells TPM why her team was booted from Christine O'Donnell HQ.

President Obama open to lowering corporate tax rate

I don't do this often, but when our brothers and sistrs are in harm' s way...

CEOs sue to water down shareholder rights

***Interview w Eliz Warren on NewsHour tonite.

Why I think it's a good thing the Fire Department refused to respond.

Joe Miller (R-whackadoddle) "called the idea of a living, changing Constitution 'bullcrap,'

Republicans 1973: "I'm not a crook." Republicans 2010: "I'm not a witch."

Fill the bus! Oct. 30 DC Rally Bus- Charter reservations link from everywhere


Liberal multiculturalism masks an old barbarism with a human face

Jon Alter & Roger Hodge debate on cspan tonight.

Trump 'Seriously Considering' 2012 Presidential bid.

The War Addicts: the Pentagon and Military Would Do Almost Anything to Continue Neverending War

Denim jeans, not invented here?

RicK Scott: Filth (video)

"And Another Reason to Beware of Lions on the Attack"

Are Dixiecrats Making A Comeback In North Carolina?

Once again Brewer out does herself

Maryland 'becoming the Delaware of benefit corporations'

WaPo: Failing U.S. transportation system will imperil prosperity, report finds

WILLIAM C. PATRICK III, 84 One of world's top experts on biological warfare

There's one topmost reason why NutMeg Witman won't win

The Chilean Miners - some really hopeful news

"The Soft Side of Rahm Emmanuel"

Parker Spitzer gets critical thumbs-down

What I haven't heard in all this with the guy's house burning

Join Dozens in the March on Washington "To Keep Fear Alive" on October 30th !

And ANOTHER great article on Waiting for Superman...

Meg Whitman's ex-nanny speaks out

When will mortgage companies start factoring the applicant's health insurance status?

Pres Obama will have the solar panels back in the WH

Pres Obama will have the solar panels back in the WH

News Stations here in NYC CBS880 and 1010WINS: I hear ONLY repuke ads!!

Woman who stopped CNN 'punk' plan says O'Keefe claims untrue

I think it's time for Jon Stewart to leave Rick Sanchez alone

My pictures from One Nation rally on Sat

President Obama, instruct your Justice Department not to appeal the recent DADT ruling.

Thank you to firefighters

Why aren't Dems screaming about this from the rooftops

WTF! Velvet Underground's Moe Tucker is a teabagger

Saw my first pro-Paladino yard sign today

Weight Classes for runners Aim to Balance Races

You think Illinois is bad? Look here

National Organization for Marriage's Anti-Gay, Pro-Fiorina California Bus Tour More Laughable Than M

Mormons are trying to take over America Ya'll! Mormon Prophecy Behind Glenn Beck's Message

Student Responds to Whitman's Criticism

BFEE refused to commission Apollo 11 as 'The John F. Kennedy.'

What's scarier about Christine O'Donnell?

Mother Jones: Why We're Doomed

Mother Jones: Why We're Doomed

James O Keefe: Statement Regarding CNN

Onorato is in attack mode.

Marathon open water swim relay raising $ for autism now

Farm workers tell Meg, ‘I am Nicky,” urging billionaire not to use them and then throw them away

Democrats hold narrow leads in key California races (Reuters)

bumper snicker

LIve LINK to Allred Nicki press conference Round 3 in Press Conference

Woman who stopped CNN 'punk' plan says O'Keefe claims untrue

So what did the DU think of Elliot Spitzer's new show on CNN. I give it

Homeless Man Under Pressure

I just got this Press Release from Gov. Jan Brewer

He struck up conversations about honeybees before shooting the victims

Health insurers throw support behind Republican candidates

Obama’s promise to end tax cuts for rich unravels

So has anyone verified whether VU's Maureen Tucker is now a teabagger?

The Sin of Omission

They Dont Care If O'Donnell is A Witch....BUT

Some interesting info about that house that burned in Tennessee:

Whatever happened to volunteer fire fighters?

MSNBC is embracing a new “progressive political identity,” with the tagline “Lean Forward.”

Bottom line: You shouldn't have to pay a fee for the fire department

Did you know that DU has a marketplace sub-forum?

