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The Wealthy Want to Stop Upward Mobility In America and Make Being Rich a Members Only Club

"Un-employed" Romney Is Just Like US???

Christian Conservative Group Demands That David Vitter Resign

Go gnaw on some wood

Newt's new campaign manager named....

War Resisters Inject Truth into Military Recruitment

War Resisters Inject Truth into Military Recruitment

Will You Learn From Niemöller, or Learn Like Niemöller?

Scofflaws, Elected or Otherwise

Idaho Sen. John McGee’s fate uncertain after felony arrest

The GOP Agenda: Controlling the Means of (Re)Production

On Countdown Tonight..CREW Files Ethics Complaint against Senator David Vitter

Does anybody have any old clips of Alan Berg arguing with callers?

I'm so glad Keith is back.

Is ''Chill, I got this!'' an appropriate signature pic?

Matt Taibbi: Out of Power, Right-Wing Hawks Turn Dovish

Matt Taibbi: Out of Power, Right-Wing Hawks Turn Dovish

Breaking - Newt's Tiffany's troubles deepen

The Echo Of FDR Urges Americans To Rally For Their Health Care Rights

my two cents on Texas

McCain gets a help on blaming the illegals for Arizona Fires

Cost of the Death Penalty to Californians: $308 million per execution

Was watching "In the Arena" and they were talking about the nuclear plant in Japan

Huntsman's Campaign Theme Song, acc. to Rachel.

6 days before baggy pants was arrested, this guy was allowed to fly on same airline

Hypermach, When You Really, Really Have Money To Burn

32 Corporations Spent More On Compensation For Top Executives Than They Paid In Income Taxes

"Men wear color in two areas"

In These Times: Shortage of Jobs and Equality, Not Skills, at Heart of Unemployment Crisis

Has it come down to this?: Deep-fried Kool-aide balls.

Harrisburg (PA) mayor set to pray city out of financial ruin

a tale of two nuclear power plants

Is there an online link to watch Keith?

another Free Health Clinic (pics)

Rick Scott writes love letters to himself - Florida would prefer to shoot him into outer space

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike & Here's

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike & Here's

Wait a second... Willard "Mitt" Romney's dad George Romney was born in Mexico

New Jersey flags to be lowered to half-staff in Clarence Clemons' honor Thursday.

You wanna know what is so insane about McCain's comments that illegals started the wildfires in Az?

Keith Olbermann to read Top 10 list on Letterman

Apparently, that Healthcare Reform thing inadvertently included a version of single-payer!

"Missionaries of Hate" on Current TV

Go USA!!!! We're number One!!!! We're the best!!!!

CEO of Walmart Makes in One Hour What the Average Employee Makes In a Year: How Skyrocketing Inequal

Rally in Support of Syrian President Packs Dearborn (Michigan) Hall

On fundamentalism...

Its Hamsher night at DU !

Keith, Day Two. Fulfilling expectations.

Remember Balloon Boy's dad?

LulzSec/Anonymous partnership already imploding with arrest of 19yr old top hacker..

Kudos to Paul Shaffer for his choice of KO's intro/exit musc!

Please quit using the military as your glorious example of socialism...

Everyone! Chill the Fuck out!

This Modern World: Conservative Carnival of Crazy

Are Larry The Cable Guy and Andrew Breitbart related?

Bill to Criminalize TSA groping added to Special Session in Texas.

Do you think that there is so much Koch etc. money floating around

Christian Group Calls for David Vitter to Resign

Olbermann's stunt won't hurt Maddow, it will just irk viewers

South Carolina joins other states in immigration crackdown

Tiffany's (RE: Newt's credit line discussed on Rachel's show), meh I would rather purchase these:

The Founding Fathers Did Not Write The Bill Of Rights To Protect Wal-Mart

Newt Gingrich's "smaller government" plan

Water treatment delayed again

Electioneering plea brings $50 fine

What's the Planistan? Rachel looks at our longest war ever. (w/graphs)

Shills R Us: Organizations That Get AT&T Cash Endorse its Mega-Merger with T-Mobile

Florida Gov. Rick Scott's top adviser resigns

Bipartisanship works! 39 Neocons (Karl Rove! Paul Wolfowitz!) Support Obama's War in Libya!

US works for India's membership in Nuclear Suppliers Group

Greece : Government survives vote; protesters chant insults

Corruption in Argentina

Did a big roach just crawl across the camera lens on morning joke?

Slowpoke toon: Asterisky Business

Slowpoke toon: Asterisky Business

Looks like systems are rolling out of Africa very early this year

Wisconsin: Politiscoop on how Act 21 makes Walker the sole authority for the State.

Iraq Violence Intensifies as Talks Continue on U.S. Troop Presence

dan b012 explains why the Democratic Party is in trouble

Hypermach, When You Really, Really Have Money To Burn

Morning Joe- Bernstein is ripping them apart

McCain: “O’Leary’s Cow Entered Chicago Illegally”

Editorial: GOP leader takes slap at jobless

Gingrich had a second line of credit at Tiffany and Co. Payed off.

BBC World Service receives government funding boost (BBC)

So Who Will Should Have Been President Gore Sign Next For Current TV

An eloquent pro-labor, pro-public education essay - in a mail order spice catalog, of all places.

