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Archives: December 17, 2010

Gold dispensing machine first in USA

Hey Kyl and DeMint, are the troops blasphemous for working on Christmas?

Just 4 District Court nominees confirmed today (so far)

Scandinavia and the World: WikiLeaks


McConnell's pulling the whole "scary stack of paper" trick that Boehner used during HCR.

Will Wyden have a proxy for the DADT vote?

Are the ignorant better off?

Idea: A thank you to Pelosi?

Republican Priorities

Senator Barney Frank says 63 - 64 Votes To Repeal DADT!

Senator Barney Frank says 63 - 64 Votes To Repeal DADT!

Want to wish all of my DU family Happy Holidays.

KO just reported that Reid pulled the Senate Omnibus Funding bill

Overland Park, Kansas. You're next! Larry king Live last show tonight.

Heads up: Senator Harry Reid is expected to be on the Senate floor soon - what's he going to say?

"For each and every underdog soldier in the night"

Dhabi has a $11,000,000 Christmas tree

BREAKING: Harry Reid will file cloture on Don't Ask Don't Tell TONIGHT!!!!!

What the hell is going on in the House and Senate??

Just the Hackers You Need

Obama Labor Dept. acts against wage and benefit theft

Uncertainty, uncertainty, death taxes, uncertainty, taxes, uncertainty

Senators Have Votes, if Time Permits, to Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Senators Have Votes, if Time Permits, to Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

If I were Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, or anyone else from Wikileaks taken into custody...

Damn this is the crisis I expected NEXT Spring

For Those Of You Who Missed This... See How The Democratic Wing...

Well that was awkward..Big Dawg on LKL..."zipper club"

Not guilty plea in clerk killings (follow up teen executed 2 cashiers)

Not guilty plea in clerk killings (follow up teen executed 2 cashiers)

Ron Wyden WILL be there to vote this weekend (DADT)

Clinton proposes 5K new State Dept employees. Good or bad?

It was Jindal's folly...

The World's problem is that everyone is a freaking critic... So for all those critics out there....

Senator Wyden will be available this weekend to vote on DADT repeal & Dream Act.

Wow... you know I think I've seen this movie before...

Calif. regulators OK nation's most sweeping rules on incentives to cut greenhouse emissions

It's a great time to be rich: The next two years will be the best in living memory for the wealthy

Mapping America

For the Corporatists, the GOP and Wall St., private meetings and praise...

More Lloyd Doggett (not just another politician)

Democrats abruptly drop spending fight giving Republicans a greater chance to enact deep cuts

I wish all non-Republicans would drop this "out of the mainstream" bullshit.

Wow! Go John Lewis!

Thank You Again, Rachel !!!

America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful

Amusingly defaced street signs

The Daily Show w/ 911 first responders

Rep. Louise Slaughter: Why I am voting No

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Happy Beethoven's Birthday, DU!

Right now CSPAN is showing the House voting

Just looked at CSPAN - the tax cut bill has passed

Proximity to freeways increases autism risk, study finds

I'm sure DU knows this - but in case you are wondering why Fox "News" hasn't taken up the cause

After Bucking Holbrooke's Advice On Afghanistan, Obama Invokes His Name - HuffPo

Random Side Note...Huckabee's gaining weight again

richard holbrooke and the militarization of US "diplomacy"

Paul Krugman: Wall Street Whitewash

Who Time's Man of the Year should have been

Found this Amazon TSA Security Station by Playmobil

interesting tweet from Sam Seder

Tax Cut Bill: A Guide to the Extensions, Cuts and Credits

Congressional Panel Is Critical of Obama Mortgage Modification Plan

I never made up my mind either way about the tax bill

So What's Next.... Obama Will Sign a Bill To Strip The Healthcare...

Just saw this Democratic Senator on Rachel's show that wants

Troops back armoured underwear dubbed 'combat codpiece' (BBC)

Michael Moore: Dear Government Of Sweden...

Michael Moore: Dear Government Of Sweden...

Are you having technical trouble at DU or other sites?

EU allegations against Hashim Thaci no news for Kosovo Serbs

Swedes deny requesting appeal of Assange's bail

UPDATE: Prosecutor will not file charges in Seeberg case

US drones attack Pakistan's Khyber area for second day

Harry Reid announces vote on DADT repeal for Saturday

Federal Government Cuts Off Recession Relief Money To States

New BMW advert can brand logo onto the back of people's eyelids

DirecTV customers may get refunds over deceptive ads

Did Julian Assange Have an OKCupid Profile?

Thousands on HIV drugs desperate amid budget woes

Fat Cookbooks

Assange on ABC interview this morning.

Assange release causes important American to bang fist on table

Photo Contest for Friday Morning... for those who haven't voted yet

I'll post this again: an anonymous "unrec" with no explanation or attribution is

Julian Assange is a horny guy who sleeps around. So the fuck what?

A little Friday morning fun: 11 Strangest Questions From The D&D 'Sage Advice' Column

Designer arrested over pro-Wikileaks Anonymous press release

Republicans played President Obama in the tax deal like mortgage hustlers played homeowners.

Irish Banks’ Senior Bonds Fall After Moody’s Downgrades Nation

Emotional Intelligence Peaks as We Enter Our 60s, Research Suggests

Luckovich 'toon: How the DADT vote should go.


Mr Fish Toon: The final chapter

"Insider trading" ass-holes busted

Officials: CIA station chief pulled from Islamabad

But another in a long line of presidents who wouldn't, or couldn't, stand up to the MIC.

Ireland's Lessons for the Real Economy

Rove says of Obama: He has gone from post-partisan candidate to most partisan president.

Why wasn't an Amendment required to prohibit the sale/possession/use of cannabis, and

Toon- Remember when this used to be a good idea?

