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Yosemite Sam thinks Obama isn't scared enough

McConnell is already gloating

Fed wants to strip a key protection for homeowners

Rare occasion that I like cable tv tonight: The Golden Compass is on Syfy

Nobel winner Mario Vargas Llosa rules out Peru presidency rerun

Does the Democratic Party Exist & Function Any Longer???

Time to vote for a republic president

Richard Wolfe is on w/Norman Goldman now. nt

The difference between Democrats and Republicans:

Gag factor overload...Kate Gosselin to appear on Palin's show

"The GOP CAVED! This is NOT what we voted for? This is a sell-out. The TEA PARTY IS WATCHING!"



Right-Wing Doublespeak regarding Tax Cuts

I'm sure the unemployed enjoyed being used as a bargaining chip

I'm sure the unemployed enjoyed being used as a bargaining chip

WTF....Tax cuts for Rich last TWO years, Unemployment Benefits last 13 months???

Tax Cut Deal Includes Monstrous Estate Tax, Dividend Concession

A Poll With A Little Levity To Lighten The Mood

I just called Bernie Sander's office..........

Go home and get a nice quiet sleep.

Details, Details, And Lame Mother Duckers...

I don't believe Obama is planning to run for a second term.

self delete

GOP Senator George Voinovich Will Vote Against Any Extension Of Bush Tax Cuts

Political pooches and the pot roast---

Political pooches and the pot roast---

Just heard deal includes a cut in SS taxes for Americans - I missed that. nt

Jebama. Cripes, what a HUGH disappointment

Jebama. Cripes, what a HUGH disappointment

Yes I am not happy, however

Interesting image from gawker

maybe time to find someone new...n/t

maybe time to find someone new...n/t

Payroll tax cuts = intensification of campaign to "reform" SS

Don Meredith Dead At 72

Imperialism, tax cuts & more profits are their only cares! I find it amazing.....

While his parents look on with disapproval, Barack falls in with the "wrong crowd"

Tweety's reporting it as a fact that we'll be cutting SS

Compromise or Capitulation?

Krugman is Right! Let the Bush Taxcuts Expire..... LINK

So we get an extension of tax cuts that we can ill afford

If I give you $30 billion for the needy, will you give me $700 billion for no reason at all?

Everything Is On The Chopping Block EXCEPT Tax Cuts

Sam Seder tonight for Keith

Can the president present a bill to the congress..or do they have to create their own?

a 2 year extension of tax cuts makes it an issue for 2012

Sign of two years to come of working with the republicans

Krugman Discusses Inside Job, the Movie

Dan Bartlett on Bush Tax Cuts©..."The fact that we were able to lay the trap does feel pretty good"

A video in honor of the tax compromise.

Democrats must either take the lead on fiscal responsibility, or become the GOP court jester

When all the numbers swim together...

So the Have LOTS get 2 years of money and the Down trodden get 13 months of breathing room

Toles Toon: This always ends badly

To those who will defend ANYTHING

Obama outlines deal to keep tax cuts

are you getting on MSNBC: "Our Schoolsare in Crisis"? with no sound?

What If People Like The Republican Dog Food?

Imagine the following being said in a calm civil tone, with an ocean in the background:

Bush was right about something

Appropriate toon for tonight

What would you have asked for in return?

Sam Seder

Dem's should filibuster this tax cut deal by reading a tale of two cities.

Anyone wonder when the "TIME TO FIGHT" will actually be???

Two key reaons why Wikileaks resonates with a lot of people

Two key reaons why Wikileaks resonates with a lot of people

Issues I Would Go To The Proverbial Hill For

WikiLeaks Has Worked. Stomping Your Feed & Wishing It Would All Just Go Away Is Completely Ludicrous

SAMMY! (Sam Seder subs for Olbermann) YEAH!

If you are looking for something positive tonight in all of this tax break/UE stuff, here it is


Top Ten Democrat Idiots

WikiLeaks Attempts to Expose Palin

Conveniently, the president has a crisis to force his hand on tax compromise

Even with Unemployment Extensions, 4 Million More 99ers in 2011 - YahooNews

Calif. drive-through worker burned by food prank

It's Not Raining, We're Getting Peed on (II): The Scam of the Deficit Crisis

How do we know this Wikileaks encrypted file is real? What if it's a bluff?

Joan Walsh Summed It Up

I am writing a letter asking Obama to step aside and declare himself a lame duck NOW

Grayson on Rachel with Ed

Is there any websites any more that promote buying blue?

Give A Man A Fish And He Will Eat For A Day

$700 Billion divided by 308 million Americans = $2272 each

It is getting to the point where there are two kinds of people in this country --

A suggestion to honor Elizabeth Edwards

How to get them to pay attention

They protested being denied service at lunch counters, what happens when it's your nation's capitol?

Prosecution 'Stands Mute' At Texas Death Penalty Hearing

Done. Fucking Done. Fucking well done!

One TERM president who does not understand

Rep. Peter Welch Circulates Letter Urging Dems To Submarine Tax Cut Deal Posted:

It's such a shame but now he's the ...

does anybody else think Lawrence O'Donnell is a bit arrogant

Don't You Get It? This Is NOT Political...

What an incredible losing streak

So, how much of the $700 Billion in tax breaks will go to the GOP campaigns in 2012?????

Elizabeth Edwards' priority was always HEALTH CARE REFORM

I ain't done.

"We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." Oh...wait....

If Obama can issue a signing statement narrowing the scope of the tax cuts for the rich

Excellent summary of Assange's legal future now he has agreed to meet with poilice.

Okay, regarding the "compromise" -- what's next, and when? Thanks. nt

Obama stands up for the 26%

You know, sometimes all you can do is say "fuck it"

Founder of WikiLeaks Threatens to Release More Secret Dispatches

what about that danged deficit? i thought the thugs were all riled up about the deficit?

Take $70 billion a year from the Defense budget.

Why did obama say this will help the economy and that when we make tough choices

Hypothetical=Do you think it possible that "we"d say "We are the ones we have been waiting for" and

Looks like Obama is setting the stage to end Social Security

Joke gets Santa Claus fired from Macy's

President George W. Bush, three term president

The campaign to slash Social Security benefits is based on deliberate deception

Jonathan Alter put it right when he said Obama should have insisted on a one year

Seven Italian bicyclists killed by driver high on pot

Sorry.Apparently "Mythbusters" is touchstone for being Dem / Progressive / Liberal. Nope.

The art of negotiation and why I believe Obama lost.

Macy's fires Santa Claus after couple complains about joke

Another win !!!!!US Copyright Group Drops Cases Against Thousands of BitTorrent Users

What's next Mr. President?

If they have to compromise, the compromise should be equitable

The business community make their ceos, businesses and corporations

Pay me three quarters of a trillion dollars in small unmarked bills or the little guy gets it.

None of these tax changes address structural problems

It reminds me of someone who thinks if they are super nice to their abuser, their abuser will stop

Mission accomplished

Alternet: 4 Scenarios for the Coming Collapse of the American Empire

Anthony Weiner just said on MSNBC that the deal "wasn't terrible" and that there were many things he

Isn't this the type of choice the Republicans ALWAYS want to force on us?

New America Foundation: "the Obama administration is sinking under failure of its economic policy"

Don't forget the provision to write off the whole amount of an asset in 2011

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I would've expected more vitriol aimed at congress today

My Statement on the Tax Deal

Bernie Sanders on Ed (Rachel) saying he will Filibusterer the DEAL!

Two Can Play the Extortion Game in Congress - How about a little push back against Republicans?

Two Can Play the Extortion Game in Congress - How about a little push back against Republicans?

Is everything negotiable?

Jet lands after dog bites 2 aboard

f--- this sh*t!

Is the administration prevailing on the greater fight?

White House, Congress, near agreement on $800 billion stimulus package.

McCain Dismisses DREAM Act Supporter

Elizabeth Edwards would have made a fine President.

Elizabeth Edwards would have made a fine President.

Reconciliation: Can Congress repeal the tax cuts for people who make over 250k after

Obama the Acquiescent - Is there anything left?

It's over. The Grand Experiment is over.

Where is the beloved media ?

There are some profiles in courage in our Congress.

How gullible is this guy? "These tax cut will expire in two years"

How gullible is this guy? "These tax cut will expire in two years"

Huffington Post home page photo worth 1,000 words...and 999 of those words are "fuck."

Check Out Callista Gingrich, 2012 Could be Pretty Entertaining

NYT Op-Ed: "Obama has seemingly surrendered his once-considerable abilities to act, decide or think"

WikiLeaks can still accept donations to help cover their expenses.

This is serious question. Which Republican will you support in 2012 since...

The idea that there will be a recovery is a cruel swindle

VIDEO: How much will OBAMA TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH cost? Who will loan the US the money?

Anyone who calls out for Hillary now,

So In The End... Obama's Deal Sells Out Half The Unemployed So The Rich Get Their Way ???

Extending bush Cuts For The Rich 4 Two Years= $140B, NOT $700-B

Watching Bill Maher's most recent special. Great quote about Obama:

Watching Bill Maher's most recent special. Great quote about Obama:

I am discouraged. It seems the Democrats in Congress and the WH always steal defeat from the jaws of

We Need To RENAME DU To....OBAMA Threw Us Under....

Do you believe the economy will improve over the next two years?

Anyone else having problems loading WikiLeaks?

