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Peanut butter sandwiches get wild new look (ugh)

US orders news blackout over crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant: report

I know golf isn't popular here, but there's someone doing something really special this weekend.

The Progressive Caucus listening tour.....coming to a city near you:

Eisenhower's Worst Fears Came True

My grocery store smackdown.

My grocery store smackdown.

Rick Perry backs up small government by vetoing 23 bills

More radioactive water pooling at Fukushima plant (JAPAN)

KO tweets a pic...

Played the "Get Out of Jail Free Card" in a Monopoly game today...

High winds pose problems in fight against Southwest wildfires

Kingdom Coming (Year of Jubilo)

Drone Wars - why are they becoming America's war machine of choice?

OBL in Pakistan

Hijab-wearing flashmob invades RightOnline conference

Firefighter racked by feelings of guilt (JAPAN)

Damn who wasn't a guest on Oprah

Hundreds march in Seattle 'SlutWalk' demonstration

SF: Three mayoral candidates pulling away from the pack

Overtopped levees prompt evacuations in northern MO

Dialog from STAGECOACH (1939) shows that Republicans never change...

Fewer hands in the field

It's 11:59 and 59 seconds...

It’s The Anniversary Of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill

Well Here's A Nice Story, And A Bit Of Justice...

Archbishop of Canterbury blasts British Government's Austerity Measures

Tennessee To Be the Proud Owner of 1000 Tons of Radioactive German Waste

Congress turns bill titles into acts of exaggeration

having a senior moment...need some help

Vietnamese protest China amid rising tensions

Hayao Miyazaki displays anti-nuke banner

Claims of Wartime Rapes Unsettle and Divide Libyans

Senator jailed for DUI after 'stealing unlocked SUV, crashing into a driveway and falling asleep at

Current TV on Monday, June 20 at 8/7c.

High winds force evacuations near Southwest fires

High winds force evacuations near Southwest fires

U.S. nuke regulators weaken safety rules

NY Times article about Keith today (MSNBC developing show for Chris Hayes)

The NRC went to work — not figuring out how to fix the vessels, but justifying a higher standard

Rigging the 2012 Election

By the way I saw the Comedian from the ReTHUG get together

Obama DOJ's War on Free Speech & Activism

Obama DOJ's War on Free Speech & Activism

How and Why Is a Real Democratic Agenda Being Suppressed?

The Super Rich Sabotage the Arab Revolutions

The Media's "Deficit" Disorder

10 Of The Craziest Things Michele Bachmann Has Ever Said

Every time John McCain opens his mouth, some kookiness dribbles out. This time, it is the wildfires.

the kid on the "good bankruptcy lawyer" ad looks a little young to need a bankruptcy

The Secret $8 Billion Wireless Scam: How AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Game the System

Greece did not drop taxes for the rich - the comparison with the US

New Hampshire’s GOP Budget: Low Cigarette Taxes More Important Than Education, Health Care

Gunmen in Mexico kill 22 as FIFA tournament opens

Ethanol Subsidies. Six Billion

11 killed in U.S. drone strike in NW Pakistan

Cartoon for June 20th, 2011: Here’s to Military Families

Iraqis Hold First Talks on Keeping US Troops (Past 2011)

Reince Priebus, Scott Walker, and Paul Ryan?

Nowadays, I'm beginning to believe the (R) next to a GOP

Mystery buyer purchases a new Boeing 747-8, adds $100 million in interior design

Stand-off with protesters cancels Jones' visit to Arab fest

FACT CHECK: Rob McKenna(R) Exaggerated Key Data In Campaign Speech

US nuke regulators repeatedly weaken safety rules to keep nation's aging reactors operating

Toon: Ryancare coupon!

Fighting America’s Corporate Coup D’Etat

there should be a yellow nuke toxic tape all around the border of Tenn.

"public scolding of the right-wing leader" (Denmark) re. attempts to close border

The $113 Billion Hole: Ten Things America Gave Up This Year to Pay for the War in Afghanistan

America's pay gap shame: Inequality between rich and poor is worse than Cameroon, Ivory Coast and re

Roubini Warns Of Euro Break Up As Greek Credit Rating Tumbles

The Shell Game: Banks tap Government fund to repay TARP

So why is the penny still around? A penny for your thoughts.

Companies seek tax cut for offshore profits

“All my videos regarding Fukushima have been cancelled from YouTube” — Not one left this morning

Formaldehyde Added to “Known Carcinogens” List Despite Lobbying by Koch Brothers, Chemical Industry

So who do they think is going to be invading the east coast, surf slackers?