Spielberg fired Megan Fox for Hitler comment

Huntsman was nailed on the Today Show (of all places) for Outsourcing

Utah man updated Facebook status during standoff

China urges U.S. to stay out of sea dispute

China urges U.S. to stay out of sea dispute

When the door gets slammed, a window might break out an opening

WI budget provision exempts researchers from animal cruelty cases

McCain's brief timeline that blames Reagan for 9/11

Planned Parenthood Goes Dark in Indiana

It totally disturbs me that Rick Scott reminds me of the lead singer from Midnight Oil.

"All of this has been negotiated in the dark," - - WIS. open pit mining on hold

Prison Grooms Inmate Entrepreneurs

I would like a summary judgement from the moderators before posting a particular thread.

A mysterious throb deep in your bed, By Mark Morford

Maine's same-day voter registration ban signed, challenged (GOP/LePage voter suppresion)

Japan back on top in supercomputer race

Mr. Feinprint

Thank you lakefire59. Thank you , thank you, thank you.

Thank you lakefire59. Thank you , thank you, thank you.

Cory Booker: "Politics is like sampling"

Stradivarius violin sells for record $15.894 mil at auction to benefit quake victims

Now we are in THREE wars and spending $2 BILLION a week...

BREAKING: Major lawsuit attacks Michigan's Financial Martial Law Act as unconstitutional

The Indignity of Industrial Tomatoes

The Inner Secrets of the Right Wing Echo Chamber

Rick Scott Astroturfing Positive Letters....Rick Scott cares! He really does care!

Why I Am Marching on July 30 by Diane Ravitch

NRSC, Helmed By John Cornyn, Fakes Twitter Posts To Make Democrats Look Bad

'You try living in Fukushima,' governor tells TEPCO president in verbal dressing-down (JAPAN)

'You try living in Fukushima,' governor tells TEPCO president in verbal dressing-down (JAPAN)

Heed the Warning Signs; America is Edging Ever Closer to a Societal Implosion

Leaked: Mainstream Media's Dictionary. Letter B

Anthony Weiner-converted-to-Islam meme spreads

Do New Jersey Republicans have some death wish for transportation's busiest corridor?

Help with poll - LePage signs bill banning same-day voter registration, but critics vow to fight

Anyone else disappointed in the withdrawal Pres Obama is expected to announce?

Debt Talks Worry Lobbyists

Keith Olbermann Logs Demo Win Over CNN In His Current TV Premiere

How come in so many old pictures of military men in their uniforms,

Wednesday Toon Roundup 6-Environment

So far, there's no denial by Jane Hamsher regarding her connections to Republicans.

Commission recommends permanently closing fracking dumping wells in AR quake areas

Used cooking oil to power KLM flights (wow, actual progress)

Poor John Paulson

Someone told Palin that Huntsman speaks Mandarin.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 7- The rest

The Traumatic Brain Injury Epidemic

32 Corporations Spent More on Compensation for Top Executives in 2010 Than They Paid in Income Taxes

Slack Economy for US, but Growing War Costs

Slack Economy for US, but Growing War Costs

John Kerry, John McCain Come to Obama's Rescue Over Libya

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Repubs

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Repubs

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- More Republicans

Missing the Downturn

Activists Respond to Congress and the White House Failng to Close Guantanamo

An internet first: Google Hits One Billion Visitors in Only One Month

Is the DU a profitable endeavor?

Libya: it's not a war if Americans can't get hurt

United for Peace and Justice Afghanistan Statement to the Obama Administration

Tenn. bans posting images that "cause emotional distress"

Tenn. bans posting images that "cause emotional distress"

Climate Meetings Have Become Conferences of Polluters

Fukushima, June 22: Plant decontamination not working, etc.,etc.

Inside the Koch Brothers' Expensive Echo Chamber

JPMorgan Fined 0.9% of Profits for Helping to Destroy Global Economy

Afghanistan is costing 2 billion per week.

I have removed the Barack Obama Group from my signature, and replaced it with Drinking Liberally.


Krugman: Reagan and Revenues

George W. Bush wears sunglasses at night

Chart: U.S. troop levels over the years

For New Life, Blacks in City Head to South

I see Fred Phelps' people to picket Ryan Dunn's funeral

Dueling Donations: Lobbyists Lining Pockets of Both Democratic and Republican Party Committees

From The Top Enlisted Marine on DADT repeal: "GET OVER IT"

Obama and Boehner: Fellow Hypocrites on War Powers Act

Japan to open airlock at crippled nuclear plant

Alan Metzler is an inhuman asshole. He was just on Blomberg saying the only way to solve the

IS KO still doing the online FOK site? anyone have a link?

So now that the class action suit is all but dead - how will the wronged get compensated?

Millions of middle-class people could get Medicaid: The reaction from the elite-----Panic!

Changes made to airport screenings for young kids

Am I Crazy?

Flood-tracker (for ND/SD) from USGS

Senator Demands Investigation of NBC for Making Business Decision

Protesters are escorted out of Christie town hall in Fair Lawn (NJ)

Looks like The Quitter is quitting again.Bus Tour grinds to a halt.

10,000 out of 250,000

Guns are legal. Drugs are not. The inevitable result?

