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Dear DU Writers: Daughter needs help with paper


CDC report on U.S.-funded, VD experiments on Guatemalans

Puerto Rico-"the biggest police corruption investigation in the history of the FBI".

Lawyer out of jail after failing to 'pledge' allegiance

Palin Fail: 42% Won’t Support a Sarah Palin Endorsed Candidate

Meg Whitman backing away from her "run California like a business" stance

FL Senate Debate

Rally at university Thursday to support public education

Teachers Make Mark on Midterms


Criminal negligence inquiry into Hungary sludge spill

Peak Oil Blues -- "Racing Against Time: Running on Empty?"

Need a little socialist love here....

Retire Boehner the Republican General in 2010

Witless: The True Story of the Tea Party Women

Let the Repubs spend all the money they want.

Do you think that most Republicans would be happy to take foreign money...

MoveOn and PFAW Will Picket the Chamber of Commerce.

The Daily Show tonight

"Crawling with bacteria, washed with ammonia, reflavored artificially, dyed with artificial color"

Received my first American Crossroads flyer today.

Quelle surprise !: Meg Whitman's a hypocrite

Please, Please tell me how you would feel today if a life or 2

Is this the problem?

British teachers will go to great lengths...

Post Co. discloses Newsweek's price tag: $1 (not a misprint)


Uh Oh.. New subpoenas to John Edwards re: campaign finance irregularities

Tonight was the night to put my money where my mouth and my values are

Fuck you, Rick Santelli!

Rutgers hosts community meeting to discuss Tyler Clementi tragedy, bullying problem

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Businessweek - "Calif. initiative a test for national climate law" - Oil Companies Are Watching

'No pay, no spray' firefighters say they're not demons

Michelle Obama tops 'power' list.....

Proof that Supply Side Economics doesn't work

Megyn Kelly gives Joe Miller another shot at endorsing Palin's presidential bid. He declines.

Hey, everybody----LOOK OVER THERE!

100 Endangered Condors Now Flying Wild In State (Calif)

Anti-abortion billboard next to high school

I want to build a stone monument (or stornger material) to the situation in Obion county.

Conservative Jones and the Treehouse of Love, by Tom Tomorrow

Newsweek - "GOP Closing Arguments: No More Food Stamps" - Puff Piece - No "Lecturing" Meme

Design a bumpersticker for Obion county

Design a bumpersticker for Obion county

GOP....PARTY of EXCUSES....Bullies do that too...Always "GONNA" but cannot deliver...

More judges rule that lenders lack documents, have no right to foreclose

Email from my father and I to Rachel: Re: Christine the Fool (R-Jackassland)

New York Times: Health Care Law's Uneven Path to Better Insurance

New York Times: Health Care Law's Uneven Path to Better Insurance

With all the threads re 'firegate', there's barely room for news about Susan Boyle. nt

Fire Dept's 101....categories: 1., No Fire service nor equipment,

Is the Tea Party Simply a Division of the Religious Right?

Glee I wanna hold your hand

GOTV! 26 days!

Zingers from Jimmy Fallon


Bill Press and Thom Hartman are loyal to the left regardless of attempts to destroy democrats. I

Officer: Army has evidence to try soldier in Afghans' deaths

The two of them are in their yard, backs to the street, watching

Politics Daily: Rarer Than a Unicorn, We Find a Nervous GOP House Incumbent (6 terms)

Where does it end? The country everyone "wants back" is gone. Where does it end?

Morale-building thread:Please Post only POSITIVE political developments here

The GOP and the firefighters

LI Federation of Labor asks the first congressional district (R) candidate to resign

LI Federation of Labor asks the first congressional district (R) candidate to resign

Karen McCarthy (March 18, 1947 – October 5, 2010)

Poverty Threatens The Suburbs

If someone or a Company develops a cure for AIDS, how much should they profit from their discovery?

Why didn’t the representative from the United States attend the Cubana memorial service in Barbados?

Hillary Clinton as Veep in 2012?

Economic growth in Africa, but democracy stumbles; Mauritius first of 53 African countries

“We had been on the list, and we’d always paid the fee" - Paula Cranick

Casting call for Raese vs. Manchin commercial leaked

Holy Smokes! Can we get a SINGLE 'House Burning' thread stickied so everyone can post there?

Dear Newt Gringrich, I am a registered Democrat and I am not now nor

Sleazy GOP antics in Wisconsin

Fiorina avoids Sarah Palin rally as general election nears, New field poll says that Palin harmful

top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods

Convicted Abramoff deputy is helping S.C. GOP plan events

If Ms. O'Donnell is so concerned about Chinese plans to take over our government,

White House allows big firms to dodge health care reforms

The only way to demonstrate the neccesity of government is it's abscence

Paladino's Support Collapses in New York

Man mails $10K cash to Benin, gets fake travelers checks

US military funeral protest case opens in supreme court

Top Evangelical David Barton: Maybe Government Should 'Regulate Homosexuality'

Oops! Attack Ad Hits the Wrong Salazar

Christian group pulls support for event challenging homosexuality

CSPAN caller: Libruls wanna sterilize black people so they can't repo duce

GOP casting call: 'hicky' W.Va. look (“John Deer hats-not brand new, preferably beat up")

GOP casting call: 'hicky' W.Va. look (“John Deer hats-not brand new, preferably beat up")

I don't see anything wrong with the Notarization Act

LOL! Rove Reaches For The Fainting Couch On… Personal Attacks?

The TN fire issue has been one of the most interesting discussions on DU in a long time.

Hilarious video: "Why I'm voting Republican"

Luckovich 'toon: Boehner as the WH Solar Panel...LOL!!!

Think Progress: Inconvenient Facts That The Chamber Hasn’t Refuted

Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite

Obama to install solar panels on White House roof.

Funny thing about Capitalism

White House Announces Fall Garden And Grounds Tours, October 16-17

Philly area woman arrested-faked cancer to get money from sympathetic

2012 WHITE HOUSE Bid Watch: Rick Sanitorium OPENS Up PAC In Iowa

2012 WHITE HOUSE Bid Watch: Rick Sanitorium OPENS Up PAC In Iowa

The Meek shall inherit the seat!

John Kasich and the Hollywood steelworker ....... Ohio

Original Hershey Chocolate Factory Set To Close

Since my legislators on the Federal and state level are all Republicans...

