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Leaked: Mainstream Media's Dictionary. Letter B

The Greek people should haul a giant guillotine in front of their politicians

Toon: Sentenced....

Bwah-ha-hah!1 Keith/ Current ads in the middle of O'LOOFAH !1

Let's imagine that your biggest opponent's favorables are at 23% and his unfavorables are at 26% . .

Mayor Jason West is not only a progressive

Thank goodness for Eric Cantor!!! by Barth

Thank goodness for Eric Cantor!!! by Barth

So how do Cheney et al feel about Paul Ryan today

Remember Sean Hannity's friend Hal Turner?

AARP Discussing Social Security 10 PM EDT TONIGHT - Call In !!!! Save Social Security

Maid 'held hostage' for 14 years in Saudi Arabia

Poll from earlier this year we ignore at our own peril

Sunny Sheu Killed After Reporting Death Threat from Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia

Yeah baby

Oh, Dear God. Health care propaganda.

Oh, Dear God. Health care propaganda.

Psst, PolitiFact: Here's another typical example of how Fox misinforms

"They want what YOU want...a chance to be a little less alone in the world."

Fired IT guy puts porn in ex-boss' PowerPoint, gets sweet revenge

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & here's Maru!

Marriage Equality - Time for a March on Washington?

No vote on Marriage Equality in New York (tonight)

No vote on Marriage Equality in New York (tonight)

Marriage Equality - Time for a March on Washington?

Do you think that some people on DU are addicted to the Internet?

The more things change...

With outrageous salaries, tax breaks, and corporate welfare continuously

Is this "Fast and Furious" scandal a potential problem, and did Obama know about it?

Tax Holiday for Overseas Corporate Profits Would Increase Deficits, Fail To Boost The Economy, And..

Same-Sex Household Growth Rate Moves California Beyond ‘Gayborhoods’

I'm one of those "Legacy DU'ers"..I'm Pissed and Disappointed...

Approval of Congress Approaching Previous Lows.

AFL-CIO blog: ALEC’s Economic Rankings (of state economies) Based on Corporate Wish List

AFL-CIO blog: ALEC’s Economic Rankings (of state economies) Based on Corporate Wish List

How would you feel about Donald Trump as US ambassador to Kenya?

High level of radiation exposure estimated. NHK WORLD NEWS

What do you miss more, your life with babies, or your life w/o babies?

This could be as true today as back in the 18th century

NC woman sterilized because state deemed her 'promiscuous'

Wow. Somebody found an emerald ring worth 500k in the ocean.

Wow. Somebody found an emerald ring worth 500k in the ocean.

As Max Baucus barters away our Medicare, he slipped LibbyCare into the health care bill last year

Arizona DPS system hacked: LulzSec group claims responsibility

Michigan citizens rebel against law which allows the governor to fire gov't officials, appoint

The year of epic floods continues

Wisconsin: Plain Talk: What’s good for fat cats is bad for rest of us

So Glenn Beck is starting a pay website called GBTV.

Bin Laden is dead and Bulger is behind bars.

A little help with this right winged email saying porest cities have Dem Mayors

If they vote or don't vote, Senate Republicans weigh the political risks of same-sex marriage

If they vote or don't vote, Senate Republicans weigh the political risks of same-sex marriage

Right to Life? How about a State's Right to Sterilize?

US Senator Sunspot Johnson (POS-Wi) proves to be a big spender - and taker: Firm pays him $10M

Wisconsin: Will Walker help Cowles hide his Porno Investments?

self delete, computer glitch, double post. n/t

2007 Mildred Loving statement on Same Sex marriage

2007 Mildred Loving statement on Same Sex marriage

WI: Dems slam ad that paints Shilling as budget slasher.

WaPo - "Why Eric Cantor won’t make the budget deal." - Boehner v. Cantor Power Play Causes Default!

WaPo - "Why Eric Cantor won’t make the budget deal." - Boehner v. Cantor Power Play Causes Default!

