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WaPo: Veterans of recent wars confront grim employment landscape

WaPo: Veterans of recent wars confront grim employment landscape

Bill Black: 2011 Will Bring More de Facto Decriminalization of Elite Financial Fraud

Traveling by Air over The Recent Holidays...

Local girl (OH), 10, collects blankets to donate to shelter animals

this segment on Rachel's show is fascinating

Dirty Tricks from Mortgage Service Companies ???

Alter's 'The Promise' Epilogue: Obama Team's Dysfunction Prompted Lack Of Focus On Jobs... - HuffPo

More than 100lbs of uranium moved out

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight

Wisconsin’s Walker Wants to Hide Jobs Info, Just Like Indiana

The greatest triumph of evil..

Anderson Cooper had worst ratings year ever

NNSA and highly enriched uranium

caption assange pics...

We never had a Liberal Media in this country....

I have a question about the US Civil War.

Who is that crazy fucker on Rachel's show right now?

Fraudpoint Holiday Bowl and Facebook ads

Jack Abramoff's Dream

Rep. Shows Claims Dems Don't Welcome White Conservatives

Central Falls, Rhode Island teachers face renewed attacks

Washington’s “humanitarian” war and the KLA’s crimes

Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano in Afghanistan to provide homeland security for Afghanistan

AP Video Clip: "O'Donnell Denies Accusation She Misspent Funds"

About the new GOP House---a question: Can these childish Neanderthals

(5-pound) Dog recovering from arrow (in a new home)

GOP Rep. McHenry to probe: Where was Wachovia's bailout?

Primaries for Palin?

Afghanistan war: how a model province tumbled into violence

East St. Louis City Council meeting concerning layoffs gets nasty

Do Progressives pick the wrong fights?

The Return of the Oil Speculators

German steel boss (Thyssen-Krupp) calls for “German raw materials corporation”

Dems rip proposed rule giving new power to GOP Budget chairman

Outsourced: Italian shipbuilder gets Navy (LCS) contract

"Warrant issued for officer's son"

I think I know what will happen will Christine O'Donnell.

Medical research is part of the military's combat mission, too

Oops! DoD Forgot To Mention 10 LCSs Were Outsourced

This Is What A Crunched Budget Looks Like

May I recommend for your New Year's research and reading and all of the links.

Hey Liz(ard) Cheney

I think 2011 may be the "make or break" year.

South Korea says North is boosting special forces

GOP death panels

Anti-Islamisation Conference-Assises Contre L'Islamisation de L'Europe-in Paris

Navy Officials Paid for Northrop Golf Outing, Air Shows Travel, Audit Says

The Babbitt of the Bobos: Is David Brooks America’s most misguided pundit?

I dunno... could this Christine O'Donnell investigation be just another Democratic witchhunt?

Yes they CAN© assists wealthy in giving back their Bush/Obama Tax Cuts©

Judge warns of ‘Orwellian state’ in warrantless GPS tracking case

First post of 2011

Just how many tax cuts for the rich do the conservatives plan to push for next year?

Georgia GOPer Pushes Bill For Taxes To Be Paid In Gold And Silver

The Australian government has evacuated over 200,000

Perspective on what the Wealthy Ruling Elite does in Mexico

David Sirota: A Snow-Filled Glimpse of America’s Future

Meet the Adventurers of the Year: Oarsman Leven Brown

Tests of 'Roe' more frequent since justices upheld late-term abortion ban in '07

Defining Conservatives.

Proposed House GOP Rules Give Rep. Ryan ‘Stunning And Unprecedented’ Power To Shape Budget

"The Nation" Readers Person of the Year Results: The clear-cut winner is Julian Assange

Guardian UK: Research links rise in Falluja birth defects and cancers to US assault

Nursing student expelled for posting Facebook photo of a human placenta in class

Daily Kos: Conservatives Claim Unions Caused NY Snow Jam (untruth becomes "conventional wisdom.")

The middle/lower classes say "tax the rich!". The rich say "cut services!"

Iowa GOP ready to push hard on social issues in 2011

Farm cop sees growth of agricultural crime in California's Central Valley

What kind of ugliness do you have to have in your heart

Potential GOP 2012 Presidential Candidates Use PACs To Skirt Federal Campaign Fundraising Laws

Here's a case where I wish "3 strikes" had worked.

