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Archives: June 25, 2011

Dear President Obama:

Staten Island's state Sen. Andrew Lanza to vote against gay marriage

There are 2 at fault for our current quagmire in the US government

LulzSec: "If Pres. Obama Wears A Shoe On His Head..."

Maddow: Kansas Republicans plan to regulate abortion out of existence

David Shuster on Countdown

New York will either have equality in marriage tonight or a huge riot at the place of the birth of

Same-sex marriage vote coming next

Thankful that KO's program moves us away from the stale news of CNN and Fox. It is so nice to have

Madoff trustee seeks $19 billion from JPMorgan

Time for DEFCON 3 - the votes is coming up any minute!

New York Republican calls marriage equality a 'public health risk'


“It’s hard to convince people that you are killing them for their own good.”

Vote starting now!

NY: We have the votes!!!!!!!

NY Senate will vote on marriage equality bill in less than 15 minutes!

"I have to define doing the right thing as treating all persons with equality..."

Here we go!..The Marriage Equality Bill. . .

NY Senate Approves Amendments Package, Paving Way for Final Passage of Gay-Marriage bill - NBC News

NY Senate Approves Amendments Package, Paving Way for Final Passage of Gay-Marriage bill - NBC News

Saland: Have to do the right thing and "doing the right thing" is "treating everyone with equality"

CHART OF THE DAY: New GOP Governors Tanking Nationwide

NY Marriage Equality Vote -- by the numbers

I saw another story the other day about

Federal judge blocks Indiana's defunding of Planned Parenthood

Republicans want to make Avatar a reality. The Tea Party wing declares war on space.

I'd like express my sympathy for the Sen. Ruben Diaz...

I'd like express my sympathy for the Sen. Ruben Diaz...

PHOTO: Stonewall. Right now. 42 years later.

Republican votes for Marriage Equality amendments

Grasanti to vote yes.

PFLAG just emailed me that the bill passed


Anybody know the web address for the online version of Countdown with KO?

CNN wasting time on Syria

CNN wasting time on Syria

UPDATE: This was NOT the Marriage Equality Bill vote!!!

America, land of the free to go hungry

And In Other Civil Rights News... I Hope You Are Watching Rachel, Or Your Favorite Web News Site...

Federal judge blocks Indiana's new immigration law

** Live Blog ** NY State Senate back in the Chamber -- vote about to start

DONE!! NYS has done it!

A toast to Stonewall and the revolution that started there

America became a measurably better place tonight!

And the culture wars enter a new phase

See ??? Civil Rights Wins Again... In New York !!!

over in the UK Pro-Fetus mps try to put in abortion changes without a vote

6 down 44 to go

Grasanti just voted in the affirmative (Repub voting in favor the gay marriage bill in NY)

Time to go to the bar and celebrate! Way to go guys! ^_^

Taxes reason Cantor left talks, not disagreements on Pentagon spending

Vision: How Hacker Activists Are Risking Jail for Everyone's Right To Internet Freedom

NY Marriage equality passes 33-29!

Maddow stepped in it

After seeing Reggie Brown on Bill Maher's Real Time I began to wonder...

After seeing Reggie Brown on Bill Maher's Real Time I began to wonder...

Having fun watching Anderson Cooper contain himself

Gov. Cuomo to speak shortly...MAY sign the Bill


Ok... Prove Me Wrong... All (Most) Media Suck Tonight Re: Gay Marriage In New York !!!

There will be a 30 day wait for Marriage LIcenses after the Bill is signed...

New York, New York (So Good They Named It Twice)

7 Republicans come out of the woodwork to vote "yes"

Police say academics accused of running prostitution ring not motivated by cash

Listerning to Lester brown in Conversations with Great Minds

Gov. Cuomo about to speak [LIVE STREAM LINK]

Indiana: Abortion law's cut in funds to Planned Parenthood blocked

Governor Cuomo Announces Passage of Marriage Equality Act, link for live coverage

Gov. Cuomo speaking now...