Wisconsin: ijustdontknow exposes Sunspot Johnson's business "acumen"

Netherlands split as anti-Muslim MP is cleared of hate charge

Was this an attempt at some sort of back door stimulus?

NY Times Editorial - "Their Temper Tantrum" - Calls Out Republicans! Nice!

Holy Shit - Breaking on Rachel - the hackers LulzSec

Pakistan & The USA, Osama Bin Laden & Whitey Bulger - It's easy with money.

Monument planned to honor police torture victims

In NJ A-4133 passed, 46-32, 14 Democrats voted for it, 1 in 7 in NJ will be hurt by it

Greenwald: Climate of Fear: Jim Risen v. the Obama administration

NJ Governor Anti-CHRISTie scores another win for the nationwide "liberal" media to drool over

NJ Governor Anti-CHRISTie scores another win for the nationwide "liberal" media to drool over

Palin quits AGAIN!!! Trip to Sudan w/ Franklin Graham & Greta Von Xenu is CANCELED!

Something to think about......

FTC launching antitrust probe over Google search, ad businesses

Just remember that every time they fuck around with payroll tax holidays....

Something important that Ron Reagan did tonight

Breaking News Alert- NYTimes - Seized Cellphone Suggests Bin Laden Link to Pakistani Intelligence

Eerie flashback -- Obama on "the light" and LBJ on "the light"

Supreme Court strikes down Vermont’s prescription privacy law

Former Guantánamo Navy photographer in Miami lock-up

PSA for Teabaggers

Bill Clinton's 14 ways to put America back to work:

President Obama to announce $500M manufacturing drive with $70M for smarter robots, $300M for MIC

Washington's Hardliners Are Guilty of Treason: Team B's Direct Connection To 9/11

Wisconsin: GOP has re-drawn districting maps, may implement before recalls

The Chicago police union head said that the G8 summit attracts "wild, anti-globalist anarchists".

The Chicago police union head said that the G8 summit attracts "wild, anti-globalist anarchists".

The Chicago police union head said that the G8 summit attracts "wild, anti-globalist anarchists".

The new Knut? Orphan polar bear cub heads to zoo via UPS

"Erasing Hate"

CHART OF THE DAY: New GOP Governors Tanking Nationwide

Obama invites top senators for debt talks

In Memoriam of the Man Who Sued the KGB


John Fugelsang makes Breitbart cry on Twitter.

Rep. Chris Murphy: Thomas Gift Scandal ‘Undermine[s] The Integrity of The Entire Judiciary’

The backward policies & the anti-science pigheadedness of Fed marijuana policies amount to cruelty

Critical thinking comment by Janeane Garofalo

David Corn tweeting some interesting Schumer quotes from conference call.

Wisconsin Methodist Lesbians .... be very scared

A very little bit of research that went nowhere - but interesting

Chuck Schumer Flip-Flop=Billions of Dollars In Corporate Welfare

Bin Laden wanted to change al-Qaida's bloodied name

Gun advocate arrested for punching Wisconsin union activist in the face

Gangrenous Bowel in German Octogenarian Shows E. Coli Risk, Doctors Find

Gangrenous Bowel in German Octogenarian Shows E. Coli Risk, Doctors Find

For the first time in our nation's history, the majority of people under age 2 are minorities.

For the first time in our nation's history, the majority of people under age 2 are minorities.

Pasta Price May Surge as Swamped North Dakota Cuts Durum Supply

Dunk the Dough-Boy!!! Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!

First they claimed only they could protect us from terror, then gays were the threat to our security

Cantor Gave Boehner No Heads Up On Ditching Debt Talks

Were you ever told where the term Al-Qaida originated from?

Were you ever told where the term Al-Qaida originated from?

RIAA/MPAA thinks you're stealing content? Then you could only be allowed to the 'top 200' websites

***** HOUSE LiveBlog = LIBYA *****

Cantor Stalks Out Angry; Demands Beer and Travel Money

I may have to change my mind about Rachel.