Tax-Cut Bill Fine Print Adds $55 Billion in Industry Subsidies

Tax-Cut Bill Fine Print Adds $55 Billion in Industry Subsidies

Don't Go to Brazil for a Deal on an iPad - 60% tax on imported goods

New study-- Watching Fox News makes you disinformed

USA TODAY shows Veterans getting arrested outside of WHITE HOUSE but doesn't mention Veterans

Desk Drive -- Let's get these Malawi kids some desks!

Another drug czar says some really stupid sh*t

Peace Through ????

Nina Berman & Alan Chin photoessay: Broke-Beck Mountains of Madness

Artist asked to remove nude sculptures from Boca community center

Will the events this year.....

Larry King's legendary run comes to an end

The Silver Lining

Julian Assange to Launch Social Network for Diplomats, Twofacebook - Borowitz

The Time for Passage of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act is Now

Bobby Jindal's 'Crummy' Sand Berms Didn't Really Stop Any Spilled Oil

WikiLeaks' lesson on Haiti

Here it comes.

We essentially have now a non functioning branch of government

President Obama to sign the middle-class tax cut bill at 3:50 p.m. today - NBC

Signs You May be Drunk #12 (Forgetting Important Details About your Family)

Chase customers who earn little to begin with about to be paying monthly checking account fees

Revenge and forgiveness...and why we're shaming our Constitution

Why Tax Cuts For The RICH Killed The economy in 1929 and Are Killing us again

Fancy ATM Skips The Cash, Spits Out Gold

Politifact's Lie of the Year

Politifact's Lie of the Year

WH Whiteboard video to explain how the tax cuts help you

VIRGINIA: Lynchburg Mayor Declares Valentine's Day To Be Day Of Not Fucking

SEC, Department of Justice expand probe into HP

Begun, The UK Christmas war has

_A tax break for active investors in foreign-based banking, securities and insurance firms,

Three Hebrew Boys Sentenced in $82 Million Ponzi Case

Obama's 2008 "Official Campaign Blogger" Says Grassroots Left on Sidelines

toon -- Wary Christmas

From the Dept of Duh: Fox News makes you stupid.

.Delusions Of Fiscal Grandeur

Where was Nancy Pelosi?

Airport and Airway Extension Act of 2010, Part III

The Death of Moderates: Extreme Problems Require Extreme Solutions

Study finds online alcohol advertising significantly reduces the effectiveness of offline ad bans

Anyone in Florida work in Aviation?

Anyone in Florida work in Aviation?

This story shows earmarks aren't as sinister as Tea party says

Strong week for economy raises optimism for 2011

There is a serious discussion about the difference between Christmas in the name of Jesus vs. Santa

Citizens United: As Bad As You Thought It Was

Democrats abruptly drop spending fight

Remember the Harvard/Urine/Gay books/hate crime? University says it was an accident

Obama's Tragi-Comedy: "Honey, I Shrunk the Presidency"

Feds seize 11 tons of Mexican pot - packed in 6 railroad cars in Chicago!

Feds seize 11 tons of Mexican pot - packed in 6 railroad cars in Chicago!

The continuing adventures of "my Dad the Teabagger"

Where can I find proposed votes for Dream Act? Hagan in NC is a 'no'

I hate reading news articles on-line for one simple reason.

Now they have an iPhone app that translates printed words in Real Time. Watch the video!

No Contradictions

Unconditional Surrender

Post your Get Well messages here for Senator Ron Wyden

just thinking what would Senator Kennedy have thought about this...?

What's The Name of the Group That Provides Free Medical Clinics Around the Country?



How long will John Boehner be the Speaker of the House?

This may be your last view of a government that works for the people.

Outside everything is white

Proper negotiation...

Appeals court sanctions environmental groups in land-use case

$140 million gift to the timber industry

Sarah Palin: There's a Double Standard for Women in Politics who Show Emotion

My Congressman Voted NO Last night...Thank You....

Did FaceBook just "crash"? Again?

Just-Released IRS Data Show Effects of Our Radical New Greed-Is-Good Culture

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Pour a Dixie Beer on the Beach

U.S. Tax-Cut Plan Is A Colossal Mistake

I’m trying to remember something that we passed under Bush that was this good

Wal-Mart recalls 2.2 million electric heaters

Question: Will Obama Supporters in DU Still Support Him if he Cuts Social Security & Medicare?

Self-employed people - Stop making money this year

Pinochet officials sentenced to jail in France (BBC)

2010 in Photos ~ The Big Picture ~ All three parts...

Congressman DeFazio: The tax deal "is a raw deal for seniors, taxpayers and working men and women"

Weird few hours

Government prohibits Stars and Stripes journalists from accessing Wikileaks

Minn. GOP brings out the knives for moderates

The Taste of Soap

NYT: Could Lame Duck Be a Big Win for Obama Agenda?

Twas the Night Before Christmas—a Tex Shelters version for 2010

Here Come The WikiLeaks Copycats: IndoLeaks, BrusselsLeaks And BalkanLeaks

School district bans religious symbols resembling weapons

The House just passed the tax cut bill.

Obama Seeks to Make Amends With Unions Over Tax Deal

The Party of NO Vs. the Party of Cave.

Tax Cut Package Passed By Congress: See The Bill's Highlights - AP/HuffPo

The second worst thing about Rotten Deal tax cuts for the crooked rich.

Republicans are turning the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty into a partisan issue

I was hit by a barrage of talking points today at work.

Can we change our name to DEMOCRACY UNDERGROUND?

Woman who cannot feel fear may help in treating PTSD (BBC)

Poll: 6 in 10 say they'd never vote for former half-term quitter Alaska governor reality show star

China reveals aircraft carrier plans

There's no manor for Bradley Manning...

The Tea Party and its impending dilemma

AOPA Online: Will newest evidence finally find Amelia?

PolitiFact's Lie of the Year: 'A government takeover of health care'

Arizona Sues BofA on Loan Modifications

It's terrifying to contemplate...

