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Ernie Tripke dies at 88; CHP officer responded to James Dean crash scene

never stop learning.

Is there a cult of personality around Barack Obama?

Winter Weather Expected to Dominate Conversations of Boring People

Is there a cult of personality around Barack Hussein Obama?

Is there a cult of personality around Barack Obama?

Don't come to my village for the end of the world, says mayor

But I Fixed The Problem With The Original Post

I'd Just Like To Say... That This Is Way To Easy For The Mods...

Do you believe in open debate and free speech?

BREAKING: Republican Party Cancels Traditional "First Christmas" Play

14 inches and counting in Central Jersey

Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise

U.S. Losing Control of Bombs to China Neodymium Monopoly

What to do if sleeping or enabling while predatory fascists have taken over your government.....

They canceled a football game for this?

"silly comedy, serious message"

48 ads that would never be allowed today

Cock stays erect and tiptoes to over the rough spots. Good advice for those facing winter storms.

Rep.-elect Walsh will turn down government health insurance

Pictures of the Noreaster

Pictures of the Noreaster

Merry Christmas! Sheriff Joe Makes Inmates Sing For Decent Food

Throughout the tax debacle, I didn't think I had a horse in the race

Banks and WikiLeaks. It sets a dangerous precedent

Mt. San Antonio Storm Aftermath...

Obama applaudes Walsh for giving Eagles another chance

African Huts Far From the Grid Glow With Renewable Power

African Huts Far From the Grid Glow With Renewable Power

Dichotomous thinking. All or nothing. Good or bad. Wonderful or evil.

From the Pentagon to the Private Sector

Hallellujah....The Chiefs are Western Division Champs!

91,953 dead Americans

I remember when I first realized the political process has failed...

"Inflamed by election-year and Tea Party rhetoric" immigration reform still necessary.

Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hours

Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hours

Howdy, world

NATO challenged over Kabul raid that killed two guards

Mich. man faces charges for reading wife's e-mail

Immigration overhaul effort seems dead

Woman being prepared for burial comes back to life

Port Royal returns for $20M in repairs

Should we be drawing some lines in the sand before the president takes a walk on the beach with

Sarah Palin Doesnt Go To Church......or does she really???

Anyone else get "Decision Points" by George W. Bush for X-Mas?

Obama applauds Eagles for giving Vick second chance

the end of the world toon

What does Don Henley think about Michael Vick?

In ‘Daily Show’ Role on 9/11 Bill, Echoes of Murrow

Fox game-show contestants lose $800K — despite having right answer

Fox game-show contestants lose $800K — despite having right answer

$250M Unclaimed in Stop Loss Compensation Act

Happy kwanza to all you that celebrate

Why is it that the Tea Party scorns federal government until they actually need them (Joe Miller)

The Holiday will constitute about 3% of the general fund's debt to social security

Whassup, East Haven, CT?!1 Exodus of Latinos underway. Voluntary, of course.

So, WHERE is New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie? On the Appalachia Trail? :)

The Library of Congress needs your help

Maine Tea Party Governor Elect Already Corrupt - Hires Own Daughter - Nepotism?

This country, and this planet, have some very serious problems. Economic

U.S. conspired to retaliate against European nations if they resisted GMOs

Best slam on Eric Cantor's sudden defense of Christianity against the Smithsonian - Steven Colbert

Great Thread or why Freepers should not try to keep up w/ DU

4 Political Concepts Ruined by Their Boring Names

Why Cash Incentives for Whistleblowers are so Useful against Control Frauds

Why Cash Incentives for Whistleblowers are so Useful against Control Frauds

The lounge suit, battledress of the world’s businessmen, is 150 years old—possibly

Malaysia Defeats Indonesia Thanks to Laser-Shooting Soccer Fans

Sen. Coburn: Cut spending or face ‘apocalyptic pain’

Design a new use for an everyday object.. some submissions are great

DU this poll about NJ governor Chris Christie

Former Bob Evans CEO, Dan Evans, Dies

Sam Seder hosting Countdown Mon, Tue, Wed

There is a law named after Teena Marie: The Brockert Initiative

Teena Marie has died

Obama Returns to End-of-Life Plan That Caused Stir

CVS -- We Loves Us Our Employees

Bank Pay Should Be More Transparent, Basel Group Says

NYC subway stalled for hours in snow drifts

CLAWBACK !!! Time to locate and confiscate all the ill-gotten theft gains of the past ten years.

