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Archives: December 16, 2010

Man jailed for immigrant’s death

About the economy, watch Nightly Business Report on PBS tonight.

About the economy, watch Nightly Business Report on PBS tonight.

Worker suspended over Obama e-mail flap

Man in need finds wallet and moral compass

two white British al Qaida members have been killed in a drone attack in Pakistan

Mayor’s office proposes city get out of trash business

Gulf of Mexico oil leak: US sues BP over oil disaster

Gulf of Mexico oil leak: US sues BP over oil disaster

WikiLeaks: BP blowout in Azerbaijan similar to one in Gulf

In regards to Obama's discussion today with those twenty CEO's

Didn't the ReTHUG Congress call back

Michelle Rhee? Tweety. Really?

Maybe Rahm Was Right...

In my opinion, the Democrats should have debated the bush tax cut extension


Harry Ried to GOP: Quit your whining!

Army ‘birther’ who refused deployment going to be making little ones out of big ones

Mayor Proposes Taking Fire Ax to Firemen's Pension ("taxpayers shoud not be treated like ATM's")

How much are you spending for gifts this Holiday Season?

May DADT die a swift and much deserved demise

May DADT die a swift and much deserved demise

N.J. legislator proposes 'parent trigger' for failing schools

Liberals to take last stab at estate tax rate before Thursday vote

TIME Magazine asks Is the FDA on drugs?

I'm a proud, unapologetic liberal and as far as the president in 2012, we'll see!

Are we having a food drive

City bans tethering-New ordinance requires dogs to be inside house or pen

TV weather person described a hispanic man in her fake rape while jogging story

More on trends

Being carded, for some it can mean a compliment, for others it

John McCain would have also sued BP for the oil spill

Senator Demint should be able to have the START Treaty and omnibus bill read

Look what likely Pres. candidate Pawlenty has to say about public unions:

California Watch: State's teacher supply plummets...

Your Thanks to a Combat Vet will only hurt him...

His mother is in a wheelchair, he wears football cleats to school...

An-Med Workers Fired Or Resign For Refusing Flu Shots

So Quitter is LEAST popular ever yet GMA Robin ROBERTS is featuring her tomorrow n/t

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Last September, Sarah Palin tried to convince Joe Lieberman to join the GOP for good.

This is what male privilege looks like

NY Times News Alert: U.S. Tries to Build Case Against WikiLeaks Founder

Do you know any military people who will leave the armed forces if DADT is repealed?

Leaked document shows EPA allowed bee-toxic pesticide despite own scientists’ red flags

DeMint Caves, Won’t Force Reading of New START

The best thing about being in a drug induced coma back in the summer of 2004..

Dont ask Dont tell

Senator Harry Reid warns of a working weekend ahead (& maybe even work thru end of session in Jan)

Rachel's on Letterman now

Are their bathroom webcams in your workplace?


Spate of cold-related deaths in Chicago

The one on the right was on the left

Ever wonder why the left & the right can never agree on anything?

Republicans spit in the face of all Americans.

If the Sen. Majority Leader...

Will supporters of President Obama's recent antics (tax cuts)

A cheerful little Christmas story, to celebrate the holiday season ...

Small Town Mayor to citizens; "Shut the fuck up"

Blu says MOCA's removal of his mural amounts to censorship

Just for a break: National Geographic has posted their Top Ten of 2010...

Up to 50 refugees drown off Christmas Island

Is there anything in the Constitution that does NOT apply to

Germany bans cultivation of GM corn

Obama Meets With CEOs To Urge Them To Start Hiring - USA Today


More Chase customers could pay fee for checking

A truckload of Chevy Volts

General strike hits further austerity demands in Greece

Putin calls for clampdown on xenophobia following street clashes

Joe Scar and Barnacle slam Kyl and DeMint. Both feel they should

Poll: Assessment of Afghanistan War Sours

Dylan ratigan "get america working"

Pork Finds A Way: F-35 Funding Obama Threatened To Veto Now In Budget Bill That Pentagon Endorses

One great story of a man with a conscience. It will warm your heart.

2009 unemployment rate for college grads = 9.2%

School board shooter in Florida had frustrated, turbulent life along with interest in anarch

School board shooter in Florida had frustrated, turbulent life along with interest in anarch

WikiLeaks reveals BP blowout in Azerbaijan

Army 'birther' changes course, says he'd deploy

Allen West: 'I Meant Censure' The Press Over WikiLeaks, Not 'Censor'

John Cornyn Up In Arms Over All The Earmarks Not Requested By John Cornyn

Davie police officer convicted of rape to get new trial-jury forewoman brought a Wikipedia article

Ticking boxes in Afghanistan

Protesters demand release of Assange

AFP: Canada, EU on track toward free trade: officials

Success of U.S. Afghan policy won't be clear before July

British judge rejects appeal against bail for WikiLeaks' Julian Assange; he will be freed - AP

CSPAN caller suggests one way to stop "bending over backwards to accommodate blacks in this country"

Mitch McConnell Fights Back Tears On Senate Floor (VIDEO)

'pothead-turned-plutocrat Mayor Michael Bloomberg'

71% of Characters in Children’s Films are Male

Should Fox Noise hire Heidi Jones to do their weather?

Rich Get Most From Special Education In Nation’s Largest District

Thousands On HIV Drugs Desperate Amid Budget Woes

SPLC responds to Family Research Council, conservative Republicans

Here's the National Christmas Tree that we were given yesterday....