Fires need to be put out in the interest of public safety. PERIOD. END OF STORY.

please be next editorial will involve private contractors in Iraq/Afghanistan

Fl. Law Enforcement endorse Alex Sink remind us Rick Scott is a weenie (video)

Fl. Law Enforcement endorse Alex Sink remind us Rick Scott is a weenie (video)

Shanna, they bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into.

Conservatives abandoning O'Keefe (Politico)

"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live"...New christine o'donnel video: "I'm not a witch, I'm you"

"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live"...New christine o'donnel video: "I'm not a witch, I'm you"

Picky eaters and annoying habits

so sarah really is running for president....this is going to be good!

Lawrence O'Donnell will be interviewing Michael Steele tonight

Court backs man in wheelchair who sued to enjoy ‘Chipotle Experience’

I saved a scabs job at work today

Surveillance, America's Pastime

Let's draw the parallel between letting a house burn and denying health care

Tea Partyers on the dole

GOP Candidates are all over the board on Federal Minimum Wages & Unemployment

I just gotta share ...


The Reasons to VOTE in November Thread

Did you know that there are now more people getting food stamps than paychecks?

The VFD doesn't deserve the $75.00?!? ...

Missouri Tea Partiers, Joe The Plumber Join Movement Against 'Radical' Anti-Puppy Mill Legislation

School admins corral, intimidate teacher who spoke out at school bd meeting

Rick Sanchez APOLOGIZES To Jon Stewart: Wife

I'm bisexual and I exist.

Focus, damn it!!!

State workers, city workers, teachers, police, and all public employees...

A question...

NO ONE on du would vote FD optional nor allow SS privitized.

On EMS and fire, and who pays

For Those Nearby, the Miserable Hum of Clean Energy

A couple of good Pelosi quotes...

Good samaritans save abducted girl

My biggest problem is with people's attitudes more than anything else

Couple too intoxicated to notice baby dying

"Organic" eggs- some are, and some are frauds

Thinking 'out loud' here re: the tea-baggers

Tenn. teen shot in behind over sagging pants

There is no way I'm voting for Democrats in November.

Update on Tea Party Conflict (Sidney, NY)

Mo Tucker, and now Arlo Guthrie are Teabaggers

So corporations are terrorizing me tonight.

Yet another reason why Texas rocks

I was hoping to volunteer in Haiti for a couple of months this winter but

Why I support the fire department completely.


O'Donnell's soft sell: 'I'm not a witch.... I'm you.'

You know what god really hates? Assholes.

How do I type this?

Schwarzenegger: "I assume that Obama will get a second term in office"

Re the TN fire: What happens when the city can no longer afford a fire department?

Fee-for-Service, Pay-to-Play - The shape of things to come....

"Not a Witch" was Wearing BLACK.

Pat Toomey: The Wall Street Years

British Scientists: Compassion runs deep in human DNA

At the very least, they should have put out the fire at that man's house and billed him for the

Are you people understanding that there is no reason to let a house burn down, ever?

We, The People...

A Different Take on The Fire Protection Issue...

189 Huey Cobra 'Z' model Helicopters To Be Delivered By End of 2021

White House still has no strategy or plan to end DADT

You gotta read this and the comments.

Nightline segment on picky eaters. I can relate. This is traumatic.

For all those in support of the firefighters' actions, what about emergency rooms?

What's the best advice you can give to parents of teenagers.

Beck On Family’s Home Burning Down As Firefighters Watched:

•••••• POLL: What is your reaction to Firegate? ••••••

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Was the South Fulton Fire Department legally obliged to extinguish the fire at Gene Cranick's house?

So, a fire department let three dogs and a cat burn to death...

Toyota Camry getting bad safety rating in new test. Comments suggest conspiracy

So, it is better to 'make a statement' then to try and save a burning building?

Conviction in the Connecticut massacre case

" Rahm's Toughest Hurdle"

Woman Dies Trying To Save Puppy

Her name was Maria, 17 and expecting when she died (they refused to take her to the hospital)

uh oh, Raese(R WV)candidate for Senate isn't a residence of West Virginia!

