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@&#%&% #@^%#&# !!!!!!! The answer is 75. SEVENTY #&@%$* FIVE!!!

Chaplin's lost war film: After it was bought for £3.20 on eBay, silent footage may be worth £100,000

Rejecting high-speed rail is not a good political move

What is the difference between a "Coulda Been" and a "Shoulda Been"?

Oath Keepers march for former Marine killed by SWAT

Rep. Scott Tipton: Daughter's Hill emails 'improper'

Didn't Someone Try & Bug Pelosi's Telephone Last Year? Or Did I Dream That Up?

The "Recovery" Mirage: It Still Comes Down To Wages

The meteoric fall of Atlantic City

Interesting program from Mayor Rham

Piper the Diaper gets an upgrade from child to security staff...

re: Republican shitpiles

Charlie Rose interview with Henry Kissinger tonight on US relations with China

Civil Unions start in Illinois tomorrow


Let's Drill and Frack the Heck out of Texas.

I'm sorry.

DU Challenge caption this photo for Anderson Cooper 360!

Brightfart has started the snowball down the hill, and many here are pushing it.

Indiana cops bust olive oil-covered man whose "shorts and underwear were several feet away"

When is Big Ed coming back to MSNBC? nt

Today's Climate Change Debate

Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts.

LAPD chase and arrest driver of van covered with hand scrawled messages

Born May 31, 1819 . . .

Careening Toward a Depression: Save the Economy, Hike the Deficit!

Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife received $150,000 from anti-health care reform group

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

LOL!!! Palin: Bus tour 'not about me'

OMG our local weather guy is Bachman's brother

free hugs Just because I think we could benefit from free hugs right now

Wassup with that Patriot Act!

Federal government to pay 90 percent of debris removal (Joplin, MO)

One percent holds 39 percent of global wealth

Now that Obama's kicking ass, 'Pubbies want to "end the divisive rhetoric"

The rethuglicans will follow Mitch MCConnell straight to hell. nt

The next time you hear a Republican complain about the national debt...

KKK vs. WBC - Is it bad of me to wish for a violent confrontation between these two?

KKK vs. WBC - Is it bad of me to wish for a violent confrontation between these two?

Leftcoast Alert: Fareed Zakaria for the hour - Charlie Rose - really good stuff!

Caption this Photo

Another sad story from Joplin

Rebuild Joplin

"If you shut down our power grid, maybe we will put a missile down one of your smokestacks"

Marriage Equality - Simple answers to NOM's complicated lies

DU running slow tonight?

Kinda bizarre....Canadian version of Weiner story

Debris through windshield kills motorist

Space Shuttle Endeavor is landing right now... 3 minutes to touchdown

President Obama Faces TWO ULTIMATUMS; One By China, One By The American People

Unbelievable. Local News says Anthony Weiner didnt deny that Picture was of him

Anyone here having to cut down on

Anybody on here feel that Sarah Palin will make a difference with

FIU student shot in the heart on a dare — and survives

FIU student shot in the heart on a dare — and survives

The Cost of Afghanistan: Too High, Says the White House

AFL-CIO’s Haynes leaves amid crisis in labor movement

Navy too politically correct for ‘old salts’

What's the social engineering aspect of all this talk about people needing a "calling" in life

Anthony Weiner's awkward press conference

Street battles in Yemeni capital leave 41 dead

Juan Cole: US Should Move Navy Base from Bahrain

Blunt: Climate Change Not to Blame

Protest reported in Libyan capital

Syria tortures and kills a 13 year old and then calls for an amnesty

Well, i feel like an ignorant idiot now.

FEMA eyes debt take-back as hurricane season looms

Pakistan is a jihadi apocalypse waiting to happen

Rick Perry to split Austin into five congressional districts to defeat Lloyd Doggett

Iran parliament: Ahmadinejad ministry move illegal

Republicans playing dangerous games with people's lives...

Wisconsin: GOP votes corporate taxe cut , increases for poor

Wisconsin: GOP votes corporate taxe cut , increases for poor

You can't believe the liberal media. You can only trust me.

Michele Bachman's Stance on Evolution Demolished by High School Student

Michele Bachman's Stance on Evolution Demolished by High School Student

Have you seen the Rent-A-Center commercial?

Are the People of Wisconsin awake? This blog comment says "yes"

So Sarah Palin was in Philly today?

NATO Extends Libya Operations to September

I don't really care if Breitbart does or doesn't have syphilis, but I heard some shit

BARBARA BOXER: It's Time to Get Out of Afghanistan

US Pentagon to treat cyber-attacks as 'acts of war'

Farm Subsidies Paid to the Members of the 112th Congress

Jon Stewart on Weiner: ‘His d*ck is just not that big’

Jon Stewert joking about "Weinergate" right now

The World Bank's Africa Strategy

Best Palin pic from the Rolling Thunder rally

Australia's foreign minister: Syria's President Bashar al-Assad 'should be tried'

May you now live in sin forevermore, By Mark Morford

Weiner has hired a lawyer -- just reported on Ed Show

WARNING - RedState - WARNING: Tea Party Victory Against Illegals in Maryland

Second Defense Contractor L-3 ‘Actively Targeted’ With RSA SecurID Hacks

Obama Administration Opposes Challenges to Medicaid Cuts for poor people

Obama Administration Opposes Challenges to Medicaid Cuts for poor people

Just 3 banks responsible for 95% of all spam transactions

AT&T/T-Mobile merger on the hot seat as Sprint files to block it

An anecdotal illustration of the tone, tenor, and concern of the news media for the truth:

Chris Christie uses state helicopter to attend son's baseball gamee

Libertarian Politicians Aren’t

Just 3 banks responsible for 95% of all sperm transactions

Just 3 banks responsible for 95% of all sperm transactions

ADP Foreshadows Worse Jobs Creation & Higher Unemployment… All Over Again

Matt Drudge's disgusting "Race War Awareness" campaign

Damn, that just scared the hell out of me.

