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ROKU is not streaming KO.

N.C. Man Allegedly Robs Bank for $1 to Get Health Care in Jail

Dupe. Please delete.

ACLU Says Arizona Knows it Threw Bogus Charges at Mexican-American Studies

A Really Good Reason to Abolish the Death Penalty in CA: It's too damn Expensive

I want to stipulate that I want Obama reelected first.

Chicago City Colleges Take Corporate Turn, While Unions and Students Fight Back

LOL - Keith is gonna be all over Slappy Thomas

Ugh. He brought over the crap I hate too.

Equality 1, Walker and extremist bigots 0. Dane County judge rules state's domestic partnership law

Convicts Testify That Amanda Knox Is Innocent, Can’t Agree On Much Else

Man robs bank so he can go to jail and get health care

If You Post Something Great About Keith Countdown O.

Indonesia To Recall Envoy From Saudi Arabia Over Maid's Beheading

Indonesia To Recall Envoy From Saudi Arabia Over Maid's Beheading

Mike Huckabee is now on those repeat advertisements saying to sign the petition

Obama finalizes plan for troop drawdown in Afghanistan

"Coverage" of Netroots in Minneapolis newspaper - FAIL

The Speed-up

Dear DU Admins: Quit it with the ads!

Wisconsin: Dear Representative Stone

Remember...a similar encounter with Jon Stewart brought down CNN's iconic "Crossfire."

California district can't afford to use new $105M school

Thanks, Keith.

If the safety net is dismantled and more people are driven into poverty...

Dan Savage: 'Barack Obama's Devolution on Marriage Equality'

Jon opening with his visit to Fox on Sunday

Democrats Held Hostage: Day 6,726

Banking’s Moment of Truth

"Long live the struggle of the working class"-chant Spanish protestors.

just on Rachel Obama has an important announcement this week

Countdown With Keith Olbermann: GREAT show... is NOT streaming Keith!

DU this poll for Keith O's Countdown ratings!

Paul Ryan Claims Boeing, Which Has Paid No Taxes In Three Years, Has An ‘Extremely High’ Tax Rate

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike & a

This site has become my primary source for news

Because your biz is our biz

Does anyone here know what is the RIF between Rachel and Keith...

"Nulear Safety Rules Wane" (Valve leaks, Cracking pipes leakng Radioative Steam, Corrosion! REPORT!

We Americans..............

Miners rescued in Kentucky.

So, Southern schools are encouraging students not to go into the profession and a question about HC

Let's Be Clear: Wal-Mart Is A Scar On The Country

DU "Users" almost unanimoulsy say LSD Flashbacks are Bullshit and....

Man Robs Bank of $1 to Get Health Care in Jail

"Refreshing" FL Gov. Rick Scott asks followers to send form letter to local newspapers

Upping the Anti ( - war sentiment)

Yes, There is intelligent life on Earth. And we are extinguishing it.

We can't win on policy, so....

I love the segment, "Inside the Republican Cult".

Can I say it? I loved Keiths show today...

If someone would've told me just a few years ago that there would be so many left-leaning cable news

I think I've figured out what Michele Bachmann wants to do.

Has Rick Perry hired the leadership of a "New Apostolic" CULT to organize his "apolitical" seance?

AP IMPACT: Tritium leaks found at many nuke sites

Mother Jones: Overworked America

Weather could not dampen Summer Solstice {w/ video @ link}

New Republican Health Care Plan

Saw a truck with a "Miss Me Yet?" Bumper sticker today.

Jon Stewart is tearing FOX a new one

Independent UK: Climate change sceptic think thank shuts down

BBC: China defends visit by Sudan President Omar al-Bashir

FDA releases graphic warning labels for cigarettes

When Rick Scott gets fired

Happy feet? Penguin steps ashore far from home

Which is more destructive to the US?

CNBC - All RepubliCON nearly all the time.

Quick, Replace Her with a Blue Dog!

Win a dinner with the President?! I would love to see a DUer win this:

Welcome Home Keith

Wisconsin: Republicans Refuse to Release $89 Million in Unemployment Compensation

McCain now blames Forest Service official for illegal immigrant remark.

nytimes: Wal-Mart Wins. Workers Lose

nuke plant news - Nebr. and S. Korea

Citizen21 understands the fight

World's oceans in 'shocking' decline [BBC report on panel of experts]

Chicago Cubs step up:"It Gets Better" (Ck out stadium sign)

Michael Moore got me defriended on Facebook.

One of the eagles is flying from branch to branch

The term liberal in modern society...

What in the world did Marcos do to Joe Scarborough?

A toon in honor of today's SCOTUS Walmart decision ...

Obama Expected to Announce Major Afghan Drawdown (10,000 Out This Year)

Man seeking health care robs bank for $1

Famous pink tank rolls back into Prague (symbolizes the end of World War II and the end of Soviet

Americans Rue Job Availability

Land of the Spotted Eagle

Rick Scott is NUMBER ONE

NJ professor accused of running prostitution site

The Wal-Mart Supreme Court Decison & How We Should Deal With It.......

