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Center for Public Integrity: Obama Gives Subsidies, Exemptions to Big Polluters:

Biggest ever B.C. bust of smuggled smokes

Mindless ranting will destroy us; or, I liked Ralph Nader better when he was actually doing stuff

Mindless ranting will destroy us; or, I liked Ralph Nader better when he was actually doing stuff

What is the difference between Wikileaks and a British Newspaper?

Judge tosses challenge to Obama healthcare law

49% of Nevada high school students drop out

Illinois House passes civil unions for gay and lesbian couples

Robert Reich: The Showdown On Tax Cuts for the Rich

Bernie Sanders on Maddow tonight

Netflix Partner Says Comcast ‘Toll’ Threatens Online Video Delivery


Here We Go, K.O. Is Up To Bat...

POLL: Wikileaks founder Assange or Christ: who has had a more positive influence on the world?

President Obama Is Fighting For Middle-Class tax Cuts

AFL-CIO Blog: New Budget Blueprint

AFL-CIO Blog: New Budget Blueprint

House passed Bill for Settlements to Afro-American farmers and Native Americans

Boehner (after today's meeting): Bush Tax Cuts© will "create jobs, get the economy moving again"

The Daily Line

S.Korea activists urge rescue of dogs left on shelled island - story with pics

GOP’s promise to end use of earmarks meets its demise. How unexpected....or not

Rightbloggers on WikiLeaks: KILL ASSANGE-But Not Till We Use His Stuff Against Obama (Village Voice)

AZ Gov Jan Brewer: "See? Government health care doesn't work!

Today in "hold m'ah beer 'n' watch *this*" news - drunk, cruise ship, anchor

You know-That crazy "war" thing.. latest stats Long,but,remember-WE ARE STILL In 2 COUNTRIES

You know-That crazy "war" thing.. latest stats Long,but,remember-WE ARE STILL In 2 COUNTRIES

Judson Phillips, "Tea Party Nation" founder: "Killing Assange sends a message."

GOP’s promise to end use of earmarks meets its demise. How unexpected....or not

CIA implanted electrodes in brains of unsuspecting soldiers, suit alleges

Texas Christian University is now in the Big EAST - student athletes???

Texas Christian University is now in the Big EAST - student athletes???

On love and marriage

Deficit panel chairs: Raise Social Security retirement age, curb benefits - AP

Which part of the U.S. government is outsourcing jobs to a call center in Costa Rica?

The Perils of Importing More than We Export

Could anyone listen to Bernie Sanders and not hear the sense in what he says?

London Crawling

Folks Civil Unions just passedthe Illinois House. 2 Republicans came out in support

I wonder how many tea party members could pass the citizenship test

Grandmother threw toddler off mall walkway..

Guards Watch While Inmate Assaults Fellow Prisoner

simpson & bowles ready to violate the cat food commission's charter

Why do you think

Finally, an article in support of Florida's public school teachers.

Should internet users pay "by the downloaded bit", rather than for a specific speed?

Joe Wilson (State Dept) was sent to spy/gather information in Niger.

Did I miss something.... Did president Obama come out and scold the GOP

Jimmy Carter wuvs H.W. Bush ,won't ask his buddy about October Surprise

Jimmy Carter wuvs H.W. Bush ,won't ask his buddy about October Surprise

Inchoate yearning...Rachel that was some piece level speech

Are you willing to risk federal prison to release confidential information ?

One Vet's Take On Pentagon DADT Report

Salisbury Library Bans Loitering

Salisbury Library Bans Loitering

Salisbury Library Bans Loitering

Palin Hauls in Nearly $500k In Just Over a Month

"The tea parties are having trouble channeling their grassroots base."

Researchers find link between sugar, diabetes and aggression

Carmakers {GM, Chrysler} take on jobs but US unemployment fears grow (BBC)

Corporate raider Steven Posner dies in high-speed boat collision

I nailed a teabagger to the wall last night

WikiLeaks says major bank is its next target

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's a new kitty gif! Yay! Mike's Back!

if only...

WikiLeaks Versus the Empire

“Citizens’ Commission on Jobs, Deficits and America’s Economic Future” Demands Equal Media Coverage

We're all Charlie Brown now

New book: 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus - A Perfect Constitutional Storm in Alaska's Capital'

Post your favourite useless wikileaks story....

Deficit-reduction commission takes aim at mortgage-interest deduction (WSJ)

Afghan Killer of Six Americans Was Trusted Police Officer

Radiation Rings Hint Universe Was Recycled Over and Over

The system is broken, but

Thirty US college presidents take in over $1 million in 2008

Thirty US college presidents take in over $1 million in 2008

Have you donated to Wikileaks? Should they make their donor names public?

Do you support Wikileaks releasing secret US government docs?

Earmarks: Should they stay or should they go?

US Congress allows extended jobless benefits to expire: 5 million affected

Indiana University reports another anti-Semitic incident at library

White House sends Geithner to broker a deal on tax breaks

How do you think Julian Assange will meet his demise?

War on Christmas 2010 planning thread...operatives check in here

Just when ya thought Canada's McLeans Magazine couldn't suck more....

Save the Country

Judge Rejects Health Law Challenge

If 600,000 people had access to this "classified" information, it wasn't classified.

PHOTO: A penny for Mitch's thoughts.

In Tax Cuts, the Options Run Short

Truth. Assange and Wikileaks are not asking for compensation for its leaks.

The coming elderly crisis of 2040, perhaps earlier

Tax Free Corporate Billions Leveraged to Control Social Policy Making

New pseudoscorpion discovered in Yosemite National Park (w/ Video)

President Obama is (you classify him).....

Inspired by tea party success, Latinos float ‘Tequila Party’ grass-roots movement

Why should I pray for a member of someone's family who was diagnosed

For your perusal: The Crazy Meter

Nebraska report stirs emotions with bird, cat lovers ( recommends killing feral cats)

Statement of Dean Baker on President Obama's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform

Google today

Federal pay cuts: A bad idea for what gain? Chump change.

Wikileaks: The irony of transparency.

I figure that it's the Republicans who are actually going to war against Christmas...

Pakistan drone victim to sue US for $500m

Does the end of DADT really equal justice?

UK agreed to shield U.S. interests in Iraq probe-leak

Wikileaks moves to Amazon's cloud to evade massive DDoS

Why Initiative 1098 (washington) lost

Why Initiative 1098 (washington) lost

Why Initiative 1098 (washington) lost

OFA Tries to Get Supporters to Write Letters to Editor Praising A Federal Worker Pay Freeze

just heard Jeffrey Toobin say that there's a secret warrant

Simpson-Bowles Deficit Plan: Save $228 Billion, Lose 4 Million Job-Years

Why Do The Democrats Need The Repugnants To Extend Unemployment Benefits

Well, Hush My Mouth: Congress Is Moving Against LOUD Ads

How to talk trash with Almighty God, By Mark Morford

Now We Know. America Really Doesn't Care about Injustice in the Middle East.

In WikiLeaks Wake, Whistle-Blower Bill Set To Pass

Scientist Shortages?

Still a Tragedy

Crop Failures and Drought Within Our Children's Lifetimes

Village Voice: Fleecing the immigrants is a big, safe business in New York

Reagan for President

Reagan for President

China blocks access to WikiLeaks

John McCain Is A Pathetic, Homophobic Bigot

55 years ago ........