Hamtramck's Budget Nightmare: Michigan Town Left With Nothing Else To Cut

Krugman- Orwell and the Financial Crisis

Labor report sets encouraging tone on Wall Street

BofA asks bond holders for more time. Wait, what? Aren't they the ones to rush to foreclosures?

Stupid Never Goes Out Of Style

Army Launches Program to Field New Camo

Assange's lawyer says that it is the British Government

Senate votes to take up START pact

Senate votes to take up START pact

Judge orders WikiLeaks' Julian Assange free on bail

More sex assaults reported at mil. academies

Will the Austerity Riots ever make it across the pond to the States?

Violent Crime Odds Double For People With Disabilities

Dude, Where's My Mortgage?

Afghanistan Red Cross sees grim outlook for civilians

Facial recognition comes to Facebook photos; will police use it to ID suspects?

Congressman Anthony Weiner

Free-Market Medicine

everything you wanted to know about Federal statistics,but were afraid to ask

WikiLeaks: Swedish government 'hid' anti-terror operations with America from Parliament

WikiLeaks: Swedish government 'hid' anti-terror operations with America from Parliament

Home construction up after 2 months of declines

Joe Scarborough REALLY made me laugh this morning!

Why are Republicans such failures at foreign policy?

Rick Scott’s bold education plan draws bevy of critics

U.S. says Chavez subverting will of Venezuelans

U.S. says Chavez subverting will of Venezuelans

Merry Christmas 2010 (Duck and Cover Edition)

Police Forced To Pick Up Slack As Mental Health Services Fade

tim kaine should have resigned after the november 'shellacking'

‘Showdown in America’: Scenes from Tuesday’s bank protests

Lawsuit says Iowa judicial retention vote was illegal

See! Bipartisanship works!

McCain-Palin administration would not have .....

Failure, not progress in Afghanistan..article Huffpo

You Guys Saw This, Right ??? - "Poll: Liberals Bail on Obama"

Return of the Great Triangulator

Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid

It's a Great Time to Be Rich

U.S. Court Rules Warrants Needed to Spy on Emails

If the bastids could they would...

The hero in the DADT repeal battle has been Patrick Murphy. Kick and Recommend for him!

Obama war review: Taliban, al-Qaida diminished

FBI/Police on scene, smoking materials, IED, waiting on Search Warrant to go in:

Top Dem: GOP 'Dangerous To America's Health'

Anti-Gay Activist: Gay Rights Groups Stole The Rainbow From Us!

Anyone hear Sen John Thune on NPR this morning? He's against earmarks & when the reporter

Even the American government won't buy American

JOHNNY CRY = A new Jukebox hit by Mark Fiore = watch and listen to the Weeper of the House

The Rude Pundit - Kyl and DeMint: Baby Jesus Doesn't Want Us to Pass the START Treaty Right Now

Utterly ridiculous: Pope calls Christians the most persecuted

(incoming) House intel chairman: Execute WikiLeaks soldier

Former Morgan Stanley Broker Guilty - defrauding children with disabilities

C-Span 3 NOW: Nader on WikiLeaks...

Tulsa to evict 70 renters due to landlord's unpaid water bill

A different kind of poll....check it out!

New York City Consultants Charged in $80M Waste, Fraud Scheme

December Photo CONTEST for you morning people...

Rapidly Increasing Criminal and Civil Penalties Against Big Pharma

Dallas to open lactation station on Thursday

Fewer people apply for unemployment benefits

How the Disney dream died in Celebration

Human Rights Organizations Worldwide Decry Attacks on Freedom (Wikileaks)

Okla. set to execute inmate with substitute drug (used to euthanize animals)

Commission opposes ABIA body scanners

We The People - "hanging by a thread"

Another clue for Michael Vick warning: graphic image

Nokia sues Apple over patents in iPhone, iPad

So, Poppy bailed out the "Dick"

Italy: Court Upholds Convictions of American CIA agents in Kidnapping Case

I'M So Bored With the U.S.A.

I'M So Bored With the U.S.A.

a third clue for Michael Vick warning: graphic image

Jury hears dad's suit against publisher of gay erotica

I just wanted 3 things

UAE hotel erects 11-million-dollar Christmas tree

Vick's invisible victims never had their day in court

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

NY Times: In France, Civil Unions Gain Favor Over Marriage (95 % of unions by heterosexual couples)

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4

Bizarre encounter with "Homeless Issue" volunteer.

"The Crying Game" and Boehner's tears: Two good Op-Eds in the NYT this A.M

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5

DOOM-O-RAMA -- Thursday Edition

Rich Guys Vote To Extend Tax Cuts For Rich, Laughter Trickles Down to Middle Class

I know it's incredibly selfish of me, but I am in serious withdrawal.

Again, Obama Will Refuse To Listen

WAPO Oped on Parent Trigger by California Governor...

The Dumbest Tea Party Signs of 2010 - presented in honor of being runner-up for "Person of the Year"

15 'Democrats' voted against repeal of DADT in the House

Cox Cable, internet and phone package is now putting the

Assange walks out of the High Court with hand raised: "It's great to smell the fresh air of London"

Is The United States of America Still A Democracy ???

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

And yet the Family Research Council still whines that it's called a hate group

Tax cuts for those who earn $250K/yr or less

What is a federal conspiracy?

Question about DADT repeal

Army Birther Changes Mind About Birth Certificate Thing, Now Wants To Deploy

War Protest Today Outside of White House: Protestors to Chain Themselves to White House Fence

Politifact's eight "Lie of the Year" finalists

For those who know about these things, what is the dif between Four Loko and a Baileys Coffee?