Flooding Brings Worries Over Two Nuclear Plants

A History lesson: Abe Fortas

Self-deleted by member

New UofA study shows Tea Party marked by negative views on health care, race and future.

Pastoral Romance (how we mythologize, nostalgia-ize and generally misunderstand food production...)

Rick Perry Gay Rumors: Governor's Aides Prepared To Tackle Allegations Should They Resurface: Report

The $100,000 Razor

The $100,000 Razor

Too big to sue

It's obvious the GOP is enacting VOTER SUPPRESSION as a campaign tactic...


Falling Life Expectancies - Women

Group: SCOTUS Implicitly Backed Debtors' Prisons

Hello Current sure would be great if you would give us a morning show. You know, one

Rick Scott had to advertise for astroturfers?

Interesting: " The worst Texas drought since record-keeping began 116 years ago

Did the corporatist court bite off more than it could chew?

London’s poor facing squeeze amid housing-benefit cuts

Rick Perry, Rick Scott, Scott Walker. What's with these names? Anyone else

Shared Sacrifice?

Not everything a man says about a woman or women in general is sexist!

A Crappy End to a Wedding

If a liberal Justice had done what Thomas has done, with a repug

Anyone have a link to the story Thom Hartmann was just talking about?

Current TV has just gone into my favorite folder

1,000,000 strong to help improve tea party patriots spelling and grammar....

Did the SCOTUS actually say there could be NO class action suits ever?

Did the SCOTUS actually say there could be NO class action suits ever?

A Backdated - LICENSE TO LIE - The Supreme Court's get-out-of-jail-free card for Wall Street

Just a reminder too all:

Toles: While you were napping

what's a greek urn?

what's a greek urn?

Now Your Embarrassing/Job-Threatening Facebook Photos Could Haunt You For Seven Years

McCollum D-MN tells Military: Fund Homeless Vets Before Funding Nascar

Porky Pig's Pledge

Gannett announces 700 newspaper layoffs

Jon Huntsman is such a dork

Why the GOP Should Nominate Barack Obama for President in 2012

Wisconsin: ""The DNR may not consider the quality of information provided ..."

Huntsman Campaign Launch Begins Day with Misspelling of His Own Name

Dreams of Joy and The Great Leap Forward

Tokyo residents increasingly worried- radiation hotspots found,Local gov’ts call for calm +much more

How prevalent is sexism on DU?

Man robs bank for $1 to get medical care in jail

"One Wrong Move and Your Economy Gets It"

Big pharma just raised the price of my dog's seizure medication 400%

Big pharma just raised the price of my dog's seizure medication 400%

TRINITY: The Political Menage a Trois is About to Begin...

GOP blogger arrested for harassing two female bloggers for wearing Muslim head scarves in public

In about 1-2 years unplanned pregancies and women-only cancers will skyrocket in Indiana

A Call to Arms for Wealthy Progressives

The Rude Pundit: America Does Have Talent, But Republican Want to Kill It

Nixon vetoes voter-ID and early-voting legislation

Goldman's Disinformation Campaign: Drilling Down Into The Documents

Any Pushback From The Morning Guy Re: Markos' Comments On KO?

I am outraged.

CREW files ethics complaint against Vitter for 'bribery' of Interior secretary

Vote for Obama - and all soldiers have died in vain..

History lesson: Abe Fortas

A New Perimeter to Expand NAFTA?

A New Perimeter to Expand NAFTA?

Gov.Scott launches newspaper writing campaign for himself

Oceans heading for mass extinctions, experts warn

Mozilla 5.0 Is Out.....

Porky Pig's Pledge

The hippies were right! Ban the bomb!

They just played the Cubs It gets better video during the Cubs Sox game

prediction: obama will begin taking hard left turns..

Is Mexico a failed state? Does the US do more damage by standing aside so completely?

Help! I'll Be Debating the Tea Party...

They're just going to keep pushing the envelope. Unlike in decades past, no one is pushing back.

Judge Rules Reposting Entire Article Is Fair Use

HUD: Rural Americans increasingly turn to shelters

Something's going down in NJ

Something's going down in NJ

So is this the most activist Supreme Court ever?

Know Your Political History. Who Were The "Elves"?

Is there a place where I can download Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann?

I love that Current TV!

Gov. Scott Walker To Cut Medicaid Without Public Hearings

"The Secret To Great Secondary Education"

KEITH: "AS I WAS SAYING...!" (Plus: McCain on Libya - "I wonder what Pres. Reagan would say today?")

He just went LEFT! WOW! I just watched KO claim the left of the leftwing party :)

Missing WWII soldier identified, returned for burial with full military honors. Welcome Home

Cannabis case gets first day in court: “If this law’s enacted, I’m a dead man”

Pro-Gay Marriage NY Lawmaker: ‘I’m A Republican — I Was Born That Way’

Corn Rises Most in a Week as Hot Weather May Hurt U.S. Crop; Soybeans Gain

Corn Rises Most in a Week as Hot Weather May Hurt U.S. Crop; Soybeans Gain

Flushing the Newt: Campaign Finance Team Quits; $1M debt.