Larry Flint: We've got a gay Senator and he's going to be outed

Are you freakin' kiddin' me? 3,000 millionaires collect unemployment benes

Obama Says- No 'Adjustments' Needed on War Fronts in Af/Pak

Hey fat haters -- thyroid problems are. common- 30 million Americans

I was curious about what firefighters thought about yesterday's TN fire

Countries that have mandatory health insurance also have NO DEDUCTIBLES

Countries that have mandatory health insurance also have NO DEDUCTIBLES

Why The U.S. Will Lose The Iraq War

What the fire story reveals

Partners in Crime: The U.S. Secret State and Mexico's 'War on Drugs'

It's time to call off war on drugs, former narcotics agent says

I think for the first time ever I have become truly disgusted with a great deal here at DU.

Girlfriend calls 911 on Pot-Smoking Beau

Cheerleaders' unit forms: Too skimpy or not sleazy enough?

Cheerleaders' unit forms: Too skimpy or not sleazy enough?

City has ordered gas turned off at parent sit-in for library.

Do you support the Fire Department's decision to allow Gene Cranick's house and pets to burn?

Why Americans Are Required To Pay For Health Insurance >

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1

Tuesday TOON Roundup 7

Deal with Hospitals to Kill Public Option Confirmed in New Daschle Book

CT-SEN POLL: Blumenthal 53, McMahon 41


Tea Bagger Express : Wheels came off....not moving....lost the load of WIT

These goatfuckers are now trying to beat us at our own game.

Great quote from Aaron Sorkin on Spitzer/Parker show

Who likes Obama -- and who doesn't -- in one table (Ezra Klein)

DCCC Polls--PA (20) & AL (2) Dems lead in targeted races

Sex ed based on effectiveness receives funding

CO Senate--Bennet (D) gains ground in new (R)asmussen Poll

A Monday Night Raw (Debate) In CT-SEN

Crazy conservative Gen X women! Ahhhhh!

If a Liberal Had Done That ...

WI Senate: Madison Awaits Feingold's Efforts to Awaken Base

More FOX NEWS propaganda on the Meg Whitman hiring maid

FL Governor Poll: Scott (R) 44% Sink (D) 42%

Every four years, Trump teases the media with a "serious" consideration of running for President.

(R)asmussen Poll--CA Senate: Boxer 49% Fiorina 45%

Greedheads press Obama on tax cuts

Solar Panels On White House in 2011

DOJ settles with Visa, MC; proceeds against AmEx,

New Fox (mixed bag) and PPP polls -

Why is it that the President ..

Nate Silver's response to the Newsweek and Gallup polls.

Big Ed is on fire about the foreign money in elections

The Debate Vid Everyone's Talking About (CT-Sen)

The democratic Party should run an ad about the foreign money the rethugs are getting

Daily Kos/PPP: Dems have good chance to win GOP House seat in HI IF dems turnout

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

President Obama in NBA Jam video game.

BET, CMT and MTV will air a one-hour youth town hall with President Obama

PPP--NY Governor's race--Cuomo (D) 53% Paladino (R) 38%

Republican Leaders Hit Record Low Approval

3M to give some retirees vouchers for health care 'Reimbursement Arrangement' to replace company

Brown University Poll: RI Gov--Caprio (D) 30% Chafee (I) 23% Robitaille (R) 14%

Think Progress: Foreign-Funded 'U.S.' Chamber of Commerce Running Partisan Attack Ads

Benen to scarborough: It's Not That Complicated

PPP: Colorado Senate--Bennet (D): 46% Buck (R) 45%

(R)asmussen Poll--Maryland Governor: O'Malley (D) 49% Ehrlich (R) 41%

Exclusive: Foreign-Funded ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Running Partisan Attack Ads

I'm sick of Donald Trump every four years bringing up running for President

Russ Feingold's new ad: 'Republicans Dancing in the End Zone'

U.S. sues AmEx, Visa, MasterCard, latter two settle

Bob Herbert on John Boehner: "a coddled, gilded flunky of the nation’s big-time corporate elite"

Alaska Sen--Miller (R) comes out for repealing 17th amendment--wants politicians to select senators

STILL no story from Huffington Post about foreign money in this years elections

Gallup applies their likely voter screen and it's a massive adjustment (R+13 to +18%).