I killed Nicole, OJ tells Oprah

Where did the term "woo woo stuff" come from?

Ah gee, the oil speculators are "upset" about government interference in the "free" markets, by the

Rebuild the Dream event - Van Jones - "We are being LIED TO!" - Live now on livestream - link:

Souris River engulfs Minot, North Dakota

Blind USA political discourse

Wow, now Glenn Beck TV is advertising at DU...

Wisconsin: Walker to sign budget bill at business owned by convicted tax felon

US Uncut and The Yes Men are Back: Following the Money

Fair & Balanced© Chris Wallace: Jon Stewart is "somewhat in denial about the bias of his program"

Netanyahu's Son posts anti-Muslim stuff on Facebook

Your imported patriotic furniture moment (you can't make this stuff up)

Supreme Court sides with pharmaceutical industry in two decisions

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Costs of War

The US Chamber is Evil Facebook Page Needs

Rick Scott's communications director to press: "I really don't miss some of you dips---s at all."

Guardian UK: 'Barack Obama's real record on LGBT rights'

The New York State Legislature has failed to act...

Look ma! No hands!

Gov't eyes 100 bil. yen fund to track Fukushima residents' health (JAPAN)

This guy on NPR said that if you are enjoying your sex, you are not a sex addict.

Female Republicans defend party against 'anti-women' charge

What happens when police need to apprehend a genuinely dangerous person?

Confirmed: President Obama hasn’t evolved on marriage

Report: Marriage Equality Bill expected to move to NY Senate floor for vote

TPM: Perry’s Tequila Joke At Latino Conference Falls Flat

8 Reasons Justice Clarence Thomas Must Step Down

8 Reasons Justice Clarence Thomas Must Step Down

Jeans 'are named for jinns and can make you infertile', Iranians told


Cradle robber marries bride 13 years younger than he is.

Apple To Block iPhones Filming Live Events Using Infra-red Sensors Installed At Events.

Photo of the Day(JAPAN)


For all of you DUer's in North Dakota and around Minot stay safe.

Friday Toon Roundup 6: The rest

Republicans Putting the Squeeze on the Jobless, again - part of the "Dems can't handle the economy"

Faith healing Couple gets 90 days in jail for almost letting daughter go blind in one eye

5 WikiLeaks Revelations Exposing the Rapidly Growing Corporatism Dominating American Diplomacy Abroa

Think Progress: Missing Data Points on White House's Troop Level Charts

Feds won't deport immigrants in civil rights cases

Drone Airplane Crashes Into Roof Of Damaged Fukushima Reactor #2

NATO in Libya: Confused Coalition of the Unwilling and Unable, by Marc Ginsburg

Report: James O’Keefe took $100 from man claiming to be crack pipe dealer

Apple Bans Palestinian Activist App From iTunes, But Allows Israeli Government Propaganda App

The Cult of Christian Dominionism or “It’s NOT a cult! My beloved leader and all of his followers te

Target To Transfer Lease Rights For 39 Canada Sites To Wal-Mart

New Jersey State Assembly (yep, controlled by Dems) moves to cut benefits for public workers

New Jersey State Assembly (yep, controlled by Dems) moves to cut benefits for public workers

Marxism: the World is being run by the Marx Brothers...

Obama Leaves Door Open to Long-Term U.S. Afghan Combat

Alleged Scientology "Enemies" List Revealed

Alleged Scientology "Enemies" List Revealed

Huntsman's campaign strategist calls GOP field "weakest since 1940".

Democrats could learn something from Republicans

Assuming that you get what you want, what will the rest of us get out it?

The alert questions: Select the rule(s) that this post violates

House Rejects U.S. Role in Libya

Obama returns to New York for $35,800-per-plate dinner with Wall Street bankers

Nice Article on Keith's new gig... and a nice little tidbit on someone else....