For those who know about these things, what is the dif between Four Loko and a Baileys Coffee?

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: Tell the US Senate Not to Go Home Until DADT Is Repealed

John Boehner's Crying: Is He Drinking Too Much?

Julian Assange has been released, according to The Guardian

45 million Americans make less than $20,000 per year.

More sick Dick pics...Cheney and his unidicted co-conspirator, plus Condi & Pickles, Nov. 16, 2010

House Votes Again To End DADT!

Pence said the "American people spoke on November 2nd.."

Police to charge 14 after inquiry into Anglo Irish Banks

Get ahead of your opponent with Professional Blog Warriors.

I wish I could have appreciated what I had when I was a child...

I bet 10 cents you sense you're going to censure Allen West for calling to censor the media.

Dem (Rep. Peter DeFazio) predicts end of Obama presidency

UFO shot down above Israeli nuclear plant, military says

It's down to us.

Consider this a preview of troop/vet support after 1/2011-Gulf War illness..

BREAKING: House Democratic leaders pull the tax bill from the House floor

John Bohner wants the world to know: He is a Tear Party Republican.

Do you think the Dream Act will pass this year?

Do you think the Dream Act will pass this year?

Question about the house leader

We Laugh To Keep From Crying

My short note to my Representative, Jay Inslee:

Boehner's Mother on His Crying: He's Either Hungry or He Has to Go Potty.

Winona Ryder On Mel Gibson - "He's anti-Semitic and he's homophobic"

CONTEST = Barack Obama is the dancing Santa = submit your entry now

***Julian Assange due to walk out of jail any minute. MSNBC and elsewhere, I'm sure. ***

Here are the projected increases in social security security taxes needed to fund current benefits

Ask Obama to protect Net Neutrality.

Put one of your favorite statistics in the subject line

Assange: "If justice is not always an outcome, at least it is not dead YET."

Talking point on taxes: Even if we cut the budget in half, we'd *still* have a deficit.

Obama - Here Is What A Fighter Looks Like

Mayor Compares Nation to Alcoholic Family

Federal court blocks Obama Administration attempt to spy on cell phones without a warrant

Pelosi is pushing for the tax package

Court Rebuffs Obama on Warrantless Cell-Site Tracking

170 pound dog injures child (not a pit bull!)

A Simple Equation

Well bowl me over with a feather: Pat Toomey supports repeal of DADT

What the tax compromise could mean for the future of Social Security.

January 5th should be interesting.

Thousands on HIV drugs desperate amid budget woes


Primary season: if not Obama, WHO?

John Boehner's Crying: Is He Drinking Too Much?

I have a feeling that 60/61 votes for DADT repeal caused the GOP to panic and force debate on START.

Puppy rescued from St. Louis pond recovering - Police search NY home in beach-corpses probe - A 2fer

German Troops to Begin Leaving Afghanistan Next Year

Russia: Moscow under siege for racist violence

Private Manning -Uniform Code of Military Justice 813. Art. 13- Punishment prohibited before trial

We are all in this together -- Please Richmond Va businesses BUY NASCAR TICKETS

Did We Give Up On Bush Taxes to Get DADT Repealed?

CHEAP CHRISTMAS PRESENTS: 15 Detroit Houses You Can Buy For Less Than $500

Ohio and Wisconsin lose high-speed rail funding.

FBI whistleblower and DU member Colleen Rowley discussed Wikileaks on Olbermann's show tonight

Pseudobulbar affect…

Senator Harry Reid's Statement on DADT Repeal

Thom Hartman just gave us plugs...specifically to Truthout

We are the change--not a cliche

Largest vet-led protest in decades Thursday at White House

Secret Santa Hands Out $100 Bills

Birther Army doc sentenced

Meme of the Day 101216

Newt's New Model: Safety, Prosperity, Freedom

Toles rant: Fool's cold edition

Halliburton agrees to heavy fine to save the corrupt war criminal of a Dick

N.J. proposes rules to make it harder for workers who quit or are fired for misconduct to collect UE


Reid defends earmarks, threatens work until Jan. 5

The Republicans won the war stating repealing the Booshe tax cuts would RAISE taxes on everyone

Are you upset or hurt that Julian Assange is not Time's 'Person of the Year'?

LOL! Meghan McCain 'column' posted to The Daily Beast unedited. Moron alert...

OK..... some of us see the truth, evidence and what we see as a major hypocrisy.

US missile intercept test fails ( $400 million dollars and they still can't get it correct)

Naomi Wolf: Assange rape case "is not the State embracing feminism–it is the State pimping feminism"

Is FB down?

200 Cats Found in SoCal Storage Unit

Journalists Are All Julian Assange - By Robert Parry

Top 10 Anti-Semitic Slurs of 2010

Why Republicans Need To Keep Tax Cuts In Place


We just lost one of our dem 'yes' votes for the DADT repeal - Sen Wyden is going into hospital

We just lost one of our dem 'yes' votes for the DADT repeal - Sen Wyden is going into hospital

NY: (Bush v. Gore revisited) Appellate judges deny recount

So, when is the DADT vote gonna happen? Time is running out.

Neo-Nazi guilty in murder of gay teen

The war machine is

so...for a little light entertainment-I'm watching "Rove's War"

Oh Noes... poor Newtie is all atwitter...

Great, now McConnell's crying. Forget the Tea Party. It's the year of Crying Republicans.

Great, now McConnell's crying. Forget the Tea Party. It's the year of Crying Republicans.

Comparing US with Foreign Educational Standards.

Whistleblowers claim unsafe parts and building techniques used in 737NG aircraft

Question about mortgages and their securitization.