Election 2010 - Republicans Plan Broad Attack on Women's Rights if Elected

Bookmark this: The Republicans peaked on October 1, 2010

Siena College Poll--NY Governor: Cuomo (D) 56% Paladino (R) 32%

FL Senate: Rubio (R): 39% Crist:(I) 33% Meek (D)18%

Four Weeks Out, the Base Stands Firm

It Has Come To This: O'Donnell Family Straightens Out Father's Bozo The Clown Career

White House: Justice system worked in Shahzad case

Biden: If I hear one more GOP budget gripe, 'I am going to strangle them'

O'Donnell claimed to have classified information, said China plotting to take over US

What's it with Tweety and Blumenthal? Look at the man's lifelong record of service to his state!

Cantor on GOP: "We screwed up when we were in the majority"

Lou Dobbs coming up on Lawrence O'Donnell's show

Chris Coons: Christine O’Donnell is not me

Keith O exposes American Future Fund hit GOP ads as regurgitated templates with same lies

Russ Feingold on why he is refusing Ad help from the DSCC

Another poll in CT Senate race shows Blumenthal up

They Won't Know What They've Got 'Til It's Gone...

They Won't Know What They've Got 'Til It's Gone...

What are YOUR plans for the Zombie Apocalypse?

Can you make shadowpuppets?

Spidercan... Spidercan...

Fox News Poll--Angle up by 3 in Nevada!? Plus CT, MO & WVA

EAT COW!!!!!!

And finally... PB&J... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... For Adults Only.

The Democrats should run on Social Security

I am not a witch

More states allowing anus in bars and restaurants...

Llama poop looks like this:

I need some help with an Aircraft flight (Reasoning)


I don't think that Cialis likes women very much.

Obama: Gathering His Armies

Guaranteed instructions for starting fires aimed at amateur campers, first daters, outdoor partiers.

Couldn't O'Donnel put out that fire with her witch powers?

WaPo POLL: Obama approval at 50% (+4). Democrats make gains on generic ballot. Was -13, now -6.

I read the Rolling Stone Obama interview and realize many have been unfair to Obama!

Save Your Lego

You know you're in a whole heap of shit when you have to tell people you're not a witch.

If you're not familiar with this song, you need to be. It's now one of my favorite songs.

Funny story my middle daughter told me - a post by one of her friends on another blog.

What will happen after the Democrats keep both houses of Congress?

Pretty kitty

Im Abendrot

It was the fire that made America famous

***Help! Hair emergency!***

Wrong actor for the job? Ralph Macchio in Back To The Future? Russell Crow as Wolverine?

i wish we could have a Gossip Lounge --

Obama-Clinton 2012?

Gov. Haley Barbour will be surprised if we don't have 30 Republican governors elected in November

Crossing over from roach coach to fine dining.

If I posted a truly silly poem, would Amerigo Vespucci rush to join in?

Just got back from walking the dog.

Frankenstein - Edgar Winter

Good Bumper Sticker

Tuesday's kittehs

Celebrity crossbreeding. Discuss.

True Love - Pictures That Shocked The World

Taken down a while back, YouTube put this video back up. I love it.

Somebody re-arranged my patio furniture while I was gone

On Reading a Piece of Doggerel Posted on a Board in the Middle of a Wood

How do you feel about Garrison Keillor for POTUS? nt

FOR TOBIN: I haven't a trucking clue!!!

For MFM and anyone else interested in trucking

I feel really bad for the ex-Mr. Susan Sarandon.

Truly bizarre, but strangely hypnotic (African music):

RI Firefighters Save 18-Foot Snake in Burning Home

Can your spouse/SO give you 'goosebumps'?

Who tells BETTER stories... men or women?

Do you ever just laugh?

What are your best bar tricks?

Donald Trump does have a point about China. I can't believe the administration lets this continue

How do you tactfully tell your boss he's wrong? Even if it's a trivial thing,

Have you been helped by "self-help" books?

Hugh Jackman needs to be in good movies

My sister wants to know what to get me for my birthday.

Since we're discussing poetry, I decided to try to write. This is all I could do this afternoon...

Anyone subscribe to Harper's magazine?

Went to the new restaurant that just opened up on the Moon.

I just saw a dog on the loose. I stopped my car and read its tag. Then

Florida man denies cocaine found in his buttocks is his

Today is my birthday

Got a poem accepted for publication today!