Mike Pence FEELS YOUR PAIN if you're unemployed, but!

If the "Bush tax cuts" were allowed to expire for all


BP (and Others) Exempted from Environmental Laws (part of stimulus plan)

Obama's isolation grows on the Afghanistan war

Do The Republicans Want To Reduce Unemployment?

Pentagon Spending Binge: Part Welfare, Part Waste

John Walton (Walmart) = Catalyst of "Democrats for Education Reform". Read it & Weep.

Mother of WikiLeaks' Julian Assange goes into hiding in Australia: 'Don't Hunt My Son'

Michael Moore: Five Questions the Mainstream Media Won't Ask About the Wikileaks Release

Education reform: "Like measuring Hansel & Gretel more often & expecting them to gain weight"

Toon: Prepared for both cases

What's the Deal On That Little Tax Break to Offshore Outsource your Job?

Deficit panel to delay vote on report to Friday

Beck v. Assange

2 years ago Keith Olbermann called out NYT Andrew Ross Sorkin for being the snake he is

Like The Chickens Cooperating With Colonel Sanders

Is U.S. Economic Policy Protecting People or Corporations?

Loudoun Co. Official: TSA Pat Downs Are Part Of "Homosexual Agenda"

Close ruling on prison crowding likely for Supreme Court?

At what point do we call what the Republicans are doing treason?

Nailing the Mob's Builders

Medicare is a government social program. Just a reminder to any non-leftists who might happen to

A Bully Finds a Pulpit on the Web

U.S. Wildlife Svc downsizes amount of Alaska wilderness considered critical habitat for polar bears

Somebody said it's illegal to beg in most places. That may be totally true, but if so, how come

"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread". So-o-o-----

The People's Narrative of America: Everything We've Ever Been Told is a LIE!!

It's called "triangulation"...

WikiLeaks Founder's Mom: 'Don't Hunt My Son'

Simple tribute to Rosa Parks

"Are You For Or Against Homosexuality?" CNN Anchor Asks

The Assassin's Debut

Just heard on Bloomberg that Interpol is pursuing molestation charges against Wikileaks founder

Dave Zirin: The NCAA Should Shut Down Notre Dame's Football Program

GOP Senators release letter saying they will BLOCK EVERYTHING!

GOP Senators release letter saying they will BLOCK EVERYTHING!

Labour put limits on Iraq Inquiry to keep the US happy

Krugman: Obama Has Always Been At War With Eastasia

Pit bulls wouldn't stop biting (Update dogs confiscated, not yet confirmed who owns the dogs)

Here's the link to the Deficit Commission Final Report released today!

School Bans Lip Balm

Dear Mr. President:

Happy December DUers

"Fiscal Responsibility" GOP style-

Dear America: Sucker!!!!!!!!!! Signed Mitch, Jon, and the Thugs

Two-wheeled highways? Welcome to Rush Hour, Copenhagen-style

Here's how "Trickle Down" Reaganomics works

2fer, Joe SCARB launches "most boring" civility movement. & list of Quitter's 59 feuds in 30 months

Is Probable WikiLeaks Target Bank of America Being Haunted by the Ghost of Lehman Brothers?

Couple hide 5 children from society in PA. No birth certs, immunizations or school records

Attacking Iraq as revenge for 9-11 is just as logical as

The bigotry that keeps AIDS alive

Gov. Steve Beshear of KY (a Dem!) endorses Creationist "'Museum"

Top five new revelations from WikiLeaks

Common Ground UPDATE: "Senate Republicans Plan To Block Virtually All Democratic-Backed Bills"

Chutzpah or Meshugas: Crying about the deficit AND about expiring tax breaks for the superrich.

Israel to help visitors cope with airport screening

San Diego declared disaster area due to bombs

WIKILEAKS & Moral Relativism

Senate GOP letter calls for blocking most bills

Senate GOP letter calls for blocking most bills

Wikileaks Assange Time 'Person of the Year' 2010?

This Social Security thing is breaking big... as predicted... and its scary

Sarah Palin's Enemies List and typical characteristics of Republicans

So now that the website with the cables is having to play hide/seek

And the Teabaggers screamed like banshees

FCC chair announces net neutrality push without re-asserting role over broadband Internet (WaPo)

Friedman: "WikiChina" (A must read!!!)

The AIR FORCE vs. the " Practicing Homosexual "

George Orwell was right.......

Republicans tell Democrats to surrender in the interest of bipartisanship

Republicans tell Democrats to surrender in the interest of bipartisanship

Sneaking into North Korea

I am so PISSED! I just called Sherrod Brown's office!

The Republicans WILL NOT pass DADT, The Dream Act or Unemployment Extensions!

** Senate Republicans DON'T HAVE ALL THE POWER! Light up their phones! **

Sarah PAC spent $250,000. on political donations and $500,000. on buying her new book

Assange Vs. Libby

Yes, Virginia... the Individual Mandate is Constitutional.

Deficit Commission Slashes Taxes For Wealthy, Corporations, While Raising Retirement Age

Lipless Mitch NEEDS to SHOW you he CARES about your ability to pay your bills. NEEDS to, DAMMIT!

Debt panel's plan would cut $4 trillion

Blackwater Subsidiary Flouted German Arms Export

"A Security Issue at the Office" from Ruben Bolling's Tom the Dancing Bug

Virginia Wingnut Official Eugene Delgaudio Says TSA Pat-downs Promote the 'Homosexual Agenda'

I have to believe that you are the "problem".

Iran executes footballer Nasser Mohammad Khani's mistress

White House: Clinton didn't order diplomats to spy

Grade Obama on the economy

Chad Ochocinco poses naked with a cowhide football in a PETA plea for animals keeping their skins

Florida judge: We don't look at the mortgage foreclosure paperwork we process

Let's just cooperate some more until the Pukes get their way 100%

Wondering if cuts to SS by whatever means is decided, does not

Noam Chomsky: WikiLeaks Cables Reveal "Profound Hatred for Democracy by Our Political Leadership"

Julian Assange and Carson Kressley...separated at birth?

Senate Republicans: No Legislation Until After Tax Cut Extension

Senate Republicans: No Legislation Until After Tax Cut Extension

Dueling signs in FL show the war on Christmas has begun.

Legal question about classification of documents

Keeping Perspective on North Korea

"Her aggressive attempts to claw anyone that points out an area for her to work on..."

It's an act of treason, that's what it is. To leak like this. Execute him!

WikiLeaks Founder Assange to TIME: Clinton 'Should Resign'

WikiLeaks Founder Assange to TIME: Clinton 'Should Resign'

Allowing African-Americans to serve with white troops would hurt morale

Please call these 3 Dem. Fiscal Commission members who are on the fence about Social Security cuts

Please call these 3 Dem. Fiscal Commission members who are on the fence about Social Security cuts

Guess whose coming for Dinner? At James Carville's house?

Judge Blocks Oklahoma’s Ban on Using Shariah Law in Court

So we're owned by China and now they control our acces to the Internet?

Is the President Leading or Following?

MORE wisdom from teabagger Judson Phillips: Restricting vote to property owners makes a lot of sense

Like they said in Spinal Tap, "too much fucking irony"...Fox posts the FUNNIEST graphic of 2010

Mike Huckabee: Leaker should be executed

Progressives pressure Obama on upper-income tax cuts

Why is this so hard???