7, Seven, Siete, Sieben, Sette, Se7en,

GM, Ford may close plants while UAW pushes for jobs amid recovery

up to 1,000 youths involved in gang fights in Boston

Fukushima updates on Wednesday

Fukushima updates on Wednesday

US trolling for Taliban to open talks

Rand Paul-Supposed Defender Of Civil Liberties-Calls For Jailing People Who Attend ‘Radical Politica


(WI) Backers of efforts to recall Senate Dems call for top election official to resign

DeMint says he's thinking about running for President

A "Workers’ Paradise" Found Off Japan’s Coast

Gotta love when Cook is telling Republicans they’re screwed.

Paul Krugman warning of a Eurozone collapse

Palin might want to go ride a bus and sit down somewhere:Alaska to release Quitter emails..

Mubarak and sons to stand trial in August

Apple releases Mac OS X update to catch MAC Defender malware

Social Security - just the facts

major garrett = major asshole

Citizens United: Shareholders Strike Back-Forget Congress-Investors Fighting Against Corp Dark $$$

but, But, BUT - Chris Christie is a serious, small government conservative:

I saw a bumper sticker today that really pissed me off

Lol, Jon Stewart on Rep. Weiner: "His dick is just not that big".

Golly...Palin and Trump had PIZZA last night...

American DU veterans,how did you feel about the Supreme Court's decison re: Westboro Baptist Church?

Palin Slams Obama For Slight Variation Of Language When Praising Troops

Chris Hayes: Breitbart ‘a serial manipulator of the media’

Jon Stewart Goes To Bat For Rep. Anthony Weiner: ‘His D*ck Is Just Not That Big’

PHOTO: Sarah Palin's Philadelphia entourage includes Piper, Spork and Splooge Palin

Don't do it Congressman Weiner!

Emails Show Drug Company Used Third-Party Medical Groups to Influence Regulators, Undercut Rivals

Morning Jerk is rather amusing this week.

NM proposes to eliminate food stamp supplements for low-income elderly, disabled

Md MTA police are misinformed.

I love my President and support him, but he BETTER NOT bend over for the rethugs in the meeting

Pakistan spy agency faces more heat after reporter's

"Corporate tax breaks create jobs" - is there anyone left who can ssy this with a straight face?

U.S. Department of Defense Contract Awards for May 31, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott includes 'failed stimulus' money in budget

Wondering why all the feel good stories out of Japan? Read the last sentence here

Gee, but you're all ignoring the really BIG story about Weiner's wife

Not everyone in Ohio liked "The Vest' and some are even glad he is gone...

OK, so if taxpayer dollars are being given as rebates to corporations like GE and EXXON....

World Health Organization -Cell Phones Possibly Cause Cancer

Weiner is making a mistake.

Blunt: Climate Change Not to Blame

Pakistani journalist ‘tortured to death’ after warning of military’s ties to al Qaeda

I know someone who's been looking into Breibart

WTFF? NJ school district considering charging student teachers to work there for nothing?

Nesting turtles give clues on oil spill's impact

So Weiner is going to be doing interviews this afternoon...

The Drop of Water

I lost my inheritance to the doomsday prophet!

Julian Assange: U.S. reaction to WikiLeaks most severe since McCarthy era

TSA caught a good ole boy from Oklahoma trying to board a plane with a loaded gun at O'hare

Arizonans File To Recall Author Of Controversial Immigration Law

Fox News To Hire Judgment Day Preacher Harold Camping

Wisconsin: Open for Businesses Big, But not Small

BBC: Farhud memories: Baghdad's (June 1) Nazi-inspired 1941 slaughter of the Jews

wowzer. Maid of the Bering Sea

5/31 Henry Kissinger Protest at the 92nd Street Y

There's fit and there's really really fit

There's fit and there's really really fit

Rep. Weiner to Explore Civil and Criminal Charges in Alleged Twitter Hack Attack

If Breitbart & Minions Are Willing To Tap Landrieu's Phone, They'll Hack A Twitter Account.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The rest

UGG> Kansas just keeps the stupid coming. GWB keynote speaker Chamber's annual meeting

Iran's political showdown escalates over oil post

A short rant, if you please

Texas judge voids transgender widow's marriage

If your commute is more than 45 minutes, you have a 40% higher chance of getting a divorce!

James O'Keefe's Group gets Non-Profit status (I kid you not)

Human Rights Watch: strongly suggesting the Syrian security forces committed crimes against humanity

$100,000 pension club of public retirees in California is booming

Pentagon Sets Stage for U.S. to Respond to Computer Sabotage With Military Force

The Man Behind Citizens United Is Just Getting Started

CDs will be sold of Obamacare hearing in Atlanta

What's the difference between Sarah Palin and Kim Kardashian?

GOP Rolls out new Platforms for Jobs, Energy, Education

Economic Policy Institute: The U.S. government isn’t going broke

Thousands set up camp in Athens square as Greek protesters take their cue from Spain

Analyst: Goldman ‘Too Big’ to Face Prosecution

Just When Rep. Weiner Attacks Clarence Thomas, Breitbart comes up with a smear. WAKE UP

Johnathan Chait correctly describes the current GOP

Greenwood, Okla.: The Legacy of the Tulsa Race Riot

In case you missed it: NFLPA Head, Smith, wants to permanently decertify the NFL players' union


Bretibart publishes his confession about risky sex and syphilis...

I'm a 21 yr old college student and Mitt is my boyfriend

Glad the Dead (or Sick) Calf is Off the Front Page

Labour loses lead over Conservatives - poll

I just saw and advertisement for "Fair Game" which called it "terrifically entertaining"...

Donald Trump: Paul Ryan Budget Plan A 'Death Wish' For Republicans


Kohort - new social network for organizing groups.. get in now to claim your username

How the Repubs. repackage repeated failures as successes - and the news media buy the scams.