CNN/AC360 will cover Gov. Cuomo's statement on Marriage Equality

OH NO - Gay marriage is ALREADY destroying the world! 3.0 earthquake in Baja California!

Another singer of New York

In Celebration - New York New York sung by Frank Sinatra

In Celebration - New York New York sung by Frank Sinatra

“Victory” Is the Verbal Equivalent of a Yeti

With the coming increase in NY weddings, prices at Tiffany's might be rising...

National Organization for Marriage preemptively declared victory in NY

Rochester Woman Arrested After Videotaping Police From Her Own Front Yard

I :heart: NY

I :heart: NY

President 'becoming an absolute monarch' on war powers, Dem says

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Son Complains On Facebook: ‘Terror Has A Religion And It Is Islam’

Big crowd gathering at the Stonewall in NYC

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF & a new Kitty gif

I'll bet our friends at WBC are

I'll bet our friends at WBC are

Stick a sock in it Diaz!

Start Spreading the News

I was wrong about something and I can prove it.


I was hoping one or more networks would run a Columbo marathon tonight

Freeper Gay Marriage Whambulance Thread

Freeper Gay Marriage Whambulance Thread

Schumer Brings Medicare Into Heart Of Debt Negotiations

Under EFM Robert Bobb, Detroit Public Schools' consultants got raises, perks


Breaking: Gov. Cuomo will sign Marriage Equality Bill THIS EVENING!

REPOST: They Love Each Other

Remember Johnny Gosch? Noreen Gosch will be on Monday night!!


When the courts recognize marriage equality, it's "judicial activism"...

Slideshows: NYC Celebrates After Marriage Equality Passes The State Senate

Can we PUH-lease.... get Glenn Beck's FACE off of DU!!!

New York Gay Marriage Bill Passes State Senate, Prompting Outpouring Of Reaction

Pay Attention Democratic Reps and Senators!

The dominoes are falling. Watch out bigoted fundie states!

NY Gov. Cuomo signs gay marriage law

Pictorial: Celebration outside the Stonewall.

Conratu-Fucking-Lations, New York! And FUCK YOU, Ruben Diaz, sideways.

Name One policy That the Republicans Have Passed That Shows How "Exceptional" America Is

Name One policy That the Republicans Have Passed That Shows How "Exceptional" America Is

Freepers heads explode "NY Spit On Jesus" -"Screw York"

Freepers heads explode "NY Spit On Jesus" -"Screw York"

Now gays and lesbians in New York can have all the benefits of marriage...

Gov. Cuomo just spoke about Progressivism and Social Justice

I am a NYer!

Empire State Building Goes Rainbow!

Mitt Romney is what people who hate white people think of white people.

Pop quiz: how much must the federal budget be cut to end deficits by 2016?

Andrew Cuomo will (probably) be the only candidate 4 president in 2016 that has lead on gay marriage

US warns hostile cyberspace acts could provoke military response

BIG upgrades to the lookout kitchen 2-day!

Live Stream to NY Senate (re: marriage equality vote)

Tonight's terrific news from NY is the result of a number of things. Leadership is one of them.

National Defense Authorization Act, makes us a martial-law state?

Release the Weiner Dialogs in Their Explosive Original Form

Release the Weiner Dialogs in Their Explosive Original Form

Some celebrity quotes on NY's new marriage equality law

Herman Cain's "Regulatory Reduction Commission"

Afghans Build Open-Source Internet From Trash

Life in jail for woman behind Rwanda genocide

I Am Proud Of Being A NYer Tonight!!!! Marriage Equality Bill Passed!!!!

Car bomb outside Afghan hospital kills at least 60

Given the behavior of Repug legislatures in the States....

Given the behavior of Repug legislatures in the States....

HIllary, never met a war she didn't like

theft of wheelchair at Walmart caught on tape

Hula hooping for equality

US warns hostile cyberspace acts could provoke military response

I keep getting into arguments with people who INSIST that Obama has raised their taxes

For New Yorkers this morning!!!

Corporate cash buying elections or is it deferred compensation?

