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Archives: December 26, 2010

Refugees get holiday spirit

More than Christmas bells are tolling this holiday season

It's Christmas Everyday

And... On Despair And Disgust...

Why Is Rail Service Interrupted By Snow, Especially On The East Coast ???

Merry Xmas

Spotlight in Africa on malaria prevention

Cuba loves Chevrolets and GM needs sales: What's wrong with this picture?

Making the Rich Happy

Joel Klein: Merry Christmas, you're fired

Lawmakers seek cash during key votes!

So cal du'ers severe weather alert

Have you ever tried acting as a Poe?

Christmas spirit: It lives in these tough times

Struggling for Peace in the Season of Christmas

Struggling for Peace in the Season of Christmas

Troll the ancient Yuletide carol

There's a REASON why we're called Progressives...

UPI pictures of the year..

White Christmas in Southeast. Heat Wave in Hudson Bay.

NATO Night Raid in Kabul Leaves Afghan Guards Dead

NATO Night Raid in Kabul Leaves Afghan Guards Dead

Much to Confess

Much to Confess

Sunday Talk shows

Seminars teach (military) senior officers how to land industry jobs

Modern "states rights" issue.

I hate repukes,but I wish we had someone like Teddy Roosevelt

Historic bridges ( how many are we still driving across?)

From the Pentagon to the private sector

The Wars Must End and Can if We want what it to

To Whomever Gave me a Star:

Just heard: 7.5 earthquake with tsunami warning issued in South Pacific.

Bern's selling bottle of wine for $30,000

Arizona, Nevada Sue Bank of America for Alleged Foreclosure Fraud

Treasury Dept. Allows U.S. Companies to Sell “Humanitarian” Gum, Popcorn, Cake Sprinkles to Iran

Afghanistan Marine sends 7ft ice sculpture of himself to his sister, 11, for the holidays

Our tax dollars at work

SurPRIZE, a Laura Ingraham producer is ALLEGEDLY a serial liar

Luckovich toon: Dreaming of a White Christmas

Everyone talks about creating more jobs,,,,,,but really

In the interest of transparency, Con. reading should be televised.

Chinese Restaurants on Christmas!!

warning to military personnel

PFC Bradley Manning, American Patriot:

Regional Tsunami warning issued after quake in vanamu Islands in Western Pacific

New Year's Resolutions:

Goldman Sachs pay out $111million in bonuses despite taking billions in bailout money

Can We At Least Get A Ruling/Reason On Why The Recent Manning Thread Was Locked And Moved..

Is Joe Miller really that stupid?

Right now - ABC This Weeks with Christiane Amanpour about homeless vets

If we get too much information it gets in th w Way of things.

Probe Finds 'Total Collapse of BP Rig Defenses'

Remember when that clown Alan Keyes stole all the Minutemen's money?

If you could make a New Year's Resolution for someone else, who and what would it be?

Allow Natural Death (AND vs. DNR)

TSA calls possible Dulles Metro station "dual" terror threat because would be at "Arrivals" ramp

TSA calls possible Dulles Metro station "dual" terror threat because would be at "Arrivals" ramp

Auth Toon: Rick Scott proposes vouchers....

In Lakeway, a crusade against speed traps

Old Man Winter to make an appearance on the Great White Way

Corporate profits not translating into jobs

New tax law filled with holiday stocking stuffers for businesses, lump of coal for homeowners

Cable: US embassy gave Bechtel Panama Canal bidding information

Union Members Generously Give for the Holidays

Funds misuse, nepotism feared at Texas charter schools

Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hours

Dutch clear 5 of 12 detained Somalis of terrorism....

After the Teabaggers realize they've been had...

the other side of the MIC-charities for military families

Lobbyist In Charge Of ‘Trying To Kill’ Financial Reform Hired By GOP Chair

Kennedy's exit from Congress leaves a family void

In Excelsis Deo, Indeed - FDL

The French State Prepares for Class War

New York Times Op/Ed: NYT Finally Takes Stand Regarding WikiLeaks Vs. Banks

Deadly year in Afghanistan takes toll (104) on Fort Campbell-based 101st Airborne

75 years later, the 'real' reason for Social Security is slowly coming to light

Fraud by English Defence League, 78 claimed to be injured on bus that only had 25 people on board

Encoded Civil War Message Arrives 147 Years Too Late

NYTs Mag retrospective ignores Elizabeth Edwards, Howard Zinn and Chalmers Johnson

Why deport immigrants? (Right wing focus on immigration globally)

Victorian Novels Provide Timeless Psychological Insights

Mid-Atlantic, Northeast brace for huge storm, now intensifying off NC coast.