Graphs showing teabagger views of African Americans/immigrants compared to non-teabagger whites.

Fear the ‘twin Bells’: Petitions seek to halt AT&T takeover of T-Mobile

If You Are So Concerned About Weiner, How About Emailing The Mediawhores The Facts

Budget cuts force Calif. police and firemen to watch man drown

I don't always follow politics, but when I do...

Weiner Is Extra Guilty!!!!!!

JimBob bans Romney and Giuliani supporters from Free Republic because of "teh gay".

Boehner's Plan To Use Debt Ceiling Backed By 150 Economists : WTF?

Let's say the economy is exactly as it is today, but that the year was . . . .

MarketWatch: Why housing is in a depression

Justice Thomas: Why is that guy still on the bench?

Why are Only the Title Pages Loading then Stopping?

Chris Christie defends using state helicopter to attend son's baseball game

Homeless Mom's Case Could Change Law

If you can help flip the Wisconsin Senate, please do so.

Been keeping up with the GOP attack on a women's right to choose?

Is Fukushima now 10 Chernobyls into the sea?

Suppose an incredibly evil person was caught torturing puppies, kittens and bunnies.

Clarence Thomas Dumps Financial Records Just Before Long Weekend. Mediawhores Attack Weiner

How 'bout we STFU on "Weinergate" (uggh!) and wait for the actual FACTS to emerge?

"You're too pretty for math"

OMG !!! Did Weiner tweet his weiner?

CNN anchors ridiculing negative responses to Weiner "story"

A way to take out spammers? 3 banks process 95% of spam transactions

The Rude Pundit: Regarding Torture and Children and America

We Must Do Something! Harrumph!

Rohrabacher (R-CA) makes, quite possibly, the stupidest suggestion ever on climate change

Huckabee urges, "Even if you've already signed, sign it again!" (petition repealing Obamacare)

I predict that the liberal leanings of MSNBC will change. I predict that most here will hold them...

If Weiner would just STATE It was not me and call in the Capitol Cops

Poll: Republican Budget Bigger Political Fail Than First Thought

the Wiener is done for, Hooray

I just saw a picture of the young lady involved in the Weiner-Twitter "scandal"

Robbin' the hood: Same-old GOP again takes from the poor and gives it all to the rich

Women Big Losers In Celeb-Obsessed World

Ohio Republicans attack state’s minimum wage law

Re: Weiner/Breitbart: Where there's smoke,

Why did they edit out part of news. And can not confirm or deny is proper tactical answer.

Please do not spend more than half of your DU time talking about Weiner's weiner.

Minnesotans don't want Pawlenty or Bachmann to run

So hard ons are what pass for hard news today?

A Thousand Years Of War In 5 Minutes

Anyone have that list of what benefits Democrats have given to us?

The New Rethuglicanism

Full Civic Literacy Exam

the 'Statute ' of Liberty

Oil leaking into sea from Fukushima

Japan could face overseas lawsuits from nuclear crisis

Finally, PROOF! Breitbart is not only said to have syphilis

Best Chyron slip ever: MSNBC mixes up Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann

HAHAHAHAHA! Now MSNBC is pixelating "the bulge"

Japanese seniors volunteer for ‘suicide’ nuclear jobs

Japanese seniors volunteer for ‘suicide’ nuclear jobs

Senators demand crackdown on IED ingredient

400 years after the Puritans....

Suddenly, the picture is okay as long as he was hacked?

Monopoly lost: Atlantic City's rise and fall

Health insurers use scare tactics to block regulation of rate increases

M$Greedia is owned by right wing corporations

If Monterrey falls, Mexico falls?

GRAPH: While Slashing Aid To Main Street, GOP Budget Drops Tax Rate For Richest To Lowest In 80 Year

CNN: Jim DeMint open to running for POTUS

A friend of mine has a friend who told their friend that they heard that Andrew Breitbart has

Weiner ‘can’t say with certitude’ that lewd picture was not of him

Wow - a penis covered in cloth.. Stop the bloody presses.

Why I voted for a debt ceiling increase by Congressman Emanuel Cleaver

San Francisco Giants - It Gets Better

Pelosi: I Give Credit To GOP For Doing What They Believe In By Voting To End Medicare

Accept the fact that the American Empire is over

A big FUCK YOU to the MSM... Obama met with the repugs this morning on the budget and do you think

Wiener! We love you!

Wanted: A Manufacturing-Centered Economics, Part 1

Mr. Anonymous and the Not-So-Spontaneous Birth of the Libertarian Movement

Will the NY Attorney General Bring Doomsday Charges Against Wall Street? If So, How Long Will He Sur

Keith Olbermann returning?

Can anyone get this Fukushima Live Video Feed to work on their computer?

Why I believe the Fox News Ticker hacking is a hoax (pic heavy)

Colbert: Palin Bus Tour Is a 'For-Profit Vacation' (VIDEO)

Homeless school children population surging in Maryland as economy continues to struggle

I think I could make a bundle

DOJ Files Brief Asking Justices To Kick Medicaid Providers Out of Court

DOJ Files Brief Asking Justices To Kick Medicaid Providers Out of Court

Drill, baby, drill fails: Oil prices soar in spite of sharp increase in U.S. production under Obama

Michigan prayer group pushes views of extremists - Michigan Messenger - videos

budget cuts: 'Handcuffed by policy': Fire crews watch man die

Senate Republicans To Boycott Hearing On Subprime Schools

Senate Republicans To Boycott Hearing On Subprime Schools

homeless living in drainage pipes in Vegas

Need a break

Arizonans look to recall senator behind controversial immigration laws

Dem Rep: Bush Officials Running ‘Willie Horton’ Attack On Obama DOJ

DId I just hear tornado on the ground in Springfield Mass?

Is the U.S. doing teacher reform all wrong?