Regarding the "Whiners"

Cat pool: black stripe in the corner pocket

Got a strange debit/check card in the mail today...

puns I haven't seen before...

Skype security issues?


Funeral etiquette question........

So how come it's "portuguese" (with two Us), but "Portugal" (with only

Anybody here been to Singapore?

Want to dress like Flo? Recreate her look with these 10 accessories

Massachusetts Woman Faces Assault Charges for Throwing Dog Feces at Fast Driver

I'm a little scared...

How can you tell if a poem is good? If you can't relate to it does that mean

You know my biggest pet peeve in the world?

Frito-Lay to pull bags of SunChips...

save the heartland cafe, world famous hippie haven

Lady GaGa's Telephone is a Beatles cover song

Latest picture of Charlotte...

Electronica, techno, house, ambient, all other sub-genres, post here

Thousands protest Swedish far-right party as Parliament reconvenes following election

Relatives Tell of Civilians Killed by U.S. Soldiers

Colombia metes out sanctions in spy scandal

AACCLA Honors Former Colombian President Uribe with ‘Eagle of the Americas’ Award

Banks May Dole Out Bonuses Early

Banks May Dole Out Bonuses Early

Federal judge (appointed by Reagan) charged with buying drugs from stripper

Antigay Attacks Reported at Stonewall and in Chelsea

U.S. Military Orders Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels

O'Donnell in '06: China plotting "take over" of U.S.

Police: 7 Shot, 2 Dead In Gainesville

Brazil election sees breakthrough for Greens and environmental agenda

Voting System Pwned by Michigan Wolverines

Nearly 200 L.A. County employees took home more than 250K in compensation last year

Majority of U.K. Bank Bonuses to Go to Tax Authorities

Pakistan: 5 German among 8 foreign nationals killed in drone strike

Thai Court Puts Russia’s Bout Closer to U.S. Custody

Man held over US plot faces UK extradition hearing

Campaigning explodes as climate process risks disintegration

Race is tight for Byrd's Senate seat in West Virginia

Health Insurers Pour Money into GOP Campaigns, Hoping to Limit New Regulations

Trial of far-right Dutch politician to resume

Democrats gain in poll but GOP still leads as midterm elections near

Cuomo Leads by 24 Points in New York Governor’s Race, Poll Says(Siena Poll)

US army bids to build up mental 'resilience' in Iraq

Ex-French Trader Must Pay $6.7 Billion for Fraud

White House to install rooftop solar panels

Whitman's former nanny believes housekeeper

Glimmers of Hope for Dems as Election Nears

Two new polls show Brown ahead of Whitman in governor's race

Federal judge charged with buying drugs from stripper

Del. Senate candidate O'Donnell: 'I'm not a witch'

School installs £9,000 facial recognition cameras to stop students turning up late

French trader gets 3 years in jail, must pay $6.7B

Serbia quietly marks 10 years since Milosevic was ousted

Report: Suspect worked at nuclear plants

Campaign watchdogs want IRS to probe Rove's American Crossroads

Conservative Doug Hoffman Drops Out Of NY-23, Backs GOP Nominee Dohney

George Soros against Obama's focus on budget deficit

Calls for Toronto G20 inquiry grow louder

Kaine says he hasn't had discussions about leaving DNC

U.N. Says Captures Rebel Who Led Congo Rapes

Legislator's E-Mail Uses Anti-Gay Language (North Carolina; 'Queers' & 'Fruitloops')

Yale University Questions Force Used by New Haven Police During Club Raid(SWAT Team for a Bar Raid?)

Nevada Tea Party chairman quits after tape flap

Treasury Says TARP Exceeded Expectations

Nevada Tea Party chair quits after tape flap

California Supreme Court hears case that would bar illegal immigrants from receiving in-state tuitio

Trapped Miners Out By Oct. 15, Chile's President Says

Two Win Nobel for Work on Ultra-Thin Material

Emanuel Finds No Sweet Chicago Homecoming on Campaign Warmup

Defendant in R-J copyright case fighting Righthaven lawsuit

California Supreme Court hears case that would bar illegal immigrants from receiving instate tuition

