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Archives: June 19, 2011

GLAAD president resigns after AT&T/T-Mobile support

Organizers gather more than 3 times the necessary signatures to get SB 5 referendum on November ball

AARP agrees to cuts in social security.

I just heard Clarence Clemons died

Elementary school textbook publisher prints alternate, tsunami story-free material (JAPAN)

Ryan's Shrewd Budget Payday

Info wanted on high school Democratic clubs

Keith O: "this last issue ... is I think, where people separate themselves from animals"

Phallic Symbols at Denver International Airport

Dear America, while you were busy hatin', the rich bastids started drinking your

Are Americans becoming more isolated from each other? Maybe, Pew says, but don’t blame Facebook

Please consider supporting Progressive Democrats' action for Tim DeChristopher

Gay men asked to leave public pool (follow up)

"God answers prayers in his own time."

SO EXCITED!!! Just set up the DVR to record Keith everynight!!

I've noticed more and more Libertarians attacking Keynes

Why China's Ghost Towns Matter for Our Economy

Health Issues: No Insurance

North Carolina to require some employers to check citizenship

US orders news blackout over crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant: report

Sunday Talk Shows

MSNBC Photo: Big Man Walks The Dog

Hijab-Wearing ‘Flash Mob’ Invades RightOnline

There is nothing more fun than watching Breitbart getting a taste of his own medicine!

"The U.S. Opportunity in Laos"

The greatest thing about being part of a mob...

whenever i log onto this website

Tsunami-struck museum starts recovering collection (JAPAN)

Wind advisories in effect for the Monument fire 45 MPH

I'm sorry, I have a cold

Scientists discover new California quake fault that could burst dam and drown thousands

Other Sources On Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant

Yogi, the Corgi, and his two ducklings - story and pics


Herman Cain Walks Back His Rhetoric About Muslims

The Greek austerity program is not working per Ioannis Poupkos, Greek union member

Second grade science club solves car pooling problem..

'ISI can nab Zawahiri if it wants to'

Qaeda Woes Fuel Talk of Speeding Afghan Pullback

Area 51: the plane truth

Springsteen Statement On Death Of Clarence Clemons: "His Loss Is Immeasurable"

"Requiscat in pace, big man." ~~ Bruce Springsteen

Wisconsin: Redistricting pushes boundaries to help a Republican congressman (Sean Duffy)

whose debt?

Fareed Zakaria Rips Conservative Movement in Time Magazine Article

Digital Conferences, Blue and Red. (T)wo meetings, Netroots Nation for liberals and Right Online for

Indonesian branch of Obedient Wives Club opens (not a joke)


Axelrod needles GOP field:they are eager to criticize the Democratic incumbent without offering

Toon: Still Marveling (Happy Fathers Day!)

You don't have a plan (cartoon)

Hilarious. Obama impersonator gets booed off stage at Republican Leadership Conference

We will survive in spite of the trolls who may think otherwise

Explosion strikes German convoy in Afghanistan

Dog is sentenced to death by stoning by rabbinical court in Israel

Tax evasion can be a felony, Clarence.

Happy Fathers day Mr. President.

NATO Says It Mistakenly Hit Libyan Rebels Again

NATO Says It Mistakenly Hit Libyan Rebels Again

NATO Says It Mistakenly Hit Libyan Rebels Again

Your Well-Paid, Middle-Class Job Is in Danger

Myanmar's Suu Kyi celebrates birthday in freedom

Obama Bashing: The ART Of The SELF DEFEATING Intellectual Elite

Obama Bashing: The ART Of The SELF DEFEATING Intellectual Elite

Happy Fathers Day DU Dads!

'That we would build bridges in Baghdad and Kandahar and not Baltimore and Kansas City,

Louie Gohmert finds new ways to be an asshole

Larry King is on "Reliable Sources" complaining about paparazzi following him

Lawyers and Accountants Once Put Integrity First

Art Exhibit: Canvas(ing) Against Torture: Minneapolis Opening reception at noon 6/19

Jon Stewart eviscerates Faux Newz on thier own turf

President Obama’s Views on Gay Marriage ‘Evolving’

Rick Perry and the "Joel's Army" cult.