Worst Democratic President ever?

Look at the way the media is now spinning this.

Christian radio talk show host 'duped couple into giving away pensions'

Assange Denies Having Any Contact With Bradley Manning

Assange Denies Having Any Contact With Bradley Manning

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by the Numbers

Another Perspective on The Tax Cut Fiasco......

"Christian" USAF officer whines about repealing DADT...

Unemployment Extension Won’t Help 99ers

Pakistani officials say 3rd US missile fired in NW death toll from strikes today alone now 50+

Top 10 Archaeology Discoveries of 2010

Lipless Mitch exalts Jim Bunning’s "truly remarkable life," leaves out the charity fraud part

How is this indecent exposure?

This was the trade made in the Senate last night-"The Norquist Strategy: Part 2 Starts In February"

This was the trade made in the Senate last night-"The Norquist Strategy: Part 2 Starts In February"


These astroturf libertarians are the real threat to internet democracy

Borowitz: Julian Assange to Launch Social Network for Diplomats, Twofacebook

Senator Tester Slips Bill Calling for Mandatory Logging of Public Lands into Omnibus Spending Bill

Receiver to city: Financial ruin near

Ohio man finds Jesus and Mary on his hard Christmas candy.

Palin says she couldn’t get away with crying like Boehner

So much Derp here, it might actually collapse into a Black Hole of Derp.

Time Magazine's Placebo Person of the Year: Facebook's Zuckerberg Instead of Wikileaks' Assange

In case you missed it, Conyers held a hearing today on Wikileaks

Poll: 90% Of Voters Say Midterm Elections Had Misleading Information

You've been asking for it...A Little Ditty of Boehner's Weeping Spells

'Tis not the season for bumperstickers.

Google and NORAD team up to track Santa Claus

Purist and purism

Mitch McConnell will be at the Obama tax cut signing ceremony

tax cuts for the wealthy DO create jobs, and not just in india!

There was no Estate Duty at all in 2010

You may not know who he is, but my rep led the revolt against the tax cut extensions for the rich

The coolest (and possibly one of the most useful) IPhone Apps - Word Lens

Thank You Mr. President!

Picower Estate to Forfeit $7 Billion to Madoff Trustee

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks faces 'very aggressive' investigation by US

Pope calls Christians the most persecuted

Isn't the Obama Compromise designed to "prove"...

Atheists edge out Christians in free-speech battle

Genny Cream Ale turns 50

Remember Rick Burman and all his phony Web sites?

Barack Obama:Either Doing His Best In One of The Most Difficult Times In American History, Or Hitler

4 More years! 4 More years!

MUST SEE TV: Kerry on START now...

MUST SEE TV: Kerry on START now...

HR 4853, Dennis Kucinich (D -OH) Yea

Why Are Bankers So Rich?

So Where Are The Jobs President Obama

Politifact tabulates the year's biggest political lies and half-truths.

Passing Of Tax Bill = Waterloo For Dem Progressives?

Warming skeptic gets key Science post

I Admit That I Was Totally Wrong In My Analysis Of The Tax Compromise Bill

I'm Dorithy. Let's pull the curtin and see who the REAL Wizard of Fear is...

Obama Gets His Tax Deal, Reanimating Reaganomics

So Where Is A Fact Sheet So I Can See How Much More I Will Make

Israeli, Silicon Valley tech companies outsourcing to Palestinians

Michele Bachmann Appointed to Intelligence Committee (For Real)

Air NZ pulls billboard "Fares lower than your grandma's boobs"

Special Report: Is America the sick man of the globe?

FDA Says 29 Million Pounds of Antibiotics Used in Food Animals Last Year

Postal worker arrested after delivering mail naked

Your Assignment For The Weekend

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not attending the tax bill signing, citing scheduling conflicts

Does Sen. Sessions...

Flowers for Senator Bernie Sanders?

OFA just called

Meme of the Day 101217

Okay, Tax Cuts Were Extended. So, Where Are The Jobs?

While the repeal of DADT will help GBL people get one step closer

FUCK YOU Fox News!!

The vote is over. So, why is everyone still sitting around?

If you were voting in the 2012 Republican primary, who would you pick?

Guardian UK: The Anonymous WikiLeaks protests are a mass demo against control

Holbrooke's last words: joke or final plea for redemption?

GOP lawmakers drafting legislation to impeach Supreme Court justices

Nobody does snark like Mr Fish

China's new prize (Toon)

Oh Ouch.. (Ted Rall toon)

Dream Act Headed for Senate Vote

"Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown."

Toon- Pity the poor rich...

Speaking of weather in SoCal......Remember this KABC News Weatherman?

Is Nancy Pelosi a weak Speaker of the House with a secret Conservative agenda?

January 5th

Solitary Confinement For 10 Days-"WITHOUT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE"!

Foreclosure Mills Disregarding Post-Robo-Signing Requirements

New Debit-Card Fee Rules Hit Hard

One compromise, Two Narratives.

Politifact's Lie of the Year: Readers' poll results ( 7 to 3)

Extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich means tacitly admitting Reagan was right.

DU'ers in So Cal

Thank you all in advance for giving my original work a listen.

No Helzberg Diamonds for Glenn Beck in 2011! - Pulls Advertising

No Helzberg Diamonds for Glenn Beck in 2011! - Pulls Advertising

So Now The Focus Needs To Be On Jobs...

First Gold Vending Machine Opens In Boca

Michael Moore calls out Sweden's hypocritical "rape" accusations against Julian Assange

I went to the doctor late last week and the most exciting thing about it was this annoying sliver ..