Just makes you want to run out and buy Chinese made goods at Walmart

As a group 100 major markets lost 943 manufacturing jobs every day for the past 10 years

Mexican teen's friends to fight deportation order (from Canada; teen's lesbian sister denied asylum)

Brazilian president-elect invites ex-cellmates to inauguration

Wall Street bankers, publicly modest, eye fancy toys

End of Year Toon Roundup 2

US missiles kill 8 in northwest Pakistan

I had to puke this morning.

Wired journalists deny cover-up over WikiLeaks boss and accused US soldier

Most inspiring Activist from2010: Kanellos, The Greek Protest Dog

NYT correction on Manning/Lamo story:

Mississippi Gov "unethical" over jail release: surgeon

Hijab-wearing robber (male not female) hits Ottawa bank

Thom Hartmann mentioned this website

FBI raids ISP in Anonymous DDoS investigation (Wikileaks)

Primaries for Palin Campaign

Anyone else sick of the Obama Admin text spamming them?

Don't Call Her a Maniac

My roommate brought this to my attention...

OK, normally I don't do this, but

Financial Services, even the small things...

Michele Bachmann revealed: Gore Vidal made her a Republican

Wow - Aussies & Kiwis really know how to start 2011

Wow - Aussies & Kiwis really know how to start 2011

As we enter a NEW decade & a NEW year.....I leave you with one thought...

Stupid Crooks: Naked Phoenix Man to Cops: "Come and Suck it" (Said While Masturbating Behind Motel)

And your little dog too! Good Witch of the East bemoans senseless persecution from "Obama Thugs."

Here we go again: SUVs lead U.S. auto sales growth

Budget woes force state parks to delay maintenance

Christmas With Julian Assange. A Newsweek photo gallery of Julian's Christmas

End of Year Toon Roundup 5

Florida Officer Arrested After Video Shows Him Punching Inmate

2011 Banished Words List "refudiates" Palin! (TWO Palin-related banishments!)

Halliburton tastes its own medicine.

Gold Prices Go Up

Anyone here seen my good friend Bobby?

Majority of Republicans want Obama to fail

While the RW media blames the unions for NYC Snowpocalypse debacle:

Research links rise in Falluja birth defects and cancers to US assault

The way to reduce the deficit is

What's up with all these tornadoes?

I'm getting the idea that some folks here think that everything the gov't

Very Interesting Note on Hiring. Jobs.

REGION: Issa on Sunday talk shows -- North County Times

GOP death panels

Georgia GOPer Pushes Bill For Taxes To Be Paid In Gold And Silver

Dismal domestic animal abuse

for the World's Poor "...Internet access as a human right."

for the World's Poor "...Internet access as a human right."

Typical repuke... Blame everyone else.

"Banks, Bailouts and Manufactured Market Crashes with Max Keiser." A Must Listen

Is Congress More Progressive Than Hollywood?

Why we need a president who's a leader & not a capitulator: Human civilization is on the precipice

Our Daughter Isn't a Selfish Brat, Your Son Just Hasn't Read Atlas Shrugged..


Live hostage situation at a Chase Bank in Houston

Thank you, Governor Paterson

Unemployment claims drop when unemployment offices are closed for holidays.

How high will it go? Gas prices on the rise is anyone noticing?

63 Percent of Americans Oppose War In Afghanistan

I wanted to belatedly applaud President Obama

2010 Closes With Yet More Killer Climate Disasters

Granholm's last full day in office

Ever heard of Patrick Henry College?

Ever heard of Patrick Henry College?

The US Without Social Security: The Return of the Poorhouse

tell Afghans you care. New Year's Day Twitter/Skype etc

Future Sacrifices

Happy New Year to you all...

Happy New Year!

HEY! Arizona!! Howzat No Such Thing As Climate Change SuitU Now!

The 8 Smears and Misconceptions About WikiLeaks Spread By the Media

Three cheers for this corporation, and a chuckle.

End of Year Toon Roundup 3

Today's Non-Sequitur deals with healthcare

Countless Juarez residents flee 'dying city'

Ammunition against Right-Wingers Who Advocate Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

Justice Dept. Refuses Cooperation With Polish Prosecutors Investigating Torture at CIA Black Site

Judith Miller: From the Times to the nuts

The Rude Pundit: End of Year Haiku 2010 (Part 3: The Readers Write)

Michele Bachmann says Gore Vidal turned her into the (right wing idiot) person she is today

Ezra: "What the tea party wants from the Constitution"

Get used to temporary: Contract hiring set to grow in 2011

Why would anyone want a "Christian Government"??