Ships tossed ashore by tsunami get rescued (JAPAN)

If you had your current income doubled, what marginal tax rate would you be ok with?

Sunday's Doonesbuy: Rapture's Aftermath

Justice Thomas and ethics

US orders news blackout over crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant: repor

The Lazy Way

Should I cancel my Sunday paper for putting Baby Russert on the Father's Day cover of Parade? ha

Photo of the Day (JAPAN)

Population of African cities to triple

Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch question's bleacher report's CEO over labor exploitation of

Interesting map, you can see what page is being read at which location on the globe.

The Vancouver Hockey Riots, Ben Johnson and my 2nd favorite city in the world..

Dolphins kept vigil on Irishman's body

Random Acts Of Kindness

Japan Failed to Implement World Nuclear-Safety Rules, Report Says - WSJ

Rick Perry: No More Mr. Nice Guy....

Does it bother you that DU has become

Scott launches newspaper writing campaign for himself

So . . . yesterday was the Big Golf Game at which our future well being was discussed

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads on DU. You have one of the

could have been....should have been....

Turn to abductions shows al-Qaida's cash squeeze

Who else wants to see that list of NBC staffers

Nook 2 Color

New School of Tropical Medicine is bad news for Perry

Quake tweets make their way into memorial books

Gas pipeline operators fund, shape safety studies

A complaint I desperately miss

Another reason to vote anti-Republican......

Wisconsin Unions try to Battle Back

Tax Increases Will Create American Jobs - DailyKos

Frontpage Headline TPM: Impartial Justice? New Ethical Questions For Clarence Thomas

Appreciation thread for the DU community

Margot Fernandez - Life as you will live it if you embrace the Republican vision of America

does anybody know whats going on with the mortgage relief programs, we were on one, got a notice of

On this Father's Day, a reminder to my fellow dads of what we need.

Did Clinton Resign?

The Telegraph: MI6 attacks al-Qaeda in 'Operation Cupcake'

US Rep. Allen West (R-FL) Celebrates Flag Day By Releasing Pictures of Himself Desecrating the Flag

Sega says hackers stole data of 1.29 million users (BBC)

So My Dad Fell at work and is on Workman's comp, but he is nearing social security age..

So My Dad Fell at work and is on Workman's comp, but he is nearing social security age..

When did Republicans ever apologize?

Looks like the Jon Stewart / Fox News Sunday interview is up and ready....

What would happen if a State really did try to secede from the union? The blow-hard in Texas,

From the office of (R-IN))Mike Pence (vomit)

MTP: Unvarnished Truth on Libya is at last revealed

MTP: Unvarnished Truth on Libya is at last revealed

Thar she blows!

fences and conflicts

Has anyone seen the movie The Majestic w/ Jim Carrey?

Think Big: Choosing The Fights That Build Progressive Power - ChrisBowers/DailyKos

WTFF??? American girls look up to the latest royal because she is

The art of interruption

Today I straighten the loser behind me in line at the Grocery Store

Wake up, you sleepy-head....

Inflation Risks Continue to Challenge Philippines

WATCH: Van Jones tells Fox News “You’re not America!” (I love this Guy!)

The Wall St Bailout financed the Destruction of the Working Class

"Rick Perry has long insisted he wouldn't run"


" can change two at once with a monkey perched on my head"

E.P.I. : Some State Job Gains Stall Or Slip Into Reverse

Pakistanis tip off militants again

Crumbling Institutions, Crumbling Economy - FDL

Friendship of Justice and Magnate Puts Focus on Ethics - Clarence Thomas

Why is it that the medicare/social security rescue plans are all cuts?

A minor observation about the GOP family-size dicksizing exercise

Dry times in West Palm Beach

NN11 Young Voter Turnout Session – How Do You Convince Someone...