"This commission meeting and my tax dollars have all been focused on punishing ..... poor people"

Intelligence Predicts Health and Longevity, but Why?

Michael Moore misquotes the Constitution while claiming others should read the Constitution

DADT: Michael Barrett, Sergeant Major Of Marine Corps, On Gay Rights

DADT: Michael Barrett, Sergeant Major Of Marine Corps, On Gay Rights

A core group of Wisconsin bloggers proves to be rhetoric-proof.

A core group of Wisconsin bloggers proves to be rhetoric-proof.

Never Mind The Drawdown: Taliban Talks, Not Troop Numbers, Are What Really Matter for Afghanistan

Toon: Cap't America: Now Playing Everywhere!

Wisconsin: compare & contrast

chewing gum, baling wire & duct tape

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker To Cut Medicaid Without Public Hearings

labor finally won one today......rules speed up union elections

"Justice Thomas says a good legal brief reminds him of the TV show 24"

President Clinton, The Economy Started Losing Manufacturing Jobs While You Were in Office

Today in Endless War

Texas Latino groups file voting rights lawsuit

Clarence Clemons Memorial Today In Palm Beach

Fact Checking Politifact: Wrong About Jon Stewart’s Use of the Word “Misinformed”

Italians reject Berlusconi's water privatization scheme

NOT vandalism

Rupert Murdoch kills Current TV in Italy for hiring Oberman.


Does anyone remember some guy in the 80s getting beat bloody by two guys with sticks

The Puppy Rescue Mission

The Puppy Rescue Mission

Union files complaint against GOP senator Graham

Union files complaint against GOP senator Graham

Dianne Feinstein's support dives in Field Poll

Obama’s Views on Gay Marriage ‘Evolving’- Looking For Way To Support Same Sex Marriage.

Report: If We Don't Stop Destroying Our Oceans, We'll See "Mass Extinction" of Marine Life

Assuming you agreed with his or her political positions, would you vote for a Mormon for President?

Beware Greeks and Americans Paying No Taxes.

Olbermann Names Wallace And Sammon Worst Persons Runners-up Over Editing Of Stewart's Criticism

Olbermann Names Wallace And Sammon Worst Persons Runners-up Over Editing Of Stewart's Criticism

Florida Man Sets Home On Fire While Cleaning Foot

Mother Jones: Rick Perry's Top Controversies

If you live in a red state, you are NEVER going to convince me you live in a progressive's paradise

Thank You Keith, Thank You Harriet, Thank You Abe...

Another Bankster gets off easy

Nothing is wrong with DU

Watchdog: Sen. Vitter tried to ‘bribe’ Sec. Salazar with pay raise

While Aid to Homeless Vets Gets Cut, the Pentagon Funds NASCAR

Hi can git me on that Tweeter! Perry the moron sez.

WSJ: Scotts Exploring Medical Marijuana Market

Olbermann on Letterman: Top 10 reasons to watch Countdown

Global Corporations Crush Small Businesses, and then Blame it on the Government.

Rick Scott is entitled to “unwavering and enthusiastic support” .... just ask him.

Scientists note that "Fear of Terror Makes People Stupid"

Both Fire Dog Lake and Common Sense Media recognize no difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Updates from Fukushima, sorry no dicks or janes....

Think Progress: The Bargaining Blunders that Lead to the Debt Ceiling 'Crisis':

GOP lawmaker gets drunk, steals truck, wrecks it, then takes nap

When Will the Oligarchs Go Too Far? And What to Do?

Santorum exposes poor history scores as leftist plot

Just in case you thought that the MSM could not descend any further:

The Banker Who Cried Wolf: Wall Street's History Of Hyperbole About Regulation

Was Rev Wright responsible for Obama's reversal on gay marriage?

Dropbox Left User Accounts Unlocked for 4 Hours Sunday

New in Natural Gas Hype: A Fracking Coloring Book

Heh -- in your FACE Joe Scarborough!

Props to Aljazeera.. showing Greek Parliament proceedings LIVE

Florida's GOP Governor Rick Scott Writes Letters of Praise ... for Himself

If Americans Don't Get Hurt, War Is No Longer War (Jonathan Schell)

Report: Stimulus Helped Nearly 300,000 Families Avoid Homelessness

McCain Now Denies Ever Saying Undocumented Immigrants Started Wildfire

Another Broken Promise: "The White House’s Rooftop Solar Challenge"

Time to quit Afghanistan

Has anyone heard of (or used) The Benefit Bank?

Toon of the Day- the Robert's Court Favors..

Mr. Fish: When you wish upon a star....

Wisconsin: Anybody near Fond du Lac or Waupun want to help recall randy Randy Hopper?

Obama's "champion of education reform" Jeb Bush takes his show to Michigan

Rand Paul to America's Hungry Seniors: Let Them Eat Private Charity

The Supremes' Greatest Hits

Just to be perfectly clear! I love the DU!

Our job will be to establish a beachhead and occupy until the main forces can mobilize

Pakistani Polls Reflect Grim Views of U.S.

Alabama’s Immigration Law: The New Jim Crow

Not an urban legend. Extreme warning for graphic content.