Wave of garment-worker suicides in Indian “boom” town (1000 in two years)

Been posting here 6 years. 30k posts now. And 6 yrs ago tonight my life changed

Right-wingers now yelling about Batman?

Which Costs More?

CNN Reporter Gushes to Lorena Bobbitt: 'Are You Finally Able to Laugh About It?'

Oops! Bribing Nigeria For Cheney’s Freedom Not Legal - EmptyWheel

Here's a link to a group of charts that you might find interesting.

So when Boehner and the other loonies read the

Gov. Christie praises his administration for work done after blizzard, chastises mayors

Major Health Care Reforms Take Effect January 1

Racists Totally Freak Out Over Muslim 'Batman of Paris'

My Top 10 Favorite Books that I Read in 2010

Yeah, boy! Newburgh NY faces 301% tax increase (2010 - 2013)

Why the rich are getting richer: It's the government, stupid

New Years Eve Tornados??? IL - Near StLouis take cover now

AZ's "Papers, please" author and Birther: 'Obama May Not Be Visiting Arizona

DUI suspect blames Ozzy Osborne

Partisan gap on immigration reform 'almost irreconcilable,' says Barton

Der Popenfuhrur blames the 70's for pedophile priests.

Major Health Care Reforms Take Effect January 1

End of Year Toon Roundup 4

It must hurt to be so stupid

Desperation for electricity leads to fire deaths in Oakland

Pat Robertson: Snow = God’s Way of Punishing Americans Planning to Drive to Do Something Gay

Tall flier made to stand on Spirit Airlines

Centrist politicians don’t want to do the right thing (they serve corporations, not you)

Boomers check in! What percentage of DU posters are Boomers?

House Republicans to read the Constitution aloud in its entirety

A busboy kneels again next to RFK

Arizona's Racist Ethnic Studies Ban Starts Tomorrow

2010 in the springs (you can't make this s*** up) (because we all need a laugh

Roger Milliken, union buster, dead at 95.

Roger Milliken, union buster, dead at 95.

There’s a jungle inside Vietnam’s mammoth cavern. A skyscraper could fit too. And the end is out of

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Again, It is Wall Street & The Banks causing the hike in gas prices:

As frustration grows, airports consider ditching TSA

How fucking fair is this!!!

Your Friday Afternoon Challenge Question awaits you! Today: Welcome to the menagerie!

Teach For America's 'Highly Qualified' Is Highly Misleading

New nominee for U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela barred from that country after musing about coups

Obama Misrepresents the History of Social Security

Michael Vick, Racial History and Animal Rights

The Working Poor Families Project

What that "15 minutes of fame" hath wrought. New leaks sites around the globe...

India's poorest reel under microcredit debt burden

I said some nasty shit the other night and I apologize to everybody here for it.

Has anyone noticed....?

I urge Democratic Representatives to accept the Republicans' offer to read parts of the Constitution

Argentina sees UFO sightings as threat to air security

'Viral' tops list of overused words. Post words you think should be added to the "official" list

Bwaaaaaaaaaaah whiny Christie returns to beg the Feds for

We have a new term: Zombie Lies

Anyone seen Swamp Rat lately? Happy New Year Swampie!

Good for something: TSA scanner finds passenger's meth

Be grateful you've got a job...

Something you don't see anymore these days...and quite possibly why our country is fucked

From The WTF Are The Repubs Thinking File:

Wow, 100-car pile-up in Fargo because of the blizzard!

Oh we got a hot one in Chandler, AZ, teeanage boy has love triangle with Mormon mother/daughter. . .

Oh we got a hot one in Chandler, AZ, teeanage boy has love triangle with Mormon mother/daughter. . .

"Tax The Rich, Feed The Poor Till There Are No Rich No More"

"Tax The Rich, Feed The Poor Till There Are No Rich No More"

Obama needs to learn to be a better loser

Bloomberg is Understanding!

The Julian Assange Investigation -- Let's Clear the Air of Misinformation

One of the main reasons I have been pushing myself so hard over the last few years was because....