Statement from Delta Airlines regarding "arrangements" with Saudi Arabian Airlines

Firefox 5.0 is now on my machine

Progressives To Protest Koch Brothers Retreat Tomorrow

There is a dildo ad on the home page of DU. Cool.

Marriage equality in New York could be a stimulus package for businesses

The Rude Pundit - Family Research Council: "If Gay Marriage Passes in NY, God Must Hate Us":

The House is voting right now about defunding our operations in Libya.

Open Enrollment

NY Religous Exemptions posted online - read it here

Working Class Hero

[Buffalo Beast's] Murphy buys [James "Pimp Boy"] O’Keefe dinner with "crack pipe" money

As my Representative Mr. Cantor I say -- GET IN THERE AND DO YOUR JOB!!!

Gov Christie says cutting pay of middle class workers his "greatest accomplishment"

Request for assistance,

BREAKING- Senate Maj Ldr confirms NY Marriage Equality bill will come up for vote

African white lion cubs - pics

DU, Why can't we all get along?

Casino Gulag Experiment - Americans Will Work for 25 Cents an Hour

Ex-Detroit mayor gets parole, federal case looms

Google Confirms FTC Antitrust Investigation

Twitter: AP reports NY Gay Marriage bill goes to floor for vote

Boehner challenges Obama on debt deal, tax increases (No tax increases or else)

GOP hopeful most likely to channel Greg Stillson?

Link to download Lulz's cache of AZ emails;

T-Mobile Stores Could Be Casualties Of AT&T Merger ( well over 10,000 jobs potentially lost)

Analysis-of-a-Typical-Facebook (DU?)-Debate

An amazing story of miscarrage of justice, absolutely true. in Illinois

Make my proud of you, New York

Three Little Words: WikiLeaks, Libya, Oil

Skelos statement: #gaymarriage will come to floor

Is there anyplace to watch Keith Olbermann's new show online?

Planned Parenthood expects to get licensed in Kansas

Those so called Xtian orphanages in Haiti - owner charged

What does LulzSec want? Hack of Arizona computers offers clues.

Amtrak wreck in Nevada.

Weather girl forced to apologize to Al Roker after calling him names on a open mic see below

I know who I'm voting for in 2012!

Overworked America: 12 Charts that Will Make Your Blood Boil - MoJo

I've REALLY enjoyed Hardball the past two days.

Daily Kos: Pro-Labor Progressives Should Support The AT&T - T-Mobile Merger

One teenzie-weenzie, tiny, minute point about debt limit negotiations....

Dating Site Dumps 30,000 Ugly People

The South will rise again...

Police using selective enforcement of law to harass supporters of woman arrested for filming police

TPMCD: LOST ON LIBYA -- House Won’t OK Libya Mission — Or Defund It

Scott Walker To Sign Budget Bill At Business Of Convicted Tax Felon (canceled after this story)

Free Speech Radio News seeking an Assistant Technical Producer

Free Speech Radio News seeking an Assistant Technical Producer

Facebook post sums up American justice in one picture

Luckovich toon nails the Republican Agenda

Thomas Drake Proved To Be Bloody Well Right - EmptyWheel

Van Jones on the deficit: ‘We are not stupid. We can do the math.’

Why I don't like to say Poki-Stahn or Tolly-bahn.

Peter Falk died last night

NY Conservative Party leader: ''I'm Sorry to Say But the Bill's Going to Pass'" (marriage equality)

Gannett lays off D.C. agriculture reporter; 'industry will now have a free reign over coverage'

Gannett lays off D.C. agriculture reporter; 'industry will now have a free reign over coverage'

Goldman Sachs truly does own the world!

Rx for depression in old people

Friday Toon Roundup 2: More War toons

Friday Toon Roundup 3: Repubs

Friday Toon Roundup 4: Economy

Friday Toon Roundup 5: Supremes

US man charged with sexually abusing Haitian boys

Would you keep a known sex offender on the job once you found out

Idaho Paper: EPA’s “RadNet monitors were shipped out of Boise Tuesday” + much more on Fukushima, etc

Eugene Robinson: Why Does the War Go On?