Thanks to budget cuts, shiny new school sits unused

Just a couple of comments on Keith's program last night

Serious question

Man is a Hoax

Democracy vs Mythology: The Battle in Syntagma Square

We went to see Next to Normal, a Tony-winning musical that is touring the country right now….

Dem lawmaker renews effort to end military’s NASCAR sponsorships

Why, Can someone explain?.. Illinois....4.19 a gallon, Northern Milwaukee 3.59

Sam Stein (HuffPo): Obama Believes Gay Marriage 'Best Addressed By The States': WH Official

Oh great. KVOA TV (Tucson) just announced "hottest day in years" tomorrow.

Jerusalem rabbis 'condemn dog to death by stoning' story was BS

Big Whoop... 'JPMorgan to Pay $153.6M to Settle Fraud Charges' - NYT

Sex Offender Recidivism--100%?

John Bolton slams Jon Huntsman, keeps option open for presidential run

Do you Think that Gov Goodhair's gonna run?

6 People Who Had No Clue Their Faces Were World-Famous

Controller halts pay for California lawmakers

(oops!) Laughter Replaces Applause in Obama's Speech re: Jobs

Hey everyone! It's the new Mad Libs game, Rick Scott edition!

Canadian cash to do away with paper {It's not what you think} (CNN)

Last Year, 32 Corporations Spent More on Their CEOs Than They Paid in Income Taxes

Did the USSR provide a check and balance to US Hegemony and Power? And was it beneficial?

The stupidity of our government (and why tourism is down)

a question i've always wanted to ask is why do...

Japan reveals world's fastest Supercomputer (8.2 Petaflops !!)

Let's hire each other

I'm so unemployable I'm getting rejection letters for jobs I didn't apply to!

"Reagan is dead and he was a lousy President" lollllz - heads are spinning at faux news tonite.


Current can become the only truly INDEPENDENT news stn. free from all corporate influence!

Despite White House claims, Libya is a war

Radioactive tritium leaks found at 48 US nuke sites

5 Lessons from Weinergate

Printer Refuses Service to New Seattle Gay Bar

The negative income tax is the answer...

Invisibility carpet cloak can hide objects from visible light

13 Facts About Military Spending That Will Make Your Head Explode

Today In Albany, New York... Either Bigotry Or Justice Will Prevail... Re: Gay Marriage

Robert Reich: The Growing Desperation of the Don’t-Raise-Taxes-on-the-Rich Crowd

Bachmann’s nonsensical Medicare-‘Obamacare’ claim...4 Pinocchios

Keith Olbermann's 'Countdown' Beats CNN in Target Demo

The true price of gas

Santorum: Poor History Scores A Result Of ‘Conscious Effort’ By ‘The Left’ To Keep Stdnts Uninformed

Miss Ignorance USA 2011 discusses Evolution in school

Verizon Killing Unlimited Data Plans Soon

Newt Gingrich had second line of credit at Tiffany’s

Sarah and Bristol Palin Trademark Their Names

DUers, Check out "25 Awkward Dog Smiles" for a happy break!

Was Weiner entrapped by Republican bloggers?

Has anybody here had experience with "laddered CD's"?

Has anybody here had experience with "laddered CD's"?

Ron Reagan Jr is most excellent tonight on Tweety. Watch the rerun if possible.

Dean Baker: What Makes the IMF Think It's Right about Greece?

So f***ing good to hear Keith's voice again.

Radioactive tritium leaks found at 48 US nuke sites !

Gallup: 22% Are Hesitant to Support a Mormon in 2012

Work laws for the disabled? Anyone know?

Which is a bigger problem on DU? Sexism, homophobia, racism, ageism, classism...

Doug Hutchison, 51-Year-Old 'The Green Mile' Actor, Weds 16-Year-Old Country Singer Courtney Stodden

For JoAnne Kloppenburg

Papers please?

Sexting arrives in Amish-Country

159,000 American workers are about to get the shaft. Watch this 2-minute video & spread the word.

Bank of America EDD & Disability debit card?

Thoughts on "Operation Fast and Furious"

What Mother Nature thinks of us (toon)

When Jane Hamsher wanted to insult Lieberman, she painted him in blackface.

Candy prices near me just went up by over 30 percent

Help! I'll Be Debating the Tea Party Pt. II

I'm a published author now..........

Sign the petition to ask Clarence Thomas to resign!

Gannett laying off 700 more workers amid ad slump

Fed government pays out $2.4B in early-retiree health benefits


New bride arrested for biting, beating her husband hours after wedding (Florida)

just beautiful....

just beautiful....

Is the Blackberry era Over? Still big in many parts, but "Laying off workers."

Bachmann: Canada Did ‘No Stimulus’ (Oh Really?)

No Current on your cable? Hit & stream Countdown!—more links in comments

No Current on your cable? Hit & stream Countdown!—more links in comments

Barred From Unionizing, Wal-mart Workers Form New Group To Fight For Better Conditions

Check out Canada's new money

Need some advice. A young teen in our family was given permission

Clarence Thomas Decided Three Cases Where AEI Filed A Brief After AEI Gave Him A $15,000 Gift

Kerfuffle in Madison. Teabaggers disrupt Solidarity sing-along

Keith Olbermann And Rachel Maddow Opening Now Head To Head; Olbermann Defends Move On Twitter

Memory Refresher: Americans Overwhelmingly Wanted A Public Health Insurance Plan Like Medicare

Blood on the Chopping Block

DU Has NOT Changed - Americans Have.

