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Drop Everything for This !!!!!

***Check out The Supreme Court, PBS tonight.

Glenn Beck endorses pay to spray (out fires)!!! Congratulations, DU


Toyota sued by Allstate over sudden-acceleration insurance claims

GOP-allied group (rove & co.)weighs in with $4 million in ads in one week

Editorial An Illegal Search, by GPS

I am you as you are he and he is me and we are all together

First witch fathered by a clown...

the united states chamber of commerce

Rove-connected group dumped $14 million into eight Senate races since Aug.

Question - Isn't the money

Foreign-Funded ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Running Partisan Attack Ads

Court: CPS tenured teachers can't be fired

Have you forgotten?

(snort) now we know WHICH 'you' she meant....

Secret-Spilling Sources at Risk Following Cryptome Breach

Hard to argue much with this...

From MSN Money: Corporate CEOs: Cut more jobs, make more money

Meth, blowtorch, gunpowder -- a bad mix

Chris Mathews must think he has a special dispensation that allows him to be craven and stupid and

Maybe The Tea-party- Glenn Becks-and the like are what we deserve.

Amy Goodman: From Tuskegee to Guatemala Via Nuremberg

Multiculturalism-the idea of diversity as lived experience/multiculturalism as a political process.

Multiculturalism-the idea of diversity as lived experience/multiculturalism as a political process.

Bad employees usually get fired. But unwanted top executives often get big payouts.

Air Force Plans Simulated Combat Over Western U.S.

Check out this pic of Romney that was posted on a blog

Tea Party Socialism

Lawrence O'Donell is making Steele dance

And what if a Renter had occupied the TN home?

Do I have this straight? Business must be financially secure in order to hire.

This election will be the GOP'S Last Hurrah in Texas...

"Put yourself in her shoe's Joe for one day." No, First Douche, "shoes." In her SHOES.

Searching for Clark Kent

It's a bad policy, but the man was still foolish (the Tennessee pay per fire service)

Substantiated Allegations of Foreclosure Fraud That Implicates the Florida Attorney Generals Offic

Substantiated Allegations of Foreclosure Fraud That Implicates the Florida Attorney Generals Offic

The Chinese financing our elections

Politicizing the "Managers of Violence"

Federal Highway Administration debunks false NY Post story about street signs

Federal Highway Administration debunks false NY Post story about street signs

Have you ever seen a hot topic on DU limited to a single thread..

Meatball haiku.

Liberals are introspective, while conservative are always on the offense.

Amputations up in Afghanistan...

Libertarians Offer Pathetic Responses to Firefighters Letting TN Home Burn

Libertarians Offer Pathetic Responses to Firefighters Letting TN Home Burn

CNN Political Producer : Search for Christine O'Donnell turns up short

CNN Political Producer : Search for Christine O'Donnell turns up short

Classic Bill Maher NEW RULES.....Best Election Ever 10/31/08

Great cartoon re: HCR

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's a new Kitty gif!

Not a well thought out thread. Now blank.

Rachel M. is live from a bar in Delaware .... the show is going to rock

Green lights for big solar power projects on federal lands !

RIP Kalina. Fourth Sea World Orca in four months dies

When the San Bruno pipeline exploded, why did firefighters from Sonoma go there?

GOTV! 27 days left!

Nothing would please me more than if the "Going Galters" would just go away.

What gave BP the legal right to dump poison into the ocean?

What gave BP the legal right to dump poison into the ocean?

Just put the damn fire out

$3 Seabrook fee to pay for public safety needs

Democrats hold narrow leads in key Calif. races

(Elsewhere in )Tennessee: Top Cop Luxury Vacation Paid By Speed Camera Company

Bank changes locks on occupied, foreclosed homes

Scam Artists At Work!!!

Good & Bad News from RCP

Bieber's so hot right now

Isn't letting animals burn to death when you can stop it animal cruelty?

Stop the damned fire threads.

Would you all stop discussing fires and get out there and do something?

Karns Volunteer Fire Department switching from donations to fees

"Terrifying results for Democrats (?)"...

Donations to Whitman undercut her no-special-interests claim (LA Times)

2007: Austan Goolsbee on the mortgage industry.. Hoocoodanoed?

Is Michelle Rhee’s Revolution Over?

Molly Wei's lawyers say her reputation was 'unjustly tarnished' by Rutgers suicide tragedy

We voted Today!

Local attorney to receive award for helping free Minnesota man

Pakistan NATO Attacks: Dozens More Fuel Tankers Destr

The TEAliban would be happy if every woman in America wore a bag over her head

Pakistan keeps Khyber Pass closed as US strikes drone on

Amputations increase with surge in Afghanistan

Illinois Pays More than Mexico as Cash-Strapped States Sell Bonds Overseas

Illinois Pays More than Mexico as Cash-Strapped States Sell Bonds Overseas

Police, Firefighter Unions attack Richmond CA Mayor

Bizzare "How to cut carbon emissions" ad

Lawrence O'Donnell is carving on Michael Steele - there may be a new orifice when he's done. presents Obion Tenn. with award

E.U. Presses Beijing to Open Its Projects to European Bidders

E.U. Presses Beijing to Open Its Projects to European Bidders

The FD threads remind me of the health care debate & why there can't be an opt out of public service

The FD threads remind me of the health care debate & why there can't be an opt out of public service

The world is full of jerks, freeloaders, and ingrates — and the problems they create for themselves

Afghan war moves deeper into Pakistan

Fill in the blanks post (and have fun, lighten up and give yourselves some credit)

Ad accusing Planned Parenthood of targeting African Americans banned in major cities

Canadian viewpoint: Is immigration about the economy or nation building?

The Problems With Value-Added Assessment

The Problems With Value-Added Assessment

Ill. GOP gubernatorial candidate OK with schools opting to teach creationism instead of evolution

Christine O’Donnell Witch Doll

Lawrence O'Donnell > Michael Steele

Guardian UK: Why is the Gates foundation investing in GM giant Monsanto?

SMART Letters to the Plain Dealer, Vol 1: Yay for Enlightened People who Didn't Forget 2000-2009!

Florida DU'ers--wouldn't it be cool if THIS guy became our next governor?

The next Libertarian step is to do away with police,afterall we have the 2nd amendment to protect us

It's go-for-broke time on 9th anniversary of war

It's go-for-broke time on 9th anniversary of war

Apple Ordered To Pay $625.5M In Patent Suit

Presidential seal falls off podium as Obama speaks - pics

Ban on Milk Labeling Ruled Unconstitutional

You will spend the next two years...