Rick Perry in the Fray now. "What Harm Could a Governor of Texas do?" - Andy Borowitz explores it

Keith, Keith, Keith, Keith, Keith, Keith.....

Looks like CNN has become the Minor League for Fox -- Another correspondent moves up to Fox

Diane Rehm Show: "The Mirage Man" - discussion of Anthrax attacks

Austerity Draft -- Toon

Tepco report reveals lack of preparedness (JAPAN)

Why do people think conservatives are extremist bigots? Here’s the answer.

Ignored by the Mainstream Media two nuclear power under water

Westboro Baptist Protested A Local Church In My Town This Morning.....So I...

Chicago Teachers Vow Renewed Activism Over Revoked Raises

Artist in tsunami-hit town reunites with schoolboy model for treasured painting(JAPAN)

Federal nuclear power regulators weaken nuclear plant safety rules

Federal nuclear power regulators weaken nuclear plant safety rules

IMF's Temp Chief ( replacement for DSK) Pressured Germany to Protect Bankers During Greek Bailout

Tierney, Frank frown on Obama nominee

German radioactive waste approved for Tennessee

Reggie Brown Is About To Cash In...

The Religious Right Defends The Rapist’s Right To Rape

Thousands join union-led protest of corporate greed

Everyman for Himself?

Everyman for Himself?

Michigan May Get to Vote on Budget Cutters

RFK JR: 'The only coherent philosophy to Alito, Scalia, Roberts & Thomas: CORPORATIONS ALWAYS WIN'

After Accepting $290,000 from Tobacco Industry, House Conservatives Push ‘Cigarettes For Children’ A

Photo of the Day (JAPAN)

dupe plz delete n/t

Old West shootout reenactment FAIL

TPM: Florida Tea Party Leader: GOP Medicare Plan A ‘Public Policy Nightmare’

Chinese liked the looks of an Austrian mountain town so much they made a Xerox copy of it

A National Living Wage Fight Finds a Battleground in NYC: 'We Aren't Here Just To Survive, We Want t

the Obama impersonator who got the hook at the RLC is coming on MSNBC very soon:

Someone a few days ago had a quesiton about Alan Grayson

Keith Olbermann restarts the clock on 'Countdown'

AP study: U.S. nuclear regulators weaken safety rules

If Keith Olbermann was still on MSNBC do you think he would have given his colleagues a pass?

ICANN to ramp domain name variations dramatically: Business headaches likely

Wal-Mart wins Supreme Court sex-bias ruling

Should a governor be allowed to sell assets of the state they govern?

Republican Party hijacked for private gain

So Long Last Word....Welcome Back Keith.....

Yesterday, An estimated 1.6 billion becquerels of radioactive materials were released in Japan

The Mole Troll

Hearing over state medical marijuana law starts

Another mine collaspe

Blind woman invokes Monty Python in lawsuit against Rick Scott

Generation Rent: How Our American Dream Is Different from Our Parents'

Wisconsin: State violating federal law (Help America Vote Act)

Quiz: What's wrong with this HuffPost headline?

NYT: Companies Push for Tax Break on Foreign Cash ... Bad Idea

Video: Fukushima worker speaks out: ‘We are Kamikaze’

20% of all medical claims processed incorrectly

20% of all medical claims processed incorrectly

Steve Jobs gets comic book bio treatment

A word of warning about this year's harvest

Bors Toon: Judge Thomas and '24'

Jon Stewart to Chris Wallace: "You're insane!"

Rising Water Traps Three Miners In Kentucky Coal Mine

Rising Water Traps Three Miners In Kentucky Coal Mine

Stand up, all victims of oppression, For the tyrants fear your might!

Greece On The Brink Of Revolutionary Situation.

Gov. Scott: Send letter to TCPalm that says "Rick is refreshing"

Nuclear worker's mask left no room for glasses (JAPAN)

Should Democratic Candidates Start Using the Word "Poor" Again

Tepco water treatment hopes elude

Public Citizen: Trade Pact Trifecta

Clarence Thomas might be the most corrupt of the right wing judges

Ron Paul have a chance at the Republican Nomination in 2012?

Clarence Thomas is so corrupt, it's beyond belief - check this out

WikiLeaks to Release Video of Deadly US Afghan Attack (Which Killed 92 Children)

WikiLeaks to Release Video of Deadly US Afghan Attack (Which Killed 92 Children)

Private bail bond company "touts job potential" in WI, denies ALEC involvement through ALEC member

Privatization At The Heart Of Divisive Battles In Wisconsin (article mentions ALEC's role)

FL private school: No accreditation; run by headmaster with felony record; siphoning public money

Happy PRIDE Week. How is your local LGBT community celebrating?