If there is money for illegal occupations

Texas GOP: Our Leader MUST Be Christian

At Least Ron Christie Got Reamed On Big Ed's Show

Lawrence O'Donnell, Vaseline, and the old Dinah Shore Show

Lawrence O'Donnell, Vaseline, and the old Dinah Shore Show

Assange Will Approach Australia's High Commission For Consular Assistance (Important Interview)

Will We Ever See 5% Unemployment Again?

Sharing a moment: John Lennon "Imagine" (Live Video 1972)

"The Significance Is Obama Blinked"

The payroll tax cut of 2% will not cut one penny from the Social Security trust fund

The payroll tax cut of 2% will not cut one penny from the Social Security trust fund

WikiLeaks Founder Warns About More Dispatches

WikiLeaks Founder Warns About More Dispatches

What's your take on WikiLeaks?

140 BILLION dollars over 2 years could be used to employ 2 MILLION Americans for 2 years at 35k/yr.

I wanna laugh. I'm tired of being angry. Can anyone look @ this situation and find

Information Warfare: Now is a good time for a refresher on how the media is operated.

Obama Needs To Stop Fighting for The Unemployed

May we live in interesting times...

UK gov outlines frontal assault on education: train former soldiers to teach.

The Hindu Newspaper On The Attacks Against WikiLeaks: Digital McCarthyism

With Pressure on All Sides, White House Defends Tax Cut “Framework” - FDL

abortion payments

Catfood Commission Recs: Tax cuts & other evil shit in the blueprint for future cuts

Check please.

C-span is showing the "Same-Sex Marriage" debate :: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals...

Make no mistake about it....

I just sent an email to the White House asking Obama to please not run for a second term!

Weiner/Grayson? or...

Feingold/Schweitzer 2012?

Feingold/Schweitzer 2012?

Does Karl Rove have pictures of Obama golfing with Satan or something?

Durbin: "Social Security is a good candidate" for bipartisan work to cut deficits

Bachmann: GOP could scuttle tax deal tied to extending jobless aid

It's great to see so many enemies of secrecy posting anonymously here!

re-elect Obama

I love Obama.

I feel like we've ended up with President Lieberman although I certainly don't recall voting for him

Small daily aspirin dose 'cuts cancer risk' (death rates reduced by up to 60%!)

Tweety sucks--He is defending Obama....

Billionaires get $140 billion, the government doesn't. What does it buy?

This is the change I voted for.

Held Hostage by Terrorists and Extortionists

Toon: Bridging the Gap

Toon: Bridging the Gap

citicorp/12 Billion profit

From Alan Grayson To Kent Conrad, Many Ds I Respect Think This Is A Good Deal

Which part of Wikileaks is it illegal to talk about here now?

Well, well, well. Some of you are all done over this. Come sit by us, the gays.

US Military Threatens Soldiers Not to Read Wikileaks

Pepe Escobar: What is al-Qaeda really up to?

The PR machine for President Obama is nonexistent. He needs to fire those who are there and

This Is The Death Grip The MICC Has On Us

Central Asian militants spoiling for combat

Phillips - Pledge to Protect Tax Loopholes that Ship New York Jobs to China

What I do like about the compromise:

Where are the Jobs? Offshore Outsourced of Course!

Britt Hume Just Said Unemployment Insurance Encourages Sloth

DU a Poll: AFSCME campaign takes on 'lies' about public workers

DU a Poll: AFSCME campaign takes on 'lies' about public workers

Outsourcing Report: Republicans Rewarding Corporations that Ship U.S. Jobs Overseas

Republicans Block Bill To Tax Firms That Export Jobs

They're behind you! Thousands of starlings form 'Pacman' to frighten off hungry predator

How did I know we'd do the most fiscally irresponsible thing?

It is past time to rip a page from the R playbook

WikiLeaks to keep releasing cables despite Assange arrest

The 9 Weirdest Things About The WikiLeaks Story

This toon could apply to the government as well....

Grayson for America 2012!

Wikileaks is currently mirrored on 748 sites

If there is no progressive or liberal party, what is the use of

Julian Assange writes for The Australian

Hillary Clinton was my 9th or was the 11th or whatever the last Democrat I wanted in the primary.

Guess What This Is About: Endgame in Sudan

Do We Have The Votes To End DADT?

Do We Have The Votes To End DADT?

Framing It ... openly serve in the military.

Why WikiLeaks Is Good for America

Auth Toon: I'm so glad you want to keep reaching out to me!

Daily Low Dose Aspirin Linked to Steep Drop in Cancer Risk ..

"Line in the sand" is quite popular recently. Some of my favorites from

Kiss My Ass rhee

Julian Assange arrested in London...

Julian Assange arrested in London...

What Are We Going To Do Next Year?

Taxpayers to Cover War Contractor Losses in Lawsuits by Soldiers

Helping the Wounded: Vets Deal With Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Homelessness, Homicide, Suicide, Brain I

Soldier killed by US friendly fire was a New Zealander in British army

Changes in Tricare payments to eat at hospital budgets

Guardian: No WikiLeaks Plans To Release Encryption Code; Assange Op/Ed & Video Statement Later Today

What will be release today?

What would happen if we required 3x pay for overtime?

Just think of Wikileaks as...

So the trick is to screw over ENOUGH people . . .

If you think the EU is Left-wing now, just imagine what it could be like after 2014.

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

Oil futures up over $90 a barrel

Democrats held up for Ransom. Timely Cartoon. Do not expect it to be funny!

Sen. Chuck Grassley.......says this about the compromise...

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested

What Issues Would You Go To The Proverbal Hill For

Visa says it has suspended all payments to #WikiLeaks 'pending further investigation' - AP

Julian Assange arrest: How the extradition process works

40,000 factories in the last decade.. People used to WORK there

The Republicans are to be Applauded on attaining the main goal

The Republicans are to be Applauded on attaining the main goal

Comic Jon Stewart attacks WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

For Invaders, A Well-Worn Path Out Of Afghanistan

If hard work made people rich, then those who work on the roads, construction jobs, harvesting

52 Year Old Who Came to US as a Toddler to be Deported

Social Science Palooza

Social Science Palooza

`The truth will always win’ - Julian Assange writes

`The truth will always win’ - Julian Assange writes

Another Half Billion Dollars Down The Craphole

I will say it, we HAVE a civil war

I hate watching Joey Scar slam Obama and I have to agree with him.

Really wishing Hillary was in the office right about now

How the Oligarchs Took Over America

Is there a Movie/Documentary forum?

Krugman discusses the tax cut deal

Why Obama Should be Challenged in 2012

Why Obama Should be Challenged in 2012

WikiLeaks reveals a much larger truth

Think Merkel or Karzai were attacked in the cables? Cable calls Daniel Ortega a rapist and murderer

OK, I am not buying the charges against Julian Assange. It looks like he was set up, but...

I will NOT vote for a Republican in 2012

Inspection- The One Term Presidency

Mike Thompson's toon from a month or so back

Sarah Palin the TV Star Exposes Sarah Palin the Fake Hunter

Sarah Palin the TV Star Exposes Sarah Palin the Fake Hunter

the money grubbers quitting wikileaks tells you all you need to know

"Thanks for the tax cuts, now where are the jobs?"

Would you exchange the top 2% cut for a limit on the mortgage interest deduction?

Hunters Trashing Palin as a Fake Hunter and Unsafe Shooter

Assange: "WIKILEAKS DESERVES PROTECTION-Don't shoot messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths"

Remember when Congress dragged baseball players out to answer questions about steroids?

Sigh. Re: taxes

Many Opportunities for Corporations at the Court This Term

Many Opportunities for Corporations at the Court This Term

Swiss bank that locked Wikileaks account hacked tonight

Rep. Grayson fires 
back at George Will

This is an angry board, and the Mods are keeping it from melting down

I see now why I couldn't understand the "disdain" my xtian coworkers have for those unemployed

It's going to be a long hard winter.

Virginia may seek expedited health-care legislation ruling








Heads Up: Lonesome Rhodes on TCM Now

Chomsky signs Australian letter of support for Assange

I have but only one word for Obama. Milquetoast.

Vermont & Mississippi- Healthiest and least healthy states, once again.

Podcast Synopsis: Should we ammend the constitution to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court d

The grace, dignity and strength of Elizabeth Edwards.

This sums it up - Christopher Hayes' twitter

You don't belong on DU if you're going to unrec amber alerts!

Jobless benefits is the gun to the head of Congressional progressives

So wait, Obama gave away the farm but the 99-ers get screwed ANYWAY???

Couple Puts Abortion Option To Online Vote - What do YOU Think?

So NOW they are the OBAMA taxcuts for billionaires..

Millionaire Senator-elect seeks donations for campaign debt

Framing: 'he caved' & 'we were screwed' v. 'they held the poor hostage' & 'they blackmailed us'

Framing: 'he caved' & 'we were screwed' v. 'they held the poor hostage' & 'they blackmailed us'

Looking for the name of a website that was posted here

Bigest lies of 2010 -Political Truth-O-Meter

Bigest lies of 2010 -Political Truth-O-Meter

Breast milk banks OK for now but study needed: panel

An image for your enjoyment...and misery.

Tweet of the Day by Naomi Klein

Cutting the payroll tax by 2.0% will set the stage for future cuts in

Glenn Greenwald: The lawless Wild West attacks WikiLeaks

Judge throws out suit preventing U.S. from targeting U.S.-born cleric al-Awlaki for death

80% Of FOX Viewers Oppose Extending Unemployment Insurance Benefits


The most powerful thing you can do is to not get angry.