Why is Fred Phelps and his ilk not put into Free Speech Zones/pens

Turning up the heat on Colorado's senate race

New rule enacted: mine bosses must go down with the workers

New rule enacted: mine bosses must go down with the workers

I don't think Obama has any intention of ending the fake wars

Palin and Hannity whine about 'politics of destruction,' then laud Linda McMahon's nasty smear ad

Tom Delay's Lawyer, Dick Deguerin, Calls for Investigation Into Rick Perry's ETF Scandal

Turley coming up on KO re the 'fire' fight

Tea Partiers: They Lied -You are Not that Rich

"Ex-Gay" Group Exodus International Ends Opposition To Day Of Silence

Will Parker Spitzer Be Cancelled?

Schools, Cops, And Health Care: What The 'Pledge To America' Would Actually Cut

Mortgages are all mucked up...

Commercial for Ms. Angle from the Harry Reid website...

Dem. candidates are fighting tougher, after Michael Moore's article last week urging them to do so.

"McCain repudiated his record, his principles, and even his maverick reputation..."

Grand Old Pervert Party Runs Child Molester for Congress!

Applying for disability is a pain in the ass

Little-Noticed Bill Could Make It Harder To Challenge Foreclosures

Why the Republican ads on DU?

Man kills himself with policeman's service revolver.

Put more water in the soup 'cause better times are comin'...

Put more water in the soup 'cause better times are comin'...

Marine corps marathon runners will not share toilets with Stewart/Colbert rallies

`Smart Girls' Strip for Calendar on Putin's 58th Birthday to Show Support

Whitman, Fiorina Skip Anaheim CA Event with Palin (33% of Californians view Palin "favorably")

The Teabaggers are having a rally today in my town

"The pigs are in the beans." . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

South Carolina jail will ONLY let inmates read the Bible.

Palin On Christine O'Donnell Ad: She Should Explain The 'Real Witchcraft' In DC (VIDEO)

HCR -NOT for everyone

Is Lou Dobbs an "independent populist" as he claims to be?

Letting the house burn and voting Republican/not voting to teach the Democrats a lesson,

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4

People who don't vaccinate their kids and people who don't pay for fire protection: contrast and

OOOPS.... Report: Lou Dobbs employed illegal immigrants

Republicans MOCK their base!

Joe Biden boldly goes where President Obama can't

Bill Gates Talks About Vaccines to Reduce World Population

The Obama administration has nearly doubled the fines on the aviation industry from lax BushCo

Tea Party Republicans Are Nothing But Big Government Whores, Just Like Their Billionaire Masters

NRA May SHOOT DOWN Republican DREAMS To WIN Back House

Orange men are bad for women

John Lennon & the FBI

Yes, DU has definitely jumped the shark.

Well, here's the TEA/GOP Meme for the day: Healthcare Waivers?

10 Most POWERFUL Women In Media: Forbes List (PHOTOS, POLL)

NY Times - "Imagining a Deficit Plan From Republicans" - Must Read! Exposes The GOP Deficit Lies

Why was the DU jump the shark thread locked?

Roubini: 40% Chance of Double-dip Recession

Salon: Fox "friend" O'Keefe vanquished by CNN

We know all about O'Donnell's "Dabblegate"... Who knows about Patrick McCollum?

Post Your Favorite Cheap Recipes

Idiot wannabe spy tries to advertise his services unsolicited; is caught

Immigration Judge to Asylum Seeker: You Don't Look Gay

I'm asking for strategies and advice. It's RIDICULOUS.........

Dumping toxins on the Third World

Brent Musburger "Here's the truth about steroids: They work"

Brent Musburger "Here's the truth about steroids: They work"

Kissing Cousins: How The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce & American Crossroads Hook Up To Elect Republicans

Bill to make it more difficult to challenge foreclosure reaches Obama's desk

You think entertainers and athletes make too much?

Liberal enthusiasm is all but irrelevant to this campaign season

Many DUers genuinely don't understand what it's like to live in a liberal wasteland (parody?)

Never mind, new news in the past few minutes, makes post unnecessary.

Help! My country is burning down.

sigh...another editorial from my senator on "Obamacare"

Psssst. Secret Organization of Unrecc'rs meeting out by the barn at 3:00 ET.

The Rude Pundit: The Destructive Con Job of the Modern GOP

TonyMontana appreciation thread.

Burning Down The House. Cause vs Human Compassion

How do we fix teenagers these days?

Mass. Governor's Race: Cahill Alleges Dirty Tricks in Lawsuit

The Duke F*ck List vs. The Tyler Clementi Outrage

Have you gotten your flu shot yet?

(NSFW) 9 Pictures of a Politician Sucking a Dildo Attached to a Man's Nose May Change Its Name

Unappreciation thread

I just voted!

Another Clay Bennett Toon Winner!

Obama Admin Seeks To Mollify Big Companies By Granting Waivers On Health Care

Could News Corp’s $1 Million Donation Be Legal Trouble For CEO Rupert

What would you really, really like to buy but can't afford??

Beetwasher Unappreciation Thread! K&R If You Hate My Guts!

I don't want to see appreciation threads on the home page

Don't 'Look' now: Showtime series shows how we are being watched

Developing Story - teabagger O'Donnell "ducks" CNN

Faux Noise, Monica Crowley, and the VA hospital...

10 years. We have been in Afghanistan 10 motherfucking years.

Oil spill report sketches anatomy of a flawed US response in Gulf

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Schwarzenegger honors heroic actions of (unemployed) man who rescued girl in Fresno kidnapping

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5

Lenders face pressure in California to stop foreclosures, Brown

Gasoline is $400 dollars per gallon in Afghanistan?

BWAHAHAHA - PPP Poll: Uncle Joe LIEberman TRAILING VERY BADLY In 2012 Re-Election Bid

Memo to CEO from Board of Directors:

Memo to CEO from Board of Directors:

Crist cancels trip to elementary school

Tom Tomorrow: Conservative Jones - Ladies Man!

cnn quick poll: How do you feel about gays and lesbians being able to marry legally

Deportations of illegal immigrants hit record high, officials announce

N.C. Republican (Larry Brown) calls gays 'fruitloops' in e-mail

2010 Republican Platform

Snuggly the Security Bear - animation by Mark Fiore

Snuggly the Security Bear - animation by Mark Fiore

Obama will not sign foreclosure bill: White House

Woman applies for marriage certificate, helps authorities arrest mother for kidnapping her in 1984

Gov Chris Scissorhands shreds commuter rail tunnel project in New Jersey

Gov Chris Scissorhands shreds commuter rail tunnel project in New Jersey

Hey Keith Olbermann! Do your job for all homeowners, not just one libertarian freeloader!