The constitution does not require a "Declaration of War" by congress

Did NY pass a health insurance exchange bill?

It didn't take long for this freeper to join the terrorists.

My hunch told me that Marriage Equality would pass in New York

My hunch told me that Marriage Equality would pass in New York

Damn... Van Jones is a hottie! nt

On the NY vote for Gay Marriage...

Worse flooding to come in Minot, N.D.

About most of the republicans who voted "No".

Time for another vacation?

I am wearing my Proud PFLAG Mom shirt in Florida today

Great pics after passage of gay marriage in NY:

How did parochial/ Catholic Chris CHRISTIE turn into *such* a PRICK?!1

Serious Unintended Consequence Of Gay Marriage

Gay marriage in NY will be a boost to the economy...

Would Shimon Peres Apply His Critique Of Foreign Aid To America’s Largest Aid Recipient?

Well, it's been an hour since the Marriage Equality Bill passed, and I'm still hetero...

Right in the middle of the street: Man on Dog!!

Nowitzki defeated the Ghetto Basketball! Racist bullshit from Germany!

Republicans and their policies welcome in NJ Democratic Party.

Republicans and their policies welcome in NJ Democratic Party.

How many Republicans voted for the New York same-sex marraige bill?

Journalists Arrested at DC Public Meeting

My new face book status!

Does anyone else count up the number of responces they get every night? I like to see how I'm doing.

Civic Investment and the 'Skyboxing' of Education By Richard W. Riley

Report: Private Prisons Love Mass Incarceration

The book I want to read in ten years: Re: Gay marriage issue.

Walker closes public to budget signing ceremony (WI)

Exclusive: Oil Industry Forms New Astroturf Group To Manipulate 2012 Republican Primary In Iowa

New Jersey Makes It Official: The Slashing Of Public Employee Benefits Has Begun

Former CNN Sports Anchor Nick Charles dies

Toon: Fleeing for their lives!

Equal Protection Under the Law

My local paper's editorial on Afghanistan.

Watched a great play tonight called Dog Sees God

Governor Cuomo - you are a HERO

Governor Cuomo - you are a HERO

Detroit Public Schools Announces 10% Pay Cuts & Massive Layoffs

Haridopolos is on Rick Scott's staff??!!

Charles Blow- Them That’s Not Shall Lose

Obama Supporters: I'm seeing good people destroyed. What are YOU seeing?

Remember the names of the four NY Republican heroes. They're facing retribution from conservatives.

I wish this would get plastered all over DC

Seriously, how many of R revered heroes would have been locked-up, if WOD had been back then too?

How many here are sick over the decades-old destruction of our country by right wingers?

Venus and Serena are really great tennis players

Venus and Serena are really great tennis players

New helmet to give Typhoon pilots killer look

"The arc of the moral universe is long,…"

DU, we need to have a talk.

Basra Provincial Council prevents US Forces from entering Basra

Basra Provincial Council prevents US Forces from entering Basra

The Busts Keep Getting Bigger: Why?

Barack Obama belongs on the two-hundred dollar bill.

Fascinating article on the history of gay rights and the policing of public spaces in New York City

If you had your druthers...

Second plane crash injures U-Mich basketball recruit, kills father, step-mother

Look at this lovely New York Daily News cover!

Space station transits the Sun

Jemima Khan: The things you say sound great, Mr President. So why do you end up disappointing us?

Jemima Khan: The things you say sound great, Mr President. So why do you end up disappointing us?

New York joins Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont & the Distric of Columbia.

Anyone else notice that Newspapers are now putting ads on the front page?

Fukushima: Resumption of decontamination system not in sight

The Rainbow Bridge just took on a whole new meaning!

Prosser attacks fellow judge...

WE DID IT!!!!!!

Millions were in germ war tests (Great Britan)...

Conan and Fallon on Sarah

Great work, mods! And fast, too!

If you want to see what a real executive leader looks like:

Nail That Coffin Shut! By ALEXANDER COCKBURN

Burned at the Stake for Being Poor

In Defense of Traditional Marriage

NYT: Job-Jugglers, on the Tightrope

Two bombs found at Denver area shopping mall, FBI says

A meme I want to start: "Thank the Republicans"

Liberal denomination stands up for its causes

So no Jury Service for Palin after all...