California loses more jobs as economic recovery stumbles

Mark Halperin (the page) has a serious hard on for Jon Huntsman.

Google to digitise 250,000 books

Will you watch / are you watching / have you watched tonight's Miss USA Pageant?

Sign of the desperation - Americans willing to work for 25 cents an hour

Gabrielle Giffords had reunion with staff in Tucson

Clarence Thomas reported a wealth of gifts, including a corporate jet ride to the Bohemian Grove.

Clarence Thomas reported a wealth of gifts, including a corporate jet ride to the Bohemian Grove.

Alan Grayson in my inbox. He talks about the State of Our Union - and is going to run again

Today's SCOTUS ruling proves one thing: Elections matter.

NRSC - A Real Twitter Scandal

The National Hurricane Center shows no tropical cyclone activity

Are these assholes going to wait till the last minute?

Apparenty, even 80% of the Netroots Nation straw poll respondents approve of Obama.

In case you didn't know..."Inside the Fox Fear Factory"

Default Is Not the End of the World


Medical pot industry group asks judge to block law

Nova Scotia told to fund medical marijuana operation (BBC) {socialized medicine RULES!}

Teaparty dot net a focus for scammers/spammers?

Boehner and War Powers Act

Mark Halperin (the page) has a serious hardon for Jon Huntsman.

Republican Districts Seen Bearing Brunt of Social Security Cuts

Shocked,I tell you...Justices rule for walmart

From the UNcyclopedia (content-free encyclopedia) ..Time to lighten up a little

INFOGRAPHIC: The history of "traditional marriage"

Mc5planes blames undocumented immigrants for burning up Arizona

Please stop the unfair complaints about Clarence Thomas

New York Times Calls out Clarence Thomas

Heh heh, Sununu loses suit over airline consulting deal

Ill. village that declared English official language bans El Conquistador newspaper from town hall

Leno on Rush Limbaugh Ice Tea

Judge says to rule before July 1 on Georgia immigration law

Shit, Supreme court sided with WalMart over sex discrimination case (breaking)

Rick Perry and Robert Tilton...separated at birth?

Be nice to others. Time may change your perspective. (Or, what man might learn from dogs)

Do you think Calif Governor Jerry Brown will run for President in 2016?

U.S. Airways Bomb Alarmist Says God Warned Her About Weapon

Catholic bishop says Brazilian rape victims lie about rape to get a legal abortion. And more.

NY clerks could refuse to issue gay marriage licenses under proposed religious exemptions.

Two experimental images (neither real good)

Do you think Hannah Arendt's "Eichmann in Jerusalem" would make a good movie?

Siemens CEO... "US Workers Lack Skills"

Last remaining noodle restaurant in village designated evacuation zone to shut down(JAPAN)

Anyone Here Hosting a Welcome Back COUNTDOWN Party...

In the foreground, a profile in courage; in the background; a profile in cowardice.

Update on Obama Admin's targeting of prominent peace activists & politically active labor organizers

ACLU: Incarceration Nation

Guess William Kristol's dream ticket for 2012>>>>>

John McCain's 'outrageous' Arizona fires explanation (illegal immigrants)

Chris Hedges: This Hero Didn't Stand a Chance

Was a dog allegedly hosting spirit of reincarnated lawyer sentenced to death by stoning ?

GOPer’s Ad Depicts Chinese Army Marching On Capitol, Thanks To ‘Obama’s Debt Ceiling’ (VIDEO)

Glitter Bomb Strikes Tim Pawlenty At Book Signing

Glitter Bomb Strikes Tim Pawlenty At Book Signing

Sarah Palin trademarks name, it's now (wait for it)

Wisconsin: Walker goes on CNBC, says most voters aren't interested in recall elections and w

Rep. Wingard "... lead the charge on bills that will line his own pockets ..."

Weiner still hasn't officially resigned

Ryan's Shrewd Budget Payday

The rights of the Americans continue to be eroded by the Supreme Court

"Oh That's Different"

Countdown premieres tonight!

I just discovered I have Current TV on my cable system

What was the name of that group?

Let's all try to help K.O. make Current TV the Dem's Answer -Truth for a Change - to the Pub lies!

Supreme Court limits gov't employees' speech rights

Level 8? Nuclear Nightmare Worsens (plus Nebr.)

Michael Steele and pat buchanan.....darlings of m$nbc

A E.R. nurse’s thoughts on an instigator’s “apology”

Undecided (R) NY Senator Ball soliciting opinion about marriage equality on FB

Harrowing, Heartbreaking Tales of Overworked Americans

Progressive Way Podcasts.....