A link to a nifty list of HFCS-Free foods

NBC Today Show: Lou Dobbs relied on undocumented labor

NBC Today Show: Lou Dobbs relied on undocumented labor

Lest we forget, today marks our entry into the 10th year of the Afghaistan fiasco

Post here how you are just like Christine O'Donnell!

To build on Michael Moore's strategy for the Democrats...

Minn. GOP Chairman's 'Quisling' Remark Invoking Nazi Comparisons Draws Fire

Anyone see Marge Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church on C-Span this morning?

Obama won't sign the bill

Big fare hikes coming for New York City transit riders

So consider an America that looks like this

Hundreds protest at hearing for medical marijuana defendants in Oakland County

One prick is preventing Haiti from being rebuilt

I'm beginning to think that Lawrence O'donnell just might have the best show on msnbc-

Sean Connery subpoenaed in corruption probe

FBI seizes John Lennon fingerprints

Kasich inspired controversial $1 million donation, Murdoch says

Kasich inspired controversial $1 million donation, Murdoch says

Discouraging center-city auto traffic without a congestion tax? A bright idea from the City of Light

DU Pool: What will Paladino announce at 5:13pm today?

Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite

UPMC criticized on live pigs for trauma training!

So, will Lou Dobbs run for President now?

I think this needs the "Rocky" music...pic

Holy Macaca! George Allen preps for 2012 Senate bid

O'Donnell complains of 'character assassination'

O'Donnell complains of 'character assassination'

O'Donnell complains of 'character assassination'

O'Donnell complains of 'character assassination'

O'Donnell complains of 'character assassination'

"Senator Leahy understands the President's decision" and supports it.

GOP ad casting call: 'hicky' W.Va. look

Tech CEOs find $1 trillion in government savings

Duke student's Powerpoint "F**k list" goes viral.

Obama Will Not Sign Bill Seen As Cover For Bank Foreclosures

Grayson Wants Foreclosure Fraud Investigated as Systemic Risk, Calls for National Moratorium

Facebook Billionaire Gives Money to Legalize Pot in Ca.

9 years.

Job Tracker (who is sending jobs overseas in your community?)

Chastity Spice quotes from the book of Palin. It's the media!

Parisian flat containing €2.1 million painting lay untouched for 70 years

'CHiPs' Larry Wilcox Charged With Securities Fraud

'CHiPs' Larry Wilcox Charged With Securities Fraud

Fiorina: Boxer a hypocrite for attacking me on outsourcing after accepting campaign contributions

12-tour soldier's final homecoming - 4 Iraq, 8 Afghanistan KIA

The repukes want a mafia protection plan type of government...

N.C. Republican calls gays 'fruitloops' in e-mail

Does anybody know what time the Ed Schultz show is repeated on MSNBC?

Reverse Darwinism

Burned 8 Year Old Some DU'ers Said Will Die in LBN Story is Home & Recovering

Breaking. Two dozen fall ill at Obama rally in Maryland

Practicing Yoga is bad says Southern Baptist leader

FD threads aside: So Pakistan has sealed off a crucial supply route and "Al Quaeda" is pounding

The war on America. Because having a government enables the scammers.

Last jobs report before election due tomorrow: Predicted to show more job losses

Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck: "Right-Wing Radio Duck" - trust me, you want to see this...

Why are we increasing Pakistan drone strikes?

L.A.-area freeway clogged by big rig filled with 50,000 pounds of burning yams

Rangel, Waters public ethics trials won't start until after election

Pete Sessions Makes Racially Insensitive Remarks About Dem Incumbents

Announced on Colbert Report, Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) & Mavis Staples will perform @ 10/30 Rally

"I just wanted to stop the men"

Closed - what's the point.

Closed - what's the point.

I've been dialing all night (Dems are not staying home in Nov.)

I've been dialing all night (Dems are not staying home in Nov.)

Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite - the Nation

Do you live in a community where you have to pay for optional garbage service?

Enjoy Michael Steele While You Can

Is this linked poll the FINAL poll on the issue of paying for fire protection

Facial piercings and job interviews: yeah, it ain't fair, it ain't right,

The race to the bottom is starting in Japan too

The race to the bottom is starting in Japan too

The FINAL POLL Do you support Cranick's total disregard for life & property not paying his fee?

Refusing to provide public safety services and a fee driven apparatus..

Investigation Discovers Lou Dobbs Hired At Least Five Undocumented Immigrants To Work At His Estates

"Watch as We Make This Law Disappear; How the Roberts Court disguises its conservatism"


Dem. candidates are fighting tougher, after Michael Moore's article last week urging them to do so.

92% of U.S. Toddlers Have Online Presence

Growing Ties Between Turkey, China, Iran Worry Israel And U.S.

The grifter was in town, sort of a "coming out party" for her bid..LOL.

Anyone Else Love Tiger Woods Cigar Guy?

Welcome to my world... Not to far from me...

Is the Chamber of Commerce spending foreign money on elections?

Just How Much Did the Feds Screw Up Gulf Spill Estimates? (Mother Jones)

So after much reading and thinking and all that

RCP now gives Angle a razor thin lead over Reid

So is Christine O'Donnel simply hoping for the Harry Potter vote?

RCP Showing Murray losing ground to Rossi

RCP Showing Murray losing ground to Rossi

Do you believe Tiffany Hartley's story about pirates killing her husband?

GOP Insiders Blame Steele, Majority Says DNC Outperforming RNC

"Ground Zero Mosque" blogger calls for boycott of Campbell's following launch of "Halal soups"

A Right-Wing Candidate Dons the Mask of Moderation (Toomey)

" Vote Democrat Support Obama"

Corporations Using Record Piles Of $$$CASH To Buy Back Stock, Not Generate Jobs

Corporations Using Record Piles Of $$$CASH To Buy Back Stock, Not Generate Jobs

Obama slams GOP’s ‘open floodgates’ of foreign cash

Obama slams GOP’s ‘open floodgates’ of foreign cash

Has anyone ever thought that the "candidacies" of O' Donnell and

Insight and Revelation from Christine O'Donnell

Plouffe Says Democrats Can Still Hold Majorities

Midnight grocery runs capture economic desperation.