Victory in Raleigh (Wake County Public Schools)

Thurs 10/7 Protest John Yoo speaking at St. Thomas U Law School, Downtown Mpls

Pentagon pitches austerity plan to nervous Wall Street

The Coin-Operated Cesspool of Washington D.C.

I was listening to a police scanner a couple nights ago

My town is next.

U.S. jobs continue to flow overseas

For those who advocate "going slow"

Peninsula Cities Sue to Derail California High-Speed Rail Project

For the mentally challenged: Fire departments are not insurance companies.

Texas Healthcare is officially going to crap.

Very few journalists are worse than Jonathan Chait

Manhunt continues for suspect in rural Illinois/Indiana shootings


The French Are the Best Protesters in the World

Hey, RWs....did you forget this?

Reagan, Obama, And The Polls

Serving While Sick: Germs Spread by Restaurant Workers’ Lack of Healthcare, Paid Time Off

Electronics recycling at prisons under fire

For the record: I'm not a witch either. How bout you?

Carl Paladino,David Duke,and the problem of nominating scary Republicans.

The opposite of Obion County and South Fulton, Tenessee

Just a Reminder in this year of Nationalized Campaigns

Anyone else seen ads from the "First Amendment Alliance"?

Has anyone else had problems with the advanced search function?

You want the good news, or the bad news? By Mark Morford

Real Estate Slump to Linger: IMF calls property market 'dismal'

Democratic Senate aide on White House involvement prior to DADT vote:

Monsanto Reports Loss of $143 Million, Wider Than Analysts Had Estimated

If Rush Wanted To Interview Barney Frank, Should We Let Him?

So The GOP's Big Plans Were: The Mosque, Glenn Beck Rally And The Plague On America

Louisiana: Richmond Leads Cao By 11 Points

O'Donnell: 'I'm you.' And I'm creeped out.

In essence, is there any real difference between Timothy McVey, the guys from 9/11 and the

$162 million in stimulus funds not disclosed

Pataki just insulted Al Franken (not to his face, of course)

Minus zero to the Nth degree. . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Tea Party supporting radio host backs "burn, baby burn" re: Tn house

Ofcourse the administration didn't want a public option. They had the votes to pass it

So why not have a fee-based war department?

Latino Vote Turnout Likely to Lag, Poll Says

Whoaaaa. This is critical!!!!

Applications for the I Don't Care About Anyone But Myself Party are right here:

Filmmaker Goes Undercover to Expose Corporate Links to the Tea Party (VIDEO)

Howard Kurtz to leave Washington Post for Daily Beast

Christine O’Donnell Invokes Maddow, Olbermann To Scare Up Campaign Cash

Bill Gates says vaccines can help reduce world population

Is it time to nationalize the commons of our nation?

Onward Christian Moguls

Starting our 10th year of invasion/occupation: Are we turning the corner yet?

WTF - Abercrombie with only slim lead in Hawaii Five-O

i have a brother that makes over 200k a year. he works contract for oil. he doesnt pay his taxes

The FD watching the house burn, would make a good pol ad.

GOP ahead of two Democratic incumbents in Ohio

The Dems/Left need a "Why We Fight"-style media campaign

Supreme Court to hear case against Phred Phelps

So, when did fortune cookies become classified information?

Former S.F. Mayor "Slick" Willie Brown warns Dems: Teabaggers might be 2nd Coming Of Saint Ronnie

I must say DU is at its finest today.

I don't understand

Town won't pay cops until 2011 - What kind of society is this?

Morning Laugh: Idiotic, annoying LTTE to Columbus Dispatch parrots Fox "News".

Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn stopping the creation of a national Women's History museum

Nice Horsey cartoon about the repub stealth groups financing ads

"It's not personal. It's just business." We've become "Godfather nation."

If someone in your town did not pay their taxes and your town's

Welcome to Washington, DC. (Yet another FD thread

America's 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

I tell you, HFCS-FREE Mountain Dew is the BOMB!

Regarding those laissez-faire fire fighters, which is more annoying?

When a municipality collects property tax what does that tax cover?

Missing Message: The Republicans are not believable

Toon: Decoy Set!

Toon: Our economic philosophy, in a nutshell

Why do moderators ask, "Will you reside in the governor's mansion?"

Not paying the fire fee is similar to not paying property taxes in a town which funds a fire dept.

Why is a substantial portion of DU supporting the libertarians of Obion county?

So... Was Ronald Reagan an "anti-colonialist" as well?

"I see a load of crap"

Withhold federal emergency response funds for Obion County.

There are some counties which really fuck things up so badly

Leader on BP claims blames fraud for slow payouts

Some amendments I'd like to see.

Jesu, Scarborough & Buchanan making the claim now that 80% of the nation is conservative.

Coons Holds Huge Lead in Delaware

Saudi prince "battered servant to death" court told by Helen Pridd (10-5-10 Guardian article)

FOR THE MODS: Why can't we subscribe to threads?

The county should collect the fee and send it to the city to cover every home

If people can pay a fee for fire department service, and they choose not to pay


Federally funded conflict of interest?

Another reason to get out and vote November 2nd: So THESE people can't gloat.

A letter to a man who will never ever read it:

1988 Ford E-ONE 1000/1000


Predict the mood of Democrats generally on November 3

Hunter S. Thompson writes a cover letter: Long way from here to BC, but I think I'd enjoy the trip.

What I saw last Saturday:

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!!

Temp hiring is back. Is a jobs recovery next?

I was a bit bugged by Rachel Maddow's show tonight

Are you LGBT? Have you ever attempted or considered suicide? (Survey)

Only witchcraft might save her now.

another great pic of Pelosi & Obama from cnn

CMH presentation to another dead Green Beret (Family)

If I see another Ken Fuck ad, I'll thrown my laptop out the window.

Banks Breaking Into Occupied Homes In Foreclosure To Change Locks

'Sex-Positive' URL Shortener Shut Down By Libyan Government For Violating 'Islamic Morality'

D.C. Internet Vote Hacker: 'Within Hours Had Total Control, Ability to Change Votes, Reveal Ballots'

The Guardian: "China cracks down on African immigrants and traders"

Right wing radio host Lars Larson: "Racist" blacks should be "ashamed" of supporting Obama

Ah, we will get renewable energy, I'm sure.

German Catholics explode O'LOOFAH's head, call for SantaClaus -free zones at Xmas

Should fire protection be handled the same way as health care reform?