London to Tokyo in two hours: Blueprints for 3,000mph hypersonic plane are unveiled...

Greece is actually about saving French banks...

Ditching Grandma: Reexamining the Era of Economic Irresponsibility

**Tomorrow on Keith show will have PrezO speech + Powell+Wilkerson.

I just heard a lady on CNN say "...had been gotten..." WTF.

Self-deleted by member

We hear about Bristol's book Palins short vacation but where

Government Subsidies Will Keep The Internet FREE and INDEPENDENT

Congressional Budget Office warns of debt explosion

If Bigfoot ran for president...

The Rude Pundit: Planned Parenthood in Indiana Forced to Abandon Poor Women

Many Black New Yorkers Are Moving to the South (NYT)

Keeping the US Presidency "In the Family"?

The GOP Myth of 'Job-Killing' Spending - WSJ

Dems poised to enact near Employer Free Choice Act via regulation instead of legislation

Politifact kindly provides links for Jon Stewart's "Fox News False Statements" segment

FEMA Denies Aid to Black Minnesota Tornado Victims

Forgive if this has been posted. MoveOn sent me this

'Outgunning Bush Not Peacemaking': Obama Forfeits Peace Prize

Rethugs are really, really stupid

Tim DeChristopher at Netroots Nation: Obama Administration Pursues Activists Like Previous Administr

Salary database for Broward/Palm Beach county schools (eye-opening)

Brookings study hints that some jobs gained in Greater Cleveland during a weak recovery pay less

"Smirk." - XCommander AWOL (R)

Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings faces ethics review on claim he sexually harassed a former aide

"...principal ...stealing furniture, the teacher having sex with student, or the janitor naked..."

Long Island drugstore murders suspect doesn't seem to fit the "killer mold":

Average hours of sleep per night (unscientific poll)

Resolved: The United States should abandon Capitalism

Slowpoke TOON: Most Americans- "I Don't Have Time To Read Up On Mr. Feinprint But I'm Sure He's OK"

Groups protest D.C. riders in budget bill

WikiLeaks' Kristinn Hrafnsson awarded First Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival Award

The Real Culture Wars

Orrin Hatch: Nutritional "Supplements" Thug Champion in Congress

A Call to Action: Stop the Machine! Create a New World! October 6...D.C. occupation begins...

It seems to me someone would have to be mentally ill to want to be POTUS.

Toon: Tenfold increases...

Scientific American debunks key claim in 'Fukushima: It's much worse than you think'

Luckovich toon: Newt's plan for reducing government

Kerry Eleveld: What Will Obama Tell The Gays Under The Shadow Of Lady Liberty?

I Don't Think I've Ever Seen Anything More Frightening On DU !!!

I CANNOT stand the hypocrisy!

Jackass star crashed at 130 mph!

"Bachmann is a religious zealot whose brain is a raging electrical storm of divine visions "

Michelle Obama, "Queen of the World", challenges, inspires African youth

MHS rescues injured kitten from Hwy 101

And where did the idea of 'One Nation' come from?

Highly recommend! Author Paul Gilding Talks Wild Weather And Global Warming

Postal service to stop paying into employee pension fund

Oh, PLEASE make it be happen!

San Francisco Giants Go To Bat For El Dorado Hills T-Baller

First they came for Acorn, and we folded, next they came for Planned Parenthood, and we cringed

So now reports as "news" that fox news is not misinformation". That says EVERYTHING about the joke

Colo. cops hunting man who hid in portable toilet at yoga festival

tweety says ru$h limbaugh is a liar

Incredible image of Saturn's moon, Helene, from the Cassini spacecraft

True or False: The Banks have paid us back completely for their bailout?

Planned Parenthood Goes Dark in Indiana

patrol car hits boy. (he's ok)

KO Countdown beat CNN first night in key demo ratings!

Tweet from Albany: votes in place for Marriage Equality

Maloney, Menendez Re-Introduce The Equal Rights Amendment In Response To Wal-Mart

Open letter to our cowardly elected Democrats who refuse to stand up.

Video: Jon Stewart Responds To PolitiFact By Being Buried In A Mountain Of Fox News Falsehoods

US crime figures: Why the drop?

Thin-skinned Chris Christie snaps at NJ resident asking him question about public schools (video)

Michele Bachmann's Holy War


Natural Gas Industry Propagandizes Fracking to Children

Democrats call for new spending in US debt deal

Quake evacuees open doors, hearts to volunteers staying at 'tent village'(JAPAN)

Ocean Life Facing Mass Extinction. Is it time to freak out yet?

Chicago DUers: Check in here!

Nevada Bar Investigating Righthaven Lawyers

Extremists finding fertile ground in Northwest US

"DU" or "the DU"?

One page....

War or health care, education and Social Security? Which will it be?

Indochinese Tiger Cubs at the Hanoi Zoo - info and pics

Michelle Bachman claims Canada did not do much of a stimulus and our

I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Soldier

Self-help guru convicted in Arizona sweat lodge deaths

The American suburbs are a giant Ponzi scheme

I love this quote, because it is so true.