Property Rights Gone Wrong

Democrats Ready an October Surprise for the Overconfident GOP

Oil Estimates Squelched

'Daily Show' Hits Unions for Hiring Non-Union Picketers

Top Nevada GOP Lawmaker Endorses Reid

GOP Insiders Say DNC Outperforming RNC

October 6th 1976 - the bombing of that Cubana flight

President Obama Heckled at Bowie State University, Bowie, MD Rally - 10-7-10

MRI Jesus...

Christine O'Donnell's new Strategy

FBI seizes Lennon fingerprint card from auction house

The recommend feature on DU kind of sucks

eek! George Allen Mulls Comeback Bid in Virginia

eek! George Allen Mulls Comeback Bid in Virginia

Don't miss Chris Matthews closing remark about Obama in a few minutes.

Last night, I had to run to the neighbors to make a 911 call

Free Trade & Stupid Pet Tricks

Free Trade & Stupid Pet Tricks

Is Obama's Senate seat going to a Republican? That's what Hannity was ranting about today.

Suck on it Freepers!

Xithras is right about living in a libertarian wasteland.

CNN Quick Vote: Favor or oppose gay marriage?

October 20th: Spirit Day - Wear PURPLE!

i'm conflicted about the fire thing

could GMAC go down in flames? Ohio seeks $25k per false affidavit: >$11.25 BILLION in Ohio alone!

Frito-Lay getting rid of biogradable SunChips bag because of complaints that bags are 'too noisy'

72,000 stimulus payments went to dead people

72,000 stimulus payments went to dead people

2 Toons from Mr. Fish

RCP moves California Senate to "Tossup" but still shows boxer leading in all polls

$1 million for 1 soldier for 1 year in Afghanistan......

Locking and Loading: Heritage Foundation Gearing Up to Shoot Down 'Obamacare'

Locking and Loading: Heritage Foundation Gearing Up to Shoot Down 'Obamacare'

GOP GOAL....Domination by WEALTH & STEALTH..enormous $$$ now flood the Pubs purse to

Republican Larry Brown calls gays "queers" and "fruitloops".

those of us in the denver tv market lost a good friend today, whether we knew him or not

The Wicked.....Pic..

OMG IT'S ALIVE!!!! Sarah Palin says she'd come to Delaware to campaign for O'Donnell

Original Hershey Chocolate Factory closing in Hershey, Pennsylvania

The problem with the 26 Percenter dumbasses isn't the fact that they're dumbasses..

Any person, be they Senator or Rep, voting in HR 3808 Has Committed Treason

Michigan Dem gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero blasts banks in a room full of Banksters

Congratulations Delaware, you're ahead of Mississippi and North Dakota

Public School Real Reformers: What They Do and a Call from an Ed Deformer


President Obama is not signing HR 3808! The Notarizations Act. Good news!

Do fire personnel rescue animals?

I really think Wuerker reads DU.....

Freepers ponder "Do Southerners Have the Right to be Described as "Native Americans"?"

I wonder if conservatives, tea baggers, etc., really know what they are complaining about when they

What countries have the freest trade? Hint: the United States is not even in the top 10. Try 19th.

O'Donnell: I matured since Maher show

Those who think the fire department was right, you're in good company: American Family Association

The Final Word: Fire Fighters Condemn South Fulton, Tennessee Decision to Let Home Burn Down

My "Obamacare" Story

So if there were children in that fire and not pets - would you still side with the Fire Department

If the GOP does win the White House in 2012, who would you dislike the least as President?

Larry David is a near-billionaire

Couple urges surrogate to abort Down syndrome baby

Schools, Cops, And Health Care: What The gop 'Pledge To America' Would Actually Cut

The Stakes

The Stakes

A huge middle finger to my mom's employer

Grayson's 'Taliban Dan' Video Controversy'. Just how accurate is it?

My last word after a long, exhausting Facebook discussion with some tea-baggers

Attorney jailed for not saying Pledge of Allegiance..

Prop. 19 (legalize marijuana) polls higher than ANY candidate in CA election

Grayson continues to pull no punches....

If we have to blindly vote for Democrats what incentive do they have to change?

If we have to blindly vote for Democrats what incentive do they have to change?

Scream long and loud: Republicans put us in this mess. They do not hold a solution to it!

Scream long and loud: Republicans put us in this mess. They do not hold a solution to it!

John Lennon would have been 70 this Saturday.

.Angle: Muslim law taking hold in parts of US

Huffington Post: Trumka: Primarying Lincoln Was 'Priceless', Dems Will Realize Their Timidity

Even a wronged person can still be wrong.

SHHH Obama will NOT sign that foreclosure bill

'Sexted' Photo leads to Bullying and Suicide of girl age 13

Just Told My Co-Worker To STFU.....

Todd Cranick still not sure he would support tax for fire protection..

Kagan's first question in an interesting case (free speech):

Why Does The Dem Leadership Keep Scolding Their Base?

Biden at Wisconsin fundraiser: "You’re the dullest audience I’ve ever spoken to"

Biden at Wisconsin fundraiser: "You’re the dullest audience I’ve ever spoken to"

Target's doing poorly, Walmart's doing worse.

Tired of watching the Corporate States of America sell you out?

I remember an America where the fire dept would roll out their ladder truck to get a cat out of a tr

I remember an America where the fire dept would roll out their ladder truck to get a cat out of a tr

White Separatist on Reddit

Obama to Democrats: stop sulking

Teachers Unions Pile On DeMint: 'Ignorance And Discrimination

Senate report blasts Pentagon for handling of security contractors

Christine O'Donnell comment about 'you' figured out.

The US Constitution has failed, America is becoming a failed state

DISH Network drops FOX

Woman destroys controversial art at Loveland, CO Museum... or Lord, protect us from Your followers!

Woman destroys controversial art at Loveland, CO Museum... or Lord, protect us from Your followers!

That banking bill is a warning to us. Look how it got to Obama's desk

That banking bill is a warning to us. Look how it got to Obama's desk

Okay, I'm about to do a test run. I can't just sit here anymore.

Lennon Imagine Peace Tower to be relit on Saturday (70th birthday)

L. A. school leader says teacher Ruelas had a "great performance review" by supervisors.

Gotta ask about Summers.

Gotta ask about Summers.

Now it's "Crowdsourcing?" The Gap would like you to re-design their logo...for free.