Why are Democrats so timid?

Is Google having a melt down for anyone else?

I like Obama.

Most of the tax deal is what Obama wanted...


Working Americans shouldn't become collateral damage in some political fight over economic policy

Can I go back in time and vote for HILLARY?

I do not believe in giving an allowance for making beds or doing dishes.

halo reach or fable 3 as a present for hubby for christmas

"The Great Compromiser": Obama Caves on Tax Cuts, Endorses 'Bush-McCain Philosophy'

"The Great Compromiser": Obama Caves on Tax Cuts, Endorses 'Bush-McCain Philosophy'

Does anyone doubt that Dick Cheney spied heavily on Democrats?

Barack Lieberman. n/t

Ex-wife of convicted spy Pollard moves to Israel

A Common Sense Proposal Regarding Unemployment Insurance

Drudge claims "unnamed sources" say WikiLeaks Founder to be Time Person of the Year

Gov't: Taxpayers make $12B on Citigroup bailout

Don't shoot messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths (Assange op-ed)

just called my rep earl blumenauer and told them I could care less if Palin runs in 2012 I'm done

A Must Read: "Assange witch hunt as a How To Shut Up Media manual"

Big Ed just made an interesting point...

Kicking down the road...

Shrieking Zanies on My Screen

Kabuki democracy

Kabuki democracy

Modesto woman, 85, dies trying to rescue dog from fire

Modesto woman, 85, dies trying to rescue dog from fire


I just called my Senator's office to express concern on extending the Bush tax cuts

WikiLeaks: China's Politburo a cabal of business empires

What Obama has decided to trade

Best, short description of the tax cut fiasco...

In light of what you know about Saudi Arabia did you know

Christmas decorations banned at Florida toll plaza

for those interested Sam /Majority Repeort

It took ReTHUGS 30 years to shove their trickle-down crap

Is America In A Jobless Recovery?

Dems Do It Again, Give The Republicans What They Want- Embarrassed to call yourself a dem yet?

Julian Assange was Arrested in London 1 hr ago.

Hockey charity bans teddy-bear toss due to bedbug fears

Wikileaks: Julian Assange arrested pictures

Gulf of Mexico Loop Current Broken? (Scary Stuff)

WikiLeaks arrested for CondomLeaks

Christian bookstores and the economy news ...

Christian bookstores and the economy news ...

Attempted Pepsi Can Bomber, Worried By Gov't, Tracked Down Via Facebook

Bad Deal; Wrong Direction

Browse the WikiLeaks cable database at this link.

Browse the WikiLeaks cable database at this link.

I worked for Jerry Brown's campaign vs Clinton for Prez

Let's not forget who was doing the "negotiating" for Obama.



If you are still in the middle class...

If you are still in the middle class...

Biden Is Sent to Capitol Hill to Defend Tax-Cut Deal

Say no to the Obama-Tax-Cuts.

House of Saud reacts to Wikileaks. Calls for the beheading of those who are releasing Wikileaks

2% cut in Payroll taxes for a year

School toilet bans a health threat

I don't think people here understand the Republican hand here.

I don't think people here understand the Republican hand here.

If you don't like the tax deal, now is the time to let your Senators and Representatives know it.

If you don't like the tax deal, now is the time to let your Senators and Representatives know it.

Tax agreement is new Wall Street bailout

so do i have this right -- the bush tax cuts -- which created no jobs

Obama to hold press conference at 2:20pmEST today,

Assange to be Time's Man of the Year.

Well I got an Obama Mug

Julian Assange Captured by World's Dating Police

This "compromise" isn't necessary, there is a better way.

Silly Question - Doesn't this deal have to go through reconciliation?

Wikileaks, the Wizard of Oz and the Guardians of Hierarchy

Wikileaks, the Wizard of Oz and the Guardians of Hierarchy

The War Against WikiLeaks Is Worse Than WikiLeaks

Could the U.S. extradite Assange before Sweden?

HAven't seen this much vitriol since the primaries

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Economics 101: Let's take $500 billion out of the economy

Did Obama piss everyone off here again...

Now would be an excellent time for Wall Street to announce their Bonuses for the year.

The one-year reduction of 2% in Social Security taxes sounds like a start to cutting SS. When the

There Are No Deficit Hawks In Congress

There Are No Deficit Hawks In Congress


take the money spent on the rich and make wpa jobs instead

"The first serious infowar is now engaged. The field of battle is Wikileaks. You are the troops."

Yet another RW extremist domestic terrorist idolizes Glenn Beck

Judd Gregg, mathematically illiterate?

Flashback: Obama Slams Bush Tax Cuts For Millionaires and Billionaires [Video]

Democrats should be for jobs - not taxcuts.

Hoyer: No Dem Agreement On Tax Cuts; Deal Could Still Change

Wesley Clark: "Give Us A Chance"

There's More than One Way to Skin the Uber Greedy

Critics focused on the cuts for the wealthy and rarely, barely mentioned the middle-class families

Does anybody know if Biden talking to the Senate will be broadcast -- is he

$35 million tax break for OSU

Obama Press Conference at 2.20pm ET

69 Years Ago Today Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941

Through the Looking Glass

My message to Napolitano

My $2600 will go to REAL progressive Senate candidates in 2012.......

So, Julian Assange is in custody, yet Osama Bin Laden was never caught.

Dam, all you hear is how Obama knowing he could not get what he wanted so

Yikes. Joe Conason appears to need some DU vibes.

A question for Duers who are on unemployment

Morning After PILL: Lipless Mitch calls giving Repubs exactly what they want a "bipartisan plan"

How should we prepare for the anti-wikileaks backlash in the 112th Congress?

Breaking on BBC - judge denies bail to Julian

US Media: "The International Manhunt Is Over"

Taxcuts are Win-Win for the GOP

Leaks Suggest Iran Is Now Winning in the Middle East

What can you tell me about Judge G. Thomas Porteous & why Jonathan Turley is representing him. . .

Have we crossed the Rubicon?

Up next: DADT

President Obama, I have an idea that will save you a lot of time

Kos: No Deal Keep Fighting. SIGN THE PETITION

The latest creepy radio PSA: If you see something, say something. Call 911.

52% of *Republicans* polled are against continuing tax cuts for all

Kate O'Beirne: Parents of kids in school breakfast programs are criminals

U.S. Teens Lag as China Soars on International Test

2000: The Wrecking Ball, 2008: The Velvet Glove

2000: The Wrecking Ball, 2008: The Velvet Glove

2000: The Wrecking Ball, 2008: The Velvet Glove

as much as i hate to say it. I do think all of the president

What "Democrat" will have the nerve to introduce Obama's compromise?

re :O'Bierne-ltte in my paper...and my response

Can't just one Senator can stand up on the floor with some simple graphs?

Mitch McConnell-Fugly On The Outside, Fugly On The Inside

Sec. of Defense Bob Republican Gates said on International New.. The Arrest

Oabam fought as hard for the tax cuts and UE extension as he did for public option

Fond memories of a bygone era

I work in the Network Security business and I just want to say thank you WikiLeaks.

Question: Why Is holder Going After Assange and NOT The REAL Criminals?

Scott Brown is a jerk

"If You See Something, Say Something" Campaign to Walmar

TIME: Why Barack Obama Compromised On Tax Cuts

I like Obama also

Debt limit

What IS the Unemployment "Deal"?

Obama needs a Christmas gift.

That 2 year cut in the Estate Tax may not be as dumb as it looks--

OK, we're pretty pissed off, what can we do about it?

I have a question they really DO exist.

Right-wingers Trying to Oust Speaker of Texas State House Because He's Jewish

Democrats are still the MAJORITY party (and thus freely choose tax cuts for the rich)

Weekly Standard Editor Fred Barnes Calls On Conservatives To Infiltrate The Mainstream Media

Washington Post: The president extends an olive branch to GOP

I don't like that the tax cut is being extended for the top 2% but I understand why Obama compromised

So his "line in the sand" on the Bush tax cuts

Tax Deal Scoreboard: Obama $214 billion, GOP $133 billion

LTTE: "Black Santa"

The public can use their Mastercard to buy porn or donate to the Ku Klux Klan, but ....

Hillary: "Information has never been so free",

In my opinion the single most important Democratic Principle is

The republicans are giddy...

U.S. Arrests Online Seller Who threatened to sexually assault customer - GOOD NEWS!

Pearl Harbor: A Successful War Lie

Pearl Harbor: A Successful War Lie

WikiLeaks Releases List of Global Sites 'Vital' to US Security

Ok..lets face it ..Most of us were expecting Obama to cave

Elizabeth Edwards Miracle Thread

He Sees the polls and knows the American people are

What about self-employment taxes under this deal?

How would things be different if Hillary were president?

Startling when you think about it. That 3/4 tillion the tax cuts for the rich cost us . . . ?

so, any word on what is going on in cancun?

Obama talking about his line in the sand...

Tinfoil hat time

Military Chief Favors Legalizing Immigrants

My line has also been crossed...

"I'll take john Boner at his word" ROTLMAO!!!! please do this country a favor and retire and let

Obama vows to fight now that the unemployed and middle class have been rescued from the evil GOP

The Rude Pundit: Compromise After Compromise Is Just Defeat After Defeat

You don't have to like Julian Assange to recognize that he's being railroaded

Man oh man - Obama is STILL smarting over his drubbing over the failed health-reform bill

Where are you 'itching for a fight' with the Republicans, Mr. President?