Captain Beefheart, a.k.a. Don Van Vliet, dies at 69

As we prepare for the next Congress, let's be clear

Republicans threaten to derail START

Bone marrow registry used "sexy scientist" models to get DNA swabs

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

Niagara falls without water as seen in 1969

Man repays California with $10,000 check - for the unemployment he collected back in 1964

Why couldn't Obama give DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR

The Devil's Christmas Letter

Robert Reich: The New Tax Deal: Reaganomics Redux

Friday Quiz: Guess the Republicans

Susan Collins calls cops on 9/11 First Responders.

The GOP have just taken another hostage and are demanding SS & Medicare cuts this Spring

Officials: CIA gave waterboarders $5M legal shield

Teabaggers call for government shutdown

Teabaggers call for government shutdown

(Tn) Gov. Bredesen exit interview: "This country is hungry for leadership"

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!! ..... Georgia-Florida Happy Hour Edition !!!

Does Sarah Palin serve a purpose in the 2012 election?

How bad does it have to get?

WikiLeaks: Junta ‘might go nuclear for US attention’

‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Lobbied To Help GOP Kill Bill To Provide Health Care To 9/11 First Respon

I'm seriously thinking of immigrating to

I haven't spoken out much here about LGBT issues

Second hand driving: Study: Living Near a Highway May Contribute to Autism Risk

Selma bans pants sagging 3 inches below hips

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks is dealing with a superpower (US) that doesn't follow the rule of law

This tax bill is irrational from all rational points of view

I just thought everyone here should know that Dennis Kucinich voted for the tax bill

So as the crisis deepens

22 Foreclosure Activists Arrested at Chase Bank in Downtown Los Angeles - FDL

Here's A Toast To Paddy Chayefsky... Who Saw It Coming, Long Ago !!!

A Statement from ANONYMOUS - 17/12/2010

Thank You President Obama for saving me $2600!!!

Who here liked the Bush tax cuts when they were still the Bush tax cuts?

"That woman is an idiot."

Bradley Manning's health deteriorating in jail, supporters say

22 People Arrested at Chase Foreclosure Protest in Los Angeles - pics

I'm just watching Jon Stewart tearing

Amazing spectacle: Total lunar eclipse Monday night

OBAMA'S OFFICIAL 2008 CAMPAIGN BLOGGER: Why is Obama leaving the grass roots on the sidelines?

Larry King interviewed Poppy Bush and talked about drugs in a subjective manner off-air.

Mine Safety Bill Defeated

Overheard at work yesterday

No elderly person should EVER lose their house over medical bills

Could someone please help me?

The consequences of a cave

The Hiring Process Is Broken

Sharpton: Rush Limbaugh May Have to Attend FCC Hearings to Explain 'Racist' Remarks

Dems Cave; Pass Obama Tax Cut Sell-Out

Just found this toon over at Bartcop ...

Micheal Moore's Letter to Swedish Government "...many see right through you"

House passes tax cut bill 277-148. Estate tax vote fails 233-194.

What's with the Beatle Ads produced by Apple about??

Nigerian Scammers Are Getting VERY Creative!

Killing Mother Teresa

A&E Sued over Filmed Police Killing of 7-Year-Old

California about to test pay-by-the-mile car insurance

Just met a cutie who works for Greenpeace.

Just met a cutie who works for Greenpeace.

Republicans Kill Bill to Prevent Child Marriage

Merry Fucking Christmas!!

Freepwad reaction to lower income folks having to pay more under the tax bill:

I can't wait for the Republicans to take over the House

Changes to Health Savings Account...what's the reasoning?

All good things gotta come to an end, and it's the same with the wildwood weed

"the shit ready to hit the fan"

Republicans Are In Charge Now

Robert Reich: The new tax cut deal embodies the essence of Reaganomics

If teachers' union contracts are the problem, states without them should do better, right?

L.A. teachers union won't accept pay cuts, 'value-added' evaluations

We would have been better off to extend unemployment benefits and let ALL the tax cuts expire.

The mega-rich win another round, and our party slinks off with their tail between their legs

Cable Shows Nations Going Easy on Cuba

Honest question for defenders of the tax deal

Guardian: Previously Unseen Police Docs - Full Allegations Against Julian Assange

If you want a real progressive to run and win in 2016........

Obama: Tax deal will 'create jobs for the American people'

KS state senator switches from Dem to Repuke

Support Free Speech TV. We need an independent media to win the war against the oligarchs.

Unnecessary Illusions

Want to help dogs in need?

Huge Eruption Rocks the Sun

Toon: Not all Christmas Presents are Equal

PETA Vice President responds to Michael Vick's "I would love to get another dog" remarks

Mexican drone crashes in El Paso, Texas during test.

Hitler's Shadow Reaches toward Today: A Special Report by Robert Parry (12-17-10 Consortium News)

These taxcuts will expire after President Obama is re-elected?

Socialism for the rich. We have arrived.

California Forbids Chinese Bloodletting

Layoff with recall rights. Ever heard of that?

First Lady Michelle Obama helps troops sort toys at the Toys for Tots distribution center - pics

This is the essence of the tax bill just signed.

Food corporations buy silence from “partners”

Bradley Manning's health deteriorating in jail, supporters say

Still you support Aasange?

Obama vs. the working class

This Friday's Afternoon Challenge Question: "what pierces me."

John McCain should be stripped of every military honor he has ever received with his insane rambling

Why is the bulk of the top 20%, "the middle class"? How did everyone outside of the top 2% become

Money Flowers/Bouquet of Bucks for Senator Bernie Sanders?

Is The White House Stalling DADT Repeal In The Senate?

Thank You President Obama. Your dedication to Dismantling Social Security is Greatly Appreciated.

Proposed. Advertisers should have unlimited rights to target children.

Isolation as Torture --The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention

Exclusive: US empire could collapse at any time, Pulitzer winner tells Raw Story

Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post: Kill scientists, defend human rights.

King County bans public e-cigarette smoking - fear of eroding "social norms."

The MINUTE Obama signed the tax bill, the Republicans start taking hostages again!