Toady's newspaper covers...

On current they are running a program on talking with an Iraqi

Joke's On Them? FEC Set To Let Stephen Colbert 'Report' On His Super PAC

We're all New Yorkers tonight

Gillibrand: Our Next Marriage Equality Fight: Repealing DOMA

Churches that take state funds must play by the rules on gay marriage

Wanna know why the Europeans are pissed off with the Greeks? The Greeks

The 21st Century Republicans:Totalitarians, Zealots, Nation-Destroyers

Added benfit to NY vote: Freeperland goes into meltdown.

Congress v. the President on war powers (Greenwald)

Amanda Knox's best friend asks a good common-sense question.

NJ State Democrats are the perfect example of what is wrong with our party

Terra terra terra

Churches and other Religious Organizations Play by Different Rules

Two Things To Say About Ron Paul's Allegedly Awesome Position On Drugs

I Like Van Jones (Van Jones on the deficit: (‘We are not stupid. We can do the math.’)

Patient care at hospitals hit by loss of files in tsunami (JAPAN)

Story of a Raid: US Night Operations Anger Afghans

The NY Senate Vote Makes Me Think...

How does someone go about buying a foreclosure?

How does someone go about buying a foreclosure?

Walker (WI-Repug Gov) cancels budget bill-signing at firm run by felon

AP-GfK Poll: People divided on looming debt crisis

I need to stand up for my own.. Liberal Christians..

Gov. Brownback starts faith-based program for parolees

Gov. Brownback starts faith-based program for parolees

Quake tweets make their way into memorial books (JAPAN)

I wanna gloat. Post your links to conservatives squealing here.

Tohoku city allows death registrations (JAPAN)

The repugs assault on women marches forward

"I don't know the key to success . . .

Does New York have a referendum process?

Deficit Hysteria: Washington's War on the Young

The Front Line Of the Middle-Class Struggle: Helping Others Cope While Coping With a Pay Cut

An interesting comment, someone said something interesting.

Where Can We Get Us Some Conservatives Like THIS ???

Bankers Gear Up for the Rape of Greece, as Social Democrats Vote for National Suicide

Water treatment system at Fukushima plant achieves decontamination (JAPAN)

A video look at the remains of Ryan Dunn's Porche

The GOP vs. Democracy

Write Down The Date. I'm About To Praise A Republican

Soviet pink tank returns to Prague

Another side effect of the gay marriage law

Another side effect of the gay marriage law

TWI - Tweeting While an Idiot

DC voting rights activists, officials protest at White House

Remember when...

Mountains of rubble remain a headache in Fukushima (JAPAN)

Confused about the difference between gay marriage and civil union

President Obama Has A Communications Problem With LGBT Community

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge question.

A New York State of Mind

Pretty cool day in NYC today

7-year-old U.S. boy charged with driving car

Steinbeck understood the problems we face

There is an awesome angry Greek woman kicking some ass on BBC world

We are in a second Great American Depression

Florida Governor Floats Huge Gimmie for Banks: Taking Foreclosures Out of the Court System

More on the WI SC history of Prosser's outbursts in the workplace

Is Rand Paul as dumb as he sounds?

Fred Sauer: Did Bob Rubin Loot the Treasury to Bailout Goldman Sachs?

Wow just wow

BBC: "You may have noticed a headline... about a dog being condemned to stoning in Israel"

Is Kansas going to be the first state without abortion services?

Equal Protection Clause and Gay Marriage

The story of Medusa, is told wrong.

CNN reporting on the lady arrested on her front lawn videoing the cops - NOW!

ONCE AGAIN - To all you idiots who oppose the idea of same sex marriage...