Keith and staff photo - celebrating the completion of his first show.

Amanda Knox's family in debt over $1 million after almost 4 years.

Jon Stewart: 'Fox edited me to seem like a woman having a nervous breakdown'

Is Rupert in trouble? Real trouble?

Is Rupert in trouble? Real trouble?

I hope you all don't mind a little rant to get off my chest.

Is It Me, Or Are These Hamsher Threads An Early Loyalty/Purity Test

this is not about 911 anymore...

Why the GOP should nominate Barack Obama in 2012

Strange, amusing, ineffective

PDA Kicks off Campaign to End Corporate Rule

Jon Stewart Has Is Slightly Wrong About Fox News

Missouri River Flood updates

So Jane Hamsher is PAID by REPUBLICANS to run campaigns against DEMOCRATS?

Does Arne approve of the law to let emergency managers "fire local officials, cancel contracts,

And as if Keith's new version of Countdown wasn't good enough all by itself

Post links to your favorite columns by Jane Hamsher, American commentator.

Bristol Palin Reveals True Feelings About the McCains, 'Dancing With the Stars,' Levi Johnston

Our rulers don’t require our existence anymore

"Watch all nine editions and you win a pony!" (KO)

Just started watching "Kill The Irishman"...

Canada's New Tourism Ad After Stanley Cup Loss

Sorry...double post.

How dirty do you like your martini?

I loves me some Shintaro Katsu (Zatoichi)

Just saw a Dave Chappelle skit.

Have a great Midsummer

Chirping cat..

New season of Breaking Bad starts soon!

"While the 3 martini lunch is being cracked down on, it shouldn't affect the working man's 2 joint-

Painting perv

National Lampoon's Deteriorata

Is that a missile, or are you happy to see me?

One of the eagles is flying from branch to branch

Are progressive guys allowed to look at beautiful women and think....

I want something to eat... maybe this?

Going After the Youth Market... LOL

PHOTO from MiddleFingerFamily album reveals why MFM remains terrified of The Magic Kingdom©

When was the last time you did something silly with your kid?

That's not the piñata

George R.R. Martin's worldview (Game of Thrones)

when did tipping/gifting the school bus driver start?

Got my disabled parking permit today ...

For some reason, I just can't say 'ham.' It has to be 'jamon'

RIP Wild Man Fischer (Just heard)

Seriously can I have the raw meat ad back please! I'm tired of looking at the dildo

This shit can cause accidents


A Crappy End to a Wedding

When I open a coffee shop, what should the baristas wear?

Photo: MiddleFingerMom sees MiddleFingerBird as a true "maverick" among his back yard denizens.

WOW! PICTURE = 1000 WORDS! This is EXACTLY what my decades of working in a cubicle felt like.

Mood Music: "Piss up a Rope" in E, by Ween

Why can't I have a pet Kangaroo??

I told you they don't have souls


Disco Inferno

Well, I just rescued my cat Brigid from behind the bookcases in the living room.

Never never gonna give you up

You sexy thing

I Will Survive

Anybody who orders this should be FORCED to finish it all...

"She" by Grand Avenue: some moody, U2-ish, drone-y, feedback-y reverie for your Tuesday afternoon.

Rock Steady

Good Times

If you are going to go after a run-away truck...

Every 1's a winner

My Latest Show is up… Check it out!

"...or just the sinkin' sound of something righteous going under?" Livin' in the Future

CMW's new desk lamp ...

"Bikini wearing baristas" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "bikini wearing

Anna Nicole "Skyscraper" outtakes. For the academy's consideration

does anyone know about transferring frequent flyer miles?

My first, my last, my everything

Do you consider coffee houses with fully clothed baristas offensive?

Does anyone know anything about skin cancer?

What is the most usefull extra curricular course you have ever taken. I took an assertiveness course

I just discovered a delish, nutritious, cheap, fast alternative to Krafte Dinner.

Don't Leave Me This Way

Do you consider coffee houses with bikini wearing baristas offensive?

I think DIE HARD would have been better with less humor

The little nugget makes it to a year (my grandson)

PHOTO: Well, I GUESS that's true, but...

DU ladies! I have a business idea:

Forget Rosie Larsen. I still don't know who killed Laura Palmer.

A couple of hypothetical morbid questions for your Tuesday evening

Who Killed Rosie Larsen?

You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine

It's a Man's World

What do vegans feed their carnivorous pets?

How did Pete Townshend do that?

Float On

A Very Strong Reaction to "Game of Thrones"

Most annoying voice in rock music?

Which sounds cooler?

there is/was an attorney here from NH. Anyone remember the user name?

Move to Fargo, ND or Bismarck, ND? Any other suggestions?