What recovery?

Libertarian Rand Paul Is Suddenly Very Concerned About The Right To Free Assembly

Bankruptcy reform is killing innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

70,000 Mexican Teachers Strike, Protest over Test-Driven Education!

The beginning of the "swiftboating" of Democrats has officially begun with the trumped up hacking

Obama, Ryan clash in White House meeting on debt

Hero pilot is ready for new CBS News job

Dem winner of NY special election sworn into House

So these three DC hookers were in a bar talking....

So these three DC hookers were in a bar talking....

I think Cenk is doing an excellent "Daily Rant" today. If you have access

Seattle attorney charged with keying badly parked cars

Those who are not falling into Breitbart's trap (again), call Weiner & tell him you support him

Debunking the myth that clean energy and carbon reduction policies aren’t good for ratepayers

Who is Dan Wolfe and why did he target Weiner for framing?

Fight over reclining seat diverts flight, plane escorted by fighter jets

My email to MSNBC while watching Martin Bashir.......

My email to MSNBC while watching Martin Bashir.......

San Francisco Giants post 'It Gets Better' anti-homophobia video

Could this be payback from when Weiner said Obama lacks values?

Meet the Baby Peregrines

Oh no, it's not like they're just picking on a dude named Weiner.

Civil Unions Start for Illinois Gays (Advocate) appropriate... appropriate...

During The Great Recession, 12 Major Corporations Made $173 Billion In Profits And Had A Negative In

If Anthony Weiner had tweeted a photo of his penis, wouldn't it have been a circumcised one?

Contribute to help win in Wisconsin—and send a message to America

Vid of tornado that hit Springfield

Washington State Employers "hit jackpot" With Workers and Unemployment Compensation "Reform"

Planet Earth Doesn't Know How To Make It Any Clearer It Wants Everyone To Leave

Gov. Christie arrives at son's high school baseball game in State Police helicopter

Making fun of Congressman Wiener is just wrong, we should know better

Dr. George Tiller 1949 - 2009

Gawd, we could be watching Keith interview Representative Weiner, instead we have to look at train

If Republicans had not stolen the election in 2000...?

Rep. facing recall hopes govt. workers sleep in election day

Rep. facing recall hopes govt. workers sleep in election day

chris matthews wonders why democrats don't visit vacation icons in new york city

POE Calls for Investigations Into Justice Thomas in Light of New Financial Disclosures

Thread to call on Hannah Bell's tombstoning to be overturned

Ohio Senate Republicans Attempt To Gut State Minimum Wage Law

Fare thee well, Hannah Bell

Latest in House Republicans’ Dog & Pony Show: Boehner Rolls out Partisan Hacks Cloaked as “Economist

"When your name is Weiner, people do weiner jokes about you all the time"

Russert "That's not a picture of you?" Weiner "You know I can't say with certitude..."

Tomorrow is June 1 the start of hurricane season and just to remind Florida DUers

Despite Deaths and Injuries, Internet 'Planking' Fad Continues


People should NOT get banned just for posting pictures of countries other people don't like

WI GOP Senator facing recall hopes that government workers 'are sleeping' on election day

Good News!!!! More millionaires in the U.S. despite tough times

Why did the market lose almost 300 points today??

When you see someone being disruptive or harassing or whatever...

Report: Over Next Two Decades, World Food Prices Will Double

gas leak in springfield

gas leak in springfield

Chinese hackers targeting U.S. Gmail accounts

Let's start a twitter campaign supporting Rep. Weiner

Lawrence O'Donnell Tonight In Defense of Anthony Weiner

So, who will the People of Iowa and New Hampshire decide is to be the next Pres?

Have you ever seen a place that was straight lost in time?

Walkerville, Wisconsin

S.F.'s Most Controversial Charter School Throws Off For-Profit Masters

NATO: Free Africa from the Africans!

Self-deleted by member

Why are republicans so obsessed with Democrats' penises?

Cenk is an idiot.

Alaska to finally publish Sarah Palin’s emails after lengthy delay

The Republican noise machine is an unmatched power.

How soon we forget the lesson of the Long Form Birth Certificate

Shaq says on Twitter: 'I'm about to retire'

Something the US Post Office should use in their advertisments....

Toon: The world Through GOP Glasses Palin Whoppers on Debt, Oil Imports

I'm a little slow here, what damaging info to Repubs was released

I believe Wiener

some pictures of daily life in south korea (dial up warning)

I love Anthony Weiner, and even if the picture is him I will stand by him 100%

Moody's downgrades Greece again

QUICK! I need a list of bad shit Breitbart has done.

In Response to a Popular DU Thread on North Korean Pictures...

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- The Grifter

Koch brothers courting Christie?

NWS has issued a tornado warning for Sacramento and Yolo counties.

So I saw a picture of Chris Christie today.

Am I supposed to know the ages of my twitter followers?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Economy

What a contrast! Rep. Marsha Blackburn and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver on Hardball.

online police scanner in Hampden County( Springfield) Mass. following tornado strike.

Paying college football players: Proposal from the SEC Spring Meeting

Paying college football players: Proposal from the SEC Spring Meeting

TRMS: Weiner on live tonight!

"... 14,000 page tax code which is basically institutionalized corruption" - Fareed Zakaria

Courts slow to indict military contractors accused of bribery

Wanna try a little civics test?

Radio host absolutely destroys the Senate President from FL (Mike Haridopolos - R) on Medicare.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Republicans and the budget

This may come as a shock to some of you

Boehner wants 'large ball'

51% of Americans have a personal connection with Medicaid

Palin to visit all three early states

You know, it's fucked up when a 26 yo woman gets denied insurance by 6 different companies...

If that is a picture of Weiners member, then this is a story

Paul ryan wants the Pres to stop calling his plan a voucher ..

Today's waaaaaay over the top Megan's Law post

Breitbart MIGHT have syphilis, he HAS published on that very thing!!!!