Diabetes epidemic affects 350 million as crisis spreads to developing nations

Number of the Week: U.S. Teachers’ Hours Among World’s Longest

Goldman Sachs Is So Desperate To Get Into Ukraine It's Advising The Government For Free

I still can't understand how a poor black kid caught with a crack pipe gets the book

After the vote in NY - pics

Beauty and the Beasts: The Sight of a Pretty Woman Can Make Men Crave War

Pakistan army rejects report on bin Laden's cell-phone

Two news anchors, both gay, cover their own victory in overtime.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, David Prosser ,allegedly grabbed fellow justice by the neck

Holy Shite look at Minot South Dakota

How Andrew Cuomo got marriage equality through, from the beginning (NYT)

Question: How Many Here Went Through Integration ???

Question: How Many Here Went Through Integration ???

Photo of the Day (JAPAN)

The Empire State Building tonight

New York State added HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to their economy tonight.

Water filling 2,500 homes in Minot as river rises

I believe "leave it up to the states" is little better than compete silence on gay marriage.

Congrats to our straight brothers and sisters on the historic victory in New York

I ask my fellow DUers not to be arrogant or overly celebrate concerning the gay marrage victory.

Four Ways Justice David Prosser Can Be Removed From Office - ThinkProgress

Man urinates in water, US city flushes 8M gallons

I'm gonna post this again: ....and nothing happened

What if Bavarians wanted to honor regular soldiers from southern Germany who fought in WWII--

New COLA (cost of living adjustments) Proposal Cuts Especially Deep Into SS Benefits For Women

Anti-Union Life at Target

Scientists want to dig up Shakespeare to find out if he smoked weed

WI SC Justice Prosser allegedly grabbed fellow justice by the neck

'Well, fuck it, I don't care what you think'

Heading to NYC to marry a boxturtle. FINALLY!!!

Heading to NYC to marry a boxturtle. FINALLY!!!

Predictions In The Latest Justice Prosser Mess--WI is in a crisis....

Look at this logo. Come on, isn't it 2011?

Hey California - who's progressive now?

Full Text Of WI Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson's Powerful Dissent Last Week

Northern Flooding, Southwestern Drought... I've Always Wondered Why We Haven't Done This...

Cuomo’s Presidential Moment Forms Contrast With Obama

Cuomo’s Presidential Moment Forms Contrast With Obama

Well, now that New York allows gay people to get married does anybody know a nice, straight place...

Let's talk about Republicans.

Pelosi demands a seat at the table in final talks on the debt-ceiling

My marriage is over--- my wife and I are getting a divorce.

Yikes... Yves Smith Shreds Ezra Klein's Piece On 'Inside Job'

Half of World's Refugees are Running From US Wars

Business group: Public companies shouldn’t have to compare CEO and worker pay

For All.

Hey Democrats on the hill, that includes you Mr President, this is what a Leader looks like!

What would George Washington think of fellow Virginian Eric Cantor?

One day, I'll be able to get married.

Actual News Headlines Vs. Fox News Headlines

Joe Biden and Clarence Thomas

How the hell did they let this pass in NY?

Shannyn Moore just tweeted this.

About the Catholic Church and same sex marriage.......

Canadian Postal Workers strike or lockout questions

Pass It On...

Kirsten Gillibrand's name mentioned AGAIN!

Now Forbes Has The Prosser Attack Story... This Thing Is Going Viral

Reveling in the Pain of Others: Moral Degeneracy and Violence in the "Kill Team" Photos

An elk saved a marmot from drowning.

I Would Like To Remind Everybody What Prosser Said After His Last Blow Up In March...

“There Should Start To Be Some Real Investigations As To Whether Clarence Thomas Can Continue... "

Hope This Is A Trend... 'U.S. Wants Ex-Mortgage Boss To Get Life In Prison' - Reuters

Ignorance abounds ....

Hello!? Tom Delay was sentenced to prison 5 months ago. Anyone home?

Is buying a foreclosure unethical business activity?


Oh Crap the filthy masses are starting to catch on.

OUCH! Picture of Prosser during tirade.

Should we have supported the Soviets when they invaded Afghanistan in 1980?

Wait... What? Hugo Chavez dies in Cuba. (WikileaksAR)

It's illegal, the war in Libya is illegal.