"The climate is always changing"

GOP Senator to Dems: If you try to pass DADT, Republicans won't pass START

President Obama is raising my taxes. I am barely above the poverty line.

How is this fair? Seriously, how?

Dean to PolitiFact: Democrats are "atrocious" at messaging.

My Questions for Michael Vick. . .

$$$ Breakdown of Tax Bill

Orange County White Supremacists Arrested For Extortion, Conspiracy, Murder

I'm watching Gasland right now, a movie about the the Natural Gas Industry


Let's see the sights - - endless summer nights...ID THIS LYRIC!

Anyone know why Miami Steve charges so much?

Read THIS! Is it FUNNY?! (I won't be too offended if you think not.)

Be careful... what you have for breakfast COULD make or break your day.

Why... ... ... ... I oughta give you a knuckle sammitch, I oughta.

Not EXACTLY a 50/50 amicable split...

All's whale that ends whale. (I'm so sorry for saying that)

Anyone know why Obama's stakes change so much? n/t

Could you please provide some context?

Diddy Dirty Money - Last Train to Paris

Survivor: Jane bites the dust

How did YOU get "THE Talk"?

What's a good brand of crude heavy olive oil?

My first real workout!

Last week I posted...

So, my right wing evangelical co-worker

Would someone PLEASE post a response to my post

Well... thats one way to run from the cops

SO...Morgan Freeman death rumors are FALSE, but not a fucking WORD about Abe Vigoda. NOT A WORD!


Senior Texting Codes

Very important - request for facebook users

Uploading Avatar

Carolina Carol Bela

Job site safety: Slightly Firm Hats Required

Star Wars mash-up posters

thieves,bunko artists, and the burglar who just got caught carrying a


I found some Fall Pics I took a while back....

Kick Out The Jams mother****** MC5 (merry christmas, y'all)

Canto de Ossanha and City of God

I googled "Lizard People"

Be Honest: Ever post drunk?

Be Honest: Ever post drunk?

Fun With Song Titles and Lyrics

Time for my semi-annual "The Time I Played Santa" story.

If I close my eyes, you can't see me.

136 cats, one cat lady, one small apartment

The snow in my yard is so deep that

Anyone here own a cod semen?

...and now...THE FEATS OF STRENGTH...

DAMN - roof replacement is a FUCKING LOUD PROCESS!!!


In an hour we'll be heading to jump a train to Minnesota

The cod semen in my yard is so deep that


A funny thing just happened...

I'm having fun with the music on my XBox 360

I have a hunch I'm being really bad.

Sigh...I miss the Seventies.

I used to be a cod semen.

Because I love all of you so much here at DU, I have made a very special donation in your honor...

The Blimp

I have a hunch I'm being really rad

Kashmir - Bond

I was walking through a huge sports complex with a strange man and my son.

Greatest vintage poster you wish you still had.

*Must watch* - Hawaii marching band kicks football (1:18) very cool

Happy festive season, y'all!

i am supposed to be at three places at the same time tomorrow

Boxes made of wood, boxes made of plastic,

I have an ovarian cyst the size of a golf ball.

What the Internet needs is a searchable novel/book database to find authors, titles, or stories.

Anyone here own a Nintendo Wii?

Spent years proving Supernatural exists.

RIP Captain Beefheart..

Kitteh's taken enough shit today.

"Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown."

Kitteh eyes mesmerize

Which play do you like best?

Question....Moody Blues

Request for help - Save a Sato/Animal Rescue Shelter Challenge

Anyone out there got a recipe for Yorshire pudding?

What logo do you prefer?

Flower Duet Remix

Holiday open house work etiquette question

Beethoven - 7th Symphony - 2nd movement

Anyone here seen "Eat, Pray, Love"? Was it any good?

Our discovery of gunpowder, or You'll get a bang out of this.

Our house broken into Monday night!

Why is Captain Kirk doing stupid-ass commercials for some lame price comparison site?

My teen's wonderful Internet encounter.

Mourning The Great Loss Of Kirsty MacColl

Must be the semen of the cod....

I want to ask an old high school classmate out?-Is this creepy?

Another reason I want the holidays to be over already

Anti-Morales governor removed in Bolivia

Congress Passes Crucial Legislation Expanding the New GI Bill

(Jimmy Carter) America Is Ready for a Gay President

Senators Have Votes, if Time Permits, to Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

WikiLeaks: BP Secretive Over Earlier Blowout; Chevron in Talks With Iran

(not from Wikileaks) Records Show Concerns About Another BP Rig

California air board OKs cap-and-trade regulations

Blackwater seeks dismissal of Iraq shooting suit

GOP Senator Calls Cops on 9/11 Responders

Christian radio talk show host 'duped couple into giving away pensions'

There's a little white dog running around the terminal here.

FBI's 9/11 Whistleblower Coleen Rowley Arrested Protesting Against War, for Exposure of War Crimes

UN votes to name alleged rapists in war

WikiLeaks cables: India accused of systematic use of torture in Kashmir

Bradley Manning's health deteriorating in jail, supporters say

Immigration detainees plead for UN help as protest erupts on Christmas Island Read more: http://www

Dungeon & Dragons memories

WikiLeaks cables: Dalai Lama called for focus on climate, not politics, in Tibet

Northern Ireland Executive Will Hold Inquiry Into Child Abuse

Philly schools agree to address anti-Asian violence at high school

BNP leader Nick Griffin wins court contempt battle

House Passes Tax Deal 277-148, Sending Bill To President

US SEC charges AEHI with fraud in bogus nuclear plant project

Amusingly defaced street signs

It's about that time again. Post only bad advice.

Christmas tree pic thread.