MSNBC on XM is a great conduit for republican talking points

Help me understand what the bar is for progressive change.

Bachmann doubts Senate Repubs will vote for tax cuts tied to long-term extension of jobless benefits

Latinos in Merced feel brunt of foreclosure crisis

Assange points finger back at Palin, Republicans

Julian Assange is irrelevant now

We're about to be lectured by the Pres

So I imagine today has to be one of the busiest days in a long time for our moderators

So I imagine today has to be one of the busiest days in a long time for our moderators

The President's correct about his position and compromise

Who would you prefer Obama to govern like?

Until war criminals are held accountable, this is a morally blank country

Today's White House press conference shows a President in freefall

Didn't Assange say he'd release "the key" if he were arrested?

"Something for everybody" in this agreement? BULLSHIT!

Is it me, but so far, has almost every Pundit, Politico and Pol w/250k+ salary...

Hi, I am looking for pragmatic and idealistic health insurance...

Hi, I am looking for pragmatic and idealistic health insurance...

“It’s tempting not to negotiate with hostage takers —

Carnahan Camp To Fox News: Why Single Us Out?

Goddamn he is so full of shit...

Like I said, the Obama Administration doesn't listen to us AND doesn't care

To Elizabeth Edwards: Thank you

To Elizabeth Edwards: Thank you

Cheer up sometimes looking for "the common ground" works: a video

Obama is on the publics side of almost every issue tonight.

So will we the people have to sacrifice to pay for the rich tax cuts?

So the UN Peace Keepers are responsible for cholera in Haiti

Medical marijuana database puts patients at risk of federal prosecution

Medical marijuana database puts patients at risk of federal prosecution

These days I hear more Democrats sounding like Reagan than I hear repubicans sounding like Reagan

The Republicans are NOT screaming...

Thomas Campbell, Bank of America independent director of VISA

My favorite astronomical effect.

POLL: What do you think is the best option in regards to tax cuts

Yet Another Group Of Religious Leaders Create Document Slamming Gay Marriage

Breaking: Bernie Sanders on MSNBC "I'll do whatever it takes!

We're screwed, stomping our feet and holding our breath won't change anything

How Long have we Had Tax Cuts for the Rich?

A nice family shot of our next U.S. Senator from Connecticut!

Wikileaks poll

Thank you Mr. President. Now my brother in law won't have to apply for welfare and food stamps

It's a Wonderful Life: December 2010

Poll: Is this current form of the Democratic party passing you by?

Wikileaks: 7 Steps to Legal Revenge by Anna Ardin

Wonder what Obama's line in the sand will be for Social Security and tax "reform"? It's just scary.

Wonder what Obama's line in the sand will be for Social Security and tax "reform"? It's just scary.

This Obama mess reminds me of an incident that happened in my family -

Online campaigners rally to keep WikiLeaks website online using the moniker "I Am Wikileaks"

I have been harmed by someone in the activist community.

On balance are feeling positive or negative about Obama?

The less than positive sentiments toward Obama are not about just one issue, like the tax cuts . . .

Obama's $900 Billion giveaway - guess what which class gets the cash?

Nigeria charges Dick Cheney in Halliburton bribery case

A job hunting tip from one of my young relatives

Frontier Airlines grounded due to computers

Road Kill-the poor, low-income and 99ers

Could Obama make DU's mission obsolete?

I'm having a hard time vocalizing...

Could someone explain why wikileaks doesn't trend?

Lay an egg for Christmas. Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

So.... Do we consider the pres as hostile and just organize on issues?


Civil Rights Commission Ousts VT Chair Over Anti-Bush Comments, Nazi Comparison

So all that the Dems had to do to let the tax cuts expire was nothing, right?

If you don't like the tax deal, now is the time to let your Senators and Representatives know it.

Oh, well, this is nice. "Annual White House holiday party follows tax deal announcement"


If they keep tax cuts for the rich and raise the retirement age, what does it mean?

WikiLeaks: The U.S. Must "Neutralize, Co-opt or Marginalize" Radical Latin American Bloc in Climate

Nigeria charges Dick Cheney in Halliburton bribery case

Obama: vows to fight tax cut for wealthier Americans in 2 years

Extended for 2 years?!? Just in time for the next election!

Extended for 2 years?!? Just in time for the next election!

First they came for Julian Assange

It's time to Bend Over again American

romulus and demos are on an island

What a magnificent woman.

Attn: San Diego County DUers

Is DU the enemy?

it's hard to find someone who went through so much yet remained so strong.

Today the Republicans want tax concessions, what will they demand next for the President to cave on?

Ok, so where are the jobs?

Obama didn't even bother to meet with Dem Caucus BEFORE announcing "compromise"???

Accessing wikileaks may put Americans in danger of breaking law

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel good today...we

Response from Grassley on my plea to end the top tax break...

Can people just pay tribute to Elizabeth Edwards as a human being...

Does this message at the Wal-Mart check-out line remind you of "Big Brother"?

Unbelieveable: Repub Rep Hensarling says two-year deal does not provide enough certainty (business)

Forget Osama-Assange "Wanted Dead Or Alive"

A trail of broken promises

IF I wanted to Vote for Supply Side President I would have voted for Mccain

Has D.U. changed your political perspective and if so has that carried over

Pelosi escalates criticism of tax-cut deal

He's not playing three-dimensional chess - he's playing Magic Witch

No no no - HE should have been president

I think Obamas argument that 2 more years of debate re the tax cut will help

Another Compromise! U.S. drops demand for Israeli settlement freeze

WikiLeaks cables: Saudis proposed Arab force to invade Lebanon

Should Obama let the tax cuts expire for everyone because the Republicans want to keep the tax cut

Julian-Assange charged with Sex by surprise what the hell kind of charge is this

Dad has 16 year unlicensed son driving big rig while he napped, predictable results followed

I'm buying myself a brand new Tivo Premier XL...because there are more losses

Bernie Sanders On Tax Cuts: GOP Wants To Grow National Debt, Then Slash Social Security

Link to the Red Window, the furniture store Elizabeth Edwards opened

Link to the Red Window, the furniture store Elizabeth Edwards opened

SHE should have been president

Sure seems that way

Compromising further: Obama Agrees He is a Muslim -'Place of Birth ‘Negotiable,' Andy Borowitz’

Elizabeth Edwards has passed away.

Info pirates seek an alternative internet

I won't be posting on DU much after tonight....

Wal-Mart to End Extra Pay for Sunday Shifts in 2011 as Duke Targets Costs

When Landrieu is Against the Policy You Caved

TPM - Seminal Moment - Obama as a pragmatist.

BEST SITE I've found so far for daily updates on WL releases

Jon Kyl: 'We can't afford to raise taxes during an economic downturn'. Obama:

Awww, poor babies...

Over 100 House Dems Oppose Tax Cut Deal, Changes Now Likely - DailyKos

Remember when we had hope?

"Middle-Man strikes back! What better way to take on his arch-rivals than with an apology?"

Blighted Title: Banks Selling Homes They Don’t Own - FDL

Homeland Security/Wal-Mart PSA: Facecrime Watch

Excuse me, but how exactly did the GOP compromise?

President speaking live NOW! (Link to view HERE:)

President speaking live NOW! (Link to view HERE:)

13 months of unemployment for those who desperately need it in exchange for

18 Days Until Christmas...

Isn't lowering yourself to the level of your enemy a sign of cowardice?

Life After President Obama

You can donate to the KKK with your MC or Visa but you can't donate to Wikileaks.

What bloggers (outside DU) are tweeting re: Obama speech & tax cuts

It's clear that Government wants transparency and info flowing in ONE direction only.

Have ALL of Bush misdeeds now been legitimize Wars, Torture, Tax cuts

Where is the Tea Party on adding another $900 billion

=) I have a thought.....

US banker bonuses to be paid early due to tax fears

Tax and Unemployment Agreement Leads to Job Growth

Howard Dean: "You can't deal with the deficit and give tax cuts to those who make a million a year"

Ok, Obama said earlier the economy is no longer in a recession and is growing. But Goolsbee

Federal Government expected to make $12 Billion from final sale of Citi shares

A cartoon of what the next two years of working with the GOP will look like

Z. Brzezinski: (right wing) Americans stunningly ignorant and pick ignorant spokespersons

Lieberman-Wants To Try An Australian For Treason!

Okay. Just got back online. What happened with Assange? Any other files

Will President Obama "fall on the plunger"?

A Public Letter to Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister of Australia, regarding Julian Assange

I envy the political brilliance of the Republicans.

Salon: How The U.S. Can Now Extradite Assange

Poll Shows Americans As Ideological Conservatives, Operational Liberals

Can think of only 1 song right now for Obama and the Dems in congress

Republican mantra: Tax cuts for the wealthy create jobs:

Before you can make dinner, you have to GET the food

Krugman: "it’s better than what I expected over the weekend"

Well phones are ringing off the hook

President Obama's and others' quotes regarding the passing of Elizabeth Edwards

We don't need a fucking unemployment extension

Judge dismisses targeted-kill program lawsuit

We Wanted FDR, We Got Neville Chamberlain

My prediction for the New Year should the tax cuts pass. What's yours?