Contest winner..Better Food Pyramid (watch it get blasted to smithereens)

Citing police abuse, Hispanics leaving Conn. town

Police dogs raising money through calendar

CNN: One-quarter of health reform opponents say it's not liberal enough

Fred Foy, 'Lone Ranger' (& Dick Cavett Show) announcer, has died at age 89

War on drugs is a war on people, stressed abused people.

Ohio Supreme Court OKs State's Satellite TV Tax

Bradley Manning's Pretrial Detention is Illegal

DC: Bogus Breathalyzer Results May Go Back a Decade

TSA points to scanner success: small amounts of marijuana wrapped in baggies (WP)

So... Let's Just Frost This Cake... My New Year's (2 Years) Resolution...

White Collar Crime is Prevalent in America

real news.

'Octomom' faces eviction from Calif. home; Owner says she owes $450,000 payment

"Healthcare is Welfare".

Blast destroys Kankakee water plant building

USA could take a lesson from the Russians

Teabaggers plan to teabag Scott Brown, Senator from MA, for voting like a Senator from MA. USA! USA!

Haley Barbour takes heat for jet trips

Honeybees are found to interact with Quantum fields

Wow I didn't realize that social security taxes raises almost as much as individual income taxes.

Great pic, ppl walking thru snow in Manhattan!

Just wow. Right wing Media Research Center looks for 'liberal media bias' in... you ready?

Joe Miller concedes race, but will make a federal case out of it.

Man faces charges for reading wife's e-mail

"Cops' Use of Illegal Steroids a Big Problem"

Turn to the weird side of science

Seven months of solitary at Quantico without being convicted of a crime.

Today’s Republican Party is our deadly enemy. They don’t care if we live or die.

Worst Police Misconduct Videos of 2010 – Reader’s Poll

Who is the guy filling in for Ratigan? Cenk Uygur filling in for Ed Schultz this week Mon-Thurs

Wintry blasts could make this December coldest on record

Only 6 Percent of Scientists Are Republican. Is This a Problem?

New Republican Chairman Praises BP Spill As “tremendous,” “blossoming” flower of energy

Have you seen ads for ""?

"Murder Rate In Los Angeles Drops To 1967 Levels"

Group to urge GOP to combat 'outrageous' federal regulations

The USO "Connect to Home" bowl game in Iraq - interesting story

Made it in to work

I don't think the government believes Manning is responsible for all those cables.

Any DUer's ever drive the ALCAN highway in December?

Ban on birth photos irks Md. moms-to-be

Christmas Tree to Biofuel

Alvin Greene To Run For South Carolina House

Poll: Obama, Clinton remain No. 1

General Tata thinks Palin better qualified to be president than Obama...

Little Focker Awkward Holiday Photo Contest

Oh Man, Steve Landesberg died.

"Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid,...

Rank these Senators in order

I've enjoyed the fact that President Obama doesn't make random holiday stunt calls from Camp David.

Tweety and the birthers - coming up shortly

Julian Assange is a Weapon Of Mass Destruction

As gas goes up, we should make it clear to McDonald's and the other

PNAC article from 2000...still think this war thing is unplanned?

Florida Congressman Buchanan's companies investigated by FEC over campaign contributions.

Nation’s poorest state spent over $500,000 on Republican governor’s travel

Average British man 16lb heavier in 15 years

Czech erection-measuring test for gays is unsurprisingly controversial

The Abiding Faith Of Warm-ongers

Can anyone name a Republican accomplishment in 2010 that benefits the many rather than the few?

What constitutes torture?

A Marine, Who Happened to Be Gay, Saved a President

Kwanzaa is a socialist, communist, marxist, islamofascist ploy.