Kristof: The Big (Military) Taboo

Santa Was in Prison and Jesus Got the Death Penalty

These embarrassing leaks have got to stop.

Spending more on Iraq and Afghanistan...

Grand jury weighs whether there was a conspiracy to kill abortion doctor

King, Boehner, Bachmann, Huckabee sign on-line petition defending anti-gay groups

Jimmy Carter vs. guinea worm: Sudan is last battle

Man quits job, makes living suing spammers

They say here in Europe that Greenland is very warm

What would you have preferred Barack Obama had done differently?

Jane Goodall helps humans and animals live together

Hugo Chavez laughs at and rips into a FAUX News reporter.

AZ state lawmaker hospitalized following assault

Bill Clinton to campaign for Emanuel in Chicago

Slate Readers tell Great Recession stories of moving back home.

The Best Way to Create Jobs: Cut the Work Week

Don't Believe the Reapportionment Hype

And Another... The Torture of Bradley Manning -

OK, it's almost over, did Santa bring you what you wanted?

Rick Scott’s Economic Advisers Manipulate Research To Claim Unemployed Are Lazy and..

There are waiting lists to become a Marine Corps grunt on a fast track to Afghanistan

Grover norquist tells states go bankrupt you'll feel better...

From the Pentagon to the Private Sector

I'm 63 and have never seen snow on Christmas day until today.

What the &@#%! Wis. man fined $500 for swearing on bus

Someday you will be able to print your own dinner

John Boehner mosaic made of ...

Orly Taitz: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The 3 Stages of Teabagger Reaction to Truth

are ANY computers made in the USA anymore?

TOON: How even foreign terrorists could regain their civil rights

WikiLeaks founder baffled by sex assault claims

What the hell happened to Cairo, Illinois? ,,(Civil Rights Ghost Town)

That Haliburton payoff to the Nigerian government

Onion headline I'd like to see: "Conservative group demands to see Jesus' birth certificate."

Onion headline I'd like to see: "Conservative group demands to see Jesus' birth certificate."

FREEPS in Terra Level RED Meltdown / Lockdown as Juan Williams questions Palin's "intellectualism."

Good effing grief, look at this panel on

Michele Bachmann Calls 9-11 Responders Bill a New Entitlement Program

A New Kind of Wage Slave

As recommended by Glenn Beck - Food Insurance

The Best Way to Create Jobs - Cut the Work Week

This kind of looks like good-bye....

Sotomayor, Kagan shift Supreme Court debates to the left

New York Times Editorial: The financial industry is trying to shut down WikiLeaks.

New York Times Editorial: The financial industry is trying to shut down WikiLeaks.

World's oldest man reflects on Christmas

What is fascism? (parallels to the present) (michael parenti)

One small step before we begin using science to design a better economic system

Need Help Debunking: Tax "Myths"

Need Help Debunking: Tax "Myths"

Bradley Manning's Confinement Conditions Are 'Not Customary' - HuffPo

Movement Man - The scandal-plagued right-wing pioneer conservatives were glad to forget.

60 Minutes: "Day of Reckoning Has Arrived"

Michael Moore quoted my Christmas article in his Christmas message.

"Americans are horribly misinformed about who has money." (No Shit)

Maine Tea Party Gov.-Elect Hires His Own Daughter For $41,000 A Year Job

The 25 Most Vicious Iraq War profiteers(as of 2008)

How is it that the following authors' books are best sellers on the NYT list?

If we mispronounced Boehner's name? Would he cry?

Where did your username come from?

The stage is being set...

Is the most important school factor in student performance the effectiveness of classroom teachers?

Gibbs: Obama 'likely' to seek re-election - and cooperate with GOP on entitlement reform & deficit

Poor Tom Brokaw. I know times are tough now.

More and more, I am inclined to believe the bank bailouts was all a big scam...

New England Blizzard Thread

I am one of those torn on the job the President is doing.

Bank Of America’s Christmas present: Foreclose Even Though Not A Payment Missed

Thoughts on the Split in DU and Class Warfare in the United States

You MUST know algebra

December 26, 1862 - The largest public mass execution ever in the United States took place

More states let students opt out of P.E. classes

At what point do we recognize our economic system as absurd?