Reagan's Phony Tax Cut

McCain blames some Arizona wildfires on illegal immigrants

Think Big: Transportation Overhaul Would Save Money, Create Jobs, Cut Pollution, Burn Less Oil - DK

Memorial at Stone Pony, Asbury Park for Clarence Clemons

Dan Pfeiffer: A Slightly Dumber, Less Attractive Version of Dana Perino - FDL

Stossel’s Favorite Obama Impersonator Tells Racial Jokes At GOP Conference

Mathematics is no longer a marketable degree?

11-Year-Olds Charged After Disturbing Images Found On Cell Phone

The pride of the Metro Area Transit (MAT) fleet (over 1/2 were Obama buses!)

A Partial Portfolio

ATF debacle inadvertently destabilizing the Mexican government?

Levees in northern Missouri breached, overtopped

In 1995 the middle class paid more of their wages in taxes...

Time: Greece Meaning is ‘Austerity for All’ - FDL

I think I need to change my DU screenname to "Booty Call Ninja"

Should Skinner follow RimJob's example?

Just got this wonderful e-mail from Michelle Obama.....

Inmate Charged With Bank Robbery Said He Did It To Get Medical Care

Talk about "getting the boot"

Hoping for health care man robs bank for $1.

If what Weiner did was in no way illegal, immoral, or unethical

Tallahassee hits 105°, their hottest day on record and other stuff

NATO is blaming Gadaffi for their bombing of the rebels they claim

DADT repeal to take effect in September; Republicans still fighting it

NY Tmes: Backward at the F.B.I.

Happy Fathers Day, to all dads , grand dads, and even dad's to be...

Paul Krugman talk at Keynes conference - MR. KEYNES AND THE MODERNS

NATO acknowledges civilian casualties in Tripoli strike

Jon Stewart LIVE On Fox News, Tells Host 'You're Insane' (VIDEO)

WTG Ft. Worth: Programs addressing homelessness, mental health helped Ft Worth win All-America City

Cash-hungry mayors glad to have Rahm Emanuel in their ranks

Cash-hungry mayors glad to have Rahm Emanuel in their ranks

Cops: 3 men pointed laser at police helicopter (Chicago)

The sad, painful truth about the Vancouver rioters’ true identities

Thinking of the people in Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska

Unbelievable! Court Rules US Taxpayers,Not BP /Transocean, Are Liable For Gulf Oil Spill Clean U

Backlog of Cases Gives a Reprieve on Foreclosures

LA Times - "SEIU vows to play a role in Republican races for Legislature, elect more moderates"

Not only is today Father's Day, it is also Juneteenth

Why is Libya in the Crosshairs of the West? Good article from Foreign Policy Journal

The Malevolent Government vs. the Beneficent Markets: The Myth of Free Markets-Op Ed

It must be nice to be able to afford things like this

Little Orphan Annie belted one out of the ball park last night!!!

The Change in DU over the years

When I was in high school, I had a mentor.

No place but Texas. Gov Perry vetos ban on texting while driving

Trading Of Over The Counter Gold And Silver To Be Illegal Beginning July 15 for US Residents

what Congressman Weiner did not do:

When Urban Planning and Obesity Collide

The $113 Billion Hole: Ten Things America Gave Up This Year To Pay For The War In Afghanistan

Meet the Fake Twitter Identities Who Tried to Seduce Weiner

So, I had Tweety on as background noise....

Could Someone Clearly Explain the Recall Election set up in Wisconsin?

Western Governments Are Blamed for Asia's Shortage of Women

GW Bush on ESPN College World Series and I go ballistic

Toon: One of the Supreme Court Justices...

Google Chromebook: Great as long as you are online.

Investigate Paul Ryan on profiteering and ethics violations.

Sheesh! I had no idea that "Woodstock" was to blame for Pedophile Priests.

Non Sequitur Toon : Absolutely!

Obama's Fathers Day Tweet:

How important is our infrastructure?

Republican Senator (McDonald): 'Fuck It,' Gays Should Marry

Larry King: "Fox Is A Forum For The Republican Party"

Barack Obama v. Thomas Jefferson: The Obama Admin's unprecedented crackdown on leaks.