Senate Passes Truth in Fur Labeling Act

Oh quit yer fucking cryin...

I won't be voting for Obama in the next election.

Supposedly slain al-Qaida terrorist resurfaces in Yemen

If the Dems let Repubs off the debt limit hook, they're complete neophytes.

Iowa Farmland Values Show Double Digit Increases

Foaming-at-the-mouth rabid right wingers want to take the Rainbow flag away from Teh Gays

Woodward and Bernstein, TIME (1974) Men of the Year

To All the Other Animals' Dismay, The Pigs Were Seen Now Standing.

Positive Mood Allows Human Brain to Think More Creatively

The Sarah Palin of Education? by Patricia...

Latino Chipotle workers speak out after mass immigration firings in Minnesota

And remember: These economic problems are Bush's fault.

And remember: These economic problems are Bush's fault.

Hey Geezer! (of the Geezer/Douchebag ticket)

An Obvious Solution to the Estate Tax is a SLIDING SCALE

the myth that most mergers produce "value" by producing "synergies"

Cable: Spain to Sec. Clinton about nuke contamination (Palomares)

The President said, "We worked hard to negotiate this deal"

"Thank you for beating Christine O'Donnell, that was an important election, I think, for life on

Dozens of GOP Leaders Declare Solidarity With Those Who Want To See Homosexuality Outlawed

Hybrid, electric vehicles to become louder for pedestrian safety

Proposed. The porn industry should be able to advertise to children.

Cut the Payroll Tax to Save Social Security

Meeks says minority contracts should only go to blacks

Laptop as HTPC...How do I get my Monitor to stay on when I close the Lid of my Laptop???

Lieberman claims 60 votes for repeal of ‘Don’t ask’ policy

December Photo CONTEST for you early evening people...

Grow up, put your big girl panties on and get back to work

Keeping Christ in Christmas. They never had to remind us before.

Thank you Ms. Jackson-Lee. Thank you others.

Saving Obama's Presidency

Governor Rick Scott setting the stage to decimate Florida public schools

If the GOP split into old schoolers and teabaggers, would you want a second left party...

FDA begins process of revoking Avastin approval for breast cancer treatment

Julian Assange Named 'Rockstar of The Year'

Vikings Seek Volunteers To Help Shovel Out Field

What if Obama's healthcare law required every American to buy a gun? How'd you feel about that?

Ever wonder why the left & the right can agree on so much?

For those who keep repeating the 60 vote myth...

Is it Time for Democrats to Fight Obama?

OMG GO LLOYD GO! Doggett for President! Oh yeah, I've said it before!

Why did the founding father's not rely on voluntary charity to fund national defense?

Update: Barney Frank Thurs morning: 'Unless There Are Some Liars' DADT Repeal Has 62 Senate votes

I Simply Can't Trust Him

Obama is hiring military contractors at a rate that would make Bush blush.

There are a few things people should realize about the Payroll Tax Cut...

They keep talking about keeping the tax breaks for 98% of the people even though

They keep talking about keeping the tax breaks for 98% of the people even though

YouTube Gives Users Ability To Flag Content That Promotes Terrorism

DeFazio: Obama says failure on tax deal would mean ‘end of his presidency’

Heroic, Female and Muslim

Wowzer. Is this ever stupid.

No one can say what happened to $1 million in confiscated drug money

How to survive a dog attack

cool websites for naturalists and nature lovers!

Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA) on tax deal: President Obama "went out and gave away the store"

Skinner & the admins have given us Bernie Sanders avatars

jon kyl, what a pompous, sanctimonious asshole....disrespecting congress and the christian holiday?

"Right now in most of Dixie it is culturally unacceptable to be a Democrat"

New story surfacing about Julian Assange

Breaking on CNN- Dems pull tax bill from House floor

Of what value are "free health screenings" to people w/o insurance?

Over sixty years of victoryless wars,

Jury Rejects "My Daughter Saw Gay Porn!" Lawsuit

The Big Money is in Mis Information

Wikileaks toon by Humon

***** Official LIVE BLOG House = Tax Cuts Debate *****

How are you doing?

NYT: U.S. Rethinks Strategy for the Unthinkable

New Advice for Nuclear Strike - Don't Flee, Get Inside

parents of AP students

Economic Policy Institute: A staggering rise in health insurance costs

Operation Payback Group 'Anonymous' Issues Open Letter To Glenn Beck

During the Bush years I came up with a clever & effective cheap shot against Republicans on DU . . .

Question about the estate tax.

After being accused of insensitivity over Assange rape allegations Keith Olbermann suspend his . . .

Facebook Can Hunt Down Your Face in Any Photo Now

Facebook Can Hunt Down Your Face in Any Photo Now

School board shooter: “He obviously was not happy with our government,” Van Etten said.

Wikileaks: Documents Confirm US Plans Against Venezuela

Forget harping on Bush's tax cuts for the rich.

Fewer people apply for unemployment benefits

Obama Echoes Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan in Praise of Corporate CEO's

Obama just SOLD future generations of our kids and grandkids into economic slavery

Obama just SOLD future generations of our kids and grandkids into economic slavery

APNewsBreak: Wichita doctors to offer abortions

another bail out...

The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention

Assange turns America into banana republic

What Bernie Said, Part II

3-year old brings marijuana to day care to share with friends

A clue for Michael Vick warning: graphic image

Question Authority

WikiLeaks sheds light on U.S. bid to sell jet fighters to Brazil

A few comments on NC's Dem Heath Shuler, and his long meeting with tea party.