Pentagon: More Than 100 Haqqani Fighters Killed

U.S. Plans Law Enforcement 'Surge' On Trains

US to include Malaysia in Trans-Pacific trade negotiations

Salvadoran President Funes makes groundbreaking trip to Cuba

U.S. stocks climb along with recovery hopes

NFL Says Feingold is Using Unauthorized Footage in Ad

Pak trained terrorists to fight India: Musharraf

GM's Lake Orion plant set to use lower wage - Facility to make another vehicle (Aveo)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 5

Paladino: Cuomo 'Should Be In Jail' (NY-Gov)

Hungary battles to stem torrent of toxic sludge

Thousands demonstrate against racism (Sweden)

Australia police say 13 Taser shocks were too much

French police arrest 11 people with suspected Islamic extremists links

Panel: Transocean Thwarts Efforts to Get Documents

Police: Man shot 3 men in Ill., Ind., killing 1

Democrats hang on to leads in California

Deadly sludge escape kills four in western Hungary

In Haiti, Rising Call for Displaced to Go Away

Antiwar activists will refuse to testify (FBI raids)

Buffett says cut taxes for all but the rich

Retirement funds tapped for kids' tuition

Breaking now: Stephen Hayes guilty on 11 of 17 charges (so far)

Here comes the sun: White House to go solar

Nato supply lorry in Pakistan hit by blast

Disillusioned Hispanics May Skip Midterms, Poll Suggests By

Obama says fiscal situation "untenable"

Rachel Maddow Booted From Christine O'Donnell's Delaware HQ

MoveOn Asks DoJ To Launch Criminal Investigation Of Chamber's Funding

Undocumented ex-housekeeper fires back at Meg Whitman

Times Square bomb plotter sentenced to life in prison

Ecuador raises police, military pay after rebellion

Obama Likely to Scale Back Legislative Plans

Ford Says It Will Cull Lincoln Dealers (175)

Bible college student shot dead in dorm room

Chilean officials hope to rescue miners 'by weekend'

Daschle: Public Option ‘Taken Off The Table’ In July Due To ‘Understanding People Had w/ Hospitals'

Supreme Court debates privacy rights of government contractors

Ladies - have you had your eyeliner tattooed on? How much did it cost. Was it worth it?

VerticalBlu "I'm Voting Democrat"

Young Turks: Fox News - Immoral To Tax The Rich More

Citlalli Citlalmina Anahuac's "Pledge of resistance" poem

Connolly Was There by the Irish Brigade band, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Half of Romanians want communism back

Homeless Man Under

Governor Jan Brewer Arizona Anti-Christ

Gosh! It's a lotta folks in a hot tent but I'm delighted to be here! Whitman gets grilled in Fresno.

Who's Buying US Elections?

A Message from Kathy Griffin

"One Nation" rally shows Progressive movement not dead

MRN: Terror Hysteria! Starring Faux Terrorists and Atheists

Message from Ellen DeGeneres on gay suicide

Bolivian president knees political rival in groin in friendly soccer match

Sarah Silverman On Gay Suicide

Christine O'Donnell Commercial Spoof

Conservatives Attack Ed Schultz Over One Nation Speech

"Keiser Report:" Markets, Finance, Warren Buffett wearing a studded dog collar?

How To Rally Dummies

Fox News Hides Death Threat from Republican Candidate Carl Paladino?

Rachel Maddow: Delusional Republican Fake Secret Agent Candidates (Tea Party Brings The Crazy)

Conservatives Are Traitors: Part 1 - Introduction

Christine O'Donnell is NOT a Witch!

Christine O'Donnell video ad claiming she's not a witch.

School field trip in Alabama

Christine O'Donnell Could Introduce The 'Anti-Masturbation Act' Of 2011! Bill Maher

Bekkk Gets Wee Wee Pants Over Donald Duck Cartoon

Weird Liberal Head Show #183: What is Tea Party Fascism?

MRN: Christine O'Donnell Compared To GOP Grayson's Taliban

Dan Savage Blasts Religious Right As Culpable In Rash Of Gay Teen Suicides

SEIU's new Jerry Brown Ad: Cambiando California - Chavez, narrated by Cesar Chavez's great-niece

Max Keiser talks about the options pricing volatility formula and Wall St. fruad

How Does Christine O'Donnell Get In YOUR Pants?