HAHAHA!!! The Quitter is Quitting again - this time half-way thru her Bus Tour

Report: O’Keefe took $100 from man claiming to be crack pipe dealer

BARTERING. What if we didn't need THEM? Organized community bartering for as much as possible

EJ Dionne- The missing economic arguments

Senate GOP leader won't say where he stands on Libya mission

The Clarence Thomas Scandal

Recovery predicted for Las Vegas housing prices ... maybe by 2031

Will you help Senator Sanders expose the Koch Echo Chamber?

DLC history threads.


Scantily dressed visitors must cover up to see Rikers inmates

Is it possible for a Republican to win the presidency by

If you don't have cable, but have Roku - you can watch Keith!!!

Judge may block parts of new Montana marijuana law

MARINE: “How dare we exclude a group of people who want to do the same thing you do right now"

Rachel Maddow asks why everyone takes Jon Huntsman seriously...

Angry Buzz rises among neighbors of beekeepers

Disgraced LGBT lobbyist Coronado linked to Heritage Foundation

Lawsuit seeks injunction on Emergency Manager law ‘This is not democracy, this is dictatorship'

Lawsuit seeks injunction on Emergency Manager law ‘This is not democracy, this is dictatorship'

Tweety just received the kiss of death from Kay Bailey Hutchinson

Maine Progressives launching People's Veto to repeal new RePUKElican anti-voting law.

Call the Republicans bluff..

A Thread for Glen

Government 30 Billion Dollar Small Business Lending Fund: No Money Spent in Nine Months!

Enough ... Increase taxes on the rich already ....

Glen Campbell has Alzheimer's, plans for final album and farewell tour

Right-Wing Freakout: Pixar's 'Cars 2' is brainwashing children to care about the environment.

The Times Are Ripe for Populism

NY Fed Won't Say How Much Money Went to Iraq

Questions about Michele Bachman's law degree

Kerry and McCain Unite Behind the Mysteriously Urgent Libya Mission by Russ Baker

Murder trial shows cell phone tracking records/store videos are being kept for years

We have had a spate of train-track suicides in the Philly area


Will we ever have another FDR ?

After The 1929 Crash, We Had In 1933, Ferdinand Pecora... Now, We Have Eric Holder...

Southwest pilot comments caught on open mic - OOPS

David Tyree would give up Super Bowl win to stop the gays: White Supremacist agrees

Who did you choose? Lawrence O (MSNBC) or Keith O (CurrenTV)?

Millions of under 65 "middle-class" people on Social Security could get Medicaid! That's great!

Gore faults Obama on global warming

The rich making themselves richer is ultimately self defeating

Ebert's tweet on Dunn death spurs cyber-maelstrom

Tweety's not JUST a harmless flake

US crime figures: Why the drop?

Pulitzer-winning journalist admits he's illegal immigrant

Barney Frank, Ron Paul to introduce marijuana legalization bill (w/Conyers, Polis, Cohen, Lee)

Now he's saying that he didn't say what he said

Now he's saying that he didn't say what he said

Michele Bachmann gets it wrong about Canada

Michele Bachmann gets it wrong about Canada

Merry Summer Solstice to all. The northern hemisphere has begun its 6 month tilt away from the sun.

Michael Collins: Questions for The Money Party -- Why Negative Job Growth for 11 Years?

Join Nurses to Protest Wall Street June 22

Obama Withdrawal Plan Leaves More Troops in Afghanistan Than When He Began His Presidency

Now we know why city living's bad for the brain

Wisconsin: Shelly Moore under attack

Jon Stewart Reads Off Laundry List of False Statements by ‘Lying Dynasty’ Fox News

Los Angeles to get rid of Red Light Cameras

Another first for metro Detroit: Bank robber's getaway car is a Toyota Prius

Sign Bernie Sanders petition to name Elizabeth Warren head of Consumer Financial Protection

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says students 'got the shaft' under labor deal: rescind teacher raises!

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- War and powers

For those of you with no access to Current TV

Tell President Obama to withdraw 30,000 troops THIS year.

It's a shame but the monied elite are not only dividing Americans,

"If voting made any difference, it would be illegal" -- Jello Biafra

"If voting made any difference, it would be illegal" -- Jello Biafra

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- WallMart and the Courts

The employment situation in the US is like a game of musical chairs,

Would You Buy A Greek Bond?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Economy

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Economy

Two Madison brewpubs stop selling MillerCoors beers in protest of budget provision

Two Madison brewpubs stop selling MillerCoors beers in protest of budget provision

If killing OBL wasn't the logical end of our mission in Afghanistan, whatever COULD be???

Changing Conditions

VIDEO: Colbert Finds Perfect Generic Republican Candidate - (Hilarious!!!) - - - VIDEO

GOP can't block recess appointment of Elizabeth Warren.

Remember when...?

6 primaries scheduled for WI senate recall elections.

Sarah Palin quits bus tour halfway through, retreats to Alaska

Obama's "Withdrawal" in Afghanistan leaves twice as many troops there as when he took office

Sarah Palin's cancelled bus tour. Has this changed your opinion of her?

'Regime Change,' 'Shock and Awe, 'Imperial Presidency:' Missing Words from the Bush Era

Man freepers really are fucking stupid...