Medicare regulation revives end-of-life planning

A simple act elevates all...(added the link)

Autopsy of an Auto Plant

Best apps: Our experts pick 50 of the most dazzling

As per Gibbs words, what are the 'entitlements' to reform?

PIC: Merry Christmas from THE PLANET OF THE APES!

History International is doing 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's tech.

I had a good Christmas.

3 songs,, just to overstay my welcome

Wishing everybody a bit of CHOCOLATE tonight!1 G'night!1 n/t

Home made Christmas gifts are the best! woohoo!!1!!11

Inspired by the toilet thread... is it POSSIBLE that I'm getting WAY too much fiber in my diet?

Everybody smile and say "CHEESE"!!!!

Am ist abovverred? Looketh at my face. Looketh at my face!

Thinking of Christmas gifts.

It's so pretty!

Cardinals defeat Cowboys with 5 seconds remaining - Merry Christmas!

It's the day AFTER Xmas, and MFM is cashing in on ALMOST all his Xmas cheer...

I hope the music starts this early in the season...

Fark's "Headline of the Year" contest..

Christmas gift from my daughters: Outhouses calendar. Perhaps my favorite gift.

Need help uploading avatar. I sized it to 48 x 48. Still 7k size.

Need help uploading avatar. I sized it to 48 x 48. Still 7k size.

"Breaking the law, breaking the law...Breaking the law, breaking the law..."

"Breaking the law, breaking the law...Breaking the law, breaking the law..."

Just loungin' during the holiday

Three of my four young'ns exhausted after a day of playing with their Christmas presents.

Do you like music boxes?

Roast Duck with Wild Rice Stuffing, accompanied by Wild Mushroom Gravy.

Has anyone ever had a countertop portable dishwasher?

Some sweet Sunday soul music...Ben E. King, "Spanish Harlem"

Gov't Mule & Dana Fuchs, "Ball and Chain," New Years Eve, Beacon Theatre, NYC 12/31/09

Mango for Libraries Language Learning Program

Salvation Army captain jingles 36 hours straight

Of course, MFM is no Jimmy Stewart... but he does alright in his unauthorized Xmas biography...

Computer question - hung up downloading or uploading

I can't stand to watch golf on TV, and I can't play golf in real life very well...

Making Out...

Flaming snow plow of doom

Todays weather forecast!

364 days until Christmas! (nt)

Yummy!!! Yummy-yummy!!! Yummy-yummy-yummy- yummy-yummy!!! "Bottoms" up!!!

Men in belted sweaters & other fashion atrocities

What fresh way is this to suck money out of people?

Do as we say, not as we do......

Pope Meets Coventry Cat. Pope is Impressed. Cat Isn't.

So porn IS an awesome christmas present...

Worst Christmas Ever...

Goliath considers Presidential Run

Playboy's Hugh Hefner to marry Playmate Crystal Harris

Niner's put out of their misery.

NYC braces for the Blizzard Of 2010.

****** Happy birthday, REP!!!!! ******

A hotel guest gave me an early xmas gift

A very Ducky Christmas, Picture thread.

Okay. I *have* to drive home in this snow (in NC). Advice?

What did everyone eat for Christmas?

Detroit Lions

Heat Oven to 350 versus Preheat oven to 350.

I got a gun for christmas - TOP THAT!!

I had no idea Lorene Yarnell died!!!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Santa Sent Me Edition.

crap. just bought my first senior movie ticket.

My kitty ended her journey this morning. Crap.

Sara asserted sweet breasted stewardesses taste best dressed as sex starved savages

Weirdest Christmas .gif?

Note to self: stop talking to mother-in-law

Kitchen appliances.

Panama president wanted to wiretap rivals: WikiLeaks

Kabul raid kills two after U.S. embassy threat: ISAF

Cape Town finally takes the time to honour Nelson Mandela

Snow heads for D.C.; 6 to 10 inches predicted

Spotlight in Africa on malaria prevention

Top US gen. visits GIs in Afghanistan on Christmas

San Francisco airport defends security in wake of pilot's videos

Ireland’s gay civil partnership recognized in law-First civil ceremony will take place in April 2011

Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hours

Chicago is the likely base for Obama's reelection campain

From the Pentagon to the private sector (Exposes 'Militarization of US Economy")

Time for Christmas Pictures!