Fox News Sunday Edits Out Jon Stewart's Criticism Of Fox Exec

Hey GD...Summer is a day away...take a quick break...

FR's hampster is dying. I think RimJob isn't paying his hosting charges.

Righthaven hit with third fair use loss over R-J material

Roll Call: Akin used taxpayer funds for tea party rally

dupe, please delete

Reminder...Keith Olbermann's new version of Countdown, TODAY!

Paul Krugman Blog-Our Lost Decade

Are toxic sex toys a problem?

What Just Happened at Nebraska’s Cooper Nuclear Station?

Student visa program: New rules, same problems

UPDATE 1-Weiner formally submits resignation from US House

Jon Stewart vs. Chris Wallace coming up on Tweety.

Unelectable, that's what they are.

Suspected US Drone Attack Kills 11 in Pakistan

US charity giving rebounds from economic slump

Kyoto may be empty shell by 2012 as nations opt out

Obama flouts legal deadline on Libya war

Rigging the 2012 Elections.

Rigging the 2012 Elections.

Ian Murphy punks James O'Keefe

Alejandro Stephens dies at 67; controversial labor leader

10 Ways to Stop Corporate Dominance of Politics

Toon: Biden and the Tortoise

I've never used Twitter. How do I find Keith Olbermann. Their seems to be several sites (or

Interest-free federal loans offered to unemployed homeowners

Which one of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? I can't wait!

It was a room full of lawyers

How will the White House hold up in budget negotiations?

The Rationalization of Medicare?

Strawberry Field Forever

Indecision 2012 - The Awakening (video)

White House meeting with Cantor on Medicare cuts

I am really fired up about Keith Olbermann's return tonight

Alan Graysons' EMail today struck a personal chord with me...

Slower Living for a Rooted Future

Summary of Clarence Thomas' Many Ethics Problems

Oceans in Distress Foreshadow Mass Extinction

Anxious to see who is advertising on KO's show on Current TV?

Jon STEWART voted for Poppy?!1 I really don't believe him.

Keith's Countdown show plays on Current 9 TIMES A DAY!!!!

Man Urinates In Water, City(Portland, Ore) Flushes 8M Gallons

Man Urinates In Water, City(Portland, Ore) Flushes 8M Gallons

Out of the 25 Counties with the Highest Median Income, 16 Counties Are Either DC or NY Suburbs

Out of the 25 Counties with the Highest Median Income, 16 Counties Are Either DC or NY Suburbs

nytimes: Huntsman Steps Into the Republican Vacuum

For anyone who doesn't have Countdown on their cable, I heard

REMINDER: Alt. Streaming link to Countdown w Keith Olbermann on Current TV

Bev Harris on Electronic Voting.

AP: How MSNBC is surviving after Olbermann

At the same time we're reading about the Fukushima nightmare, the U.S. is endangering all of us by

I just wanted to say

50 Minutes Democratic Underground till Keith Is Back In Our....


Book ad on "Liberalism" startled me.

Book ad on "Liberalism" startled me.

Republicans start their "dirty tricks" campaign on Twitter.

Stanley Kurtz Declares Bachmann Really, Really Smart

The other day, I posted that we're all on our own. That no one represents us. Todays was more proof.

Ya know what's really funny? And cruel?

Schools will never fix inequality: Diane Ravitch vs. Arne Duncan fight misses point on poverty

So it is a big day for KO to crush Lawrence O on M$NBC, so Rachel just tweeted that she will be on

If "God Save the Queen" was a good enough national anthem for Germany ...

If "God Save the Queen" was a good enough national anthem for Germany ...

If "God Save the Queen" was a good enough national anthem for Germany ...

National Women's Law Center Statement On Supreme Court Wal-Mart Decision

Netroots Nation event reveals unhappiness among Obama supporters

75 Percent Of Nuke Sites Have Leaked Tritium

Does anyone know about a lawsuit involving

Does anyone know about a lawsuit involving

How can we start a movement to impeach Clarence Thomas?

Is Obama secretly the greatest Republican ever?

Since 1950, Lower Top Tax Rates Have Coincided With Weaker Economic Growth

The Rude Pundit ...

Big tornado reported in Kansas

Howard Dean: "I'm not into primarying the President or I would do

Texas on the Brink - 2011 report on TX state rankings in everything. ( It's bad.)

Does The U.S. Economy Depend Upon War?

Dana Milbank: Beck is "Leading Purveyor of Anti-Semitic Memes in Mass Media"

According to the NIH 291,000 US deaths a year can be linked to poverty & income inequality

It's The Father's Day Edition of BAD COP, NO DONUT

Homeless Man's Dying Wish To See His Dog One Last Time Granted By Community

Hey! Get off Justice Thomas's back! He "misunderstood the filing instructions!"