The weather here is a bit freaky

I don't watch CNN much any more but they just joined the only other channel

"Man with 11 OWIs gets probation":

Last post re: Weiner. He already DENIED it was him!!!

Apple tries to put the kibosh on iPad and iPhone giveaways

Washington State Supreme Court Orders Reversal In Cuts To Medicaid For Disabled Children

cnn's wolfe blitzer to interview representative weiner live...coming up next

David Korten: But What About My 401(k)?

Who Removed Terrorism Suspect Abu Zubaydah’s Eye and Why?

Rememberance of my Dad on his 100th birthday

Republican Reps Ask FCC to Officially Scrap Fairness Doctrine

I think we need a new word: "muckfaker."

This is what the insufficiently taxed get to do in life . . . .

I am sorry..but it sounds like Rep. Weiner is protecting someone..

Just saw pic of sarah, msnbc, in NYC, wearing Star of David.

Did you know pregnant women and infants in Europe were advised not to consume milk 2 months ago?

Rep. Anthony Weiner 'can’t say with certitude' photo isn't him

Tornado Watch for NYC, Surrounding Counties

Pizza CEO Herman Cain tied for 2nd in Iowa GOP poll

Pizza CEO Herman Cain tied for 2nd in Iowa GOP poll

Removing Jobs as #1

Bobby Kennedy Jr. on the Ed Shultz Radio show just said that there have been 2500 arrests

Bobby Kennedy Jr. on the Ed Shultz Radio show just said that there have been 2500 arrests

Doctors changing their politics as medical practice changes

I am so sick of tweety having an orgasm as he reports on Sarah Palin. He salivates as he touts

Wisconsin Anomaly 2011, a recount reflection.

Breitbart's #TwitterHoax - How It Went Down (Weiner Smear) Daily Kos

Robert Reich: The Truth About the American Economy

Is Twitter no longer a reliable way to network?

In May, MSNBC was also the No. 1 cable news network among A18-34 in primetime

Frank Conniff (TV's Frank from Mystery Science Theater 3000) on Palin and the GOP.

Tears in my eyes as I see the damage in West Springfield, MA today.

I hate to say it but Weiner may be fried

44-year old Asiatic Elephant plays with her newborn calf - pics

My neighbor knocked on my door tonight at 9:30...

WH: Presidential Proclamation--Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month

Horrible Job/Econom Data Continues:ADP Plunges to 38K On Expectations of 175K;Downward NFP Revisions

Anyone Here Have Any Familiarity With Coccyx Injuries?

David Suzuki: Humans May Have Loaded the Bases, but Nature Bats Last

Game changers? Medical (marijuana) uses may be reaching a critical mass

STFU Russert

To support congressman Weiner, I'm posting a picture of my own dong right here! Click to recommend!!

Is An All-Out U.S. Cyber War Coming?

I don't understand the Weiner controversy. What's the problem here?

The Republican noise machine is an unmatched power.

President Obama looking more and more like George W. Bush

Effin HUGE tornadoe in Western Mass...still moving east.

Effin HUGE tornadoe in Western Mass...still moving east.

Could you identify your own genitals in a line up?

Early Dismissal Due to Excessive Heat for Philadelphia Public Schools

Tweety is tearing Marsha Blackburn a new one over spending cuts

One Year After Debunking Breitbart's "Slander," CNN Welcomes Him Back As Newsmaker

Lesson: Don't take compromising photos of yourself.

Japanese seniors volunteer for ‘suicide’ nuclear jobs

MSNBC anchor: Palin’s bus tour ‘a breach of a federal law’

Obama still doesn’t support marriage equality, but Happy Pride Month

The "crackers" picture is up on Bartcop.

Tim Tebow on Hannity promoting a book. Talking about how hard he works

Debt Collection Agencies Gone Wild

Quick fact about North Korea

This WeinerGate bullshit is proof positive that our corporate owned media is broken beyond repair

Family Farms Amplify Compaint Against Monsanto

Mirror: BRITAIN'S SECRET WAR IN LIBYA: British Special Forces uncovered on the ground

Weiner made a great point

CNN Knew Breitbart Was Lying - DailyKos

Alameda police, firefighters watch as man drowns

WTF!? Speaker Boehner just tweeted me a photo of his asshole! --->

The POW/MIA Issue is Bogus

The POW/MIA Issue is Bogus

Anthony Weiner is apparently playing the media. I love it!

The Revenge Killing of Osama bin Laden, by: Noam Chomsky

Big advantage for loan repayment can be postponed or reduced.

Big advantage for loan repayment can be postponed or reduced.

Hoover's policies = Hoover's results (re: economy re-plummeting)

A Rare Glimpse into the Secret World of the USA

Authorities make changes after first responders watch man drown

New Yorkers to Palin & Trump - Use Hands not Forks to Eat Pizza!!!!

Germany to scrap all nuclear power by 2022!

Germany to scrap all nuclear power by 2022!

I may or may not be in the minority here, but I still think Obama did the right thing re: OBL

Chris Matthews: GOP 2012 field bores me

CASE CLOSED! CONGRESSMAN WEINER WAS FRAMED! (and we KNOW the name of the framer...)

CASE CLOSED! CONGRESSMAN WEINER WAS FRAMED! (and we KNOW the name of the framer...)

How should Obama respond to the Repubs on debt limit issue?

"Breitbart has syphilis" returns over 31,000 hits.

Resurgence of America’s debtor prisons

More realistic pictures of daily life in north korea (pic-heavy)

Octomom's Doctomom Gets License Revoked

Octomom's Doctomom Gets License Revoked

Palin’s Bus Vandalized With ‘Media Whore’ Sign

Why Is Obama Dragging His Heels on Appointing Elizabeth Warren to Head the CFPB?