Is this legal for a credit card company to do?

If I had Obama's, Reid's and Pelosi's brain under control

What's wrong with this headline? "2 Million to Lose Jobless Benefits..."

Catfood Commission CUTS 4 trillion. Bush tax cuts ADDS 4 trillion! That equals ZERO!

Assange is being persecuted in Sweden

Coast Guard: 3 gas rig workers injured in fire

top 1% holds 6 Times the Financial wealth that of the bottom 80% who hold only 7% >>link>>>>

Anyone can steer a ship when the sea is calm.

Anyone can steer a ship when the sea is calm.

GOP to shut down the Senate? Perfect time to abolish the filibuster.

Bernie I love you

Google "republicans, deficit reduction" and you get thousands of hits....

Pence: "obviously nuts," "crackpot," and "really stupid."

Barack Obama Buys A Lawnmower: How President Obama negotiates with Republicans

Federal Reserve Conjures - and Redefines - Money

GOP to block all bills AFTER tax cuts are addressed

Just a minute here,. The GOP ran in this past election as the

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about

I just emailed both of my senators. I encourage you to do the same.

Wealthy GOP senators will shut down government to secure their tax breaks

So you're sitting there watching TV

Andre Agassi has his own charter school -- & is --predictably -- dissing public education

Docs on Pharma Payroll Have Blemished Records, Limited Credentials

A look into the mind of Bachmann supporters: "Keith Ellison using gays as soldiers to impose sharia"

Senate Republicans Hold National Security for Rich Tax Cut Ransom

Turkish PM THREATENS TO SUE US Diplomats Over Leaked Claims

Listen to Sam Seder! too late for live stream, but download and listen @

Fed Names Recipients of $3.3 Trillion in Aid During Crisis

Chomsky: "Profound Hatred for Democracy on Part of Our Political Leadership"

Chomsky: "Profound Hatred for Democracy on Part of Our Political Leadership"

Inhofe refuses to participate in 'holiday' parade

Don't we have 41 Senators to kill the Bush tax cuts ?

Faith Leaders To President Obama: End The Bush Tax Cuts For The Most Fortunate

The republicans are "going Galt"

Two House Ethics Lawyers Involved With (Maxine) Waters Case Suspended

oops dupe

Oprah, Eli Broad, & the Bass (Oil) Family, Ed Deformers: Follow the Money

Every Dem congressfuckingcritter should be given this Mike Thompson toon from today's DFP

Rape charges land WikiLeaks, Assange on Interpol list

Our new embassy in Iraq is the size of the Vatican and will cost billions.

Hickory Dickory Dock, the Republicans run out the clock.

Durbin "leaning yes" on CatFood Commission Report

Exclusive: U.S. would back bigger EU stability fund: source

Rep. Steve King of Iowa: "We're not going to pay slavery reparations..."

How is Wikileaks accountable? How is Wikileaks transparent?

As Tax Cut Capitulation Takes Shape, Letting Them Expire Clearly Best Scenario at This Point

WikiLeaks website, pummeled by attacks, loses home

American Universities See Decline in Foreigners Earning Science Doctorates

American Universities See Decline in Foreigners Earning Science Doctorates

Wikileaks'/Julian Assange's latest tweet mocking TPTB

This about sums up the "negotiating" process with Republicans

Can you name an issue and describe what would be a reasonable compromise;

"Jesus" Inspired Ghandi & MLK. Atheists - What Have You Got to Match That?

More PROOF the Republicans won't keep their word.!

Greg Palast: Bradley Manning, The Real WikiLeaks Champ

Crooks & Liars: With her paranoid style & politics of payback, Palin is Nixon with lipstick

The Republicans' FINAL SOLUTION:

Is there a message board on the web for dedicated Democratic partisans?

What's inside the deficit-commission's report? (Details from AP)

WikiLeaks Tweet: "Wikileaks Servers at Amazon Ousted... Free Speech, The Land of The Free..."

If what they are saying on KO right now is true.....

caption this Clinton - Berlusconi pic

Senator Reid, it is way past time to invoke the nuclear option. You can plainly see

Truth: Wikileaker isn't a rapist (but he is an a-hole)

Salary of Harlem Village Academy CEO = $1000 per student, $450K

Sarah Palin: hypocrisy and meta-hypocrisy

Republicans May Be Pressuring Reid To Drop DADT Repeal In Return For Vote On START And Bush Tax Cuts

Obama opens opportunity for GOP to play chicken (and they, of course, do)

DEMOCRATS: Stop bringing a copy of Roberts Rules of Order

Economic Injustice Affects Us All: A Lesson from Viva La Causa

Our local media is freaking out: City buses with athiest ads

Ed Rollins to Palin: I knew Reagan. You're no Reagan.

2012 Democratic primary: Who would you support?

Bowles and Simpson Violate Commission Charter and the Washington Post Covers Up

Mark Foley, Mayor? Disgraced Ex-Congressman Considering West Palm Beach Run

Mark Foley, Mayor? Disgraced Ex-Congressman Considering West Palm Beach Run

Outsourcing and the 21st-Century Economy

Let Them Expire

Toon: "What's a work ethic?"

Tax cuts or war. Can't have both, Republicans. We can't afford it.

Bo Dominates Christmas At The White House - with pics

And we wonder how the Right can think about violent acts against the Government

Is John McCain the New George Wallace?

Complete Failure of Bipartisanship; Senate GOP Draft Letter-Tax Cuts Before Jobless Benefits

VA file legislation to establish a "Don't Tread On Me" license plate ...

Boner admitted he would cave if Obama fought hard against 2% tax cuts

HuffPo home page: "Why, Johnny look like somebody just...walked over your grave."

Senate Majority Leader Reid Says He'll Force A Vote On Dream Act

2 Million Lose Jobless Benefits As Holidays Arrive

55 years ago today a woman said she would not move to the back of the bus

Reading Tea Leafs Obama Caves Tax Breaks Rich

Why Wikileaks Is Bad for Progressive Foreign Policy

Why Wikileaks Is Bad for Progressive Foreign Policy

House Majority Leader Hoyer To Schedule Vote Thursday On Middle Class Tax Cuts

Bernie Sanders Indendent 2012

Obama's preemptive call for bipartisanship was slick.

Here We Go...Bush Tax Cuts and Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid

Greg Palast: Bradley Manning, The Real WikiLeaks Champ

PPP Missouri poll: McCaskill 45%, Talent 47%, Undecided 8%

Okay I'm finally able to get online. What have I missed since Sunday?

Sen. Ensign no longer target of Justice probe

Morons--th right haz em

NJ police dog killed trying to apprehend suspect

"Canada's habitual inferiority complex"

Interpol issues worldwide wanted notice for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for "sex crimes" !

Obama's actions and words make no sense if viewed in light of a President fighting for the people

Please sign OFA's petition for repeal of DADT

any Madison community radio folks here?

Bible quote for hypocritical teabagging bible thumpers

Bible quote for hypocritical teabagging bible thumpers

Democrats forced a traditional Republican filibuster to pass an unemployment extension last March!

Bishop Introduces Bill To Fight Outsourcing And Tax Evasion

A response to the wealthy whiners

Russia Moves Tactical Nukes Closer to NATO

Dreier Blasts Dem Plan to Hold Completely Closed Vote to Increase Taxes

SPLC’s Intelligence Report: Gays Targeted for Hate Crimes Far More Than Any Other Minority in Americ

Ever see teabagger Fred Thompson peddling that "Big Gubment Insured" reverse mortgage crap?