Sam Seder filling for Keith Olbermann this week!!!!!!!!!! M T & W!

No President can rescue this system.

U.S. must provide incapacitated immigrants with lawyers, judge rules

Why don’t American students score better on international tests? Yikes! Some do.

How would you use cathexis in a sentence?

To Starve the Beast, We Must Drown the Children

Reader's Digest's golden era recalled as last workers leave

Why it has to be JOBS.

Playboy's Hefner gets engaged to a Playmate again

Mother Jones - GOP's Immigration Plan: They're Taking Our Jobs!

We put our signs on the fence.

5 years in prison for reading his wife's email?

So, my aunt gave me a wal-mart gift card for christmas. Wal-mart!! I screamed and cussed at her..

May 21, 2011 Judgment Day

If you must drive, thank a bicycle commuter, transit user and a pedestrian

For the historically minded. A map of Europe every hundred years from 1 A.D.

Virginia, the state that has become a pun all to itself

Mikulski still breaking barriers 24 years into Senate career

Memoirs of a Highly Visible Man: Assange signs $1.3 million book deal

Group Opposed To DADT Repeal To Fight On Against Shower Policy

Supply-Side does not work. Taxcuts do not create jobs. Deficits do matter. "Learning from Finland"...

You will shut your mouth, snap a salute and say "Yes sir! Sir, yes sir!" as you carry out the orders

Take a good look at the picture....

Workplace smoking bans meant to cut insurance costs spark privacy concerns

We've all heard about Bristol, Willow and Slurry Palin are doing....

NASA's Ares rocket dead, but Congress lets you pay $500 million more for it

Federal White Collar Cases Not Deterring “Recidivist Companies”

Oldest human remains ever found unearthed in Israel (5999 years old....)

Companies don't hire workers because they have money.

Ed Rendell: "You play football regardless of the weather."

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse - Approximately 20 hours in 40 seconds.

Algebra question: How to figure a Paypal payment. Can anyone help me?

friend of my brother turned from a democratic activist into a Republican.

Air Force builds huge supercomputer by linking 1,760 PlayStation 3s

2009 WP: Obama Pledges Entitlement Reform - Says He'll Reshape Social Security, Medicare Programs

“It’s a Wonderful Life” was considered by the FBI to be a piece of communist propaganda

326 million dollars a day is what we are spending in Adghanistan. Any deficit reduction talk

LOL: The Three People Who "Get Paid to Touch Your Junk"

My experience with Wells Fargo's takeover of Wachovia

Cables Portray Expanded Reach of DEA . Transformed into Global Intelligence Organization

Wow! F*cking WOW!

"two feet" of snow in NY (pic) :)

The worsening journalistic disgrace at Wired (Manning chat logs, much more)

Some say "class warfare" like it's a bad thing.

No Tax Holiday for the Working Poor: 42% of taxpayers will actually pay more taxes in 2011!

For non-prior military (civilians who have never served) What is your opinion of Bradley Manning

DC: Bogus Breathalyzer Results May Go Back a Decade

How much wealthier are the wealthy than you?

If you join the military, yes, you have to follow orders.

America in Decline: Why Germans Think We're Insane

For former US Military people - What is your opinion of Bradley Manning's actions

Say what you want about Usama bin Laden...

Prominent people who are OK with murdering Julian Assange.

Woman sues after $287M credit card bill

What year did you arrive at DU?

Is this the oath taken by Bradley Manning?

Get ready for more pain.. Gas going back to $5 a gallon

William Greider on Social Security: "What people want is a government that works for them."

China Tainted Milk Problem Kept Secret For Months (HuffPost)

The South Celebrates The Bloodiest War In U.S. History

What did the Fiscal Commission report actually SAY about Social Security?

Chase Auto Loan = a$$wipes. Never rcvd loan book w/ address & acct # to mail first payment

Why don't Chinese spend more money?

Julian Assange tells Forbes 50% of Leaked Documents Relate to Private Sector

Re: TSA gropings and pat downs - Am I the only one noticing that

"Oakland Dispensaries Sold 4.2 Million Joints This Year"

Michigan man to could go to jail for reading his wife's e-mail...