Nancy Reagan hid Alzheimer's from Prez for 5 years

A Heart For Pine Ridge ....Help make 2011 warm for those at Pine Ridge

Honestly, officer, I wasn't masturbating, I just spilled tabasco on my penis.

The Impeachment of Roberts & Alito

Wonder what happened to this fleabagger?

Wonder what happened to this fleabagger?

Good roundup from CBS: How Wikileaks Enlightened Us

Best films of 2010

Florida's Rick Scott most unpopular of all newly elected governors. 30% approval.

Sea Shepherd Hunts Down the Japanese Whalers Before a Single Whale is Killed

Time Traveler Captured In Museum Photograph

8 Smears And Misconceptions About WikiLeaks Spread By the Media

Tortured Until Proven Guilty: Bradley Manning and the Case Against Solitary Confinement

Next Year's Wars

End of Year Toon Roundup 1

GALBRAITH was a guy who knew how to make government work to improve life for ALL Americans.

I remember 1985, 86, 87 and 1988 like the back of my hand

It is 7:01PM in Ecorse, MI., I present to you all another installment of ASK MrScorpio

Bob Dylan "Self-Potrait" - why the hate?

For MrScorpio


Tons of straight-pins on the carpet at a (STORE NAME's) in the shirt department?!1


50 ain't the new 30

Hawaii's Governor Wants to Reveal Obama Birth Info


UConn streak in jeopardy

Funniest political quotes of 2010

Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport

Glee to autotune flatulence in 2011

Best gifts for 10-11 year old girls?

which do you say?

Schedule for Syfy channel's Twilight Zone Marathon this weekend

The coolest scale model kit ever...

2011 in Chinese astrology is the year of the Rabbit : Link:

delete - dupe

any advice on how to get rid of blue balls?

NYT Review of Books: CaliforniaPeggy opus "Like Plath's 'Bell Jar' if every third word was f**k"

Happy New Year ~ gonna turn it upside down

"Having your n***s bit off by a Laplander...that's the way I want to go."

Who needs a smile?

Any advice on how to get rid of blue feet?

Ever have to spend Christmas with a relative, that you were finally glad when that relative died?

Born in the U.S.A.

any human resource, hiring managers or personal types here tonight?

Should I take 'em to the bridge? Take 'em on to the bridge! Should I take 'em to the bridge? Hit me!

I have got to get out of my freeper-ass town.

Note to DU:

any advice on how to get rid of blue boys?

I'm making the President's mole for New Years today

I'm making the President's mole for New Years today

"Raise Your Glass" by Pink.

Shit , 2010 is over already ?

Holiday horror stories, want to hear mine?

Die Krupps - Wahre Arbeit, Wahrer Lohn

Is the phrase 'meatballs' sexist?

42 years, 16 hours and 20 minutes of FASCINATING experiences have taken a toll, but I'm still here.

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!! from MiddleFingerMom (Part 1) Dial-Up WARNING

final truck problem of the year?

DU Ignore List Jubilee

You Gotta See This Cock Soccer

Should be packing but playing with my new toy

What happened to civility? I got the rudest looks when I lit up a cigarette.

How come Arizona's DOT got the plows out ASAP

Missed a credit card payment -- seeking advice.

Alaska certifies Murkowski's write-in Senate victory

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!! from MiddleFingerMom (Part 2) Dial-Up WARNING

Dems rip proposed rule giving new power to GOP Budget chairman

The Two Things New Year's Eve Means to MiddleFingerMom

any advice on how to get rid of blue jays?

Protests intensify in Bolivia over gasoline prices

Obligatory "Is it too early to start drinking" thread

Hard-hitting Netflix issue, because I'm not afraid to ask the tough one.

The 40 Drunkest Cities

Wired journalists deny cover-up over WikiLeaks boss and accused US soldier

"NO REFUSAL" Dui check points could be coming to Tampa

Australia flooding affects 200,000 people

Argentina sees UFO sightings as threat to air security

Farm cop sees growth of agricultural crime in California's Central Valley

WikiLeaks' Collateral Damage

Brazilian president-elect invites ex-cellmates to inauguration

"...even though he quickly took it down, that’s not how the Internet works..."