Snoop Dogg's Got Willie Nelson's Back

And Tonight Wade Edwards and His Mother are Together Again

Teens in U.S. Rank 25th on Math Test, Trail in Science, Reading

Pic says it all.

Am I the only one here who thinks that

Am I the only one here who thinks that

House Tea Party leader Bachmann: GOP Should Scuttle Tax Deal

ATTENTION DU! Tonight I will toast my first Drink To Elizabeth, a DUer & Friend.

SPLC: 10 Anti-Gay Myths Debunked

US drops demand for Israeli settlement freeze

Sarah Palin's Alaska Fake Hunter Episode hits Ratings Low

For all of you furious with Obama's tax deal, do you want another DEM to run against him in 2012?

Joe Scarborough unveils Republican campaign talking point

Joe Scarborough unveils Republican campaign talking point

So what was my tax break? 3%?

So what was my tax break? 3%?

No. 2 Democrat in Georgia House switches to GOP side. They are switching like crazy in Georgia.

President Obama Defends Compromise on Taxes, Defends Record

"Obama caved; Social Security is next. Sucks to be us."

White House: Social Security trust fund will not lose revenue

Obama Summons CEOs to White House for Talks as He Seeks Change

I've got cancer and I appreciate my friends at Democratic Underground

Julian Assange Op-Ed posted today in "The Australian": "The Truth Will Always Win"

What's with the Weird Psuedo-Patriotism Regarding Wikileaks??

What's with the Weird Psuedo-Patriotism Regarding Wikileaks??

$105 billion in lost SS revenues, $140 billion to the super-rich, $60 billion for UE. Great deal.

Mr. President, yesterday you made your bed, I hope you enjoy sleeping in it

Why does the President seem to use his bully bully Democrats?

Am I And Others Like Me Selfish?

Whoa -- Ed Schultz is on a tear

If you are still in the middle class...

The Stay-Behind Nutwork

Hugo Chavez is Assange's only hope.

Open Letter To Australian PM Julia Gillard Asking Her To Condemn Unlawful Threats Against Assange

After this tax cut, I don't want to hear peep about the deficit, soc. security, or "entitlements"

'History sniffing' on the internet , tracking sites you visit - new findings

What kind of sweet ass shit could we get if we compromised on reproductive rights?

Dan Rather suggest Obama may face a primary challenger

I just sent the President a letter asking him not to run in 2012

I just sent the President a letter asking him not to run in 2012

How important is DU?

How important is DU?

The Raft of George W Bush.

People Citing Polls On Tax Cuts Ignore The Only Poll That Counts

What Obama doesn't seem to understand is that money is power. I don't give a rat's if Richie Rich

Tax Deal Shows The Folly Of The Stay-At-Homers/Latinos for Reform "Progressives"

Random Question: Do any other Dems agree that the Death Tax is unfair?

"This is the public option debate all over again."

"Fiery Obama defends his tax deal with GOP"

Obama Asks Congress for $9 Billion for Nuke Reactors for GE, Toshiba & other corp's

'Personal message from Julian Assange'

'Personal message from Julian Assange'

Why the Payroll Tax Holiday will Cripple Social Security

Napolitano Gone Wild: Homeland Security ‘messages’ coming to Walmart, hotels, malls

Type "" in your browser URL bar, and you will get...nothing.

RNC in debt - these assholes can't even run their own party without a deficit...

A silent press conference thread.

If Obama Will Not Fight for Fair Taxes and Fiscal Stability, What Will He Fight For?

Kerry on the Passing of Elizabeth Edwards

Kerry on the Passing of Elizabeth Edwards

Obama's speech, Wikileaks Arrest and no bail and the death of Elisabeth.

What if the greatest scam ever perpetrated was blatantly exposed, and the US media didn’t cover it?

Can a wrestling move be sexual battery?

WBAI, George Lakoff gave a superb interview. It was on Ian Masters'

Top Test Scores From Shanghai Stun Educators

Just saw "Fair Game." Great movie and a real bummer.

When you think about price fixing, why don't you think Apple?

If Senators and House Democrats believe they can force a better compromise or result, fine

Obama appreciation thread.

Texas pecan farmers say pollution is killing trees

Lawerence O'Donnell...basically saying..."take your kick to the teeth and enjoy it"....

Workers of the World Unite? Maybe a new way of looking at it?

After reading this article, I can no longer support Obama

A few days ago I got an AARP magazine with W's picture on the front.

Salon's Lind nails it: Nobody represents the American People.

Salon's Lind nails it: Nobody represents the American People.

Levin: Lame-duck Senate 'will get to' repeal of 'Don't ask'

Levin: Lame-duck Senate 'will get to' repeal of 'Don't ask'

Health Care Reform Reminder: Dems Could Still Pass Public Option Through Reconciliation

How should the war in the Pacific c. 1945 have ended?

We are fucked.

Doctor Faces Suits Over Cardiac Stents

Does anyone really think extending unemployment benefits for 6.7 million people is a bad thing?

I watched IN COLD BLOOD again last night. A question: after they stole the car in Iowa,

Obama Single-Handedly Destroyed Social Security

Danziger toon says it all

Danziger toon says it all

Don't you fucking yell at us, Mr President. And your podium

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire (sooner than we think)

Until tonight, my wife was an Obama supporter

Scott's Miracle Grow Central Park? How about the Rice-a-Roni Golden Gate Bridge?

Any Obama supporters left here? I am one.

Yesterday, the GOP held America hostage

Wikileaks is NOT about either "opening up" or "punishing" the government

Jesus Christ will you LOOK at this place!

What the Hell??

We Are Headed for a Massive, Fatal, and Complete Collapse within the Next 8 Years

A compromise has been in the works for weeks.

Assange put on Intepol "most wanted" list before he was charged with a crime.

Upton flips a switch on CFL bulbs

Will LGBT Americans Be The Next Ones To Walk the Plank Just In Time for the Holidays?

One picture that says it all on Elizabeth Edwards

One picture that says it all on Elizabeth Edwards

If you're wondering why Obama seems to find it so easy to scold the left,

Do you support Sanders' plan to block the compromise?

Some people here "DO NOT GET IT". We wanted the FIGHT to prevent more blackmail later!!!

the only thing keeping me from deep depression is that next year will be worse

the only thing keeping me from deep depression is that next year will be worse

Elizabeth Edwards's post on DU- I saved it-inspiring

Wikileaks had 1.2 million documents during the Bush administration.

Who is innocent? "Happy as a Hangman"

They're. Laughing. At. Us.

They're. Laughing. At. Us.

WikiLeaks: US Senator Joe Lieberman suggests New York Times could be investigated

Did Ya know some people on Unemployment have no choice when they return to work

Assange is innocent, says John Pilger

Package sent, with letter in it

Julian Assange faces judge as WikiLeaks supporters flock to court

Lawrence O'Donnell's show was very good tonight

Silent Thread for Elizabeth Edwards

Silent Thread for Elizabeth Edwards

I'm curious about how many people currently on unemployment

I'm dropping Obama and going with Krugman.

Flowers for Elizabeth

"How to Sacrifice a Presidency and Get Nothing For It." Katrina vanden Heuvel

Thinking About Bobby

The Arrest of Julian Assange: Truth in Chains

"ASK NOT": A decades-old statement worth flooding inboxes of GOP leaders', et al., with:

"Are you goin' to Potter's?" "Better to get half than nothin'!"

I think, bottom line, the real horror is that neither the President or the Republicans

Julian Assange is in Custody. Osama bin Laden is not.

Assange Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group


The moderators are very busy at the moment

Democratic Underground RETURNS to being truly "Underground," I guess.

Obama Contributors Deeply Opposed to Tax Deal

President Obama: "This country was founded on compromise"

The PO was much more than just "a provision that [the left] didn't get"

December 7, 1941

Naomi Wolf: "Assange Captured by World's Dating Police"

This Modern World: Middle-Man strikes back!

Doom and gloom...doom and gloom.

So who would you perfer, Obama or Palin as your president

How do you feel about the President after watching his press conference today? (With link to video)

To all those on this "He Caved" trip ...

What's on your TV/stereo/mp3 player/whatever?

Man changes name to "Captain Awesome"

The dispensary I use is holding a canned food drive..

I'm curious?

Look.... into my eyes... deeper...

Watch an Undercover Boss Get Chewed Out and Let Go

It's that thing that happens when the rain gets fluffy and white on the way down...

A Poll With A Little Levity To Lighten The Mood

Godzilla saves America (the plot)

God, I love China daily show

I'm not a Mel Gibson fan but I have to admit his new movie is looking good (The Beaver)

Favorite "Greensleeves"

I'm usually a little behind on what's new.....Fuck You (I can't get enough)

FREE holiday tune =)

Is there anything worse on DU than having a great post that no one responds to?

rye bread

Thirty-two years ago... Amazing

Love Is Just A Four letter Word

A Flock of Seagulls - "(It's Not Me) Talking"

In Soviet Union, minestrone soup eats YOU!

Photo of the Week ~ The Original St Nicholas

Meri Kurisumasu from Japan!!

GD is scaring me...

Harry Nilsson Scoops Cee Lo By 38 Years

How often do you post in ATA?

I wanted to say something about SG1

I am god-damned falling asleep!

I read the news today...

We Three Kings -My favorite holiday song

Me thinks

Low Dose Asprin Greatly Reduces Cancer Risk.