(Jimmy Carter) America Is Ready for a Gay President

US sues BP over oil disaster

It's official. You're on your own

Republican Hypocrisy Is Totally Disgusting

Talk about entitlements for the middle class and poor here's a story about millionaires I know and

December Photo Contest **POLL** thread #3

December Photo Contest **POLL** thread #2

December Photo Contest **POLL** thread #1

Obama set to win big victory

Woohooo - Say goodbye to Omaha Steaks, Mr. Beck.

Torture Watch: Is the Obama administration still torturing Bradley Manning?

Santa Letters Ask For The Basics

Santa Letters Ask For The Basics

Daniel Ellsberg arrested at White House Wikileaks Protest:. Calls Assange an Australian patriot.

Thank you for the star, whoever my anonymous benefactor is.:) nt

Chavez seeks power to rule by decree for 1 year

Why Time Magazine's Person of the Year choice is SO Incredibly Revealing

What is your take on Michael Vick?


Return of the Great Triangulator: Clinton's financial deregulation created this economic mess

Who Is the FBI Really Trying to Entrap?

A very few have always controlled the many

Bernie Sanders Puts Barack Obama to Shame

Fundie filth "You stole our rainbow"

Iranian accusations of US involvement in mosque bombing that killed 39 people...

please review,as always,my latest editorial on HR 3082-gulf war illness

Should dolphin/whale killers be prosecuted as murderers?

Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid

Looking Back at the 111th Congress (CQ Roll Call)


Feck this and feck that

Is there any way on DU to apologize to someone who has put you on ignore?

A Father Taken Hostage By His Daughter


No matter what I do, I just can NOT keep it up. Help me Obi-Wan K'D.U.... you're my only hope.

WikiLeaks Cables: The Bankers Theft of Our Money was Planned Well in Advance

Take it from MFM... WHATEVER you do in front of your dog will come back to haunt you.


spam maps

Kahn! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Simple enough iPod question, I guess.

I got an e-book reader!

Don't buy Bananas from outdoor fruitstands when it's minus ten

"If all the boys lived across the sea, what a good swimmer applegrove would be".

I have loads of fresh apples, cinnamon, butter & oats. What can I make in a microwave?

Photographers - you have 2 weeks to finish up your Kodachrome

Superchunk, featuring one original member . . .

It was the best of smells, it was the worst of smells

I wanted very much to gloat about the Heat winning, but Bob Feller has passed

THIS close to trippin' balls!!!


Commie bastards try to ruin my christmas......

Okay the holidays just got more fun...we had an electrical fire

Has anyone ever actually EATEN their Christmas fruitcock? Am I the only one getting one of those?

My kitty likes my Colbert Yule Log screensaver

Secret Teacher Powers:

Are you a disasterbater?

Have you ever done a sinus rinse and had the water come out your eye?

Saw Werner Herzog's "Invincible" last night. Wow!

I dare you to listen to this song

Did anyone watch Larry King tonight?

Put The Candle Back

I dare you to watch this video...

Grr. My dad is hurting.

Why isn't the opposite of an uphill battle...

Lady Gaga: Bad Romance

CONTEST: Entry #1 = Barack Obama is the dancing Santa

Jesus H. Baldheaded Christ. Say hello to my college roommate.

One of the greatest gifts I could give to my grandchildren

Youtube Slapshot: Hockey Primer by Denis Lemieux

What does the / in N/T stand for?

Gobba Gobba Gobba

Toolbar question. Yahoo vs. Google

Conan O'Brien should be ambassador to Finland

ARRRRG! Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Trailer #1

The Nationals are totally awesome

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! ... Stop me if you've heard this one. ... Why was 6 afraid of 7?

The rationals are totally awesome

So here's something that showed up in my neighborhood.

What does the k in Creekdog stand for?

What precious stone is a man's best friend?

Has that ad with the baby scooting around while Brand New Key plays driven you mad?

Link to Christmas video from the Phillies...(TZ, thinking of U!!11!!)

Facebook is down for me

Rest In Power, Blake Edwards

Gmail wants my phone number.

Alone Again, Naturally

Paint it Black

Spill The Wine

Brand New Key


Dream Weaver

I'm Not In Love

'Yule Log' to air in 3D

can someone please tell me how to customize a link in DU, for example...

Top Eleven Reasons Christmas Is Safe From Attack

I just had a thought - soon there will be mail order "CALIFORNIA POT"


Grill baby Grill! My grill has been brought back to life

I are seeking advices from teh Lounge wimminses on my stove ten days turkey stew

The Joker


Best Mail Order Beef...

Sarah Palin medallion looks exactly like PEGGY HILL.

Anyone know why Omaha Steve charges so much?

"Some assembly required" ( 56k warning)

a car question.

I'm having a rough time in Dallas today

Brother Louie

I don't know how to put this

God help me I need to get this shit off of my chest...

credit card due date late payment fee bullshit rant

Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam.......

Half-full or half-empty?

My DU friends, I really don't know how to say this.

Blake Edwards died today: Do you have any reflections you want to share?

In case you didn't know what spoiled kitties look like...

Anyone know why Omaha Steaks charges so much?

Why can't I find a print of Train at Night in the Desert by Georgia O'Keeffe?

hey, i'm going to a taping of "wait, wait don't tell me"

The Kardashian Family Christmas Card..."if The Addams Family made a sex tape with The Sopranos"

Ben Stiller pitches a sequel to Peter Jackson

A pronoun is meant to take the place of a noun

Anyone here ever try aging beef at home?