Hey, those of you who deny a woman's right to choose, will YOU adopt their babies?

Hey, those of you who deny a woman's right to choose, will YOU adopt their babies?

Kathryn Jean Lopez descends into state of depression over NY vote.

it's not gay marriage or same sex marriage. It's just marriage.

help male this the #1 image of David Prosser on Google

While you're jumping up and down about Cuomo...

Video shows part of man's hellish 11-hour G20 arrest ordeal, paraded naked past female cop

When Kathy Griffin Met Michele Bachmann

Keep on calling AARP, member or not

Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka To Marry:Gay Marriage Passage

About the religious protections in the NY same-sex marriage bill.

The cost of college sucks!!!

Van Jones and Rebuild the Dream -- sounds interesting.

New York State is more than New York City

God, that Phelps family is DISGUSTING.

I was stopped at a PA State Police checkpoint today.


Poll: Should Marijuana Be Legal?

World's wealthiest people now richer than before the credit crunch

5 Ways Your Telecom Company is Screwing You

"The legacy of this state is that WE are the progressive beacon of the nation".

Florida atheist sues Polk County sheriff for her arrests...calls it "pervasive religiosity"

Libyan Revolution Week 19

What Do You Think?

Spin the Globe


Like A Boss

Lazy Sunday

The Creep

We're Back!

Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions


Jack Sparrow

Peter Falk aka Columbo is dead.


Remember BMW Films?

Lego movie? Yup!

Has anyone seen the dildo??

Music that brings me to my knees: "Alhambra" n/t

Do I have fake memories of a Sting music video?

Richard Pryor is on Comedy Central right now.

the 10 fastest production car laps on the Nuerburgring Nordschliefe...

Who's still up?

I've just had a shock... Crime against humanity

Does anyone else count up the number of responces they get every night? I like to see how I'm doing.

Has anyone bought the dildo?

What do I miss out on by having adblock?

Bing Bong Brothers


I have been looking for a recipe forever it seems

Yesss! Tax Return! Please help me decide.

So now that gay marriage is legal, who's going to invite me to their wedding?

Food Porn...The Juicy Lucy Butter Burger from Maverick in San Francisco. MMMMM or Whatta effin mess?

Oh, bloody HELL. I DID NOT KNOW that Marvel Comic legend Gene Colan died on June 23rd.

Bleating and babbling we fell on his neck with a scream....

Who is the real problem

Barack Obama belongs on the two-hundred dollar bill.

I used to want to be a landlord

this thread melted into non existence.

OK - honestly, does this look like someone who's falling???

Bird ID help wanted. South Carolina Low Country.

I haven't put my son to bed yet...

A pano I took...

The Rite - Latest Anthony Hopkins movie is soo suspenseful

Anyone know anything about Serif WebPlus web design

Bad Teacher = Mediocre movie.

Nah pop no style, a strictly roots

George Orwell was born today


Jump the shark or jump the surfer?

What did they do to Firefox?

"Were you drunk?"

One of the adult decorah eagles seems to be having a case of empty next syndrome tonight.

House pianist

WTF: I just married a penguin!

Score! Going to see Deep Purple with Satriani opening.

How y'all doing?

Is There a State/Federal Grant I Could Apply for to Make a Student Short Film?

Pics of Maui/Lanai underwater.

I'm going to my first Bob Dylan show

US man charged with sexually abusing Haitian boys

N.Y. State Senate to Vote on Same-Sex Marriage Bill

NY Senate Approves Amendments Package, Paving Way for Final Passage of Gay-Marriage bill - NBC News

(NY Gay Marriage) UPDATE: Assembly Passes Amendments, Only Senate Vote Remains

BREAKING:New York state Senate OKs same-sex marriage

I just watched Jaques Tati's 'Play Time' for the first time

Sen. Steve Saland will support #samesexmarriage and be the 32nd vote for passage in the Senate

Strawberry goes well with avocado, I think

I'm watching "My Boss's Daughter" with Ashton Kutcher

The 10 Best Futurama Episodes

What would you like this thread to be about?