Al Gore Blasts Obama On Climate Change For Failing To Take 'Bold Action'

Only one eaglet left

Sarah Palin confirms her status as top quitter

$10 to the first person that can define "victory" in Afghanistan

Five Reasons You Need Solar Panels by the Executive Director of the Sierra Club

General Strike NOW!

New York City Solar Map

Cops: Jackass Star Ryan Dunn Was VERY DRUNK During Crash AND Traveling 132 to 140 MPH

Holy Shit! I didn't know Republicans could do that.

Tom the Dancing Bug: In which the President is forced to get "Pro-Life"

Cut the Work Week

More Say They Are Worse Off Than Under Bush

Those Libyan Atrocities: Do They Really Stand Up? by Alexander Cockburn

Michigan lawmaker introduces bill that would criminalize invasive TSA searches

How would you ever explain to your grandkids that you were on the side of corporations?

How many are aware of the Noth Carolina Eugenics Commission and the forced sterlization of 1000s?

Do we need to rebuild the Democratic Party almost from scratch?

Matt Taibbi: Rep. Michele Bachmann "Exactly The Right Kind Of Batshit Crazy" To Win GOP Nom

Let's all cheer for The Unsurge

A very simple graphic: Troops in Afghanistan during Bush, Obama:

Project Flood nuclear 'alert': Obama, Red Cross declare emergencies

All of the troops lost in Iraq and Afghanistan were wasted lives.

American In Talks for 100 Airbus Planes

DU's change for the worse!!!!

Rand Paul: America's hungry seniors should turn to charity

Frank and Paul to Introduce Bill to End Marijuana Prohibition

Puppy left in hot car dies; owner arrested

Walmart, "Too Big to Sue" per SCOTUS. n/t

Sen. Bernie Sanders Exposes the KOCH BROS.

H1-B Visa Program Creates Caste System for Silicon Valley

Bi-Partisan Bill in Congress Will Restrict Use of Naked Scanners & Pat-Downs

Bi-Partisan Bill in Congress Will Restrict Use of Naked Scanners & Pat-Downs

Finally the truth comes out! Jane Hamsher would rather have Mitt Romney than President Obama.

Wisconsin: Walker ends collection of racial profiling tracking data

Here is why we lost the House in '10; why the widespread disaffection with these 'Democrats'

My conservative mom just sent me an email that kind of shocks me.

Do you feel like you're part of a community here on DU?

Greece: “We will not suffer any more so that we can make the rich even richer.”

WIKILEAKS: mass surveillance and data mining against the Arab world (US next?)

Lawmakers Re-Introduce The Equal Rights Amendment In Response To Wal-Mart Ruling

If the US were ever invaded, would you be an "insurgent"?

If the US were ever invaded, would you be an "insurgent"?

What the public has to understand is that the planet is in peril ....

Ten Little Republicans

World's Wealthiest Now Richer Than Before the Great Recession

It's becoming OK to walk away (from a mortgage)

If anyone doubts that there are people who are too rich...

TSA doing patdowns at cars/subway/ferry/bus, aiding immigration checks

TSA doing patdowns at cars/subway/ferry/bus, aiding immigration checks

Go gnaw on some wood

I always forget the "top" link on DU pages.

Photographic PROOF that all of the GOOD ONES really ARE taken. Or about to be taken.

Would you buy anything from this man?

Oh my Goodness, Huntsman is dead meat


I found an error on Wikipedia!

Saw a great bumper sticker today...

Ed, they are not worried about 'history' being taught.

Geez. Google is sometimes too thorough.

No matter what, I just want you all to know....

Some still don't understand this.

OK, fellow IT professionals, I have to vent

Anyone seen the James Cameron movie "Sanctum"? Is it any good?

Adult Education

Wow, Google has voice search.

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom will NEVER forget that day, in college, when he traumatized his pet "Pokey"

How fast do cat whiskers grow?

PHOTO: Since his earliest bachelor days, MiddleFingerMom mastered ALL household chores, like ironing

"Men wear color in two areas"

PHOTO: The rampage CONTINUES...a NEW Graywarrior sighting.

Slide guitar FREAKOUT: Chris Rea wails like a mother****** on "Set Me Free."


Looking to start investing but don't know why to begin

I was looking for a clip.

Without looking it up, give us ten countries where they drive on the left

Here is an edited YouTube clip.

Has it come down to this?: Deep-fried Kool-aide balls.

Songs about SUMMER!

Cool cookie package

Check out this amazing young singer: Sarah Jarosz

I watched Bowling for Columbine the other night.

So, your bully from HS...

Post some long songs for the longest day. The End by the Doors.


Virgin staff face sack after passengers sent foul message

For those who might be interested - George Clooney is single again

Cat gets caught Barking...This is hilarious!

Things that make you go 'oooooooo' - 36 animal babies born in this year in the zoo.

Today I lost one of the most important people in my life...

I have a question for Rachel.

Do you consider the concept of "gourmet hot dogs" offensive?

Scott Foley to join True Blood. Will appear end of 4th, major charcter for 5th season *spoilers*

My Co-driver and I are going to start making infovideos for New Truck Drivers.

any of you DU'ers ever go to key west?

The French know how to design beautiful warplanes...

Two dogs dining in a busy restaurant

Anyone here ever live and work in the Cayman Islands?