Ted Hughes' "Last Letter," a parting poem at the death Sylvia Plath

Cash-Strapped States Resurrect "Debtors' Prisons" egads!

Does Newt Even Know Who Is Getting Food Stamps in America?

••• Scott Ashjian, the other Tea Party Senate candidate in Nevada, hit with felony charges •••

••• The monsters are due on Nov. 2nd •••

Big win for the sit-in parents. "Cutoff called 'cruel'; Council orders repair study"

Does your dislike of Republicans sometimes turn to hatred? responds to Public Notice's "Digging hole" ads

I feckin love DU!

Whistleblower: Forged mass notary signatures revealed in foreclosure mill deposition.

Slowly, the Taliban are winning in Afghanistan.....

Oliphant Toon "Are we back to wrecking the country yet, Uncle Dick?"

Is NORML Finally Normal?

Racial predatory loans fueled U.S. housing crisis: study

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

OK, OK, Cigar Guy Needs to be "POLITICAL" To Be in GD...

Joe Conason: Debating the "mendacity" of Barack Obama

Oil Spill - 5/2/10 Transcript of Salazar on CNN providing Worst Scenario for Gulf to the Public

Why isn't the first lady out more campaigning for candidates

Obama/Democratic legislative achievements..

President Obama warns agenda will go backwards with House GOP win

KKKarl's Group "American CROSSROADS"?

Rachel Maddow clip with the Liberal base in Delaware

How Obama can very quickly provide crucial help for the Democrats this election:

Proof that the more stupid you are, the more you like Republicans

Why couldn't a restraining order be levied against the Phelps? nt

A quote from J.P.Morgan

Little change in MO in latest Rasmussen poll (51-43 Blunt)

Great guide to how to make a negative political ad

very inestesting email from NM Pearce

Michelle Obama tops Forbes most powerful women list

The anxiety and nervousness about the unknown.

WH Responds to Critical Reports from Oil Commission

Feingold holds campus voting rally

Anyone see this just goes to show when the Senate wants to work together they can

Homeland Security re: hackable voting machines

Iowa: Dems have requested more and returned twice as many ballots as GOP in early voting

Another poll showing an Angle lead over Reid (50-46). Still Rasmussen

WA Democratic house candidate polling close to GOP incumbent in new poll

Ohio Governor Poll--Strickland (D) 46% Kasich (R) 42%

420 Bills NOT even given an up or down vote in the Senate!

Mark Kirk: "the other side might be tempted to jigger the numbers somewhat."

New Poll--NH Governor--Lynch (D) 51% (+9) Stephen (R) 41% (+1)

NRA may shoot down Republican dreams to win back House

New Hampshire Senate Poll: Ayotte (R) 47% (+1) Hodes (D) 42% (+10)

CO-Sen: Bennet slightly ahead in latest PPP poll

Exclusive: First Autistic Presidential Appointee Speaks Out

White House allows big firms to dodge health care reforms

PPP: Poll of CT--Say Goodbye, Joe--or we will

Rethugs Still Don't Like The Unemployed

Angle and Reid DEADLOCKED!!!!!! closest Senate race in the nation

Suffolk Poll Ohio Gov--Kasich (R) 46% Strickland (D) 42%; Dems lead congressional ballot

Top Five Areas Repubs Would Cut Under "Pledge to America".

Early Ballot Mailer Upsets Voters

Feingold says Senate race is 'very tight'--and can win--IF...

Where can I find Obama's speech in Bowie, Maryland today?

President Obama, Biden to make their first 2010 joint campaign appearance

Obama signs Exec Order for Gulf Restoration Task Force & Next day, Corp Media spreads Obama SMEAR!

ELECTION ALERT: The Media is not your Friend, and will not be telling you the truth anytime soon!

On C-Span - Prez Obama speaking now at Maryland outdoor Rally

O'Donnell complains of 'character assassination' (VIDEO)

O'Donnell complains of 'character assassination' (VIDEO)

Close Gov race in Texas (Perry leads by 5)

Republican Groups Outspend Democratic Rivals 7-1 in September

WVA Senate--Could this give Manchin some traction?

TPM: Federal Judge Rejects Challenge to Key Elements of Health Care Law

Judge Rules Individual Mandate Is Constitutional

Three dozen fall ill at Obama rally in Md.

Obion County Fire Tragedy Symbolizes Tea-Party-Republican Vision of Government

Obama signs pair of intelligence bills into law

Please contribute to our “Newt Gingrich, Mind Your Own Business” Fund.

Kerry op-ed on Sudan, This has the chance to be an Obama FP success that the RW

West Virginia Senate candidate accuses Obama of trying to ruin West Virginia's "way of life"

Bobby Bright Is First Dem Incumbent To Say He Won't Back Pelosi For Speaker (VIDEO)

Santorum does Iowa.

Krugman: Tunnel Of Idiocy (on NJ Gov. Chris Christie's rejection of rail tunnel)

The Surprising Democratic Firewall (Hotline)

White House grants HCR waivers to McDonalds, big insurers.

While you are all worried about a fire, the middle and lower class are about the get screwed again!

Senator Leahy on the foreclosure bill

O/T-Meek coming up after commercial on O'Donnell's new show

Mason-Dixon Poll FL Senate: Rubio (R): 42% Crist (I) 27% Meek (D) 21%

Jobless claims fall

The Sierra Club endorses Crist and Meek. Meek says no thanks.

WTF Fred Thompson is selling reverse must be tough.

FL Senate Debate: Meek came out fighting

Keep repeating this point: FOREIGN money is financing the GOP

WA poll (R internal?) Rossi 48 Murray 42

Oil Spill Panel: White House Blocked Federal Scientists From Releasing Worst-Case Scenario For Gulf

Tweety: There's a 50% increase in early voting compared to 06 that I think looks good for the repub.

Here's a big opportunity for the President to step up

Will the President do a better job without Rahm Emanuel ??

BREAKING!! President Obama will NOT sign the foreclosure bill

Amazing...the GOP stomps on the Hispanics, the Vets, those on Medicare, social security, food stamps

If Republicans want to pit NOAA against Obama with BP Oil Spill Report, point them to this

Obama to campaign in Oregon

So I'm thinking it was all mapped out in 2008

Let's talk about Florida and the thing we all refuse to talk about

Instant karma.