GA.’s farm-labor crisis going exactly as planned (anti-illegal-immigrant law means few workers)

Imprecatory prayer lawsuit moves forward by Mikey Weinstein

SCOTUS rule that Big Pharma's right to buy your med records overrules doctor-patient confidentiality

CHART OF THE DAY: If Congress Does Nothing, The Deficit Will Disappear

WI-“I don’t have to explain it any further to someone like you” he told reporter.

Umm...should we all call Eric Holder's Office right fucking now

Umm...should we all call Eric Holder's Office right fucking now

Hartmann caller: Why isn't the DoJ intervening in the voter suppression?

I'm glad Obama didn't 'endorse' gay marriage in NY last night

I'm glad Obama didn't 'endorse' gay marriage in NY last night

*Keith/Countdown reinstates Friday's with Thurber!

Dog bolts from yard, runs cancer charity marathon.

For our friends and loved ones who may be weight challenged, some great websites

Did Obama "Wimp Out" on Gay Marriage?

Man finds his lost dog 9 months later. Who should get to keep dog?

For AARP, A 'Monumental' Shift On Social Security?

10 Things the GOP Doesn't Want You to Know About the Debt

City of Los Angeles banned from taking & destroying the possessions of homeless people

Good news!!!! You can now buy a Sarah Palin 2012 candle. From the "Victory Store"...whoopeee!!!

Ron Paul worries Fort Knox gold is gone (not from The Onion)...

Outcry in America as pregnant women who lose babies face murder charges

The last pint of blood

Why isn't the following post on DU's front page:

Top 2 internet searches in Mississippi? "Free Porn" and "God".

There are two big problems with the Alternet article regarding "5 Wikileaks Revelations..."

You gotta hand it to Fox Nation… Always trusty

Hey, DU...some help w/ Credit Card co.

Georgia says NO to immigrants—Migrant farm workers say NO to Georgia

It is my birthday today and all I want is gay marriage in New York!!!! (pretty please?)

Obama, Reid, and Pelosi need to go on national tv together and vow to defend the safety net.

Remorseful Keith Olbermann Will Stop Running Into Rachel Maddow's Show

Gov. LePage Signs Medical Marijuana Law

Ron Reagan needs a spot on M$NBComcast

Rep Chris Murphy (D-CT) is calling for Supreme Court ethics hearings- sign his petition

Ok Youngies... Movie:'Murder By Death' Besides Peter Falk, Name Another Actor(ess) In That Movie...

Here‘s the Friday Afternoon Challenge for DU music lovers: The Musical Interpretation!

Remember the Chicago parents who fought to save their fieldhouse library? Brizard breaks promise.

Update on my neighbor, the Limbaugh fan

"At The Heart Of Liberalism Really Is A Hatred For God"

Assume marijuana is legalized, what laws controlling it would you like to see?

HHS Scales Back Rules On Health Insurance Appeals

Freepers go crazy over Frank-Paul marijuana bill

Glenn Beck To Visit Auschwitz, Broadcast Special From Outside Town -not the Onion

Glenn Beck To Visit Auschwitz, Broadcast Special From Outside Town -not the Onion

Glenn Beck To Visit Auschwitz, Broadcast Special From Outside Town -not the Onion

Lessons of Wisconsin: Only the class struggle works

I found out what I owe today. I'm sick and terrified.

A truly ROTTEN guy seeks to justify rape

British, French agents undercover in Libya to get Gaddafi: Report

Somewhere, a box of rocks is feeling very smart.........

Damn I love Kieth Olbermann but.

U.S. citizens support brutal dictator in Libya.

Guys, I gotta say- I am truly depressed right now.

Was your degree worth the debt?