Obama has big lead on Palin, poll says

Cheney: U.S. hails deal with Nigeria

(British) Immigration cap overturned by high court judges

Tax protesters to target Vodafone and Top Shop

Assange denies encouraging suspected leaker

Palin says she couldn’t get away with crying like Boehner

The Feds Bury Border Patrol Abuses of Immigrants

Members of Burmese dictator Than Shwe’s entourage during a 2004 trip to New D

Japan defence review warns of China's military might

Census Bureau Data: Richest Counties Get Richer, Poorest Get Poorer

13.4 million may get unexpected tax bills

US Governor Visits NKorea in Bid to Calm Tensions.

Oil-spill panel calls Jindal's sand berms a $220M waste

New Mexico governor to weigh Billy the Kid pardon

Rahul Ghandi: Hindu extremists bigger threat than Muslim militants (in India)

Six Greek banks warned of Moody's downgrade

Clinton Worried By Talk Of Cutting US Foreign Aid

Norm Mineta honored by House resolution

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks faces 'very aggressive' investigation by US

Xe Services, formerly Blackwater International, sold

Senator Reid has filed cloture on DADT & Dream Act

Scores die as drones renew attack on Pakistan's Khyber

Key GOP senators' 'don't ask, don't tell' votes on hold, aides say

BART officer fired in Grant probe gets job back

US looks up to Bollywood to help peace bids: WikiLeaks

Pakistani officials: US missiles kill 54 in NW (possible expansion of drone strikes inside Pakistan)

Lieberman: Votes are There to Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

CIA Granted Waterboarders $5M Legal Shield

Feds nab $7.2 billion for Madoff victims

Fancy ATM skips the folding cash, spits out gold

FIFA president apologizes for gay sex remark

Jon Stewart Takes On Republicans Who Fought 9/11 First Responder Bill

UN mulls internet regulation options

Ethics probe of Rep. Waters derailed by infighting, sources say.

Ethics probe of Rep. Waters derailed by infighting, sources say.

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks faces 'very aggressive' investigation by US

Post-ABC poll: Sarah Palin lags Obama in theoretical 2012 presidential election

WikiLeaks Is Being 'Attacked' By Banks: Founder Assange

Al Gore slams Fox News on climate coverage

N. C. Plant Found to Be Maker of Recalled Rolaids

President Obama's tax cut/stimulus package passes House with at least 277 votes, heads to W.H.

Food safety bill could die (the one that already passed)

WikiLeaks: US fears bioweapons from India labs

China for the first time reveals aircraft carrier plan

China for the first time reveals aircraft carrier plan

Madoff trustee reaches $7B settlement with estate of Fla. philanthropist

Stewart Dedicates Last Show Of 2010 Entirely To 9/11 First Responders Bill

Does anyone else still have an original Lite Brite - circa 1968?

Washington subway police to begin random bag checks

President Obama signs $858 billion measure that extends tax cuts for two years, unemployment benefit

Officials: CIA station chief pulled from Islamabad

Dream Act Headed for Senate Vote

Julian Assange has committed no crime in Australia: AFP

Pentagon denies mistreating WikiLeaks suspect

Captain Beefheart, a.k.a. Don Van Vliet, dies at 69

(More than 140) Mexico prisoners in 'mass jail break' near US border

Arizona sues Bank of America on mortgage servicing

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 17

Extended exposure to Fox News makes voters stupid, university study finds

Mom killed while demanding justice for slain teen

Federal judge halts 1st large-scale solar project on public lands

Woman jailed over retracted rape allegations to challenge conviction

N. Korea warns Seoul to cancel military drill

Make booze cheap for homeless, costly for everyone else: Study

US state executes murderer with animal drug

End of omnibus jeopardizes funding for Wall Street regulation

Mugabe threat to nationalize US and UK Zimbabwe firms

Accused soldier offered plea bargain if he names WikiLeaks founder

Michele Bachmann was just put on the Intelligence Committee

Michele Bachmann was just put on the Intelligence Committee

Happy Festivus!! Who wants to air some grievances?

NOW goes after Hooters for catering to kids

Good Trade News From China.

Obama/GOP attack on Social Security update: White House blows off Rush Holt's concerns

The best thing I can say is that I hope this isn't true (re: delaying DADT repeal)

Reid Files Cloture On Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell And DREAM, Schedules Cloture Vote For Saturday

BREAKING: Reid pulls spending bill, will offer continuing resolution instead.

I don't hate the rich, I just want them to stop stealing our money

State of the Union speech template?

Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon has prostate cancer

How Bloomberg may run without actually declaring.

Photos: War (The Obama Presidency, Day 696)

Poll: Six in 10 Rule Out Palin in 2012, Obama crushes her in head-to-head, 54/39.

What will Obama's 2012 reelection bid grassroots organization look like?

House passes tax cuts 277 -148

The Lie of the Year .... that the press gave life to.

Jon Stewart just had 9/11 1st responders on

Can someone explain why the Republicans would be against the payroll tax cut?

“What you are seeing now is what he always wanted to be,”

The death of the omnibus

Pelosi: Democratic provisions benefit middle class; Republicans insist on "extra" tax cuts for rich

Sense Of DU Poll: Is Obama Coming On To Me?

Poll: Obama would beat Dean in NH Primary 78-10.

Payroll Tax Holiday a Poor Stimulus Idea

Palin Blasts Tax Cut Deal - Says President Obama "flip flopped".

"After Spending Bill Implodes, Reid Schedules Vote on DADT Repeal"

How will the payroll tax holiday help?

I promised you change and I delivered change

"the Senate still has 60 votes to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Now It's Time For The Republicans To Overreach

THE MAJORITY AND COMMON SENSE WIN ! Thanks Dems and President Obama !

"Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell could be a reality by Monday"

Troops, DADT Advocates plan to sit in Senate Gallery until DADT is repealed.

Troops, DADT Advocates plan to sit in Senate Gallery until DADT is repealed.