Does Anyone Know A Bully That Left Them Alone...

Now the Illinois Senate has followed the Illinois House lead and passed Civil Unions, Gov to sign

Now the Illinois Senate has followed the Illinois House lead and passed Civil Unions, Gov to sign

Freezing my Fed and Mil Ret Pay.......Now This? Really?

Support for specific institutions

'Dancing With The Stars' Wants Todd Palin

Meet The 35 Foreign Banks That Got Bailed Out By The Fed (US Taxpayers)

Jeb Bush says Obama can win again....

So the Fed bailed out McDonald's...

Harvard law students sue TSA, claim body scans are unconstitutional

Town Hall Meetings 2011

Prince Chunk, a fat cat (44lbs), dies in New Jersey

Margaret Cho: Sarah forced Bristol to appear on DWTS

Call their bluffs.

Call their bluffs.

Bernie Sanders: Fed Disclosure Lifts Veil of Secrecy, Sanders Says

WikiLeaks website, pummeled by attacks, loses home

PFAW; "Citizens Blindsided: Secret Corporate Money in the 2010

Obama Takes Blame for Partisanship in Washington, Republicans Let Him

I love Ed Shultze

I love Ed Shultze

Kyl demands Bush tax cuts by Monday...or no START treaty

'Snus' Banned in MA, EU: Swedish powdered tobacco tablets

Cutting away Cancer.

Why do you think

You lie!

So how many recs do I get if I denounce Obama and the Dems?

Let's look at it this way...if the tax cuts for the rich WERE made eternal...why go on?

Dad(of 12 year old) Accused in 83-Year-Old's Beatdown Has History of Violence

Israel responsible for WikiLeaks in anti-Turkish plot, AKP members says

Republicans PULL The PLUG, Jobless Help DIES

palin was in my town today

Very positive day today economy-wise. Does anyone else have that sick feeling though...

With Petraeus now in charge, concerns about killing civilians have faded.

Nashville billboards claim Jesus will return May 21, 2011

Your Child Left Behind (diversity and international competitiveness)

Miracle Dog Survives Storm, Home Destroyed

Some spectacular photos taken from the ISS by Col. Douglas Wheelock; (Dialup)

Sleazy Kyl Links Tax Cut Vote To Nuclear Weapons

Sleazy Kyl Links Tax Cut Vote To Nuclear Weapons

Obama and Republican Keen on Killing Middle Class Mortgage Deduction

I don't fully understand that "Wikileaks isn't transparent either" complaint.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated The Family Research Council as a hate group

GOP Blames Obama's America First

Little-known Ala law bans grills at apartments

In boost for President Obama, Belarus gives up nuke material

none of our damn business...

What the hell is this news? All 42 GOP Senators just sent a letter announcing they will

FCC Chief Backs Usage-Based (Metered) Broadband Internet Pricing

Defense Secretary Gates says wikileaks no big deal.

Big Ed Up To Bat and Teeing Off

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka On The Deficit Commission Report

Dying Americans leave credit card debt behind

Rightbloggers on WikiLeaks: Kill Julian Assange, But Not Till We Use His Stuff Against Obama

Senate Democrats: You can repeal DADT with just 51 votes so do it! No more excuses for inaction.

How Lieberman Got Amazon To Drop Wikileaks

How Lieberman Got Amazon To Drop Wikileaks

How Lieberman Got Amazon To Drop Wikileaks

Catholic League Fires Back At Lincoln Tunnel Atheism Billboard

Corruption beyond belief- the USA

Somebody must start a site that reports suicides by desperate unemployed Americans.

Just Heard On Hairball...Obama Claims He's A Blue Dog?

President Obama Won't Allow Drilling Off Atlantic, Florida - Won't End Drilling Ban

Google does it again.

Happy Birthday Ganuk and Taiga! Polar Bear cubs turn one. - pics

Damn.....I just want Obama to learn his damn lesson, the GOP will not compromise!

Jon Stewart on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange


Sorry Ed

First Lady Michelle Obama does Christmas arts and crafts with children from military families -pics

Obama-for-America wants you to write letters supporting the federal pay freeze (really)

Leak-o-nomy: The Economy of Wikileaks

Nancy, it is up to you.

GOP says it'll block bills until tax cuts extended

Inventory Correction Ahead? Take 2

When I was in the Service, it was was my job to protect classified data

If tax cuts for the rich were the answer, then why haven't they been working so far?

California's new attorney general 'will not defend Proposition 8'

Lieberman will "decide" early next year (He's gonna flip)

Illinois State Senate just passed the civil union bill.

****Throughout the Underground 11- 30thru 12-1-2010****

"No, Have Not Used a Government Social Program"

Siberian tiger cubs cared for by goat - pics

Exclusive: TSA frisks groom children to cooperate with sex predators, abuse expert says

How US worked to get three soldiers off the hook for cameraman's death

US Ambassador "I Am Bush's Plumber"-U.S. attempts to disrupt the Spanish justice system (AMY GOODMAN

US Ambassador "I Am Bush's Plumber"-U.S. attempts to disrupt the Spanish justice system (AMY GOODMAN

High school principal throws out the books in school library & turns it into a coffee shop

Legal Experts Question Willie Nelson Pot Bust

XM25 "Game Changer" Weapon Now Killing Enemies Behind Walls in Afghanistan

Andrew Sullivan: GOP are 'not conservatives ... they are partisan vandals'

Julian Assange shines a light on the NWO! Then GETS ATTACKED BY THE RIGHT!

A Tea Party for the Left? Coffee...

What if the Euro goes under?

While millionaires are being protected ,doctors are being forced to discontinue treating the elderly

At this point let the damn tax cut ENTIRE program expire

Bankstas Serenade (toon) - DOWN - DOWN

I am standing with Bernie Sanders!!! "We need a Tea Party Challenge from the Left"

What If the Soon To Be Benefitless 2,000,000 Unemployed Americans Took To Panhandling?

"Are you actually suggesting that Spending drives the economy?"

Why humanism will always beat out religion in moral philosophy

Obama promises more outreach to GOP (you can't make this shit up)

A question for you all.......

The Obama Psyche Problem

Why did the President form the Catfood Commission?

Sarah Palin Forced Bristol To Do 'Dancing With The Stars': Margaret Cho

So I was putting away my husband's socks when I found a buried stack of magazines

Sigh. RE: Social Security & The Cat Food Commission - Guess It's Time To Post This AGAIN...

The things the unemployed need the most **rant and bad language warning**

Accused of shop lifting at the store yesterday

Accused of shop lifting at the store yesterday

Does anyone in the White House read liberal blogs?

Let me sum up the RW:

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland: Dems should ‘fold up’ if we lose tax cuts debate

Wikileaks: US Pressured Spain over CIA Rendition and Guantánamo Torture

US Embassy in Iraq has a "Claims and Condolence Committee"

Call It What It Is: TREASON

OFA Asks Supporters to Write a “Letter to the Editor” Praising Federal Worker Pay Freeze - FDL

DKos: "It Wasn't Until I Left America I Realized How Badly American Plutocrat Owned Media Lies..."

My teabagger dad's wife was laid-off last week

Oh my God, 1984 was right. Tonight, I'm reflecting on the party's slogan

THANK YOU, Speaker Pelosi!