Aljazeera: Mladic awaits war crimes trial at The Hague

I want to believe Congressman Weiner and truthfully don't care if he is tweeting 50 pictures of his

The debate GOP needs to have openly: The teachings of Ayn Rand vs teachings of Jesus Christ

Report Documents Fake Terror Threats Concocted by FBI and NYPD

WikiLeaks Haiti Cables Paint Stark Picture of U.S. Priorities

Just gave up Chik-Fil-A forever

Weiner Photo

Explosion at Fukushima nuke plant yesterday caused only ‘limited damage’: TEPCO

Does Breitbart have syphilis??/

Rep. Weiner: Clarence Thomas Should Bow Out of Health Cases

We Are Under Attack By the Chineses

Watching NASA TV on my Apple TV now.

Oh, hell, do I LOVE the closing vamp on this one: Ivy, "Nothing But The Sky"

What is the difference between a "Coulda Been" and a "Shoulda Been"?

I'm watching one of those pseudo-science docs

my hero

Any one know how to post a video?

Gotta love the FAILblog.....

Tacocat is...

I need a new pair of shoes......are New Balance still made in the USA?

Remember Mr. Mxyzptlk?

Watching "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

arlene ar leen-


Forgotten film with Chaplin could fetch fortune

Hey, do you wanna do it?

Just for HipChick


DU Presidential Trivia (no googling please)

Macbook guy has his Macbook back

Just pulled a tick out of my narwhal's ear. Pretty sure I got it all, but should I do anything else

The Rapture - a story

Just pulled a boxer of my tick's ear. Pretty sure I got it all, but should I do anything else?

Indiscreet Criminal

Once again more DU Presidential Trivia - the baseball edition

I can explain that Tweety.

Australia has a cat in its Senate!

Jeezus h - on a big fricking stick

Does anyone else wonder what exceptions Skittles may have in mind?

I've got one word for you: Playable Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City

Anybody having problems with their televisions today?

Saw "Green Hornet" last night. It royally sucked.

Why did Bullet replace Wolf as Roy Rogers’ dog?

Dick In A Box

What are your thoughts on John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

It's official! NHL Hockey to return to Winnipeg!

Need help DU!

What do you wear to a "casual" date?

Does anyone know where I can upload a large-sized photo?

Well, so much for *that* fairy tale: William and Kate divorcing.

Why is it ok to name a part of the male anatomy in GD

What do you think of the Adams Family?

I love Blue Öyster Cult - just had to say that

New DU Presidential Trivia: What was the last food Zachery Taylor ate before he died

The good news: I am no longer addicted to Diet Coke

10 years ago today I walked out of Cisco Systems for the last time and started my own business...

Why do some people think that to repeat a word gives it more intensity?

Did y'all know that William the Conquerer died at 59 years of age.

So my cat Monster is on a steroid. And the little bugger is eating around the pill in the pill

With all the talk about a certain person's private parts, I think this is perfect for today.

Just pulled a tick of my boxer's ear. Pretty sure I got it all, but should I do anything else?

So when I walk along sidewalks and see children or dogs walking

Rabrrrrrr's Match Game Story, June 1st edition

Anyone seen the movie Biutiful starring Javiar Bardem? Is it good?

What is the best tv series you've seen that is available on dvd. I liked "Sex and the City"

I'm a killer. A murdering bastard, you know that. And there are consequences

No kill / live catch release mousetraps

(California federal) Judge orders state to boost foster payments

Mental health campaigners warn over benefits changes (UK)

Teens banned from graduation due to lunchroom lightsaber battle

Rand Paul-Supposed Defender Of Civil Liberties-Calls For Jailing People Who Attend ‘Radical Politica

Libya: SAS veterans helping Nato identify Gaddafi targets in Misrata

Federal Judge Overlooked SCOTUS Ruling On Corporate Donations ("signaled he might want a do over")

Chile to increase winter shelters for homeless

Report challenges Haiti earthquake death toll

Blunt: Climate Change Not to Blame

Bolivia apologises to Argentina for Iran minister visit

US trolling for Taliban to open talks

Pentagon doesn't rule out military force against cyberattacks

Reporter who exposed Pak Navy men's link with al-Qaida killed

Poll: Republican Budget Bigger Political Fail Than First Thought

Recall-targeted GOP senators (WI) challenge validity of petitions

House Bill Cuts U.S. Farm Aid, Payment to Brazil.

Sarah Palin's bus tour steals spotlight from GOP presidential candidates

First day of hurricane season arrives as meteorologists eye system near Jacksonville

What do you give someone who is having a HS graduation party....

U.S. Private Sector Job Growth Falls Well Short Of Estimates

Egypt's Mubarak, sons to stand trial on Aug. 3

Arizonans File To Recall Author Of Controversial Immigration Law

Alameda police, firefighters watch as man drowns

Donald Trump: Ryan’s Plan Is A ‘Death Wish’ For GOP

Early Dismissal Due to Excessive Heat for Philadelphia Public Schools

University of Michigan softens trespass policy that bars 2,000 from public campus for life

Chile's communists want Neruda's death probed

Honduras readmitted to the OAS after coup

House rejects debt ceiling increase, 318-97

US House Delays Vote On Libya Measure, Democrat Says White House, Republicans Want To Buy Time

Tornado Watch for NYC, Surrounding Counties

Tornado Watch for NYC, Surrounding Counties

Clarice Taylor, 'Cosby Show' and 'Sesame Street' actress, dies at 93

Japanese seniors volunteer for ‘suicide’ nuclear jobs

Octomom's fertility doctor has license revoked

ISM manufacturing gauge tumbles in May

CMS Denies Indiana Waiver to Restrict Funding to Abortion Provider

Gov. Nixon: 134 dead from Joplin tornado, all accounted for

Exclusive: Arcadia (trading firm) may have rigged Yemen exports: cable

Shaq says on Twitter: 'I'm about to retire'