Dixie Normus

CT-5 Caligiuri(R) 50% Murphy (D) 44% (Edited - R internal?)

Holy crap, there's college football on WEDNESDAY?!

How Can Anyone Accuse THIS Texan of Texas Bashing When On My TV Right Now

Burning Down the House

"Love is that mountain we must climb...Let's climb it together, your hand in mine..."

THE Lalo Schifrin Mix

" think you're so clever and classless and free."

I love rock...

Any child prodigies out there? You? Your kids? Someone you know?

Bear with me while I depict how it all began...

The Crawfish Remix

Back to School Blues...

So I'll be attending a funeral service tomorrow with an expected attendance of 2000-plus...

How's this for projection?

You Only Live Twice

A timely song given all the fire threads:

Consumed by memory...

Interesting video about bacon here

And finally: Possum-Playin' Pussy

I love this ad...

Apple fritters....

P-U! Why do cats do that?

Barack Obama appreciation thread!

Pasta and or rice. I believe you can add them to any dish. Do you?

John Lennon - "#9 Dream"

i am so proud of my black lab

Is Terrell Owens trying to be the first NFL player to play for every team in the League?

Holy Shit. Punk folk music is alive and well. Brenda Kahn rocks.


With all of the cutting edge science and technology available right now, why can't

Anyone notice similarities between Christine O'Donnell and Kelley Bundy of Married With Children?

Your bad reputation

Naked Cowboy For President 2012

How can you see net recs?

why doesn't Mike Castle make veggie sliders ?

Facebookers: What's the punchline to the gag I keep seeing

The word of the day is "pray". Replace any word in a thread title with "pray"

Big time social dilemma here. HELP me...

Epic new avatar opportunity

So I type "does sauerkraut go bad" in the handy dandy search box... to my surprise!

From the Facebook page for "Shit My Dad Says"...(regarding the Olive Garden)

I feel pretty... Oh so pretty .... I feel pretty and witty and

Lord! Is anyone honest anymore? It's so out of fashion.

For those of you who saw Family Guy with Limpballs..should I watch it?

Sipping once, sipping twice...

Everything is a conspiracy

Might as well tour, go ahead and tour: Van Halen "may" return to the road in 2011

Was I taken to the cleaners ?

Who says farming isn't fun?


What is it?

I am seriously bored

Mexican Miracle Medicine!


This Sunday is 10/10/10 ! What are you going to do special on that day!

I don't like dirt.

Even if Patrick Swayze *was* a rainbow-draped Chippendale-dancing centaur...

Great Rack Photos (post them)...

GD Burned Down After I Bought Pizza & Soda with Foodstamps & UI !!!

Complete this sentence....If Christine O'Donnell weighs the same as a duck then.....

About four years ago, I started to tell the longest joke in the world

Take the poll - what Cell phone company are you using

Take the poll - what Cell phone company are you using

NOVEMBER 9th: Mystery Science Theater 3000: Vol. XIX Limited Edition

Reply with the subject line and message-text of the last message in your "My Recent Posts"

Dogs & Cats (photo thread)

"Sorry" said the fairy, "I'm not allowed to grant wishes like that!" (joke)

Will fire and fire dept. related threads ever go away from DU? nt

why doesn't White Castle make veggie sliders ?

Anyone Else Love Tiger Woods Cigar Guy?

Study: 82 percent of kids under 2 have an online presence

Sarah Bieber / Justin Palin

Thursday's kitteh

My friend's on vacation and just sent me a pic....

Did you know that pounding your desk in anger will fry your cordless mouse

As a liberal, I can't decide if I'm more excited about forced abortions, forced gay marriage,

Ever use hair remover?

Prayers and vibes from my DU friends, please.

Photo: Joe the Bad A**

I have a 4-day weekend due to Canada having its Thanksgiving right now

I'm pretty satisfied with my life right now, but there is one thing that I'd like to have

Ok Lounge check-in! Who here is all ready to go for the War on Christmas

BREAKING: Orrex Falls to his Death in New Zealand

Great Rock Photos (post them)

OK, so Modern Family is hilarious.

Do you think George Clooney resembles his Auntie Rosemary?

Good at grammar? Help me punctuate this sentence correctly.

Oh, great. My wife is making brownies to bring to the firehouse just because she's been reading GD.

Glee I wanna hold your hand

Post Your Favorite Cheap Recipes

Law & Order Criminal Intent - as of now, WILL be back for the 10th and final season, with

What profession do you have the lowest opinion of?

What was the last vinyl record you bought?

Once opened, how long does sweetened condensed milk stay good for?

What would you really, really like to buy but can't afford??

First civilian trial of a Guantánamo Bay detainee halted

"Glee" - Rachel's version of "Papa Can You Hear Me?"

Mexican president wants to do away with local police

NJ senator calls for anti-bully law after suicide

RNC mails 200,000 absentee ballot request forms to wrong county, has to do robocall to inform voters

3 Coast Guard petty officers to face court-martial in fatal San Diego Bay crash

Meg Whitman has spent a record $140 million so far on campaign

US and Afghan governments make contact with Haqqani insurgents

Report Highlights Prop. 23 Backers' Pollution History

BMV commissioner held on public indecency charge after arrest at Downtown restroom

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley calls for special investigator for foreclosures May Change Its Name

China and US clash at climate talks

White House relied too much on BP, blocked spill info

U.S. jobs continue to flow overseas

No evidence of Afghan abuse, general insists

Ann Coulter to Face Vote on Voter Fraud Charges in CT by State Elections Enforcement Commission

Immigration agency: Criminal deportations, employer arrests up

GDP growth in 2011 to be slower than thought, says IMF

NY seeks to ban sugary drinks from food stamp buys

Southern Baptist leader on yoga: Not Christianity

(Ted) Kennedy son rallies Conn. unions in Senate race

Haiti camps mired in 'growing squalor and violence'

Vargas Llosa Is Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature

Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite

Firefighters And Obion County Mayor Speak Over Fire Controversy

"I just wanted to stop the men"

U.S. and Mexico struggle to stop flow of weapons across border

Sarkozy tweaks pension plan as open-ended strikes loom

Democrats in Tight Races Put Focus on Abortion Rights

Democrats in Tight Races Put Focus on Abortion Rights

Almost 100 Puerto Rican law officers arrested

So tell me a joke. The first one off the top of your head.

Report: Pakistan Spy Agency Urging Taliban to Fight U.S.