Nancy Pelosi: We'll Tie The GOP To Corporate Cash 'Like Doggy-Doo Stuck On Your Shoe'

Think Progress: Sharron Angle Adds Insult To Injury With New Racially-Tinged Immigration Ad

Chronicle: Your children need profs with tenure

The Best Option for Immigration: Legalize Them All!

Well, looks like no more MSNBC live streaming.

So, based on the fire dept outraged here, we should hate the government flood insurance program!!!!

American People Hire Lobbysist to Push Their Interests in Congress

I just voted...LOVE early voting in OHIO, no fuss, no muss.

Likely voters....? Whazzat.....?

Likely voters....? Whazzat.....?

Have you changed your opinion on issues surrounding the Obion fire based on a DU post?

2010 in a nutshell

California Democrats call for investigation into loan modification and foreclosure practices

US corporations trying to liberate Iraq......from regulation.

Nikki Haley (R-SC) wants drug tests tied to unemployment benefits

Is there a cure for stupid?

Second decade of the New American Century: "A Clockwork Orange" meets "American Psycho"

SF Board of Supervisors approves bid for America's Cup 2013

Todd Palin's angry e-mail to Joe Miller

Connecticut, Blumenthal, Crazy Linda, and our "friends" in the "liberal" media.

PSA: Bankruptcy and Your Rights

Are we starting the war with Iran next year? I'm sure we'll hear from McCain on this.

Worthwhile comment about NYTimes article about Sam Zell...

KKK to hold rally to support student who said she would not counsel to gays

WHO is telling us that there's a Democratic "Enthusiasm Gap" in this coming election?

Another GOP Congressional Candidate Goes "Birther"

Kohl's to hire 40,000 holiday workers

The disintegration of DU - The fire department threads

Back when I was in politics, I would represent the party at a lot of charitable events.

#Foursquare just ousted Twitter as the Mayor of Downtime.

Political TV Spot....voice over burning home.....

We need bumper stickers to paste across their campaign posters

We need bumper stickers to paste across their campaign posters

Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman to step down

Howie Klein tweet: Boehner wrecking Ohio's paper industry for China bribes or lobbyist girlfriend?

Bryan Fischer of the AFA: Letting house burn down was the Christian thing to do

Question about 401ks.

Oath based professions......

One Last Fireman Thread...

'Mentally unstable' shooter on the lam (Illinois/Indiana)

"I Hate Republicans"

POLL : What do Democrats need to do to be more appealing to voters?

Mainstreaming Hate: Geert Wilders is slowly but surely making Islamophobia an accepted element of

What's the most important race/item in the 2010 election?

We Got NO SERVICES Cuz The Owners Are Spending $50 Million of OUR MONEY to Kill One Taliban Soldier

Insurance companies supported Dems for the mandate, and now Repubs for deregulation

Franken Asks FEC To Investigate Chamber For Foreign Donors

There will always be people who don't want to pay

Shoot People- Run Guns- Get Big Government Contracts

'Heart-wrenching' vandalism in Golden Gate Park

'Heart-wrenching' vandalism in Golden Gate Park

'Heart-wrenching' vandalism in Golden Gate Park

'Heart-wrenching' vandalism in Golden Gate Park

DE News Journal Editor Ron Williams rips Christine O'Donnell a new one!

Dodo trophy goes to BP's Tony Hayward

This looks like a job for the INSTANT DUNGEON!

Christine ODonnell, Palin, Witchcraft and Witch Doctors

"The Firefighters Oath"-

Foreign Policy for Dummies


To the out-of-state Teabaggers & Palin who thought they could influence my state of Delaware.....

As an agnostic living in a "Christian Nation"

17 year-old male shot for wearing baggy pants...

17 year-old male shot for wearing baggy pants...

cnn's 'the democrats are fucked' page

cnn's 'the democrats are fucked' page

Susan Buffet v. George W Bush

Please DU this!

Firemen Explosion Testimony

The repugnant Chuck Colson's spin on the Clementi suicide

Wisconsin's Russ Feingold in Peril, But Still Practicing 'I Did It My Way' Politics

In your reaction to the fire story, was there any level of schadenfreude?

March to Nowhere - Chris Hedges

Meg Whitman breaks spending record

Meg Whitman breaks spending record

Progressive Kick Matching Down Ballot Donations

O'Donnell campaign sign across the street in San Jose California

Former U.S. Rep. Karen McCarthy (D), 63, dies of complications from Alzheimer's

LEAKED Emails: Sarah Palin DOESN'T Give Out Endorsements for NOTHING.

Why Does The F-35 Cost $243 Million Dollars? Answer - Lockheed Martin

Could it possibly been worse if Democrats would have

Matt the Misreader Bai thinks voters are engaged in thoughtful rebellion

Matt the Misreader Bai thinks voters are engaged in thoughtful rebellion

President Obama was 100% correct when he spoke about foreign entities influencing our elections

A question re Westboro Baptist funeral "demonstrations."

U.S. Chamber broadens attack on Think Progress, alleges Soros-funded plot to silence business

Black judge rejects plea deal for 'white boy'

So the Grandson started two fires in three years

Help is On the Way: The NEA Comes Out Big

Brown SHOWS MEG THE MONEY! Responsible Thrift vs. Toxic Spender

Brown SHOWS MEG THE MONEY! Responsible Thrift vs. Toxic Spender

Sen. Franken asks FEC to probe U.S. Chamber's funding after report

Poll shows O'Donnell trailing in Del. Senate race

Taliban, Afghanistan in talks to end war

Dems up with two Senate ads in Colorado, Missouri

Don't blame local Govt. re: fire department non-response

Institute of Medicine Recommends More Training, Independence for Nurses

The ReTHUGS and Teabaggers are terrified about that burn house burn disgrace

Have all those who've died in Iraq & Afghanistan made us freer or safer?

TSA Security Question

Libertarian Reluctantly Calls Fire Department (Onion 2004)

The Obion County Firefighters' Creed

Meg Whitman campaign spokesperson STRONGLY REFUDIATES change in theme. REFUDIATES! STRONGLY!

Meg Whitman campaign spokesperson STRONGLY REFUDIATES change in theme. REFUDIATES! STRONGLY!

NY Times headline, November 3rd, 2010

Oops! Anti-abortion Attack Ad Hits the Wrong Salazar

Hey - these notices usually go out when the clocks change, but DU is ahead of the game:

Caption this Michael Steele pic

"...(42%) say they would be less likely to vote for a candidate backed by Sarah Palin."