Journalists' killings 'go unpunished' in 13 countries

Brain Injuries Are Seen in New Scans of Veterans

HHS rejects Indiana Medicaid plan ( which bans funding to Planned Parenthood)

(Canada Foreign Affairs Minister) Baird backs Obama approach to Mideast

OAS Restores Honduras’ membership

Stocks: Worst day of the year for Dow, S&P 500

Dems tell National Republican Congressional Committee vice chair to step down over FEC fines

Strong quake shakes Chile (6.2)

(Calif.) Assembly approves state financial aid for illegal immigrants

State prepares to release Palin emails 24,000 PAGES-Some will be withheld or partly blacked out

Blame game begins over German E. coli outbreak

Tornado touches down in downtown Spfld (Springfield MA)

UN chief challenges world to agree tougher target for climate change

Governor Christie Takes State Helicopter To Son's Baseball Game

Argentina accuses world's largest grain traders of huge tax evasion

NY rep says he didn't send Twitter photo

Google Discloses China-Based 'Hijacking' of Gmail Accounts

Menendez says Dems won't back Medicaid cuts

Hot summer on its way in Canada

GOP fears Kucinich resolution

Montana KKK candidate running for Congress; says backlash against Obama will fuel campaign

Federal Judge Sees No "Compelling State Interest" in Letting Straights onto Gay (Softball) Teams

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, June 1, 2011

US economy may be sliding back towards recession, Wall Street fears

Iran: Haleh Sahabi dies at funeral of Ezatollah Sahabi

Air-rage fight over reclining seat forces United Airlines flight to return

FEMA To Demand That Hurricane Katrina Victims Return Aid Money

UN panel finds Libya forces committed war crimes.

Woman swept to death over Niagara Falls

Dozens killed in overnight clashes in Sanaa

FAA to crack down on people who target planes with lasers

Controversy dogs Chomsky as he accepts Sydney Peace Prize

ACLU sues Florida Gov. Rick Scott over mandatory drug testing for state workers

Gov’t. to lose $14 billion of auto bailout funds

Jobs and factory slowdown add to recovery fears

Outrage after police and fire officials watch man drown himself in San Francisco Bay

APNewsBreak: Obama abandons wilderness plan


Derby exits U.S. House race, endorses Marshall

Democrat Kelda Roys May Run in Wisconsin’s 2nd District

A new Gay Pride month Proclamation

Rep. Raúl Grijalva: Get Off the Warpath

Jon Huntsman: The Ryan Budget-Lovingest Republican Ever

Jim DeMint's Presidential Campaign Video Ready to Go

Robert Reich: The Truth About the American Economy (II)

So why did the Dems not back a "clean" raise the debt ceiling bill?

...Beltway ignores public opinion, calls GOP Medicare plan 'bold leadership'

The Hill: White House on Ryan's Medicare Reforms: It is a 'voucher plan'

How to handle the debt ceiling issue

Thread on a forum that regularly reposts altered articles: "Is Michelle Obama a Sasquatch?"

Ed Markey explains the Republican rapture.

The Morning Plum: Charlie Cook says GOP “stepped into a deep pile of manure” with Ryancare

A Socioeconomic theory...

The Morning Plum: Can Ryancare help Dems win back seniors and independents?

First Read: It's T-Shirt Time!

Paul Ryan is a damn dema god. He should shut the dema phuck up.

(Texas) Patrick to explore run for U.S. Senate

Iowa GOP Poll…. Is Herman Cain really in second?

LOOKIT! The story of the media vs. a Politician's Crotch yet to be aired!

Class warfare in the Democratic Party.

The big tea party quandary

CNN POLL: 58% oppose Ryan plan, only 35% support.

In Shift, Justice Department is Hiring Lawyers With Civil Rights Backgrounds

'04 and '08 were Outliers: Romney will be the Republican nominee

How will Dems respond to lousy economic data?

Anyone think that Palin explained to Piper that George Washington had slaves to help him w/the farm?

Reduced Crack Sentences Should Be Applied Retroactively, Holder Says

Are we in the double dip? And is it time to start to panic?

Dumbass Quote of the Day

Does anyone else hate these White House/GOP meetings?

Freshman GOP Representative Boycotts President Obama.

This Film Is Not Yet Rated (Full Movie) (2/7)

Iowa Plutocrats Bribing Christie To Run in 2012 ?

Venezuelan protest US oil sanctions

Fox News Ticker Gets Hacked in New York AlterNet.flv

MSNBC: Romney, A Hard Right Soundbite

The Stranger: Andrew Breitbart confesses to relationships with young girls

Should Companies That Get Rich Off Our Tax Dollars Fund Politicians?

Fox news kills story about RGBH - new Cow growth hormone linked to cancer and in our milk supply

DeMint mulls White House bid

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Patriot Act Renewed - Paul Vs Reid

5,000 Residents of 'Dying City' Lip Dub Song

Thom Hartmann: Buy our Republican plan or we'll shoot Grandma!

Hamza al-Khatib, 13 years old, Killed by [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad (Warning: GRAPHIC)

Vote NO to the MN Marriage Amendment on the November 2012 Ballot

RT - Greece: One more ride at Disneyland

Thom Hartmann: Saving America's wild mustangs with Madeleine Pickens

Papantonio: Dimwit Republicans Follow Dimwit Leaders

Papantonio: Big Pharma Covers Up Antidepressant Dangers

Bobby really does need to go to his room.

Sad truth = If Weiner was a member of the Obama administration he would have "resigned" by now.

Female Finance Minister 'meowed' by Senator David Bushby for Standing Firm

TRMS: Conservatives construct separate media world

Sarah Palin Palooza One Nation Bus Tour! (Funny)

Introduction Video - Join Us!

TDPS: Driver's Test Says Women Worse Drivers Than Men

TYT: Obama Backs Patriot Act and Other Horrible Abuses of Our Civil Liberties

It Has Begun

Thom Hartmann: Life in Post-Legal America?