The Civil War is not only remembered in the south

Are "progressives" out of touch with the Democratic Party?

"the central cause of the (Civil) war was our national disagreement about race and slavery"

Sex offender registries: They’re not just for sex offenders anymore

The Michael Vick Rant.

Quantitative Easing, The Ben Bernanke, The Goldman Sachs

Bristol Palin heads to college....

"The noose is tightening. The era of amusement is being replaced by the era of repression"

Why the disdain for math, science, numbers, quantitative statements, and cold logic?

PHOTOS: Russia's Radioactive River

Snowpocalypse DU'ers: Sending my thoughts and warnings: be safe, stay safe and hope for the best...

Has anyone gone to see...

Giants fans!!!


George Thorogood And The Destroyers - "Bad To The Bone" (the "official" vid)

Tomorrow I fly into the Snowpocalypse! Wish me luck or ask me anything!

Anyone here have a $%#@!!!! Android Phone????

Who likes head?

I need a new stave,

Missing "Mad Men" ? Here's a look back at Season 4..through fashion

The Faces - (I Know) I'm Losing You live at the BBC

The best Christmas present ever!

Want to Soak a Toa? Don't Go Off on a Tangent, No Cosigner Needed

watching Lord of The Rings on TNT

Eager like a beaver... ... ... ... ... I'm giving you salami fever.

Eddie Vedder w/ Manzarek, Krieger, & Densmore: "Roadhouse Blues," live in Los Angeles '93


Why is it so hard to find a good, affordable station wagon?

Seriously there will be no joy in Christmas until George Lucas re-releases this classic Xmas special

I'm just a sucker for your love

Portugese Love

XTC - Dying

Fire & Desire

Ooo la la la

I Need Your Lovin'


Behind The Groove

Casanova Brown

Can't Last a Day

Awkward family photos - this one made Monday a helluva lot better

Hef's Getting Married!

Part two of my End of Year Special starts now

So what is the NFL going to do if there a blizzard forecasted for the day of the Super Bowl in 2014?

My Dear Mr. Gaye

Send good vibes... I need a better job.

This is my 27,000th post on DU

The reason you want to go downhill REAL slow in a truck


(sigh) If only Skittles were my SO...

i am going orthodox and saving a fortune

Is it wrong that I now own a purse with a dead baby alligator on it (vintage from Cuba)

Is there a Kindle reader for PC/Mac? You would think there would be by now.

Does anybody here work at a place that uses,, etc.?

I'm sitting in Doyle's in T-Town, having a beer and watching the Arsenal-Chelsea match.

Let me tell you something about Beijing realtors....

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Bob - done completely in palindromes

In Honor of Dr. Strange, which Rush member is the most awesome?

Positive DU vibes for my sis and her accident tonight

So, someone finally got me what I ASKED FOR this Christmas.

True JOY cannot be achieved as a goal unto itself.

I woke up late this morning, broke 100 traffic laws racing to work, and....

Did you know Steve Landesberg passed away last week?

Three years ago today by best friend passed over the bridge

Once *again* No flamethrower for Christmas - it would really be handy right about now

Snow day questions:

The smell of that beef brisket is making me drool already!

Lookee, lookee what I got for Christmas!

I decided Christmas can bugger off and that getting engaged was a better way to spend the weekend

Kids have gone out to play in the blizzard. We'll see how long this lasts. LOL

Tonight I watched a movie about nazi zombies in Norway, with subtitles.

Ernie Tripke dies at 88; CHP officer responded to James Dean crash scene

Winds may reach 60 MPH and coastal flooding is now feared from blizzard

I made sugar-free cranberry sauce this year

Electric blanket use... any tips?

Made a couple more pairs of earrings tonight. (Pics)

(Reuters) - South Korean President Lee Myung-bak called for national solidarity on Monday against mi

Singer Tina Marie has died

Suspect package disarmed at Greek embassy in Rome

I got a divorce for Christmas - Top that!