Hey! Get off Justice Thomas's back! He "misunderstood the filing instructions!"

White House warns on Libya funding measures

Dodger Stadium beating suspect ordered back to prison on parole violation

Already Way Down In 37th Place, American Life Expectancy Is Much Worse In the South, Texas, Etc.

White House: Obama will not 'evolve' quickly enough on gay marriage for LGBT fundraiser

Jackass' star Ryan Dunn killed in car wreck

POLL: People Still Blame Bush More Than Obama For The Economic Mess

awesome reading

sandy46 nails it

Prepping for conservative visitors is tough!

NY: Clerks might refuse gays marriage licenses, even if equality bill passes

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant has an event - and

Tunisia's Ben Ali says he was tricked into leaving

Leaked: Mainstream Media's dictionary. Letters A, and B

Welcome to the Never-Ending Conservative Carnival Of Crazy --- by Tom Tomorrow

Sen. Al Franken: GOP’s ‘Hostage-Taking’ On The Debt Ceiling Is ‘Unconscionable’

Cases of U.S. citizens detained over immigration status emerge in Florida

June 25 is Nuclear Abolition Day

The term "safe levels of radiation" is coming from within the nuclear establishment. Not scientists

Walmart "Rollbacks" ------>

The Patriot Act and the Quiet Death of the US Bill of Rights

New satellite pictures show massive skyscraper cities which are still completely empty

How the Mayors Debated and Passed an Antiwar Resolution

How the Right Wing's Worldview Is Torn Apart By Climate Change Science

Wal-Mart Insider: We Paid off the Supreme Court

New Hampshire man lights himself on fire to protest America’s decline

Fuck the Supreme Court!

LulzSec and "Anonymous" Collectives Join Forces

Phone books: California allows Verizon to end automatic delivery of paper phone books

Number of days since Clarence Thomas' highly unethical behavior uncovered: 149 and counting.

So giving well-fare to the needy, SS to the elderly, etc.

USA's "Mass Incarceration"

Obama's John Yoo Moment-- Cherry Picking Lawyers to Break a Major Law

Daniel Tosh--Will he go too far?

It’s Still the Economy, Stupid

U.S. medical-marijuana shops struggle to find bankers

Japanese professor: Melted fuel has gone through containers & sinking into ground below + much more

Japanese professor: Melted fuel has gone through containers & sinking into ground below + much more

Forget President Obama: Why Isn’t Robert Reich President?

Parents' Dilemma: Finding a Summer Camp Free of Gender Stereotyping

50 great businesses to start for under $500. Not only great ideas, but also ways to get started.

Toon: We're gonna hafta dig

False allegation of homosexuality is defamatory, judge rules

my son was bit by a dog, monday. friday, my 72 yr old father was attacked by a dog.

Young couple live in 2 shipping containers bought on ebay for $1500

Overworked America: 12 Charts that Will Make Your Blood Boil

For how many years do you keep:

Says here that ........We're # 1 !!!!!! USA!! USA!!! USA!!

Walmart Supreme Court Sex-Bias Case: Too Big to Sue?

For anyone who wants to see how we have "changed"

HAPPY SUMMER! Coney Island's Mermaid Parade 2011. My Gift To DU (Pix Heavy)

for those that want a link to watch Keith here you go

Guess Which Book On Amazon?

Just to be clear. The Democrats that I have defended, voted for, worked for,

Are there still any DUers who doubt climate change, or that it's man-made?

I will post this 1000 times, if needed......

Snyder hands over Detroit schools. School board loses power. Arne will join the press conference...

Only 2 of 51 Miss USA contestants say they think Evolution should be taught in classrooms

Supreme Court blocks huge sex bias lawsuit by women at Wal-Mart, will limit other big suits

What Did The Founding Fathers Really Think About Corporations And Their Rights?

Could NATO LIBYA MISSION UNRAVEL from errant missiles and a dubious "ASSASSINATION" campaign?"

"There is no economic recession - just a bunch of lazy bums who won't work"

The Endgame on the Debt Ceiling

TOONS: Michele Bachmann ---------->

Full Metal Star Wars - Gunnery Sgt Vader

last night I dreamed the US was in the middle of a massive Russian-Spanish(?) invasion

Rosalita-Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band in London, 2009

Don't forget that tomorrow is Not the Father's Day.

Joe Cocker - "Unchain My Heart" (the "official" video, w/ Clarence Clemons solo)

I know it's hallmark, but I like it anyway.