Bob Dylan's Self Poitrait was the perfect album

WikiLeaks show US frustrated with Egypt military

Contracts Draw Fire Over Ties to Christie

Turkey Would Open Ports to Cyprus, Removing EU Block

Gov't Files To Suspend 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Appeal

Ivory Coast moves towards civil war as crisis over disputed election deepens

Tony Blair defends support for Rwandan leader Paul Kagame

US missiles kill 8 in northwest Pakistan

US helps Ukraine return 2 bombs' worth of uranium

3 dead after tornado hits NW Ark on New Year's Eve

Are Westerns real ?

Karzai Keeps Minister Considered Corrupt by US

Breaking: Bank Robbery, Possible Hostage Situation Unfolding in Pearland, Texas

Academic Economists to Consider Ethics Code

E.P.A. Limit on Gases to Pose Risk to Obama and Congress

Turkey: Police detain 10 Al-Qaeda suspects over New Year's Eve plot

Lula sparks diplomatic spat with Italy over refusal to extradite killer

Blast Kills 11 At Market In Nigerian Capital

ACLU seeking to ban Idaho prison practices

New Orleans moves to get rid of last FEMA trailers

Lobbyist’s Client List Puts Him on the Defensive

Australian police unearth global pedophile ring

Miller ends challenge in Senate race

happy new year

Vibes please. Just found out one of my son's friends has died.

Man strips at Va. airport checkpoint in protest

No Pardon for Billy the Kid

Anonymous hackers target Zimbabwe government over WikiLeaks

Weird looking dinosaur

Daughter, wife of AZ official (R) accused in sex case

Oil falls below $90 amid light year-end trading

Only 21 Percent Of U.S. Voters Support Net Neutrality

Childhood obesity can begin as early as 9 months of age, researchers find

Father Who Donated $40K to Jesuit Private School Sues When Son Gets Turned Down

Albino boy killed in Burundi, witchcraft suspected

Company recalls ground beef over E. coli fears

Research links rise in Falluja birth defects and cancers to US assault (confirms earlier estimates)

What Kind Of American English Do You Speak? (Quiz)

Venezuela's Chavez devalues bolivar currency again

End of year comment: FUCK ALL OF YOU DU ASSHOLES!

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 31

Some of the health care provisions start on January 1 2011 just before the rethugs take over

Snowstorm hit America, but What does Obama do?

MSNBC -- Maddow -- They did credits with photos

Krugman: The New Voodoo

Second Chance Act

The president's progress

NNSA Announces Removal of All Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) from Serbia

Major Health Care Reforms Take Effect January 1

What Is The Half-Time Score

The sordid history of Santa. . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Thrash out the old year with a CAPTION for Head Wreck!!!

Kucinich, Facing Loss of Congressional District, Rules Out Presidential Bid

Quietly Executing A National Security Triumph

New Years Rez, #1: "I will CAPTION Head Wreck every chance I get."

Obama better learn how to celebrate his accomplishments quickl, this is one thing he

Krugman: Unemployment Claims and Employment Growth

Obama & Torture

Salon's Gene Lyons: Victory, compromise and hurt feelings

Do you support or oppose the war in Afghanistan?

I'm pretty certain that watching Fox News makes people grow older faster

India's National Newspaper saying what the MSM here won't

Reality Check for all liberals:

Do you care if Bradley Manning is kept in isolation?

Best of 2010: Cenk Uygur Interviewed by David Pakman Live in Washington DC

These are not 'well known faces' but they deserve our attention.

MRN: They're All Such Douchebags (Auld Lang Syne)


O'Donnell Denies Accusation She Misspent Funds

TPDS Most Outrageous of 2010: Racist Glenn Miller Anti-Semitic to David & Koran Burner Terry Jones

Julian Assange: Why WikiLeaks Is Taking on the Pentagon

Newsroom: Biden Criticized For Appearing In Hennessy Ads

Weird Liberal Head Show #257: Conservatives Attack, Insult, and Threaten Military Veterans?

NNSA Gives Rachel Maddow Exclusive Scoop on the Removal of 100 Pounds of Uranium in Ukraine

Son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg: Why We Must Fight to Protect WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. 1 of 2

TSA iPhone

Countdown: Global Warming and New York City Snow [starts at 2:20]

Thom Hartmann: GOProud says CPAC is a Tempest in the Teapot?