"Cod semen" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "cod semen".

NorCal Natives: Anyone here remember Ernie the Butcher?

NY Holiday roast

resume question- branding

Help with a song needed

Finally getting around to seeing Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. Which would you rather have?

Spent years proving the supernatural exists.

Happy Beethoven's Birthday, DU!

Post your theme song!!

The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention

Berlusconi government 'will fall by Easter'

U.N. Security Council ends key Iraq sanctions

Hall of Famer Bob Feller dies at 92

Jury Convicts 'Birther' Who Refused To Deploy

Hall Of Famer Bob Feller has died

(UK Austerity) Coalition wields axe over Christmas as 100,000 (public sector) jobs to go by spring

Latino Chipotle workers speak out after mass immigration firings in Minnesota

Humane Society president says Vick would be good pet owner

Blu says MOCA's removal of his mural amounts to censorship

U.S. And China Reach New Trade Agreements

European court to rule on Irish abortion rights

Fresh Transport Strike Hits Greece .

Rare Immigration Bills Pass In Congress

Ivory Coast Opposition Says 13 Supporters Killed in Clashes

WikiLeaks: Swedish government 'hid' anti-terror operations with America from Parliament

Italy appeals court ups US sentences in CIA trial

Greece Accelerates Real-Estate And Asset Privatizations

Carlyle Gets $500 Million Investment From Abu Dhabi

Tax deal would pass House with no change -Democrat (Van Hollen)

Iran accuses Pakistan of links to suicide bombers

Afghan Report Sees July Troop Pullouts Despite Perils

COP15 mass arrests deemed illegal

Chavez seeks power to rule by decree for 1 year

U.S. says Chavez subverting will of Venezuelans

It's a Great Time to Be Rich

Immigration to U.S., After Dip, Is Back Up

Heroic, Female and Muslim

Wikileaks: Grace Mugabe sues over diamond claims

Iran Threat to Kill American Generals Is Real, Experts Say

Pakistani Ambassador Unknowingly Hosted Neocon Fundraiser

Initial jobless claims fall 3000 to 420000

Dem (Rep. Peter DeFazio) predicts end of Obama presidency

European court to rule on Irish abortion rights

Britain - not Sweden - (Opposed) Assange bail

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange freed on bail

Foreclosure filings tumble 14% in November

WikiLeaks: Chevron eyed oil deal involving Iran

WikiLeaks cables: BP suffered blowout on Azerbaijan gas platform

New charges brought against alleged underwear bomber

New report calls for online privacy bill of rights

Wikileaks: Documents Confirm US Plans Against Venezuela

Tin Man

A vow to vote down their own earmarks

China and India target $100 bln trade by 2015

WikiLeaks’ Assange to Continue Work After Release

YouTube Gives Users Ability To Flag Content That Promotes Terrorism

US tracking terror threats during holidays

NATO mistakenly kills 4 Afghan soldiers

Greek Fire Fighters Tackle 38 Blazes During Wage Cut Protests

Medics Tell Winter Bug Sufferers To Stay Away

DREAMers Storm Capitol Hill, Await Word on Senate Vote

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is granted bail

IMF Board Approves $29.7 Billion Loan for Ireland to Help Stem Debt Crisis

'Yule Log' to air in 3D

Julian Assange back in court to fight for bail

Irish abortion ban 'violated' woman's rights

Stockholm suicide bomber 'may not have acted alone'

Obama backs U.N. indigenous rights declaration

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 16

Director Blake Edwards, Master of Farce, Dies at 88

Guantanamo detainee lawyers ask Poles for probe

4 Arrested in Insider Trading Investigation

WikiLeaks cables: Fidel Castro almost died in 2006

Blake Edwards, ‘Pink Panther’ Director, Dies at 88

In France, Civil Unions Gain Favor Over Marriage

House Democratic leaders pull the tax bill from the House floor

Army doctor who refused to deploy (based on 'birther' issue) gets 6 months

Financial rescue (TARP) cost under 1 percent of GDP: Geithner

WikiLeaks cables: Chevron discussed oil project with Tehran, claims Iraqi PM

Gaping Holes in Airline Security: Loaded Gun Slips Past TSA Screeners

Bachmann snub angers tea party leader

DMV worker who warned of hell for gays quits job

The Trafalgar Square killers: two found guilty of attack that left gay man dead

Poll: Assessment of Afghanistan War Sours

Court Rebuffs Obama on Warrantless Cell-Site Tracking

Hoyer: Senate Has Votes Needed To Repeal DADT

Legalize drugs, says former (British) defense secretary (War On Drugs,"Nothing Short Of A Disaster")

Durbin: The $1.1 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill Is ‘Exactly The Number’ McConnell Asked For

Mexican unmanned drone crashes in backyard of El Paso (Texas) home

Sen. Ron Wyden diagnosed with prostate cancer

Espionage Act endangers First Amendment rights, ACLU warns

Eastern Arctic warming trend alarms scientists

GOP Senator Calls Cops on 9/11 Responders

Biden: no 'substantive' damage from Wikileaks

Assange says heard 'rumours' of U.S. indictment

U.S. Tries to Build Case for Conspiracy by WikiLeaks

Banks Push Fed to Curb Borrowers’ Right to Rescind Mortgages

Food prices rise sharply - and there's more to come

War opponents arrested at White House (incl Daniel Ellsberg)

Pope calls Christians the most persecuted

Army murder suspect sent on 'OAS mission' (haven in the U.S. for Colombian)

American accused of trying to sell F-5 to Iran

Wikileaks did not commit a crime, House Judiciary chairman says

Health Suits Raise Questions About Court Partisanship

Unjust wars and unfair taxes

Paul Ryan accuses Romney of playing politics on tax cut deal

The way they're spinning this disaster of a tax deal as such a victory reminds me of this:

Tax-cut deal barely dents Obama’s high support among liberals

This is how the GOP Congress will regulate Wall Street?