Robert Palmer, w/ Little Feat's Barrere/Clayton/Hayward/Payne: "Spanish Moon"

Gov't Mule, 12/30/10 Beacon Theater: "Spanish Moon"

Anyone watchng the Miss USA pageant on NBC?

Sherry Darling , from 1984...(with Clarence as Bruce's psychiatrist)

Famous People and Their Vinyl

The Mental Healing Power of Cleaning

For Sale - One used Personal Responsibility Card

Little Feat, with the Tower of Power Horns, BURNS through "Spanish Moon" @ the Rainbow, 1977

OK. Can't tweet pics of me in my undies. Got it. But what if my pants just fall off?

MFM's recovery is on the fast track, but he has been feeling a little hoarse.

Is Netflix website down?

Just watched the final episode of "The Killing"----One of the best TV shows EVER.

Guitar Man!

Question about "Charles" in MASH TV show. I gather that he was

I watched Clooney's "The American" last night.

Apparitions - Matthew Good Band

OK - who watched Falling Skies?

Accessibility Fail

I'm making bread.

Photo: "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to...excuse me, I need to use my box."

America, where are you now? Don't you care about your sons and daughters? (Steppenwolf)

Video: Friendly cat tries to befriend cop making traffic stop

Photo: MiddleFingerMom dreams about woman he met in the hospital..."I think she's THE ONE."

The Company Men

Photo:'s how THEY roll.

Probably not new, but made me laugh

Things Tonto probably did to get back at The Lone Ranger

The Real Weinergate (vanity post)

World's Most Embarrassing Father - Humiliates his son daily (this is too cute)

how powerful is Skinner?

if ya'll ain't Dave Alvin fans, well why not, dammit?

Got a threatening collection call from "the litigation department"

Whatever happened to the Lounge's bar?

To everyone who can watch KO on their TVs tonight.....

Put on your face furniture, possums, and read the news!

Li'l Missy - you staying dry out there?


The Beatles and Rush, and either Allman Brothers or Lynard Skynard

Your favorite broad genre of music?

"The Killing"..AMC...The ending did not make viewers happy at all.

Tens of thousands protest against cuts in Madrid

US-funded Afghan militias 'beat, rob and kill with impunity'

We got a puppy! Say hi to Jama

For Giffords, a Brief Taste of Her Old Life in Tucson

NATO cites errant missile in Libya civilian deaths

U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan counters Karzai’s criticism

Gas pipeline operators fund, shape safety studies

UNHCR report says refugee numbers at 15-year high

Icann increases web domain suffixes

Study: Wrongful convictions cost (Illinois) taxpayers $214M

Tierney, Frank frown on Obama nominee

Supreme Court rules for Wal-Mart in massive job discrimination lawsuit

Police Hunt Gunman In Haven Drugs Pharmacy Shooting That Left Four Dead

Libya: Nato 'killed 15 civilians' in Sorman air strike

Administration wants to send trade pacts to Congress before recess

Do you watch any shows on DVD? If so what are you watching?

Magnitude 6.3 - ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE

Republican Senator asks Twitterati: Yea or nay on gay marriage vote?

Ed Henry Leaving CNN; Joining Fox News As Chief White House Correspondent

Man detained in Pentagon security case had prior arrest

Game of Thrones - tonight

Mubarak suffering from cancer, defence lawyer confirms

Tunisian Ex-Leader Sentenced to 35 Years in Jail (Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali In Absentia)

ATF acting director may resign over "Fast and Furious" program

Judge hears case against Georgia's immigration law

Supreme Court Won't Hear ACORN Lawsuit Over Ban On Government Funding

NY Senate stalls on gay marriage vote as hundreds of demonstrators rally in Albany

Weiner still hasn't officially resigned

British police officer charged with manslaughter in G20 death

Charlotte R. Bloomberg, Mayor’s Mother, Is Dead at 102

Feds Halt Bush-Era Rule Allowing Private Industry To Fund Pipeline Safety Studies

Trapped miners identified in Bell County (KY) coal mine

NRSC Uses Twitter Account To Send Fake RTs From Democratic Politicians, Including President Obama

Greek debt restructuring likely a default - S&P

South Korean military apologizes for shooting at commercial passenger plane, claims confusion

Teachers group sues Gov. Rick Scott over pension overhaul, employee pay cut

Justices reject multistate lawsuit over global warming

Syrian men promise to marry women who were raped

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, June 20, 2011

Official Russian report reveals safety problems at nuclear power plants

Cooper was near flood shutdown (Nebraska's other nuke plant)

Criminal charges to proceed against Detroit mom in standoff with cops

I really want to like Lady Gaga's music - but I can't

FTC probes possible oil market manipulation

'Shocking' state of seas threatens mass extinction, say marine experts

Who here (besides me) has an anger and rage problem?