Mods, can we get a designated "fire" forum?

WaPo Author FINALLY Corrects Inaccurate O'Keefe/ACORN 'Pimp' Misreport

Are pukes nuts? (may offend some)

Grants awarded to address bullying and safe schools

A **VERY NARROW** question regarding the house burning: Did pets die or not?

Great new Sestak ad attacking Toomey

Rand Paul: I Really Meant It When I Said Let's Have A $2,000 Medicare Deductible

How Many Fire Department Threads Does DU Need?

They let animals die.

They let animals die.

Daschle Admits -- Then Denies -- That White House Agreed With Industry To Scrap Public Option

A house burns down. A person dies of a treatable disease. A family becomes homeless.

Specter to hit campaign trail for ex-rival Sestak

Specter to hit campaign trail for ex-rival Sestak

Ex-baseball star and 'financial guru' Lenny Dykstra is bankrupt

KO is reporting that the Chinese are sending money to the US Chamber of Commerce

I was driving through NM some years back with my niece

The nutty demonization of Randi Weingarten by Valerie Strauss

HCR-pass it now, we'll fix it later

Fire Services *should* be available for all, that is the point.

Speaking of free speech, PHUCK PHRED PHELPS

General strike against pension attacks sees huge protests

limbaugh calls Obama a 'jackass'

THE HILL: Frustrated House still waiting for Senate action on 420 bills

Jan Crawford, CBS: Alito Emerges as Supreme Court Rock Star (and "a one-justice Delta Force")

ACLU: When Being Poor Is a Crime

Tarryl Clark (who will defeat Bachmann)--Latest VERY hard-hitting Ad

As if you needed another reason to despise Republicans.....

The Abominable Snow Crab: Furry crab discovered south of Easter Island - pic

Poll: Sarah Palin Favorable Rating Just 22 Percent

"President Obama is presiding over a rich man's economic rebound"

***Daniel Ellsberg, 'Most Dangerous Man in America.' PBS tonight.

The Truth About the Tea Party

Beck claims slavery was not really bad until government got involved

EUREKA... O'Dolnnel is privy to classified info

Rutgers Student Paper Denounces "Media Exploitation" Of Clementi Suicide

So companies in China are giving $ to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in ....

Apple Inc. needed land for data center. Bought single family home for 1.7 million

About the Fire Dept that agreed to fight fires for a fee....

Please review my ltte re:Private contractors before I post

The Sounds of Silence in Florida

Serious question: Why is Palin feature prominently on the RNC/GOP website's homepage?

"Win the election! Simple! Do it." - Follow up words from Michael Moore's Blog

Jazz Great John Legend says it better than I could - schools.

Many at restaurants say they've worked while sick

Unemployment rate for Americans with Bachelor's degree and higher is 4.6%

Rove’s Groups Spend Millions on Senate Ads

O'Donnell far behind, new polls say

Former Vice President Walter Mondale tells Obama it's time to lose the teleprompters

Wow!! What a lineup!!!

Do the repigs even know (or care) that they're running a bunch of sideshow freaks for office?

Organized Crime: Wall Street’s Foreclosure Fraud Machine

Dad: School allowed boy to make mask that looks like Ku Klux Klan hood

How many people here have actually talked to a firefighter about the TN fire?

Binge drinking common in teens and adults (makes you want to cry)


GOP Closing Arguments: No More Food Stamps - says Gingrich

Justin Coussoule running against Boehner - please donate to his campaign!

Poll: Tea Party Is Wildly Out Of Touch With America

Poll: Tea Party Is Wildly Out Of Touch With America

David Vitter's Forgotten Crimes

Dems Come Alive! ...a follow-up from Michael Moore



******Official Tennessee Fire Thread********

Refusing to put out the fire was a form of protest/strike and it accomplished its goal.

AGAIN-help me reply to my congressmember in paper re:"OBAMACARE"

who needs a shot in the arm?

Fire department fees: An abdication of government

Anyone heard of some sort of UN tax?

Classic FReeper response to Christine O'Donnell "witch" ad

Article 1 Section 8 US Constitution

So . . . . tomorrow, Westboro is in the Supreme Court over the suit by the Dad of a dead soldier

So . . . . tomorrow, Westboro is in the Supreme Court over the suit by the Dad of a dead soldier

I don't want you to protest, and I don't want you to riot.

I'm making enemies of my Democratic friends

Ed Rendell repeats absurd White House talking point that Elections Matter

How much money do you have in the Stock Market?

Teachers union to spend $15M to protect vulnerable Dems

Hannah Bell appreciation thread.

The US Chamber of Commerce is working against America

First Autistic Presidential Appointee Speaks Out

Arne Duncan

What should be the title for this list?

Toy gun leads to Florida boy's expulsion from school for a year

A man drags a U.S. Marine Corps flag across the face of Westboro Baptist Church member! - pics

On Tuesday Hasslebeck called teabaggers bedbugs who cannot be controlled.

Conduct Unbecoming a Free People

Ed Rendell repeats absurd White House talking point that Democratic voters need to 'get over it'

Michael Moore on the fire story: The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

WSJ - How The POT Vote Can Save The Dems

C-17 deal with India could create 30,000 jobs in US: Blake

Government Criticized on BP Oil Flow

UPS will add 50,000 holiday jobs

AP-GfK Poll: Working-class whites shun Dems

Meredith Viera Asks "Did You Have Anything To Do With Your Husband's Death"?

Obama: 'All Americans are safer' because of Medal of Honor winner's actions

City council orders heat restored to parents holding sit-in for a school library.

Beijing News and People's Daily Report: 'UFO' collision threat shuts down Chinese airport

penis as weapon

Glenn Beck and co-host mock man whose house burned down in Tennessee

Glenn Beck and co-host mock man whose house burned down in Tennessee

12 years ago tonight Matthew Shepard was attacked and left hanging on a fence to die

"If it wasn't for the Democrats, you wouldn't have received unemployment

The philosophy of the Democratic Party is that we don't let houses burn down

The philosophy of the Democratic Party is that we don't let houses burn down

Internet Explorer usage falls below 50%

I think that many DUers genuinely don't understand what it's like to live in a libertarian wasteland

Midnight grocery runs capture economic desperation

Does anyone know if there is a way to stream old shows of Dr. Phil's

Does anyone know if there is a way to stream old shows of Dr. Phil's

For those incensed about the treatment of the free rider...

"The Republican Wave Has Crested"

NRA backs Democrats in key races, frustrating GOP

I can't believe we are debating a house being allowed to burn like this

Democrats' Secret Weapon in 2012: Marijuana?