Deadspin plans to post X-rated photos website says Brett Favre sent to TV host Jenn Sterger

China introduces mine safety rule

China introduces mine safety rule

White House: home foreclosure bill being reviewed

Bill Clinton lobbies for earthquake aid to Haiti

New York M.T.A. Approves Transit Fare Increases

Las Vegas Review-Journal Endorses The Same Candidate It's Suing For 'Stealing' From Them?

Iowa poll finds state divided on immigration

Actor - Tony Danza Falls To His Death In New Zealand

GOP blogs post racy Krystal Ball photos

Michelle Obama Tops Forbes' Powerful Women List

Castro: US ignored its offers on counterterrorism

Docs detail murder case against GOP House hopeful

Outside groups dominating California election spending this year

Obama to Veto Bank Friendly Foreclosure Cover Bill

Fannie Mae logic bomb creator found guilty.

Mass. Gov. Hopeful Alleges GOP Dirty Tricks

POLL:Tea Party fires up the Democrats more than it influences Republicans

Italian police raid newspaper owned by the Berlusconi family

Obama reaffirms support to Ecuador's president

Unemployment claims drop for 4th time in 5 weeks

Hungary: Toxic red sludge has reached the Danube

South Africa's Desmond Tutu retires from public life

Mortgage rates drop to lowest on record

TransCanada Donations Prompt Call For Investigation

Casting Call for West Virginia GOP Ad Called for ''Hicky'' Actors

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 7

Woman bashes Jesus display with crowbar

Tea Party's not over while moderate Republicans survive

Veterans group to protest deployment of wounded soldiers

Mich. judge rejects challenge to health-care law

Waivers Address Talk of Dropping Health Coverage

Nancy Pelosi: We'll Tie The GOP To Corporate Cash 'Like Doggy-Doo Stuck On Your Shoe'

Foes Of Health Care Law Lose Key Court Ruling

NJ gov. scraps long-planned NJ-NY rail tunnel

British firm 'hired warlords close to Taliban to provide security'

72,000 stimulus payments went to dead people

Sen. Bill Nelson blasts Obama Administration for suppressing information on the oil spil

Obama signs pair of intelligence bills into law

(Pakistani) ISI pressing Taliban to fight US troops in Afghanistan: Report

Obama slams torrent of cash swamping US polls

Bank foreclosure cover seen in bill at Obama's desk

Obama Will Not Sign Bill Seen As Cover For Bank Foreclosures

New York Asks to Bar Use of Food Stamps to Buy Sodas

Apple Readies Verizon iPhone

Angle: Muslim law taking hold in parts of US

Possible Cause of Bee Die-Off Is Found

Sea Shepherd 'sank its own anti-whaling boat'

Anti-Gay Cyberbullying on Facebook Page

Harry Reid Ad: CRAZY JUICE

KO'S Worst Person In The World : Dickhead Armey

The US Chamber Of Commerce Destroys American Jobs! -

I AM NOT A WITCH: Christine O'Donnell's New Campaign Slogan!!!!!

Welcome Back, Rahm

Hungary Declares State of Emergency After Sludge Slide

Paladino to make TV address in NY governor's race

Christine O'Donnell BRAINS remix

"Keiser Report" No. 84 - Markets. Finance. Scandals.

O'Reilly and Stossel on the merits of private fire departments (4:47)

Carly Fiorina: Failed CEO (Emily's list ad)

MRN: Westboro Baptist Church and Spitzer's Messy Pullout

Rachel Maddow- Who's trying to buy the Senate


Tancredo for Governor 2010

Ed Schultz: Foreign Money Is Impacting Our Elections

McMahon Minimum Wage Cover Up

A Costly and Brutal Anniversary. Afghan war enters 10th year.

Weird Liberal Head Show #185: Fire Glenn Beck

Rachel Maddow- Palin_ candidates try to return focus to abortion

Attorney Jailed for Not Saying Pledge

I'm You, Witchy Woman

AC360 - Bullying Prevention = Gay Promotion?

Jim Rogers: Markets soaring but the world is worse off

TYT: Dems at war wth corporate interest.

MSNBC: Cenk Rips Anti-Government Hypocrisy By Tea Party Candidates

Young Guns Teeny Tiny Budget Cuts

Letterman's Top 10: Fox News

Rachel Maddow taunts the chickenhearted conservatives who won't come on her show

Republican John Raese West Virginia Senate Hicky, Blue Collar Ad Exposes Contempt For Common Man

Young Turks: What Are Chicken Nuggets Made Of?

MRN: Hot Latino Action

Woman accused of damaging artwork that includes porn, depiction of Christ in Colorado museum

Lou Dobbs,American Hypocrite

Right-wing libertarian harasses school official (New Hampshire)

Nancy Skinner debates Rick Santorum on Fox News on Gingrich's food stamps vs. paychecks comment

Young Turks: Cenk Debates Conservative On Obama!

TYT: Government Covers Up BP Oil Spill Worst Case Scenario

TYT: Puppy drowner to go unpunished

David Pakman: Rick Sanchez Firing Brings Anti-Semite Jewish Conspiracists out of the Closet

Anderson Cooper goes after Alan Grayson for controversial ad against his Republican opponent

Newt Gingrich Calls Democrats the Food Stamp Party

Ron Paul's What If ? Remastered

Alan Grayson's new ad, ''The Facts'', lays Dan Webster's ugly record on women out for all to see:

Taos NM Opposes Air Force Low-Altitude Tactical Training

Christine O'Donnell Reveals Source of Classified Information About China

Obama's Dud Svengali

Look who's angry now! Executive Excess

Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite (employed undocumented workers)

Progressive Dissent Is in the FBI's Crosshairs

About the Foreign Cash in the Chamber's Campaign Stash


How the Phone Companies Are Screwing America: The $320 Billion Broadband Rip-Off

Stuxnet: Smarter -- and deadlier -- than the average worm

How to sue telemarketers and win

Fascist Business Model Crumbles

Election 2010 - Republicans Plan Broad Attack on Women's Rights if Elected

It's Their (Tea) Party - And The Religious Right Is Invited: Poll Shows Movements Closely Linked

The Truth about Immigration (Mickey Z.)