Another version of the 2012 election

TPM: Jindal's Folly

Sign that tax extension bill Obama

Obama, CEO Lovefest Produces No Pledges to Create Jobs, Stop Union Busting

President Obama to meet with labor leaders this afternoon

Sense of DU Poll: Is Obama trying to cut Social Security Benefits

Obama Seeks to Make Amends With Unions, Democratic Activists Over Tax Deal

The Dish: The Long Game And Israel

MSNBC Chucky cheese Todd doom and gloom


"A Primer On The Fallout Of OmnibusFAIL"

Obama brand remains surprisingly strong

Max Baucus has a bandage on his head

So nobody wants Sarah according to the latest poll.

Politico: Ban on Gitmo transfers vanishes

Here is where I am coming from re: a primary challenger for Obama

Bachmann to Serve on Intelligence Committee < - - File Under "Not From the Onion"

Repost - Unemployment Measures and what they mean.

Initital Claims for Unemployment Fell Last Week. Why Should We Care?

Now what... TEA PARTY feel about Obama's Tax...

Scientific Integrity Directive “Articulates a Broad Vision for Defending Science from Political...

Don't forget about Bradley Manning -- being tortured by the Empire

b*sh tax cuts got more votes in Dem House (277) than in rep house (230) D's-139 r's-138

What next? GOP does not attempt to repeal HCR in exchange political cover on entitlement reform?

Unbelievable. CNN teaming with racist Tea Party Express to host Presidential Debate

Situation in Afghanistan war bleaker than you think

The Fed’s bold move on debit interchange

You really think playing fantasy/Godzilla gets beat in primary against Obama right now is worthwile?

Krauthammer - Take 2

Shep Smith Blasts Repugs Who Failed To Support 9/11 First Responders: “How Do They Sleep At Night?"



The hyperbolic attacks against President Obama are shameful and disgusting.

Tax cut bill is SIGNED and this afternoon Ed Schultz's BIG HEAD EXPLODES

How many more promises will President Obama break before the end of his first term?

Obama Tried to Placate Liberal Economists

SunHerald: Strong week raises optimism for 2011

Unemployed Workers Win Campaign for Full-Year Renewal of Federal Benefit Programs

Sarah Palin Reminds Me Of George Wallace In A Dress

Lieberman to sit down with new Dem Senate campaign chief at her request

Tax cuts: Costliest stimulus, weakest payoff

Obama can breathe a sigh of relief. I think I've forgiven him. Again.

How the 2012 election will play out:

The New Tax Deal: Reaganomics Redux

GOP Senator Corker to Dems: If you try to pass DADT, Republicans won't pass START

"McConnell uncertain GOP can block New START, 'Don't ask, don't tell' repeal"

Retired and living on pension or Social Security won't benefit from payroll tax holiday.

Is Obama playing chess or checkers?

If DADT Is Repealed Joe Lieberman Will Go Down As A Legendary Civil Rights Figure

For those who are pissing & moaning about how relentlessly the Left is criticizing President Obama

BREAKING: Obama Promise Meter at over 80%, large majority of democrats happy with him

Barney Frank DESTROYING Maria Bartiromo on CNBC

What do the Republicans have against 9/11 1st responders?

"We told them the wealth would trickle down!"

"It's like this amazing guy ran for office, and his evil twin took over the WH."

**** Heads Up: POTUS Signs the Middle-Class Tax Cut Bill. Live 3:50pm EST ****

Poll: Obama Ekes Out 71-Point Lead Aginst Bernie Sanders in Theoretical Primary Challenge

What President Obama has done for me and my family.

Clip from The West Wing (Sarah Palin-esque governor gets owned by President Bartlet)

Ch4 News: Bailed Julian Assange phone interview (16Dec10)

Capitalism and Private Property

(Onion)Newsroom: VH1 Reality Show Bus Crashes In California Causing Major Slut Spill

Larry King Live: Final Show

Reps Rush Holt and Raúl Grijalva on House Democratic Opposition to Obama's Tax Deal with GOP 1 of 2

EU Court Rules Ireland Must Allow Abortions If The Woman's Life Is In Danger

Tea Party indoctrination film

Papantonio: Inheritance Babies Only Ones to Benefit from Tax Cut

Zeitgeist Addendum

MRN: DADT Going Down & Bob Feller Runs Heaven

Worst Person In The World: Bill 'Jawbone Of An Ass' O'Reilly

WikiLeaks: Chevron Eyed Oil Deal Involving Iran

Terrorist Gun Fail

Support Wikileaks -Your The Voice - Support Truth

TOOL TIME: Choosing Rich over Heroes

WikiLeaks Meets Old Spice (Paordy)

Is the U.S.A. Torturing WikiLeaks Source Pvt. Manning?

TDPS: Birther Army doctor indicted, and the hypocrisy is thick

TDPS: A REAL Activist Judge Making GOP Consulting Money Rules Healthcare Unconstitutional

This Is It! Pass the Dream Act

Young Turks: Fox News Busted On Global Warming Memo

Wikileaks Defense Movement Quickly Grows

The Season for Giving (In)

Thom Hartmann vs. the Tea Party on Obama Compromise

Activists Condemn Repression of WikiLeaks and Anti-War Activists

Lieberman: DADT Should Come First

John Boehner - Weeper of the House

TYT: Tax Cuts For The Rich Passes Senate

Thom Hartmann - Who Owns the Rainbow?

Now This Is A Kick Off

Veterans For Peace Protest War Outside White House

Senators McCain and Kirk Share a Laugh Over Death of the Omnibus Bill

Lieberman on DADT: We're on the Verge of a Historic Breakthrough

Fox News: Have You Ever Met An Angel?

Sights and Scenes from the End-the-Wars Action at the White House on Dec. 16, 2010

TYT: Poll: End The Afghanistan War Now

A WIKILEAKS SONG! "Wikileaks Samba," by Sonic Disobedience.

Thom Hartmann - Does Fox News Destroy Brian Cells?