The Man Did NOT Forget To Pay The Fire Fee. He Deliberately Chose Not To.

Philly Cops Rob Undercover Cop Posing As Marijuana Dealer

Most Californians oppose legalizing marijuana: poll

California Pot Vote May Save Jerry Brown and Senator Boxer's election campaigns

Ann Coulter to Face Vote on Voter Fraud Charges in CT by State Elections Enforcement Commission

DU Nation (Geographic Distribution of DU)

The Olbion County fire dispute: libertarian free-riders on publicly-funded municipalities

Six in 10 over-50s delaying retirement cited poorly performing 401(k)s as a factor

British man jailed over computer password refusal

British man jailed over computer password refusal

Competing world views... this is what this is about folks

GIs’ brains fried by military dispensed nose candy

House Burning Down

'Fox and Friends' falls for ruse alleging purchase of $1 billion of jetpacks for LAPD, Fire Departme

NC legislator e-blasts a bigot eruption referring to 'queers' and 'fruitloops'

AFA: Jesus Wanted Firefighters To Let That House Burn

The invisible Americans

Detroit council blasts DTE, police response over Sept. wave of fires

Have you ever had a house fire?

Thanks to the SCOTUS, FOREIGN Corporate Welfare Queens Can Now Finance U.S. Elections

Thanks to the SCOTUS, FOREIGN Corporate Welfare Queens Can Now Finance U.S. Elections

Thanks to the SCOTUS, FOREIGN Corporate Welfare Queens Can Now Finance U.S. Elections

Citibank, Ally and MERS Sued In Civil RICO Suit

How would YOU react to a fred phelps protest at YOUR kid's military funeral?

Colorado GOPer: 'Trying to kill ex-wife is just “being a slice of Colorado'

Colorado GOPer: 'Trying to kill ex-wife is just “being a slice of Colorado'

"And what this book is, is how do you get people to kill people?"

My time as a volunteer firefighter

MUST READ- "Is Progressive Dissent Public Enemy #1?"

Today, in New Haven, CT, a man who committed horrible crimes was found guilty

Today, in New Haven, CT, a man who committed horrible crimes was found guilty

'Whoosh' sound of wind turbines too loud for some

not putting out the TN fire

Legalization Up in Smoke? Not Anymore

My son in law is being sent to Iran - well, the Persian Gulf

Tom Toles: Simplicity itself

Professor pulls off ‘epic hack’ of voting system

George Carlin on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Cindy Sheehan: Dissent in the Age of Obama

The OP I never wanted to write...

October is GLBT History month.

I may not be fired up

Oddly, the phyrric victories the GOP may have in November would be their undoing in 2012

If Republicans succeed at purchasing this election...

Wow Rachel has some real smart seniors on, they won't be fooled.

would Meek's supporters, support crist

would Meek's supporters, support crist

KO: Showing the President talking to a group of women

Oh No Obama isn't president anymore

KY Senate: Paul Uses Obama Impersonator in New Ad

Next week's news: Republicans refuse ALL public debates

New Ad Shows How Affordable Care Act Covers Young People…Literally

If Obama ended the 'Fiscal Responsibility Commission'...

Social Security Sense and Nonsense

The Hill/ANGA poll of 12 tossup House races (all freshmen Democrats)

Feingold touts health care, stimulus votes at AFL-CIO event

Dupe - Scott leads Sink by 2 in latest Zogby poll.

Dupe - Scott leads Sink by 2 in latest Zogby poll.

Obama's rally in Philadelphia?

Majority of voters will vote for candidates who supported Health care reform

CA House--Bera (D) raises over $550,000 in third quarter in challenge against (R) incumbant Lugren

"Can Democrats Hold the House By Winning on the Margins?"

New polls--CO Senate--Bennet (D) 44% Buck (R) 41%--NM Gov Denish (D) within 3 of Martinez

Damn, DU didn't make the XKCD map of Online Communities

CT Senate--Blumenthal (D) widens his lead to 15-points in internal tracking poll

Big Insurance, Big Banks spending untold millions to put their lackeys back in control of Congress

They won't know what they've got 'til it's gone.....

PPP/Daily Kos Poll: HI Governor: Abercrombie (D) 49% Duke Aiona (R) 47%

AP-GfK Poll: Working-class whites shun Dems.

CA Governor: Brown has $22.5 million in bank for last 4-weeks vs. Whitman

Pew poll": vote for TARP and support by Sarah Palin by negative for voters

TRENDING: White House denies Obama-Clinton ticket in works

Limbaugh Calls President Obama a 'Jackass'

Limbaugh Calls President Obama a 'Jackass'

Only one third of Democrats see this Congress' achievements as historic

MN Governor: Biden fires up supporters, raises money for Dayton

FYI: First Lady Michelle Obama is taking calls

Third Way tries to spin the Democratic Party to the right

NYT editorial: A Plan for the Gulf

Where Dems are reducing ad buys in house races

Poll--FL Governor: Sink (D) 41% Scott (R) 39%

Republicans "reduced to playing along with the crackpot theories of a hard-right Tea Partyer"

Health Insurers Funding Secretive Attack Group Run By A Prominent GOP Lobbyist

Seeking youth vote, Obama goes to MTV

2010 Governor outlook--Northeast--Dems lead 7-1 with 1 too close to call

Do voters know GOP plan to Repeal and Replace 'Obamacare' is to Voucherize Medicare, and sell HSA's

Obama/Clinton ticket in 2012 ??

Rasmussen Generic House On 9/5 GOP Up 12 ..... On 10/3 GOP Up 3

Sharron Angle Adds Insult To Injury With New Racially-Tinged Immigration Ad

Krugman on Republicans "Railing Against Rail". Also, Kerry on the infrastructure bank

Cantor: Jewish Americans Are Democrats Because They ‘Are Prone To Want To Help The Underdog’

(R)asmussen is now on board: Blumenthal up double digits in CT

PPP: NY Senate: Gillibrand (D) 50% DioGuardi (R) 40%--Schumer up by 22-points

Republicans call for probe to protect Koch Industries. Democrats seek probe to protect homeowners

(R)asmussen Poll: WVA Senate--Raese (R) 50% Manchin (D) 44%

Another poll shows SC governor's race tightening

Name 50 reliably progressive Democratic Senators on most issues.