Following Atticus: Forty-Eight High Peaks, One Little Dog, and an Extraordinary Friendship

Today outside the BART station I saw something that made me both mad and sad

Seattle church had plans for if a Phelps group protested at their church

Need some good DU vibes here

PHOTO: THE CUTE! IT BURNS! Stop being so DAMNED CUTE, you damned mouse!

If you absolutely MUST get your head cut open (I did Monday)

How honest do you think people are on DU?

Post your Sitcom ideas..

Glen Campbell reveals Alzheimer's diagnosis

PHOTO: OF COURSE it stands for "Dr. Pepper." What else could "D.P." POSSIBLY stand for?

Surviving in the workplace is like walking in a dark alley in a city...

Game of Thrones: Should I buy the books?

Howard Dean is STILL awesome!!!

Who likes Crispy Pops?

I quit smoking 3 years ago. Tell me not to smoke tonight. I really want to.

Jacks and/or Johns only. Post a pic of a Jack or John.

How come in so many old pictures of military men in their uniforms,

PHOTO: In his college days, MiddleFingerMom when through "phases," like his Bruce Wayne Phase...

The chicken breasts I bought at Price Chopper taste like fish...

Don't let your dog eat rabbit poop!

Women flock to take horse-semen shots

Sarah and Bristol Palin Trademark Their Names


Feds nab 2,400 in illegal immigrant sting

Angry Buzz rises among neighbors of beekeepers

White on a purple background - box, box, spade (like from a deck of cards), box, box

NATO says US contribution essential in Libya

Gavins Point increases releases (2 nuke plants in Ne in the way)

AP Exclusive: Medicaid for the middle class?

F.B.I. Seizes Web Servers, Knocking Sites Offline

GOP Blocks Jobs Bill That Included Repeal Of Ethanol Tax Credit, Dozens Of Other Amendments

GAO: leaks at aging nuke sites difficult to detect

Ban Ki-moon unanimously elected for second term as UN chief

Calls For Overhaul Of US Extradition Treaty

Proposed Medicaid Cuts Would Harm New Mexico's Economy

US works for India's membership in Nuclear Suppliers Group

Bahrain unrest: Eight Shia activists sentenced to life

After 17 years, Pentagon renovation is complete

Barack Obama and Pentagon split on Afghanistan pullout

WikiLeaks: Priests defied pope on Chavez

Government layoffs slow U.S. cities' recoveries-report

Libya conflict: Italy urges Nato to suspend hostilities

Saudi Suggests 'Squeezing' Iran Over Nuclear Ambitions

Mexico Arrests La Familia Leader

Al-Qaeda militants 'break out' of Yemen jail

Sussex County legislator introduces measure to make federal health care law 'null and void'

Seven-year-old driver pulled over after 20-mile drive to see his father

Venezuelan prelates defied pope over efforts to oust Chavez, cables show

Libyan rebels in Misrata take tough line on foreign media

House Opens New Challenge to Obama Over Libya Mission

(Ai Weiwei) Dissident Chinese Artist Is Released

Michigan Residents Sue Over Emergency Manager Law

Osama bin Laden wife to leave Pakistan for Yemen

Ho-hum Huntsman enters N.H. with little excitement

N.J. childcare centers would lose $30M in funding under Christie's proposed budget

Indian Company Under Scrutiny Over U.S. Visas

Letting Mexicans die to make the case

Man arrested for battery in Capitol altercation (WI)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Judge tosses Righthaven suit against former prosecutor

Cuomo Reaches Deal With Union to Avert Layoffs

Transocean: BP decisions led to Gulf disaster

Just heard that another earthquake has hit the coast of Japan

Global Warming may cause 15K more temperature-related deaths per year, in Europe by 2070, study says

Beaumont Marijuana Dispensary Searched Tuesday, Several People Detained, Police Chief Says

Michigan Lawmakers Want to Stop Employers From Giving Partner Benefits

No Joke: Sarah Palin Reportedly Quits One Nation Bus Tour Halfway Through

Debt talks: Democrat Kent Conrad, Senate budget chair, says $2 trillion not enough

(Wis) Protester punched in the face at daily Capitol singalong

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad faces impeachment threat

(Minot) City in North Dakota Braces for Flooding

House GOP women defend party against ‘anti-women’ battle cry ahead of 2012 elections

AP Source: NFL Owners, Players Meeting Again

Europe concerned over legality of data storage deal with US

Fed Dims Outlook For Jobs And Growth For 2011

UK Government signals an increased role for religious groups in running public services

Hope renewed for the world's women (or men--whatev')--Clooney's back on the market

Philippines says US obliged to defend Filipino forces if they’re attacked in disputed Spratlys

Hacked Emails from HBGary Reveal Disturbing Public-Private Partnership to Spy on Web Users (New)

Fires bolster political support for forest thinning

AP Source: NFL Owners, Players to Meet Again (hope it will be to ratify a new collective contract)

Obama Opts for Faster Afghan Pullout

Newt Gingrich had second line of credit at Tiffany and Co.