A hidden world, growing beyond control- Top Secret America

Joe Bonamassa - "Starship Trooper (Wurm)"

Un-be-EFFIN-lievable: Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - "I'm A King Bee" LIVE

Cardiac Rehab 1 -- Dupe don't bother

Cardiac Rehab 1 -- Dupe don't bother

Do you think that some people on DU are addicted to the Internet?

Curmudgeon Rehab number fuck you

Joe Bonamassa - "Reconsider Baby"

Glen Campbell, Gentle On My Mind

For us old farts ... here's Dean doing HIS song ... Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

On polls for Photography threads..

Cardiac Rehab 1

Horrible! Man attacked by polar bear. **Graphic Photo Warning**

Cardiac Rehab #2

PHOTO: Er...maybe you SHOULDN'T tickle Elmo right now. Just back away. Slowly.

Go plank that somewhere else......

Go plank that somewhere else......

Yeah baby

PHOTO: It's not so much what the bears are's that AND the t-shirt the guy is wearing.

While My Ukulele Gently Weeps

High praise for the teacher

zip ties are the 8th wonder of the modern world.

I have noticed that people who are for abortion have all been born.

I dreamt I came into 3rd row center tickets to the theatre that had been forfeited by Newt Gingrich.

Question about freezing stuff, such as meat with spaghetti sauce.

PHOTO: Seems like this kid likes their teacher for all the wrong reasons...

The $129.96 Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon Immersion Box Set"

Well, now what? We got to work this morning and one of the guys

Paging Dr. DU- Need Some Help Figuring Out What is Wrong With Me

So, what is it about me and flying pebbles?

two versions of the same song

Pony Bebop?

Can't get used to losing ... George Harrison

Dang you Northwesterners and all your fricking snow! Dang you!

LOOK at this darling young man, Stephen Retchless, Pole Dancer

Becuase of some attempts to continue to smear.

The Neon Philharmonic - Morning Girl

The alert questions: Select the rule(s) that this post violates

Obama needs to put this guy on his team.

F-you Dexter Season 4. That's some bullshit. Ruined my whole night.

More Sunshine Pop - The Peppermint Rainbow

I'm the odd man out again, this time TV-wise.

Did you see the connection.

OK, MFM, the jig's up.

Well here I am in NJ for my brother's wedding

What is your favourite dessert? I like lemon souffle the best. Second would

FOOD PORN! I'm guessing this one is a "bacon & egg slider."

The Beagle is family!

PHOTO: Having arrested EVERY known super-villain, Spider-Man now just messes with ordinary people

Really important!!! Help me get to 50K posts before rbnyc gets to 15K!

Curious: does Skinner purposely accept ads for anti-dem publications

How old were you the first time you started to smoke/drink?

Well I just bought a digital antenna and here are my pros and cons.

From GD: "What if (General) Sherman was really Skittles' great grandfather???"

It's Friday and I looked for an old thread - for your enjoyment

You just can't make this shit up...

As a empowered liberal loving adult I love my sensual toys very toxic

Poll: Favorite Monkee

Anyone else have a weird psychological relationship with their vacuum?

For Limerick Lovers

**MFM Rehab Hosp. Update**

Federal grand jury begins Contra Costa cops probe

Colombian air force officers arrested in connection with '98 airstrike

Anyone else have a weird physical relationship with their vacuum?

Anyone else have a weird physical relationship with their vacuum?

LGBT-Inclusive Immigration Reform Bill Reintroduced

Toronto police admit G20 mistakes in report

Every time I see the face of a dog, I have to smile

Best Way To Wipe Clean Old Hard Drive?

LulzSec Releases Classified Data of ‘Racist’ Arizona Law Enforcement

2nd Academic Arrested in Prostitution Ring

North Dakota river to surpass record levels

Does anyone else count up the number of responces they get every night? I like to see how I'm doing.