"Lost" actor Doug Hutchison, 51, marries 16 year old

I am 32 today. And it is freaking me out.

Weird Al parodies Lady Gaga!

Witnesses offer differing accounts in Amanda Knox appeal

Undeleted Sub-thread

LulzSec attack closes Soca website

So will Megan Fox go back to temping in an office?

Greek crisis: EU leaders must act decisively or face disaster, says IMF

Obama to Reveal Size of Afghan Troop Drawdown Wednesday

Cables Show Huntsman Deeply Involved in Obama Policies

Righthaven hit with third fair use loss over R-J material

Teachers union leads lawsuit challenging pension deductions

Gunmen execute Mexican journalist, his wife and son

PG&E knew about its shoddy record-keeping of natural gas pipelines as early as 1992

Drinks all around! I just closed on my condo

Recalls of Imported Foods Are Flawed, a Government Audit Reports

What you reading tonight DU? Me, I just starting "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" by Kim

Judge Approves $3.4 Billion in Indian Royalties Settlement

John Bolton slams Jon Huntsman, keeps option open for presidential run

Chilean Court Blocks Plan for Patagonia Dam Project

Want to hear a crazy (but true!) grocery store line story?

22 Killed in Suicide Car Bombings South of Baghdad

Arab Spring stirs plea from Suu Kyi

Iran deputy foreign minister quits amid power struggle

Majority of 1,105 arrested during G20 released without charges

**New Tuesday Update on MFM--Minor Setbacks Edition**

$1 Billion in Homeowner Aid Offered

Tornado sirens force evacuation of Omaha stadium

Essex Teen Arrested In FBI Global Hacking Probe

Feds Sue Bankers Over Fall in Bonds

Obama finalizes plan for troop drawdown in Afghanistan

Global warming alert as sea level rise said to be fastest rate for 2,100 years

Marine life facing mass extinction, report says

Man robs bank for $1 to get medical care in jail

Yemeni president to return this week, official says

Yemeni president to return this week, official says

Yemeni president to return this week, official says

Bristol Palin Reveals True Feelings About the McCains, 'Dancing With the Stars,' Levi Johnston

Hacking Group LulzSec trying to incite 'cyber riot'

Gunshots Fired, Two People Are Injured in ‘Major’ Belfast Riot, Police Say

Lynn Woolsey Retirement Announcement Expected Next Week: Report

Gingrich campaign finance team quits

Okinawa row: Japan and US drop Futenma airbase deadline

(Texas, Florida) Wildfires force evacuation, claim 2 lives

Oceans heading for mass extinctions, experts warn

World Food Prize Winners: Former Ghana, Brazil Presidents Lauded For Fight Against Hunger

Anyone remember the movie "The Day After"? I watched it yesterday

'Times' Reporter (Jim Risen) To Challenge Subpoena In Leak Case

Pro-Gay Marriage NY Lawmaker: ‘I’m A Republican — I Was Born That Way’

Michelle Obama meets with Nelson Mandela as she begins Africa tour

Union Representing Boeing Workers Files Ethics Complaint Against GOP Sen. Lindsay Graham

13 Facts About Military Spending That Will Make Your Head Explode

22 Indonesians Awaiting Beheading in Saudi Arabia: Minister

Arab League chief admits second thoughts about Libya air strikes

Glitch in Obama's health care law

Jon Huntsman Called Weasel, Runs For President

Mark Kelly retiring from NASA to be with wife.

Van Jones Considers Legal Action Against Fox News, Demands Glenn Beck Retraction (Cease & Desist)

N.L.R.B. Rules Would Streamline Unionizing

Teenager arrested in Essex over LulzSec hacking attacks

Labor Board Says It Has Acted Appropriately Against Boeing

Kidnap girl, 9, forced to wear suicide bomb vest

APNewsBreak: A twist in Obama's health care law

Board (NLRB) proposes rules to reform pre- and post-election representation case procedures

Ban on new uranium mines near Grand Canyon extended

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Huntsman Campaign Launch Begins Day with Misspelling of His Own Name

Senate unanimously approves Panetta as Pentagon chief

LulzSec and Anonymous team up, plan digital destruction

Clinton backs 'brave' Saudi women driver protest

Tritium leaks found at many (- at least 48 of 65 - US) nuke (power) sites. (Often into groundwater)

1000s march in Luxembourg against austerity plans

Anyone remember the movie "The Day Before"? I am watchin it tomorrow.

It's First day of Summer - Post a movie, song, tv show or book with the word Summer in the Title

Ban Ki-moon wins second-term as UN Secretary General

KBR attorneys question woman’s Iraq rape allegations, history

Calls Grow for Greek Marshall Plan.

"Indiana Planned Parenthood to Drop Medicaid Patients" Rueters

Treasury plans for Greece to go bust

(California) Controller: legislators will not collect their pay (due to incomplete budget)

CREW files ethics complaint against Vitter for 'bribery' of Interior secretary

J.P. Morgan to Pay $153.6 Million to Settle SEC Charges

Greek government wins vote of confidence

Sanders: ’5 million seniors face the threat of hunger’

Libya conflict: Nato loses drone helicopter

Kerry and McCain Introduce Libya Resolution

Fire was likely started by illegal immigrants, Dever says

Keith Olbermann's 'Countdown' Beats CNN in Target Demo

Giada De Laurentiis. You are either a FAN, or you are NOT a fan. There is no middle ground.