Judge stops Ind. cuts to Planned Parenthood funds

US warns hostile cyberspace acts could provoke military response

Union group slams Colombia over recent killings of 2 teachers

Teachers, Fire Companies To Be Spared In Budget Cuts (NY)

Barnabas Collins was kind of a jackass

Militants raid Pakistan police station; 10 killed

Judge issues injunction on Indiana's immigration law

Israelis sentenced for theft of Auschwitz mementoes

Two bombs found at Denver area shopping mall, FBI says

Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan to combat terrorism

WikiLeaks' Assange Builds New, Less-Confrontational Legal Team

Google Ideas think tank gathering former extremists to battle radicalization

NY Gov. Cuomo signs gay marriage law

Afghan Hospital Bomb Kills Dozens

Diaz-Balart seeks to limit family travel to Cuba

Nick Charles Dead: Former CNN Anchor Dies At 64

Mich. plane crash kills survivor of earlier crash

The Five Year Old is really into all things Paris, France or otherwise Gallic

what has been your favorite sitcom in the last forty years?

Marijuana movement moving ahead statewide and nationally

BREAKING: NY Senate Passes Gay Marriage Bill

NFL Players Hold Phone Updates on Lockout

Fred Steiner dies at 88; Hollywood composer created 'Perry Mason' theme

Prosser Allegedly Grabbed Fellow Justice by the Neck

Asteroid to Pass Extremely Close By Earth On Monday

NOM To GOP Senators: “We Pledge $2 Million to Reverse Same-Sex Marriage in New York”

Ex-Ukraine PM to Go on Trial for Abuse of Power

Existence of 200 ‘uncontacted’ tribal people in Brazilian rainforest confirmed

‘Sheriff Joe’ orders AZ deputies to question undocumented immigrants about wildfires

President Obama: Advanced Manufacturing Can Boost Jobs

Places nobody but you has been to

House Appropriations Committee takes first shot at crippling the CFPB

Those states that did not pass same sex marriage really blew it.

"Victory" is the verbal equivalent of a Yeti - moved to General Discussion

All right, we're making some progress...

BIG upgrades to the lookout kitchen 2-day!


Republicans: Lackeys for the top 1% and above--not the rest of us

Perry the Prophet for President

Tim Pawlenty Shaves Off Every Hair On His Body In Really Weird Campaign Gaffe

Tom Toles on Huntsman and the 'strong pull of the center'

White House released statement to HuffPo after NY's passage of gay marriage bill

Sarah Silverman in Tel Aviv: I would vote for Obama again

After a trial of 2-1/2 years of keeping G. Bush's left-overs in high places, some of whom have been

Defending the indefensible...

Here are the first signs that our side is about to CAVE on Medicare

Mr. President, please make a strong statement acknowledging tonight's good news in New York.

Could Cuomo primary Obama in 2012?

U.S. fares poorly in first modern polling of Egyptian views

THE CORPORATION [17/23] Unsettling Accounts

Mark Grisanti (R-NY) explains why he supports same-sex marriage

Commander Mark Kelly & U2, w/ message to Gabrielle Giffords 6/18/11


Cuomo: New York a beacon for social justice

Thousands of G20 Detentions Illegal: Ontario Ombudsman

New Yorkers celebrate passage of same-sex marriage law

Mom, Pick Up!!!!! ..... President Obama

Fastest Video Ever! (Mach 500!!)

Gay Marriage Now Legal in New York!

Bill Maher- Obama is 'one black ninja gangster president'

Take action for nuclear abolition on 25 June 2011:

I LOVE New York, Gay Marriage NOW!!!

Highlights from the Rebuild the Dream Launch - June 23 in NYC

Weekly Address: Strengthening America by Investing at Home

Jim Cornette on Obama and Health Care

Young Turks: Gore Slams Obama On Climate Change

Jesus is Back in Town (2011)

New York Legalizes Gay Marriage (USA! USA! USA!)