Wisconsin's Walker to host CNBC"Squawk Box" Tuesday a.m.

Idaho State Senator arrested for drunk driving, grand theft

The Wisconsin Supreme Court Crisis – Far More Serious Than The Ruling On Walker’s Anti-Collective Ba

Two words, Clarence. Abe Fortas.

NBC omits ‘under God,’ ‘indivisible’ from pledge before U.S. Open

Honeybees Might Have Emotions

Yeah, Yeah, the right wing won again. I hear this all the time.

There's no Arguing with Conservatives ...

I for one think there is nothing wrong with the DU.......

Online tax bill has passed California Legislature

Marriage equality is one thing that should not be up for debate.

Finally some really good things

Divorce rate MUCH lower among college-educated

In 1996, Dennis Kucinich was anti-choice. Where is the outrage?!

The Mayors Have Had Enough of These Useless, Costly Wars

An essay, on music, from the fire lookout tower (no pics)

How Should We Treat Wingnuts/Fundies/Teabaggers in Public?

TX state senator: "Speak English! It (Spanish) is insulting to us! ...very insulting!"

Nothing on CNN about Justice Thomas' ethical issues:

A Reminder to all those who are interested - Keith Olbermann will be on TV "Current" for t he first

Children sickness linked to Fukushima radiation

Wisconsin: Waukesha has used machines that can be hacked.

For those of us who don't get Current's how we can get Keith.

Some DU'ers seem to be doing okay in this Economy...

The Power of DU

I cannot stand when coroporations ask us for charitable donations

One picture tells.... Women’s Day Massacre in Youngstown, Ohio on June 19, '37

'Don't be surprised if Athens goes up in flames'

Show no regret and show no remorse. Attack.

Played the "personal responsibility card" at the grocery store today

Thank You Keith !!!

NH House goes over the edge.

Bu**sh** WH tried to email Keith O. but couldn't spell his name right ...

I'm tired.

Rick Perry vetoes texting while driving ban - doesn't want "to micromanage the behavior of adults"

A Tiny Victory

One image, way too long in the making, clearly sums it up

Why chase a chicken if you can just go to KFC?

Greece's Riot Dog

To my father on Father’s day who said I should move to Europe if I love socialism so much.

I don't think Progressives should abandon the Democratic Party

RE: Greece. This ups the ante...........

Clarence Clemons Tribute..RIP Big Man

Justin Bieber vs. Slipknot - Psychosocial Baby


Republicans need to consider this dream ticket!

My cat fell out of a tree - wit's end!

And they say American students don't know much about geography......

What's the old saying? Don't trust anything you read, and half the things you see?

The Terminix bagel ad that shows up here...

Bill Stickers is innocent!

How come people read posts they have no intention of responding to?

I wasn't gonna tell you about my FOURTH major surgery, but what the heck!!

Quick update: My friend is out of ICU.

Tonight's late late movie

G's Father's Day Page to Grandpa Wild Bill...

44 years ago today the Monterey Pop Festival ended

I'm sorry, I have a cold

PHOTO: Since moving into Stately Wayne Manor, Batgirl has FAILED to get the hang of the Batpole©

The Church - Destination

Man and Goose form odd friendship

I dont really cry over Celebrity Deaths...but this one feels like part of the family

You know what's awkward?

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

OT - The Whole Foods Parking Lot video - check it out!

BREAKING: Paul McCartney sees woman standing there, can't dance, heart goes boom while crossing room

RIP Big Man

Midnight in Paris -

I am due pizza and pop money

I'm washing a sarape today

I am making Chili Verde today.

"Daddy? Can you play the really loud music with loud fast guitars?" That's my girl!

24-hour tribute to Clarence Clemons on VH-1 right now.

My God! It's full of stars!

Where is Brad Pitt's Oscar?

Them Crooked Vultures - Spinning in Daffodils

As houses start getting smaller again, new pets are needed...

In his first day at the hospital, MiddleFingerMom KNEW he shoulda payed for that "room upgrade."