Sharron Angle Wouldn't Fight for Nevada Jobs

Rand Paul Wants A $2000 Deductible For Medicare

TYT: China To Take Over America! Says Christine O'Donnell

Christine O'Donnell AD: " I AM NOT A WITCH, I'M YOU! "

Pink Floyd - 2010-07-11 - Hoping For The Children - Comfortably Numb

TYT: TARP Sequels Coming

Beck On Family's Whose Home Burned Down As Firefighters Watched

Rand Paul lame new ad

Sharron Angle uses her 'Juice' to make backroom deal

Rachel Maddow- So long_ Enthusiasm Gap!

Number One - Great new Feingold ad

OUCH - Web ad slamming Michele Bachmann!

Russ Feingolds ad "Hands Off" he fought insurance companies, opponent in their pocket

Olbermann Interviews Man Whose House Burned as Fire Department Watched

Warren Buffett, Tax Us

Naked Cowboy for President

Me @ One Nation Rally in DC

Mondale: Obama uses 'idiot boards [teleprompters] to read speeches on television'

Rep. Matthew Hill Show: United Methodist Church in Forefront of Communist Movements

When Pressed, Republicans Can’t Name Any Spending They Want To Cut

Exclusive: Foreign-Funded ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Running Partisan Attack Ads

Truthout - "Obama's Wars" and the Importance of Reportage

Tea Partiers Rediscover Their Nautical Roots

Business people do not necessarily make great elected officials; see George Bush.

Obama to Address WH Community Colleges Summit.

Eugene Robinson:Midterm campaigns, brought to you by . . . ?

California Governor: Two New Polls Show California rebound for Brown..Huff Post

On the right, hateful words are fired like bullets - Richard Cohen

That’s Where the Money Is (John Boner )

Cities in Debt Turn to States, Adding Strain

A fitting little item for what was St Francis of Assisi's feast day. Though

Newark’s Facebook Friendship Faces Legal Snag

National Review Writers Defend County Whose Subscription-Only Firefighters Watched Home Burn Down

As the World Burns-How the Senate and the WH missed their best chance to deal with climate change

Lies in D'Souza's new book.

Google's Bizarre Blacklist

Foreign-Funded 'U.S.' Chamber of Commerce Running Partisan Attack Ads

Exclusive: Foreign-Funded ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Running Partisan Attack Ads

Surveillance State: Government Snooping, Prying, and Informing Worse Than You Think

Joan Walsh - "Meg Whitman's meltdown: Her hypocrisy is helping to hand office back to Jerry Brown"

Unemployed: Stranded on the Sidelines of a Jobs Crisis

What does take our country back mean?

Google gets close to 'the creepy line'

Animal Rights/Vegan Issues: Where's the Left? (Mickey Z.)

Chris Hedges: March to Nowhere

Midwest Indian Tribe's Wind Turbine Completes Successful Year

"Yes On 23" Ads Mislead About California's Investment In Clean Energy

Drumbeat: October 5, 2010

Peak Oil Review - Oct 4

Russia put to the test by grain shortage

DC: Agencies launch Bikeshare program

Rail Service Expansion Imperiled at State Level

Eurasian lynx re-established in Harz mountains

NASA/EO - Summer 2010 4th-Warmest Globally On Record; 2009 Second-Warmest

WHO - 250,000 Malaria Cases Already Reported In Pakistan, Including Falciparum; 2 Million Expected

Hungarian Town Buried In 1.1 Million M3 Of Toxic Sludge - 4 Dead, 120 Injured, Ooze Heads Downstream

Science Daily - CSIRO Study Finds Range Shifts For 43 Fish Species Likely Climate-Induced

TVA Awards Contracts On Completion of Bellafonte Nuclear Plant in Alabama.

UC Irvine -Rivers, Ice Sheets, Permafrost - Flow Of Freshwater Into Oceans Up 18% 1994-2006

7 fuel saving tips for your food truck

China Commences Construction on Ningde 4 Nuclear Power Plant.

Study Estimates Environmental Damage to Cost $28 Trillion by 2050

N Dakota wants nuclear power to support its oil and gas industry

India-Japan Nuclear deal likely to be delayed

Monsanto Flailing - Roundup Resistance Growing, Roundup Generics Here, Pricey New Corn A Flop

A song for the Yankees

This makes no sense...Palmer led this week in passing yards, TO led in receiving...