Self-help author convicted in sweat lodge deaths

World's wealthiest people now richer than before the credit crunch

World's wealthiest people now richer than before the credit crunch

Congressional Budget Office warns of debt explosion

Al Gore Blasts Obama On Climate Change For Failing To Take 'Bold Action'

Venezuelans Puzzle Over Their Leader's Health

Venezuelans Puzzle Over Their Leader's Health

Japan on tsunami alert after new quake

McConnell: GOP Outspoken On Libya Because There’s A Democrat In The White House

As the Navy Vets probe widens, Ohio prosecutors get first guilty plea

Boulder council to take up 'corporate personhood' referendum

How come whenever my friends want to treat me to something, I'm out money?

Democrats Explicitly Call Out GOP For Sabotaging The Economic Recovery

Getting Ready for the Next Big Solar Storm

Officials: Gates unlikely to certify DADT repeal before leaving office

Strongest evidence yet indicates Enceladus hiding saltwater ocean

Harry Potter Fans - who are these two "evil" characters

Brush With Nature: tell us about your run-ins with creatures from the great outdoors.

Used cooking oil to be used as biofuel to fuel KLM flights to and from Paris

Colbert's "PED XING" ---instant classic (4:46) with ad lead-in

The Senate Dem leadership –- all of them--- Pivot Back to Jobs, Demand Stimulus in Debt Limit Deal

Obama's speech on the Afghanistan War: Draining a Political Mess of His Own Making

ACTION: THANK THE PREZ & tell the admin. to develop strong plans to PROTECT OUR OCEANS

"You must declare victory and GET OUT."

Killing the Economic Development Administration (Repubs vote against job creation)

Is the Obama admin lying about his 1996 gay marriage support, or did an aide forge his response?

What is up with the media and Huntsman? They love this guy

Jon Huntsman sounds 'a little slow and a little cautious' himself on troop drawdown in Afghanistan

U.S. Congress May Approve Limited Force In Libya

In honor of the Jane Hamsher threads... where should our primary loyalties lie?

Republicans are sabotaging the recovery!!

Democrats Explicitly Call Out GOP For Sabotaging The Economic Recovery

Just because President Obama said it as a candidate doesn't make it right.

[b]MLK Would Not Support War In Iraq & Afghanistan[/b]

Climate change, Gore, and politics over substance

Al Gore correctly predicts that Obama's opponents will take his criticism out of context.

Bernie Sanders and Al Franken CLOWN Rand Paul

Suckerpunched: What to do When Jane Hamsher is Just Not Into You

NYT: Obama to Order 30,000 Troops to Leave Afghanistan by Summer 2012, Officials Say

Wes Clarke's Son Breaks with his Father..."Out of Afghanistan!"

"Presidents, on the other hand, are supposed to make progress, whether progressives like it or not."

HRC: LGBT-Inclusive Immigration Bill Reintroduced

Michelle Obama inspires Soweto

Prominent Gay Rights Protesters Make Amends With Obama

Sign this comrades!

Pres Obama's "timetable is more aggressive than some military advisers had urged."

If Al Gore were to primary challenge Obama, who would you prefer as the 2012 Dem candidate?

John Huntsman is Mr. Rogers in a Party Full of Crazed Lunatics

Lizza: Obama Makes Good on his Promise

Krugman on GOP voodoo: Reagan and Revenues

Tweety:Al Gore ran a terrible campaign

Promoting a third party.. good luck with that

2012 GOP Poll - Who will end up with the nomination

GSOC to NYU: Recognize Us Now!

Empty Chairs (From The AFL-CIO and John Fugelsang)

TX Governor- Follow Me on Tweeter (from the Young Turks)

Right Turn in Canada

Rise Against - Make It Stop (September's Children)

Maddow: GOP Blocks Everything Obama

Howard Dean: "I'm not a fan of primarying President Obama, If I were I'd do it myself"

Michelle Obama meets Nelson Mandela

TDPS: When Will Atheists Win National Office? David Silverman Prez Interview

Who is a nuclear threat to the United States?

Meghan McCain REFUDIATES Bristol Palin's claim that she ignored her during first visit

Oil - The secret pipeline: how Burmese junta

Americans are tired of wars

Thom Hartmann & Gov. Howard Dean - Dean's so-called anti-white rant & $1 healthcare

RFK, Jr.: How The Middle Class Disappeared

TYT: Van Jones Glenn Beck Debate Challenge (Netroots speech)

'Illegal' Snatch: US wants to grab all data on European air passengers

Zinn: A reinvigorated labor movement needed for social upheaval

Armadillo desperate for water in Texas drought, braves humans for drink from hose (cute, but...)

Obama Faces Opposition on Authorization for Libya War - Democracy NOW!

Betsy Loves Sarah Palin (FUNNY)

The American Dream In Going Down The Drain! Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

Belfast violence erupts ahead of marching season

Michio Kaku on CNN: Fukushima - ''They Lied to Us'' - June 21, 2011

Michele Bachmann's Holy War! Matt Taibbi

David Letterman - Top Ten Reasons To Watch The New Countdown With Keith Olbermann!

Young Turks: Jon Stewart Calls Out Fox News Bias, Lazy MSM

Thom Hartmann: The 10 DAY manhunt for a known terrorist ignored by MSM

The Last Word on Snake Oil

Roseanne Confronts Her State Representative On Big Business, Politics, Unemployment & Foreclosure

Thom Hartmann: IPhone video kill switch...the George Orwell-ification of America?