Eurozone must act before Greek crisis leads to global meltdown, IMF warns

U.S. Nuclear Regulators Weaken Safety Rules, Fail To Enforce Them: AP Investigation

Convicted US Spy Pollard Not Allowed To Attend Father's Funeral Despite Israeli Requests

Nebraska Nuke Plant Notifies Feds of Missouri Flooding

Jerry Reed, Early Morning Rain

Bachmann Playing with House Money

AMA Backs Individual Mandate

Fastest Sea-Level Rise in Two Millennia Linked to Increasing Global Temperatures

Weiner Formally Submits Resignation From the House

WH: Foreign investment in US up 49 percent in 2010

Deportee slashes his throat as plane prepares to leave Gatwick, UK

Supreme Court Limits Wal-Mart Sex Bias Case

Mexico reporter, his son and wife shot to death

Death penalty costs California $184 million a year, study says

Drunk State Senator Steals Car, Falls Asleep In Backseat: Cops

Ryan Dunn from Jackass killed in car crash

Fla. Gov. Scott is sued by teachers' union

World's oceans in 'shocking' decline

Texas Leader Calls for Rightward Tilt

N.C. Man Allegedly Robs Bank for $1 to Get Health Care in Jail

SF: Draft Ed Lee campaign looking more organized.

Inquiring minds want to know... was it a US plane/missile/bomb that killed the civilians yesterday?

collateral damage

NY: Clerks might refuse gays marriage licenses, even if equality bill passes

Another Congressman in trouble and he's a rethug

Cillizza: For Obama in 2012, closer look at state unemployment numbers shows silver lining

E.J. Dionne, Jr.: Rigging the 2012 Election

Human Rights First: Political Interference with Torture Investigations is Un-American

New Poll: Obama approval in California… 54%

The Hill Poll: Majority (72%) says military involved in too many places

Utah Dems Mock Huntsman's Motocross Web Video

Former Colonial Bank Senior Vice President Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison for Fraud Scheme

I'd have no problem with Reggie Brown's jokes - IF they'd been told in an appropriate venue

US Mayors Tell Congress: Bring War Dollars Home

For All The Obama Bashing That Goes On Here...

UT-Sen: Poll says Matheson could beat Hatch

Could YOU Be The Next Republican Presidential Candidate?

Caller on Bill Press said it best; at least for me.

Obama at 86% approval among liberal Democrats

Damn... with all the arrows he's taking, Obama's Gallup numbers are taking a hit

Obama on UN Human Rights Council Resolution on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

Huntsman: "while serving at the pleasure of the POTUS, he began plotting against the POTUS"

YES, Reggie Brown...Obama has a “great sense of humor," LOVES to hear that Kenya shit over and over.

COUNTDOWN w/ Keith Olberman -- Current TV @ 8pm (HERE)

Serious question. How much of the Obama support is hatred for the right-wing?

Afghan Decision: Obama Will Disappoint Antiwar Americans

Dan Fogelberg - Leader of the band

Jill Sobule sings 'They Say They Want Our America Back' at Netroots Nation 2011

NATO investigates latest Libyan civilian death claim

Disgusting Homophobic Racist Conservative Radio Hosts

Anti-austerity protests spread across Europe

MSNBC: Cenk, Press & Buchanan Agree on Weiner

TYT: Ban On Goldfish In San Francisco?

Obama on Libya war-The Real Deal-06-19-2011-(Part1)

Welcome Back, Keith

Howard Dean: Republicans Work for Corporations, not for People

Japan Tsunami 2011 Delivery Man's Dashcam Video

Fukushima workers: “We are Kamikaze” Public needs to realize that very real danger remains at plant

Papantonio: Don’t Underestimate the Anger of American Workers

Glenn Greenwald - Could Obama Be Impeached For Waging War in Libya? - Democracy NOW!

Tom Hanks, Actor supports a Pulitzer for The Onion

Aerials of Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Flooding - No-Fly Zone Enforced as of June 14, 2011

Steve Nash for HRC's NYers for Marriage Equality

Here's to the Teachers! SOS March and National Call to Action

TYT: Progressive Caucus Leader Says Raise Retirement Age

Please translate: Chris Christie

MRN: Dan Gilbert Drops Giant Turd On Cleveland

Chris Wallace Further Proves Jon Stewart's 'Insane' Accusation

Brian Dickerson: How judicial cowardice prolonged a travesty

Dave Zweifel's Madison: Colombian journalist wishes his countrymen could protest without fear

Gap Be Gone: A Locality Takes on Inequality

Come to Beautiful Somalia, Libertarian Paradise!