How some try to change a message.

Anyone ever work for Verion Wireless/anyone currently work for Verizon?

We shan't play together again UPDATE: "Judas Priest Announce Farewell Tour"

There is something about Pedobear

If any of you are my secret Santa...

this is TRULY lounge-worthy

NEW - Apple iMON - comes pre-loaded with every reggae song currently out there and rolls joints!.

Johnny Depp Appeals For 21 Jump Street Role

halo reach or fable 3 as a present for hubby for christmas




St. Thomas

I'm in a mood

Gimme That Wine

One of the best Christmas tunes of the last 50 years..

Today is Pearl Harbor day

Dick Dale - Amazing Grace (Live on KEXP)

Why is Skittles discussing HeyHey's penis?

The Jam - "In The City"

Black Coffee

How someone that believes in game doctrine is beaten.

Finally Got The Tree Up (Video):

I need a gift idea for a friend...

How would I save a "wav" file to use for posting?

One Note Samba

What is your current fav food? Mine is brie cheese with mushrooms embedded in it. It is yummy.

Chocolate covered pretzels .. Yay or Nay?

If I was president, I'd name George Clooney as Secretary of Hookin' Up

I'm feeling depressed

I got somethin' cookin' in the Crack Pipe.....

Man, not one email today when I sat down at my computer

so has "the list" been updated to include "extended unemployment benefits?"

Looking For Job Finding Tips

I can't wait to see all the damn posts defending this Tax decision here tonight

Elizabath Edwards is seriously ill

When Robert Reich proposed a payroll tax holiday

I read the headline that john lennon was shot the morning after

For Pearl Harbor Day, Time to bomb you all with some Japanese Beats


Walking Dead, Season 2 speculation/rumors (spoilers)


THIS should explain it to you! Very simple......

Classic Rock Art Trivia CHALLENGE...and no Googling allowed

TWEETY:There are so few Progressives now

Just came back froim GD... Can I get a HAZMAT scrubdown here?

Sam Seder in for Keith Olberman

If people make innocent mistakes, or typos, in GD...we should just fuck with them mercilessly

The rich can write off taxes with the help of their accountants - the poor can't

Obama's naive

Chin up, Progressives. Some good may come of this.

Thank you President Obama and the Democratic Party

Kennedy Still Highest-Rated Modern President, Nixon Lowest

Watching a clip of Palin shooting a deer, I see just how she views the Middle Class

I wonder how many of those whose unemployment is being held hostage to tax cuts for millionaires

Ezra Klein: An imperfect, but not-that-bad, deal on the tax cuts

Greedsters are in the playoffs! Homophobes looking like they might take them on!

Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal, START Treaty, Dream Act should

OK... I did it. Our game system-free home is getting a Wii

Could I get some suggestions for a reliable, smaller station wagon?

I have been harmed by someone in the activist community.

Obama Tax Cuts (no longer Bush): Libeal Democrats Ready to Block to Save America?

Payoff matrix for tax deal

Who's with me? Gays serving in the military need to march in DC at Lincoln Memorial with all of us

Amber Heard Gay: Actress Comes Out As Lesbian

Gates Acknowledges DADT Repeal Unlikely This Session

More details of the deal

One grownup in a kindergarten

"Did we think we were electing a hot head as President?"

President fights for the poor and unemployed for 13 months of unemployment.

I don't think he's a repuke and he's apparently not a progressive

Anyone wonder then the "Time To Fight" will actually be?

This President must have a stamina than no one else need to have!

Paging Howard Dean...come in, Howard Dean...

I'm not a huge fan of Obama, nor have I ever been.

Why Barack Obama Compromised On Tax Cuts

Proof God hates me - Asparagus

The president did the right thing for the American people


What galls me the most in what he said yesterday~ juxtaposed with a little history & some editing:

Seriously, would you wear this T-Shirt in public.....

Actually, it's a pretty good deal...

Saint Misbehavin'.... the WAVY GRAVY MOVIE!

Will Obama be more comfortable with himself as an (I) or a moderate (R)?

Do you play the lottery?

Here is how my luck works

Basically the Obama administration is filled with arrogant lightweights with way more

An Undiscussed Subsidiary Benefit Of Extending Unemployment Benefits

I don't like this deal. I don't support this deal. I want it blocked. BUT I support our President!


NYT Editorial: Trading the estate tax for START and some questions for Obama

Obama's being played like a fiddle.

On Mr Obama's choice of the "Sputnik Moment" wake up call.

A recent DU thread that really needs to be studied:

Well, I suppose Republicans won't be able to push their Obama raised your taxes meme in 2012

Somebody get this manatee some glasses......

What is malware? I had no antivirus program on my computer and suddenly

Is Obama now "Washington's resident adult in a town full of bickering children?"

Fair? 140 billion for the rich (two years) / It's actually 56 billion (not 18) for the poor?

What do you all think, time to start . . .

Obama's tax cut deal with Republicans could win him much, cost him little

So called centrist or moderate Democrats should not be called Blue Dog Democrats.

The rich win. Next up DADT. Done deal or later dude?

Is it true this deal doesn't cover nothing for the 99'ers

Bernie Sanders on Ed (Rachel) saying he will Filibusterer the DEAL!

"America Needs You, Harry Truman"

Republicans got to comfort the rich, Obama got to help create jobs

Will the rethugs get the health care thrown out next

Actually, it's a pretty good deal...

Question - is there a precedent for states fighting legislation like they're fighting HCR?

Poland’s Currency Lifts Economy, Despite the Frailties of the Euro Zone

Krugman: The Deal

Did the Labor Dept. miscount November jobs?

TPM: More Dems Sign On to Extended Session Plan to Save DADT Repeal. Reid working out Amendment

Notice how Ed Schultz is quick to jump on the President but not Conservative Democrats

In Tax Deal With G.O.P., a Portent for the Next 2 Years

Tax Cut Deal: Dean, Ex-Obama Advisers Lament President's Plan

Since WE DON'T KNOW how a President Hillary Clinton or how a President Howard Dean would have . . .

WH "Fact Sheet on the Framework Agreement on Middle Class Tax Cuts and Unemployment Insurance"

Colombia’s Álvaro Uribe Faces Scrutiny In Washington Over Lawsuit Alleging Drummond Supported Parami

Meanwhile, in the Land of Reality: Obama at 83% approval among liberal Democrats

Court to look at huge Wal-Mart sex bias lawsuit

It's Not Raining, We're Getting Peed on (II): The Scam of the Deficit Crisis

Statement by Pelosi: "President Obama’s Tax Proposal"

So that tax cut you dont want, what will you do with the extra $$?

So if Bush's tax cuts were a major factor in the economic collapse of the United States

Thirty-five economists urged President and Congress to extend unemployment

Obama Confronts Resistence From Democrats Over Deal to Adopt Bush Tax Cuts

The tax compromise will save me money and I'm donating those savings

You know this was a good deal because Boehner and Mcconnell are PISSED!!!!!

PPP Poll: Obama Leads All GOPers In Michigan, Only Romney Comes Close

Founder of WikiLeaks Threatens to Release More Secret Dispatches

Assange Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group

Appeals court hints at narrow Prop. 8 ruling

Lieberman making the rounds on the cable news networks right now

Seroiusly, why can't I have a pet bat

WaPo's Scott Wilson: The President Extends An Olive Branch to GOP

"I think the president made a huge mistake..."


We interrupt nonstop Obama bashing to report Obama actually won good concessions from GOP

A 2 year extention. That makes it an election issue in 2012.

Hill Hallways: Senate Democrats Openly Upset with Tax Cut Deal

With Tax Deal, Obama Embraces Clinton's 'Third Way'

If President Obama were a Republican, the media would be calling him a "Maverick" right about now.

Open Letter: To Australian PM Julia Gillard, Re Julian Assange (More Than 200 Signatories Of Note)

French Soccer Star Calls for a Run on Banks

Small daily aspirin dose 'cuts cancer risk' (death rates reduced by up to 60%!)

Bernie Sanders Decries Obama-GOP Tax Deal As “An Absolute Disaster," Pledges Senate Fight

Obama made the deal with the rethugs before talking to ALL democrats

Steny Hoyer: "There was no concensus reached."

Assange Arrested By U.K. police

GOP Senator George Voinovich Will Vote Against Any Extension Of Bush Tax Cuts

Krugman: So, was this worth it? I’d still say no...better than what I expected over the weekend

A Second Stimulus

PayPal, PostFinance Hit by DoS Attacks, Counter-Attack in Progress

Actually, it's a pretty good deal...

NATO has secret plan to defend Baltics: Wikileaks

Sierra Club files notice to sue Hazard mine company

Gov't: Taxpayers make $12B on Citigroup bailout

‘EU may demand easing of car import rules’ (with South Korea to equal what US gets)

Pelosi reminds us we have two parties

Think Progress: Obama’s Components Of Tax Deal Help 150 Million More People Than GOP’s Components

NPR: Paul Krugman Hates Obama Tax Deal Less Than He Thought

'Don't shoot messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths' by Julian Assange

Supreme Court to Hear Arizona Immigration Debate (2007, not 2010, state law)

Annual White House Holiday Party Follows Tax Deal Announcement

Biden to defend tax deal on Capitol Hill

Radio station WFMU is hoping pledge donors can send manager and his canvas chair aloft with helium b

Will we all be scolded and told to "Buck Up!" again? LOL!