Pit bulls' owner cited in attacks (now video of dogs & victims)

I have an idea, and let me explain it really simply, because that's all I can do, I'm a moron.

I'm a Union Man or part of the Union

Report: Co-pilot moved seat, sent jetliner plummeting

"We have a gay guy. He's big, he's mean, and he kills lots of bad guys."

I just saw Alan Simpson on NBC. He repeated "greediest generation"

Is anyone opposed to raising the gas tax?

Father loses joint custody of children because he's not a Christian???? WTF?

Those that are sanctimonius about the things Wikileaks "revealed" place FAR too much trust

I Just Called Both Of My Senators

Genetically Modified Seeds Yielding Thousands of Suicides

I nailed a teabagger to the wall last night

Let the Republicans shut down the government and let the tax cuts EXPIRE!

Congressional Christmas Carol

Invoking universal jurisdiction torture investigations an "irritant" to US/Spain relationship

Jonathan Alter, billionaire Gates diss Ravitch, teachers, liberals. Unfair advantage.

For those that do not approve of Obama's job performance

For those that do not approve of Obama's job performance

Tax cuts are for the....REPUBLICANS. It's not "the rich" but themselves that they are rooting for

Senator Won't Ride Horse in Anti-Christian 'Holiday' Parade

If I were a billionaire

Bwawahahahaha, Glenn Beck: Communist

I walked out of a store today because

Democrats could pass tax cuts for the middle class and allow those for the wealthy to expire

Now Assange, Superleaker, wants "financial compensation" for his leaks

Do we all agree that cuts to Social Security are unacceptable?

Julian Assange is a hero. He did what our media is too chicken to do

Huge Headline on HuffPo... House Dems (thank you Nancy)...

Why bother? The President and his advisors don't listen to us

Why bother? The President and his advisors don't listen to us

Mr. President, you've lost my respect. You’ve lost my admiration. You’ve lost my vote.

Why New Evidence Demands End to Wars

What blocking unemployment extension is really about:

Is WikiLeaks a journalistic institution or a semi-professional agitator?

Does anyone here have the holiday spirit? Just curious.

My elderly mother who works at a food pantry has herself worried sick some guy got an extra turkey

Want to save a shitload of money? Bring home our military, and consolidate military bases

Let's end the nonsense about fake Republican filibusters

USA3X 2050 - a no-fault divorce

Artist Lost to AIDS, CENSORED on World AIDS Day

Bill Clinton will always be stained by NAFTA

To fix the federal deficit, a good Democrat will most likely

Dems not sold on Schumer's plan to extend tax cuts for incomes up to $1 million

Let the tax cuts expire completely

I've started to notice something about those who praise Obama 100% of the time.

Virginia Judge Rejects Challenge to Health-Care Law

I've started to notice something about those who criticize Obama 100% of the time.

DoD Website Officially Endorses Repeal of DADT

A tax cut compromise in exchange for a deal on START?

A tax cut compromise in exchange for a deal on START?

Photo (Caption It): Kumbaya (The Obama Presidency, Day 680)

If we had a real mainstream news media that had journalists, we wouldn't need WikiLeaks

Obama may have staved off deeper cuts in federal employee pay.

Hey, good news! Obama is going to have Geithner negotiate tax cuts for wealthy w repukes!

Sen. Murray agrees to lead Democratic fundraising for 2012 election

I am sick of hearing how we have to please the Republicans!!!

"It's all rigged. The whole conversation is rigged... "

Breaking: Senate GOP Letter Calls for Blocking Most Bills

Does anyone else in here consider him or herself a pragmatist? If so, rec this thread!

Gibbs: START will be done by Christmas

Mr. Potter, Yellow Belly Republicans Cut Off Unemployment Benefits Just in Time For Christmas

I got an idea for a compromise. Lower the taxes on the rich

A lot of the criticism of Obama here is that he's not doing what we would like.

Hoping To Seize The Momentum On DADT Repeal

Net Neutrality and Wireless Communities.

Mr. President, seize the bloody bully pulpit

What do you think of Julian Assange?

Obama promises more outreach to GOP

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Among the wealthy, a new voice for fiscal sacrifice

Kent Conrad proves he's ridiculous, supports Bowles-Simpson Social Security axe

The Fiscal Commission Failed ...

Please add your name to the President's call to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" now.

Senate GOP letter calls for blocking most bills

McCain and moving goal posts...

Republican 'extortion' letter

Congress is debating a lot of issues right now

Entire Senate Republican Caucus Commits To Filibustering Anything Prior To Budget, Tax Cuts

Fed Up with Obama and Democrats

Last unemployment check is in the mail

Senate GOP vows to halt action in lame-duck session until tax deal (updated)

If They Don't Fight, There's No Hope!

Republicans give their definition of 'bipartisanship'

How I Would Counter Act The Repugs Letter......

A Resurrected Liberal Class or Teabagger Nation?

AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka: Deficit Commission once again tells working Americans to 'Drop Dead.'

In today's world of information chaos, why are any of us so sure that we know what's going on in DC?

Republicans Hint They Will Attach Health Care Repeal To Must-Pass Legislation Like The Doc-Fix

Obama admin: No New Oil Drilling in Eastern Gulf of Mexico for 7 Years

Does the GOP have something on President Obama?

Is Obama the last of the Nixonian Republicans?

The era of presidential commissions is OVER!?

MM: For fawning press, Gov. Christie's $400 million blunder gets flushed down the memory hole

Report: "A Brighter US Economic Outlook"

This is as good without music as it is with music.

Is this photoshopped?

Commemorating World AIDS Day

Poll: Do we participate in a politics of cynicism or do we participate in a politics of hope?

Trade Off: START & Unemployment benefits for Temp Extension on all Tax Cuts. Worth It?

Elephant in the living room: there is another reason Obama may be tilting Right..

Bun and Run

After Republicans reject Middle Class tax cuts, President Onehandle would address the nation...

Obama's path to renomination in 2012 will be the same as Clinton's in 1996

Fed's massive data release offers new insight into financial crisis


Some people should NOT sing Christmas songs!

Reporter destroys ice sculpture (00:37)

Bernie Sanders on Rachel Maddow: "we need a tea party of progressives"

Daily Kos: GOP continues to make fool out of Obama


Robyn Hitchcock - Madonna of the Wasps (live David Letterman)

Batman and Robin get real.

It embarasses me to admit it... but I was one of those husbands who sneak around behind their backs.

I must admit, I'm on kind of a superhero kick tonight.

"Axelrod: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell will end'"

Can the peasants write policy for Louis?

What happens next on the Deficit Commission

Scrooged with Bill Murray: Heartwarming Family Entertainment or High-Octane Nightmare Fuel?

I have been dividing my time between boulder, denver, and franktown colorado

Happy Holidays All

Senator Friskies Spills The Beans

When is a tax cut really a tax hike?

So I'm eating a Kashi granola bar. Cherry & Dark Chocolate. Ask me anything.

How ironic,i just found my mother in her running car, passed out drunk..

Catfood Commission's Final Report -- What Happens Now?

Poll shows Republicans are definitely not winning the tax cut debate

Have you ever wondered..

steppin' and fetchin'

The country is looking for a courageous leader..


Crimson (Dexter Remix)

Big Ed keeps bragging about how he beats CNN


Weird Star Trek coincidence - me and Crooks and Liars.