House Dems to blast U.S. Chamber's ads as foreign-influenced

An iPhone app that makes it so Obama can be in your pictures

Senate Race rundown--The Northeast--Dems lead in 6 out of 8 races

Michelle Obama to campaign for Blumenthal in Conn.

CNN/Time Poll: CT Senate & Gov: Blumenthal and Malloy both lead

PPP--CT Governor: Malloy (D) 50% Foley (R) 40%

Austan Goolsbee on the Bush tax cuts, a payroll-tax holiday and what he'd do with $700 billion

One more Haley (SC) thread: "Gloves come off for Haley, Sheheen"

MSNBC still pimping the Quinnipiac poll showing Bloomenthal only 3 points over McMahon.

WH: The First Large-Scale Solar Energy Plants on Public Lands

My word for the day: Synergy

The Long Game

Photos: "Whoops!" (The Obama Presidency, Day 624)

Justice to investigate foreclosure practices after call by Pelosi

October surprise?

Coming out right here, right now: We live in Florida

Six House race polls

Joe Biden Is in This for the Long Haul.

New Poll: DE Senate: Coons 61% O'Donnell 37%; Dem leads by double digit for Castle house seat

Hmmmm.... Is it possible that the sudden buzz about Hillary in 2012

Is it possible DVR and TIVO are impacting the election?

NV senate: among likely voters Reid down by 2 but among registered he's up by 9

Has anyone heard anything about Boehner having an affair?

Time/CNN poll: Angle (R) 42% Reid (D) 40%

Dawn Josephson recounts her backyard meeting with President Obama

Imagine if Michelle Obama sent emails like Todd Palin

Pelosi: GOP "can't resist the urge to stomp on poor people"

One Week Later, Nearly 2,000 Small Businesses Approved for SBA Loans Due to Jobs Act

Must read CNN article-The Sweep: What went wrong for the Democrats

First FL US Senate Debate on now

'Within 36 Hours We Had Total Control of Server, Ability to Change Votes, Reveal Secret Ballots'

Dems should make Westboro Baptist Church a big issue

Did we ever have 60 Democratic Senators in the past 20 months......and if so, for how long?

Today was such a beautiful day and will be a great evening

Elizabeth Warren is the most impressive public figure in sight

Daschle Admits -- Then Denies -- That White House Agreed With Industry To Scrap Public Option

If we hold onto the house and Senate we need to change the Senate rules

CNN/Time Poll: Blunt (R) well ahead of Carnahan (D) in MO

Is 75 the new meaning of life ?

neo con Bob Woodward re: Hillary

Cat Adventure #3

And finally: MFM was an EXCEPTIONAL lifeguard... just not one of the brightest you've ever met.

I should know better.

Breaking the law, breaking the law

A picture from three years ago.

Penis I haven't seen before... ... ... ...I mean... of COURSE I've seen it before...

oil and water, an optical poem

Parking Putzes

Raffi fans, check in!

Holy SHIT!!! LynneSin is in the crowd at Rachel Maddow's show in Delaware!!

You know, that 60's group "The Lettermen" always bored me...

Is it just me, or is Raising Hope hilarious?

When will they apply Anger Management techniques where they have been most-needed?

Ok...Which one of you guys broke Facebook?

Let's ROCK!!!

Let's ROCK!!!

Obama-Clinton 2012: does it make any sense to you?

I had a DU-themed dream last night

This wasn't part of CPR training in my high school health class.....

Let's LUBRICATE!!! n/t

Bieber's so hot right now

I am ready to throw the Roku box out the window, with the new router...

Poem in defense of poetry, and suburbia (since poetry is today's hot topic)

puke-inducing new teevee shows

Got snow? If so, where are you? nt

Facebook "Lurking"

Nikki Haley: Drug test recipients of unemployment benefits

Wednesday's kitteh

Re: Macy Gray

Palin Litterbug

Cute kitten mega-overload...

Dammit. Zathras cannot have nice things.

Soul food lovers' word to your mother: Amy Ruth's, 116th and Malcolm X, NYC

12 Cool paper cameras

Just so yall know, I'm going to keep asking, "Got snow?" until somebody replies affirmatively. nt

Speaking of housing, how'd you rate individual landlords/ladies vs. property managers?


Has anybody seen the robots that keep stealing my luggage?

America's 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

Is a "tallboy" considered 'one beer'? ........................... no reason.....

If Vincent van Gogh were an illustrator for DC Comics...

Dear Penthouse Forum... I was the only guy in a room full of MILFs

BMW makes motorcycles and the Mini. It'as only natural they make...

I just realized that I can get "dick" tattooed on my eyelid...

Some people make everything into a pissing contest.

If you don't agree with me, FUCK YOU AND EVERYONE WHO LOOKS LIKE YOU!

For those who live in apartments...

Kids, don't try this at home.

Los Angeles police to get jet packs!

Poetry--"Dare I eat a Peach?"

So, this lady flings dog poop at a couple firefighters who are standing around

I just realized that I can get "eyelid" tattooed on my...

Kittens ride a Roomba.

I saw a coyote last week

NYT Political Memo: Obama Strains to Get Liberals Back Into Fold

This is a little weird...

For those of you who are good at Maths (BUT ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO AREN'T)...

Oh my God! My dogs are gassy this afternoon...

GD is on fire today.

I've done something unprecedented in all of human history.


White House denies that Obama/Clinton is being considered

Barnes & Noble -- clueless, or trying to be subliminal?

The word of the day is "lubricate". Replace any word in a thread title with "lubricate"

She's so heavy...

Climbing a 1768 foot transmission tower.

Soda or pop?

Lately I’ve been watching Cliff Richard on YouTube. Songs he did in the late 1950’s-early 1960’s,

I never saw a cat do this before in my whole life, and I've had cats all my life.

Steel cut oats horror stories or favorite recipes go here

Has anyone heard of the text of the 1st Amend. as a tattoo?

Dear DU Writers: Daughter needs help with paper

Cow tipping

Are the puns getting worse?

Baby snake rescue -- Pic

Why do they call it "French Roast" over here?"

Just to keep in the spirit of the day, post your favorite "Fire" songs here!

Do you like hot and spicy foods?

Anybody else watching Rubicon? It's REALLY coming together now!