Arizona state lawmaker attacked on Christmas

Risky bets cost Detroit pension funds $480 million since 2008

Report: Hundreds hit Moscow streets urging end to ethnic violence

Coburn: Control Government Spending or Face 'Apocalyptic Pain' (Faux)

Parcel bomb defused at Greek embassy in Rome

Iran arrests family of Kurdish activist due to be executed

Tunisians protest police repression after wave of public suicides

US missiles hit Pakistan borderlands, killing 18

Miller won't try to block Murkowski Senate win

AIG Gets $4.3 Billion of Credit as Insurer Seeks to Exit Bailout

Mother gives hours-old baby girl to California firefighters

Why don't Chinese spend more money?

Air Force builds huge supercomputer by linking 1,760 PlayStation 3s

Australian police help build secret hit lists

Russian court finds Former Russian oil tycoon Khodorkovsky guilty

In tough times, Barbour flies high

Killing in Los Angeles drops to 1967 levels, less than 300 a year

Singer-songwriter Teena Marie dies at 54

I need to get a new stove.

Listen up, NL Central!

Pakistan drone attack 'kills 18 militants'

Khodorkovsky Found Guilty of Oil Theft, Lawyers Say

Detroit pension fund spends $30 million to fix $1-million building

‘Homeland’ security coming to hotels, malls

my mother is freaking narcissistic bitch.

Chavez uses decree for disaster fund in Venezuela

If Colorado yellowcake uranium mill gets state's OK, customers would likely be in Asia

Airport body scanners, pat-downs to stay, Napolitano says

Targeted by ‘Anonymous,’ Bank of America Website Sees Intermittent Outages

NASA must fund canceled rocket program

Panel challenges Gulf seafood safety all-clear

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 27

MFM, you must keep your family laughing! (thanks, pacalo!!!)

FBI launches criminal probe into racist police abuse of Hispanics in Connecticut town

Obama is USA's most-admired man, Clinton most-admired woman

Before leaving office, Lula slams US policy in Latin America

New Michigan law gives walkers, bikers a share of streets

Time traveler caught on film

Medicaid Bonuses to Reward States for Insuring More Children

I Was Going To Do A Poll But Didn't Because It Would Be In Bad Taste

House progressives request testimony from Petraeus

Slate: Obama's war on inequality

Well at least Haley Barbour's spokesman got the "Tool" part right

USA's most-admired man and woman list

Oops, this is a dupe. I think I posted the third thread on this story. Sorry.

DUers disappointed in Obama for praising the Eagles for giving Michael Vick a 2nd chance?

Reading It Is One Thing, Honoring It Is Another

What is the Income of the Top One Percent?

Sanders on running against Obama: 'Ain't gonna do it'

Inside The GOP's Plan To Stifle Obama's Executive Branch Power

Muslim??? Who said that Obama is a muslim

Obama thanks Philadelphia Eagles owner for giving Michael Vick a second chance

Health Insurance Reform: More small businesses are offering health benefits to workers

Time to reprint the statement from one who took the dogs in and followed Vick's "redemption":

Let's Democracy!

First Europe, now Tunisia

Winter Storm Halts Travelers Across U.S.

Hefner's Getting Married!

Twirling on a big piece of silk in front of giant Best Buy banner to Greenwood's God Bless The USA

Weird Liberal Head Show #253: Join Us, Young Global Leftists!

TYT: Obama's Dream Act Politics

Young Turks: Fox News Whines About Lame Duck Congress

Young Turks: 'Leftist Media' & Hollywood = Recession - Newt Gingrich

Onion News Network - Coming To IFC January 2011

Senator Bernie Sanders: Congressional Accomplishments During Final Weeks of Session

War on Christmas, Just A Distraction

Weapons of Mass Consumption

Deja Vu (I've been here before) Teena Marie

Climate Denial Crock of the Week: A Natural By Product of Nature

US turns to smaller homes

How Corruption Erodes Public Trust, 9/8/09

Obama's Surprise Visit To Marines In Hawaii

Keith Olbermann: Countdown Favorites 2010

80% of Retiring 3 & 4-Star Military Officers 'Retire' to $$$ Defense Industry

Eye On Fox: Fixed Noise Crackpot Theater

Larry King Rips Hannity,Maddow : "They Are Preachers"

Stimulus and Tax Cuts Not a Long-Term Solution

Bill Clinton to campaign for Rahm Emanuel in Chicago

Health Reform Celebration Seems Premature

A Banana Republic Once Again?