What happens if Democrats hold the line on no extensions for the wealthy?

Toyz Noize


Some thoughts on the song.

One Senator's modest proposal: Force Senators to actually filibuster

Cost of 'Twelve Days of Christmas' Items Jumps

Wiz Khalifa Arrested for Doing That Thing He Raps About Doing All the Time

Rabbit rabbit rabbit!


i've been thinking

Barack Obama Buys A Lawnmower

Speaking of whicky, is there none finer than Woodford Reserve?

LOL - Can we be taken seriously?

Kerry introduces legislation for online privacy

Anybody have any intel on aspartame? I drink a lot of diet coke and just wonder if

Ya think George Bush will ever watch "The Messenger"?


When Otters Attack!

Your Wednesday robo-kitteh.........

We don't have to take our clothes off, to have a good time

So BF wants to take me to the Caribbean for the holidays..

Sinking Ships, Exploding Airships, and Collapsing Bridges: The Dumbest Engineering Disasters

Isn't it WAY past time to stop thinking the prez is naive or weak??

How do you think Julian Assange will meet his demise?

And finally... Kali takes yet ANOTHER stab at beating her Intertubes addiction

Freddie Mercury WHAT??!!??

Obama seems so calm

Dec not even here yet and already sick of "holiday music"

From a facebook post about Haunnakkah, (Funny and sad at the same time...)

Today is the first day of Hanukkah,let's have some latke recipes.

Big ED: President Obama has now become the problem he is WEAK!!

Glory Box

Foghat's "Slow Ride" by Alvin & The Chipmunks? Where's the damned D-Con?

Super exciting laptop battery voltage question

Why is this image not some kind of web meme?

I'm wondering. Is Obama's magic wand next to his crystal ball? Anyone know?

Can a primary challenger get Obama's base to switch?

Despite McConnell's bluff, Senator Collins could still vote for DADT repeal, spox says

Cheney to hold fundraiser at home of Mary Matalin

It's Way Past The Time for the Lounge to Get Down and Funky

They wouldn't let poor mushroom... join in any veggie games.

Oh boy! a NEW TOBACCO product! Yippee!

BWAHAHA! Lou Reed thinks his "Metal Machine Music" is "The perfect holiday gift for your loved one"

Some of the outfits on Victoria Secret tonite are messed up.

DADT repeal now basically dead

Can you send some good-luck vibes to my girlfriend?

go to sleep citizen, we'll wake you up when we're done

What do you see as the major benefit in freezing federal workers' pay?


Huh? McCain: Gates is "a political appointee who's never been in the military."

Krugman: Destroying Retirement In Order To Save It

Looks like Obama has compromised with the Republicans and has agreed to extend tax cuts for the rich

Need some MP3 player advice

The Power of the President

Dear Michelle, please feed your husband! He's looking too thin.

recommendations for books for Xmas for our mentees?

Poll: Palin leads tight GOP race for 2012

Happy birthday to Sweetie...

Best E-book reader? Kindle 3? Nook? Sony?

24 hours

I will ____________________ if you will _____________________.

Oh NO, oh DEAR GOD NO, Kim Kardashian's new boyfriend dented his Mercedes! WHY, GOD, WHY? OH, GOD!

OK - fave Christmas song...

I watched the new Harry Potter yesterday evening

Do you set your phone to do an alert sound when you get email?

California Peggy - the Betty White of DU

Join me in wishing Kali -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Do you have to use a special dog shampoo

Republicans block child nutrition bill

How to defeat all the highlanders, and highlander doctrine.

Boeing 777 assembly in less than 3 minutes...


Maybe Obama's current goal is to look weak, feckless and powerless

Do you know anything about Italian names?

Favorite Renaissance or Medieval Christmas music?

I have found the best way to inspire me to houseclean - HOARDERS

Private sector employment rises by 93,000 in November, biggest gain in 3 years

Is Mark Ruffalo really on a terror watch list?

Deficit Commission Moves The Goalpost, Disses Leading Progressive Member

Japanese whalers to face new enemy in 'Godzilla'

Republican Rep. Peter King: Blame the Pentagon (for release of confidential State Department docs)

WikiLeaks says major bank is its next target

(Federal) Appeals court overturns murder convictions of alleged L.A. serial killer

Judge Tosses Challenge to Obama Healthcare Law

Pentagon calls for repeal of ‘don’t ask’

Obama's pay freeze for federal workers only limits raises

Interpol puts Assange on most-wanted list

Unemployment Benefits to Dry Up for 2 Million Americans

2 Million Lose Jobless Benefits As Holidays Arrive

Anybody have a good use for old VHS tapes? I need to de-clutter,

Inspired by tea party success, Latinos float ‘Tequila Party’ grass-roots movement

World AIDS Day comes amid progress, concern

EU, Iran Agree To Start Nuclear Talks Next Week

Its TIME for BALLS TO THE WALL....Obama must not let them GOPers bully him into extention cuts for

NY pilot expands organ recovery to at-home deaths

Millions To Lose Unemployment Benefits

WikiLeaks website blocked behind Chinese firewall

WikiLeaks cables: (The head of the Bank of England) Mervyn King had doubts over Cameron and Osborne

2 senators raise hopes for arms treaty

Ahoy Washington, Need Advice: Blackwater Plans Pirate Hunt

FCC to take up net neutrality at December meeting

Geldof regrets writing "Do They Know it's Christmas?"

In WikiLeaks Wake, Whistle-Blower Bill Set To Pass

Blackwater Subsidiary Flouted German Arms Export Laws

In WikiLeaks wake, whistle-blower bill set to pass

Lawyer: Assange is being persecuted in Sweden

(sigh) Bad time to be distracted.

Interracial relationships, multi-ethnic marriage - are attitudes changing?

Bachmann attacks $1.2B payout for black farmers

Anti-Whalers Eye "Successful" Protest of Japan Hunt

Bank Of America Shares Fall On WikiLeaks Fears

Dangerous Inconsistencies Found in Dosing Directions for Children's Medications, Study Says

Private Sector Adds Jobs

Sarkozy mulled troops for Iraq: WikiLeaks

Wikileaks reveal US concerns on Cuba-Venezuela ties

Times a-growin' short for that Primary Challenger...

Pakistan 'privately approved' US drone strikes while publicly condemning them: Wikileaks

Attacks on Immigrants on the Rise in Greece

COOKING FAIL: I cannot make any kind of rice but the minute kind.

Fed to Name Recipients of $3.3 Trillion in Aid During Crisis

Social Security cuts are part of deficit plan

Go forth and multiply, Medvedev tells his declining population

Who's Killing Iran's Scientists?

Surprise: Sarah Palin's Ratings Rise

Can you imagine if all of the progressive energy spent on bashing Obama was directed at McConnell...

Wikileaks is now hosted by Amazon after massive DDoS attack

Obama imposes 7-year drilling ban in eastern Gulf of Mexico

GOP to block all bills until tax cuts are addressed

Nigerian police to grill Shell, Halliburton officials

Ecuador president says no offer to WikiLeaks chief

Progressives pressure Obama on upper-income tax cuts

Coast Guard: 3 gas rig workers injured in fire

Putin: Russia Will Have To Deploy New Nukes If U.S. Treaty Isn’t Ratified

May I get some suggestions on how to start exercising? Motivation.