Oil industry aids effort to suspend CA climate law

Substantiated Allegations of Foreclosure Fraud That Implicates the Florida Attorney Generals Offic

UN health agency, Iraq studying birth defects

GOP Candidates are all over the board on Federal Minimum Wages & Unemployment

'Whoosh' sound of wind turbines too loud for some

Problems plague BP compensation fund

D.C. Internet Vote Hacker: 'Within Hours Had Total Control, Ability to Change Votes, Reveal Ballots'

3 hurt as RPG targets UK diplomatic car in Yemen

25 NATO Fuel Tankers Attacked in Pakistan

Drone death man 'being groomed to head UK terror group'

Obama Strains to Get Liberals Back Into Fold

Pelosi calls for federal inquiry on mortgage lenders

Taliban in talks with Karzai government

Apple Ordered To Pay $625.5M In Patent Suit

Venezuela's oil reserves rank second in size

State budget deal (CA) includes tax break for family firm

Taliban in high-level talks with Karzai government, sources say

Gunmen attack NATO supply trucks in Pakistan

2 Japanese, American share chemistry Nobel

Fate of key witness unknown in detainee's NY trial

Iraqi Christians flee homeland even as war fades

In Hartford, Fiery Exchanges in a Debate for Governor

Rove’s Groups Spend Millions on Senate Ads

Private sector sheds 39,000 jobs in September

Millions Of Dollars Owed To Veterans

Health Care’s Uneven Path to Better Insurance

Supreme Court to Review 2007 Arizona Immigration Law

'Fox and Friends' falls for ruse alleging purchase of $1 billion of jetpacks for LAPD, Fire Departme

High court to hear military funeral protest case

German Catholics want Santa-free Christmas

Leader on BP claims blames fraud for slow payouts

F.T.C. Proposes Tighter Rules for Green Claims

New law spurs $1 billion in business loans

China and US clash at climate talks; US negotiating stance deemed 'totally unacceptable' by China

Report Shows EPA's Clean Air Act Significantly Benefits Economy

Democrats Seize on Minimum Wage as a Campaign Issue

Justice investigating foreclosure problems at banks

W.Va. gov in tough Senate race sues administration

Explosion happened while bomb being assembled, say (Thai) police

89 Puerto Rico Cops Arrested for Corruption (Largest FBI Police Corruption Investigation Ever)

Man fined $1B for sending Facebook spam

Chinese Premier Wen Warns of `Disaster' in Rapid Appreciation of the Yuan

Ohio AG Suing GMAC on Foreclosure Mess(Seeks $25,000 Per False Affidavit)

Woman sues KBR, claiming it's at fault for a sexual assault

Goldman's Hatzius Predicts Rough Economic Times Ahead

Bob Woodward Revives Obama-Clinton 2012 Murmurs

Calif. Budget Plan Relies on Accounting Maneuvers

Obama administration declares Iraq open for U.S. business

Panel: Transocean thwarts efforts to get documents

Subpoenas issued in Edwards case

E-Mail Reveals Rift between Palin and Joe Miller?

Meg Whitman Campaign Spending Reaches $140 Million

Inhofe: GOP will win Senate majority, and I'll be EPW chairman

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 6

Presidential Seal Falls During Obama Speech At Fortune Magazine 'Most Powerful Women Summit'

Presidential Seal Falls During Obama Speech At Fortune Magazine 'Most Powerful Women Summit'

OMB denies it suppressed oil flow data during BP spill

Gary Faulkner released from jail after car accident, thinks latest tape is directed at him

Rutgers Students Investigated After Death of Classmate Break Their Silence

Rick Sanchez: Comments about Jon Stewart were "Narrow-Minded"

Rick Sanchez: Comments about Jon Stewart were "Narrow-Minded"

U.S. Apologizes as Attacks in Pakistan Continue

Judge Bars Major Witness From Civilian Terrorism Trial

Mississippi judge jails attorney for not reciting pledge

Obama Admin Statements On Koch Industies Tax Status Under Review

White House blocked BP oil spill estimates - Govt panel

U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar signs first offshore wind farm lease

Whitman and Fiorina Won’t Appear With Palin and Steele

Police discussed killing Ecuador's president, radio transmissions show

Franken asks FEC to probe U.S. Chamber's funding (for political activities) after report

AP-GfK Poll: Working-Class Whites Shun Dems

Social Security: No 2011 increase expected

White House denies Obama-Clinton ticket in the works

After Dem leaders skip vote, Bush tax debate flares on campaign trail

Trapped Chile Miners May Be Free by Weekend, Official Says

Study O.K.'s Light Drinking During Pregnancy. Too Good to Be True?

Samaritan Hero: God 'Put Me Here' to Rescue Girl

Taliban set preconditions for formal peace talks

Feds Approve Two California Solar Plants on Public Land

Gingrich brands Democrats 'party of food stamps'

State of emergency in Ecuador extended

WA-SEN: For Those of You Calling on Democrats to Hit Hard...

Blackwater Has A New Contract with the US Government

Tim Jackson's economic reality check

Back Off My Coverage

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Ad: Two Thousand Dollars

It Gets Better

Appalling facts about Linda McMahon

Conservatives Obsessed with Sex

Firefighters Watch House Burn

TYT: Christine O'Donnel's Witch Ad

Dr. David Suzuki wants this to get a billion hits on youtube

RT: Anti-Muslim Xenophobia in America

Keith Olbermann Interviews 'Bozo' and a Witch On O'Donnell Ads

Stefani Carter: Dishonest

Real News Network: One War in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Wake up Call 2010: The Truth About the Tea Party

Max Keiser on RT: How to put the New World Order out of business in six months

DN! Sen. DeMint Bar Single Women, Gays and Lesbians from Teaching

Sharron Angle's Jesse Helms moment

One Nation March Highlights -

Just Vote!

The Chamber Of Commerce Political Money Trails

The Top Vlog: Christine O'Donnell says she's you. Is she? (Daily Show CC Lizz Winstead)

Democrats need to Vote

Weird Liberal Head Show #184: Glenn Beck vs. Home Burning Victims

Why I'm Afraid of Christine O'Donnell

Uncle Sam Wants Your DNA: Privacy a price to pay for travel ticket?

Max Keiser, Rodney Shakespeare and Rollin Amore Debate Financial Meltdown

When President Obama makes light of the Presidential Seal falling, the GOP hears this!

TYT: GOP Raking In $ From Health Insurance Companies (w/ Blog On GOP Tax Cut Lie)

Red Hungarian Toxic Sludge

Nixon Tapes: Nixon discusses 'All in the family' episode with his staff

Penn (of Penn and Teller) reacts to cartoonist Molly Norris's fate

Rachel Maddow, in my hometown of Newark DE, interviews DE Democrats :)

Blackwater Makes a Killing Out of Killing

NOV. 2010: The Truth about the TEA PARTY - Christine O'Donnell ad - What else?