My lovely Stephanie just took a sea shell full of wasps out to a safe place.

Rufus Thomas - Walking the Dog

I had to call an old friend today. His father's in a coma, and it looks terminal.

So I wonder what MFM saw on the 'other side' those two

And I am still due beer and travel money.

So, men... where are you on the 'sex, money, toilet' evolutionary table?

Tributes to dads who have passed on, thread.

ereaders - any good?

Church Goers More Obese, Obesity Messes With the Brain

Bush and textile prices


"Fuck you and the Sarah Jessica Parker you rode in on."

PRIME Post-Quicksilver John Cippolina: From 1973, Copperhead - "They're Making A Monster"

If a natural blonde were to bleach their hair - what color would it turn?

I got grey boxer briefs for Father's Day!

Adirondack Chairs

Here's another thread where everybody can argue pointlessly about stuff nobody cares about!

Everything that I say in this thread will be a lie

Anger ramps up in Congress over Obama’s legal defense of Libya operation

NEWSFLASH: Under Fire - Bombs, Rockets In Gaza Moments Ago

Yelena Bonner: Russian human rights activist dies at 88 {wife of Sakharov}

Peanut butter sandwiches get wild new look (ugh)

President Obama’s Views on Gay Marriage ‘Evolving’

Paul wins RLC straw poll; Romney fades to fifth

8 NATO Troopers Killed in 1 Day in Afghanistan

2 U.S. police pulled from river near Niagara Falls (by Canadian police)

Brazil’s elite police force protecting families of targeted small farmers in Amazon forest

NBC omits ‘under God,’ ‘indivisible’ from pledge before U.S. Open

Sec. Gates: U.S. engaged in 'preliminary' peace talks with the Taliban

Clarence Clemons Dies of Complications from Stroke (E Street Band)

E. coli 'passed from human to human'

Guardian journalist badly beaten for the second time in Pakistan

Lauded Somalian Prime Minister Resigns Under Pressure

Libya crisis: Nato probes 'civilian deaths' in attack

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Alsatian Rhapsody Edition

(Utah) State GOP delegates pass resolution to repeal guest worker program

Obama, Boehner win at golf summit

Wallow Fire jumps containment lines in Luna NM, town evacuated

California Loses Jobs As Jobless Rate Declines Again

2 Punished After Disabled Gays Told to Leave Pool

Sri Lanka president receives US court summons

New Orleans police face trial in post-Katrina killings

Missing Iraq cash 'as high as $18 billion'

McCain blames some Arizona wildfires on illegal immigrants

With executive pay, rich pull away from rest of America

Pa. man clubs family to death with bat, kills self

AMC's The Killing finale tonight! Who's watching?

Anger ramps up in Congress over Obama’s legal defense of Libya operation

First lady’s African trip resurrects criticism of president on African issues

Rick Perry went to the 2007 Bildergroup meeting

rick perry death penalty cameron todd willingham - google search

New Poll: Obama approval rating in Tennessee… 44%

Rick Perry... be afraid, be VERY afraid.

Ron Paul wins Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll

Most GOP candidates favor constitutional ban on gay marriage; want to stall DADT repeal

Netroots Straw Poll Shows Obama Still Strong, 80% of liberal activists approve or strongly approve.

Politico: Obama impersonator flops at RLC, gets hauled off stage for making racially tinged jokes

There seems to be some revisionist history when it comes to Clinton and gay rights

Perry-Palin 2012. Sick, but true.

Why does the "Obama=Bush" meme sound so familiar?