GOP threatens to stall Senate action

Brazil's logging at lowest for decades

FCC Republicans say they oppose net neutrality push

Rep. Mack (R-Cape Coral): Americans ‘have a right to know’ contents of WikiLeaks dump

Cancún climate change summit: Japan refuses to extend Kyoto protocol

Cancún climate change summit: Japan refuses to extend Kyoto protocol

Deficit Panel Puts Off Vote on Painful Recommendations Until Friday

US firms post best job gains in three years

Guatemala Gun-Smuggling Probe Involving Aurora Shipping Firm Triggered By Truck Wreck

Kyl: Tax deal needs to get done by Monday to pass START in lame duck

Obama: No offshore drilling in East Coast waters

Lawmakers stand firm on taxes as talks start

Amazon stops hosting WikiLeaks site, says U.S. lawmaker

Parliament Square protest rules to be reformed

XM25 "Game Changer" Weapon Now Killing Enemies Behind Walls in Afghanistan

GOP upset with Dem effort to extend only middle-class tax cuts

Palin pays $10,000 to Soros-linked firm

Wells Fargo’s plan to squeeze fees from customers

Brazil clown Tiririca cleared for congress

FedEx to cut more than 200 Ohio jobs

(IL Gov) Quinn gets bill OKing civil unions for same-sex couples

The "Vote for Obama" is not the issue in 2012, the "Work for Obama" is!!!

WikiLeaks Row: Putin Labels US Embassy Cables 'Slanderous'

BREAKING: Illinois House passes civil unions bill

Unemployment benefits likely on hold until mid-December

WikiLeaks cables: US special forces working inside Pakistan

Israel unveils new residential plan near East Jerusalem

Sarah Palin Forced Bristol To Do 'Dancing With The Stars': Margaret Cho

House approves short-term spending bill

As Debt Panel Releases Plan, Two Senators Commit

IMPORTANT NASA to Reveal 'Astrobiology Discovery' Thursday

Democrats Look To Call GOP's Bluff With Bush Tax Cuts Vote

WikiLeaks website, pummeled by attacks, loses home

Fannie, Freddie say mortgage servicers triggered foreclosure crisis

WikiLeaks cables: 'US aid will not stop Pakistan supporting militants'

BofA says had no contact with WikiLeaks

New data shows foreign banks biggest recipients of Fed money

W.H. Official: No New Drilling off Florida

White House says deal achievable on tax cuts

Latin Americans deem WikiLeaks ‘gringos’ opinions

Gates: Saudis want to fight Iran to the last American

Sick of the cold already? Cute dog picture thread...

US embassy cables culprit should be executed, says Mike Huckabee

National Portrait Gallery Removes Video Criticized for Religious Imagery

FCC’s ‘Net neutrality’ plan would permit super-tiers, network traffic throttling

Former WikiLeaks Activists to Launch New Whistleblowing Site

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 1

Ball lightning 'may explain UFOs'

US prison guards allegedly watch brutal inmate beating

US State Department tells employees not to read WikiLeaks

North Korea 'likely to attack again' (South Korea's intelligence chief)

Assange's mother doesn't want son to be 'hunted down and jailed'

Republicans Block Legislation To Feed More Children, Improve School Lunches

UN Official: Unprecedented Heat Waves ‘Will Seem Like Average Summers’ in the Future

Senate GOP letter calls for blocking most bills

Race Is On to 'Fingerprint' Phones, PCs

Wikileaks moves to Amazon's cloud to evade massive DDoS

Canadian PM's ex-aide: Assassinate Assange

House to Take Vote Tomorrow on Middle-Class Tax Cuts, Democrat Hoyer Says

British police seek Julian Assange over rape claims

Morning in America?-Obama recovery now in full bloom as Dow soars nearly 300 points

Robert Gibbs Signals Temporary Extension of All Tax Cuts

My Second Grade Son has a Capitalist Barter System in order to go bathroom

Pelosi Blast Republicans on Tax Cuts as WH Negotiates

WikiLeaks cables condemn Russia as 'mafia state'

Assange rape charge 'could be a set up': Wilkie

What are you listening to right exactly NOW

Bombs away: Authorities announce plans to burn Escondido home filled with explosives


Obama's full 8-1/2 minute post-mortem following today's meeting

"Christmas Is Pain" by Roy Zimmerman

An inspirational, musical christmas card from Ukulele Underground brings the world together.

"You've got a Friend" - World AIDS Day 2009

Simon & Garfunkel: Silent night-7 o'clock news-

60 Minutes: Justice Stevens Opens Up

Boehner: GOP, President Obama Can Find Common Ground

Tool Time: Joe Barton Declares War on Obama

Glenn Beck Misleads FOX News Viewers Once Again

Wikileaks - The Movie ('The Social Leak')

(G)Lenin Beck Earns Worst Person in The World

FDA in bed with corporate America

60 Minutes: Anderson Cooper on Afghan police force corruption

Snooki, Hugh Hefner a Pet Chimp and the Bush Tax Cuts?

Papantonio: Crazy Joe Barton, The War Sissy

Huckabee on Assange & Wikileaks - Anything less than execution is too kind a penalty

Thom Hartmann: Klingenschmitt says our Army has manly men - not feminized...yet.

Thom Hartmann - A millionaire begs for more... taxes!

Stephen Baldwin: MSM, Obama & Government Do Not Care About The People of the Gulf

TYT: Radical Christian Daughters Movement

Thom Hartmann - Obama caves to far right wing with wage freeze for federal employees

Rachel Maddow and Bernie Sanders

Obama Promised

Young Turks: Cenk on O'Reilly & Palin WikiLeaks Outrage

Keith Olbermann Spits Up At Michele Bachmann's Island Dream...With Him

Why Might a Saudi King Want the US to Attack Iran?

Cat Food Commission'er Alan Simpson, Jackass

O'Reilly Calls Napolitano A Pinhead Judge And Has A Dopey Show

Steven Chu on building a clean energy economy

No Millionaire Left Behind!

TYT: Should Ryan Seacrest be Rich?

Senate GOP Vows to Block Senate Legislation

GWAR Disembowels Sarah Palin On Stage

CA Attorney General-Elect Kamala Harris: We Will Not Defend Prop 8

Mike Malloy - Joe Lieberman Loves Rupert Murdoch

Civil Unions: A Love Story

Father And 12 Yr Old Son Beat 84 Yr Old Man In Parking Lot

TYT: Obama's Failed Political Strategy - MSNBC w Cenk

Harper Advisor Calls for Assassination of Wikileaks Director

Republicans Walking President Obama Like a Dog

TDPS: Fantastic interview with healthcare whistleblower Wendell Potter

Weird Liberal Head Show #236: President Obama is Acting Like Stupid, Ignorant, Drunken Bum

Wikileaks and the El-Masri case

MSNBC: Cenk Interviews Agnostic Dad Who Lost Custody Of Kids (w/ Alternet Story & Transcript)

Media Calls for Death of WikiLeaks

"It's Time To Shutdown The Terrorist Website WikiLeaks! Shut It Down! Shut It Down! Shut It Down!"

TYT with Cenk: 'Slavery Reparations' Claim By Rep. (Steve) King

Nancy Skinner on Fox News with Megyn Kelly 120110 discussing failure to extend unemployment benefits

Mike Malloy - Unemployment Benefits Running Out In Kentucky

Get ready for the next great depression


Sen Bernie Sanders: There Is A WAR Being Waged Against The Working Families Of America!