Raw Video: Presidential Seal Falls During Speech

US protestors losing free speech

Steele Doesn't Know Minimum Wage

Young Turks: Firefighters Let House Burn Down Over $75 - This Is A Problem For The Whole Country!!!

Does Someone Think You're A Dummy?

TYT: How The War On Drugs Started

BREAKING: Tom Delay's Lawyer, Dick Deguerin, Calls for Investigation Into Rick Perry's ETF Scandal

Rep. Roy Blunt Runs From Question Re: Chamber's Foreign-Funded Ads

Firefighters let man’s house burn over unpaid fee

Fox News' Terror Warnings Are 'Negligent and Damaging'

Good Samaritan describes chase that led to girl's freedom

Sgt. 1st Class Lance H. Vogeler died in combat on October 1st

NATO airstrike undermines U.S. goals in Pakistan

NYT: Clean and Open American Elections

Among The Leaves

A Coda to “Casino Jack” by Scott Horton

An American dream made in Brazil by Pepe Escobar ( Part 1 of 2)

Dollars & Sense: The Undeserving Rich

Document shows ex-French leader's anti-Semitism

How can Transition Towns & Common Security Clubs help us navigate a changing economy & environment?

Don't insult Neanderthals. They were the first real carers.

Social Security Sense and Nonsense

Why Are People Willing to Fork Out a Fortune for Shoes That Cost Little to Make?

When Generosity Hurts: Bill Gates, Public School Teachers and the Politics of Humiliation

Funny Liberal Bumper Stickers

JPMorgan Foreclosure Henchman Breaks Into Woman's House - Listen To Her TERRIFYING 911 Call

Don't Let the Russ Feingolds Go Down For the Sins of the Blanche Lincolns


The Big Republican Lie on Tax Cuts - Cenk @ Huffington Post

FCC's Secretive Flip-flop on Cell Phones and SAR Data

A Huge Strategic Battlefield Advantage

Drumbeat: October 6, 2010

F.T.C. Proposes Tighter Rules for Green Claims.

FAO - 4.2 Million Ha Of Primary Forest Lost Annually 2000 - 2010; Canada Reports No Primary Losses

The carbon dioxide precipice

Maldives President Nasheed Installs Solar PV System on Presidential Residence

Busy, Busy Mennonites; 10% Of Paraguay's Primary Dry Forest Cleared By Farmers In 4 Years - Guardian

Government Tried to Block BP Oil Spill Worst Case Scenario

Climate Conference Gears Grinding - China: US Stance "Totally Unacceptable" - Guardian

VA AG's Crusade Against Michael Mann Has Cost UVA $350K; Continues Despites Judge's Slapdown

Flux capacitor, please.

"Reformed" Jaguar Poacher Flees Police Into Pantanal - Poaching Clients Busted W. 100s Of Hunt Pics

Hungary Battling Flow Of Aluminum Sludge Towards Danube - 3 Missing In Caustic Goo - Reuters

The New Yorker: How the Senate and White House missed their best chance to deal with climate change

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration is probably the premier bureaucracy

Biggest Natural Iron Seeding Event To Date Produced Big Bloom, Tiny Carbon Uptake

Mead At 39% Of Capacity; Hoover's Dam's Power Output Also Down, Pushing Utilities' Rates Higher

WTF??!! No baseball AND no football tonight???

WTF? No thread about the potential Moss trade yet?

Seattle! Sounders!

Caller Suggests James Shields Is Rays’ Game 2 Starter Because He Is Jewish

5119 days

Liverpool, Red Sox owners agree to sale

Yeesh! Anyone else watching the game (SPOILER ALERT)

Source: Vikes have deal for Randy Moss

MLB Playoffs start today. Who wins it all?

Interesting take on the Moss trade

How bad did Dwayne Wade sprain his buttocks?

******College Football: Week Six******

Halladay no-hits Reds!!! nt

Busy weekend in Lexington

US Lawmakers Used Public Funds To Back Honduras Coup

Cuba makes guayabera shirt its official garment

Mutinous police took over the Ecuadoran Congress building

Colombia coal mine explosion kills 6 workers

Ecuador: 46 officers detained for police revolt

Marina Silva: BR Green candidate is Assemblies of God...

Madrid sends to Caracas indictment related to ETA training in Venezuela

Venezuela's oil reserves rank second in size

Still no word from Mika in Ecuador.

Man shoots daughter, 12, while cleaning gun

Repost from GD: NRA backs Democrats in key races, frustrating GOP

5-Year-Old Has Surgery After Gun Accident

Poll regarding LGBT suicide in general discussion. (link)

An oldie but a goodie

James Franco makes a sexy woman....

Linda Harvey - kids should be told the truth that no one is born gay

Jewish settlers replace Korans burnt in West Bank

IDF’s ethics guru slams High Court ban on human shields

PLO demands settlements freeze before peace talks

Risks and Advantages in U.S. Effort in Mideast

Lieberman's election campaign has begun

Morning of Yom Kippur War: Cabinet rejects call for preemptive strike

My hundred year old coffee bean grinder (dial-up warning)

An adorable visitor today named Elsie

Nothing to sneeze at?

Paint it black?

Black and blackened

Little Black Box (teeny tiny dial-up warning)


Fender. B&W version of a full color image.

Infrared Telescope’s Final Days

NAB Sponsored State-of-the-Art Antenna Research for "Rabbit Ear" Replacement

Rain Forest's Exotic Bounty: Tiny Frogs, Pink-Eyed Katydids

'Matchmaker' reactions scoop chemistry Nobel

Oliver Sacks: Why I'm a resident alien

VISTA Reveals the Secret of the Unicorn (big pic)

Possible Cause of Bee Die-Off Is Found

Today in Labor History Oct 5 A bloody riot at the gates of Warner Brothers & much more

Six Months After Upper Big Branch, Republicans Still Obstructing Progress

Neanderthals Were Compassionate and Caring

Despite crackdown, nine men have died in U.S. mines since Upper Big Branch (4 page feature story)


Union Pacific worker claims permanent injuries after 30 years

USA Today: GM, UAW will use more low-wage workers to make new Aveo in U.S.

Ohio State Sodexo Workers Planning A "Hail Mary"

CWA: Xerox Continues Its Anti-Union Campaign Against Workers At NY EZPass Call Center

Victory for Israel's right as loyalty oath set to become law

I have certainly been stirring the crap in GD starting last night.

Did a butterfly save two miners' lives in Chile?