Adoption & Truth

Captain Beefheart RIP / Smithsonian Institute Blues

I think Senator Amy Klobuchar

Dear Santa

Is Simpson-Bowles Balanced? Take a Look at its Supporters.

Liam Fox cancels Sri Lanka trip amid claim in cables of Colombo's war crimes complicity

China shelter 'sold 70 disabled people into slavery'

WikiLeaks cables: India accused of systematic use of torture in Kashmir

Republicans Block START Treaty Weak on National Security Iran-Saudi rivalry deepens

WikiLeaks cables: Rahul Gandhi warned US of Hindu extremist threat

Message to GOP Senators: There WOULD Be NO Xmas Without 'Arms Control'

Frank Rich: Obama, The GOP, And A Case Of Stockholm Syndrome

Glenn Beck Rally Raises $5.8 Only $1 Million makes it to Charity

Republican Splits, Fiscal Opportunity

Deficit Hawks One Two Punch by Michael Hudson

Honor immigrants for their contributions this International Migrants Day

The Washington D.C. Insane Asylum

'Santa' donates 100K to Salvation Army

Greek Church Denounces “Country Governed by IMF”

Rebooting Resistance

The Anonymous WikiLeaks protests are a mass demo against control

Retiree gives10K to CA to payback for Unemployment Benefits

WikiLeaks upsets criminals at Vatican

Best Stewart and Colbert Quotes of 2010

Great Jon Stewart show last night - all on the killing of the First Responders health bill by GOP

Mexico's drug war: Made in the US (BBC)

Report: Drug companies biggest defrauders of government

Shirker birther gets 6 months in prison & discharge. How unfair. He needs psychiatric care.

David Sirota: Why the ‘Lazy Jobless’ Myth Persists

Manning Should Be Removed from Solitary

Know Your Rulers: John R. Stafford

Nigeria drops Dick Cheney bribery charge

Copycat WikiLeaks sites make waves

WikiLeaks sparks push for tighter controls. UN considering...

Weekend Economists' Blake Edwards Sendup December 17-19, 2010

RIP, Democratic Party, 1933-2010

SEC: Proposed nuclear power plant nothing more than a scheme

US SEC charges AEHI with fraud in bogus nuclear plant project (xpost from LBN)

Endangered rhinos slaughtered in Zimbabwe sanctuary as China footprint grows in Africa

Drumbeat: December 17, 2010

Government pushes solar power in six western states

Sustainability: The Crux of the Matter with Alberta's Oil Sands

Poisoning drives vulture decline in Masai Mara, Kenya {wildlife preserve} (BBC)

Scientific American: Government pushes solar power in six western states

Excellent news for Southern California.

Farmers Poisoning Carcasses Wipe Out 60% Of Vultures In Kenya's Masasi Mara Park - BBC

Hundreds Of Deformed Fish Found In Tar-Sands Rivers In Alberta - Industry Study Never Told Ottawa

Why Cancun Was Meaningless - Nick Buxton, Energy Bulletin

Peace Train: Let's rid Colorado of nuclear weapons

* Protect 24 million acres of Northern Rockies Wildlands *

Chinese Firm Threatens To Vent HFC-23 - 14,800X CO2's GHG Effect - Gets 2 Million UN Carbon Credits

Legislature Passes Gleason Legislation to Heighten Safety for Michigan Residents and Students

3 robbery suspects shot, killed during jewelry store holdup

Guns of Christmas Future

Dormont(PA) auto shop owner fatally shoots armed attacker

ATF proposes new "emergency plan" to report bulk gun sales ...

Vigilia Mambisa will protest Los Van Van when they play in Miami tomorrow

WooHooo! "'Juan of the Dead' fends off zombies in Cuba"

Cable Shows Nations Going Easy on Cuba

Chávez's majority in Congress to pass law against changing sides

Colt McCoy earns starting job for the rest of the season

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Thursday, December 16)

The 24 days of FOOTBALL starts today

Edgar Renteria says Giants' offer is 'a total disrespect'

Sorry mim, he's now taken.

So are the Forty-Whiners finally out of the playoff hunt??

Chicago Tribune: NFL departs from safety first

Redskins are Benching Mcnabb

Big Ten considers renaming the divisions

WEC tonight - possibly best kick ever (gif inside)

Vikings' ticket plan at TCF Bank Stadium: All seats general admission, no liquor sold

Hidden Above Manhattan, A Gay Son’s Link to His Dad

Senate to vote on DADT repeal and Dream Act early Saturday morning.

The 15 Best Performances of 'Glee' Season 2 So Far

Human Rights report slams Iran for harassing gays

Good Luckovich cartoon from AJC today

"Gay Lie Detector" Doctor in Scandal (Dr. Trojan? Seriously?)

Neo-Nazi Gets Life Without Parole For Murder Of Gay Teenager

Gay Vet (who lost leg): Amos "Pretty Much Spit on Me"

A Labour Party member bombarded a gay colleague with malicious texts

DADT repeal will help GBL people get closer

Right Wing Hate Group Plays the "Hate Card" Against Venerable Civil Rights Group

Sexuality doesn't matter on the battlefield

Rep. Louie Gohmert: Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Threatens American 'Existence' (VIDEO)

GOP Lawmakers Draft Bill To Impeach Remaining Supreme Court Justices

Dan Savage to NOM - What it will take to get your fucking rainbows back

AIPAC Palestinian Bashing Bill Rushed to House Floor

Ros-Lehtinen: Obama wrong to give ‘blank check’ to PA

Evolution and its rivals

New rules: things you are not allowed not to say anymore

It is not that I do not believe in God. I do not believe in the

Wind, Warmer Water Driving Antarctica Ice Loss.

Can someone here help me set up a probability calculation?

Evolution and its rivals

Water (Occasionally) Falling Over Things 2010: Part V

Brrrrrrr . . . my cold morning walk

Surprise! At least to me!

Illustration... night life

Storm 6