For THIS President Obama holds a presser????? When was the podium pounding presser

UK man pleads guilty in U.S. over KBR Nigeria bribes

LOL GOP are now using that "weakness" talking point

A Second Stimulus

More Christians slain in Iraq

Cuba commutes another bomber's death sentence

Ex-wife of convicted spy Pollard moves to Israel

What did progressives think "Post Partisan" meant?

**** (early) Heads Up: Obama will hold a press conference at 2:20pm EST ****

What compromise is next? Privatization of Social Security for a Public Option?

You know what this deal really is?

Assange Denied Bail; in custody at least until Dec. 14

Approximately 100,000 Contraband Cuban Cigars to Go up in Smoke

Approximately 100,000 Contraband Cuban Cigars to Go up in Smoke

WikiLeaks cables reveal secret Nato plans to defend Baltics from Russia

The republicans are trying to create an enormous sweat shop

WikiLeaks: The U.S. Must "Neutralize, Co-opt or Marginalize" Radical Latin American Bloc in Climate

Judge denies WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange bail

Tax Cut Deal: Dean, Ex-Obama Advisers Lament President's Plan First Posted:

Julian Assange Arrest "Sounds Like Good News to Me," Says Robert Gates

Bolivia Alleges U.S "Blackmail" At Climate Change Negotiations

Could Abolishing the Death Penalty Help States Save Money

It is way past the point, where we stop calling Obama gutless and

"U.S. Unloads Citi Stake for a $12 Billion Profit"

Economists ready to hike GDP view after tax deal

US judge stops lawsuit against 'capture or kill' order

I am no fan of Andrew Sullivan but

Sorry, Admn, please combine this thread - Visa suspends payments to WikiLeaks

This is not a Chess Game.....It's more like a Football Game

Obama is *really* pissed that his taking the Public Option off the table

Murder threats to family of Julian Assange

MasterCard pulls plug on WikiLeaks payments

(New York) Governor Pardons Immigrants Facing Deportation

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire (sooner than we think)

Assange is innocent, says John Pilger

Tax and Unemployment Agreement Leads to Job Growth

Angry member groups shun US Chamber of Commerce

Chicago Billionaire Leads Hedge Fund Shift Away from Obama

Judge denies WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange bail

He's Itching For a Fight - With US Apparently

The next necessities

The Daily Dish: Obama: President; McConnell: Sucker

I need to calm down and relax, I think

Elizabeth Edwards Dead at 61

Nigerian Government seeks bench warrant against U.S. ex-VP Cheney

U.S.: Accused teen hit man in Mexico is an American citizen

Obama just said that now was not the time to fight because people's lives were at stake~

Japan Space Probe Reaches Venus

My prediction ALL the democratic Senators and Congressman and Sanders will fall in line with Obama

WikiLeaks' Assange fights extradition to Sweden

Bank of America to Pay $137 Million in Muni Cases [conspiracy to rig bids]

Moody's worried U.S. tax cuts could become permanent

Activists empty bank accounts to protest bailouts

UPS requires photo ID for shipping

Anyone notice how Obama said not extending tax cuts PERMANENTLY is a line in the sand?

Most African Americans calling in to black radio agree with the Presidents position

Obama: "I will take John Boehner at his word"

Biden urges Dems to embrace Obama's tax-cut plan

Cable reveals details about Saddam Hussein's 'hastily run' execution

'But Obama never ran on eliminating the Bush tax cuts.

Visa suspends all payments to WikiLeaks

Small daily aspirin dose 'cuts cancer risk' (death rates reduced by up to 60%!)

Email from Stop the bailout of millionaires

British soldier 'killed by US cannon fire' (from a low-flying plane, in southern Afghanistan)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 7

Obama's threat "well over a million jobs"

A call to action, (I posted this in a thread, but I think it should have a thread of it's own)

**** Heads Up: President Obama Holds A News Conference, Live 2:20pm EST ****

Mike Papantonio: "We wanted Obama to fight the good ol' boy club...

Sky Breaking News: Assange Vows To Fight On After Bail Refusal

Sen McConnell: Agreement On Tax Cuts Is 'Essentially Final'

U.S. to Host World Press Freedom Day in 2011

Former Gov. Admits To Marijuana Use

Wikileaks defended by Anonymous hacktivists

We must no longer allow Barack Obama to define us

12/06/2010 - The Day Liberal Progressives started caring about the Deficit....

Don't Buy Currency Devaluation? It's Been Done Before

Nigeria Files Charges Against Cheney in Halliburton Bribery Scheme

Chomsky signs Australian letter of support for Assange

Elizabeth Edwards Appreciation Thread

The Real Enemy. Meet the Emperor of the Senate

Obama: " I couldn't go through the front door at this country's founding."

WikiLeaks 'will continue releasing documents'

This is what happens next if the tax cuts/UI extension deal passes

Ok, here's the point everyone is missing.....

DOD Identifies Army Casualty ( # 1418)

President KNUCKLES-UNDER again.

Obama Tax Deal Draws Praise From His Critics in Business Groups

Facebook: We Won't Block Wikileaks, For Now

The President makes sense. The presser showed the Pragmatist in the Room

"Biden Visit Does Little to Ease Tax Deal Ire"

Lyndon Johnson: "A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND!" His Resignation Speech:

New 2012 Poll: Obama Solid in Michigan defeats all GOP candidates (only Romney is close)

TPM: Obama the pragmatist

A reminder that Obama HAS done a lot of good: Chrysler to add 900 workers at Sterling Heights plant

Poll: Majority of Obama contributors less likely to support Obama and Dems after Bush tax cut deal

WikiLeaks: China's Politburo a cabal of business empires

This is what Obama was trying to say today...

Haiti cholera: UN peacekeepers to blame, report says

That news conference was aimed at Ed Schultz

Senate Democrats line up to oppose Obama tax deal

He gets feisty about being criticized from the left

Democrats Demand Changes In Obama-GOP Tax Deal

TeaBaggers gripe at the tax cut deal

Elizabeth Edwards dies

Sanders Outlines Plan To Sink Obama Tax Compromise

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Obama's Disastrous Path

Obama Hits Back at His Liberal Critics

Would you like to see the current tax cut deal blocked

Ezra Klein: How the White House cut its deal and lost its base

Real Family Values: Nine Progressive Policies to Support Our Families

The constitution has been referred to as a "bundle of compromises" by scholars for AGES.

Wow. NY Times reader comments are stunning

Poll: 74% of Obama supporters strongly opposed to tax deal

Breaking on Sky News: WikiLeaks: British Police Arrest Assange

Hackers Strike Back at Bank

BREAKING NEWS: Media suddenly "concerned" with what Liberal Progressives/Democrats think!

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka On Tax Cut Deal

Anyone have a link yet to Obama's statement tonight on the tax cuts?

Here are some comments from Republican forums on the tax deal:

** Tax Cut Deal, Day 2 ** (updates thread)

I, right now, begrudge him every penny I sent, not that it was that

The LAST REASONABLE MAN standing in Washington DC??

Dear Mr. President: Why does it seem true that when you speak to Progressives you appear strong, .

FBI plant banned by mosque – because he was too extreme

Will Obama ever be able to balance the budget now?

Obama comes out fighting --This is what you've been waiting for

KUDOS to President Obama for pushing back on the unappreciative left. . .

Has Obama fought for anything? I mean, REALLY fought?

Did the press conference change your mind about Obama's tax cut deal?

Obama Announces Estate Tax Deal With Republicans: 35% Tax Rate And $5 Million Exemption, For Two Yea

I am really glad so many people will get their unemployment checks during the holiday season.

Why is it that in every Democratic Primary since Johnson that only...

Randy Rhodes: This is not a bad deal everybody got something

Bernie Sanders is the most clear thinking, the most honest, & the most courageous senator of all

"Compromise?" No, Mr. President, you got rolled...again.

December 7, 2010 In Latest Compromise with GOP, Obama Agrees He is a Muslim

Senior White House Official: 'We Wanted a Fight,' too. Congressional Dems 'Wouldn't Throw a Punch'

"I'm not willing to let working families become collateral damage for political warfare."

President Obama has great disdain for progressives. His tone and his words have made it very

President Lashes Out at the Left: “This Country Was Founded on Compromise”

Aramchek's DU Fund Drive aka the Obama Re-Election Guarantee

Cenk on MSNBC Live interviews Phillip K. Howard on personal responsibility and politics

Democracy Now!: Abandoning "Net Neutrality," FCC Chair Backs Two-Tiered Internet Fees

The Starving Ear

"Bleeped Version": FCK BULLIES by

Daniel Schorr - on finding out he was on Nixon's "enemies list"

Senator Inhofe Boycotts 'Holiday' Parade

Star-Ledger Editorial Board: Christie's bully act getting old

Julian Assange Arrested

Anthony Weiner "It's Almost As If Obama "WANTS" To Punt Sometimes On Third Down...?"

Anti-Gay Republicans - Sam Seder and Stephen Sherill, 02/06/07

Mr. President (Have Pity On The Workin' Man) by Randy Newman

Operation Payback: We are Anonymous

Mike Malloy - These Damn Socialists!!!