Panama signs whaling agreement

Issa introduces bill to overhaul U.S. Postal Service, increase regulation

Guatemala: Arrest of Top Military Figure for Sexual Violence

Iran is target of new U.S. sanctions

NFL Owners, Players Meet Again

Union files for election at Ikea's first U.S. factory

Senate Offers Revised Rules for Suspects of Terrorism

Democrats Consider Offering Medicare Provider Cuts In Exchange For Revenue Increases

Google to be formally investigated over potential abuse of web dominance

Croatia given conditional go-ahead to join EU

U.S. Growth Revised Slightly Higher

Lawmakers go home without doing anything

What do you miss more, your life with babies, or your life w/o babies?

Happy birthday, Mrs. me!

Is anyone else watching this season of "So You Think You Can Dance?" *possible spoilers*

(44,000) Screeners For T.S.A. Select Union (The American Federation of Government Employees)

NBC apology on Pledge of Allegiance doesn't satisfy Family Research Council

Perry joke about Jose Cuervo falls flat at Latino convention

U.S. Ready To Arm Philippines Amid China Tension

Life Sentences in Rwanda Genocide Case

Army official sentenced for 'false positive' killings

House vote to defund Libya mission fails

Anyone seen the series "Rescue Me" with Denis Leary? Is it any good?

Libya rebels 'in secret talks' (with an extensive underground network in Tripoli) over new regime

.Conrad Black faces resentencing in Chicago

Police find suspect in Boulder portable toilet lurking case

Outcry in America as pregnant women who lose babies face murder charges

Ex-Egyptian bank chief: guilty of hotel sex abuse

[Buffalo Beast's] Murphy buys [James "Pimp Boy"] O’Keefe dinner with "crack pipe" money

Union Deal Goes Down; Malloy Pledges To Cut Close To 7,500 State Workers

American Crossroads PAC casts 2012 as ‘David and Goliath’ struggle against Democrats

U.N. court convicts woman in Rwandan genocide

Seized Phone Offers Clues to Bin Laden’s Pakistani Links

Cuccinelli goes after another federal regulation

Amnesty questions claim that Gaddafi ordered rape as weapon of war

President Obama sets $60 million fundraising goal

Skelos statement: #gaymarriage will come to floor

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, June 24, 2011

Inside LulzSec: Chatroom logs shine a light on the secretive hackers

Two killed in truck collision with Amtrak train

AP Sources: NFL Talks to Be Held Again Next Week

Obama to meet with key lawmakers on debt reduction

Court: Generic drug makers not liable for warnings

Peter Falk has died.

N.J. hedge fund leaders create group to financially back education reforms supported by Gov. Christi

Sarkozy Lashes Out At U.S. Over Libya Mission

Rebels say Gaddafi could stay in Libya: report

SE Michigan battles to lure Sears headquarters (from IL), 5,000 jobs

Intelligence officers could face court for "aiding and abetting torture" despite new guidelines

Deal reached in NY marriage equality, MSNBC reports

Red Cross ship reunites Libyan families (100s stranded for months in Tripoli return to Benghazi)

What would be the worst job in the world to you?

Police say man killed during attempt to steal medical marijuana from deliveryman in California

Consensus Reached on Religious Exemptions in Gay Marriage Bill

N.Y. State Senate to Vote on Same-Sex Marriage

San Jose: Two federal immigration agents to help in city's anti-gang crackdown

Mich. Parole Votes To Release Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick From Prison, Fed. Case Pending

APNewsBreak: Kansas abortion clinic denied license

Obama says gay couples deserve same rights as all

Albany Leaders Reach Consensus on Religious Exemptions for Marriage Measure

Iraq: France's Alstom signs high-speed rail line deal

Republicans walk out of budget talks over taxes

Conrad Black going back to prison

‘Columbo’ Actor Peter Falk Dies At 83

House defeats Libya authorization measure

Canada wins battle to keep asbestos off hazardous list

US Boosts Warning To Gaza Flotilla Activists, Says Participants May Violate US Law

6 NYC teens charged with murder as hate crime

Romney backers launch ‘super PAC’ to raise and spend unlimited amounts

N.J. Democrats announce proposed budget, including millionaires' tax, increased aid for schools, sen