The Hope and The Change

WikiLeaks reveals more than just government secrets by Glenn Greenwald

The El-Masri Cable by Scott Horton

GOP Sabre Rattles at White House: Tells Obama Even Bees Are Going 'Red'

America, Pakistan and the $26m barbed wire bill

GOP blocks renewal of jobless benefits extension

Radio Host: Israel Trying to 'blackmail' U.S. into War w/Iran

OFA Asks Supporters to Write a “Letter to the Editor” Praising Federal Worker Pay Freeze

Bulldozing down town after pushed to the edge! Just Venting!

Tiffany Profits Jump 27%; BUFFETT BUYS FROM TIFFANY

Political bombshell explodes: Pakistan, Xe Services not trustworthy /snark/

Hamish McRae: It's the weak who are being made to suffer

Gov. Jerry Brown Will Aggressively Push Change

“The Republicans Do Not Care About the Unemployed in This Country”

Robert Scheer: Hillary Gets Wiki-Served

Amy Goodman: WikiLeaks and the End of U.S. ‘Diplomacy’

Free IPv4 Pool Now Down To Seven /8s

Analysis: Hard case for U.S. against WikiLeaks's Assange

How I became a con artist

The Great Placator/Milquetoast

Raising Taxes Helps The Rich

Who's Killing Iran's Scientists?

Obama Takes Blame for Partisanship in Washington, Republicans Let Him

Reading Tea Leafs Obama Caves Tax Breaks Rich

Genachowski Offers Pretend Net Neutrality Proposal

Republicans are people too...mean, selfish, greedy people...

European banks took big slice of Fed aid

GOP Playing Chicken: This Time Run Them The F*&k Over

'Today, the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) has failed millions...'

The naked emperor by Pepe Escobar

Wikileaks and the death of American badassery.

Daniel Ellsberg on Democracy Now about Wikileaks.

"An Interview With WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange"--Andy Greenberg/FORBES Magazine

BP Moves Ahead with Its Tar Sands Project:

Gasoline prices have been creeping up

Energy is never destroyed, right?

Ship happens?: Plan to transport radioactive materials on Great Lakes creates ripples of protest

Extreme heat will soon be norm: UN agency (AP/CBC)

EU Wants Climate Aid To Poor Nations As Loans, Not Grants; Discussions "Complete Mess" - Guardian

Nature - Mercury Pollution Linked To Teh Gay In American Ibises

State Gov. Report - OR Heading For Hotter Summers, More Fires, Less Water In Next 50 Years

Survey - One In Four Residents Of Hong Kong Want To Move Because Of Foul Air

USGS/NASA - First Satellite Survey Shows 12.3% Less Global Mangrove Habitat Than Previously Thought

160 Dead, 220,000 Homes Damaged As Weeks Of Rain In Colombia Elicit National Emergency Declaration

Federal Judge Orders Destruction Of Transgenic Sugar Beets In AZ, OR

3rd-Busiest Atlantic Hurricane Season On Record Ends, But US Unscathed - Reuters

All Along The Andes, Mountain Glaciers In Full Retreat, Water Supplies In Trouble

GOP Rep. Wants Science Post: Past Warming "Could Have Been Dinosaur Flatulence, You Know?"

Tehran - Iranian Government Closes Offices, Schools In 2-Day Smog Holiday

Kenya Appoints A Board To Evaluate Bringing Nuclear Power To That Country.

Heard on Danish news that the BP oil spill

Maui farmer creates eco-auger; powers 50 homes per unit with ocean or stream water

Mercury 'turns' wetland birds such as ibises homosexual (BBC)

Polish Power Rising

Self-delete- duplicate post n/t

Gun Owners of America

Texas State (University) students back gun measure

1 county, 1 weekend, 3 road rage incidents involving guns and CCWs

Helmke says Brady Campaign has a $250K budget shortfall

Bolivia denies leaked report of presidential tumor

Devastating floods kill at least 20 in Venezuela

Ecuador president says no offer to WikiLeaks chief

Ecuador alters refuge offer to WikiLeaks founder

Leaked documents discuss Cuban spies, US concerns (updated)

Brazil clown Tiririca cleared for congress

Giant scarf knitted for Peru's missing

Leaked documents discuss Cuban spies, US concerns

Seeking cash, Venezuela's Chavez looks to sell Citgo

Colombia: losing the Pacific

Chávez orders to vacate government building to house homeless families

Pat Burns' widow's car broken into after funeral

BREAKING!! Jeter going to the Pirates...

Giants sign Miguel Tejada ...

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Tuesday, November 30)

Oh man, now I really want Japan to get the 2022 World Cup

LPGA scraps 'female at birth' policy

Hadn't seen this posted yet...Drew Brees is SI's Sportsman of the Year

Upcoming Athlete Biopics!

Purdue women’s player with meningitis released

Jose M. Rodriguez Gonzalez: Chavez is right, Uribe is not

**************College Football: Week 14**************

Why are so many people in sports republican?

I came across an interesting OLD comic by Terry Laban - entitled "The Sissy"

College Campuses Are Producing a New Style of AIDS Activist

Toon: You Decide

Guilty Pleas In Hate Crime Bashing Of Queens Gay Man (Disturbing video of the attack at link)

'Historic' civil unions measure passes Illinois House

If the (DADT) ban falls ...

SPLC’s Intelligence Report: Gays Targeted for Hate Crimes Far More Than Any Other Minority in USA

Tony Perkins Is Ever So Pissed At Apple

Illinois Senate Passes Civil Union Bill

New CA Attorney General Kamala Harris: "We will not defend Prop 8 because it is unconstitutional"

"Don't ask, don't tell" probably not happening any time soon

WikiLeaks: Israel's Security Concerns Often Clash With U.S. Interests

Israel unveils new residential plan near East Jerusalem

'53% of Israelis say Arabs should be encouraged to leave'

Bishop bashes chrisTian Persecution Complex

Look busy, y'all

Today (Dec. 1) is "Not Ashamed" Day for UK Christians.

How many people do you think are regular churchgoers, possibly church members, and even active in

My Bible quote of the day ...


"Jesus" Inspired Ghandi & MLK. Atheists - What Have You Got to Match That?

"Cosmic Seesaw": New Theory Balances Universe's Visible Matter with Antimatter

Venus Holds Warning for Earth

The Secret of Stonehenge -- It's All Ball Bearings

Could gravitational lensing provide evidence for extra dimensions in the universe?

The 500th Alien Planet Discovered

Marcel Dicke: Why not eat insects?

Hot Spots on Enceladus

Do we have all the technologies needed to afford building space cities and colonize Mars?

Assassination photos - photographers' opinions, please

Meet Indiana Jones and the elusive lady

Express Scripts workers reject company's last and final contract offer, set up fight back fund

Today in Labor History Nov 30 “Fighting Mary” Eliza McDowell born, Mother Jones died, 12,000 strike

New venue for labor disputes?

“Budget Blueprint” Stresses Job Creation And Stabilizing Rather Than Cutting Social Security & Medic

Congress To Unemployed Workers: “Let Them Eat Cake”

Trumka Blasts “Faux Deficit Hawks”

The latest RW slime, disguised as support for Labor.

How does the rest of Labor feel abut Obama?