Thom Hartmann: Second Japan Nuke...more dangerous than Fukushima?

Senator Sanders Takes on the Koch Brothers and Their Social Security Lies

"Earth facing mini-ice age!!" say the media. Now for the science....

Rochester (NY) Police Arrest Woman Videotaping From Her Front Yard

Report Warns Of Mass Extinction From Current Rate Of Marine Distress -HuffPo

Jon Huntsman Provides 'Seinfeldian' Explanation For Misspelling of Own Name

Greece still likely to default, says top bond investor

WSJ: The GOP Myth of 'Job-Killing' Spending

Commencement Day for a Lost Generation

Life sentences for Bahrain activists

A summit in Tehran trumps the US

Mr IMF says: More Europe, please

Robert Scheer: Bill Clinton’s Legacy of Denial

“If a Tree Falls”: New Documentary on Daniel McGowan, Earth Liberation Front and Green Scare

Abortion language inserted into state budget could jeopardize OB/GYN accreditation (WI)

Why Rick Perry would be a really really bad president.

Alan Grayson writes about the American Dream and the Green Lantern

Why Study Hyenas?

Obama Likely to Bring 10K Troops Home This Year

India's growing visa problem

ANALYSIS-NATO counts on Tripoli uprising to break deadlock

Hillary Clinton adviser compares internet to Che Guevara

Syria Thanks Russia For Stance On Mooted UN Security Council Resolution

Pulling plug on privacy How technology helped make the 4th Amendment obsolete

Is it "the economy, stupid," or "the stupid economy"?

Salon: What other American problems can we blame on immigrants?

Germany to Open Doors for Engineers, Doctors

Jose Antonio Vargas: My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant

Thom Hartmann: The Wal-Mart Case - A hit on trial lawyers as it was on women

Ciudad Juarez is all our futures. This is the inevitable war of capitalism gone mad

Letting Mexicans die to make the case

Charging Ahead

U.S. nuke regulators weaken safety rules

Stretching Old Material Yields New Results for Energy- and Environment-related Devices

Alta Devices lifts curtain on high-efficiency solar cell (

Drumbeat: June 22, 2011

Uranium Mine Moratorium Extended at Grand Canyon

The Oil Drum: Peak Oil - the clear and present danger

Five-Week NASA Mission Will Track Arctic Phytoplankton Trends - Blooms Peaking Earlier Than In Past

Thermoelectrics Make A Comeback—New concepts and materials…power generation

NS - Last Major Extinction Spasm: 2.2 Gt Carbon Released Yearly; Today's Release Rate - 25 Gt/Year

WV Industry Association Fracking PR Campaign Designed To Counter "Wing-Nut Organizations"

Madison to kill up to 350 Canada geese

Another Blow For Freedumb - House Committee Blocks Regulating Coal Ash As HazMat

Koch Industries lobbying members of Congress against natural gas subsidy

New DuPont Herbicide Fine Print: Do Not Compost Grass Clippings Sprayed With Imprelis

US West Coast boasts underwater Serengeti, study finds

A Loud Canadian Silence At Conference On Whether To Allow Continued Chrysotile Asbestos Exports

Record flooding in North Dakota forces evacuation of 11,000

University of Minnesota engineering researchers discover new source for generating 'green' electri…

NOAA: US Unprepared for Changes in Arctic Ice

Gore faults Obama on global warming

Texas: Drillers Must Disclose ‘Fracking’ Chemicals

Readings of Sea Area Monitoring at offshore of Miyagi, Fukushima and Ibaraki Prefecture

Want to reduce your heating, cooling bills by 90 percent?

Time to Sell That Ocean Front Property? New Study on Sea Level Rise

The very peculiar world of Alan Moore

I could be just one more heartwarming example away

Where is Your God??

Summer solstice draws 18000 people to Stonhenge

how a religious motivation and preserving the environment are related

Exorcism: Bad Acting Or Real Evil?

Venezuelan Plelates defied Pope over efforts to oust Chavez

An experiment that failed: Time for the discredited “ex-gay” myth to go away

Self-deleted by member

Restored From Here To Eternity Passages

Gay Marriage Proponents, Detractors Rally In New York, But Deadlock Continues

In African Women’s Soccer, Homophobia Remains an Obstacle

UN recognizes gay rights as human rights.

Chef, actress join lobbying on NY gay marriage .

What do the words "evolution" or "evolving" mean to you?

Poll: 76 Percent of Mass. Voters Support Transgender Rights Bill

Barney Frank Speaks At ATF Gay Pride Celebration

(R)'s are horrible people - Michigan Lawmakers Want to Stop Employers From Giving Partner Benefits

"So not the Cleavers" takes aim at Prop 8

Gay marriage the new red menace, according to New York archbishop

What Will Obama Tell The Gays Under The Shadow Of Lady Liberty?

Capital Tonight: 32 votes for Gay Marriage secured.

Uppity Homosexuals...

Lesbian Minister found guilty of performing same sex marriage.

Don Lemon: I Want Being Gay To Be Normal

Obama treading carefully on gay issues in 2012 bid

Gates unlikely to certify DADT repeal before leaving office