Weiner Talks to MSNBC

MSNBC Outraged By CNN Giving Andrew Breitbart Platform To Slime Congressman Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner Calls CNN Reporter A "Jackass" To His Face

Trump Calls RYAN PLAN a ' DEATH WISH '


BIG Government Sprinklers soak Reporter on live TV!

Unions Aid Pleasant Grove Tornado Victims

'Jobless Paddy' spends his life savings on a billboard to get job

Canada's crude politics on oil sands

The counter-revolution club by Pepe Escobar

The Secret Sharer - Is Thomas Drake an Enemy of the State?

The Shell Game of Higher Education Funding

Robert Scheer: Geithner and Goldman, Thick as Thieves

Mubarak and sons to stand trial in August

Pakistani journalist who wrote about military's links to Al Qaeda is found slain

Dana Milbank: Congress clocks in to clock out

The Next Bubble Is About to Burst: College Grads Face Dwindling Jobs and Mounting Loans

S.E.C. Case Stands Out Because It Stands Alone.

Joseph Stiglitz: the IMF cannot afford to make a mistake with Strauss-Kahn's successor

America's Creeping Police State

3 Food Experts: genetically modified foods and billions in investment is the cure for our food woes

What is the best hope for the underclass: aspiration or grievance?

An awful statistic. from CNN, "U.S has second worst newborn deathrate in modern world"

India deepens Africa role

Right-wing Unleashes Campaign Against Democracy in Latin America

String of Democratic victories counter extreme GOP

Acid oceans turn 'Finding Nemo' fish deaf (BBC)

Climate Report "An Assault On Democracy" Says Tony Abbott Of Oz Opposition

China's 5-Province Agricultural Heart Hurt By Drought - 42 Million People Already Directly Effected

Panasonic Plans to Build a 'Sustainable Smart Town' in Japan by 2014

Algal turf scrubbers clean water with sunlight—Byproducts useful for fertilizer, fuel and…

With global warming, Arctic access will diminish by land but improve by sea

Kentucky Governor Beshear wrong about 'war on coal' - op-ed

Drumbeat: June 1, 2011

Peak oil review - May 31

Climate change allows invasive weed to outcompete local species

Groundwater Depletion Is Detected From Space

What if everything ran on gas? (Nissan takes on the Chevy Volt in steampunk ad)

Germany's denuclearization shot in Russia's arm

3 California condors die of lead poisoning

A $15.5 million solar energy rebate program for FPL customers begins this month

Bill To Gut Brazil's 1965 Forest Law Moving Through Legislature - Would Boost Economy, You See . . .

New York Attorney General Sues Over Lack Of Fracking Studies

Fukushima updates on Wednesday

Oil Falls the Most in Three Weeks on Report That U.S. Employers Cut Hiring

Severity Of EU E. Coli Outbreak Startles Health Officials: 16 Dead, 1,000+ Sick

Overwhelming Stench Sickens Those In Tsunami Zone - 20,000 Tons Of Fish Rotting In Kesennuma Alone

Solar CIGS reach 18.7 percent efficiency

Japanese nuclear plant hit by explosion and oil spill - Limited damage

UN chief challenges world to agree tougher target for climate change

As food prices spike again, aid agency warns cost of staples will double in 20 years

Carbon From Fossil Fuel Emissions At All-Time Annual High In 2010 - 30.6 Billion Metric Tons

2,000 terawatt-hours (TWh) annually, could amount to nearly 16 percent of the world's current total

14 dead in Germany from contaminated vegetables

The World Must Wean Itself Off Coal or Face Catastrophe

Expert: NYC, San Diego overdue for hurricanes

Solar grows 40% over 2010: E&Y renewable country rankings

James Franco Honored by amfAR

Nepal Becomes The World's First Country To Recognize "Third Gender" On Census Forms

HIV Prevention Ads Yanked in Australia

Lessons Learned

Australian HIV Campaign Reinstated

Teachers Union for N.Y. Marriage Equality

Rhode Island Senate panel will consider civil unions

Yet Another News Video That Is Not Queer News Per Se (Dogs & Jesus)

China’s Free AIDS Drugs Lead to Steep Drop in Deaths

Munich to break ground on memorial to gay Holocaust victims

Has anyone here read the "Repeal of DADT Act of 2010"?

Obama on Gay Pride Month

Elton John: Save HIV/AIDS funding in Fla.

Gay marriage? We should abolish marriage entirely

Log Cabin Republicans and Other Gays Ditching Obama, Voting Republican

I hate to say it, but GOProud may be right on this one.

I wish MSNBC would hire Sam Seder

Anthony Weiner supports us. He believes in marriage equality

If you DARE... GOProud needs YOUR help

Ill. issues civil union licenses to gay couples

Isn't it nice for the President to call for us to have "greater equality"?

Is Christopher Hitchens a Religious Apologist?

A Post-9/11 Registration Effort Ends, but Not Its Effects

Progressive military chaplains organization defends marriage equality

Is Your Religion Your Financial Destiny?

Black sheep not about to go two by two on johans ark

Wife Helped Pastor Kill Husband

Atheists 4th largest "religious" group

What is the difference between someone who kills their child because "god told them to"

One-Year-Old Beaufort Sea Ice Now One Foot Thinner Than In 2009

How many of the following species can you identify?

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, May 31)

St. Tebow on the Hannity show talking about how wonderful the Denver Broncos and

League issues (Jim) Harbaugh gag order

NHL mum about Red Wings' possible move to Eastern Conference

Heh! The Colorado Rockies trail the Pittsburgh Pirates by a half game

This will really piss off joeybee >>

An omen for the M's?

Shaquille O'Neal

Jerusalem Day celebrations will not cover up the city's rot and discrimination

Hamas dissatisfied with Rafah crossing

An omen for the Bruins?

Lebanon’s Palestinians to march to border