Lawmakers Seek Cash During Key Votes

Grand jury weighs whether there was a conspiracy to kill abortion doctor

Bush Intel. Chief: Obama ‘Has Been As Aggressive, If Not More Aggressive In Pursuing’ Terrorists

Cables Portray Expanded Reach of Drug Agency

Obama Pays Christmas Visit to Hawaii Marine Base

Obama Wants Tax Cuts for Wealthiest Americans Ended in 2012, Jarrett Says

Jimmy Carter's Fight Against Guinea Worm Approaches Victory

Barack Obama detractors, the birthers, face challenge from Hawaii governor

Portugal's drug policy pays off; US eyes lessons

Rare earth metals mine is key to US control over hi-tech future (Approval secured to restart mining)

Taser used on postsurgical patient at Bedford hospital, police say

Vikings-Eagles Moved to Tuesday Night

No end soon for Guantanamo: White House

Assange signs $1.5m book deal

Major winter storm barrels up East Coast

A Tale Of Two Johns (Kerry v.McCain)

Not A Bad Month On Foreign Policy, Either

Attention New York Times: Sarah Palin Is Responsible For Sarah Palin's Lies

Photos: Hugger in Chief (The Obama Presidency, Day 705)

Obamas make rare trip to church while in Hawaii

Who were the most transformational presidents in your opinion and do you think Obama is one?

OK. I've decided to run for President. Why not? Other unqualified folk do.

Meet the press..

The once mighty Euro is not so mighty anymore

President Obama has done more for low-income middle-class Americans than any other in generations.

Gibbs: 'It's going to be a while' before Gitmo prison is shut down

No wonder Generals like wars UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Michael Tellinger *Contributionism* NWO 3/4 ((Interesting find))

Santa Baby 99ers Christmas Unemployment Song

Bush Administration Projects Record 2009 Deficit

Bush 2009 budget exceeds 3 trillion, freezes many programs

Bush says it will be alright..

Why Call Him God?

Weird Liberal Head #252: Me vs. McCain, The Con of the Day!

Bush: Economy Is Getting Better

crazy republiCONS

TDPS: Mormon leaves angry voicemail defending unethical Glenn Beck infomercial for food storage

Woman Arrested for Refusing To Be Groped By TSA at Austin Airport

The Year in Shamelessness

The Week's Best Late-Night Jokes

More On the (Not) War on Christmas

Banks and WikiLeaks

Is this the beginning of the end for the open internet?

Jailed Soldier Has Support of Resisters

A Lump Of Coal To Congress And The Obama Administration

'Banking elite enjoy holidays'

A Bittersweet Christmas Story Dick Cavett

Jimmy Carter'a fight against Guinea Worm Approaches Victory

The Key Jobs Charts Of 2010

What WikiLeaks revealed to the world in 2010

Gay Activists Now Target DADT's Last Bastion: The Republican Party

The most dangerous housing in America

Ideas for a better world in 2011 (CS Monitor)

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Defending a liberal arts education

Was Jesus a Socialist?

" It's Boxing Day!"(Scraps from the Table of the Wealthy Boxed Up")

Repent Amarillo "Executes" Santa, Continues Prayer Warfare Against Other Congregations

It’s time to bust the military/security taboo (NYT)

Tiger team marks 20 years of conflict resolution (BBC) {endangered Amur tiger}

Does US funding for Colombia represent a 'true partnership'?

Cuban Children to Reissue Che Guevaraâ�Ös Liberating Heroic Deed

Comparisons in Cuba pre and post Revolution

Man charged after throwing waffles

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Christmas Day)

please delete*

Damn---I'd love one of these...

in the semi's in my money league

Football may be played in the snow today

Jed York: Niners to seek GM, who (will/could/might) hire new head coach

NFL Score (Saturday): Rams 27, Cowboys 26

Vikes/Eagles moved to Tuesday b/c of blizzard

Vikings could play 2011 season outside

NFL Score (Sunday): Rams 25, 49er's 17

The JR Chess Report (Christmas Day): Hou Yifan wins Women's Championship


EU ends duties on Gaza, West Bank farm, fish goods

Gaza flotilla ship welcomed back to Turkey by thousands of activists

Jesus was Palestinian and why it matters - Jehanzeb Dar

Know more about Palestine

Caritas abundat in omnia (Hildegard von Bingen)

Jesus was Palestinian and why it matters - Jehanzeb Dar

Good King Wenceslas

Scientist Uncovers Switch Controlling Protein Production

Study ties brain structure size to socializing

I'm having a wonderful, snowed in holiday - and I'm wishing you all the very best for the Season

The best street photographer you never heard of