FDA reveals bigger, graphic warning labels for cigarette packages

India to issue another warning to US on hike of professional visa fees

What was the most USELESS extra curricular course you've ever taken?

FOX --- Here in Fort Wayne it appears that the local station is losing its FOX affiliation.

DAMN!! another Progressive to announce retirement

TPM: Jon Huntsman To Kick Off His Campaign By Tying Himself To Paul Ryan

Zzzzzz - oh, i'm sorry. I was watching Huntsman's announcement and nodded off ...

Obama Warns Of New U.S. Tactical Spats With Israel

Politico: The Huntsman turnout

National Journal's Hotline: Huntsman Draws Response from Obama Campaign

TN-Pres: Obama leads in Volunteer State, according to Vandy poll

Krugman: McKinsey Pulls Back the Curtain

Van Jones To Fox News: Cease And Desist!

Hoyer: Defunding Libya Undermines NATO

Rule would make employers disclose more about anti-union work

Uh-oh. More troubles for *snicker* Newt.

Stewart is a comedian but Wallace is a joke.

EDITORIAL: Defund the war in Libya

Obama expected to announce plan to withdraw 30,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan by end of 2012

Are those that provide advice to our military leaders and them to the President

Rick Perry Gay Rumors: Governor's Aides Prepared To Tackle Allegations Should They Resurface

Multi-Hundred Millionaire Mitt Romney Struggles to Find Non-$100 Bill in Wallet

Salon on Huntsman: Does the media's candidate have a prayer?

Markos Moulitsas to Keith Olbermann: I will do everything possible to make your show a success.

AP Exclusive: Medicaid for the middle class?

The Obama charm with a crying baby

"Earth to the Left: Obama Is Into You"

Does anyone else feel like Ginsburg is holding on too long?

Connecticut readies for another closely watched US Senate race

Governors poll ratings

Two senators lobby to allow U.S. troops in Libya


Poll: Bachmann surges to primary lead

Ticking Town: Nuclear City Shovels

John S Hall A Good Hard Look

Olbermann Worst Persons: FOXNews Post-Interview Censorship of Jon Stewart

radiated babies die in philly ~cooper nuke plant next fukushima

Great Pre-Show Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann Promo

Furor Over Indonesian's Beheading In Saudi Arabia


TDPS: Anyone surprised by huge Obama donations from Wall Street fat cats?

PBS NewsHour: Amid Push for Talks With Taliban, Where Do Rights of Afghan Women Fit In?

James O'Keefe confuses truth with lies

Code Pink Supports Palestinian Women Activists

PBS NewsHour: N.Y. Teacher Takes Students on a Virtual Trip to Learn Realities of Refugee Life

Greenwald: Obama's Punishment of Manning a Criminal Offense: Article 13 USCMJ

Sarah Palin meets Michele Bachmann

Papantonio: Conservatives Turn Colleges Into Ayn Rand Universities

Man is a Hoax

Resisting the Police State | THE PLAIN TRUTH by Judge Napolitano

Thom Hartmann: Free Trade - selling off America

Hostages Trapped Inside Walmart Insisting They Never Shop At Walmart

Company Across the Street

Tracy Morgan speaks out in support of LGBT people in Nashville

TDPS: Is this kid too old to be breastfeeding?

The NEW Countdown with Kieth Olbermann - Clarence Thomas -

500 foot crack in the earth appears in Michigan

KO: Karl Rove & Liz Cheney Encourage Republicans To Attack Obama for Not Doing Enough In Libya!

The Job-killing Korea Trade Deal: NAFTA with Korea

DOMA is Indefensible - A Message from Melanie Sloan

Thom Hartmann: Nuclear Power - We almost Lost Nebraska

Thom Hartmann: Why Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas must be impeached

Barack Obama: Gimmie that Baby......... I GOT THIS!

Miss USA: Should Evolution Be Taught?

Young Turks: NJ Governor Goes Off On Constituent

NBC Removes "Under God" From Pledge of Allegiance, Christianity Weeps

Olbermann NEW SPECIAL COMMMENT: 'Tho' You & I Shouldn't Be Last Line of Defense, Apparently We Are'

New Wave of Reason (DJ Logic Remix)

Keith Olbermann Goes After MSNBC On His First NEW Show!

Thom Hartmann: Should billionaires sitting on their butts collecting dividend checks pay 0 taxes?

Countdown w/ KEITH OLBERMANN Current TV First Segment - Michael Moore

Rachel Maddow Discusses Clarence Thomas -

Extremely graphic footage: Libyan children killed by NATO bombs

NATO, the ultimate transformer by Pepe Escobar

"Obama Administration Touts Foreign Investment!"