Judge stays abortion law that defunded Planned Parenthood

Texas considers Confederate flag license plate

Need some advice

President 'becoming an absolute monarch' on war powers, Dem says

Major Quake Strikes in Pacific Off Alaska, Tsunami Warning Issued (7.4 Magnitude Near Atka)

Bin Laden wanted to change al-Qaida's bloodied name

Creamer: The Qualitative Difference Between Obama And Bush Foreign Policy

Obama Speech Is Interrupted by Gay Marriage Supporters

Ok, I just have to ask... "Has Obama Done More to Help or to Harm Equal Rights?"

TP: Herman Cain says John Stewart attacks him because he's black

If you're hoping for Obama to take unconventional steps, to cross with insiders...

President Obama addresses the crowd at a LGBT gala in New York City - 23 MINUTE VIDEO

Major NLRB Victory for 57,000 Employees of the Regis Corporation

Republicans offer the country a veritable Sophie's Choice

‘These Long Wars Will Come To A Responsible End.’

TPM Chart of the Day: If Congress Does Nothing, The Deficit Will Disappear

Washington Monthly's Sebastian Jones: Tricky Dick Gephardt

Obama has already endorsed raising taxes

Cesca: We’re Not at War in Libya

Top Dems Provide Fresh Detail On High-Income Tax Proposal That Led GOP To Abandon Debt Talks

FL POLL: Obama approval at 48%, +4 over Romney, +8 over Pawlenty, +9 over Bachmann

If all the oil producing nations are releasing reserves like the US

Obama eyes investments in technology manufacturing

Obama needs to put this guy on his team.

Can the president declare a state of emergency

Why the jobs situation is worse than it looks.

Do you support giving the Office of the President the right to use military

The gay marriage issue and solution are so simple we shouldn't even have to debate it

Steve Benen on the House votes today on Libya

What would you say if these were his comments?

None of the two House votes were to end U.S. involvement in Libya mission

Obama steps into debt talks

N.J. Gov. Christie: Obama needs to 'show up'

Voting against Obama's war is not about beating Republicons, it is about

Obama Faces U.S. House Republican Challenge to Support for Libya Mission

Sanders Applauds Tapping Oil Reserves

Sanders Applauds Tapping Oil Reserves

House votes against President Obama's 'kinetic military action' in Libya

Shame on the Dems who are voting with R's to rebuke the president on Libya

OK, so how would YOU fix the economy? Seriously. Looking for realistic ideas that could PASS.

Analysts: Obama's move could lower gas prices 50 cents or more within weeks. Traders don't like it,

If we can find a way to get religion out of politics, we could unmask all of the bigots, and

"Obama hints he’ll come out for gay marriage in second term"

Fox Nation: Obama Has A Big Problem With White Women

Can liberals start their own tea party?

Jason West, Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom represent transformational change

Troop Levels in Afghanistan and Iraq

TEDxOslo - Angela Morelli - The Global Water Footprint of Humanity


US protesters slam continuation of Guantanamo Bay Prison

Anti-US demonstration held in Pakistan - Press TV News

Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer

Paul Revere's Ride revised by Sarah Palin

European Uprising REVOLUTION BEGINS, COME ON EUROPE GET UP! No More Corporatism

Fault Lines - Mexico's Hidden War

nFIB, TNGA Rep. John "Scrooge" Lundberg Hating Deaf Kids at Christmas

The Kochs: Godfathers of Greed

TDPS: Claren Thomas Should Resign TODAY

Thom Hartmann: Did you know Fracking Creates Rainbows?

Thom Hartmann: Private Prisons Lobbying for more Prisoners?

Conservative government imposes new contract on postal workers

Thom Hartmann: Cab Drivers ''Show Me Your Papers''

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Is the new York Senate still in session?

Unverified report from someone in the Capitol building:

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The weasels are adjourning for this evening.

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