"Overview of the Afghanistan and Pakistan Annual Review"

**** Heads Up: President Obama Speaks at the WH Tribal Nations Conference, Live 9:30am EST ****

Rep. Frank blasts credit rating agency for analysis of tax cut package


We want compromise?

I Wonder What Is Going To Happen With The Repeal of DADT

If you're not fuming about this tax deal, you should start right about now

"Harkin: Dems will try again on DREAM Act"

According to the Media, the majority of Americans polled support the tax compromise

Return Fire, 2nd Volley: US Senate to consider blocking Guantanamo closure

Why would one move to adjourn in the middle of a debate?

A survey shouldnt be needed to end discrimination, that said...

President Obama's Christmas Card is online

Democrat: Obama says presidency at risk if deal fails

Quinnipiac Poll: Reassuring Signs for Obama in Pennsylvania/ Tax Compromise supported 69-24

"What I'm trying to do is help run out the clock."

Scott Brown (MA) announces support for repeal of DADT. That makes 61...on paper!

Support for President Obama from Dems and Indy or 3rd party liberals

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaks on the Afghanistan-Pakistan Annual Review, Live 11:45pm EST ****

Joe Lieberman was live on MSNBC just now-Senate has 61 votes to repeal DADT

Sen Harry Reid: "We are in session, if necessary, up to January 5th.

"Dems Pull Tax Cut Test Vote Off House Floor"


Reid defends earmarks, blasts some Republicans as hypocrites

PPP: Scott Brown more popular than John Kerry in MA / Deval Patrick most improved

Ridiculous non-story of the day: ("end of my Presidency" rumor)

The absolute brilliance of Obama's tactic on the tax deal the ultra-left just can't see:

"Obama Has 'Gotten the Message'"

HP: Are Progressives Losing Touch With Reality?

Ron Wyden: I Have Cancer, Will Undergo Surgery - may miss key votes on DADT, START

***HEADS UP*** House debate and vote(s) on tax deal. ***LIVE NOW***

Federal Court Blocks Obama Administration Attempt to Spy on Cell Phones Without a Warrant

So I watched 'Third Reich, the Rise" on History Channel

Tax Cuts explained

I predict DU is going to be VERY unified a month from now.

How America REALLY Works - More from Taibbi's Griftopia

Will Obama really end tax cuts for rich in 2012?

President Obama's statement regarding the House's passage of the DADT repeal

I Don't Hate The Rich. I Don't Want To Confiscate Their Wealth,

After Bucking Holbrooke's Advice On Afghanistan, Obama Invokes His Name

I, as are others of the left are confused over the descriptors of us.

Is Obama About to Sell Us Out Social Security?

Why America’s Two Economies Continue to Drift Apart, and What Washington Isn’t Doing About It

Return of the Lincoln: A Net Neutrality Parable

Prisoner Advocate Elaine Brown on Georgia Prison Strike - Democracy NOW!

Nebraska IBEW Keeps it "Made in the U.S.A."

MRN: Glenn Beck's Bedford Falls Bonanza

Stewart/Colbert Rally: Angry Dude Slugs Sign

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Cenk TYT commentary: MSM Gushes Over Obama Tax Deal

David Swanson on War Lies Q&A

David Swanson on War Lies - Intro

Fox News Grills John Cornyn(R) on Earmarks

Young Turks: Fox News Guest - Rich People Are Heroes!

John Pilger: Global Support for WikiLeaks is Rebellion Against U.S. Militarism, Secrecy

Henry Kissinger, Sarah Silverman, Gas and Jews

The Crying Game, boo f-ing hoo..

Pope Can't Keep Eyes Off Topless Acrobats

Conspiracy Of Silence(Banned Discovery Channel Documentary)

Julian Assange To Be Released From Jail

Fight For Your Rights!

Undercover at Smithfield Foods

A 99er Christmas.mp4

Ed Schultz: Obama Sold Tax Cuts Better Than Bush Did

Can't blame the banks!

View from a Plow--Minnesota Snowstorm 12-11-10 (updated with Baby's delivery involves plows)

Biden On START Treaty Vote: Don't Talk To Me About Christmas

Durbin On McConnell Support For $1.1 trillion Omnibus Spending Bill

Weird Liberal Head Show #249: I'm Done

TDPS: Economist Richard Wolff Destroys "Bar Stool Economics"

VIDEO: Veterans for Peace Take Demand to White House Fence

Boy Asks TSA 'Why Pat Down Mom And Not Me?', TSA Replies

Julian Assange Walks Out Of Jail & Up To The Microphone

John Boehner And His Drill Sergeant Therapist!

OUTRAGE! --Fox News says over Michael Moore's comments on KO --OUTRAGE!!

Young Turks: Report Doctored By Republicans!!!

Harry Reid to GOP Senators: ''Quit Whining and Get to Work, Start Working As Most Americans Do

Parker / Spitzer: DeFazio: Obama makes 'the end' pitch

Sarah Palin's Book Tanks

Quasi-Governmental Entities AT&T and Verizon Blocking Wikileaks Sites

Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid

GA Prison Inmate Strike Enters New Phase, Prisoners Demand Human Rights, Education, Wages For Work

The Wikileaks Revolution

NFL Hits 'Jets Tripping Coach' With The 'Seinfeld Penalty'

Senate agrees to open talks on new arms treaty with Russia.