Wade, Bosh, James Out For Season After Injuring Selves On First Layup Drill Of Training Camp

Ugh - Tony, please just retire

John Bonamego fired by Dolphins!!!!!!!!



Lesson for the day ,children: Hitting yourself in the head with a baseball bat is BAD....

Who is going to cheat more this postseason?

Big 12 action: Nebraska Vs. Kansas State. Both 4-0

41-14?? AT HOME????

Colombia metes out sanctions in spy scandal

Honduras: "What's the problem" with a constituent assembly?

Cuba 'considers releasing more political prisoners'

Venezuelan government makes official seizure of farming company Agroisleña

Important news from Venezuela, for Spanish readers: Henry Falcón dice que ante la polarización

Venezuelan journalist among four winners of CPJ press freedom award

Ecuador firmly believes the US had nothing to do with police rebellion

My Costa Rican friend wants to know if anything

Ecuador raises police, military pay after rebellion

Morales playing futbol :)

Salvadoran President Funes makes groundbreaking trip to Cuba

Quito police radio traffic, "kill the SOB" (Correa) and much more

Ecuador: Correa approval jumps 10 pts to 75% (!) in poll after police/RW coup attempt

Spain downplays claims of Venezuela's links with ETA (3rd Roundup)

The official narrative of the corporati: he brought it on himself.

The El Paso (tx) miracle vs New York City surge in violent crime and murder

Analysis: Kansas gun, voting rights go to voters (Nov. 2)

Revised: The El Paso (tx) miracle vs New York City surge in violent crime and murder

'Stand your ground' bill set for final House approval (Pennsylvania)

Nevada sheriffs group wants CCW permit names kept secret

Courage Campaign staffer assaulted at NOM bus tour event

Dan Savage Blasts Religious Right As Culpable In Rash Of Gay Teen Suicides

The best "It Gets Better" so far! Gay Cop and Gay Marine

Larry King's show tonight is on the bullying against GLBT. Kathy Griffen, Wanda Sykes.

Suicides Put Light on Pressures of Gay Teenagers

Tim Gunn's Moving Message

Lawyers: Student charged in Rutgers case innocent: She has a bright future

Israeli rabbi: Honey-pot sex is kosher for female Mossad agents

Netanyahu meets top ministers, but no mention of settlement freeze extension

4 more final filming images

YouTube video shows Israeli soldier dancing around woman Palestinian prisoner

I am so DONE with looking through my archived photos

Tail lights

Cost to be able to take pictures of wildlife with a telephoto lens and a digital camera?


Narrowing it down

Titan Raises Tsunamis in Saturn Ring

Alarming Increase in Flow of Water Into Oceans Due to Global Warming, Accelerated Evaporation & Pptn

Two Win Nobel for Work on Ultra-Thin Material

Mushrooms, the new plastic..

If I ever do get rich...

National Nurses United Jumps Into Nev. Race With Biggest Ever Union Campaign Expenditure

Lawsuit Targets Census for Shutting Doors on Workers of Color

SEIU Members from 23 States to Join 'One Nation' March to Put America Back to Work and Pull America

US Auto Workers’ Pull Money from Bank over Home Foreclosures

A peek at how unions “kick ass” in an election

One Nation Comes Together for Historic March

AFT’s Randi Weingarten Urges America To Unite With Teachers To Improve Public Schools

Kohler Demands 5 Year Wage Freeze And 35 Percent Lower Pay With No Health Care For New Hires

More employee abuse

S&M for Jesus!

HELP: Response to those who believe the Founding Fathers wanted this to be a Christian nation...

Separation of church and state.

I am sick and tired of having Christianity shoved in my face.

Wish me luck!

What does it mean when you find a hummingbird's nest?

How can I calm down my dreams?

Hey, Vitamin D fans -- try some Vitamin D-emocracy... Give a REC to this thread

Walnuts, walnut oil, improve reaction to stress

First Study of Its Kind Finds Children With Food Allergies Are Often Victims of Bullying

Neurofeedback Gains Popularity and Lab Attention