Obama Impersonator Yanked By GOP For Being a Real Citizen

Why Conservatives Punish Their Victims: A Lesson From Arizona

Japan Times: Time to give nuke watchdog teeth

Colombia violating FTA labor agreements through union reprisals: US Union

Eugene Robinson: Obama Is Wrong on War Powers

Global Economy Comes Back To Haunt Developed Nations

Paving the Road to a Hungrier, Unhealthier, and Less-Educated Nation

How China unfairly bests the U.S.

PIMCO Founder To Deficit-Obsessed Congress: Get Back To Reality

Say what you will, it's a war in Libya

the week in pictures {independent uk}

German media fuels public resentment over Greek bailout

Military 'should stick to fighting', says David Cameron

Sea Levels Rising Faster Then Ever Seen: Yahoo News, Live

Kenyucky terrorism case

Money Anxiety Index Latest Indicator of a Double-Dip

Pledging Allegiance to Peace

The Land of Dik Diks and Pangolins

Are Are Republicans purposely hindering the economy in order to make President Obama weaker 2012?

Colombia trade deal doesn’t pass the smell test

Green Lantern

What "Freedom" and "Liberty" mean to the Republican Conservatives

Bill O'Reilly Interviews Rapper Lupe Fiasco - 06/20/11

Japan - Kan seems to be holding out for important renewable legislation...

America: The Grim Truth

The 3 Wings of the Republican Party: The Crazies, the Corporatists ... and Democrats

A Million Homes, a World of Possibilities

(Guardian) Fukushima report shows nuclear power can never be safe and cheap

RSPB wildlife warning over EU farmland funding {cuts} (BBC)

Japan Times: Rules set for disposal of hot debris

Chile court suspends Patagonian HidroAysen dam project (BBC)

Utility Integrated Solar Power Grew 100% in 2010

Jersey Central Power & Light ranked in top 10 for new solar installations Jersey Central Power & Li

Firm selects Vineland NJ site for solar field

Beginning of the end for nuclear power in Japan?

"Radioactive Tritium has Leaked From 75% of U.S. Nuke Plants —

Toon: Why it's called 'internal combustion'

House rebukes looming FDA Frankenfish approval

Westinghouse to Begin Fuel Shipments to (under construction) Watts Bar Unit 2

Huntsman (The "Different" GOP Candidate) Scrambling Frantically Away From Past Climate Statements

New Bolivian Law Includes Explicit Provision That Nation Will Produce, Control Its Own Seed Stocks

Peak oil review - June 20

Elwha River Dam Powerplants Offline Or Going Down; Demolition Begins 9/17

GE to deliver 4.5 Mw Direct Drive wind turbine for offshore application in Sweden

Are there really more earthquakes these days?

Heritage Foundation Wastes No Time Spinning Court Ruling On Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Cryosat mission delivers first sea-ice map (BBC)

It Has Begun

Nuclear-armed countries to spend $1,000bn this decade

Sylvia Earle: If the sea is in trouble, we are all in trouble

CNN - Marine life facing mass extinction, report says

What mother nature thinks of us

UC San Diego Researchers Create Tool to Put the Lid on Solar Power Fluctuations

solar-powered window technololgy

Scientists are sounding the alarm: the mysterious cracks appear across the planet

"politicians have sought to...destroy the reputations of scientists"

Daiichi Contaminated Water Containment?

Nuclear Energy: Arnie Gundersen Going International

God Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder

37 Practices of a Bodhisattva (Togme Zongpo | c.1300)

What Mother Nature thinks of us

Evangelist pleads guilty in Ky. fraud case

Porky Pig's Pledge

Agnosticism is closed minded.

Stalemates Lock Albany

Bahamas' support for UN gay rights resolution 'a long time coming'

New Guidelines on Deportation Cases Could Apply to Gay Couples

Obama's Evolution Will Be Televised -- and Questioned

WHO urges equal access to HIV services for gay men

Epicurus's riddle

Barack Obama should come out for gay marriage already

Support Is Key to ‘Coming Out’ Process for Gay People: Study

Cubs continue support of LGBT youth

Trial starts for Methodist minister who officiated same-sex wedding in Menomonie

Who decides what’s medically necessary?

The Love Between Krishna and Jesus

ICE Softens Its Stance on DREAM Act Kids, but Still Hazy On Gays

Saugatuck Schools Reject Coming-Out Video

A Case for LGBT-Friendly Work Environments

Lawsuit challenges homophobic Tenn. law

Alyssa Campanella, Miss USA, Supports Gay Marriage Group NOH8 Campaign

Criminalizing Homosexuality Risks World Health, Report Finds

Pink Shoes cites Yale Divinity grad Jonathan Dudley. Great quote.

New HIV cases drop among gay,Bisexual men in California

Marine Leader Urges Excellence, Compassion in DADT Repeal

NY gay marriage showdown could be Wednesday

I want full, total equality, and I am NOT getting married

In case you hadn’t noticed, Texas is now down to just 3 openly gay city council members

forgive the I continue to come out.

NY Marriage Equality: Republican Senator Voting Yes Issues Major Warning

I remember, won't you join me & remember too. Remember a loved one or friend that you have lost.

Tyree Moves to Block Marriage Equality in New York

Obama has provided NO evidence of his supposed "evolution" on same-sex marriage