Countdown: Rep. Chris Murphy (D)CT Calls On Congress to Act Against Clarence Thomas

Tribute to John Steinbeck

The Tea Party Recruitment Song

Why I Was Arrested Yesterday at a D.C. Taxi Commission Meeting

Maher: Republicans are assholes...Obama's sucking up to the people he should be fighting

Walker Crashes Devil's Lake SP Centennial Celebration, 6/25/2011

TYT: Corrupt Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas?

Rep. Murphy on GOP Silence & The Thomas Scandal

Young Turks: Cenk on Michael Savage MSNBC 'Anti-Church Perverts' Comments

Gay Patriot Flips Off Fox News Viewers At Protest

Walker getting booed out of Devils Lake State Park Wisconsin

Christie Doubles Down On Rude Comment To Voter

Vancouver riot kissing couple video shows what happened before photo

GOP Demands Obama Choose 'Death' Over 'Taxes'

New York moves to become 6th state to legalize gay marriage

The Empire State Building tonight

NY Gov. Cuomo signs same sex marriage legislation (Grisanti, R-Buffalo comments) -

NYers Celebrate Historic Vote for Gay Marriage

Andrew Sullivan: Why New York Matters

Experts restoring pharaoh's boat

What's the Matter With Oklahoma? State Launches Anti-Immigrant and Anti-Muslim Crusade

Sarkozy Says Gates’s Comments on Libya Mission Were Words of ‘Bitter’ Man

While US talks withdrawal, Afghan corruption soars

Newt Gingrich Claims Arrest of 'Whitey' Bulger Is Reverse Racism

NZ zoo takes in penguin that mistook sand for snow

Electability vs. ideology: The GOP dilemma

America's role in this Greek tragedy

President Obama’s Afghanistan speech confirms America’s decline

Johann Hari: How to survive the age of distraction

Clarence Thomas crosses ethical line

Koch Industries Tells Its 50,000 Workers How to Vote

Jessica Valenti: Is Bristol Palin’s new memoir the story of a rape survivor speaking out?

Economy Alone Fails to Explain Turkey’s Success (Ramzy Baroud)

Overtaking the US in manufacturing doesn't make China a military superpower

Alice Walker: Why I'm joining the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza

The Curse of the Crocodile: Russia's Deadly Designer Drug

Musings on Plutocracy

Friday Talking Points (170) -- Newt Loses Two, Huntsman Gains An "H"

Weekend Economists Ask Why the Twenties Roared, June 24-26, 2011

Why Is Mighty Time Warner So Scared of Tiny Salisbury, North Carolina?

It’s Not Just Alternative Energy Versus Fossil Fuels or Nuclear – Energy Has to Become DECENTRALIZED

Solar Cell Breaks Efficiency Record—Recycling photons raises the energy output

Sharp to build solar power stations in Japan

Five nuclear experts working on Iran's Bushehr plant died in Russian plane crash

Talks aim to increase progress of Saudi Arabia solar energy sector

Toon: A quality of life decision

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PRESS RELEASE - Space Energy supporting China in reassessment of Strategic Energy Policy

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Honduras declares shark sanctuary

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Mountains of radioactive rubble pile up in Fukushima

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The Great Corn Con

Advisor to PM Kan: Japan should nationalize all nuclear power plants

Matsue: where spirits loved by Yakumo Koizumi live

"Good Xian girl," 16, takes 51-yr-old husband

I need to stand up for my own.. Liberal Christians..

Sorry for the confusion.

I must bid you all a good night my friends.

To all my GLBT friends on DU I just want to say .....

Happy Day to all of us!

Congrats to us all! Congrats to my wonderful state!

Russian police detain gay activists at protest

Cross post from GD: About the Catholic Church and the New York Same sex Marriage law:

I know many NY couples are happy, but I also wonder....

Positive energy needed now for California

If you can, read the article from the NY times about how this got done

But is it proposition-proof?

Doctor sues, says denied job because he's gay

Gay marriage backers: NY vote has national impact

Thanks Pres Obama


Gay Pride parade in Santa Fe!