Forget the tea party rowdies, this is the champagne party! - Executive Excess by Jim Hightower

The Chamber, the GOP, the "Pledge" and outsourcing

Ruben Navarrette: "CEO Whitman flunks home economics, needs to go on eBay and buy a clue"

Attempted Coup in Ecuador Fails, But Threat Remains

How The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce And American Crossroads Hook Up To Elect Republicans

The Deal with the Hospital Industry to Kill the Public Option

U.S. jobs continue to flow overseas

GIs’ brains fried by military dispensed nose candy

Opinion Leaders Hold Forth While Dodd Visits Cuba

Is foreign money trying to buy a Republican Congress?

5 Scientific Reasons People Who Run Things Will Always Suck

America needs stimulus not virtue - George Soros

Robert Reich - We need more stimulus

Companies Using Piles Of Cash To Buy Back Stock, Not Generate Jobs

Chamber Of Commerce Campaign Fund Bankrolled By Foreign Donors

Everyone hates the deficit - but likes the spending

US economy needs more stimulus, Stiglitz says

Encountering Anguish and Anxiety Across America

Barack Obama accused of exaggerating terror threat for political gain

Joe Conason: The Ideologies Behind the Ideologues

Bernanke Tells the Truth: The U.S. is on the Brink of Financial Disaster

Progressive Dissent Is in the FBI's Crosshairs

Mexico's Drug Cartels (take a tip from Republicans) Use Force To Silence Media -

The Flat Earth Temptation Beckons Still: First Annual 'Catholic' Conference On Geocentrism

India set to export PHWR (CANDU) Reactors.

I updated my backyard gardening blog...

Drumbeat: October 7, 2010

dupe. nt

Court rules rBGH-free milk *is* better than the kind produced with artificial hormones.

Krugman: Railing Against Rail

Guardian - Hungarian Toxic Spill Site "Could Look Like Planet Mars For Years" - Video

Dengue Spreading Rapidly In S. Asia - Cases In India At 20-Year High - 2.5 Billion At Risk - AFP

Antibiotic Tolerance Noted In Bacteria Around BC Salmon Farming Operations

Tesla opens door to its electric car research center

World Bank's Fossil Fuel Funding Not Helping Poor or Electricity Access in Developing Countries

Outgoing TN Gov. Petitions For Federal Designation To Protect 67,000 Acres Of Mountains From Mining

Scientists and Soldiers Solve a Bee Mystery

WV Department Of Environmental Protection Sues To Prevent Fed Limits On Mountaintop Removal

UCLA Study - Multiple Ocean Cycles May Converge As "Perfect Drought" For Lake Mead, AZ, CA In 2011

In 1910, Glacier NP Had 150+ Glaciers; In 2005, 27; In 2010, 25 "Remnants" Hang On

Yesterday Crude Oil closed above $84 - in the middle of the Republican Dystopia. What's going to

West Virginia Sues Over Mountaintop Mining Limits

Though Not New, Invasive Tallow Tree Moving Fast - Creates Monoculture, Alters Soil Chemistry

Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em - Heavy-Metal Cigarettes (Literally) Hottest New Chinese Import - WSJ

Predict the future

Twins homered!!!!

Swimmers at Commonwealth games contract "Delhi belly" .

When's Boston playing?

How Big Ben Spent His Suspension

Brett Favre's Cellphone Seduction Of Jenn Sterger

Zito left off roster for playoffs

Come on Twins! There is only one way to stop the Yankees. >>

Report: Another lawsuit alleges Roberto Alomar has HIV

+++ NFL Week 5 Picks +++

Clown wins the most votes in Brazilian congressional elections

CDC report on U.S.-funded, VD experiments on Guatemalans

Cuba premieres violent reality show - Saul Landau

xpost from GD: October 6th 1976 - the bombing of that Cubana flight

Opinion Leaders Hold Forth While Dodd Visits Cuba

Ecuadorian vice president incited to overthrow president: report

Criminal bill partly legalizes abortion in Venezuela

"Nice Try Department:" Ecuador Former President to sue Rafael Correa for moral damages

Castro: US ignored its offers on counterterrorism

Attempted Coup in Ecuador Fails, But Threat Remains

Fidel Castro's Son Says Cuba Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Japan Experience

Vargas Llosa Is Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature

Zapatero calls for response from Caracas regarding ETA training

Venezuela is the only country in the region that will remain in recession

NRA backs Democrats in key races, frustrating GOP

Board nixes firearm ban for recreational areas in Tazewell County (Virginia)

2-year-old girl shot by brother

Is open carry gaining acceptance in California?

NRA may shoot down Republican dreams to win back House

Matt Barber: Gay Vultures Are Picking The Bones Of Dead Queer Children

"Ex-Gay" Group Exodus International Ends Opposition To Day Of Silence/FotF will continue

Unfit to teach

My FB post re: Ignoring msgs about becoming ex-gay in light of the recent teen suicides

My daughter tried to start a GSA at her elementary school today

My daughter tried to start a GSA at her elementary school today

Egad I'm starting to think either I post in GLBT too much or the rest of you don't post enough!

Post your rainbows!

'And then the night came down'

black as night


Hi all!

Colors of September

Black Theme Overload

Fun with Halloween

Rattling the Cage: Pity Rick didn’t rag the Muslims

Chile establishes 58,000-square-mile marine reserve near Easter Island

Scientists and Soldiers Solve a Bee Mystery - (Colony Collapse)

Moon of Saturn may have hidden ocean

Today in Labor History Oct 6, 1,700 female flight attendants win 18-year, $37 million suit (United)

Change to Win elects Hansen, Hoffa as leaders

More Seasonal Hiring Announced By Kohl's And UPS

Government E-Recycling Program Exposes Prison Laborers To Toxins

Will The Jobs Issue Create A Harry Truman-Style Surprise For Republicans In November?

AG Jerry Brown Files $6.6M Lawsuit to Recover Unpaid Wages for Carwash Workers

Labor leader Dolores Huerta talks business

Workers Blow The Whistle On Rite-Aid Plan To Charge 28 Times The Actual Cost Of A Health Insurance

Northrup Grumman Plans To Destroy 5,000 Gulf Coast Shipbuilding Jobs

JOB OPENING: Online Strategies Director

Southern Baptist Leader on Yoga: Not Christianity

Southern Baptist leader on yoga: Not Christianity

So I have this Sufi friend and we talk frequently about her practices...

One thing I get sick of is this ranting and raving over "extreme" atheism...

My Face book is down tonight!!

Are we moving from Warrior to Magician

Is it my imagination...

My Grand Cardinal Cross July and August