Tax Breaks For Outsourcing? Robert Reich w/ Cenk

Thom Hartmann: Crazy Alert: Road Rage Edition

Edward R Murrow vs Joe McCarthy

Chris Christie: I'm Going to Disney World!

Thom Hartmann: What the Lame Street Media Doesn't want you to Know

Robert Greenwald: Pentagon's propaganda in full view

Young Turks: Is President Obama a Native American? Cenk Mocks Right Wing Conspiracy Theory!

Well Known Faces We Lost In 2010

"Curse Him!" to Obama: Boy Beaten in US School 40 Times

Countdown: Firedoglake's David Dayen: GOP intends starvation diet for states

A look back at the famous and powerful who died in 2010

Not trickle down, but trickle out

A Recess Appointment That Makes Sense

WikiLeaks' Collateral Damage

If Venezuela were Measured by the Majority

Two , Three, Many Colombias

Get Angry: The Year’s 10 Best Political Docs

Rotten News? 2010 P.U.-Litzer Prizes for Bad Journalism

How Harry Reid And Mitch McConnell Could Upend Filibuster Reform

Salon - 2010: The year of Boehner bawling

Counterpunch: Goodbye to 2010, Year of the Tiger, Hello to 2011, Year of the Rabbit

GOP's First New Year's Resolution: Deny Health Care to 'New Year’s Baby'

The Year's Funniest Anti-Republican Bumper Stickers

HOUSE OF THE DAY: Hank Paulson Loses $1 Million On His D.C. Home

Napoleon Hill: "What Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-one Has Taught Me"

The Tea Party GOP Gets Ready to Talibanize the US Constitution

Eugene Robinson: How Bad Weather Can Bury a Politician’s Career

3 Totally False Claims By Those Who Want Transparency for the State, But Not for Assange Himself

Suggested Amendments to the U.S. Constitution for 2011

"Should Auld Weekends Be Forgot" Economists Ring Out 2010

Scott Sisters Kidney Donation Threatens Organ Transplant Laws

2010: Official White House Photos

ZBB Energy Receives Order for Military Transportable Renwable Power Solution

Italy to begin ban on plastic bags in shops (BBC)

Rare monk seal colony found in the Mediterranean (BBC) {most endangered seal}

Mount Everest's Sherpas Ring Warning Bell on Global Warming (2010 Top Environment Alert)

Desdemona's 50 Doomiest Graphs of 2010

Check out the Earthbag Home just completed in the Austin, Tx. area.

Rachel Maddow gets scoop on Removal of 100 Pounds of Highly-Enriched Uranium from Ukraine

Gunman sues bar because he wasn't searched for weapons and was shot

Residents held at gunpoint fatally shoot intruders.

LA Gun Owners Warned Again Not to Fire in the Air for New Year's Eve ...

An example of why gun control doesn't work: India

Details of the diplomatic soap opera between USA and Ven (Spanish)

Cuba, Brazil eye closer ties in post-Lula era

Cuban, Russian parliaments sign co-op agreement

Argentina sees UFO sightings as threat to air security

Jamaica to serve as Cuban eye care hub

Bolivian protests leave 15 injured 21 detained

Two, Three, Many Columbias

U.S. must change tack on S. America: Lula

Brazilian president-elect invites ex-cellmates to inauguration

Daniel Ellsberg to Julian Assange: "Pick Cuba".

Cuba cuts subsidy for toiletries

Lula sparks diplomatic spat with Italy over refusal to extradite killer

Big shindig in Brasilia on Saturday (Rousseff)

Kinda glad I missed the Pinstripe Bowl

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Thursday, December 30)

Tigers lost yet another old timer.....

NFL fines Jets $100,000 in Alosi tripping incident

what an insane end of regulation to the Music City Bowl

Has anyone heard from joeybee recently??

1 more day!

More Rex Ryan Porn discovered, apparently

UCONN women's record snapped at 90 by Stanford

The Not So Sunny Bowl >>

UW crushes Nebraska 19-7 in the Holiday Bowl..

National Organization for Marriage late with its federal taxes. Happy New Year!

Book readers: Check out The Telling by Eden Winters


Israel rabbi's edict targets Arabs

Not only was Hitler a Christian, but he was also a Creationist!

Analemma 2010 from Hungary

What is the "Electric Universe Theory"?

Children's Universities spreading in Europe

The Decline Effect