Bruce Springsteen w/ Clarence Clemons Solo - 'Long Walk Home' Peace, Clarence

Bruce and Clarence Clemons at their finest - "Sherry Darling"

Dan Choi Asks Breitbart For An Autographed Copy Of his Book

Clarence Clemons: The sun aint' gonna shine anymore (in memoriam)

Reggie Brown, Obama Impersonator, Ushered Off Stage at GOP Leadership Conference

Unison warns of biggest strike since 1926

Part 1 of ThinkProgress' interview with Sen. Al Franken

How to be a good police officer

Part 2 of ThinkProgress' interview with Sen. Al Franken

'Altruistic' American Imperialism

Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell Vs. NOM's Brian Brown On NY Gay Marriage Bill

Sunday: Spanish protesters rally against politicians and banks

Austerity pain slams US- 20 Orlando Police Steal food from Children, Arrest 6 for feeding the Hungry

Fukushima Day 99- Infant Deaths up 48% in Philadelphia USA since Japan meltdowns

"An Incompleat History of Rock 'n Roll" -- Episode 2 -- Springsteen at Sing Sing, 1972

W.H. Communications Director Dodgey When Asked about 'War on Women'

Arcade Fire-Haiti(Live at Reading Festival)

Senator Schumer: Where's the job creation?


Obama Impersonator Forced to Stop When GOP Jokes Come Up

Madrid today: Tens of thousands protest

Cenk Uygur at Netroots Nation

FOX news sunday Jon Stewart interview

"Look Little Girl If You Want To Be A Prostitute We'll Help You Be A Prostitute" Gohmert On ACORN

Bachmann Accuses Obama of Secret Medicare Plan

Obama Explains Why He Lost 'Golf Summit' to Boehner

Pakistan looms large as India, China armies resume talks

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Spain’s Challenge to Austerity

Goldberg: Father’s Day Lesson About Children, and Life

The Government Nudge: A Public Role in the Private Sector

Taliban talks: the new mirage in Afghanistan

A slice of Britain: Lib Dem guerrillas plot their next move

Ed Balls warns unions of George Osborne's 'strike trap'

politicians could carelessly turn a temporary softening of the global recovery into something worse

Dan Rather Reports - No Thanks for Everything (H-1B guest worker visas)- Part 1/4

How to Land Your Kid in Therapy

Obama outdoes GWB at the FBI (NYT)

Payroll tax cuts rob the poor to feed the rich (Michael Hiltzik, LA Times)

Breakaway Wealth With executive pay, rich pull away from rest of America

Jon Stewart and Fox News anchor go head to head

Private Eye Tells Homeless Man of Inheritance : Yahoo News, AP

Friendship of Justice Clarence Thomas and the uber-rich Harlan Crow raises serious questions

"They filled the arena with a sustained roar like nothing I’d ever heard...The building shook."

The Latest Bank Bailout: Does Too Big to Fail, Mean Too Big to Govern?

At New Network, Olbermann Sets Sights on MSNBC: New York Times

Tens of thousands march against Euro Pact in Spain

Is Clarence Thomas being protected by the leaders of both political parties? Here's why.

Obama is a Socialist! Sure he is....yeah right!

Cold Comfort at Senate Nuclear Safety Hearing

Kansai mulls own nuke nightmare vulnerability

TEPCO to open second Fukushima reactor building

Lake Powell (Colorado River) water releases near minimum yearly amount

1366 scores $150M DOE loan for solar tech plant, 1 GW solar mfg construction begins 2013

Toxie Awards Name Flame Retardant Worst Chemical of the Year

NY Times lets dirty energy soil its op-ed page

New report shows early chaos at Japan nuke plant - AP

The Body of Christ Has AIDS

Jesus Wept

Trevor Phillips wades into debate on religion in modern society

OT Father's Day

Open Minded Torah: A Conversation With William Kolbrener

The Atheist Chaplain

Science and Religion: Confrontation or Accomodation?

Pariah | A Focus Features Film | Movie Overview

Gay Sera, Sera

Living the Good Lie

I take it I missed something...

This little light of mine

NY Senator Greg Ball asks "Tweet me Yes or No on Marriage Equality"

So! Are we all feeling warm and fuzzy, yet?

Gay marriage gets another ruling in its favor

Pride in the Pines in Flagstaff AZ was awesome!

Latest update and analysis on the gay marriage bill in New York State.

Sick, sick and tired

Homophobia: It's a black thing .... Bill Maxwell

My Ex-Gay Friend

I see we're playing smear the queer with Dan Choi now