Exclusive: The Wikileaks Australia Files.

Dear John, I Love Jane: When Women Leave Their Husbands for Other Women

Morrissey supports Johnny Marr in David Cameron row

L.A. dry run shows urban nuke attack 'a survivable event'

Heaven Sent

Dude, Where's My Mortgage? How an Obscure Outfit Called MERS Is Subverting Our Entire System of Prop

Funniest Political Pictures of the Decade

Another of the Moral Zombies of the Corporate Lobbyist party provides tearful performance: McConnell

The Crying Game - John Boehner

Heroic, Female and Muslim - quite a story here. What a woman!

The conservative case for Net neutrality

What's in our future?

Bobby Jindal's $200M Sand Berms a Failure

WikiLeaks cables: Bradley Manning's health is deteriorating in jail, supporters claim

Any of you follow Swami Beyondananda?

'Obama Gave Away The Store' - Rep. McDermott (D-WA) In Interview w/ Cenk of TYT

List of senators and the number of earmarks they placed in Omnibus spending bill

Responsibility, Accountability and Integrity

Special Report: Is America the sick man of the globe?

Christian Air Force Officer Vows to Violate Military Regulations if DADT is Repealed

Republican Minority Report on Financial Crisis: Deficits, Blacks Caused It

"Obama is dealing away FDR's legacy" By Julian E. Zelizer

White Russian - Wikileaks Anthem

U.S. Senate Passes Extension for the Renewable Energy Tax Grant Program

Independent UK: Arctic's vanishing sea ice presents polar bear with a new danger – grizzlies

Polar Bear Extinction Study, Given a Chance with greenhouse gas reductions

Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout (new book by pro-nuke activist Patrick Moore)

Peak oil notes - Dec 16

Bob Murray: "We don't need another community organizer ... I'm the guy that does creat jobs"

Regulation is deficient in Canada oil sands: study

Nature - U. Washington Study - Tipping Point For Arctic Ice Cap Not Necessarily So - AFP

Global warming alters reproductive timing of amphibians

In Leg. Hearings, Freedom-Loving Texans Demand That, Uh . . .Govt. Help Against Pollution

UC Davis - Climate Destabilization Altering Breeding Cycles Of Toads & Salamanders

Mummified Forest - Perfectly Preserved Down To Leaves - Unearthed In Canadian Arctic - AFP

NASA - Human Consumption Of Net Primary Production Up 25% 1995 - 2005 - Now At 25% Of Biosphere

Mummified Forest Provides Climate Change Clues.

NSF - Ocean Acidification Has Reached Deep-Sea Corals

ROFL T. Boone Pickens Drops Wind Power From His Energy Plan

Nuclear fusion finance plan rejected by EU Parliament (BBC)

Kansas Allows Controversial Coal-Fired Power Plant

The New Class Warfare over Bicycles

Mexico's drug war: Number of dead passes 30,000

He was one of these Y2k people

Man Shot, Killed Outside Grocery Store

Mexico's drug war: Number of dead passes 30,000

Cartel Gunmen Buy American

Gov't Too Scared Of NRA To Stop Border Gun Trafficking (TPM)


Colombia's Katrina, to the Nth power

(Senate) Commission confirms Larry Palmer as ambassardor in Caracas (Spanish)

Wikileaks 2009: U.S. embassy does not foresee demonstrations or massive migrations if Fidel passes

Anti-Morales governor removed in Bolivia

Democracy Index 2010

Wikileaks: Documents Confirm US Plans Against Venezuela

Santos to rule by decree for a year to combat problems in the country

Venezuela gives Christmas bonus to flood victims; lots of international aid-none from the U.S.

Anti-Morales governor removed in Bolivia

The U.S. government's "divide and conquer" tactic in South America--laid out in the cables

IACHR press release about proposed Internet censorship in Venezuela

Army murder suspect sent on 'OAS mission' (Colombia)

Tennessee loses to Oakland by 7 at home


Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller dies at 92

First it was hats. Then it was octopi. Now it's... teddy bears??

Arizona State dealt heavy sanctions

One way to help the unemployed >>

Celtics top Knicks...11 Victories straight

Mark Cuban's interest could be significant step in BCS playoff push...

Are the Red Sox ruining baseball?

With Orton ailing, Tebow gets bulk of snaps at Broncos practice

What is this plane called do you think?

+++ NFL Week 15 Picks +++

Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) Says She'll Vote for 'DADT' Repeal

Lawyer for Columbia professor charged with incest brings up "homosexuals" to defend his client

Hoyer: Senate Has Votes Needed To Repeal DADT

In Memoriam: Honoring the Gay TV Characters We Lost in 2010

Kwanten Leap: True Blood star opens up about his gay brother, his loyal male admirers and sex life

And in today's news the pope takes time away from hot acrobats to whine about persecution.

Be a gay Santa (Via Andy Humm)

What's your top musical moment from Glee this season?

(More than 900) World rabbis denounce edict forbidding Jews from renting homes to Arabs

US House opposes unilateral declaration of 'Palestine'

Sorry, Hamas, I'm Wearing Blue Jeans

A poll for theists only.

A Poll for Atheists and non-believers only

"Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays"

REVISED poll for atheists only

Utterly ridiculous: Pope calls Christians the most persecuted

Mankind threatens undersea life by his activities (you should see the cool 'vampire squid'!)

December Photo Contest is up in GD!!