Honduran coffee harvest relies on child workers

The Finite World

Bewildering Array of Choices for any American Voters Who Think the 1st Amendment might be Applicable

NYT-News Analysis: In ‘Daily Show’ Role on 9/11 Bill, Echoes of Murrow

Panama row reveals US drug agency's power

The busted myths of 2010

For CIA drone warriors, the future is death by Pepe Escobar

Top Baptist abuse-related stories of 2010

2010: America Held Hostage

WikiLeaks cables: CIA drew up UN spying wishlist for diplomats

WIRED MAGAZINE: 2010: The Year the Internet Went to War

Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming

Truth Seeks Light; Evil Loves the Dark

Annual Piggy Bank Awards: Big porkers include ATM fees, credit cards

Khodorkovsky found guilty as protests mount against Putin and 'charade' trial

Hollywood's Class Warfare

Funniest Protest Signs of 2010

War: What If Christians Took Jesus at His Word?

The 9 Biggest Conservative Lies About Taxes and Public Spending

In Unfolding War on Public Employees, State Lawmakers and Media Likely to Do the Work Themselves

The Moment of Convulsion (James Howard Kunstler)

Social Security Sense and Nonsense (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)

The economic outrage of 2010 by Joseph Stiglitz

Who Killed the Disneyland Dream? - Frank Rich

Chris Hedges: 2011: A Brave New Dystopia

Obama calls Eagles owner to congraulate him for signing Vick

Amy Goodman: How We've Created a Nation Addicted to Shopping, Work, Drugs and Sex

2012 GOP poll: Who will it be?

Appeals court upholds fine over RI mercury storage

Drumbeat from the holiday weekend...

Drumbeat: December 27, 2010

Eben Bayer: Are mushrooms the new plastic?

Researchers develop reactor to make fuel from sunlight

City of Houston shuts down two radioactive water wells

Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming

Some CO2 scenarios

Spartanburg County state senator aims for SC gun rights (South Carolina)

Swiss considering draconian gun control ...

Is ammunition control being used as gun control?

My wingnut, Limbaugh-groupie BIL just went out and bought four guns:

Egypt welcomes Bolivia''s recognition of Palestine as a state

Paraguay to recognize Palestinian state in 2011

A Banana Republic Once Again?

Panama row reveals US drug agency's power

Honduras: Women’s Rights Under Seige After Military Coup

Honduran coffee harvest relies on child workers

Chavez uses decree for disaster fund in Venezuela

Cuban medics in Haiti put the world to shame

Before leaving office, Lula slams US policy in Latin America

WikiLeaks-US fallout continues (Peru)

As your resident Dr., I prescribe this for all of my friends here.

Yoani Sánchez pidió a subsecretaria de Estado tener acceso a compras on line

Fiestas de Navidad dejaron 40 muertes en Caracas

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Sunday, December 26)

SF 49ers Fire Head Coach Mike Singletary

Eli Manning had a great game!

Well, there goes that #1 draft pick!

Singletary fired after 49ers eliminated from playoff contention

Miami, ND barred from crossing border (into Mexico)

Packers destroy Giants

Drama Queen won't block Murkowski

The Bizarre World of the Bisexual (Humor video)

Obama's 'evolving' views stir gay marriage debate

Justice Breyer; a class act and even more so when compared to the low life right wing justices.

Stephen! Tell us what you really think!

'Stay in the closet'

Republican leaders sign letter backing anti-gay groups

Palestinian mayor presides over boom times in Ramallah

Did Anyone NOT Celebrate X-mas Yesterday?

Did first humans come out of Middle East and not Africa?...(full title too long for subject line)

A second walk through the snow - and birdwatching from A-Z

picture from a Z981

I got a new PC last week