Jan Schakowsky on Deficit Commission

Wikileaks: Anna Ardin talks to CIA contact

Footage of gassings, Nabi Salah, West Bank

McCain & McConnell Leading Block Against DADT

UK: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London

If Obama Cuts Social Security, It Will Destroy the Democratic Party

TDPS: Bogus "Bar Stool Economics" Debunked

Dick Morris Calls Tax Cut Deal "A Surrender"

Laura Flanders, Thomas Frank, and Chris Lehmann discuss the war of the rich against the poor

WikiLeaks founder arrested in London

A Terrible NY Times Piece

Thom Hartmann - The trouble with fairytales

Thom Hartmann - The Good. The Bad. And The Very Very Ugly.

Thom Hartmann - Afghanistan vs. Vietnam: has John Kerry become the establishment?

Thom Hartmann - Conversations with Great Minds with Tom Hayden (Part 1)

Lieberman Doesn't 'Understand' Why The Department Of Justice Hasn't Charged Assange With Treason

Thom Hartmann - Conversations with Great Minds with Tom Hayden (part 2)

This Is The New Shit (Obama's response to progressives)

Elizabeth Edwards Dies at 61

Weird Liberal Head Show #242: FILIBUSTER Tax Cut/Unemployment Plan, I Have a Better Idea...

Students Threatened, Can't Mention WikiLeaks! even on social sites

Young Turks: Obama's Terrible Tax Cut Deal

Walmart Public Service Announcement

Thom Hartmann - Conservatives touted Ireland as model for US. Then it crashed!

MRN: Palin-Gosselin 2012 and Obama Tax Plan

Presidential Press Conference on Tax Cuts and Unemployment Extension

Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich Caused Loss of 500k Jobs During Bush Admin.

John Pilger SLAMS The Lies About War & Calls On Australians To Defend Julian Assange

Riots in Athens, Greece 12/6/10

Young Turks: What Else Would $60 Billion Buy?

POLICE STATE 2010: Homeland Security Unveils Mobile Mind Screening Checkpoints

Richard Dawkins Speaking at Duke University, Oct 3, 2010

MRN: Ride A Dinosaur At Creation Park

Dan Rather: Obama Likely to get Primary Opponent

Cats Playing Patty-cake, what they were saying...

The Official Trailer For John Pilger's New Film, "The War You Don't See" (Contains Graphic Images)

Obama To Progressives: I WONT BE HELD To 'Some Abstract Ideal'

Sen Bernie Sanders Amazing Speech!

Remember George W video "Some call you Elite I call you My Base" - Where is Obama's for his base?

Julian Assange's legal team will fight extradition

The deficit hawks' scare stories

Democracynow Billboard in Cancun!

Rebecca Golden, Salon - "Fat girl: A history of bullying"

Open letter: To Julia Gillard, re Julian Assange

Egan in NYT: Obama's style and need for Big Idea

Has PM Julia Gillard Gone Bonkers ? ( Julian Assange)

No help for 99ers in tax cut framework

Star-Ledger Editorial Board: Christie's bully act getting old

Can you stop a weasel with a pitchfork?

GOP Claims 'Two-Year' Tax Cuts For Wealthy Are In 'Dog Years'

how ironic : Julian Assange & Rupert Murdoch

A winner's truth

Bombs Away

Julian Assange is Not a Rapist - You're Just a Fool

Indecent Exposure: WikiLeaks Hounded for Showing Power Its True Face

WikiLeaks: The U.S. Must "Neutralize, Co-opt or Marginalize" Radical Latin American Bloc in Climate

Tax Cut Ironies

Obama One Term President!

Randall Terry's Super Bowl Sunday Super Anti-Abortion Surprise

Tax 'Deal' Makes it Official: America Has gone Batshit Crazy

The End of Social Security

Something to hold us until President Palin fixes everything

GOP Wants To Grow National Debt, Slash Social Security

The rise of solidarity economy initiatives charts a new third way between capitalism and communism

"Challenging Obama’s Anti-Progressivism" By Stephen Lendman

Cablegate: Anonymous - The Internet will not be censored

In Defense of the Public: We must not let the commons be privatized

Wikileaks: Tom Flanagan being investigated for his assassination crack

Julian Assange, Cloud Computing, and the Decline of Skill

Joan Walsh: Obama extends tax cuts for the rich that the GOP passed with chicanery and Cheney's vote

Tax "Deal" Makes It Official: America Has Gone Batshit Crazy

Connection Terminated (Net Neutrality)

4 Million Americans Set To Lose Unemployment Benefits Even If Congress Passes Extension (CHART)

We've finally hit the wall: We cannot afford the rich any longer

America: Y Ur Peeps B So Dum? (Joe Bageant)

'Don't shoot messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths' by Julian Assange

Job Help

Smart Car Rental: Hertz To Offer Electric Smart Car

Oops! Limiting EPA's ability to impose CO2 regs exposes Big Coal to lawsuits

Marshall Islands' Climate Change Dilemma: If It Vanishes Beneath Rising Sea Levels, Is It Still A Na

Review of the Western Wind and Solar Integration Study (WWSIS) by NREL and GE Energy

Supreme Court Will Hear Case Challenging States' Rights To Regulate CO2 - AFP

Roger Pielke Jr - Climate Change Innovation

U. Gothenburg - Baltic Sea Eutrophy, Thinnning Ozone Boost Conditions For, Toxicity Of Cyanobacteria

Reef Scientists Bracing For Bleaching Assessment - 2010 Likely Worst Year Ever For Caribbean Corals

NSIDC - November Ice Extent 2nd-Lowest Ever For Month; Hudson Bay Nearly Ice-Free

DOE and NASA Reach Cleanup Agreements with the State of California....

Dr. Chip Fletcher speaking to the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Tech

Ancient Marabou Stork - Nearly 2M Tall - Roamed Island Of Flores 20-50,000 Years Ago - BBC

Threshold Sea Surface Temperature for Hurricanes and Tropical Thunderstorms Is Rising

Glaciers in Southern South America and Alaska Melting Faster than those in Europe, says new UNEP Rep

Oil nibbling at $89 a barrel, while the World is experiencing a deep recession. China and India

Bolivia Alleges U.S "Blackmail" At Climate Change Negotiations

Good albatross news!

Mountain Gorillas In Virunga Range Up By About 100 Individuals Since 2003 Census

Cellulosic Ethanol Reality Begins to Set In

NRA's Latest Poster Boy Sounds Like School Shooter

Uribe press secretary interrogated over wiretaps

Govt investigates paramilitary assets abroad

Cuba commutes another bomber's death sentence

WikiLeaks: The U.S. Must "Neutralize, Co-opt or Marginalize" Radical Latin American Bloc in Climate

Link to photos of floods in Colombia

Approximately 100,000 Contraband Cuban Cigars to Go up in Smoke

Mexico: Calderón tries to "isolate" Venezuela

Chile sets terms for Bolivia sea corridor

Peru: 4 Seriously injured and 1 dead during strike against mine near Conococha Lake

Letting Keyser Soze retain his eligibility is simply the biggest farce in NCAA Football history

QUICK!! BenJarvis Geen-Ellis or Danny Woodhead?

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Monday, December 6)

LeBron James relates to Brett Favre

Got my reading material for the day.

Cam Newton, LaMichael James, Kellen Moore, Andrew Luck Heisman finalists

Wilbon is leaving the Post

'Skins Albert Haynesworth suspended;"conduct detrimental to the club."

Redskins Suspend Haynesworth 4 games for Conduct Detrimental to Shanahan's Ego

Most bizarre Wikileak: Burma general considered Manchester United buyout

Giants named Organization Of The Year

Maybe this ass-kicking will shut Rex Ryan up.

Red hot NBA team has their first FIVE game winning this season. Suck on it...

Patriots Crush Jets 45-3 - Totally Smashmouth

Wannstedt out at Pitt.

Belmont professors support gay faculty, students

Lisa Howe, Former Belmont Coach, Allegedly Fired For Being Gay

City to pay $1 million-plus to settle Atlanta Eagle dispute

Str8 against H8...

Activist says man who belonged to Jamaica gay rights group found fatally stabbed in capital

Circumcision may not curb gay HIV transmission

Gay marriage has a good day before the 9th Circuit

Can somebody give me a quick primer or some links about the Salvation Army RE GLBT discrimination?

Singapore water polo team criticized for “inappropriate” swim suits

A Wildfire Is Burning All Illusions in Israel

14-Year-Old’s Water Pipe Blamed for Israeli Fire

Hamas court orders execution of 'collaborator'

The Charade of Israeli-Palestinian Talks

In the fire, a glimpse of hope

Top Israel rabbis: Don't sell property to non-Jews

Europe doesn't delegitimize Israel, only the occupation

Army: Gaza militants fire into Israel

Teaching religion - “American education proceeds on the assumption that God is either dead or

In today's WTF moment..."Christians Hire Stalker-Truck for Atheist Bus Ads"

Bullying and Censorship

Pregnant Mother's Diet Impacts Infant's Sense of Smell, Alters Brain Development

Math Puzzles’ Oldest Ancestors Took Form on Egyptian Papyrus

Social Science Palooza

Geminid Meteor Shower Defies Explanation

Oriental Hornets Are Literally Solar Powered

Nanosatellite Successfully Ejected from Free-Flying Microsatellite in Space

Gigantic loop of solar plasma is half a million miles long

More Autumn color


Went into my backup and played a bit with elements

Well, school's over, MA earned....

Oops! part 2

Possibles for white.

Charged Vessels & Infinite Bodies

Boise State and LSU flip BCS positions due to data error.