Come to Beautiful Somalia, Libertarian Paradise!

GOP magic trick: Making George W. Bush vanish

Iraq hunting $17 billion missing after U.S. invasion

President Carter: Decent housing is not just a wish, it is a human right

Chris Hedges: This Hero Didn’t Stand a Chance

House Progressive Caucas pushes jobs campaign

Man Down (James Howard Kunstler)

Crusties: a hardened existence on the road (Today's young hobo)

Sight in an eye restored after 55 year wait...BBC

Strike talks on the brink of collapse

About the WalMart decision:

Oceans in Distress Foreshadow Mass Extinction

Medvedev Says Wants 2nd Term But Not To Run Against Putin

Under pressure, McKinsey releases insurance study methodology, concedes study not predictive

Katia Hetter, CNN: Stop calling Huma Abedin (Weiner's wife) a victim

Precedent: Justices Have Been Forced to Resign for Doing What Clarence Thomas Has Done

Three words: Predator Drones. Domestically.

German Giant Says US Workers Lack Skills

Get Radical: Raise Social Security

Low wages and revolutions

Govt to cover renewable energy in quake-hit area

Super-Sized Spores Make Fungal Infections More Deadly, Possibly Explaining Victims in Missouri

China's Mining Pit (Australia)

Arizona considers lowering future car emissions standards

Moody's Cuts Tepco to Junk

E. Texas Fires At 15,000, 4,000 Acres In Grimes, Trinity Counties Respectively

Peru - Lima City Council Declares Capital City A GMO-Free Zone - AFP

Paul Ryan Lies About Ending Oil Subsidies To Protect His Family’s Cash Bonanza

Taking windmill blades to the edge

Norway's Oil Output Down 9.4% In 2010 - Upstream Online

Rate Of Spread Of Emerald Ash Borer 40 Times Faster Than Expected

The Fire and Climate Change Feedback Loop

Arctic Surface Temps Since 2005 Warmest On Record; Permafrost Temps Up 3.5 Degrees - Arctic Council

Climate change disasters could be predicted

This Just In From The Ministry Of Duh - Landowners Seen Behind Amazon Activist Murders

Endangered crane population expands in Tibet

The largest wildfire in US history: the Peshtigo Fire of 1871, which burned 5,938 square miles

UN project shows how trees help halt desertification (BBC)

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

A victim of TEPCO's yakuza-style extortion - BLUES BOWMAN Narita, Chiba LTTE

Improving LED Lighting

'Shocking' state of seas threatens mass extinction, say marine experts

Amid Texas Drought, High-Stakes Battle Over Water

Scientists demand respect for their work

Will economic collapse save us from climate catastrophe?

TVA signs letter of intent for mini reactors

IPSO Report - Oceans In Far Worse Shape Than Thought - In Extinction Phase Unseen On Human Timescale

No Natural Gas, No Electricity - Pakistani Steel Mills Fueled By Burning Tires

Small temperature benefits provided by realistic afforestation efforts (planting trees isn’t enough)

Republicans love bike and rail—so why don’t Republican politicians?

They now know that the water decon system is functioning - the rad level in sludge is ^^^

Cost of Solar Panels Lower Than Ever, Americans Optimistic about Future of Technology

17 prefectures plan or mull boosting solar power aid after nuclear crisis

Flying Squirels Push Range 140 Miles N. In MI; Armadillos "Never Expected" This Far North

I read a comment elsewhere that thorium is a alternative to uranium with no downside. Is this true?

Schools of fish inspire wind farms with 10x as much power output per unit area

NBC apologizes for pledge edit

Catholic bishop says Brazilian rape victims lie about rape to get a legal abortion. And more.

Christian Faith Requires Accepting Evolution

Matt Baume Marriage News Watch 06/20/11

Every Time.....

Some Methodist clergy defy gay marriage ban

Nepal’s 1st public lesbian wedding joins Americans

UPDATE: Rallies grow as NY Senate weighs gay marriage vote

(Weird Twist) £56,000 for male hotel workers forced to share a room then bullied by their boss

Do you know what really pisses me off? People who act like we owe them something

Nigeria oppose UN gay rights resolution

New York GOP Ready to Delay Gay Marriage Vote for Days

Lichtenstein Approves Civil Unions

This has been a horrible month for me...

I found this on my drive today...

DMC Of Run DMC Tells Rappers To Stand Up Against Anti-Gay Hate

Thank you.

Google's Disappointing Decision to Hide Its Support of Gay Pride